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July 22, 2021

Open Thread 2021-056

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The Russian Defense Ministry says Syria’s air defenses shot down seven out of eight missiles launched by Israeli warplanes during recent aggression on the northwestern Syrian province of Aleppo.

Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, the deputy head of the ministry's Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria, said that four Israeli F-16 fighter jets targeted facilities southeast of Aleppo in Monday’s strike.

Kulit said seven of eight missiles launched by the Israeli fighter jets were downed by Syrian air defense units that used Russia-supplied air defense systems Pantsyr-S and Buk-M2.

The Russian official added that one missile, which had not been intercepted, damaged the building of a scientific research center in al-Safirah district in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

Reporting the airstrikes on Monday, the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said Syria’s air defense units had intercepted “most of the missiles” fired during the Israeli raid.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry warned the Israeli regime on Tuesday of “serious repercussions” of unrelenting military attacks against the war-torn country.

Posted by: Mao | Jul 22 2021 13:59 utc | 1

The LA Times published a column today by a business analyst which claims to debunk the results of the ivermectin meta analysis study. I believe this withdrawn Egyptian study was mentioned earlier.

No one appears to be qualified to hold forth on this issue definitively. There are clinical results but no clearly defined scientific results afaik.

I suppose a placebo effect may be a positive outcome of self administration if nothing more. Not addressing the question scientifically after over a year of the pandemic does underline the conflict of interests in the for-profit pharma system which functions to benefit a few at the expense of the rest of us.

Posted by: suzan | Jul 22 2021 14:13 utc | 2

Young “Hitlerites” appear near Kirovograd—it’s a streetball team (EurAsia Daily, July 21, 2021 — in Russian)

Residents of the city of Novomirgorod in the Kirovograd region are shocked by the fact that a children’s streetball team named “Hitlerites” took part in the celebration of the recently held City Day.

Streetball is an amateur street basketball popular with local sports youth. The organizers of the City Day in Novomirgorod included the “Hitlerites” in the festive streetball competition among schoolchildren. The offensive name of the team did not bother the organizers. The “Hitlerites”, to the cheers of their fans, successfully played the game.

The incident was witnessed by the former deputy head of the State Inspection of Agriculture of Ukraine Igor Nemirovsky, a native of Novomirgorod. Nemirovsky, a big sports fan, having heard about the “Hitlerites” streetball players, at first thought that he had misheard.

“After the game was over, I again heard from the judge: ‘The Hitlerites’. I still didn’t believe it. I asked the boys from the ‘Phoenix’ team who took part in the game. They confirmed with a laugh that their rivals were indeed called ‘Hitlerites’. The police were present in the square where the game took place. The worst thing is that these ‘Hitlerites’ did not bother anyone. ‘Hitlerites’, so what, everything is fine. I am afraid that next April we will celebrate Hitler’s birthday in Novomirgorod,” Nemirovsky said.

“During the Nazi occupation of Novomirgorod, dozens of my relatives were killed, the population of Novomirgorod was halved. And now these teenagers—basketball players, boys from our city—proudly call themselves ‘Hitlerites’? They don’t know history, they don’t read books, and it’s scary. It is even more scary to think about what the next generation will be like when these ‘Hitlerites’ will have their own children,” the former mayor of Novomirgorod, Yakov Nemirovsky, father of Igor Nemirovsky, spoke out indignantly.

“I’m shocked myself. I learned about these ‘Hitlerites’, like all the townspeople, by coming to a streetball competition. How it became possible that a team with such a name was allowed to compete, I have no idea,” said the current mayor of Novomirgorod, Igor Zabazhan.

According to the results of the inspection initiated by Zabazhan, it turned out that the “Hitlerites” are fond of computer games with Nazi symbols, they like everything connected to Nazi Germany. As the captain of the “Hitlerites”, a high school student, said, they chose this name for the team “to impress the rivals and spectators”.

Posted by: S | Jul 22 2021 14:18 utc | 3

There is still confusion about the two Israeli missiles fired toward Syria from the western Mediterranean on September 2, 2013. The missiles were Black Sparrow air-launched ballistic missiles used for testing Israeli Arrow anti-ballistic missiles. I wrote the Wikipedia article on the Sparrow target missile.

The missiles were not targeted at Syria, but on Israel. Or – what ever the trajectory was – they were never intended to hit Syria. Performing a missile test on September 2, 2013 was an intentional Israeli provocation.

The Wikipedia article is based on "reliable" western sources. What these sources will never admit is that the missile has uses as an offensive weapon. With a 2000 km ballistic range the air-launched missile gives Israel the capability to nuke any continent on earth. It is likely that even the existence of the missile would never have been acknowledged, if it had not been picked up by Russian long-range radar. Wikipedia however has a policy of systematically censoring Russian sources.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 22 2021 14:21 utc | 4

They’re NOT Fascists! Some people think that because of the involvement of corporations in their coup that they must be Fascists. And while corporate and government collusion is certainly a hallmark of Fascism, this is a strategy used by our enemies to circumvent the U.S. Constitution while the Federal Government must still pretend to obey it. Another hallmark of Fascism is NATIONALISM! The Fascists extolled the glory of Italian culture and history. The Nazis applauded the virtues of “das Volk” and promoted the study of German history. Both declared the superiority of their peoples above all others.
On the other hand, our enemies have been destroying traditional America since the 1960’s. American history is being destroyed. To this end, they have demonized American heroes like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Robert E. Lee. Antifa has pulled down these heroes’ statues with government compliance and support. And here is a clue as to who our enemy truly is.
Antifa can trace its roots to the Antifa that fought the Nazis in the streets of Weimar Germany during the 1920’s – yes, they are the same! But Antifa is only the “muscle”, the “Frankfort School” is the “brains”. Those Antifa who could, fled Germany in 1933 when the Nazis took over (the rest got to be the first inmates of the new concentration camps). The “Frankfort School”, being more affluent and having connections, fled to the United States and were welcomed with “open arms” by American academia.
Gradually, the “Frankfort School” infiltrated American universities and indoctrinated students and professors in cultural Marxism. But until President Jimmy Carter created the Federal Department of Education, the American public school system was too decentralized to easily control (the Founding Fathers wanted education to be controlled locally). Within a decade of the Department of Education’s founding, cultural Marxists seized control of our public school system. With the Marxist domination of the entertainment and news media, American children are immersed in Marxist beliefs.
As our children grew up, they were taught that everything that made America great was in fact evil. As they grew older, these children began to take their parent’s places as corporate officers, doctors, law enforcement, lawyers, military, politicians, and more. Being “woke” and eager to signal their virtue, they sacrifice honor and profits to make Marxist political and social statements. Lacking facts, critical thinking skills, logic, and reason, they are blind to anything contrary to Marxism.
They are using the same methods that they used in the Soviet Union and elsewhere – destroy the traditional family, destroy the middle class, destroy and then rewrite history, exercise tight control over communications, education, all armed forces, and watch everybody everywhere all of the time. Their heroes are Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al – who together, murdered an estimated 120 million people during the 20th Century.

Posted by: Barbarossa | Jul 22 2021 14:27 utc | 5

Stonebird you nailed it on the Chile primary surprise defeat of Daniel Jadue. The winner, Boric is "sold out" according to young leftists in Chile and this article speculates that Jadue was beaten by right wing crossover votes for Boric in an organized attempt to eliminate the greater threat: Jadue.

Posted by: migueljose | Jul 22 2021 14:29 utc | 6

A third of Ukraine’s residents regret the collapse of the USSR, a survey shows (RIA Novosti, June 22, 2021 — in Russian)

A 2017 Reyting poll showed 53% not regretting, 33% regretting, 14% not sure.

The new KMIS poll shows 50.1% not regretting, 33.5% regretting, 16.4% not sure.

Posted by: S | Jul 22 2021 14:33 utc | 7

Taliban Claim Control of Some 90% of Afghanistan's Border Areas

Assuming the above report is true, the Taliban are securing the country's borders in record time.

Whatever the US plans were post evacuation, they must be in complete disarray now. The US fully expected a multiparty civil war to erupt in Afghanistan between US supported Afghan forces, the Taliban and regional warlords.

One can then assume the US plan was to use that chaos to cover their tracks during Afghan invasion redux.

With all neighboring countries refusing US bases for reinvasion and Taliban taking the country by storm, what will the US do now?

Oy vey!

Posted by: Mar man | Jul 22 2021 14:34 utc | 8

A lot going on at the Belarus-Lithuania border. Since May about 2,000 migrants from Iraqi Kurdistan and West/Central Africa have crossed into Lithuania. One report of an irregular militant group in Lithuania pushing back a group of migrants at gunpoint.

Posted by: northstream | Jul 22 2021 14:50 utc | 9

Kuchma tells how the Ukrainian authorities deceived people in 1991 (RIA Novosti, July 13, 2021 — in Russian)

The Ukrainian people were deceived before the referendum on the declaration of the country’s independence in 1991. This was stated in an interview on the History Lab YouTube channel by the former president of the country, Leonid Kuchma.

“We were deceiving these people, to some extent, when we were saying that the Ukraine was feeding all of Russia; we were counting everything produced in the Ukraine at world prices, and not [counting] what Russia was supplying to us for free,” he shared.

The ex-president said that the reckoning for the lie came when Russia began trading oil and gas at world prices. This led to hyperinflation in the Ukraine, as before the collapse of the USSR, it was paying for these resources at prices that were “less than tea, less than water”, Kuchma explained.

According to him, having gained independence, the Ukraine engaged in self-destruction and squandered all scientific, technical and human potential.

He cited the situation with the arms trade as an example, noting that the Ukraine used to be the main supplier in the world, but later it lost ground “without a fight”.

“There was not enough wisdom, willpower... by and large, there was not enough intelligence. But it is not those who were and are making decisions that are paying for this,” the former head of Ukraine emphasized.

The all-Ukrainian referendum on the confirmation of the country’s independence was held on December 1, 1991, on the same day as the first presidential elections in the Ukraine. As a result, 90.32 percent of citizens voted for the independence of the Ukraine.

Posted by: S | Jul 22 2021 14:58 utc | 10

Interesting read on Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF:

There are two men named Klaus Schwab, no doubt.

One man named Klaus Schwab is seen by the true-believers, fachidiots, the liberal intelligentsia, the institutionally refined population, as a man who deeply cares about humanity. It seems they believe his warnings to be earnest even if uncannily and strikingly prescient. The World Economic Forum after all, must have been established out of great concern for humanity since it is propped up chiefly by the most humane institution in human history, the International Monetary Fund. This Klaus Schwab is a humanist.

So perhaps this is precisely the case for the true-believers; those who accept at face value the new Schwabian ‘distinction’ we are asked to appreciate between a shareholder capitalism and a capitalism 2.0, a stakeholder capitalism.

Then there is a second man named Klaus Schwab, who is seen by the rest of the world and the thinking people within it, for the monster that he is. A grimacing Klaus Schwab who appears on smartphone and tablet screens to warn of impending doom, no going back to normal, new pandemics which will strike very soon, and a wave of cyber-attacks. This Klaus Schwab is a terrorist at large, a character who like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates appear like a central casting dispatch of Bond villains.

For people who haven’t traded in basic social intelligence for social credit realize that if the person who is issuing warnings of catastrophes is best friends with the very same people who will go on to create those catastrophes, those aren’t warnings. Just like for Fauci who said in 2017 that a massive pandemic would strike within Trump’s term. Those are not warnings, they are threats. Schwab is the one delivering the threats; Schwab is the terrorist.

Why is it so hard to understand that the WEF only does what’s in the interest of the IMF?

Klaus Schwab the Humanist versus Klaus Schwab the Terrorist

Posted by: Down South | Jul 22 2021 15:02 utc | 11

@4 Petri

Surprised the 2000km range is still listed on wiki.. Likely a deliberately low figure. It states silver rather than black though

Posted by: njh | Jul 22 2021 15:13 utc | 12

I just ran across a very thought provoking piece on the MH-17 downing. It's the first I've seen that offers at least plausible explanations for several aspects of the competing theories, and I begin to get the feeling they may be on to something.

I've always been troubled by the way Russia (who I always assumed knew more than they were saying) responded to the BUK allegations, when there were very real reports of Ukie aircraft in the area of the shootdown. They showed that the Bellingcrap "evidence" of Donbass/Russian control of the launchers was fabrication, and provided detailed bookkeeping records to show that the BUK missile engine recovered belonged to a missile transferred to Ukraine many years prior, but I was surprised they didn't dispute that it was in fact a BUK which brought down the plane. So what about all the evidence of Ukie SU-25s launching with anti-aircraft missiles, and being in the area, and returning home without missiles, and distraught pilots, etc?

This article provides a quite well-reasoned argument that this was a Ukie AA training exercise gone bad. Perhaps it's been the trouble I've had believing that it was a completely pre-planned, intentional shootdown that makes this take refreshing (not to say that Ukraine, the US, and the rest of the West wouldn't immediately choose to obfuscate the tragedy and try to turn it against Russia). At any rate, I offer the following as one of the more interesting theories I've seen.

Posted by: J Swift | Jul 22 2021 15:29 utc | 13

@Barbarossa | Jul 22 2021 14:27 utc | 5

You should read "Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism" by Sheldon Wolin. This is a corporatist takeover of the state, not the meaningless "cultural marxism" used as a propagandist redirection device ("look over there, not over here!"). The US "right" and "left" are simply two heads of the same hydra, the US corporate oligarchy, and they play a great game of misdirection on the US populace - aided by the fully-owned "free" press. They love starting fights over "culture" while studiously ignoring political economy. When you scratch the surface, you find that the likes of Trump and Cheney have no problem with progressive culture in their personal lives and friendship circles.

An excellent discussion between Chris Hedges and Sheldon Wolin (when the Real News Network was still real):

Posted by: Roger | Jul 22 2021 15:42 utc | 14


Posted by: Me | Jul 22 2021 15:53 utc | 15

Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela,... De-Dollarizing the energy arena.

“Who controls the food supply CONTROLS the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

In the energy sphere, in addition to pipelines (distribution...) the currency in which it is priced plays an important role along with the futures market. Russia is selling its gas & commodities mainly in the non-$ currencies. The gas flowing through the Nord-Stream 2 will be priced in Euros. China will be paying for its Iranian purchases in Renminbis & Russian in Rubles/Renminbis. China is the largest purchaser of oil and gas. In the past, the U$A used its buying power to price commodities in its currency, the US$. No longer is that the case. How will it impact the Dollar DEMAND and its future?

The world is divided between those that create money and those that don’t. The name of the game is to corner the supply of money and monopolize the circulation of money. He who controls the money, controls the global system itself: its activity, its politics, its arts, and its sciences. Everything. The levers of command of a modern democracy are not operated from its ministries, but from its FINANCIAL NETWORK.

The Monetary GRID controls the financial network, which consists of a series of nodes located in the heart of economic activity, where MONEY POWER reigns supreme. The several banking oligarchies, each in control of its particular node along the network, had been prompted to erect a representative body and control respective elites. How did the Grid interact with the economic organism? The underlying principle was simple: whoever wishes to gain access to the Grid – that is, whoever needed cash – presented the banker with a promise, a piece of paper, that is, an IOU upon which he signed his freedom away to the extent of the amount of dollars requested plus the interest. These were the producers’ (commercial) ‘bills,’ debts secured on the producer’s capital (house, tools, land, future income...), or even the state’s Treasury bills, debts based on its power to tax the citizens – for the collectivity as a whole was the Grid’s client; both citizens and state had to pay if they demanded money for daily exchanges. The banker put money into the economy by mortgaging the life and goods of the economy – it was as if the banks, by dint of their control of a scarce, imperishable medium of exchange, were the PAWNBROKERS of citizens and state. The promises (IOUs, debts) of parties, public and private, whose credentials and name passed muster were then ranged carefully in a large portfolio, which held the bank’s assets. It is great to see many waking up to the Monetary FRAUD. Isn’t monetary fraud the biggest fraud in the history of humanity? What is the best way to address this crime against humanity?

Why should a small private clans of people (Money Power) profit by renting humanity its money supply?

Posted by: Max | Jul 22 2021 15:57 utc | 16

Posted by: J Swift | Jul 22 2021 15:29 utc | 13
"I've always been troubled by the way Russia (who I always assumed knew more than they were saying) responded to the BUK allegations, when there were very real reports of Ukie aircraft in the area of the shootdown."

Many do not know, but Putin has survived many assassination attempts.
Because of this fact Russia always scrambles or spoofs GPS signals around Putin's plane. This is well documented.

There is a theory that a highly sophisticated assassination attempt was made on Putin the day of the MH-17 downing. At one point, MH-17 and Putin's plane crossed almost exactly the same area in the airspace over Poland separated by only a few minutes in time.

It is possible the assassination team thought MH-17's radar signal was really Putin's plane pretending to be a commercial jet and shot it down planning to blame the separatists. A visual sighting by Ukraine military pilots would have easily mistaken MH-17 for Putin's plane as they look very similar.

Some of the story is below. I have no idea if it true. I think it is at least plausible.

Reports that Putin flew similar route as MH17, presidential airport says 'hasn't overflown Ukraine for long time'

Posted by: Mar man | Jul 22 2021 16:00 utc | 17

Mar man | Jul 22 2021 14:34 utc | 8

Some of the saddest videos to watch are those of Afghanistan in the early 1970s, when a progressive leftists government ruled and Afghanistan was on the path to development and women and girls were starting to have access to education and middle class, educated, women could walk around like Iranian women do now. The US reinvigorated the religious opponents with massive amounts of weaponry during the 1970s, to give the USSR a defeat (we can blame the psychopath Brzezinski for this wonderful idea) and a burgeoning modern society was snuffed out to gain a few geopolitical points. Muslim religious fundamentalism was reawakened across the Middle East by the West as a way of destabilizing the modernizing, socialist governments or due to the overthrow of such governments. The 1953 MI6/CIA coup in Iran removed a democratically elected government to install the Shah, which then produced the ascendancy of the Ayatollah in the revolution (all other opposition had been systematically destroyed over time, so didn't have the organizational capacity to take charge of the revolution).

There are many others such videos. The same can be found for Libya before it was "bombed back to the Stone Age" by the West, also ask any Iraqis if they would prefer to live in Iraq before the US invasion, or the Syrians before the West, Turkey and the GCC turned protests into a foreign-funded civil war.

I hope that the Taliban 2021 version can become as progressive as the Iranian leadership, of course not perfect but far ahead of countries such as Afghanistan currently and Saudi Arabia in the treatment of women. The greatest revenge upon the West would be for Afghanistan to become developed and show what it can be without constant Western interference. Hopefully, the surrounding nations have enough strength and historical memory to keep the West from meddling.

Posted by: Roger | Jul 22 2021 16:04 utc | 18

Johnathan keep up! Fighter aircraft is last years theory, Today lots of new theories! John Helmer's website Dances with Bears, covers this subject pretty extensively and he is I believe a reputable person. I think just a lot more information came forward about the missile serial numbers and the shape of the shrapnel which pushed the missile to the fore.

Posted by: RZ | Jul 22 2021 16:04 utc | 19

Mar man @ 17

Yes, I continue to believe that it's at least possible that this was a botched assassination attempt. And I know that several witnesses say they didn't see the normally very visible BUK smoke trail at all, only saw the fighter(s). So I'm not saying this new theory explains everything, or is iron-clad. But it is very interesting.

Posted by: J Swift | Jul 22 2021 16:06 utc | 20

@Petri Krohn #4
Just because a missile has range, does not mean it can be used for intercontinental or medium range nuclear purposes.
Nuclear warheads in particular are extremely bulky and heavy.
MIRV warheads for US missiles are "only" 450-800 lbs but this is after decades of live testing.
While nobody believes Israel is nuke-free, it is quite clear they haven't done any testing. North Korea, despite testing, still is limited to weapons like multiples in weight vs. the American warheads noted above. It is one of the reasons why NK nuke-capable missiles are ginormous.
So I guess what I'm wondering is: just how legitimate is it that said missile can carry a large, heavy untested warhead for however many miles/km of range?

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 22 2021 16:14 utc | 21

hell of a price to pay with all those innocent people dying... trying to assassinate putin ain't pretty, but the fall out is much worse... i guess it's what i have come to expect of this present crop of western ''leaders'' or ''psychopaths'', as the case may be...

Posted by: james | Jul 22 2021 16:16 utc | 22

Kremlin warns EU to abandon any hopes of empire-building:

Russia remains responsible guarantor of energy security in Europe — Kremlin

Now you know what Russia really gains from the NS-2.


Interview: CPC succeeds by adapting to changing world with unchanged faithfulness to Communist idea - Belarusian expert


USA and its incorrigible obsession with immigrant labor:

Why Rural America Needs Immigrants

I've already posted here many times the numbers that explain why the USA is at a point where it needs a constant and generous flux of immigrants in order to sustain its GDP growth.

Posted by: vk | Jul 22 2021 16:16 utc | 23

@13 J Swift and 17 Mar man - There is a very good book about MH17 by Kees van Der Pijl - MH17, Ukraine and the New Cold War

Review on GoodReads

You might be interested, in case you haven't already read it.

Thank you S for the sad basketball story.

Posted by: lex talionis | Jul 22 2021 16:19 utc | 24

@Barbarossa | Jul 22 2021 14:27 utc | 5

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I had real trouble getting up off the floor from never laughing so hard since, i dunno, ever.

I have but one question - did you come up with that all by yourself? Asking for a friend.

They say laughter is the best medicine.

Lord I'm cured!

Posted by: A.L. | Jul 22 2021 16:20 utc | 25

c1ue @ 21
There are allegations that Israel did joint testing with apartheid-era South Africa over the Indian Ocean and also France detonated a number of Israeli devices in tandem with French devices on Mururoa Atoll. FRom what I've read it's save to assume that Israeli nuclear warheads will detonate reliably.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jul 22 2021 16:28 utc | 26

The rollout of Checkmate at MAKS21 was a bit of a disappointment. The manufacturer should delayed the announcement until they had a couple of dozen production models. A live display of a secret aircraft in those numbers would have caught everyone's attention. Even better than that would have been if they buzzed some F22s or F35s flying over Syria, although I suspect the US groundcrews would not be happy.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jul 22 2021 16:36 utc | 27

Elena Karaeva is royally pissed about France’s last-minute refusal to hold any kind of ceremony on the occasion of the return of the remains of Charles-Étienne Gudin, a general of Napoleon’s army and his personal friend.

France scared of hero’s return from Russia (RIA Novosti, Elena Karaeva, July 13, 2021 — in Russian)

Today a plane with the remains of Charles-Étienne Gudin, a general of Napoleon’s army, a classmate at the military school and friend of the Emperor Bonaparte, will head from Moscow to Paris’ La Bourget airport.

Gudin is one of the most famous commanders of the First Empire, his name is inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe, nevertheless, the army refused to honor the general, and the mayor of Montargis where he was born refused to provide a place in the town cemetery when the descendants turned to him with an official petition.

The reason for this attitude, which can hardly be called anything other than barbaric, is the decision of the French leadership and personally Emmanuel Macron, who was afraid, firstly, that he would have to invite the Russian president to the ceremony, and secondly, in the current tenets of political correctness and the “cancel culture” (otherwise known as the destruction of historical memory) such a ceremony would look like an undoubted affront to all those who call for “repentance for the sins of wars of conquest”, and, thirdly, everything related to the glory of the French feat, albeit in a war that was ultimately lost, the nation is commanded to forget.

In August 1812, Napoleon’s army was advancing on Moscow, the Russians were putting up powerful resistance to the invaders, the troops were fighting for every piece of land.

Gudin was seriously wounded in the battle at Valutina Gora, where his soldiers were facing regiments commanded by Generals Tuchkov and Barclay de Tolly. A shell tore off his leg, gangrene started, and a few days later he died.

By Napoleon’s order, Gudin’s heart was sent to France, and his body was buried in a hurry.

It took more than two centuries, and, through the efforts of the French career military man and historian with Russian roots Pierre Malinowski who managed to organize excavations at the battle site, the grave of General Gudin was found.

Russia facilitated the research, and when the alleged remains of the military leader were found, they were identified by Russian specialists.

It was at that moment that a proposal was made to hold a farewell ceremony to honor Gudin on the esplanade of the Invalides with the participation of Vladimir Putin.

Two countries that fought against each other, but today united by a new understanding of history, modern humanism and the values ​​of humanity—is it not an excellent foundation for building future relations?

The Kremlin immediately agreed.

The Élysée at first said “We welcome the initiative”, then “We welcome, but not on the esplanade of the Les Invalides and without a president”, to then finally, two weeks before the expected date, completely abandon the burial and the ceremony and semi-officially declare the following: “France does not need this, the wrong people found the remains, they identified them in the wrong place, and Emmanuel Macron does not want to have anything to do with this at all”.

The French press, so talkative when it wants to reproach or bite Russia, is completely silent about this.

Of course it is, after all, if one publishes the material, one will have to tell how Russian citizens helped in searching for the remains of a French general and how Russian scientists performed DNA analyzes of the skeleton, comparing them with samples of genetic material taken from Gudin’s descendants.

One will also have to mention that the plane on which the general’s coffin will return to France was chartered by Russian patrons of the arts.

One will have to admit that, by refusing the general a military funeral, the Élysée is violating the statute of the Order of the Legion of Honor: Gudin received this award from Bonaparte—if only for this reason, the law obliges France to pay Gudin the highest state honors, albeit more than two centuries later.

One will have to admit that for the current French president, the petty short-term considerations prevailing in the EU today are more important than historical memory and patriotism—if Brussels orders not to do business with Moscow, Paris immediately obliges.

But these are factors of an external nature, so to speak.

There are also internal ones, which are no less significant.

Today in France patriotism is considered something completely inappropriate, if not obscene.

Taking pride in the glory of one’s ancestors may have a lot of unpleasant consequences—for example, public ostracism on the part of various NGOs defending the rights of illegal immigrants (according to the employees of these organizations, this kind of pride is a manifestation of racism and chauvinism).

In addition, knowledge of the history of the country—the real one, and not the one that nowadays is hastily created by the supporters of “human rights”—is equated with a thought crime, and monuments in honor of those who created the history of France and played significant roles in it are overthrown (literally) and are defiled.

The ideologues of “cancelling” the history of the French nation and the heralds of the new era of mankurts understand perfectly well why and for what purpose they are doing it: a nation in whose soul there is no respect for the heroes of the past and the memory of them is much easier to manipulate.

You can “sell” any candidate to it, “inflating” him with the help of political technologies to the size of a president and a national leader.

This is how a people is gradually transformed into what is commonly called a society.

Conscious historical unconsciousness cannot but end in disaster—after all, “military forces are not enough to defend the country, while the country defended by the people is invincible”.

France chose to forget these words of Napoleon, since in the current era there is only one fate destined for it—to surrender on all fronts, in any circumstances and under any leadership.

Since the time of Pushkin, we remember his dictum that “respect for the past is the trait that distinguishes education from savagery”.

The fact that today the highest French establishment wears well-tailored suits and makes good speeches does not change the essence—having forgotten their own history, despising it in the name of petty considerations of profit, they have turned into a bunch of savages who do not respect either their people or themselves.

Posted by: S | Jul 22 2021 16:39 utc | 28

One of the BRI's several proposed transport corridors is the Northern Transport Route that would connect the Gulf of Oman with the Caspian Sea via a canal across Iran. Today, Putin met with Alexei Rakhmanov, the CEO of Russia's United Shipbuilding Corporation. In their discussion, Mr. Rakhmanov detailed part of that transport route. As the conversation attests, the Corporation does much more than build ships:

"Rakhmanov: We are focusing on the South-North corridor, primarily the Caspian Sea. This year, we are starting to design a container ship that will ply the Caspian Sea with Helsinki as its final destination. In this way, we will be opening up routes that do not depend on foreigners.

"Vladimir Putin: To Helsinki via the Caspian Sea?

"Alexei Rakhmanov: Yes. It is possible to load cargo in northern Iran or western China and take it to Helsinki via the Olya port [in Russia]. It will take the ship only seven or eight days to reach Helsinki from Olya at 19 kilometres per hour. Moreover, there will be no problems with Somali pirates or ships blocking the Suez Canal.

"This is, in fact, a real alternative. The main question is the cost of this shipment. We are working on it jointly with shipping companies.

"Vladimir Putin: The Volga – and then?

"Alexei Rakhmanov: The Volga, and then the Volga-Baltic Waterway, the Moscow Canal, from which we will move north and then on directly to St Petersburg. If necessary, we can go as far as the White Sea, which is possible. The scale is a bit smaller there, therefore the payload will be smaller as well."

This is just one aspect of his report. If this company anticipates the need to build ships capable of this sort of specific trade, then it seems likely that the overall transport corridor plan is moving along as it's being viewed positively by Khamenei.

Related to this "insider" news is the opening of Iran's new pipeline that bypasses Hormuz.

As I've opined previously, the BRI's various roads, ports and railroads are extensive and needed, but the most revolutionary part of the plan would be providing Central Asia with an outlet to the world ocean via the Caspian and Trans-Iranian Canal, which as we just read can also have a Northern outlet. Yes, the inland waterways will need some transformation to handle bigger craft and a higher volume of shipping, but such a development will also be a boon for Russia.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 22 2021 16:41 utc | 29

Thanks Barbarossa @ #5.

#25 watches too much teevee.

Posted by: ChasMark | Jul 22 2021 16:41 utc | 30

@2 Suzan

I had a look at the meta-analysis paper and the rebuttal. A few points are worth mentioning.

- Even if Ivermectin only reduced mortality by 5% it would be very significant.

- There are three points at which Ivermectin can be given. Before infection (as a prophylactic), during infection, and after infection. Hospitalised patients are in the third stage, post infection.They are not suffering from the virus, but from the effects of the body's reaction to the remaining spike protein.

- Ivermectin proponents claim that Ivermectin can help at all stages, but is most useful as prophylaxis or during infection. It can still help post infection, but this is not its main benefit.

- The meta-analysis referred to looked at stage 1 and stage 3; it did not look at stage 2 where most of the benefits of Ivermectin are found.

- It concluded that as a prophylactic, Ivermecin reduced mortality by 85% (with a large confidence interval since there were only 3 small studies). This is enormous. This conclusion was not revised.

- It concluded that at stage 3 Ivermecin reduced mortality by 62%. When the fraudulent study is removed, this stage 3 mortality reduces to 52%. A 50% reduction in mortality at this stage is still enormous. If this result is true without question everybody should be given Ivermectin in hospital, and anyone opposing it is guilty of manslaughter.

- Other studies claim that given at stage 2, Ivermectin reduces mortality by 85%; this is not addressed in the current analysis. Even if this was reduced to 75% it would be enormously important.

The conclusion is that Ivermectin almost certainly provides significant benefits at all three stages (remember, a 5% reduction would be a significant benefit). The articles trying to rubbish these claims are criminally irresponsible, and the authors are culpable of manslaughter.

Posted by: Tim | Jul 22 2021 16:44 utc | 31

House Democrats Block COVID Origins Declassification Bill

What does the Deep State have to hide?

Posted by: librul | Jul 22 2021 16:48 utc | 32

I grew up in the 50s and 60s in NC and was indoctrinated in school with the superiority and holiness of the United States. But even with that slanted presentation I could tell from the history I read that there was no truth or justice in the US. I deeply sickened by what I discovered.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Jul 22 2021 16:49 utc | 33

For those curious as to the depth of drought occurring in a large portion of North America, here's the current US Drought Monitor Map. I expect Utah to become the first state during this drought to become 100% affected by Exceptional Drought. For those unfamiliar, the yellow area bisecting Kansas roughly marks the 100th Meridian where what was known as the Great American Desert begins.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 22 2021 17:20 utc | 34

@ karlof1 | Jul 22 2021 17:20 utc | 34:

Indeed. Seeing as agronomists and others in the know are warning of massive wheat crop failures in the Northern Plains breadbasket due to prolonged drought, this might not be the best time to piss the Russians off . . .

Posted by: corvo | Jul 22 2021 17:46 utc | 35

@ 34 karlof1.... i guess we should find someone from mexico, as well as me from canada to fill in the ''north america'' picture..

or just use the north american drought monitor map -

Posted by: james | Jul 22 2021 18:04 utc | 36

Good news, vaccinophobes!

FMBA talks about the effectiveness of Mir-19 anti-coronavirus drug (RIA Novosti, July 9, 2021 — in Russian)

Mir-19 anti-coronavirus drug will be most effective in the first two to three days after infection, RIA Novosti was told by the Federal Medical and Biological Agency.

The government organization noted that the antidote will be applicable against the known strains of COVID-19, including the British and the Indian.

“In addition, the regions of the virus genome that were selected as a target for the drug’s action are highly conservative and almost never undergo mutations,” said the agency’s head Veronika Skvortsova, as quoted by the press service.

Mir-19 does not affect the human genome: during its development, specific regions of the virus genome were selected that are absent in the human genome. This makes the drug completely safe for patients.

The FMBA has specified that during the experiment the drug reduced the concentration of the virus in the experimental animal by a factor of 10,000 with the help of the active component—small interfering RNAs (siRNAs). It destroys a specific region of the coronavirus genome that is responsible for its ability to reproduce.

The second phase of clinical trials is planned to be completed by mid-August. If the effectiveness of the drug in patients with COVID-19 is confirmed, Mir-19 will be submitted for registration.

Mir-19 is an etiotropic drug, basically, an antidote against the virus. Its action is based on the RNA interference mechanism. It is administered by inhalation or intranasal route.

The drug consists of two components: an active substance (small interfering RNAs) and a peptide (carrier). It is being developed by the State Research Center Institute of Immunology of the FMBA of Russia. Research is ongoing.

Mir-19 was patented on April 11. This abbreviation stands for “malaya interferiruyushchaya RNK” (small interfering RNA).

Scientists prove the effectiveness of wormwood extract against coronavirus (RIA Novosti, July 20, 2021 — in Russian)

Scientists have demonstrated in laboratory tests on human cells the ability of artemisinin, a substance contained in wormwood, to suppress the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The research results are published in Scientific Reports.

Artemisinin, a bioactive compound found in the plant Artemisia annua, or sweet wormwood, is currently used to treat malaria and several other viral infections. Wormwood is widely distributed throughout the world, and artemisinin has proven to be safe for humans.

Despite the fact that vaccination against COVID-19 is in full swing in the world, drugs against this disease have not yet been created. Therefore, researchers from Denmark and Germany led by Dr. Yuyong Zhou from the University of Copenhagen and Dr. Kerry Gilmore from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Germany decided to test the effectiveness of artemisinin and its derivatives—artesunate and artemether—as well as a simple extract of Artemisia annua against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

They used the German SARS-CoV-2 strain from Munich and the Danish strain from Copenhagen as model viruses, and one of the cell lines represented a certain type of lung cells most vulnerable to coronavirus infection—lung cancer cells A549-hACE2, which possess the ACE2 angiotensin-converting enzyme. The coronavirus uses the ACE2 receptor to enter human cells.

The results showed that all four compounds were very successful in suppressing the virus in all cell lines, including lung cells. The most effective was artesunate, followed by artemether, Artemisia annua extract, and, finally, artemisinin. However, scientists note that the compounds contained in wormwood have a very small therapeutic window, that is, they can only help immediately after the virus enters the body.

Nevertheless, this is the first study that unequivocally proves the possibility of creating a drug for the treatment of COVID-19 based on artemisinin derivatives.

“In our study, we confirm the efficacy of artemisinin-based treatments for two European SARS-CoV-2 strains from Germany and Denmark, which are more closely related to the majority of SARS-CoV-2 strains circulating worldwide than the original Wuhan strain,” wrote the authors of the article.

In the near future, the authors plan to begin Phase I/II clinical trials of artemisinin derivatives in order to more accurately assess the benefits of potential therapeutic agents based on them against COVID-19.

Posted by: S | Jul 22 2021 18:44 utc | 37

Russia ready to provide EU with a batch of COVID-19 vaccine for animals (RIA Novosti, July 21, 2021 — in Russian)

Russia is ready to provide the European Union with up to 5,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine for fur animals and scientific support free of charge, adviser to the head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) Yuliya Melano told RIA Novosti.

Russia previously registered the world’s first COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine for animals. “Carnivac-Cov” was developed by the scientists of the Federal Center for Animal Health (FGBI “ARRIAH”) of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision. After the announcement of the registration, the director of the Polish Institute of Agriculture Monika Przeworska told RIA Novosti that Polish breeders of fur animals are very interested in the drug.

“Today, Russia is ready to provide about 5,000 doses of the vaccine free of charge within the framework of scientific research so that our European colleagues are convinced of the effectiveness of the vaccine,” Melano said.

“We are ready to provide scientific support in every possible way and, in addition, we are ready to assist in every possible way in promoting the vaccine on the European market,” she added.

The day before, during a Russian–Polish videoconference, the Deputy Director of the Federal Center for Animal Health Aleksandr Kononov said that the coronavirus vaccine for animals developed in Russia is safe for both humans and the environment. “The vaccine contains an inactivated antigen, which completely blocks the spread of the virus in the body of a fur animal,” he said.

According to him, “during the tests, the vaccine fulfilled all the requirements of preclinical and clinical studies”. He added that in the course of preclinical trials, four vaccine options were studied, and one that had the best immunogenicity was selected. According to him, scientists “have reached the golden mean, where the drug has the lowest reactogenicity and the highest immunogenicity”.

He added that the clinical trials of the vaccine were carried out on minks, foxes and arctic foxes. “The tests were successful. During the tests, minks do not experience rejection after administration of the drug. They do not experience a stress factor, as is the case in stressful situations. After examining the blood of minks, we see a high level of antibodies. This level of antibodies only begins to lower six months after the injection of the vaccine. Thus, we have data that the duration of immunity after the injection of the vaccine is at least six months,” said the expert.

He noted that the dose of the drug is one milliliter. Revaccination is recommended after 21 days.

In addition to fur animals, vaccines have been tested on dogs and cats. “These studies were also completed successfully,” Kononov said.

Posted by: S | Jul 22 2021 19:14 utc | 38

This is good stuff:

Agência de espionagem dos EUA paga acampamento para jovens que falam português, língua "essencial" para segurança do país

This part is interesting:

This year, there will be 154 similar camps around the country. "To increase accessibility, the directors of the GenCyber summer camps will teach the courses in the recruits' mother tongues. In past years, GenCyber camps were given in Chinese and Spanish", said an NSA spokesman to the reporter.

So, there already are NSA-trained Chinese speaking cybertrolls in action.

Posted by: vk | Jul 22 2021 20:57 utc | 41

Question in bold? Behold!
It is Max the bold.

Antifa, antifa, antifaaaaa-
Barbarossa thought it through wunderbar.


But that wasn't real Marxism!

Posted by: Maximilian | Jul 22 2021 21:24 utc | 42

@Ghost Ship #26
The South African tests would have been, at latest, in the late '70s.
The French tests were more recent - but a collaboration with Israel seems highly unlikely given the core defensive nature of such weapons.
Even had some cooperation occurred - it is still difficult to see how reliable, high yield, small and reliable nuclear weapons could be created without actual testing.
Again, not saying it is impossible but I am saying that I would take any pronouncements of successful modern nuclear weapons systems, achieved with no testing, with very large grains of salt.
There are those who say even the US arsenal cannot be considered to be reliable. The US conducted something like 1000 tests but the last one was 1992.
Note that the issue is not that a large, brute force nuclear fission device cannot work. The potential concern is that a low weight, high yield weapon is much more reliant on optimal function. Secondly, nuclear weapons degrade just sitting there. Fissionable material, explosive compressors, wiring, fuses, even the superstructure are materially affected. I could more believe that institutional expertise from said 1000 tests could potentially overcome these issues without testing - but an organization that doesn't have that?

Posted by: c1ue | Jul 22 2021 21:30 utc | 43

james @36--

Thanks for your reply! The Canadian site has a link to the Mexican site at page bottom. Thanks very much for providing them! Now I just need to paste them together. I had a link to a global drought site, but it seems to have dried up and blown away.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 22 2021 22:15 utc | 44

Mao @1--

Either another attack has occurred or the story altered, the result reported as all incoming missiles destroyed by Buk-M2E systems, a 17 year-old system. I don't recall the Buk system being touted as an anti-missile system, but it appears its upgrades have made it so given the outcomes as I don't believe it's due to better training. If it's the technology as I suspect, then NATO air forces face complete elimination, which leads to another question: Why haven't Syrian air defenses shot down more Occupied Palestine criminals in their aircraft?

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 22 2021 23:08 utc | 45

@ karlof1 | Jul 22 2021 23:08 utc | 45:

Why haven't Syrian air defenses shot down more Occupied Palestine criminals in their aircraft?

Fear of wildly disproportionate retaliation? It's quasi-official Israeli policy that for each of their boys killed, at least 10 of the enemy need to die . . . and in the last few years I think they've added a zero to the retaliation proportion.

Posted by: corvo | Jul 22 2021 23:20 utc | 46

Karlof, the Israeli aircraft aren't entering Syrian airspace. That's why they're not being targeted.

You'll notice in this case, as they often do, they were operating in Lebanese airspace when they shot their missiles. Other times they're over international waters in the Med.

Putin warned them a couple of years ago, after their last incursion, which resulted in an S200 downing of an F16, that any further incursions will result in same.

So far they have kept to that, and Putin doesn't want to escalate by downing Israeli aircraft in foreign or international airspace.

Posted by: Gordog | Jul 23 2021 0:08 utc | 47

@ Posted by: Tim | Jul 22 2021 16:44 utc | 31

I have not followed along with the fine-print statistics but, if what you assert is correct, then having a business analyst ( no knowledge of science nor interest in public health?) writing this column makes sense. Nevertheless, is there not a conflict of interest on both sides of this? Or is the allegation by the columnist re the funding behind the meta analysis an asymmetrical hypocritical equivalence assertion which needs to be called out

Posted by: suzan | Jul 23 2021 0:32 utc | 48

@ Gordog | Jul 23 2021 0:08 utc | 47 who wrote
So far they have kept to that, and Putin doesn't want to escalate by downing Israeli aircraft in foreign or international airspace.

I can understand Putin directly not wanting to follow that aggression upstream and down the plane but what about Syria going after the plane wherever the F it is when it launches its aggression???

Just asking for a friend....enjoying some of your contributions to the MoA conflab, thanks.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 23 2021 0:33 utc | 49

You'll notice in this case, as they often do, they were operating in Lebanese airspace when they shot their missiles.
And of course Syria Lebanon dares not respond because . . .

Posted by: corvo | Jul 23 2021 0:33 utc | 50

@44 karlof1.. that's funny.. thanks! the bottom link is for all north america.. here it is again..

Posted by: james | Jul 23 2021 0:44 utc | 52

Psycho, a lot of the crucial particulars are shrouded in secrecy.

After the loss of that Russian spy plane just off the coast near Hmeimim about two years ago, the Russians immediately 'transferred' a significant number of S300 batteries to Syria.

These were pulled right out of Russian deployed units, which are Russian-spec, not export, and would never be sold to any foreign customer. Considering what I know about the Russian upgrade history, these systems can be considered equivalent to S400 in many respects.

Crucially, these have the Russian IFF [identification friend or foe] radio system installed. That's because the spy plane downing was blamed on Syrian friendly fire from an old S200 unit that took a shot at two Israeli F16s flying over the Med, but hit the Ilyushin turboprop [with 15 Elint specialists on board].

The Russians were furious at the Israelis and blamed them for the incident, claiming the much smaller jets were hiding behind the Il, and thus drawing Syrian fire to it. That S200 would not have made that mistake if it had IFF [but remember, no export versions come with that].

Now that's the official story anyway, but there are some serious inconsistencies there which I will not get into now.

Bottom line is that the new Russuan-spec S300s 'gifted' to Syria make that kind of incident impossible due to the IFF. Again, that IFF is NEVER exported.

So the obvious upshot is that these very dangerous [to Israel] missiles are almost certainly under Russian command.

The other aspect is the competence of Syrian air defense personnel. There is much to suggest that, despite Russian training, there simply aren't enough really good people to man all of those systems.

We note that Russia brought in something like 8 to 12 battallion-strength systems, each consisting of multiple mobile launchers and radars. That is a lot of firepower, to say the least. And again, we can assume these to be on a par with S400s in most key respects.

Now remember, this is 'formally' Syrian equipment. And it is of course separate from the quite strong Russian S400 batteries in and around Hmeimim.

In simple terms, this combined is enough air defense to fight a MAJOR WAR!

So there is a LOT going on behind the scenes that is hidden from public view.

It is clear now that the US has been defeated in Syria, and not by attrition like in Afhganistan, but by the resolute action of its major adversary.

I linked a couple of days ago to Thierry Meyssan's 'Yalta' series that I think puts some of these pieces together.

The bottom line is that an escalation like shooting down Israeli planes outside of Syrian territory is potentially lighting the fuse.

Nobody wants that at this point, where we clearly see that a diplomatic solution, and even a US withdrawal is in the cards.

The Israeli missiles are more annoyance than anything else. And their beef is with the Iranians in Syria. All of this is a headache for Putin [and btw, Iran is not exactly an easy partner either].

So we have the unwritten rule in effect, that as long as Israeli aircraft stay out of Syrian airspace they will not be targeted.

This also allows the Syrian AD crews to build their skills, by using the smaller Buk and Pantsir systems to down the Israeli missiles.

Posted by: Gordog | Jul 23 2021 1:38 utc | 53

@48 suzan

There's no money to be made from ivermectin - and so you won't find any conflicts of interest among the advocacy group for that proven medicine. By contrast, you will find practically nothing but conflicts of interest when you examine the side that is attempting to suppress ivermectin. That side has most of the money and media, along with the pharma companies and the institutions.


@31 Tim

Thanks for parsing that, I wasn't going to bother. As I stated in an earlier thread, for every hit piece on ivermectin there are multiple reports from the field with clinical data showing its efficacy. In terms of evidence, ivermectin wins hands down. In terms of evidence-free narrative, it's reversed.

And as you appreciate, with a demonstrated reliability as a prophylactic of at least 85%, this can eliminate most of the infection and post-infection questions. As Bret Weinstein keeps saying, with a massive application of this safe, out-of patent and abundantly producible medicine, we could drive the virus to extinction.

That's the really staggering thought.

But instead, with a rapid vaccine program in the middle of a pandemic, we're driving the virus to mutate. And with vaccines that don't stop transmission, merely dampen the symptoms, we have now created asymptomatic transmission. Vaccines did that. We'll be living with this virus and its many variants now for an unknown time into the future. Pharma will charge money every step of the way. This is the perfect business model for medicines that cure symptoms only and leave the underlying conditions intact.

It was never in Pharma's interest to kill this virus, but it could have been done - still could be, but obviously the institutional honesty and morality to do such a thing does not exist in large enough degree.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 1:45 utc | 54

@ 53 gordog.. good overview - thanks! we covered all of this here at moa in the past, but it is good to get a refresher that i believe is quite on target.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Jul 23 2021 1:59 utc | 55

@2 suzan - "No one appears to be qualified to hold forth on this issue definitively. There are clinical results but no clearly defined scientific results afaik."

I find this strange. I'm not sure what distinction one can draw between science and clinical results. The data is coming from doctors applying real-time experiments on patients and reporting the results in tabulated form. The meta-analyses are as scientific as one can get, held to exist at the very top of the "evidence pyramid" subscribed to by researchers and scientists - even higher than the double-blind clinical trials that sit below the meta-analysis in the hierarchy of evidence.

You can learn this and more from Bret Weinstein's discussion with Dr. Tess Lawrie here:
DarkHorse Podcast with Tess Lawrie & Bret Weinstein [July 17, 2021]

If you are not finding resources to show you the facts about ivermectin, you can search my handle here at MoA and check out some of the many links I've posted in recent weeks and months. Others have posted even more.

You will not get information spoon-fed on this topic, you'll have to search it out and wade through a deliberate fog of war. I know you are good for this, and I would like you to have better information than you're dealing with at present.

I'll post some sources in a following post.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 2:15 utc | 56

@ suzan

Here are some sources as promised @56 [Association of American Physicians and Surgeons] [Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance] [Trial Site News] [real-time updating meta-analysis of ivermectin reported results - note the Elgazzar disputed study has been removed, with little effect on the overall meta positions]

Bret Weinstein on Odysee:

Dr. Been Medical Lectures: [Vaccine Impact] [Covid19Crusher]

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 2:17 utc | 57

@ Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 1:45 utc | 54

I disagree. Mutations occur when the virus freely reproduces mostly unimpeded by physical or biophysical barriers within a population. India delta duh. As preventive physical precautions have been abandoned here in a July 4 political marketing ploy, the current delta VOC strikes with a virus load 1000 x s more than the original novel virus, infecting others earlier, even earlier than the original virus which also hit others while the carrier was asymptomatic. This is not a result of vaccination. This is a result of massive spread within a population without protection. The Indian delta variant spread to UK via jet travel where the population had mostly only one jab out of two, meaning protection was roughly 33% protected against delta for that segment of the population. The unvaccinated were open game.

The virus reproducing among people who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated regardless of the vaccine type is the primary source of the current virulent Delta variant. People with only one of two vaccinations or people with completed immune response to vaccine injections or people with weak immune systems or people who have not been vaccinated at all due to age or because of other reasons are the current primary vectors of transmission. Schools when they reopen will be a hotbed of infection transmission to broader community if nothing is done whether it be dose everyone with worm medicine or get them vaccinated,. And still after that there will be outbreaks where protocols fail, requiring more interventions. One thing is clear, this system ain’t working for the most of us. Ivermectin will not stop you from being a vector of transmission even if it serves you in lessening your own health.

Posted by: suzan | Jul 23 2021 2:23 utc | 58

Lessening Ill health

Posted by: suzan | Jul 23 2021 2:27 utc | 59


I've tried 3 times to post sources for you as promised @56, but Typepad keeps holding the post for moderation, even with obfuscated URLs - it obviously hates science. You'll have to search for the URLs for these sources:

* Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
* Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
* Trial Site News
* Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 60 studies [note the Elgazzar study has been removed, with little effect on the overall meta position]
* Bret Weinstein [YouTube censored, Odysee full]
* Dr. Been Medical Lectures [YouTube]
* Vaccine Impact
* Covid19Crusher [Twitter]

Good luck.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 2:29 utc | 60

@57 suzan - "Ivermectin will not stop you from being a vector of transmission"

That claim is incorrect. Ivermectin stops transmission. You can find that somewhere in the sources I provided.

Good luck.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 2:31 utc | 61

The global multi-year COVID-19 (non-)discussion

I have not kept up with the debate here so I apologize if everybody is already talking about this one.

However in case people don't understand why they argue with each other here's a nice page (which could be completely wrong) trying to illustrate the results of all the studies concerning various treatments (might not be complete or correct): c19early dot com

It does include 265 studies on HCQ, one can click on stuff like all the names of various things on the page to get much more detail and data…

Far too much data for me :)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Jul 23 2021 2:36 utc | 62

@44 suzan

I think the conflict of interest regarding Ivermectin is indeed asymmetrical. The vaccine makers would stand to lose their emergency use authorization (EUA) if an alternate prophylactic (prevention) is acknowledged to already exist. The groups which spearhead the effort to study and promote use of Ivermectin have nothing to gain financially from its use. To get an insight into the proponents of Ivermectin, visit and look at the About tab. They are not anti-vaxers or practitioners of alternative medicine. Rather they are very experienced physicians who have been widely published in reputable journals.

There is much information on the site I mentioned about their own published meta-analysis and a published review paper by a British group (British Ivermectin Recommendation Development, aka BIRD). Before you dismiss their work at the urging of the US-based mainstream media, I suggest that you explore their website to read their side of the story.

Posted by: Tiger Lily | Jul 23 2021 2:40 utc | 63

@ Gordog | Jul 23 2021 1:38 utc | 53 with the follow up about Syria and Russian controlled defense under the unwritten rule....sigh

Thanks for the shit show summary and I agree about Syria being defeated and believe it was under Obama's tenure but not discussed at the time.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 23 2021 2:40 utc | 64

Posted by: Tiger Lily | Jul 23 2021 2:40 utc | 62

I have followed their info since last year. Nevertheless the allegation by the business reporter needs to be refuted. Follow the funding. Where does it lead?

Posted by: suzan | Jul 23 2021 2:47 utc | 65

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 23 2021 2:31 utc | 60

I read that it lessens the viral load, so no, does not stop transmission altogether although it depends on circumstances as to extent. I will now withdraw from arguing with a lawyer over scientific matters as it does not benefit anyone imo.

Posted by: suzan | Jul 23 2021 2:51 utc | 66

Loved this article on the "WSJ : What Your Lawn Says About Your"

You know what I ended up thinking?

That's nice but how can I stop Russia, China, and Iran from growing lawns.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Jul 23 2021 3:17 utc | 67

@ Christian J. Chuba | Jul 23 2021 3:17 utc | 66:

I doubt they'd be tempted. The notion of having/desiring a lawn is one of the more unfortunate parts of our English heritage, after all. Civilized cultures are delighted just to have a small garden.

But I'm sure you knew that already. ;-)

Posted by: corvo | Jul 23 2021 3:35 utc | 68

Posted by: suzan | Jul 23 2021 2:47 utc | 64

The only funding-related "allegation" I see in the LA Times article is that the BIRD organization has a GoFundMe page to raise money for their work. I don't understand the problem. Where is the big money to be made with Ivermectin?

Posted by: Tiger Lily | Jul 23 2021 3:43 utc | 70

Saker is ecstatic over the new Sukhoi Su-75 “Checkmate”:

Posted by: Robert Macaire | Jul 23 2021 3:58 utc | 71

@ suzan... i have always appreciated and admired your commentary... ditto grieved commentary... cheers..

Posted by: james | Jul 23 2021 4:06 utc | 72

words from a friend a few days ago on the topic of the pandemic..

"From the pandemic's introduction I have attempted to keep it simple with 3 options, as you will note as I sing the song again-
1. The incompetent response by the governing political/medical administrations and corporate media reflects their lack of expertise and integrity in response to the complexities of any global threat { see also - environmental destruction, social inequalities, etc } Although unprepared and ill-equiped they have been seriously doing the best they can to safeguard the population by adhering to instructions from what they consider to be reliable executive sources.

2. Same as #1 but the reliable executive sources are corrupt and manipulative. And maybe worse.

3. Same as #1&2 but the underlying cause is the expanding natural forces of universal chaos.
If this is the case, regardless of humanities' vortex of confounding and inadequate actions all we can do is be at our best behaviour expressing some pride that humans did have some redeeming qualities. "

Posted by: james | Jul 23 2021 4:09 utc | 73

Sell wheat to USAi? The thieving empire will buy all that surplus Aussie wheat at the lower Russian price and never pay for it. Aussies can't sell wheat to China any more as they have insulted China at every opportunity.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jul 23 2021 4:49 utc | 74

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jul 23 2021 4:49 utc | 73

The mouse plague ate the seeds planted for the NSW winter crop a couple of months ago. I don't think there will be a surplus to sell.

Of course Australia has insulted China at every opportunity. Remember Twiggy Forrest at Greg Hunt's press conference turning up with China's Melbourne consul-general to announce China's donation?

After this public ungracious and shameless insult China decided to send the plane loads of donated protective suits, equipment and masks back to China.

Posted by: Paul | Jul 23 2021 6:26 utc | 75

Paul #74

Better to be undone by a plague of mice than be sold out the pack of pentecostal rats.

Wormwood news is good to hear. I have been feeding my beautiful bush and caring for it for years and now more than ever since covid crashed the party. So pleased to have that handy little shrub in my garden.

Posted by: u | Jul 23 2021 8:46 utc | 76

oooops that #75 was me.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jul 23 2021 8:46 utc | 77

karlof1 on the great Russian canal. Thank you I am going to have a look at all those waterways and interconnections. Just to get an idea as where the next colour revolutions might begin ;))

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jul 23 2021 8:50 utc | 78

@S (28)

(From the quoted article)

Today in France patriotism is considered something completely inappropriate, if not obscene.

Taking pride in the glory of one’s ancestors may have a lot of unpleasant consequences—for example, public ostracism on the part of various NGOs defending the rights of illegal immigrants (according to the employees of these organizations, this kind of pride is a manifestation of racism and chauvinism).

In addition, knowledge of the history of the country—the real one, and not the one that nowadays is hastily created by the supporters of “human rights”—is equated with a thought crime, and monuments in honor of those who created the history of France and played significant roles in it are overthrown (literally) and are defiled.

The ideologues of “cancelling” the history of the French nation and the heralds of the new era of mankurts understand perfectly well why and for what purpose they are doing it: a nation in whose soul there is no respect for the heroes of the past and the memory of them is much easier to manipulate.

General question: where does one draw the line on what can or can't be "canceled"? One example I can think of, if it's as good as any, is the Yasukuni shrine in Japan, which notoriously honors war criminals and understandably has been an object of criticism in China - possibly the opposite extreme compared to the situation with France regarding Gudin if I'm getting this right. What do you reckon would be a healthy 'middle ground' w.r.t. both countries' situations?

Posted by: joey_n | Jul 23 2021 9:07 utc | 79

Posted by: u | Jul 23 2021 8:46 utc | 75

Me too, it helps with maintaining sanity.

Posted by: Paul | Jul 23 2021 9:18 utc | 80

Mao | Jul 22 2021 13:59 utc | 1 + Gordog and others

RE; Lebanon, There were two attacks by Israel. The first had seven out of eight missiles eliminated. In the second, on Tuesday, there were four out of four shot down.

What I see here is a slight shifting of the cards. If Israel gets ALL its missiles shot down, then why would it continue?. I would say that it was entirely by Syrian troops, and they are pleased about it. They may have had their shootware recently upgraded by the Russians, but at the beginning, without training, they lost heavily.

Gordog is correct up to now: "So we have the unwritten rule in effect, that as long as Israeli aircraft stay out of Syrian airspace they will not be targeted. This also allows the Syrian AD crews to build their skills, by using the smaller Buk and Pantsir systems to down the Israeli missiles."

This may be about to change as the situation in Lebanon changes. ie. The Syrians were quite dependent on Lebanon for clandestine commerce and Banking. Which since the arrival of the US has become a mess. This is also due to corruption, warlord infighting, and a general Banking crisis partly due to the unmovable Central Banker Chief, and that the money supposedly in Lebanese Banks is no longer there.
Add to that the pressure by the US NOT to form a Leb. Government, until it gets a puppet one (ie without Herzbollah or anti-US factions being represented). PLUS the threats against importing or accepting Oil and food supplies (All of which have been offered by Russia, China and Iran). The US also does not allow the Lebanese army to have missiles or a reasonable armament level.

With the US, (+ UK and France) attempted takover of Government, the local unrest and Banking screwed, Why should Syria not NOT hit overflying Israeli Jets occasionally? They are getting to the stage where there is little to gain by being polite. So now we have a warning by Syria that should be taken more seriously by Israel.

Maybe not in the immediate - but I reckon a sort of future red line has been made

Aside; I think the F-35's which Israel has invested heavily in (ie. they have a lot even if they don't really pay for them), can be detected by the S-300 system. Anyway, their "stealth" is mainly frontal, you just follow the heat signature on the way out. Maybe that is why they now use F-16's and not F-35's.

(The US just had an F-35 that tried to shoot itself down, new belly gun mount. Could save everyone a lot of trouble if they continue)

Although Israel has been using "Iran, Iran" as an excuse, in the majority of cases it is Syrian troops that are hit.

Posted by: Stonebird | Jul 23 2021 9:35 utc | 81

A fascinating documentary about Isabel Crook who is 105 and lived in China for 90years. She wrote Ten Mile Inn with her husband which documented the Land Reforms in the 40s and her work influenced Mao's Land Reform Law.

Watching this you should get a sense of why the Chinese revolution succeeded and why the CPC is still approved of by the mass of the people. It is their devotion and closeness to the people.

Posted by: ukdefector | Jul 23 2021 10:36 utc | 82

Grieved @ 59

I've tried 3 times to post sources for you[suzan] as promised...

Yeah, Grieved, and you can try another umpteen times for what it's worth. Our holistic suzan didn't blink an eye in her rush to get injected with these experimental ingredients, and she also waded right in at the beginning to defame highly credentialed doctors who were raising concerns about them. Now she's derogating the use of ivermectin, notwithstanding the reams of evidence in its favour posted by you and many others over many months...and all of this interspersed with a really paltry alarmism...

The unvaccinated were open game


Posted by: john | Jul 23 2021 11:00 utc | 83

@ Gordog
I answered your question on NS2 thread

Don't be fooled by French [and other] pro nuke.

NS2, the nuclear pipeline

Nuke power plant will be the future of hydrogen production. H2 useful to transfer the power from desert place with clean water [for example North Russia] to high density of population country with need of clean energy [for example EU]

You know what? NS2 is built to transport of hydrogen too!

"Quelle coincidence"

Posted by: Rêver | Jul 23 2021 8:38 utc | 128

Posted by: Rêver | Jul 23 2021 11:13 utc | 84

J.Swift 13#

Actually I thought it was a bomb that exploded near the cockpit of MH17.Then Ukraine Airforce shot holes through the pilots to make sure it would fall in Donetsk/Lugansk territory.Anyways,with a NATO manoeuvre nearing its last days one could assume safely that the event was monitored by multiple radars.

Does anyone here recall pictures of dutch passports with a hole in the corner and a thread to keep them together visible in a field,just two or three days after the downing?Actually there was a pass-photo and name of one of the passengers shown as well.
And why did we never hear much about the difference in the pictures taken from the same Schiphol platform by passenger Cor Pan,a drummer from Volendam who went to Bali with his fiancée,and posted jokingly the picture he just took "If it disappears (like MH370) this what it looks like" on his facebook page,and the picture shown by Reuters the next day,taken by an Israeli manager of an electronic device company by the name of "Pentagon 2000",working with the american defence industry.The difference were the letters on the luggage compartment door,between MD and MC if I recall well.
At the same time reports stated that Israel kept exact copy of Malaysian Boeing in its hangars.

I've always found it troubling that never those reports has any follow-up.

Posted by: willie | Jul 23 2021 12:31 utc | 85

Suzan wrote:

I read that it lessens the viral load, so no, does not stop transmission

I agree with you that it is unlikely that Ivermectin stops transmission 100% or even close to that, but if it can reduce the rate of contagion to less than 1.0 then in theory the virus would die out eventually.

What bothers me is the claim that people with weak immune systems are the ones getting seriously ill and dying. It is true that a few people do die within a couple days of falling ill due to weak immune systems, but the vast majority of people who end up in the ICU or die have immune systems that successfully combat the virus and stop it from replicating very much like those who have mild cases. These people go on to become very sick AFTER the immune system has done its job of destroying the virus. The main reason for that is because Covid attacks and destroys ACE2 receptors and the ACE2 proteins play a critical role in the regulation of numerous important bodily functions. ACE2 plays a role in the regulation of the ability to maintain fluid and electrolyte levels, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipids, and most important, ACE2 also plays a critical role in the ability of cells to counter oxidative stress. What that means is that if the person is already on the borderline of proper regulation in any of these areas, Covid will push them over the line while people with extra capacity and have maintained these bodily functions well regulated are more resilient and can handle some diminished regulation of these important functions.
Unfortunately, there are millions of people who are on the borderline. Western medicine has never treated the underlying causes of diseases like hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and Redox dysregulation. Instead they pump the people with these conditions with drugs that maintain these individuals in a perpetual borderline state of regulation.

And don't overlook the importance of Vitamin D. Studies have shown that the vast majority of individuals that end up in ICU and/or die have low vitamin D levels.

Posted by: jinn | Jul 23 2021 13:17 utc | 86

Posted by: Barbarossa | Jul 22 2021 14:27 utc | 5 They’re NOT Fascists! Some people think that because of the involvement of corporations in their coup that they must be Fascists. And while ...blabla...eurrkk...Their heroes are Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al – who together, murdered an estimated 120 million people during the 20th Century.

Eh ben mon pôte ! Je n'ai jamais vu tel vomissement de conneries ! What an embarrasingly awful collection of pre-digested crap (excuse my french thar, I is bereft, bereft I tell 'ee of words ! Thou vile, ô thou obnoxious extrusion of the bowels - these words are not enough, please allow me to quote the Cossacks :

O Sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil’s kith and kin, assistant to Lucifer himself. What the Devil kind of knight are thou, that canst not slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil shits, and your army eats. Thou shalt not, thou son of a whore, make subjects of Christian sons; we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee. Fuck thy mother.1

Thou Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig’s snout, mare’s arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw thine own mother!

Je vais mieux maintenant, I feel better, and bettair in every way !
Vive le peuple ! Nous tous !

Posted by: Sarlat La Canède | Jul 23 2021 13:57 utc | 87

Posted by: Barbarossa | Jul 22 2021 14:27 utc | 5

Aaaarrrgghh ! Et le con, le con pourri, la pourriture de l'orgeuil, the fool, the dishonest fool, consumed by his arrogance declares himself "Barbarossa" ...

Well sir, I declare myself "Bagration".

Posted by: Sarlat La Canède | Jul 23 2021 14:16 utc | 88

Gordog @Jul23 1:38 #53

The Israeli missiles are more annoyance than anything else.

Tell that to the families of those who are killed.

[Israeli's]... beef is with the Iranians in Syria.

And that 'beef' is wholly unjustified as Syria is a sovereign state.

Should Muslim counties be allowed missile attacks on Israeli military facilities because they don't like Israeli policies? Should the world allow all countries to conduct such attacks? Turkey-Greece? India-Pakistan? Ukraine-Russia? USA-Cuba?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 23 2021 14:48 utc | 89

Israel clarifies the "effectiveness" of the Pfizer vaccine

According to the latest data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, the average efficiency of preventing coronavirus disease with Pfizer vaccine is 39%, and with symptomatic disease with coronavirus - 41%. According to UK data, Pfizer's vaccine is 88% effective in preventing symptomatic illness. Experts believe that statistics on the effectiveness of a vaccine may be inaccurate due to the many factors that affect the final result.

I.e. the Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective, which makes it worse than the Sinovac vaccine (efficacy 50%). However, it is important to highlight that it is still useful because it is 88% effective against symptomatic illness, if you compare with not vaccinating at all.

Doesn't change the fact that, in light of the existence of Sputnik V and Sinopharm, Sinovac vaccines, Pfizer vaccine shouldn't exist in a fair free market environment, as it is more risky, more expensive and an overall inferior product. Pfizer - and its salesman, the US Government - has the blood of millions of lives around the world in their hands.

Posted by: vk | Jul 23 2021 15:31 utc | 90

Since the time of Pushkin, we remember his dictum that “respect for the past is the trait that distinguishes education from savagery”.
The fact that today the highest French establishment wears well-tailored suits and makes good speeches does not change the essence—having forgotten their own history, despising it in the name of petty considerations of profit, they have turned into a bunch of savages who do not respect either their people or themselves.

How soon forgotten the words of Danton, when we allow Macon, sorry, Macron to deny us choice, "Tout s’émeut, tout s’ébranle, tout brûle de combattre, tout se lève en France d’un bout de l’empire à l’autre.. Ah, if only !

They take from us freedom, saucissons, amours and leave us "goodness" which enhances their profits but steals our health.

Le tocsin qui sonne n’est point un signal d’alarme, c’est la charge contre les ennemis de la patrie. Pour les vaincre, Messieurs, il nous faut de l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace, et la France est sauvée.

Merde !

RAGE, rage against the dying of the light, RISE, rise against the dying of the light !

Posted by: Sarlat La Canède | Jul 23 2021 15:34 utc | 91

@ VK #89

Pfizer vaccine shouldn't exist in a fair free market environment, as it is more risky, more expensive and an overall inferior product.
Should even the "pandemic" exist in a fair free market environment? Shouldn't less risky medecine useful?

Welcome to wokeness CoVKid!
It's Champagne O'clock in the Wbar

Posted by: Covidémence | Jul 23 2021 16:52 utc | 92

@ Sarlat La Canède

Saine colère !

Posted by: Covidemence | Jul 23 2021 16:56 utc | 93

"Knock ou le triomphe de la médecine moderne "

70 years, always up to date!

Delicious French, English subtitle

Posted by: Covidemence | Jul 23 2021 17:09 utc | 94

Go Doc!

Posted by: john | Jul 23 2021 17:20 utc | 95

When discussing any EVENT or Theme or topic, please share the key actors involved to understand the overarching goals and driving forces. Also, there is a hierarchy among these actors which looks something like this...

– Approvers (Power Players)
– Decision-makers
– Operatives
– Intelligence agents
– PR /Media channels

Example: Ukraine?

The better your information about actors involved, the greater is the validation of your insights. Do a 360 degree analysis of actors to learn a lot. Please name a democracy that isn’t a suzerainty.

Who are the Secret Elites of the present time?

Posted by: Max | Jul 23 2021 17:56 utc | 96

Posted by: Robert Macaire | Jul 23 2021 3:58 utc | 70

Oh dear, The US Taketh, Poo-eth Itself and Giveth Away :

The F35 is a YAk-41, "bought" from the remnants of the USSR, sold by clever people who fully recognised it was too expensive to develop properly ... but now after a lot of er 'research' and 'upgrades' into the flying tur, sorry, poo, it transpires it may not be up to scratch !

Oh, oh, shame..

Meanwhile back in the old country, they have learned, learned and developed, developed something similar yet very new ! Oooh, I wonder how ?
I notice that no designs for Migs or Sukhoi were sold, only Yak ? Oohooh? This chair is not very comfortable. (Or too comfortable according to my mother-who must be ignored-biscotte she is mad, mad, I tell you !)

Peace out girls, I'm off to play Last Epoch.

Posted by: Sarlat La Canède | Jul 23 2021 19:05 utc | 97

It being a somewhat slow news day I decided to further investigate the works of Peter Linebaugh, whose The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic I've referred to several times, several of which caught my eye. After a short investigation, I opted to read the preview to Stop, Thief!: The Commons, Enclosures, and Resistance. IMO, once you read the Intro you'll want to read the entire anthology. Another book that I decided to order is The Magna Carta Manifesto: Liberties and Commons for All. Linebaugh and I share the idea that Neoliberalism constitutes another round of Enclosure, other wise known as theft of the Commons from humanity by those I term the Anti-Humans, a term IMO he would endorse.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 23 2021 19:10 utc | 98

karlof1@98, thank you for your suggestions & links. thank also the outlaw historian for his very sage observations on saker.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Jul 23 2021 19:37 utc | 99

As I predicted, the American vaccination campaign was a fiasco, and WaPo indeed removed its vaccine tracker number from its home page (I predicted that here, the day it first came out). On its place, there's a map by State (I think this is in order to throw the blame to the governors instead of Joe Biden), and you have to click on it to see the overall numbers:

Tracking vaccinations, state by state

Here are the numbers:

At least 187.6 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S. This includes more than 162.4 million people who have been fully vaccinated. 393.9 million doses have been distributed.

As expected, China left the USA in the dust (it already distributed 1.5 billion doses as of today). More importantly, Biden fell well below his campaign, which had a target of 70% of the entire adult population fully vaccinated by Independence Day (July 4th). 162.4 million equals 68% of the USA's adult population (a little bit more than 28% of its entire population is below 18) - and that's 20 days after the deadline (I checked the link at July 23).

Sure, the fact that 30% of the American adult population don't want to get vaccinated doesn't help. But then, that's also due to the blowback from the demonizing campaign against the Russian and Chinese vaccines during the period from August 2020 to January 2021, when those were the only games in town the the USG had to buy time for Pfizer and Moderna. Looks like Western propaganda warfare is losing its precision.

Posted by: vk | Jul 23 2021 22:16 utc | 100

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