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August 01, 2021

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> This system of governance and oversight transcends the law. In that sense, laws and regulations are only tools and means to reach regulators’ goals in terms of governance, norms, and ethics. The law per se is not the end, merely the tool. This contrasts starkly with the rule of law concept in the West. While it is comprehensible to Chinese, it is difficult for Westerners to understand. <

Other issues:

The unjust jailing of Craig Murray:

Judaism is a religion and Zionism is European Colonialism. Neither are ethnicities:


Covid origin:

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The above piece explains a certain kind of typos I often make when writing for Moon of Alabama. I have learned most of my English during my teens by talking with American English speaking teens. I thereby use the sound of words in my head when I compose a sentence. But the sound of a word in English language tells one little about how that word is written. I thus write for example "a shear necessity" when the correct spelling is "a sheer necessity". The spellchecker will unfortunately accept either.

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Posted by b on August 1, 2021 at 14:22 UTC | Permalink

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Here we have an example where the vaccine is clearly being declared The Answer as most barflies seem to be warning against as New York City "becomes first US city to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination for indoor dining, gyms, & performances."

I see this and similar rules to be challenged in court and declared unconstitutional. What such declarations do prove is the extent of corruption or idiocy or both in the person making such declarations.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 17:30 utc | 201


Except the Khazar hypothesis isn't widely accepted, and never has been. The genetic evidence is robust that there's nothing to it.

That Sand's 'best evidence' comes from a linguist is pretty damning of that validity of his ideas.

I'm not conflating Jew and Judaism. I've literally said the two aren't the same thing. Jew is an ethnicity; a distinct population with a meaningful degree of genetic and cultural connection to an ancient population of the Levant. Part of that culture is the religion of Judaism, but the two aren't synonymous. There were and are plenty of Jews who don't practice Judaism.

I'm not sure what you even think I am, but I have no interest in excavating around Al Aqsa. All that would accomplish, other than outraging Muslims, would be to most likely prove that there never was a First Temple and that the supposed kingdom of David and Solomon was either entirely fictitious or at least grossly exaggerated.

What 'evidence' do you even imagine I would be seeking by digging there? Proof that Jews once lived in the Levant? I don't need further evidence for that. That's already accepted historical fact. Otherwise who were the rebels the Roman's had to put down?

Posted by: Ben | Aug 3 2021 17:32 utc | 202

@ Posted by: Ben | Aug 3 2021 17:32 utc | 202

However, the escape from Egypt never happened. That's a heavy blow to the religious explanation of the ethnogenesis of the Jews.

Khazar or not, indisputable fact is that the Ashkenazi are not descendants of the original Jews from the Levant. You can dispute from exactly where they came (if from Ukraine, if further to the East etc.), but not the fact that they are not ethnically Jews, and the fact that they converted to Judaism, for reasons lost to History (although we can easily extrapolate it was for geopolitical reasons: royal families from little kingdoms changed religions like they changed their clothes according to the geopolitical balance of the time).

So yes, there may still be original Jews alive today (descendants from the few hundreds that inhabited a tiny portion of the Levant coast some thousands of years ago), but most of the Jewish population is certainly not descendant from them, the same way most Parisians alive today are not descendants for the original Celtic Parisi tribe (only 0.1% are).


The exorbitant privilege is not so exorbitant after all:

U.S. Treasury suspends government retirement, health fund payments as debt limit resets

Posted by: vk | Aug 3 2021 17:42 utc | 203

This story confirms there's collusion by the Neoliberal nations to make everyone get jabbed as someone with naturally acquired antibodies won't be admitted to Canada and who knows how many other likeminded nations. France doesn't seem much better, either. The writer does make one error, her naturally acquired antibodies do NOT confer "immunity"; rather, just like the vaccine they'll mitigate the seriousness of the disease if it attacks her again.

You know, this isn't rocket science or brain surgery; it's common sense that any 10-year-old can understand provided honest information. Our Canadian barflies need to become aware of this issue and try to get it overturned.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 17:44 utc | 204

@ 204 karlof1... trying to get insanity on the part of our politicians overturned, is much like trying to get the insanity of usa politicians overturned.. easier said then done.

Posted by: james | Aug 3 2021 17:53 utc | 205

Agree with james on this one (I say as I prepare to go for my second Pfizer vaccine tomorrow). I’m in Montreal, one main fortress of revolutionary action in Canada, and I’ve witnessed no significant resistance to COVID protocols. I’ve only lived here for a year, but I really think citizens of this province believe the Anglodom would try to kill them off, and they trust their provincial authorities to protect them and act on their behalf. That appears to be true across the country. Canadians act like the govts have their backs on this one. I’m not sure where the opportunity lies to resist.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 3 2021 18:12 utc | 206

james @205--

Agreed. Gives new meaning to the word Authoritarian.


Glenn Diesen writes:

"Putin is right about the West’s endless attempts to woo Kiev: Rejecting Ukraine’s history with Russia could destroy the country."

It's been several weeks since Putin wrote and delivered hi essay about the shared roots of Ukrainians and Russians:

"Unsurprisingly, the message of unity and regret over current political disputes has been met with apoplexy, both among Kiev’s more zealous anti-Russia campaigners and the West’s political and media classes. For some, Putin’s words are even tantamount to a call for the annexation of Ukraine."

Diesen's very keen to expose the Outlaw US Empire's gambit: To capture all the former Soviet states to "save them" from having any sort of cordial relations with Russia, which of course deprives those states of their sovereignty:

"Putin argues it is already difficult to consider Ukraine a sovereign state, as the administration of its politics, economy, civil society, and foreign policy has largely been outsourced to the US."

Background is key as Diesen references Putin's 2005 speech to the Federal Assembly, which he initiated thusly:

"I consider the development of Russia as a free and democratic state to be our main political and ideological goal. We use these words fairly frequently, but rarely care to reveal how the deeper meaning of such values as freedom and democracy, justice and legality is translated into life.

"Meanwhile, there is a need for such an analysis. The objectively difficult processes going on in Russia are increasingly becoming the subject of heated ideological discussions. And they are all connected with talk about freedom and democracy. Sometimes you can hear that since the Russian people have been silent for centuries, they are not used to or do not need freedom. And for that reason, it is claimed our citizens need constant supervision.

"I would like to bring those who think this way back to reality, to the facts. To do so, I will recall once more Russia’s most recent history." [My Emphasis]

IMO, this speech ought to shut the mouths of those peddling the BigLie that Putin's an Authoritarian. But as Diesen notes, as usual Putin's words are deliberately decontextualized to arrive at an opposite conclusion:

"Putin famously referred to the collapse of the Soviet Union as “a major geopolitical disaster of the century” in a speech to the Federal Assembly in 2005. The phrase is almost mandatory to quote for Russophobic journalists, academics, and politicians who seek evidence for the conclusion that Putin longs for the restoration of the Soviet Union.

"To reach this conclusion, the quote is deprived of all context. Putin spoke in length about the consequences of having tens of millions of Russians left outside Russian territory. The Russian president explained how the collapse broke apart families, industries, ideals, and institutions, and gave rise to terrorism, oligarchs, poverty, and socio-economic desperation. Thus, the collapse of the Soviet Union threatened to also fragment the sovereign states that emerged from the Soviet Union."

Diesen then makes this very important observation:

"It should not be a controversial argument that the former Soviet republics are not traditional Westphalian states and have a mutual interest to find ways to cooperate across state borders. Yet, translated into rampant Russophobia, Putin wants to restore the Soviet Union and NATO must step up to this new conflict between liberal democracies and authoritarians."

The complete disingenuousness of those calling Putin an Authoritarian and Russia's government a dictatorship ought to disqualify those writing such lies from writing anything at all for they advance a 100% false picture of a militarily superior nation they'd be quickly defeated by if they were foolish enough to wage war, which is what they appear trying to do.

It's unfortunate Diesen's views won't likely be read by anyone of political significance in the West mainly because he's correct to say that it's NATO/EU that are the main threats to Ukrainian sovereignty and don't give a damn how that affects the millions involved.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 18:35 utc | 207

The political mantra: The Vaccine will save us; we'll see a dramatic drop in new cases once we get 70%of the nation vaccinated.

Well, guess what? the 70% goal's been reached, but:

"There remains plenty of cause for concern, said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky, who remarked Monday that despite an uptick in vaccination rates, 'Covid-19 is clearly not done with us.'

"She pointed to CDC data as of Saturday showing the seven-day moving average of daily new Covid-19 cases up 44% to roughly 72,000 cases per day. The seven-day average daily deaths also increased 25% from the previous period, reaching 300 per day." [My Emphasis]

Given the political mantra, that data's not cooperating, so something's amiss. My message to the politicos: It's your mantra that's amiss. The level of malgovernance within the Outlaw US Empire is stupendous, and what's worse is it's across the entire policy board, not just reaction to Covid-19.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 19:01 utc | 208

@Jackrabbit | Aug 3 2021 16:56 utc | 199

Be careful not to fall prey to those that are pushing the notion that masks and vaccines are useless. That is not true.
Of course they are useful. People are getting filthy rich and the psychopaths get more control than they could hope for. For a while.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 3 2021 20:54 utc | 209

Jackrabbit said:

Be careful not to fall prey to those that are pushing the notion that masks and vaccines are useless. That is not true.
And Norwegian responded:

Of course they are useful. People are getting filthy rich and the psychopaths get more control than they could hope for.

People are getting filthy rich off just about everything you do. As long as they feed your addictions you won't give a shit how filthy rich they get off you, but if they interfere with your addictions you suddenly are all concerned about how filthy rich they get doing that.
As for your claim about control, I've been around a lot of years and I have never seen the loss of control I am seeing as a result of covid. I mean all this chatter about Empire is going to collapse any day now is just mindless stupid BS by idiots and before covid there was no chance of that happening any time soon, but covid is the real deal it might just trip up TPTB and cause them to fall flat on their face.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 3 2021 22:57 utc | 210

Yesterday, we were treated to a Kudrin rant:

"Russia is still running an old economic model that has outlived its usefulness, and the country needs to transition to a modern, investment-based economy to stimulate growth."

I said Kudrin was living in a fantasy world. Today, we have this announcement:

"'The president has declared the development of the Far East a national priority for the entire 21st century. In fulfilling the president’s decision, the government has created a comprehensive, dynamically developing investment support system in the Far East,' said Yuri Trutnev, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman of the EEF Organizing Committee.

"The EEF 2021 business program is divided into four thematic pillars: ‘The New Economy: What Changes and What Stays the Same’, ‘The Far East: New Challenges and Opportunities’, ‘Our Shared Responsibility in a Changing World’, and ‘Youth EEF’. The key event of the EEF will be the plenary session scheduled for 3 September," Roscongress informs.

"'The Eastern Economic Forum has become one of the key tools for supporting the Far East. Its main objective is to attract investors and get feedback from business. More than 2,500 new projects and 1.9 trillion rubles in investments already made are an indisputable proof that the Far East has become a comfortable and safe territory for doing business,' Trutnev noted." [My Emphasis]

As I said, Kudrin's living in a fantasy. On top of that, he lies about what Russia's political-economic program is aimed at doing. The article also confirms my description of Russia as a developing nation, which is what its several economic forums are about encouraging--investment in strategic development projects aimed at diversifying Russia's economy.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 23:06 utc | 211

I want to address the matter of transmission of SARS-CoV2, with and without symptoms, but first I want to add to the discussion of escape variants.

Scanning the Q&A indexes for the Dark Horse videos on YouTube, I happened upon a great comment by Bret Weinstein, that not only the vaccines are prompting variants of the virus, but also people with acquired immunity. He makes the point that anyone on the way to immunity, from whatever cause and at whatever stage, can serve as a selective pressure on the virus to adapt.

This accords completely with the comment from BM @149 that everything being done to mitigate against infection is creating a selective pressure on the virus to adapt.

As Weinstein keeps saying, and in the most scientific sense as well as every other sense, we are all in this together, and actors play their differing roles at differing times in one great mosaic.

What is tragic is that while science has ways to deal with such a mosaic in wholesale and comprehensive ways, governments in the west have failed to ask science, and have in fact censored science in the name of political control and "pandemic profiteering". This we knew.


Asymptomatic transmission. I think I am guilty of using the wrong word for what I was referring to. I've now read the paper linked by jinn @134 and it's clear that the authors are referring at all times to people in some stage of infection, regardless of the severity or absence of their symptoms.

That's not what I ever meant to refer to, and my apologies for being inaccurate. "Asymptomatic" is precisely the correct word for science to use for its purposes, and I must now find other words. My error, so sorry.


I guess I mean something like "uninfected" transmission. I'm asking myself if it's possible for people to harbor the virus without developing the disease, and pass the virus along to others, in all innocence, and presumably without even testing positive in the various tests.

I think this is what the Chinese were looking for, and concluded it wasn't happening. Of course, we know there are days when someone has contracted the disease but not yet presented symptoms - and this is why contact tracing is the missing part of containment. Contact tracing fills in the blanks from those "invisible" days of being infected.

[As an aside, I suppose that from my very sketchy understanding of how infection works, the transmission comes from the shedding of duplicated virus that begins with infection - this is what infection means, namely that the virus is now replicating within its host.]


Why does this matter?

I did find a Q&A at Dark Horse on how ivermectin impacts transmission, time-stamped in this link:
01:03:55 Asymptomatic spread with Ivermectin - Dark Horse Q&A #80 [May 15, 2021]

Those not familiar with this couple may enjoy watching them sift and reason their way through the existing evidence to reach tentative conclusions - science at work. There's additional speculation about ivermectin NOT driving variants. This is just a 2-minute clip.

But the two main points arising from this discussion:

1. Ivermectin prevents infection. 2. If you're not infected, you're not transmitting the virus.

We've seen that contagion from surfaces and objects ("fomite transmission") is negligible in this pandemic, and that contagion happens overwhelmingly through the air, and through breathing that air.

So let's say again what I thought I understood, but never until now felt the value of putting to a rigorous proof before peers: ivermectin prevents infection; without infection, there's no transmission.

All of this is said with the general caveat that everything works as stated, to the degree that it works as it should. These are generally effective propositions. But nothing is 100% bulletproof, and anomalies will always exist in everything. Therefore, deploy as many safeguards as available to one's circumstance.


It was a patchwork presentation, and with tortured language on my part, but I rest my case :)

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 4 2021 0:29 utc | 212

@b, thanks for linking to this article, it really flushed out the hasbarist, 'Ben' It must really get under the skin of the fake identity Khazars:

Posted by: Paul | Aug 4 2021 0:32 utc | 213

Addendum, I come from a very long line of Christians on both sides of my family and I can prove it.

Perhaps many generations ago they were Druids or followers of Odin/Wotan. As Christianity is a Semitic religion does that make me by Ben's logic a Semite?

Gimme Palestine!

Posted by: Paul | Aug 4 2021 0:50 utc | 214

@ Posted by: Grieved | Aug 4 2021 0:29 utc | 212

Ivermectin doesn't prevent infections. If it did, it would be called a vaccine, not a vermifuge. Evidently, it also doesn't cure infections, otherwise it would be an antibiotic.

Vaccines also prevent transmission, even if you're infected. That's why it is essential for people to be vaccinated.

Posted by: vk | Aug 4 2021 0:55 utc | 215

@ Grieved | Aug 4 2021 0:29 utc | 212 with the Asymptomatic versus "uninfected" transmission clarification

Thanks for that and the ongoing "scientific" exploration of Covid and Ivermectin related usage.

What I haven't seen any information about and is probably not known yet but should be studied is:
At what point of Covid initial infection does one start to be a transmission source to others and what is the definition of the other end of the transmission phase of the infection?

It could be that some get Covid and don't have symptoms but are highly contagious of Covid to others and over an unknown period of time.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 4 2021 1:02 utc | 216

@ Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 3 2021 19:01 utc | 208
You left out critical information when you reiterated the phrase “70 % vaccinated”, as only roughly 50% have been fully vaccinated. The remainder, the 20% with only one jab (also some of the twice jabbed but not with requisite two weeks after) are the cohort that everybody has been screaming about — partial vaccination without protection, hosts for vaccine escape mutants to occur. While VOC up to this point have originated in unvaccinated population due to wide spread, now we are into another level of war against a virus which has our current number. The remaining 30% of unvaccinated includes children. Neither the vaccinated or the unvaccinated are to blame for this mucky muck idiocy unfolding.

To those promulgating suspected anti virals of which we have precious few, viral escape from those drugs occurs just as with bacterial escape from antibiotics especially if administered mono, as the sole treatment, and with viral escape from vaccines. As vaccination alone will not end this pandemic, nor will the mass use of a worm drug with anti viral and anti inflammatory powers end it. It may keep you personally safe for a while but the wider benefit is unknown.

Posted by: suzan | Aug 4 2021 1:18 utc | 217

Scotland's Dirty War

I'd like to table a few thoughts concerning the judge who has just sent Craig Murray to prison for a crime she can neither describe nor explain.

With hindsight, we should have expected just such behaviour. The mistake was that, once Alex Salmond was vindicated by the jury, we paid less than proper attention to what had transpired day by day.

I'd like to mention just this point. During the trial, Judge Dorrian chose to exclude all of the evidence that pointed to a pretty clear conspiracy. That is, the messages between the Vietnam Whatsapp group members.

Then, at the end of the evidence from both parties, in her summing up, she chose to remind and emphasise to the jury the so called Moorov Doctrine.

I can go into detail, but the Moorov Doctrine is predicated on the absolute independence of the acusers. The logic runs that if these very different people, who do not know about one another, are making similar acusations about a "he said she said" type of situation, then more than likely they are true.

So you can see why I infer bad faith on her part, before we come to the lifelong anonimity she has awarded to those very same people.

Judge Dorrian KNOWS that the acusers conspired to commit crimes against Alex Salmond. Yet she CHOSE to exclude the evidence, leaned on the jury to return a Moorov guilty, and then granted the conspirators immunity for life.

So I think she is bent. Bent as a nine bob note.

And she has a very clear personal interest in the incarceration of Craig Murray.

The second point refers to this part by Craig:

There is an extremely important point here. I have always instantly complied with any order of a court to remove material. What I have not done is comply with instructions from the Crown or Procurator Fiscal to remove material. Because it is over 330 years since the Crown had the right of censorship in Scotland without the intervention of a judge.

This is extremely worrying. I think I see the loophole they are sneaking through.

In the jurisdiction of England and Wales, Queens Counsel are extraordinarily privileged.

They have the absolute right to sit in the High Court as a deputy High Court judge. They have the powers of a judge, despite the fact that they are advocates. As you can imagine, this leads to an enormous amount of corruption, self-dealing and abuse.

Craig is being directed to obey Alex Prentice.

Look him up:

Alex Prentice QC is a leading Scottish lawyer.

Bang. It's Honi soit qui mal y pense again.
It's trying to impose the English system on Scotland. Again.

And it's this Dorrian woman doing it all. For her Queen.

Posted by: j | Aug 4 2021 2:10 utc | 218

ME tensions soar based only on speculation that Iran is behind mysterious attacks in the Gulf and hyped concerns about a new 'hard-line' Iranian President.

AP News Analysis: Iran strikes hard-line pose ahead of new president

Once a protégé of Iran’s supreme leader is sworn in as president this week, hard-liners will control all parts of the Islamic Republic’s civilian government.

Given the brinkmanship over its accelerating nuclear program and the West alleging that Tehran launched a fatal drone attack targeting an oil tanker linked to an Israeli billionaire last week, one might think that had already happened.

Iran’s inauguration of President-elect Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday represents the last stop in a slow slide from the hopes that the 2015 nuclear deal would open the Islamic Republic to the West.

Israel’s Gantz Urges Action Against Iran ‘Right Now’ Over Tanker Attack

On Monday, Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz threatened Iran and said Israel must take action against the Islamic Republic “right now” over last week’s drone attack on an Israeli-operated ship near Oman. Israel, the US, and the UK have blamed Tehran, but Iran denies the accusation, calling the allegations “baseless.”

“Iran’s aggression in the region generally and on the maritime front, in particular, is intensifying,” Gantz during a plenary session of Israel’s Knesset. “This is the exact reason that we must act right now against Iran.”

He said that when Iranian President-elect Ebrahim Raisi comes into office Iran, will be “more dangerous to the world than it has been so far.” Raisi will replace Hassan Rouhani as president this week. “We will act to remove any such threat,” Gantz said.

... Neither the US nor Israel have offered any evidence to back up the accusation against Iran.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 4 2021 2:13 utc | 219


Regarding a future Nuremberg tribunal on experimental medicines.

A one hour + presentation by Professor Dolores Cahill is a sobering statement.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 2:23 utc | 220

Martine Moise, widow of the assassinated Haitian President does not accept the results of the investigation into her husband's murder:

From her New York Times interview:

But she needed to speak, she said, because she did not believe that the investigation into his death had answered the central question tormenting her and countless Haitians: Who ordered and paid for the assassination of her husband?

She has called for a United Nations-led investigation.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 4 2021 2:47 utc | 221

Jackrabbit #221

To save time, allow me to point the finger at Joe Biden.

Good luck to South America with this mendacious piece of evil in the driving team.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 3:07 utc | 222

William Gruff 191
'China will be undisputed #1 in all of the categories that matter the most roughly around the time that Biden is getting planted under a slag heap in Scranton PA.'

May be BIden is just a seat warmer for kamala, who'd carry on with exactly the same pnac manifesto anyway.

Even when gringo idiots are bleating on how 'CCP owns the dems,''sleepy tricky joe has managed to corral SK, Israel into its anti Chinese posse',
no mean feat that,.

Posted by: denk | Aug 4 2021 5:00 utc | 223

@215 vk

There have never been conclusive studies showing vaccines curb transmission. Flu vaccines, whooping cough vaccines, and Measles vaccines obscure symptoms (allegedly) without preventing fine mist virulent transmissibility.

Indeed, a recent study had those that were flu vaccinated demonstrate 6x the amount of virulence than non-vaxxed when both sets became infected.

Coincidentally, and quite conveniently, most popular 20th century vaccines had their first administered dose at the tail-ends of their treatment diseases' dangerous period, before modern diet, hygiene, and sanitation provided most if not all of the forward progress towards eradicating clinical symptoms from these diseases. It was only after this progress was made that Big Pharma swooped in with their miracle vaccines to take the credit. Can you say, "America stealing Russia's credit for defeating ISIS?" An unbelievably apropo analogy IMO.

We simply do not know how the human immune system in its manifold variance responds to artificially-induced (read: bypassing natural immunity processing) immunity.

To say otherwise is terribly unscientific. Par for the course, eh?

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Aug 4 2021 5:13 utc | 224

I have a question for fellow barflies.

A friend today sent me an email containing a picture of a rat he just caught in a trap at his home and later in the email a link to the macho trap his neighbor showed him he got from Amazon. When I looked at the email initially neither the picture nor the link were visible. Eventually the Amazon link showing the metal rat trap popped up but not my friends picture. I gave up waiting and moved on to other things but later came back and saw my friends rat trap trophy catch Jpeg.

My question is about Amazon creating and forcing links to its stuff to autoload product info and Gawd know what else through the email client before the Jpeg picture...and seemingly hogging bandwidth so that the Jpeg download was delayed.

How do they force the link to execute in the email client? I am on a Mac Mini with the Apple provided email client and an up-to-date OS


Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 4 2021 5:55 utc | 225

I guess another part of my question in #225 is what others experience is/has been with this issue?

Am I asleep and this has been going on forever? I think not but my techie chops are rusty and I know fellow MoA barflies are on top of this stuff.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 4 2021 5:59 utc | 226

karlof1 #208

Take a focussed look at my post to Norwegian. see below:

Regarding a future Nuremberg tribunal on experimental medicines.

A one hour + presentation by Professor Dolores Cahill is a sobering statement.

Methinks Professor Cahill is the person that needs full attention on this thread.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 7:08 utc | 227

I know there is a media-propagated sense of a loss of control but is there really a loss of control? Are the (US/West) Powers That Be really collapsing?

The US/West have lost the opportunity to "take-out" China militarily. The US/West can no longer defeat and destroy China's navy (and its coastal defences) in the South China sea, it can no longer prevent Taiwan from being "militarily" taken over (if China chooses that path), it would be unable to prevent Japan being destroyed (if China responded in this way). It's the end of the US/Western empire and the dawn of a new Chinese/Eastern age, or... the whole Covid-19 scam just "war" by other means, not really a war on China but a war for the whole world? To place the world under a New Normal, a new form of US/West dominance (which would compell China's compliance)? The US has been perfecting the art of control via chaos for a long time:

Covid Riots, by Israel Shamir

Extract regarding Russia (other Countries covered):

"The Russian people have successfully managed to foil the latest attempt by the Global Covid Party to enforce its most current list of restrictions and vaccinations. The covid restrictions were unleashed June 16, while Putin was away at the Geneva summit. Moscow Mayor Sobyanin announced that QR codes would be required to enter all cafés and restaurants, and followed this up with demands for mandatory vaccination. But Russians continue to refuse to comply; by now they have found many ways to beat the system, the simplest solution being to avoid (and thus bankrupt) collaborating restaurants. The Mandatory Vaxx Regime brings new conspirators (like Alexei Navalny, the Russian Guaido presently in jail for swindling) and old school Kremlin propagandists into a rare (and suspicious) agreement. Now they all excrete New York mainstream media.

"Many loyal Putinists were disappointed and aggrieved by the actions of Moscow’s Mayor; they spoke of treason and of abject surrender to US Dems. The people began to grumble that they would be voting Communist in the upcoming (September 19, 2021) Parliamentary elections. President Putin tried his best to stay above the fray, but recognizing that the Covid Party is actively arranging his political demise, he took steps to rescue his loyalists. Putin publicly called for the mayor to drop the restrictions, and then behind the scenes he had them removed. The QR codes have dried up, and peace has returned to Russian society only one month after the restrictions were announced. The vaccination effort goes on, but it is voluntary. Barring unexpected developments, Russia has passed through the pandemic trial with flying colours, in typically Russian style (“Give a candle to God and a poker to Satan”)."

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 4 2021 9:18 utc | 228

Covid Riots, by Israel Shamir

Extract regarding Haiti:

"President of Haiti Jovenel Moïse was reluctant to push for the vaxx in his poor country; he didn’t drop everything and immediately reorganise his state’s government around the new vaccination regime. He then flatly refused AstraZeneca, saying the stuff is dangerous for your health. Little did he know that refusing Big Pharma is perilous to the health of even the elected leader of a sovereign state. Sadly, he has been assassinated by a gang of Colombian mercenaries claiming to be DEA (the US Drug Enforcement Administration) and some of them actually serving with the DEA. The killing was organised by a Florida-based security firm. The killers were trained by the US Army. As soon as the President of Haiti was murdered, the US called in the Marines and half a million doses of vaccine. Thus, this small rebellion against the Covid empire has been squashed."

(Haiti has been enduring appalling treatment by the US/West since the earthquake of 2011, or more accurately since they started to receive "humanitarian aid and support" from the US/West.)

Posted by: ADKC | Aug 4 2021 9:29 utc | 229

denk | Aug 4 2021 5:00 utc | 223

Its just past food hour where I live but this vid of the "oppression" of the Uighurs makes me feel hungry.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 4 2021 10:44 utc | 230

This happened last weekend in Berlin.

Posted by: thecelticwithinme | Aug 4 2021 13:12 utc | 231

"Authoritarian" is empty snarl-word intended to invoke connotations of "dictatorial" and "tyrannical" where their *denotations* clearly do not hold.

Any even sort-of functioning political system is by necessity authoritarian, otherwise it crumples under the slightest pressure - maybe this is the reason why most western-style plutocracies are not considered "authoritarian"...

Posted by: Misotheist | Aug 4 2021 13:17 utc | 232

grieved wrote:

I guess I mean something like "uninfected" transmission. I'm asking myself if it's possible for people to harbor the virus without developing the disease, and pass the virus along to others, in all innocence, and presumably without even testing positive in the various tests.

I think this is what the Chinese were looking for, and concluded it wasn't happening.

You are just making stuff up. First of all, Chinese scientists are not a monolith. They don't speak with one voice as you pretend. Numerous studies by Chinese scientists have presented evidence that asymptomatic spread is occurring.
Here's one:
In general fever and a dry cough are the most consistent symptoms of covid. These symptoms are part of the bodies immune response that tries to create a hostile environment to the virus to help the rest of the immune system defeat the virus. The typical progression of the delta variant is that symptoms start 2-10 days after exposure. In that time period there is virus replication and virus shedding (which can spread it to others). However, if your body is good enough at fending off the virus you may not ever develop symptoms. Some people feel fine with covid but still have abnormal CT scans. There are documented cases where children with no symptoms bring covid into a household with no other contacts. They test positive but show no symptoms. Asymptomatic carriers tend to be younger. But there is little doubt that an asymptomatic carrier is the one causing symptomatic disease in another person if the asymptomatic carrier is the only contact.
There are usually 2 things that determine whether one develops symptoms after catching covid. 1)How great the viral load you are exposed to and 2) How strong your immune system is. If you are lucky enough to have a small exposure and a strong immune system you may have a mild case with no appearance of symptoms.
It is not accurate to say that Ivermectin prevents infection. At best Ivermectin assists the the immune system by interfering with viral replication process. Masks and physical distancing also interfere viral replication process.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 4 2021 13:24 utc | 233

Chinese virologist promotes common sense:

"'We shouldn't panic, but we need to prepare to co-exist with the virus in the long term,' Shi told media on Wednesday.

"Shi noted that China is now under pressure to control the epidemic, but physical isolation is still effective in curbing transmission. 'Prevent gatherings, practice social distancing, wear masks and wash hands frequently.'

"She said that the virus continues to mutate as more and more people get infected, providing opportunities for the virus.

"Shi said that she had spoken with some patients who got infected after vaccination and found that the vaccines, although they cannot prevent infection, are still effective in preventing critical disease." [My Emphasis]

There you have it: Vaccines cannot prevent infection. Plus more variants will mutate thanks to having more places to grow because transmission isn't being stopped. People are brainwashed into believing that once vaccinated they are immune from the virus when that's not at all the case, and that brainwashing must cease and be replaced with the very simple truth myself and others are pushing. What I'm seeing is an amazing case of an Establishment Narrative gaining credence globally despite its 100% falsity.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 4 2021 15:01 utc | 234

@ psychohistorian | Aug 4 2021 5:55 utc | 225 / 226 ... don't know the answer, but am curious as well...

Posted by: james | Aug 4 2021 15:47 utc | 235

Good to see the Democrats continue in the Clinton tradition:
$1M buys no renewal of eviction moratorium?

George Marcus, chairman of both the massive real estate brokerage Marcus & Millichap and the real estate investment trust Essex Property Trust, donated $1 million on June 1 to House Majority PAC, a super PAC that works to elect Democratic lawmakers. The donation amounted to nearly 7 percent of the total funding the committee has raised so far this year.

Marcus also donated $263,400 in June to a joint fundraising committee benefiting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s campaign, her leadership PAC, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the party committee that works to elect House Democrats.

During the 2020 election cycle, Marcus donated a combined $1 million to the DCCC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which elects Democratic Senate candidates. He contributed millions more to the party-aligned super PACs that aid those committees: $3.5 million to Senate Majority PAC and $3 million to House Majority PAC.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 4 2021 15:58 utc | 236

uncle tungsten @227--

Thanks for the heads-up and link! She presents a very strong argument while revealing the disaster of the mRNA experiments. IMO, it now seems clear that an ulterior motive was/is behind the push to experiment on millions of people globally and implant within them a timebomb of sorts, unless the injection killed you outright. Fortunately, China seems to be sticking to its initial approach to controlling the virus. The wife and I discussed the great likelihood that Covid would become similar to flu and confront humanity with several new variants yearly, which meant that we'd need to continue our hygienic protocols possibly for the rest of our lives. And at the bottom line level, I don't see much difference between the two viruses. We're not hermits, but we have few interactions with other people; so, I've never felt the need to get an annual flu shot, nor was I ever asked/required to get one while I was having close teacher/student interactions and working within packed classrooms 15+ years ago (My colds and such were caused by my tobacco smoking addiction which I overcame in 2003). As with flu, you'll never become immune to Covid. Indeed, IMO what is actually conferred to the body immunity-wise is a topic few seem or want to understand--there's no total protection from anything!--only the beefing up of your body's ability to fight the disease to the point where you might not exhibit any symptoms and not know you're infected and transmission-capable. And therein lies the problem. Vaccinated people think they can't get it and drop all defenses but get it anyway and spread it further while also providing the environment required for the virus to mutate further.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 4 2021 16:22 utc | 237

Stonebird 230

Notice something, ...

The accuser of UIghurs 'genocide' are practically the entire west led by FUKUS the ring leader.

Muslim countries are all in China's camp.

FUKUS is that proverbial sheep devouring wolf which cries wolves once too often, nobody believe them anymore except their own delusional sheeples.

Posted by: denk | Aug 4 2021 16:43 utc | 238

Hello karlof1,

I wrote you a reply on the last open thread

Posted by: John Cleary | Aug 4 2021 16:50 utc | 239

Lavrov interview published today:

"We are convinced that there must be no place for politics when people’s health and life are at stake. I really do hope that our EU partners will take this into account at the subsequent stages of considering Russia’s [Sputnik-V] application."

Sorry Sergey, but all aspects of the pandemic have been politicized by the West, and we should ask ourselves why that's the case. Lavrov addresses this issue with this long detailed answer:

"In the past 18 months, the epidemiological situation has affected all spheres of activity, without exception, including international affairs. However, in and of itself, the pandemic has catalysed global processes rather than changed the nature of relations between the countries. Primarily, it has catalysed the redistribution of forces on the international arena. In addition to this, non-Western centres of economic growth and political influence have boosted their profiles as part of the emerging multipolar order.

"This turn of events does not suit everyone. Unwilling to recognise the new reality, the historical West is doing its best − often in a rude manner − to retain its leadership in global affairs. The new US administration has revivified the ideas of widespread dissemination of 'democracy' and 'liberal values.' The concept of the 'rules-based order' which is, in fact, a new formula for building a unipolar, American-centric world, has gained currency.

"We find this kind of confrontational and selfish behaviour, which has nothing in common with normal international communications, unacceptable. For its part, Russia has consistently advocated achieving broad-based agreements on peaceful and pragmatic cooperation between states based of generally recognised norms of international law with the central coordinating role of the UN and its Security Council.

"Our diplomacy’s strategic goal is to ensure a favourable external environment for Russia’s dynamic development and improvement of our citizens’ well-being. Protecting the country’s sovereignty and national interests and ensuring its security from external challenges and threats is an integral part of this approach.

"Our partnership principles have remained unchanged. Russia continues to pursue a peaceful, responsible and multi-vector foreign policy. In our actions, we rely on rational and objective analysis of the international situation. Based on this, we are developing mutually beneficial equal cooperation with most foreign countries and are open to a dialogue with any country that is interested in cooperating with us.

"By the way, the success of the annual events held as part of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in June is an example of the steady high interest shown by the international business community in long-term operation in Russia. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, 13,500 guests from 141 countries joined the SPIEF-2021 both in person and online. The most representative business delegations came from the United States, Germany, Italy and Finland. I believe that the statistics I have cited reflect the strategic commitment of foreign businesses towards mutually beneficial interaction with their Russian counterparts. It also clearly shows the vast potential for international cooperation which our country intends to fulfill on a pragmatic basis for the benefit of domestic development and global stability." [My Emphasis]

Interesting that despite all the vilification aimed at Russia, ever increasing numbers of business people want to work with Russia. And the vaccination embargo aimed at Russia and China show the West's true colors/intentions better than anything.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 4 2021 16:53 utc | 240

John Cleary @239--

Thanks for your reply! I floated the idea at Pepe Escobar's VK space in commentary there and got a few bites, so IMO the aim ought to be to explain how the Queen prevents Parliament from doing its job in a multiplicity of ways, such as regulation that promotes the public interest at the Crown's expense. Also how the Royalty's impeding the aspirations to break the UK back into its basic parts with an aim to highlight the hypocrisy of the UK's democracy promotion. Then there's the aspect of promoting Neoliberalism and destroying classical political-economy's aims which would certainly have stopped much of the Royal's Free Lunch.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 4 2021 17:05 utc | 241

denk | Aug 4 2021 16:43 utc | 238

That ama; It is true that once the "details" come out, then a totally different picture emerges. That's no lady, that's a ...... well, she gets to lie on any surface, and with anyone apparently. Even Guantanamo! In a way that does show that the core of professional liars is smaller than we think. Or maybe experience is valued by the intelli agencies - which would be a first.

From your link, I knew they were pouring money into Xinjiang, but not how much (or how).

The NED ( a regime change arm of the United States) proudly displays the fact they pour 22 million US dollars into the Xinjiang region to fuel separatism.

Having just seen a Long propaganda ad on French TV for being vaccinated (I don't usually watch anything from anywhere!). Slick and done very carefully, it must have been a "professional" group that produced it. Such things don't come cheaply. I wonder what is the total amount spent by all the west on propaganda? If here is one industry that functions profitably it is that one. That and tax collectors.

RE; The Muslim countries, China, Russia and the TOS (The Other Side), being no longer duped. When the sheeple notice that Biden and Blinken are on all fours, snarling with shiny white dentures, it will be time to give a farewell kick up their nether regions.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 4 2021 17:19 utc | 242

@ karlof1 (#240),

“Business people” will go anywhere they can make a buck. They are only interested in exploiting Russia to make profits. The Dollar Empire will be happy to buy ALL Russia’s oil, gas, and resources in the US$ (IOUs). Will Russia sell?

It is only when Russia starts selling its resources in Rubles then it is sovereign. Until then it is a SUZERAINTY.

What % of Russia’s international trade is in the US$ and British Pounds?

Posted by: Max | Aug 4 2021 17:28 utc | 243

@karlof1 | Aug 4 2021 16:53 utc | 240

Interesting that despite all the vilification aimed at Russia, ever increasing numbers of business people want to work with Russia.

Professor Glenn Diesen talked about this today in a video with Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou

Europe, Russia and Greater Eurasia [Geopolitics Focus]

It is the political and business realities that are slowly dawning on European business people. Greater Eurasia is the future, but the cronies in the EU will never discover it. Interestingly, Diesen gives the EU about 5 years.

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 4 2021 17:50 utc | 244

The Jerusalem Post has just published an article about a study conducted by an Israeli doctor on the use of Ivermectin. Meets the double blind/controlled test for analyses of this kind.

Bottom line, it works, and it works well and economically.

Posted by: naiverealist | Aug 4 2021 17:58 utc | 245

It gets worse.

Posted by: john | Aug 4 2021 19:56 utc | 246

Posted by: thecelticwithinme | Aug 4 2021 13:12 utc | 231
It says it's private. Can you or anyone else who has seen it describe the events of the video? Thanks in advance.

Posted by: joey_n | Aug 4 2021 20:38 utc | 247

ADKC #229

Thank you for that link to Israel Shamir. That just had me saddened and then laughing and anticipating every paragraph. He is a wicked wizard with words.

Don't skip it barflies, it is just too good.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 21:29 utc | 248

@233 jinn

I agree with the Chinese study you cite. I don't expect you to have read my comment more than just superficially, but it's important to understand that I was using the word "asymptomatic" incorrectly. I've apologized for any misleading I've done, and I'll apologize here again.

I've abandoned my use of the word "asymptomatic". This is precisely the correct word for science to use, and for the studies you cite to use. I was mistaken even to use the word, and I regret it.

I was really trying to refer to actual infection - and I suspect that even this word is not quite accurate enough. But hopefully it will do for the moment.

[I will have to study more deeply exactly how the disease takes hold in a person such that the person can be said to have the disease. This is something you're trying to illustrate in your comment, and I appreciate this - but it will take me more time to come up to speed on this.]

Meanwhile, I note that the study you cite is using the word "infected" to refer to a class of people I was trying to identify, and distinguish from, i.e. those who have the disease and those who do not:

One study initially estimated that asymptomatic carriers, pre-symptomatic and mild infection of COVID-19 may account for 60% of all infections (7). In addition, the majority of these patients may not self-isolate, and spread the virus to others unconsciously, as they are unaware that they have been infected with SARS-CoV-2(8). Therefore, asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 should be taken seriously because they serve a crucial role in disease transmission. - Clinical characteristics and infectivity of asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2 [Dec 3, 2020]

Notice that, as with the first study you cited up-thread, the scientists here are again referring to people who are infected but whose symptoms are not yet (or perhaps, ever) apparent. They are thus exactly "asymptomatic" while being "infected".


My point is that if you are not "infected" you cannot spread the virus because there is nothing to spread. This was the point that I took pains to verify, and I am persuaded by scientists that it is so. This granular point is something I really need to pin down more strongly, however, and I would welcome discussion on this one, granular point.


Again - I agree that lots of "asymptomatic" people are spreading the virus - because they are infected - and I apologize to anyone reading this who may have been misled by my inaccurate use of words.

But now that we have an accurate use of words - at least as the Chinese researchers cited in this study use them - I can hope that everyone can agree that the non-infected are not spreading the virus, even as the asymptomatically infected are.

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 4 2021 21:39 utc | 249

SCMP article on US hypocrisy:

Posted by: Paul | Aug 4 2021 22:15 utc | 250

On Taiwan

Now here is another grand piece from Unz Review by Alfred Thayer Fred, a True Son of Tsu ;)

This is incisive journalism wrapped in wicked wit and examines the means by which "Taiwan will fall into China's lap like an overripe mango". It also subliminally conveys the results of an autopsy into the USAi government cadaver recently discovered lying on the world stage after the performance was long ended and the audience departed.

A glimpse to entice barflies interest:

Washington is vague about whether it would militarily defend Taiwan. Taiwan presumably has noticed. Further, America does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country. More waffling. The implication is that Washington might, or might not, do something, or something else, depending on unspecified things, probably or at least possibly.

This sounds like hedging, a disguised American recognition that this isn’t 1955, and China is no longer a bamboo republic that makes pencils and cheap plastic buckets for Walmart. As China’s military power grows, and thus the cost of a war, America’s equivocation will likely become more equivocal. Throw in that America does $550 billion in commerce annually with the Middle Kingdom, including countless things America doesn’t make but can’t do without, and war with China doesn’t look real feasible. This too has probably occurred to Taipei.

This is a fine swish of the pen, so charge a coffee or wine for a good short read.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 22:22 utc | 251

Grieved wrote:

My point is that if you are not "infected" you cannot spread the virus because there is nothing to spread.
That is not a point its a tautology.

I think you need to research how a virus functions. It cannot reproduce by itself like living things can.
It relies on other living cells to make copies of itself. When applied to a virus , the word "infection" means that virus particles have attached or entered a host's cells and caused those cells to make new copies of the virus.
This is the only way a virus multiplies.
Some of those new copies of the virus may go on to "infect" other cells of the same host and some are shed by the host and those might infect cells of a new host. So yeah, if none of this happens then none of it happens.

Posted by: jinn | Aug 4 2021 23:34 utc | 252

Norwegian @244--

Thanks much for providing that link!! Most of the conversation rehashed much of what Diesen wrote in Russia's Geoeconomic Strategy for a Greater Eurasia, which is now 3 years old. His new book in publication sounds like an update of that volume but with a different angle and audience in mind. Mercouris's statement that what Russia and China are doing--building Greater Eurasia--completely in the open has been one of my points for years, yet few recall that it was Kazakhstan's Nazerbaev in 2013 that suggested the idea to complement China's just announced BRI project. The brief discussion on ideology failed to mention the clash at its core between Neoliberalism's Zero-sum goal versus the China/Russia Win-Win goal, which I found unfortunate. I'm curious about Diesen's prediction that the EU will confront an existential problem within the next 5 years that I hope he'll expand upon in his new publication. For those unfamiliar with Diesen's writings, I suggest watching the interview to get a grasp. I do recall writing and linking to some maps a few weeks ago about the EU becoming an outback within Eurasia, sequestering itself in its little peninsula thanks to its irrational Russophobia. The clock ticks relentlessly such that 5 years isn't very long. Putin's 2016 SPIEF speech was just that far back in time and is worthy of review.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 4 2021 23:44 utc | 253

Grieved #249

My point is that if you are not "infected" you cannot spread the virus because there is nothing to spread. This was the point that I took pains to verify, and I am persuaded by scientists that it is so. This granular point is something I really need to pin down more strongly, however, and I would welcome discussion on this one, granular point.

Such patience, brother Grieved, deserves reward ;))

From my reading, if you are not infected there is little means of spreading the disease. I guess if some mist droplets carrying the virus from other people, cats or shared pets, door handles (Skripals excepted), picnic tables, have landed upon your mask or glasses or hands or gloves and you share said viral smudges with others THEN you are spreading the disease whilst being either: uninfected, asymptomatic, immune or unfriendly.

I have never had a flu jab as I am of the heretic class that subscribes to building natural immunity through licentious exposure. So, since the last few decades+ of coronavirus types spreading about the planet in fits and starts I am likely immune to some extent. I am not counting on that, just as I do my best to avoid the flu by various means that seem successful. I avoid succumbing to endless fear flu vax porn from others.

Having said that I assume this virus like many others might alight in my airways or eyeballs and could even break through the various defences and be demised by my metabolism and ejected through a waste portal. Will some other person pick it up? Unlikely, but then shit happens!

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 23:54 utc | 254

Hey karlof1. Plenty to get your teeth into here:

Posted by: John Cleary | Aug 5 2021 0:36 utc | 255

@ uncle tungsten | Aug 4 2021 23:54 utc | 254 about how virus spreads

I would encourage you to be open to the thought that your lungs may be considered a waste portal and some of that waste you eject when breathing, talking or coughing/sneezing may be picked up by another much virus is a big/little viral load? From what I have read Covid can travel in our human made mist quite a long ways

Yep, shit happens and I am happy to be supplementing my natural immunity with Ivermectin at this time for 90 days.....what a shit show, eh?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 5 2021 0:41 utc | 256

psychohistorian #256

Thank you for that reminder and yes I accept that my lungs pump mist aplenty and the mist is the likely dominant vector. I haven't started on my ivermectin stash yet as I am somewhat remote and will dig in as soon as things look grim.

And yes it is a deadly shit show and the unravelling of Pfizer and Moderna will be a spectacle to behold. I think we will see and hear much more from Dolores Cahill in the near future and I trust she is well clear of 'accidents'. Clearly the Hippocratic Oath is in need of augmentation in many parts of the world as it appears the 'do no harm' line has been subverted to 'do no Ivermectin'.

Many decades ago Bertrand Russel and a magnificent band of colleagues started the people's Bertrand Russel War Crimes in Vietnam Tribunal. It was of course ignored by the USA but it was not ignored. It is worth considering and even repeating its modus operandi.

Bring on the 2020's Nuremberg Covid Tribunal.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 5 2021 3:40 utc | 257

Stonebird 242

If there's an Olympic medal for BS,
FUKUS [UK, US] would win it hand down.

The FUKUS led west's hallucination vs reality on the ground.

Exhibit A
'I give examples of a large variety of fake news, lies, doctored photos and false testimonies. I don't give untenable conclusions, and I can prove that these are fake. For example, when Raphaël Glucksmann, a member of the European parliament made the assertion that "any Uygur who wears a beard has been sent to a 'concentration camp' in Xinjiang," I presented photos I took in Xinjiang to refute his lies.'

Posted by: denk | Aug 5 2021 3:58 utc | 258

karlof1 #197

Here's a very curious article I'd term provocative:

But not so obvious to Pesek, who only seems worried about his shares portfolio, not the health of China's economy or its people.

Thank you for sighting that dirt cheap hit piece from asiatimes. 'Neoliberal bias' you say, more like a psychosis! The neoliberal fantasists just cannot help themselves and this piece just sprays hate of socialist/communist/mixed economy practice. Then adds ignorance of the usury of neoliberal economics. Then takes a swipe at the success of China's medication practice... and sprays all over the place.

The conclusion you emphasised was spot on: "As a result, what matters is what these actions will mean for China’s future. The obvious answers are

(i) less reliance on foreign capital,

(ii) ever more industrial policy and

(iii) continued social pressure to act for the greater good."

Sounds good to me but the hysterics will continue screaming 'wolf, wolf, there is a wolf.'

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 5 2021 4:11 utc | 259


Of course the Exodus didn't happen. And I never said it did. The evidence is that the Hebrew people emerged out of the Canaanite tribes, and were never outsiders who conquered Canaan. Yahweh almost certainly started as a member of the Canaanite pantheon, probably Hadad the storm god, before gradually acquiring traits of other deities, most notably El, the head of the pantheon. The tribe or sect who would become the Hebrews advanced from polytheism, through henotheism, before arriving at monotheism (with the blatant retcon that "your ancestors knew me as Elohim, but my name is YHWH", explicitly identifying the Jewish god with the old head of the pantheon). Archeological evidence indicates that the older folk religious practices continued to exist outside of Jerusalem probably all the way up until at least a couple centuries BC, as the rural 'yokels' refused to adopt the Temple cult.

The mythological origins of ethnic groups are never true. That doesn't make them not distinct, coherent groupings however.

The genetic evidence actually does directly counter your claim that modern Jews aren't meaningfully descendants of ancient Jews (again, as are most of the Palestinians, by the way. They're mostly the descendants of Jews who simply never left the region in the first place and mostly just converted to Christianity, and later Islam).

It literally doesn't matter what I say here. Because apparently my words go through some sort of filter or screen before they reach the brains of MOA readers.

I'm not a hasbarist. I'm not a zionist. Hell, I'm not even Jewish (by any definition). I don't think a Jewish state should exist in the Levant (or anywhere, for that matter; I'm not keen on the whole idea of ethnostates). As far as I'm concerned modern Israel has two choices: it can grow up and become one state for all the people who live on the land it lays claim to, including the Palestinian 'Arabs', or it can cease to exist when the patronage of the US that Israel parasitically depends on is inevitably withdrawn.

What I have a problem with is people spewing counter-factual bullshit.

Posted by: Ben | Aug 6 2021 3:40 utc | 260

@karlof1, 253

Neoliberalism isn't "zero-sum", it's negative sum.

There is no limit to the damage they're willing to cause in order to line their pockets, quite literally hostis humani generis.

Posted by: Misotheist | Aug 8 2021 8:07 utc | 261

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