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September 19, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-072

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  • 20 Years On, the War on Terror Grinds Along, With No End in Sight - New York Times
    The failures in Iraq and Afghanistan obscure what experts say is the striking success of a multilateral effort that extends to as many as 85 countries.
    Stephanie Savell @stephsavell - 16:57 UTC · Sep 17, 2021
    While I am glad that the New York Times used my research to show that the “War on Terror grinds on” in 85 countries, the argument that drives this article is misleading and is not based on evidence. Here’s why. [THREAD] 1/
  • To the Editor - Stephanie Savell / NYT
    > U.S. counterterrorism operations, especially drone strikes, cause blowback. Worldwide, there are more Islamist militant groups, and more recruits to those groups, than there were before 9/11. Historical research shows that a military approach has hardly ever been effective in addressing terrorist violence.

    It is alarming that this article gives the impression that the United States should engage in these counterterrorism operations in many countries, just as the U.S. is drawing down in Afghanistan. <

Use as open thread ...

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Sorry, I thought this was the open thread.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 20 2021 0:14 utc | 101

Okay, THIS is the open thread. Check out this gem:
"The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It Is a “Poison-Death Shot” - LewRockwell"
By Mike Whitney

Reprinted from UNZ

It really seems like a legitimate violation of crimes against humanity. Of course such big claims are the rule, not the exception.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 20 2021 0:18 utc | 102

Bemildred @ 3
Jake Sullivan is clearly a gift that will keep on giving. Why is he there? Who's his handler?

Sullivan is a Rhodes Scholar. He belongs to the cult of the current empire. There are numerous cults producing cultists for the empire. Skull and Bones is another.
Cecil Rhodes – Secret Society For Anglo-Saxon British Empire

Make no mistake; these types are trained cultists place at high levels of the bureaucracy of the Anglo American Empire. Elections make no difference. No matter who wins the cultists run the show.

Posted by: circumspect | Sep 20 2021 0:19 utc | 103

@97 Yes. No doubt Japan thinks the US will back them up in 'liberating' Taiwan. Or the US is letting them think that. They should know better. China hasn't forgotten the Japanese invasion.

Posted by: dh | Sep 20 2021 0:25 utc | 104

snake @94--

Thanks for your reply! I highly suggest reading Vanessa Beeley's report for a better overall view of what's happening in the region in addition to the Iranian offensive. Also know that discussions between the China/Russia dyad and the remaining nations in the regions involved closely with the Afghan and Syrian wars continue to be intense and have been so since the beginning of the Taliban's Blitz and forced retreat of NATO. Do take note of the three new SCO Dialog Members and muse about how long they've been in the loop--and who it is they join. It's now possible to think of the Empire's eventual withdrawal from Qatar's facilities. Also consider the impact on the Umma--Global Islam--of two nations generally following an Islamic Collective pathway with the possibility of others moving in that direction: Think all Central Asia. Indonesia and Malaysia are sure to notice. In a generation, the Arab League will be rather different. Xi's vision again stated in his CELAC speech--"building community of shared future"--is shared by Islam. The Outlaw US Empire's overt Anti-Islam/Anti-Muslim behavior over the last 30+ years gives Russia/China a very big leg-up in Africa.

In going for all the marbles--Full Spectrum Domination--the Outlaw US Empire has fallen far short of the goal, shot its wad in its attempt, and also dug a huge hole for itself domestically. And as the Outlaw Us Empire went, so did the UK's, as together they're the Outlaw Anglo Empire. They'll tie on Australia and Canada as negative ballast to keep their sinking empire afloat. Although there's still work to be done, IMO it's all over but the shouting.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 0:29 utc | 105

Paul 96

Who were the good guys in the world of empires? Was Japan just taking out it frustration of Hugh's on China?

First Sino-Japanese War, conflict between Japan and China in 1894–95 that marked the emergence of Japan as a major world power and demonstrated the weakness of the Chinese empire. The war grew out of conflict between the two countries for supremacy in Korea. Korea had long been China’s most important client state, but its strategic location opposite the Japanese islands and its natural resources of coal and iron attracted Japan’s interest. In 1875 Japan, which had begun to adopt Western technology, forced Korea to open itself to foreign, especially Japanese, trade and to declare itself independent from China in its foreign relations.
China: Korea and the Sino-Japanese War
In Korea a boy was enthroned as the Chosŏn king Kojong in 1864 under the regency of his father, Yi Ha-ŭng (called the Taewŏn’gun [“Prince...
In 1894, however, Japan, flushed with national pride in the wake of its successful modernization program and its growing influence upon young Koreans, was not so ready to compromise. In that year, Kim Ok-Kyun, the pro-Japanese Korean leader of the 1884 coup, was lured to Shanghai and assassinated, probably by agents of Yuan Shikai. His body was then put aboard a Chinese warship and sent back to Korea, where it was quartered and displayed as a warning to other rebels. The Japanese government took this as a direct affront, and the Japanese public was outraged. The situation was made more tense later in the year when the Tonghak rebellion broke out in Korea, and the Chinese government, at the request of the Korean king, sent troops to aid in dispersing the rebels. The Japanese considered this a violation of the Li-Itō Convention, and they sent 8,000 troops to Korea. When the Chinese tried to reinforce their own forces, the Japanese sank the British steamer Kowshing, which was carrying the reinforcements, further inflaming the situation.

War was finally declared on August 1, 1894. Although foreign observers had predicted an easy victory for the more massive Chinese forces, the Japanese had done a more successful job of modernizing, and they were better equipped and prepared. Japanese troops scored quick and overwhelming victories on both land and sea. By March 1895 the Japanese had successfully invaded Shandong province and Manchuria and had fortified posts that commanded the sea approaches to Beijing. The Chinese sued for peace.

I think it is a waste of time judging some as good guys and some as bad guys prior to WWII. A few issues from WWII, US/UK have kept open as running sores that are here to this day. China was very much on the sidelines when the post WWII world was carved up. Islands that China had considered sovereign territory for centuries but had been occupied by Japan were simply left as allocated territory. The division of Korea has been kept as a running sore by the Americans as they attempted to do with Vietnam. Japan has never signed a formal treaty with Russia to end WWII....

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 0:34 utc | 106

Current Russian election results:

"With just over 40% of ballots counted, United Russia was on around 45.5%, according to preliminary results announced by the Central Election Commission. The grouping, which is openly backed by President Vladimir Putin, is followed by the KPRF on 21.7% and the far-right LDPR on 8.2%. ‘New People’, a center-right faction contesting its first election has so far polled at 6.2%, with the leftists of Fair Russia on 7.6%. Liberal, Western-leaning Yabloko is below 1%. Russia's hybrid system, involving both ‘first past the post’ and proportional representation makes it difficult to predict how these results might be translated into parliamentary seats."

Yabloko might not win a seat. How fitting. Policy-wise, United Russia and the Communists are about the same. The current national direction will continue, perhaps with a bit more zeal.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 0:49 utc | 107

@106 Needless to say the BBC wastes no time in calling the election fraudulent.

Posted by: dh | Sep 20 2021 0:57 utc | 108

Any information on the Russian elections?

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Sep 20 2021 2:05 utc | 109

karlof1 & dh

I read somewhere in the last day or so Russia's electronic voting system where hit by large DOS attacks, the majority originating from US and Germany.
Looking it up again there is a recent article at TASS

"There were a total of 19 attacks, and some of them were very short, lasting several minutes. The most massive attack in terms of time was yesterday and it lasted 5 hours and 32 minutes. It began early in the morning and ended in the middle of the day," Oseevsky said.

According to Oseevsky, various resources came under these attacks, including the CEC’s portal, the elections’ and the state services portals. "In general various attempts were carried out and were rather large-scale. We were prepared for this," he stressed.

The attacks originated from different countries, including India, Brazil, Vietnam, Lithuania, the United States, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh, China and many others.

Now it remains to be seen if the EU will say the election was invalid and refuse to recognize the Russian government.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 2:10 utc | 110

Biswapriya Purkayast 108 "Any information on the Russian elections?"

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 2:16 utc | 111

Posted by Peter AU1 @ 105

I Suspect you know the answer to your question. There were no 'good guys' at the Paris "Peace" Conference only players and suckers.

They conferred on themselves the right to confer "mandates"to themselves.

Billy Hughes a [sucker]. the players offered him German New Guinea and Lloyd George threw in the British colony of Papua next door.

New Zealand [sucker] took Samoa, the US [player] snatched 'American Samoa'. The Japanese [player]grabbed the German colony in China.

China [a victim] was supposedly an 'ally.' China refused to sign the final communique over this outrage. The Japanese [player] were offered German Pacific islands too.

The Arabs,[victims] also 'allies', were colonised and divided by the mandate system. Despite Arab protests they were as developed as say, Romania. No one wanted the least developed parts of Arabia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Oil had not been discovered yet.

The end game was to amend the title deeds to Palestine and hand it over to the world Zionist movement who were officially given a seat at the table, despite not being belligerents as a nation in WW1. Zionists were also well represented in the US and British delegations.

The suckers only had to agree with the players in order to pick up some crumbs.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 20 2021 2:26 utc | 112


Very much a dog eat dog game of empires. Been that way since 'civilization' begun. I am hoping this vision of a multi-polar world will finally bring an end to that.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 2:33 utc | 113

@68 Passerby "These submarines - why does Australia insist on building submarines themselves when it's pretty obvious the only way to guarantee success is buying a finished product abroad and doing the maintenance in Australia?"


The original decision (way back when the ancient Oberon-class submarines needed to be replaced) was to built their replacements (the Collins class) in Adelaide, instead of buying them from overseas.

Q: Why?
A: Because Adelaide is in South Australia, and building a shipyard from scratch there enabled the government-of-the-day to gain several South Australian seats at the next election.

So then the Collins-class needed to be replaced, and at the time the government could NOT afford to do anything other than announce that whoever got that contract, the boats would be built in that same Adelaide shipyard.

Q: Why?
A: Because without that contract the Adelaide shipyard would fold, and there was an election coming up.....

So roll forward another decade, and Scott Morrison stood up and said that he was tearing up *that* contract, but don't worry because the Nuuuuuuuuuclear subs that will replace it will still be built in that Adelaide shipyard.

Q: Why?
A: Because there has to be a Federal election by mid-2022, and if he didn't say that then he won't win a single South Australian seat.

It really is as simple as that.

But the "genius" of Scott Morrison is this: like any good comedy the secret is in the timing. Morrison has arranged this so that he can ride the "Yellow Peril" and the "Subs for Adelaide!!!!" all the way to the next election, without ACTUALLY committing himself to acquiring nuclear subs at all.

Once he has that election out of the way he can turn around and say "actually, we've looked into this and it isn't viable. Sorry, Adelaide. We're just going to ask the US Navy to base its nuclear subs in Australia instead. Oh, yeah, and I'm pocketing the money for some serious pork-barelling elsewhere".

That is inevitable, because he simply can't afford the amount of money it would take to acquire these vessels and operate them.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 20 2021 2:52 utc | 114

This from Australia's ABC has to be the headline of the year.

"Russia's ruling pro-Putin party wins majority but Navalny allies accuse YouTube, Telegram of censorship"

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 3:19 utc | 115

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Sep 20 2021 2:52 utc | 112

You are entirely correct. There is another factor, Australian government incompetence, impracticality and mismanagement.

At the moment, while Pastor Morrison flies to Washington and New York for his instructions on leasing submarines from the US or the UK, France is about to take over the revolving presidency of the EU, while Australia attempt to do a trade deal with the same EU.

Meanwhile Germany's Reinmetall and South Korea's Hanwha are competing for the $50 billion 'Land 400' AFV program.

Hanwha proposes to build in Geelong in the Labor seat of Corio, while Reinmetall proposes to build in Queensland, which is home to 23 must win coalition seats, including the seat of the loathsome Defence Minister, Peter Dutton.

Guss who will win the contract?

If Australia was smart.... lets not go there, Australia is not smart.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 20 2021 3:48 utc | 116

thanks b... always fascinating, but i am short on time to stay on top of it all.. thanks to the many fine posters too who i always learn from..

@ David G Horsman | Sep 19 2021 18:56 utc | 48.. hi david.. still around, but have been very busy with music, including today... as juliania says, i am going to be away, but not until later in the week, for perhaps a week... come see me at the port theatre nov 1st.. it isn't advertised yet..

@ 77 juliania... thank you! cheers james

video of bill evans from 1965 that was just released.. for anyone who doesn't know him, you might enjoy it.. listening now as a read!
Bill Evans Trio, BBC studio, London, March 19th, 1965 (colorized)

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2021 3:51 utc | 117

Gordog @39

Thanks for the link to the Beeley article!

Posted by: spudski | Sep 20 2021 4:03 utc | 118
"With half of the ballots counted, United Russia was on around 46.2%, according to preliminary results announced by the Central Election Commission. The grouping, which is openly backed by President Vladimir Putin, is followed by the KPRF on 21.3% and the far-right LDPR on 8%. ‘New People’, a center-right faction contesting its first election has so far polled at 6%, with the leftists of Fair Russia on 7.6%. Liberal, Western-leaning Yabloko is just above 1%."

Good showing from the CRPF! Congratulations to Zyuganov and the russian communists!

Posted by: Smith | Sep 20 2021 4:16 utc | 119

Neocons are not fooled by Al Qaeda Front groups

I love how Neocons are declaring the Taliban one and the same by dissecting the leadership's association with intermediate groups with connections to groups that are just like Al Qaeda. This is very perceptive of them but hmm ... why can't they see any of this connections in Idlib?

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Sep 20 2021 4:31 utc | 120

Down South@41

Those people are deluded. You can't flee the chaos of the Apocalypse by flying to New Zealand. They will simply have trapped themselves in a place that will be dominated by rogue police, army and the Mongrel Mob. Money will be meaningless post-Apocalypse, and their security forces will either off them themselves for their resources, or defect to the aforementioned dominant forces when they turn up at the gate.

Posted by: Herr Ringbone | Sep 20 2021 4:56 utc | 121

Posted by Herr Ringbone @ 119

The Mongrel Mob are on the NZ government payroll now.

Its an Australian / NZ thing, Australia deports them and they come back to New Zealand with their new skills, manufacturing Meth amphetamines:

Posted by: Paul | Sep 20 2021 5:35 utc | 122

I am sniffing the financial futures air of the Intertubes and China's Evergrande keeps being touted as the straw that will break everything soon...

And interestingly enough, China is on holiday with their markets closed but markets all over the rest of the world are thrashing about significantly.

Speculation about whether and how much China will backstop the estimated $318 billion in loss from Evergrande is rampant even though China has reportedly said they will not provide backstop for their losses.

In the old days of finance, when you put capital at risk and things went to shit, you lost your capital. As 2008 should have shown clearly to all, that is not how the corrupt world of Western finance works now. That said, I believe that China is going to educate the world public about risk management, investment expectations and no backstop loss when poor decisions have been made.

I have a gut feeling the next few weeks are going to be showing the civilization war we are experiencing moving to a new level with global public/private finance being finally the needed focus.

My fear is the the Western cult will spin the situation with FUD and maintain the debt jackboot and money creation/international interchange control.

What an amazing shit show we are watching.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 20 2021 5:35 utc | 123

psychohistorian "What an amazing shit show we are watching."

It is for sure and we have first row seats. I have been watching the western propaganda around Evergrande. It sort of messes up their financial/economic model. No money scam or speculation is too big to fail in China.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 5:49 utc | 124

Max @Sep19 22:03 #82:

You are undermining your own truth-telling by pretending that you didn't insult Peter AU1.

please don’t pursue your bad habit of interference.

What a remarkably disingenuous request!

You have called down such "interference" by pretending that you didn't insult Peter. @Sep19 19:55 #60, you wrote:

@ Peter AU1 (#57), how long have you and Australians been hiding the reality of Australia, it not being sovereign? Very rarely Australians talk about their oath of allegiance... Light is shining on lies and myths!

You addressed your message to Peter, and accused him directly ("you") of "hiding the reality of Australia" along with other Australians.

This is nonsense and clearly insulting: 1) nobody's 'hiding' what's in plain sight, and 2) Peter himself has provided great commentary for years that is critical and detrimental to the Empire. I look forward to what he has to say and I'm sure many others do too.

The proper course of action for you would be to simply apologize. You went too far in responding to a comment that you thought was rude(*).

Why can't you do that?

(*) I think what you thought was rudeness was just a means of asking that you look in the mirror. But you saw it as rude instead of a mild push-back.

You preach non-interference. Please practice what you preach.

I don't preach non-interference. LOL. I've been known to interfere with commenters that are clearly trolls. (I'm not saying that you're a troll.) Thankfully, b started getting tough on trolls a few years ago so the need to challenge trolls has greatly diminished.

Pretending that you didn't do something that you clearly did is disrespecting the community, especially when what you did was not just insulting to another member of the community but a false accusation. An accusation that you evidently stand behind despite it's having no merit whatsoever.

<> <> <> <> <>

PS It's ironic that this thread began with b's notice of banning a commenter that had insulted others.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 20 2021 5:52 utc | 125

Gordog #39

Yep Vanessa Beeley is right on there and a big thank you. Keeping the rats out of the south west of Syria is paramount as the FUKUSAi fully intend to use that channel to continue the disruption. Clearing the ziofascists from the Golan would be handy too but I don't see that anytime soon.

Could you expand a little on what you intended in the link at the close of your #39 post. Netball may have a strategic implication for geopolitics but it eludes me right now other than the 'blocking' metaphor.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 5:57 utc | 126

psychohistorian @Sep20 5:35 #121: What an amazing shit show we are watching.

Peter AU1 @Sep20 5:49 #122: It is for sure and we have first row seats.

What a Collapse of China’s Evergrande Would Mean

Property development has been a huge factor in China’s economic growth. It accounts for 28% of GDP. And much of it has been funded by debt, including dollar-debt, and much of it is now blowing up.

Foreign investors piled into the property sector over the years, buying hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds, including dollar bonds issued by China’s property developers. They bought those bonds because they liked those yields, in some cases over 10%, thinking that the Chinese government wouldn’t let those companies default, that it would bail out the bondholders as it bailed out so many bondholders before, and surely it would do it again, given how crucial the funding of the property sector is to the Chinese economy.

And now just about everything has gone wrong for these foreign investors.... Those foreign investors are suddenly realizing that they’re no longer sacred and that the government may not bail them out.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 20 2021 6:09 utc | 127

Good morning all.

The week starts full speed ahead, thanks Karlof for the bit of Xi addressing CELAC, I'll be checking that out, Mexico is playing the lead for the Spanish world and putting to shame Spain who continues to be an empire bus boy and go against our own.

Elections in Russia, the local press is Navalny here, Navalny there and Navalny where he belongs, in the slammer, the west failure is humongous, don't like Putin? well, we'll vote communist, how's that? Yabloko fades away, together with the west in Russia.

James, had the time for a couple of Evans standards, inspiring with the morning coffee to say the least. Yesterday I linked to Chet Baker and his rendering of that French tune "Que reste-t-il de nos amours?" translated as "I wish you love", concerning US-France relations, also to the closing song of the cult film The Brother II, with Butusov's song "Good Bye Amerika", which is what Russian voters just did, ciao bambino we've had enough of you...

Turn on english subtitles.

Posted by: Paco | Sep 20 2021 6:25 utc | 128

David G Horsman #99 and 101

Thank you for the Mike Whitney report.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 6:31 utc | 129


Barflies: allow me!

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 6:34 utc | 130

Herr Ringbone #119

They won't go to NZ. Better chance you will find them among friends in Southern Chile.

There are plenty of examples and they were good solid support for Pinochet. In NZ they would likely end up target practice for sensible hunters.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 6:51 utc | 131

Peter AU1 @69

Building submarines is a very specialized industry, with few applications outside the military, and the production run Australia needs is too short to get the hang of it. The only civilian application I can think of is a hydroelectric power station that is basically a submarine with the engine replaced with a generator, type 'Strom-Boje'.

Posted by: passerby | Sep 20 2021 7:38 utc | 132

uncle tungsten

I had to laugh when I clicked on your link. b's bar, lightly policed and I've been policed a few times. Sometimes a bit of decency shines through. Dreams and pipe dreams? Sometimes I think too much.... Not sure if Julianna watches youtube..
Some where over the rainbow A far cry from Euro vision

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 20 2021 7:38 utc | 133

The article on the viruses from Laos is interesting. This group has displaced the RatG13 virus as the closest known relatives to SARS-Cov-2, and, importantly, they are from outside China.

The lab leak advocates for a year now have been crowing - where's the virus in the wild? Let's appreciate the full implications of that argument: not only did China somehow modify a virus (that the global scientific community was unaware of) into a man killer, already a science fiction feat in the sense that they need it to be, as b and others have pointed out, but they must have created a virus from scratch.

The problem is when that 99.999% relative to SARS-Cov-2 is found, not in China, but in Southeast Asia somewhere a patient 0 could have been exposed to a spillover event before getting on a plane to Wuhan (or somewhere else) with a milder precursor strain to the much hardier and aggressive one that developed in China, in the same way Alpha, Gamma, and Delta have further perfected the virus since. There will be much eating of crow when this strain is tracked to outbreaks in various parts of the world in the summer and fall of 2019, finally explaining the antibodies found in Italian blood samples from September 2019.

Posted by: Cesare | Sep 20 2021 7:39 utc | 134

The promise of eight American vessels coincided with Australia’s cancellation of a contract for 12 conventional French-designed submarines that had been delayed and running over budget.

Link to ICH
Of course it did and after no pressure whatsoever from the US. It was a completely sovereign decision by Australia; after all the US delivered the F_35's to Australia on time and on budget; I am sure it can do the same with a few nuclear subs.

Posted by: digital dinosaur | Sep 20 2021 7:39 utc | 135

psychohistorian | Sep 20 2021 5:35 utc | 121

The interesting bit about EverGrande for me, is the amount of Western speculators that are going to lose money.

I wouldn't put it past the Chinese to "almost-deliberately-but-not-visibly-so" let Evergrande fail. If, as I suspect, this was to be a formula for Western investor interests to gain traction within the Chinese markets, it may explode spectacularly. The "Westinvesters" are so used to being bailed out that the thought of failure on a big scale must be giving them the "heebie-jeebies" (as we used to say).

$318 billion loss but for whom, and 2) how many other speculative adventures will be based on the same flawed estimation of a timely "handy backup", from the Central Banks, to limit losses?

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 20 2021 7:58 utc | 136

Interesting read by Engdahl. Seems Evergande is but a symptom of a much larger problem.

A bizarre war of words has erupted in recent days in the pages of financial media between billionaire hedge fund and color revolution specialist, George Soros, and the gigantic BlackRock investment group.

The issue is a decision by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to open the first foreign-owned mutual fund in China presumably to attract the savings of China’s new (and fast disappearing) middle income population. In a recent newspaper interview Soros called the BlackRock decision a threat to BlackRock investors and to US national security.

This seemingly absurd clash of views between two financial predator giants of Wall Street hides a far larger story—the looming systemic collapse inside China of a financial debt pyramid that is possibly the largest in the world. It could have a domino effect on the entire world economy far greater than the September 2008 Lehman Crisis.

The Strange China Feud of Soros and BlackRock

Posted by: Down South | Sep 20 2021 8:06 utc | 137

I wonder what others at the bar think about the content in this link?
They talk about only official corona virus narratives be allowed an audience on social media? Interesting how disinformation and misinformation about the corona virus are defined.. Does not seem to care about other information matters? It promotes L-T (private? or public?) regulatory action about Corona Virus information on posted on social media?

They talk about media designed to require all posts to be made first in draft form, the draft to be scanned and algorithms to decide if draft is compliant, if not, it will not be allowed to be viewed by social media audience<=if i read that wrong please let me know?

They talk about front-facing media(what audience sees) and back-end algorithms(computer driven) to give heads-up detect and deny decisions regarding user access for post to social media, Users create a draft; draft is parsed for falsehoods, conspiracies or facts considered objectionable to so called authorities or media providers ?

Can anyone tell me who funded the Center for American Progress? Is it going to be the basis for government regulation of the social media platforms or what? Seems like a lot of references ..

Its late and i may have read this wrong?

Posted by: snake | Sep 20 2021 8:08 utc | 138

@Cesare 132--that reminds me of the so called Spanish Flu which I have read may have originated in the united states.

Posted by: pretzelattacck | Sep 20 2021 8:17 utc | 139

Since the day before yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of former UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld,for those who haven't seen it yet, I'll link the thrilling documentary Cold Case Hammarskjöld here which you can (still) watch on Youtube.

For a brief introductary to the documentary Researcher James DiEugenio has written some words for ConsortiumNews.

Most of the film deals with the South African Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR) which was basically a foreign-run, clandestinely operating White Supremacy organization doing all kind of covert actions (medical research, mind control experiments, death squad missions, destabilization of African governments, HIV-spreading, etc...).

Many of the traces of evidence in the documentary have been conducted by British researcher Susan Williams in her book Who killed Hammarskjold.

So, watch it while you can!

Posted by: vato | Sep 20 2021 8:37 utc | 140

Cesare #132

There will be much eating of crow when this strain is tracked to outbreaks in various parts of the world in the summer and fall of 2019, finally explaining the antibodies found in Italian blood samples from September 2019.

Thank you and I can assure you that I will be happy to eat crow for my assertions regarding Fort Detrick and North Carolina if found in error, but I would enjoy the closure of every military and associated BSL3 & 4 lab throughout the world. If it originated in Laos or Timbuctu is not a worry but I am fairly sure that it has been in circulation well before the Wuhan discovery.

Fort Detrick was closed in 2018-19 for very good reasons of defective and culpable negligence. It should remain closed forever.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 8:42 utc | 141

Interesting read by Cynthia Chung that takes a look at the ideological underpinnings of the Great Reset (Part 1, 2 to still come)

In addition to this extremely worrisome ideology that is only a stone’s throw away from eugenics, there has also been a great deal of disturbance over the 2016 World Economic Forum video that goes through their 8 “predictions” for how the world will change by 2030, with the slogan “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”

It is this slogan in particular that has probably caused the most panic amongst the average person questioning what the outcome of the Great Reset will truly look like. It has also caused much confusion as to who or what is at the root in shaping this very eerie, Orwellian prediction of the future?

Many have come to think that this root is the Communist Party of China. However, whatever your thoughts may be on the Chinese government and the intentions of President Xi, the roots of the Great Reset agenda can very clearly be traced back to 80 years ago, when an American, former Trotskyist who later joined the OSS, followed by the CIA, and went on to become the founding father of neo-conservatism, James Burnham, wrote a book on his vision for “The Managerial Revolution.”

In fact, it was the ideologies of Burnham’s “The Managerial Revolution” that triggered Orwell to write his “1984”.

The Great Reset: How a ‘Managerial Revolution’ Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon

Posted by: Down South | Sep 20 2021 8:48 utc | 142

snake #136

"Can anyone tell me who funded the Center for American Progress? "

They should demand a refund.
There is no progress in USA.
There is no foreseeable progress in USA.

There is progress in every nation that the USA retreats from and every nation it is prohibited from.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 9:38 utc | 143

Down South | Sep 20 2021 8:06 utc | 135

This is the pot of potential gold which has Wall Street and BlackRock lining up outside Beijing. The Soros condemnation of BlackRock, the largest private investment fund in the world, clearly is strategic. Could it be that Soros intends to replay his 1998 toppling of the Russian bond market bubble after taking his profits? If so, no wonder the official China media calls Soros an “economic terrorist.” Whatever the trigger, such a collapse of the China debt bubble would make the 2008 Lehman crisis pale.

Note that Soros plays to gain by "beating" national monetary policy. He bet against the Pound and won. (Broke the pound) Made a clear billion+. There is every chance he is trying to do it again. But wants Blackrock to play on the same side as himself to increase his chances of "causing" a major crisis in China. Or at least not let Wall Street spoil his chances of making more "terrorist" billions.

I wonder how big his stake is?

September 16, 1992, known as Black Wednesday, was the day speculators forced the British government to pull the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).
Britain joined the ERM in a concentrated effort to stimulate the unification of the European economies—an effort that unfortunately failed.
Leading up to the 1990s, the British pound had shadowed the German Deutschmark, which had the deleterious effect of spiking inflation in Britain.

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 20 2021 10:37 utc | 144

On submarines and why China is embarrassed for Australia.

Australien values.

3 minute utoob. Laughter recommended but weeping is appropriate.

The French, of course, understand us perfectly.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 10:45 utc | 145

Good Morning fellow barflies....argh I am up in the middle of the night with pain management issues....sigh

I checked the futures market in the US and it is over 500 points off at this time. That said, lots of parts of the market are being extremely manipulated, IMO, and it may not be time yet for the plug to be China doing the pulling this time?...grin

Our peanut gallery view misses some of the inside machinations unfortunately but I am sure that exceptional fireworks are being prepared for our entertainment.... and FUD control.

Back to sleep and perhaps to dream of a better world

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 20 2021 11:02 utc | 146

Jimmy Flies By | Sep 19 2021 21:24 utc | 73

You got in wrong, they were 400 billions.

Posted by: Alberto | Sep 20 2021 11:13 utc | 147

@ Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 20 2021 6:09 utc | 125

Your source is wrong. Property (real estate) sector is not 28% of China's GDP, it's 28% of China's total lending. It is 13% of China's economy.

The error of your source emanates from the fact that he adopts the liberal concept of wealth, i.e. that debt is wealth.

But yes, it has been growing too much (it was just 5% of China's economy in 1995), hence the crackdown.

See the article I linked here in my last comment ("Not so Evergrande").

Posted by: vk | Sep 20 2021 11:32 utc | 148

Here is a picture of the Afghan Navy doing a "Freedom of the Seas" paddle. Not sure where the sea is but there must be one somewhere around.

Obviously learnt it from the US.

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 20 2021 11:57 utc | 149

PCR Test inventor Kary Bank Mullins on Dr Fauci

That man doesn’t know anything about anything

Posted by: Down South | Sep 20 2021 12:13 utc | 150

….. Kary Banks Mullis …….

Posted by: Down South | Sep 20 2021 12:16 utc | 151

Speaking of Afghanistan and the Panjshir "resistance," India is aping the Anglo-American media and their talent for fake news:

Ex-Indian army officer shares picture from movie set as 'truth' about Pakistan Army's presence in Panjshir

Apparently, even video games are now a source of fake news for India:

"India's Republic TV and Hindi news channel Zee Hindustan shared footage that they claimed showed Pakistani drones attacking anti-Taliban fighters in Panjshir.

But fact-check website Boom found that the viral clip was taken from a longer video recording of the video game Arma-3, and is not from the military conflict in Afghanistan."

Fact check: Picture claimed to be of PAF jet shot down in Panjshir is actually from US

Welcome to India’s Bollywood unreality.

Posted by: ak74 | Sep 20 2021 13:43 utc | 152

Another covid topic:

FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee after 8 hours of testimony voted 16-2 against Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 booster shot program.

During that hearing, Dr. Steve Kirsch, director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, claimed that the injections are killing more people than they’re helping.

In Germany, the number of reports about adverse effects of the Pfizer, Moderna (and possibly AstraZeneca) vaccinations at the Paul Ehrlich Institute (legally in charge with that task) already exceeded all reports about all vaccinantions of the last 20 years.

Just as a note. I am not a "covid denier" nor an "antivaxxer". But I certainly am adverse against forcing people to take these shots, especially since more safe and reliable products like Sputnik V and Sinovac are blocked in the West.

Posted by: aquadraht | Sep 20 2021 13:46 utc | 153

It's a shame to see Chelsea Manning stabbing Glenn Greenwald in the back, at the behest of some of the same types of people tha tortured her. the guy that did more than anybody to get her out of prison.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Sep 20 2021 13:59 utc | 154

About halfway through an interesting book "The China Mirage" which covers in some detail the perceived US relationships with Japan and China over the years, and how, and why, the perception deviated from reality.

A bit Chomsky-like in that the impression is give that many bad outcomes were directly instigated by the US when in fact they may have happened anyway, but still very interesting in how it ties US fortunes made from smuggling opium into China to the subsequent good-then-bad relationship with Japan and the bad-then-good relationship with China.

The betrayal of Korea under emperor Gojong resulting in its annexation by Japan is mentioned, for example, with secret communications between Theodore Roosevelt and the Japanese, and many interesting details as to how the Japanese were able to pull off having the US support their moves at the time.

Here is a link to an NPR interview with the author:

Posted by: Billb | Sep 20 2021 14:10 utc | 155

Declining quality of the American proletariat:

Boeing Begins Probe After Empty Tequila Bottles Found Aboard Air Force One Plane Under Construction

The "satanic mill" of capitalism not only grinds meat, but also morale.

Posted by: vk | Sep 20 2021 14:25 utc | 156

Much to ponder on here. Had a busy weekend so am catching up, rather than pick individual comments a list of what I have skimmed from the bar-flies in no particular order.

Vanessa Beestly - this is a DS gate keeper who is one of the best examples of the Limited Hangout practice.
No doubt a great and fearless self identifying ‘warrior monk’ scions of the ancient martial families who are praetorians of the self declared, forever owners and implacable rulers of the Earth and all its peoples and resources for their disposal.
There are others who come from her stable too.
So to be specific in her ‘reporting’ from the front line you will not find the actual historical truths of the full British Aristos forever meddling in the MENA and actually name names - so we get the soft revelation about the White Helmets , we get varnished truth - she is too deep to ever go ‘rogue’.
Her recent foray into Covid Denialism , being a tactic to gather the ears of the red/brown bridged ultra nationalist/fascist mob riling, Much like the blackshirts and Mosleyites of the last century - which so far has give BrexShit an excuse and is aimed directly at destroying an ever closer Union in the EU which will make deals with the SCO and dissolve Nato.

Marx - I have stated a few times that his works are part of the same gang as above.
So was JS Mills.

They were recruited to write the new fairytales and religion as the Original was no longer sustainable under an ever increasing scientific method and minds that could no longer be controlled in certain Universities across Europe and thence the US and even the odd one or two in The Antipodes.

Marx himself came from such a place. He was married into the setup and financially fully supported by the wealth of the cotton slavers based in Manchester - he was managed by Engels - who actually ‘edited’ most of the works that came to represent the ‘-ism’ - that represented the corollary to Mills’ ‘Free Markets’ - Capitalism / Anti-Capitalism.

Hence we were presented with the Coke and Pepsi, the Heaven and Hell, the God and Satan - fairy tale to replace the previous version which cracked under scientific logic.

That pseudo religion too is out of date and a new one being created over the last decades.

Rhodes has been mentioned as has the harridan Mensch and the siren Jacinda .

In the version of seeking truth by following the money. I have traced it back to the treaty of Westphalia, the actually private ‘National’ Banks and forwards through the Dutch and East India Companies.
The yellow brick road leads clearly to the fake wizards and the string pullers. The modern praetorians being the Private Military Companies and the modern Caesars / Front Men & Women being the likes of Bush’s/ Clinton/ Blair and their nextgen populist leaders such as the likes of Arden, Malala, Greta ...

The modern CEO’s of the forever Ancients. They link Wellesley, Rhodes, Churchill, Blair and the current mob and future versions.

In answer to why the Canuks and Kiwis aren’t publicly partaking in the 5+1 eyed bullshit? It’s the Elections stoopid!

Their DS and Special Forces and military are fully engaged in all the crap and have always been.

Finally NZ being a safe haven for the Anglo Imperialists. It is on the ring of fire, when earthquakes turns the ground into a fluid that swallows towns. And also liable to mega tsunami when Hawaiian mountains landslide. That goes for Australia too as per Aboriginal tales.

Posted by: D.G. | Sep 20 2021 14:39 utc | 157

Peter AU1 @ 131, thank you, sweet song! My father played the ukelele and steel guitar, plus had a 'gut bucket' for us kids to join in. I do miss the ocean, that's for sure.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 20 2021 14:41 utc | 158

Like I said, the Green Party is the ace in the hole the USA has in Germany:

Die Welt: Green candidate for Chancellor criticized Berlin for being gentle with Moscow

“ Germany needs a real breakthrough - not only in the field of ecology and the rule of law, but also in the field of foreign policy,” [...] . "The gaps left by Europe and the German government in recent years have been filled by authoritarian countries such as Russia and China,"[...]

The Green candidate noted that the German government has confused security and economic issues with China. In particular, Baerbock strongly criticized Angela Merkel for pushing the recent investment agreement between the EU and the PRC: in her opinion, Germany should remain with China in the framework of the dialogue, but at the same time show its firmness to Beijing. Baerbock also noted that government-backed Chinese companies cannot have free access to the European market.

Berbock also harshly criticized the current course of the German government towards Russia. She stated that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was obviously " planned against the interests of our European neighbors." According to Baerbock, on the one hand, it is impossible to impose sanctions against Russia, and on the other, to support the project, which is most important for the Kremlin. At the same time, Baerbock once again reinforced her position on Ukraine, stating that Germany should not supply lethal weapons to Kiev.

If this is not a USA-prepared asset, I don't know what it is. And we cannot accuse Baerbock of naivety: the nuance of her position on Ukraine is too sophisticated for a local, provincial German politician.

Posted by: vk | Sep 20 2021 14:59 utc | 159

@snake #75
I believe you are mistaking what a government *should* do vs. what a government *can* do.
Nor is it correct to say that the Deep State is only about corruption: the DoD spending does infuse billions of dollars every year into US jobs - both directly in the military (1.38M strong) and via the defense industries.
From my view - if the deep state is both dictating a large minority of USG spending (which it does) and plays a direct role in both selecting and keeping politicians from state level representatives up to the President of the United States: that's government.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 20 2021 15:01 utc | 160

Why Iran needs the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Iran’s bid to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) was approved after almost 15 years by the bloc’s seven permanent members on Friday. -

Posted by: Serg | Sep 20 2021 15:05 utc | 161

@psychohistorian #123
@JackRabbit #127

This is a key moment. The CCP and Chinese government are clearly planning to let the foreign investors in the Chinese property development sector fail and liquidate/write off at least some of their debts.

As I noted in Wolf Street - here are 3 key things to keep in mind:

1) The Chinese government owns ALL the land in China. Period. There is no private ownership of the actual land, only long term leases. So does China really, really care if some foreigner forecloses on a bunch of buildings on said property? Good question. This is the collateral issue. 2) China clearly thinks they can limit the internal damage from Evergrande and its peers. This isn’t outlandish – the CCP can easily institute some combination of tranche modification (i.e. put retail in front of the bondholders) with some form of limited bailout. I doubt they’d do a full bailout because they *want* the Chinese retail investor to learn a lesson from this. A 50% haircut? Note this would be a sea change vs. all of the past bailouts in US and European history – where the rich people/investors got their bite first and everyone else got to suck eggs. This is the internal China impact question. 3) I guarantee that a ton of foreign firms invested in these bonds. This dovetails with China’s pushback against its demonization by the US. It also affects the pension funds etc that bought in – who in turn will impact a significant swath of the US population. This is entirely consistent with China’s crackdown on tech company listings abroad etc.

This is a seminal moment: the Dow is crashing as I write this due to the “market’s” tantrum against the fed taper + debt ceiling kabuki. We all know what the Fed/USG will do – they will kneel down before their FIRE overlords.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 20 2021 15:07 utc | 162

@snake #138

founders of the CAP

The Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP Action), established in July 2003 by longtime Clinton family confidant John Podesta, liberal billionaire George Soros, and a handful of other former Washington, D.C. Democrats and Clinton administration officials, is a leading force in progressive media as the publisher of the left-wing blog ThinkProgress.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 20 2021 15:10 utc | 163

Uncle T: glad you liked the Beeley piece.

The link to that spectacular basketball rejection was just a metaphor for the Russian plus resistance blocking of US efforts to destroy Syria. No deeper meaning.

But now we see the dominoes falling. Maybe some of that is due to being blocked in Syria. If nothing else, then inspiration for others fighting the fight.

That's why I chose that b-ball snippet. Look at the pumped reaction of teammates on the sideline. A powerful rejection is one of those plays that can change the momentum. 😺

Posted by: Gordog | Sep 20 2021 15:11 utc | 164

Crash indicator watch

Germany electricity prices hit new record in August - September likely to set another

Germany has the highest electricity price in an international comparison. However, a new peak was reached in August, higher than ever before. According to a current analysis by the comparison portal Verivox, one kilowatt hour of electricity now costs an average of 30.4 cents for private households.
Der durchschnittliche Strompreis für Privathaushalte in Deutschland ist seit der Jahrtausendwende von 13,94 auf 31,89 Cent pro Kilowattstunde in 2021 gestiegen

[translation]The average electricity price for private households in Germany has risen from 13.94 to 31.89 cents per kilowatt hour in 2021 since the turn of the millennium


Presumably the difference is due to exchange rate changes between the 2 article dates - regardless - a very high price that is getting higher.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 20 2021 15:14 utc | 165

Evergrande looks like an interesting story for this week...

Posted by: Et Tu | Sep 20 2021 15:21 utc | 166

Here is a much more balanced view of what is happening with Evergrande (via Adam Tooze)

Twitter thread by Girolamo Pandolfi

Let’s start by understanding this: what is happening is the result of a CCP-initiated policy change to curb leverage.

It started a while back and has seen other defaults, including SOEs. What are the specific policy changes?

Most important is the introduction of the 3 red lines a year ago:-

L/A < 70%-
net leverage < 100%-
cash to ST debt > 1

What’s the point of the 3 red lines?

First and foremost to forestall a systemic crisis that could have brought down the whole financial sector if left unchecked. Real estate amounts to a significant chunk of China GDP with strong linkages upstream and downstream.

And believe it or not, the sector was levered to the gills. [this is a joke by Pandolfi ha ha] The 3 red lines are hardly draconian, yet all the CCC, a large chunk of the B and a good 1/3 of the BB did not pass them a year ago. Needless to say, it was really not too early. But there is more to it than leverage

One common practice of these construction companies,a game Evergrande excelled at, was to bid land at prices significantly higher than market. It didn’t matter to them, coz the risk got transferred to flat buyers and banks that financed the purchase.

That model worked well for local governments, banks and households because house prices were going up. So much so over the last 15 years, that a serious affordability crisis emerged in major cities AND HH debt soared way above disposable inc - below HH debt as % GDP

So it wasn’t hard to figure out the economic disaster in the making: exponential price rises with explosive HH and Construction leverage. But that’s not all. There is another problem that escapes most China analysts.

As a result of years of seeking easy growth through construction and leverage, the misallocation of capital was :

1- capital starving more innovative and high tech sectors (see chart) and
2- creating a headwind for a re-balancing towards a more consumption driven growth.

At some point, reigning in lending to the RE sector became vital in order to address the structural issue of capital misallocation. That also explains the curbs on VC investments in RE and most importantly, a curb on all the irregularities that characterized RE.


It’s not only Evergrande’s credit that is collapsing but the whole HY market. Contagion is AT work. China HY is some 10% away from it’s March 20 low….that’s not benign

Within construction many weak operators are seeing their credit collapse: Fantasia, R&F, Suna, China Aoyuan. But that’s not all. The stress is spreading to the banks and financials. Here is Minsheng and Ping An - next level up would be IG starting to show stress

So we established that we are in the phase of pricing the tail risk. All in all pretty China centric for now. How could it create contagion beyond. There are significant losses already for the international holders of China credit and equities. That’s one channel.14/NAny broader contango on towards the financial sector in China will prompt temporary policy responses like liquidity injection (done this week). But don’t expect a turnaround. They can’t. How will it resolve itself? Well, it started with leverage as the big issue.

So it will get resolved through asset sales. Idiosyncratic stories will dominate. Stronger balance sheet players will snap land and construction sites. SOEs will snap some assets. State will unwind bad players to help make whole employees and home buyers.

There is a shady side to many of these construction cies, non more so than Evergrande and their Wealth management products sold mostly to employees. They can’t discharge the guarantees on many of these products and there are rumors of insider selling.

Expect more rot to be exposed, trials, accountability, compensation, etc…Stabilizing the onshore property market will be long, arduous, and risky. Evergrande alone has an order book of 1,7 m residential units. Those are down paid for, yet unfinished.

Uncertainty and volatility will remain elevated. None of the ill-informed « they will bail them out » scenarii is possible. One thing is certain, there will be a protracted construction slump in activity and price increases. CCP might not allow for house and land price ⬇️

There’s obviously a read- cross for all commodities, but mostly steel. Dalian Iron Ore started collapsing in July and never looked back. Unsurprisingly, August showed the biggest drop in steel output on record…

And guess who is taking note? The miners are. That’s how contagion works. Aussie miners are the obvious play here: you can see that RIO has established a downtrend and is looking primed for a large move down. $BHP and $FMG looking equally awful.

It’s not only a commo issue. China’s consumers are very levered and while output has been restored to pre-COVID levels, consumers can’t keep up. Retail sales plunged recently to 11% below trend and all high frequency measures are showing sluggish spending.

And China is looking at a winter of power shortages that’s gonna challenge it’s output further. It’s looking pretty dire and a last level of pernicious contagion will come from the losses all unsuspecting US moms and pops will incur following years of reckless inflows.

While some signs of funding stress are emerging like the Onshore USD/CNY 1y swap rates ticking up, it’s still largely benign. China is a financial system where state and banks are 1 and liabilities locally dominated and held.

If funding stress signs don’t emerge, don’t conclude that there is no contagion. Contagion is playing out already if you know where to look.

Note that Pandolfi is saying that builder bad practices were not only sucking up all investment in China (like in the US during the real estate bubble up to 2008), but also driving up housing prices ridiculously and affordability down.

Imagine a USG acting the same way...yeah, I can't either.

net net: this is another major factor in the popping of our present everything bubble - not the financial implications of Evergrande collapsing per se but the hit to commodity prices/production due to greatly reduced China building.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 20 2021 15:33 utc | 167

@Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 20 2021 6:09 utc | 127
@Posted by: Down South | Sep 20 2021 8:06 utc | 137

This is the training for rentiers that hasn't happened in the US since the 1970s (started with the Latin American debt rescheduling to bail out Citibank etc., then morphed into the "Greenspan put") - you will lose your money and big government won't bail you out.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 20 2021 15:07 utc | 162

Absolutely right, Xi is squeezing out the capitalist excesses and focusing on productive growth and death to the rentiers who eat up the working people's wages. Perhaps we could call it his "Roosevelt Moment", where the excesses are excised and the financial sector muzzled back to serving the economy. Worked in the US with the post-war miracle period, a muzzled financial sector and high tax rates coincided with a high growth period where income inequality fell!

Posted by: Roger | Sep 20 2021 15:39 utc | 168

Sometimes it’s these kinds of events that suggest the true state of the American Empire… as we know it.

“Teamsters organizing unions at 9 facilities in Canada”

! - I also read this morning about Sweden launching a major investment in its military, which to me is another sign of the Empire weakening.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Sep 20 2021 15:41 utc | 169

Next is the Chinese version of the 1930s Pecora hearing, with probably a lot more people serving some real time, and lots of US rich people losing shitloads of money. Xi's popularity rating could go even higher! At least among the Chinese.

Posted by: Roger | Sep 20 2021 15:43 utc | 170

Interesting timing, what does this mean?

Posted by: awaiting approval | Sep 20 2021 15:44 utc | 171

UNGA Debates begin this week. Xi speaks tomorrow. Don't know rest of schedule yet.

Russian Election Analysis by Glenn Diesen is very reasonable. Lots of Western NGOs exposed themselves and got caught meddling, so we'll see another large round of expulsions and much heftier fines for Google and its mates. Diesen informs Western idiots why their support for the KPRF is idiotic, but then idiocy is SOP for the West nowadays.

As I wrote above, I expect the election results to put the spurs to United Russia and motivate its members along lines Putin's been urging all year. But it's slowly becoming clear that the SCO is now the Moral World Leader as this statement from an informal "sideline summit" from the SCO Summit confirms:

"As important neighbors of Afghanistan and influential countries in the region, China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran need to strengthen communication and coordination, make unanimous voices, exert positive influence and play a constructive role in promoting the smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said with senior officials from Russia, Pakistan and Iran at an informal meeting on Afghanistan in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe on Thursday....

"Wang made five proposals on the next-stage coordination on the Afghan issue, including urging the US to perform its duties to provide economic and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, contacting and guiding Afghanistan to form an inclusive political structure and implement moderate domestic and foreign policies and respect the basic rights of ethnic minorities, women and children, help the country to integrate itself into regional economic cooperation and connectivity networks, and achieve economic development and prevent spillover of security risks.' [My Emphasis]

The SCO is now the planet's second largest representational organization, only the UN is larger, and will continue to expand. The West having doubled-down on its Zero-sum Neoliberal aspirations has nothing to offer the developing world. This announcement's significance ought to be self-evident: "SCO members studying use of local currencies in settlement." The item's last sentence is misleading as the SCO is much larger than its nine full members as this excellent infographic shows; it's now Twenty-one members strong with a "large portfolio" of nations knocking on the door. Still lots of work to do as the chaos causers still need to be further corralled.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 16:05 utc | 172

Roger @Sep20 15:39 #168: Absolutely right, Xi is squeezing out the capitalist excesses ...

Easy to do if most of the pain felt by foreign investors.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 20 2021 16:09 utc | 173

@ D.G. (#157), good points. Thanks. Agree on Vanessa Beeley. Add to that list Eva Bartlett too. They were promoting the ‘great reset’ propaganda.

Similarly, Michael Hudson shares good insights about the financial ploys but supports Rockefeller’s Chicago Plan. Checkout his latest video where he is full of praise for David Rockefeller.

When following the money and central banks, most countries have pursued imperialism on a grand scale after the creation of their central bank, as it is easy to create money/debt and fund adventures. The kleptocrats who control the central banks are enriched from misadventures. Dutch after the creation of their central bank in 1609, British (BOE 1694), France (Bank of France 1800), Japan (BOJ 1882), U$A (Fed 1914)... Why was SWIFT centered in Belgium? Who were the private owners of Belgium’s central bank (NBB) in 1850? The International Monetary Oligarchy loves Debt creation as private credit? This Oligarchy has been driving this global fraud, enabled by individuals without conscience.

Who wants to make us all, whether we be nations or individuals, slaves to debt?

What characteristics identify Empire’s gatekeepers?

Posted by: Max | Sep 20 2021 16:17 utc | 174

Beeley and Bartlet are two of the bravest journalists on the planet. And that they're being dissed by two recent arrivals at the bar provides us with an insight into their game.

Elsewhere, Thatcher's privatization of UK's energy grid and providers is finally falling apart as prices have spiked 276% and future availability of gas supply is tenuous thanks to the UK's unfounded Cold War with Russia. And thanks to 40+ years of Neoliberal parasitism, the UK like the Outlaw US Empire doesn't have the monetary resources to fix the problem anytime soon.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 16:29 utc | 175

Posted by: karlof1 |

"Beeley and Bartlet are two of the bravest journalists on the planet."

I agree whole heartedly.

Posted by: arby | Sep 20 2021 16:46 utc | 176

@ Roger (#168), good points. Hopefully Xi will do what Russia- Vladimir Putin did in 1998 by defaulting on Russian bonds. What a crisis it created at LTCM... How about 2008 & 1987 Black Monday (Shiller - "too much indebtedness")...

One shows their intelligence by calling international speculators as investors. Even the U$A-Richard Nixon defaulted on the international speculators! The U$A has DEFAULTED thrice in the last century (1933, 1971, 2008).

Status quo’s bubbles are bursting! All bubbles burst! Reality trumps delusions!

Posted by: Max | Sep 20 2021 16:54 utc | 177

@ 128 paco.. thanks... i like the words to the video you shared... music, meh.... people loved it though, so i obviously don't have the same tastes...

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2021 17:18 utc | 178

Agree with Karlof and others about Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett.

The silly comments denigrating them can be dismissed out of hand. Hopefully, this is due to simple ignorance of the commenters.

Posted by: Gordog | Sep 20 2021 17:23 utc | 179

Here's the UNGA Debate Schedule incomplete as it is due to covid issues, with the list of speakers not going beyond Wednesday, which will surly be updated. Xi is listed as the last speaker of tomorrow's morning session. As in previous years, as soon as I find where the recorded videos and transcripts are located, I'll post that info even if someone does so prior to me. There are other events happening besides the Debate; here's that program listing, with the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action anniversary being the first to occur during the debate.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 17:56 utc | 180

I second karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 16:29 utc | 175. Vanessa and Eva have more courage than the vast majority of people. The key is that they are both Pro-Palestine and pro-Syria (Eva visits the countries she talks about, and generally shows the best side of life in her tweets.).


I came across this; Shows how little we learn from the "regular" media;

It appears that the Supreme Court Australia case against Mandatory Jabs has been brought forward by 10 days and will commence tomorrow (21st) at 9.30am. There is a media blackout!

Open question for Max.

Apparently the country with the most sovereignty is Syria, as it is not part of the "Central Bank Cartel". (Nor is Iran, and neither was Libya). It has it's own policies and Government.

So is this the system that you want everyone to emulate?

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 20 2021 18:00 utc | 181

Posted by: D.G. | Sep 20 2021 14:39 utc | 157
"..In answer to why the Canuks and Kiwis aren’t publicly partaking in the 5+1 eyed bullshit? It’s the Elections stoopid!.."

perhaps Dumb Gunt would like to check when the next NZ general election is?

Posted by: tucenz | Sep 20 2021 18:21 utc | 182

c1ue @ 160 re @snake #75 I believe you are mistaking what a government *should* do vs. what a government *can* do. Nor is it correct to say that the Deep State is only about corruption: the DoD spending does infuse billions of dollars every year into US jobs - both directly in the military (1.38M strong) and via the defense industries.
From my view - if the deep state is both dictating a large minority of USG spending (which it does) and plays a direct role in both selecting and keeping politicians from state level representatives up to the President of the United States: that's government.

<= thanks for the reply. The 2nd government idea does not concern itself with what government or its deep state oligarchs should do or what the government or its deep state corporations can do. Such entities are free to do whatever they like, but what they cannot do, with impunity, is to violate human rights or cause some happening which violates a human right.

The 2nd government, I proposed, serves to discover, arrest, try, convict, and punish any politician, lawmaker or person, operating at any level, under colour of any government or under one or more of its laws, rules or decisions and to keep that government or its actor from violating, or allowing to be violated, any of the inalienable, constitutional or chartered human rights enjoyed by all of mankind.

The idea is that every person governed by a government becomes at birth an auditor charged to discover human rights violations by governments and every person who becomes a party to a government loses his auditor status and becomes the target of human rights audits. Auditors hired by government or third parties are not, and cannot be, independent human rights auditors.

Each auditor would bring a human right violation to a court, which is completely independent of the 1st government. These arraignments would occur at any time for any reason, when the auditor has reasonable cause to suggest an element of government, including military, diplomatic and intelligence services, but not limited to, is thought to be violating a basic inalienable human right? Why, because human rights supersede all authority of government. And the actors that man the various governments cannot be trusted with the awesome powers of the governments such actors command to do their job and at the same time to protect human rights from corruptive abuse by government.

The method suggested for the 2nd government to use <=empowers the masses to force open to all governed persons, the operations of all governments, so that any and all activities of those who operate under colour of government can be audited by any or all persons who are among the governed(<=basically the 8 billion mass of humanity governed by 256 nation states and their millions of political subdivisions are the auditors) .

I do not believe there is confusion my part about the 2nd government objective, which is to protect mankind from the corruptions of the powers vested in governments. Experience has shown, the only way to protect humanity from violations of human right by government, is to remove from government (and from society) actors in, or operators of, government; when such actors, operators or entities are involved in, the promotion of, or involved in allowing, any governmental activity, to infringe on, or to violate the basic human rights of mankind somehow or somewhere. The behavior of One Nation State that causes or allows human rights of a governed person under the jurisdiction of another nation state would make all involved in that cause guilty of human right violations. Only when the whole governed world are auditors, can those kinds of violations be monitored.

Everyone human being is entitled to due process and every law that protects and enables the criminalization of human behavior must not violate basic inalienable rights of mankind. No ifs, ands, or buts. Only the audit power and independent court authority of a human rights court can guarantee oligarch controlled governments do not violate the inalienable and basic human rights vested in every living man, woman and child on this earth.

Posted by: snake | Sep 20 2021 18:37 utc | 183

Here's the Dushanbe Declaration, a long and detailed document. Here's a listing of the 29 other documents signed at Dushanbe, some of which have more weight IMO than others. Here's those I see having greater importance:

"Decision of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the approval of the Concept of the Economic Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

"Decision of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

"Decision of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.

"Decision of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Secretariat of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

"Strategy for the further development of the Interbank Consortium of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for the medium term (2022-2026).

"Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Eurasian Economic Commission.

"Joint Statement by the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Food Security."

And perhaps the most important:

"Decision of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on improving the mechanisms for countering the challenges and threats to the security of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization."

I do wish to highlight these few sentences from the Declaration's Preamble as the ideology that's expressed is an overt counter to what the Outlaw US/Anglo Empire says and does:

"Determined to strengthen relations between Member States so that friendship between their peoples can be passed on from generation to generation,

"Adhering to the principle of openness to the outside world and guided by the intention to contribute to strengthening a multipolar world order and building international relations based on universally recognized principles of international law, primarily the UN Charter;

"Striving to make the Organization's space a region of peace, cooperation, sustainable development, prosperity and harmony;" [My Emphasis]

I must stress the emphasized text is part of the bedrock of traditional Conservative philosophy that also forms the bedrock of the Russian/Chinese relationship. Yes, the Declaration's long, but I insist barflies read at least the first two sections on Basic Principles and Political Dimension, which you'll find is very much different from NATO and EU, stressing Multipolarity and respect for the UN Charter and the International Law that grows from it. Its concluding point #161 openly sets the lines between the two opposing sides of the emerging Multipolar World:

"The Member States will continue to strengthen the SCO as a pillar of the emerging more representative and just world order based on the rule of international law, above all the UN Charter."

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 18:38 utc | 184

D.G. @ 157

Yes, all the actors you mention are from the same club. Per Carlin, it is a big club and you ain’t in it. Pursue it a little further and you will find the club is far older than Westphalia. But you won’t much pursue any of that here, this board mostly believes all the fairy tales.

Max @ 174

So there are three of us here. I’d not have been that optimistic. Off the top of my head don’t know who ran Belgian banking in 1850 but would suggest the crown (which family was he?) Phillips, Pressburg, Rothschild. Which of course takes us right back to what D.G. was saying about JSM and KM.

Posted by: oldhippie | Sep 20 2021 18:46 utc | 185

Follow up to Max @ 174

Took a quick look at Leopold I. He was a Saxe-Coburg. So whoever else was involved in Belgian banking in 1850 you will find a heavy hand from Stanleys and Rothschilds.

Posted by: oldhippie | Sep 20 2021 18:53 utc | 186

snake @183--

The juxtaposition between Oligarchies and independent nations is becoming easier to see and evaluate. When you read the Dushanbe Declaration, one must wonder why Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt want to become members of an organization that aims at getting nations to become democracies so their publics can reap the benefits of genuine democracy. The SCO's goal is every bit as bold as FDR's UN vision was 75+ years ago before it was derailed by Anglo Imperialists. How the SCO performs during the rest of this decade is critical for it must continue to degrade the Outlaw US/Anglo Empire for it to attain its member's goals.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 20 2021 18:55 utc | 187

@ Stonebird (#181), your view of sovereignty is very narrow. How do you define sovereignty? I had previously shared my perspective on “national sovereignty” at MoA and once again share it towards the end.

To answer your question:

Apparently the country with the most sovereignty is Syria, as it is not part of the "Central Bank Cartel". (Nor is Iran, and neither was Libya). It has it's own policies and Government. So is this the system that you want everyone to emulate?

NO. China is a better model of sovereignty that is worth emulating where the administration serves the populace and manages economy effectively. The U$A also has good degree of sovereignty and if we Americans can get our monetary sovereignty, and install a government that serves Americans, we will become a great example for the world to emulate. America needs to achieve monetary sovereignty by issuing sovereign money (debt and interest free) and credit, and investing it in America and Americans (pursuing industrial capitalism). America needs to move towards DIRECT DEMOCRACY with no corporate funding and with citizen enforcement (CITIZEN policing and accountability). An enlightened citizenry with integrity is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. No more monetary imperialism, enslavement and usury. America will become SOVEREIGN!

What is national sovereignty?
It consists of SEVEN different sovereignties:

1. TERRITORIAL Sovereignty. The recognition of the territory of the country, the flag, the national emblem and the national anthem. A physical territory defines a country. No foreign military bases on its soil.
2. MONETARY Sovereignty. A nation issues its sovereign money and allocate it in the best interest of its people, infrastructure and overall well-being. No creation of money by private banks. This enables a nation to price its goods, resources and services in its sovereign currency for internal and international trade.
3. GOVERNANCE Sovereignty. The governance structure of a nation is independent without external controls and define the laws of the nation. A nation is independent to define its political and governance system. A nation that ENSLAVES (monetarily, informationally, laws, force...) its own people doesn’t have a government but an administration and is a private plantation.
4. MILITARY Sovereignty. The nation has its own military and ability to rebuff an aggressor and to provide security for itself. It isn’t occupied by foreign military forces.
5. ECONOMIC Sovereignty. The economical and industrial development, provides for further advancement of the country out of its internal reserves. The nation has positive or manageable trade balance and isn’t going into debts to foreign powers to sustain itself.
6. CULTURAL sovereignty. A nation has its own culture that promotes good values, unity, egalitarianism, shared prosperity and sacrifice,... An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a nation. Without honest media channels a nation becomes weak and controlled by economic and political powers. Truth and integrity define the strength of nation’s culture.
7. DIPLOMATIC Sovereignty. It implies the ability to pursue an independent foreign policy in the national interests without external pressures.

Name a democracy that isn’t a suzerainty.

Open question for Stonebird and all:

Who has captured sovereign nations? Why?

Posted by: Max | Sep 20 2021 19:07 utc | 188

Posted by: james | Sep 20 2021 17:18 utc | 178

It is about the words, the music of course is very primitive, exciting the crowd, and nothing comparable to the Evans concert you linked, but it relates to a cult movie about the "golden" 90's in Russia, since it was part of the sound track with a really nice performance by a children's choir.

And I think it gives a very sharp picture of the elections, MSM will talk about the ruling party losing points, some videos about ballot box stuffing, and generally anything to discredit, but the votee lost by the ruling party went to the communists, a message to the west, we are long past your ways, back in time we wanted to live like you guys, we dreamt about your forbidden fruits, now that we have had a taste we're telling you thanks but no thanks.

Posted by: Paco | Sep 20 2021 19:13 utc | 189

@ oldhippie (#185 & 186), thanks for your insights. Well appreciated. Agree, no fabulations.

What has been hidden will be revealed! A reckoning with reality is on deck! How much later is a very good question. Then unraveling of fictionalization, falsification & financialization will begin!

“Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected.”
― Sophocles

Posted by: Max | Sep 20 2021 19:37 utc | 190

Max @ 188

Occasionally the masters tell us straight to our faces how it works. Nathan Mayer Rothschild did that in 1815. “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England... The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Of course in 1815 the Rothschilds were a young house and they had masters too. The point remains. The individuals who control the money supply have been with us a very long time. Likely an unbroken chain since Bronze Age/Late Neolithic. All players identifiable since at least Early Middle Ages.

Posted by: oldhippie | Sep 20 2021 20:03 utc | 191

Max | Sep 20 2021 19:07 utc | 188

"Who has captured sovereign nations? Why?"
Surely that should be What as well? The seven that you mention are simply symptoms/vectors of sovereignty. An Ideology, (which can include capitalism or many other forms including religious,) can be claimed to be the guiding factor in the destiny of a country.

Thus "sovereignty" is not necessarily visible, but consists of an ethic (good or bad), that empowers a state to follow a particular course of action. The seven you mention are "conditions" that you might want applied.

If you take the "who" in a limited sense then there is no doubt that the "families", including Rothschilds, own about half of ALL the assets in the world (and by extension most of the politicians and people of "high visual impact). Multiple trillions of assets obviously count in a materialistic world.

No financial-independent sovereignty can compare to them. A religious one might, as the terrain on which ideas are fought over, moves into the intangible. Less calculable, but unfortunately still subject to human foibles, as greed is one of the major human vices.

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 20 2021 20:31 utc | 192

Me @ 48
Marxism is in opposition to biology in one key respect. We are socially hierarchical using dominance.
vk @ 59
"That's the neoconservative ideology, not the scientific true ("managerial revolution" hypothesis)
Read the article I linked here about the story of James Burnham."

I had the article loaded and gave it a read:

I am 100% with Orwell on this:
"The National Review, founded by James Burnham and William F. Buckley (more on this in part two), would like to put the veneer that although Orwell was critical of Burnham’s views that he was ultimately creatively inspired to write about it in his “1984” novel. Yes, inspired is one way to put it, or more aptly put, that he was horrified by Burnham’s vision and wrote his novel as a stark warning as to what would ultimately be the outcome of such monstrous theorizations, which he would to this day organise the zeitgeist of thought to be suspicious of anything resembling his neologisms such as “Big Brother”, “Thought Police”, “Two Minutes Hate”, “Room 101”, “memory hole”, “Newspeak”, “doublethink”, “unperson”,”thoughtcrime”, and “groupthink”."

Note how seriously Orwell took this threat and how correct he was in his vision. I vaguely associate with being a democratic socialist btw. I found the managerial revolution theory to interesting in that it maps to some current events and institutions.

As someone mentioned, I too am highly suspicious of attributing human traits as being "natural". Nevertheless the is by definition, a biological paradigm and the space where conversation takes place. IMO that has to be a science and evidence based approach if it is to be productive.

"Ideology doesn't come naturally to the human being, it is always taught and developed in special circumstances (that is, History)."

I think ideology can only exist above a population threshold but I have not see evidence of absence. So my question to you are child like.

Why does ideology exist at all?
If it isn't natural why is it so extensive?

Why are there so many (neo)conservatives?

Why do I find conservatives and philosophers like Nietzsche linking character traits to biology whereas peace movements and the left generally deny they define our behavior?

Is violence, competition and domination merely a rationalization for biology justifying brutality by the neoconservative or is the relationship more complex?

I don't find a contradiction in biology that peaceful ideologies and societies exist. In fact that should be expected, just maybe not the norm. Like Marx I find it highly useful to view information in the form of polarities, often in a dynamic.

So let's work on the assumption that ideology is a learned behavior. That doesn't explain their characteristics. Why do they so often incorporate violence and oppression? Why would the actors teach these views to the uninitiated? Independently and repeatedly.

I don't share the view of people as gentle beings corrupted by malign influences or ideology. It doesn't make sense. You have to explain why that process is occurring in the first place.

One explanation is that we are very similar to chimpanzee able to manage abstract concepts and language. Where is the evidence contradicting this? I certainly have plenty of evidence supporting my argument. See history. lol.

For what it's worth, I could go on at length about the goodness of the common human and their ability to coexist. That doesn't present a problem or threat and so I am wired to address our darker nature. I have searched for and would welcome an argument on why people are fundamentally good.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 20 2021 21:00 utc | 193

When setting out on vengeance, first dig two graves.

And so it was

A senior *Resistance Axis security official has told The Cradle that the Axis is responsible for the deaths of an American and Israeli commander in retaliation for the assassinations of Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani and Iraq’s Deputy Commander of the Hashd al-Shaabi Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes.

According to The Cradle’s security source:

“An operation in Erbil killed two high-ranking American and Israeli commanders: Lt. Col. James C. Willis, 55, of Albuquerque of the Red Horse Unit, an American commander who was killed in an operation in Erbil, although according to a Pentagon report he died in a noncombat incident at Qatar’s Al-Udeid base. This person was involved in the assassination operations of Soleimani and Abu Mahdi. Also (Israeli) Col. Sharon Asman of the Nahal Brigade, who was claimed to have died of collapsed heart failure, was another person killed in Erbil.”

Ah yes, Erbil (from Britannica) "Erbil, also spelled Arbīl or Irbīl, Assyrian Arba-ilu, Greek Arbela, Kurdish Hawler or Hewler, city, capital of Erbil muḥāfaẓah (governorate), northern Iraq. The city is also the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and is among the largest cities in that country. It is one of the most ancient cities in the world, dating back at least to 2300 bce. Erbil has long been an important trade centre, with roads south to Arab Iraq and abroad to Turkey, Iran, and Syria. The famous Hamilton Road (constructed under British rule in 1928–32 by Archibald M. Hamilton) runs from Erbil through the mountains and canyons northeast to the Iranian border."

The Kurd front line for the Israeli occupation.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 21:31 utc | 194

Patroklos @ 92 to @vk #59
"Yes, historicism: one of Marx's great legacies. "Always historicize!" (Jameson). As soon as anyone says "but human beings are naturally..." you catch the whiff of present myth/ideology masquerading as universally valid laws."

I find that's not just common in political science but even more so in philosophy. Philosophy's greatest crime it its universal tendency to over extend the canonical case.

But humour me here. The correct scientific position assumes we are just a typical animal with our added, explainable abilities. It can only be history, or science, that provides the evidence of what that entails.

So I believe the correct starting point says "but human beings are naturally..." and here it the supporting evidence for and against.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 20 2021 21:36 utc | 195

@ Stonebird (#192), thanks for your response. Those are the dimensions that define the degree of sovereignty.

It is time to unmask the “families” and state the reality of nations. These families will do better by facing reality and doing the right thing. No more frauds, enslavement, deceptions, lies and myths.

“It is not possible to found a lasting power upon injustice, perjury, and treachery. These may, perhaps, succeed at first, and limp along on hope for awhile with a flourishing appearance. But time betrays their weakness, and they eventually fall into ruin of their own designs."
– Demosthenes

Posted by: Max | Sep 20 2021 21:48 utc | 196

Room 101 was the room at BBC Broadcasting House where Orwell broadcast to Burma during WWII. Basically 1984 is autobiography. Orwell spoke Burmese from his years there as a policeman. His bailiwick in Burma had been his own family’s timber plantations. Yes, he was part of the families.

Being part of the families does not necessarily mean one is stupid. Orwell was clever. And had a most excellent perch from which to observe.

Posted by: oldhippie | Sep 20 2021 21:58 utc | 197

karlof1 #175

Elsewhere, Thatcher's privatization of UK's energy grid and providers is finally falling apart as prices have spiked 276% and future availability of gas supply is tenuous thanks to the UK's unfounded Cold War with Russia. And thanks to 40+ years of Neoliberal parasitism, the UK like the Outlaw US Empire doesn't have the monetary resources to fix the problem anytime soon.

Thank you for that Sputnik link. As I recall, one of the great ironies of the Thatcherite privatisation stampede was the foreign consortium that purchased the englanders nuclear generators and electric grid system - a French conglomerate comprised of the French nuclear industry with the CGST French Trade Union investing heavily for its workers retirement funds.

I have no idea if they also have major control of england's gas distribution grid but would not be surprised. As nuclear energy is considered 'renewable' then the mandate for all new systems to be electric is yet another win for the wiley French.

Gas ownership appears to be in the hands of the French and Germans and others that I have not had the time to reveal.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 22:02 utc | 198

@ oldhippie (#197), Welcome to an Orwellian Brave New World!

Orwell’s (1984) words were prescient. Huxley (Brave New World) was a school teacher of Orwell’s at Eton College. They both attended elite symposiums in the 1920s and 30s where all of this (control system) was discussed in complete seriousness…sort of like early versions of Bilderberger meetings. So the accuracy of their books was no accident…they actually KNEW what was being planned. Huxley just emphasized the more SOCIALIST elements while Orwell emphasized the more FASCIST elements…they were both right, because both aspects were always part of the plan. It’s obvious that the Rulers always intended to use both approaches as part of their control structure.

Looking at their personal lives and backgrounds, it appears that Orwell was trying to warn us. Huxley was much more of a British upper crust blue blood. He seemed to be in agreement with what the Rulers were planning, and along with his brother Julian he was actually helping them. They both knew what was coming.

Were they used as textbooks by the Rulers? It’s just that the general public aren’t as worried about controlling the masses as the Rulers' are.

Orwell’s Warning.../A>

Posted by: Max | Sep 20 2021 22:16 utc | 199

c1ue #167

Thank you for that glimpse of the China housing earthquake. It was informative and sadly the author ruminates without links. Pandolfi sudden inclusion of China having insufficient heating for the winter seemed entirely incongruous but time will tell.

The ironmongers of Oz will be unhappy for the next year and perhaps Gina Reinhart will just have to pass the time building her dad's favourite fascist team - the Australian League of Rights.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 20 2021 22:18 utc | 200

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