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September 15, 2021

Open Thread 2021-71

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A thought provoking article from a Russian perspective on Afghanistan, why the mission creep and why it was doomed to failure; why the abrupt exit, and where next?

Posted by: J Swift | Sep 16 2021 13:33 utc | 101

@Down South | Sep 16 2021 13:30 utc | 99

A shortage of shipping containers has led to a disruption of the supply chain.

Thanks for the laugh.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 13:45 utc | 103


Gerald Durrell long ago pointed out in one of his books that a huge number of "nature" videos were actually shot using zoo animals, which are used to humans, tractable, and whose behaviour can be predicted. It's nothing new. Durrell said he did it too and wrote some anecdotes of the process. Sorry, I don't recall the particular book. It's probably one of his Jersey zoo volumes.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Sep 16 2021 13:47 utc | 104

@Biswapriya Purkayast | Sep 16 2021 13:47 utc | 103

Gerald Durrell long ago pointed out in one of his books that a huge number of "nature" videos were actually shot using zoo animals, which are used to humans, tractable, and whose behaviour can be predicted. It's nothing new.

If you do that and give an impression that the images are from the wild, it is dishonest fakery. If that is done systematically, it is systematic dishonest fakery. Such people can not be trusted wrt. 'climate change' or anything else.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 13:53 utc | 105

Yeah, Right @Sep16 11:01 #90

The French now have a nuclear sub for sale. I wonder if Taiwan or Ukraine might be interested.

At the end of the 18-month consultation period, Australia will either: 1) buy a US sub; 2) otherwise prostrate itself.

Its for the children.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 16 2021 14:14 utc | 106

Alberta’s move to do away with all covid restrictions in July has backfired spectacularly. Cases are up, ICUs are allegedly at the overflowing stage and the entire healthcare system is supposed to be completely overwhelmed in 10 days if the unvaccinated don’t repent immediately and get on board with the jab. Vaccine passports coming soon (if they can get their technology shit together).

Posted by: Absurdio | Sep 16 2021 15:24 utc | 107

@Posted by: Roger | Sep 15 2021 19:43 utc | 8

Yes, excellent video that you linked to, well worth the time.

Same link as @8 :

Posted by: librul | Sep 16 2021 15:33 utc | 108

uncle tungsten @80--

Thanks for that initial CSTO/SCO Summits report. Global Times has also published a report that confirms earlier barfly speculation that Dialogue Partner status for Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be granted thus extending the SCO's geographical reach. Although specifics are sparse, the overall focus of both Summits is the Afghan situation with the only oddball nation in the overall contingent being India, which still refuses to become an Asian nation by clinging to its past colonial status with the Outlaw Anglo Empire. I expect more news and Summit Declarations to be provided by Saturday morning at the latest.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 15:59 utc | 109

France says Biden acted like Trump as UK & US steal huge Aussie submarine deal in 'brutal, unilateral and unpredictable decision'

"I am angry and bitter. This isn't done between allies," Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told franceinfo radio on Thursday morning, after the leaders of Australia, the UK and US convened a virtual press conference on Wednesday night, announcing the AUKUS pact and the delivery of conventionally-armed nuclear-power submarines to Canberra.


Posted by: vk | Sep 16 2021 16:00 utc | 110

Re: Absurdio, @106

Your leaving out the fact that 70% of Alberta's population had been fully vaccinated before they reopened in July. If anything the current problems in Alberta point to the vaccinations themselves being less effective at containing the spread than advertised. Remember a year ago we were told vaccinating 60% of the population would allow us to reopen, so what is it? was the official advise a year ago wrong or are the vaccinations not the end-all-be-all we were promised.

Posted by: Kadath | Sep 16 2021 16:06 utc | 111

Guilt by association?

Facebook has been shutting down individuals that have messages that are not politically approved.
Now they are moving down the slippery slope towards shutting down those individuals that might receive
and/or pass on politically un-approved information.

Sept 16 (Reuters) - Facebook (FB.O) is taking a more aggressive approach to shut down coordinated groups of real-user accounts
engaging in certain harmful activities on its platform,
using the same strategy its security teams take against campaigns using fake accounts, the company told Reuters.

Posted by: librul | Sep 16 2021 16:15 utc | 112

Pepe Escobar posted and linked to the report by the Anti-Spiegel dealing with Russian political scientist Semyon Bagdasarov's 911 report which was published by Russian media and translated into German, which Pepe translated into English. Does the report add anything to what we already know? No, but it does confirm the Outlaw US Empire was well prepared to illegally invade Afghanistan well before 911, which is more than enough evidence to try and convict the entire Bush/Cheney team for the ultimate War Crime of waging aggressive war. Both Bush and Cheney and numerous of their subordinates are still living and ought to be arrested ASAP so they can be tried for their crimes.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 16:17 utc | 113

@Absurdio | Sep 16 2021 15:24 utc | 106

Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 16:21 utc | 114

@Tom Pfotzer #43
What Lone Skum did was as follows:
1) Populate and cultivate executive relationships with state-level commissions like CARB to pass obscure laws which promote EVs (i.e. quotas for emission free vehicles etc etc).
2) Raise a ton of money based on his successful past at Paypal etc
3) Cultivate what is now known as the Wallstreetbets/millenial crowd as well as limousine liberals, combined with a low-float scheme, to pump up Tesla's stock price using twitter based but boiler room origin pump methods.

When Tesla's stock price is 10x that of any of its competitors and is half of the entire industry - of course the companies that make the vast majority of cars which people actually drive have to respond.

The reality is that Tesla has never been about creating cars so much as it has been an extended exercise in reaping government subsidies and pandering to the limousine liberals (literally).
Credit to the man for a tour de force of value creation - but the reality is still that EVs are terrible vehicles unless you have them mostly as a 2nd car/toy.

The battery fires are becoming a thing - not just in auto accidents but in parked buses.

The impact on the electrical grid is also a major issue; on the one hand, utility companies were excited by the prospect of reversing the stagnation in electricity use. On the other hand, the utility companies have already discovered that they can make more money by underinvesting in grid maintenance and capacity development (outside of massive alt energy subsidies) rather than doing their jobs.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 16 2021 16:21 utc | 115

When I saw videos from Woodstock I immediately suspected it had a strong propaganda aspect to it- because that much fun could only be available in the Free World. And you couldn't be a teen in Eastern bloc and not fall for it by viewing the US as the truly free side.

The same was the case with Aljazeera's rock festival-style broadcast of the Tahrir Square Revolution- marking the start of regime change wars coined as the Arab Spring. Aljazeera used to be BBC Arabic.

I also suspect the Talibanization of 'democracy' in Afghanistan. The whole thing had a STRONG Hollywood feel to it like Woodstock, like Tahrir Sq, like Tianamin sq, like ISIS Videos with orange jumpsuits which marked a clear improvement over earlier grainy videos of terrorist beheadings. And of course, like Tahrir, like Tunis, like Tripoli, and like Aleppo, the Taliban takeover was brought to the world by Aljazeera and BBC.
Not to mention that the whole peace negotiation at its core was a Pashtun-Pakistan-US negotiation. Zalmai Khalilzad is a nationalist Pashtun, so are good chunks of ISI, and the whole core Taliban. As per Latif Pedram, a former MP, non-Pashtuns were kept in absolute darkness.

Furthermore, the way the Afghan withdrawal was carried out leads one to believe that either the whole process was run by a group of real dumb individuals or by professionals as part of a greater anti-China strategy of forming a Sunni Arc on China's Western borders- starting from Turkey to Afghanistan (outsourced to Pakistan), Pakistan, and eventually Central Asia + Quad (India, Australia, Japan, and the US).

Yesterday AUKUS was announced
Yesterday Ismael Khan, the leader of Tajiks in Herat province, spoke for the first time from Iran- the whole interview had a nationalistic/Persian taste to it- asking Iran basically to have Pashtunistanization of Afghanistan as its red line.
Today Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan special forces held a joint exercise

Posted by: Afgun | Sep 16 2021 16:28 utc | 116

@karlof1 #49
Peak oil will happen but it will never happen as the fantasists/doomporners envision.
The original prediction wasn't too far off, but many factors changed the actual outcome to the consumer:
1) Hubbert was talking mostly about US continental and traditional prime grade oil. His original estimates weren't that far off.

But oil today doesn't need to be prime grade to become economically usable. Deeper oil wells, deep offshore oil wells, cracking to convert heavy into lighter grades (i.e. Venezuela), liquifaction to convert near-gas into liquid (i.e. fracking), fracking itself to extract from previously uneconomic formations, greatly increased exploration outside of the US (i.e. Nigeria, Central Asia) - these all have made the supply of accessible and economic oil much greater.

2) Within the above, there is also an enormous amount of reserves with economically varying cost. There isn't going to be a point where the spigot runs dry in our lifetimes and pretty much certainly the next generation's, but the relative cost is likely to go up over time.

3) The developed nations plateaued their oil consumption - efficiency offsetting population increases. Don't forget that Hubbert's models were first created in the 1970s when American cars got like 10 miles to the gallon.

4) The developing nations are not going through the enormous inefficiency stages like the US and Europe did. They're not as efficient compared to the developed world today but are far more efficient than the western nations are comparable stages.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 16 2021 16:31 utc | 117

The vaccine passport is the end goal. Once the passport system is in place you can always change/modify/add to the list of items that are required to be on the passport

PCAs should also be re-evaluated in the context of the COVID-19 experience and lessons that are being learned. Recent research has shown the pervasive negative effects of the pandemic on almost 90% of the SDG targets25—drawing a strong parallel to the climate crisis, which in different ways may negatively influence a similar number of SDG targets1. It was estimated that a low-carbon pandemic recovery could reduce carbon emissions in 2030 by 25% compared with pre-COVID-19 projections42.

The aspiration of the international community for a ‘sustainable recovery’ from the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with heightened awareness of the effect of individuals’ actions on the spread of the pandemic, the global connectivity that means that people everywhere are affected by global problems, and the new behavioural and social norms formed during the pandemic, may favour PCAs.

In particular, during the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on individuals for the sake of public health, and forms of individual accountability and responsibility that were unthinkable only one year before, have been adopted by millions of people. People may be more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations related to PCAs to achieve a safer climate and the many other benefits (for example, reduced air pollution and improved public health) associated with addressing the climate crisis.

Other lessons that could be drawn relate to the public acceptance in some countries of additional surveillance and control in exchange for greater safety. For instance, in many countries, mobile apps designed for COVID-19 infection tracking and tracing played an important part in limiting the spread of the pandemic. The deployment and testing of such apps provide technology advances and insights for the design of future apps for tracking personal emissions.

Personal carbon allowances revisited

Posted by: Down South | Sep 16 2021 16:31 utc | 118

During the carefully worded Frozen Planet commentary, Sir David Attenborough’s script failed to explain how the moving scene was made.
Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 13:29 utc | 98

That type of fakery, deployed to complete a cinematic story-line, doesn't bother me. It's info-tainment and the producer's explanation made sense to me. All of the dinosaur and pterodactyl scenes are 100% CGA fake. Paying an animal trainer to spend a week or so training some swans to fly alongside an inflatable powerboat at 30 mph just so he could avoid being struck by the wing of the lead swan, while nattering, was pretty fake. But it's the most eerily wondrous piece of film I've ever seen. I've watched it a dozen times and I feel so lucky that I was (as good as) in the boat, 5 feet away from Sir Dave when it happened.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 16 2021 16:35 utc | 119

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Sep 16 2021 13:44 utc | 101

I never heard the brand but the models does looks like the exact types that fill the shelf over here in Indonesia for entry level price including its controller. My advice though is you shouldn't bought them online and try an offline shop that can offers you hands on experience so you can test the drone automation features directly so you can be sure it's actually there.

Posted by: Lucci | Sep 16 2021 16:36 utc | 120

@Tom Pfotzer #52
@William Haught #45
The natural gas price disaster (for drillers) is a consequence of fracking for oil.
It is guaranteed that as the investment tide recedes in the fracking industry, the amount of natural gas from oil fracking is going to fall dramatically. Something like 40%-45% of all natural gas is coming from these "oil" fracking well. Since investment has fallen off the cliff - it is certain that this "excess" production is going to disappear.

Couple this decrease in production with increases in natural gas utilization for electricity power generation due to years of ~$2 natural gas prices - it seems highly unlikely that the optimal conditions for natural gas fired electricity are going to continue. This likely means increasing electricity prices for a long period of time since utility companies aren't going to switch back to coal right away after spending billions on nat. gas plants.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 16 2021 16:36 utc | 121

Posted by: Rêver | Sep 16 2021 16:27 utc | 115

And to make the AUKUS "au cul" a bit harsher Zakharova telegramed about the French breaking the contract for the two Mistrals, what goes around comes around... Unrealiable partners as Lavrov told Borrell, to his face.

Posted by: Paco | Sep 16 2021 16:43 utc | 122

@Norwegian #97
@Down South #99

From my peers in the semiconductor industry - the issue there is 85% demand related, 15% plant fires. People don't understand that almost literally a handful of plant locations are responsible for the majority of chips produced and used.

Fukushima, for example, caused an outage at a Japanese plant which affected Toyota's car production back then. This event caused Toyota to require backlogs of around 1-3 months of such chips - which is why they had a nice short term win vs. competitors during COVID (which is now over).

There have been a couple of such outages this year including one automotive semiconductor plant.

But the far greater reason is the huge jump in demand for everything due to COVID: people buying computers, routers, printers etc due to WFH and School from home; people buying cars because they can't/don't want to fly and so forth - as well as overall increased consumption due to the massive cash handouts.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 16 2021 16:45 utc | 123

Related to my statement about India refusing to become an Asian nation @108 is this op/ed by Long Xingchun, a "senior research fellow with the Academy of Regional and Global Governance at the Beijing Foreign Studies University and president of the Chengdu Institute of World Affairs." The political cartoon at the article's header is very telling since "India and the US signed the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement in 2016, which has enhanced military coordination between the two nations as it allows the use of each other's land, air and naval bases for repair and resupply." It's clearly a one->way treaty as India isn't about to invade or bomb Canada or Mexico.

"It shows that India has decided to align with the US. On the surface, India sticks to its non-alignment principle. But in real practice, New Delhi has formed a quasi-alliance with Washington.

"India has its own agendas to pursue. Its attempts to form this quasi-alliance relationship with the US are mainly aimed at dealing with China. The strategic confrontations between China and India will hardly change. With a lack of confidence, India has to rest on the US to contest China. Furthermore, New Delhi hopes Washington will alienate Pakistan."

I share that analysis, which is why I see India refusing to integrate itself into the Greater Eurasia project, a move that goes greatly against India's national interests. Hopefully, Modi's political opponents will use his fealty to India's former Colonial Masters against him and succeed in ousting him and his party from power and prevent moving India further down this highly counterproductive path. The SCO must also be wary about India's loyalty to that organization's goals given its alliance with its main antagonist. One of the SCO's core aims is the elimination of terrorism; so, what can the SCO do to convince India not to abet any future Outlaw US Empire terrorist attacks on Afghanistan, which is what India will be doing if it allows the Outlaw Empire to use India territory as a staging base for such attacks. This possibility bears continuing close scrutiny.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 16:49 utc | 124

Finnian Cunningham calls out both the Ds and Rs for prolonging the pandemic within the Outlaw US Empire:

"Both parties in the United States are making the Covid-19 pandemic an even greater disaster. One from cowardice and the other from denialism. Just like both parties sponsor never-ending wars, they are also for differing reasons on the same side when it comes to making a pandemic worse. Bipartisan bitterness is really a trivial side-show."

One thing Cunningham must come to realize is that Capitalism within the Outlaw US Empire is the predatory, parasitic, Financial Capitalism variety that controls both political parties and thus the entire federal government. Such a realization would make his analysis better and his writing more provocative and realistic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 17:06 utc | 125

Rearrange AUKUS and you get AUSUK, best to pronounce it in the same style as "y'all suck". Also fitting, as the US is such a backward nation. If NZ had joined, it would become AUSUKNZ. I don't know how New Zealanders would have felt about that.

On other subjects:
@Posted by: c1ue | Sep 16 2021 16:36 utc | 121

Lets not forget that the producers got the US government to remove the ban on exports of natural gas, so demand has been increased due to the export market. "Demand for U.S. Natural Gas Exports to Surge Through 2021, EIA Says"

Posted by: Roger | Sep 16 2021 17:17 utc | 126

@Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 16 2021 16:35 utc | 119

That type of fakery, deployed to complete a cinematic story-line, doesn't bother me.

Then this probably doesn't bother you either
David Attenborough Says Climate Change Is A ‘Crime’ Humanity Has Inflicted On The Planet

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 17:21 utc | 127

Down South @ 99

Good link, thanks. Couple it with this one, and it explains the shortages of many consumer goods. COVID may have directly caused the shortages, but the underlying problem is our global supply chain system. Local stores are also to blame, turning their stock storages areas, that used to hold a about a month of stock in reserve, into retail space for bigger profits. Now most retail stores only keep about 3 days of reserves on hand because our past supply chain was so consistent. Of course the pandemic has blown that constancy to shreds.
"Why There Are So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)"

Posted by: ReconFire | Sep 16 2021 17:35 utc | 128

Yes, Philip Giraldi has been criticized recently for his defense of the indefensible CIA, his former employer. However, he has written some very good analytical essays in the past, and IMO his current effort belongs in that category as he looks into the Who Done It? 911 question. Giraldi characterizes the 585 page 9/11 Report thusly:

"[It's] most charitably described as incomplete, though many would reasonably call it a government cover-up."

He then takes on the one potential culprit its taboo to write anything negative about--Occupied Palestine:

"The evidence of Israeli involvement is substantial, based on the level of the Jewish state’s espionage operations in the U.S. and also its track record on so-called covert actions simulating terrorist attacks designed to influence political decision making in foreign countries. But, of course, in reporting on the 9/11 tragedy no one in the mainstream media did pick up on the connection, inhibited no doubt by the understanding that there are some things that one just does not write about Israel if one hopes to remain employed. That is true in spite of the fact that the Israeli angle to 9/11 is without a doubt a good story, consigned to the alternative media, where it can be marginalized by critics as a conspiracy theory or the product of anti-Semitism."

Giraldi links to many recent sources that confirm his suspicions, but I must remind him and barflies that the preparations for 911 were done while Clinton was POTUS, whose administration authored the two publications announcing Full Spectrum Dominance as the #1 priority policy goal that both predates and is more far reaching in its demands than the PNAC's essays were that gained the ire of activists--there was no outcry whatsoever about Joint Vision 2010 or Joint Vision 2020 when they were published in 1996 and 2000, respectively. IMO, there were more neocons within Clinton/Gore than many were willing to admit--just look at Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright as two examples.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 17:43 utc | 129

Re AUKUS - No wonder France is 'upset'. Just heard on the late News that the subs which Oz asked France to supply were based on a Nuclear-powered design which Oz insisted be modified for diesel-electric power.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 16 2021 17:54 utc | 130

China's new nuclear reactor type may further revolutionize industry:

"China might become the birthplace of a revolution in the atomic energy industry this September as the Chinese Academy of Sciences is planning to fire up an experimental nuclear reactor that uses molten salts as a coolant and thorium for fuel.

"The experimental reactor, located near the town of Wuwei on the outskirts of the Gobi Desert, will only have a modest output of two megawatts, which is just enough to power around 1,000 homes. But, if it launches successfully, this tiny reactor might be the starting point for a new era where molten salt reactors powered by thorium might push its light water 'colleagues' out of business."

This would be a huge advancement as the article explains.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 18:02 utc | 131

Lucci @120:

It's a Russian product, sold by the Indian online retailer Flipkart. Unfortunately where I live no drones are in shops (the largest electronic store in the city is literally never door to my workplace) so it's online or nothing.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Sep 16 2021 18:59 utc | 132

Thanks to the many barflies who linked to the Dr Robert Malone interview on the Jimmy Dore show. Well worth watching.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 16 2021 20:33 utc | 133

@ William Gruff | Sep 15 2021 21:31 utc | 28
and vk too

Thanks for the Evergrande clarification. Sensible historical analysis.

Posted by: Patroklos | Sep 16 2021 21:07 utc | 134

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 16 2021 17:54 utc | 130

Yes it is bizarre what's going on here in Oz. If there were any last vestiges of a belief that we live in a dumocracy this has blown it away. Morrison seems to have had a wet dream about some white supremacist last stand before the rapture. Meanwhile the rest of us woke up to the news that we have been pushed to the frontline in some apocalyptic show down with China——who also happens to be our major trading partner :P

Aussies will blindly follow. Most won't take their eyes off their devices long enough even to notice.
Agreed too that nuke-power will be the stalking horse for nukes-proper. Quite a few policy wonks here have always thought we should go full Strangelove in Australia.

I always knew that the monkeys were in charge of the Canberra zoo, but it turns out it was the bananas all along...

Posted by: Patroklos | Sep 16 2021 21:14 utc | 135

Kurds can pound sand. You lie with snakes you get bit.

Posted by: Jezabeel | Sep 16 2021 21:30 utc | 136

Then this probably doesn't bother you either
David Attenborough Says Climate Change Is A ‘Crime’ Humanity Has Inflicted On The Planet

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 17:21 utc | 127

I'm sympathetic to his view. My pet Climate Change indicator is the almost total absence of lawns white with heavy crisp winter frost now, compared with 70+ years ago.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 16 2021 21:47 utc | 137

Aussies will blindly follow. Most won't take their eyes off their devices long enough even to notice.
Agreed too that nuke-power will be the stalking horse for nukes-proper. Quite a few policy wonks here have always thought we should go full Strangelove in Australia.

I always knew that the monkeys were in charge of the Canberra zoo, but it turns out it was the bananas all along...

Posted by: Patroklos | Sep 16 2021 21:14 utc | 135

It's too soon to surrender. Our Tarts, Sheilas and Brazen Hussies are getting noticeably angrier with, and noisier about, Scum Mo's glib BS every year. Especially since his lame attempts to sweep a variety of 'misconduct' allegations under the carpet.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 16 2021 22:04 utc | 138

karlof1, It looks like the war between Lavrov and Borrell is out in the open.

I get the feeling this is the moment that Putin and Lavrov have awaited so long. Look at their demeanor.
(sorry if previously posted)

Energy prices are causing serious discontent in Europe. And it is ALL the fault of the EU Commission.

And nobody is telling the people. Yet.

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 16 2021 22:08 utc | 139

Kadath, Norwegian. I agree with u both actually. I have held out against vaccination and in 18 months haven’t been sick at all. Tho I know double vaxxed people that got covid sick. I’m still all natural but getting pressured by my wife to vax because she likes to dine at out a lot. We’ll see if I cave in, but I’d rather not.

Posted by: Absurdio | Sep 16 2021 22:55 utc | 140

John Cleary @139--

Thanks for the vid. Looks like the Queen made her move and forced her Aussie subjects to buy UK/US and reject France. IMO, Australia would make a great place for Chinese to relocate to en masse, just 1/14th of China's population for starters that would completely overwhelm the 26 million Aussies.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 16 2021 23:20 utc | 141

Hoarsewhisperer 138

I doubt a change of leadership at this point will make any difference. Australia is too important for its America's dreams about China to let a small thing like elections get in their way. UK seemed a bit slow getting aboard the war on China but seem fully aboard now so they also will be ensuring a suitable Poroshenko or comedy clown is installed.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 16 2021 23:29 utc | 142

Corona virus not being made in a laboratory? From my understanding, sections of one virus can be sliced onto another to create certain traits, but the sudden change in genome sequence is easily seen.
20 years ago, the US resurrected the Spanish flue virus from complete viruses found in frozen bodies in Alaska permafrost.
I had original thought these were simply frozen bugs that had remained viable, just needing warming up again.
That was not the case though. The bugs although complete and the genome sequences could be read were not viable with thawing.
What the US did was the use the genome sequence to make exact copies of the Spanish flue virus that were viable.

That was technology twenty years ago. All that is needed is a genome sequence and a complete viable virus can be built from scratch. No doubt this technology would be great for designer viruses and would eliminate a sudden transition in genome sequence. Used as a weapon, this would be even harder to pin to an entity than cyber crime and state level cyber attacks, as the virus could also have naturally mutated in nature.

The last 20 years of war of terror was dirty, terrorists and snuff videos, white helmeted 'good guys' gassing people for video...

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 0:38 utc | 143

An article in global times with its take of what US is up to re India, Pakistan Afghanistan ect.

According to Indian media reports, the US is in touch with India about using it as a staging post for aerial strikes in Afghanistan, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations during a hearing on Monday.

Washington's intent to use India as a staging post is not directed at counter-terrorism in Afghanistan. The US war on terror in Afghanistan has ended, making future military operations there less likely. Afghanistan under the Taliban governance is a sovereign country, and its domestic counter-terrorism activities will be mainly carried out by the new government. If the US attacks Afghanistan with air strikes, it will violate the national sovereignty of the country. If Washington really hopes to engage in counter-terrorism activities, Pakistan is the best candidate to serve as a staging post.

Also a little section that relates to the sub deal in the other thread.

It will not sign a treaty of alliance like what Japan, Australia and the UK have done. Because once such a treaty is signed, the losses will outweigh the gains for India. Given the gap in national strength, under the framework of a US-India alliance, India will merely play the role as a follower.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 1:01 utc | 144

Thank you, james @ 72 for trying again with the Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche report. I cannot say I followed everything he was explaining, but his conclusions were well worth the read through. He sounds resigned that there will be ongoing attempts at vaccine compliance with boosters which will finally need to be abandoned. One of his footnotes states that the use of ivermectin may have confused the results in India (so that the vaccine there seemed initially to be more successful).

If he is correct, it is a very hard period for him and for the rest of us with loved ones involved to be going through, vaccinated or not. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

Important link, james, thanks for persisting.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 17 2021 1:52 utc | 145

A friend pointed me to the latest Taliban story about 2500 families of Afghani "squatters" being kicked out of Kandahar. AP uses the term "squatters" in the headline but not in the text...where it says they claim to have paid "Afghan soldiers" under the table for the land.

My friend did not mention that they were squatters, or that the Taliban is now reportedly letting them stay--pending review--but not protest. OTOH, there are Palestinians with titles to their homes in East Jerusalem from Jordan...and they are also beaten for protesting.

Posted by: Charles Peterson | Sep 17 2021 2:43 utc | 146

@32 Patroklos - with the link to the Peter Fleming book on the decline of academia in the neoliberal culture-destroying desert.

You might be interested in a Renegade Inc. discussion with Peter Fleming recently. If you've never watched the show, Ross Ashcroft is an excellent interviewer, and the shows are always succinct:

This is how universities die...

One of the biggest Covid-19 casualties on a global level has been education. But what many have missed during the pandemic is that the crisis in higher education is being ruthlessly exploited.

Management teams and consultants think they can now –without all that pesky academic consultation– make mega bucks by cementing a fully neo-liberal educational regime. What could possibly go wrong?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by Peter Fleming, author of 'Dark Academia: How Universities Die,’ to discuss the future of higher education.


I actually have a few links bookmarked together that I want to read, that talk about the death not only of the academy but also of science (in the west). Bret Weinstein made the point recently that what we are seeing with Covid is only part of the more systemic decline of independent thinking in science and medicine that has been going on for a long time.

The cognitive dissonance of science, he and his colleague Heather agree, didn't just appear out of the blue in 2020. Most scientific opinion is in one way or another institutionally regulated, and most of the institutions are increasingly owned, in general by the neoliberal, privatized force that propels western economies, and in particular by more granular interests that can be named.

Posted by: Grieved | Sep 17 2021 3:03 utc | 147

denk 148

Thanks. For some reason it cut abruptly when he was talking but it does somewhat confirm what I have been thinking on corona virus being a bio weapon. I came to that conclusion based just on the circumstances, but I have now started to think coronavirus ushers in a new era of warfare.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 4:25 utc | 149

denk, do you know if there is a transcript of that audio anywhere?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 4:40 utc | 150

Peter 150

that link points to the transcript
wait I check again.

Posted by: denk | Sep 17 2021 4:53 utc | 151

@ Karlof 124

India is historically wary of the US of CIA as that militant nation always supported Pakistan, even with the revolt in East-Pakistan /Bangladesh in 1971.

But now read what direct neighbor China says, the one that nuclear armed Pakistan: "China questions India’s missiles project"

India has to balance between a rock and a hard place. It still buys lots of weapons from old supplier Russia.

FYI the "Hindu" newspaper is run by secular Indian communists since decades.

Posted by: Antonym | Sep 17 2021 5:12 utc | 153

denk, I should have scrolled down further. Thanks.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 5:32 utc | 154

Peter AU1 154


signing off.

Posted by: denk | Sep 17 2021 5:39 utc | 155

Below is a link to a Wall Street On Parade posting about the corruption of the private banking system and its cancer within the US government

The Latest Outrage Over Fed Presidents Trading Stocks Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

I thought about including some quotes from it but would end up with the whole thing here...go read it and be pissed about the cult of global private finance raping the world in public.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 17 2021 5:46 utc | 156

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about the goings on at the SCO around Iran

TEHRAN, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Iran is ready to boost cooperation, particular in the economic field, with regional countries, especially within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Thursday.

Raisi made the remarks during his meetings on Thursday with some heads of states during a visit to Tajikistan to attend the SCO summit, according to the Iranian presidential website.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to promote regional relations and cooperation, particularly with neighboring countries, and Pakistan has a special place in this regard," said Raisi in a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Referring to the long border between the two countries and the capacity to enhance trade in the border areas, Raisi said that "establishing security in the border areas can activate the significant capacities of these areas for economic and trade interactions and exchanges."

For his part, Khan appreciated the "constructive" and "brotherly" positions of Iran towards Pakistan, saying that "we are looking for comprehensive development of our relations with Iran, especially in the field of transportation."

In another meeting with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Raisi said that the level of Tehran-Tashkent economic ties should be deepened in line with political relations.

"The current level of economic relations between Iran and Uzbekistan does not correspond to the level of political relations between the two countries, and the Islamic Republic is interested in developing economic relations with Uzbekistan in the framework of deepening relations with neighbors," Raisi was quoted as saying by the presidential website.

Despite the U.S. sanctions, Iran has continued its progress, the Iranian president said, adding that in the meantime, "we seek to lift the oppressive sanctions against the Islamic Republic."

Mirziyoyev said that common civilizational and historical background of the two countries can play an important role in facilitating the development of the economic and cultural relations between the two countries.

Uzbekistan, he said, is looking for an operational roadmap to expand economic ties with Iran, especially in the field of transportation.

Enhancing economic ties was also on the agenda of Raisi's meeting with Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.

Raisi called for the completion of the joint projects as soon as possible, which could accelerate and facilitate the development of bilateral economic exchanges.

"I have instructed the economic and technical ministers to pursue the implementation of the joint agreements," he said.

"Development of regional relations is one of the ways to counter (U.S.) sanctions, and countries like Iran and Belarus have been able to counter sanctions," Raisi added.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko said that "no country has succeeded in imposing sanctions on other countries, and sanctions are essentially a failed policy in the world."

The Belarusian president called for the "formation a joint work group in addition to accelerating the completion of the joint projects to develop an operational roadmap to improve the relations between the two countries."

The two-day SCO summit is scheduled to focus on regional issues, including that of Afghanistan.

The SCO was established in Shanghai in 2001 by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. India and Pakistan joined the SCO as full members in 2017. Iran and Belarus are both observers in the organization.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 17 2021 5:48 utc | 157

Just lost a freeform comment....darn, I will try again

I was noticing that Reuters is hard selling the crisis in China about Evergrande and am thinking it is for a reason

The world/Western economies are on fumes and need someone to blame for the imminent crash. It looks like China may be using Evergrande as an example to squash housing investment inflation and the blip that may cause in China could be blown up to the sneeze/cold expression of old about US/rest of world linked economies.

I expect it may provide cover for a bit but I expect China and other countries economies will rebound quickly and their example will not be lost on the masses suffering economic austerity under the jackboot of private finance in the West

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 17 2021 6:13 utc | 158

Posted by: NL1 | Sep 17 2021 6:45 utc | 159

Yep. Both China and covid are used to cover and blame the inevitable free fall. Sort of like our masters farting in the bath then blaming china for the smell that appears when the bubble bursts.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 6:51 utc | 160

Queen Elizabeth debates with herself and decides...

Prince Philip’s will to remain secret for 90 years, high court rules

I kid you not. This is the "Rules based world order" that will be the Anglo side of the UNGA debate this coming week. So it is worth repeating in full and study in depth....

The Duke of Edinburgh’s will is to remain secret to protect the “dignity” of the Queen because of her constitutional role, the high court has ruled. Philip – the nation’s longest-serving consort – died aged 99 on 9 April, just two months before he would have turned 100.

After the death of a senior member of the royal family, it has been convention for over a century that an application to seal their will is made to the president of the family division of the high court. This means the wills of senior members of the royal family are not open to public inspection in the way a will would ordinarily be.

The current president, Sir Andrew McFarlane, heard legal argument from lawyers representing Philip’s estate and the attorney general – who represents the public interest in such matters – at a private hearing in July.

In a ruling published on Thursday, McFarlane ordered that Philip’s will remain sealed for 90 years from the grant of probate – the formal process that confirms the authority of an executor to administer a deceased person’s estate – and may be opened only in private even after that date.

The judge said: “I have held that, because of the constitutional position of the sovereign, it is appropriate to have a special practice in relation to royal wills.

“There is a need to enhance the protection afforded to truly private aspects of the lives of this limited group of individuals in order to maintain the dignity of the sovereign and close members of her family.”

He said the ruling was to make as much detail as possible public without “compromising the conventional privacy afforded to communications from the sovereign”.

The judge said it was in the public interest for him to make clear he had neither seen nor been told anything of the contents of Philip’s will, other than the date of its execution and the identity of the appointed executor.

McFarlane said he had decided to hold the earlier hearing in private because a series of announcements, hearings and then a judgment would have been likely to “generate very significant publicity and conjecture”.

McFarlane said that, as the attorney general was there to represent the public interest at the hearing, there was no legal reason for any further representations by media organisations.

Lawyers representing Philip’s estate had argued at the private hearing that news of that hearing and the application “might generate wholly unfounded conjecture” that would be “deeply intrusive” to the Queen and royal family.

Outlining the history of similar decisions, McFarlane said the first member of the royal family whose will was sealed on the direction of the court’s president was Prince Francis of Teck. He was the younger brother of Queen Mary and, following his death in 1910, an application for his will to be sealed and not published was granted.

McFarlane said that, 90 years after the grant of probate, an “initial and private process will be undertaken to consider whether at that stage the will may be unsealed and made public”.

He said the private process would involve inspection by the monarch’s private solicitor, the keeper of the royal archives, the attorney general, and by any of the deceased’s personal representatives who may be available.

The physical process of unsealing must be conducted by a professional archivist to ensure that the document and its seals are properly preserved.

McFarlane said any future judgments on applications to seal royal wills would remain closed, and therefore will not be made public.

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 17 2021 9:34 utc | 161

Posted by: Paul | Sep 16 2021 20:33 utc | 133

Further to my earlier comment @ 133:

"Thanks to the many barflies who linked to the Dr Robert Malone interview on the Jimmy Dore show. Well worth watching."

I have additional thoughts after watching the Jimmy Dore interview.

Given that all viruses change and adapt, despite and possibly BECAUSE of vaccines as Dr Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, said.

I have had my own thought, after hearing on the local radio that "there has been very little seasonal flu throughout the world this year".

Is Covid is it simply a more contagious and deadly version of seasonal flu.?

Perhaps, given what Dr Malone said, the covid A virus was a result of a flu mutation from millions of 'seasonal flu' vaccinations over the years and the covid D variant possibly yet another case of the variant adapting to yet another vaccine?

Food for thought, I'll leave it for barflies, don't expect governments to tell us the truth. They will do whatever is convenient for them to do at the time, or whatever the Big Pharma or the Big Israel lobbies want.

Ochams razor, sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 17 2021 9:36 utc | 162

Worth looking up denks link.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 9:52 utc | 163


Conclusions This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant. verboten?

Posted by: librul | Sep 17 2021 13:12 utc | 164

For all the talk on here it would appear that the US is slowly fading however the Gold price is stagnant to weak, and the US buck remains firm. Seems nobody notices but a few barflies.

Posted by: arby | Sep 17 2021 13:29 utc | 165


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC has recommended a PCR test cycle threshold (CT) of 40.9 This flies in the face of scientific consensus, which has long been that a CT over 35 will produce 97% false positives,10 essentially rendering the test useless.11,12,13

In mid-May 2021, the CDC finally lowered its recommended CT count, but only for patients who have received one or more COVID shots.14 So, if you have received a COVID injection, the CDC’s guidelines call for your PCR test to be run at a CT of 28 or less. If you are unvaccinated, your PCR test is to be run at a CT of 40, which grossly overestimates the true prevalence of infection.

The end result is that unvaccinated individuals who get tested are FAR more prone to get false positives, while those who have received the jab are more likely to get an accurate diagnosis of infection. betrug?

Posted by: librul | Sep 17 2021 13:30 utc | 166

The Progressive Savior Complex is the Very Definition of White Supremacy

Posted by: Dogon Priest | Sep 17 2021 14:36 utc | 167

Paul @Sep17 9:36 #162: Is Covid is it simply a more contagious and deadly version of seasonal flu.?

No, it is not.

Multiple countries - that don't have any reason to collude together - have recognized that the pandemic virus is different from seasonal flu virus.

As you mentioned, the virus that can lead to Covid-19 is much more contagious. Measures taken against the pandemic virus (masking, distancing, etc.) have meant that it's difficult to catch and pass on seasonal flu.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 17 2021 15:42 utc | 168

@166 librul

So the cdc is basically admitting that decent uptake of the vaccine had a starting point around June of thus year.

So the vast majority of the population was then unvaccinated and thus no correlation inferences can be made adequately regarding clinical symptoms of the unvaccinated versus vaccinated.

Last open thread, Don Bacon posted a table from San Diego County doing the same sleight of hand to try to pin all deaths on the unvaccinated.

It is absolutely garbage science, but the new covid religion and its acolytes desperately want it to be true. Like a religion without faith, they demand to see miracles firsthand. But, in the end, their requests will never be granted.

But blessed are those that have not seen yet believed.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 17 2021 15:44 utc | 169

John Cleary @Sep17 9:34 #161

The judge said ... he had neither seen nor been told anything of the contents of Philip’s will, other than the date of its execution and the identity of the appointed executor.

And even this information can not be known by the public? LOL.

USA Constitution: All rights not given to the Federal government are reserved to the states.

UK Constitutional Monarchy: All rights not granted to Parliament are reserved to the Monarchy? And the House of Lords tips the scales in Parliament to the Monarchy? The language concurs with this assessment: the British are "subjects".


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 17 2021 15:57 utc | 170

Not vaccine related but still quite an interesting sign of the times. Someone had the bright idea to turn activism into a reality show.

Posted by: dh | Sep 17 2021 16:14 utc | 171

Who ratted out Gen. Miley and why?

Is it because Gen. Miley opposed war with Iran?

“You’re Gonna Have a Fucking War”: Mark Milley’s Fight to Stop Trump from Striking Iran

A running concern for Milley was the prospect of Trump pushing the nation into a military conflict with Iran. He saw this as a real threat, in part because of a meeting with the President in the early months of 2020, at which one of Trump’s advisers raised the prospect of taking military action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons if Trump were to lose the election. At another meeting, at which Trump was not present, some of the President’s foreign-policy advisers again pushed military action against Iran. Milley later said that, when he asked why they were so intent on attacking Iran, Vice-President Mike Pence replied, “Because they are evil.”


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 17 2021 16:56 utc | 172

@Peter AU1 #143
Viruses aren't disrupted by ice deforming cell border boundaries and internal cell organelles, but single strand viruses are still affected by physical changes caused by the change in state of the liquid --> ice they are in.
The same mechanism by which said single strang RNA viruses mutate so prolifically is closely related to why these viruses aren't very durable compared to a dual strand DNA virus like herpes.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 17 2021 17:11 utc | 173

@Hoarsewhisperer #119
The question about climate change has never been about whether it is warming; the Little Ice Age nadir was in 1750 and we have been warming ever since.

The questions have been:
1) How much is human caused?
2) How high will it go?
3) How much net damage/benefit will this new high cause?
4) Can we really do anything about it?

Your lawn indicator does not answer any of the above questions, nor does it inform what would be a reasonable policy to respond.

So let me reframe it in your lawn indicator format:

1) Is there any indication that the existence of your lawn has caused temperatures to increase? Because I'm statistically likely to be right that your lawn wasn't a lawn in 1750...
2) Does less frost on your lawn mean it is getting hotter? And what does hotter mean? In actual data - the increases have primarily been in "higher lows" - i.e. daily low temperatures are higher than they used to be - rather than "higher highs" - record highs which are trumpeted by MSM.
3) Is less frost on your lawn a net benefit or a net harm to you?
4) How would you change the amount of frost on your lawn? How does the amount of frost on your lawn affect your children?

Note that I am actually very ecologically sound except for my air travel. I don't own a car, I don't have a lawn, I fanatically recycle even though I know full well that most of the recycling gets tossed into a dump.

I've pointed out many times that the issue I have with the climate doom pronouncers is that their science is crap, their models are even worse and their solutions the worst of all.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 17 2021 17:20 utc | 174

A crash doesn't happen due because of X condition or Y policy; crashes are like avalanches - conditions and policies build up potential energy until something sets it off.
Maybe its Enron in 2000 or AIG in 2008, but there has to be a catalyst whereupon the bezzle changes direction.
Michael Pettis has a nice overview on the bezzle here

We all know it isn't going to end well, but stepping off too early costs you real money. Being cautious in 2017 meant missing the entire massive stock bubble until now, for example. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was in the 24K range in 2017 vs. the near 35K today. The Nasdaq was in the 6500 to 6900 range in 2017 vs. the 15K today. These types of increases are what lead to silliness like the Taiwan temple chicken revered for picking winning stocks in the 1980s - until that bubble popped (and the chicken was cooked).

But just like an avalanche, there are likely signs which portend greater pressures for the avalanche to let loose.

So I'm going to be posting some of these for historical record's sake, starting with these:

1) European companies shutting down/stopping production due to energy prices

Note we're not talking about steel smelting - we're talking food production, fertilizer production. Record fertilizer prices plus food production interruption means higher food prices on top of already high energy prices.

2) Business travel still down 80% across top 20 markets

This is important because it shows a $37B --> $7B reduction which is certainly not offset by other spending. Leisure travel losses have been offset to some extent by "staycation" and "in-country/cross-state" travel by car - the same is certainly not true for conventions, biz meetings and what not.

The article also notes that office presence is still down 70% and has actually regressed recently.

Note that the above takes place even as US federal and state stimulus and other programs are ended, the Fed has started talking about tapering and business disruptions due to supply chain issues are proliferating:

3) Container shortage expected to last until 2022

Note the issue isn't because of a lack of containers - the issue is because the combination of increased demand (more need for containers) plus COVID related slowdowns in processing have changed the fundamental turnaround time for a given container.

4) Soaring energy prices - not just in Europe

China energy prices soaring

oil and natural gas prices doubled in past year click on commodity and change chart coverage to 1 year.

5) And of course, inflation expectations high in US

Wolf Street on inflation expectation poll

In particular, the people who actually experienced high inflation in the past (1970s) expect 6% inflation next year even as the kiddies think it will be 4.5%.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 17 2021 17:48 utc | 175

@Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 17 2021 15:57 utc | 170

Yes, JR - a very loud LOL at the British "subjects"

A couple of points on your most welcome comment.

UK "constitutional monarchy" - the Queen can openly do anything not forbidden by law. You might say all rights not granted to others are reserved to the Crown. For example in the 1960's Parliament passed a law which prohibited the censorship of live theatre (such censorship by the Lord Chamberlain having been rife beforehand). As a byproduct an industry was established whereby political truths that could not be uttered elsewhere were put forth in the live theatre (but still not reported by the press).

The House of Lords is a strange beast. Though it was hated by the socialists as a relic of the feudal past, it was actually the body which brought the King's powers under control. We all know about Runnymede 1215, but sometimes we forget that it was the barons that forced King John to sign Magna Carta. The Windsors never forgot. When Blair's gang got into power in the late 1990's their flagship domestic policy was "Reform of the House of Lords". They essentially expelled all of the ancient families who had been responsible for Magna Carta. They were replaced by crooks willing to pay money for a title and useless clapped out politicians ("Life Peers") in the Windsors' Revenge. The "Upper House" now contains more than a thousand of the useless fuckers.

No, what tips the scales in Parliament to the Monarchy are the myriad "conventions" that have been established since the death of Victoria. I don't know them all, only some. An example. Do you know who lives in Downing Street? Everybody knows who is in number ten: it's the Prime Minister's residence. Scholars of the subject will know who lives next door at number eleven: it's the residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of Finance). Hardly anybody knows who is at number nine, on the other side of the Prime Minister. The answer is that the Chief Whip lives at Number eleven. The Chief Whip being the person that controls the party of government.

Now it turns out that the Chief Whip is an employee of the Royal Household, by convention. What that means is that the Queens Household has a veto power over the most important appointment in a governing party. And the subjects have not a clue.

Look again at the original article:

Outlining the history of similar decisions, McFarlane said the first member of the royal family whose will was sealed on the direction of the court’s president was Prince Francis of Teck. He was the younger brother of Queen Mary and, following his death in 1910, an application for his will to be sealed and not published was granted.

So prior to 1910 we had full disclosure of "royal" wills, and since then nothing. We have LESS democracy than 120 years ago. And that is a pattern repeated everywhere within the British state.

What a sham democracy!

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 17 2021 18:13 utc | 176

Global Times today has published several items of interest. Graphic depicting new SCO configuration with new Dialog Partners Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and Full Member Iran. Graphic of Xi's speech's three main points at SCO Summit. Article expressing suspicion of India's SCO membership as I've written:

"Chinese analysts reminded SCO members to be vigilant of India, which may undercut the efficiency of the SCO by bringing its disputes with some members into regional cooperation, and urged India not to be 'poison of the multilateral mechanism.'"

And as expected, an SCO Summit appraisal:

"Upholding the Shanghai Spirit, member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) vowed in a declaration released on Friday to build a community of shared future and oppose interference from outside forces under the excuse of counter-terrorism and human rights, which experts said that after 20 years of development, the SCO has built a shield against outside forces' destructive interference and played a more important role in defending regional peace....

"Soon after the summit, the member states of the SCO signed the Dushanbe Declaration, in which they stressed opposition to interference under the excuse of counter-terrorism or human rights, or to solve key international and regional issues through small cliques, ideology or confrontation mentality. They also agreed on strengthening cooperation in cracking down on terrorism, extremism and separatism and reached a consensus in supporting building an inclusive government in Afghanistan."

I'm pleasantly surprised that India signed the Declaration, but I've yet to locate it so I could link it as part of this comment. I'm also in the process of finding and reading other analysis and speeches by the heads of states present. Escobar said Khan's was very good and provided this link to the video, which I've yet to watch.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 17 2021 18:29 utc | 177

Grieved | Sep 17 2021 3:03 utc | 147

re...Most scientific opinion is in one way or another institutionally regulated, and most of the institutions are increasingly owned...

It is unfortunate that the expression "regulatory capture" was popularized as an explanation for specific, criminal acts of corruption, such as bribery, ​of the very persons who have leading positions in rule-making, such as .gov departments/agencies that control what is/isn't allowed in producing and marketing pharmaceuticals...or banking practices...or aircraft design and testing...etc.

"Regulatory capture" that sounds attractive but signifies little or nothing. Brings to mind Shakespeare's "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Most readers will not even stop to think what it might mean and the result is
gross misunderstanding.

Another example of meaningless generality is deliberate use of the phrase "single-payer" medical system, which also demands reader imagination that creates only wild variety of meaning and hides any specific clarity such as "government regulated Medicare for all citizens, in addition to any private medical insurance plans".

MainStreamMedia fails to clearly state the facts of corruption and the methods used, such as bribery and coercion and assassination...and results in the dumbing-down of the citizenry. The persons responsible for this are the correct targets for change. But yes, fairness/justice has become a pipe-dream. Our "institutions are owned" via criminal practices called corruption.

Posted by: chu teh | Sep 17 2021 18:40 utc | 178

During the carefully worded Frozen Planet commentary, Sir David Attenborough’s script failed to explain how the moving scene was made.
Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 13:29 utc | 98

Then this probably doesn't bother you either
David Attenborough Says Climate Change Is A ‘Crime’ Humanity Has Inflicted On The Planet
Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 16 2021 17:21 utc | 127

His eldest brother was an actor, and youngest brother a merchant banker, so you could say it runs in the family.

Posted by: BM | Sep 17 2021 18:52 utc | 179

Putin's SCO speech transcript also at its header provides a listing of other decisions taken besides the signing of the Dushanbe Declaration. Much can be learned from Putin's short speech, while media will jump at his description of the Outlaw US Empire's Afghan performance:

"Right now, our organisation is facing an urgent task of launching a common coordinated policy, which would take into account the serious risks related to the surge of tension in Afghanistan after the hasty pull-out, if not to say flight, of the US forces and their NATO allies from that country. All of us are well aware that the developments in Afghanistan are directly projected to the security interests of the SCO member states, all the more so that a number of SCO states have a common border with Afghanistan." [My Emphasis]

Here's other things Putin revealed:

"You are all aware that the algorithm of our rapid joint response to the threats coming from Afghanistan was discussed in detail yesterday at the CSTO Collective Security Council meeting. Of course, we would like the decisions adopted at the meeting to be supported and accepted by our SCO partners.

"Therefore, I regard the initiative of holding a joint meeting of the SCO and CSTO leaders today as very important and useful. This will allow us to hold an in-depth discussion of our two organisations’ practical interaction on the Afghan track and to coordinate our efforts with due regard for the specific features and powers of the SCO and the CSTO."

This meeting is beyond pragmatic and promotes further integration. The following point gives us an idea of Russia's dedication to its people's wellbeing:

"Russia, for one, has allocated about three trillion rubles – this, for the sake of clarity, is over 4.5 percent of Russia’s GDP in comparable figures – to preserve jobs and incomes, support businesses, re-launch the investment cycle, and help the regions, specific people and families, primarily families with children."

Putin reveals the fact that becoming an SCO member is becoming an important goal to a greater number of nations, some of which are beyond Eurasia:

"All of us are paying considerable attention to the SCO’s cooperation with the states that are trying to develop an open and equal dialogue with our Organisation and are considering the possibility of joining in its efforts....

"There is also a robust portfolio of applications from other countries seeking to cooperate with our Organisation in one way or another, and it definitely deserves our close attention.

"From a practical standpoint, we believe that we need to think about ways to upgrade the participation of observers and dialogue partners in the SCO’s work so that they become more effective. In our opinion, it would be advisable to accompany SCO leaders’ summits with the so-called SCO-plus format at the top or high level and invite all our partners to attend such meetings."

And finally, an admission of what many of us have anticipated:

"There is one more thing I wanted to say. I would like to highlight the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed today between the SCO Secretariat and the Eurasian Economic Commission. It is clearly designed to further Russia’s idea of establishing a greater Eurasian partnership covering the SCO, the EAEU, ASEAN and China’s Belt and Road initiative.

"I am certain that by aligning various ongoing integration projects across Eurasia and creating a common space within this vast region for open, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation will serve the interests of all our countries." [My Emphasis]

The SCO's westward projection and acceptance of three major Islamic nations won't go unnoticed. One can only surmise which nations are part of that portfolio. I'd like to see ASEAN enter as a bloc, but the real coup IMO would be Japan.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 17 2021 19:07 utc | 180

Latest headline at this moment at Reuters..
"WASHINGTON, Sept 17 (Reuters) - A drone strike in Kabul last month killed as many as 10 civilians, including seven children, the U.S. military said on Friday, apologizing for what it said was a tragic mistake."

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 21:06 utc | 181

denk @ 148

Wow! Thanks for the link, the reference to U. of North Carolina Lab in the link lines up with Professor Francis Boyle's hypothesis that the virus was transported from UNC to Toronto, then on to the lab in Wuhan.

Posted by: ReconFire | Sep 17 2021 21:13 utc | 182

karlof1 180

SCO is starting take on a structure similar to that of the UN. Permanent members of the security council that includes a number of invited members, then the UNGA. Becoming very much an alternative to anglo designed current world body.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 17 2021 21:27 utc | 183

Continued from 182

I should have also added Professor Boyle is the author of the 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act.

Posted by: ReconFire | Sep 17 2021 21:28 utc | 184

General Hyten adds more words to what he told Brookings Institute:

"'Russia has an unbelievably powerful military,' Hyten told an Atlantic Council podcast. 'They have transformed their military in the past 20 years.'"

And in what appears to be a statement saying Biden's policy direction is wrong, Hyten also said:

"'It's extremely important that we deal with Russia and China at the same time. ... Our whole focus is looking from the United States to Europe, but looking to the west: China is there, Russia is there. They are in South America, Africa and the Middle East. They have global capabilities,' he said." [My Emphasis]

But Hyten knows that the Outlaw US Empire is incapable of dealing with both simultaneously, and in reality can't even deal with them one at a time. And the UK and Australia are essentially toothless as is NATO.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 18 2021 0:58 utc | 185

From Xinhuanet about the SCO

DUSHANBE, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Senior officials from China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran agreed on Thursday to step up communication and coordination on the Afghan issue.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister Seyed Rasoul Mousavi reached the consensus at an informal meeting on Afghanistan in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe.

Wang said that it is necessary for the four countries to strengthen communication and coordination, speak in one voice, and exert positive influence over the issue, so as to play a constructive role for a smooth transition in Afghanistan.

Wang put forward a five-point proposal on the coordination and cooperation among the four countries regarding Afghanistan in the next stage:

First, urge the United States to earnestly fulfill its obligations and take its responsibility. Together with other like-minded countries, the four countries should urge the United States to shoulder the primary responsibility for Afghanistan's reconstruction, and provide economic, livelihood and humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan.

Second, engage with and give guidance to Afghanistan. On the premise of truly respecting Afghanistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, the four countries should support the Afghan people in independently choosing their development path, push Afghanistan to establish a broad and inclusive political structure eventually, implement moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, pursue friendly relations with neighboring countries, and respect the basic rights of minorities, women and children.

Third, guard against the spillover of security risks. It is expected that the new Afghan government will honor its commitment and make a clean break with terrorist forces, especially resolutely combating those targeting neighboring countries.

Fourth, encourage all parties to make concerted efforts to assist Afghanistan. As important neighbors of Afghanistan, the four countries should not only provide urgent assistance to meet its needs, but also encourage regional countries and international organizations to help the Afghan people tide over the difficulties.

Fifth, help Afghanistan join in regional cooperation. In the long run, the four countries can, based on preserving the overall stability and development of the region, help Afghanistan gradually cultivate its capacity for independent and sustainable development, and join in the regional economic cooperation and connectivity network to shake off poverty and achieve economic development.

According to Wang, regional countries have three main expectations for the new Afghan government: inclusiveness, counter-terrorism and good-neighborliness.

Other participants at the meeting said that the four countries should speak out and send a consistent and clear signal to the Afghan people, the whole region and even the international community, create a favorable external environment for the Afghan people to hold the fate in their own hands and push Afghanistan to build an inclusive government of different ethnic groups and religions.

They also hope that the Taliban will make a clean break with all terrorist organizations and urge the international community, especially the United States and its allies, to shoulder their due responsibilities for resolving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 18 2021 4:17 utc | 186

A little Daily Inspiration (and dang, this is inspiring). Two minutes of video from Al Mayadeen news showing tanker trucks arriving in Lebanon (linked from Telesur).

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Sep 18 2021 8:36 utc | 187

More updates via Telesur-linked info sources:

Vietnam is enlisting help from Cuba in dealing with the fourth wave of COVID. The country has been devastated by this recent wave.

Hard times in Myanmar. It’s currency fell to an historic low on Friday.

According to Tajuden Soroush: “a Taliban vehicle targeted by a roadside bomb in PD7 of Jalalabad city wounded 4 Taliban fighters. In response, Taliban were outraged and opened fire, injuring a number of children who were going to school. This is the 2th blast in a day. The 1th blast took place in Kabul.”

Mohammed Barkind, OPEC Secretary General, acknowledges that Venezuela’s role has been crucial in OPEC’s moments of crisis and will continue to be so in the future.

Venezuela and World Food Program sign an agreement

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Sep 18 2021 8:56 utc | 188

Are you surprised Hillary didn't shoot this guy (Shushmann) ?

Headline: Durham indicts Democrat lawyer for making false statement when he fed Russia dirt to FBI

Lawyer Michael Sussmann fed debunked story to FBI about alleged computer communications between Trump and Russia and was paid by the Clinton campaign, indictment stated.

Also remember that whoever it was that paid to have Seth Rich murdered
is still out there.

Posted by: librul | Sep 18 2021 12:23 utc | 189

Russian elections under way, it seems the Communists might increase seats this year, not enough to unseat Putin, but enough to send him a message, I hope.

Posted by: Smith | Sep 18 2021 14:37 utc | 190

A more detailed look at how mRNA technology works via Nature mag

In late 1987, Robert Malone performed a landmark experiment. He mixed strands of messenger RNA with droplets of fat, to create a kind of molecular stew. Human cells bathed in this genetic gumbo absorbed the mRNA, and began producing proteins from it.


Later that year, Malone’s experiments showed that frog embryos absorbed such mRNA. It was the first time anyone had used fatty droplets to ease mRNA’s passage into a living organism.


Today’s mRNA jabs have innovations that were invented years after Malone’s time in the lab, including chemically modified RNA and different types of fat bubble to ferry them into cells (see ‘Inside an mRNA COVID vaccine’)

mRNA tech is as I suspected from my own plant "stew" summer intern work in the 1980s. I had also noted that it was likely that the companies using mRNA tech were not using "natural" mRNA, but would be using customized "unnatural" mRNA in order to make the production process better.

It goes further

The vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech use mRNA that has been chemically modified to replace the uridine (U) nucleotide with pseudouridine (trident symbol). This change is thought to stop the immune system from reacting to the introduced mRNA.

So not only are companies using "unnatural" mRNA in order to produce antigens, they are also modifying "natural" mRNA with a special ingredient that they hope will make the mRNA invisible to human immune systems. How much testing has occurred to verify this belief? Over what period of time? With what demographic cross-section - age, race, etc?

What I can be 100% certain of is that any such broad, long term testing did not exist prior to the insertion of mRNA-derived vaccines into 150m+ Americans.

The article also reveals an important detail behind Malone and his attacks on mRNA: he was frozen out of the business side despite arguably having had a major role in the early tech.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 18 2021 15:44 utc | 191

Science on wildfires: Its the fuel, stupid

Johnston found that, over the past 150 years, many forests had come to hold 1.5 to eight times more wood than before, creating a huge reservoir of fuel.

People seem to forget that before widespread fossil fuels and grid electricity/natural gas, wood was the primary cooking/heating fuel. That wasn't that long ago - 2-3 generations. The advent of said fossil fuels/utility grids meant people no longer needed to burn wood - this in turn led to a massive reforestation of the United States over the past 100 years. Combine this reforestation with fire suppression techniques - it is no surprise that we are seeing massive wildfires now regardless of climate change.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 18 2021 16:01 utc | 192

Apart from the US startup Gilead's Remdesivir anti viral, anti inflammatory's are the main line of treatment for covid.

The Australian government was warned more than a year ago of a potential shortage of a drug used to treat COVID-19 sufferers, but did nothing to procure stockpiles of the medication.
The drug Tocilizumab, which is marketed as Actemra, was originally developed to treat sufferers of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, but has shown to be effective in treating people in the severe stages of COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are both anti inflammatorys. The quinine type medications have a far stronger anti inflammation action than over the counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen. Ivermectin I suspect is the same.

Gilead and Remdesivir. The only to date effective anti viral for SARS-CoV-2 virus and the yanks had it sitting there ready to go. Invented by a startup company.. Patents on vaccines based on corona virus spike proteins by Pfizer dating back to 2002... I would guess that in the coming era, a lot of friendly fire will hit the dedicated antivaxers.. I've reached my use by date so I probably won't see it but there is going to be some nasty times ahead.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 19 2021 1:37 utc | 193

This editorial at Strategic Culture

Some 74 percent of Europe’s 669 members of parliament (MEPs) voted on Thursday to approve a report calling for a staggering array of hostile moves towards Russia. The massive irony here is that this amounts to gross and explicit interference in Russia’s internal affairs by the European Union. This aggression is what the EU accuses Russia of without any credible evidence.

One particularly offensive theme in the latest report is the allegation that Russia’s elections held this weekend are not going to be legitimate. That’s even before they take place! And in that case, it urges the European Union to not recognize the new Russian parliament that emerges from the ballots. This is an incredibly idiotic way to further sabotage already-frayed relations between the EU and its largest European neighbor. It’s a gratuitous act of aggression.

Russian election just about over and EU set to not recognize its government?? US screwing Germany and France, and the US entity called the EU double screwing them. I doubt the EU will survive this current changing of era's. What a shithole of woke humanity and nazi's that will be.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 19 2021 4:09 utc | 194

The five liars circus continues....

Election time in Canada.
Guess whats the hottest topics ?

How to give the Canuck a better deal ?
Wrong. Its all about,
How to be tougher on the Chinese regime.

Canada election: Leaders spar over China in debate

Main rival to Canada PM Trudeau says he would be tougher on China, may boycott some goods

O'Toole calls for relocation of Beijing Olympics due to China's 'genocide' of Uighurs

Being ‘nice’ hasn’t made China treat Canada any better. It’s time to live up to our values and say the truth.

As Erin O’Toole Calls Out China For Genocide, Trudeau’s Refusal To Do The Same Is Disgraceful

The contrast between Erin O’Toole and Justin Trudeau couldn’t be any starker and is why the Conservative leader is overtaking the prime minister. The biographies explain the difference — O’Toole is a man who served in the Canadian military for years then put himself through law school and became a successful lawyer then politician. Trudeau is a trust fund kid whose principal domain “expertise” was his father’s name and network.

Posted by: denk | Sep 19 2021 4:14 utc | 195

c1ue @ 191, thanks for the Nature link describing the history of mRNA developers, lots of scientists apparently eager for a Nobel Prize, but at least taking many lucrative paths to getting those vaccines where they are today.

I am wondering how the FDA's refusal to allow boosters for Pfizer ( sorry to be late on that news) figures into the scenario. For Nature it is just a 'success' story.

It seems to me that success is unravelling. In which case, where are we?

Posted by: juliania | Sep 19 2021 4:55 utc | 196

Here's how mandatory vaccinations for Victoria Australia is worded.

On the topic of mandatory vaccines for businesses
Mr Andrews said businesses will be required to only have vaccinated people on their premises, and individual business owners would not have to enforce mandatory vaccine requirements but rather would only have to follow laws laid out by the state government.

He also announced a series of trials, including grants, for venues across regional and metropolitan Victoria to test the Australian Immunisation Registry database in conjunction with the Services Victoria app to detect vaccination status.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 19 2021 5:36 utc | 197

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