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June 05, 2021

UFO Reports Are Fertilizer For Military Budgets

Since December 2019 the United States has a Space Force as one of eight branches of U.S. Armed Forces. Each of those branches has lots of higher ranking officer positions. All people who are put into those want a lucrative board seat at some weapon manufacturer when they retire. They will only get one if they manage to create enough revenue for those manufacturers while they are still in uniform.

The new command therefore needs new weapons. Otherwise there will be no revenue for the weapon manufacturers and no lucrative board seats for retired officers. But spending tax dollars on weapons requires at least some nominal justification. There needs to be a threat that requires new weapons to counter it.

Thus we are presented with an onslaught of UFO rumors and silly grainy videos:

The idea of UFOs has gone mainstream. The dam broke with a New York Times story about a year ago on three declassified Navy videos. Last weekend, 60 Minutes did its own report, and The New Yorker has a nice long writeup of the history of the debate within the American government.

The sightings involve objects that seem to defy the laws of physics.
It’s the “physics-defying” aspects of UFOs that imply an advanced alien civilization. Although some suggest that Chinese or Russian drones could be behind what people are seeing, the idea of those nations being that far ahead of the United States can probably be dismissed.

From believing in alien UFOs to making laughable stupid claims is just a short step:

Josh Rogin @joshrogin - 2:23 PM · Jun 4, 2021

There are two theories about the UFO’s. One is they are from another planet, one is that they are from another dimension. In other words, it could be humans from the future, not an alien species.

This reply is fitting:

Cheryl Rofer @CherylRofer - 3:24 PM · Jun 4, 2021

Today's lesson from Logic 101.

If you have no explanation for an observation, it does not mean that any explanation is a good one.

It does not follow that

We can't explain some observations, so they must be aliens/ a directed-energy weapon/ a lab leak.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. There is none for either of Rogin's theories.

Many of the reports about Unknown Flying Object aren't even about flying objects but are based on natural light phenomenons, dirty lenses or long fingers which randomly create fuzzy blobs.

by XKCD - bigger

This is simple. UFO's aren't real:

Mick West has spent years debunking chemtrails, UFOs, and other conspiracies. This interview of him (vid), brought to my attention on Twitter, seems to conclusively show that the Navy videos can be explained with some basic trigonometry and an understanding of how cameras work.

He’s even replicated some of the camera tricks to recreate images that resemble what we can see on the Navy videos. If you’re interested in the topic, I highly recommend watching the interview. Here’s a shorter video for those who want the basic idea.
As West points out in the first video above, there is nothing new about the latest UFO releases. All that has changed is that now the government has released its own footage, which is basically the same kind of evidence that he and other skeptics have debunked in the past, just with better resolution. But because the government now tells them it’s ok to believe something, people take that as a sign of credibility.

What’s depressing about this, as someone who writes about foreign policy, is that the national security bureaucracy is apparently still considered credible.

So credible, we are told, that even obvious nonsense about extraterrestrial origin of UFOs must be taken somewhat seriously.

Caitlin Johnstone points that if there were extraterrestrials (there aren't) the military should be kept as far away from them as possible:

One of the disconcerting things I’ve been seeing again and again from all the major players in this new narrative like Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon is the absurd assertion that not only is it entirely possible that the unknown phenomena allegedly being regularly witnessed by military personnel are extraterrestrial in origin, but that if they are extraterrestrial they may want to hurt us.
I’ve sat through so much video footage on this subject, and I just get so frustrated listening to all these military-minded men talking about the need to know what the “capabilities” of these things are and how to prevent them from posing a threat to “national security”. If we are in fact not alone in this universe and are in fact being visited by other civilizations, these are the absolute stupidest questions we could possibly be asking ourselves about them. Not how can we contact them, not is it possible to communicate with them, not what could we learn from them, not where are they from and what is their story, but how can we kill them if we need to.

I have no idea if we are being visited by ETs, but if we are the US military is literally the worst thing our species could possibly use to relate to them.

Despite all the UFO hype it will be difficult to explain to the public that the military needs more money to fight extraterrestrials which do not exist.

Thus, just in time, the campaign gets redirected. Now it must be the 'real enemies' who have caused the dirty lenses phenomenons. Caitlin in another piece:

The New York Times has published an article on the contents of the hotly anticipated US government report on UFOs, as per usual based on statements of anonymous officials, and as per usual promoting narratives that are convenient for imperialists and war profiteers.

Together with one voice, the anonymous US officials and the "paper of record" which is supposed to scrutinize US officials assure us definitively that the mysterious aerial phenomena that have reportedly been witnessed by military personnel are certainly not any kind of secret US technology, but could totally be aliens and could definitely be a sign that the Russians or Chinese have severely lapped America's lagging military development.
Oh well if the US government has ruled out secret US government weaponry programs, hot damn that's good enough for me. Great journalism you guys.
"Intelligence officials believe at least some of the aerial phenomena could have been experimental technology from a rival power, most likely Russia or China," the Times reports. "One senior official briefed on the intelligence said without hesitation that U.S. officials knew it was not American technology. He said there was worry among intelligence and military officials that China or Russia could be experimenting with hypersonic technology."

None of the UFO sightings discussed recently is consistent with anything hypersonic.

Russia and China have developed hypersonic missiles to overcome U.S. missile defenses in a return strike after a U.S. first strike nuclear attack. They keep the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction alive even after the U.S. designed and deployed missile defenses to destroy it.

Hypersonic is defined as flying faster than Mach 5. It is one of those fields in which the U.S. military makes a joke of itself:

Steve Trimble @TheDEWLine - 7:46 PM · Jun 2, 2021

Speaking at live CSIS webcast, DOD hypersonic director Mike White says today that US hypersonic weapons now in development can hit targets 500 miles away in 10 minutes.

If you do the calculation, that equates to an average speed of Mach 4 over the 10 minute period.

Mach 4 ain't above Mach 5.

On the other side of things the U.S. military defines about anything as a 'threat'. From a recent Wall Street Journal piece about Russia's northern coastline:

The [Russian] military has renovated other airfields across Russia’s northern coast and deployed S-400 air defense systems and state-of-the-art radar to complicate potential advances from North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries.
The U.S. has recalculated its own Arctic strategy, pushing plans to put more fifth-generation fighters in Alaska than anywhere else in the country, in an effort to overwhelm the threat from Russia’s antiaircraft defenses.

Russia's antiaircraft defenses are as much a "threat" to the U.S. as UFO's are.

It is all propaganda. The U.S. military-industrial-media complex is creating a new cold war to justify spending for weapons that are not needed. As Caitlin concludes:

I have no idea what if anything is going on with these UFO phenomena, but I do know the world-threatening new cold war the US is waging against Russia and China is insane. There is no valid reason our planet's dominant power structures cannot at the very least cease brandishing armageddon weapons at each other and begin collaborating toward a better world together.

Reject the propagandists and cold warriors, no matter how elaborate or bizarre their manipulations become. Keep an eye on these bastards, and help spread awareness of what they're about.

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In a post truth world you can claim "UFOs" or "pandemic" as "threats" in order to make someone rich. All you have to do to is to repeat a nonsense claim over and over 24/7 and it becomes "truth".

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 5 2021 18:19 utc | 1

Thanks for highlighting this important topic. I agree this is just budget building threat-worship. Frankly, by saying this phenomena is NOT USA technology and are agnostic between Russia, China, Aliens, Demons, yada yada is proof that this is indeed "American" technology. If true, then there is only one reason for this 'report.' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Posted by: gottlieb | Jun 5 2021 18:21 utc | 2

Believing that empire is using the concept of maybe aliens for nefarious reason does not dispel the potential existence of such.

And I will be dammed if I believe we are the most intelligent species in the Cosmos. Talk about this point our examples of barbarism are all we have to share with the interstellar world, so why would advanced species want to contact us...maybe they are mining our planet for something and why bother the natives is their approach.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 5 2021 18:22 utc | 3

It's really a sort of bad joke when US "analysts" describe Russian air defense assets as a threat. One of them actually specified these things were a threat to "advances" by Nato forces. Of course they are, but defense against attack can't be a threat to anyone except an attacker and who wouldn't defend himself? So Russian radar systems and air defense weapons on Russian soil are only a "threat" to aggressors. Of course Russian and Chinese weapons development is mostly of this sort and may well be ahead of American systems for the simple reasons that American weapons development has always emphasized offense, not defense, pretty much since 1945.

Posted by: erik | Jun 5 2021 18:39 utc | 4

@psychohistorian | Jun 5 2021 18:22 utc | 3

Believing that empire is using the concept of maybe aliens for nefarious reason does not dispel the potential existence of such.

Sure, but alien intelligent life has got to be extremely distant. The nearest neighbour star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri, 4 light years away. It is impossible to travel there in several human lifetimes, even using non-existing "science fiction technology".

Even if there were thousands of intelligent species in our own galaxy, they would all be prohibitively far away so a visit would be extremely unlikely. If you look at other galaxies they are orders of magnitude more distant.

Much more realistic is the idea that intelligent human civilizations have existed on this planet before our own (starting in Mesopotamia ~6000 years ago), and there is reason to believe the latest such civilization was wiped out only ~12900 years ago. Will the empire accept that idea? No, since its existence depends on its exceptionalism, it claims that no civilization came before it.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 5 2021 18:42 utc | 5

If there's an extra-terrestrial species that has the technology to reach Earth via inter-stellar travel it would be reasonable to believe they also have the technology to render any of our weapons completely useless, therefore any military aspect of combating this future "alien invasion" is a complete boondoggle.

Posted by: One Too Many | Jun 5 2021 18:42 utc | 6

Ya' nailed another one b. Just another non-news story to enhance the MIC's revenue stream. Now it's fearing aliens, besides Russia, China, Iran and ANYTHING that gets the dumb-asses, here in the U$A, fearful.

Christ, this crap gets old......

Posted by: vetinLA | Jun 5 2021 18:55 utc | 7

Ya' nailed another one b. Just another non-news story to enhance the MIC's revenue stream. Now it's fearing aliens, besides Russia, China, Iran and ANYTHING that gets the dumb-asses, here in the U$A, fearful.

Christ, this crap gets old......

Posted by: vetinLA | Jun 5 2021 18:55 utc | 8

i believe this UFO propaganda is meant to distract people from the failure of capitalism economy while at the same time instilling fears in minds of the people to make their rules absolute

Posted by: Collins254 | Jun 5 2021 19:14 utc | 9

if aliens in UFOs are flying around our earth; they must be honest folks? They have not yet landed where they have not been invited? They have not yet caused anyone any harm except the taxpayers of governments our corrupt persons use to steal by nation state imposed taxation; the money that makes the oligarch so wealthy and the laws that differentiate main stream wealthy from abject deprived human misery.

I hope the UFS do have weapons so superior that todays in-power folks become fearful enough to put down their weapons down and to submit to a more peaceful world. Imagine a world where the UFO folks maintain the peace and ensure every human the equal rights and respect for humanity we are each and all are entitled to? Maybe the UFO folks could help humanity eliminate all military, retire big pharma to the waste dump and reduce political power to be on par with everyone else.

Maybe the UFO guys can do what we ourselves are un willing to do, tear down this nation state system that is being used to bilk us and create a better system where everyone on earth becomes a resource for everyone else, each trying to make life on earth better for everyone. Nation states power has worn out its welcome. Its been handing out monopoly powers to private corrupt interest for far too long? Better world for humans, a more pleasant, less threatening earth, guarded by the good guys in the UFDs. Maybe UFO technology is so good, there will be no need for big Pharma as the UFO guys can cure all human affliction whenever the need arises? Could that explain the fear the Pentagon expresses in its demand for more Money to fight the UFOs? Don't upset the MIC, the bankers, the Indian chiefs, the oligarchs and just about everyone in power or surrounded by wealth today fight the UFOs, they are the good guys, which oligarchs are not willing to allow on this earth.

Posted by: snake | Jun 5 2021 19:16 utc | 10

Several years ago, I read about a most astounding phenomenon. Across Anglo-Saxon countries, New Zealand, Australia, USA etc. there were sightings of terrifyingly creepy clowns. That is NOT the unusual aspect. What was totally strange to me that no one in the media tried to attribute it to either Russians personally, nor to Russian influence.

Instead, after a while, some evidence emerged that it was copy-cat method of high school boys making fun of middle school girls. Some police departments in Australia stopped sales of clown costumes in their jurisdictions.

Concerning alien encounters, they probably happened for ages. For example, in 17-th century Memoirs of Jan Chryzostom Pasek, a Polish noble (middling rank), officer, politician and adventurer, he recounts that "a noble, with his horse, got carried over Vistula". Vistula river is wide, so there is no natural explanation for the gentleman, with his horse! getting across without getting wet.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 5 2021 19:19 utc | 11

@Norwegian (1). Please don’t equate UFO’s with a pandemic that has sickened and killed millions of people. If you can’t see the difference, there is something wrong with your brain.

Posted by: Rob | Jun 5 2021 19:22 utc | 12

Although this is obviously the usual bullshit for the usual reasons, it doesn't mean the space peoples do not exist. There are trillions of stars with billions of planets and there is no reason to think that evolution is restricted to one small planet. Technology is increasing at geometric speed so that in just a few centuries contact with other space peoples may be possible. Or maybe not. But there is no need to foreclose the possibility because of the usual junk Americanism narrative.

Posted by: Mathew | Jun 5 2021 19:25 utc | 13

@Rob | Jun 5 2021 19:22 utc | 12

Wonderful display of cognitive dissonance. To claim without evidence that "there is something wrong with your brain" when someone says something that challenges your world view looks like projection to me. It is perhaps an expression of the post truth world.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 5 2021 19:29 utc | 14

Collins254 @ 9; Yep, no doubt!!

Posted by: vetinLA | Jun 5 2021 19:37 utc | 15

Somewhat reminiscent of Star Wars from the 80's.

No 'Star Wars' for Canada

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Jun 5 2021 19:41 utc | 16

"The U.S. military-industrial-media complex is creating a new cold war to justify spending ...." about sums it up...

as for the larger question of intelligent life outside our solar system, i agree with psychohistorian.... as for travelling 4 light years away - we don't as yet know what is possible, but in our ignorance we claim all sorts of things... i am reminded of a mark twain quote that i especially like “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you do know that ain’t so.”
- Mark Twain

Posted by: james | Jun 5 2021 19:52 utc | 17

When asked about his thoughts on the government, Sam Giancana, Chicago mob boss, responded, “The government and us are cut from the same cloth.”

Posted by: Jose Garcia | Jun 5 2021 19:52 utc | 18

For those who might be interested in a larger-picture view of Canada's involvement in very expensive continental defence projects, there is a bit of a summary in this comment (and the meandering ones following it):

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Jun 5 2021 19:53 utc | 19

We're most likely not alone. The problem is that the chance two forms of life encounter each other is, if not impossible, borderline impossible, as the fastest any species can travel is the close to the speed of causality (c) and, as we know, all the candidate planets we have detected so far are millions of light-years away.

That would make the nearest extraplanetary species at least some million years travel away from us. The homo sapiens hasn't even completed its first million years of existence yet. Even if we take into account the fact that some random species achieves such technological capacity and gives itself the labors of traveling to the outer space in search of intelligent life, you still have the problem that species go extinct after some dozens of millions of years on average (only very simple species, living in extreme environments, can last more), therefore, the UFO would have to arrive in a very tiny window of time, when an intelligent species is still alive. That's much worse than finding a needle in a haystack. The homo sapiens will, at best, exist for some 30-35 million years (most probably much less than that), which means an hypothetical intelligence alien species would have a extremely - virtually non-existent - time window to find and visit us (reversely, this hypothetical alien species will most likely be extinct much before it has the opportunity to find us, let alone try to visit us, and vice versa: we are probably looking at many already extinct alien civilizations in our sky).

Travel to the past is impossible. You can only time travel forwards. The concept of multi-dimensions only really makes sense in quantum mechanics, where extremely small particles can and probably do inhabit multiple dimensional spaces (therefore they also transcend time). We should not extrapolate quantum mechanics physics to the "macro" world.

Now, on to the really interesting part, the only scientifically relevant part: why is the American Empire behaving like that?

Sure, there's the MIC fighting for its survival. But that doesn't explain why is the USG willing to descend into madness.

My bet is the American Empire is going through a transition phase, from economic decline to intellectual decline (imbecilization). Science and truth are in the way of capitalism, therefore they must be discarded. The American intellectuals are descending into pseudoscience because they're fighting for their class privileges, their survival as a class; they're transforming themselves into a clerical-religious (propagandist) class. The American people, satisfied with living in the center of the world's empire, is now happy to believe in the USG official narrative in the name of preserving the system and continuing to receive beneficia, i.e. material privilege emanated from the simple fact they were born in the right place, the right time.

So yes, this UFO story tells us more about American History than about aliens from the outer space.

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 19:57 utc | 20

Americans feel threatened by other people's abilities to defend themselves from Americans. And Americans don't see anything abnormal in that.

Psychopaths have a blind spot that prevents them from seeing their own psychosis.

As for aliens violating the laws of physics, know that I can make something race across the sky at tens of thousands of miles per hour: sweep a powerful spotlight across the underside of an overcast cloud deck and the spot will appear to move faster than any object could possible travel through the atmosphere without leaving a very visible contrail of super-heated plasma and shockwaves that blast windows out of their frames.

Efforts to hitch a ride on that spot might prove problematic, though.

When people start talking about violating the laws of physics they are talking nonsense trash. Aliens have to obey the same laws of physics as do the rest of us, no matter what you saw on TV that suggests otherwise.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 5 2021 19:59 utc | 21

Looking at the sky I know in my soul that there are others in the universe and believe that they are as much a part of god as I. I do not believe they intend us ill will. That same faith informs me that the Chinese, Russian, and Iranian etc. people of the world are only trying to protect themselves from my country(US). This blog fortifies that belief every day.

A fitting quote from one of my favorite books... Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig...."and what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good- Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?"
In my heart I know.

Posted by: Steve Ogle | Jun 5 2021 20:06 utc | 22

It's rich to have a space force when you can't even get there on your own accord. The "space force" are using Russian engines but not for much longer then its probably back to Hollywood fake missions.

Posted by: Mikhas | Jun 5 2021 20:15 utc | 23

The official position of the Galactic Federation is they do not condone rogue travel organizations which let tourists visit primitive planets, misbehave and scare the natives.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Jun 5 2021 20:18 utc | 24

Norwegian | Jun 5 2021 18:19 utc | 1

Except the pandemic is real with millions of dead people and millions more suffering for a long time and the UfOs are nothing than bullshit.

Posted by: pnyx | Jun 5 2021 20:31 utc | 25

"Americans feel threatened by other people's abilities to defend themselves from Americans. And Americans don't see anything abnormal in that.

Psychopaths have a blind spot that prevents them from seeing their own psychosis."

W Gruff @21 - you cleared the bases with your first three sentences.

Posted by: spudski | Jun 5 2021 20:36 utc | 26

from wiki: They Live (titled onscreen as John Carpenter's They Live) is a 1988 American science-fiction action thriller film written and directed by John Carpenter, based on the 1963 short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" by Ray Nelson. Starring Roddy Piper, Keith David, and Meg Foster, the film follows an unnamed drifter who discovers through special sunglasses that the ruling class are aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to consume, breed, and conform to the status quo via subliminal messages in mass media.
clearly the ruling aliens are fighting another invading alien faction, that for PR purposes are continually, for generations now, misidentified as the yellow or red or taco peril.
space baby to the rescue! you could just tell the Jesus goblins, "he's the greatest UFO of them all," but will they lower their weapons? don't count on it.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 5 2021 20:37 utc | 27

Well, when a society is in crisis, all kinds of weird shit starts happening: UFOs, miracles at the place where Saint Floyd was martyred, dear people voting in elections.

That's all natural, nothing to worry about.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jun 5 2021 20:41 utc | 28

If aliens came across the expanse of space one could bet that they will have vastly superior technology and that would include weapons unknown and unthinkable to humans. They will have conquered the physics of the speed of light and have made Einstein look like a grade school student. And they are going to play hide-n-seek with humanity? And some US military contractors who can't build functioning conventional weapons are going to develop counter measures against them. Yup. Sure.

Posted by: Erelis | Jun 5 2021 20:43 utc | 29

@psychohistorian #3
Any entities capable of crossing interstellar space can access space resources. There is nothing on Earth they could possibly want from a natural resource perspective.
Now if they like human art or music or whatever, that would be a different story but the implicit assumptions for that to happen are even more unlikely.
The real problem is pseudoscientific crap like the Drake equation. Just because it is an equation doesn't mean it is science or even accurate in any way, given the completely unbounded or tested variables inherent in it. It is precisely comparable to astrological predictions.

Posted by: c1ue | Jun 5 2021 20:48 utc | 30

It could be worse ... today US Space Forces are hunting down UFOs to justify their existence ... tomorrow the new US Paranormal Forces are hunting down poltergeists to justify their budgets ... the day after tomorrow, fundamentalist cults with apocalyptic beliefs are considered to be a branch of a new military (US Special Exorcism Forces) to guard against and fight demons and other inhabitants of other dimensions, and thus eligible for military funding.

Posted by: Jen | Jun 5 2021 20:55 utc | 31

70 years ago, the SciFi film The Day the Earth Stood Still was released, and it remains most remarkable and prescient today with the rabid Russophobia, Sinophobia, and other streams of hatred very visible within the Outlaw US Empire. If you've never seen it, click the link and make ready whatever you have to accompany films. The film mirrors the temporal context very well, and those observant will note that some attitudes/ways of thinking remain mostly unchanged today.

For those wanting an escape from today's madness, I suggest reading some of the works by Isaac Asimov who was able to see much of that madness many decades ago in his Foundation Series and his Robot Series, many of which can be found used for little money. In the linked articles, you'll see that the series intersect in a few places--the impact of robots on society is discussed deeply in the Foundation Series when humanity also needed to have that same discussion but has yet to its great detriment. I highly suggest the Foundation Series "prequels" as they provide needed character development for Harry Seldon and the crumbling Galactic Empire in which he's an important actor.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 5 2021 21:13 utc | 32

Jen @31 <-- This post makes me realize I have been looking at this period of imperial decline in entirely the wrong way. An era of intensifying delusion and mass hysteria is the perfect time to corral a mountain of wealth! There is no need to actually believe in alien invaders to build and sell orgone beam projectors guaranteed to be lethal to invasion fleets from Betelgeuse (and entirely safe for Earth-born pets!). How about orgone field emitters that plug into a smartphone and are guaranteed to protect against alien (or even Soviet!) mind rays?

This requires further investigation...

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad."

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 5 2021 21:21 utc | 33

An average speed of Mach 4 for 10 mins is compatible with a peak speed of Mach 5 allowing for acceleration to Mach 5.

Posted by: Paul Cockshott | Jun 5 2021 21:26 utc | 34

Caitlin Johnson and b are wrong about the nature of these problems. It is not just the MIC. That is a problem on the margins. It is not the essence of the matter.

VK is correct. The US is waging the New Cold Wars because the status of US imperialism is at stake. And for the ruling class, the threat of imperial decay means an enormous diminution of class power, financial wealth and social privilege. The class dynamics of capitalism make the New Cold War entirely rational. No ruling class sacrifices itself. And the US ruling class, as the most crude and boorish and violent one of human history, will bring the world to nuclear Armageddon. Doing so will be entirely rational from the standpoint of their class interests.

VK makes an interesting point about the demise of scientific thought in the US and in the West in general. Although some forms of scientific advancement are still occuring in the US, say in biotech, the wider project of neoliberalism has required the dumbification of the population. Two material reasons for this are (1) the loss of manufacturing in Western capitalism, and (2) the inculcation of a dumb working class, which is sedated by Netflix, video games and pot, and doesn't demand or fight for high wages and rationally provided public services and infrastructure.

The corollary is that the baton of human progress and scientific advancement has passed to the socialist project. For all its limitations, China has that historical mission in today's world.

Posted by: Prof | Jun 5 2021 21:33 utc | 35

Just to give you all an idea of scale: the closest stars to Earth (besides the Sun) are Alpha Centauri A and B - a pair of stars with no candidates for intelligent life (they're a binary system, which practically excludes the possibility of any planet capable of sustaining life) - which is 4.37 light-years away.

That means that, if you could travel at the speed of causality (which you can't; only particles with zero mass can, but let's assume you can travel at speeds close to the c), you would take 4.37 years to travel from Earth to Alpha Centauri AB. That's already one hell of a long trip for a human being (you would have to have a spaceship with natural resources large enough to keep a human being for four years and four months, but most likely enough resources to keep a little colony or a team of astronauts of at least four); it would be hard enough to find astronauts willing to volunteer to that useless trip (he or she would be wasting 9 years of his/her lifetime, in Earth time, abstracting from the dilatation of spacetime, where time would be slower to the astronauts).

But that's if we can travel to speeds close to the speed of causality. With the technology and imagination we have today, the fastest speed we could travel (without a human being, just a probe) would only reach Alpha Centauri in circa 100,000 years (rounding down). That's obviously beyond the human scale, there's zero chance it will ever happen in the foreseeable future.

If there's intelligent life in the Universe besides ours (which is very likely), then they're most likely at least some hundreds of millions of light-years away (we can estimate that from the few candidate planets we "found" with decades and decades of telescopes). So far, all the candidate planets we found have zero chance of having intelligent life: the only probability is that they have primitive life (most likely, unicellular life). And those planets already are very far away.

The average life-span of a complex species is 30 million years, but most likely less than that (10-15 years). The homo sapiens will probably not get much beyond the 10 million year mark, if we take an educated guess based on past species. That means we have 10 million light-years left of existence, realistically speaking.

That means an intelligent form of life would have just 10 million light-years to find us, in whatever stage of our civilization development (they could find us in the Paleolithic; they could find us at our apex; they could find us at our terminal decline). They can't travel at the speed of causality, so that means that, either they must live within 10 million light-years of us to meet us, or they will arrive in a planet without any intelligent form of life (natural selection doesn't tend to intelligent forms of life; intelligent forms of life are not naturally better adapted than non-intelligent forms of life; it is unlikely another intelligent form of life will immediately succeed the homo sapiens unless the homo sapiens itself evolves to another intelligent species, but extinction is always statistically more probable). And all of that assuming this alien form of life can already travel at speeds close to the speed of causality at the right time (i.e. while we exist). That's a virtually impossible combination of factors - and remember: the homo sapiens can only exist once; once we're extinct, we will never come back to life ever again, we'll be gone forever (DNA survives for some hundreds of thousands of years in ideal circumstances, therefore the "aliens cloning us" hypothesis doesn't extend the likelihood of us meeting them that much).

Just with this simple calculation, we can already conclude it is impossible for an intelligent alien form to meet us. We know there are no intelligent life within a 10 million light-year radius from us. And, even if there was, we would never be able to meet them, as we (and/or them) would be extinct by the time we would get to them/them to us.

And no. No alien species will ever be able to travel above the speed of causality. It is already theoretically proven this is impossible for anything with a mass.

The only chance for intelligent species to meet each other is if an entire solar system or a group of relatively close solar systems, by a miracle of the universe, has more than one life-capable planet, and have to, by pure luck, develop intelligent species independently and more or less at the same time. Then we would have a scenario where intelligent forms of life live at the same time, at relatively short distances. But that, if possible, will not be us, as we know our Solar System is an isolated, in the middle of nowhere, solar system (which may, according to some theories, be a condition sine qua non for life to exist; in that case, this "galaxian confederation hypothesis" becomes even more unlikely).

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 21:45 utc | 36

@ Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 5 2021 21:21 utc | 33

[...] invasion fleets from Betelgeuse [...]

I know this is just a joke, but as a trivia, if there was intelligent life in Betelgeuse, it doesn't anymore: the star is dying and most likely has already wiped out all possible life forms it may have sustained many billions of years ago.

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 21:56 utc | 37

I imagine expanding civilizations more as an onion. Just like Ogres. The outer layer moves outwards slowly. Self replication stuff. Construction material to build brakes for external deceleration. Inside the expanding sphere you get a much faster transfer of goods. With external propulsion you can travel very fast. You could travel across the galaxy in a lifetime. Only, those you leave behind have to wait 10000 lifetimes for you to get back.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Jun 5 2021 22:21 utc | 38

IMO most UFOs we see are man made. Electro gravitic propulsion some claim. In the 1950s there were some newspaper articles (in some US papers) talking about new revolutionary tech for aircraft propulsion. They said that this new tech would enable aircraft to near instant acceleration/deceleration, instant turns, very high speeds. They have this tech for decades.

Posted by: GoverntheMente | Jun 5 2021 22:29 utc | 39

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 21:45 utc | 36

That means that, if you could travel at the speed of causality (which you can't; only particles with zero mass can, but let's assume you can travel at speeds close to the c), you would take 4.37 years to travel from Earth to Alpha Centauri AB.

Not if there's a way to implement the Alcubierre Drive. Of course the energy requirement for such a device exceeds current human knowledge on the subject, but that doesn't mean an alien civilization lacks the same knowledge.

Posted by: One Too Many | Jun 5 2021 22:40 utc | 40

Stupid indeed.

With the advent of smart phone camera being at our sides 24/7, it seems that if there were aliens to be photographed, we would be awash in phone image caps and videos of them.

Alas, people are dumb and can't make the easy connection that this coinciding has not occurred. Therefore, ipso facto, we are alone in our universe. Deal with it.

The ocean, on the other hand is teeming with amazing biological phenomena. Creatures that need neither light nor oxygen to be. But, driving an rc on the crust of a planet we will never set foot on is pretty cool, I guess. Certainly more sexy.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jun 5 2021 22:49 utc | 41

@ Posted by: One Too Many | Jun 5 2021 22:40 utc | 40

Not if there's a way to implement the Alcubierre Drive.

Yeah... no.

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 22:55 utc | 42

Reminds me of Clem Kadiddlehopper (comedian Red Skelton) who used to say..."Boy a flock of 'em flew over that time.". . . (mature barflies remember it, raise your hands)

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jun 5 2021 22:57 utc | 43

Mark McCandlish at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo.
The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel: Black projects, ARV, flux liner. About a man made flying saucer.

Posted by: GoverntheMente | Jun 5 2021 22:58 utc | 44

Almost all of the shiney thingies in the sky at night are stars. Stars give birth to planets, like this one, much like mommies give birth to babies. There are so many of them that they literally cannot be counted.
And yes, our government (and your government) are lying about all of it.

Posted by: Josh | Jun 5 2021 22:59 utc | 45

The governments and rulers on the surface of this planet have not been launching vehicles into orbit and into outer space for the better part of a century (publicly) to see if they can grow hydroponic space potatoes....
They are obviously up to something else, which has probably been paying off a bit better for them, otherwise they would not be doing it.

Posted by: Josh | Jun 5 2021 23:04 utc | 46

time to pull out captain beyond hard rock master piece many have never heard before..

Posted by: james | Jun 5 2021 23:10 utc | 47

How can people believe in UFO’s. Ridiculous. Intelligent people are using these fantasies to stoke the curiousity of those who would believe anything and will fear anything. Now the defense department and military industrial complex is using this tactic of UFO bullshit to milk American taxpayers and American taxpayers are stupid enough to believe that UFO’s exist. Enough is enough.

Posted by: Armo | Jun 5 2021 23:14 utc | 48

A barfly and an alien walked into a bar.

The barfly said to the alien, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.".

The alien adjusted his antennae and the barfly
melted into the spittoon.

"Oh! My mistake.", said the alien with the aid of his
Universal Translator (UT). "I had my UT set to Saturn and
I thought you said, 'make me extraordinary evidence'."

Posted by: librul | Jun 5 2021 23:17 utc | 49

With due respect to everyone, I suggest we keep an open mind on the matter of UFOs. It is one thing to replicate a photographic effect, make claims the UFO was swamp gas, temperature inversions, or stars and planets, or various other explanations for these objects. But there has been cases of objects tracked on radar, simultaneously witnessed by several people from different directions, and physical traces at supposed landing sights. As a physicist, I try to keep an open mind and not allow my personal bias to determine my view on the UFO phenomenon. I have formulated theories on how these devices may work, but in the end it is not possible to prove conclusively. I, like sceptics, simply do not know.

Even though our knowledge of Physics has evolved substantially over the last 100 years, we are still a very young civilisation. Just imagine what the next 100 years will bring! If one looks at the Hubble Deep Field photograph, you begin to sense the immensity of the universe. To think we are the only civilisation within the universe is highly unlikely and unearned hubris. Keep an open mind.

Posted by: DickNOz | Jun 5 2021 23:34 utc | 50

For some reason I am reminded of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' and yes 'Major Tom,' who, as we know from the song 'is a junkie', a junkie to MIC money perhaps?

Bonus Spiders from Mars:

Posted by: Paul | Jun 5 2021 23:39 utc | 51

"UFOs aren't real."

Of course they are real, as long as you mean by UFO any Flying Object that is (as yet) Unidentified. I gave myself seen UFOs thrice. I identified them and they ceased to be UFOs. The first time it was a red meteor, the second time an unmanned hot air balloon ("Chinese Lantern") flying at night. The third time it was a bright shining dot that seemed to be hovering in mid air. Through binoculars I saw it was a kite constructed of some glittering material, maybe aluminium foil.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Jun 5 2021 23:51 utc | 52

About 10 or 15 years ago, when the various ME wars had become obvious quagmires, I noticed that for the first time since the massive shift in Bad Guys from the old cold war enemies to muslims following 9/11, we started hearing the first creeping shift back towards vilifying Putin and Russia. At the time I remember thinking that the old school cold warriors and intelligence agencies were beginning to pine for the "good old days," when they had an opponent that they at least felt they understood, that was pretty European and civilized and played by rules with mutual respect. It was such a NICE cold war--lots of job security, intrigues and planning, along with the unquestioned ability to spend massive amounts of money on high-tech swords because our adversary had to be countered--but always a level of understanding that it was all a game, that none of it would ever REALLY be used, no one would ever get hurt, even spies would be swapped every so often.

But suddenly what looked like a nice change of pace, a vastly militarily inferior enemy who the US could pulverize at will, dropping expensive bombs and missiles any time we wanted, invade and set up little forts anywhere we damned well pleased...well, the fun wore off that game pretty quick because those little brown guys just didn't play nice. They'd frickin' KILL you; hell, some of them will even blow themselves up just to have a chance to take you with them. And they'll lop your head off and all that nasty shit. And the folks back home who never seriously asked if the Cold War was going to END, are starting to ask uncomfortable questions about when exactly this adventure in the sandbox is going to reach some sort of glorious conclusion. Makes a warmonger long for the old, simple times.

So, I really do think there has been at least some level of this sort of unhinged thinking going on in the grand circles of power in the West. Only problem there was, sometimes it's hard to go back. Russia and China are plenty strong to have no particular desire to play those old games, and in particular because while the old cold warriors at least had some decorum and sense of boundaries about them, these new asshats are just that--asshats without any sense of decency or history or even just manners.

Well, damnit, if the Russians and Chinese are looking like they may play a bit rougher than we want, maybe it would be safer to invent a completely invisible, new enemy. One so sophisticated that the only thing we can agree on is it's gonna cost a lot just to even buy into the game. And thus we're back to a game where the gamesmanship is unlimited, as are the projected budgets, but we don't have to really worry about getting hurt.....

Posted by: J Swift | Jun 5 2021 23:56 utc | 53

@ Posted by: DickNOz | Jun 5 2021 23:34 utc | 50

It's not that there aren't any other civilizations out there - including some much more advanced technologically than ours. That's not only possible, but rather likely.

The thing here is that there's a long distance between interstellar travel being theoretically possible and it being materially feasible. There's another long distance after that until you assume a random intelligent species, but dumb luck (because it would take an extremely intelligent species existing in the right planet, for a long enough period of time), achieves such level of technological development. And there's another long distance after that for such extraordinary civilization to reach us - in a window of time of some ten to thirty million light-years (a very tiny window).

I analyze the whole thing based on my science - History. It's not enough for intelligent life to exist: it would still have to have incredible luck to go through the civilizational (historical) process that could lead it to such technological achievement. We're talking about the exception of the exception of the exception of the exception of the exception. The homo sapiens itself could've been extinct many times before it reached the stage of capitalism: dumb luck plays a huge factor in the birth and survival of civilization, no matter how intelligent the life form is. For example: what if an extraordinarily intelligent species arises somewhere, one that has the intellect huge enough to build interstellar travel; but what if its planet is tiny and lack the raw materials to achieve such travel? It's game over, it will never get out of its planet.

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 23:56 utc | 54

When communicating with others about potential alien species I like to make two points.

1. Below is a link the hexagonal cloud formations on the North pole of Saturn
When I showed this picture to a math/marimba maker/teacher friend he said immediately, "That is where Pi = 3". and I have not heard a better description since.....many things we are seeing in space defy current scientific understanding but they obviously exist.

2. Science says they know a bit about matter which constitutes an estimated 5% of the whatever in the Cosmos. The funny thing about that other 95% is when scientists write about it they refer to it as being "out there" in space rather than what makes up everything around us as well....Hmmm
And all you religious types out there, what is your problem with the concept of aliens...your gods are aliens, correct? Since they can do whatever they want in the test tube of our Cosmos then showing up in spaceships to peak our curiosity (and hopefully our hubris down a bit)

Hell, I have been beating my one note Samba of public/private finance for a decade here at the MoA bar and how much progress in understanding by other barflies is evident? Humanity, as a species, still has one foot or more stuck in barbarism mode of social organization which is a species dead end. Can we evolve our way out of this dead end?

The shit show continues but commenter Loizon has reminded us that June 26 is when the BIS (private Central bank of Central banks) will have to make good on some large physical claims on the monetary relic of gold or find a way to kick that can further down the road. If empire can't get its war on by then who is say what alien things could happen to the social order.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 6 2021 0:11 utc | 55

It's not enough for intelligent life to exist: it would still have to have incredible luck to go through the civilizational (historical) process that could lead it to such technological

Given the number of planets and time there likely are many lucky civilizations out there.

what if an extraordinarily intelligent species arises somewhere, one that has the intellect huge enough to build interstellar travel; but what if its planet is tiny and lack the raw materials to achieve such travel?

They could get the resources from other planets in their solar system.

Once a civilization is spread out over many planets in multiple galaxies they have a good chance lasting a very long time, billions of years.

Posted by: GoverntheMente | Jun 6 2021 0:16 utc | 56

@ Posted by: GoverntheMente | Jun 6 2021 0:16 utc | 56

Even then, this hypothetical civilization would have to find us and have the motivation to go to us - which is unlikely both because our own civilizational level would be too low and because the window of opportunity would be too small (just some 10-30 million light-years).

Posted by: vk | Jun 6 2021 0:21 utc | 57

@Mr Swift 53

Remember the Joseph Kony "Lord's Resistance Army" hoax of 2013? Even then there were persistent rumours that Kony was long dead, and he's never been caught to date, or even seen as far as I can tell. Just like the persistent rumours that Osama bin Laden died in 2002 before being invisibly killed and dumped into the sea in 2011 at a politically convenient moment. And as for Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, I long ago came to the conclusion that he did not exist.

The best enemy is the one who can't ever be defeated because he doesn't exist. Or is dead.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | Jun 6 2021 0:26 utc | 58

A lot of science being taken in vain today, but not just by UFO nuts. (There are strange things in the sky and there may well be alien life, but there's no reason to connect the two. No reason is by definition irrational, sad to say.) As to why the military would play around with this nonsense? Because they are people in a decaying society and superstition comes naturally. Alien encounter mythology is a modern religion, period.

Particular weird remarks in comments.

"Travel to the past is impossible." It is a practical impossibility but then so is a space elevator. See the literature for closed timelike curves. This may have been an incorrectly phrased attempt to deny the possibility of temporal paradoxes. There are no paradoxes, except in words. At any rate most scientists seem to have concluded Einstein was all wet, so they simply ignore the theoretical possibility.

"You can only time travel forwards." This is incorrect, in the sense people really use the term. "Time travel" has always meant somehow going from "now" to "then" without going in between. This is not what it means to age. Incidentally, in the apparent loopholes in General Relativity that suggest time travel to the past is a feasible theoretical construct *as of now,* there is no such thing. Travel through wormholes, which really is from here to there without going in between, the last I looked, is impossible. (For those who've read that exotic matter might make a wormhole traversable, there is no clear idea of what this exotic matter might be. In my view, that means it is not even a hypothesis.)

"The concept of multi-dimensions only really makes sense in quantum mechanics, where extremely small particles can and probably do inhabit multiple dimensional spaces (therefore they also transcend time)." Fools rush in where angels fear to tread! The status of time in quantum mechanics is not transcended. If anything, it's equations (formalism) assume a kind of absolute time, which does not exist, as the need for relativistic corrections to GPS satellite coordinate prove. It may well be QM's reliance on a simple undefined version of time, instead of spacetime as in General Relativity, is why the two theories are not mathematically compatible. As to whether infinite dimensional Hilbert space, an essential part of QM's mathematical structure, is deemed to be an actual thing? People who reject General Relativity and commit to QM are divided. Some believe infinite dimensional Hilbert space is merely a mathematical trick permitting us to calculate probabilites for a given experimental setup. Others think fundamental physics, by which they mean QM or possibly superstring theory, doesn't describe reality, but merely correlates laboratory measurements for a given experimental setup. Or possibly that there are multiple realities which are mutually inaccessible at some point. Or that reality isn't really describable but merely given, presumably by God though they are generally too coy to say so. Or something. Which is why the injunction, "Shut up and calculate" is so popular.'

"We should not extrapolate quantum mechanics physics to the 'macro" world." This is possibly the nuttiest one of all. The fact that nobody can "extrapolate" QM to the macro world (something highlighted by the Schroedinger cat thought experiment) is not a problem to be resolved by declaring there is no problem if you don't try to "explain" the universe from QM. The problem is, the universe doesn't agree. Macroscopic quantum phenomena exist. Lasers, superconductors and superfluids are three commonplace examples. Further, the universe itself was once a micrscopic, i.e., quantum object. The expansion of the universe from those microscopic beginnings is a practical extrapolation from the micro to the macro.

The Alcubierre construct does not accelerate any mass to light speed, so it does not violate c. The notion that the practical impossibility isn't enough, that someone just has to flat out pronounce "No" like a Pope rejecting the ordination of women priests is merely insolence. It would be a real objection to say the Alcubierre construct requires the equivalent of antigravity, which isn't a thing and *that*'s why it doesn't work even in principle. But, sorry, "no" is not even a real objection, much less a correct one.

Causality is not a thing in the same sense as electromagnetic radiation, therefore phrases like "the speed of causality" however really are pseudoscience.

And, despite another commenter, the Drake equation is *not* pseudoscience. *If* one puts in the uncertainties (or error bars if you prefer) the Drake equation conclusively proves we cannot authoritatively pronounce on the statistical distribution of intelligent alien life forms. Most people don't put in the uncertainties, but that's bad math, not pseudoscience. Or maybe lying with statistics, at worst. But not pseudoscience. The idiocy about it being like astrology because of "unbounded or tested [sic] variables" in the Drake equation is a new low in idiocy. The number of stars in the galaxy etc. is testable and is also bounded. Astrology has no measurable variables, *not even in principle.* There are no bounds to the gloom-making influence of the planet Saturn. Indeed, the constellations are not even things, being collections of stars at wildly varying distances, instead of bounded entities like a galaxy. And of course the mechanisms of astrology are immaterial.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jun 6 2021 0:37 utc | 59

it's been hysteria and fear since before the founding of the american Republic (now an Empire since 1898, at least, and truly world-wide since WWII): fear of native americans, blacks, bolsheviks, chinese and asian indentured labor, suffragettes and women libbers, unions and labor organizers, and 'socialist' and 'communist' ideas, drag queens at Stonewall, commies in the State Department and under the bed, Martin luther king, malclom X, and black panthers, peaceniks and love children ruining the war in vietNam, 'ecological terrorists', the list is enormous

and all this nonsense about ufos is just more fear mongering and media distraction from the real issues of the day. And of course as b and Caitlin so nicely point out, purely to the benefit of the Military-Industrial complex and their swine there at the public trough.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” ― H.L. Mencken, In Defense Of Women

and now UFO nonsense is given credence by the defense department idiots, swine and war criminals, in cahoots with the W.S. Journal, WA Post and the nefarious NY Times, etc etc. what a ridiculous world

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jun 6 2021 0:48 utc | 60

people believe in bitcoin. if there is a negative to be proved, it's that bitcoin doesn't exist.

people believe in Elon Musk and he's less believable than bitcoin.

people watch Bill Gates smile along with every syllable of Greta Von White Kid at the Davos thing and believe he cares about something other than money.

oh yeah, they believe that a society based on greed will turn out to be something other than a completely corrupt and filthy outhouse, managed by people like Bill Gates.

people believe they are not part of this planet so Brazil, India, Britain, etc might as well be Pluto.

people believe that Transformers movies are entertaining.

people believe computers improve productivity.

people bombing terrorism stops terrorists. and vice versa.

people believe that a convoy is a beautiful sight (i heard it in a song).

people believe that their loud truck engines and bullets will stop coronavirus.

people believe that acting contrary to the laws of physics will produce something other than catastrophe. the mother ship is indeed coming for us all. worm food.

and of course people everywhere believe that eating meat and driving cars are the best thing ever. they name their cars after parts of the planet they are killing (tundra, impala, etc.)

people believe in ghosts.

"space is the place." but as Sun Ra said, you gotta leave your darkness behind.

does it matter that it seems like mostly (only?) Americans see UFO's? indeedly doodly it doesly

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 6 2021 0:51 utc | 61

ETs may be real....

But the current media barrage of UFOs/ET stories from the likes of the New York Times, CBS, and other known media liars are *psyops* disguised as UFO/ET Disclosure.

America is like Oceania in George Orwell's 1984 in that it absolutely, positively cannot live without a threat or an Enemy Image to rally the sheeple to hate.

Hatred of The Enemy--any Enemy--is the only thing that unifies America as a nation and as a people. Without this foreign enemy image to vilify and scapegoat for domestic problems, the "United" States of America would break apart into a million pieces.

And you don't get much more foreign than UFOs and aliens from outer space (or another dimension).

UFOs/ETs thus are joining the conga line of other threats that the Land of the Free propagandizes about like Communism (Cold War 1.0); Islam (War on Terrorism); Russia/China (Cold War 2.0)....

The axiomatic principle of America is this: War is the Health of the State.

Posted by: ak74 | Jun 6 2021 0:54 utc | 62

vk 37: Betelgeuse is 10 million years old, has a million to go, and is 642 light years away.

Posted by: Keith McClary | Jun 6 2021 0:54 utc | 63

maybe UFO's are like projections of US guilt for trashing not only the new world, but the area around planet earth too. as, perhaps, we invent gods b/c of guilt about killing things and the general destruction fire users employ for everything, of course the UFO's are here to do something to do us before we migrate elsewhere.

they've seen enough of this trash, and the generals are correct to be terrified. so of course they are invaders. and/or a commie plot. it's a load of pinko bull that the technology of the future will be so advanced as to render competition for resources pointless. the laws of economics forbid it.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 6 2021 0:55 utc | 64

@ Posted by: Keith McClary | Jun 6 2021 0:54 utc | 63

Yes, like I said, it's dying. Some millions of years left is basically deathbed for a star.

Posted by: vk | Jun 6 2021 1:08 utc | 65

Or it is Info war against Iran (or Russia / China)

The Pentagon wants to make Iran or other countries believe that we have some secret, advanced technology that they should be scared of. In short psysops

Psyops tactic2: Wuhan lab leak the CIAntel is leaking out info in a manner to make the gullible MSM think they are discovering it on their own. It is really quite 🤢 nauseating to watch these 'sleuths' repeat info which looks like it was gift wrapped and delivered to them in such a deliberate manner.
"When you combine these emails with the fact that 3 lab workers ... blah, blah, blah" <= I can see their strings being pulled.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Jun 6 2021 1:22 utc | 66

I feel compelled to apologize for not reading your article before stating the obvious fact that it is literally mathematically impossible that we are somehow (and apparently magically) alone in a literally infinite universe,...
I apologize,...

Posted by: Josh | Jun 6 2021 1:36 utc | 67

Supergiant stars like Betelgeuse have very short lifespans. It will not exist long enough for intelligent life to evolve in its planetary system. "Invasion fleets from Betelgeuse" is, as vk noted, just a joke. While vk was off somewhat on the age of that star, the main point the poster made is correct. Mammoth and short-lived stars like Betelgeuse don't offer a stable enough environment for complex chemistry like life to establish itself.

Still, how many people in the US would know that? Remember that I just selected Betelgeuse for marketing purposes. The star's instability makes for compelling narratives about desperate locals trying to find a safer home and being willing to kill for it, which is why we need weapons to defeat those crazy Betelgeusians. They want your "Freedom™"! Towards that end I offer the Gruff Heavy Industries Splat-o-matic 10000X+ Betel-blaster. Those Betelgeusians don't stand a chance if you have one of these babies! It has a rapid load chemically pumped recharge system with an optional belt cartridge feed, tritium illuminated reflex sights, adjustable trigger sensitivity, and a walnut stock. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood when you confront those alien invader scum with one of these bad boys! Reserve yours now before demand doubles the price! $8995, for a limited time only!

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 6 2021 1:37 utc | 68

Wuhan lab leak and the MSM mea culpa

MSM = narcissistic fools.

The CIAntel has successfully framed the question, 'why did the MSM dismiss the Wuhan lab leak theory last year' but that is a totally, narcissistic and irrelevant question. Who cares what the 'MSM' thought. Since March of 2000, U.S. public opinion of China has steadily deteriorated to pond scum. In 2000, the majority certainly bought into the 'China is mostly responsible' narrative and this latest chapter is the coup degras. The CIAntel has manipulated the U.S. public yet again and neutered their pets in the MSM.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Jun 6 2021 1:38 utc | 69

Government narrative = "Pretty please, do not under any circumstances look up. If you do, you might see some shit that we don't want you to. Just in case you happened to have looked up, we have a whole bunch of lies to tell you about what you 'think you saw'. Please believe us, because we said so, and you can like totally trust us, and stuff".

Posted by: Josh | Jun 6 2021 1:43 utc | 70


Posted by: Josh | Jun 6 2021 1:43 utc | 71

Christian Chuba

The most effective propaganda is the kind that makes the target audience feel like a detective who solved a mystery. People will more readily trust their own conclusions than the conclusions of others. Thus the key is leaving clues that will lead the target audience to a specific conclusion.

Posted by: Donbass Lives Matter | Jun 6 2021 1:50 utc | 72

Josh, you are conflating two separate issues.

1. The existence of advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations, which MoA did not comment on.

2. The Pentagon's UFO report and the subject of UFO visitations which MoA did discuss and dismissed as lacking evidence.

Both 1 and 2 can both be true. Why would AET's visit the earth over a 70yr period and have some special fascination with U.S. military technology. This would be as exciting to them as we would be amazed by Neanderthal javelins. Yeah, we'd grab one and study it for a few weeks, maybe. If they found us interesting at all, they would probably look at other stuff. Or maybe we are being studied and we don't even know it and the Pentagon is using this footage for their own agenda.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Jun 6 2021 1:56 utc | 73

Thanks, b, for treating this topic with the contempt its perps deserve.
We The People should be rounding these folks up and keeping them under lock and key until they've passed an IQ Test, a Sanity Test, and had their Tunnel Vision Assessed - exhaustively.

The Yanks remind me of the Beatles 'Bungalow Bill' and the Rolling Stones 'It's Just a Shot Away' (Gimme Shelter), not to mention Master Jack by a South African band, the last line of which is...

You're a very strange person,
Aren't you, Master Jack?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 6 2021 2:02 utc | 74

The Fermi Paradox shows that we are alone. There is probably only one place in the Milkyway galaxy with complex life--Earth. Let's not screw it up with more war. We should spend any excess money we have repairing the disrupted ecology of the place.

Posted by: cj | Jun 6 2021 2:09 utc | 75

It's in the news cycle. Therefore - it's by design.

Posted by: Jezabeel | Jun 6 2021 2:22 utc | 76

@ Jezabeel | Jun 6 2021 2:22 utc | 76 who wrote
It's in the news cycle. Therefore - it's by design.

So is it in a MoA posting by design?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 6 2021 2:35 utc | 77

Think about this, and tell your bosses too,
We are not just thinking shit up to say because we think it sounds cool,
And we are not alone.

Posted by: Josh | Jun 6 2021 2:40 utc | 78

Remember Curveball, the Iraqi informant that told the world everything the CIA wanted to hear?

A person believed to be among the highest-ranking defectors ever to the United States from the People’s Republic of China has been working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for months, sources inside the intelligence community have told RedState on condition of anonymity.
The defector has direct knowledge of special weapons programs in China, including bioweapons programs, those sources say.

Posted by: librul | Jun 6 2021 2:42 utc | 79

Mr. B.

UFO reports, as well reports of abductions by aliens emanate overwhelmingly from Judeo-Christians, primarily in USA, but also from Canada and Australia.

This is to be contrasted to the relative paucity of such reports from Catholic a d Orthodox countries.

The English-speaking Anglo-Saxons are also most interested in Hindu practices, which exposes them to what, for a lack of better term, could called Demonic influences. Are UFOs aliens etc.

Demonic manifestations to those that have lowered their guards? (I know, on reliable sources, that Demonic posession exists as a phenomenon. I also know magic is real, just as Kabbalah and mystical experiences are as well.) I accept the phenomena, even if I cannot conceive of any understanding.

Posted by: Fyi | Jun 6 2021 2:47 utc | 80

Mr. cj | Jun 6 2021 2:09 utc | 75

I think that the Fermi paradox establishes that

A. Aliens have not visted Earth.
B. Aliens do not know any better than us on how to overcome interstellar distances
C. There are not that many of them at a y given time with interstellar travel capacity
D. Interstellar travel is not worth the cost.
E. They are avoiding Earth.

Ladtly, I think space travel a d its colonization, meeting alien etc. are the fables of our age; earlier ages had goblins, and faeries,and elves etc.

Posted by: Fyi | Jun 6 2021 2:54 utc | 81

look out Uncle Sam! sometimes a cigar is a probe.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 6 2021 2:55 utc | 82

where everyone is stuck in the oral phase and every public utterance is sheerest manipulation, and half the populace can't even read the name of their favorite food, french fries, and life is boring and stupid and pointless...during the August 2017 solar eclipse, some people believed a rogue planet was about to hit us. why? because at least it's something. because it would be fun. more fun than what is anyway. hoping for a Holocene extinction event. or maybe we'll make great pets?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 6 2021 3:02 utc | 83

According to tRump's claim last year we already have a 'super-duper' missile. He said it is 17 times faster than any others currently available. Making it plasmasonic. Obviously baloney. No such missile exists. The closest would be the AGM-183 ARRW ("Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon") whose published 9unclassified speed Mach 7. And that missile has not completed final tests.

As for interplanetary aliens, don't blame just the MIC. There have been close to 700 films from the motion picture industry featuring extraterrestrial life, running alphabetically from 'Abbott and Costello Go to Mars' to 'Zontar from Venus'. Plus UFO's and aliens have been around in scifi lit since the 1800s, or make that the 1700s if you consider Swift's 'Laputa' or Voltaire's 'Le Micromégas'.

Posted by: Leith | Jun 6 2021 3:04 utc | 84

Fyi | Jun 6 2021 2:47 utc | 80
that's not very helpful. i trust your opinions of demons and kabbalah about as much as i trust your opinions of UFO's. not at all.

btw, the orthos are just as much nationalist pigs as any christian sect on this planet. i know that from very personal experience. i won't even begin w/the RCC.

and american christians will learn more from Hinduism than from their idiot churches. i'm not endorsing the whole Hindu program w/that comment. equating Hinduism or any ancient tradition with "demonism" just seems singularly stupid. part of the paranoid style.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 6 2021 3:14 utc | 85

@80 Fyi
"UFO reports, as well reports of abductions by aliens emanate overwhelmingly from Judeo-Christians, primarily in USA, but also from Canada and Australia. This is to be contrasted to the relative paucity of such reports from Catholic and Orthodox countries."

I just wanted to write something similar myself. Wikipedia provides a useful list which supports that claim.

UFO sightings are a cultural phenomenon. The closer a country is culturally related to the USA the more UFO`s are reported. The order is (from most UFO´s to less UFO´s):

1. USA itself
2. Other English speaking countries
3. Europe and South America
4. Rest of the world

Posted by: m | Jun 6 2021 4:03 utc | 86

Yeah... no.

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 22:55 utc | 42

By all means please point to your scientific paper that discredits Miguel Alcubierre's proposed theory. We're all waiting...

Posted by: One Too Many | Jun 6 2021 4:04 utc | 87

why assume these are aliens ?

UFO case files showed these entities are on earth far far earlier than any human civilization. They dont mix with human civilization , they did things their own ways , they live under water and underground , their appearance can be tailored so any human who met them will see what they want to see , culturally adjusted.

Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia should be a first reading for those who want to understand these phenomena.

Theres suggestions that these entities already lived among mankind , working inside so to speak. Some called them dangerous as these entities have psychic powers that can harm human , just like what ingo swann witnessed. The govt certainly noticed some of their activities but never can stop them. There’s report of certain parts of the moon thats so strange the USG launched Clementine imaging satellite to photograph these locations , also they sent Stargate Remote Viewers to check the sites , alas the top RV sent was kicked out chased from the moon.

so far these entities just minding their own business and no one can stop them. What are they doing ? no one knows..

Just check Westendorf sighting above Pelotas lake , Brazil. A giant spinning pyramid shaped UFO spitting a classic Disc

Posted by: milomilo | Jun 6 2021 5:28 utc | 88

Thanks for the article B.

While I don't disagree with you regarding the premise that MIC is intent on using the whole 'UFO/UAP' fake disclosure to create a new threat narrative, there are too many unknowns for anyone to authoritatively state that UFOs/UAPs are not of an extraterrestrial origin - exceedingly unlikely but possible none the less. The MIC UFO narrative could be a managed disclosure because they know the game is up or that they'll be found out sooner or later, in addition to creating a new threat narrative to facilitate funding. Sure 99% of all sightings could very well be explained or identified, however that still leaves 1% unexplained.

There those few events that are well documented with photographic, video, and witness testimony - for example the Phoenix Lights in 1995. Many thousands of people witnessed that event, video and photographic evidence captured from multiple perspectives. Referring to some of the witness testimony, the object witnessed 'flying' over Arizona in '95 was a mile+ wide, blocked out star light, traveled too slowly to be a conventional aircraft (apart from it's size), and was totally silent. The cover story doesn't stack up - flares dropped from A10s is a total load of s%*t. Logically I cannot conceive a way to fake an event such as the Phoenix Lights. IMO that event can have only one of two explanations; the 'craft' is of terrestrial or non-terrestrial origin. There are of course other notable sighting events, in particular those within restricted airspace or near where nuclear weapons are stored/siloed.

As for why aliens would have any interest in Earth - the invention and subsequent testing of atomic or hydrogen bombs could be the reason? Perhaps biospheres/biome like Earth's are exceedingly rare and the 'visitors' have an interest in ensuring that humans don't sterilize the planet?

Posted by: AnoNZ | Jun 6 2021 5:28 utc | 89

If you want to see an example of the makings of a civilization different from our own, look no further than the Serapeum at Saqqara in Egypt. Or, if you so prefer, buy into the 'mainstream science' claim about the origins of the 100 ton granite boxes found there in tight underground bedrock (limestone) niches. The granite is not local to the site, but from Aswan, 1000km away.

The Megalithic Serapeum At Saqqara In Egypt With Guide Yousef Awyan

This is just one of many remarkable sites around the world. No need to resort to fuzzy out of focus videos of supposed UFOs to find evidence of another civilization that is separated from our own. That (human) civilization is not separated from us not in space, but in (relatively short) time.

And, for the small minority who are unable to simply dismiss the above problem, a bonus:
The Improbable Timeline of the Old Kingdom Mega-Pyramid Builders

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 6 2021 5:35 utc | 90

With tens of millions of New Born Evangelicos & 200 million uncultured, UFO is, indeed, a very suitable ingredient.

Posted by: nietzsche1510 | Jun 6 2021 5:38 utc | 91

Talking about Alternative Reality, I'm fascinated with stories about Near-Death Experiences. There was a rip-snorter NDE episode of Oprah ~20 years ago. One of the 'survivors' was a young woman whose description of her own highly emotional NDE was so compelling that there was no doubt that she truly believed it happened. There was a couple of other persuasive recollections but I'll never forget the ardour of that young woman.

On the other hand, Oz Media big-wig and 110% arsehole, Kerry Packer, (RIP) 'died' on the operating table a few years before he finally croaked. As he was leaving the hospital he convincingly assured the Press Gagglery that "There's fuckin' nothin' there!" which one assumes was very comforting to the God Botherers who could tell themselves that Heaven went into lockdown when they smelt Kerry coming (sulphur etc).

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 6 2021 5:41 utc | 92

600 G-force would crush any living thing into goo. No way of getting around the physics of that.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Jun 6 2021 5:49 utc | 93

@Biswapriya Purkayast | Jun 6 2021 0:26 utc | 58

The best enemy is the one who can't ever be defeated because he doesn't exist. Or is dead.
There is some good insight in that statement. I agree entirely, and I am sure 'the ruling classes' also agree.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 6 2021 5:50 utc | 94

Of course, this UFO thing is US technology, as were President Kennedy´s assassination, the 9/11, the Covid "creation". The US society needs this sort of "feeding" in order to keep their belief systems.

Posted by: nietzsche1510 | Jun 6 2021 5:56 utc | 95

“the mighty ships tore across the empty wastes of space and finally dived screaming on to the first planet they came across - which happened to be the Earth - where due to a terrible miscalculation of scale the entire battle fleet was accidentally swallowed by a small dog.”

Posted by: Rusty Pipes | Jun 6 2021 6:09 utc | 96

Posted by: vk | Jun 5 2021 21:45 utc | 36
Let us walk the topic back to:
"we are presented with an onslaught of UFO rumours and silly grainy videos:"

If we believe this information, grainy video and "accompanying" voices, there may have been an attempt from an unknown "civilisation", to make contact.

It is presented as from an externally based, non Earth, civilisation.

The quality of the video presented is determined by the creator's technology, as well as the receivers' technology. The audio is created by the receivers human observers and integrated into its current "apps" to disseminate the "news" to its audience, the public.

The senders and receivers technological achievements/apps may be eons different.

Many examples here suggesting because xyz or abc theories prove, such and such, something is impossible. I suspect that prior to the discovery of gunpowder nobody envisaged how easy it was to demolish walled cities defensive structures. Ships could sink enemy ships without ramming/boarding.

For another example, warships of long ago utilised visible flags to communicate with each other. All well and good if both ships used the same meta language and the correct days code.

There may be a miss match between the sending and the receiving parties "apps".

In addition, the assumption that the communication is between non earth based senders and earth based receivers.

Which may or may not be true.

Many years ago I read a story about the contact between two civilisations. I cannot rember details or its title.

Because of different technology achievements and time understandings, the communicants were equally frustrated.

But they continued communications, centuries apart for one, seconds by the other.

Imagine understanding a message from xxx, sending a reply and receiving no reply for 5 centuries!

Who would remember the initial contact? A reference in a 5 centuries book or nowadays, a digital database?

Posted by: OhOh | Jun 6 2021 7:26 utc | 97

Although I've witnessed one night three of such sigar-shaped objects behaving strangely one moonlit night ,at maybe just three hundred meters away,I never felt it to belong to
extraterrestrian culture.Because the same kind of objects have been seen coming out of Popocapetl,and have been filmed as flying parallel to a train in the netherlands I do not dismiss those observations.

BUT,I do have a strange hunch that those who do not believe in the presence of extraterrestrians in our sphere will be labeled conspirationists in a few years.It might be more about narrative that you are obliged to believe,than about phenomenon in our reality.

Remember Karl Rove,remember retired highplaced NATO persons and some Canadian ex-MoD talking about it over fifteen years ago.

Posted by: willie | Jun 6 2021 7:47 utc | 98

"The sightings involve objects that seem to defy the laws of physics."

If something defies the laws of physics which apply to solid objects (momentum, inertia etc.) that just means its not a solid object. Confusion arises when you unconciously make the wrong assumption, i.e. you assume its a solid object.

Let me introduce the theory that some of these UFOs are sightings of natural atmospheric electromagnetic phenomena not yet accepted by science, such as ball lightning but with other possible shapes. If youv'e made the assumption that a thing is solid object, when it starts to shrink rapidly it looks like its moving away with incredible speed.

Posted by: Johny Conspiranoid | Jun 6 2021 8:45 utc | 99

If we could just apply the old Vulcan mind meld to Sun Ra, the man who went to Saturn, we'd have some answers. But we can't, and he's passed on to another dimension in any case...but he left much codified evidence in his remarkable, listen carefully.

Jupiter too.

Posted by: john | Jun 6 2021 8:58 utc | 100

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