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August 10, 2021

Open Thread 2021-61

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Posted by b on August 10, 2021 at 15:37 UTC | Permalink

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I have been reading the UN IPCC climate report published on Monday, and it seems that soft denial is still the ruling worldview at the UN climate groups. Massive assumptions of carbon capture and storage to square the climate/growth circle, constant refrains to conditional language, and only just waking up to the methane (CH4) threat. Interesting that it is incredibly hard to find any number for CO2equivalent (CO2e) of all greenhouse gases, and no mention that the 20-year impact of CH4 is over 100 times that of CO2.

Of course the next 20 years are critical with respect to any runaway climate possibilities. CO2e is above 600ppm when methane is taken into account over a 20-year timeframe, an accurate reflection of the current level of warming. Only the massive sulfur dioxide emissions from China and India have offset it somewhat, and China will be growing those emissions very slowly or not at all over the next decade.

Their forecasts for the next 20 years assume low probabilities 50%/66% etc. for success, and they acknowledge that they leave out a whole bunch of feedback possibilities. Still being the "empty institution" that Radoslav Dimitrov wrote of, designed to make it appear that something was being done when nothing really is.

Nothing will be allowed to get in the way of continued economic growth, because you know its sustainable growth! They have been flogging that bullshit for forty years now. Next will be Solar Radiation Management and other technological marvels to keep the growth engine going. The elites need some new crumbs to give to the masses each year without eating into their own riches.

Posted by: Roger | Aug 10 2021 15:55 utc | 1

Feel better b.....Dennis

Posted by: Dennis18 | Aug 10 2021 16:00 utc | 2

The UK, that is hosting the Conference of the Parties (COP) UN climate meeting in September, is at the same time pushing for greater oil and gas exploration and production in the North Sea. The UK minister that is responsible for the COP meeting (Alok Sharma) is one of the ones pushing for such increases. You can't make this crap up! Good coverage of this UK craziness:

Just like the US, where new exploration permits are higher than last year, "Approvals for companies to drill for oil and gas on U.S. public lands are on pace this year to reach their highest level since George W. Bush was president"

Posted by: Roger | Aug 10 2021 16:07 utc | 3

i hope you feel better soon b... thanks...

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 16:08 utc | 4

Relax and give yourself as much of a vacation as the distress will permit.
Hope it's a short one.

Posted by: dadooronron | Aug 10 2021 16:10 utc | 5

@Roger | Aug 10 2021 15:55 utc | 1

Of course the next 20 years are critical with respect to any runaway climate possibilities.

Yes, this is the agenda for the fanatics when the covid hysteria falls apart.

There is no "runaway climate", and everybody knows it

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 10 2021 16:11 utc | 6

Take care of yourself b

Below is a comment from a year or so ago from me after reading Zarlenga's The Lost Science of Money

Hand, The Invisible is from The Lost Science Of Money by Stephen Zarlenga which I recently finished ploughing through its 685 pages. The Hand, The Invisible may have come from one of Zarlenga's sources, I haven't been able to find it again..

Zarlenga wrote that in the US there should be a fourth, monetary, part of our executive, legislative and judicial parts and I agree.

The cult of private finance has stolen the ability of each of us to control the definition of our personal interactions through our government, that core socialistic experiment of social governance we are executing today, like we did yesterday, but don't have to do in the same way tomorrow.

Below is some more about the Stephen Zarlenga book

Zarlenga, who died in 2017, writes in his book, "The Lost Science Of Money", that monetary reform is needed and that Money'a Nature must dictate that reform.

Zarlenga bases his understanding of the Nature of Money on

Aristotle - "Money exists not by nature but by law;"

Plato - "a money token for purposes of exchange;"

Paulus - "This device being officially promulgated, circulated and maintained its purchasing power not so much from its substance as from its quantity."

Berkeley - "Whether the true idea of money as such, be not altogether that of a ticket, or counter?;"

Locke and Franklin viewed money as a pledge for wealth rather than wealth itself.

Del Mar "...what is commonly understood as money has always consisted tangibly, of a number of pieces of some material, marked by public authority and named or understood in the laws or customs: that its palpable characteristic was its mark of authority; its essential characteristic, the possession of value, defined by law; and its function, the legal power to pay debts and taxes and the mechanical power to facilitate the exchange of other objects possessing value."

Knapp - "Our test, that the money is accepted in payments to state offices."

Zarlenga - "Money'a essence (apart from what is used to signify it), is an abstract social power embodied in law, as an unconditional means of payment."

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 10 2021 16:15 utc | 7

Get well, b and Many Years to you. +

Posted by: Feral Finster | Aug 10 2021 16:26 utc | 8

Glad you are seeing a Dentist. Stay on top of that toothache MoA. Things like that can turn bad quickly.

Andy Hallet, 'Lorne' from Angel, died at 33 because of complications from a tooth infection.
I know that you should never confuse a character with the person but he just seemed to project a good guy vibe.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Aug 10 2021 16:28 utc | 9

oh now the science deniers are claiming climate change is exactly the same as covid. sure thing, i always trust people with a vested economic interest in promoting fossil fuels, they wouldn't lie.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 10 2021 16:43 utc | 10

Cuomo has resigned. Such good news.

Get better soon, B.

Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 10 2021 16:47 utc | 11

Oregon governor signs bill removing reading, writing, & math requirements for high school kids, to help ‘students of color’

I have heard that the Brazilians have a very interesting old saying: "pass the ox, pass the stampede".

The process of imbecilization of the West goes inexorably, one drop and one torrent at a time.


Shoigu shares my view on the Russian Federation gloomy prospect:

Shoigu called the decay of society the most terrible threat

Posted by: vk | Aug 10 2021 16:48 utc | 12

China has Think Tanks too. Three combined to publish findings about the Outlaw US Empire:

"Does the US rank No.1 in COVID-19 resilience? A report jointly issued by three Chinese think tanks on Monday unveiled the truth of America's fight against the coronavirus, which indicates that the US deserves to be the world's No.1 anti-pandemic failure, apart from being the No.1 political blaming country, No.1 pandemic spreader country, No.1 political division country, No.1 currency abuse country, No.1 pandemic period turmoil country, No.1 disinformation country and No.1 origins-tracing terrorism country."

I'd bold it all. And you'll note the escalation in rhetoric is no longer restricted to editorials and now appears in regular news items. Buttressing the rhetoric is the publication of uncomfortable facts the Outlaw US Empire would rather see swept under the rug as is its usual practice:

"A 23,000-word report has been released in Chinese, English, Spanish and French, and is also the first to comprehensively show the truth about the US anti-epidemic fight, based on rigorous studies, objective and factual data from US research institutes, media outlets and politicians, Wang Wen, executive dean of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY), told a press conference on Monday.

"The report was also published after US media outlet Bloomberg ranked the US No.1 in terms of COVID-19 resilience on June 28, which was mocked as a joke, as it has become crystal clear to the public that the US performance in fighting the pandemic has disappointed the world, and not only thrown the American people into a crisis but also had a devastating impact on the overall global response.

"Entitled "'America Ranked First?!' The Truth about America's Fight against COVID-19", the report analyzed five major aspects regarding the US' failure in its response to the pandemic, including its highly politicized partisanship, its anti-science and abnormal measures in epidemic prevention and control; the growing social inequality exacerbated by the pandemic and its willful destruction of global resistance to the pandemic."

The 74 page PDF is unlikely to be read by the general public despite its publication in numerous languages, yet it does show the Chinese use of Media to fight back against the West's BigLies. The rest of the article shows the line China's geopolitical response is likely to take:

"While exporting the virus to the world, the US has also turned the global public health disaster into a major power model wrestling match by politicizing scientific issues such as the anti-pandemic model, the origins-tracing of the pandemic and the effectiveness of vaccines, shifting the blame to the outside world and misleading the international community, the report said."

Several excellent InfoGraphics are provided at the article's end to highlight its facts.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2021 16:49 utc | 13

wow, so sweet to see somebody with as much power as cuomo being held even a little accountable.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 10 2021 16:57 utc | 14

Be safe b and we'll be here when you come back.

Posted by: jo6pac | Aug 10 2021 16:58 utc | 15

Translation of Shoigu's words in item linked @12:

"There is a more terrible part, it has recently, or more precisely, for decades, acquired or has already acquired the main danger for any country. This is an internal threat. And all this is due to the fact that society is gradually decomposing inside the country." [My Emphasis]

Yes, a generalized remark not specific to Russia and its current condition.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2021 17:05 utc | 16

Get well soon B!

For the toothache I can recommend using a neem toothpaste. It really helps the teeth (and gums) to heal themselves. There is one made by Meswak (made in Dubai, for some unknown reason) which you should be able to find in a good Indian shop. A good new HARD toothbrush also helps.

Posted by: BM | Aug 10 2021 17:10 utc | 17

without this column I would b lost.
Get well soom
You are important to us

Posted by: ld | Aug 10 2021 17:10 utc | 18

soon lol

Posted by: ld | Aug 10 2021 17:11 utc | 19

Lituania cuts its own throat--again:

"China announced it will recall its ambassador to Lithuania and demanded that the Lithuanian government recall its ambassador to China, as a countermeasure in response to the Baltic country's act to allow the separatist Taiwan authorities to open a "representative office" under the name of 'Taiwan,' which Chinese observers called a "serious" and "rarely seen" countermeasure against the vicious move of Lithuania in challenging China's core interests and sovereignty, and they said the possibility of a 'diplomatic relations cut-off' cannot be ruled out if the Lithuanian government fails to correct its mistakes on the Taiwan question.

"Chinese experts pointed out that this small country's strategy is to woo and follow the US and be a 'loyal puppet' that barks the fiercest at the US' strategic rivals in exchange for protection. They warned that Lithuania will eventually pay the price for its violation of international rules....

"In May, Lithuania, with a population of less than 3 million, announced that it was quitting the '17+1' cooperation mechanism, a platform between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, claiming it has not brought trade benefits it expected. In the same month, Lithuania's parliament passed a resolution to describe China's treatment of Uygurs as 'genocide' and 'crimes against humanity.'

"From January to April 2021, bilateral trade volume between China and Lithuania was $804.57 million, with year-on-year growth of 21 percent. Lithuanian trade with Taiwan during the same period was only $45.9 million, Shen Zhifei, Chinese Ambassador to Lithuania, wrote in an article published in Lithuanian media on Saturday."

I wonder how many people will remain in Lithuania by 2030? "Loyal Puppet" indeed!!

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2021 17:14 utc | 20

so sorry b, no fun at all. Rest, drink plenty of fluids and binge something with swords and shields to show you the more things change the more they stay the same.

I'd like to know from those who've chosen not to take the covid jab, whether or not you feel persecuted by the media narratives going on right now about the "Un-vaxxed." We appear to be very dangerous, stupid, reckless, selfish people. My wife fears boxcars to antivax camps. What say you?

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

Just read this on RT. Ukraine has invited Us troops and gear onto Ukrainian soil.

US invited to station troops & rocket systems in Ukraine in potential major escalation of tense standoff across border with Russia

As one comment noted: Be careful inviting foreign troops into Ukraine as you may very well get more foreign troops than expected.

Many of them might be Russian.

Posted by: Mar man | Aug 10 2021 17:20 utc | 22

@Roger #1
It is interesting that when the "science" is apparently not radical enough, the science must be wrong.
AR6 is a continuation of AR5 - the only significant differences are that the IPCC has decided to explicitly declare the more extreme RCP8.5 scenarios to be highly unlikely. Of course, these extreme scenarios were highly unlikely in the previous report as well.

The problem is that the scenarios which AR5 and AR6 consider likely or possible are publicly cited, together, less than the extreme unlikely ones. Or on other words, the MSM is hyping on the extremes even though they're basically impossible.

Nor does the science say that tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires,

AR6 did also, for the first time, reduce climate sensitivity range estimates - the high/hot end was cut down significantly.

AR6 does say there are regions where heat waves will be more common - unsurprising given that temperatures are going up.

Anyway, I have long since given up any hope that self serving, profiting climate doomsters and their legion of limousine liberal followers actually care about what the science is saying vs. their undisguised agenda.

Posted by: c1ue | Aug 10 2021 17:28 utc | 23

Get better soon, b.
Drink only water. Eat only dry biscuits/salted crackers and celery or lettuce (roughage helps clear the system).
Toothache: The Chemist has small bottles of oral anesthetic which works extremely well and almost immediately on contact with the gum. Duration of relief is brief with bad toothache but long enough to forget you had a toothache if it's a mild one...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 10 2021 17:33 utc | 24

i have long lost hope that the defenders of the shill "science" promoted by fossil fuel companies in their own interest will ever admit the science is sound. but let us take a moment and light a candle for the poor, helpless behemoth corporate "victims" of science, so persecuted by scientists that they can barely raise the money to fund their own study. oh wait, they did, and the former "skeptic" scientists endorsed the conclusions of mainstream climatology. very strange, the corporations haven't funded any studies after that.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 10 2021 17:36 utc | 25

After Iraqi and African refugees recently crossing from Belarus to Lithuania reached 4,000, Lithuania started illegally pushing back migrants apprehended last week to Belarus. There were scenes of Belarus border guards directing the migrants back to Lithuania in the face of masked Lithuania police. However, the migrants now simply show up in large numbers in Poland and Latvia, so Lithuania's attempt at regime change in Belarus has dragged its neighbors into the mess. Yesterday, Lithuania for the first time in months reported not a single border apprehension.

The EU has also successfully pressured Iraq to stop flights to Belarus. It temporarily halts the main stream of migrants to Belarus. In a way that's too bad because many of the migrants were Yazidis stuck in internally displaced camps in Iraq. Considering they were victims of mass murder by the Islamic State, they deserve international protection. By allowing Yazidis to be pushed back by Lithuania, the EU is not living up to its ideals.

Posted by: lithuaniaborderguard | Aug 10 2021 17:39 utc | 26

Pepe Escobar's Afghan update starts thusly:

"The ever-elusive Afghan 'peace' process negotiations re-start this Wednesday in Doha via the extended troika – the US, Russia, China and Pakistan. The contrast with the accumulated facts on the ground could not be starker.

"In a coordinated blitzkrieg, the Taliban have subdued no less than six Afghan provincial capitals in only four days. The central administration in Kabul will have a hard time defending its stability in Doha.

"It gets worse. Ominously, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has all but buried the Doha process. He’s already betting on civil war – from the weaponization of civilians in the main cities to widespread bribing of regional warlords, with the intent of building a 'coalition of the willing' to fight the Taliban."

IMO, Ghani's plan was given to him by Biden. Pepe outlines Taliban strategy:

"First, they conquer the countryside – a virtually done deal in at least 85% of the territory. Then they control the key border checkpoints, as with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Spin Boldak with Balochistan in Pakistan. Finally, it’s all about encircling and methodically taking provincial capitals – that’s where we are now.

"The final act will be the Battle for Kabul. This may plausibly happen as early as September, in a warped 'celebration' of the 20 years of 9/11 and the American bombing of 1996-2001 Talibanistan."

Pepe links to this Chinese think tank report, which is in Chinese. I've translated it but haven't yet read it completely, but Pepe provides a brief overview:

"The Chinese are perfectly aware of the 'military pressure on Kabul' running in parallel to the Taliban diplomatic offensive, but prefer to stress their 'posing as an aggressive force ready to take over the regime.'

"Chinese realpolitik also recognizes that 'the United States and other countries will not easily give up the operation in Afghanistan for many years, and will not be willing to let Afghanistan become the sphere of influence of other countries.'

"This leads to characteristic Chinese foreign policy caution, with practically an advice for the Taliban not to 'be too big,' and try 'to replace the Ghani government in one fell swoop.'"

I agree with Pepe that the SCO will now face its biggest test in its short history:

"What’s clear is that the extended troika will not be shaping the most intricate details of the future of Eurasia integration. That will be up to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes Russia, China, Pakistan, India, the Central Asian 'stans' and Iran and Afghanistan as current observers and future full-members.

"So the time has come for the SCO’s ultimate test: how to pull off a near-impossible power-sharing deal in Kabul and prevent a devastating civil war, complete with imperial B-52 bombing."

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2021 17:40 utc | 27

We look forward to your new article and wish you better soon. Good luck, estimado amigo b.

Posted by: gabriel moyssen | Aug 10 2021 17:58 utc | 28

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

Well, I would normally hesitate to take the mRNA "vaccines" because of the novel technique applied to creating them. But, I definitely would not take them given the greed behind the corporations producing them.

Luckily, I have other choices, and have taken Sinovac, although I got COVID symptoms virtually the same day. It was a mild case dealt with effectively through taking favipiravir and an antibiotic for 5 days.

What bothers me is the clear hypocrisy in the West, where only Western produced vaccines are recognized despite the effective widespread use of Chinese and Russian vaccines in non-Western countries. Even worse, the fact that someone who has antibodies from having had COVID are discriminated against as well. This despite the fact that those antibodies are often more longlasting and effective than the mRNA produced antibodies.

It is all about Mammon and politics in the West.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Aug 10 2021 18:03 utc | 29

orajel or other benzocaine products are superb against toothaches b, i higly reconmend orajel i have used that for years and it always help.

you should try to get the 20% but no lower than 10%, and in emergencies cloveoil is also effective✌

(i am terrified of going to dentists so i drag out going as long as i can so i have learned what works the hard way😨)

Posted by: Per/Norway | Aug 10 2021 18:08 utc | 30

Posted by: lithuaniaborderguard | Aug 10 2021 17:39 utc | 26

Border guards are quite busy today, big protests in Vilnius, after an eight! hour chat Lukashenko is trolling everybody, poles and baltics for sure, then UK and USA, but he had lots of stuff for Ukraine and even Russian oligarchs. Lukashenko proved to be for real, he did not run like Yanukovich, he should be the head of the Union State, Russia would benefit.

Posted by: Paco | Aug 10 2021 18:14 utc | 31

Lithuania's aggressive foreign policy turn, whether it be regime change in Belarus or provoking China on Taiwan, seems to be the work of an ambitious foreign minister Gabrielius Landsbergis. What does he expect to gain from this and at the expense of his country?

He sounds very obnoxious. Here is his Facebook post to refugees:

"Because you were involved in a cunning crime, virtually no-one of you will receive an asylum and be recognised as a refugee. You will have to live in the tent camp until we find a way to send you home."

Posted by: lithuaniaborderguard | Aug 10 2021 18:15 utc | 32

An interesting expose of Russia’s looters.

“One of the greatest myths of contemporary history is that the Bolshevik Revolution was a popular uprising of the downtrodden masses against the hated Czars. The sheer weight of history has proven that a lie. Certainly, the planning, the leadership, and especially the finance came entirely from outside Russia, mostly from bankers in Germany, Britain, and the United States. Evidence of the role played by international bankers in both the February and October revolutions in Russia has been laid before you”

William Boyce Thompson, a director of the NY Federal Reserve Bank, lauded the Bolshevik Government as being the equivalent to Americaʼs democracy, stating:

“The present government in Russia is a government of workingmen. It is a Government by the majority, and, because our Government is a government of the majority, I donʼt see how it can fail to support the Government of Russia.” At home in New York, the Colonel Thompson received the good-natured title of 'the Bolshevik of Wall Street.'”

“The totalitarian power-brokers of Bolshevism acted in partnership with, and were beholden to, the international bankers. They robbed Russia of its gold and diamonds in return for bountiful supplies of weapons with which they controlled and slaughtered the masses. Desperate for weapons, they sold gold and diamonds on the international markets at knock- down prices to fund armaments to put down civil strife against their tyranny.”

“Although they did not interfere with the National City Bank of New York’s branch in Petrograd, the Bolsheviks opened the first International Bank of Foreign Commerce, the RUSKOMBANK. It was not owned and run by the state as directed by Communist theory, but underpinned by a syndicate of private financiers. These included former czarist bankers and representatives of German, Swedish, British and American banks. Most of the foreign capital came from England, including the British government itself. The Director of the Foreign Division of the new Bolshevik bank was Max May, Vice President of Morgan’s Guaranty Trust. [9] Olof Aschberg, the Swedish agent who had facilitated Trotsky’s return, and much else, was placed in charge. [10] Assured of financial and political backing from abroad, the Bolsheviks and their capitalist allies proceeded to carve up Russia.

On joining Ruskombank, Wall Street banker Max May stated that the United States would be greatly interested in exporting its products to Russia, taking into consideration the vast requirements of the country in all aspects of economic life. The bank was, according to May, ‘very important and would largely finance all lines of Russian industries’. The Bolsheviks issued a steady stream of non-competitive contracts to British and American businesses owned by the Secret Elite. Loans were paid in gold, including the Czarist government’s sizeable reserve which was shipped primarily to America and Britain. In 1920 alone, one gold shipment went to the U.S. through Stockholm valued at 39,000,000 Swedish kroner. Three shipments went directly to New York comprising 540 boxes of gold valued at 97,200,000 gold roubles. These were at 1920 values. The shipments were coordinated by Kuhn, Loeb & Company and deposited by Morgan’s Guaranty Trust. [11]”

Looking forward to seeing children of Motherland Russia, particularly Vladimir Putin, to hold these looters accountable and getting back their loot. The general attitude of London and New York financial circles at the time of the Russian revolution was evil and still is, as they pursue monetary imperialism and enslavement. They just want EXPLOITATION. For what?

The era of the Global Financial Syndicate is coming to an end. So much information has been aggregated that Syndicate’s Rulers, lackeys and Orcs (individuals without conscience) can’t hide. All things have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Light is shining on their matrix and debtrix!

Americans have a choice. Either continue to quarrel over trivialities or wake up, really wake up, to the reality being planned and do something about it. The future is shaped by choices & outcomes. Not by naughty speech, not even by elections, but by strategic choices. For the people to regain power, they must reassert their command over how and for what purposes nation’s money is invested. No more private money and international money. Every nation can create their SOVEREIGN MONEY. When will Americans pursue their looters? Interesting times...

What are City’s & Wall Street’s LIABILITIES?

Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 18:19 utc | 33

Stay safe b.

For some stomach upsets (as I suffered in voyages to India etc.) I use "Imodium" tablets. Made by Janssen-Cilag AG. Zug, ZG (Switzerland)
Can be effective rapidly.

Watch out for fluid loss. To make up for the loss you can drink Coconut water, (looks like water, not cream, from young coconuts). This contains potassium and is readily accepted by the body. This came from an Indian Doctors prescription due to stomach problems. We call the problems the "tourista" and it is usually due to the water. In my case It came from "ice" cubes in a bottled soft drink, ............ ie. a tap.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 10 2021 18:19 utc | 34

@21 gottielieb

I'll share.

I work for the public and firmly expect my state, Oregon, to pass a mandate for public workers as delta cases and hospitalizations increase.

I will just keep working until my employer gives me written notice of my termination. That way if ever sanity reemerges in the coming years when truth peeks out from the haze, I will at least be able to recoup some lost wages from a massive class-action lawsuit.

I imagine teachers will lose around 10% of their staff, cities 10% of their maintenance, etc., from terminations.

I believe you can draw unemployment so long as you do not resign in disgust before your termination.

The public sector is about to be gutted of much of all much of their support staff. It will lose "lineage" or institutional knowledge when old-timers walk away or suffer effects of vaccines that have no long-term testing down the road.

My family live spartan on a lower-middle income range off one income from a general laborer, me. We will be just is an issue though with myself having crohns disease. I will have to seek private sector work, have some ideas in mind, almost immediately so as not to have lapsed coverage.

There is no proof that the unvaccinated are more of a danger to the public than vice versa. It is very hard to test, and perhaps they would not be so quick to release a study showing the vaccinated to be just as, if not moreso, virulent than those who have not submitted their body for sacrifice at this new altar of the covid religion.

I know I have already parsed a flu vaccine study showing that those who received flu vaccines carried 6x the virulence of those that did not get the flu shot, when both sets were infected with flu.

Those vaccinated with a covid infection need to be swabbed and tested. But it would be counter-message to not keep pointing the finger at the non-submitted.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Aug 10 2021 18:21 utc | 35

"I'd like to know from those who've chosen not to take the covid jab, whether or not you feel persecuted by the media narratives going on right now about the "Un-vaxxed." We appear to be very dangerous, stupid, reckless, selfish people. My wife fears boxcars to antivax camps. What say you?"

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

Even up here in the Norwegian bubble i feel the heat from the mindless sheeps, media and my doctor on getting the new genetherapy poison, i just laugh at them and ask about the "breaktrough cases" and call them antisemites if they deny that it exists and point them in the direction of phariseeic (israeli) media, then i ask if they can define "asymptomatic" and laugh harder when they stutter and repeat my antisemite accusation😂

I truly dont care and have literally NOTHING more to lose but my life, so i am totally free from fear. In my eyes only fools and unreligious folks fear death and pain.

Posted by: Per/Norway | Aug 10 2021 18:22 utc | 36

Norwegian (6) and c1ue (23) are right. Roger (1) needs to explain why he believes the official IPCC narrative, given that practically all other official narratives are rightly rejected or treated with suspicion by people here. Wildfires were three times worse in Greece in 2007, five times worse in California at the beginning of the 20th century than now; and twenty times more people died of weather-related disasters a hundred years ago, despite the increase in population.

Many of the most prominent (not the most qualified) climate scientists are proven liars and charlatans. Scientists who have demonstrated that polar bears and the Great Barrier Reef are not disappearing, that floods, hurricanes and droughts are not increasing, have been vilified or even hounded out of their jobs. All this is easily verifiable to anyone who looks for the information.

Posted by: geoff chambers | Aug 10 2021 18:23 utc | 37


I continue to be ashamed of the behavior of my government towards our neighbors and business partners, all purely at the bidding of masters who will discard them (and us) with total disregard at the first convenient moment. I comfort myself to remember that it must be clearly known among those in power here what the masters do to those who have dared defy them in the past. If they would murder an Australian leader, what hope would a mere Lithuanian have, dare he to try to act for his own people?

May the master crumble and slip ever faster and further, and may those in whose faces urine is cast in our name be more understanding and tolerant than we have any right to hope for. We remain, after all, neighbors.

Posted by: ДжММ | Aug 10 2021 18:28 utc | 38

@Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 10 2021 16:47 utc | 11

So he is moving to a retirement home?

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 10 2021 18:30 utc | 39

Get well soon.

Posted by: VC | Aug 10 2021 18:33 utc | 40

Posted by: geoff chambers | Aug 10 2021 18:23 utc | 37

In Turkey, the fires were the worst on record apparently, but then many if not most were started through human carelessness or maliciousness, not to mention governemnt neglect to keep up the firefighting forces.

Thus, climate chamge might not be the culprit here. We can't even blame lightning strikes, since there had been none. So, mother nature may be being unfairly accused.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Aug 10 2021 18:39 utc | 41

@ gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21... not sure if you saw the link i shared in the moa week in review, so i will post it here again...

Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed

might be easiest to skim the article... eisenstein needs an editor...

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 18:45 utc | 42

on the topic of fires.... the fires in british columbia have definitely been on the increase the past 20 years and especially the past 5.. just adding another aspect to the moa conversation on climate change or not... i personally think it is quite real myself... the fires are just one aspect of it...

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 18:47 utc | 43

Get well, hope the stomach thing is nothing serious. And thinking clearly and even writing with tooth ache is impossible anyhow.
Had already wondered the last days if somthing was up.. All the best!

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr. | Aug 10 2021 18:48 utc | 44

@ Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 18:19 utc | 33

Nonsense. After the October Revolution, foreign trade plummeted to all-time lows in Russia. Even during the NEP, foreign trade never got even close to the Tsarist-era levels (even accounting for the imports of foreign technology and know-how).

The US Government was by far the most hostile to the USSR. It was the last power to recognize the USSR, and blocked every deal the Soviets tried to make behind the curtains with American industrialists (which involved Wall Street bankers, as brokers of the deal).

The French and British governments refused to recognize the USSR for years precisely because the Bolsheviks cancelled all the debt the Tsarist government owed to the French and British capitalists, and expropriated all their property held in Russia. The USA openly claimed the USSR was the opposite of everything they believed. The British in particular were very bothered by the efforts of anti-capitalist propaganda sponsored by the USSR, and brought that out at every negotiation until 1926.

Soviet gold was embargoed for years. The deals and negotiations the Soviets tried to make with foreign industrialists were isolated and individual efforts that almost without exception failed. The only exception to the rule was Germany (Rapallo, the successor of Rapallo), because, as the main loser of WWI and outside the League of Nations (the USSR was expelled from the League of Nations by the moment it succeeded Tsarist Russia and was forbidden to become a member), it had little to lose.

The USSR was a de facto self-sufficient (i.e. economically isolated) throughout its whole existence. The numbers and the ample documentation of the congresses and conferences of the Soviets, plus all the reports and plans of Vesenkha, Gosplan, Narkomfin etc. make it beyond all reasonable doubt.

After Stalin, the USSR continued to be the largest producer of gold and continued to use gold as barter in order to import what it needed to import from the capitalist world.

Posted by: vk | Aug 10 2021 18:56 utc | 45

Cuomo was not an exemplary or attractive politician, to say the least, but his resignation has the distinct demeanor of being an orchestrated removal led by a rival faction of state Democrats.

Posted by: jayc | Aug 10 2021 19:02 utc | 46

@ vk (#45), I expected your response as this debunks the nonsense of Marx as well as communism, when it comes to banking. Your opinion is without any evidence. The article I shared is from Russia. There are many other folks from the U$A, UK and Europe that back the theory that Bolshevik before Stalin were subservient to international financiers. Did you read the shared article?

Maybe you can enlighten us by sharing your insights on the following:
– Who were the backers and bankers of the Russian revolution?
– Why was Ruskombank private in the communist country?
– What role did William Boyce Thompson, Max May, and other international financiers play in Russia?
– Who provided Russia with know-how to prepare for the WWII?
– Who was Stalin’s daddy?

Please provide supporting evidence.

Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 19:18 utc | 47

Just keep in mind Assange tomorrow. There were two, TWO seats given to Journalists. The UK is still hiding the truth. I don't know who was the other journalist.

Consortium News

We can confirm that @Consortiumnews
has been granted access to the #JulianAssange hearing, August 11 at 10.30am BST & will be live-tweeting the proceedings.

Posted by: Stonebird | Aug 10 2021 19:27 utc | 48

Thanks for sharing

Posted by: Maria | Aug 10 2021 19:32 utc | 49

With having so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagiarism or copyright infringement? My website has a lot of exclusive content I've either authored myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my agreement. Do you know any methods to help reduce content from being ripped off? I'd really appreciate it.

Posted by: Read More | Aug 10 2021 19:32 utc | 50

@ vk (#45), a few more questions. Please help in understanding reality.

There are two views when it comes to the Financial Empire: public and private. Even Vladimir Putin in his recent article has talked about outside forces that have challenged Russia for it to be captured, divided and looted.
– What was CFR’s position with regards to Russia in 1920s?
– What were international financiers goals for Russia after the Russian revolution?
– Did Russia offer any preferential deals to these international financiers and industrialists?
– What do the U$A’s security analysts state about Russia, starting from the Crimean war of 1850s?
– Why did the Global elites want a war between Germany and Russia? Isn’t this led to WWII?

Looking forward to learning from your viewpoints.

Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 19:35 utc | 51

@ Stonebird thanks for that update on Assange. i hope Consortium doesn't get the Craig Murray treatment.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 10 2021 19:47 utc | 52

Posted by: Read More | Aug 10 2021 19:32 utc | 50

Appears to be some sort of honey trap in the link. It's spam for one thing, but possibly gathering IP addresses from those who visit.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 19:58 utc | 53

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

I am in a similar position. My concerns are:
1) The science is incredibly unsettled.
2) The science has become heavily politicized.
3) The normal physician/patient relationship has been usurped by the diktat of the state and its functionaries.
4) The media serves as an agent of the state and enforces "state decree" rather than permitting any form of open debate.

I suspect that within six months there may be more evidence of mRNA vaccine side effects. Some of the potential issues may be found in the following paper:
All the best

Posted by: Sushi | Aug 10 2021 20:03 utc | 54

@max 51. Thanks. You are the first to suggest the same thoughts I have had for years. And you provided an area for further exploration. Did I say thanks? All that being said I agree. Communism never happened. The "peoples" revolution either never was a peoples rev or it was almost immediately co opted by fascists. Thanks again.

James. the parsley is seeding:)

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Aug 10 2021 20:04 utc | 55

Feel better. Hugs

Posted by: Amber Carey | Aug 10 2021 20:08 utc | 56

@ Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 19:35 utc | 51

They all wanted the absolute destruction of the USSR (called "Soviet Russia" by the Western powers). The Cold War didn't start in 1945, that's for sure.

The USSR mainly offered concessions to exploration of natural resources. I think only one or two succeeded, the rest failed. The main complaints of the capitalists was that they didn't want to follow the Soviet labor code. In the case of the USA, the USG simply blocked the deals as it discovered them. The Soviet shell company in the UK was raided in 1926 (this raid resulted in the capture of a lot of documents, which are used by historians today).

The first act of the Bolsheviks was to nationalize the Russian financial system. This was a lesson learned from the Paris Commune. The cancelled debt and expropriations resulted from this act was a bone of contention between German, French and British governments and the USSR for years to come. The French were the most inconsolable of them all: they wanted full reparations to their capitalists as a condition to any diplomatic recognition of the USSR.

Overall, the scenario was one where the USSR tried to clandestinely import high technology and know-how from the Western powers through whatever means possible and necessary (including shady deals with individual industrialists and Wall Street bankers from the USA) and the Western governments operated to put them down one by one. The exception to the case that I already mentioned was Germany, which was resentful of the other Western powers because of the Versailles Treaty. The Bolsheviks always had in mind that their chances of survival were greater if they exploited the imperialist rivalries and internal divisions, hence the deals with Germany and those attempts to make deal with individual capitalists.

The Western powers won this battle, and the USSR had to adopt the doctrine of "Socialism in One Country" by 1926-1928. By the time of the creation of the first effective Five-Year Plan (1928-1933), the USSR had already given up of the idea of receiving from the West the technology they needed to achieve socialism; in fact, the situation was so tense that the first Five-Year Plan planned for a war to happen between them and the capitalist powers somewhere during its final years (i.e. 1931-1933). Said war would happen only in 1941.

Posted by: vk | Aug 10 2021 20:09 utc | 57

@ Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 19:58 utc | 54 who caught the first

Posted by: Read More | Aug 10 2021 19:32 utc | 50

Appears to be some sort of honey trap in the link. It's spam for one thing, but possibly gathering IP addresses from those who visit.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 19:58 utc | 54

The 2nd is

I enjoy your post very much! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Jeniffer Nelson | Aug 10 2021 19:39 utc | 52

Beware MoA this uptick because b said he would be away?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 10 2021 20:13 utc | 58

@ Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 19:58 utc | 54.. i never open shit like that.. it was obviously a sales pitch, but a very poor one at that, as i read it...

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 20:21 utc | 59

ditto psychohistorians viewpoint..

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 20:22 utc | 60

@ 58 vk... thanks for taking that apart...

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 20:23 utc | 61

Take care of yourself and forget about articles until your head feels clearer. For toothache, try Oil of Cloves. I’m a hardened alternative medicine sceptic, but it worked for me when nothing else would.

Posted by: Extra | Aug 10 2021 20:24 utc | 62

Dear B,

Sorry to hear of your toothache and stomach problem. Take care and get a few days' rest - you certainly deserve it after all the sterling work you've been doing!

At this time another article by Gordog would certainly keep us occupied for days! Please consider adding another writer from MoA commenters as well - there are plenty of comments that deserve to be posted articles in their own right.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 10 2021 20:30 utc | 63

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2021 20:21 utc | 60

Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me, but I'm normally behind a proxy anyway, so no harm unless I were stupid enough to click on some executable within whatever page was linked. That'll never happen lol.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 10 2021 20:13 utc | 59

Yup, must've missed that one. Thanks!

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 20:40 utc | 64

Two comments on clove oil already?? All we need is someone to talk about elderberry, another about colloidal silver, and at least three juicing enthusiasts and we’d have ourselves a real natural health blog! (not serious)

I’m also a huge fan of clove oil, although I didn’t use it for teeth. I bought the food-grade one (used for candy-making, I believe). I used just one drop in a mug of black coffee or herbal tea. When I came home, weary, after a long day at work, that one drop in the mug would give me a bit of a lift. (It’s a potent antioxidant, and anti-microbial...) These things can vary from person to person, though, yes? I always have to be diplomatic with oil of oregano fans, because for whatever reason, I just don’t get the reaction they get, when I use it. I’ve read the studies, I’ve seen the before and after in other people, but I haven’t made it work for me yet, with the same efficacy.

So whatever approach you choose, b, I hope you recover completely and quickly!

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Aug 10 2021 20:40 utc | 65

Curios as to what some of the regular China watchers think about this article that, while obviously fearmongering and downplaying the "Washington DC Internet" (and totally avoiding discussion of the UK's role in various surveillance programs), I'm wondering if what they say about the "China Internet" coming to "the West" rings true or hollow.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 20:43 utc | 66

@ Tannenhouser (#56), thanks. You’re welcome. Communism, capitalism,... are fictional concepts.

@ vk (#58), thanks for your insights. Please define “all.”

The Financial Empire hasn’t succeeded in exploiting Russia, Iran, Venezuela,... The Empire is desperate for their resources and the resulting power. China has learned from this history and avoided many mistakes. These international financiers wanted Russia to pay the debts of the Czar in 1990s. Let’s see if Putin will hold them accountable.

Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 20:58 utc | 67

Gute Besserung!

Hoarsewhisperer | 24
Toothache: The Chemist has small bottles of oral anesthetic which works extremely well and almost immediately on contact with the gum. Duration of relief is brief with bad toothache but long enough to forget you had a toothache if it's a mild one...

That sounds like an excellent life hack! I would have needed that advice a couple of years back. Dunno whether they sell that stuff just over the counter in German pharmacies. If they don't, I used ordinary spray against sore throat for an aching tooth, out of pure desperation. I think it was this one, ordinary Wick, but it worked.

Good to know there's wise people like Hoarsewhisperer around!

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Aug 10 2021 21:00 utc | 68

Take care, b. In August many people take holidays ;).

Posted by: fx | Aug 10 2021 21:03 utc | 69

Hope you feel better soon b.

Just read that Lima is no longer in the Freeland-led regime-change "Lima Group".

Peru's new Minister of Foreign Affairs called the Lima Group the "most disastrous thing we have done in international politics in the history of Perú."

And Saint Lucia’s External Affairs Minister declared, "With immediate effect, we are going to get out of the Lima Group arrangement - that morally bankrupt, mongoose gang.

We are going to get out of it because this group has imposed needless hardship on the children, men and women of Venezuela."

Argentina left the regime-change "Lima Group" in March, so 3 countries out of 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries have or are now rejecting the group

Canada is clearly the "one of these things is not like the others" member, being nowhere near that region, yet the Freeland-Trudeau regime continue their foreign meddling in service to the AngloAmerican empire.

Our establishment news media, of course, bring no attention to this, just like they buried the news in 2019 that the UN special rapporteur who conducted a fact-finding mission in Venezuela recommended that the "economic warfare" by the US, EU, and Canada be investigated as possible crimes against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute.

Posted by: Canadian Cents | Aug 10 2021 21:15 utc | 70

Taliban capture Puli Khumri and now control Baghlan province with its strategic road network.

"Despite enjoying overwhelming superiority in numbers, equipment and training, Afghan government forces have proven unable to stop the Taliban advance into urban areas, with their elite special operations commandos stretched thin amid militant advances across the country as regular army formations disintegrate and scatter."

Seems those soldiers are unwilling to die to further promote a clearly failed policy, and I don't blame them whatsoever. I await the results at Mazar-i-Sharif.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2021 21:21 utc | 71

@Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 10 2021 16:47 utc | 11

So he is moving to a retirement home?

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 10 2021 18:30 utc | 39

Retiring to plot revenge, most likely. I for one look forward to the new "woke" Cuomo.

Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 10 2021 21:26 utc | 72

B, first of all I wish you all the best.

The vaccine is poison. German dentists make the observation that vaccinated people, increasingly have dental problems. Especially pus.

Here in Germany, one hears daily - very unusual - a high number of ambulances daily. From some whistleblowers one hears that these are for the most part vaccination operatives.

A psychologist asked about vaccination victims on Youtube. Within 3 days, he had 6,000 mentions. Youtube censored.

In contrast, governments claim the virus since active, with mutations if necessary.

Translated with (free version)

Posted by: Big_Sense | Aug 10 2021 21:44 utc | 73

@ Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 20:58 utc | 68

Of the concessions attempts, only the Lena Goldfields worked. But, in the greater schemes of things, they were nothing to the Soviet economy.

More successful were the hiring of foreign specialists to oversee and draw up projects of large scale infrastructure and agriculture. Main example of this was the Dnieprostroi.

Deals with Germany were a completely different story. They involved German loans in exchange of Soviet agricultural products and for financing German war industry factories in Soviet territory in exchange of transfer of technology. But they revolved around the war industry, and, in the greater scheme of things, also did not mean much for the era of Socialism in One Country.

The Soviets did try to make individual deals with Western capitalists so that they could import Western technology. It never worked because the Western governments always discovered and never allowed such schemes to grow and prosper. The Soviet Union never had any chance of "reform and opening up" that China had.

Posted by: vk | Aug 10 2021 21:50 utc | 74

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

Why is this topic so polarising? Perhaps one major factor is the threat to personal autonomy. When governments are introducing such measures as lockdowns and vaccine passports, it is no longer a purely objective discussion, but it immediately becomes a personal fight. Unsurprisingly, many people behave badly in a fight (rude comments, demonisation etc).

It is sad kind of triumph for whatever forces brought this about that *everybody* feels themselves to have been attacked! How can it be that everyone feels themselves to be the victim?
I'd note that this state of affairs is not unlike that which is brought about for the purposes of regime change. I don't mean to say that it is all a deliberate result of a CIA plot. I only mean, do you also notice some kind of parallel? In the Balkans, for example, do we find among that set of polarised groups any group that does not feel itself to have been a victim?

So its a sad day for objective analysis and the pursuit of truth when polarisation takes over and rational discussion is rendered very difficult. May the madness fade. Hopefully we can return to a state wherein we can discuss things calmly and respond to another point of view with "huh, that's interesting, let me think about that".

Posted by: Deltaeus | Aug 10 2021 21:55 utc | 75

A story about Vietnam told from Afghanistan:

"Animosity between the mostly working-class enlisted soldiers and their officers who came from wealthier backgrounds was palpable. The officers, Davis recalled, 'had the air of, "we know better than you." There was only one non-enlisted person who didn’t have a college degree… Anyone above a lieutenant or a captain made a lot of shitty decisions. It’s what got a lot of us[enlisted soldiers] hurt or injured.'

"Danny Sjursen, who was a captain commanding the U.S. Army troops alongside units of the Afghan army and police around the same time that Davis was deployed to the war, noticed a similar phenomenon. Sjursen said, 'I had 100 soldiers, give or take; 95of them were enlisted. Maybe five hadcollege degrees. They were slightly more rural and Southern and from the Mountain West and [the] Rust Belt. They didn’t speak the same language as the officers, especially as they went higher up.'

"Sjursen, now the director of the Eisenhower Media Network, graduated from the elite United States Military Academy at West Point, but against the advice of his instructors, he developed close relationships with the enlisted soldiers under his command. 'They[the enlisted soldiers] never saw a purpose to [the war]… they literally felt like their biggest enemy wasn’t the Taliban, but it was ambitious colonels and generals.' Sjursen further noted, 'They are not lefty guys—lots are basically Trump supporters. But they would laugh at someone if they said, ‘you guys did a great job over there.’"

The article reminds me of Born on the Fourth of July and Platoon in a great number of ways, the only major difference is the lack of fragging references. My gut feeling why Biden's retreating: The massive deterioration of the Outlaw US Empire's military as a viable combat force.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2021 22:02 utc | 76

As per the standard routine in the Western "legacy" media, there is no reporting on when real journalists are persecuted and jailed. Hence, media watchdogs like are the only places you can find real information on the jailing of Craig Murray.

Curiously the author goes out of their way to paint Murray as a hyper-partisan voice as though that matters, or am I missing the point?

Happily they did bring up Julian Assange and point out the hypocrisy of the "legacy" mainstream corporate media specifically citing their gushing coverage of the Belarussian NATO toady Nazi-loving "journalist" who was taken off of the plane (which itself is also a COMMON procedure in Western European countries).

All in all, the sLimeys have definitely upped the ante for their already controlled media ecosystem (inclusive of Murray's blog) and this sets a scary new precedent.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 22:02 utc | 77

pretzelattack @Aug10 16:57 #14:

wow, so sweet to see somebody with as much power as cuomo being held even a little accountable.

Accountable? How so?

The sex accusations are flimsy and only allow him to exit without facing up to the nursing home scandal.

jayc @Aug10 19:02 #46:

... his resignation has the distinct demeanor of being an orchestrated removal led by a rival faction of state Democrats.

And ...? You neglected to tell us why you think it was orchestrated.

<> <> <> <> <>

I've speculated that Cuomo was removed so that the national policy of sending sick people home (risking death and/or infecting others) would not be open for discussion. Other countries (especially in east asia) quarantined the sick and they did real contact-tracing. They fought the pandemic appropriately (zero-tolerance) instead of doing things that would make it worse (live-with-it).

I warned last year that the more people that got the virus, the more likely it would be that it mutates. Does anyone think that the political and medical authorities couldn't foresee the same?

Sheeple are not allowed to THINK. Or question. Only follow./rant

PS I'm not anti-vax; anti-mask; or anti-"lockdown". IMO these have been turned into partisan issues to obfuscate the failures.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 10 2021 22:09 utc | 78

We are now about a month away from the 20th-year anniversary of 9-11.

As a cynic, that worries me. Will this anniversary be used by TPTB?

Never let a (old) crisis go to waste?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 10 2021 22:13 utc | 79

Feel better b!

I hope everyone enjoys their late-summer holidays.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 10 2021 22:14 utc | 80

Regarding vaccines and personal anecdotal experience, we all got the Moderna version. All being my immediate and extended family in the southern states of the USSA. Normally I would have held out a bit longer but my father is immune compromised due to a bout with stage 4 cancer and the accompanying treatments.

So my wife, her parents, and my parents all received the Moderna vaccine. Just *after* getting my second shot, I was presented with an information placard which offered up potential contraindications for the vaccine - one of which is something called thrombocytopenia, a condition with which I've been diagnosed. There are multiple forms it can take, including autoimmune and idiopathic (which means there is no known cause). It manifests in very low platelet counts and difficulty clotting (i.e., I'm potentially a "bleeder"). Needless to say I was pissed off and worried at the same time. That was in March. My wife actually has potential *excess* clotting issues due to a condition that was only diagnosed when we were trying to conceive.

I haven't experienced any negative effects and neither has anyone in the family, including my wife. In the time since I've had blood work done and everything was better than the previous time, but more importantly my wife conceived about a month later and is carrying a healthy baby at this time.

I'm not here to encourage or discourage people from getting vaccinated - there are definite issues with the AZ and J&J versions, but I'm curious as to why one rarely sees the Chinese or Russian vaccines discussed and the lack of information/reportage regarding potential negative side effects in those places. You'd think that the Western media would be chomping at the bit to expose (or invent) any potential negative information, given the ongoing information warfare being waged against those countries here. I suppose a simple Internet search could tell me this, but I assume those vaccines are also mRNA in nature?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 22:15 utc | 81

On argument by appeal to an external mechanism of global catastrophe:

Ways of arguing have ben classified, such as argument by appeal to authority, ad hominem, etc.
Can I propose something that might be a new category? (examples are illustrative only!!)

Example 1: climate change
I think the climate is changing. You disagree. But it is not simply a matter of difference of opinion, because I invoke the existence of an external mechanism that is an independent reality, and that mechanism will inevitably cause a global catastrophe unless you do what I say.

Example 2: covid policy
I think vaccination is essential to vanquish covid19. You disagree. But it is not simply a matter of personal choice, because I invoke the existence of an external mechanism that is an independent reality, and that mechanism will inevitably lead to a global catastrophe unless you do as I say (get vaccinated).

(Please put aside anything you think or feel about these specific topics. I'll just stipulate at this point that the reader is absolutely correct in his/her own opinion. We're looking at the structure of the argument...)

Now these arguments could be correct or invalid, but either way it seems that it is critical to know whether or not this external mechanism is actually real or not, whether it really works in that way or not, etc. If it is not valid, then we're back to each having our own opinion and I cannot demand that you do what I say.
I also note that this way of arguing is used in two major current discussions in society and on this blog.

I wonder if this "appeal to an external mechanism of global catastrophe" is a new argument category?

Posted by: Deltaeus | Aug 10 2021 22:19 utc | 82

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

they consider me "irresponsible" ... "reckless" maybe. but i'm in my mid-40s so they really don't need worry about me for long :-)

i'm in Japan ... i've received my vax ticket (for Pfizer) but haven't applied for any appointment. the company i work for had a vax drive (for Moderna), i signed up, but i cancelled. i am unvaxxed. i'm keeping healthy, by eating healthy (with some fasting), and exercising (walking, weight training). Suga mentioned in a televised interview before that the unvaxxed will not be shunned. but knowing politicians ... i can only hope. but there are already talks of using vax passports. you show you're vaxxed, you get a discount at participating stores which will not be available to unvaxxed people.

mass vax is on going even to those under 18yo.

i've got friends that are planning to be vaxxed .. i tell them possible issues and let them decide for themselves.

back in my home country, my parents are vaxxed ... using the Sino one.

Posted by: r | Aug 10 2021 22:27 utc | 83

Posted by: Deltaeus | Aug 10 2021 22:19 utc | 83

The methods of argument you've highlighted in the first part of your post are called "logical fallacies."

In your proposed climate change and vaccination cases, I think the closest classification would be "reductio ad absurdum" or maybe the "slippery slope" fallacy.

I don't necessarily agree with what you're going for there, but those are the best matches as far as already-defined logical fallacies, IMO.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 22:31 utc | 84

If you have one New York Times read to spare (or a workaround), I highly recommend this podcast featuring Spencer Ackerman.
Although the host Ezra Klein does his usual weaseling and the NYT as usual adds a misleading subtitle about Trump, Ackerman holds the line and unfolds the logic from the "war on terror" towards the surveillance state.

As just one example: Along the way, that the NYT could even allow someone to quote a drone victim as considering Obama a "tyrant" is noticeable, if charitable toward Bombama.

Posted by: fx | Aug 10 2021 22:57 utc | 85

@ vk (#75), still waiting to understand who are the “all.” It is better to identify power players or groups, so they don’t hide behind broad labels and innocent people suffer for their crimes.

The Financial Empire doesn’t want any resource rich country to become independent. So it will limit the know-how export to them and this is the reasoning behind constraining the Soviets. Now they want to constrain China. However, these resource rich countries haven’t made the best of their monetary system, neither developed internal capabilities and capacities. Empire’s stratagem for its hierarchy is interesting, with resource rich countries at lower levels.

Russia is a tragedy. A nation rich in resources and educated people, yet challenged multiple times in the last century. Its traitors - Trojans are the biggest challenge. China has many nationalists in its administration?

The international financiers or power brokers have a very interesting modus operandi. They would rather see government restrictions, as it increases their negotiating leverage, power and profits. Even now countries that have been sanctioned can obtain those know-how, sanctioned items,... The only question is, at what PRICE? Who is selling them?

Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 23:08 utc | 86

"I'd like to know from those who've chosen not to take the covid jab, whether or not you feel persecuted by the media narratives going on right now about the "Un-vaxxed." We appear to be very dangerous, stupid, reckless, selfish people. My wife fears boxcars to antivax camps. What say you?"

Posted by: gottlieb | Aug 10 2021 17:16 utc | 21

Not being in the US makes a lot of difference, however I don't pay attention to MSM or social media anyway whether it be persecution or just regular propaganda. Here in OZ citizens are pretty compliant with preventative measures. There is a Trumpian US imported anti mask/civil liberties movement here which most of us find to be just as dumb and selfish as it is in the US.
I don't want a vaccine, preferring natural immune support, however I fully support masking and distancing as well as brief hard lockdowns which seems to work very well here in OZ. I don't think that our leaders are very intelligent about how they do lockdowns, but that for a capitalist neoliberal country is nothing new.
I would not be surprised if the entire anti mask hysteria is, like Q anon, a deliberate attempt to distract from real issues and in a more narrow focus to continue to hammer the Anti Vax movement and conflate it with dumbass civil liberties "movements".
I'm not even anti Vaxx exactly, I just don't want them or trust Big Pharma (in general but of course there have been some life saving drugs developed by them)

Posted by: K | Aug 10 2021 23:09 utc | 87


Get well soon!


One has to admit, for anti-soviet drivel, it is above average refinement.

But somehow, imperialist misguided meddling and unsound business decisions are the fault of bolsheviks?

One wonders, somebody out there must still be salty for their ancestors' failure at securing foreign resources.

Posted by: Misotheist | Aug 10 2021 23:15 utc | 88

Best wishes, b, for a return to full good health.
Along with many others, I really value your work and benefit from reading here, but please don't try to rush the recovery time by exerting yourself too early. Cheering for you! \o/

Posted by: Hope | Aug 10 2021 23:23 utc | 89

@ Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 23:08 utc | 87

None of the concessions and tried deals involved the financial market. This financial global conspiracy you talk about didn't play any part.

Posted by: vk | Aug 10 2021 23:23 utc | 90

vk @75

Fred Koch, father of the infamous Koch bros, was one of those foreign specialists the Soviets managed to attract. That was the start of the Koch family wealth, but somehow they turned out to be not very grateful to the Soviet Union. Some people do bite the hand that feeds them.

"In 1929, after hosting a delegation of Soviet planners in Wichita, Kansas, Winkler and Koch signed a $5 million contract to build 15 refineries in the Soviet Union. According to Oil of Russia, a Russian oil industry trade magazine, the deal made Winkler–Koch into Comrade Stalin’s Number One refinery builder."

Posted by: Robert Macaire | Aug 10 2021 23:28 utc | 91

I had a 2 hour conversation with my neighbor, good friend, die hard (he probably will) Republican Larry. He raises cattle. I raise mushrooms. We help each other, share views, usually when the weather is bad, inside my pole barn. We talked about chemicals-- roundup(glyphosate), dicamba, paraquat, aerial sprayed fungicides, their impact on my mushrooms. We talked about bees. His son's 20 hives are at risk. We went back and forth on chemicals (i'm against, he's mostly in favor) and their connection to cancer in our neighborhood (we both agree the chemicals cause a lot of our cancer.) He hates Custer, admires Geronimo, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. Me too. He no longer talks about Biden, Hillary, Obama because he knows that I will get out my cell phone and show him pictures of Hillary and Bill at Trump and Melania's wedding, Biden giving W. Bush a medal, etc. Then I start talking about how Trump was the number 1 guest on Howard Stern's liberal porn show a couple of decades ago... Oh. His chimney leaks bad and he needs for my cousin-- a bricklayer-- to come by and help him decide how to fix it. My cousin happens to be a skin head. His 80 year old mom loves him dearly but she will slap him hard if he criticizes her pastor who is black Nigerian and a good man.
bottom line, we talk, visit, share some ideas, usually confess we don't have some stuff figured out, and we help each other out. We both know our nation is screwed but we are committed to our friendship and will continue to pick up the phone when the other needs help.

Posted by: migueljose | Aug 10 2021 23:32 utc | 92

Tom_Q_Collins @ 82:

I have to bite the bullet myself due to bullying and blackmailing from my mother and her idiot friends who all claim to be experts on COVID-19 (from watching television 24/7) plus the fact that in my part of Sydney a considerable proportion of people have already had their first shot and are likely to pose a threat to unvaccinated people by catching a mild form of COVID-19 and being asymptomatic yet able to spread it to others. So I have booked an appointment to get the AZ shot in September.

The Russian Sputnik V is a viral vector shot like the AZ shot: both use similar technologies to inject part of the virus's genetic code into the cell. The main difference is that Sputnik V uses two human adenoviruses (one in the first shot, the other in the second) whereas the AZ shot uses a chimpanzee adenovirus.

I understand that Sputnik V is being used in San Marino (tiny country enclosed in Italy), Hungary, Serbia and Argentina.

There have been reports of clotting issues with the AZ jabs in Australia as well as in Europe where it has been used. Some of the clotting issues may have arisen from the way jabs have been given (below the shoulder instead of into the deltoid muscle in the shoulder, so the vaccine ends up in the bloodstream instead of staying in the shoulder muscle). In cases of women younger than 50 years who have suffered from AZ-related clots, there is a possibility that the shots could be reacting to, or be affected by, contraceptive pills or the level of oestrogen in the blood. If so, then for older women who have had AZ-related clots, having hormone replacement therapy might also possibly be a risk factor.

My understanding with the J&J shots (we don't have them here in Australia) is that the factory in the US making them was also making the AZ shots and got some of the AZ ingredients mixed up in the J&J shots. That may have been a rumour though.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 10 2021 23:49 utc | 93

@ vk (#91), the financial market will not be involved in those deals. Why bring it up? The Syndicate likes private deals. How do they structure their deals? How did it operate after the Soviet Union fell apart? What is the modus operandi of the Global Financial Syndicate?

Which outside forces was then Vladimir Putin referring to in his article?

Name a democracy that isn’t a suzerainty. Who are the OWNERS?

A reckoning and reboot is coming slowly but surely. Time will reveal reality.

Posted by: Max | Aug 10 2021 23:56 utc | 94

Posted by: Canadian Cents | Aug 10 2021 21:15 utc | 71

Canada is clearly the "one of these things is not like the others" member, being nowhere near that region, yet the Freeland-Trudeau regime continue their foreign meddling in service to the AngloAmerican empire.

My understanding is that Canada, as a member of the 5-Eyes "consortium," was tasked with responsibility for communications intercepts of all nations south of Mexico. Suspect the Lima Group was part of this strategem and this explains CDN participation.

The use of the word "consortium" denotes an organisation whose members seek to prevent any nation from making reliance on communications equipment sold by Huawei. The campaign against Huawei assumes most nations are incapable of comprehending the revelations of Mr. Snowdon. Caveat amicitia.

Posted by: Sushi | Aug 11 2021 0:14 utc | 95

@Tom_Q_Collins | Aug 10 2021 22:15 utc | 82.. thanks for your candidness.. glad it is working out... i don't believe the russian or chinese vaccine is mrna.. perhaps someone can correct me, but this is my understanding.. also, no one in the western countries are allowed to have those vaccines... now, why would that be??

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2021 0:20 utc | 96

James- thanks for the link, a little long but interesting read.

Gottlieb- my place of work is related to the medical world and most everybody is vaccinated. Most assume that everybody around them is as well. Nobody has asked me if I am, which is good because I won't lie about it. I have no intention of getting vaccinated. I wonder if I will find myself unemployed within a year.

My stance is Idon't know if it's safe or necessary, and given the industries history of dishonesty, I prefer to refrain.

I don't feel particularly threatened by covid and being a healthy middle aged approaching old aged man I think I would survive it. Might be a really bad cold, but I don't think it would even keep me down long. And if I'm wrong and die from it, so be it.

I think groupthink has set in and I may find myself ostracized for being my own man. Again, so be it. So called society is over rated anyway.

I don't necessarily broadcast my opinions about it, so maybe I can skate along unnoticed.

I guess I'll find out who's right eventually.

Posted by: David F | Aug 11 2021 0:34 utc | 97

"Example 1: climate change
I think the climate is changing. You disagree. But it is not simply a matter of difference of opinion, because I invoke the existence of an external mechanism that is an independent reality, and that mechanism will inevitably cause a global catastrophe unless you do what I say."

more fossil fuel company horsecrap. scientists arent saying anything but get off fossil fuels, that is the external mechanism that even as we speak is causing the climate to change. note, the fossil fuel companies don't actually say this kind of thing in public, but they are quite willing to fund people who do.

the mechanism in question has already guaranteed some substantial change, and will guarantee more unless we find some way to find a better source of power, and to some extent change our lives. that's the thing about reality, eventually you have to deal with it.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 11 2021 0:36 utc | 98

B -gargle with Vodka then swallow in mass quantities. I did that a few months ago when I got behind with a bad tooth. fluid loss can be a killer. Be careful on that one.

vk @ 12

I thought you were joking but apparently it is true. What happened to the Left in this country? Half are MOC shills and the other have are lunatics.

Posted by: circumspect | Aug 11 2021 0:51 utc | 99

China seems close to approving the BioNTech mRNA vaccine, which is misleadingly known as the Pfizer vaccine in much of the world. (The story of how Pfizer got that cash cow is complex, but involves US strong-arming and government money, nothing Pfizer invented or deserves.)

More interestingly, China has its own mRNA vaccine at stage 3, albeit developed by a Moderna alum.

Posted by: fx | Aug 11 2021 0:52 utc | 100

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