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July 23, 2021

Canada, Victims Of Communism, And Comparisons To A Holocaust

Canada seems to have some rather ambiguous position towards fascists. While it compares China's handling of its Uyghur population to a holocaust it is itself favoring the perpetrators of the real Holocaust.

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation reports of donations from supporters of east-European nazis to a Canadian anti-communist organization:

A controversial monument being built in Ottawa to honour victims of communist regimes has received donations in honour of known fascists and Nazi collaborators, according to a list posted online by the organization spearheading the project.

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism is being financed partly through a "buy-a-brick" campaign called Pathways to Liberty, which is run by the registered charity Tribute to Liberty.

The campaign sells "virtual bricks" that appear on the organization's website and in their newsletter. The bricks are dedicated to alleged victims of communism and include biographical notes about the individuals being commemorated.
An organization calling itself the General Committee of United Croats of Canada purchased virtual bricks dedicated to Ante Pavelić, describing him only as a "doctor of laws."

Pavelić was the wartime leader of the Ustaša, the fascist organization that ran the Independent State of Croatia, a Nazi puppet regime. In this role, Pavelić was the chief perpetrator of the Holocaust in the Balkans. Approximately 32,000 Jews, 25,000 Roma and 330,000 Serbs were murdered by the regime.
An organization calling itself the Knightly Order of Vitéz purchased five bricks. "Several members of the order actively participated in the persecution, despoliation and, in 1944, the deportation of the Hungarian Jews," said László Karsai, a professor of history at the University of Szeged.

Vitéz members included high-ranking members of the Nazi-puppet government established late in the war, which organized the deportation of some 437,000 Hungarian Jews. "It was the biggest, fastest deportation action of the Holocaust," said Karsai. "Several tens of thousands of Vitéz members got large lands (from) Jewish properties."

The League of Ukrainian Canadians' Edmonton Branch, meanwhile, purchased five virtual bricks in honour of Roman Shukhevych — who led the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) during the Second World War and was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Belarusians, Jews, Poles and Ukrainians.

The Victims of Communism memorial project in Canada is a copy of a similar project in Washington DC. It has high level support:

In 2013, the Harper government pledged $1.5 million to the project, a figure that increased to $3 million by 2014. By the end of 2014, the project's budget had ballooned to $5.5 million, with a taxpayer contribution of $4.3 million.
A NCC spokesperson said the estimated total cost of the monument is now $7.5 million, with $6 million coming from the federal government after Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland included an additional $4 million in this spring's budget to complete the monument.
The monument has received letters of support from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Green party leader Elizabeth May, former NDP leader Tom Mulcair and former federal justice minister Irwin Cotler.

The generous with tax dollars Chrystia Freeland is known for her support of fascists in the Ukraine. It relates to her family's history:

The records now being opened by the Polish government in Warsaw reveal that Freeland’s maternal grandfather Michael (Mikhailo) Chomiak was a Nazi collaborator from the beginning to the end of the war. He was given a powerful post, money, home and car by the German Army in Cracow, then the capital of the German administration of the Galician region. His principal job was editor in chief and publisher of a newspaper the Nazis created. His printing plant and other assets had been stolen from a Jewish newspaper publisher, who was then sent to die in the Belzec concentration camp. During the German Army’s winning phase of the war, Chomiak celebrated in print the Wehrmacht’s “success” at killing thousands of US Army troops. As the German Army was forced into retreat by the Soviet counter-offensive, Chomiak was taken by the Germans to Vienna, where he continued to publish his Nazi propaganda, at the same time informing for the Germans on other Ukrainians. They included fellow Galician Stepan Bandera, whose racism against Russians Freeland has celebrated in print, and whom the current regime in Kiev has turned into a national hero.

Chomiak eventual landed in a U.S. occupied part of Germany where he and other east-European fascist were hired by U.S. Army intelligence. He later, like ten-thousands of other east-European nazi supporters, emigrated to Canada.

The Canadian charity Tribute to Liberty seems to be a copy of the Washington DC based Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation:

According to Title IX, Section 905 of Public Law 103–199, an independent organization was to be established to construct, maintain and operate the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C., as well as to collect the contributions for the establishment of the memorial and to encourage the participation of all groups suffered under Communist regimes. In 2007, the foundation completed the Victims of Communism Memorial, which was dedicated by President George W. Bush. In 2016, the foundation released a list of 51 prisoners of conscience in Cuba just before President Barack Obama visit and meeting with Raúl Castro. In 2020, the organization released a report calling attention to organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs in China.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has one distinct fellow who over the last years has gained notoriety with his anti-China antics:

Both President Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have endorsed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s last-minute accusation of “genocide” against the Muslim Uyghur population in China’s Xinjiang province. But an investigation of published work by the researcher Pompeo relied on to level his genocide allegation reveals a pattern of data abuse and fraudulent assertions that substantially undermines the incendiary charge.

The US government’s accusation of genocide against China stems from a single source: a June 2020 paper by Adrian Zenz, a right-wing German researcher affiliated with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and neoconservative Jamestown Foundation in Washington, DC.

Adrian Zenz has published dozens of false claims about alleged Chinese discrimination against its population of Uyghurs. He is accusing China of committing a 'holocaust:

While Zenz’s employers describe him as “one of the world’s leading scholars on People’s Republic of China government policies towards the country’s western regions of Tibet and Xinjiang,” he is, in fact, a far-right Christian fundamentalist who has said he is “led by God” against China’s government, deplores homosexuality and gender equality, and has taught exclusively in evangelical theological institutions.

Lyle Goldstein, a China specialist and research professor in the Strategic and Operational Research Department of the Naval War College, told The Grayzone that Zenz’s labeling of the Chinese approach to the Uyghurs as “demographic genocide” is “ridiculous to the point of being insulting to those who lost relatives in the Holocaust.”

Goldstein said the Chinese approach to Xinjiang “is a more repressive posture than we would like, but it sure isn’t genocide.”

In July 2020 Zens was invited as expert by the Canadian parliament's Subcommittee on International Human Rights. He was introduced as:

Adrian Zenz Senior Fellow in China Studies, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

His testimony, which also refers to the Holocaust, included several lies:

Thank you for inviting me to testify at this hearing.

Since 2017, up to 1.8 million Uighurs and other ethnic minority groups in the the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang have been swept up in probably the largest incarceration of an ethno-religious minority since the Holocaust. Exiled Uighurs and researchers have described this campaign as a cultural genocide.

New research gives strong evidence that Beijing's actions in Xinjiang also meet the physical genocide criterion cited in section (d) of article II of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, “Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”.

Starting in 2018, a growing number of female internment camp survivors testified that they were given injections that coincided with changes in or cessation of their menstrual cycles. Others reported that they were forcibly fitted with intrauterine contraceptive devices, abbreviated as IUDs, prior to internment or subjected to sterilization surgeries.

Also in 2018, official natural population growth rates in Xinjiang plummeted. In Kashgar and Hotan, two Uighur heartland regions, combined natural population growth rates fell by 84% between 2015 and 2018. In 2019, birth rates in ethnic minority regions declined by a further 30% to 56%. For 2020, one minority prefecture set a natural population growth target of near zero, specifically 1.05 per mille, a record low and a major drop in the natural population growth of that same region.

The '1.8 million incarcerated' number is bonkers:

The claim that China has detained millions of ethnic Uyghurs in its Xinjiang region is repeated with increasing frequency, but little scrutiny is ever applied. Yet a closer look at the figure and how it was obtained reveals a serious deficiency in data.

While this extraordinary claim is treated as unassailable in the West, it is, in fact, based on two highly dubious “studies.” 

The first, by the US government-backed Network of Chinese Human Rights Defenders, formed its estimate by interviewing a grand total of eight people.

The second study relied on flimsy media reports and speculation. It was authored by Adrian Zenz, a far-right fundamentalist Christian who opposes homosexuality and gender equality, supports “scriptural spanking” of children, and believes he is “led by God” on a “mission” against China.

Moon of Alabama has shown that the testimonies of 'female internment camp survivors' constantly change and always towards more sensational claims. They are not reliable. Zenz's claims of a 'natural population growth rate' are nonsense. There is no 'natural growth rate' as the number of children per couple are highly dependent of the economic development. Industrialized societies with higher income tend to have less or even negative population growth. The Uighur population has grown over the last decades even as the rate of growth has been shrinking:

In 1953 there were 3.6 million Uyghur in Xinjiang. In 2,000 there were 8.4 million. Wikipedia says that in 2018 Xinjiang has a total population of 25 million of which 11.3 million are ethnic Uyghur.

It is quite weird to claim that such a consistent population growth of an ethnic group is somehow a 'genocide'.

I find it highly ironic that Zenz speaks in front of a Canadian parliament committee of a 'holocaust' in China while the Canadian organization modeled on Zenz' employer receives donations in memoriam of actual holocaust perpetrators.

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Wanderer @98

I assume you mean my mention of support for fascism by the professional/managerial middle class via mass media and state and business institutions?

As I pointed out, fascists always have an ideology that is neither internally consistent nor consistent with other existing fascist groups. What passes as an ideology for them is normally a mix of fairly shallow myths, assumptions and prejudices. Of course, such an ideology can not stand up to close examination, much less real criticism, so it always takes active effort by the mass media to protect and reinforce these groups' ideas. This is also why some fascist gangs will try to borrow Marxist iconography (though never living Marxist analysis! That would alienate their benefactors!) as it lends them an air of respectability among those they have to recruit membership from.

It should be noted that fascism is rarely a 'movement' in the normal sense, like the Labor Movement or the Civil Rights Movement. It is a manufactured megatrend, like pet rocks or disco. It seems organic to those not paying attention, but it is really a product of multi-channel mass marketing.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 24 2021 20:53 utc | 101

=> William Gruff | Jul 24 2021 20:20 utc | 94

I don't know if we have an actual disagreement, or if I have simply been unable to convey my perspective. What I mean to express is that fascism is purely a personality condition. It has some of the features of sociopathy, but seems to be quite different. I think that only a small fraction of the population possesses this particular type of personality. I think my above description is fairly good, but such descriptions do not convey true understanding. You must experience, and recognize, actual people who have this condition if you are to understand them.

As an example, an individual can exhibit all of the symptoms of sociopathy, and yet not have the neurological condition of a sociopath. However, if you get to know them, you could discern that there is a difference. I think it's very likely that the fascist personality is a genetically heritable condition. My experience indicates that unlike sociopaths, fascists tend not to conceal their true nature.

Posted by: blues | Jul 24 2021 21:00 utc | 102

Well, the fascists I have known did not hesitate to reveal their nature to me, unlike the sociopaths. Of course, they could not 'operate' in accordance with their nature if they revealed so much to the masses.

Yes, they are always tools of the oligarchs. Some sociopaths are employed as tools as well. Of course, all of this business is never revealed to the masses.

Posted by: blues | Jul 24 2021 21:14 utc | 103

In response to Mao Cheng Ji@99,

I don't mind fatalism, but it doesn't mesh with what I'm trying to get across. If I bake a loaf of bread and it doesn't come out the way I want, I'm free to re-imagine what I might do differently to achieve my desired result, and implement these changes on my next attempt. From personal experience, this seems to work fine -- my results with baking don't seem to be pre-determined but are actually rather flexible and responsive.

If someone wants to criticize my bread, that's fine, but there's a fairly narrow margin of sensible criticism, when you think about it. If the problem is the baker's personality, his system of beliefs, the way he looks -- we're not talking bread. If the problem is lack of ingredients that I don't have or that don't exist in the wild, the wrong kind of oven or kitchen or wallpaper -- you might as well suggest I bake it on another planet. My bread is what it is, here's how I made it and what it's made of, what I have in the cupboard and the fridge, and that's roughly the range of realistic discussion that makes sense to me.

With you, my fatalist friend, I obviously wouldn't need to worry, since you would accept whatever I had to give with the grace of God and wouldn't complain.

Posted by: Skiffer | Jul 24 2021 21:21 utc | 104

blues @102

Perhaps it is just easier to recruit sociopaths to be fascist goons. Moreover, delusions of exceptionality lead individuals into this sociopathy that predisposes them to falling for fascist recruitment. When the people they are with at a public event start jumping up and down in unison (led, naturally, by a properly trained provocateur/recruiter) and chanting "Death to [insert target group here]!!", the energy of that crowd action easily infects them with enthusiasm for murder and they too start jumping and chanting.

But such events, with their infectious recruitment tools like the jumping and the chanting, are not spontaneous or organic. They are manufactured. That is how the sociopathy is turned into fascism.

As well, individual fascists are irrelevant. Fascism is a gang behavior; a mob behavior.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 24 2021 21:21 utc | 105

sorry to depart from the topic, but i'm sure VK was inspired by B's post.

Posted by: jason | Jul 24 2021 21:46 utc | 106

I tend to look at fascism from a Buddhist perspective. Fascists are consumed by their ego. Their foundation is the self and anything that serves that is fair game. They have no empathy for others or a belief in the common good. They don't experience the reality of the suffering of others.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Jul 24 2021 21:52 utc | 107

Posted by: blues | Jul 24 2021 18:40 utc | 84

It seems that I am the only person who knows what fascism really is. So strange, this world is! Fascism is NOT some type of social system. Mussolini was himself a fascist, but still did not understand what it truly is. Fascism is a state of MIND

Maybe you are the only living person who knows what fascism is, but in the past there were people who knew that too. The good thing is they left books behind them so we can kind of get a glimpse of their perspective on this issue. The authors who wrote about it are for example Alberto Moravia, Wilhelm Reich and Umberto Eco.
According to fist two, yes, certain types of minds are more prone to fascism. Sexually frustrated conformists are the prime material. Dr. Eco gave nice checklist how to spot fascism by matching any political system, ideology or a doctrine with 14 traits.
I grew up with more straight forward, Marxist, definition of fascism given by great Georgi Dimitrov. But it is a bit dry, abstract and intellectual. Reich and Moravia hit you in the gut, much better IMO.

Posted by: hopehely | Jul 24 2021 21:58 utc | 108

I do not know how to post an answer.., @50 @vk ??

about 56, nope (I mean certainly some are, but most of our are not). No, while certainly there were victims after 56, but there were more before, as a retorsion for the 2nd world war, many were taken into the SU (Soviet Union) for forced labour. And they were taken either randomly or as a punishmentThese were in the 100000s. There are reasons behind this because, as we did attack the SU, (we did not have much free choice in this, being in the vincinity of Germany and all around us friends but that is another story) anyway we did attack, so we payed the price after losing, fair game. As a punishment in the SU there was a directive that from the population x number of people need to be taken as forced labour. As most of are army was already either destroyed or taken prisoners, they could only fill the numbers from among the citizens. Many of these people died as let us just say that the environment was not exactly healthy.

We understand the situation and I am not angry about this, surely there are people who are. What I am angry about is that whenever we would like to remember this in some form, every damned time there are voices like this historian (who is far-"left" btw see below why I use quotes on left ) who tells use that oh that is nothing compared to the suffering of others.. well who cares, let us remember to our victims please.

But let me clarify further the current situation in Hungary.

The current Hungarian government is not against Russia, actually they did everything they could to mend the situation. (We have more against Ukraine as they do not provide the minority rights even on the level that they were provided during the SU) Just count how many times they did veto some unmendable steps to be made in the EU. Also we are trying to upgrade our nuclear powerplant with Rosatom, and we are under immense pressure not to do so.

Also just imagine the funny situation in Hungary. The government is internally charged being communist and also nazism at the same time. Externally, from the EU and Biden they are charged with being anti semitic and Nazi/Fascist. (We held the Maccabi games in 2019 and we supported the game by spending around 100000000Eur, renovated syanogues, but nothing seems enough.)

I mean seriously you could not make this up if you wanted. Meanwhile the opponents who are namely, unfortunately only namely from the left (some of the most influential oligarchs are actually still on this side (people who mostly made their fortunes during the privatization and using their connections with western countries which they built as turncoats as old counter intelligence and/or spies in short old communist office holders or their childer) are complaining that the government is too friendly with Russia/Putin and China. Meanwhile they made a pact with the real far right , Jobbik and it is really funny if you like this kind of humour that many from the Jewish community are supporting them, while day by day comes up some old or new anti-semitic moment from the part of Jobbik. (Meanwhile Jobbik's leader has become a stupid simple minded wannabe, who is btw half jewish while leading an anti-semitic or oh I am sorry a few years before very anti-semitic party. )

Also some of the members and office holders of our opponent ("liberal") parties has participated in various educational events held by the foreign ministry of the US :)

Posted by: Whatever | Jul 24 2021 21:59 utc | 109

=> William Gruff | Jul 24 2021 21:21 utc | 105

We seem to be out of sync on this fascism issue. I have observed that sociopaths and fascists are very different. And I think they are neurologically distinct from neurotypical people. And their unique talents are known by, and utilized by oligarchs.

Suppose you wished to hire a team of assassins. You would obviously want true neurological sociopaths. They are infinitely predictable, and they do not know remorse. They do not do 'charitable' things, such as 'leak to the press', etc. However, they are also disabled. They tend to take unreasonable risks, etc. So they can only be used for certain specific operations. Fascists also possess various super-talents and also disabilities.

I do not hate these people, at least on the personal level. I dislike what they tend to do, but do not dislike them. So I tend to 'hang out' with them. I am not exactly normal myself. I have an extremely rare variant of a developmental condition. I effortlessly seem rather normal outwardly. (But it's a different story 'under the hood'.) I don't see the world through the eyes of 'rogation' (I am not at all 'judgmental'). So I get to know all kinds of people.

Posted by: blues | Jul 24 2021 22:06 utc | 110

@ 83 juliania... not sure how the quebecois view this.. if lozion is around, he might venture a guess! it is one of the characteristics of canada, the tense merger of the french and english embedded in canada's history... the french seem much more magnanimous and in line with my own temperament... i guess that is why a good chunk of them left for louisiana... the acadians - or cajuns... i think no matter how one slices all this, i go back to @ 60 sushis idea - "What Canada really needs is a Victims of Colonialism memorial. " and we need to get rid of this political hierarchy that acknowledges the queen and british royalty.. i am sure the french would agree with this..

i have too many books on the go, but it sounds like a great suggestion.. thanks!

Posted by: james | Jul 24 2021 22:10 utc | 111

"... and a Jewish faction, called "Bund". ..."
Posted by: vk | Jul 24 2021 20:49 utc | 100

Do powerful wheeling and dealing jews have an affinity for a "Bund"?

re: james | Jul 24 2021 16:18 utc | 81

I've seen photos of the bearded Justin. But any with him wearing army fatigues and cap, with a cigar in his mouth?

Posted by: tucenz | Jul 24 2021 22:17 utc | 112

@ 112 tucenz... i haven't seen one, but it would be easy to do up via adobe photoshop..

Posted by: james | Jul 24 2021 23:20 utc | 113

It has been a while since there has been such an extended discussion at the MoA bar.

The below 14 Points of Fascism was written in 2004 by Dr. Laurence Britt, a political scientist. Dr. Britt studied the fascist regimes of: Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia), and Pinochet (Chile).


1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism

From the prominent displays of flags and bunting to the ubiquitous lapel pins, the fervor to show patriotic nationalism, both on the part of the regime itself and of citizens caught up in its frenzy, was always obvious. Catchy slogans, pride in the military, and demands for unity were common themes in expressing this nationalism. It was usually coupled with a suspicion of things foreign that often bordered on xenophobia.

2. Disdain for the importance of human rights

The regimes themselves viewed human rights as of little value and a hindrance to realizing the objectives of the ruling elite. Through clever use of propaganda, the population was brought to accept these human rights abuses by marginalizing, even demonizing, those being targeted. When abuse was egregious, the tactic was to use secrecy, denial, and disinformation.

3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause

The most significant common thread among these regimes was the use of scapegoating as a means to divert the people’s attention from other problems, to shift blame for failures, and to channel frustration in controlled directions. The methods of choice—relentless propaganda and disinformation—were usually effective. Often the regimes would incite “spontaneous” acts against the target scapegoats, usually communists, socialists, liberals, Jews, ethnic and racial minorities, traditional national enemies, members of other religions, secularists, homosexuals, and “terrorists.” Active opponents of these regimes were inevitably labeled as terrorists and dealt with accordingly.

4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism

Ruling elites always identified closely with the military and the industrial infrastructure that supported it. A disproportionate share of national resources was allocated to the military, even when domestic needs were acute. The military was seen as an expression of nationalism, and was used whenever possible to assert national goals, intimidate other nations, and increase the power and prestige of the ruling elite.

5. Rampant sexism

Beyond the simple fact that the political elite and the national culture were male-dominated, these regimes inevitably viewed women as second-class citizens. They were adamantly anti-abortion and also homophobic. These attitudes were usually codified in Draconian laws that enjoyed strong support by the orthodox religion of the country, thus lending the regime cover for its abuses.

6. A controlled mass media

Under some of the regimes, the mass media were under strict direct control and could be relied upon never to stray from the party line. Other regimes exercised more subtle power to ensure media orthodoxy. Methods included the control of licensing and access to resources, economic pressure, appeals to patriotism, and implied threats. The leaders of the mass media were often politically compatible with the power elite. The result was usually success in keeping the general public unaware of the regimes’ excesses.

7. Obsession with national security

Inevitably, a national security apparatus was under direct control of the ruling elite. It was usually an instrument of oppression, operating in secret and beyond any constraints. Its actions were justified under the rubric of protecting “national security,” and questioning its activities was portrayed as unpatriotic or even treasonous.

8. Religion and ruling elite tied together

Unlike communist regimes, the fascist and protofascist regimes were never proclaimed as godless by their opponents. In fact, most of the regimes attached themselves to the predominant religion of the country and chose to portray themselves as militant defenders of that religion. The fact that the ruling elite’s behavior was incompatible with the precepts of the religion was generally swept under the rug. Propaganda kept up the illusion that the ruling elites were defenders of the faith and opponents of the “godless.” A perception was manufactured that opposing the power elite was tantamount to an attack on religion.

9. Power of corporations protected

Although the personal life of ordinary citizens was under strict control, the ability of large corporations to operate in relative freedom was not compromised. The ruling elite saw the corporate structure as a way to not only ensure military production (in developed states), but also as an additional means of social control. Members of the economic elite were often pampered by the political elite to ensure a continued mutuality of interests, especially in the repression of “have-not” citizens.

10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated

Since organized labor was seen as the one power center that could challenge the political hegemony of the ruling elite and its corporate allies, it was inevitably crushed or made powerless. The poor formed an underclass, viewed with suspicion or outright contempt. Under some regimes, being poor was considered akin to a vice.

11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts

Intellectuals and the inherent freedom of ideas and expression associated with them were anathema to these regimes. Intellectual and academic freedom were considered subversive to national security and the patriotic ideal. Universities were tightly controlled; politically unreliable faculty harassed or eliminated. Unorthodox ideas or expressions of dissent were strongly attacked, silenced, or crushed. To these regimes, art and literature should serve the national interest or they had no right to exist.

12. Obsession with crime and punishment

Most of these regimes maintained Draconian systems of criminal justice with huge prison populations. The police were often glorified and had almost unchecked power, leading to rampant abuse. “Normal” and political crime were often merged into trumped-up criminal charges and sometimes used against political opponents of the regime. Fear, and hatred, of criminals or “traitors” was often promoted among the population as an excuse for more police power.

13. Rampant cronyism and corruption

Those in business circles and close to the power elite often used their position to enrich themselves. This corruption worked both ways; the power elite would receive financial gifts and property from the economic elite, who in turn would gain the benefit of government favoritism. Members of the power elite were in a position to obtain vast wealth from other sources as well: for example, by stealing national resources. With the national security apparatus under control and the media muzzled, this corruption was largely unconstrained and not well understood by the general population.

14. Fraudulent elections

Elections in the form of plebiscites or public opinion polls were usually bogus. When actual elections with candidates were held, they would usually be perverted by the power elite to get the desired result. Common methods included maintaining control of the election machinery, intimidating and disenfranchising opposition voters, destroying or disallowing legal votes, and, as a last resort, turning to a judiciary beholden to the power elite.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 24 2021 23:48 utc | 114

I see nobody is defending the evil colonialists so at risk of getting lynched let's look at some facts. Were the children murdered by Vatican perverts? Did children (not just native children) die of all kinds of diseases in the 1800s.? What kind of conditions were the children living in before they were dragged away from their parents? Did the Haida use the Nootka as slaves?

Give me some sensible answers and I'll shut up.

Posted by: dh | Jul 24 2021 23:53 utc | 115

As I was pulling together the quote for my previous comment about fascism I stumbled across # 8 in it that bears further discussion

8. Religion and ruling elite tied together

My question to MoA barflies is if the Covid lies will be covered by the religious elite to continue the war crime or will they join the Ivermectin train and expose the Big Pharma financialists for the social cancer they are?

Don't religious fundamentalists represent a large part of the 30% that is not vaccinated in the US? They have to be aware of the groundswell of support and see the scam for the greed grab that it really is.

What does Catholic NemesisisCalling say?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 24 2021 23:56 utc | 116

Relative to this and other threads dealing with contemporary history, I just finished reading the intro and first few pages of Eric Hobsbawm's The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, 1914-1991 and was impressed by what he had to say regarding writing about a period of time in which he witnessed quite a few of the major and minor events, which all of us are also doing. I share this comment because IMO we can all benefit from reading what he wrote. Of special interest for me was the section entitled Twelve People Look at the Twentieth Century which caused me to reflect on my portion of that time period and the 30 years that have since passed. Hobsbawm was in his late 70s when he composed the book, and it caps his previous trilogy of 19th Century European & World History. The books he suggests for the 20th Century were somewhat surprising, particularly since he listed none for the interwar years 1919-1939. I hope some will find this comment and his words to be helpful when it comes to examining contemporary events.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 25 2021 1:04 utc | 117

@116 psycho

Fascism is a great topic in general, but for b's blog in repressive, self-hating Germany, I wonder if we could really unpack it all.

In ruling liberal democracies, it is a pejorative term. But as I mentioned in a prior thread, several great comments over at Unz have in my view, pulled the curtain back from so-called Communist-China to reveal a national-socialist, fascist system. It certainly could be argued that China is indeed a crypto-fascist state, wary of outside influence. It makes sense that China would now be flexing more and more of its muscles, denying liberal democracy in the west its homage, now that it certainly can on its own terms.

In 30's Germany, the geographical location of Germany meant that it could not hide its policy of revanchism, post-Weimar, to the extant that China needed to bide its time to rival the west. But now it seeks full unification with Taiwan and Hong Kong, and this parallels Germany's attempt to repatriate the German-speaking people into its empire.

If lines on a map are arbitrary and often-times ridiculous and absurd attempts by the ruling elite to divide and conquer, than nations seeking unification of its brothers into an homogeneous territory should be viewed as a threat to "liberal democracy" and so are pegged as "fascist states."

As we get closer and closer to spirit's next synthesis and self-showing, perhaps the wool can be pulled back so that the monolithic term "nazi" can be scrutinized better and given better thought as to why WW2 had to happen so that "liberal democracies" could for the next 70 years have complete moral authority (albeit nihilistic) over philosophy's passage in spirit. But lucky for us, world-spirit moves and "sublates" what it must.

As I look around the room currently, from my little vantage point in the PAC NW, I stick my finger into the air to know how the wind is blowing. It seems to me that if "totalitarian-fascists" in the east are the greatest threat to western liberal democracies, which have reached their teleological end, then I suppose you could call me a fascist. And I would agree with you.

Of course, there are uncouth elements in fascism that seek domination of others. IMO, this iteration will be bred out to which I think it can, and so it shall work for an end to foreign-entanglements. For instance, if the U.S. holds together in the next fifty years, perhaps the temptation would be to bully smaller Latin countries now that we were licking our wounds from getting the stick from Ru and China. To me, this would be a colossal mistake and a repeat of history.

If westernism is to be proven the superior mode of living in nations, then it must be content to let others do with their own the way they see fit. If it rises, you keep to yourself. It if flounders, you keep to yourself. This is the only way that a synthesis in spirit can occur, WITHOUT FOREIGN MEDDLING WHICH IS NIHILISM, OR NEGATION OF SPIRIT. Therefore, by allowing the clash of contrasting ideas and governments, you arrive at an understanding as to what works.

(I still don't necessarily agree with the the revolution in Venezuela for instance, but I would be willing to give it a chance and to see what it could be WITHOUT U.S. SANCTIONS, BLOCKADES, AND OTHERWISE INFLICTED MISERY on that country. But because Uncle Sambo is a bully, spirit is blocked in this avenue)


But as for Catholicism, I know Hitler admired universalism for its wooing-power over the Volk. I know that there is an anti-modernist burgeoning force in Catholicism right now that is threatening another schism. IMO, this is spirit taking the Church away from the taint of liberal-democracy and Jewish-Usury. As the west burns in the coming decades, the church will see an immense rekindling and, simultaneously, will undo the workings of Luther and Protestantism which indeed was part and parcel of the phenomenon of modernism itself.

It's a fucking powder keg out there.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 25 2021 1:32 utc | 118

=> psychohistorian | Jul 24 2021 23:48 utc | 114

Early on in my strange life came the lesson that it was a flirt with entropy to find a word, and to then prescribe a definition of its meaning. The only productive thing to do was to find a new concept, and then to invent a word to act as it's referrer (a neologism). Let's take the concept of 'rogation'. Some humans are arrogant -- They think they are somehow better than the rest of us. Some humans are derogant -- They experience an abiding sense of inferiority. This is the duality aspect of rogation.

The fascist personality type is endowed with a rather mystical sense of (self) arrogation. This makes them very useful to the eleets. They are not troublesome in one-to-one personal relationships, except that their deep arrogance can be very disturbing. Relationships with sociopaths are potentially catastrophic.

I have had the pleasure of having known a sweet and wonderful young lady (not intimately) who was so rich that a product bearing her last name is almost certainly to be found on a product in your home. She was getting a degree at a small local collage. No need for 'contacts'.

However, the USSA eleets, on average, are totally into soft fascism, and have been since the arrival of the Mayflower.

But scratch the surface, and find that the USSA is totally fascist.

No need to argue about fine grain of definitions.

Please get hedge voting. Give five votes to your truly preferred, four to your lesser evils. None to your greater evils. With hand-counted paper ballots. The large majority are not fascist.

Posted by: blues | Jul 25 2021 2:33 utc | 119

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 25 2021 1:32 utc | 118

That's the main problem with the standard communist approach to society. Everything that's not in the rulebook is either bourgeois (rent-seeking parasites) or fascist (mob rule, mongol hordes). That's a problem when you happen to speak to both left-leaning and right-leaning people, and I mean REAL left and right, not the Great Centrist Blob which basically thinks that everything is fine and we just need to change the wallpaper every now and then. Being something of a "conservative communist", discussing certain topics that are verboten in the usually universalist communist rulebook, such as immigration or the concept of a nation (which is intrinsically based on a single ethnic group) will get me the fascist epithet.

Trying to get regular communists to speak to the other side will get you a typical "we don't speak with fascists / we don't allow fascists to express themselves" answer, which makes them look like they live in an ivory tower. They don't care though; even when a majority of the working class in many european countries is voting for the extreme right, they will not try to understand them or even speak to them, as according to the groupthink they are lumpens who do not understand what they are doing.

Speaking about Germany, regimes called "fascist" like Nazi Germany share with the Soviets the same version of a nationalistic mythos supposed to lift the main ethnic group out of poverty. In 30s Germany, France was doing all it could to segment the country in several "independent" republics, which could all be absorbed into its orbit. Comparing it with China, the main drive of the Chinese people under the PRC has also been to kick the foreign oppressors out, preserve the integrity of their nation, stop the destructive drug trade, all the while ensuring the next generations have more to eat. Of course, there was no holocaust in the Chinese case, but when one looks at western newspapers one would be excused to think China did murder millions of its own people in the worst ways possible.

Oh well. For some reason western communists still cannot speak about many things. The last one I remember who spoke about immigration in a bad light was French communist Georges Marchais (he described it as a corporatist plan to subdue the working classes). He was later disavowed by the following party secretaries. That's too bad, as the main thing that helped Russian communists turn the Tsarist army was the ability to speak (and listen) to each and everyone of them.

Posted by: Lemming | Jul 25 2021 3:38 utc | 120

@Lemming #120:

Speaking about Germany, regimes called "fascist" like Nazi Germany share with the Soviets the same version of a nationalistic mythos supposed to lift the main ethnic group out of poverty.

Clearly, you know nothing about the Soviet Union.

Posted by: S | Jul 25 2021 4:05 utc | 121

Posted by: S | Jul 25 2021 4:05 utc | 121

No? the Soviet Union under Stalin before and after WW2 wasn't a self-centered nationalist government?

Posted by: Lemming | Jul 25 2021 7:19 utc | 122

Posted by: blues | Jul 24 2021 22:06 utc | 110

Who wrote:

"So I get to know all kinds of people".

Good onya mate. It's better that way.

Posted by: Paul | Jul 25 2021 8:16 utc | 123

Yes, you will change the ingredients and make a second, more successful (or not), attempt. That's your 'free will', or your illusion of 'free will' anyway. But surely you can't get back in time and change the ingredients for your first attempt. There were reasons, laws of nature, that determined the first attempt. And thus the first loaf is not a 'victim' of your actions any reasonable sense. The first attempt is history; no point to fantasize that it could've turned out differently. That's my intuition anyway.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jul 25 2021 8:33 utc | 124

As far as I can tell, it's the only possible frame of reference for improving anything or formulating a criticism, so fantasizing about alternate timelines is crucial to human development. I believe it's something everyone does on a daily basis, like any time one forgets to do something. In any case, this is going off on quite the tangent, so I'll say no more on this topic.

Posted by: Skiffer | Jul 25 2021 10:09 utc | 125

Losurdo's book on Stalin does a fantastic job of debunking the strange notion that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were in anyway comparable. But this book isn't just informative about the SU. It covers a wealth of topics such as the hypocritical liberal invention of Totaliarianism. Critiques Trotskyism. Busts a few myths about the gulags. I am only halfway through, but so far, a brilliant book. Losurdo's arguments arn't just useful for understanding the USSR of Stalin's era but helps us think about our own era too.

The guy is dead now so don't feel bad getting the English version free from here...

Posted by: ukdefector | Jul 25 2021 10:18 utc | 126

Max @ 11 asked:
Isn’t Monetary Enslavement of 38+ million Canadians or Billions in the world a MEGA-CRIME or genocide?

and Max @ 11 said.. responding to bjd (#18) also.

@ bjd (#18), what are the LIABILITIES of the British Empire & Financial Empire ($, Pounds, Euros, Yen)?

There is going to be a huge CONFISCATION of ill gotten profits from the Monetary Imperialists...The Empire is heading towards Universal Justice! It has only one way out🕯

<= very interesting Monetary enslavement is a crime? To be a crime in a nation state system rule-of-law managed world, some kind of law must be produced which criminalizes behaviors otherwise there is no crime? Please cite the laws that make Oligarch stealing a nation state crime ?
Immunity from crimes is what makes the nation state system so fantastic for the Oligarch.. .. only the oligarchs decide what the law is, only the Oligarchs can own the government and run it as if it were their private corporation, only the oligarch can decide when the governed of the nation must go to war and only the oligarch can say: against whom, the war will be conducted. and so on.

Now if you are moving toward my idea of a 2nd government, the government by those who are the governed, with power and authority to aimlessly invade the offices and places in which the governors of the nation states, conduct their business .. and the governed class person(anyone not associated to the nation state government) on discovering a corruption by any person in that nation state government, charges and indites the nation state person, employee, or contractor for corruption of, or corrupt use of government. Corruption is or should be a crime against humanity.

The human rights court would summons (or arrest) the indited person (court constituted independent of any nation state, but funded by 10% of the revenues of the nation state). Which human rights court would hear the case and punish the guilty in prisons not associated with the nation state. No member of a nation state bar would be eligible to prosecute a case or to serve as a judge.

Bruised Northerner @ 41 sezs..
Canada is not, most definitely not, a colony of the USA. ..Canada is a member of the Commonwealth and The Queen is the head of state. ..Canada receives the same CIA treatment as the other countries in the Americas. <=That's because the private interest supporters (City of London, Wall Street etc.) are the global turmoil providers; the CIA and intelligence services attach to each of the 256 different nation states as fully integrated into the top level fabric of each of those 256 different nation states, but the global nation state system operates under a single management. quite a franchise..

Whatever @ 45 says.
communism .. was a reign of terror in a similar scale to nazism.

<=32 million white Russians (mostly Ekraine Christians) exterminated between 1918 and 1932.. is that what you are talking about?

Everywhere you look you see turmoil, chaos, but if you look closely you see that these different events are not only connected, but that they are
strongly interconnected to achieve a single purpose; replacing traditional government local government with a single global nation state system.

Did William Gruff @ 71 say communism has victims <=is rumor?

I agree with @ 79.. The fascists picked that fight. Picking fights is what the big business elites recruit and pay them for. That is what fascism exists for. If the big capitalists didn't need armies of goons to kill and terrorize working people for them then there would be no fascists. <= there was another thing going on all as well.. Terror was directed in order to get the unwanted to migrate to British Palestine .. so the government of Israel could be established.

A government was needed in British Palestine to make legal, in the eyes of the international community, the terror being applied to rid the Ottoman was western interest were after the oil in the middle east. <=documented in the Palin Commission proceedings.

Clue @ 88 says The collapse of multi-generational power structures following World War 1
<= yes Nazism communism and any other regime change turmoil generating philosophy was the planned intention of the nation state oligarch since 1876.. The nation state system is essential if the few, are to control the behaviors of 8 billion (the masses) that live in the world.

The nation state system divided the masses in a controllable set of crucibles. The nation state system is a deep state global franchise which local oligarchs subscribe to.. it is the only way to privatize the parts of government that can be used to make money and it is the only way one can use that set of governments to give the Oligarch owned global private monopoly with complete control and coverage the world over. Everybody's economy and welfare is managed from one point by the few. .

Skiffer @ 90 The reason for this is simple: historical accident. Marx's works came to Russia from the West <= exactly, its immaterial to the nation state oligarchs how traditional governments are dismantled, all that matters is that such governments eventually become converted to one be one of the 256 franchisees in the global nation state franchise system. The nation state system has 256 local franchisees. This why those who have formed states, but who insist on non-complaint policies, independent ideas, especially independent ideas that seek to benefit the governed are disposed of, and that is why non conforming leaders are regime changed.

Posted by: snake | Jul 25 2021 12:27 utc | 127

@ snake (#127), thanks for reading and responding to my comments. 😊

Agree, corruption is a crime against humanity. Corruption is like cancer that brings death to the society.

There is no rule of law in nations and our world. Laws don’t decide what is right or wrong, ones conscience does. When a crime happens, the law does nothing -- just left us wondering why. In the existing system, laws are only supposed to apply when it is on the side of the powerful. And it is not even permitted to charge the powerful lawbreakers. The rule of law is another MYTH like democracy, capitalism, independent media, free markets,... Light is shining on Empire’s hidden truths!

Anyone that ENSLAVES or enables enslavement in any form is EVIL. Those with conscience know this reality and evil Orcs (individuals without conscience - dark souls) who ignore this reality or due to lack of moral fiber don’t come to terms with it, will pray for this fact at the time of their JUSTICE. It is unfortunate that human beings aren’t making progress on the moral plane.

Here is a good debate on the topic of “laws vs morals” & justice. Morals won! Why?

Posted by: Max | Jul 25 2021 16:44 utc | 128

@126 ukdefector - Thank you for the link to the Losurdo book. I enjoy reading your posts! I have just skimmed through the book, and it seems fantastic! Moon of Alabama is the best! Thank you everyone and especially, b.

Posted by: lex talionis | Jul 25 2021 18:37 utc | 129

james@111, no worries -- it was really a suggestion to myself as well, since I've had the book a long time and memory has faded on its contents. So I've started the reread, and have to say the first part is hard going, until a few chapters in he describes the wonders of the Soviet records system - they didn't have internet snoopers but oh my did they have ...what?... garbage collectors? Every scrap of information the author needs for his investigation has been scrupulously saved, just waiting for the revelations about to come. This is Gorbachev/early Yeltsin, and one wonders how much a New York Times reporter was in on Chicago Boys creeping tentacles (being the Times and upper echelon to boot, I'd say he had to have at least an inkling.) So going forward is going to be interesting as when I first read the book I hadn't a clue as to our US fall from grace, nor did he; different story now!

I'll see if there are any useful passages - what he is doing is revisiting the once estate of his forebears, living with the peasants for a bit as of course there's nothing left of the estate except a belfry and some outbuildings...

Posted by: juliania | Jul 25 2021 19:53 utc | 130

I came across this quotation:

Carthage is ruled by its rich men,
therefore it is an oligarchy.
Rome is ruled by its rich men,
therefore it is a republic.

Posted by: Platero | Jul 25 2021 21:35 utc | 131

I read MOA occasionally, coming from Unz. And I think he is a pretty sharp guy, knowledgeable about many things I know nothing about. But then, I do know a lot about the holohoax, see the website linked, and I'm surprised that this article seems to accept the Jewish holohoax tale as something that actually happened. It's easy to demonstrate that it is just a pack of lies, without a shred of physical evidence .... I'll refer you a vid that begins with the quote below ... and then goes on to document, the info is available on the internet, the true provenance of the photos and film footage we've all seen of holohoax victims since birth ....

"The holocaust is preposterous hoax that is not supported by any physical evidence. It is made up of literally millions of lies, but it all rests on one 'big lie', and that big lie is the focus of this video.

The hoax has three main components -
1. The Nazis planned to exterminate the Jews.
2. The Nazis built gas chambers to exterminate the Jews and disguised them as shower rooms.
3. The Nazis killed six million Jews.

Each component of the hoax is categorically false and completely without evidence. There was no Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews or anyone else, and no evidence of one has ever been found. The gas chambers disguised as shower rooms are pure phantasmagoria, and there is not a shred of physical evidence for them. The number of Jews killed in the camps for being Jews is zero, and it is well documented that the Nazis aggressively investigated any crime in the camps.

That is the hoax, and the reality"

The big lie is the photos and film footage that are shown of Jewish prisoners who had been gassed by the Nazis. The truth is that all the photos and film were taken after the war by British and US soldiers, and showed prisoners of all nationalities and religions who had died of typhus at the very last weeks of the war, primarily at Belsen where 35,000 died, 10,000 after the camp had been liberated by the British. Further, the Nazis had done everything in their power to combat the epidemic.

Posted by: Saggy | Jul 26 2021 2:30 utc | 132

@ 130 juliania... thanks... yes please offer some passages if you see something you'd like to share! i was away working all day yesterday... cheers james

Posted by: james | Jul 26 2021 16:21 utc | 133

@81. James, yes Pierre Trudeau was friends with Castro, he even went to Cuba on a official visit, even young Trudeau was present. When Pierre died Castro was a pallbearer.

Posted by: Connie | Jul 27 2021 20:12 utc | 134

Dear Sir,

on behalf of Dutch anti-fascists we protest to the inclusion of the name(s) of any Nazi-collaborator(s) of any kind in the monument for the remembrance of victims of communism in Ottawa.
The Netherlands has very strong ties with Canada, as 5.712 Canadian soldiers died here fighting Nazi scum in 1944-45 to liberate our country.

Especially, we are very alarmed that the name of the fascist leader of the Nazi vassal state of Croatia, and Nazi-accomplice in the Holocaust, Ante Pavelic, came up. Only loathing and condemnation can be his remembrance. We fully support dr Efraim Zuroff's objection to inclusion of any fascist.

The Dutch Anti-fascist and Former Resistance Fighters' League AFVN-BvA (, the Netherlands
The Committee of Vigilance against Reviving Fascism (Com. van Waaklzaamheid teg. Herlevend Fascisme), the Netherlands
The Frisian Anti-Fascist League AFA-Fryslân, Frisia, the Netherlands
The Working Group against Nazi-Remembrance, the Netherlands
The National Committee 21 March Against Racism, the Netherlands
The National Rapporteur on Racism, Discrimination and Nazism, the Netherlands

Arthur E.A.J. Graaff, IFJ

Son of a decorated resistance fighter, related to seven rescuers of Jews recognised by Yad Vashem
Spokesperson for the AFVN-BvA
Founding Member of the Com. van Waakzaamheid
Coord. Working Group against Nazi-Remembr.

Posted by: Arthur E.A.J. Graaff | Aug 5 2021 10:35 utc | 135

Victims of Communism. I did not realize that the nazis' were victims? The truth is that they omit the Millions Saved by the Red Army? America is a monument to the uglyness of Western Imperialism! So many died one can not even imagine the death counts!!! From the 12th century until now!!! Where is your list zenz?

Posted by: Socialite | Aug 18 2021 17:18 utc | 136

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