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September 23, 2021

Heads Roll As Biden Policies Move To The Right

The Washington Post has a piece on the current deportation of Haitian migrants from the U.S. and how it is charged with racism.

Charges of racism swirl as Haitian Americans, allies unite to protest Biden’s border crisis

One sentence in the piece reveals the supremacist thinking of its authors:

Many in the Haitian American community also blame U.S. foreign policy for spurring Haiti’s humanitarian crisis, saying successive administrations have failed to nurture stable Haitian governments willing to embrace human rights and fight corruption, poverty and criminal gangs.

No one is quoted in support of that delirious claim.

It is not the task of U.S. administrations to "nurture stable Haitian governments" nor has it ever been its aim. The U.S. has in fact done the opposite for more than 100 years and everyone in the Haitian community knows that.

Today its envoy to Haiti resigned over exactly that:

A top U.S. envoy to Haiti tendered his resignation on Wednesday, citing the Biden administration's "inhumane" effort to expel hundreds of Haitian migrants to their home country, which is recovering from a deadly earthquake and plagued by political instability, widespread insecurity and crippling poverty.

Ambassador Daniel Foote, who was chosen to be the U.S. special envoy to Haiti in July, called the Biden administration's policy in Haiti "deeply flawed," saying his recommendations were brushed aside.

"I will not be associated with the United States['] inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where American officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs in control of daily life," Foote wrote in his resignation letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, which was obtained by CBS News.

Foote's resignation letter (also here) includes some words the State Department establishment does not like to hear:

Haitians need immediate assistance to restore the government’s ability to neutralize the gangs and restore order through the national police. They need a true agreement across society and political actors, with international support, to chart a timely path to the democratic selection of their next president and parliament. They need humanitarian assistance, money to deliver COVID vaccines and so many other things.

But what our Haitian friends really want, and need, is the opportunity to chart their own course, without international puppeteering and favored candidates but with genuine support for that course. I do not believe that Haiti can enjoy stability until her citizens have the dignity of truly choosing their own leaders fairly and acceptably.

Last week, the U.S.and other embassies in Port-au-Prince issued another public statement of support by for the unelected, de facto Prime Minister Dr.Ariel Henry as interim leader of Haiti, and have continued to tout his “political agreement” over another broader, earlier accord shepherded by civil society. The hubris that makes us believe we should pick the winner ‐again‐ is impressive. This cycle of international political interventions in Haiti has consistently produced catastrophic results. More negative impacts to Haiti will have calamitous consequences n o t only in Haiti, but in the U.S. and our neighbors in the hemisphere.

The State Department responded aggressively:

In a statement, State Department spokesman Ned Price pushed back sharply on Foote's assertion that his recommendations were dismissed out of hand, saying Foote "failed to take advantage of ample opportunity to raise concerns about migration during his tenure and chose to resign instead."

"For him to say his proposals were ignored is simply false. I'm not going to parse the contents of his resignation letter, but I do want to emphasize that we have active policy debates in this administration on a number of issues. The role of the President's cabinet and his advisors is to provide the President with the best advice possible," Price said. "No ideas are ignored, but not all ideas are good ideas."

The Biden administration has been using Title 42, a public health authority first invoked under former President Donald Trump, to expel Haitian migrants in U.S. border custody without a court hearing or an asylum screening.

We can chalk this up as another point where Biden follows Trump on foreign policy.

To save its falling ratings the Biden administration is not only moving to a more hawkish position on immigration and foreign policies. It is also removing officials who are not hawkish enough.

The Haiti move follows a day after the Pentagon removed a to nuclear policy official because she was opposing a more aggressive nuclear weapons policy:

The Defense Department has removed a top political appointee in charge of nuclear policy from her position, prompting concern among disarmament advocates that the Pentagon is sidelining those with less hawkish views as the Biden administration develops its official policy on nuclear weapons.

Top Pentagon officials asked Leonor Tomero, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for nuclear and missile defense, to resign from her post in recent days, according to people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive personnel matter.

The shake-up comes as the Biden administration hammers out the details of its Nuclear Posture Review, a document that each administration has released since the 1990s to set out its nuclear weapons policy and strategy, and which the administration is expected to release early next year.

The Arms Control Wonk is quoted with a truism:

“People wonder why we don’t learn from failures like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The reason is simple: People who point out alternatives to current national security policies are systematically driven out of positions of authority,” said Jeffrey Lewis, a professor and nuclear weapons expert at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies. “Firing her sends a clear message to everyone in the Pentagon that there is no tolerance for new ideas when it comes to our nuclear weapons policies.”

Daryl G. Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, said in a tweet that Tomero’s firing was not the first time the Defense Department “deep state has ‘reorganized’ a smart, competent person who poses commonsense [questions] that challenge the nuclear status quo out of office.”

It would have been impossible to remove Leonor Tomero, a political appointee, without the approval of the White House.

Biden hopes that a move to the right will allow the Democrats to win the mid term elections. I believe that the strategy will fail.

Posted by b on September 23, 2021 at 17:40 UTC | Permalink


I respect you b but this blindness you have for not seeing the God of Mammon party that runs both convoluted Left/Right parties in the US is frustrating.

But that is ok because the God of Mammon empire with its many national faces is being defeated by a better example of social organization that prioritizes good for the commons over good for an inherited elite.

Maybe they can hire Trump to be the bully "doing Gawd's work" negotiator for the God of Mammon side.....Wait, they already tried that.....

The shit show continues until it runs out of support and we are watching that happen in real time.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 23 2021 17:54 utc | 1

Biden's move to the right isn't a bug, but a feature of our oligarchy. The GOP's takeover of the House and Senate is the desired plan, as it gives an excuse to our Overlords to create more austerity. The line will read, "Those Republicans are to blame for all of our troubles.

O'Bummer used the same tactics while giving us the Republican and FIRE Sector's money making Obama Care. Divide and conquer is the rule. There is only one party, IE the Money Party.

Posted by: Michael | Sep 23 2021 17:59 utc | 2

The Dems will get hammered in the mid terms. No doubt about it. Then just imagine Biden with a hostile Senate... perfect setup for the next 4 year farce...

The next President will almost surely be a hawkish Republican (as opposed to what else exactly I'm not sure..).

My money is on either Pompeo or Rubio.

Both are very good party yes men to the right money, who also know how to appeal to the lowest human instincts of a population hungry for scapegoats... God help us all.

Posted by: Et Tu | Sep 23 2021 18:07 utc | 3

Ummmm, Bidens policies were already on the Right. "Nothing will fundamentally change" that was his campaign promise under a Trump term btw.

The USA does not have a right and left. They have a right, a right to far right, and a far right.

Most of the Democratic establishment including Biden have been on the Right for years if not decades.

Posted by: comandante | Sep 23 2021 18:09 utc | 4

Alas Haiti is our own personal Slave state. While Biden talks to the world about how every country in the worlds need to treat LBGQ like equals he is happy to see escapees from his slave state whipped and run over by horses, to be removed and returned to the slave state. He funds cops to shoot black men and women for being black and ignores native women disappearing ,his cops shoot and leave native men to die on the road. He could care less about LBGQ but likes to use woke to throw blame on others. The Clintons played a huge roll in Haiti and should be tried for hate crimes. Look at america everything we touch is destroyed and both parties grovel to the zionists to continue this pure evil

Posted by: Susan | Sep 23 2021 18:17 utc | 5

Experts already say the Democrats are almost certain to lose the House in 2022. Biden's desperate efforts seek to try to salvage the Senate (which is probably 50%-50%, according to these same experts).

Since the USA doesn't have a "one person, one vote" system, it is very hard for someone from the rest of the world to try to predict who will win and why. Those trained American statisticians and experts on the American electoral system are the best source we have.

If Biden also loses the Senate, then he will become what the Americans call a "lame duck [president]", that is, a POTUS who cannot pass any legislation regarding domestic policy. Obama was the last lame duck president, he governed effectively for just one and a half years.

Posted by: vk | Sep 23 2021 18:44 utc | 6

Whether Obama governed effectively during those 1 1/2 years is open to debate.

Well, he did effectively do what the plutocrats wanted.

Posted by: lysias | Sep 23 2021 18:49 utc | 7

The USA's pretence to a human-rights based foreign policy was, yet again, undermined and exposed as cruel joke by the vicious attack by mounted police officers on Haitian migrants in Texas. Not really reported in the MSM, but the persons attacked were returning from Mexican towns across the border with food and water for their families, due to a lack thereof in the concentration camps where they have been assembled. Photos from the incident clearly show the grocery bags in the hands of the men subject to attack by the mounted police.

Posted by: jayc | Sep 23 2021 18:51 utc | 8

During the first two years of Obama's first term, the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. This was a priceless opportunity for Obama to get serious legislation passed, regarding healthcare, etc. He had the ability to steamroller a lot of stuff over Republican opposition.

But no. For whatever reason he wanted Republican buy-in on whatever was done; he was all about being "bi-partisan." Of course, the Republicans used this to log-jam everything until they regained control of Congress after those first two years.

What a wasted opportunity!

Antoinetta III

Posted by: Antoinetta III | Sep 23 2021 19:08 utc | 9

Biden hopes that a move to the right will allow the Democrats to win the mid term elections.

No, b. "Successful" US politicians campaign to the left (lip service) and govern on the right (cash out).

It's OK, the dumbass public never notices. Just ask saint Obama.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 23 2021 19:11 utc | 10

The best source of information about Haiti I have encountered is some interviews conducted by Paul Jay:

The U.S. record in Haiti is terrible. The interview describes a racist Haitian oligarchy allied with and supported by U.S. imperialism conspiring to deprive Haitians of their sovereignty and agency. The government there has simply collapsed.

Posted by: Edward | Sep 23 2021 20:03 utc | 11

Haiti has been in the US's crosshairs ever since Toussaint Louverture, that uppity black slave, liberated Haiti from the French in 1791. Powers in the U.S. and France has made sure that Haiti has remained a sink-hole ever since.
They would like to do the same to Cuba, but have so far failed.
Former diplomat Foote wants to watch his back. Former British diplomat Craig Murray now sits in jail for speaking truth to power. Those in positions of power really, really, don't like it when one of their own steps out of line.

Posted by: Hal Duell | Sep 23 2021 20:10 utc | 12

yeah the U.S. was demonstrating what a fraud it was way back when.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Sep 23 2021 20:44 utc | 13

thanks b... aside from supporting pyschohistorian and jackrabbits viewpoint, it seems to me this is a feature and not a bug in western world gov'ts today... all beholden to non democratic financial interests... the idea is that keeping other countries in a state of destabilization is the design, not a flaw... of course the same seems to be true of covid and all that is associated with this as well... it seems if there is a way to take down our public health system here in canada, to give it over to blackrock and big pharma - they are working hard to do this... same deal in haiti which has never had a fair shake...

so, it is shocking someone like Ambassador Daniel Foote saying what he says, means he is taking full time retirement, as he no one in a position of power is going to hire him for speaking truth to power!

as for biden - or trump - or whoever the next bullshit artist is - it really doesn't matter.. it never did!

Posted by: james | Sep 23 2021 20:52 utc | 14

There is no left or right anymore. There is a deeply entrenched feudal aristocracy. Left and right are archaic tools to con the mugs.

Posted by: norb | Sep 23 2021 20:55 utc | 15

offtopic, Re: Taiwan

Not long ago in response to the name change of the Taipei Office of something or other, to use the word Taiwan, it was suggested by some that China should do overflights. I thought they'd simply move Chinese air patrols closer to the island. Here it is. Not much of a change.

link to image, Taiwan MFA via twitter

Guessing they'll eventually just fly all the way around.

Posted by: ptb | Sep 23 2021 21:21 utc | 16

Haiti is used as a vacant lot for the US to move drugs, arms and operations against Venezuela and Cuba. Nothing moves in Haiti without the approval of the gringos. It's a 100% Failed State.

Posted by: Vik | Sep 23 2021 21:22 utc | 17

in relation to the above [16] here's the somewhat bombastic call for overflights from the Global Times

Posted by: ptb | Sep 23 2021 21:32 utc | 18

Antoinetta III | Sep 23 2021 19:08 utc | 9

for whatever reason?
same reason Clinton Bush Bush et al
by design of the owners

Posted by: ld | Sep 23 2021 21:37 utc | 19

It's not a move to the right, b ... it's how the LiberalCon$ do psyops - All 'inclusivity' bantering, slathered in a crusty shell of obsfucating Bernays sauce.THAT'$ how THEY roll!

Posted by: polecat | Sep 23 2021 21:41 utc | 20

We're just supposed to eat it, and like it!

!F#ck them!

Full disclosure: I was once (not too long ago, a demo crat) ... no longer. They • Have Become • Toxic WASTE!

Posted by: polecat | Sep 23 2021 21:48 utc | 21

ptb 18

Taiwan is part of China. Without US meddling, the mainland is happy enough with it being an autonomous region, but as such it doesn't make its own foreign policy.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 23 2021 21:54 utc | 22

If Biden loses House and Senate hes most likely getting impeached. Id give it a 90% chance.

Posted by: Comandante | Sep 23 2021 22:08 utc | 23

To echo others - isn't is odd how many Trump policies Biden has continued or implemented. When it comes to foreign policy the president is fixed around the policy. The bobblehead doesn't matter.

Also we can no longer look through the lens of the old normal. A game is afoot. It leans toward totalitarianism. The Democrats aren't your parents Democrats. We're in the time of Big Lie meets Big Brother.

Posted by: gottlieb | Sep 23 2021 22:10 utc | 24

the best insights into Haiti I get are from the English language section of the online news outlet Haiti Liberte, the editor is Kim Ives.

it's the only indigenous news source I've found, anything from outside of Haiti, in the Western media, is a hatchet job.

Posted by: Matt | Sep 23 2021 22:18 utc | 25

Democrats or Republicans: two sides of the same coin. The political parties are an illusion of choice that is no choice.

People who think of themselves as "liberals or progressives" keep blaming the Republicans, while people who think of themselves as "conservatives" keep blaming the Democrats. Meanwhile none of them ever bother to look UP at the criminal Imperial Financial Syndicate, which just happens to own both parties, the media, the banks, the defense contractors, the oil companies, etc. Is it really so hard to see what's going on?

Let’s get real, there is only one "Party" in the U$A, the big Global Money Party (Money–Mind Controllers – MMC). U$A’s financial, fiscal and foreign policies are determined by the Imperial Council.

There is a long road ahead for Haiti. Nothing gets accomplished without good leadership.

The U$A is a one party private imperial suzerainty.

Posted by: Max | Sep 23 2021 22:24 utc | 26

Oops. Fixed the link.

The U$A is a one party private imperial suzerainty.

Posted by: Max | Sep 23 2021 22:27 utc | 27

Sorry to say, B -- but Haiti has been used as a massive slave/sweatshop operation for more than 400 years now, by first the Spanish, then the French, and now by the US.

The US makes sure that democracy or fair wages cannot be established in Haiti, so that US manufacturers can make tons more money. The moment native Haitians get close to something like democracy in their country, or close to an economy that benefits the people, the US sends in the Marines -- literally.

One of the latest major insults to native Haitians was Bill
Clinton's "taking charge" of millions of dollars in donated earthquake relief funds in 2010. When a Haitian court demanded an accounting of those funds, Clinton replied that he had been an acting UN representative at the time and so is immune from such actions. The money has never been returned.

I could go on, and on, and on -- the history of European and US savagery toward Haitians is heartbreaking. For those who want to know the truth about Haiti, I heartily recommend anything by Randall Robinson, a US civil rights lawyer who has fought tirelessly against the savagery imposed by the US upon the people of Haiti.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Sep 23 2021 22:47 utc | 28

The current immigration problem has existed for well over 400 years as it's linked to the Twin Pillars of US Capitalism and Racism, and it will continue to exist until those aspects of the USA get altered. In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was signed into law; it 1886, the Statue of Liberty was erected in New York Harbor, gifted by the French as a beacon of freedom for those escaping tyranny, although the plaque at its base doesn't say a word that Chinese aren't welcome. Of course, the immigration issue long predated both events and is rooted in intolerance of Others. No solution's going to be authored until that fundamental problem gets solved. And it's not a left/right/up/down issue. It goes to how you're taught while you're learning about your local environment, as I noted on the open thread. Hatred and intolerance isn't the provenance of just one people--anyone can get that disease of the mind/heart. In this specific instance, it's blowback for decades of racist policies that immiserated Haitians; but I've always found it weird that the oppressed would want to live amongst their oppressors--although in all too many cases there's no choice. As for using critical race theory in schools in an effort to alter the situation, that will make very little difference as such hatred is instilled in the home, in the child's primary environment by its parents and stimuli. Lots of studies confirm that.

The first step to a solution is to cease oppressing other peoples/nations--stop the hatred/demonization of Others. That would mean the death of the Outlaw US Empire and its replacement by a benevolent, friendly, helpful, law-abiding USA, that obeys its own laws, upholds its international treaty obligations and abides by international law, and takes care of ALL its citizenry and those residing as guests without favor to any primarily by once and for all making the Four Freedoms reality for all, not just the .1%. That such a solution isn't self-evident to the US political class shows the degree of depravity existing within the body politic. But not even the administration's token Black Veep can see that solution. In this case as in so many others, almost everyone of them are blind. And they call themselves Liberal. Bull!

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 23 2021 22:53 utc | 29

@Michael (2) ” There is only one party, IE the Money Party.”

Hey, wait, I thought there was only one party—the War Party. Hmm, could it be that they are the exact same party in different disguises?

Posted by: Rob | Sep 23 2021 23:03 utc | 30

"The Biden administration has been using Title 42, a public health authority first invoked under former President Donald Trump,"

Title 42 is the entire code of legislative (not administrative) acts on the public health and welfare in the USA. What the actual fuck are these people playing at?

Posted by: hunkerdown | Sep 23 2021 23:21 utc | 31

Bidet "move to the right" to Trump's position? In most things they're is no move to be made. Except for a few fringe figures, the so called two parties in Amerikastan are one.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Sep 23 2021 23:45 utc | 32

Haitian politics have been a mess for over 200 years. The independent nation was founded over 200 years ago. It began as a slave revolt, that was successful, and the freed slaves seized all of French owned properties. The French sued, and won, in international court that resulted in confiscation of all funds that the freed slaves were able to earn for the next 150 years. Such are the penalties for a people that freed themselves from white imperialism.

In the 1990s there was a movement led by Aristide that attempted to free itself from the dictates of international capitalism. Alas, the Bill Clinton administration put a stop to that effort, and reinstalled the usual gangster regimes that had ruled for the previous two centuries. The usual crooks now rule yet again. This has resulted in governments that cannot even provide subsistence for its people. Those impoverished souls have no choice but to flee and seek jobs in the US. It is the ultimate cruelty to blame those immigrants for their fate, given that international capitalism (imperialism) is to blame.

Posted by: ToivoS | Sep 24 2021 0:23 utc | 33

@22 Peter AU1 - yep ... but unfortunately for a lot of people, US is working hard to drum up the desire for independence and turn the place into a proxy battleground

Posted by: ptb | Sep 24 2021 1:13 utc | 34

Haiti is dominated by a racial apartheid caste system where white oligarchical families (settled during first american occupation of 1915-1934) loot and control the island on behalf of western interests, to keep the black masses oppressed. As an example the Biggio family suffocating the island are members of the world jewish congress... Haiti's central bank is a subsidiary of Atlanta and New York federal banks.

Posted by: Boisrond Tonnerre | Sep 24 2021 1:37 utc | 35

Franklin Delano Roosevelt:"We must constantly provoke the division of the barefoot masses against Oligarchy and push the Oligarchs to tear each other apart. This is the only way for us to continue to dominate this black country that gained its independance in combat, which is a bad example for the 28 million blacks in America."
The americans also have a brutal Morgenthau plan for Haiti... The unchanged operating doctrine today is gift wrapped with human rights, free market and democracy platitudes. Americans don't want those refugees in the United States fine. But will the United States stop dumping millions upon millions of pounds of cheap subsudized surplus rice, and frozen chicken parts in the country to undermine it's local farmers and producers ? Will they continue to force them off their land. To stop the refugee problem will the yankees treat Haiti like a sovereign nation instead of a mere territory to extract wealth and labor from ?

Posted by: Boisrond Tonnerre | Sep 24 2021 1:51 utc | 36

The list of commenters who understand the reality of the one party owned by the oligarchs state that is the United States, fronted by Democrat and Republican double act, is too long to list and also a refreshing reminder of why I value this site. Also, Haiti as the successful slave rebellion which will be kept in a state of exploitation and penury as long as the US can keep it there.

"Right" and "left" are completely meaningless in a US where the Overton Window for political discussion is so restricted, with the usual foreign policy questions of "do we invade them, drone them, murder them, destabilize them, coup them, sanction them, nuke them, contains them ...." being the acceptable range of discussion for the "enemy". Some of the bastards that become US Presidents are more smooth (Daddy Bush, Obama) some are jovial (Ronny Raygun), some even seem empathetic as they "feel your pain" (Clinton) and some are rough around the edges (Bush junior, Trump), and the current one is slowly losing his mind, but they are all warmongering bastards who serve the ruling elite. If they were not, they wouldn't be President and if they changed their mind they would have an accident/sickness/get shot.

Biden was always a right wing warmongering elitists asshole, he just lied to get into power and the elites didn't like how Trump made them look bad - especially when there was too much "inside voice" being expressed in the "outside voice", he didn't listen appropriately to the foreign policy Borg, and he didn't know which fork to use with the fish course!

Posted by: Roger | Sep 24 2021 1:58 utc | 37

Haiti as a failed state is what european colonial settlers controlling close to 90% of the economy want it to be. Recently, the USA and their european partners eliminated agrarian land reforms dispossessing tens of 1000s of farmers to concentrate land into the hands of a few racial capitalist families -subsidiaries of big agribusiness. The Apaid Crime Family and descendants of French slavers Louis Déjoie took over more than 8600 hectares and the whole locality of Savane-Diane. This is why as of late peasants have been under attack by western funded armed groups. already

Posted by: Boisrond Tonnerre | Sep 24 2021 2:02 utc | 38

Michael @ 2 said;"Divide and conquer is the rule. There is only one party, IE the Money Party.

Yep, right on, and many posters here agree...

Max @ 26: Good post, thanks, right on target. Too bad most of the American public will NEVER hear anything like it on MSM...

Posted by: vetinLA | Sep 24 2021 2:13 utc | 39

Everwhere we hear that Haiti's now overrun by gangs. But where exactly do those gangs come from ? The current leader of G9 (haiti's largest gang) Jimmy "BBQ" Cherisier was a DynCorp trained cop for 14 years before his smooth transition to a death squad leader. That's because Haiti's national police force, PNH is a subsidiary of the U.S. State Department that controls the gangs. This "marriage" was imposed in 2004 following the French and US backed coup. The whole scheme is confirmed by leaked US State Department wikileak cables. Gangs have now reemerged after Biden's humanitarian invasion. We must understand that Haiti's a fresh testing ground, for what Blinken described as America's transition from large scale open ended deployments, to discreet, small-scale sustainable operations led by special forces to support local actors. If the Cuban and Venezuelan governments loose the war against Uncle Sam and local right-wing reactionary interests, we can expect the haitian-colombian model will be put in place to control the masses.

Posted by: Boisrond Tonnerre | Sep 24 2021 2:29 utc | 40

The most fascinating aspect of this story is that one may safely conclude that Mr Foote was lied to when he was recruited to fill the vacant slot in Haiti. He accepted the appointment believing that his role was to assess the current situation and to recommend improvements. But he quickly discovered that the people to whom he reported were not only less-than-interested in his input, they were outraged by its truthiness and accuracy.

And it's easy to see why.
The clue is in the list of 7 individuals to whom he cc'd his letter to Blinken. At least two of the 7, Nuland and Lewin, are Neocons. That's a lot of pro-'Israel' administrative big-shots in a country where Jews form less than 1% of the population. The job of Neocons in America and the Neoconned West is to ensure that Peace doesn't rear its ugly head anywhere in the world. If it did so then "Israel's" crimes in Palestine would be in the headlines every day, instead of twice per month.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 24 2021 2:31 utc | 41

Boisrond Tonnerre @Sep24 2:29 #40

Exactly. The 'gangs' are political thugs.

Before the assassination of Moise, gang violence increased so that Moise could be smeared as "allowing it to happen". Then when he was assassinate, news media pushed the story (hard) that the people hated Moise had ties to the gangs.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 24 2021 2:40 utc | 42

Posted by: Matt | Sep 23 2021 22:18 utc | 25
Matt I'm sort of with you on Kim Ives as a source of info on what's going on in Haiti but I'm trying to get others as well. There has been some criticism of Ives-- he's white-- for being a bit voyeuristic and because he's not native he hasn't lived the history/language. He's been called out for his support of gangster Jimmy Barbeque whom he believes is a revolutionary. However, I do agree that Ives is worth reading, watching and learning from.
Another source is Dr. Jemima Pierre, who works for Black Alliance for Peace; she's on Youtube if you want more info and good perspective on Haiti.

Aaron Mate did a real good interview with pierre a week after Moise was assasinated-- lots of history and penetrating analysis.

Posted by: migueljose | Sep 24 2021 2:53 utc | 43

Hoarsewhisperer 41

The naivety of some of these people that are sufficiently intelligent to be ambassadors and envoys and appear to be genuinely honest is difficult to comprehend at times.
The Australian ex ambassador who writes a few pieces for Strategic Culture, or Craig Murray and his views on Crimea...

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 24 2021 3:01 utc | 44

Red/Blue team doesn’t care about policy, unless it is assuredly lining the oligarch pockets.
Line those pockets! That’s the policy.

Posted by: Cadence Calls | Sep 24 2021 3:03 utc | 45

Here's the Border Patrol website's account of Southwest Border "Encounters"
Southwest Land Border Encounters

Note the graph showing a massive increase under Biden compared with the Trump years. In Arizona migrants from Mexico, Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala are immediately deported by BP, across the closest port of entry. In the past migrants would go through the judicial system and wind up being deported to Nogales, Sonora, a large city with social services. Now they often wind up in tiny Mexican towns with no social services or public transit. At one time, one town was getting 700 people a week dumped there.

On the other hand the Tacoma ICE center contains lots of Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, some Cubans, Haitians, and a scattering of other folks, a completely different population.They are released after a few days to family, with a court date. One wonders: why is the treatment of this group not like those "encountered" by the BP in Arizona?

Another obvious question: is Biden following in the path of our Deporter in Chief, Obama?

Posted by: SinFronteras | Sep 24 2021 4:05 utc | 46

ignores native women disappearing ,his cops shoot and leave native men to die on the road.
Posted by: Susan | Sep 23 2021 18:17 utc | 5

Thank you for remembering us.

Posted by: Jimmy Flies By | Sep 24 2021 4:08 utc | 47

Posted by: Antoinetta III | Sep 23 2021 19:08 utc | 9

The Democratic Party, as always, won’t do anything that Republicans wouldn’t agree on. Because the Democrats are an arm of the Republican Party. Their role is to protect the Republican Party from left-wing criticism.

It’s cool how US progressives are learning that the Democratic Party is a narrative management op designed to continually derail the possibility of economic justice in America, and it’s sad that this lesson will be completely forgotten in the next partisan politics news cycle.

The role of democrats is to ensure the brutality of imperialism is rendered more palatable.

Posted by: FiveGunsWest | Sep 24 2021 4:13 utc | 48

"The GOP's takeover of the House and Senate is the desired plan, as it gives an excuse to our Overlords to create more austerity."
There is a lot of nonsense out there but sometimes I can really just scratch my head. The USA is as far away from austerity as the sun is from the moon.

Posted by: m | Sep 24 2021 6:09 utc | 49

Well now, who does have the most apt, cynical & smart take on Haiti's continued oppression?

I mean who cares how smart we can all be about what is probably the worst example of human exploitation on this planet?
Myself, I feel nothing but anger if I pause to think about how the slaves of Haiti have been kept enslaved - initially by France & then by amerika.
The stratagem has been simple, once it became apparent that a blatant, steal humans from Africa, take them to Haiti, then make them grow, harvest & refine sugar program, could not survive 'the next big thing' - apologetic humanism, the wise-arses in France came up with a beauty:

"We'll free all the slaves, no worries, but we will also invoice the new 'liberated' government of Haiti for the value of each slave - assets they have stolen from us. Let's make it $50,000 a slave - yeah I know they don't have the cash to pay it, we're gonna make it a loan! From now on every time Haiti earns from exports they will have to pay it to France in order to reduce their debt."

That is what happened from 1804 when the slaves grabbed freedom for themselves Haitian exports were taxed, initially by France until at some time during Papa-Doc or Baby Doc Duvalier's mid-20th century tyranny the debt was shifted from Paris to New York.

President Aristade has been the only uncorrupt Haitian leader who has fought back against these insane, never-ending debt repayments. Elected twice, the amerikans have organised a mercenary powered coup to drive him out of power twice.

I've been hangin' around this blog & it's predecessor for 20 years or so, during that time many amerikans have posted here espousing the wonders of socialism as if it were an intellectual debate, rather than what socialism is, a decent way of living a life.

The horrors Haiti has been subjected to - for example the late 70's, early 80's when Haiti functioned as some sort of huge national brothel for cash strapped amerikans - where not just haiti's women were put on the block for pale & flabby white amerikans to indulge their sexual fantasies upon, the young men were also tossed on the block to satisfy aforesaid pale & flabby white amerikans, but with the added frisson of the HIV lottery. It took no time at all for that lottery to extend across all genders in Haiti.

Men forced to allow themselves to be raped so as to be able to put food on the table for their family contracted a fatal disease which they unknowingly passed on to their wives then ultimately, their children.

Here at MoA, we learn about & discuss a great many foul actions, actions which have been conducted against other humans but for me the horror that amerika continues to visit upon Haiti has to be the cruelest, most mean-spirited action of the lot. I mean it is not as if Haiti provides a huge earner or some unobtainable elsewhere resource, yet still amerika and amerikans subject Haiti to the worst of the worst.
Somehow this enjoys the support of at least 90% of amerikans reflected by their lack of interest in learning much less resisting this tale of cruelty & greed.

Haiti is an amerikan colony yet most amerikans feel more comfortable pretending it is not.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 24 2021 9:11 utc | 50

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 24 2021 9:11 utc | 50

The "independence debt" imposed by the most reactionary government that France had in 19th century was repaid in 19th century, and the current debt is relatively modest: ca. 1.2 billion, quarter of which to Venezuela. One can make a solid case that the unusually -- for Western Hemisphere -- low level of Haiti economy is the result of unusually intense Neo-colonial exploitation throughout 19th and 20th century, as described in Wikipedia article on Haitian debt. Given relatively slim picking from a small, poor country, one has to suspect racist malice. We have to remember that in 19th century and beyond, inferiority of Blacks had the status of a verified scientific fact.

Concerning the policy on the status of Haitians in USA, this is a conundrum. There is a rather natural hostility to giving "rights" to illegal immigrants, and going to far against it is politically costly, sometimes fatal. Secondly, it is better of a country to survive on domestic production rather than remittances from workers who gain lowest paid, often seasonal jobs, in other words, fostering economic development would be a win-win solution -- no political problems with economic immigration and better life for Haitians. Alas! there is no evidence that Americans could foster economic development in a "low tech country" even if they tried. The only missing link in the proof that they simply cannot do that is resolving doubts if they ever really tried.

Perhaps it is like an acrophobic person trying mountain climbing -- results are mediocre. So after a failed attempt, our acrophobic but ambitious tourist secures better equipment and tries again. And again, with the costs piling up.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 24 2021 11:13 utc | 51

Some links I have save on Haiti:

"The New York Times lectured Haiti on April 18 that “Haiti, its agriculture industry in shambles, needs to better feed itself.” Unfortunately, the article did not talk at all about one of the main causes of the shortages — the fact that the U.S. and other international financial bodies destroyed Haitian rice farmers to create a major market for the heavily subsidized rice from U.S. farmers. This is not the only cause of hunger in Haiti and other poor countries, but it is a major force."

America's Historic Debt to Haiti

Who removed Aristide?

America’s Role in Haiti: Sabotage of Relief Efforts?

Posted by: Menz | Sep 24 2021 11:31 utc | 52

You laid it out beautifully...

Posted by: notlurking | Sep 24 2021 12:04 utc | 53

Posted by: Max | Sep 23 2021 22:24 utc | 26

You laid it out beautifully...


Posted by: notlurking | Sep 24 2021 12:12 utc | 54

Debs I've reading through this thread trying to pick up a little of the history of the place.
I don't study up that much on the south american countries because most of them are f-cked till the US collapses and disintegrates. Its good to have your take on it.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 24 2021 13:11 utc | 55

It's not just USA that transforms their Left party's into Right party I'm affraid. It's the whole western government.

Excellent comments by Ken Loach regarding usurpation of Labor party and Jeremy Corbyn here

Posted by: Lucci | Sep 24 2021 13:51 utc | 56

most of them are f-cked till the US collapses and disintegrates. Its good to have your take on it.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 24 2021 13:11 utc | 55

It's going to be uphill battle for popular government in South America even with USA gone I'm afraid. By now they've built quite entrenched feudalistic society where the local baron can wield personal military power to keep their rule uncontested. It'll need sponsored revolution to change them within a generation at least.

Posted by: Lucci | Sep 24 2021 13:57 utc | 57

Biden was the most rightist candidate in the last election among the Dem camp, so this wasn't unexpected.

Posted by: Smith | Sep 24 2021 14:08 utc | 58

Something just struck me after reading the last comments, both here and at the open thread above. Excuse me if it sounds off topic but it really does pertain to both. That is, my own enjoyment at the open thread of the post which delineated what have been the arguments at the UN the last few days, and one of those in particular came from the Chinese delegate who referenced Abraham Lincoln's saying 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'. Which he compared to the Chinese attitude as being an elaboration upon that, but still referencing 'the people'.

I don't find many in these posts speaking about 'the people' in this warm and friendly way. Instead it is 'Americans ....(this or that) Or (this or that) class...

I don't blame anyone for using such superficial categorization. It's the only way to sound like you are saying something. You are correct of course; this country is in a mess. Just know that some people, some ordinary citizens, are finding their eyes glaze over as even supposed leaders like Biden start saying such overarching things as well - they are called mandates, and it's a bit funny when one of us little people starts mandating, because we are in essence powerless. So, our leaders are only echoing our ineffectual mandates here in the US.

I'm hopeful that means change is coming. When the people's eyes start glazing over as those mandates get proclaimed.

In China they listen to the people. Each one has a voice. Hang onto that, China! When you lose it, you really miss it. The people miss it.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 24 2021 14:48 utc | 59

Yes, Lucci, as a south american i've mirrored and recognized my own feelings in your comment and further in your fears. But hopefully on second thought, a mid-way outcome between your and Peter's views can arise. After collapse the grip on our region may prove harsher or not depending on how Chinese triumph and new soft power prevails to take over the scene.
Yes, an entirely new scene - newer mindsets- turned possible by instant worldwide communications and tech practical end of language barriers.

Posted by: augusto | Sep 24 2021 14:54 utc | 60

karlof1 @ 29, your words about where hatred is instilled in a child are a little too negative - the child is a bit more resilient than we are supposing her/him to be, like a plant upgrowing under asphalt. Along with the sources you are reading, try some which reference this ability to overcome:

"Children have two visions, the inner and the outer. Of the two the inner vision is brighter." [ Sylvia Ashton-Warner, author of "Teacher"]

Posted by: juliania | Sep 24 2021 15:42 utc | 61

[That was my bold above, sorry.]

Posted by: juliania | Sep 24 2021 15:43 utc | 62

b quotes "People who point out alternatives to current national security policies are systematically driven out of positions of authority" Vik @ 17 claims "Haiti is used as a vacant lot for the US to move drugs, arms and operations against Venezuela and Cuba. Nothing moves in Haiti without the approval of the gringos. It's a 100% Failed State." Gottlieb @ 24 says "we can no longer look through the lens of the old normal. A game is afoot. It leans toward totalitarianism. "
Karlof1 @ 29 "No solution .. until that fundamental problem you're taught while you're learning about your local environment <=process developed humanity requires systematic differentiation of folklore, culture, religion, education, political, judicial correctness, and "selective restriction" over public and private narratives, these differentiations make each nation state a unique set of propaganda. The PIGO keep each nation state in the system differentiated from all the others, and within each nation state the population is kept nearly equally divided. The NSS allows the PIGO (private imperialistic global oligarch) to manipulate the global populations and to establish inside either a binary divided world or a choatic world in which no one can rule; which ever suits the PIGO. ToivoS @ 33 calls the PICO system in Haiti a<= "gangster regime".. Boisrond Tonnerre @ 35 & 36, 38 and 40 says Haiti harbors "racial apartheid" kept in place by WJC member Biggio family. Hoarsewhisperer @ 41 adds [Haiti] victim of Morgenthau plan which denies Haiti economic self-sufficiency, wiki leaks => agriculture lands are consolidated in PIGO hands in Haiti. Roger @ 37 and mentions the Overton Window as a check open public narratives. Antispin @ 28 says if Haiti improves the USA responds with marines?

Menz @ 523 thanks for the links education

FiveGunsWest @ 48 says "Democratic Party is a narrative management op designed to continually derail the possibility of economic justice in America" <=this needs confirmation, details and elaboration IOT understand the management structure and operations but narrative management is a good theory to begin to work with?

Posted by: snake | Sep 24 2021 16:02 utc | 63

Lyrics to a song I wrote 20 years ago... still applies

Kept in the dark
Fed on bullshit and lies
The illusion of choice
Is something everybody buys

Cookie cutter candidates
Actors in a show
All of this is just a ploy
To maintain the status quo

They demonize a ghost
They fabricate a need
To strip you of your rights
So you'll willingly concede

Open your eyes
it's time you realized
You've become the instrument
To hasten the demise

They pound the drums
And wave the sword
Then they march you off to war

The fodder isn't even sure
what he's really dying for
In the end his life's blood bought
some billionaire another yacht

You think you’re free
Well it’s just a misconception
You live a lie
In this matrix of dreams

It's a rich man's trick
A monstrous deception
To keep you chained
To their killing machine

Posted by: ld | Sep 24 2021 16:05 utc | 64

Posted by: ld | Sep 24 2021 16:05 utc | 64

Shades of Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter (It's just a shot away)?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 24 2021 16:45 utc | 65

Meng to be released by Canada on some kind of deal. Probably misrepresenting some economic relations with Iran, even though that's not a crime elsewhere.

Posted by: Prof | Sep 24 2021 16:50 utc | 66

juliania @61--

They may be negative but they're also true. When South Pacific was on Broadway (1949-1955), there were several parts the "Masters" demanded be excised--all scenes and songs dealing with race, racism, and how it's "carefully taught." The producers refused. Those demands were reproduced when it was being made into a film (1958) and again refused, but the film was banned from being shown in the Racist South because it was right on the money with its message. Have you watched or read The Help? It's message is similar but not as explicit. Yes, it's clearly possible for people to overcome how they were taught early in life, but it's rarer than one might imagine. Why is that? Those that control society behind the scenes use the Machiavellian tool known as divide and rule masterfully to "keep the house divided against itself." Why isn't this obvious fact taught in grade school? That answer ought to be obvious--the public isn't to be taught the truth about their existence; rather, they're to be fed various stories that serve to keep them divided and the oligarchs free from challenge. That's what Woke is doing now.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 24 2021 17:03 utc | 67

Steps toward a perspective beyond Left and Right

Everyone should take a careful look at the arguments of Branko Milanovic in his relatively new book "Capitalism Alone." in which he maintains that "Communism is a social system that enabled backward and colonized societies to abolish feudalism, regain economic and political independence and build indigenous capitalism."

"Or to put another way, it was a system of transition from feudalism to capitalism used in less-developed and colonized societies. Communism is the functional equivalent of the rise of the bourgeoise in the West."

Milanovic goes on to argue that his interpretation provides the part of the Third World that was both colonized and went through communist revolutions with its own place in global history, which it lacks in both liberal and Marxist grand narratives."

Posted by: Gulag | Sep 24 2021 17:04 utc | 68

The contrast between the CCP's economic planning and that of the US is stark, and bereft of any camouflage: the CCP envisions a world where technological transfer to lesser-developed nations is encouraged; the CCP envisions a world where there is no meddling in the political development of foreign nations (or, in other words: no political puppets, and no disguised coups); the CCP further envisions a world where...ah, there, their worldview breaks down.

They claim to support "Common Prosperity" (better translated as "Shared/Communal Prosperity"--let's count that as one more purposeful failure of western Corporate Media), but hey: there does seem to be a political elite forming, no? Isn't that the chief worry?

Except the possible answer to that question (which shall be decided in the future--we are all cutting-edge historians, here) may well be "No!"

That's the tension the entire world currently feels, and that's the tension Xi Jinping is currently either trying to ameliorate, or disabuse all peoples not of the CCP.

As with any one-party system (US, EU, CCP--but notably, not the current Russian Federation, nor most of the outer-US Americas, nor...), the work of analyzing the future political course is opaque, and contingent upon insider knowledge--

unless--like b, here--repeated analytical victories (i.e.: predictions of future moves/failures/victories based purely upon analysis and perspicacious observation of the current political "climate") prove a journalist to be truly predictive, explanatory, and unifying.

b is unifying.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | Sep 24 2021 17:16 utc | 69

Relevant to Haiti's plight is today's UN Food Systems Summit which Lavrov addressed and provided an excellent example of what Russia and China mean when they advance people-first policies:

"The National Food Systems Summit Dialogues, organised in preparation for the current summit, brought together representatives of government agencies, science, business and NGOs who systematise the Russian industry achievements of recent years and updated the relevant goals, including international cooperation. All these matters have been reflected in the national report, Towards the UN Food Systems Summit, published on the Summit website.

"We believe the national dialogue mechanism at country level should be continued after the Summit. This is exactly how we plan to proceed in Russia.

"I would like to note that even the most ambitious recommendations of the Summit might remain on paper if no decisions are taken to coordinate the follow-up activities. We believe that governments need to play the leading role in this process, supported by the international organisations in Rome – the FAO, WFP and IFAD – as well as in cooperation with other UN agencies." [My Emphasis]

Without national sovereignty, governments are unable to help their own citizens, which is clearly the case in Haiti, which is controlled by the Outlaw US Empire. But everytime Haitians try to liberate their government, they get crushed by the Empire's interventions, yet the OAS says nothing. The treatment of Haitians reveals the degree of evil criminality that lives within the Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 24 2021 17:20 utc | 70

Milanovic's argument is crap. Communism created capitalism? Please. Milanovic should just stick to his inequality data sets, which are empirically interesting but theoretically weak tbh.

First, we are not dealing with some isolated abstraction of "communism" but 20th Century, historically-specific Communism, born of uneven capitalist development, inter-imperial warfare, the thirty years crisis, and American barbarism (cold war) after WW2. Without that specificity, we can't grasp the uneven and limited progress of 20th Century Communism.

Second, Milanovic is conflating the forces and relations of production, which is a neoclassical problem. He is saying that advanced productive forces are capital. That's nonsense and stems from a confusion of use vale and exchange value.

Third, if communism was just good at making capitalism, how do you explain the class struggles against the bourgeoisie which were central to revolution in Russia, China, and elsewhere? Lenin and Mao had specific theorizations of the transition to capitalism in their countries and developed correct Marxist political strategies to overthrow capitalism. They did not create proto capitalist states...because the bourgeoisie was annihilated!

Fourth, milanovic is really explaining away the success of central planning by conflating the forces and relations of production. If technology is capital, then there is no need to consider replacing the market with planning.

Finally, that is exactly his political agenda as a timid, cowardly social democrat, who just wants to tax the rich a bit more but leave everything else the same.

Boring. No vision. And out of touch with the historical death spiral of contemporary capitalism.

Posted by: Prof | Sep 24 2021 17:22 utc | 71

@66 Appreciate your news flash. Here is a link....

"It’s possible that at 1 p.m. EDT, when the matter is set to come up in court virtually, Meng could admit some wrongdoing and be given a fine as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, according to reports."

Posted by: dh | Sep 24 2021 17:25 utc | 72

juliania @59

Is the difference between the working class and the "middle class" in America really so superficial?

For an example, "The Deplorables" have been voicing concern that American school children are being indoctrinated with "critical race theory", or "cultural Marxism" as it is incorrectly called due to not having anything to do with Marx. Until very recently the American "middle class" in academia and mass media have been gaslighting "The Deplorables" by first asserting that there was no such thing as "critical race theory", followed then by assertions that being concerned about students being indoctrinated with it was just crazy conspiracy theory. Now that the National Education Association has come out and admitted that "critical race theory" is being pushed the whole gaslighting thing has been memory holed, which is yet more gaslighting.

The issue here is not a matter of a few bad apple individuals in the American "middle class" trying to manipulate "The Deplorables" with lies and deceit. The entire American "middle class" feels not only that it is entitled, but morally obligated to try and reprogram "The Deplorables" and "Trumpists" to view the world in the delusional manner that the American "middle class" does. The "middle class" feels that their lies are excused by the perceived nobility of the ends that they are trying to achieve. If they have to lie to get "The Deplorables" to stop being racists and misogynists and homophobes, then what could be wrong with that? A few little lies to perfect American capitalist society? It is for "The Deplorables" own good anyway, and they wouldn't listen if you tried to tell them the truth, right?

Except that the working class "Deplorables" are not why America's Black communities experience such high unemployment and underemployment. The working class "Deplorables" are not why Black communities have so much violent crime. The working class "Deplorables" are not why there are fewer women in executive positions in corporations. The working class "Deplorables" are not why LGBTQWERTY people cannot conceive children and have gratifying family life. The American "middle class" gaslighting "The Deplorables" cannot fix any of this.

It isn't just about "critical race theory" in the schools, though that is bad enough. The gaslighting by the American "middle class" in academia and mass media include trying to convince "The Deplorables" that Black Lives Matter riots and looting are really just peaceful evening protests with cheery fires; the peaceful protests in DC on January 6th were, on the other hand, violent riots and racist insurrection; murderous thugs are the victims, while innocent homeowners victimized in criminal home invasions are the bad guys. Things that working people worked hard for are just gifts due to their "privilege", and they should have to pay reparations for the abuses committed by wealthy slave owners from many generations ago. It is "violence" to use the "wrong pronouns" and refer to someone as male who was born with a penis but wants to be thought of as female anyway. It is another kind of "violence" to not view a sedentary obese woman as beautiful, or to not be attracted to crude and homely women who adopt the tropes of masculinity. In fact, countless aspects of modern culture are being inverted by the delusional American "middle class" to gaslight "The Deplorables" in their futile effort to create the perfect capitalist society in America.


And we haven't even dug into the rigging of the most recent election in the US to compensate for "The Deplorables" making the "wrong" decision with their votes.

All of that is "superficial"?

I think not. America is certainly a mess, and the portion of the population that is making it a bigger mess is convinced beyond questioning that they are doing the right thing. They will continue to double down on the damage and delusion.

On a positive note, the American "middle class" is in decline, and as the empire's woes mount the oligarchs running the empire will increasingly view that middle class as a disposable luxury that they can no longer afford. You'll be thrown to the curb just like France was. Furthermore, if America is to be revitalized there will be no alternative to revitalizing its working class at the same time. Mass delusion has a limited shelf life.

Posted by: William Gruff | Sep 24 2021 17:38 utc | 73

Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 24 2021 16:45 utc | 65
Love that song
Thanks for the comparison

Posted by: ld | Sep 24 2021 18:24 utc | 74

Prof @71

Great to discuss this issue with you. Will start with your first point about specificity.

"We are not dealing with with some isolated abstraction of "communism." No, indeed we are not. Lets look at what Milanovic said about Chinese communism.

From Milanovic: " The Chinese Communist Party advocated and implemented first in the areas it controlled in the 1920s-1930s, and then after its victory in 1949 throughout China a comprehensive land reform, the abolition of quasi-feudal relations in rural areas and a weakening of clan-based social relations which were replaced by more modern nuclear family structure and gender equality. It also promoted widespread literacy and education with affirmative action in education in favor of children from peasant and workers families."

"This was no less than a complete overturning of historical hierarchal relations. It all went together with the rejection of Confucianism which through its emphasis on filial piety, unquestioning aspects of authority and meekness
permitted such structures to endure for centuries."

The nationalist revolution that came to power had very little to do with Moscow or even internationalism. The emphasis was on the role of the peasantry as opposed to the urban working class as the key force to bring about the socialist revolution which was not only unorthodox in a Marxist sense but was against the long-standing policy of the Comintern."

"Prosecuting a social and national revolution...was a precondition for domestic development and over the longer run for the creation of an indigenous capitalist class that would, as such a class did in Western Europe and North America, pull the economy forward. Here however the transformation from feudalism to capitalism took place under the control of an extremely powerful state, a different process from what happened in Europe and North America where the role of the state was much less important and where the countries were free of foreign interference...In simple terms this means that communism was least successful in developed industrial economies like East Germany and Czechoslovakia and most successful in poor agricultural societies like China and Vietnam."

Posted by: GulAG | Sep 24 2021 18:44 utc | 75

William Gruff @ 73, I think you missed my point. I have a nice sign a friend gave me back in the day which proclaims "We are the 99 Percent". I often stick it out at the curb on election day. I've had it ever since - oh maybe since Occupy Wallstreet days. The truth it expresses doesn't negate the divisiveness in everything you are saying - it simply enlarges the picture. Because your conclusion that I will be thrown to the curb isn't a new or future thing. In my book we've all been thrown to the curb, this entire century so far. Beginning with not allowing Ralph Nader onto the podium for the electoral proceedings. It has been downhill since then, very steeply and rapidly downhill.

For all of us.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 24 2021 20:37 utc | 76

Thanks, karlof1 @ 67, I certainly agree with much of what you are saying about nurture and experience negatively learned. As that song does say, "you have to be carefully taught." I went to college in Maryland, and that isn't the deep south - I've never been there - but it was during the civil rights era, and I don't believe those lessons have been forgotten. I think the south did change. The great leaders both black and white can be researched by young people, as they naturally decide to think for themselves, even without encouragement, but usually there is a kind individual making a difference, giving a hand as you always do for us -- even in the midst of the purposeful propaganda of division the media and the politicos are forcing upon us all in the public arena. It only takes one personal encounter.

They would not have made all the attacks on the system that have been made if their tactics had been successful when they began this long march. All along the way their options have been narrowed, so that sleight of hand is now patently obvious. More and more of the general public KNOW they are being shafted. And the world knows. Less and less of them believe what is being 'fed' them. We have made our masters have to work at their trade. And they don't like it - you could see it in that 'mandate' speech Biden made. That speech outed him, and not in a good way.

I don't think we are saying different things, you and I. But there is always a hidden personal element. People may be making the wrong choices, but that is only because they are not being given the right ones. And I still remember the saying of a member of the Firedoglake team online, "Never Give Up."

Posted by: juliania | Sep 24 2021 21:17 utc | 77

juliania @76

Therein lies the irony. If there is to be any renaissance for the empire's domestic economy then by necessity the working class must also be reborn. The working class is not a dispensable luxury in the economy any more than the engine or motor is a dispensable part of a car. The working class is as essential to capitalism as are profits themselves. The middle class is just the padding on the seats of the above-mentioned car that protect the asses of the oligarchs from having to feel the bumps in the road. The middle class is just the muffler that silences the working class engine so that the bosses don't have to hear it. When parts of the car have to go it will not be the engine that gets thrown away but rather the muffler, and the furry seat covers, and the fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror; that is to say, the middle class.

Posted by: William Gruff | Sep 24 2021 21:18 utc | 78

Thank you, karlof1 @ 70! Lavrov points the way out of the abyss, through dialogue. I'd add this leadership aspect to your critique of b's application of the term 'neoliberal' to Russia in the new post above. The fostering of dialogue through so many levels of group discussion is totally opposite to the neoliberal manifestations of power. It is liberal, yes, in the very best sense. It's the opposite of aggressive confrontation - and a phrase Lyndon Johnson used to employ from the Old Testament springs to mind:

"Come, let us reason together."

Posted by: juliania | Sep 24 2021 21:44 utc | 79

juliania and William Gruff

In the west, the people have been fed propaganda for so long they will need detuning. Most people are honest and have some empathy. Many classified secrets need to be made very public so the the majority of people can see what their governments have done to them and what they as countries have done to other people. But that point will not come until some time after a major collapse or destruction by outside forces.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Sep 24 2021 22:20 utc | 80

juliania @79--

Thanks for your reply! This short op/ed gets it right and observes how the Power Elite maintain control:

"There is a terrible theme that runs throughout the story of the United States: when a group of people are seen as a threat, state power has been used to oppress them. More specifically, political interests have built and solidified their power by ramping up fear—not just stoking a fire, but creating it. American communities are thus pitted against each other, and eventually there is public support for government overreach that is outrageously outsized to the supposed threat." [My Emphasis]

That's the lesson that needs teaching from K-Grad School. I recall back in the 8th grade--1968--when we were assigned The Prince by Machiavelli but never really discussed it in class despite its great relevance to what was occurring across the land. I don't know, but it's my feeling that most students never do get to discuss that book despite it being mandatory reading for many Civics classes. I feel that because if it was actually discussed in depth, then its employment against us would be easy to see and denounce, but it's not and isn't.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 24 2021 22:27 utc | 81

Gruff wrote:

The middle class is just the muffler that silences the working class engine so that the bosses don't have to hear it.

That is just so damn silly it makes one wonder what flavor of jello Gruff has been using for a brain.

Does anybody believe Gruff is a member of the working class? Has Gruff ever scuffed his knuckles and got his hands dirty building or repairing a car? Sure he knows a little bit about the theory of how cars (or rockets) work as any well educated middle class person might.

Of course the working class is indispensable to the US elites. Anybody who thinks they keenly aware of that is a moron. That is exactly why they promoted Trump as the pied piper to cheerlead the working class. The problem is Trump couldn't hack it for more than four years. So back now they're to the drawing board.

Posted by: jinn | Sep 24 2021 23:00 utc | 82

Dear B

Vie gehts.

I have an essay on Haiti I would like to submit to the appreciation of the barflies. However, when I copy it to the post It doesn't allow me to post it.
What should I do?

Posted by: CarlD | Sep 25 2021 1:08 utc | 83

@ CarlD | Sep 25 2021 1:08 utc | 83 with a problem posting a comment

Send it to me at my moniker available email address and I will try to post it under your moniker

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 25 2021 1:43 utc | 84

jinn @82

LOL! My first car was a VW Beetle. Bought it for $200 because it had a blown engine. Took that engine out by myself and hauled it up to the third floor of an old New England triple-decker to my bedroom at the tender age of 15 and rebuilt it on the linoleum there. The funny thing about wrecked knuckles (and broken legs and arms and ribs and...) is that they seem to heal pretty good when you are a teenager, but then it seems like all of that damage comes back as you get older. Weird...

My first full time job was second shift yarn boy in a textile mill (I was still going to high school at the time and was trying to do both). Worked my way up to loom operator and then mechanic before the factory was crated up and shipped to the Dominican Republic. Moved on to machine operator at another factory (drill press, punch press, injection molder) before becoming a paint tech there and then taking over operation of the plant's wastewater treatment system when they realized I knew what numbers were. Lots of titrating reagents and calculating adjustments to acid/caustic soda flow into the waste stream along with flocking agents to precipitate out the heavy metals. I got to rule over a huge room full of fancy machinery wearing a lab jacket and carrying a clipboard. The working girls at the plant would get all weak-kneed at the sight of me because the rugged-but-academic look still commanded respect back then.

In between those two jobs was a brief run-in with the military that fortunately didn't end up on my "permanent record", as well as an abortive first attempt at college (they didn't roll out the red carpet for regular boring white guys, even back then. If you were not female or Black then you needed to show them the cash up front. That silliness has only gotten worse since then).

In any case, my first VW engine rebuild wasn't done very well so I had to do it over again a few months later. I did get pretty skilled at it though and for shits and giggles did a full assembly on one a few years later while blindfolded and cheered on by some partners in crime as they demolished a case of brew. Finished that assembly in under two hours, setting torques by feel. That particular build lasted over 160,000 miles.

With all of that said, it doesn't matter to me if anyone believes that or not. It just amuses me to see delusional middle class fools getting all butthurt over confronting the reality that they are irrelevant to human progress. That conflicts too much with the inflated view they have of themselves. They are neither the masters of the economy, nor do they represent humanity's future. They are just baggage along with the species for the ride.

Posted by: William Gruff | Sep 25 2021 1:48 utc | 85

@73 gruff

Great comment. Thank you for taking the time. I am going to read it again.

@78 gruff

Just as precious metals must return to use as sound money to crater the Fed's ability to prop itself up by money-printing no matter the economic reality, the real salt of the earth working class must outstrip the middle-managers once again.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Sep 25 2021 5:50 utc | 86

It just amuses me to see delusional middle class fools getting all butthurt over confronting the reality that they are irrelevant to human progress.
says the delusional middle class fool who thinks a brush with real work 40 years ago makes him a member of the working class.

Oh and BTW a VW beetle 36hp engine will not make it anywhere near 160K miles if you remove the muffler.

Posted by: jinn | Sep 25 2021 12:15 utc | 87

Oh and BTW a VW beetle 36hp engine will not make it anywhere near 160K miles if you remove the muffler.
Posted by: jinn | Sep 25 2021 12:15 utc | 87

That's news to me. How come?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Sep 25 2021 13:54 utc | 88

Heads are rolling in Biden's little Idlib invasion too.

Thankfully the Syrian Arab Army is expert at rolling off the head of the snake with some help from their newly developed drone force and the Russian air wing. I guess the asshat Erdogan has also done his dash in his little 'empire of the imbecile' adventure.

Alexander Mercouris deconstructs Erdogan's entrails here.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Sep 26 2021 2:47 utc | 89

re Piotr Berman | Sep 24 2021 11:13 utc | 51
I've come across some deplorable rationalisations over the years but this one which uses the western intelligence owned wikipedia as a source is up there with the worst, altho I'm gonna only go slightly better by quoting england's Guardian:

""The long and the short of it is that Haiti was paying reparations to France from 1825 until 1947," says Von Tunzelmann. "To come up with the money, it took out huge loans from American, German and French banks, at exorbitant rates of interest. By 1900, Haiti was spending about 80% of its national budget on loan repayments. It ­completely wrecked their economy. By the time the original reparations and interest were paid off, the place was basically destitute and trapped in a ­spiral of debt. Plus, a succession of leaders had more or less given up on trying to resolve Haiti's problems, and started looting it instead.""

IOW the debt which was officially paid off in 1947 was only done so by borrowing other money and creating new debt.
Of all the tosh one comes across this statement by Berman really takes the cake, he says " Alas! there is no evidence that Americans could foster economic development in a "low tech country" even if they tried. The only missing link in the proof that they simply cannot do that is resolving doubts if they ever really tried."

Nowhere have I or anyone else suggested that amerika should foster economic development in Haiti, that is not the issue, the issue is that amerika has been deliberately interfering in Haiti's political process ever since the Duvalier family were given the flick, and likely before then as amerika was a 'friend' of the Duvalier tyranny.
They have caused coups which overturned the election of President Aristide twice, in 1991 and again in 2004.

"The violent overthrow and forced exile of Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has ripped aside the democratic pretensions of Washington and the other major powers to expose the brutal and predatory character of resurgent imperialism. The actions taken by the US government in Haiti demonstrate the farcical character of its claims that the aim of the US invasion of Iraq was to inaugurate an era of democratization and freedom in the Middle East and around the world.

Aristide’s overthrow is the outcome of a bloody coup orchestrated by the Bush administration and aided by the Chirac government in Paris. It was executed by a band of killers drawn from the disbanded and discredited Haitian army and the CIA-backed death squads that terrorized the population under the former military dictatorship that ruled the country in the early 1990s."

Shrub used to claim the world was one giant pottery barn, "you break it, you fix it" but no-one especially not Haitians would ever trust amerika to fix the mess it has made in Haiti. The best to hope for is that amerika will simply quit interfering in the domestic politics of their nation, especially not by bribing, blackmailing and generally arm-wrestling U.N. members into doing it for them, so amerika can cower behind the papier mache facade of that institution, claiming "See it isn't us, it is everyone else's fault".

Posted by: Debsisdead | Sep 26 2021 3:04 utc | 90

karlof1 and William Gruff, thanks to both for your replies, and to you both, I found just now a comment by Vandemonian over at Naked Capitalism linksthat expressed my main thought wonderfully well:

"...I’m sure there are group disparities inside China, but the country appears to have more top-down encouragement for national solidarity, rather than divisiveness."

I'd extend that thought to Russia as well. And if Afghanistan is to have good government in the future, I hope it will follow their lead.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 26 2021 4:37 utc | 91

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