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July 17, 2021

'Civilized Nations'

The Washington Post is differentiating between 'civilized' and -unsaid- 'uncivilized' nations.


After making false claims about the illegal passage of a British destroyer near Crimea, a planned provocation, the author goes on to bash Russia as well as China.



WaPo columnist George Will then asserts:

Henry Kissinger has said, not unreasonably, that we are in “the foothills” of a cold war with China. And Vladimir Putin, who nurses an unassuageable grudge about the way the Cold War ended, seems uninterested in Russia reconciling itself to a role as a normal nation without gratuitous resorts to mendacity. It is, therefore, well to notice how, day by day, in all of the globe’s time zones, civilized nations are, in word and deed, taking small but cumulatively consequential measures that serve deterrence.

If arrogance were a deadly disease, George Will would be dead.

Posted by b on July 17, 2021 at 11:02 UTC | Permalink

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Let's hope he gets some kind of bonus for this pathetic propaganda. Disgusting. But what do you expect from someone who looks like him.

Posted by: hes | Jul 17 2021 11:20 utc | 1

George Will has been an ass clown since I first had the displeasure of watching him in the 1970s. Age has not brought an ounce of wisdom. Nevertheless, this total lack of self reflection and ability to project American sins on others is unfortunately not unique to our man George. It seems a habit throughout the entire US political spectrum. The ability to view, for example, the invasion of Iraq as perfectly normal behavior, while viewing any resistance to US/Israeli dominance as beyond the pale is the character of the decaying American superpower. George Will is but one manifestation of it. It was once infuriating. But now it's simply like listening to the ravings of a schizophrenic. More pathetic than anything else.

Posted by: Lysander | Jul 17 2021 11:31 utc | 2

What do you expect from George Swill? He is a pathetic, disoriented refugee from his home in Victorian England, when barbarism never set for a single instant on the British Empire.

Posted by: Dao Gen | Jul 17 2021 11:35 utc | 3

There's a way to get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from the mainstream news media. Just look at their propaganda and ask yourself, "Why do they want me to believe this particular lie?" If you can figure that you, you will have the truth.

Posted by: Donbass Lives Matter | Jul 17 2021 11:45 utc | 4

Well, you know, the white man's burden...
The funny thing is that they seriously consider themselves a "superior race", while behaving like wild barbarians.
Such opinions/articles of "Western civilized people" cause only a condescending smile, nothing more. So let's let George Will entertain us.

Posted by: alaff | Jul 17 2021 11:52 utc | 5

Soon, they will have problems convincing people that they are the one civilized, living in their dilapidated Sodom and Gomorrah full of childless, browns and blacks, sexual perverts and what not, while rest of the world keep building families, educated people, shinier metropolises and send ships to the Mars.

Posted by: Abe | Jul 17 2021 11:56 utc | 6

I find it pretty bizzarre how western media obsessively try to portray the Defender incident as a some sort of "victory" for "civilized nations".
What exactly is the victory here? The fact that Russia only resorted to warning fire and didn't blow up the ship?

Posted by: Midville | Jul 17 2021 11:57 utc | 7

George Will "outs" the apex media whores because he has been so pampered for so long and doesn't realize he continues to expose U.S. imperial game plans. Here's a clip of him equating Jan 6 with 9/11. He purports to speak for the Republican bluebloods who have always despised the rednecks and now are using Biden to re-coalesce until they can find a more acceptable front man/woman/person.!

Posted by: migueljose | Jul 17 2021 11:58 utc | 8

Civilised nations = those that invade defenceless countries on the opposite side of the planet on false pretexts?

It reminds me of the League Of Nations denying Japan equality because of the Japanese being non white.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Jul 17 2021 11:58 utc | 9

I find it pretty bizzarre how western media obsessively try to portray the Defender incident as a some sort of "victory" for "civilized nations".
What exactly is the victory here? The fact that Russia only resorted to warning fire and didn't blow up the ship?

Posted by: Midville | Jul 17 2021 11:57 utc | 7

Yeah, I know, it's embarassing, but you have to understand, they are not really defending the story anymore, they are defending themselves for coming up with it.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 17 2021 12:11 utc | 10

Decades of propaganda masquerading as news has led most "educated" Americans into a Matrix of false narratives. Should you dare mention election fraud or question the safety of COVID vaccines in the presences of anyone who considers the NY Times and Wash Post as the "papers of record", they will be happy to inform you that you are "captured" by false news. Dialogue with these true believers has become almost impossible. We are the indispensable, civilized nation, don't you understand basic facts?

My sister, who is truly a good-hearted person, unfortunately keeps CNN and MSNBC on most of the day in her small apartment, and lives for The NY Times, which she pours over, especially the weekend edition. She knows that Putin is evil and Russia is a bad place to live, etc etc. I got rid of my TV ten years ago and started looking elsewhere for my information. I live in a rural area of a Red state, she lives in Manhattan. We have to stick to topics that revolve around museums, gardening, and food.

Posted by: Perimetr | Jul 17 2021 12:16 utc | 11

The Empire's narrative is being exposed, destroyed even. Will's whacko hyperventilating raving makes him look like a spoiled child: "Russia Russia! Civilized nations!"
Meanwhile, Latin Americans are connecting the dots: Venezuela's Telesur is broadcasting large amounts of information and detail exposing the most recent actions and the role of various U.S. imperial groups which include the Moise assassination in Haiti out of Miami, the latest drone assassination attempt on Maduro along with a major bloody battle in Caracas with street gangs armed and directed by psychopath Leopoldo Lopez (from Madrid), Venezuela's arrest of right winger Freddy Guevara, Peru's fight against Fujimori, Lula's rise and the evolving plan to stop him, and the recent #SOSCuba plot in which Twitter actively facilitated the bot storm immediately followed by Biden's tweet in support of the attempt to destabilize Cuba. Bolivia's economy is doing well thanks to public sector operations back on line. Everyone is watching them grow.
Bottom line, the Empire is gearing up in Latin America but the people are responding. Will is throwing a tantrum.

Posted by: migueljose | Jul 17 2021 12:23 utc | 12

Arrogance *IS* a deadly disease that kills, maims, and disadvantages the unwary.

One is most likely to die from arrogance when the arrogant believe themselves to be immune from any accountability. Tools like George Will immunize the arrogant by shaping public opinion.

People need to evolve an antenna for arrogant scheming and the psyops that accompany it. That's the only way to avoid the deadly toxins.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 17 2021 12:25 utc | 13

Civilized nations is a select club of drug pusher nations, an old tradition of pushing opium in China, heroin from Afghanistan, and previously from IndoChina, fentanyl feast and synthetic opiods from big pharma and now their exclusive brand of vaccines, that's civilization for you.

Posted by: Paco | Jul 17 2021 12:35 utc | 14

I thought goerge will was dead.

Posted by: jo6pac | Jul 17 2021 12:36 utc | 15

This is precisely the type of arrogance that has led to US leaving Afghanistan with their pants down - having spent untold Trillions of dollars and having nothing to show for it. And soon, leaving Iraq and Syria too. It reminds me of how the US left Vietnam and Cambodia.

The 'White' establishment in Washington and across the US military industrial complex, has an air of superiority and always seem to feel that they can subjugate via throwing money at people! This in effect turns everyone they deal with into Whores (yes, prostitutes). Its fundamentally humiliating, and sews the seeds of corruption - both economic and moral. Then, they are shocked that there's a back clash!

The Taliban succeeded not with arms - but by projecting a completely different narrative of "Morality (i.e. non-corruption), honor, and even intermingled nationalism with their narrative". They projected a story that suggested that new Afghan daughters would not turn into Britney Spears or porn stars.

And, believe it or not, the Chinese see themselves as having been fundamentally humiliated by the West and couch their efforts as a struggle for their civilization (its not ideological or even economic) - they are fighting for honor and respect.

Western Civilization (and western elite) on the left and right are fundamentally materialistic. They worship money, and simply don't understand it when others don't. When they talk about superiority, they are basically saying the worship of money rules supreme. You sort of become dignified in the west if you have a lot of wealth. They want to turn the whole world into prostitutes. Policy and laws are driven by material considerations.

Now, I am not saying that spirituality or religion is good; and in fact, the Chinese are not driven by religious zeal (they are, on the whole, non-religious). What I am saying is that - no matter how its expressed - be it through religion, through culture, through rhetoric, etc. - all this back clash is really a struggle for respect, 'honor' and thus a push back to Western Arrogance, and the humiliation it has caused. The West simply doesn't understand that there are societies - especially in the east, that value honor over other things.

When Trump calls other people losers, he is basically saying he is richer, they are poorer. In his mind, winning, is all about money. When people write articles about the superiority of a civilization - they are implicitly putting other people down. That's not just arrogant, its rude and disrespectful. Its basically like a teenager judging their parents. How dare a newly formed nation (the US), judge or differentiate or even pretend to be superior to the Chinese, Persians etc.?

Our foreign policy (and rhetoric) in the West has to completely change. We have to be really careful, because, (honestly), it won't be very long before these other (inferior) civilizations actually take over global leadership. Then how will we want to be treated? Don't for a second think these folks can't build great gadgets that go to Mars! Oh, did China just do that? Does Iran have a space program? Did they just make their own vaccines? Once they start trading among themselves without using the USD greenback, we are finished.

We need them, they don't need us.

Posted by: Ayatoilet | Jul 17 2021 12:50 utc | 16

He has always been dead.

Posted by: Donten | Jul 17 2021 12:52 utc | 17

Some notable recent achievements of 'civilised' nations include:

-Illegal invasion and bombing of multiple non-aggressor nations
-Overthrowing of democratically elected Governments
-Support of extremist and oppressive regimes
-Sponsoring of terrorism, including weapon sales to ISIS
-Corruption of once trusted institutions like the UN and OPCW

Oh, the civility...

Posted by: Et Tu | Jul 17 2021 13:07 utc | 18

jo6pac @ 15

I thought goerge will was dead

Hahaha, me too.

Point being I guess...he's not gone, but forgotten.

Posted by: john | Jul 17 2021 13:10 utc | 19

Thanks for the good weekend laugh, b. Democracy vs Autocracy; civilized versus uncivilized; Law vs Rules etc.

My question is this: with Empire so obviously boning for War, why Russia, China, Iran and others don't put together a defensive First Strike against an obvious irrational and dangerous enemy. Until resistance to Empire is met with actual resistance, one expects more of the same as far as the eye can see.

No one will shed tears over a mushroom cloud in Washington DC.

Posted by: gottlieb | Jul 17 2021 13:35 utc | 20

Ascribed to Gandhi (not sure about authenticity):
Q "What do you think about Western civilization?"
A "I would be highly in favour of"

Posted by: aquadraht | Jul 17 2021 13:39 utc | 21

China was already a civilized nation when the height of European civilization was the wearing of powered wigs in an attempt to keep the head lice under some sort of manageable control.

Apparently the civilizational gap has only widened since then....

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Jul 17 2021 13:40 utc | 22

Same thought as John@19, jo6pac@15, etc.

I never think about George Will, but if someone had ever brought up his name (no one ever has), I would have answered, with a puzzled look, 'Did you say George Will? Isn't he dead?' Either the WP byline photo dates from the 1960s or his real name is Dorian Grey.

In any case, he's been writing sheer drivel for as long as I have been able to read. I'm flabbergasted. How does he keep the drool off the keyboard?

Posted by: B. Wildered | Jul 17 2021 13:44 utc | 23

civilized since 1492

Samuel 2:3 “Boast no more so very proudly, Do not let arrogance come out of your mouth; For the Lord is a God of knowledge, And with Him actions are weighed.
With Russia, China, Iran et al., too.

Why is Iran calling US "The Arrogance" since Islamic Revolution? For Muslims [and Chiites even more], arrogance is the main characteristic of the devil and of bad behavior. Satan' s arrogance, on account of which he was dismissed from Allah' s mercy and grace.
Arrogance, greed and lie. Denying the fact that humans are a whole lot more than hierarchy. Some kind of proto-Marxist analysis on humans collective efficiency.

Well summarized

Hubris, or less frequently, hybris[1] (/ˈhjuːbrɪs/ or /ˈhaɪbrɪs/, from ancient Greek ὕβρις), describes a personality quality of extreme or excessive pride[2] or dangerous overconfidence,[3] often in combination with (or synonymous with) arrogance.[4] The term "arrogance" comes from the Latin adrogare, meaning to feel that one has a right to demand certain attitudes and behaviors from other people.

Rule based arrogance?

Posted by: الجزائر | Jul 17 2021 14:00 utc | 24



So glad that we have Alternative/Independent and International News/OpEd/Dialogue/FactCheck Sources we can Access to see through this Biased Dung-Piece from the Washington_ComPost.

Posted by: IronForge | Jul 17 2021 14:03 utc | 25


...when all she did was offer slight resistance to Western aggression? The key event was the August 2013 false-flag gas attack and massacre of hostages in Ghouta in Damascus.

What really angered the West was the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean that prevented the NATO attack on Syria. (You will not find a single word of this in Western media.) This is why Crimea needed to be captured by the West. As revenge and deterrence against the Russian agression.

I wrote about these events in 2016:

The standoff was first described by Israel Shamir in October 2013:

“The most dramatic event of September 2013 was the high-noon stand-off near the Levantine shore, with five US destroyers pointing their Tomahawks towards Damascus and facing them - the Russian flotilla of eleven ships led by the carrier-killer Missile Cruiser Moskva and supported by Chinese warships.

Apparently, two missiles were launched towards the Syrian coast, and both failed to reach their destination.”

A longer description was published by Australianvoice in 2015:

“So why didn’t the US and France attack Syria? It seems obvious that the Russians and Chinese simply explained that an attack on Syria by US and French forces would be met by a Russian/Chinese attack on US and French warships. Obama wisely decided not to start WW III in September 2013.” Can Russia Block Regime Change In Syria Again?

In my own comments from 2013 I tried to understand the mission of the Russian fleet. This is what I believed Putin's orders to the fleet were:

  1. To sink any NATO ship involved in illegal aggression against Syria.
  2. You have the authority to use tactical nuclear weapons in self-defense.

I am sure NATO admirals understood the situation the same way. I am not sure of the American leadership in Washington.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 14:05 utc | 26


Posted by: Norogene | Jul 17 2021 14:12 utc | 27

Insulting language aside, the narrative they are trying to create is that there is an anti-Russia, anti-China trend developing and that those sitting on the fence would be wise to join the bandwagon.

This will be particularly effective on the majority of folks who barely scan headlines and skim articles. Falun Gong/CIA mouthpiece Epoch Times is on board with this, based on recent headlines.

Posted by: Billb | Jul 17 2021 14:15 utc | 28

I wrote this morning on Afghanistan thread

What has been demonstrated is the incomparable superiority of will and precision on the military-industrial big bucks debauchery.

On Arrogance too.

Arrogance is a fairytale.

Every morning, the Evil Queen asked the Magic Mirror the question "Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?".
"My Queen, you are the fairest here so true. But Snow White beyond the mountains at the Seven Dwarfs is a thousand times more lovely, fair and beautiful than you."

Posted by: الجزائر | Jul 17 2021 14:19 utc | 29

I've noticed that hypocrisy is no longer a thing in our culture. It is openly embraced as the norm. And if you try to point it out you are accused of whataboutism. It is a sign of our intellectual and spiritual decline.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Jul 17 2021 14:28 utc | 30

@ Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 14:05 utc | 26
Really agree with you.[not the first time]

I wrote this morning on Afghanistan thread [link on #29] about Thierry Meyssan's analysis of USA being defeated in Syria.

It probably still remains some qualified high rank officers in US army/navy.
And some disappointed by the F-35 efficiency in the USAF.

Posted by: الجزائر | Jul 17 2021 14:34 utc | 31

The civilized strike group is now in the Indian Ocean. The big question is what happens when they get near the Paracel Islands and the Taiwan Straits.

Posted by: dh | Jul 17 2021 14:37 utc | 32

Democracy grows in darkness

Wikipedia has a list of reliable and unreliable sources. "Reliable" are those sources that are under the direct control of the US regime. Any degree of independence from the regime makes the source "unreliable." WaPo and NYT are at the top of the list of reliable sources.

This is the diametric opposite of how Wikispooks defines reliability. Reliability of sources is directly proportional to their distance *from* power.

At A Closer Look on Syria (ACLOS) we only trust primary sources.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 14:44 utc | 33

Life is the ultimate I.Q test.

Posted by: Larry Paul Johnson | Jul 17 2021 14:52 utc | 34

Civilization vs Uncivilization

Makes me remember the cornerstone work from former Argentine president DF Sarmiento, who dealt with "Civilization or Barbarism" in his book "Facundo". Of course, his position was the "civilized" one.

Those "civilized" succeeded in creating a country submitted to the British rule, selling cheap crops and getting expensive manufactures, with a privileged minority living lavishly and a great majority, in misery.

Also, their "civilized" methods to impose their project was the bloody "Police War"

Same language used now, for the same undisclosed intentions.

Posted by: Andres | Jul 17 2021 14:58 utc | 35

In Russian, to be uncivilized (nekulturny) is a bad thing.

Posted by: lysias | Jul 17 2021 15:10 utc | 36

From George's WaPo article..

"Unfortunately, “nonconfrontational” means that the group will not sail through the Taiwan Strait. Beijing will surely interpret this avoidance as a flinch?"

I love the fact that George turned a nothingburger into a story by flexing his mind-reading skills and putting words in Beijing's mouth.
What if Beijing was thinking: "If we sink your ships, you'll have to stop showboating."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 17 2021 15:48 utc | 37

George Will has been dead for decades, he just doesn't know it yet...

Posted by: urblintz | Jul 17 2021 15:52 utc | 38

To be civilized is to be refined in the arts and sciences

To be civilized in the West one must be refined in the arts of deception and good at the science of public manipulation.

So I guess I have been wrong to make the big picture call of what is going on in our world a civilization war between two civilized parties but it is clear that only one party in our war of humanity is civilized.....and it is not the West.

Hey George Will! How can a country or group of countries be civilized when they are controlled by a cult of global private finance owners?....isn't that called slavery?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 17 2021 15:55 utc | 39

Said about GW by one in the know:
"He isn't dead, he just smells foul"
Said the other:
"Fawls shold be well hing before enjoyed by the dogs and cats to swallow -- same sauce goes down as well for both the ganders and for fools."

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Jul 17 2021 15:57 utc | 40

Well HUNG" -- not "well hIng" . All other strange spellings are most intentional.

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Jul 17 2021 16:09 utc | 41

Patrick Armstrong recently wrote this...

He is right, it has become difficult to distinguish 'news' from satire.

Posted by: MarkU | Jul 17 2021 16:10 utc | 42

@37 Boris better sail his new carrier through the Taiwan Straits or George will say he chickened out.

Posted by: dh | Jul 17 2021 16:12 utc | 43

This article is fundamentally about propaganda and "soft power".

Soft power in foreign policy is usually defined when other countries defer to your judgement without threat of punishment or promise of gain.

In other words, if other countries support your country without a "carrot or stick" approach, you have soft power.

For years, the US simply assumed other "civilized" of the western world would dutifully follow along in US footsteps due to unshakeable trust in America's moral authority. The western media played a crucial role by suppressing news regarding any atrocities the western powers committed and amplifying any perceived threats or aggressions from "enemies".

Now, with the age of the internet, western audiences can read news from all over the world and that has been a catastrophe for western powers. We can now see real-time debunking of propaganda.

In the past, the British would have easily passed off the recent destroyer provocation as pure Russian aggression and could expect outrage from all western aligned countries. The EU and US populations could have easily been whipped into a frenzy and DEMANDED reprisals against Russia if not outright war. Something similar to a "Gulf of Tonkin" moment.

But, that did not happen. People all over the world now know NOTHING from the US or British press is to be trusted. People also now know NATO routinely try to stir up trouble and provoke Russia.

So, Americans and even British citizens displayed no widespread outrage because they simply did not believe their own government's and compliant media's side of the story.

US and British "soft power" are long gone. No one trusts them. No one wants to follow them into anymore disastrous wars of aggression.

Western media still do not understand this and cannot figure out why so many refuse western vaccines or support the newest color revolutions.

We simply do not believe it.

Posted by: Mar man | Jul 17 2021 16:14 utc | 44

fact is.....i thought he was dead....

Posted by: mhouston | Jul 17 2021 16:18 utc | 45

Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 14:05 utc | 26

If we are talking about the same incident.
You are missing the juicy bit;

The two missiles were fired by Israeli airplanes from behind the US and UK ships. (Nearer Gibraltar)

The planned scenario was that the Syrians would "reply" to the missiles and fire (by mistake) at the US and UK force. Thus the attack on Syria would be justified by "they fired first", and seen as Syrian aggression.

Once the Russians openly signaled the real source of the two missiles, they were declared "practice" ones and diverted into the sea.

One other difference in the story is that I understood that the Russian radars that picked up the missiles were the long-range ones based in Crimea. Crimea was and still is the center of all the Russian Southern Defense system.

Posted by: Stonebird | Jul 17 2021 16:22 utc | 46

"If arrogance were a deadly disease, George Will would be dead" Just arrogance? Deceit, manipulation, projection, slander, murder (he who hates without a cause is guilty of murder) Any of these tools of the devil would have killed him on the spot.

Posted by: Gold Finch | Jul 17 2021 16:24 utc | 47

The Taliban has now changed the English-language "Spåkesman" to "Spokesperson". This agrees well with the Dari(Persian) language , where the same word is gender-neutral.
US of North A landing vessels in the Táiwan straights now get armed with Norwegian-produced rockets that reach far and like cannons. Aus den stoltzen Berg in Brüssel, the Quisling Jens Stoltenberg must have exherted bmegaton tonnage of pressure on the government of Norway to allow this blatant abrogation of the treaty on trade and friensship mesween Red China and Norway signes four years ago, where Norway promised never to go agains China's "core national interests. Shame on us Nordics for being almost as duoplicious as "Perfide Albion"itself!

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Jul 17 2021 16:43 utc | 48

thanks b.... another propaganda slogan - civilized nations.... these lousy journalists thrive on these phony slogans...

@ Perimetr | Jul 17 2021 12:16 utc | 11.. your sister is testimony to the fact propaganda does work.. many people are unable or unwilling to see how they are subject to this constantly.. in fact, they seem to like swimming in it..

@ Ayatoilet | Jul 17 2021 12:50 utc | 16.. i relate really well to your commentary... thanks for saying all that.. i see it as fundamentally the same.. let me quote you again - " They worship money, and simply don't understand it when others don't. When they talk about superiority, they are basically saying the worship of money rules supreme. You sort of become dignified in the west if you have a lot of wealth. They want to turn the whole world into prostitutes. Policy and laws are driven by material considerations." the spiritual and soul implications are very empty as a consequence...

@ Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 14:05 utc | 26 // @ Stonebird | Jul 17 2021 16:22 utc | 46... thanks for touching on those facts... i guess that is what george will means by ''civilized'' or 'civilized nations'... up is down and down is up.. righto...

Posted by: james | Jul 17 2021 16:45 utc | 49

Anyone good with Photoshop?

I would enjoy a long healthy laugh.

Picture this:

George Will with a bone through his nose.


Posted by: librul | Jul 17 2021 16:47 utc | 50

Point being I guess...he's not gone, but forgotten.

Posted by: john | Jul 17 2021 13:10 utc | 19

Referring to George Will that gave me a good laugh.

Posted by: ToivoS | Jul 17 2021 16:49 utc | 51

Will is a more than willing servant of Empire.
and always has been

He and some others at the WA Post along with Friedman over at the NYT and a number of his colleagues (and editors/publishers) as well should perhaps be put on trial for their complicity in the vast war crimes and crimes against humanity of the US-UK Empires over the past 3-4 decades, or more..... which they have all so gleefully supported and provided propaganda cover for.....

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jul 17 2021 16:55 utc | 52

George probably over-thunk the word 'civilised' before rushing into print.

The Colonial Christians nurture a daydream that the only way to 'civilise' a culture they love to HATE is to bomb it back to the Stone Age. But they dare not mention the likelihood that if they try that with a friend of Russia, China or Iran, they'll wish they hadn't.
Hence all the wishful thinking and superficial bravado.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 17 2021 16:58 utc | 53

@ librul | Jul 17 2021 16:47 utc | 50 who wrote

Picture this:

George Will with a bone through his nose.

Nice visualization of his nose bone with the ends holding up his glasses so they don't slide civilized....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 17 2021 17:02 utc | 54

This site appears to be the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

They cast Germany as a victim or potential victim of foreign aggressors, as a peace-loving nation forced to take up arms to protect its populace or defend European civilization against Communism.

I remember a tv history program that had interviews with German soldiers.
I recall one who had seen/participated in going from village to village in the USSR
hanging local communist leaders. He said they had been taught that by doing this
they were "protecting civilization".

Posted by: librul | Jul 17 2021 17:04 utc | 55

@Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 17 2021 17:02 utc | 54

Thx for the chuckle.

Posted by: librul | Jul 17 2021 17:07 utc | 56

When is the "Better Dead Than Red" slogan going to come back around from the barbarians?

We have not plumbed the depths of depravity quite yet but are getting close.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 17 2021 17:11 utc | 57

"Henry Kissinger has said...." That lets me out right there. HK should have been hanged for war crimes not later than 1976. It will be a great day for humanity when that creature goes under the soil.

Posted by: Donnie | Jul 17 2021 17:15 utc | 58

The first thought that came to my mind with the image of the HMS Defender over Will's opinion was "gun boat diplomacy".

Yes it true that after the Opium wars in the 19th century all the British had to do was send their warships off the coast of an offending nation to convince them to agree to British terms for "free trade".

In the 19th century it was true that gun boat diplomacy and the British Navy an irresistible force. But today!?. The Defender would have not lasted more than a few minutes if it had defied Russia's demand to leave its territorially waters off Crimea. Every one knows this. What was Boris Johnson thinking when he approved that provocation? Is it possible that he still thinks Great Britain is still great? Utterly weird.

Posted by: ToivoS | Jul 17 2021 17:29 utc | 59

Remember this one? Bet George certainly does.

"In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad."

The ad campaign was led and paid for by Pamela Geller's organization.

She would later go to Texas and incite violence with the assistance of the FBI.

The FBI under Comey did not arrest Pamela Geller because, either they were her active partner, or they failed just like on 9/11.

Pamela Geller was inciting violence - intentionally, successfully and with clear purpose.

Her purpose has been repeated numerous times by Benjamin Netanyahu:
"9/11 was good for Israel".

Incite more violence in the US and that is good for Izrael.

Pamela Geller's org has made clear her loyality to Israel, to hate and to violence.
Her organization posted this billboard:

"In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad."

"9/11 was good for Israel" - Benjamin Netanyahu.

Being loyal to hate and to violence and publicity, what did Pamela Geller do, with the full knowledge of the FBI?

She deliberately provoked hate in order to incite violence by Muslims by deeply insulting their religion. Her purpose was publicity that benefits a foreign country - Israel.

In Garland Texas, she sponsored an ****annual**** "insult Muhammad" contest ("First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest").

Her baiting of violence caught a fish with the FBI in tow.

It was common knowledge that the Insult Muhammed contest could provoke violence, so the presence of FBI at the contest was a given
- a very strong given for a competent FBI.
Under Comey the given fact was the absence of FBI agents - a stand down.

The only FBI presence known to the public is the FBI plant, a provoker of violence himself,
who urged the gunmen to "Tear up Texas".

That is right, the gunmen drove a very long distance to arrive in Texas,
the FBI provocateur arrived in his car immediately behind the gunmen.

This was Comey in action ("9/11 was good for Israel" - Benjamin Netanyahu), an FBI stand down, an FBI plant urging violence and arriving at Pamela Geller's contest in the car behind the gunmen.

And to complete his task Comey did not arrest Pamela Geller for intentionally inciting violence.

Posted by: librul | Jul 17 2021 17:33 utc | 60

This George Will seems to have exposed himself to no end of mocking names. I'm going with George Cant as in:

1. hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.

Posted by: Brian Keller | Jul 17 2021 17:37 utc | 61

“If arrogance were a deadly disease”
Perhaps it is, isn’t arrogance the reason, the world is watch the death throes or the US and her controlled western powers.

Posted by: Kooshy | Jul 17 2021 17:41 utc | 62

I guess anything non-western is "uncivilised", as they didn't join these "steps". 19th century rhetoric from the times of colonialism.

Westerners will become even more and more crazed. They thought that they will rule the world, they are now building a new Global Utopia, the best in the world, to be followed by everyone, instead they declined. Which causes mental craziness and violent outbursts at the world. That wasn't supposed to happen, to "the best of the best".

I guess we will have to put the patient called "The West" in mental institution.

Posted by: Passer | Jul 17 2021 17:52 utc | 63

The disdain for George (POS) Will by the riotous and good has no bounds.

Posted by: ed | Jul 17 2021 18:24 utc | 64

Thanks b. George Will still serving dutifully at The Ministry of Truth. War is Peace. Uncivilized is Civilized. Got it.

Posted by: Michael Crockett | Jul 17 2021 18:44 utc | 65

The acts of a 'civilized' nation:

Although there are many thousands of examples available I think a single one is sufficient to settle the matter.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jul 17 2021 18:49 utc | 66

Posted by: Brian Keller | Jul 17 2021 17:37 utc | 61

This George Will seems to have exposed himself to no end of mocking names.

You mean like Hardly Lucent of The Guardian?

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 18:55 utc | 67

Arrogance is not a deadly disease or even a hindrance for mainstream presstitutes; it is a job qualification, making them all the more manipulable and manipulative. And so, as with Michael Gordon, Judith Miller, Brett Stephens and David Sanger (essentially all of them pulling double duty for the apartheid state), people will die from their propaganda, but they will advance.

Posted by: fx | Jul 17 2021 19:01 utc | 68

This guy? He may swallow his own venom and die.

Posted by: manuel | Jul 17 2021 19:05 utc | 69

George Shill ; well paid liar, propagandist, hypocrite, war monger and chicken hawk.

Posted by: General Strike | Jul 17 2021 19:07 utc | 70

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 17 2021 14:05 utc | 26

I wrote about these events in 2016:

Then you forgot to mention the Israeli cruise missile launched by a Dolphin class sub that was detected by Russian early warning radar. It was publicly denounced by Moscow as originating from the Mediterranean. Since the missile failed to reach its objective likely because of Russian EW/ECM Israel admitted to a missile launch test.

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Jul 17 2021 19:40 utc | 71

Name a democracy that isn’t a suzerainty.

Name a leader with moral courage and integrity among suzerainties (private plantations). Nations without integrity and filled with Orcs (individuals without conscience), can’t be civilized. They’re EVIL vassals of Saruman & Sauron, manipulated by Wormtongue.

"The true equation is ‘democracy’ = government by world financiers.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien

Henry Kissinger, in his interview with Chatham House stated, “the United States is in a CRISIS of confidence... America has committed great moral wrongs.” What are U$A’s core values?

According to a CFR member :
“How lucky I am that my mother studied with JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis and WH Auden and that she passed on to me a command of language that permits me to “tell the story” of the world economy in plain English. She would have been delighted that I managed to show that the evil Gollum from Tolkien’s tales lives above the doorway in the Oval Office, which he certainly does. I saw him there myself. He may have found a new perch over at The Federal Reserve Bank as well.”
– Excerpt From, Signals: The Breakdown of the Social Contract and the Rise of Geopolitics by Dr Philippa Malmgren

The Financial Empire has ran out of LUCK. “In God We Trust”

Why Mordor Failed... Sauron’s hegemonic collapse holds potent lessons

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims … but accomplices.”

Posted by: Max | Jul 17 2021 19:48 utc | 72

Posted by: Stonebird | Jul 17 2021 16:22 utc | 46

The two missiles were fired by Israeli airplanes from behind the US and UK ships. (Nearer Gibraltar)

Check your sources. I think it was revealed to be a Dolphin class sub that fired the SLCM. And it was the Don-2N radar and not located in Crimea. The rest of your post is correct.

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Jul 17 2021 19:53 utc | 73

He used a lot of big words in the article so that upper middle-class families sitting around dinner tables won't be so embarrassed to agree with these ideas out loud. Instead of embarrassed, they feel enlightened to consume these articles based on a bit of prose and not based on the substance of the article.

This is mental sustenance for the weak-minded who will say and do anything to be a part of a winning team. They will bend over backwards to justify anything printed in these papers because the alternative is have negative emotions once in a while.

If this were written with crass or crude language the ideas in the article wouldn't have legs, at least not with most people, whereas anti-war voices and other ideas which have a natural veracity ring true no matter if it is spoken with vulgarity or eloquence.

Posted by: Rutherford82 | Jul 17 2021 20:00 utc | 74

Compared to some of the Australian MSM on China, George almost sounds sane.

Also bit OT but a current gripe:

"send ships to the Mars."
Posted by: Abe | Jul 17 2021 11:56 utc | 6

Mars is not a potential home, it is a warning (same as Venus). The whole notion of industrialized space expansion is a trap.

Posted by: Rae | Jul 17 2021 20:42 utc | 75

We are the Wapo men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Posted by: Leuk | Jul 17 2021 20:43 utc | 76

hes @ 1

Back in 80s I bore a certain resemblance to George Will and was frequently mistaken for him. Can’t remember (or care) about details, think he was teaching at Northwestern and was thus a local for a time. It got bad enough I had to get new glasses and let my hair grow.

First warning I was a case of mistaken identity was always exaggerated deference. No one ever walked up and told me I was disgusting. Usually the mistake would happen at parties and guests would ask the host how they succeeded in getting George Will to attend. Everyone, no exceptions, was in awe of George Will. Cult of celebrity is powerful. No leftie ever had a shred of principle when face to face with celebrity.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jul 17 2021 21:05 utc | 77

I thought moral superiority was the official position of NATO. The explicit intent is to weaponize human rights and democracy . So it is not merely the mundane 'our group is better' or the somewhat nostalgic western form of moral superiority, it's weaponized moral superiority.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Jul 17 2021 21:08 utc | 78

George Will looking good I tellya. Anybody know who does his embalming?

Doesn't Will's article reek of Nazi propaganda against the Russians as a mongrel Asiatic uncivilized people? Of course to attack the Chinese as uncivilized? China uncivilized? 5,000 years of continuous culture? The Russians and Chinese must join up with civilization. Unfortunately at least in the West race is only about skin color. It certainly wasn't the case with the original Nazis. Will's piece is blatantly racist out of the tradition of Nazism.

Posted by: Erelis | Jul 17 2021 21:27 utc | 79

The USA-centrism is on display here again. No one in Australia knows (or cares to know) who George Will is. Who even reads these rags anyway? Come on b, this is low hanging fruit isn't it? An intelligent 12-yr old could critique this imperialist screed. Wouldn't the challenge be to examine your own blindspots? Corona-Ausnahmezustandes vielleicht?

Posted by: Patroklos | Jul 17 2021 22:09 utc | 80

Here is civilization at its peak

Posted by: Patroklos | Jul 17 2021 22:11 utc | 81

The fact they have to dig up this rancid corpse to spout propaganda is a sure sign the Empire has minutes left in it! When they look in the mirror what do they see? Anything? No, it is the American Empire that doesn't like how the Cold War ended. Sure they did a victory dance through the nineties when they tried to rape Russia to death but it failed. And if that wasn't bad enough they have lost their economic position to China. Every scheme from Ukraine to Syria has turned into dung....they dare not face Russia or China militarily so they engineer spiteful publicity stunts like the shoddy Brits did in the Black Sea. Then they brag about it! Pathetic. Look, the Writing is already on the they need someone to interpret for them?

Posted by: nook | Jul 17 2021 22:37 utc | 82

American exceptionalism’s finest spokesman—George F. Will

Posted by: Rob | Jul 17 2021 22:41 utc | 83

The 256 nation states that house 8 billion people, are the tools of the manipulators. The manipulators can be found in the privately owned, monopoly powered corporations and their market traders. The criminal and oligarch elements that control the behaviors of the nation state system can be found in the banks, universities, think tanks and religious institutions.

The elements that control the nation state system all depend <=for their power <=on limiting the access of the governed to the valuable information hidden in the private information space and on the un-gated 24/7 misinformation pushed into, and distributed in the public information space.

The Civilized nation state system differentiates the human born into it from its birth so that the manipulators can make targets of some and aggressors of others. MSM merely manipulates the when, where, how, and who. So information is like blood. Information oozes between and within the nation states to selectively deliver its messages which messages activate/deactivate the behaviors of the various nations exposed to it.

What has surprised me is that Google has not made George Will President of its company.

Posted by: snake | Jul 17 2021 22:42 utc | 84

@77 It's a pity you didn't run into George at a party OH. You could have had an interesting discussion. Of course you probably wouldn't get invited again. You would have been branded as an unpatriotic commie nutcase.

Posted by: dh | Jul 17 2021 23:23 utc | 85

Another dictionary definition of civilized is "cultured and courteous; refined"

Another description of the West is "crass and aggressive; opportunist"

Just because the pussy grabber is not in office doesn't mean the rules of barbarous empire have changed.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 18 2021 0:17 utc | 86

Civilized Nations like the U.S. coerce and extort other countries. While we warn about China's so-called debt traps we ...

1. Destroyed a company in Mexico for selling corn to Venezuela in exchange for corn. We called it 'money laundering' because it allowed Venezuela to bypass sanctions.

2. We destroyed Venezuela's ability to sell oil by threatening foreign tankers with fines and confiscation if they shipped it anywhere.

3. We did the same thing to Syria and occupied their oil and wheat fields and then ordered the occupants not to sell it to the rest of Syria.

We are the pinnacle of a civilized country. Anybody who writes such rubbish is a self-righteous ass.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jul 18 2021 0:48 utc | 87

Oxford and the Ivy League. The training grounds for the Anglo American deep state and the cheerleaders of the empire. Expect nothing more of these deeply under educated sudo intellectuals.

Posted by: circumspect | Jul 18 2021 1:38 utc | 88

The more we see the decay of all types all around us (vaccine enforcement, climate change taxes) the more “civilised” we will become in the discourse in our public media. The more white people and other people will want to move to live in the “uncivilised” Russia.
Thanks to psychohistorian for a great meme regarding this.
But b, why are we wasting our energy on every puppet behind a regime’s pulpit? The regime has an endless supply of such.

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 18 2021 1:51 utc | 89

Sorry, I meant this meme of our pussy grabber psycho:

To be civilized in the West one must be refined in the arts of deception and good at the science of public manipulation.
How stupid can one be to not venture beyond the rhetoric of his Democratic Party criminal gang?

Posted by: Kiza | Jul 18 2021 1:58 utc | 90

Mar man @ 44, sound observation. And once it is lost, there is no getting it back. Not for a very, very long time I think.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 18 2021 2:31 utc | 91

@ Kiza | Jul 18 2021 1:58 utc | 90 with the mixed bag hat tip...I ain't no pussy grabber and haven't even been near one in years.....sigh....bit of an outlier, I am.

I will assume you meant it in jest...

With apologies to Voltaire

Civilization, like history, is a lie commonly agreed to.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 18 2021 2:38 utc | 92

Patroklos @80 "Noone [outside the US] knows who George Will is."

Probably true, but some (like me) would have caught this reference from 'The Simpsons'

Lisa: Evolution is even accepted by prominent conservatives like Pope John-Paul II and George Will.

Ralph Wiggum: The George Will?

Posted by: S.P. Korolev | Jul 18 2021 2:52 utc | 93

FUKUS great game has been going on for centuries, one of the main theme of the latest iteration is…..Chinese as pariah of 21C

Chinese are being assaulted all across five liars lands.

Some times the bullies pick on the wrong guy/gal and get their comeuppance.

I dun like to post/watch video, when I do better watch.

Posted by: denk | Jul 18 2021 4:13 utc | 94

Posted by: Ayatoilet | Jul 17 2021 12:50 utc | 16

Plenty of people who work for the MIC and in various policy circles/think tanks have plenty "to show for it" where all these wars are concerned. Many billions of dollars were siphoned upwards and outwards into the bank accounts and expensive homes of the managerial and executive classes (even the hazard pay folks who actually went to the places "we" were bombing) not just at Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Booz Allen, etc. but plenty of lesser known "socioeconomically disadvantaged" Small Businesses (proper noun in this context) companies who utilized the services of an army of consultants to glom onto the war machine. In most cases of the larger firms, Wall Street handled the IPOs long ago, and these companies have entire (much less profitable) divisions dedicated to state and local governments to "diversify" their business portfolios in case the people finally get sick of war. But that rarely happens in any real sense because the corporate establishment "legacy media" makes sure that there's always an uncivilized country to bomb or threaten....and that means the "defense" department needs loads of services, weapons, and process improvement consultants all the time. War is a racket; always has been, always will be.

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 18 2021 5:00 utc | 95

In what ways is the USA like Darth Vader's Galactic Empire in Star Wars?

Posted by: Tom_Q_Collins | Jul 18 2021 5:03 utc | 96

The two missiles were fired by Israeli airplanes from behind the US and UK ships. (Nearer Gibraltar)

The planned scenario was that the Syrians would "reply" to the missiles and fire (by mistake) at the US and UK force. Thus the attack on Syria would be justified by "they fired first", and seen as Syrian aggression.

Once the Russians openly signaled the real source of the two missiles, they were declared "practice" ones and diverted into the sea.

One other difference in the story is that I understood that the Russian radars that picked up the missiles were the long-range ones based in Crimea. Crimea was and still is the center of all the Russian Southern Defense system.

Posted by: Stonebird | Jul 17 2021 16:22 utc | 46

Yes, never rose to that status of "fact" quite, but that is what I remember too. And at least a few other such attempts, one successful, at getting aircraft shot down (the Russian EI one). Nasty AND stupid.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 18 2021 7:26 utc | 97

Posted by: Mar man | Jul 17 2021 16:14 utc | 44

Unfortunately, it seems that truly large segments of the population in the developed western countries and especially in the Anglo-sphere believe the propaganda emanating from the imperial mouthpieces. The US citizenry is a case study in manipulating the public.

Indeed, the DNC liberals are effectively the vanguard of the pro-war movement, espouse racist Rusophobia and conitnue Trump's hostility to China. The so-cslled conservatives follow their own tradition of imperial mobilization behind the Washington regime: Chin,Latin America, the very people who berated the 'Deep State' now paise its subversive activities against the targeted left-wing governments.

As for the moribund left - it would be better described as leftovers - it is often taken for a ride as long as the imperial messaging is promoted by the liberal media. The excuses for imperialism are a constant for many of them (even as they call themselves anti-imperialists) and the beleaguered voicesfor the truth are far and few. The latter often face silencing campaigns not just from the establishment hacks, but from their own supposed ideological comrades, who are, of course, in truth nothing of the sort.

All in all, despite the consistent record of manipulative propaganda and utter criminality the imperial regime never loses the support of the critical masss of the citizenry.

Posted by: Constantine | Jul 18 2021 7:33 utc | 98

All in all, despite the consistent record of manipulative propaganda and utter criminality the imperial regime never loses the support of the critical masss of the citizenry.

Posted by: Constantine | Jul 18 2021 7:33 utc | 98

Maybe 50% of the people here bother to vote, in IMPORTANT elections. Can be a lot less if the election is not important. The only people still engaged politically here at all are the people with good jobs. The American people have given up. And there are a lot of angry people running around, with guns. Claiming the citizenry here support the government is imperial propaganda. Why do you think they like mercenaries and proxies so much? And this is all in great contrast to when I was young 50 years ago.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 18 2021 7:48 utc | 99

Posted by: Bemildred | Jul 18 2021 7:26 utc | 97

The early warning Radar is near Armavir, in Kransnodar province!, That one pick up the missiles first!

Posted by: Grishka | Jul 18 2021 7:55 utc | 100

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