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September 09, 2021

Open Thread 2021-69

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Posted by b on September 9, 2021 at 18:04 UTC | Permalink

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He really did say it: "We're going to protect vaccinated workers against unvaccinated workers."

If the vaccines actually work, then those without antibodies for Sars 2 mostly threaten others without antibodies. If the vaccines do not work, then those vaccinated should not be any more threatened by the unvaccinated than the vaccinated. Possibly only those with antibodies after recovering from the disease, but are not vaccinated, are safe, but will be discriminated against anyway.

If this isn't just a power play, than why do they make it look like it is just a power play?

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Sep 10 2021 16:41 utc | 101

The Jacobson decision depends upon the states' having police power. The federal government does not have police power. That's why a constitutional amendment was needed for federal prohibition of alcohol.

Posted by: Lysias | Sep 10 2021 16:44 utc | 102

The Jacobson decision depends upon the states' having police power. The federal government does not have police power. That's why a constitutional amendment was needed for federal prohibition of alcohol.

Posted by: Lysias | Sep 10 2021 16:44 utc | 103

Pacifica Advocate @78--

Thanks for your contribution regarding Giraldi's essay--all that needed to be expressed and in essence is a very abridged version of Prouty's Secret Team.

But IMO Giraldi somewhat redeems himself anonymously via Strategic-Culture editorials, like today's, "Two Decades After 9/11 the Biggest Casualty is U.S. Empire," which I hope all barflies will read as it doesn't kowtow to the Establishment Narrative as will almost all other media.

Paco @96--

Thanks for that info. It's very appreciated!!

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 16:45 utc | 104

Jackrabbit @ 11 So err... without attributing it to you... I uh... just posted it as breaking news here and there. The link is at the end. Lol.
I can't help myself.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 16:58 utc | 105

"It turned out to be herring farts. For 15 years Sweden thought enemy submarines were invading its territory" - urblintz @ 23

All these years noone believed me! Could you call the hospital and ask them to let me out now?

Also... might we now have an explanation for Havana Syndrome? Was it herring farts all along? Inquiring minds want to know!

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 17:25 utc | 106

Freudian slip?

Chant was asked if “exposure sites” such as pubs would still be subject to contact tracing and shut down if someone who visits them tests positive for COVID-19 if and when Australia lifts its brutal lockdown.

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order…yes it will be pubs and clubs and other things if we have a positive case there,” said Chant, who is the Chief Health Officer for New South Wales.

Aussie Public Health Chief Says COVID Contact Tracing is Part of “New World Order”

Video linked in one of the tweets in the article.

Posted by: Down South | Sep 10 2021 17:36 utc | 107

@86 jinn

If you google San Diego deaths for covid, you will see a steep plummet to modest death figures and plateauing around April. Since then, you can probably surmise that vaccine/unvaccinated deaths might or might not follow the pattern from Don Bacon's originally linked table, showing the month of August to have 5 deaths of vaccinated, 35 deaths unvaccinated.

I posited that while these numbers are perhaps too slight to surmise any good conclusion about death rates as they pertain to vaccination, I also put forth that there could be other reasons why unvaccinated deaths show a modestly greater value which would water down any further conclusions you can make about the efficacy of vaccines. For instance: fat, diabetic shutins are less likely to venture out to get the jab, but they would skew the unvaccinated deaths to a higher degree, thereby unlevelling the playing field as it were and rendering any parity between the unvaccinated and vaccinated pools inadequate.

Hope that helps.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 10 2021 17:42 utc | 108

these open threads get eaten up with a focus on covid and it does get tiring for many, but not all of us.... cheers and thank you for providing this valuable platform for discussion and learning...
james | Sep 9 2021 22:18 utc | 28

Hi James. Excuse my coming off as policing speech I was promising to be silent on the topic. I am sure sick of it.

But you asked so I hope you're sitting down.

"B.C. vaccine card: Officials outline details as registration website launched"

Here is a full list of where vaccine cards will be required:

Indoor ticketed sporting events.
Indoor concerts.
Indoor theatre/dance/symphony events.

Restaurants (indoor and patio dining).
Pubs, bars and lounges (indoor and outdoor dining).

Movie theatres.
Fitness centres/gyms (excluding youth recreational sport).
Businesses offering indoor high-intensity group exercise activities.

Organized indoor events (eg. weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops).

Discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities.

Notice that the last one required double vaxxing to hold a child's birthday party.

You will be forbidden from working at all ultimately. The war is started. Nicely done I must say.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 17:43 utc | 109

What does this mean in plain language please?
Posted by: DG | Sep 9 2021 21:48 utc | 25

The paper is not peer-reviewed. In my view it is very bad science. In particular, they take PCR threshold cycles (Ct) up to 32 as positive, but anything above Ct=25 is pure nonsense and some of that below may also be nonsense. They fail to take adequate note of the massive proportion of false positives in PCR tests in the conditions they used - i.e. with very low incidence rates. They claim 24% is "non-responding" i.e. no anti-body - that is 100% crap - guaranteed false positives, with zero covid-specific symptoms and close to zero non-specific symptoms. 100% of the class 3 group should be regarded as false positives. The vast majority of class 2 group should be regarded as false positives. Some of class 1 group are also PCR false positives, but with antibodies from a previous infection. Therefore their assumptions about antibody dynamics are invalid. Crappy study design causes unreliable results.

Don't assume that scientists always know what they are doing. Some of them do, some of them just muddle along. Because of crappy institutional structures (funding structures, career ambitions, tenure rules etc) and corruption (diverse, but heavily dominated by Big Pharma) bad science thrives, while good science is at a competitive disadvantage.

Posted by: BM | Sep 10 2021 17:46 utc | 110

Does anyone still believe in Lee Harvey Osama? - gottlieb @ 31
Good people unless they can prove it I don't believe he's even dead. I believe he's in a deep dark hole somewhere.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 17:58 utc | 111

Here's the transcript of today's meeting of the Russian Pobeda (Victory) Organising Committee where I learned of another post WW2 War Crime Trial I'd not know about before, the 1949 Khabarovsk War Crime Trials.
Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 2:01 utc | 57

I cannot believe you didn't know about it before, but no doubt you have forgotten - we had significant discussions of that trial, and there was an English translation of a report on the trial posted here on MoA, a few years ago when we were discussing the US bio warfare waged against North Korea and China. I suspect it was me who posted the link to the report at the time, but I'm not sure. Probably early in King Trump's reign.

Posted by: BM | Sep 10 2021 18:09 utc | 112

"The waters have been so muddied, that I dont think anyone is going to know the truth about anything for a long, long time if ever. You pick a topic, I can almost guarantee that there are opposing sides to it, and there is literally no way to discern the truth. LITERALLY NO WAY TO DISCERN THE TRUTH ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING." - David F @ 34
That is the proper state of mind in approaching anything David. The skeptical mind. So that is philosophy and critical thinking?

I don't argue about reality with my spiritual guru. I would lose. But in terms software design and models? There is no truth. There are only views of the continuum.

Cool huh? That's a cognitive science informed argument. That's not to say you are not linked to physical reality. But your feelings and beliefs are at different level of functionality and socially driven.

I don't endorse post modernism because it is disconnected from biology. And so my position is as a project manager and in terms of what real value instead of the hard problem of consciousness and so on.

So I hope I am not contradictory in saying models suck. The above is notably crude.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 18:14 utc | 113

@ 57 The 'war crime against humanity' usually promoted by the winners over the losers is only a cruel joke because war is itself a crime, especially against its noncombatants.
Posted by: Don Bacon | Sep 10 2021 2:08 utc | 60

The war crime in question was (among other crimes) the sadistic experimentation of bio-warefare agents by the Japanese in both China and the Russian Far East. Those that were captured by the Russians were put on trial and punished. Those that got away - from the very same specialised bio-warfare regiment - were secretly recruited by the USA and provided the technology to the US for further sadistic experimental* use of bio-warfare agents in North Korea and China, not to mention criminal experiments on civilians in the US and in the UK, and on native Americans in Canada.

* They were experimental, but nevertheless on a really massive scale.

Posted by: BM | Sep 10 2021 18:22 utc | 114

"@36 Jackrabbit
I thought it was a very graceful leave-taking on David F's part - and by the way, I would wish him well on his path."
Grieved @ 38
Yes all the best David.
I wanted to mention when I started researching social media it was just horrifying and depressing much of the time. Just horrid shit.

Geopolitics is similar even including that intended air of nihilistic futility in changing events.

We fight on on principal against overwhelming odds. We don't win this one.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 18:30 utc | 115

Nord stream 2 is now complete.. That happens when diddling powers try to blackmail bigger ones without having trump cards, they get ignored and both Poland and Ukraine created this situation by trying to punch far above their weight and just making a general nuisance of themselves.
Delusional they believed that the US would rescue them..LOL

Posted by: Nick | Sep 10 2021 18:39 utc | 116

" If I could speak with Giraldi, I'd tell him his narrative completely contradicts his conclusion. The CIA continuously violates the US Constitution and is thus a rogue agency in need of disbanding, as are other agencies of the federal government. But as a former spook, I guess he just can't get up enough nerve to write what needs to be written.
karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 0:27 utc | 41

It must be partly that, but I think he is like a hammer, that through experience, has learned that not all things and people are a nail.

Yet in his limited reality, he can not conceive of a solution that doesn't involve a hammer and a nail.

In disbanding them you have to do something with those people. You can't ever do one thing. You folks have seen that fiasco before.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 18:45 utc | 117

BM @113--

I recall the discussion about biowarfare during the Korean War and the accompanying documentation which I saved and the related inquiry/trial that occurred in 1952. I'm also aware of the Japanese biowarfare research that was done and the refusal of the USA and its Anglo allies not to perform a Nuremberg on clear Japanese War Criminals. Nor have I found time to look for that info today given other events and distractions, although I just now performed a search and found out Lavrov made the following address:

"I am delighted to welcome the organisers, participants and guests of the International Research and Practice Forum, The Khabarovsk War Crime Trials: Historic Significance and Contemporary Challenges.

"World War II, which claimed tens of millions of lives, became the greatest tragedy in the history of humanity. It is our sacred duty to preserve the memory of that period of time. Exploring new documents and sources contributes to the preservation of historical truth.

"Your forum is dedicated to the tribunal, held in Khabarovsk in December 1949, involving a group of Japanese military members guilty of creating chemical and bacteriological weapons, as well as testing them on living people. The archival material presented at the exhibition clearly shows the role of the Foreign Ministry in organising the Khabarovsk trial. Our diplomats convincingly explained to the Allied powers the reasons why the trial was necessary. The main reason was that the crimes of Manshu Detachment 731 and other Japanese units that performed inhuman experiments on prisoners of war were not sufficiently reflected in the cases considered by the 1946-1948 Tokyo Trial.

"In this respect, the Khabarovsk trial was an important extension to the Tokyo trial, as it acknowledged the horrors of the use of biological warfare for the first time and told the world about this ugly side of militarist Japan. The verdict passed by the court provided an objective assessment of the crimes committed. It is important that both current and future generations remember the atrocities committed by the Japanese militarists who left behind a bloody trail in the history of humanity. We have no moral right to forget about it.

"The next, 76th session of the UN General Assembly will open in New York soon. In this regard, it would be right to recall that the generally recognised World War II results enshrined in the UN Charter are unshakable. Russian diplomacy will continue to thwart any attempts to revise them no matter who makes them.

"The research and expert community as well as the public are responsible for contributing to this work, including through such events as your forum.

"I would like to wish you fruitful discussions and all the very best."

His hint that the attempt to falsify WW2's actions and outcome will be confronted at the UNGA provides yet another reason to closely watch its proceedings.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 18:52 utc | 118


“’s not okay to walk around infecting people with a fatal disease.” That rhetoric is used equine food. And depends on a lengthy string of assumptions about the nature of the disease and possible remedies. It is also not okay to use the power of the state to enforce participation in medical experiments. It is also not okay to rule by decree.

Posted by: Oldhippie | Sep 10 2021 18:55 utc | 119

"9. A fundamental requirement <= the audience must accept the (premise of the )fiction.." - snake @ 68
I would say they often recognize the fiction and agree to conspire.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 18:59 utc | 120

I've clearly fallen behind in my monitoring of Lavrov's activities as shown by my comment @119. Here's another commemoration address made by Lavrov celebrating "the Heroes of the Last World War II Battle campaign, September 3, 2021":

"The last World War II battle ended in late August 1945 in China, when the soldiers of the 1st Far Eastern Front’s 25th Army eliminated the pockets of resistance by the Japanese invaders in Dongning. More than 1,500 Soviet soldiers and officers died in the battle for the Dongning fortress. The people of the Soviet Union and China supported each other under these harsh war conditions, and fought shoulder to shoulder against fascism and militarism in the name of protecting peace and progress, and stood up for human dignity and freedom.

"The Chinese authorities have preserved and carefully maintained more than 80 military memorials to Soviet soldiers. Today there is a memorial near Dongning at the place where fortifications built by the Japanese occupants once stood. It was built in 2005 in memory of these bloody battles. A monument to Soviet soldiers who lost their lives while attacking Dongning fortress rises 30 metres above the ground at the entrance to the museum complex.

"Together, having paid a very heavy price in human casualties, we defeated the enemy and laid a solid foundation for relations between our countries. I am certain that the friendship and resolute mutual support that have been passed on from one generation to another will inject further positive momentum into Russia-China relations and strengthen international peace and stability. Russia and China firmly condemn any attempts to falsify World War II history and revise its outcomes, glorify Nazis, militarists and their enablers, or denigrate the victors."

Lavrov also provides a great variety of info during the Q&A session of his talk with the participants in the educational marathon “New knowledge”. Here we learn that Mr. Lavrov is indeed human:

"Question: You have headed the Russian Foreign Ministry for a long time and have vast experience. Do you ever feel afraid? Do you have such a feeling ever? For example, when was the last time you felt fear?

"Sergey Lavrov: Yes, I do. I was in Yekaterinburg yesterday at a meeting with the public, business circles and athletes. The meeting was held in the Russian Copper Company headquarters. It was built by a British architect bureau. It is a high-rise and I am afraid of heights. I had to go up to 28th floor in an elevator that had a glass wall overlooking the street. This was really uncomfortable, and I am honest about it. At least, nobody else has frightened me lately."

My wife shares his fear of heights issue, so she's in good company! But seriously, there are some very good points raised and info provided.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 19:17 utc | 121

the report of the minister's courageous action where extreme conditions had caused the photographer's calamity. Greater love hath no man than this...
juliania | Sep 10 2021 15:08 utc | 89

Oh come on people!!! Courageous? What a next level total f'en boss! What a hero!
My condolences to his family.
What a man.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 19:26 utc | 122

Yes, they are that crazy & stupid: "Moscow summons US ambassador over ‘meddling’ in Russian elections, accuses Americans of being ‘detached from reality’ in reaction":

"Moscow has 'irrefutable evidence' of American tech giants breaking Russian law, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, on Friday, as it summoned the US Ambassador, John Sullivan, to tell him it won’t tolerate election interference.

"The ministry informed the diplomat that Moscow considers any interference in Russia’s internal affairs to be 'absolutely unacceptable.' Officials added that they they had 'irrefutable' evidence that the American tech corporations have broken Russian laws in the lead-up to the parliamentary elections scheduled for next week.

"The US envoy spent around 20 minutes with his Russian counterparts following the summons and left the building without answering any questions from journalists. America’s diplomatic mission later told RIA Novosti that the brief visit was supposedly aimed at discussing plans for 'stable' relations with Russia under President Joe Biden." [My Emphasis]

I guess we need to refer to the Psaki Effect given the bald-faced lying. This reaction reminds me of an excellent question posed to Lavrov at the meeting linked @121 which I will provide. But given the length of Lavrov's reply, you'll need to read it at the link:

"Question: There is currently a lot of news concerning Afghanistan. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, recently said that “what we cannot do is to let the Chinese and Russians to take control of the situation.” What do you think about this statement? Can it be called diplomatic? Is it possible to resolve the situation in Afghanistan solely by diplomatic means, although the Taliban, an organisation banned in Russia, has gained power there?"

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 19:30 utc | 123

Thank you, Paco @ 97. That is very sad, but what a beautiful place! God bless and keep them both.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 10 2021 19:39 utc | 124

He really did say it: "We're going to protect vaccinated workers against unvaccinated workers."
If the vaccines actually work, then those without antibodies for Sars 2 mostly threaten others without antibodies. If the vaccines do not work, then those vaccinated should not be any more threatened by the unvaccinated than the vaccinated.
Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Sep 10 2021 16:41 utc | 101

On the other hand if the vaccines increase the risk of serious infection - as the Israeli data imply - then some might indeed argue that the vaccinated need to be protected against the unvaccinated; however in reality it is the vaccines themselves we need to be protected against, and those pushing them.

Posted by: BM | Sep 10 2021 19:58 utc | 125

Hi Karloff1. Another question relates to how financially strapped their administration is becoming.
My guess is China will step in at the point of economic collapse and save them. I think Russia will hold back.
What do you think?

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 19:59 utc | 126

According to data from the Scottish government, covid-19 hospital admissions for the over 60's have tripled, despite this age group being virtually 100% vaccinated.

Posted by: BM | Sep 10 2021 20:07 utc | 127

I found this comment on Dr Malcom Kendrick's site:

I live in Norway, here we have no official debate, no media asking questions or seeking to understand. Media has turned around and chosen to be the goverments PR-company.

I’m a journalist, I work freelance. Last year in august I went to Greece to write about how restrictions and lack of tourists effected people working in tourism. When I delivered the articles I was told by my ediotor “Where is panic? Where is fear? I can not print your article as long as there is no fear and no panic.

Wishing you all the best – and once again, thanks for contributing to more understanding and perspective.

Best regards, Irene Jacobsen

Posted by: BM | Sep 10 2021 20:11 utc | 128

BM @128--

Yesterday as I drove through my County Seat, Newport, Oregon, at an intersection was a lone 20ish woman wearing angel wings atop her duds wielding a sign bearing the very message you bolded to which I gave my thumbs-up. 1st time in a long while I've seen such a message aimed at BigLie Media.

David G Horsman @126--

Are you referring to the Outlaw US Empire or Afghanistan as both are about bankrupt? I expect no nation to aid the Empire, while China has already provided monetary support to the Afghan government. It should be noted that the puppet government still has representatives scattered around the world; it's one at the UN got some press for promoting the new Establishment Narrative.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 21:07 utc | 130

Why we must and will still have to talk about Covid-19 and calm down

Comments on the last Covid thread gave me a lot of thought and I promised to prepare a useful contribution to a collective reflection.
It is no longer a question of trying to convince each other that a specific medical procedure is justified.

It is a matter of collectively and individually preserve and develop our Independence [of thought and action].

vaccinated VS unvaccinated
I will try to explain in affectionate way.
The words, phrases and notions we use and Bernhard used have already been manipulated.
b. proved his own case by his recent article.

"Why You Should Get Vaccinated But Don't Need A Third Shot"
[...]  It doesn't help that the media are currently back at bad reporting about the various vaccine issues.

Notice: vaccine = singular, issues = plural
Q: Why do people who were vaccinated still get Covid-19?
A: The vaccines are not giving a 'sterilizing immunity'. They were... [...]

And we have collectively succumbed.
I posted

The consequence of this article [is it a will? ] is to spread the idea that vaccine and mRNA therapy are synonymous

B. replied to me, to make it clear that there was a lack of understanding.

Posted by: b | Sep 7 2021 17:17 utc | 221

Nowhere in the above piece have I mentioned mRNA vaccines. What I discussed is the same for all vaccines. I myself received Astra Zeneka which uses the same principle as Sputnik. Why? Because it was the only one on offer. I would not have minded a different one be it mRNA based or something else.

But it was already too late.

No mention of mRNA, but no carefully discrimination.
As do all CDC, Charité or MSM...
And we are forced to be "pro-vax" or "pro-virus".
We are manipulated.
Behind the fog and curtains, the good questions should be

Is there A vaccine or many products?
Are all of them vaccines?
Are all effective, safe, recommended, for all of us....?
Why are only mRNA valid in US and EU?
We need to believe little, question everything, using or rebuilding an adequate vocabulary

Our interactions, if we are not careful to remain accurate and factual, only serve to oppose one another.

I apologize, b. but there is 4 or 5 false assumptions just because, in the new Covid era, the words don't worth anymore the same.
Like "mRNA", they are now "small capsule" containing a "code" in order to produce a copyrighted behavior.

I took back my books, Schopenhauer, Hannah Arendt, including that of Albrecht Müller, whose title I use as a frequent signature.

He alerts us right from the introduction because we think that we think for ourselves and it’s often just an illusion.

"Gedanken sind frei" [“The thoughts are Free”] - that’s to a wonderful song. But in text some illusions. [...] If a large majority no longer has its own thoughts, then public opinion is controllable...

For today I want to bring calm and just some "affectionate teasing", I offer you three musical links.
1/ The song “Die Gedanken sind frei” With English subtitles.
2/ But also a multicultural version by  Alsace's singers.
And specially dedicated to b. [and those of you who would feel assaulted by my opinions,
I'm sorry
Please accept my apologies...

Glaube wenig,
hinterfrage alles,
denke selbst

   - - - - - - -
Believe little,
question everything,
think for yourself

Posted by: Odenwälder | Sep 10 2021 21:56 utc | 131

A very big step towards the reality of the Union State was accomplished today. Here're Putin and Lukashenko's statements and media's Q&A. There's lots of excellent info to glean but I chose the following Q&A because of what is conveys about the entire process and why it's taken so long to consummate:

"I have a question for you, President Putin.

"Indeed, the list of subjects included in the union programmes brings union integration between our two countries to the highest and broadest level.

"We must give credit to the governments that were able to agree upon a number of highly sensitive and principled matters such as monetary and foreign exchange policy, customs and taxation systems, a number of sector-specific problems, and social guarantee convergence. However, we must also admit the fact that for a number of years now, year in and year out, the development of the Union State was held back by a number of trade and economic hurdles. Frankly speaking, it is not easy for the Belarusian people to understand some of them. For example, the working conditions for Belarusian carriers in Russia are worse than for the Lithuanian or Polish carriers, and this despite the fact that our countries agreed on creating a common economic space more than 20 years ago.

"In this regard, my question is: do you think that once adopted and implemented, these union programmes will make it possible to resolve that pile of long-standing mutual problems and to leave them behind as we push ahead into the future?

"Vladimir Putin: You have taken a bird’s eye view of the matters finding a solution to which was a challenge for us. But if we start to dig deeper, it will become quite clear why it was so difficult for us to agree on things. It is because one side believed that it was enough to make some operational decisions at the governmental level and things would be settled, while the other side believed that certain decisions on certain matters could not be made until more fundamental decisions had been made.

"I just mentioned what we agreed on, and I will say it again, since this is an absolutely critical matter. So, we have agreed on conducting common macroeconomic policy. I will not go into details now, and you are probably aware of what this is about. We have also agreed on harmonising monetary policy, payment system integration, ensuring information security, and deepening cooperation in customs regulations and taxation. That is, we are talking about transparency of the customs value of goods and definition of the transparent structure of the value of goods in the economy in general.

"Our experts believed that without resolving these matters we cannot move on to other matters concerning individual commodity groups, including energy. We agreed to create a single methodology, which is important, for harmonising indirect taxes and a department which would control these processes.

"When the economy becomes transparent, when it becomes clear how much the goods cost when they are imported into any of the two states, Russia or Belarus, and then enter our customs territories, then we can talk about those goods’ real value. And this allowed us to agree on something else – we are now moving towards a unified industrial policy and access to government procurement and government contracts. This amounts to a transition to very specific work in these areas.

"But we disagreed for quite a long time. I have to say that our Belarusian partners are hard negotiators, but still, gradually, breaking the ideas down to elemental parts, we have practically – well, not practically, but fully agreed on all these matters. The President of Belarus and I have reaffirmed this today. We have agreed on all the details, you know, all the problems. When we got down to the details and spelled it all out, this puzzle just came together, and I hope it all really works."

In his opening remarks, Putin provided the following synopsis of what was accomplished:

"These are 28 so-called 'union programmes' that are aimed at the unification of laws in Russia and Belarus in various economic areas, the levelling of conditions for the operation of the two countries’ economic entities, the formation of uniform financial and energy markets, transport infrastructure, the development and implementation of a common industrial and agricultural policy.

"Today, I would like to say with satisfaction, that all 28 programmes have been agreed upon. Tomorrow, they are to be approved at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State in Minsk, after which they will be submitted for approval by the Supreme State Council of the Union State, which will convene before the end of this year. Mr Lukashenko and I have agreed on that, and we will now check our schedules and determine a more or less exact timeline."

IMO, this is a very important and long anticipated event that's a Win-Win for both nations and represents a massive blow to NATO and its overlord the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 21:57 utc | 132

John Helmer of Dances With Bears has obtained evidence that a) the emergency medical team that rushed to Navalny’s aid was deployed a full day before Navalny fell ill, and b) some pertinent physical evidence in the case seems to have miraculously vanished.

Posted by: nwwoods | Sep 10 2021 22:14 utc | 133

Hello karlof1. How ya doin?

Thanks for that link to Lavrov. He's on top of his game:

All these years, we have conducted dialogue with all Afghan communities without exception, including the Taliban. When someone says that it is impossible to deal with them, he or she is being sly . A UN Security Council resolution does not call the entire Taliban movement a terrorist organisation. Instead, it imposes sanctions on certain Talib leaders for specific “transgressions,” including terrorism, involvement in illegal drug trafficking, etc.

When members of the UN Security Council passed this resolution, most countries, including the Russian Federation, included its provisions in their national legislation. The President of Russia issued the relevant executive order. As far as I know, the United States did not pass such national acts. So, this nuance shows how various countries deal with the subject.


I'm interested in the word chosen - sly. Is that the choice of Lavrov, or of some interpreter?

Do you think he might have meant "crafty"?


Speaking of Josep Borrell’s statements, they closely match the style of the European Union’s diplomacy. The mentality of EU diplomacy is that they perceive each country, located not only near Russia and Europe, that is, former Soviet republics, Central and Eastern European countries, but also those as remote as Afghanistan, in the either/or context. Either any specific country sides with Europe or it supports the Russian Federation. The EU expects all countries to make their choice. These concepts and discourses hold no promise and lead into a blind alley.

"You're either with us or you're against us."

As a European citizen and one of those that pays for Mr Borrell I'd like to know when it was that I approved a policy of "You're either with us or against us".

That's George W Bush, that is. Who gave this cunt Borrell the right to turn the great institution of the European Union into George Fucking W Bush?

karlof1's link

Posted by: John Cleary | Sep 10 2021 22:22 utc | 134

A random thought.

Australia's ABC Radio National, [available online] has been navel gazing about 9/11. The presenter Geraldine Dogue [Progressive Except for Palestine] assured listeners, America's foreign policy changed following 9/11/.

I say, America's foreign policy simply accelerated as if on steroids. Policy strategy is fixed, only tactics changed. This had disastrous built in consequences and self defeating perils for all concerned.

This brings me to [reluctantly] regurgitate the subject of the pandemic. If the past is any guide, those responsible for US foreign policy need more than millions of deaths and a wrecked economy to get smart. The pandemic will accelerate the stupidity. They have learnt nothing from their successive train wrecks.

It is those responsible for the cruel and destructive foreign policy objectives and their foreign collaborators and stooges who urgently need to be changed. Bring on the ICC trials, that's what courts are for.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 10 2021 22:29 utc | 135


Theranos fraud trial opens in Silicon Valley

The Theranos case is truly fascinating. Every historian who research Late Capitalism should study it.

This is the essential question: is it a fraud or a mistake? The substance here is that it is both - that's one of the features of the period. Frauds have existed since the dawn of Capitalism, but it is only at its late period that fraudsters could get so rich, so dominant, and so widely accepted socially.


West fails to slow BRI as win-win partnerships shine through

From the coup in Guinea to the revolt in Myanmar and the reconstruction of Afghanistan, their possible impacts upon major Belt and Road projects with the participation of Chinese companies have always been under the spotlight.

The Chinese know. They know.

The West is only fooling itself when it thinks it is fooling China.

Posted by: vk | Sep 10 2021 22:33 utc | 136

For more on the ABC [PEP] Doogue dog and her credibility, see the resource on Middle East Reality Check:

For example.

Posted by: Paul | Sep 10 2021 23:12 utc | 137

John Cleary @134--

It's murky as the machine translation I get via Edge of that sentence is, "When they say that they 'can not communicate' with them, it is 'from the evil one.'" In Russian, "от лукавого" with лукавый being the word for crafty in my Russian/English dictionary that Yandex machine translates as "the crafty one." This is from the Russian transcript:

"Когда говорят о том, что с ними «нельзя общаться», – это «от лукавого»"

Yandex translates that into:

"When they say that it is "impossible to communicate with them", it is "from the evil one."

IMO, the word choice is clearly Lavrov's. Going in the other direction, English->Russian, sly is хитрый, which is not even close phonetically to the word for crafty. So, I would infer crafty like a thief's crafty, or sly as the MFA's translator provided. Yet another example of how nuanced meaning can be obliterated via machine translation.

Lavrov not too long ago said he had a longstanding friendly--he felt--relationship with Borrell, but I don't think he feels that way any longer. I know diplomats are supposed to be capable of separating the business from the personal; but after so many lies and outright distortions, IMO a divorce is in order.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 10 2021 23:22 utc | 138

You wanna new laptop, fine....

I ain't gonna embellish your upgrade, seeing as how you basically defecated on those of us who don't buy into your 'vaxx-up chums' bs!

Posted by: polecat | Sep 11 2021 0:14 utc | 139

@John Cleary | Sep 10 2021 22:22 utc | 134

One has to understand the Brussels was the seat of NATO hq long before it also became the seat of EU hq.

That is the order of things. The EU as a democratic institution representing eurooean citizens is a bad joke.

Posted by: Lurk | Sep 11 2021 0:42 utc | 140

BM #128

Thank you for the link to sane commentary. I too am fascinated with the Northern Ireland/UK comparison.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 1:16 utc | 141

@ David G Horsman | Sep 10 2021 17:43 utc | 109... what do you plan on doing about it?? thanks..

@ nwwoods | Sep 10 2021 22:14 utc | 133... thanks... would be interesting if he could prove it in a court of ''western'' law, not that the western msm would listen....

Posted by: james | Sep 11 2021 1:19 utc | 142

@ BM | Sep 10 2021 20:11 utc | 128... i shared the scottish doctors article a few days ago here at moa... it seemed like no one picked up on it, so i am glad it is now making the wider rounds at moa...

Posted by: james | Sep 11 2021 1:20 utc | 143

karlof1 @ 138, I haven't yet read your links but to say "от лукавого" is for Russians very strong indeed -- those are the final words of the Lord's Prayer in Russian, translated as "...but deliver us from the evil one."

Posted by: juliania | Sep 11 2021 1:40 utc | 144

BM #110

Vaccine cards - there will be an immediate black market.
Likely run by the same mobsters that run Pfizer etc.
The USA will blame China for the black market.

Every enterprising geek with a printer will produce them and undercut the mob.
Expect rise in premature teen deaths due to Covid-19.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 1:57 utc | 145

Thanks again karlof1, and also John Cleary for the link to Lavrov's interview. Reading in context without hearing how it was said, I'm guessing using such a reference was meant lightly but meaningfully to point out there was no substance to the statement about Russia's relationship with the Taliban.

The interesting sentence for me was when he said "We are unwilling to go against the current and never do anything against the wind." That reminded me of conversations we were having on the last covid thread.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 11 2021 2:08 utc | 147

Good TED talk on money vs resources by Stephanie Kelton.

Paper fiat vs people, equipment, technology and raw materials.

We should be asking how do we resource it?, instead of how do we pay for it?

Transcript here

Posted by: financial matters | Sep 11 2021 2:34 utc | 148

Muslim Brotherhood gets dumped out in Moroccan elections.

Erdogan and Israel have been manipulating communities across the Arab and Muslim worlds through a chain of anti-Islamic parties of the Muslim Brotherhood that follows the ‘Wahhabi-light’ doctrine, they have been receiving setbacks recently, one after the other, with their parties wiping out over a decade of control through the same methods they reached power with, the latest was in Morocco.

The Justice and Development Party (PJD), the Moroccan branch of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood AK Party, Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Party, was served a humiliating defeat in the results of the parliamentary elections announced today, Thursday 09 September, winning only 13 seats out of the 395 members of the House of Representatives, losing 113 seats from the last elections which had put them in full power, they came last among the parties that won seats in the elections.

After a whole decade of being the ruling party, the PJD is now the losing party by all standards, calls for an ‘extraordinary national conference’ to address the ‘incomprehensible and illogical results’ were made by some of the bases in the party.

Watch out for your shipping port Moroccans, someone might have parked a stash of 'fertiliser' there.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 2:37 utc | 149

@ financial matters | Sep 11 2021 2:34 utc | 148 with the TED talk on money vs resources by Stephanie Kelton links

Sorry, but not impressed......if only we had the political will....sigh

And then her resource concept is misleading because a country is limited by its natural and human resources to a large degree.

But, again, here we have an acolyte for private finance not saying a word about what happens behind the fig leaf of Western economic thought about Hand, The Invisible.

MMT is only useful as a concept once you wrest control of finance out of the hands of the private China has done.

Look at the privatize the profits application of MMT that is happening today in America where the Treasury is buying up $110 billion per month of ???, but mostly US Treasuries.....showing again how we can have privatize the profits and socialize the losses at the same time....and this is before the casino derivative bets are accounted for as the result of the coming crash......outlawing (no skin in the game) derivatives is where political will needs to be applied, IMO

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 11 2021 3:03 utc | 150

uncle tungsten 149

Erdogan and Israel... my impression was that piece assumes erdo and Israel are working together? or did I get the wrong impression?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 11 2021 3:18 utc | 151

Peter AU1 #151

Yep that's the drift. Evil works with evil wherever convenient.

Then there is this from the same link.

This latest defeat comes on the heels of the collapse of powers its sister branch in Tunisia An-Nahda suffered first by popular uprisings and then when the Tunisian president used his constitutional powers to freeze the parliament which was dominated by An-Nahda; the constitution was written by the same party a decade ago to ensure its control over the political life in Tunisia, leading from behind, and never thought it would be used against it, especially with an election that would bring a popular unknown unaffiliated president on an overwhelming 73% of the total votes in comparison with the 27% votes the Muslim Brotherhood An-Nahda candidate received.

The deadly mistake the Moroccan PJD party committed, in addition to aligning itself with the policies of its supreme leader the Turkish madman Erdogan, was its recognition of Israel and then turning Morocco into a platform for visiting Israeli minister to issue threats against its neighboring country Algeria from Casablanca without any response or intervention by the Moroccan officials, these threats and the shift in policies against the interests of the North African Arab countries led to Algeria severing its ties with Morocco and the Muslim Brotherhood losing power in yet another country.

So far, Erdogan and Israel Muslim Brotherhood proxies have lost in Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, after reaching the ultimate power in these countries while failing to achieve victory in Syria and Yemen despite the terrorism, massacres, and war crimes committed by its proxy ‘freedom fighter’ terrorists who in turn received all of NATO’s support and the Qatari and Saudi funding. Erdogan himself lost 5 of the major cities in Turkey including Istanbul and Ankara in the latest general elections, not even Mr. Putin can save him for a second time. You can thank the Syrian people for their sacrifices and suffering, steadfastness, and determination to defeat the dark plots designed by the evil powers to take over the Arab and Muslim world.

In addition the Nordic Monitor reports Turkish Imams are getting ecstasy release after the Taliban defeat of the USA in Afghanistan. Caution: This is from a site that seems to HATE Erdoghan with intense ferocity - maybe they are democrat Turks or even Gulenists in exile but they sure do hate nerdy.

Nureddin Yıldız, a radical cleric close to President Erdoğan who openly advocates armed jihad, posted a video on his Facebook page, which has close to 700,000 followers, on the day the Taliban took over Afghanistan, praising sharia (the religious law of Islam) and explained that the duty of all Muslims was to implement sharia law. Even though there is no mention of Afghanistan or the Taliban in the video, the comments under the video revealed that its purpose was to support the Taliban. According to Yıldız, Muslims have been waiting for sharia law for almost for a century. Explaining that trying to please the infidels was pointless, Yıldız also stated that Israel is a religious state so there is no need to be ashamed of seeking religious rule for Muslims.
[my emphasis]

So there you have it both Morocco and Tunisia have ousted the Muslim Brotherhood while the izzies and turks believe they have a firm grip on the Taliban.

Perhaps, time will tell.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 3:46 utc | 152

Lebanon from GEROMAN
The new Lebanese government includes three types of people:

1- World bank officials
2- Lebanese Central bank officials
3- France and USA affiliated officials and ambassadors.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 4:03 utc | 153

There's something odd here uncle tungsten. Erdo though I don't like him much has proved himself a strategic player. He will play Russia against US and so forth but mostly I think has his eye set on the multi-polar world. There is a circle that is Qatar, Turkey (erdo), Iran - the common denominator among them is anti Israel.
Erdo will jump on whatever bus is going his way, but I'm wondering about Erdo himself and his support base when it comes to jumping on the Israel bus.?

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 11 2021 4:07 utc | 154

uncle tungsten @Sep11 2:37 #149: Watch out for your shipping port Moroccans ...

I think the term for truth as dressed up as sardonic humor is "not the onion."

uncle tungsten @Sep11 4:03 #153: The new Lebanese government includes three types of people

Or just one type: Empire lackeys.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 4:32 utc | 155

Peter AU1 @Sep11 4:07 #154:

Erdo ... play[s] Russia against US ... I think has his eye set on the multi-polar world.

Then why does he anger the Russians who are so steadfast against Islamic terrorism (see my comment @Sep10 3:07 #67)?

Muslim Brotherhood doesn't strike me as anti-Empire. I think it began as a sort of 'protestant' movement that opposed Saudi/Wahabbi control of the Islamic World. But MB (like the Wahabbi's) are fundamentalist and ultimately controlled by forces that, to me, appear to be leaning toward the Empire, if only because they find the Russian and Chinese stance wrt religion to be so distasteful.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 4:52 utc | 156

Also recall that Hillary's assistant (Huma Abedin) has MB ties.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 4:54 utc | 157

I just read on Reuters that Prince Andrew has been served papers in the sex scandal and am not sure how that fits with the John McCleary (sp?) version of what is happening with the ascension to the throne plans of the face of British empire???

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 11 2021 4:59 utc | 158

FUKUS [UK, US] never left their war booty behind without booby trapping it , cue India, HK....

sleepy wily joe seems to be anticipating some 'beautiful sight to behold' ala HK.

China has real problems… it will be interesting to see what happens.

Empire watch rule 1
When FUKUS sounds an alarm, run for cover, those are insider info.

No sooner than the gringo 'left' Afghan, when CIA /RAW patsies , the TTP and Baloch militants have already slaughtered dozens of Chinese engineers in PAK....

China should squint before jumping into the Afghan re-construction 'windfall', lest it might turn into another Guinea. !

Posted by: denk | Sep 11 2021 5:06 utc | 159

Silent ongoing US withdrawal from Iraq and Syria?

US troops begin Iraq withdrawal in large numbers

Head of Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi army Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji told the Iraq News Agency (INA) that the US troops have started their withdrawal in large numbers.

Al-Khafaji said that the United States has not made any requests to continue the presence of its troops in Iraq.

The commander added the US side has said it will abide by the agreements reached in the strategic dialogue and that December 31 will be the last day of the US military presence in Iraq.

Biden Forces Secretly Withdrawing from the Oil Fields Northeast of Syria

A secret withdrawal, apparently, by the American forces present in Syria, where private military sources told Al-Alam TV that the American forces evacuated their positions from three military sites, adding that the evacuated sites are two of them in Al-Hasakah Governorate and the third in the areas of Deir Ezzor countryside.

The areas that were evacuated include the Al-Omar field area near the oil wells in Deir Ezzor and the areas of Tal Baidar and Qasrak in Qamishli, Al-Hasakah Governorate.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 11 2021 5:25 utc | 160

@uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 2:37 utc | 149

Watch out for your shipping port Moroccans, someone might have parked a stash of 'fertiliser' there.


Indeed. Who needs nuclear devices?

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 11 2021 5:29 utc | 161

Posted by: juliania | Sep 11 2021 2:08 utc | 147

Good morning Juliania, that was a beautiful image you put forth in the previous thread, to bend like grass when under stress, a quality that I cannot boast about, but with time we learn to live with our shortcomings. You pointed out correctly to the last sentence of the christian prayer that contains all wisdom and all books within it*. The translation was correct for the context since it is used even as a verb in day to day language, like don't you fool me, yandex translator gives these synonyms:

cunning · insidious · unclean · deceitful · clever · cunning · hypocritical · cunning · deceitful · malicious · fake · devil · satan · demon · enemy · demon · devil mischievous · playful · crooked · evil spirit · unclean force · unclean spirit · cursed

* It contains a lesson that even christian governments insist in not implementing, forgiving debts:

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

Posted by: Paco | Sep 11 2021 5:31 utc | 162

A picture is worth a thousand words!
nuff said!

4 and 1/2 little red square and we have 'pandemic'?
WHO knew better?!
new world order of vaxxed!

Posted by: ? | Sep 11 2021 6:02 utc | 163

@57&118 Karlof1
You can find the full protocols of the Khabarovsk trials here (just klick "open").

If you still have the compilation of articles about the alleged use of biological weapons by the USA during the Korean War that b had posted here a while age then you might also want to look up for information concerning the Japanese attack on Ningpo in 1940. The innitial report of the Chinese doctor in charge is one of that documents.

Tha attack at Ningpo is to my knowledge the only case where it is established beyond doupt that a bioweapon attack had occured and where we have both detailed documentation from the victim side (the doctors report) and farly detailed information from the attacker (the witness reports in the Khabarovsk protocols).

Posted by: m | Sep 11 2021 6:36 utc | 164

Peter AU1

Re Turkey / Israel / Muslim Brotherhood.

Consider this link posted by snake #1 in this thread and these particular paragraphs:

The neoconservative movement was born in the editorial office of the monthly magazine Commentary, which had replaced the Contemporary Jewish Record in 1945 as the press organ of the American Jewish Committee. “If there is an intellectual movement in America to whose invention Jews can lay sole claim, neoconservatism is it,” wrote Gal Beckerman in the Jewish Daily Forward, January 6, 2006. “It is a fact that as a political philosophy, neoconservatism was born among the children of Jewish immigrants and is now largely the intellectual domain of those immigrants’ grandchildren.”

The founding fathers of neoconservatism (Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Donald Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Adam Shulsky) were self-proclaimed disciples of Leo Strauss, a German Jewish immigrant teaching at the University of Chicago. Strauss can be characterized as a meta-Zionist in the sense that, while an ardent supporter of the State of Israel, he rejected the idea that Israel as a nation should be contained within borders; Israel must retain her specificity, which is to be everywhere, he said in essence in his 1962 lecture “Why We Remain Jews.” Strauss would also approve of being called a Machiavellian, for in his Thoughts on Machiavelli, he praised the “the intrepidity of his thought, the grandeur of his vision, and the graceful subtlety of his speech” (p. 13). Machiavelli’s model of a prince was Cesar Borgia, the tyrant who after having appointed the cruel Ramiro d’Orco to subdue the province of Romania, had him executed with utter cruelty, thus reaping the people’s gratitude after having diverted their hatred onto another. Machiavelli, writes Strauss, “is a patriot of a particular kind: He is more concerned with the salvation of his fatherland than with the salvation of his soul” (p. 10). And that happens to be exactly what Jewishness is all about, according to Jewish thinkers such as Harry Waton: “The Jews that have a deeper understanding of Judaism know that the only immortality there is for the Jew is the immortality in the Jewish people” (read more here). As a matter of fact, in the Jewish World Review of June 7, 1999, Michael Ledeen, a neocon and founding member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), assumed that Machiavelli must have been a “secret Jew,” since “if you listen to his political philosophy you will hear Jewish music.”

This link will take you directly to Leo Strauss "Thoughts on Machiavelli".

However not all jewish people share this view, many remember the WWII betrayal by the Zionist collaborators in Hungary and elsewhere. We discussed one or two in an earlier thread. The survivors of this treachery were abundantly clear with me on their position in these matters when I was a youth. They had journeyed through hell and knew exactly that they had been betrayed and they knew every name.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 6:44 utc | 165

Norwegian #160

That is good news. It will be interesting to see if the Kurd scavengers attempt to fill the void. May the Armenian curse pursue them to their end.

I read this in South Front.

I also read elsewhere that Iran is alleged to have shelled the Kurds in NE Iraq.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 7:06 utc | 166

Silk Road Briefing informs of the commencement of traffic through Myanmar to China:

The first shipment of goods using a new maritime-road-rail transportation corridor has arrived at China’s Chengdu International Railway Port following the completion of the Chengdu-Lincang railway line. The new route from the China-Myanmar border gives China better connectivity to the Indian Ocean and opens the huge Sichuan Provincial markets to India and Southeast Asia. Sichuan Province has a huge population, including the massive Chongqing city region of some 102 million. It also provides Sichuan, a landlocked Province, with access to a major seaport.

This is a serious game changer and enables a broader dimension to trade than I had thought.

Major beneficiaries include Singapore, itself one of the regions key seaports and distribution hubs, one of the top three seaports worldwide by volume. Myanmar will also benefit in terms of developing transportation, warehousing, and repackaging services. The route effectively connects the logistics lines of Singapore, Myanmar, and China, and is currently the most convenient land and sea channel linking the Indian Ocean with southwest China. The corridor can be expected to become the main route for international trade between China and Myanmar.

Yangon Port also receives shipments from Bangladesh and India’s Kolkata, (Calcutta) in addition to numerous other South Asian ports, meaning additional China market access and vice versa for these markets to and from Sichuan.

The route is also important for China’s other landlocked southwest provinces, including Yunnan, partially addressing what is known as China’s “Malacca dilemma”, referring to the regional dependence on the Indian Ocean maritime chokepoint at the Malacca Straits. The new Sichuan-Myanmar corridor bypasses this and will promote additional freight redistribution sub routes.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 7:11 utc | 167

@ BM | Sep 10 2021 17:46 utc | 110
Replying to What does this mean in plain language please?
Posted by: DG | Sep 9 2021 21:48 utc | 25

BM, Thanks for your reply, I think.!

Unfortunately it doesn’t leave me any the wiser!

Whether it’s right /wrong / incomplete / not peer reviewed is another matter and certainly valid but it’s the conclusion I was needing help with - I’ll address my citing it first as follows:

1. This is flagged on an officially linked site spring boarding from the ONS site here

Which sends me to


2. I have a personal interest in this study. I have been working on the ONS CIS/CEM testing, and these are the first results being published that I have found, all be it in a not so easy to find links. I have been waiting for the results for months now and these are certainly the most comprehensive so far.
3. My concern with this particular piece of analysis of actual real world data is that I am not clear as to what the conclusion is saying. Or to be more precise I think I do - but I want it to be confirmed by someone who can be exact.

I am not denying your explanation, about cycles etc - I can’t ! Because it too is not as plain English as it could be and I am not sure how it relates to understanding that particular papers conclusions - which is what I trying to do first!

Would you or someone else please try again? (b if you have any bandwidth for it included?)

We need to understand the data in plain language, to get through the fog of this particular war as the world celebrates the fog of the 20 year one today.

Posted by: DG | Sep 11 2021 7:31 utc | 168

Posted by: Paco | Sep 10 2021 16:17 utc | 97

Take a look at the Putorana Plateau:

Beautiful photos. But it is easy to get killed here.

What I noticed is the polygonal columnar basalt, that seems to be everywhere. This is indicative of a volcanic event. But how can everything be a volcano?

Wikipedia explains: The Putorana Plateau is mainly composed of basalt from the Siberian Traps. The Siberian Traps are a huge area of trap rock that formed in a massive eruption at the time of the Permian–Triassic extinction event around 251.9 million years ago.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Sep 11 2021 7:54 utc | 169

Paco @ 162, good morning to you as well! (2a.m. here) It's interesting that you say the phrase is common like 'don't you fool me' -- I was thinking to say it was very like the English phrase "The devil you say!" often found in novels as well.

And as to 'forgive us our debts as we forgive...' there is a lovely turnabout to that at the Last Supper, where Christ says (again to the disciples, as with the prayer) "Love one another as I have loved you." He says it several times, calling it 'a new commandment' - so in both places there is a particular turn of phrase around the word 'as', only the direction being reversed. And they, being versed in the language being spoken, as you are, would realize the parity, that the two go together.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 11 2021 8:34 utc | 170

It's a small world, uncle tungsten @ 165. The liberal arts college of my youth had a tenuous (for me) connection to Leo Strauss, in that the founders of its program came from U of Chicago, and respecting Strauss my understanding is that his teaching stressed a tension between Jerusalem and Athens, philosophically speaking. Which my own favorite teacher disagreed with, and that did become my conviction also. I hadn't known of the Machiavellian connection, so thanks for that.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 11 2021 8:54 utc | 171

U.S. pulls missile defenses in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks :

Next, Taiwan?

Posted by: Antonym | Sep 11 2021 9:28 utc | 172

Richard Medhurst has just posted an >a href="">excellent interview with Dr Wahab on the current Afghanistan situation with a long look at ISIS-K, its origin and agenda. Nineteen minutes utoob.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 9:50 utc | 173

ooooops, the link again.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 11 2021 9:52 utc | 174

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Sep 11 2021 7:54 utc | 169

I became acquainted with that fantastic place following a photographer friend of a friend, this guy lives in Norilsk the biggest city beyond the arctic circle, and from there they do excursions to that plateau. It is the size of Great Britain and of volcanic origin, a nature preserve registered by the UN and a very hard place to go, access is for professional trekkers and even access by helicopter is restricted, in other days I would have dreamt about visiting it but it does not look like it’ll be possible, it requires being in really good shape and although I do not suffer any chronic illness age does not help. I do not abandon my hope of sometime visiting Norilsk, a place where foreigners need special permit to visit.

Here you have a link to an old liveJournal blog that is outdated, Nikolay Shipko moved to Instagram, he is a really good photographer, just like my friend Aleksey, I’ll leave a link to a search instance and another one to the search for Plateau Putorana, you can click on different instances since these guys go there in winter¡¡¡¡

Putorana search:

Putorana seasons

Nikolay Shipko Instagram:

Posted by: Paco | Sep 11 2021 11:13 utc | 175

No 9/11 commemorations in sight. Last thing they want is a replay of their cheesy primitive efforts at CGI video. Kids who weren’t born yet when it happened, who are without the emotional investment, watch the old videos and just can’t believe what suckers we all were.

Posted by: Oldhippie | Sep 11 2021 12:30 utc | 176

Two Decades After 9/11 the Biggest Casualty is U.S. Empire

I can recommend reading the above short article which was linked earlier. The final paragraph is worth repeating here:

The U.S. empire seized the 9/11 moment with a view to consolidating its global power as a presumed unipolar colossus. The nefarious project ended in abysmal failure because of its innate criminality. As we survey the ruins left in the wake of 9/11, Afghanistan and other American wars over the past 20 years, perhaps the most salient casualty is U.S. ambitions of imperial power. Ultimately, despite the unspeakable human tragedies, that is a good thing.

Posted by: BM | Sep 11 2021 13:14 utc | 177

Next time an Islamic terrorist attack happens in France, let the French people know why the terrorist flew under the radar of the French intelligence:

French company Lafarge funded ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria - and French intelligence knew all about it.

I don't like the phrase, but this is a literal case of "it's not a bug, but a feature".

Posted by: vk | Sep 11 2021 13:37 utc | 178

BM @ 177

Impressive article in many ways. A lot said in a short article including:

‘ The total financial cost of the U.S.’ “war on terror” is newly estimated at over $8 trillion. The waste in resources is reflected in the decrepit state of American (and British) society where public services and infrastructure are crumbling, and inequality and poverty are at record levels.’

I don’t remember anyone asking how we were going to pay for it.

Posted by: financial matters | Sep 11 2021 13:39 utc | 179

Two infrastructure corridors completed.
Posted by: Paul | Sep 11 2021 2:04 utc | 146

Take that with a barrel of salt! It is a remarkably misinformed and misguided article - the highlighted rail route doesn't connect whatsoever with the road route through Myanmar which goes via Mang-Baoshan-Dali!

Posted by: BM | Sep 11 2021 14:21 utc | 180

The tragedy of 9-11

The tragedy of 9-11 is not that nearly 3,000 Americans died on that day, it is that it was preventable and the wars and human rights abuses that happened afterward were unjustifiable.

USA attacked Iraq based on lies, engaged in global rendition and torture (secretly supported by US allies), and remained in Afghanistan well past the defeat of al Queda. As a result, tens of thousands of American soldiers were unnecessary casualties (dead and injured), the American people were bilked of trillions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East and beyond have suffered (dead, injured, displaced). The government's ongoing perception management operation known as "remembering 9-11" would like people to forget these things.

Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that 9-11 was not simply allowed to happen but planned.

  • The "peace dividend" from the end of the Cold War never came - there was no intention to stand down;
  • Neocons called for a "new pearl harbor" a few years before 9-11;
  • Israeli "dancing Schlomo's" celebrated the attack and the Jewish billionaire that owned WTC mysteriously did not show up at the WTC restaurant (at the top of the first tower to be hit) that day for his regular morning breakfast meetings);
  • WTC7 fell at free fall speed. The destruction of WTC7 eliminated records needed in the prosecution of Enron and Anderson Accounting firm.
  • The Bush Administration was so intent on cleaning up the site (destroying evidence?) that they lied to the workers about the safety of working the 'pile' - hundreds of workers developed health problems and many died as a direct result of those health issues.

The resources wasted on these senseless wars could have been used in ways that make USA/West stronger and more secure: to help the Russians as they transitioned to a market economy; to improve infrastructure and education. Instead, among other things, we made enemies of Russia and much of the Middle East and fell behind China which we helped to become powerful.

And so the warring goes on. Now with a Cold War.

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. No one should fall for feel-good narratives from Empire Media. War is not only profitable for MIC and the Security-Intelligence Complex (SIC) but is also used as a lever for social control.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 14:33 utc | 181

Ideal woman under Taliban 2.0

Posted by: Afgun | Sep 11 2021 14:37 utc | 182

Conclusion of the event: 'The notion that hijab should be personal and affects only the person is wrong. Lack of hijab is like a virus that would make the whole society sick.'

Posted by: Afgun | Sep 11 2021 14:41 utc | 183

The Psychology of Totalitarianism: 4 things need to be in place (and they are).

Mass psychology works same as hypnosis. Professor Mattias Desmet is a lecturer of psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting, Ghent University.

The first 16-18 minutes set out the key points. It took him 6 months (in 2020) to work out that things (statistics) did not add up -- and widespread blindness to this was evident. I found that to be my experience as well as bunkered down under chemotherapy on another personal health frontline in early 2020. And even now highly intelligent and credentialed people I know cannot 'see' this aspect.

According to Desmet, a hard core 30% never will wake up. Another 40% are semi-awake but going with the flow. And 30% are awake enough to see it in action. Mattias Desmet explains why as mass psychosis.

I've posted the Bitcute link here, but it may also be YouTube, although their livestream on that media was interrupted. The link was originally posted in a comment on the UNZ report. Nails it, imo. Highly recommended. Some screen images freeze from time to time but the audio is 100% continuous.

If a search is needed the title is: “The Psychology of Totalitarianism. Reiner Fuellmich, Prof Mattias Desmet, Wolfgang Wodarg” and posted August 2nd, 2021.

Posted by: imo | Sep 11 2021 14:54 utc | 184

Posted by: DG | Sep 11 2021 7:31 utc | 168

Ah, then that I think largely explains it. I know it is not what you want to hear, but the truth is there is very little you can deduce from that paper because of the methodological flaws, which to a large extent are likely to be deliberate. The primary objective of the UK government - and especially concerning all matters covid-19 - is to conceal and deceive. Government officials and government scientists (and even most mainline non-government scientists - career path interests etc) cooperate with that objective. The tiny minority that don't are hounded like war criminals.

Someone with access to the raw data could probably make some interesting new analysis from it by excluding everything with Ct above 20 and then re-doing the statistics. The raw data allegedly is available, although only to registered researchers.

Posted by: BM | Sep 11 2021 15:25 utc | 185

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 14:33 utc | 181

You'll enjoy this one, watch Toria Cookie Nuland's lapsus, and take a look at the gathering payed by some ukro oligarch by the name of Pinchuk, "YES Brainstorming" is the name of the event, YES stands for Yalta European Conference, in Ukraine with guests like BHL, Bolton, Zacharia and a troupe of vultures that should be gathered before a court of justice. All of them talking China when they could not do in a bunch of sandalled "students" armed with AK's, but the real ones, from 1947. By the way, they forgot that Yalta is back to where it belongs, the Russian Federation, I wonder what kind of cookies Vicky has in the oven to bring back that jewel.

Posted by: Paco | Sep 11 2021 15:26 utc | 186

Too busy playing video games but it seems it has been a slow-burn weekend.

Posted by: Smith | Sep 11 2021 15:48 utc | 187

@snake #68 @Don Bacon #70
The state - as in each individual state, not the state as in the federal government.
If individual states can tell the federal government to f-off on marijuana legalization, I don't see any reason why individual states can't do the same to the federal government regarding vaccination requirements.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 11 2021 15:51 utc | 188

@Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 14:33 utc | 181

And so the warring goes on. Now with a Cold War.

Yes, they weaponized catching a cold.

Posted by: Norwegian | Sep 11 2021 15:55 utc | 189

@Don Bacon #90
The COVID vaccine neither reduces the chance of infection by COVID nor does it reduce the chance of said vaccinated, infected person spreading it.
All the vaccines do is reduce the likelihood of hospitalization (somewhat) and death (more significantly) if you do get COVID.

Nor am I particularly impressed by your fire story. If it was true, then AIDS and other STD carriers would be criminally prosecuted - but they're not. What about someone going to work with the cold or regular flu?

Sorry, but your prejudices are coloring your common sense.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 11 2021 15:56 utc | 190

@vk #136
Theranos is a fraud out and out. Results were faked, lies were told.
The rest is lawyer bs.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 11 2021 16:01 utc | 191

@Peter AU1 #154
I've been saying for years that Erdogan is out for Erdogan.
He has, is and will continue to fan dance in front of everyone under the sun to get whatever he can.
No agreement he makes is worth the paper its printed on.

Posted by: c1ue | Sep 11 2021 16:04 utc | 192

don Bacon @ 100
. ."The Court's decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state" excludes such a power by the nation? Note that the 1905 case referred to a local epidemic while the current pandemic is national in scope. . .I'm saying that the same logic applies in both cases.

<=i think the idea that individual liberty is not absolute was very risky for the court to assert, because governments that allow behaviors that are not exact expressions of their constitutions are subject to dissolution.

The fact that the governed masses have no independent representation at the supreme court, which is a Governor thing, explains the differences in plain text meaning of the words in the constitution and the laws the court has allowed as constitutional.

Posted by: Lysias | Sep 10 2021 16:44 utc | 102

The Jacobson decision depends upon the states' having police power. The federal government does not have police power. That's why a constitutional amendment was needed for federal prohibition of alcohol.

<=selective exemption from a compelling interest justifying controlling the use of harmful and dangerous substances . is quite different from a states desire to infringe the rights of one set of persons in order to protect the rights of another set of persons.. ?

When a mandate imposes a Bill of Rights infringing obligation on a governed society, and that mandate obligates, harm to one set of persons but it saves another set of governed persons from the impact of an unlikely to occur viral infection <=by a type of virus, that continuously mutates there is an equal rights question?

Especially this seems true when the makers of the vaccinations are insulated from liability by law and hold monopoly power in the design, use, manufacture, and sale of the mandate(vaccine) to be force-ably administered.

by: Oldhippie @ 119 It is also not okay to rule by decree.
we can fix that, we just

1. Amend the constitution to change the office of the President to the Office of Decrees and Mandates.
2. remove the Bill of Rights from the Constitution.
Fourth Amendment <= secure the right of persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable search and seizures.. . so, in order to change the power of the Office of the President, it likely will be necessary to gut the Bill of Rights (4th amendment provision) and the 14th amendment.

The 4th amendment speaks to the secured right of the governed person to be secure from search or seizure of their person.

The 14th amendment speaks to privileges and immunities enjoyed by citizens and requires all laws <=equally protect or affect all persons. Meaning to me, the happening of even one case of harm caused from the vaccine should place the government on notice that a mandate to vaccinate could not satisfy 14th amendment requirements?
One person harmed and the other not by the mandate would likely establish the mandate affects different classes of persons differently?

Sec 1 [16th amendment] states, in relevant part: " state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;
nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person
within its jurisdiction, the equal protection of the law..

Basically, when a mandate cannot equally protect both the unharmed (vaccinated) and the harmed [vaccinated] persons; technology cannot predict in advance which person, will belong to which class of harm, 4th and 14th amendment concerns arise.

Likely all mandates infringe.. on rights..but rights rising under the Bill of Rights are different IMO.. they reflect, in constitutional terms, the universal inalienable rights of mankind and at the same time, they reflect the "conditions, those to-be-the-governed required, before the rich man's constitution was allowed to be ratified.

Violation, removal or infringement on one of the Bill of Rights, subjects the entire constitution to possible recision, under the theory that governments that are not exact expressions of their constitutions are subject to dissolution.

The constitution was written to establish a government that would protect the governors and those who hide behind the governors, from those who were intended to be the governed.
The to-be-the-governed refused to allow the rich and powerful man's constitution to be ratified, unless and until the constitution also guaranteed protection to-be-the-governed from those the tyranny of those who were-to-be-the-governors and from those who would hide behind the governors.

The Constitution was not written to form a government to serve as a marketing, delivery and installation service provider for product providers.

I am not a lawyer. To me, mandate by any means, is not a legal issue, but it is a constitutional issue.. governments that behave outside of accurate expressions of their Constitutions are subject to dissolution.

The object of constitutions is to provide all parties the means (a framework) to deal with issues that have not been resolved by accord and to cast in stone the issues that have been settled by accord (the accords enshrined in the Bill of Rights allowed ratification to proceed).

IMO, the Bill of Rights (the accords), binds those in government (including its judiciary) to those accords. As things stand now, all persons objecting to vaccination (by blackmail or mandate), who have adverse reaction, will have their inalienable rights and their Bill of Rights infringed and violated. At least that is how I understand it.

This means to me, the person of a governed person, has been taken, by blackmail or by government, for a purpose important to government, forcibly injected, and returned, possibility harmed

C1ue @ 189..

here is a summary I found

Posted by: snake | Sep 11 2021 16:21 utc | 193

Posted by: imo | Sep 11 2021 14:54 utc | 184

Oh my god! Look what I have found!!! I did a search for the video title and I came to this page:

It has a complete listing of all the Corona Ausschuss sessions and videos (eg Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr David Martin, Prof Matthias Desmet, Dr Robert Mallone, and hundreds of others).

This is the most important Covid-19 resource on the planet!

It lists all the sessions (currently from 1 to 69) with a key to content and participants (no other source I have seen has that, even the Corona Ausschuss website!), links to mp3 and ¡¡¡ TRANSCRIPTS !!!

(Not direct links to videos, but they can be found on a search by video title).

Posted by: BM | Sep 11 2021 16:27 utc | 194

Ladies and gentlemen the intrepid Josh Friedman:

"Afghans Allegedly Face Gunfire & Brutal Kidnappings For Ransom At Turkish-Iranian Border" on YouTube

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 11 2021 16:37 utc | 195

Paco @Sep11 15:26 #186

@4:40 Nuland says that

"the primary reason we went in there [Afghanistan] was to address the threats emanating from our homeland".

Inadvertant truth-telling? A country doesn't attack another country when the 'threat' is from within.

As Nuland is Jewish, the reference to 'homeland' is somewhat ambiguous. Is the 'threat' she refers to from US MIC or Israel? Or both? We can easily imagine that each of these pressured US political leaders to act.

Maybe someone in the press will ask her to elaborate: what specific threats were made?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 16:53 utc | 196

109... what do you plan on doing about it?? thanks..
james | Sep 11 2021 1:19 utc | 142
There are small crowds doing theatre protests I have heard. Along a road.
Well it's certainly up my alley james. I take on clients that can't fight back and nobody wants.

Typing does little but I have no clue how to locate a protest. It's outside my purview. And I am lame if still dangerous.

But I think I will instead just stick to the plan. I will now assemble components and just start coding. And I will leave in protest.

Despite my health issues James it isn't a question of would some country accept my contribution. It's more complicated than that.

And it's only dangerous if you succeed.

So I start by publicly escalation. Words.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Sep 11 2021 16:56 utc | 197

Posted by: BM | Sep 11 2021 15:25 utc | 185

Lol. Ok thanks for that. Just want to say ONS and these I quote are not a government department. There is no minister in charge. It is as independent as they come. Reporting data to Parliament. I agree that government has been putting out fake data. Not these lot. It may be delayed or hard to find but they have to present data sets.

It’s the conclusion of that particular analysis I want confirming. If you can’t help that’s ok.

Thanks for your reply.

Posted by: DG | Sep 11 2021 16:57 utc | 198

Norwegian @Sep11 15:55 #190

When all you've got is a hammer ...

But now they've got needles too. Ouch.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 16:59 utc | 199

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 11 2021 16:53 utc | 197

I should've adjusted a bit better the timing, the lapsus I was referring to was "literally a day after our evacuation from Ukraine" instead of Afghanistan, she realized and corrected but... the matter has been discussed.

It is so hot outside that I decided to waste some time listening to a bunch of losers talking war and hate, curiously the event is organized in Ukraine, paid by a Ukrainian oligarch and all they can do is talk Russia, Putin, Russia, Putin. But with guest speakers like Tony Blair, Masha Gessen, Bernard Henry-Levy, and a full collection of hateful characters and trouble stirrers like Bolton and Vidman,it is hard to expect something else. For historians interested in the most outlandish thesis gird yourself up and wade into that pool of shit with weird beings during their low hour, they've lost and they're planning or better said wishing a big one with China and Russia.

List of participants, very illustrious vermin.

Posted by: Paco | Sep 11 2021 17:18 utc | 200

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