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June 13, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-045

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

> A mystery bidder paid $28 million at auction Saturday for a seat alongside Jeff Bezos on board the first crewed spaceflight of the billionaire's company Blue Origin next month. <

Elon Musk?

Jack Parrock @jackeparrock - 9:29 utc · Jun 11, 2021
The lateral flow COVID tests we have to do every day at the #G7 summit are “Made in China”. 🇨🇳
Western powers still need a bit of help from the East.

Other issues:


Atlantic Council is now policing the content on Facebook and on Reddit.

The fleecing rich:


> In May 2018 and 2019, Madhya Pradesh saw a little over 31,000 deaths over the month on average. This grew slightly to 34,000 in May 2020. However in May 2021, Madhya Pradesh saw over 1.6 lakh reported deaths, or nearly five times the usual number of reported deaths.
Officially, Madhya Pradesh reported just 4,461 Covid deaths between January 1 and May 31, 2021. The excess deaths seen in the same period are 42 times the reported Covid death toll. <
Keith Humphreys @KeithNHumphreys - 16:27 UTC · Jun 12, 2021
Circus performers line up to get a COVID vaccination in London. Photo by Matt Crossick.



Fifteen years ago Franz Gayl blew the whistle over unprotected troops in Iraq. He has now committed an even bigger sin:


Use as open thread ...

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At 2h50, what Kirsh says about his attempt to talk with ppl at the WH (knowing some of them personnaly) should be seen in relation with the statement at the g7 to provide 1 billion vaccine doses to poor countries... by the end of 2022...

For precision, Dr. Robert Malone (on the left) is a top shot working with the FDA and the DoD for years. He is bringing a lot of insider knowledge.

Posted by: Mina | Jun 14 2021 9:48 utc | 101

Honestly, I wonder why Russia or China would even bother discussing treaties with NATO small fish. Case in point, the Italian prime minister Draghi (banker, 110% Atlanticist, and unelected - got in power after a palace coup earlier this year, supported by the entirety of the establishment parties and part of the so called "anti-establishment" 5 Stars movement) jumped on the "blame China" bandwagon and is "reconsidering" the trade treaties with China signed by former PM Conte. To be noted a very small part of Italian media are timidly criticizing the move, as Italy has everything to gain and nothing to lose from China while the opposite is true from the US, and the self-proclaimed anti-EU party Lega Nord fully endorsing Draghi out of its rabid Sinophobia.

Posted by: SumGuy | Jun 14 2021 9:50 utc | 102

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 14 2021 5:05 utc | 83

thanks for your post referring to Dr Francis Boyle, I'll have a close look later. Boyle is a towering intellect and has 'the runs on the board.'

Posted by: Paul | Jun 14 2021 11:02 utc | 103

Biosafety Labs in the USA. The Virtual Biosecurity Centre lists 13 operational or planned BSL4 laboratories within the USA. I understand the following to be the status at 2014 or thereabouts. This site hosts some interesting videos for consideration (again up to 2014). This centre seems to have ceased posting sometime around 2014.

apologies for the crappy formatting.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention* Atlanta, GA

Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases- Shope Laboratory University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX

Center for Biotechnology and Drug Design Georgia State University Atlanta, GA
Galveston National Laboratory University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, TX
Integrated Research Facility National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Ft. Detrick, MD
Rocky Mountain Laboratories Integrated Research Facility, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Hamilton, MT

Texas Biomedical Research Institute San Antonio, TX
Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services Department of General Services of the Commonwealth of Virginia Richmond, VA

United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases Department of Defense, Frederick, MD

Awaiting Regulatory Approval
National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL) Boston University, Boston, MA

Planned or Under Construction
National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF), Department of Homeland Security, Manhattan, KS
National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC), Department of Homeland Security
Fort Detrick, Maryland

So this gives a substantial base for human error to leak all over the floor and all the way home. I guess the next trick would be to correlate all those urgent scientific publications with these locales and perhaps even co-locate vaping incidence and other pneumonia-like illnesses that seemed out of character with known viral infections.

A separate search for BSL-3 level labs was not revealing yet I assume there are those too. Then there are all those US managed offshore sites throughout the world.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 14 2021 11:53 utc | 104

RNC Research @RNCResearch

WATCH: Joe Biden confuses Syria with Libya THREE TIMES.


Posted by: Mao | Jun 14 2021 12:21 utc | 105

To karlof1

Did you see this back at the end of April, just after the Ukraine/Belarus/Czech blowups?

“As far as the relations between Russia and Europe are concerned, I still believe that the UK is playing an active and a very serious subversive role. It withdrew from the European Union, but we see no decrease in its activities on this track. On the contrary, they are trying to influence EU member states’ approaches to Russia to the maximum possible extent.”


“At the same time, you know, they send us signals, they propose establishing contacts. This means, they do not shy away from communication [with Russia], but try to discourage others. Again, probably [this can be explained by] their desire to have a monopoly of these contacts and again prove that they are superior to others.”

That is extraordinary. For a seasoned diplomat like Lavrov to call out the Brits in public.
Burning his bridges with Perfidious. Outing Merkel for the foolish coward that she is.

And NOW we have a "summit" between Putin and Biden.

The same Biden that "took tea at Windsor Castle with the Queen".

Any thoughts?

Posted by: John Cleary | Jun 14 2021 13:25 utc | 106

Protasevich is back in the spot light, the first question asked was that there were rumours of Luka himself going to see him in the detention center and beat him so badly that broke his nose, Roma laughed and said that it was really good to start the press conference with a joke, so as to be relaxed. The BBC correspondent left the room, a representative of such democratic institution is not going to be witness to a coerced testimony, especially when the coerced witness is smiling and looking like he has even gained some weight. Maybe they have UV suntan room in the gaol.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 14 2021 13:41 utc | 107

NYT quietly gives up on the crazy Wuhan Lab Leak Theory, calls for a recoup in American soil:

There Will Be Another Pandemic — Are We Prepared For It?



Did Israel Just Have a Constitutional Revolution?

No. It just lost the fucking war.

Rule of Thumb: heads of State who lose a war are generally removed (see: Pashinyan). This is a human truth since at least the time of the Romans.


Feeding the Hungry, One Wholesome Meal at a Time

The American Pravda, openly talking about mass hunger in the USA proper.

Interesting times.


Pfizer, AstraZeneca … or Both? A Mixed Approach May Hold Promise.

Pathetic attempt to make a complete failure of logistics and of capitalism look like a revolutionary discovery of biological sciences.


The Owl of Minerva flies:

"The USSR respected us more": Europe humiliates Poland

Moreover, Zobro [Zbigniew Zöbro, Prosecutor General of Poland] agreed to the point that the Soviet Union showed more respect for Poland and its legal system than the current European Union. Accusing the EU of showing "arrogance and a colonial vision of Poland," the minister dropped a phrase that many perceived as seditious: "I cannot remember a single secretary from Moscow who wrote to Wojciech Jaruzelskior to his predecessors a letter demanding the withdrawal of any claim to a Polish court. Even in those days, it seemed that Poles made their own decisions within the framework of real socialism, rather than following the directives and instructions of Moscow officials. ”Until recently, such comparisons were unthinkable in a country where the glorification of the communist system was officially prohibited.

So, spit it out: how was the propaganda campaign against the USSR broke out during the 1990s. Because we historians already know the economic situation in the Iron Curtain wasn't as bad as they tell us today (because we have the numbers).


@ Posted by: Mao | Jun 14 2021 8:04 utc | 94

The opposite was the case: capitalism tried to destroy China in 1989; China saved itself from capitalism in 1989. I think the joke would work if you substituted "1989" for "1978" or, to give more sophistication to the joke, for "1972" ("The Handshake").

But, to be historically precise, the joke doesn't work. Capitalism won much more than China in 1972, because it removed China from the Soviet camp (greatly weakening it), while the fate of China continued to be nebulous until at least 2001, when its unexpected acceptance by the WTO (it was being blocked by more than a decade by then) finally "vindicated" Deng Xiaoping's retreat of 1978. I'm not saying Deng didn't know what he was doing - he knew, because he was a Marxist - but, up until 2001 (or, definitely, 2012), China's numbers were impressive, but didn't reflect in the sectors that characterize a superpower (high technology, R&D, medium standards of living) - China was treated like another India by the West (even though it wasn't).

Even from the point of view of the "opening up" aspect of the reforms, the joke doesn't work. It doesn't work for one very simple reason: in Marxist theory, socialism is not an alternative to capitalism, but its historical successor. Socialism, by definition, can only be born out of capitalist development. There's no competition between two systems, but merely the dying out of an old one and the birth of a new one. The Soviets also knew that: before geopolitical situation forced them to adopt the doctrine of "Socialism in One Country", the Bolsheviks tried by all means possible to break the economic blockage by the capitalist superpowers of the time. There was even a "faction" in the Bolshevik Party that theorized industrialization of the USSR could only be achieved through foreign investment from the advanced capitalist countries (whose main adept was Leonid Krasin). The only reason the Bolsheviks didn't do their own "reform and opening up" was because they literally couldn't, not because they didn't want it.

Posted by: vk | Jun 14 2021 14:26 utc | 108

Narcissistic, delusional MSM actually believe ...

that they are cracking open the 'Wuhan Lab leak' story themselves and heroically challenging the establishment. When in fact, they are having it spoon fed to them by war addicts in govt who have been systematically getting us to despise China for well over a year.

a I'll just pick two examples of this gagfest ...

How can people lack such basic self-awareness, and why does it bother me so much?

I read both of these stories and he quotes 1. U.S. Intel agencies and 2. other news outlets using emotionally charged language, 'cover up', 'suppression', ...
Throw in a few science writers with an unproven background and the arguments sound great, as long as you already want to believe. I suppose we are all guilty of the last one, it makes us feel smart when we write stuff like, 'receptors'.
Maybe the best thing for the world is for the U.S. to engage Iran, Russia, and China at the same time with aircraft carrier fleets and a space force and arms race with obsolete weapons so that we go bankrupt and cannot make the interest rate payments.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Jun 14 2021 14:34 utc | 109

From the Politico link:

Other senators highlighted the potential for central bank digital wallets to be used to deliver government aid more directly to people who don’t have bank accounts. A digital dollar could also be designed to have more high-tech benefits of some cryptocurrencies, like facilitating “smart contracts” where a transaction is completed once certain conditions are met.

This "proposed" digital currency - which is not a proposal at all, the elites are definitely determined to roll it out - has to be understood in terms of the following 5 key questions:

1) Who is behind it?
2) What is the established historical record of their actual behaviour and methodology?
3) What is the future of the US dollar reserve currency, and of the US dollar in general?
4) What happens to the financial empires of those behind question (1) if the US dollar completely collapses?
5) What turnkey operation has just been taking place, and what were its preparatory phases?

(1) Who is behind it? The privately owned US Federal Reserve, i.e. the half-dozen key banking families - Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Goldman Sachs, et al, who between them own about 90% of Planet Earth. As far as I know the original proposal - in the public domain - for such a currency came from the Chairman of the Bank of England, Carney (also an American) a couple of years ago or so; but I am sure he was only acting as proxy for key establishment elites including the monarchy, i.e. the key objectives and modalities are sure to have been researched and sketched out even before that. The Bank of England is also privately owned by Rothschild et al, but the extreme private wealth of the monarchy certainly also has a key role.

(2) What is the established historical record of their actual behaviour and methodology? The question says it all, I don't need to spell it out. For hundreds of years these half-dozen families have engineered wars to play State against State, while extracting hideous profits from both sides, and have manipulated these wars to engineer their political and financial advantage, to generate ever more and more wealth for their own pockets at the expense of the ordinary people, and at the same time they have manipulated the political structures to amass ever increasing political power for the elites - and especially those half-dozen families - over ordinary people. The Rothschilds, for example, financed both sides of the Napoleonic wars, and manipulated all the European monarchs.

(3) What is the future of the US dollar reserve currency, and of the US dollar in general? Well, everybody knows the dollar system is swinging on the verge of total collapse. The western economic system has been so completely sucked dry by the financial parasites (especially those same half-dozen families), that it cannot do anything else but implode. Russia and China are almost ready with a viable, more popular and more just alternative to the western neoliberal/neoconservative extractive win-lose system, in the form of a win-win multipolar world economic system based on a basket of sovereign currencies and the international legal system founded in the United Nations Charter. The US dollar system depends on the whole of the rest of the world financing US wars and US weapons manufacturing, and the entirety of the US empire depends on US debt being financed by the rest of the world and the dollars being recycled. See the writings of Michael Hudson for an explanation, nobody has explained it more clearly and more concretely.

(4) What happens to the financial empires of those behind question (1) if the US dollar completely collapses? The financial interests of all of the half-dozen key banking families in (1), together with the rest of the western elites, are critically tied in with the US dollar system and the system of global recycling of US dollars. If the US dollar collapses, the US Empire collapses. Financial collapse means - for most people - total financial loss; but the topmost elites can also profit out of financial collapse, just as they did during the Great Depression, when they bought up stocks and shares for virtually nothing, and amassed colossal wealth as a result. When the dollar collapses and the US Empire collapses, the top elites want to position themselves to ensure that they will monopolise ownership of virtually everything - including all potable water resources, food supply especially staples, energy, medicine, the apparatus of political control ("security"), and education. The system that follows will be a neo-feudal one based on serfdom, wage-slavery, and extractive labour - the diametric opposite of democracy - in other words the same as the present system but ramped up 10,000 fold and with all pretences completely thrown away (fig leaf no longer required).

5) What turnkey operation has just been taking place, and what were its preparatory phases? Of course, the turnkey operation is Covid-19, perfectly placed to destroy economies worldwide (especially developing economies); perfectly placed to take over ownership of resources and other key assets in third world and second world economies around the world, after the economic destruction of Operation Covid-19; perfectly placed to hugely tighten the cordon of political control around every individual, and to gradually eliminate the last vestiges of personal freedom; perfectly placed to turn upside down people's attitudes to freedom and enable their willingness to give up their freedom; perfectly placed to generate virtually unlimited fear porn, through rigorous control of the narrative, rigorous control of establishment [pseudo] "Science", and rigorous control of fear as a political resource. What were the preparatory phases to the Covid-19 operation? Of course, above all, 9/11 and the "War on of Terror", which initiated the large-scale demolition of human freedoms and rights, and enabled the hard fought-for personal legal rights built up over the last century to be systematically upturned and destroyed. The precursor to 9/11 was the much less noticed Omagh massacre in Northern Ireland in 1998, which bears striking resemblances to 9/11 in terms of the advance-prepared legal changes pushed through the British Parliament without a single word of debate, which similarly started the systematic destruction of all legal personal protections, although on a much smaller scale than 9/11. Subsequent preparatory phases to Covid-19 include a host of subsequent terrorist actions around the globe especially in the USA, UK, France and other western countries, which always shared two key features: (a) links of the patsies to western intelligence agencies; and (b) subsequent exploitation of the event to enhance fear and justify further progressive tightening of the security apparatus and further progressive destruction of personal liberties and rights.

[NOTE: It is not a priori necessary to my argument to assume that the initial release SARS-Cov-2 virus was intentional. It is possible that the initial release of the virus - almost certainly not in China as it was present in the USA and Europe months earlier, and most probably in the USA in July 2019 - may have been an accidental leak from Fort Detrick. The initial leak, apparently in July 2019, was covered up, and is still actively being covered up. There is some evidence that the US military seems to have been infected before the appearance of the virus in Wuhan, and it may have been introduced into Wuhan either accidentally or intentionally under cover of the International Military Games, and numerous US military participants in the games were medically evacuated under suspicious circumstances. All of this evidence however is still not clear. An assumption that the leak from Fort Detrick was accidental and that the subsequent introduction to China was also accidental is perfectly sufficient for the rest of the argument - in any case it is crystal clear that the western elites have taken maximum possible advantage of the virus to further the objectives set out elsewhere in this comment. Even if one were to assume that the virus developed naturally from or via some other animal and naturally "jumped" to humans, the overall argument is still unchanged - it is crystal clear that the western elites have taken maximum possible advantage of the virus to further the objectives set out elsewhere in this comment. This is especially so in the USA and the UK.]

The digital currency is the Sequel to Covid-19.

The unsustainability of the current western economic system and its impending and inevitable collapse has been clear to the top elites in the US and in its European vassels for many years. For at least two decades it has been an open secret amongst the elites and their servants that all of the economies of the major western and NATO countries, and of the EU itself, have been massively bankrupt, a fact only covered up by fraudulent and deceptive accounting and with the connivance of the major international accounting firms. The inevitability of the collapse of the US dollar, also, has been approaching and accelerating for quite a few years. As to the collapse of the US Empire itself - it is clear that the US elites have been getting ever more desperate to stave off collapse of their empire for some years, that they are acting in ever more perverse and self-destructing ways, and that almost all of their efforts to stave off collapse have instead made such collapse ever more inevitable and ever more immediate. That fact is very much a manifestation of human nature when in the final stages of extreme panic. The top western elites though are supranational, and pride themselves on being supranational. It is thus also possible that they may have consciously decided to sacrifice the US Empire - and even to hasten and to accentuate its demise - if they consider that in so doing they enhance their opportunities to profit from the economic collapse and to consolidate even further their strangle-hold of power in whatever emerges from the ashes. The manifestation of the Covid-19 operation gives numerous hints that that may be their plan. The extraordinary self-destruction of the international reputation of the US through the mindless political war between Trump and Non-Trump ever since his election in 2016 (and, to some extent, even before that) might perhaps also be better understood in the context of a deliberate sacrifice of the US Empire in preparation for what is intended to follow it - i.e. a deliberate tarnishing of the US international image in the eyes of all those whose eyes were still resolutely closed to reality, in order to facilitate support for its disintegration.

The digital cryptocurrency is to be seen as the sequel to Covid-19, as the preparatory phase behind the complete and final elimination of all degrees of freedom and individuality in the International Serfdom that our Dearly Beloved elites have planned for us after the Great Reset. The digital cryptocurrency will first be promoted as a convenience for consumer lifestyle, as a means for delivering social benefits, and whatever else can be incentivised to encourage initial acceptance. It will be heavily promoted, like the instant coffee that is heavily subsidised in supermarkets to attract customers through the doors. There will be gifts galore - just enough to encourage salivation and ultimate addiction. Ultimately, though, the aim will be to eliminate all other national currency (especially cash) so that no other type of financial transaction is possible.

The key, though, is (a) its virtually unlimited potential for political control of dissidents (and parallel incentivisation and corruption of non-dissidents); and (b) its unlimited potential for unlimited corruption by those with ultimate control over the cryptocurrency and who control access to its backdoors - i.e. the half-dozen banking families who own the key private central banks including the US Federal Reserve and the UK Bank of England. At a keystroke, unlimited amounts of cryptocurrency can be either created or destroyed, transferred from one person to another (without knowledge or consent of those from whom it is taken), and ledgers falsified. The total amount of cryptocurrency in circulation can be changed in an instant and in secret - whether to enrich the actor, to destroy an opponent actor, to destroy an opponent State or force its acquiescence, or to force externally unpredictable market fluctuations that the actor wishes to profit from. There are no limits. In this regard we need to pay particular attention to item (2) above - the historical record of the actions, intrigues and manipulations of the top banking families, over the last several hundred years. These people have no scruples, no morals, there is no limit to what they will descend to if given the opportunity. The cryptocurrency gives limitless such opportunities. The cryptocurrency will with certainty have secret backdoors, through which everything can be manipulated and all ledgers bypassed or counterfeited.

Today the primary means of controlling politicians and senior civil servants is almost certainly through blackmail. (Why else, for example, would politicians of the Empire's vassel states so often act so contrary to obvious national interests? Why else would paedophilia be so widespread in the top echelons of society?) With a digital currency, however - and particularly so in its latter stages after access to real currency has been reduced or eliminated - every official from the toilet cleaner up to the Prime Minister can be minutely controlled, incentivised or inhibited, punished or rewarded at will. This process can even be automated using AI - anyone expressing contrary ideas on Facebook can be punished and terrorised by making digital currency suddenly vanish. Anyone posting comments on (or even reading) an alternative website such as Moonofalabama can likewise be detected by global surveillance, identified, and punished. The ultimate purpose of a [western*] digital cryptocurrency is to enable the tools for ultimate political coercion - at every level from the macro level down to the nano level - and especially linked to AI.

Digital cryptocurrency is the closing door. After the door has closed, there is only Big Brother, there is no other. That is, apart from the "Speakeasy" in Russia and China, and in the multipolar world they are building. That is why Russia and China must be destroyed at all costs, so that there will be no other.

Let me come back to the quotation at the top,

Other senators highlighted the potential for central bank digital wallets to be used to deliver government aid more directly to people who don’t have bank accounts. A digital dollar could also be designed to have more high-tech benefits of some cryptocurrencies, like facilitating “smart contracts” where a transaction is completed once certain conditions are met.

The last part of the second sentence suddenly takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

That's all you need to know about any US or UK digital cryptocurrency.

* Both the Chinese Digital Yuan and its Russian counterpart are different - they are asset-backed digital currencies fully backed by gold and oil, and fully independently verifiable. The US and UK digital currencies will be neither asset-backed nor independently verifiable. How do I know that? Firstly because they do not possess the necessary assets to back them, and secondly - go back to those first five points. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

Posted by: BM | Jun 14 2021 15:18 utc | 110

uncle tungsten 51

Can we say......sting. ?

How CIA/FBI 'busted terror plots' in USA.
under cover gents befriend unsuspecting target,
'Im with you guys on the evil of great satan, may be
we can work out a plan ....'
Agent X hacked out a plot, even supplied the logistics uncluding explosives, shepherded the target all the way ,then 'apprehended the terrorists' just in time.
Read the terror factory by...Trevor Aaronson

Sounds familiar ?

UNC told WIV
'YOu guys have been hit by SARS, H5N1, H7N9, swine flu...the lot, I heard you are interested in 'thread reduction' research on these virus.
We've decades of experience in such proj, we can guide you all the way ;-).....'"
The Chinese , who had been banished from international collaboration in science/technology prolly jumped at the offer.

The rest is history.

Moral of the story,
Dont ever forget
Chief BIg Foot advice
Beware of gringos bearing gift.

Posted by: denk | Jun 14 2021 16:01 utc | 111

Re; California drought. Of which I know virtually nothing.

The growing of Cotton is water intensive. Think of the dried up Aral "sea", which is a result of Stalin having what he thought was a good idea.

Think also of the problems of Indias' small scale cotton growers and Monsanto (or whatever it is called now after the "Bayer" downward merger).
Bt. Cotton is also water intensive as opposed to the parsimonious local Indian version.

I presume (without proof) that the version used in California is mainly a Bt (Gm) version.

Which doesn't help the locals. Maybe revising of the types of agricultural production might help to alleviate the water situation. Even though it does seem a bit late for that,


BM | Jun 14 2021 15:18 utc | 108

Excellent. Thanks.
One comment. If the Elite expect to be able to profit from a destruction event, then they will have to use some form of "currency" or medium of exchange.

Could this be "debt" in it's crudist form. ie. Everyone else (including National states) have debts, except themselves. They are the ones behind who control the issuing of debt as well. Since one proposition (by Schwab and the reset) was to issue debt to all, as a means of control (without an agreed debt you cannot eat, etc.), then "cryptocurrency" becomes superfluous as would any other form of transaction.

Then it follows on that the "prise de controle" is designed to be concentrated on the visible "capitalist" world first. ie. The US, EU, India, Brazil and all the other countries that take on debts from whatever source. (WB, IMF, Bonds and other Private investment, etc). We come back to the same financial sources, but this time as individuals or individual "families". This may not be so evident in places such as Russia (but very few others), who would then be expected to "toe the line" later.

Even China could be vulnerable in a second phase.

Posted by: Stonebird | Jun 14 2021 16:05 utc | 112

John Cleary @106--

Hi John! You'll find my reply on the Why Summit thread where you first posed your question.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2021 17:20 utc | 113

Full transcript of Putin NBC interview - in case it hasn't been posted already:

Posted by: the pessimist | Jun 14 2021 17:47 utc | 114

Thank you karlof1. Just reading now.

Posted by: John Cleary | Jun 14 2021 17:59 utc | 115

"Global Times Exclusive with Russian ambassador: What position would Russia take in case of an armed conflict between China and US?"

Starts with Q about summit. The ambassador performs a nice dodge of the headline's provocative question.

Pepe Escobar's G-7 Review looks into the relabeling of the Great Reset into B3W.

Alastair Crooke continues his evaluation of Occupied Palestine, his essay summarized by Strategic-Culture:

"So fatigued by their own rhetoric have Israeli and western leaders become, that they will not think or say that Israel has run out of options."

This announcement is getting little notice:

"Iran says it’s reached agreement with US on lifting of Trump-era economic sanctions."

Still need to see the deeds done instead of hearing/reading the talk, IMO.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2021 18:16 utc | 116

Here's the Putin/NBC transcript published by the Kremlin that I put at a higher degree of trust. It doesn't have an amiable beginning as NBC's Simmons tries to get Putin to admit to an Outlaw US Empire BigLie. As expected, Simmons follows the Empire's propaganda line of projection onto Russia of the Empire's transgressions. Simmons of course gets lectured. It's a hilarious riot that Simmons goes on and on about Russian interference in the USA when we just had the Latest Danish/NSA Spying Scandal which was definitive proof of Outlaw US Empire interference in the domestic affairs of all NATO and EU states, a fact Putin is too diplomatic to utilize. Instead, Putin says:

"We have a saying: 'Don't be mad at the mirror if you are ugly.' It has nothing to do with you personally. But if somebody blames us for something, what I say is, 'Why don't you look at yourselves?' You will see yourselves in the mirror, not us. There is nothing unusual about it."

I have to admit it's very difficult to read this exchange as it's so unprofessional. But Putin did as good a job as he could to destroy the Establishment's Narrative. The responses about China were excellent. In the end, Simmons acted politely and professionally, but I hope he got a bit angry at some of the questions he was made to pose.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 14 2021 20:07 utc | 117

I don't see any substantive difference between the transcripts, which is a good thing. As an American I am pleased that NBC did the interview and published an accurate and complete transcript. I hope that the full transcript get some eyeballs, not just the extracts and sound bites that will be spoon feed via the traditional outlets.

As for why the summit Mr Putin explains that there are important issues to discuss and the Russian side is prepared to do so - provided the Americans are willing. {arms control, cyber crime, ans possible prisoner exchanges are specifically mentioned while conflict zones such as Syria or Ukraine are implied]. As most people here would know the Russians remain prepared for substantive, respectful, dialogue between peers and believe in that process as important/essential under any and all circumstances.

I find it amusing that when Simmons starts worrying about running out of time Mr. Putin says "It's ok, I determine the time" and continues with his responses.

In general the Russian perspective is well known to anyone who has bothered to read the transcripts of the many Putin speeches and statements posted over the past decade and I didn't read anything too surprising here, but perhaps it will be educational for at least some in the West. Clearly that was one of Mr. Putin's objectives when agreeing to the interview and he says so a number of times.

Posted by: the pessimist | Jun 14 2021 20:55 utc | 118

denk #111

Thank you, yes sting is possible and it would be interesting if the Fall Army Worm arrived packaged up by the gringos as a gift through agricultural exchange and 'joint research efforts'.

I guess with coronavirus research that at least two things are possible 1: the USA was simply harvesting the vast intellectual effort of Chinese science that had been applied to the subject, and, 2: using the Wuhan lab processes as an offshore worksite to set up the sting. I have no doubt there are more options.

There are many papers on the coronavirus published by international science collaborations and Wuhan is not participant in all. One thing seems fairly certain, international science collaborations have been set back decades as a result of the blame game and that leaves the field dominated by the country with the highest quality and number of STEM graduates and that is NOT FUKUS 5 EYES.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 14 2021 21:15 utc | 119

Dr Matthew Meselson one hour address and Q&A to the Federation of American Scientists 2012.

From the introduction:

The United States has a large biodefense infrastucture across many different government agencies, which seeks to reduce the risks associated with a potential attack using biological weapons.

In this talk and Q&A session from June 26, 2012 in Washington, DC, Dr. Matthew Meselson, a renowned expert in chemical and biological defense and arms control, discusses the need for increased oversight of U.S. biodefense research and the benefits this could provide to the international community.

Event page, with speaker bios and more information:
Dr. Meselson's slides:

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 14 2021 21:49 utc | 120

Mao@94 believes China is capitalist and capitalism is the final society, because There Is No Alternative. When the capital markets force the Chinese government to attack the wages of the mass of the people or slash spending to preserve the fictitious capital embodied in government debt or the business cycle returns to China, then we have a genuine case for capitalist restoration. I think capitalist restoration will never be painless for roughly the same reasons the creation of a socialist state isn't painless, but that's just Marxism which I doubt Mao@94 believes in. Global Times fetishists may take wishful thinking about mere reforms ("state governance" or whatever) can give us socially responsible capitalism but this is petty bourgeois fantasy i think.

As for the potted history of China? The Sino-Soviet split was well underway long before 1972. The true alliance with the US was sealed with the invasion of Vietnam in 1979. The Qingming "disturbances" of 1976 were the first iteration of 1989, superficially defeated by successful in preparing the coup of 1976 (propagandistically called the Fall of the Gang of Four.) And more recently the fall of Bo Xilai in retrospect appears to have been even more significant than was appreciated at the time, I think.

As for Leonid Krasin? The true architect of opening up and reform was of course Bukharin. The theory advocated here that if Bukharin had won then the USSR would have been a glorious success is at best a counterfactual, as in, relies on a fantasy of what might have happened. The notion that the USSR was merely so unfortunate as to be facing Hitler instead of US democracy, I can only say this overrates democracy's good intentions, or Nazi Germany's unique awesomeness or maybe both at the same time. Further, the notion that China can "win" by arms alone is absurd. The deliberate cultivation of counterrevolutionary class enemies *weakens* China, no matter what economic statistics say.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jun 14 2021 21:55 utc | 121

Uncle T@119, I think the US collaborators were taking advantage of the Wuhan lab to get risky research that might be impossible in the US done rapidly. This kind of genetic engineering work, and related bio-weapons research, is a huge and dangerous boondoggle, much of it carried out overseas for various reasons (none of which are laudable). Much of it very secret and without responsible oversight. Pointing fingers at the Russians over some imagined "novichock" 'incredibly deadly' nerve agent ought to be seen as just a bad joke. Who produced the deadly 'weaponized' anthrax that was deployed after 9-11?

Posted by: the pessimist | Jun 14 2021 22:11 utc | 122

Nowadays, you get better informed about the situation in the USA better through Chinese media than through American media:

Across US, drought arriving dangerously early as water becomes scarce

Posted by: vk | Jun 15 2021 0:55 utc | 123


please do some research and then a good report on the recent election in Peru of the socialist Castillo and the current attempt by that neo-fascist presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori to get the thing overturned.

I'd be very interested to see what you'd come up with in your super-sleuthing about Fujimori and how much influence/how the US is exerting pressure to annul or overturn the election, which is incredibly close, I believe about 0.5% difference between the two candidates

Even how much influence the US and its regional puppets had in the pre-election etc.

Even yahoo news is called her claims, "Fujimori's unsubstantiated claims of fraud..."

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jun 15 2021 2:29 utc | 124

Reporting on my 12th protest event holding up my I Support Public Banking sign on the sidewalk in front of the Benton County Courthouse in Corvallis, Oregon between 5-6 pm.

Other folks have been "protesting" at this site for over a decade but one of the leaders died recently and mostly (60%), I am out there alone. The other protesters that have been there are against war, against tar sands pipeline #3, for healthcare for all and all black lives matter.....and stand in the middle of the block.
I stand at the traffic light end of the block across from a US Bank building and kiddy-corner from me is a local investment company....grin Today a lady rolled by me with her window down to tell me that she liked US Bank and later a 20-something kid (I am 72) pulled up in his white BMW and proceeded to chat me up......we/I must have talked for 20 minutes with me holding the sign up, running over my normal protest stop time. I enjoyed the openings he gave me and filled them up to the brim, having a social interaction deficit, like I do currently. Truth be known I expect he was a scout from the local banking legions and I am happy he left with my card and link to my web site....stay tuned

I will note a balanced mix of this conservative but state college housed community responds positively to my Public Banking sign and the positive response I am getting will fuel more Public Banking protesting from me. I have long thought that public banking is a cross "cultural" issue in America and it is time those folks join together when the opportunity presents itself....which is what the civilization war we are in is all about and will hopefully bring about

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 15 2021 2:43 utc | 125

'Chinese virus', a block buster coming to a cinema near you.
From the same producer who gave you the epic Contagion and more...

Chinese invaded India in 1962

CCP coup in INdon 1965


Tibet genocide 2008

Xinjiang genocide 2009

HK repression 2014

HK brutalities 2019

Chinese virus 2020

Uighurs rape camps 2021

TAM commemoration 2021

Tip of an iceberg

The wolf that keep howling wolf

It’s remarkable how much of the propaganda that America creates about China feels like projection. The United States, which frequently censors dissenting voices, persecutes Muslims and disfavored ethnic groups, is controlled by an oligarchic corporate regime that keeps half of its own people in poverty, and perpetuates the largest empire in history, is accusing China of all the atrocities that it’s committed itself.

Posted by: denk | Jun 15 2021 2:56 utc | 126

A website of the book "Growth crystal. For the Russian economical miracle." by Alexander Galushka (Minister of the Development of the Russian Far East 2013-2018) about USSR economy under Stalin and how to apply all best practices for modern Russia:

Posted by: Mao | Jun 15 2021 4:42 utc | 127

Posted by: the pessimist | Jun 14 2021 20:55 utc | 118

I hope that the full transcript get some eyeballs, not just the extracts and sound bites that will be spoon feed via the traditional outlets.

Just look at the Guardian's headline:

"Vladimir Putin refuses to guarantee Navalny will survive prison"


Thanks for the link, I read the interview in Russian since Putin always comes softer and duller when translated, as the line mentioning Gorbachev with the same tired argument by the gringo journo that the promise not to expand NATO was not on paper, therefore recognizing that the US word is just a fart in the wind, but the salt and pepper is lost since Putin answers, “the fool was fooled with four fists”, a rhyme in Russian and calling Gorbachev by his name, a damned fool.

The line that pessimist refers to, "Its me who marks the timing here", really made me laugh. I think Putin should not give any interviews to US journos, the problem with those guys is that they live in the alternative universe of their own making, and they come across as obsessed fools, just look at the heading by the Guardian, why should the president guarantee the life of a particular petty criminal? It is just insane, and the script of Alzheimer Biden was given away, no serious business, just Navalny, Novichok, White Helmets, Luka dictator and the same BS they been feeding the plebs since time inmemorial.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 15 2021 5:20 utc | 128

the pessimist #122

Thank you, I am surprised at the number of USAi BSL4 labs - on the mainland!! I know there are many more, they even have one on Okinawa ffs. What are they all doing in these BSL4 labs - it certainly appears to be the opposite of CBW elimination.

Who produced the deadly 'weaponized' anthrax that was deployed after 9-11?

The USA military or CIA did all of that as it was military grade anthrax spore and then Mueller FBI covered it up. Too many sick puppies in that land.

Posted by:

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 15 2021 9:51 utc | 129

Note how King Donkey tries to smear the poster vk by not-so-subtle association with conspicuous trollery.

It's funny when trolls who think Marxism is just Identity Politics on steroids try to show off the socialist chops they think they earned by reading a couple Wikipedia articles.

The NDI needs to step up their game and hire better talent.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 15 2021 12:18 utc | 130

William Gruff@132, translated: "I should be paid for trolling the left while posing as a left. It ain't fair to expect me to do it for free!"

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jun 15 2021 12:37 utc | 131

Nickel-posters bragging about their salaries when their labor is just piecework? Fascinating! As I always point out, western society is delusional from top to bottom.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 15 2021 13:14 utc | 132

donkeytale @Jun15 4:58 #128The growth engine of the Chinese economy is organized under capitalism ... There is a hope for China to someday converge in the classless society envisioned by Marx. That is the hope and many of us share that hope. But it is as real as St. Peter's Gates of Heaven.

You may be interested in Caitlin Johnstones latest: The Difference Between Totalitarian Regimes And Free Democracies.

The notion that east or west must prevail is scare-mongering. IMO competition between the two is probably best for the average human on this blue planet. And, as people wake up to the futility of this very costly pissing contest, tensions will subside (until then, it will be a bumpy ride).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jun 15 2021 13:23 utc | 133

@ Posted by: donkeytale | Jun 15 2021 4:58 utc | 128

That's the merit of the Chinese version of socialism. They correctly interpreted Marx's theory that socialism is the successor, not the competing, system of capitalism.

Socialism is the child of capitalism, not its direct competitor from the outer space. It will be through the extreme development of capitalism (monopoly, financial capitalism) that socialism will be born (and, in the process, will kill capitalism). The Chinese understood that at the end of the 1960s-1970s, and that's why they survived and the USSR didn't (Brezhnev simply declared the USSR already was "advanced/developed socialism" - the Soviet version of the End of History - and that doctrine put an end for any hopes of progress for Soviet socialism).

Posted by: vk | Jun 15 2021 14:26 utc | 134

EU to Commit 'Suicide' if it Obeys Biden's Plan to Take on China & Russia, Warn Scholars

And commit suicide they will. Because the raison d'être of the European Peninsula is to protect capitalism the system at all costs.

You know why? Because Geopolitics is not a science, and does not describe the world as it really is. We don't live in a Hobbesian world, where nation-states freely compete against each other for world supremacy for eternity, but in a single worldwide society divided by class. It is Cold War, the historical struggle between the old (capitalism) and the new (socialism), not unipolarity-multipolarity, that is the true conflict of the present times. It is class struggle - not the duality between private individual and oppressive collectivist State - that is the true engine of History, and always decides, ultimately, what happens on a historical scale.

Posted by: vk | Jun 15 2021 14:36 utc | 135

vk @Jun15 14:26 #136

I think you misread donkeytale's comment.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jun 15 2021 15:18 utc | 136

Agin @Jun15 14:41 #138

A lot has changed in 2 1/2 years. It appears that Brazil and India have sided with the AZ Empire.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jun 15 2021 15:25 utc | 137

@ uncle tungsten.. i know you were asking about bioweapon labs on the planet.. this is one that you are probably aware of, but fwiw here it is anyway..

Russia claims US running secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

there was a women investigative journalist who had written a number of articles on this bio weapons lab, but i forget her name right now... if i remember i will share..
of course the usa is claiming it is russian disinfo...

Posted by: james | Jun 15 2021 15:50 utc | 138

Some notes on the Russian-Chinese-American troika and tomorrow's summit in Switzerland.

Posted by: alaff | Jun 15 2021 16:21 utc | 139

uncletungsten @ 51

Much of what you seek will be found at

Go to ‘More’ at right side of banner, then the list of publications on covid-19. It is mostly the historical record you seek.

The authors of the SARS-COVID19 virus have been freely publishing about their work for at least 15 years. The record is simply enormous. There aren’t any gaps in the record. Everything is there. Not everything is at the site just mentioned, a lot is. Try also Fleming’s videos.

Thank you a thousand times for being curious and for trying to find information. I am trying to step back from this site because of the knowitalls who have no information whatsoever but love to run their mouths. Signal to noise ratio here has gone south.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 15 2021 17:11 utc | 140

Paco @130--

Thanks for your reply and the alternative translation of Putin's words about Gorby. I'm back to calling delusional media and other people divorced from reality Fabulists. Also, the following sequence where Putin proves NATO is the aggressor. IMO, the fundamental ideological divide between the Neoliberal West and Semi-Socialist Russia and China needs to be reinstated into the discourse by the latter two nations--Russia and China aim to develop and uplift all their people, not just the Golden Thousand who are the focus of the West. The West needs to be put on the defensive and forced to explain why its policies only aim at uplifting the already rich, and couch it all in terms of Human Rights.

Onto the topic of Russia's regional interactions with international events and entities, here's Lavrov's opening remarks "at the 36th Meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s Council of the Heads of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation." Here he mentions the eight transportation corridors within the area of the Greater Eurasian Partnership:

"As you are aware, President Vladimir Putin has put forth the idea of the Greater Eurasian Partnership, which provides for aligning the potential of all states and integration associations on our common huge continent. We hope that the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will energetically contribute to this project, especially the regions across which major transport and logistics corridors run, namely the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur rail lines, the Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 international transport corridors, the Northern Sea Route, the Europe – Western China Expressway, the North-South route and the Russia-Mongolia-China economic corridor."

Of course, that's just one item amongst many. The Western China Expressway aroused my curiosity, and I found this. Looks like an excellent road trip to take--8,500Kms!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 15 2021 17:27 utc | 141

Frank Zappa called Reagan a bumbling narcoleptic, which was true. I wonder what he would have said about Biden? I really miss Frank.

Posted by: Shadow | Jun 15 2021 17:58 utc | 142

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 15 2021 17:27 utc | 144

There is an article today in Vesti about the difficulties of translation. When it is a live performance of course there is not time to dig deeper into details but when published there is time to analyze and get shades that are very important. The authors talk about a few expressions that are reference to literature or common folks culture, and that is why after listening or reading Putin and then checking out the western report on him sometimes -like with the Guardian headline- I'm speechless, so much discussed and then the most remote and inconsequential reference is presented as the main thing, they are not journalists, they're sappers, planting mines and charges everywhere, so then what are summits for? to find out who's the killer with the bigger Colt? Hollywood did it to you guys, beyond repair.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 15 2021 18:03 utc | 143

Paco @144--

Thanks for providing that article; it's quite helpful both specifically and generally. I'm going to post it on the current thread along with an excerpt or two as it seems many are incapable of doing machine translation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 15 2021 20:19 utc | 144

Hello Norwegian!! Are ya out there?! I just came across this extremely ambitious plan to enhance Norway's transport infrastructure--improving the E39 Coastal Highway. Here's a video of the project that proposes never done before engineering. The video's almost three years old, so I was curious about the state of the project.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 15 2021 22:34 utc | 145

Gaza is being bombed.

Posted by: David G Horsman | Jun 16 2021 4:46 utc | 146

Cordell Hull,

now there is a name to get certain barflies brains to start thunkin.

Here is a well written geopolitical article by an Australian trade law expert, who doesn't understand the difference between customary international humanitarian law, eg. the Geneva Conventions and the WTO 'rules.'

Still worth Reading:

Posted by: Paul | Jun 16 2021 7:06 utc | 147

Paul @148--

Cordell Hull was a very important member of FDR's cabinet as Secretary of State, but he oddly resigned at the end of November 1944 prior to the end of the war citing health reasons but lived on for another decade. And given what we now know about the anti-UN 5th Columnists within State, many questions arise about Hull's ability to manage his department thanks to Stephen Wertheim's Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy, of which a preview can be read here.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 16 2021 16:01 utc | 148

Eclipsed by the Summit is the The Global Space Exploration Conference 2021 being held in St. Petersburg. Today was very newsworthy as the Chinese/Russian Lunar Base plans were announced and general outline published in English. The definitive publication Space News published this article related to the announcement and other events at the exposition. Global Times published this article about its upcoming first manned mission to its new space station and other developments in its space program. The GT item also reported on part of NASA chief Bill Nelson's Congressional testimony that took place yesterday:

"Meanwhile on Tuesday, NASA chief Bill Nelson said at a hearing of the US Senate Appropriations Committee that China will soon behave 'very energetically' in space, since it "understands the value of success in space," and Washington should closely monitor the joint plans of Moscow and Beijing to explore the moon, TASS reported.

"'I think you see the statements that the Chinese government is making that they do not want to wait until the 2030s to land a man on the moon… And I think that this will become a question for all of you… how valuable would it be for the United States to return to the moon first,' he stressed."

NASA's current budget and capabilities are woefully short of what's required for it to return to the moon solo. With the looming demise of the ISS, IMO we'll see is another Space Race, not an Arms Race--that is if Congress provides NASA with the required funding and ceases reliance on unreliable privateers.

IMO, the domestic problems confronting the Outlaw US Empire are worse than in 1962 when JFK made his historic speech at Rice University. Hell, Biden can't even propose a well thought infrastructure program, and the B3W the G-7 just announced is ludicrous. I don't see a whole lot of support for a program dedicated to out racing the Russians and Chinese back to the moon unless its framed as a national security project that promises lots of money for the MIC. And since there's no real fusion research program operating within the Empire, national security could be the only plausible reason for such a program, particularly if cloaked in Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny and thus pseudo-patriotism.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 16 2021 18:11 utc | 149

@ karlof1 | Jun 16 2021 18:11 utc | 150 who wrote
And since there's no real fusion research program operating within the Empire, national security could be the only plausible reason for such a program, particularly if cloaked in Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny and thus pseudo-patriotism.

What about the cloak of religion? How about adding that, thanks. And, you have laid out clearly how national security (which is a myth in a world of global private finance but I digress), will be cloaked in all the myths and delivered through the media that has a pseudo-brain-lock on most Plato's Cave Display users......the Overton Window is only what appears on the wall at the back of the cave.....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 16 2021 18:27 utc | 150

psychohistorian @151--

Gee! I thought I included religion--the churches of Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny. I recently discovered that Baptists were once part of the antinomian movement and were for an equitable society fair to all people! Oh, and the reasons why the Quakers were seen with so much suspicion during Colonial times is that they were a very big part of the "radical" Levelers and Diggers antinomian factions during the English Civil War. Some of the writings produced before, during and after that conflict are effectively "Christian Communism" and ought to be quite useful today. Since the USA is nominally Christian, it's likely that a significant percentage of them would rally to such a cause today. IMO, we need to use all the tools we can to unseat the position of private finance, and instead of fighting The Church, it ought to be drafted. The Poor People's Campaign is sponsored by some factions of The Church, and is a potential ally since poverty is caused by private finance's control over government, along with other factors.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 16 2021 18:57 utc | 151

An important update in the Lawfare being waged against China, this time in the contrived Uyghur Tribunal, which follows in the steps of the China Tribunal.

IMO, while reading one ought to ask where are the Tribunals investigating the crimes of the Colonial nations, many of which easily conform to the current definition of genocide.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 16 2021 19:49 utc | 153

Karma is a bitch,
the martyrs of 2011 are calling for revenge!

Posted by: Mina | Jun 16 2021 21:09 utc | 154

Hillary Clinton: Americans Contesting 2020 US Election Results Are 'Doing Putin's Work'

I know I try to do Putin's Work every day. Some days I am worthy, and some days I am not.

I'll bet Joe is in better mental shape than she is.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jun 16 2021 23:54 utc | 155

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