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June 24, 2021

Open Thread 2021-048

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Please read

A major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder. The witness, who has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud, made the admission in a newly published interview in Stundin where he also confessed to having continued his crime spree whilst working with the Department of Justice and FBI and receiving a promise of immunity from prosecution.

The man in question, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, was recruited by US authorities to build a case against Assange after misleading them to believe he was previously a close associate of his

So the FBI set up this guy to try to incriminate Assange. He also tried to steal (or did) $50'000 dollars from Wikileaks. He is said to have recently ...Thordarson also forged the name of his own lawyer on notices to the Company House registry, falsely claiming to have raised the equity of two companies to over 800 thousand US dollars. The aim was to use these entities with solid financial positions on paper in a real estate venture. and so on.......

Other news; His partner, Stella Morris is going to marry Assange while he is in jail. Good for her.

Posted by: Stonebird | Jun 26 2021 17:48 utc | 201

@ Max | Jun 26 2021 17:06 utc | 196... absolutely! good communication is an important ingredient to great leadership... i believe putin and lavrov demonstrate this in spades... do you believe putin isn't communicating very well, or do you believe that none of it comes thru the western msm very effectively?? i view the later and blame the western msm for this... one can't blame russia for this!

the best way to address propaganda is to tell the truth, but of course the west will have none of that.. witness the coverage on mh 17, the skripal affair, and etc. etc. etc.. the west doesn't allow any of russias perspective any light whatsoever.. that is intentional and part of how propaganda works - refuse to let the opposite position be heard, or spoken...

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2021 17:55 utc | 202

Max 196

Best thing to do is read various statements speeches ect by Putin and Laverov, but the most interesting is their answers to journalists at press conferences and other venues. These can all be found in the EN version at President of Russia wqebsite and Foriegn ministry of Russia website. There is still more in the Russian language version that for me requires machine translation. There is generally a time lag for the English version. Russian version appears very quickly but sometimes several day to a week before the English version appears. For me, it is their replies to journalists that are very interesting. They answer in detail and often at length which is very different to the cliches and slogans that western politicians use.
This youtube channel Russia insight has a lot of Putin, english language translation of what he is saying. In the 20 years he has been in power he has not changed. Videos with English translations of what he is saying go right back to his very first day in office as president. There are a lot because part of his leadership of Russia and how he has been able to pull the people out of poverty is toi lead by example, so in this way he makes himself very visible and transparent.
there are also many long interviews by individual journalists that can be found on youtube, both Russian and western that help give a far better understanding of the man.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 26 2021 18:40 utc | 203

I shoUld ask ask of ALL to look up "" where'the Venitian conspiracy1FIRST INTOHOLLANDIZ ANND ITD EAST ASOA REALMS, AND THEREUPON TO ENGLAND IN THE URSE OF THE CITY O LONDON .. L´Leace Check it!

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Jun 26 2021 18:50 utc | 204

james (#202),

Great, we agree that, “good communication is an important ingredient to great leadership.” Without shared vision and values, execution suffers. A good leader must consistently communicate vision, values and way forward.

I have asked this multiple times in the discussion here and even in the comments that you responded, to please share articles, videos,... of Russia’s GOOD communication. I have yet to see any examples. If you believe they do, then please share, “What are Russia’s core values and development themes? Links welcome.” The proof is in the pudding.

Even in the comment (#170), I stated, “Let’s look at the Swiss summit press conference. Please share the crux of Putin’s conference message and its supporting points. What was the best question asked by a Russian correspondent, other than one on Arctic? How about the first question? What was the best question and who asked it?” Please respond to these questions.

You and I, both agree that the western MSM is biased. So forget them. Let’s look at the Eurasian media. Please share original evidence or from Eurasia’s the vision and values published on Russia. I have engaged with folks there and they can’t articulate Putin &/or Russia’s vision. Their concern is that they don’t hear the message of multilateralism, inclusiveness, reforming the global order or initiatives in this arena, equal partnerships... All they here is Russia’s defensiveness. They do speak about China’s positions, values and development themes. My intent is positive and constructive, to help Russia in winning the hearts and minds. They need to clearly articulate and communicate their vision, values and plans for the world. To win, they need to take on the Empire in the information warfare. The battle is moving there aggressively.

@ Peter AU1 (#203), thanks. What is the best material that you have come across? Why?

Posted by: Max | Jun 26 2021 19:15 utc | 205

You have one single valid point. Even further om, Webster has one strong point too. look up all his writings about "the Venetian dead soles consspiracy" against Europe Until then: Stay ignorant,

Posted by: Tollef Ås/秋涛乐/טלפ וש | Jun 26 2021 20:16 utc | 206

@205 Max

You have a style of discussion that continually asks others to respond to questions or to provide links or illustrations. I don't think many people are going to take the time to respond to this kind of challenge.

Caitlin Johnston has written about this style of challenge, and it's not a productive style.

Much better you supply links and illustrations first to prove your points, than simply to challenge others to fill in gaps that only you are suggesting exist.

The general style of discussion here is toward agreement and consensus, rather than to winning rhetorical points. This comes from adding substance rather than decrying the lack of it.

Posted by: Grieved | Jun 26 2021 20:17 utc | 207

The old saying “There are none so blind as those who will not see”. I was somewhat taken aback by Craig Murray's response to my question on Crimea, but then more than a bit shocked as I read through his responses to other similar questions. Although he can see many things clearly, in other areas Murray is blinded by his belief in amnesty international style 'humanitarian' issues. An idiosyncrasy in human nature I guess.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 26 2021 20:33 utc | 208

So the media begins to write about what some people have understood for a while: A comet hit North America ~12900 years ago that wiped out the North American megafauna and caused the Younger Dryas cooling event that lasted more than a thousand years. They still dont't say it wiped out the advanced civilization that built the pyramids in Egypt, the megaliths in Peru etc., but that's really where this leads to.

Ancient 'Cosmic Catastrophe' May Have Impacted Early Human Societies, Scientists Say

The impact event is suspected to be the cause of a mini-ice age that lasted over 1000 years.

The collision of comet fragments with our planet about 13,000 ago may have had an impact (figuratively speaking) on the lifestyles changes of human societies at the time.

Known as the Younger Dryas impact, the event supposedly wiped out several large animal species and even triggered a mini-ice age that lasted over 1000 years.

The impact theory was originally proposed in 2007, and now researchers from the University of Edinburgh suggest that "a large body of evidence supports the theory that a comet struck around 13,000 years ago."

To learn a lot more about this, see Antonio Zamora's presentations on the subject.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 26 2021 20:42 utc | 209

Key witness in
Assange case
admits to lies
in indictment

" The witness, who has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud, made the admission in a newly published interview in Stundin where he also confessed to having continued his crime spree whilst working with the Department of Justice and FBI and receiving a promise of immunity from prosecution.

The man in question, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson,

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 21:14 utc | 210


five-eyes have Assange locked away. Legalities, evidence, courts and law are totally meaningless. He will never be released now that they have got him.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 26 2021 21:25 utc | 211

I think you are right Peter but I really hope you are wrong.

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 21:28 utc | 212

@ Grieved (#207),

Thanks for updating on the style of discussion at MoA. I don’t comment for one-upmanship. My main goal is to learn and share my learnings. Nothing else. Also, I do make my key points with passion and evidence. I have consistently shared links as evidence to support my thesis. Sometimes, I feel I share too many links. Reality and INTEGRITY are very important.

Similarly, my expectations are people share their viewpoints with evidence. The better the supporting evidence, higher the credibility. However, I am allergic to BS, propaganda, lies, myths, hypocrisy,... The driving element is humanity.

A growth mindset makes you better every day! When one challenge their interpretation (data/observations, framing/logic, rules/assumptions), they change their perspective, which changes their thinking, which overtime changes their beliefs, which changes their behavior, which changes everything!

Posted by: Max | Jun 26 2021 22:00 utc | 213

I did hear Kissinger say this a few days ago and I wondered the same thing. My thought was the wise old man was now speaking his mind and not what the power wanted to hear

Multipolarity: Has Kissinger ‘Switched Sides’ Nearing His Final Days?

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 22:07 utc | 214

@ Max | Jun 26 2021 19:15 utc | 205... thanks max.. over the years i have read or watched videos regarding russia and putin which typically are produced in russia with translations into english, or subtitles in english that convey the intentions and thinking of putin in this instance as leader of russia and etc. etc... i don't save them, but they have been shared here at moa in the past.. in looking on youtube right now to see a possible sighting of something i have watched before, i did find this.. i am not sure if this is the same as what i watched, but if you are interested - try this as it might help..

unfortunately there is so much bullshit out their, it is hard to weed thru it all, but maybe this will work for you if you have the patience to watch it.. cheers...

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2021 22:10 utc | 215

James, Karlofi and others post many transcripts of Putin, Lavrov, Xi, etc. on Moon all the time. Of course nothing is ever put in our media unless some flunky pulls a sentence or a few words out of context and uses it to smear.

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 22:14 utc | 216

@ 210 arby - and peter au... i agree with peter au 211, but also wish he was wrong! peter au - why can't you be wrong more often? lolol..

here is a link to the published interview in Stundin you reference in your post..

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2021 22:14 utc | 217

James, They can't let him go. He is like a head on a stake to let everyone know what may be in store for you if you dare pull their pants down.

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 22:24 utc | 218

@ James (#215),

Thanks, appreciate it!

Posted by: Max | Jun 26 2021 22:28 utc | 219

June 25, 2021, 9:39 PM

DENVER -- Johnny Hurley was hailed by police as a hero for shooting and killing a gunman they say had killed one officer and expressed hatred for police in a Denver suburb. But when another officer rushed in to respond and saw Hurley holding the suspect’s AR-15, he shot Hurley, killing him, police revealed Friday.


We shot him dead, we will miss him. Hm.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 26 2021 22:42 utc | 220

Piotr Berman,

Apparently the problem is not enough guns.

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 23:10 utc | 221

thanks max..

another one is to consider watching the exclusive nbc interview with putin from a few weeks ago - 1 and 1/2 hours long... can you imagine any usa president sitting down and doing a similar interview, not with russia, but even it's own media outlets?? it is unimaginable! i think this in itself speaks directly to what some of us here are trying to convey regarding russia's patience and the honour in their actions... you would get nothing similar from the usa of this! or, go back 3 or so years to the same dynamic with chris wallace interviewing putin for about an hour.... these are a few examples of where russia is willing to reach out to the west, in spite of the inanity of the questions typically lobbed, and try to give honest answers with integrity and consideration for addressing others... no such actions are reciprocated from the west.. this is very obvious...

here is the one from a few weeks ago..

@ arby... pretty much..... it is hard to see both the assange case in real time and the deaths of innocent people in the usa happen as they do...

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2021 23:26 utc | 222

Piotr Berman,

Apparently the problem is not enough guns.

Posted by: arby | Jun 26 2021 23:10 utc | 221

On the bright side, of four people in the story, Wacko, Policeman I, Active Citizen, Policeman II, the last one is still alive. In old times when people were hacking each other with broadswords, daggers etc, it could happen that those who were not killed instantly in a melee would bleed to death soon after.

Perhaps the right to bear arms should be satisfied by allowing folks to bear cudgels and pepper spray.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jun 27 2021 2:39 utc | 223

China Hopes to Put First Human on Mars in 2033: Report

Some gems from the west.

What about Tibet, Uighurs, HK ?
[This is standard fare from the west.. especially the five liars.

They never talk about iraq, libya, Syria, Yemen ...
when FUKUS did a launch....everbody chant USA USA !
They dont sniff 'what about Kashmir, Naga, Manipur...?' when India sent up a statellite, everybody gushed over their aryan cousins..
'the INdians will soon beat the chicoms in the space race'

I'd appaud if they aint such totalitarian brutal regime who killed millions of their own people
Do they have the technology to bring them back ? Dont think they care either, the way they treat their own people.
Why dont they all go there...and stay put,.?
If they've the money to spend on such vanity proj, why cant they compensate us for killing millions with their virus ?


YOu know,
some time I wonder if the 'west' live on some parallel universe ?

Posted by: denk | Jun 27 2021 2:57 utc | 224

@ max... i encourage you to watch the nbc exclusive interview with putin for you to appreciate this is putin reaching out and communicating in a format that ought to make sense to many ordinary people that are curious to know more about russia on the world stage and under the leadership of putin... you mention the importance of communication and being a good communicator... i think putin by the very fact he spent this time with the nbc team being interviewed goes directly into your questions about russia and their role on the world stage... i really hope you listen to it.. i have just listened to the first hour and 2 minutes of the hour and 22 minute interview.. here is the link again...

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2021 3:59 utc | 225

Tectonic subducting Yankeestan
;~) small quake

China welcomes the withdrawal of Ukraine from its endorsement of an anti-China joint statement made at the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council, which reflects its spirit of independence and respect for facts and conforms to the purposes of the UN Charter and basic norms governing international relations, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

;~) bigger one
As always M. K. BHADRAKUMAR hit the nail on the head

Evidently, the least that the US can do now is to just go away. Washington’s earlier expectation was that the Taliban would be amenable to some form of continued US presence in Afghanistan, and that Pakistan might also see advantages in it. But that turned out to be a delusional hope.
The Taliban’s morale is skyrocketing, as it senses victory. A circular to Taliban military commanders from Sirajuddin Haqqani, the deputy head of the movement’s shura, said on Thursday, “The situation was military and jihadi, but now you are entering a civilian situation… Good governance is the need of the hour… This is a very sensitive phase.”
Clearly, there is little the Americans can do now.

Isn't "little" just a polite quote for "nothing"?

Tectonic plates are composed of the oceanic lithosphere and the thicker continental lithosphere, each topped by its own kind of crust. Along convergent boundaries, the process of subduction, or one plate moving under another, carries the edge of the lower one down into the mantle.
But only sensitive after earthquake.
A little bit too late.

Posted by: الجزائر‎ | Jun 27 2021 11:06 utc | 226

I received an email today from PBS , letting me know about a new FRONTLINE (all caps theirs not mine) documentary. “Germany’s Neo-Nazis and the Far Right”. Airs on June 29. 30 sec trailer is available. Interesting timing with Blinkin’s recent statement that the US has no better partner or friend than Germany, as b reported in the Uppity Brits piece.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | Jun 27 2021 12:16 utc | 227

@ 226 الجزائر‎ | Jun 27 2021 11:06 utc

Two good stories, thank you. China must have reminded Ukraine that it has no friends and no money, except China. And the US is quitting Afghanistan in reality - amazing. The Taliban will now show in its "civilian phase" that it knows how to win the hearts and minds of the people. And the US is not a hard act to follow ;)

Subduction indeed.

Posted by: Grieved | Jun 27 2021 14:36 utc | 228

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