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August 01, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-058

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> This system of governance and oversight transcends the law. In that sense, laws and regulations are only tools and means to reach regulators’ goals in terms of governance, norms, and ethics. The law per se is not the end, merely the tool. This contrasts starkly with the rule of law concept in the West. While it is comprehensible to Chinese, it is difficult for Westerners to understand. <

Other issues:

The unjust jailing of Craig Murray:

Judaism is a religion and Zionism is European Colonialism. Neither are ethnicities:


Covid origin:

Typisch Deutsch :-)

Source - bigger


Personal note:
The above piece explains a certain kind of typos I often make when writing for Moon of Alabama. I have learned most of my English during my teens by talking with American English speaking teens. I thereby use the sound of words in my head when I compose a sentence. But the sound of a word in English language tells one little about how that word is written. I thus write for example "a shear necessity" when the correct spelling is "a sheer necessity". The spellchecker will unfortunately accept either.

Use as open thread ...

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@106 Tom_Q_Collins

Thank you for that. In fact, despite your generous view, I pretty much was saying the vaccinations are driving the mutations. I'm getting that view from scientists who are explaining it better than I can.

However, there's another side isn't there, and I can see the logic that says the mutation will occur in the host (i.e. the unvaccinated) rather than in the vaccinated. And it does seem the data is saying this, with variants NOT arising in the vaccinated. However, let's be clear that the host is not only the unvaccinated now, because at least with US pharma products, we know that the vaccinated are also hosts.

There are many postulates in that article and each one I'm going to have to deal with over time. I will have to take each claim and examine it with rigor. I guess for sure I'll need to verify provenance of variants.

I'll offer anything I can clarify.

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 2 2021 4:12 utc | 101

Grieved @ 108:

My understanding is that ivermectin is an anti-inflammatory drug, which partly explains its effectiveness in clearing out diseases caused by worms and other parasites (because the symptoms manifested in these diseases are the result of inflammation caused by the parasites or the body's reaction to the presence of parasites, dead or alive), and many if not most symptoms associated with COVID-19 are themselves caused by inflammation or cytokine storms.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 2 2021 4:17 utc | 102

pick your obsession... here is a track from a victoria b.c. group that i saw a week ago... i like what they are doing...
Posted by: james | Aug 1 2021 20:37 utc | 54

This post came out of nowhere. I gave it a listen. Nice diversion. Very distinctive. Notable that the fragile trio is not overpowered by the orchestra, which requires a high level of artistry and skill.

Posted by: Activist Potato | Aug 2 2021 4:38 utc | 103

@ 111 active potato... thanks.. yes, i agree with you... i saw them with a string quartet last sunday at a folk festival in duncan b.c. - providence farm folk fest... there was a beautiful balance in it all... some people might or might not like their music, but i thought they are doing something unique and with a fairly high level of artistry...

Posted by: james | Aug 2 2021 4:42 utc | 104


"Both Zionists and Nazis believe Jews are a race. Jewish is a religion, albeit an exclusivist religion."

It's amazing how you just sprinted right past my point and refused to engage with it.

Yes, thank you for echoing Schlomo Sand's pathetic whine when the genetic record didn't support his thesis.

Whether something would have pleased Hitler or not has no bearing on whether the evidence supports it. And the evidence is robust that the Jewish diaspora really are the descendants of Levantive Jews who largely kept their genetics insular over centuries of exile.

A huge number of these people, both historically and today, were either not particularly devout followers of Judaism, or didn't follow it at all. Yet they still predominantly identified as 'Jewish'. Because being Jewish is about more than just following the Tanakh.

Saying they aren't Jewish if they don't follow Judaism is a bit like saying a Japanese isn't really Japanese if they don't believe that the Emperor is descended from a sun goddess.

You don't need to copy paste a bunch of stuff about how Zionists suck. I know they suck. You won't get any disagreement from me about Zionism being a genocidal colonialist project.

Posted by: Ben | Aug 2 2021 4:45 utc | 105

Somehow it doesn't surprise me to see the MOA commentariate peddling the long discredited Khazar hypothesis.

Posted by: Ben | Aug 2 2021 4:51 utc | 106

@ Jen

AZ uses the same technology as Sputnik V.

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s health officials have given a go-ahead to testing a combination of the AstraZeneca coronavirus shot and the single-dose version of the domestically developed Sputnik V vaccine, according to the country’s registry of approved clinical trials.

The small study, which was scheduled to start July 26 and end in March next year, will enroll 150 volunteers and look at the mixed regimen’s safety and capability to trigger immune response, records show. It will be conducted in five medical facilities in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

AstraZeneca developed its vaccine with Oxford University. Sputnik V was developed by the state-run Gamaleya Center in Moscow, and the Russian Direct Investment Fund bankrolled the project. Both shots use a similar technology, employing a harmless virus to deliver genetic material from the spike protein of COVID-19 into the body, which then prompts an immune response.

Russian officials introduced Sputnik V last year as a two-shot vaccine using different viruses in each dose, but they also have separately marketed the first shot as a single-dose alternative dubbed Sputnik Light.

The developers of Sputnik V proposed combining the shots to AstraZeneca in November, suggesting it could increase the effectiveness of the British vaccine. AstraZeneca announced a study to test the combination in December.

Russia OKs testing combination of Sputnik, AstraZeneca shots

Posted by: Down South | Aug 2 2021 4:52 utc | 107

Grieved @104--

It was referenced in a first chapter footnote by the author of Tomorrow, the World, Stephen Wertheim. I linked to the Free Preview awhile ago and finally bought a hard copy. The foot notes to the Intro are just as important as what the Intro reveals, perhaps more so. Just because an argument's old doesn't invalidate it.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2021 5:29 utc | 108

#104 uncle tungsten

Last Brazilian Minister of health (Pazuello) is deep down his neck in a bribing scandal to buy overpriced vaccines. Bolsonaro is in the same ship. They're also linked to enterprises profiting with "kit covid" made of Ivermectin and cloroquine.

Whatever they recommend, I would do the exact opposite. Besides, in Perú people used Ivermectin quite often informally, and we have the highest death rates in the world. We resorted to "traditional" means (masks) and we are in the lowest casualties level since the beginning of the pandemic.

Posted by: Mariátegui | Aug 2 2021 5:52 utc | 109

Living in the insane asylum that is Sydney, I'm being pushed by family members brainwashed by 24-hour news hysteria to accept being injected with the COVID-19 "vaccines"...
Posted by: Jen | Aug 1 2021 20:44 utc | 55

When discussing this with family I don't pull any punches. I feel I owe them my honest view. My mother, who taught me to question authority at a young age, has in her frail and golden years bought into the COVID cult completely. I guess I can understand her fear to a certain degree. However, her critical thinking skills - once so robust - have faded along with her natural immunity. She was among the very first to stockpile toilet paper at the beginning of this shit show. I told her flat out that I would not accept the vaccine but that I would take every other *reasonable* preventative measure to prevent catching and spreading it. I also told her bluntly - very early in the pandemic - that I suspected a hidden agenda and did not believe what we are being told is true. I have done lots of reading and listening since. I also know plenty of frontline workers, have heard them tell me privately about what's going on (or more accurately what's NOT going on) and I believe even more strongly today that we are being systematically lied to by our governments and the media. The majority of people cannot fathom this mass lie as a possibility. But most people don't truly grasp how much wealth and power is behind this and how venal and corruptible our "leaders" are - whether in government or institutions, and especially in corporations. Nobody wants to believe Daddy would abuse them.

My own household is divided on the issue of vaccines. It is no longer a topic that we discuss at the dinner table. Fortunately, the two who have been vaccinated in my house do not hold the insane belief that I am a threat to them because I am not. They believe the vaccines protect them.

When it comes to others - friends, people in my work place, perfect strangers - how I handle the vaccine "question" depends entirely on the tone of the exchange and the circumstance. There was a person at my work who expressed shock that I had not got my "jab" yet. The person looked horrified. I mirrored her expression and retorted, "Of course not! Do you think I'm crazy? I've never volunteered for a medical experiment in my life and I'm not about to start now." I said it with a smile on my face, of course. I like her anyway.

If I detect intelligence on the other side of the conversation, I will explain in a little more detail why I am "delaying" taking the jab and see where the conversation goes. For my "science' friends I proudly declare that I have volunteered to be part of the Control Group for the experiment and am risking my own health to do so in order to prove the vaccines work. That usually draws a nervous chuckle.

Really, at the end of the day, nobody should be minding anyone else's business about this personal decision - especially the government. The fact that the public narrative has been designed to bring about this kind of peer pressure should set off warning bells in people's heads. Talk about vaccine passports should scare the hell out of any person who values freedom and believes in medical ethics. I'm sorry for those who have suffered this illness and for those who have died as a result, but the survival rate is over 99% and the vast majority of those at elevated risk are over 80 (Our governments failed to protect the most vulnerable at the very start of this but were very quick to lock down the healthy). Yet, this hidden agenda requires that our kids be vaccinated as well! It is no longer about the virus - it is all about the vaccine. I hope the perpetrators of this fraud are held accountable very soon.

Posted by: Activist Potato | Aug 2 2021 6:18 utc | 110

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 1 2021 19:49 utc | 38 -- "Blinken screwed up so badly in Alaska.... I don't know what cultural taboo Blinken failed to follow. Apart from the second rate hotel, junk (?) food, being late and otherwise not knowing ordinary Diplomatic courtesy towards an honoured guest that is..."

Blinken fell on his face because he has no respect for others, thinking too highly of himself and his "culture". His big fail as a diplomat is that he showed that he disrespected his opposite numbers. He presumed that representing an exceptionally indispensable nation gave him natural rights to lecture others. His strategic failing is that he did not anticipate that the Chinese came intending to draw red lines.

At the tactical level, his staged negotiation "tactics" worked to set up his face plant. Choosing a no-name venue; failing to organise hospitality; arriving late; opening with his "power move" to shock and awe his guests -- all came to nought when he had to clear the room of the cameras in embarrassment.

In the well-deserved roasting heard across the world, an infuriated Yang Jiechi (who ranks up there beside Xi), repeatedly raised two fingers in a rocking-pointing motion at Blinkin' Blinken's forehead. That gesture is seen when an angry grandfather scolds his grandchild for a major infraction. Or when a wronged man upbraids another for the injustice, in the moments shortly before a street fight.

It is no wonder that Blinkin' Blinken dared not to go to Beijing, sending instead a former social worker in the form of Wendy Sherman -- yet another mediocrity -- to take notes for him.

Blinken is but a frog in the well.

Not only is his view of the outside world restricted by the small circle of sky as he looks out of the well, but his swollen head get in the way !!!

p/s -- Heard he did badly with the Indian foreign minister too. An empty vessel makes much noise, signifying nothing. This fool thinks that to be a 'leader', all he has to do is to screw his face into a bitter frown -- all his fotos look like that -- an idiot trying to look like a 'deep thinker'.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Aug 2 2021 6:24 utc | 111

Grieved #108

The mechanisms are unknown to me, either of the disease or the treatments, and I can only go from what these high level sources say. But I thought I should pass that along.

If I can add this small thing: Artemisia annua or artemisinin and wormwood.

A link to the USA NIH.

The discovery was made in China after Chairman Mao called for urgent research to find a remedy for malaria. There was intense effort including a detailed examination of traditional chinese medicine and in a 600 year old text was the commentary by a sage of the time that for fevers, when all else has failed, a COLD extract of artemisinin should be applied.

The researcher, Youyou Tu, then tried steam distillation to extract the active alkaloids/tars only to find it ineffective.

Then ethyl alcohol was used for a COLD extract and voila, she found it, she became famous within her Chinese nation and global society. It was not immediately clear why it was cold extract that worked, but it did. Modern mendicants who dabble in herbal extractions can attest to the variation in remedial activity. They are cetain of the differences.

It is a lamentable loss to the world that so many indigenous pharmacopoeias developed over millennia have been lost due to ignorant invasion and superior thinking. We are fortunate that some remain to lead us to a better health today.

2015 The Nobel Prize:

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015 has been awarded "one half jointly to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites and the other half to Youyou Tu for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria." Collectively, the prize recognizes drug discoveries from nature that transformed two of the world's most devastating parasitic diseases.

I can recommend it as a periodic herb to masticate thoroughly. Bitter as bitter can be and then some as you chew on but then it woks a treat. Available in capsules and pills and powders online. It is NOT psychotropic!

Maybe it is as good for you as Alice B Toklas attests.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 6:43 utc | 112

@Activist Potato | Aug 2 2021 6:18 utc | 118

Thank you for a sane and well formulated post. I could not agree more.

Otherwise, this thread contains very little useful information as I skip past endless talk about - shall we call them 'remedies' - for something nobody bothered to prove to me actually exists. The big problem is purely political, it seems there is an effort to establish something like the Forth Reich, with Klaus Schwab trying co impersonate the fictional Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 6:55 utc | 113

Jen #110

My understanding is that ivermectin is an anti-inflammatory drug, which partly explains its effectiveness in clearing out diseases caused by worms and other parasites (because the symptoms manifested in these diseases are the result of inflammation caused by the parasites or the body's reaction to the presence of parasites, dead or alive), and many if not most symptoms associated with COVID-19 are themselves caused by inflammation or cytokine storms.

Thank you for persisting on the search for knowledge. Ivermectin has a range of uses from parasite eradication to anti-inflamatory but then parasites vary in their gut impact some sequester nutrients for their own benefit and exude wastes that irritate the body, others not.

I trawled through much on this and was struck by a south african district GP commentary of his experience and advice to his (mostly poor) patients and he was very particular in emphasising that people who caught Covid 19 immediately increased their ivermectin from once weekly (prophylactic) to daily AND be alert to day 7 or 8 as the body mounted a histamine reaction to the decaying viral load etc. If fevers and problems arose at day 7 or 8, he then advocated immediate anti-histamine treatment to this metabolic response so as to temper an excess to cytokine storm level. I considered this and not having anything in my kit I researched and found Quercetin Complex would perhaps suffice. I bought a stash online just in case.

Wormwood is fascinating as it not only drives out large gut parasites like tapeworm, roundworm etc, that one ingests from the range of domestic animals and soil but it also destroys the malarial parasite that invades the blood cells and circulates throughout the entire human metabolism. Life is a great challenge.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 7:09 utc | 114

kiwiklown | Aug 2 2021 6:24 utc | 119

It is no wonder that Blinkin' Blinken dared not to go to Beijing, sending instead a former social worker in the form of Wendy Sherman -- yet another mediocrity -- to take notes for him.

I recommend Alexander Mercouris' second video commenting on the meeting in Tianjin (it was not in Beijing) where Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman represented the US.

The first of Mercouris' videos on this meeting discussed the Chinese readout of what took place and what was said in that meeting. It is important to observe that Wendy Sherman did not hold talks with Foreign Minister Wang Yi, but instead held talks with Chinese officials on a level equivalent to her own. The Chinese were very clear about it.

The second of of Mercouris' videos discusses the US readout of the same meeting, where it is obvious that the US is misrepresenting what happened there, including the fact that the US readout claims that Sherman held talks with Foreign Minister Wang Yi, even if it is blatantly untrue. Mercouris calls the US readout 'alarming'.

VIDEO: Angry Exchanges Between US China in Tianjin Set Scene for All Out Pacific Conflict

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 7:09 utc | 115

Activist Potato #118

Thank you for the additional retorts that I can use - stashed in the covid quiver for ready access. At least if the whole scientific experiment evaporates, I have friends who can use the ivermectin for their horses ;))

I must say it sure has smashed capitalism far more effectively than my puny efforts.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 7:19 utc | 116

kiwiklown | Aug 2 2021 6:24 utc | 119

At the tactical level, his staged negotiation "tactics" worked to set up his face plant. Choosing a no-name venue; failing to organise hospitality; arriving late; opening with his "power move" to shock and awe his guests -- all came to nought when he had to clear the room of the cameras in embarrassment.
I think you mean Blinken tried to clear the room of cameras during the meeting in Anchorage in March. But the fact is that those efforts failed also, the Chinese did not agree and the video from that famous encounter is all over the internet, here it is:

🇺🇸🇨🇳 US-China full summit in Alaska : The Chinese diplomats confront American diplomats (English)

I think this video is one for the history books, not to be missed.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 7:20 utc | 117

The big problem is purely political, it seems there is an effort to establish something like the Forth Reich, with Klaus Schwab trying co impersonate the fictional Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 6:55 utc | 121

Yes, it is a political matter. It is about control - that much should be obvious. The party is about to end and those with all the cake want to make sure they still have it when the party is over.

Posted by: Activist Potato | Aug 2 2021 7:34 utc | 118

Today, 'Craig Murray goes to prison without the benefit of a jury, having been denied the basic right to an appeal, and most remarkably of all, not knowing who he allegedly identified and how'.

Well of course, if he knew then he could name the person that he "identified" - or something along those lines. Remind me again, if justice is traditionally "blind", has it now also become deaf and dumb? But in Craigs case they seem to be accusing him of doing jigsaw puzzles as his major crime. I'm having a hard time working out what is criminal these days. We must have got to the stage where "everything is a crime unless specifically permitted" because - the Judge said so.

Side note is Assange; whose health is failing fast according to his doctors. The UK/US attempt to kill him by 24 hr confinement may well happen.


kiwiklown | Aug 2 2021 6:24 utc | 119

I like it, but methinks Blinken looks more like a toad, but that would be rude, wouldn't it?

Croaks too.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 2 2021 7:34 utc | 119

First comment here, although I have been reading the site for over 10 years.

Some posters state that ivermectin is useless against Covid. Without a solid source, that is a pretty useless statement!

I (65+, overweight) have been taking it (2 x 12 mg) during my short covid episode in November, together with home grown/ home made Artemisia anua - sherry extract. 4 days of mild symptoms.

Took pfizer in May and June, and had during side effects, like brain fog and extreme fatigue, like living on a 2 G planet, and GI symptoms. Artemisia did not help at all here, but 2 days of 6 mg IVM 4 weeks after the 2nd jab cleared everything up in 2 days.

It is unnecessary to have a set opinion about vaxxing or off label/ off patent meds. Why not try both when under threat (and strengthen the immune system by taking care of vitamin D etc. levels).

Posted by: Rootman | Aug 2 2021 7:41 utc | 120

suzan | Aug 1 2021 20:16 utc | 45
"The social darwinists of the great reset exploit this human tendency to be flexible and adapt to new conditions by promulgating new ‘facts’ which are in their own interest.

This precipitates an equally, imo, harmful opinion mindset which righteously insists on conformity and submission to previously established ‘counterfacts’ despite the changed reality."
Conformity and submission to "peer pressure". I have been amazed at the refusal of people I know to even discuss vaccinations and anti-v. (I am anti v naturally, as I think it is a trap - but that is a personal opinion)

What I think is slightly more brutal. Brainwashing once done, is extremely difficult to change. MORE brainwashing is not in itself effective. (You have to be cleaned up first. See; several sects and the recuperation of "adepts". Scientology etc.). It also depends on the new "normal" being "suggested" at the precise point for assimilation. ie. Tired, disorientated, weak and suggestible.

So the "Reset" probably is more of an exercise in semi-brainwashing; using "fear", lack of sleep, orders that cannot be obeyed, (and which are immediately changed to maximise confusion), continual attention diversion reinforcing confusion, (via TV; phones and even BLM. LGBT etc. anything can be used) ie. Disassembling the normal to impose the transitory, and then - at the key moment proposing a "solution". Which then cannot be erased easily.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 2 2021 8:12 utc | 121

Typos, tricks and misprints - Why is English spelling so weird and unpredictable? - Aeon

Personal note:
The above piece explains a certain kind of typos I often make when writing for Moon of Alabama. I have learned most of my English during my teens by talking with American English speaking teens. I thereby use the sound of words in my head when I compose a sentence. But the sound of a word in English language tells one little about how that word is written. I thus write for example "a shear necessity" when the correct spelling is "a sheer necessity". The spellchecker will unfortunately accept either.

I can only guess that one major reason the world is saddled with a language as clunky and inelegant as English is British (and later American) colonialism. Even the other colonial powers themselves became colonies of the USA post-WWII. (At least during the Cold War the Warsaw Pact nations plus the USSR had languages whose spelling and pronunciation maintained a modicum of consistency).

One thing I noticed about non-Latin writing systems like Cyrillic, Greek, Hangul and Katakana is that foreign names are re-spelled into the respective systems to match their phonetic values, with a few caveats to make up for missing sounds. Between Latin-alphabet languages we'd see the original spelling of one language's word be retained when borrowed by another language whose letters may have a different pronunciation, such as the French word Jeton in German (which would otherwise be spelled as жетон in Russian).

If there's one pet peeve about English that drives me wild as much as the spelling and pronunciation, it's the letter names. What would be pronounced as the letter A in English would be pronounced as E in every other European language.
* So far, as far as I'm aware, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian pronounce Latin letters like in English (ei bi si instead of a be ce), and neither China nor Japan were even colonies of Britain like Malaysia was. In China and Japan, how was it decided to use English letter names? How did Malaysia decide to use English letter names after the 1972 spelling reform?
* What set of letter names do Russians tend to use when spelling out things in Latin letters (e.g. names of vitamins)? Is there even a standard set?

Posted by: joey_n | Aug 2 2021 8:38 utc | 122


Andrew Korybko speculates about whether Russia is "recalibrating" its alliance with the zionist entity in Syria:

If Russia "recalibrated" its attitude towards the zionazi pseudostate, zionist planes would be shot down by Russian S 400s even if they were over Lebanon or the Mediterranean. Putin, a fully owned zionist subsidiary, would never dare upset his zio masters anyway. Remember how he rushed to absolve the zios of blame after the Russian surveillance plane was accidentally shot down by Syrian air defence when zio aircraft used it as a human shield? That was before he even talked to the families of the crew! I'm convinced that the Russian military then did some tough talking to Putin, after which the zioscum behaved themselves for a few months. And then it was not just back to business but the Putinist regime is actually facilitating zio airstrikes in Syria by not using the vaunted S 400s to eliminate zio attackers.

Unless and until Putin is removed from office and replaced by a nationalist, there is 0% chance that Russia will ever dare act against the zionazi pseudostate.

The usual suspects can rant about me being a "troll" now. See if I care.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Aug 2 2021 9:51 utc | 123

Covid Vaccines:

Unz debates about whether the opponents of covid vaccines are "crackpots":

I’m a dentist with a significant (graduate degree) education in biology and chemistry before dentistry. Obviously, I’m not exactly scientifically illiterate. I’m also very much in favour of vaccines in diseases where vaccines would actually work: for instance, rabies, polio, typhoid, Hepatitis B, and so on; basically, DNA viruses and bacterial infections.

This is absolutely not the case with n SARS COV 2.

These are my reasons:

1. RNA viruses are notorious for constant mutations, and are extremely difficult to create vaccines for.

2. Of RNA viruses, coronaviruses are especially infamous for this. For example the common cold viruses, rhinoviruses, are coronaviruses.

3. Therefore no vaccine can protect against mutations, which are absolutely guaranteed to happen. On my own blog I predicted rampant mutations of n SARS COV 2 back in March 2020, and so it has proved.

4. n SARS COV 2 is basically an evolved version of the SARS virus from 2005. In 15 years they haven’t been able to come up with a safe vaccine for SARS, and in a few months they’ve, in countries across the world, invented effective vaccines for n SARS COV 2?!??!? Pull the other one.

5. With reference to No. 4, 6 to 7 months is an absurdly short time to come up with a safe vaccine for anything. Just common sense would tell you that to check for natal deformities alone would take 9 months at the least (longer for developmental defects like learning disorders etc). Not to speak of cancer rates and so on. In vivo lab animal tests are absolutely not sufficient for this.

So I’m not surprised that the vaccines are by all accounts failing in their (alleged) purpose. I would be astonished if they were not.

Note: None of the above has anything to do with my opinions of how actually lethal or otherwise the n SARS COV 2 virus is. I’m just talking about the vaccine.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Aug 2 2021 9:53 utc | 124

Norwegian above.

Thank you for the links to the China/US discussions.
The USA is just one bag of belligerent bullying. SAD.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 9:54 utc | 125

This is the latest piece by Eliajah Magnier on the ongoing situation re; the tanker.

In it he explains how, now that the Israelis have changed the ROE (Rules of engagement), by bombing Dab'aa airport (And Herzbollah and Iranian commanders?), they have consequently opened up a situation where all THEIR ships become possible targets.
As Israel is dependent on imports more than Iran - what now?

The meeting between the US, UK and Roumania can be explained provisionally, by the fact that the Captain was Roumanian, and the "crew member" from the UK. Possible action will be through the UN first?

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 2 2021 10:20 utc | 126

Mariátegui #117

Whatever they recommend, I would do the exact opposite. Besides, in Perú people used Ivermectin quite often informally, and we have the highest death rates in the world. We resorted to "traditional" means (masks) and we are in the lowest casualties level since the beginning of the pandemic.

Thank you and can I say that the human genome and metabolic vulnerability to virus and bacteria varies wildly across the planet and that a medicine in the euro world is never guaranteed to be effective elsewhere.

You are absolutely correct that masks are the most effective initial barrier and even more so if outdoors. It is wise to avoid crowds in closed rooms just now.

I wonder what herbal remedies in the Peruvian tradition are valued for their treatment of the flu and colds and so on that typically afflict the Spanish origin peoples in Peru. I would be most interested to hear of your valuable traditional remedies as I understand that there is a magnificent recorded pharmacopoeia of Peru and neighbouring states.

Posted by:

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 10:28 utc | 127

karlof1 #101

Thank you for that paper. This is a rich thread today.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 10:31 utc | 128

@Biswapriya Purkayast

For example the common cold viruses, rhinoviruses, are coronaviruses.

I call bullshit on your "knowledge" about these issues.

Rhinoviruses belong to the genus Enterovirus in the family Picornaviridae.
Coronaviruses constitute the subfamily Orthocoronavirinae, in the family Coronaviridae, order Nidovirales, and realm Riboviria.

Totally different.

Posted by: b | Aug 2 2021 10:49 utc | 129

Good article @Nakedcapitalism on how China keeps a tight grip on its domestic Tech industry
Hubert Horan: Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Twenty-Five: Didi’s IPO Illustrates Why Uber’s Business Model Was Always Hopeless

Posted by: v | Aug 2 2021 11:00 utc | 130

@uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 9:54 utc | 126

The USA is just one bag of belligerent bullying. SAD.

Yes. My house was just overflown in low altitude by one of those barely flying bricks, sometimes referred to as F-35. We used to have an airport nearby, but it was moved 25 years ago and we have had years of quieter time. However, in recent months I have observed military helicopters operating in pairs and now this flying brick.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 11:10 utc | 131

This being an open thread, I would like to insert something that I consider important, i.e. it has to do with the understanding of human history and the common origins we all share. I also think present day politics must be understood in this context.

In recent years much evidence has surfaced that human advanced civilization is far older than conventional archaeology has been telling us (4-5000 years). In Turkey, you have the megalithic site known as Göbekli Tepe, which was discovered in the 1990s and containing many stone pillars with advanced 3d engravings. Especially, pillar 43 is well known. The site has been carbon dated (by conventional archaeologists) to be ~12900 years old, so that may be considered something that everybody agrees with.

Studying the images of Pillar 43, it becomes clear to people with astronomical knowledge that it looks like an image of constellations in the sky, where the scorpion represents the present constellation of scorpius. That is just a starting point, Dr Martin Sweatman has done statistical analysis and combined this with cave paintings depicting similar things elsewhere and it turns out that the chance that this is some random phenomenon is infinitely small.

Leonardo Perez has an interesting discussion with Dr Martin Sweatman
Dr Martin Sweatman - Understanding Göbekli Tepe & The Younger Dryas Impact

The discussion encounters the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, i.e. that the Earth was hit by a cometary fragment ~12900 years ago and causing a huge world wide cataclysm. There is much geologic and other evidence to support this idea, especially in present day USA.

It so happens that ~12900 years ago matches the time of the Younger Dryas cold period that climate science has told us about via Greenlad ice cores. It lasted 1200 years. It makes sense to say that this event was caused by an external impact event, possibly coming out of the Taurid meteor stream which also hosts Comet 2P/Encke today. If correct it is possible that the civilization(s) who built the many megalithic structures found around the world was erased in that event, and it took thousands of years after that to re-establish civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt, i.e. the present civilization (uncivilized as it is) that we are part of.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 11:15 utc | 132

Norwegian #131

However, in recent months I have observed military helicopters operating in pairs and now this flying brick.

I guess the most indignant aspect of your experience is to be overflown by an obsolete cracked flying brick. They have no class these military thugees. At least the helicopters have maybe another ten years of useful life ahead of them.

On the bright side each of these idiot bricks has consumed enough cash to otherwise make a hundred or more hellfire missiles.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 11:29 utc | 133

grieved @95 wrote:

it's well established now that there is no asymptomptomatic spread.

I'd like to know how you think that was established? This study shows that most of the spread of covid comes from asyptomatic individuals:

"In this base case, 59% of all transmission came from asymptomatic transmission, comprising 35% from presymptomatic individuals and 24% from individuals who never develop symptoms. Under a broad range of values for each of these assumptions, at least 50% of new SARS-CoV-2 infections was estimated to have originated from exposure to individuals with infection but without symptoms."

Posted by: jinn | Aug 2 2021 11:47 utc | 134

Just have a think about iron-air batteries as large scale grid storage.

Iron Air batteries use cheap, non toxic, abundant materials and potentially have a far higher energy density than Lithium Ion batteries. The technology was first developed by NASA in the seventies, but no major commercial application has ever come to fruition. Now though, a US company, backed by some pretty big investors, has developed a grid scale iron air battery that could be a real industry disruptor.

Not replacing lithium ion but for large scale - megawatt usage.
Discharging for days rather than brief low hours stabilisers.

Perhaps rolling out from production in 2023 :))

13 minute utoob.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 11:50 utc | 135

Grieved @101 wrote

I pretty much was saying the vaccinations are driving the mutations.

The fact is all the known major variants originated in un-vaccinated populations.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 2 2021 11:53 utc | 136

Zero Anthropology is running hot on The Pandemic Narrative.

Friday, July 30, 2021 was Day #2 of an online international and interdisciplinary symposium organized by Doctors for Covid Ethics (see the report for Day #1). The symposium was titled, “Call for Immediate Intervention: Gold Standard Covid Science in Practice” (full program PDF, flyer PDF), and the five hour period for the second day was divided into two sessions: “Session 3: First Do No Harm,” and “Session 4: The Hour of Justice”. Those who missed Day 1 and would like to view the recording, it is available on Rumble. The proceedings for Day 2 are also on Rumble, and below:

Perhaps we approach another Nuremberg style justice scenario.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 11:59 utc | 137

jinn 134
also in the Virology article posted by b a while ago about the transmission of delta according to a Chinese study, no symptoms at all with delta for 3-4 days but high transmissibility

Posted by: Mina | Aug 2 2021 12:50 utc | 138

karlof1 @Aug2 3:17 #93

Thanks karlof1. His objections were prescient.

These two points seem particularly relevant to what is happening today:

8. The necessity of curtailing if not abandoning sanctions, an instrumentality of economic warfare, which widens the gap between the possessing nations and others and constitutes a constant incentive
to conflict;

9. The necessity of foregoing intervention in the external and internal affairs of other nations and returning to the tried methods of non-intervention;


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 2 2021 12:51 utc | 139

bumi ternyata datar, kita dibohongi

Posted by: Vv | Aug 2 2021 12:52 utc | 140

@uncle tungsten | Aug 2 2021 11:59 utc | 137

Perhaps we approach another Nuremberg style justice scenario.

From the outset in March 2020, this was my initial reaction. By now it is an absolute necessity.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 2 2021 12:52 utc | 141

[Olympic Belarusian athlete] Timanovskaya received a humanitarian visa for Poland

She wanted political asylum in Austria, will receive a humanitarian visa in Poland.

Color revolutionaries' stock is not that high in the West nowadays...

Either way, the whole imbroglio is hilarious. Here's the true story that originated the drama:

Coach explains why Tsimanouskaya was entered into relay at short notice

Posted by: vk | Aug 2 2021 13:18 utc | 142

@uncle tungsten #135
1/10th of the cost of lithium ion still equals incredibly unaffordable.
The cost of storage has to drop 3 orders of magnitude = 1000X in order for renewable energy technologies to truly fully replace fossil fuels.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 2 2021 15:12 utc | 143

How often do you find an article in The Atlantic mag
that doesn't toe the line of the corrupt&totalitarian DNC or the Deep State?

This one I found very agreeable.

Progressive Denial Won’t Stop Violent Crime

[It is pretty long and after a third of the way I thought the author
had made his point well, so I jumped ahead to the bottom few paragraphs.]

Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 15:14 utc | 144

@Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 15:14 utc | 144

that doesn't toe the line of the corrupt&totalitarian DNC or the Deep State?

make that
that doesn't toe the line of the Zioisraelis, corrupt&totalitarian DNC or the Deep State?

Why the edit?
Jeffrey Mark Goldberg, a Zioisrael-firster (and second and third) is the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic magazine.

Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 15:14 utc | 144

Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 15:31 utc | 145

@Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 15:31 utc | 145

The owner of The Atlantic mag is on the
chairman's advisory board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) - Steve Job's widow.

Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 15:46 utc | 146

Posted by: b | Aug 2 2021 10:49 utc | 129
Well, thanks b for preempting my intended comment the Rhinovirus miscue.

In Turkey, the government tends to make the COVID issue a problem through its quest for foreign currency via the tourist industry. But, it does want to boost vaccinations

The vaccines available, unlike the West are Sinovac, and soon Sputnik V. They also have BioNtec (Pfizer mRNA). My wife has had two Sinovac (spring) and one recent BioNtech. I had a Sinovac, and virtually the same day came down with a very mild case of COVID. I will probably get another Sinovac and later, in the the fall, a Sputnik V, if thought a third is needed.

I will avoid any mRNA vaccine given its somewhat experimental nature. I am concerned mostly for the lack of long term studies concerning the technique. It does seem to have some potential issues for women's fertility and also bone marrow issues, leading potentially to later leukemia, but that will be discovered to be true or not in a few years time. I would prefer not to be a test case.

Mostly, I object to the Pfizer "vaccine" because it is obviously intended to be a cash cow for a corrupt corporation. For-profit medicine during a "pandemic" seems somewhat unethical, at least immoral. It also does not lead to trust in those being clearly coerced into taking the "vaccine".

The fact that this whole COVID pandemic has been politicized by the West, also leads to a lack of trust. Is the pandemic being "kept alive" so the looting of the economy and the introduction of ever more oppressive legislation benefitting those in power can be introduced?

As for the spread of the virus, I also wonder about air conditioning in the warmer months. Keeping indoors cool when outdoors is hot. The coronaviruses generally prefer cool to cold temperatures rather than hot and humid to be active. Would this widespread use of air conditioning indoors not aid the virus in its reproductive quest? Just wondering.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Aug 2 2021 15:51 utc | 147

@Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Aug 2 2021 15:51 utc | 147

"As for the spread of the virus, I also wonder about air conditioning"

Have you looked into:

iwave-r by Nu-Calgon


Note that anything that makes people more comfortable about Covid
is not good in the eyes of the fear mongers and thus a target for their ire.

Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 16:08 utc | 148

On the effectiveness of ivermectin, at this site you can check on the scientific research on ivermectin without being censored by lobbying interests.

The site is a database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies, updated in real-time and with commentaries on the flaws or otherwise of each study. 104 studies, 67 peer reviewed, 60 with results comparing treatment and control groups. It works - and is dramatically effective.

Ivermectin is cheap and out of patent. Big Pharma cannot profit from ivermectin therefore it wages all-out war against it.


I have to ask, why would the virus mutate if it was up against the unvaccinated? Surely the original virus is as effective as ever against them? [I can see some shades of other reasons why the virus might mutate anyway, but typically a virus mutates towards becoming more benign if it runs short of hosts - but my main point in this paragraph is the thought that the unvaccinated are largely NOT placing the virus under any stress to mutate, and certainly not into a more aggressive variant.]
Posted by: Grieved | Aug 2 2021 3:17 utc | 94

All the actions taken by western countries with the presumed intent of combatting SarsCov2 have put pressure on the virus to mutate. For example, enforcing minimum separation of people means the virus must travel further to transmit itself successfully, and that intrinsically and necessarily means that the virus will mutate to increase its transmissibility. The net result is to make it in every way more difficult to protect the most vulnerable.

Western regimes have resolutely turned their back on science in favour of the religion of fear and brute power.

I personally know two people who were vaccinated with CoviShield within the last 5 months (the version of J&J made in India) who are at this moment recovering from Covid19 with strong symptoms. One of them is 84 years old and normally extremely strong health-wise apart from arthritis. Her son (aged about 60) is also currently recovering from Covid19 with strong symptoms (I am not sure whether he was also vaccinated or not, although I suspect so). The third person is also about 60 and was vaccinated in February or March. Personally I think the evidence of benefit needs to be examined very closely.

As to the mRNA so-called "vaccines" (they are not vaccines), there is increasing evidence that they are far more dangerous than the virus they were supposedly meant to treat. Perhaps that is why the manufacturers demanded immunity from any damages.

By the way @Jen, you might like to look into the ayurvedic medicine Phyllanthus amarus. It has had a lot of scientific research validating its beneficial effects, which include against glaucoma, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, regulating blood pressure, dissolving fat deposits from inside the veins, reducing inflamation, boosting the immune system, ... and including considerable effictiveness in combatting ordinary coronaviruses. I don't know of any study for effectiveness against Covid19 so far, unfortunately. However your mother is evidently an enthusiastic supporter of Big Pharma-based medicine. Maybe one day she will be ready for the truth that Big Pharma-based medicine is TOXIC.

The Big Pharma-based model of medicine is based on maximising profit, in on maximising good health. They make more profit out of disease and death than health. Killing people with bad treatments is proven to be more profitable in the West than curing people and preventing illness. The entire medical industry is built around destructive incentives that encourage the wrong behaviour. Is it any surprise that a few people are getting suspicious of the so-called "vaccines" that are not vaccines?

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are other models of medicine that are based on curing the patient and on maximising good health, instead of maximising profits.

Posted by: BM | Aug 2 2021 16:10 utc | 149

CoviShield within the last 5 months (the version of J&J made in India)
Posted by: BM | Aug 2 2021 16:10 utc | 149

Sorry, from memory, I think CoviShield is the Astra Zenica vaccine not the J&J.

Posted by: BM | Aug 2 2021 16:17 utc | 150

A recent SAGE document discusses various possible scenarios for SARS-CoV-2 evolution. Paper discussed at

Can we predict the limits of SARS-CoV-2 variants and their phenotypic consequences?

As eradication of SARS-CoV-2 will be unlikely, we have high confidence in stating that there will always be variants. The number of variants will depend on control measures.

We describe hypothetical scenarios by which SARS-CoV-2 could further evolve and acquire, through mutation, phenotypes of concern, which we assess according to possibility. For this purpose, we consider mutations in the ‘body’ of the virus (the viral genes that are expressed in infected cells and control replication and cell response), that might affect virus fitness and disease severity, separately from mutations in the spike glycoprotein that might affect virus transmission and antibody escape.
We assess which scenarios are the most likely and what impact they might have and consider how these scenarios might be mitigated. We provide supporting information based on the evolution of SARS-CoV-2, human and animal coronaviruses as well as drawing parallels with other viruses.

long term evolution of sars cov 2

Posted by: suzan | Aug 2 2021 16:27 utc | 152

Sorry about messing up the link at bottom of page. Paper can be found at Dr. Deepti Gurdasani‘s twitter feed.

Posted by: suzan | Aug 2 2021 16:30 utc | 153

Posted by: librul | Aug 2 2021 16:08 utc | 148

I am aware of the recycling of air indoors, rather than the intake of fresh air from outdoors throug various air conditioners, but am also concerned about the temperature difference between outdoors and indoors.

This is because eight years ago I had a bout of bronchitus for a couple of months in the summer that seemed to be prolonged by my constantly entering and exiting air conditioned spaces. The coughing related to it increased when in air conditioned spaces, but when in the outdoors and sunshine, subsided considereably. Eventually, I got rid of the cough when spending a few days on the beach under the sun during vacation while avoiding any air conditioning.

Until coming down with "COVID" this spring, I had not had a recurrence of the cough (it lasted around two weeks). So, it caused me to wonder whether our modern tech may contribute to this particular "seasonal" disease surviving, to a lesser degree, into the summer months as well.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Aug 2 2021 17:03 utc | 154

Activist Potato @ 110

It is no longer about the virus - it is all about the vaccine

It was never about the virus. With the 20/20 hindsight we now enjoy we can even say that it was never even a medical problem, as a medical problem would have been treated by protecting the vulnerable and treating patients with any number of well-known therapies...the two time tested responses that were not forthcoming. The entire pandemic was instead manufactured by bald faced lying based on the fraudulent PCR test.

So it's kind of funny how so many are still yammering away about the medical effectiveness of this or that. The virus is with us and it's already weaker than the fairly benign original bug. Common sense, people.

The vaccines on the other hand are being rammed down our throats like there's no tomorrow, even if simultaneously they're proving to be less than advertised, but certainly serving for the introduction of further restrictions. I won't even go into the possibly horrifying unknowns.

Oh yeah, pfizer and friends are also already jacking up the price of their brews...I suppose foreseeing the need for boosters for years to come.

Posted by: john | Aug 2 2021 17:09 utc | 155

@ Activist Potato | Aug 2 2021 6:18 utc | 110.. a very reasonable response and one i relate well to... you ought to post more often! thanks...

Posted by: james | Aug 2 2021 17:09 utc | 156

Jackrabbit @139--

Thanks for your reply and finding the time to read that short but vital observation from someone who was seen by the public as a very important personage between the wars. I've yet to get there but later in the book Borchard figures prominently in objecting to the erection of Isolationism/ists as a Straw Man to be used as "cuss words" to smear non-interventionists. The book, Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of US Global Supremacy, is very worthy of owning and annotating heavily. The author Stephen Wertheim has also written numerous articles, some of which can be found here.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2021 17:20 utc | 157

Contradictions of the English Language.
The very famous Monty Python Luxury Yacht sketch creatively exaggerates the problem exquisitely well.

During a TV interview program the host introduces his next guest.
Host: "Please welcome our next guest, Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht."
Raymond: "No no no. It's SPELT Luxury Yacht but it's PRONOUNCED Throatwarbler Mangrove."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 2 2021 18:13 utc | 158

Iran Ready To Deliver "Crushing" Military Response After US, Israel Vow Imminent 'Action' For Tanker Attack

Only yesterday I wrote:

We should now be asking: what happens WHEN (not "if") the JCPOA negotiations fail. As a cynic, it seems to me to be a prelude to war.

See more in my comments @Aug1 18:15 #26 and @Aug1 19:31 #34.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 2 2021 18:17 utc | 159

@jinn ...
the JAMA article you posted. here are some excerpts to show how sound this article is.
1/ "We made a baseline assumption that 30% of individuals with infection are never symptomatic and then assessed higher or lower assumptions. We also made a baseline assumption that individuals with asymptomatic infections are on average 75% as infectious as those with symptomatic infections."
ie our results are based on assumptions. similarly, neil ferguson, some Oxford scientist "assumed/predicted" earlier last year an exaggerated number of deaths in England, hence the lockdown. great idea Neil! ya fearmongering pessimistic twat!

2/ "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that this decision analytical study, which involved no enrollment of human subjects, did not require institutional review board approval."

3/ the author is the deputy director of the CDC. the same entity that is pushing for everyone to vaccinate. no conflict of interest here.

4/ the studies referenced are using the Rt-PCR test to confirm positive cases. keep in mind that the inventor of this test (Dr. Kerry Mullis) stated it is NOT a diagnostic test. The FDA has knowledge of false positive cases, up to 3 months after infection. the studies referenced are based on this bs test.

what doesnt make sense is that if the vaccine does not prevent infection (not 100% making it a leaky vaccine), and does not prevent transmission.. it only decreases the symptoms.. wouldnt that make all those vaccinated "asymptomatic cases"???

Posted by: fbomb | Aug 2 2021 18:35 utc | 160

So, what is COVID enabling the oligarchy to do

"Live Science reports:

“At least one autonomous drone operated by artificial intelligence (AI) may have killed people for the first time last year in Libya, without any humans consulted prior to the attack, according to a U.N. report.

... (and Caitlin Johnstone concludes):

So at this point, we’re essentially looking at a race to see if the oligarchic empire can manufacture the necessary environment to allow the use of robotic security forces to lock their power in place forever before the masses get fed up with the increasing inequalities and abuses of the status quo and decide to force a better system into existence.

What a time to be alive."

Basicaly, the öligarchy cannot really trust their police and armed forces to continue to oppress their own. As with the Russian Revolution, the security forces may just join the masses against the oligarchy. Hence, the race to replace humans with robots.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Aug 2 2021 19:08 utc | 161

This comment's aimed at juliania and other Orthodox followers.

Putin's weekend excursion saw him visit the Konevsky Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery accompanied by the man whose company financed its rehabilitation. The photos are what's of interest, #6 being my favorite.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2021 19:27 utc | 162

Interesting interview with former member of the ROC Valery Sysoev, about the Olympics, the IOC and WADA as tools of imperialism:

"The Olympic Movement Supports the West": Sysoev on the role of the IOC, the risks of athletes in Tokyo and the strengthening of WADA's power

Posted by: vk | Aug 2 2021 19:31 utc | 163

USA now pushing to deny China's hosting of 2022 Olympics

John Ratcliffe: China Olympics 2022 – COVID cover up by country's leaders means they should forfeit games

(ht Zhedge)


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 2 2021 19:57 utc | 164

fbomb @ 160 wrote:

the JAMA article you posted. here are some excerpts to show how sound this article is.

The article is sound enough to conclude that this statement, to which I was responding, is false:

"it's well established now that there is no asymptomatic spread."
what doesnt make sense is that if the vaccine does not prevent infection (not 100% making it a leaky vaccine), and does not prevent transmission.. it only decreases the symptoms.. wouldnt that make all those vaccinated "asymptomatic cases"???

It means some of the vaccinated will be asymptomatic and spread the virus to others just like some of the un-vaccinated will be asymptomatic and spread the virus.

One reason the original SARS was easier to contain was because people did not become contagious until after they developed symptoms.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 2 2021 20:01 utc | 165

Bruised Northerner | these riots in Berlin

Those weren't riots, but pretty ordinary political protests. No stones thrown, no fireworks lighted, no toppling of police cars. The protests had been prohibited, though, hence the police and the pictures. One person died after an encounter with the police, 600 people were arrested, the leader of some journalists' union was brutally beaten (I don't know by whom). You're saying the police acted "restrained", I don't know about that. The United Nations are investigating police behavior during the protests as of today.


The best "excuse" for not getting the covid vaccine is to point out what utter crap they are. They are useless. Just have a look at this:

"Number of vaccinated individuals among domestic infections": the number has risen to 76%. Can you imagine? That's more of a percentage than the overall rate of vaccinated people in Iceland. 69% of all Icelanders are FULLY vaccinated. For the vaccine to show ANY "efficacy", the rate of vaccinated infected people would have to be lower than the rate of vaccinated population. Instead, it's the opposite. Well done.

And if you think, well, it's just Iceland - no, Sir, it's the exact same situation in countries as varied as Israel, Gibraltar, the UK or the US. Well done, everybody.

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Aug 2 2021 20:36 utc | 166

No death among the 274 fully vaccinated ppl who caught covid (Delta) in Mass.
No death among the 226 who caught Alpha, Beta and Delta in S. Korea.

So indeed, they have transformed the vaccinated people into vectors for the unvaccinated (but this had been forecasted long ago by researchers, no?). The only sane thing to do would be to ground planes and treat people until the virus gets weaker, but that is probably not the plan.
Depopulation of the weak and elderly; world government (some computers must be busy calculating for each country the minimal wage that ppl will be given -now that they can check easily how much we spend on food and ... on not much else); and as blue dotterel said, replacing humans by robots.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 2 2021 21:18 utc | 167

Today in his weekly article, Alastair Crooke essentially declared the negotiations to salvage the JCPOA dead, although the West continues its fantasy that Iran will buckle and the West will have its victory:

"Yet many policymakers and observers in the West believe that, at the end of the day, the Iranian leadership remains interested in securing a deal. This has led to an almost universally-held narrative of optimism, that ultimately, the deal will be revived; that Iran wants it; demonstrably has been engaging the U.S. indirectly in Vienna; and equally demonstrably showed pragmatism in 2015. And that it would benefit from a deal, both economically and through the ability to develop its nuclear program over the long term."

It's so damn obvious that the West--Outlaw US Empire most certainly--haven't bothered to heed a word uttered by Supreme Leader Khamenei that Iran will return to JCPOA when there's genuine action on sanctions removal, which is Iran's stated policy since Trump violated the deal. And this is where the false flag attack on the tanker comes in--given the rhetoric being hurled at Iran, it will be used as grounds to attack the Raisi government during the period of presumed Iranian weakness because of the governmental transition. IMO, that presumption's groundless and very dangerous. And as usual, no direct evidence of Iranian involvement in the tanker attack's been provided. It looks like the Biden/Blinken team is about to relearn what Trump/Pompeo experienced--Iran just isn't vulnerable whereas Outlaw US Empire assets are extremely vulnerable.

It seems Biden/Blinken believe they still have "Primacy," but recent events say that's not so, as we n begin to see the spectacle of supporters of conservative/War Hawk Imperial politicos tell the truth:

"In a recent article in Asia Times authored by ‘Spengler’ – Wake up, America: The world just isn’t that into you – Goldman, who served on Ted Cruz’s foreign policy team during the 2016 campaign, writes [Link at original] 'it’s pointless to complain when America’s allies ask, in so many words, 'What have you [the U.S.] done for us lately?' To much of the world America looks like a declining power – precisely because it is a declining power'”. [Emphasis original]

But suddenly, the D-Party has closed the cash dispensing machine and it won't be reopened during Congress's Summer Recess, which will last most of August, forcing the entire government into penny-pinching mode. Oops!

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 2 2021 21:34 utc | 168

@Hope 68

please note that AZ is an "old-style" vaccine, while Pfizer is a new (and therefore experimental) technology.

AZ is not an"old style" vaccine. It may not use mRNA like Pfizer or Moderna (it is based on chimp adenovirus) but it is still an experimental gene therapy treatment, involving the transfer of foreign genetic material into the cells of the person receiving the injection, and making those cells essentially become miniature antigen manufacturing factories - inside the body.

Posted by: cirsium | Aug 2 2021 23:22 utc | 169

US bullying has reached its limits:

Posted by: Paul | Aug 2 2021 23:33 utc | 170

Russia’s economy is obsolete, ‘exhausted’ & has failed to transition to better, modern model, says ex-finance minister Kudrin

Kudrin would have to be more specific with his "export-oriented economy", but I agree with his diagnosis of the Russian economy.

30 years later, the numbers don't lie: the Russian Federation is an inferior model compared with its predecessor (the Soviet Union). If the Soviet Union was a failed experiment, then the Russian Federation also is one.

Posted by: vk | Aug 3 2021 0:03 utc | 171

@157 Cont'd--

Well, I must admit I'm disappointed in Wertheim's most recent essay, "The Legacy of 9/11". My big problem is Wertheim's assumption that al-Qaeda was the 911 culprit when zero evidence has ever been produced to prove that assertion, nor was Bin-Laden ever placed on the FBI's ten most wanted list. Given the fact that the Outlaw US Empire is an ally and facilitator of the ongoing slow genocide of Palestinians, that makes the Empire a legitimate target for those professing to defend Palestinians, which was at the core of the 1996 Bin-Laden/al-Qaeda declaration of war against the Outlaw US Empire. Wertheim also tries to reverse WW2's results by saying it was the USA that was responsible for "crushing the Axis powers and orchestrating the containment of the Soviet Union." (But was the USSR really contained? I'd argue it wasn't as its supposed desire for expansion was a Western chimera.)

It also seems he ran out of space having spent too many words repeating the Establishment Narrative. And I suppose that's what I dislike most for he seems more independent of mind in his last several paragraphs. Bar flies will need to read the article themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 0:06 utc | 172

Kudrin's a nut. He talks as if he's lived in a vacuum for the last 7 years. Putin's investing in Russia as fast as he can. And Russia does lead in some export categories.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 0:14 utc | 173

VK @ 171:

... In [Kudrin's] opinion, Russia should stop focusing on domestic consumption and turn its focus to exports, while investing at home ...

As a neoliberal economics believer, and (perhaps former) pal of Alexei Navalny, Kudrin would say that: no big surprise there. No wonder Moscow put him in a position equivalent to Inspector Audit General, where he can spend his time looking at how government departments spent their money in past financial periods and make decisions that do not impact on how government agencies will spend their budgeted money in the future, and at the same time be under the watchful eyes of the Russian Federative Assembly.

Neoliberal economic advice is all about cutting domestic consumption, cutting govt expenditure on social services and infrastructure that serve public needs, and privileging expenditures in industries that export raw materials or energy resources with little or no value-added domestic refinement input downstream towards ultimate consumers. Preferably industries in which foreign firms and govts have a considerable financial stake which would help provide them with some leverage to beat Moscow with.

Incidentally I don't see China trying to cut its own domestic consumption or cut spending on infrastructure and other developments that benefit its people. If such policies don't benefit Russians, such policies also don't benefit China and that country's economy should be shrinking, not growing to the extent that it is sharing its knowledge and experience with nations in other parts of the world, like Angola and Tanzania for example.

I thought you were the Marxist thinker among us ... scratching my head over your apparent approval of Kudrin's latest blurt.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 3 2021 0:35 utc | 174

Why inflation around the world is rising so much:

Emergency Cash-Saving Measures Enacted to Stop US From Defaulting on Trillions in Debt

Congress pumped over $6 trillion in cash into the economy over the past year-and-a-half in response to the coronavirus pandemic, with the federal debt reaching over $28.5 trillion in June. Combined US debt, which includes federal liabilities plus other public and private obligations, stands at over $85 trillion, or four times the US’ annual GDP.


Until now, unlike most countries, which suffer substantial inflationary penalties and the prospect of currency collapse if they pursue excessive money printing or accumulate too much debt, the US has long enjoyed a unique position as the emitter of the de-facto world currency, the dollar, allowing for decades of quantitative easing and spending beyond its means without fear of out-of-control inflation or concerns that investors could stop deeming debt as viable. In recent years, a growing number of economists, banks, and policymakers have expressed concerns that the current system can’t hold forever, and that the US debt bubble may pop, leading to a massive financial collapse which sparks a global depression.

Posted by: vk | Aug 3 2021 0:44 utc | 175

BM @ 149:

Thanks for the advice and the tip about phyllanthus amarus.

Covishield is the Indian-made form of Astra Zeneca.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 3 2021 1:25 utc | 176

Posted By Ben @105 &106

You didn't read or want to understand my post at 25.
Jews are a religion, not an ethnicity or a race. Zionists like to conflate the two things as a crutch to claim separateness and political legitimacy.

It has long been known that the Ashkenazis are the descendants of the Khazars.

Thanks for reminding me about the revealing book, "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand, here is a review from Counterpunch:

Like Andalusia, “the Khazar power sheltered Jews, Muslims, Christians and pagans.” In the late 10th and early 11th centuries, Kiev, until then a Khazar vassal territory, allied with Byzantium and defeated the Khazar kingdom. Evidence of Judaism in the towns, steppes and mountains remained, to be swept away in the Mongol conquest of the 13th century, save for traces in the mountains. The Khazar empire was too well attested “by Arabic, Persian, Byzantine, Russian, Armenian, Hebrew, and even Chinese sources” to ignore, but Graetz, Dubnow, Baron and Dinur dismissed it as a passing phenomenon, a puzzle, or the result of a massive migration from the “Land of Israel.”

The only Israeli study of the Khazars, by Abraham Polak, last published in 1951, assured its readers that “‘a large Jewish community grew there, of which the proselyte Khazars were only a part.’” Sand suggests that in the 1950s and 1960s “the Israeli memory-merchants” were anxious “about the legitimacy of the Zionist project, should it become widely known that the settling Jewish masses were not the direct descendants of the ‘Children of Israel.’” “The conquest of the ‘City of David’ in 1967 had to be achieved by the direct descendants of the House of David—not, perish the thought, by the offspring of tough horsemen from the Volga-Don steppes, the deserts of southern Arabia, or the coast of North Africa.”

Sand also considers the argument popularized by Arthur Koestler in The Thirteenth Tribe, that migration by the Khazars was the basis of east European Jewry, against the standard Zionist view that those Jews emigrated from western Germany (via Rome and the “Land of Israel.”). “Khazaria collapsed some time before the presence of Jews in Eastern Europe, and it is difficult not to connect the two.” The Khazars were studied extensively by credible Russian, Polish and Soviet scholars, Jewish and non-, from the early 19th c., and were commonly seen as the source of east European Jewry.
Polak, and after him Baron and Dinur, acknowledged the Khazars as the source of eastern Jewry, even if they all deprecated the Khazars’ proselyte origins.

Perhaps the most persuasive source cited by Sand on the proselyte origins of Ashkenazi Jewry is Tel Aviv University linguist Paul Wexler, author of The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity (and of The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews).

Here is Lord Sydenham from the House of Lords:
"Palestine is not the original home of the Jews. It was acquired by them after a ruthless conquest, and they have never occupied the whole of it, which they now openly demand. They have no more valid claim to Palestine than the descendants of the ancient Romans have to this country."
Hansard, 21 June 1922

Then this,'...the ethnic connection between nineteenth-century European Jewry and the Ancient Hebrews was a MYTH.'

David Hirst, 'The Gun and the Olive Branch,' This invaluable textbook is now into its third edition.

For the record, David Hirst has a Jewish father.

You, Ben, had better stick to editing Wikipedia or digging under the Al Aqsa Mosque looking for your elusive 'evidence.'

Posted by: Paul | Aug 3 2021 1:37 utc | 177

Well, it turns out that the Typepad filter won't allow a Rumble link, so we must skip for the present Dr. Robert Malone's clear affirmation that vaccines can drive the virus to mutate. As the inventor of mRNA methdology, he has standing to speak to this. Many have seen him on Dark Horse and other interviews, and he's been cited here frequently.

Anyway, following the feedback up thread - for which, many thanks - I had to discover if variants are prompted by vaccines or the infected, and I had to find the provenance of the variants to see if they coincide with vaccines.

I have found answers to both in one source, as follows.


Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, the scientist team of the Dark Horse podcasts, have authored a large essay attempting to describe the situation we are in:
On Driving SARS-CoV2 Extinct

Weinstein in particular has long been focused on driving the virus extinct and described again in his latest podcast the many reasons why our current approach doesn't stand a chance of doing that.

I'd like to quote a lengthy section if I may:

The “imperfect vaccine hypothesis” has been supported by mathematical models several times over, and in 2015, Read et al found experimental evidence of it in chickens. When chickens were immunized against Marek’s disease with imperfect vaccines, the net effect was to “vastly increase the amount of virus shed by virulent strains into the environment.” As the title of the Read et al paper simply and succinctly observes: “Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens.”

In unfortunate service of the prediction that non-sterilizing vaccines promote the evolution of new variants, here is a long-ish quote from the exhaustively researched “Rounding the Earth” newsletter, from July 14:

Let us examine the specifics of the variants that have spread and caused trouble.

The Alpha variant emerged in the UK in October, which was when Oxford-AstraZeneca was holding vaccine trials there.

The Beta variant emerged in South Africa, and was first detected in December, 2020, at the tail end of trial periods for both Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines. This variant carries three mutations in the spike protein.

The Gamma variant was first detected in Japan, but soon after in Brazil, making the origin a little harder to determine. But since Japan has had far lower viral spread than Brazil, it makes the most sense that Brazil was the source. Both Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer trialed their vaccines in Brazil.

The Delta variant was first detected in India in October, 2020. India hosted numerous vaccine trials including one for Oxford-AstraZeneca and one for Covishield.

Vaccines that are sterilizing are not predicted to create the selective pressure that results in increased pathogenicity (once individual immunity is achieved). Nor are vaccines which are limited in scope of use. But the Covid vaccines are not sterilizing, and they are in widespread use. Variants are on the rise. The media would have you believe that this is due to the persistence of unvaccinated individuals in the population. While unvaccinated individuals play a role in this dynamic, they are logically neither necessary nor sufficient. Theoretical predictions, experimental results, and real-world observations of where and when the variants have emerged suggest that, rather, it is the non-sterilizing vaccines and our current approach to vaccination that are responsible for the rise in variants.

There's a good half-dozen links to sources in that quoted section.


So we have the coincidence of the variants, not in the deployment of vaccines but in their preliminary clinical trials.

And we have the repeated affirmation from the science (and from before this pandemic) that the "non-sterilizing" vaccines we are using against the virus today are exactly what create the risk of forcing variants.

The essay tackles several large elements of the pandemic and the fix we're in, and I highly recommend it.

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 3 2021 2:10 utc | 178

UK ambassador to US , kAREN pierce

We'll write the standard here, not China, no way

US prez BIden

China as no 1 ?
Over my dead body !

In the 80's , jp was the rising star.
The book 'jp as no 1' sent a cold chill down uncle sham's spine.
All Washington had to do was to tell its jp poodle to shoot its own foot.
Tokyo who couldnt say no simply asked

Left or right my lord ?

The rest is history...

but How do FUKUS compete with China, the world's factory ?
They cant, they do what they do best...

George Carlin

USA cant produce a toaster worth shit, all it export are bombs and BS.

oN 4-6, They reminded the world about that TAM 'massacre' .
[been doing that since 1989]

For good measure, they inform us..

Three millions Uighurs are rotting in Xinjiang's rape camps

China is bullying TW, a democratic country

China is interdicting the entire SCS , depriving FON for innocent passage

China is bullying oh so defenseless jp in ECS

China is meddling in HK democracy

Last but not least....that accursed Chinese virus.

tHIS just in...
China is hacking the hell outta the entire five liars family..[2]

What will they think of next.....?

There's no pit too low for these lying !@#$%



Posted by: denk | Aug 3 2021 3:05 utc | 179

Russia’s New Form of Organized Crime Is Menacing the World - NYT Editorial

I'm here left thinking: what the fuck is the NYT endgame with all of this? Does it really want the USA to wage a total war against Russia? Does it think it can win a hot war with a first nuclear strike? Does it think Russia will collapse after Putin's death?

Posted by: vk | Aug 1 2021 15:37 utc | 4

vk was reviewing many articles, so he could not give justice to the level of derangement in the NYT Editorial.

"Whatever the true scope, the problem will not be solved with patches, antivirus software or two-factor authentication, though security experts stress that every bit of protection helps. “We’re not going to defend ourselves out of this problem,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, the chairman of Silverado Policy Accelerator and a leading authority on ransomware. “We have too many vulnerabilities. Companies that are small, libraries, fire departments will never afford the required security technology and talent.”

The battle must be joined elsewhere, and the place to start is Russia. That, according to the experts, is where the majority of attacks originate."

When Dmitri Alperovitch is your "leading authority", you have a mental problem -- stupidity is contagious. Something is terribly rotten in contemporary system software and internet software, and rather than studying the problem and imposing necessary standards, "other solutions" are deemed necessary. And because of the problem estimated by FBI as "29 million USD losses per years" because our software is unpatchable, the esteemed Editors propose "Mr. Biden should confront Mr. Putin with a clear message: Crack down or else. If the Russians do not, the authors wrote, the Biden administration “could hit Russia where it hurts by sanctioning its largest gas and oil companies, which are responsible for a significant portion of the Russian government’s revenue.” In other words, a trade war on the scale not seen before. Or some economically harmless sanctions on individuals. But if you put Iran and Russia in exactly same boat, they can cooperate to close Strait of Hormuz AND chase American military from the Gulf, with Iran providing the muscle and Russia, air defenses -- Iran can shoot, and opponents prevented from shooting back. Without Russian AND Gulf oil, the collective West would have a jolly time explaining its consumers why they have so much less to consume, how many are out of work etc. Everything before internet companies cannot prosper without demanding outrageous access to our operating systems, and software companies have to enable them, and collectively, they have governments in the pocket.

There is more insane and hilarious in the Editorial, but I cannot paste too much without abusing the copyright. New York Times editors -- the unpatchables.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 3 2021 4:03 utc | 180

vk "30 years later, the numbers don't lie: the Russian Federation is an inferior model compared with its predecessor (the Soviet Union). If the Soviet Union was a failed experiment, then the Russian Federation also is one."

A number of periods. Soviet Union, Russian federation under Yeltsin, and Russian Federation under Putin. At the end of the Soviet Union, they thought US would be a good buddy if ideology was not in the way. Not just the elites. Under Yeltsin they went through hard times but not sure how much the attitude to US changed. Under Putin constantly improving living conditions, with attitudes of the general public towards US changing in a big way from 2014 onwards. Soviet Union was near double the population of Russian federation. Close to half living in what are now indignant countries. yeah yeah I know US rules them all.
How many countries in the world apart from Russia can face the US down in a military context, which Russia done in Syria and again recently I think in Ukraine. The military context is a big thing as it allows Russian federation citizens to live according to their culture rather than live by US culture.
A pity Russia has to have a lot of its best braines and cutting edge tech in the military sphere. Without a threat like the US much more of this sector could have been in the leading edge of civilian tech.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Aug 3 2021 4:34 utc | 181

The link below is a bit out of character for Wall Street on Parade but maybe it reflects how out of character out world has become

Israel’s Director of Public Health Stuns TV Viewers with Statement that 50 Percent of New COVID Cases Are Among Fully Vaccinated

Since the US Fed has recently upped the daily backstop of the private banking systems both in the US and internationally, I expect the market will rise again tomorrow, just like it has been manipulated to do since at least 2008...the public is paying private finance folk to be fucked over......I think it is called a self licking ice cream cone...what a shit show this God of Mammon society has become.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 3 2021 5:45 utc | 182

strange that Weinstein is confusing beta and delta. The first was the brazilian one and all other the news in oct. and nov. 2020. The delta conveniently replaced the UK very contagious strain in dec. 2020.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 3 2021 7:57 utc | 183

sorry for the mistake, indeed beta is the SA one. still delta is usually dated dec. 2020
i agree anyway that these showed up in the BS countries where big trials took place.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 3 2021 8:00 utc | 184

Grieved @ 178

Well, it turns out that the Typepad filter won't allow a Rumble link, so we must skip for the present Dr. Robert Malone's clear affirmation that vaccines can drive the virus to mutate


Posted by: john | Aug 3 2021 9:25 utc | 185

Re; The Russian economy.

"However, statistics aren't everything. Russia, like most former Soviet states, has a sizable and thriving black and gray economy. Jobs are frequently advertised with one desirable perk being a so-called 'white salary' - one that is legally declared and taxed. Many aren't, and employers frequently pay workers cash in hand, or for goods and supplies in undisclosed deals. This means that the true scale of the country's economy is hard to measure. Though likely far larger than the official stats, the lack of accountability and reporting is often a problem in itself.

That said, one Swedish-backed study estimated the off-the-books share of the Russian economy at a whopping 45% in 2018. If true, and it seems like a believable figure, it would mean the financial reality is far more prosperous than the official numbers suggest, and would make Russia, by far, Europe's largest real economy, in terms of purchasing parity."

This RT link above shows another side. ie. an up to 45% (claimed) parallel economy. Although that may be exaggerated, it is worthwhile recalling that Italy had a 30% (est.) economy - before the EU clampdown. By forcing systematic taxation on everyone, (to "support".......them?) they essentially ruined the well being of the Italians. Arguably they have not recovered. France is also suffering from taxation of "les miserables", by eliminating part-time, or minimal status jobs. It costs up to 33% more to employ someone to do the cleaning or small jobs around the house if declared.(including all the various "sub" taxes and additions). The fines are large if caught. Certain classes of "contribuables" can get exonerated from part of the total taxation. Maybe the French Government can argue that this is more "honest" (Aka "lawful") but it is not more human for those who lose their meagre sources of income.

As the article suggests, the "white jobs" in Russia are better BUT not everyone can get them. A full-time job depending on both location and availability.

Simply taking "official" statistics as gospel truth has a tendency to ignore "on the ground" realities. (This can also be applied vertically to tax avoidance and various schemes by large Corporations with the same intent as the minimals, as they have the means to do it.)


Incidentally, this also could partly explain one difference between Russsian and Chinese Governmental policy.

While the Chinese have an apparently "cumulative" approach to policy and choosing those to organise it, the Russians are forced to rely more on individualized effort. Why? Sanctions on large companies and individuals make it difficult for everyone. So avoiding a being on a hit list has led to a much more extended and non-unified industrial base. Unfortunately the Large Groups take advantage of implied support from the Government, leaving the SME and small entities out of the circuit. (As Putin has signalled)


Peter AU1 | Aug 3 2021 4:34 utc | 181

One of the reasons given for having such a large standing Army of 2 million in Stalin/Post-Stalin times, was to teach peasants to drive and repair vehicles. The "base" did not know much. Even today, by having a large army via conscription, many will learn electronics, and other skills that they will be able to use afterwards in "civilian" life. It also confers certain advantages (easier access to University and further education). It also helps unify the country. Of note, are the number of women (girls) who join the army. Gaining rank in the Army or Airforce could provide more job openings and at a higher entry level.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 3 2021 9:34 utc | 186

The Ugandan athlet was not as welcomed by the Japanese than the Belarus one. He was put on a plane and arrested on arrival
Posted by: Mina | Aug 2 2021 16:24 utc | 151

I found that hysterically funny! It is the perfect mockery of this pathetic charade and farse that arrogantly calls itself the "Olympics"

Posted by: BM | Aug 3 2021 10:37 utc | 187

Yet another researcher admitting bluntly that we are all used as guinea pigs

How long will it take for a state to sur Pfizer?

Posted by: Mina | Aug 3 2021 11:55 utc | 188
Israeli PM: Serious COVID Cases to Quadruple in 20 Days, We Must Impose New Restrictions
Senior figures in the Health Ministry tell Haaretz that Israel is preparing for a lockdown during the September holiday period amid delta spread; Israel records 3,818 new coronavirus cases, smashing five-month record...New coronavirus cases have neared 4,000 on Tuesday, Health Ministry data showed, for the first time since early March. In addition to the 3,818 new COVID cases diagnosed on Monday, Israel also recorded a four-month high for patients in serious condition, with 221 people. Forty-two percent of patients in serious condition are not vaccinated, the Health Ministry data reveals.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 3 2021 12:19 utc | 189

@ 166

Yes, I should have said protests not riots. I read on RT that the journalist was beaten by protesters, not police. In the few videos I watched I didn’t see much violence from either side. I mentioned the extreme restraint in comparison to France: one barfly posted a link to photos of French protesters with injuries, many permanent, from taking a rubber bullet to the face or head. ... Did the UN investigate that?

So I wondered if these weren’t the type of protests that genuinely threaten the government, in contrast to the ones in France? I thought that maybe Berlin, like Vancouver, is well-prepared for these kinds of actions. I wanted to protest, when I lived in Vancouver at the start of COVID. I kept waiting for the authorities to tell me I couldn’t access the parks or other natural spaces, and then I hoped a lot of us would move out there for a while, just to make a point about whose property this is. But the city/province never did that, so all I got to do was send a couple emails to the mayor (one of them pointing out that people used to move to the coast to defend themselves from contagions, and did those scientists test the spread of the virus in salty air??) When the lockdowns first started, being Canadians, many people went camping. Seemed like a national holiday had been declared! Then the campgrounds and parks were closed. Seriously, I am concerned when citizens are denied access to that much of our terrain, especially the natural bits. Someone(s) unofficial should be monitoring those places. But I’m sure the First Nations are on top of that.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 3 2021 14:01 utc | 190

denk @179:

US prez BIden
China as no 1 ? Over my dead body !

Actually, unless he somehow lives to be 90 or 100, Biden is about right. China will be undisputed #1 in all of the categories that matter the most roughly around the time that Biden is getting planted under a slag heap in Scranton PA.

Posted by: William Gruff | Aug 3 2021 14:17 utc | 191

While the EU still refuse to admit its own national who have been vaccinated in their countries of expatriation with the Chinese or the Russian vaccine, Singapore lets people who have had allergic reaction to the mRNA vaccines to get the Chinese vaccine for their booster shot.
More interestingly even, they do not consider covid as dangerous to anyone under 70, meaning they simply have a better care system than in Europe/US.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 3 2021 14:21 utc | 192

@185 john

Thanks for the link to Dr. Malone. I've been reviewing a lot of information in videos lately, and it's kind of fun but makes it very hard to share collateral. Printed pieces are essential.


So we have refutation now to the DW "Fact Check" supplied in good faith by Tom_Q_Collins @98, with its conclusion that is utterly false and contrary to what science holds as demonstrated:

"In summary: In very rare cases, vaccinations can cause mutations to arise and theoretically promote their spread, but it is much more likely that dangerous mutations are created where a virus can spread quickly and unhindered."

- Fact check: Did COVID vaccines cause the delta variant?

The "Fact Check" summary is the opposite of what science is saying, as elaborated by Dr. Malone and demonstrated in my excerpt from the Dark Horse essay @178.

So we have now both the scientific cause of variants in general, and the provenance of the currently existing variants in our midst - exacerbated by the slow rollout of vaccines, contrary to best practice: scientists say that you never roll out vaccines slowly, you do a grand slam if you want to kill the virus.


What remains is the matter of asymptomatic transmission, which I'm still looking into. Personally, I wasn't counting the "invisible" time of infection as asymptomatic. It's longer with Delta, but it's always been the case that you contract the disease and spread it for at least a couple of days before the symptoms hit - and this is why we do contact tracing, to backtrack.

You could say that with perfect contact tracing there is no asymptomatic transmission, as such. What I meant by the term was people spreading the virus to others without ever actually developing the disease itself, regardless of how mild or severe their symptoms.

I thought the Chinese studied for that early in the game and concluded it wasn't happening, and I seem to have heard confirmation here and there over the many months since. This is why I had concluded it was established that we don't have asymptomatic transmission.

BUT, the study supplied by jinn @134 remains on the table, estimating that perhaps half of all transmission is caused by people without symptoms. and I'll have to review that and see what I can find. I just wanted to clarify that it's for me currently an open question, and I'll be happy to close it per jinn's study, and I'll do that here in this thread when I know better.

I'm not a scientist, but I do love scientific method where the best set of proofs win. Hopefully we have that here now with variants. On to transmission!

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 3 2021 15:28 utc | 193

that factcheck stuff is a con..... it is like another propaganda outlet similar to wikipedia... could be run by the same folks for all i know..

Posted by: james | Aug 3 2021 15:40 utc | 194

@Grieved | Aug 3 2021 15:28 utc | 193,

Thank you very much for keeping us updated. Appreciate your efforts and kindness.

Posted by: LuRenJia | Aug 3 2021 15:50 utc | 195

It ought to be very clear by now that the assorted covid vaccines do not prevent one from becoming infected or once infected from transmitting it to others. All the vaccine accomplishes is mitigating the level of distress the body experiences once infected. If the world is to cull the virus, it must prevent its spread, and the only way to do that is to go back to masking, social distancing, testing & tracing, and intensive hygiene. But this common sense isn't being pushed; rather, what's being pushed are the jabs, which have caused people to stop defending themselves and others by following the basic defensive tools noted above.

Vaccination does not confer immunity. And even if one is lucky enough to be immune, that person's still capable of spreading the disease. Now I'm not against vaccination; I'd like to get the Sputnik-V jab because if I get covid I'd like it to be as mild a case as possible since I'm in the high risk group. But once vaccinated, I'd still follow my hygienic protocols simply because I prefer to remain as healthy as possible. The Outlaw US Empire's politicos have so badly mismanaged this entire affair that IMO they should just shut up and practice proper hygienic protocols--Florida and Louisiana currently have more hospital cases than at anytime during the pandemic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 16:10 utc | 196

Here's a very curious article I'd term provocative:

"Xi’s tech clampdown signals end of a capitalist era: With over $1 trillion in stock market losses tied to recent regulatory lurches, control is the new name of the game in China."

The author, William Pesek, seems to believe that proper regulation spells the end of capitalism thus revealing his Neoliberal bias for all to see. Despite what it's declared and repeated to be its political-economic mission since its inception--the advancement of all Chinese while building a strong vibrant China--and declaring it to be forming a Socialist State with Chinese Characteristics, Pesek accuses Xi of suddenly becoming a Communist:

"China is so keen to maintain control over its sprawling and expanding economy that it’s even willing to go communist....

"On Tuesday, state media derided online gaming as 'spiritual opium,' clearly riffing off a famous Mao Zedong-ism."

Well, I agree about online gaming being addictive as my son-in-law and his girlfriend prove beyond doubt. Does such an addiction do anything to empower people or to uplift the overall economy, or does it create negatives subtracting from people's wellbeing and that of the overall society? IMO, one of the West's great downfalls results from obsessive gaming as it overpowers educational incentives. What good is it if you're a Donkey Kong master but a high school dropout?

It isn't until the article's end that a sane observer's cited:

"The bottom line, Gave concludes, 'there are numerous possible rational reasons for the Communist Party’s course of action. There is no need to conclude Xi has gone mad and that there are no checks and balances to hold him back.

"'As a result, what matters is what these actions will mean for China’s future. The obvious answers are (i) less reliance on foreign capital, (ii) ever more industrial policy and (iii) continued social pressure to act for the greater good.'" [My Emphasis]

But not so obvious to Pesek, who only seems worried about his shares portfolio, not the health of China's economy or its people.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 16:38 utc | 197

@ karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 16:10 utc | 196:

Stop peddling such dangerous amounts of common sense! /s

@ Posted by: Mina | Aug 3 2021 14:21 utc | 192:

More interestingly even, they [Singaporean authorities] do not consider covid as dangerous to anyone under 70, meaning they simply have a better care system than in Europe/US.

That would be strange if true, thanks to comorbidity factors that can affect people under 70. It is true however, of course, that, all other things being equal, severe and fatal COVID cases are increasingly common with advanced age.

Posted by: corvo | Aug 3 2021 16:44 utc | 198

karlof1 @Aug3 16:10 #196: Vaccination does not confer immunity.

The immunity conferred is a protection from developing the deadly complication known as Covid-19.

Be careful not to fall prey to those that are pushing the notion that masks and vaccines are useless. That is not true.

IMO the biggest problem with the vaccines is:

  1. they are pushed as "the answer" to the pandemic;
  2. Big Pharma collusion with Government/Military, esp. wrt mRNA.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 3 2021 16:56 utc | 199

corvo @198--

Thanks for getting me to elicit a wry smile!

Jackrabbit @199--

If you read me again, I advocate the use of masks; and my wife, daughter and I would agree with your #1, which is why I made my comment.


Meanwhile, it seems the plot's getting thicker regarding the alleged 6 January "insurrection." IMO as with 911, we'll never get the actual truth about FBI involvement in the preparation of what now clearly seems a planned provocation to get a desired result--a political crackdown aimed at safeguarding the Establishment.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 17:12 utc | 200

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