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September 29, 2021

Open Thread 2021-75

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YouTube banned RT Germany's channel on request from the German government.
I have no words.
Hopefully Russia responds in kind.

Posted by: Midville | Sep 29 2021 17:14 utc | 1

How sad that British blogger and whistle blower Craig Murrey is jailed under pretext of contempt of court but in reality for exposing mechanics of an attempt of political assassination of Alex Salmon vie allegations of rape.

Posted by: Barabaka | Sep 29 2021 17:17 utc | 2

I am reading about the banning of all anti-vaccine media in US like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook

Do these folks not understand that they are showing their hand by banning the truth?

That is why I continue to call it a shit show....may it end soon

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 29 2021 17:19 utc | 3

Re: Psychohistorian @3,

Truth is self-evident, while lies require a network of structures to support the lie and conceal the truth. Banning criticism of forced vaccinations, mandates and other government policies does more to de-legitimize the government, its policies, businesses and social institutions than all of the "Russian Meddling" they love to complain about.

Posted by: Kadath | Sep 29 2021 17:38 utc | 4

It's because the vaccines are a political agenda. They are useless to 95+ percent of the population, but partaking of the vexx is like bowing to receive the blow when paying the jizya. Biden is a tin pant despot and the whole so called "free world" has shown their true colors these last many months.

Posted by: nook | Sep 29 2021 17:45 utc | 5

psychohistorian @3--

Once upon a time Russian was THE language associated with Totalitarianism. I submit that English will soon be associated in that manner, while Russian and Mandarin become known as Freedom Languages. What we see happening with privately owned publication hosting platforms--which are what Twitter, Facebook and You Tube are--is what was done by privately owned universities 100+ years ago when they eliminated the study of political economy and its professors from their institutions in order to ensure the new pseudoscience of mathematical economics that has given us neoliberal babble would prevail and become the new doctrine that said all income is earned, that economic rent didn't exist, that Free Markets were those freed from regulation, not freed from Rentier parasitism.

And since almost all major parts of the internet are privately owned, we should expect to see further censorship in that domain. We should know by now that sort of behavior occurs whenever an industry/service becomes a monopoly/monopsony and has captured the government and its regulators. That also provides a signal to the public that industry/service must be made into a public utility and never again be allowed to be privately operated.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 29 2021 17:51 utc | 6

Interesting read by Orlov on the gas crisis in the EU

Spot price for natural gas in Europe has just breached the psychologically important level of $1000 per thousand cubic meters, or a buck a cube. This has already had some significant results all across Europe. In the UK, fertilizer plants can’t operate at such prices and have shut down. This will in due course cause food price inflation later on, but the immediate effect is to deprive consumers of packed meat and beer because of a shortage of dry ice that is a byproduct of fertilizer production.

Meanwhile, all the way on the other side of what remains of the European Union, in the Baltic statelets electricity prices are now 10 times higher than just across the border in Russia. Of course, they are welcome to buy cheap and plentiful electricity from Russia, but that has to come in via Belarus and Lithuania and the Lithuanians have strategically wrecked relations with Belarus by harboring the fugitive Tikhanovskaya the cutlet queen who is a sort of Belarussian Juan Guaidó.

Global gas wars: the fun has just begun!

Posted by: Down South | Sep 29 2021 17:57 utc | 7

The CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says that normal life will return within a year, but not for those who don’t have regular COVID-19 vaccinations.

During an appearance on ABC This Week with George Stephanapoulos, Albert Bourla was asked about when he foresaw the end of the pandemic.

“Within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,” said Bourla, although he made it very clear that this statement only applies to those who are prepared to take regular coronavirus booster shots.

“I don’t think that this means that variants will not be continuing coming,” Bourla added. “And I don’t think that this means that we should be able to live our lives without having vaccinations, basically.”

Bourla said that the “most likely scenario” was “annual re-vaccinations” due to the emergence of “new variants.”

Pfizer CEO Says “Normal Life” Won’t Return Without Regular COVID Vaccinations

Posted by: Down South | Sep 29 2021 18:01 utc | 8

Straight from the horse’s mouth
‘We’re NEVER Getting Back to Normal’: Australian Nightmare Intensifies

Posted by: Down South | Sep 29 2021 18:04 utc | 9

Women must withhold sex until their partner gets Covid-19 jab – MEC

Posted by: Down South | Sep 29 2021 18:09 utc | 10

EU gas shortage ... a simple consequence of the 2019-2020 contract renewal of Ukraine and Gazprom. To settle EU arbitration and remove sanctions on Gazprom, Ukraine received very favorable transit terms, but the volume guarantees were reduced.

some details:

The guaranteed transit amount was 65 bcm/year for year 2020, and 40bcm/year for years 2021-2024. This is compared to the 80-90 bcm/year transiting Ukraine in 2017-2019. And in fact in the first half of 2021, it was something like 21 bcm/year, so pretty much on pace for the new contractual minimum, that transited Ukraine to EU.

Now the reduction from 80+ bcm/year to something over 40 bcm/year must be viewed in light of increases in seaborne LNG from Qatar etc, as well as 16+ bcm/year of that is now passing through Russia's half of Turkstream - this is going South-East Europe, and Austria and Hungary too. But still, a loss of 40-45 bcm/year was too much.

Gazprom, whose production is actually increased significantly, has thus far refused requests to increase Ukraine transit significantly beyond the contracted (i.e. minimum) amount. Once Russian storage fills up, probably in November, this may change.

Posted by: ptb | Sep 29 2021 18:20 utc | 11

A few weeks ago I wrote of how theatre is the only way to publicize the truth in Great Britain, because there is a law against censorship of live performances.

A new play is being produced about the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Grenfell: Value Engineering is taken entirely from evidence given in the second phase of the Grenfell inquiry, which interrogated the contractors and council representatives responsible for the renovation of the building in 2015-16. It takes its title from the £800,000 of savings – euphemistically dubbed “value engineering” – that the building giant Rydon was asked to find in its £9.2m bid by Kensington and Chelsea tenant management organisation (KCTMO), in order to win the contract to refurbish the tower.

As a result of this cost-cutting, the fire-resistant zinc cladding originally specified for use on Grenfell was replaced by the flammable aluminium composite material cladding with a polyethylene core. We all know what happened next.
(The Guardian)

That is the only way to bypass Her Majesty and get the truth out.

What about the very opposite. What about if Her Majesty wants to promulgate mass lies and deception?

She goes to the BBC and broadcasts to the world.

Steve Coogan will play Jimmy Savile in a forthcoming BBC drama series about how the high-profile presenter spent decades living a double life as one of the country’s most notorious paedophiles.

The Alan Partridge star said the decision to portray Savile on screen was not one he “took lightly” but the series had “an intelligent script tackling sensitively an horrific story which – however harrowing – needs to be told”.

The creators say the series will explore both Savile’s rise to fame and his final years fighting rumours about his private life, exploring how the presenter “used his celebrity and powerful connections to conceal his wrongdoings and to hide in plain sight”.

There has never been a proper investigation into Savile by the authorities because they don't want one. That leaves the field clear for the BBC to make up any lies, whether lies of commission or lies of omission, without fear of contradiction. Which is very useful, because the BBC was the greatest enabler of all.

But the BBC was working on behalf of others.

Here is one of his "powerful connections".

The chronology is this.

In 1997 Diana, Princess of Wales was removed from the Great Chessboard.

From 1998 Charles spends much of his time with his grandmother at her residence, the Castle of Mey in Glencoe.

In 1998 Savile purchases a home - a very isolated home - in Glencoe.

In 1999 the Prince of Wales, together with his entourage, and all dressed up in their Highland finery, pays a very high profile visit to his friend Sir Jimmy Savile in Glencoe.

If a young girl was abused and raped by Savile in Glencoe, what chance did she have against this man who was a close friend of the future King?

Thirteen years later, and after he is dead, we learn what the local people in Glencoe really feel about the man who lived amongst them for those thirteen years.

To quote the headline from the Daily Mail:

• The remote white-washed property is thought to be where the disgraced TV presenter may have abused dozens of children over the decades

Will Mr Coogan be recounting his(Savile's) close relationship with the Prince of Wales?

Will Olivia Coleman make a guest appearance on behalf of The Crown?

I think perhaps not.

What we have here is a fascinating triangle.

Savile performs a service for Queen Elizabeth in 1945

Queen Elizabeth performs a service for the Prince of Wales in 1997

The Prince of Wales performs a service for Savile in 1999

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 29 2021 18:22 utc | 12

@Posted by: Barabaka | Sep 29 2021 17:17 utc | 2

Totally agree, but we try to maintain the pressure:

John Cleary
23rd Sep 2021 at 10:20 pm
Frank, I’m afraid it is not a profession. It is a trade, and is run by its own trade union (just like the good old days).

I don’t believe Craig is in prison for “jigsaw identification”. Craig is in prison as an example to others – “Don’t you dare look closely at what I did!”. Dorrian is protecting herself, not the coven.

What doesn’t she want known? The answer is that she ruled the “Vietnam” WhatsApp Group messages could not be used. Those messages revealed rock-solid evidence of collusion between the complainants.

She then sought to assist PrenticeQC in his efforts to obtain a conviction under the Moorov Doctrine.

THAT is bad faith, pure and simple.

Moorov and collusion are mutually exclusive, and Dorrian quite clearly had her finger on the scales of justice when she decided to deny the jury the important facts.

THAT is why nobody will touch this with a bargepole. She’s going to be the top judge in scotland, and she is quite evidently a criminal.

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 29 2021 18:29 utc | 13

re: Ukraine natural gas storage, mentioned on the Orlov article

Interestingly, Ukraine's natural gas storage is actually close to full. As recently as July, the concern was not high natgas prices, but too low. With nowhere for it to go, traders sent it the opposite direction, from west to east, and filled Ukraine's storage ahead of time.

It was 62% full in July

And is 90% full now, holding 28 bcm, much of which is owned by EU traders, with reverse flows still taking place this month, just now being forced to stop (!).

Posted by: ptb | Sep 29 2021 18:33 utc | 14

err scratch that, those were from 2020 not 2021! Doh!

Posted by: ptb | Sep 29 2021 18:35 utc | 15

Ok the actual current 2021 Ukraine storage: 18.7 bcm, so actually it is exactly what is needed for domestic consumption (unless, again, it turns out it is owned by traders who will export it rather than using it domestically)

Posted by: ptb | Sep 29 2021 18:43 utc | 16

Does anyone have good sources on the effectiveness or lack thereof of vaccines compared to ivermectin? I've been trying to learn more on the subject but the vast majority of the reporting on either side of the issue is shlock.

Posted by: VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17

This arrticle is pretty cool review of covid propaganda roll-out.
Only scratches the surface, but is needed - a lets review, shall we.
Those who were pushing that in the absense of any real supporting evidence I now take lightly.

Posted by: jared | Sep 29 2021 19:18 utc | 18

@ Posted by: VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17

All of them. There's no evidence Ivermectin works against COVID-19.

Posted by: vk | Sep 29 2021 19:27 utc | 19

First they came for.....

The USA's first amendment is only for public spaces folks, certainly not corporate spaces which is what the public space has become. Social media, youtube, etc. control the 'truth'. Think about what is being codified here for any dissent against the 'official' truth/narrative in days/months/years to come.

But I wasn't a...

There is a war on folks and we're losing.

Posted by: gottlieb | Sep 29 2021 19:33 utc | 20

I was just thinking about the big psyops that have been used to change the dream of America into the nightmare it has become. Old timers at MoA will remember me having a period where I focused on how significant the changing of the original American motto was/is.

The change from "Out of many, one" "E pluribus unum" to "In god we trust" "no Latin version...grin" that was done in the 1950's was when the propaganda fight against godless communism was at its highest. Radio/TV media giants were growing powerful enough then to sway the public and that ability to control public sentiment continues to never be discussed in public.

So, my thought is that if folks don't grok my public/private finance meme then how about just arguing to return to the original motto of America in words and actions?

That is exactly what China is doing, correct? The dream of America was secular and that has been lost to the monotheistic reality of the God of Mammon cult.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 29 2021 19:50 utc | 21

@ gottlieb | Sep 29 2021 19:33 utc | 20 who wrote
There is a war on folks and we're losing.

I agree that there is a war on and have been calling it a civilization war because of the stakes. I disagree with your assessment that "we" are losing. I would encourage you to consider that if that were that case then why all the hullabaloo?

Yes, it looks like those of us in the US are being discriminated against on the basis of our beliefs but the bigger world has our back and is causing empire to be shitting in its pants as it tries to play global whack a mole.

It may be good for us Americans to understand discrimination out of ignorance up close and personal for positive change to occur

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 29 2021 19:58 utc | 22

Two hallucinated pieces came out in Asia Times today:

China plunges into self-inflicted darkness: China's spreading and debilitating power crunch is rooted largely in a trade war with Australia that has depleted coal supplies

Except it didn't:

China has abundant resources to overcome power crunch: Global Times editorial

First, the Chinese economy must continue to pursue quality transformation. The goal of carbon dioxide emissions peak before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060 are already set, and they create forces that require us to go with the trend, not back. China's installed power generation capacity of 2.28 billion kilowatts is already twice that of the US, yet it supports a GDP that is only about 70 percent of the US'. This pattern cannot continue to expand indefinitely, and we need to be unswerving in our efforts to narrow the gap.

Japan’s defense awakening is not woke enough: Japan's ruling class has finally awoken to the threat China poses but Tokyo still needs to back tougher rhetoric with credible action

This argument doesn't make any sense. Modern Japan has always hated China, it doesn't need to "awake" to this "threat".

The most logic argument to be made is that Japan has simply become a spearhead of the USA against China. As the USA started to hate on China, Japan was activated to serve as the first line of contact in the imminent war it wants to wage against it.

Posted by: vk | Sep 29 2021 19:59 utc | 23

The Empty Vessels: Joe Biden and the Mainstream Media

Posted by: Dogon Priest | Sep 29 2021 20:14 utc | 24

@ VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17 with the question of comparing vaccines to Ivermectin which is a prophylaxis and treatment, not a vaccine.

That said, below is a link to a graph of Covid deaths over time in Africa's regions. You will notice that the big swath of Africa that takes Ivermectin on an ongoing basis has significantly less Covid deaths.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 29 2021 20:17 utc | 25

John Cleary | Sep 29 2021 18:29 utc | 13

"What doesn’t she want known? The answer is that she ruled the “Vietnam”"

John, having read the comments you link to, I saw one that mentioned a possible MI6 "interest" to stop Craig reporting on the Assange case. (Which is an ongoing scandal by itself, with a similarly compromised "Judge", who has now been promoted to the "UK Supreme Court", Laddy Ashton, who acted in a very similar fashion to protect/venge her husband - "fingered" by Wilkileaks).

But as an outsider, not Scots, I do not see what your reference to "Vietnam" is referring to. If possible could you please elucidate. (Only if this can be done safely)

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 29 2021 20:19 utc | 26

funny how you won't find well designed studies in the US or Europe on the effectiveness of ivermectin. if there are please direct me to them. Why is there such a downplaying of the effectiveness of early treatment of covid 19 in first world nations when there is supposedly a world wide emergency from SARS COV 2. Instead there is billions spent pushing the need for vaccines that are ineffective of providing immunity. Look at the figures from Israel. where you need a booster shot to have normal social activity. It does have a first world health system and research capability. It has a really high - over 80% fully vaccination rate Vaccines that have more deaths and serious side effects reported after vaccination than all of the vaccines before them had in 30 years. How come they are pushing now to get children vaccinated when they have almost no risk of serious disease? It is now know that the spike protein generated by your own cells after vaccination is a pathogen. It is also now known that the the mrna vaccines do not stay in your arm.

Posted by: gepay | Sep 29 2021 20:28 utc | 27

... Tikhanovskaya the cutlet queen who is a sort of Belarussian Juan Guaidó...

Posted by: Down South | Sep 29 2021 17:57 utc | 7

This is unfair. Tikhanovskaya had her cooking show and no one doubts her skills with cutlets and vegetarian dishes too. By the way of contrast, I never read about any type of skill attributed to Juan Guaidó. On edit: Guaidó can jump, proven on some videos. Which is a more useful skill for a leader: jumping or cooking?

For a test case, compare Biden and Trump... neither seems too jumpy. If you had to eat a dish, would you rather have a Trump preparing it, or Biden? Wouldn't American voters be more informed if at least one pre-election debate was replaced with a cooking competition? Perhaps starting with purchasing ingredients on their own.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 29 2021 20:29 utc | 28

The change from "Out of many, one" "E pluribus unum" to "In god we trust" ... (in Deo confido) ...

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 29 2021 19:50 utc | 21

... was justified in retrospect. Earlier, people trusted in gold and paper that was reliably connected to gold. Now we can only pray that this paper in our wallet or digits appearing when we check account balance will be worth anything in the near future.

However, praying to a "generalist god" on a very specialized issue does not seem to be reliable. Many Indians pray to Lord Ganesha on matters of wealth and money, and Lord Ganesha, never pestered about peace on earth, happy marriage, rain, etc. can be more attentive.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 29 2021 20:38 utc | 29

Heyho, whats up with the Azerbaijan - Iranian border tension ?

Posted by: Bart Schuster | Sep 29 2021 20:53 utc | 30

@Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 29 2021 20:19 utc | 26

Hello Stonebird,

The "Vietnam" group was a collection of senior Scottish Government and SNP functionaries. People like Liz Lloyd, Lesley Evans, Mrs Angus Robertson (Nee Dempsey). People "very close" to Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell, who came together with the single objective - to "get" Alex Salmond.

They communicated their plotting via a WhatsApp group which they themselves called the "Vietnam Group". The name itself is of no significance and in fact is the result of a mistaken understanding of the Vietnam War.

Some of those messages have become public, but only a tiny fraction of the whole. The most notorious was by Jennifer Robertson who wrote:

"I have a plan where we can remain anonymous but have strong repercussions"

Lady Dorrian was of the opinion that this admission of a conspiracy was not relevant in the trial of Alex Salmond and so deemed it as inadmissible. She was of the opinion there had been no collusion. And furthermore that all complainants should be granted lifelong anonymity.

And so the "plan" became a reality, courtesy of Lady Dorrian, the Manhunter.

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 29 2021 21:17 utc | 31

gepay @27--

You touched on the core of my lamenting the lack of treatment information I wrote about yesterday. It appears that several treatment regimes exist that are very inexpensive because no one owns the monopoly rights to them, thus their low cost. George Oprisk linked to this now week old article detailing low cost treatments along with other new info about the virus. Here's a key excerpt:

"The report also shows the initial findings of the clinical trial studying whether a combination treatment protocol called HAZDPaC (which includes hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc and Vitamins C and D) or high dosages of Vitamin C, D and Zinc alone (the placebo in the trial) may prove effective in eradicating the virus from the gut, where it could potentially cause long-lasting problems if left to 'percolate.'"

The following is from an article George copy/pasted at his VK Space that is no longer available at the original site:

"Uttar Pradesh:
• largest state of 240 million people
• roughly 20 cases a day
• 193 active cases — 33% with one dose of vaccine (and near zero when cases were going down in the spring)
• universal ivermectin use

"Uttar Pradesh shows that prophylaxis and early treatment of COVID-19 with Ivermectin, Zn+, Quercitin, Vit-D, and Vit-C brings the infection rate down, and the epidemic under control more effectively than vaccination."

Traditional Ayurvedic medicines are also being used in South Asia, Thailand having recently approved Andrographis paniculata to treat covid.

The pandemic's been ongoing for almost two years now yet there's very little information about treatment, which is clearly due to an information blackout being imposed at the behest of BigPHarma.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 29 2021 21:20 utc | 32

@vk 23
As the USA started to hate on China, Japan was activated to serve as the first line of contact in the imminent war it wants to wage against it.
. . .some details--
The US had a hate on PRC, those nasty commies, not allowing it into the UN etc, for decades, and Japan has been an important ally in the endeavor. The US Navy, Air Force and Marines have considerable forces there on 23 bases.
Another example of US-Japan ties: In 1943 the Cairo Declaration disallowed all Japan's overseas islands, but then there was a change in China government. China (which suffered mightily from Japan in the war) was not invited to the San Franciso Conference, treated like a leper, and Japan was treated like a new ally by the US, keeping its islands except the Kuriles (Russia). Recently some disputed islands in the East China Sea have been taken over by Japan and the US wasted no time in declaring that the US would fully support Japan there.
The US position on the two China governments, PRC and ROC, has been amusing. For a couple of decades, according to the US, the government of China rested in Taipei with the ROC, which had been chased out of the mainland, and was expected to regain control of the vast China mainland. Then there was a reverse. The US recognized the PRC in Beijing and the ROC became a sore thumb, while Japan continued to be a US puppet.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 29 2021 21:29 utc | 33

karlof1 @6 Can I correct you. I submit that Americian (Simplified English) will soon be associated in that manner,

Posted by: Helen | Sep 29 2021 21:36 utc | 34

Posted by: Down South | Sep 29 2021 18:01 utc | 8

'COVID Pandemic' will become advertising code for 'the most successful marketing campaign in human history'

What other product could be mandated in perpetuity and what other manufacturer could obtain that level of consistent sales?

Now if only we could find a link between Coca-cola and a cancer cure...

Posted by: Patroklos | Sep 29 2021 21:37 utc | 35

The good ol days when vaccines used to sell themselves seem so far away. They used to work perfectly despite always being a small percentage of vacvine skeptics.

Today not only are the vaccines being forced on populations. The skeptics are being persecuted and banned from society. And on top of it the vaccines are leaky and far from perfect.

Something seems very off these days...

Posted by: Comandante | Sep 29 2021 21:39 utc | 36

Bart Schuster #30

Iran has been long aggravated by Azerbaijan being Israel's bitch. With the scummy partnership between Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey now being used to annoy Iran.

From 2013 but you get the drift:

Iran takes a dim view that Israels military presence under USA camouflage in Iraq with the Kurds and now growing in Azerbaijan near the border region via proxies. The proxies appear to be recent arrivals of cut throat mercenaries from Idlib and choppered out courtesy the USA.

This the next stage in the USAi permanent war scenario that Blinken mentioned and constantly schemes about.

In the next week or so the Idlib liberation will recommence to unify Syria and so the best headchoppers are being relocated to 'assist' Azerbaijan and aggravate Iran.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 29 2021 21:40 utc | 37


@ Posted by: VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17

All of them. There's no evidence Ivermectin works against COVID-19.

Posted by: vk | Sep 29 2021 19:27 utc | 19

Another piece US anti-Ivermectin puzzle may have emerged. On Monday, Pfizer announced that it’s launching an accelerated Phase 2/3 trial for a COVID prophylactic pill designed to ward off COVID in those may have come in contact with the disease.

Coincidentally (or not), Pfizer’s drug shares at least one mechanism of action as Ivermectin – an anti-parasitic used in humans for decades, which functions as a protease inhibitor against Covid-19, which researchers speculate “could be the biophysical basis behind its antiviral efficiency.”

Lo and behold, Pfizer’s new drug – which some have jokingly dubbed “Pfizermectin,” is described by the pharmaceutical giant as a “potent protease inhibitor.”

Posted by: Sushi | Sep 29 2021 21:46 utc | 38


The following numbers point to a near future where China outstrips both the US and the Dutch as the largest exporter of capital and as the largest job creator in the world -- achieved by and large without colonising, raping, pillaging, murdering.

1] China's outward foreign direct investment (OFDI)
rose 12 percent year on year in 2020 to $154 billion,
ranking first globally for the first time.

2] China's total OFDI, at $2.58 trillion at the end of
2020 remained the 3rd largest in the world, behind
the US ($8.13 trillion) and Netherlands ($3.8 trillion).

3] As of the end of last year, 280,000 Chinese entities
invested in 45,000 enterprises in 189 countries, with
total assets mounting $7.9 trillion, driving 7 percent of
China's exports totalling $174 billion.

4] In 2020, those enterprises achieved sales revenue
of $2.4 trillion, contributed a total of $44.5 billion to
the host countries' tax revenue, created jobs for
2.19 million foreign employees, who formed 60 percent
of the total number of employees in those enterprises.

China in the 21st Century is just too big a social displacement to be stopped. Where the US sees an "enemy" that has to be "contained / countered", China sees themselves as working hard to give every citizen a modern life. Where the US thinks that the world must look like them, the Chinese think they will be modern, but with Chinese characteristics.

If the US insists on war, then this is a war for the Chinese to lose.

Ditto for the Russians.

Having said all that, the Chinese will one day also fade away. Nothing unusual. Just a demographics thing. First generation make wealth. Second generation manage wealth. Third generation lose wealth. India will take her turn as the lead runner in the human marathon towards a better life, and there will be an interesting period when a rising India overlaps a declining China.

And what of the US by that time? Just another peripheral nation, like so many of the 19th Century colonisers today.

And that is why I tell young people to go East.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Sep 29 2021 21:50 utc | 39

I wish pffttt was still here so that if I were to miss the claims that the measles vaccine saved us all from measles, he could pick up the slack.

People, there is absolutely no proof the vaccines ever did shit for measles mortality. Mortality rates for an infectious disease is, of course, the best measurement as to how a society could suffer under a disease.

Here is the ever-increasingly hard-to-find graph which shows that the first and, might I say very ineffectual (the mmr was only released almost two decades later), vaccine for measles was unleashed in 1963, WAY AFTER MORTALITY RATES HAD DECLINED FROM THIS DISEASE FOR OTHER, HOLISTIC REASONS (namely sanitation and improvement in diet). The vaccine, at the last minute before these holistic improvements had single-handedly relegated measles to utterly-innocuous childhood disease-status, swooped in to take all the credit. I have made the analogy that this was not unlike the U.S. swooping in at the last minute and taking the credit for handling ISIS in Syria when Russia had done all the legwork.

The fact that someone such as myself has to trot this bitch out every time some poster tries to sneak in some bs claim about measles eradication, such as vk above, is proof that you should probably keep the link or the graph handy, because there is no telling how much misinformation and propaganda they will try to peddle to back up their blanket claims about all vaccines being unequivocally good.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 29 2021 21:59 utc | 40


@ Posted by: VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17
All of them. There's no evidence Ivermectin works against COVID-19.
Posted by: vk | Sep 29 2021 19:27 utc | 19

After Mexico City introduced ivermectin plan, COVID hospitalizations and deaths disappeared

An initiative in Mexico City to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 positive patients has resulted in a 52–76 percent reduction in hospitalizations.

Wed May 26, 2021 - 5:10 pm EDT

MEXICO CITY, May 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A city-wide initiative in Mexico’s bustling capital to prescribe ivermectin to COVID-19 positive patients has resulted in a 52–76 percent reduction in hospitalizations, according to research by the Mexican Digital Agency for Public Innovation (DAPI), Mexico’s Ministry of Health, and the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Concerned about hospital capacity in the summer of 2020, the Mexican government devised an aggressive testing regime, ramping up from 3,000 tests per day in June to around 24,000 antigen tests every day by that November, according to TrialSiteNews. Mexico City Ministry of Health head Oliva López later announced that doctors will give ivermectin and azithromycin to treat COVID-19.

“The Ministry of Health has identified that there is enough evidence to use in people positive for SARS-CoV-2, even without symptoms, some drugs such as ivermectin and azithromycin,” López confirmed in a press conference.

Local authorities created a home-treatment-kit, including ivermectin, for its 22 million-strong population on December 28, 2020, following a spike in cases of COVID-19.

Posted by: Sushi | Sep 29 2021 22:04 utc | 41


vk made his claim re: measles in prior post.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 29 2021 22:04 utc | 42

"With more and more people either vaccinated or already recovered from COVID, many think things could go back to normal. This proposition is scaring many on the Far-Left.

“We don’t want normal,” said activist Earnest Greer. “We want radical change. What if everything goes back to the way it was without us completely dismantling and rebuilding the system?”

Liberals saw the pandemic as an opportunity to get people less clingy to individual freedom and more accepting of government planning significant parts of everyone’s lives. Normal would mean relinquishing that power, which is anathema to the Left.

“Normal is like the worst thing ever,” said Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the world’s smartest socialist. “Normal is systemic racism and inequality and people telling me the math doesn’t add up on all my plans—even though I didn’t do any math.”

Still, many people are out and about and enjoying themselves—a sight that makes the left curse and stomp their feet. “It had been so great,” said liberal commentator Greg Fletcher. “We tell people when they can leave their houses, what to wear, when they can open their businesses, and what to inject themselves with. Normal means an end to all that. Well, hopefully, normal is dead for good.”"

Does it take satire for people to see the truth?

Posted by: nook | Sep 29 2021 22:09 utc | 43

> Posted by: kiwiklown | Sep 29 2021 21:50 utc | 39
> the Chinese will one day also fade away.

Chinese history 2070 BC - 2021 AD ... at this rate America will probably be forgotten first than China.

> If the US insists on war, then this is a war for the Chinese to lose.
> Ditto for the Russians.

remember what Putin said, during a war where Russia is attacked using nuclear weapons, Russians will go to heaven as martyrs. the West wouldn't even have time to repent for their sins.

Posted by: r | Sep 29 2021 22:17 utc | 44

Posted by: VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17

Hi Vera, I'm not sure why vk continues to ignore the evidence of Ivermectin efficacy in prevention and treatment, as part of a multi-drug protocol, for early, severe and ongoing COVID-19 disease.

Ivermectin is unavailable in Canada, but can be prescribed in the US and also can be purchased from sites like this one: buy ivermectin . us (remove the spaces)

Here is a site to get you started:

Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (lots of info, including these doctors' recommendations for prevention and treatment).

Specifically Ivermectin:

"These pages contain the scientific rationale that justifies the use of ivermectin in COVID-19.

We regard ivermectin as a core medication in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. For comprehensive information on ivermectin please refer to our Review of the Emerging Evidence Supporting the Use of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 and the included references."

Also, recent threads on this site show Ivermectin being successfully used in parts of India and other countries.

Posted by: jonku | Sep 29 2021 22:35 utc | 45

#39 Kiwiklown

Having said all that, the Chinese will one day also fade away. Nothing unusual. Just a demographics thing.

You are assuming that it is impossible for the Chinese people to take control of their own demographic trends. Do you really think it is inherently impossible for the Chinese government to persuade or compel Chinese women to have more children? Even if it becomes increasingly apparent to the Chinese people that their failure to have enough children is causing China to "fade away"? I am not sure the history of Western or Japanese demographic decline really applies to a more socialist society like China.

Posted by: Fnord13 | Sep 29 2021 22:52 utc | 46

Posted by: gepay | Sep 29 2021 20:28 utc | 27
Why is there such a downplaying of the effectiveness of early treatment of covid 19 in first world nations when there is supposedly a world wide emergency from SARS COV 2.

gepay - You are clearly not an investor with significant holdings in the contemporary pharmaceutical industry.

Posted by: Sushi | Sep 29 2021 22:56 utc | 47

USA is asking Russia to use Russia's military bases to "keep eye on Afghanistan". If Putin the Pussy agrees, I will lose ALL my tiny respect I have left for Putin the Pussy.

Also I ALWAYS wondered WHY Putin allowed NATO to use Russia's space to keep supply lines in Afghanistan.

Posted by: Hoyeru | Sep 29 2021 22:58 utc | 48

@ Posted by: kiwiklown | Sep 29 2021 21:50 utc | 39

It depends on what's your definition of "China". The Communists seek a fraternal proletarian society without artificial borders, which would imply in the self-destruction of the State. In this sense, if the CPC succeeds, China the nation-state will eventually disappear.

But, of course, the Chinese people (or, the human beings formerly known as the Chinese people) will go on, until the extinction of humanity by natural causes some million years later.

Posted by: vk | Sep 29 2021 22:59 utc | 49

karlof1 | Sep 29 2021 21:20 utc | 32

re ... clearly due to an information blackout being imposed...

Yes, indeed and therein lies also a suggested explanation. Namely, how can a "blackout " be imposed so readily?

MOA'ans are not unlike non-MOA'ans in that each of us has a version of "the box" that can somehow interfere with attempts at clear thinking. You know the problem as ability to "think outside the box". The problem is especially severe when just the attempt to think is fully precluded by "the box".

How is it so? What is this "box" thing? There in front of us is the path to remedy and escape from it, and potentially its actual undoing.

In short, why aren't our scientists studying "the box" for the
very humanitarian purpose of resolving its mystery?

WHy do we not demand they be funded and recruited to that purpose? After all, .govs have spent billions at learning how to use "the box" to the twisted purposes and intentions of dominating, enslaving and degrading populations worldwide. E.g., to easily impose "blackouts" of vital data.

If you were looking for the keystone oligarchs of suppressive and degrading oligarchy, study "the box" to learn why they are suppressive and how they are able to get away with it. But a warning...

Study and learning about it is not simply done, as anyone who attempts to "undo the box" will quickly testify...because maybe [?] it was designed to trap and thus contains "penalties" for anyone daring to venture with the purpose of undoing it.

Contrary to undoing it, merely using "the box" for evil is if by design, it will cooperate.

When our words and the very best and truthful essays do not work to improve conditions and Man's lot, maybe we are looking in the wrong places for answers. A pretty awesome trap would explain and cover-up/hide that error.

Posted by: chu teh | Sep 29 2021 23:03 utc | 50

Karlof1 @ 6 said;
"And since almost all major parts of the internet are privately owned, we should expect to see further censorship in that domain. We should know by now that sort of behavior occurs whenever an industry/service becomes a monopoly/monopsony and has captured the government and its regulators. That also provides a signal to the public that industry/service must be made into a public utility and never again be allowed to be privately operated."

IMO,one of the most prescient and truthful paragraphs I've read lately. Kudos....

Posted by: vetinLA | Sep 29 2021 23:06 utc | 51

Tbh I am a bit disappointed about b's coverage of the vaccination mess. Get me right, I am not a denier of Covid19, yet certainly critical of erratic and irresponsible actions especially of the German state, and disagree to the vilification of critics as "covid deniers" or "covidiots". While b rightfully, in my opinion, rejects wild speculations about covid19 being nothing but a NWO conspiracy (which is rubbish ofc, China in bed with NATO and US, gimme a break), he distances from protests which just defend constitutional rights.

In the beginning, he had a clue when pointing out the difference between vector vaccines like Oxford University's AstraZeneca, and the shady mRNA products by large corporations like Pfizer. He seems to have completely lost that track indiscriminately praising "vaccines".

In fact, all media (and covid critics as well) pointed to weaknesses in the AstraZeneca studies, more or less rightfully, when it came to tests of the >60y old. But: that Pfizer cautiously avoided to include this group in their studies was diligently ignored. Later, thrombosis problems of AstraZeneca were widely reported, but that Pfizer scored higher in complications, relatively and absolutely, was dropped, except at the "Feindsender" RT.

Strangely, Covid infections peaked in Israel when the vaccination campaign took speed, dropping only much later. Israel is nearly 100% Pfizer territory, and has now one of the highest infection rates per capita worldwide. And Pfizer enjoys not only mega profits, but campaigns for subsequent vaccinations every few months so that the profits never drop.

It seems that the fatal outcomes significantly dropped since begin of the pandemic, even in Israel, though their fatality rate is significantly above that of more AstaZeneca jabbed UK. It is far from clear how much of that is outcome of the vaccination (some certainly is) and not from better knowledge of the disease and appropriate treatment.

The pressure on people to get vaccinated also is undignified and intolerable. It is proven now that jabbed people at least from Pfizer and Moderna not only can get infected, but can and do infect others. Putting unvaccinated under curfew, fire them out of their jobs, deny them access to all kinds of servives to build up pressure for Pfizer's profits is unacceptable.

Btw. the blocking of the reliable and successful vaccines of e.g. Sinovac and Gamaleya's Sputnik V is part of that campaign.

I would have expected better from b here, especially some words about repression meeting protests in France, Germany, and other countries, other than denouncing the protesters (among whom there are ofc a few loonies).

Posted by: aquadraht | Sep 29 2021 23:08 utc | 52

@NemesisCalling #40
Your point is pointless.
I have yet to see anything remotely credible that the measles vaccine causes either significant harm in the 0.01% of vaccinated or higher, or that the vaccine isn’t effective against stopping measles. It has been 50+ years so there is no reason whatsoever to not administer it now.
Secondly, your attempting to beat this dead horse is pointless now, if for no other reason that it was believed then that the vaccine was both necessary and beneficial.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 29 2021 23:09 utc | 53

Covid 19 is a debilitating and sometimes deadly virus loose in the world. But is our reaction to it making us miss the forest for the trees?
Somehow this virus appeared about two years ago. There are theories as to exactly when it appeared, but slightly less than two years ago we all became aware of it.
There are also theories as to its origin. Is it a natural phenomenon? Is it the result of a gain-of-function experiment in one of the many biolabs scattered around the world? Or was it cut from whole cloth in one of those same labs? Who knows? Each theory has its champions, all with PhDs, and someday we may know more.
But the reality today is the virus is real, it’s loose, and no one wants to become infected. We fear it. What to do?
The answer worldwide seems to be to compound the fear, and to use that to institutionalise an Orwellian social control that the reaction to 9/11 just hinted at. As confirmed new covid cases and recent covid deaths dominate the news, we are admonished to practice “social distancing”, to avoid human contact, to wear a mask, to shun our neighbours. In short, we are asked to become alienated from each other, even from other family members, and legislation has emerged mandating just that.
Next came the lockdowns from national to state to community. Widespread scanning and isolation of the infected followed, with a plethora of vaccines with various and contested efficacy and effectiveness touted by governments everywhere.
Unfortunately, any immediate adverse side effects of the lockdowns and the vaccines were/are minimized, and the potential for long-term side effects are not part of any discussion. Also missing is any wonder as to why the pharmaceutical companies needed to be granted legal immunity before they brought their vaccines forward.
Meanwhile, no one seems to be looking at treatments, of which Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are the most mentioned. Is there any merit in these two treatments, or are they no good at all? There are reports that Ivermectin has been successfully used as a Covid treatment in countries from India to Mexico to Peru. Are these reports true? Are there other potential treatments we have yet to hear of? With no clinical trials, and no public discussion, we simply don’t know.
Fear rules, and any effective treatment for the Covid virus would undermine that fear. In fact, it would negate it. It’s worth remembering this.
With the vaccines, the only response to the virus currently allowed, comes the vaccine pass. With one, we can continue to work, to escape lockdowns, to travel, to return to a somewhat normal life. Or so it is said. All these promised benefits will be available with the use of the now ubiquitous QR codes.
With a vax pass some semblance of normalcy returns, although with the understanding that those who have given themselves the right to pry will always know where we are and what we are doing. With no vax pass we are threatened with life as a social pariah.
I offer one example of the fear and control shadowing the world today. Remember a scant two years ago when we could go out to our local airport and buy a ticket to anywhere in the world? Of course, there were entry and exit passport controls and in some cases the need for a visa, but we were free to go. That freedom is gone now, and there are few signs of it coming back.
One so far unmentioned but increasingly apparent trouble with this fearsome approach is that fear as a public policy has a limited shelf life. People grow weary of being afraid. Already we see public anger breaking out in cities from Melbourne to Paris as we try to live under intermittent, but always looming, house arrest. The reasons why are wearing thin. But whenever Covid fear shows signs of waning, it’s boosted with a virus variant, and a booster jab is usually in the pipeline.
As a point of interest, there are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet.
Covid fear and social control are the twin pillars of our “new normal”. First comes the fear. That’s the trees. Then the control. That’s the forest. And while we may manage to knock down this or that tree, the forest looks set to last.

Posted by: Hal Duell | Sep 29 2021 23:15 utc | 54

Speaking of real issues:
I am in a nearby foreign country to the US.
Just got extensive dental treatment that is less than half of US cost even including significant travel. And bought 4 courses of Ivermectin + Azithromycin for proactive use if I or my wife ever think we have COVID - for $11 per course and no prescription necessary. Note both purchases were made at the biggest fanciest places in town; I am certain there are cheaper ones.
Talking to the dental clinic: their business is down. 20 people a day be 50 or more preCOVID. Many Americans walking across all around me although almost all quite elderly.
Minimal need for local language skills and all the shops nearby take dollars. The entire place is basically dental, optical, pharmacy and cosmetic surgery. I saw commercial for rent signs saying they prefer a pharmacy tenant…

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 29 2021 23:16 utc | 55

Nook @ 43 said;

"Liberals saw the pandemic as an opportunity to get people less clingy to individual freedom and more accepting of government planning significant parts of everyone’s lives. Normal would mean relinquishing that power, which is anathema to the Left."

THAT, is the most absurd and laughable statement I've read in many, many moons.

Thanks for the humor...

Posted by: vetinLA | Sep 29 2021 23:42 utc | 56

For those looking for US studies on Covid treatment I found this but I do not have time plow thru it right now. The studies appear at first glance to be out of the Western realm.

I am noticing a bunch of sites being spun up by medical professionals dissenting over the 100% inoculation needed for Covid theory.
Early Care Covid Experts

Posted by: circumspect | Sep 29 2021 23:51 utc | 57

For nooks edification:

Posted by: vetinLA | Sep 29 2021 23:53 utc | 58

@56 + @58 vetinLA

You did notice, did you not, that Nook was quoting the satirical paper Babylon Bee, and actually supplied a punchline pointing it out specifically as satire?

And yes, it was humorous, agreed.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 0:01 utc | 59

China recently and again today congratulated itself and announced it had accomplished its first Centennial Goal of becoming a moderately prosperous society and issued a White Paper, "China's Epic Journey from Poverty to Prosperity", filled with details about its astonishing achievement. Here is how it begins:

"Xiaokang, meaning moderate prosperity, has been a consistent aspiration of the Chinese nation since ancient times. More than 2,000 years ago the term appeared in the Book of Songs to mean modest comfort:

The people are hard-pressed, they need some modest comfort.
Do well by the Central Plains, and your rule will spread beyond.

"Centuries later the Book of Rites described the ideal state of society that xiaokang would bring about. Both gave expression to the ancient Chinese people’s desire for a better life. But for millennia moderate prosperity remained a dream."

The #1 goal for the UN's SDGs for all nations is the elimination of poverty followed by the elimination of hunger, both of which are linked. China earlier this year announced its elimination of poverty, and the White Paper details that struggle too. China's next Centenary Goal is to "fully build a modern socialist country" by 1949. Dr. Hudson was recently on Renegade Inc and explains what that entails.

Escobar's latest deals with the new plan and team devised to try and undo all that. But all that shows is that no one is capable of forward thinking within the Outlaw Anglo Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 30 2021 0:05 utc | 60

@3 psychohistorian and @6 karlof1

@p - Yes, agreed, the idea that they are showing their hand without realizing it. They think they hold the winning hand and, drunk with certainty, they're calling the cards - perhaps too early.

@k - Yes, they are showing posterity very clearly what needs to disappear from this Earth. Private ownership beyond prescribed limits must be regarded as an enemy of humanity; the public record has indelibly now recorded its damage. I think it was William Gruff who said in passing once that socialism is inevitable throughout the world. This seems so.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 0:33 utc | 61

Posted by: vk | Sep 29 2021 19:27 utc | 19

FUCK OFF vk. Ivermectin works.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 30 2021 0:42 utc | 62

Posted by: VeraK | Sep 29 2021 19:12 utc | 17

theautomaticearth is a good source for covid truth.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 30 2021 0:47 utc | 63

I have been thinking about "conspiracy theory" as a term of ridicule and dismissal.

Increasingly, I think, it needs to be seen that what is called conspiracy theory is actually simply an attempt at forensic study of a situation.

This pandemic, for example, is replete with forensic study. The more unclear a situation is, the more that forensic study will be required to see it clearly. None of it ever deserves to be ridiculed.

The ridiculing of the forensic study of an unclear situation was initiated by the CIA, and this today we clearly know as fact. This fact came into broad consensus from repeated statements by people conducting forensic studies of such things as propaganda and the manufacture of public perception and consensus.

I think one could begin to feel proud of being engaged in forensic study, and not abashed at the potential for being slandered as a "conspiracy theorist". Wherever crime exists conducted by more than one person, at least one conspiracy should be theorized by those conducting forensic study of the situation.

And so on, and so forth....Fuck the CIA anyway - conspirators, all of them, by definition.

It's our language. We can take it back.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 0:48 utc | 64

The Grayzone's Anya Parampil interviews Cuba Foreign Minister Carlos de Cossio, 25 minutes, good wide ranging views including details about Covid at around 20 minutes, detailing how Cuba has faired, their vaccine development and plans to continue. It was good for me to hear what he said-- I am a vaccine skeptic (reluctantly took the J&J in March) but I was impressed by his strong belief in their vaccines as well as their program to send vaccines along with production infrastructure to Iran and other countries. He said Cuba's goal is 90% vaccinated by nov 30, including above 2 yr. olds so I take it he/they believe in THEIR vaccines. I'm guessing they are pretty much in line with B's belief regarding the importance of vaccines. I'm not there but I might be wrong. It's happened before.

Posted by: migueljose | Sep 30 2021 0:59 utc | 65

Posted by: Comandante | Sep 29 2021 21:39 utc | 36

The good ol days when vaccines used to sell themselves seem so far away. They used to work perfectly despite always being a small percentage of vacine skeptics.

Now booster shots are needed (obliged?) to protect the vaccinated from the un-vaccinated: the good ol days of a cheap quality vaccine are gone, now they have to be expensive to keep up the Armageddon PR and patent incomes = fear & greed.

Posted by: Antonym | Sep 30 2021 1:09 utc | 66

@65 migueljose

I suspect that almost all the people, in the US at least, who don't want the Pfizer product in their body, and who simply sense the wrongness of many things in this situation, have nothing against vaccines in general.

They are being mis-labeled as "anti-vax", deliberately I think, and it has taken hold even among themselves. I wonder, for example, if you are actually a "vaccine skeptic" with regard to all vaccines, or simply to the western ones for COVID? One can no longer be sure of this from the words you used, because the terms have been obscured.

I've noted Cuba's belief in its vaccine also. I would take it today if the Cuban doctors think it works against the variants - I have the sense that it does, but I have yet to listen to the interview you posted.

Many thanks, as always, for the link.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 1:09 utc | 67

Even though she had been saying the exact same things for a long time, all of a sudden it was an unforgivable sin in the eyes of many of her most vocal past supporters. What were their arguments? Why are they upset? Tulsi Gabbard Has Not Changed — Her Critics Have

Posted by: Kal el | Sep 30 2021 1:11 utc | 68

@ all

Guys, please verify your sources. This Ivermectin theory is ridiculous. There's not a single valid source that proves the vermifuge works against COVID-19. Stop humiliating yourselves by linking here absurd sources from obscure and clearly fake websites.

I know Big Pharma in your countries have a very bad reputation, but please, you already have enough blood on your hands (both from the time you all promoted HCQ and now, with Ivermectin), stop with this dangerous nonsense.


More development on Japan's apparently "realizing" it must fight against China:

Japan's dignity lost while rooting for America's clique

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga visited the US on September 23 to 26 for the Quadrilateral security dialogue among the US, Japan, Australia, and India (Quad), which was also his last visit to US before leaving the office. Suga’s visit right before his term ends is extraordinary.

A look at Japan’s post-WWII political history shows that its prime minister wouldn’t engage in such an important foreign event before stepping down from power, for the main reason that the caretaker cabinet’s top priority is ensuring the smooth handover of power.

Yeah, the narrative that Japan is "waking up" against the Chinese threat is one more lie to the American media's vast collection. Japan is being thrown against its will on China because the USA doesn't want to sacrifice American sailors.

Posted by: vk | Sep 30 2021 1:55 utc | 69

Below is a link to a posting at The Register describing the results of a study done about digital currency across national borders

Asian central bank digital currency test cut cross-border transfer times 'from days to seconds' and Prototype run by China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and UAE also cut costs in half

The pressure will continue to mount around the whole global structure of finance and exposure of the private control/manipulation will come out of the closet....and it won't be pretty....but in the interim, alternatives are being tested and refined to eliminate the private finance middle-men and their costly "overhead/mafia protection" in our world.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 30 2021 1:59 utc | 70

@ vk | Sep 30 2021 1:55 utc | 69 with the ongoing lies/obfuscation about Ivermectin

Go back to my link of the graph at comment # 25 and either prove that information wrong or STFU

Your ongoing voluminous BS added to this site is a disservice to all MoA readers and I continue to encourage you to get your own web site to stop polluting this one.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 30 2021 2:10 utc | 71

Hello fellow MoA barflies.

How many barflies feel like I do about commenter vk's contribution to or pollution of this forum? I don't want your answer here but encourage you to send me an email at my web site that contains your MoA commenting handle, your email address used here and any words.

If there are more than a few, I will forward them to b with our concerns about the reputability of his comment section affected by vk ongoing voluminous comments.

If there are only a few who feel like me then I will go back to my mostly ignoring the vk BS


Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 30 2021 2:17 utc | 72

@ vk 69
The "extraordinary" participation of Japan in the Quad, a "security dialogue," is a nothingburger. Here is the US fact sheet on the recent Quad meeting. It's full of BS, nothing else, with nothing on military security, and no mention of China. Now Japan is getting another Prime Minister, who has said that he doesn't want the job, so Japan continues to be as effective as Australia and India (the other two Quad members) against China, which is zero.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 30 2021 2:21 utc | 73

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 1:09 utc | 67

thanks Grieved
"I wonder, for example, if you are actually a "vaccine skeptic" with regard to all vaccines, or simply to the western ones for COVID?"
I have zero medical background from schools; from the 1970s as a counter culture, back to the lander, vegetarian (then), I developed a distrust of mainstream medicine and food which mostly continues now so, in answer to your question, I tend to be skeptical of pills but I take them if I have something I can't kick: infections, even the occasional headache. That's why for me the Cubans, the Iranians, Bolivians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russians, etc. get my attention when they seem to be forming a consensus around THEIR vaccines. On the other hand, Pfizer is evil so I'm not taking their stuff. period. period. period.

Cuba's numbers on covid are impressive compared to the U.S. At the other end of the spectrum is Peru, a country fighting to consolidate power and suffering badly from covid. I have a good friend there who is a physician, a native Peruvian and has been on the front lines doing public health work, establishing clinics, food kitchens etc. His emails have been sparse and cryptic but I hope to get in touch with him this winter some time so I might be able to give barflies an update on Peru then from his perspective. He did say in June that ivermectin was being used all over Peru but wouldn't tell me his opinion. His sister in law told me their whole family was in conflict over the elections there so I didn't pry.
President Castillo announced a plan to produce Sputnik vaccine in Peru. That was in early September so I'm guessing it's getting set up now.
"Peru's President Pedro Castillo has announced a plant to manufacture the Russian-developed Sputnik V COVID-19 locally will be set up in the country, for which the government has allocated US $ 705 million worth of funding." I think this link came out of Uruguay which is run by imperial lackeys so the article seems to try and spin against Castillo in spite of the good news.

Posted by: migueljose | Sep 30 2021 2:21 utc | 74

@ ph 72
re: What you're doing against a blogger is despicable. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. . . We've had to read about all your personal problems and not said anything, BTW.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 30 2021 2:26 utc | 75

These are the 'geniuses' who are conducting endless wars.
. . .news report
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Congress on Tuesday that the Afghan army's sudden collapse caught the Pentagon "by surprise," as military leaders confronted a contentious Senate hearing about how and why America lost its longest [twenty year] war.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 30 2021 2:34 utc | 76

@75 Don Bacon

To be fair to psychohistorian, that commenter did level a charge at "all" of us here, that we had blood on our hands. That's pretty serious calumny. Hardly surprising if people blow up - I did it myself with this person once.

For all his links and paragraphs of reason on every other topic he cares to address, in the topic of ivermectin he produces nothing of substance, while these threads contain a stream of peer-reviewed, unassailable data as to the effectiveness of ivermectin.

I know that some people cannot stand not to have the last word, and this person is perhaps the most fragile in that regard of all people here, but he pushes it greatly with nonsense. Have you ever tried arguing with him? You'll watch his reason collapse and his mind veer into anything, just to hang on to the last word.

I will remind anyone who cares to know that vk accused everyone here of having blood on one's hands. People say that to me, I generally tell them to fuck off. Fortunately I don't engage with that poor soul, so I let it go. But for the record, I wanted to say those things.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 2:51 utc | 77

Posted by: vk | Sep 30 2021 1:55 utc | 69
"Guys, please verify your sources. This Ivermectin theory is ridiculous."
Vk you're starting to sound like a know it all. I'm not sure that ivermectin is effective but I think it has some impact on covid prevention and lots of people south of here do too. Here are a couple of articles. Please read them with an open mind.
They issued massive amounts of ivermectin and compiled lots of data. Mexico's president Lopez Portillo gave his whole hearted support to the effort. Press conferences I listened to (Spanish) were thorough, headed by teams of physicians and virologists working with the government at the same time the U.S. "shit show" was being rolled out by bumbling confused idiots. The Mexican physicians answered question after question without hesitation, explaining what they did,referring to charts and hard data, describing the outcome. In summary, it was good.

Posted by: migueljose | Sep 30 2021 2:53 utc | 78

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 30 2021 2:17 utc | 72

Your pathetic attempt to cancel VK speaks more about you than him.

Posted by: Jun | Sep 30 2021 2:56 utc | 79

correction...."Mexico's president Lopez Portillo"
Mexico's president is Lopez Obrador. My mistake.

ps Vk I do read your posts and learn from you.

Posted by: migueljose | Sep 30 2021 2:57 utc | 80

@77 more..

I should have added as an aside, that it does seem almost impossible to get banned here, and yet the quality of discourse is stellar, and personally I think b's reputation is heightened by allowing most every kind of discourse to occur. I would not advocate for banning a regular contributor just from ..... whatever.

The truth sorts itself out among truthful people. I suspect that's why most people are here, to enjoy seeing that happen.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 3:06 utc | 81

@72 psychohistorian

I thought I'd better add a word directly to you, in sympathy. He is hard to take, especially when he seems to be needling on purpose (although I'm not sure that's what it is, exactly).

Might be best to practice letting it run downhill, and stay up on the heights :)

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 30 2021 3:09 utc | 82


re Ivermectin - it is one thing to question, it is another to dismiss with derision, especially when so many medical professionals, upset by their Establishment gate-keepers that refused to consider out-patient treatment for this plague with a survival rate of 99.8%, who have used the drug within a protocol that includes other drugs/supplements to great benefit for the symptomatic, while other studies have shown Ivermectin's effectiveness of preventing whatever Covid-19 is (we need a Truth Commission about the entire affair.)

An open discussion is necessary, not an MOA version of Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/MSM which is what dismissal and derision of this subject does and makes one think of 'protesting too much.'


Posted by: gottlieb | Sep 30 2021 3:10 utc | 83

@69 vk

Yeah, no one here has blood on their hands. Unlike our current governments, we don't force people through the threat of livelihood to receive a potentially devastating vaccine. We offer food for thought.

So piss off, dude. That shit is beyond the pale.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 30 2021 3:10 utc | 84

Frequenting bars where regulars enjoy vigorous back-and-forth in good humor and camaraderie is one of the true joys in life. Calling people idiots, using phrases such as "blood on your hands" and "white trash" -- basically, denigrating others with differing views -- only diminishes the quality of both the experience and the establishment.

Posted by: zakukommander | Sep 30 2021 3:19 utc | 85

Anyone else feeling *some* regrets
about getting the vaccine?

We got the J&J.

If I were a bachelor I feel quite sure I would have just "toughed it out".
But no way did I want to give Covid to my wife.

We are over 65.



Not going to get the booster.

Posted by: librul | Sep 30 2021 3:32 utc | 86

@ Posted by: migueljose | Sep 30 2021 2:53 utc | 78

Read the articles linked you just posted. I reafirm my statement from my previous post.

Posted by: vk | Sep 30 2021 3:35 utc | 87


I took the J&J, 74 years old, suffered that "EXTREMELY RARE" blood clot in the brain stroke, 5 days in the hospital, month of rehab, the bill to medicare was $57K. I won't be getting a "booster"

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Sep 30 2021 4:12 utc | 88

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 29 2021 18:22 utc | 12

Jesus Christ, dude that was a helluva rabbit hole you sent me down on this Savile character that I'd never even heard of being a Yank and unwilling patron of Uncle Scam.

Interesting though how money and connections - the more and higher up the better - will shield you from the kinds of things that get the rest of us put behind bars and then Epsteined. I'm talking broken tail lights and jail time as a result. Gruff has been on a tear about the "rioting" and looting for the last year or so, but when you're living in a situation where you can lose your job, your home and your life for not fucking paying a minor traffic citation and you have absolutely no voice in your own governance, but your "betters" can do whatever dafuq they please without any ramifications, IMO rioting is the right approach. But I digress. Or do I? Here's another item that has been cleverly buried or downplayed by the corporate mainstream oligarch media.

Wonder if Kaplan or the Boston Fed guy will ever even be contacted by "law enforcement" much less see the inside of a courtroom or even less a jail cell. LOL. Sign me up for the rioting and looting because they're not even hiding behind a mask of civilized society anymore. It's a big club, and YOU ain't in it...

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Sep 30 2021 4:22 utc | 89

Grieved @ 82. Hi. re vk and cancelling. Being relatively new here a couple of things have caught my eye.

First and foremost, I don't believe b and the commentariat have a tendency to suffer fools. Or trolls, my interest. Sites are frequently invaded by both the professional and amateur variety. So the reaction to this here makes it clear vk isn't a troll in the sense I used. This is a community censuring a member. By appearances I mean.

Second, I have noticed that vk makes extensive use of links and makes an effort to support their position. Yet I don't recall any comments of substance on Covid issues. No links. Short statement invoking occult terms like "the science". That sort of thing. I don't recall any substantive response regarding links.

That's mighty peculiar pardner... mighty peculiar... but then when I examined my own suspicious nature I realized that half the time vk just opines on various topics or subjects. Constructively usually. So maybe this isn't so odd after all. Would it matter?

Today is a repeat of an earlier thread. Even with prior knowledge upon reading vk's comment I initially went WTF? What's going on here? This has a smell... it's "over the top" or a provocateur perhaps.

However even more likely, and you folks have nearly convinced me, is that this is a personality thing. A really really (assume I used caps) annoying thing. So annoying my initial reaction to @ph was "No shit eh? Is that how you do community standards enforcement here? @ph is an admin?" (IE yeah yeah lynch the troll)

If it was I would go beyond removing the offending comment. That's me though.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 30 2021 4:57 utc | 90

Tom_Q_Collins @ 89, bless you for following up on another's comment! And thank you for your post. You are not alone; the rules are grossly unfair and can mean loss of livelihood for those lower down the ladder of opportunity. Just letting you know you are not outside the large club. It's us, not them.

Been there, had that happen -- hang in. It's shattering on a personal level, I know. We lost a lot, but we got through it, me and my family. There are advocates out there, just as there are in this horrible virus/vaccine situation. It seems like it's you against an unforgiving world, but actually those mean people who have lost their humanity are a very small club. We outnumber them, and we are going to win -- not everything, but just what we can be happy with. I remember Solzhenitsyn when he got out of the gulag with just a shabby suitcase, all he could lay claim to. He never gave up that suitcase. Probably it helped him feel that life was good, even if it still remained very imperfect.

We all need those suitcases. Best wishes.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 30 2021 5:03 utc | 91

migueljose | Sep 30 2021 2:21 utc | 74

say hola to Señorita Lecca, she still looks appealing, its same show as usual, the one time communist with a communist pedigree name screwed them up: Vladimiro Lenin Ilich Montesinos, VK is using Peruvian type Spanish left over from when the Spanish Viceroy(Semi Real), was shacked up in Lima! the trash she posts are from the book of sociopath, Sandero's Kuzman, Peru doesn't need to rise is already at top of the Andes ! Can you the blood lost of communist is inherent , every one is about peace and disarmament, this one wants China to bombard Russia of all the countries, by nuclear weapons!

Posted by: Grishka | Sep 30 2021 5:15 utc | 92


I got the J&J too as it's a better established mode of vaccine (using an adenovirus) and it was one shot. Also, I don't trust Pfizer or Moderna. (Not that J&J is innocent when it comes to corporate greed.)

Why do you have regrets? I had very little reaction and I'm considering a second shot of it as a 'booster' in October. There's some plausible claims that it works fairly well against the Delta variant, and a second shot several months after the first appears to notably boost the immune response. (I did read that Swiss Army Man had a very dangerous reaction!!!!)

I think you and your wife did the prudent thing considering your age. On the other hand, forcing 9-year olds to take unproven mRNA vaccines is really madness. Especially since the vaccine is not sterilizing and the disease does not appear especially threatening to that age cohort. Lot of craziness going on these days but you seem of sound judgement. Good luck.

@migueljose -- Appreciate your links on Mexico and its use of ivermectin, and I'm going to check them out. Also appreciate your polite and thoughtful demeanor when discussing contentious issues.

Posted by: Randy G | Sep 30 2021 5:26 utc | 93

VeraK @ 17:

Here is a link to a study by S Lehrer and P H Rheinstein on how Ivermectin may work against tbe SARS-COV-2 virus:
Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2

The authors declare no conflicts of interest and you will find links to further articles suggesting that Ivermectin may be an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Ivermectin has potential as a treatment for dengue (a tropical mosquito-borne viral disease) and may also be effective against chikungunya (another tropical viral disease) so it's best to keep an open mind about its potential beyond its being an anti-inflammatory treatment for parasitical diseases which is its most common use in the West.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 30 2021 6:40 utc | 94

In a market the economy is supposed to be in an equilibrium. That`s, however, not exactly the case, in reality the economy is rather oscillating around an equilibrium. With an external pulse (like Covid-19) there is a transition period with an innitially violent swing and subsequently oscillations with decreasing amplitude.

This is in my opnion what we are witnessing now with gas in Europe, coal in China and many other markets all over the world. (Politics like the Chinese economic sanctions against Australia are a contributing factor). With the onset of Corona the prices of raw materials and energy were innitially heavily going down. Oil temporary even had a negative price. And now with the economy recovering again we have an already somewhat weaker but still pretty violent swing upwards.

Posted by: m | Sep 30 2021 6:47 utc | 95

circumspect | Sep 29 2021 23:51 utc | 57

Thanks. Very good source.

Posted by: pogohere | Sep 30 2021 7:02 utc | 96

Interesting analysis of the German election by Tom Luongo

Germany’s Nearly Hung Parliament

Posted by: Down South | Sep 30 2021 7:47 utc | 97

John Cleary | Sep 29 2021 21:17 utc | 31

Thanks very much. Clears up a lot about the situation. Sorry about my late reply. (Had to sleep in between)

One thought is that "Lawfare" is being used systematically in many countries. The question : "how does one combat this?" will have to be answered sooner or later if a society of individual aspirations is to be made a reality. (Ie. without falling into "politically overloaded" names such as commun.... Democr.... etc.).

I appreciate your earlier comments on the royal family and their leaders. But I have always thought that you are not giving full scope to the influence of the "Families " (of the type "Rothschilds" etc) who control much of the worlds' assets. (It is almost one or two "families" per country.) As power becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, and intermarriage is carefully organised, the whole system remains very Feudal in application.


Almost a full confession; When I was a kid, I was a "Pro-Royalist" as I thought they were cheaper to run and "show the flag" than a Naval Destroyer. Harder to sink as well.

Times change and "When I was a kid", was long ago -

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 30 2021 7:59 utc | 98

Patroklos | Sep 29 2021 21:37 utc | 35

"Now if only we could find a link between Coca-cola and a cancer cure..."

Coca-cola is very good for cleaning diesel motors.... dissolves oil-greasy muck among other things.
So should it be considered "green"?


psychohistorian | Sep 30 2021 1:59 utc | 70

"digital currency across national borders".....

"but in the interim, alternatives are being tested and refined to eliminate the private finance middle-men and their costly "overhead/mafia protection" in our world."

However, one of the disadvantages is that it will eliminate the Hawala system used by Arabic tribes for transferring money between countries/places. (A brokerage system not using Banks). This was "coveted" by Western Union, as cutting into their profits for transfers EU-Africa etc., and it's elimination will enable the west to throttle money transfers between people they don't like.

Posted by: Stonebird | Sep 30 2021 8:45 utc | 99

Interesting read by Engdahl

Whenever we hear the word “sustainable” we would be well-advised to take a critical look behind the nice sounding words. In the case of the globalist Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable goals by 2030, the one for creating a “sustainable agriculture”, when looked at closely, will destroy a huge part of EU agriculture production and drive already rising global prices for food far higher.

The EU Commission calls their Green Deal for food the cute title, “Farm to Fork.” It is being backed by Klaus Schwab’s omnipresent World Economic Forum and their Great Reset.

Keep in mind that sustainable as defined by the UN and Davos World Economic Forum means achieving Zero Carbon emissions by 2050. Yet there is no scientific study independently proving that CO2 is endangering our planet by creating global warming. Only myriads of dubious, well-funded computer models. The harmless gas is essential to all human, animal and all plant life.

Now the European Union Commission is pushing a top-down radical agenda on the agriculture heart of the world’s second most important food producer as part of its ill-conceived EU Green Deal. If implemented as is likely, it will cause drastic reduction in crop outputs, a severe reduction in meat protein and, perhaps most dangerous, an overturning of current EU law regulating new gene-edited crops, or GMO.2. That will have global consequences.

Farm to Fork: How the EU and the Davos Cabal Plan to Control Agriculture

Posted by: Down South | Sep 30 2021 8:59 utc | 100

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