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June 03, 2021

Open Thread 2021-042

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Colombia Reports: President Ivan Duque lost control over Colombia as mounting evidence of his alleged ties to organized crime gradually eroded the government’s legitimacy. The first evidence of the the president’s corruption and ties to organized crime emerged before his 2018 election already.

Colombia Reports:More than 400 people are held in at least one illegal detention center in Colombia’s third largest city Cali where police are allegedly torturing innocent civilians, according to local media. A Cali policeman told local television network Canal 2 on Tuesday that “approximately 427” people were being detained in a clandestine “transitional attention center” in the north of the city.

Colombia Reports: Colombia’s Inspector General is investigating congressmen who opposed attempts to violently crack down on protests against the increasingly tyrannical President Ivan Duque. The alleged political persecution of lawmakers is the latest escalation in the repression of anti-government protests that allegedly cost the lives of 69 protesters and two policemen since April 28.

Posted by: Maracatu | Jun 3 2021 15:30 utc | 1

Thanks Maracatu! Let's hope the people of Columbia will prevail, this time.

Posted by: Mina | Jun 3 2021 15:36 utc | 2

Does the Presidents' memorial day proclamation with reference to the 1921 "Tulsa Race Massacre.. and with reference to "terrorism from white supremacy" .. raise 14th
amendment constitutional questions? ..

Posted by: snake | Jun 3 2021 15:38 utc | 3

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen discussing various topics, mostly about corporate control of the covid narrative and censorship by big tech. I wanted to link B's work on Belarus in a comment as whilst taking about the hypocrisy of it eg Morales/Ukraine, they seemed confused about legality, but Disqus wasn't playing ball. Their exposure of human slug Michael Gove talking with a forked tongue whilst a £21 million contract was issued for covid certificates (passports) was new to me and the California Covid rewards lottery seems straight from the twilight zone.

Posted by: Andy | Jun 3 2021 15:44 utc | 4

for canucks... i thought this was a pretty good article - long, but good...
The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, & Institutional Deaths (An Investigative Report)

Posted by: james | Jun 3 2021 15:59 utc | 5

Russia championing a push away from the use of the dollar as the default global currency of trade and transactions.

Russia’s National Wealth Fund would reduce its share of dollars to ZERO within the next month. “The proportion of dollars in the fund will fall from 35% to zero, while assets held in euro and the Chinese yuan will increase to 40% and 30%, respectively…The share of the British pound will halve, from 10% to 5%.”

Its central bank is working to reduce assets held in the US$ across various financial vehicles and promoting trade in national currencies. “there is increasing interest in developing alternative mechanisms. Using other currencies in trade is becoming more and more important on the international agenda... the monopoly position of the dollar in international economic relations has become anachronistic. Gradually, the dollar is becoming toxic.”

Moscow and Beijing are expanding the use of SPFS, a Russian financial system that is said to have the potential to compete with SWIFT. “we need to move away from the use of Western-controlled international payment systems.”

The EU, Japan, Iran, India… are moving away from the dollar too and doing deals in their respective national currencies. Which other nations are moving away from the dollar rapidly?

The coming Biden-Putin will be interesting with many items on the agenda. It will be great if they conduct their discussion in open, like Putin suggested. Don’t we live in a democracy...

“People who destroy whole nations do not have the right to teach us democracy and the values of living freely.”
– Vladimir Putin

Posted by: Max | Jun 3 2021 16:08 utc | 6

removing last " / " opens James @ 5 link.

Posted by: erichwwk | Jun 3 2021 16:09 utc | 7

Zisrael continues to torpedo the US'S Liberty
but it has not sunk yet.

Abby Martin Beats the Israel Lobby: Attack on Free Speech and Association Fails Court Test

Posted by: librul | Jun 3 2021 16:11 utc | 8

What is the status of the fence around the Congress in DC?

Is it still there?

How about the National Guard? Did they go home?

Posted by: Enquirer | Jun 3 2021 16:12 utc | 9

Re: Iran's woes and misfortune.

It strikes me as odd that in two days, Iran would suffer three important losses:

Two pilots killed inside plane's hangar when their ejection seats catapulted them against the concrete ceiling.

Explosion and fire at a refinery near Tehran.

Fire and sinking in 27 minutes of a large Iranian Naval Vessel , The KHARG, in the gulf of Oman. How come it took so little time for a burning vessel to sink? There have been vessels on fire for days and even weeks that burned without sinking.

It must have ingested serious amounts of water through a hole in the hull and fires do not make holes in burning steel ships. Where did the hole come from?
What caused it?

Not too long ago, Israel's spy chief was bragging that the Mossad has a solid infiltration of Iran.

Must we believe him?

If it is true then Iran has a solid fifth column in all aspects of Iran's life.

The only way to deal with it is make sure that the probable culprit pay a comparable price for his mischiefs even if the reply is overt.

Iran's borders are very long and hard to control perfectly. So members of MEK and others recruited by Israel can access many places with specific instructions.

The price to pay must be high enough so that the Mossad, Shin Bet and others think twice before committing such acts.

Of course, while the JCPOA negotiations are ongoing, Iran seems to have its arms tied. Its enemies are taking advantage of Iran's hope of seeing the sanctions lifted and expect that during these days, Iran will not react, going as far as saying that he sinking was "accidental".

No way José!

In the end, One can doubt very much that the negotiations will truly succeed.

Just wait and see.

Posted by: CarD | Jun 3 2021 16:13 utc | 10

Max | Jun 3 2021 16:08 utc | 6,

That is a great quotation at the end. If you don't mind, it will be highly appreciated if you can provide the source of it. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: LuRenJia | Jun 3 2021 16:22 utc | 11

Nord Stream 2 ready by Sunday?

As of today only 3100 meters is missing from the first pipe of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The pipelaying vessel Fortuna has been progressing at a steady pace of 1100 meters a day for the last two weeks. I expect her to reach the other end of the pipeline by midnight on Sunday. It will then take some more days to connect the two ends of the underwater pipeline.

From Marinetraffic:

Position Received: 2021-06-03 16:15 UTC
Latitude / Longitude: 54.56948° / 14.29999°

There are only 3084 meters to go to 54.55996° / 14.25511°, where the other end of the pipeline is is located.

P.S. - I may have found the smoking gun in the Ryanair mystery. Or actually the Minsk authorities found it. See my last post in the previous thread.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jun 3 2021 16:25 utc | 12

Dollar to be dropped from National Wealth Fund structure within one month, says minister

This will not "dedollarize" Russia as many headlines in the MSM are claiming. But yes, it is an extra layer of protection for the Ruble against the American Empire financial attacks.


'New world order' being formed before our eyes, Russia’s deputy defense minister tells RT ahead of key Moscow security conference

We've been discussing about the rise of multipolarity for some years now (more than a decade). But it is another thing when people of the importance and agency of Colonel General Aleksandr Fomin start to openly talk about it. It feels more real/more feasible.


‘Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence’: US Scientist Doubts COVID Lab Leak Theory

Like I was saying, the absence of evidence is not evidence. The virus simply didn't come out of the Wuhan Lab, and American "journalists" should stop feeding the American masses the false hope the USA will ever get into that place. China will never allow itself the humiliation of having a level 4 laboratory being turned upside down by a bunch of American bureaucrats.


Fauci Says Emails About COVID-19 Origins ‘Taken Out of Context’

Take documents out of context: that's Western journalism's entire history.


U.S. only brings harms by making COVID-19 origin sourcing a thing of CIA

1) the USA is not the authority here. It's the WHO;

2) this is a scientific, not intelligence, affair. If the CIA has the intelligence that confirms the virus came out of the Wuhan Lab, it should release them now or shut up;

3) Western "journalists" (propagandists) should stop feeding the American masses the false hope the USA will ever have any kind of authority over China. It doesn't and never will - China is not Iraq or Venezuela, those cheap, vulgar propaganda tactics simply won't work.


Germany faced its horrible past. Can we do the same?

Nah. You're too busy revising the past of the USSR and China.


The declining U.S. birthrate has implications beyond Social Security

Just out of curiosity, I visited the USA's censi since 1950. To my astonishment, the USA had just 150 million people in 1950.

It then started to grow at staggering, jaw dropping rates at regular intervals until reaching 330 million in 2020. I don't think this has any parallel in History, save maybe to during the rise of the Roman Empire during the time of Augustus.

In contrast, the USSR immediately flatlined on population, and, by the 1970s, negative population growth already was a structural problem for the Soviet economy.

The American economy is chronically dependent on mass immigration. Without it, it would barely grow above 1% per year - which is the average for an advance capitalist economy nowadays.

Posted by: vk | Jun 3 2021 16:48 utc | 13

LuRenJia | Jun 3 2021 16:22 utc | 11

I came across this quote a few years ago. Unfortunately, didn’t save the exact source. However, seen at RT too. Here are a few places where the quote is attributed to Vladimir Putin.

Attribution 1

Attribution 2

Posted by: Max | Jun 3 2021 16:51 utc | 14

Hyper-cute North Korean lady claims ballsy leaflet scatter took place in Pyongyang.

Posted by: Eighthman | Jun 3 2021 16:57 utc | 15

About BIBI, anything?

Posted by: Zico the Musketeer | Jun 3 2021 17:55 utc | 16

Must watch video before it gets censored:

Long discussion with Dr Pierre Kory of the FLCCC ... endorsed by Joe Rogan (for better or worse) ...

COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein

This may be massively important in terms of getting early treatment / Ivermectin legitimated worldwide ... with all that implies.

Indian Bar Association Serves Legal Notice Upon Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist, WHO

Indian Bar Association serves legal notice upon Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at the WHO

The Virus and the Parasite

Posted by: Hemiola | Jun 3 2021 18:08 utc | 17

@Posted by: vk | Jun 3 2021 16:48 utc | 13

I like to think that your post is evidence that
laughter is the best medicine.

"Like I was saying, the absence of evidence is not evidence."
There is no evidence that your cliche matches the article you linked to:
‘Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence’: US Scientist Doubts COVID Lab Leak Theory

Perhaps you meant, "Like I was saying, the absence of extraordinary evidence is not extraordinary."

From your article:

“We need a completely transparent process from China; we need the WHO [World Health Organisation] to assist in that matter. We don't feel like we have that now”, Slavitt asserted.

The WHO has already sent a team to Wuhan and after a three-hour-tour they found nothing.
However, it is important to note that at least one member of the WHO team that had visited Wuhan
had been a collaborator on coronavirus research with Wuhan.

Now *that* is rather extraordinary, don't you think?

It is not extraordinary that no evidence was found by WHO,
as the *reason* no evidence was found
*is* extraordinary.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this is that Daszak was one of the lead “investigators” on the WHO panel tasked with looking into the origins of the pandemic.

Is it any surprise that this guy, whose organisation has shovelled at least $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the past few years to play around with coronaviruses inside the lab, determined within 3 hours of visiting the lab in February 2021 that there was ‘nothing to see here’?

"Like I was saying, the absence of evidence is not evidence."
"Like I was saying, the absence of extraordinary evidence is not extraordinary."
We can agree that, "the absence of evidence is evidence of the extraordinary".

Posted by: librul | Jun 3 2021 18:10 utc | 18

@ erichwwk | Jun 3 2021 16:09 utc | 7.. thanks... not sure how that happened...

Posted by: james | Jun 3 2021 18:28 utc | 19

"this guy, whose organisation has shovelled at least $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the past few years to play around with coronaviruses inside the lab"

how many tankers of stupid can be driven thru this statement?

some comparative data would be helpful. what does $600k ($200k per year?) mean in this context? is that somehow suspicious? I don't know. how many salaries does $200k cover? a virologist and assistant?

what does "playing around w/c viruses mean"? what is NOT "playing around"?

the constant drumbeat of innumeracy and illiteracy from the US is a miracle, how proud they are of being morons, how benumbing it all is.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 3 2021 19:45 utc | 20

the goal in the US is to keep people in a state of confused dependency upon "experts." So we have happy images of Disneyworld coupled with horror stories from Brazil, more or less truthful accounts of new variants and viruses followed by fairy tales about how happy kids are to be back in school, so mum und dud can fulfill their life purpose of stamping dollar signs on crap at Target or shoveling more BSE cow into US bellies. plus the "2 minutes hate" every 10 minutes, but which is in no way racist. who could possibly believe we are still racist? there's no racism in "Oklahoma," is there?

we are the indispensable nation who is responsible for the "post war global order", the most powerful economic and military power in history, which alone can lead the world into tomorrow's sunshine, but which is also not responsible for anything that is or has happened. ever. which is why we need an ever bigger military budget. so we can resume our global leadership.


Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 3 2021 19:58 utc | 21

Ref to post no 20 rjb 1.5

Somehow I feel there is something in this from last April
. Feels like he personally knew the setup?
THE coronavirus is the result of Wuhan scientists doing “absolutely crazy things” in their laboratory, a leading Russian microbiologist has claimed. World renowned expert Professor Petr Chumakov claimed their aim was to study the pathogenicity of the virus and not “with malicious intent” to deliberately create a man-made killer.

Posted by: Jo | Jun 3 2021 20:00 utc | 22

@Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 3 2021 19:45 utc | 20

Your sense of proportion surprises me.

The pandemic has shaken the world for months now (can I say 'shaken'?)
and your issue is with word choices.

Actually, sense of proportion likely is not the answer, you were
going for a genetically modified Red Herring.

Instead of answering at length perhaps I should have noted that None of your sentences began with a capital letter,
and just have been done with it.

Posted by: librul | Jun 3 2021 20:06 utc | 23

April 2020

Professor Chumakov, chief researcher at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology in Moscow, said: “In China, scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory have been actively involved in the development of various coronavirus variants for over ten years.

Posted by: Jo | Jun 3 2021 20:26 utc | 24

librul @ 23,
let me just quote jo @ 22 (sorry, Jo):
"Somehow I feel there is something in this from last April".

of course the gullibility of someone calling themself a liberal is nothing to sneeze at. more like something to yawn at.

"shoveling", "a few years", "playing around". yeah, no bias in those word choices at all. you are not arousing envy & suspicion in people by the deliberately vague way you talk about our god who art on planet earth, the dollar bill.

"well lookie lookie", to quote Jar Jar Binks, someone you can understand, "w/no muy moolah" you ain't getting very far. here or in China. as far as virology labs go.

can you hear my eyes rolling?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 3 2021 20:34 utc | 25

@ Posted by: Jo | Jun 3 2021 20:26 utc | 24

But that's public knowledge. The Wuhan laboratory indeed investigates CoVs and has been doing it for years. The SARS-CoV-2 wasn't one of them, as the WHO report found out.

Posted by: vk | Jun 3 2021 20:40 utc | 26

rjb1.5 et al.:

It is important to understand how effective propaganda works. The first stages never state the predetermined conclusion outright. Rather, the propaganda is designed to act as breadcrumbs leading readers or listeners to the predetermined conclusion. People will more readily believe their own conclusions than the conclusions of others, so the propaganda is geared toward helping people reach their "own" conclusion. Often, the breadcrumbs are two separate concepts that people begin to associate with each other just because they are continually mentioned in propaganda about the same theme.

Right now, the Borg's media are repeating that "gain of function research" was studied in Wuhan. Why are they emphasizing this particular claim? Answer: because they want readers to say to themselves, "Aha! In Wuhan, they studied this scientific concept that I had never heard before. Wuhan was also the first place that Covid was detected. Putting the pieces together, we can conclude that Covid was engineered with this 'gain of function' doohickey in Wuhan!"

In reality, there is no great reason to believe that Covid was artificially created, much less in Wuhan. But the Borg is determined to make this accusation. Therefore, you will constantly hear "gain of function" mentioned in the same breath as Wuhan because it wants you to believe that Covid was artificially produced in that location.

Posted by: Donbass Lives Matter | Jun 3 2021 20:54 utc | 27

necessity forces China and Russia to make concessions to their populations in order to maintain a unity that has any hope of resisting the West's ongoing depredations. Such necessity also compels an innovativeness in relation to a greater power whose lone capacity is actually to Hulk Smash everything. one doesn't become Bruce Lee b/c one can avoid a diabetic, roid-raged obese WWE Raw wrestler w/creaky knees and a bad back who needs to pee every 30 minutes.

conflict w/the West doesn't make them socialists. one should no more believe their self-adorning statements than Merkel's about Germany or Biden's about US. as Putin say, "competition is natural." they are perfectly willing to adapt themselves to the global capitalist order, as long as their fellow mafia dons (and donna or two) show them some respect. the idea that VK especially promotes that China is or is becoming socialist is just laughable.

they are state capitalists. they fully accept capitalist competition and capitalist rape of nature. they have the same one hope of the US: technology will save us from what we are doing.

this is not to deny China's success vis a vis covid. they are not the West, clearly. the bamboo is trying, though the oak is already dead. but success is just part of the competition, isn't it? economics = competition. not every state in the US is gun-toting unmasked Texas but every state in the US is in competition with every other state. they are competing to get people back to Mcdonald's faster. Thus China's "success" against the virus is also measured by its ability to ramp back up its contribution to the "economy", ie, the mass production of garbage.

and Uncle Sam just can't let them make more garbage than us. cuz that would be losing.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 3 2021 20:55 utc | 28

To go a little further: propaganda works though the power of implication. Often, propaganda will use a specific phrase or detail in order to imply that the propagandist is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

During the leadup to the invasion of Iraq, the media constantly mentioned that Saddam Hussein was trying to purchase yellowcake uranium. Why "yellowcake" specifically, and not just "uranium"? Because by specifying the type of uranium, the media aimed to imply that the uranium story came from well-informed and trustworthy sources.

Posted by: Donbass Lives Matter | Jun 3 2021 21:01 utc | 29

rjb1.5 @ 28
Thus China's "success" against the virus -

sorry, "success" should not be in scare quotes. it's relative of course. but 500 dead per day vs less than 1...and leadership. nations following China's lead vs nations following the US/West...well, so much for "Western superiority". Canada or Vietnam? clearly one country's polity is managed by bags of windy flatulence.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 3 2021 21:08 utc | 30

Lil' neonazi starts to crack under pressure:

Opposition blogger Protasevich says he respects Lukashenko

Detained blogger admits guilt in organizing actions violating public order

The choice is clear: submit to the might of the Belarusian proletariat or rot in prison.

Posted by: vk | Jun 3 2021 21:12 utc | 31

Bahrein, small country that has used both chinese vax and pfizer, now recording increasing cases and deaths.
can the mix of classical vax and mrna spike modifications in the same pop more dangerous? create more variants?
just asking why the swiss would be so cautious.

Posted by: Mina | Jun 3 2021 21:12 utc | 32

Librul @ 18

Yes, the fox was busy investigating the henhouse. Any who want to spin that one into wordplay is likely working with the fox. By the way, Daszak is MI6, and is reputed to be the man behind The Constant Gardener. His record is monstrous, his paws everywhere. And we have a commenter who wishes to carry water for him.

Hemiola @17

Am watching the Kory-Weinstein interview. 45 minutes into this very long piece. They are sparkling conversationalists, full of engaging byplay. One they hit early was the promise of this forty year old molecule, ivermectin, promise still largely unexplored. Their take is that ivermectin may not be as earthshaking as the discovery of penicillin, it is definitely on the same shelf.

Which explains to me why ivermectin is so wildly vilified. How many times has our in-house authority on everything called it a deadly poisonous vermifuge? Better to nip anything non-Pharma in the bud.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 3 2021 21:37 utc | 33

Lets review the facts for the sake of those who are attacking the Wuhan Institute.
It was the WIV that first identified the the SARS2 virus and they developed the test and were testing people within 10 days. It took the US medical system almost 2 months to replicate that achievement and start testing for the virus even though the Chinese scientists had given them the step by step recipe.

The Chinese don't think the money spent studying virii in Wuhan was a waste, but then the people of Wuhan have been rid of SARS2 for over a year now.

Posted by: jinn | Jun 3 2021 21:41 utc | 34

Organisers from uk and us organized the spread the rona during the world military games in late october 2019. It only took two 4 man teams to accomplish a successful infection possibility of 100 people traveling along local transport terminals within the train station. china knows this. the China will not be doing anything further to be friendly with the us, no more favors. China is unsure of next game play however, why start pandemic ensured to infect perpetrator home land and entire world. Does not make sense yes China no want to be blamed but left in darkness as to what the motive was and next steps of plan. Plan so far hurt other nations more than China, China intelligence left confused at now. info has been shared with russia during first perplexing 2nd week after discovery uncovered because of panics the videos made. eastern parties will not be friendly any more no provocation allowed the was been fired by the west and plans made to expect next and complete distrust

Posted by: Johnny | Jun 3 2021 21:59 utc | 35

Not a sensation, but important.

The General Prosecutor's Office of the Luhansk People's Republic received materials from the Ministry of State Security of the LPR, which prove the involvement of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in genocide, sabotage and crimes against the peace and security of mankind on the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic.

At the moment, the LPR Prosecutor General is deciding the issue of preparing and sending a statement of claim to the LPR Supreme Court on recognizing the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as terrorist organizations.

Well, long overdue decision. But it's good that it will finally be accepted.
By the way, Russia should have adopted such an act long ago.

Posted by: alaff | Jun 3 2021 22:48 utc | 36

It is terribly dangerous of Putin to fly through EU airspace.
A rogue western military attack on him could occur.
Western warmongering morons would love to off Putin.

How would Russia respond to a fatal western attack on Putin?

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Jun 3 2021 23:08 utc | 37

AriusArmenian @37--

It would be considered an act of war and nukes would fly as Putin promised. But I seriously doubt Putin's jet would be unescorted.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 3 2021 23:14 utc | 38

@34 jinn

Always nice to read sanity, thank you. It wouldn't surprise me to see China build more such labs and study more such viral threats, well enough to defeat them.

We need just a little more time for history to appreciate what China has actually accomplished here. It took a clear threat of biowar and enacted a clear response of biodefense. And succeeded. Protected its population.

And the attacks continue, and China will be very busy fending them all off. And I suspect that as China steps even more into this role of defeating the biowarfare attacks against it, we will begin to get a perspective on what she is achieving. Chine at some point will leap a generation ahead of the US in biowarfare technique, and thus defense.

The United States (and Japan) started this biowar. But China will end it.


That's what I think will happen, and we will look back and see that we had the beginning threads of it now, but not enough of a pattern was yet revealed to show the paradigms being shattered. This will all show more clearly over time, over the next few years.

Posted by: Grieved | Jun 3 2021 23:49 utc | 39


I have a very uneasy feeling about this Biden/Putin conference.
Biden is expendable. Harris can do as well as him carrying the Borg's torch.
Putin is of another cloth. Remember Fidel and Chavez agonies after attending international summits and conferences?

If I were Putin, I would not attend this conference.

Risks are too high for the Russian Federation and for the suffering World at large.

Why not in Mongolia on a two days notice? Or Tokyo in a 24 hours notice?

Why not ZOOM the whole shebab?

less risks, less expenses, less germs traded.

Vladimir Putin, for the good of this World, Cancel this lethal meeting!!!!!!

Posted by: CarlD | Jun 3 2021 23:56 utc | 40

Mr. Maracatu | Jun 3 2021 15:30 utc | 1


Posted by: Fyi | Jun 4 2021 2:08 utc | 41

Treaties and Documents
The Bandit State is in flagrant contravention of international humanitarian law according to the UNOCHR. Every provision of the Fourth Geneva Convention is violated routinely, therefore the First Additional Protocol is applicable.

Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), 8 June 1977.
State parties (174) - State signatories (3)

The present Protocol brings mainly the following innovations:

Article 1(4) provides that armed conflicts in which peoples are fighting against colonial domination, alien occupation or racist regimes are to be considered international conflicts.

Posted by: Paul | Jun 4 2021 4:10 utc | 42

‘Very complicated matter’: ABC bans term ‘apartheid’ in coverage of Israel/Palestine conflict:

Not so 'complicated', one party is the illegal occupier and the other party is occupied by the alien invaders.

The ABC does its credibility no favours by this crude Orwellian ban. The tide, like reality, can not be turned back or 'banned.'

Posted by: Paul | Jun 4 2021 4:37 utc | 43

Alex Christoforou in Athens

it's all about 'variants'

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 6:23 utc | 44

Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris

Is this the fall of Dr. Fauci?

Why is it suddenly allowed to mention his name?

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 6:39 utc | 45

So the black on asian attacks continue, increasingly more disturbing, yet remain unreported by the media:

It seems only RT and some small asian papers even report it anymore:
Asian ladies attacked by hammer.
Asian ladies attacked by knife.
Asian lady getting knocked out.

A homeless even attacks an asian cop (though this seems like a homeless white guy, can't tell anymore):

I feel powerless because I don't live in America, still, the fact the media just deem these as invisible crimes is pretty disturbing. Even freaking Global Times doesn't touch this issue, unlike that time when that white guy shot 8 massage ladies.

Posted by: Smith | Jun 4 2021 7:08 utc | 46

So the MSM did not report that, uh?
Would tarnish the warriors' image?

Posted by: Mina | Jun 4 2021 7:45 utc | 47

The clown cart continues own self destructive path, in Australia, from the AFR:

"Scott Morrison has attacked the ABC over a “deeply offensive” and shelved Four Corners report that explored his family’s ties to a supporter of the discredited QAnon conspiracy theory in the latest eruption of tensions between the government and broadcaster.
ABC managing director David Anderson told the broadcaster’s staff that any suggestion he had “pulled” or “blocked” the story was false but he did make a decision it was not ready to be

The Capitol riot figure known as the “QAnon Shaman” was among those who stormed the US building on January 6. AP
“I wanted to satisfy myself further on a number of claims made in the story,” Mr Anderson said.
He confirmed that Four Corners had been looking at the “influence of QAnon conspiracy theories in Australian domestic politics”.
At its core, QAnon is an American far-right conspiracy theory that a cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles encompassing political, media and entertainment elites worked to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

Many followers believe the 2020 election result was rigged against Mr Trump and they were among those who stormed the US Capitol building on January 6.
In 2019, the Guardian reported that an Australian follower who went by the Twitter handle “Burnedspy34” was married to a close friend of Mr Morrison’s wife, Jenny. BurnedSpy’s wife worked at Kirribilli House as a member of the personal staff, it said. BurnedSpy, whose account was suspended by Twitter, insisted he never spoke about politics with Mr Morrison.
I reviewed the material and made an editorial decision it was not yet ready for broadcast.
— David Anderson, ABC MD."

Posted by: Paul | Jun 4 2021 8:51 utc | 48

The Northern Sea route is warming up.

New Eastern Outlook reports on the shipping lanes to bypass Suez.

The volume of cargo shipments along the Northern Sea Route has increased 5.5 times in the last five years. In 2021, it has already amounted to 33 million tons. This was reported by the Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev at a meeting on the development of infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Development, by 2024 the transportation of goods in the NSR should grow to 80 million tons from 20.2 million, and in 2035, they will amount to at least 160 million tons. Russian authorities suggested that the NSR should be considered as an alternative to the route through the Red Sea on the way from Asia to Europe. Movement along the Northern Sea Route will become year-round thanks to the icebreaker fleet currently constructed by Russia. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society on April 14. Earlier, the Russian president called to make the Northern Sea Route “a global, competitive transport artery”.

Unfortunately, one of the current deterrents to the active use of the Northern Sea Route is the lack of a network of ports with rail infrastructure inside Russia. Although today communication is generally established in the north, in case of illness of a participant in the transport passage by NSR, doctors must be dispatched by plane as soon as possible, not to mention any other urgent services. Therefore, the flow of cargo along the Northern Sea Route will increase as the infrastructure develops.

And in this regard, the recent construction of the largest Arctic port in the world in Russia is rather noteworthy. The harbor was named The North Bay and is located on the Taimyr Peninsula, the northernmost continental part of Eurasia. This large-scale project is being implemented by Rosneft. It will be built in three stages, and the cargo turnover of the harbor will increase as the 15 hydrocarbon field towns are built. Commissioning of the first stage is expected in 2024, which will allow the transshipment of up to 30 million tons of oil. Completion of the next two stages will increase the harbor’s cargo turnover to 115 million tons per year. As a result, the North Bay should become one of the largest specialized oil ports in the world.

Looks like the old western maritime gang are in for competition. There are now and will be more poor losers from this new link in OBOR. Expect evil to play a hand.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 4 2021 9:49 utc | 49

ooooops and a link.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 4 2021 9:50 utc | 50

Norwegian @ 44

it's all about 'variants'

Yeah, that's my take as well. Enjoy your summer, 'cause come autumn/winter the irony of this mass vaccination pogrom is gonna shake our world. The vaccinated are shedding and seeding variant toxins like there's no tomorrow, laying more infrastructure for the medical tyranny that's presently engulfing us.


Si sta come
sugli alberi
le foglie

(Giuseppe Ungaretti)


It's like
the leaves
on the trees

Posted by: john | Jun 4 2021 10:04 utc | 51

Current top article at zerohedge is aggregated from Vanity Fair and Katherine Eban. Daszak was not “playing” with $600,000 as comments above indicate, try $15 million. That we know of. And mostly DoD money. Daszak was the one to organize the Lancet statement that made any academic questioning natural origins a conspiracy theorist. All the signatories had massive conflicts of interest while declaring they had none. At end of article Eban describes Daszak as simply as a cutout for the military.

Why is there so much censorship? Why do we still know so very little about what has totally dominated the landscape for a year and a half? Because COVID is an intelligence op and a military op.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 4 2021 10:12 utc | 52

Newsweek has the story too. Someone is trying to take down Fauci and is not concerned with collateral damage. My first guess is the Fauci worship is too strong. There is a power struggle and we can’t see the players. These things do not make the news because some reporter decided to do their job. They make news because someone wants it in the news.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 4 2021 10:25 utc | 53

Colombia: Mint Press journalists are upping their game, IMO, especially Alan MacLeod along with Dan Cohen. This piece by Cohen digs deep into Israel's decades long partnership with Colombia's power elite, exposes the psychopaths who set up the death squads. Israel has been peddling death all over Latin America since the late 70s.

"Following the success of the U.S. government’s Plan Colombia in debilitating the FARC guerrilla movement, it has been hailed as an exportable counterinsurgency model to be applied from Mexico to Afghanistan. Israel, for its part, maintains the world’s largest repression- and weapons-testing laboratories in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, where it has a captive population of several millions Palestinians."

Posted by: migueljose | Jun 4 2021 10:29 utc | 54

Peru: elections Sunday. I'm sticking by my prediction that Castillo will win but the power elite is going all out to smear him. At this point it looks like the peons are mobilized and will turn up in massive numbers. It won't be over after Sunday but it appears that South Americans have reached a tipping point and are turning out on the street big time: Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil.

Ollie Vargas from Bolivia just said Brazil's Lula endorsed Peru's Pedro Castillo.

Posted by: migueljose | Jun 4 2021 10:44 utc | 55

Posted by: migueljose | Jun 4 2021 10:29 utc | 54

"Israel began selling Guatemala weapons in 1974"

"In 1982 Israeli military advisers helped develop and carry out 'Plan Victoria' the devastating scorched earth campaign which Rios Montt unleashed on the highland population."

Guatemala and El Salvador were the laboratory, and up till today the record of the apartheid state in Latin America is terrifying.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 4 2021 11:10 utc | 56

@oldhippie | Jun 4 2021 10:12 utc | 52

Why is there so much censorship? Why do we still know so very little about what has totally dominated the landscape for a year and a half? Because COVID is an intelligence op and a military op.

Most definitely. Nothing, and i mean nothing that comes out of "authorities", "experts" or anything else should be taken at face value. Instead everything should be assumed to be false until scientifically proven in a way that can be replicated or tested by multiple independent parties. All signs available to me point in the direction of criminal and sinister motives. The claims made are extraordinary, but no extraordinary evidences are provided. You don't have to be a genius to understand that something is very, very wrong.

The fact that there is so much censorship is proof enough that the censors believe the narrative does not survive in an open debate. That fact alone is enough for me.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 11:27 utc | 57

One of the two lines of North Stream II finished, announced at the S.Petersburg forum by VVPutin.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 4 2021 11:36 utc | 58

Norwegian @ 57

Just noticed something I’d seen but overlooked. Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance was founded by Gerald Durrell. A spy, a pedophile, an incestuous pedophile, a drunkard. A real proper British lord. Makes me feel all healthy and ecological just thinking about it.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 4 2021 11:42 utc | 59

Speaking of censorship...

Danish Authorities Shut Down Access to Bitchute Over “Dangerous” COVID-19 Information

"Communist Chinese-style state censorship run rampant."

Make that, "Deep State-style censorship run rampant".

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:07 utc | 60

@Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:07 utc | 60

I see that Bitchute updated it's policies on June 1st, 2021.

The changes are highlighted in communist-totalitarian bloody red.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:14 utc | 61

I see that Bitchute updated it's policies on June 1st.

Changes are highlighted in bloody red.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:19 utc | 62

Speaking of censorship...

Did I goof twice? Or...?

I tried to post a link to Bitchute's policies as they were vanquished and updated on June 1st.

I will have to assume the link to Bitchute is verboten.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:25 utc | 63

What makes you nervous?

As I was accessing the Bitchute website for the very first time ever
I got a popup from my FireFox browser asking me if I wanted to download and install
the latest update. That popup happens every so often so I didn't hesitate. As I pushed the
button to update I thought, "wait...caution". Too late, I had pushed the button.

If you go to Bitchute for the very first time and something similar happens to you, please
think first. And give me feedback, thx.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:31 utc | 64

3000 more FOI obtained Fauci Documents link says Crowdsource needs help reviewing the 3000 pages of Fauci emails .... unraveling.. yet sovereign immunity and state immunity is running interference..

Without regards to the outcome of the Covid19 witch hunt, humanity needs a way, independent of, and superior to, the sitting government and government licensed entitites, to arrest, charge, indite, try and punish intentional or negligent expressions of misinformation to the public.

Expression of misinformation to the public is a violation of human rights.

Misinformation leads to actions by the public which are misaligned. When persons serving in trusted public or private positions are producing and distributing news or making statements to be consumed by public audiences, such governments or private and public entities have a duty to humanity, to express only narratives that, can be verified by a stream of elements, which collectively constitute all of the support that leads to the public expression.

A mandatory statement for public statements seems useful.
The authors and the distributors assume full liability for, and warrant they have ascertained for each element used in the stream of elements used to generate the subject expression, that each element is proven to be accurate and truthful or is a long standing undisputed conclusion of science. References to source for each supporting element used in the generation of the public expression are in footnote 1. For each element failing that standard an additional footnote has been appended to explain the status of the element and to justify its inclusion in the stream of elements used to generate the subject expression. A description of, and explanation for, all assumptions used in the generation of the public expression is also included in the footnotes.

Humanity has a right not to be lied to, misinformed by, or sequestered by the institutions the public must depend on, or is made to obey? Its the other side of the first amendment right, the public has a right to speak with naivety because it has no duty to know the facts and likely has no means to establish elements to be facts. But the Government, its institutions, contractors, and licensed private entities, have not only a duty to the public to know all, but they also have the means to investigate, discover and confirm the truth.

Posted by: snake | Jun 4 2021 13:04 utc | 65

Posted by: Smith | Jun 4 2021 7:08 utc | 46

I believe the attacks on Asians in the US are part of an organised campaign by the intelligence services of another country.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jun 4 2021 14:27 utc | 66

@librul | Jun 4 2021 12:07 utc | 60

I am not able to access from Norway right now.
ping works.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 14:51 utc | 67

@ Arch Bungle

Or CGI movies staged by asians to frame black people.

Or this what happens when homeless mentally ill people walk the street without care.

Posted by: Smith | Jun 4 2021 14:52 utc | 68

@Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 12:25 utc | 61

I will have to assume the link to Bitchute is verboten.

I replied to your #60 Jun 4 2021 12:07 utc saying I could not access bitchute using the .com extension, and that post did indeed disappear, so it looks like links to Bitchute ist am strengsten verboten.

It turns out trying to access Bitchute using the Brave browser does not work from here, but when using MS Edge it does indeed work, so I guess it is +1 to Bill Gates.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 14:58 utc | 69

@Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 14:58 utc | 66

Thx for the effort. I must confess I had never heard of Bitchute before today - don't know if I should be embarrassed about not being in the know about Bitchute.

I did a "what is Bitchute"? The first search result was from Wikipedia and **someone** for sure doesn't want anyone to go to Bitchute.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 15:43 utc | 70

@ librul

i believe bitchute is an alternative to youtube - but not censored like youtube..

do a duckduckgo search of 'alternatives to youtube' and you will see a description of it..

Posted by: james | Jun 4 2021 16:00 utc | 71

Or this what happens when homeless mentally ill people walk the street without care.

Posted by: Smith | Jun 4 2021 14:52 utc | 65

I think that is a lot of it. The cops here won't do anything about it, no money for that. I mean not even enough public toilets. Some people do seem to find it useful for propaganda against black people, which I find disgusting.

If you turn your society into a behavioral sink, which we have, that is what you get.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jun 4 2021 16:01 utc | 72

Smith @46: "I feel powerless because I don't live in America, still, the fact the media just deem these as invisible crimes is pretty disturbing."

The prevalence of violent attacks and other crimes committed by Black Americans has been suppressed in the US for many years. It isn't just Black attacks on Asian Americans that is being covered up, but all Black criminality that is whitewashed.

The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting by Race and Ethnicity, Table 43 Tells the plain truth of violent crime in the USA. This table of data causes severe cognitive dissonance among upper middle class liberals in America so it was suppressed while Obama was president. Trump had the full data sets restored but I guarantee that Table 43 will once again be suppressed and disappear from existence now that the delusionals have returned to the White House.

Simply acknowledging the facts contained in the above table is considered horribly and irredeemably racist by America's baizuo liberal delusionals.

How, one may ask, can the simple act of confronting reality be considered the apex of evil by people who presumably have significant educations at respected institutions? As I regularly point out, western culture has been repudiating the Enlightenment and the rejecting the rationalism that came out of it. Particularly since Karl Marx formalized a modern conception of Materialism the western middle classes have been embracing its opposite, philosophical Idealism; that is to say they believe that physical reality arises from thoughts that people have in their heads. What follows from this is that to change reality one must first change people's thoughts.

There are ramifications. Note this sentence from the course description of a journalism course at Harvard: "Powerful images can shape public opinion, but with such power comes substantial ethical and intellectual responsibility."

Within the baizuo liberal middle class perspective in order to create a better world; in order to alter reality, they must first change people's thoughts. In order to change people's thoughts they must use the tools of education and mass media. Thoughts that conflict with their idea of the perfect world must be discouraged, banned, silenced, marginalized, cancelled, while thoughts that align with their target version of reality must be encouraged and reinforced through repetition and rewards. To the baizuo, acknowledging the culture of aggression and violence that is rampant in America's lumpenproletarian Black communities is itself, through unspecified metaphysical agency, what causes that violence. To stop the violence they imagine that the thoughts about that violence must be stopped.

What is most odd here, and astonishingly racist given the western white middle class attestations of opposition to racism, is that it is only in the heads of white working class men that these thoughts matter. Thoughts occurring within the heads of those actually committing the violence are seen by the baizuo as having little influence on the violence. Black Americans committing violence have no control over their own behavior, and instead that behavior is metaphysically controlled by the thoughts of white working class men. In plain terms, the self-professed anti-racist white middle class asserts that Black Americans are subhumans incapable of volition while white people have god-like powers to influence the nature of reality simply with their thoughts.

Yeah, I know. Western philosophical Idealism is freakin' crazy and self-contradictory when you break it down to its essentials like this.

Above, Paul @43 notes "‘Very complicated matter’: ABC bans term ‘apartheid’ in coverage of Israel/Palestine conflict"

As well, note that the Associated Press forbids its staff from using the term "protest" to refer to the events in the US capital on January 6 of this year: "The Associated Press told staff members that protest was too mild a word. Phrases like “mob,” “riot” and “insurrection” were appropriate, noted John Daniszewski, vice president and editor at large for standards.

Likewise, "“Don’t call them protesters,” CBS’ Gayle King said during coverage the next morning."

Refer back to the Harvard journalism course description above. The liberal middle class is acutely aware that they are deliberately trying to alter the public's perception of reality. In so doing they believe they can alter reality itself.

Beyond this effort by the baizuo white middle class to change reality being patently impossible, what qualifies them to be able to define what a better world consists of? First and foremost they cannot even accept the current real world for what it actually is, so how can they possibly define one that is better that fits within the basic natural laws that the universe functions by? These white middle class Americans are almost entirely non-STEM university products with participation trophy degrees noted more for being entertaining than informative and lacking in any real attention to mathematics. Mathematics is just the symbolic language of logic and reason, so if they fail at math then they fail at reason.

The West has given up on logic and reason. This is a symptom of the general decline in the West rather than the cause, though. Fortunately China has taken up the torch for humanity and will advance civilization even as the West descends into a new Dark Ages. A Dark Ages complete with virtue-signaling torturers with generalized anxiety disorder and impostor syndrome and pious fascists saving the poor unfortunate little brown people by napalming them.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 4 2021 16:03 utc | 73

@ migueljose | Jun 4 2021 10:29 utc | 54... thanks.. that info doesn't surprise me... the fact is israel and usa are tied at the hip.. this is another and quite sick arm of it..

Posted by: james | Jun 4 2021 16:06 utc | 74

@ William Gruff | Jun 4 2021 16:03 utc | 70... a friend (from china, but living in the usa) told me yesterday china has more video cameras focused on monitoring activity in cities and etc then the usa... is this another part of the new future?? if so - how does this fit in with all the rosy scenarios for the future with china as world leader?

Posted by: james | Jun 4 2021 16:11 utc | 75

Recommend read it all:

CPC emerges stronger, firmer to original aspiration through the haze of 1980s

Because of the Cultural Revolution, China's development fell behind most other countries of the world. When some Chinese people, officials and intellectuals, engaged with the world and saw the advancement and prosperity of the West through travelling abroad, listening to VOA news, watching Hollywood movies and drinking Coca Cola, they felt shocked, and lost the confidence to keep going on the path of socialism, said some analysts.

"At that time, we believed a complete Westernization, just like what Japan and South Korea did, or maybe just like our Taiwan and Hong Kong regions, will help China solve all problems and catch up with other major powers of the world soon," said a Beijing resident who was a student in 1989.

When we saw the gap between the West and our country, we were truly jealous and desperately wanted the change, and we naively believed that there was a "panacea", a medicine that can cure all illnesses for China - "democratization," he said, adding that not only young students, but also a few senior officials of the CPC leadership thought similarly.

In the late 1980s, some Chinese people, especially intellectuals and students, who desperately wanted the country to be opened and felt extremely unconfident in the front of mighty Western modern culture and neo-liberalism ideology, started to undermine traditional Chinese culture and crow about the advancement of Western culture.

Posted by: vk | Jun 4 2021 16:29 utc | 76

james @72

A billion cameras running 24X7 gives you a whole lot of video footage. You can guarantee that almost none of it is being "monitored" by human eyes. Instead that footage is "monitored", if you choose to call it that, by artificial intelligence. What do you imagine the AI might be programmed to be on the lookout for? Vehicle accidents, of course, and things that look like violent assaults, but the AI might also be instructed to track specific individuals. Out of the billion and a half people in China which ones do you think might have their activity referred to human operators?

Only high profile threats warrant wasting a human operator's time on. I suppose any US State Department personnel will get that kind of treatment, and maybe some foreign visitors might get flagged for it, particularly if they work for one of the many intelligence agency cover NGOs. If you're just taking a walk down to the local night market to pick up some pirated DVDs then nobody cares.

As far as individual behavior is concerned, China is a lot more libertarian than most people think.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 4 2021 16:41 utc | 77

@Posted by: james | Jun 4 2021 16:11 utc | 72

There is a website that monitors the CCTV monitors.

I am not sure if anyone monitors the above website.

[emphasis added by me]

Cities in China are under the heaviest CCTV surveillance in the world, according to a new analysis by Comparitech. However, this is only based upon cameras per 1,000 people.

This year, we’ve expanded our study to look at the number of cameras per square mile with Delhi, London, and Chennai all having more cameras per square mile than any Chinese city we covered. Residents living in cities across the US, Russia, Mexico, and South Korea will also find themselves surrounded by a large number of watchful eyes, as our look at the number of public CCTV cameras in the 150 most populated cities worldwide found.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 16:55 utc | 78

@Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 16:55 utc | 75

"We found little correlation between the number of public CCTV cameras and crime or safety"

The above quote from the article speaks miles.

Posted by: librul | Jun 4 2021 16:59 utc | 79

Mr. vk | Jun 4 2021 16:29 utc | 73

I have seen similar assertions in regards to "Traditional Muslim" and "Traditional Hindu" cultures as well.

How can one have confidence in cultures whose common practices, before the coming of the White Man into the scene, consisted of binding girls feet, selling one's daughters into prostitution or servitude, superstitious practices such as auspicious days, the burning of windows, extreme prejudice against any kind of innovation, belief in the superiority of one's own culture and race and on and on and on?

There were (and are) very good reasons for Muslims, Hindus, and Orientals to be in awe of the Western States.

Posted by: fyi | Jun 4 2021 17:02 utc | 80

to josemiguel. I hope you are right about peru's elections. "They" (polsters) say that the big cities will go for Fuji, but I noticed a little detail - that Fuji was greeted with flung garbage whilst visiting in Arequipo. This caught my eye because of a notice I saw a couple of days ago - that the TAYTA campaign is continuing to distribute invermectin in Arequipo. Here's a link for an ivermectin conference which I posted in another thread. The section on peru is the 3rd medico, I believe, in a long and facinating conference. If Castillo can win it will be fantastic, IMHO.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Jun 4 2021 17:07 utc | 81

Besides announcing the completion of one of the two lines of North Stream II some other interesting facts have been voiced during the plenary session of the SPIEF 21, over three hours, and they're only starting to post the transcript in Russian at the site. I was impressed by the Argentinian president speech, the basis of which was that it is alright to try raising the economies to pre-pandemic levels, but he asks how great was that economy for the world as a whole? Not impressive, a lot of problems existed even before the great shock brought by Covid.

Another interesting point driven by a kind of aggressive media host was asking Kurtz and Al Qahtani why as buyers and sellers of gas do they have to transact in US dollars, Putin picked that glove and said that gas is not a stock exchange traded commodity so there should be no problem trading with other currencies, not for geopolitical reasons but for simplicity avoiding third parties to interfere in somebody else's business. Washington must be listening, the dollar, the last resort, and this time its not a Saddam or Kadhafi who is talking about dumping the greenback.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 4 2021 17:16 utc | 82

@ Posted by: james | Jun 4 2021 16:11 utc | 72

Your logic is absurd, because it hides the obvious fact: mass surveillance already is happening (and increasing) in the West. Therefore, it will happen, regardless of the system chosen.

So, you simply moved the goalposts: instead of defending capitalism against socialism because it is better, you propose to defend capitalism because it is the least worst. The end result of your argument is the same: capitalist surveillance will always be better than socialist surveillance; capitalist x will always be better than socialist x, and so on. This is the classic fearmongering logic.

The reality is much simpler: Americans didn't stop buying their Microsoft, Google and Apple products just because they found out they're being spied on. They didn't do so because it doesn't matter; what matters is that they're American corporations, therefore they will continue to buy those products because that means they'll keep funding (and preserving) American capitalism. Americans have already forgiven their government for obliterating whole countries and creating and operating torture facilities; it is absurd to claim they care about mass surveillance. American only care about their bottom line, and their bottom line is the preservation and expansion of capitalism.

Posted by: vk | Jun 4 2021 17:27 utc | 83

Here a couple of paragraphs machine translated from Fernández speech:

Here we need to think about what the world economy should be like in the future, because we saw that the economy that existed before the pandemic created inequality and injustice. It contributed to the concentration of income in the hands of a few, contributed to the poverty of many of the world's inhabitants.

This logic, which we have followed for so many years, is subject to mandatory revision, because if the pandemic taught us anything, it is precisely that we must be in solidarity. During the pandemic, we saw that no one can escape alone, that we need the help of our friends, and that if we work together to achieve a better future, the likelihood that we will achieve it will be much higher.

Somehow this speech seemed odd since everybody else was talking big numbers, statistics, percentages and so forth, in contrast with Bolsonaro who also addressed by video conference the forum.

Posted by: Paco | Jun 4 2021 17:30 utc | 84

The Global Times article is a crock. It starts with the claim the Cultural Revolution was a backwards development, then the claim that rise of Deng brought great achievements in the early eighties. It carefully omits the murderous invasion of Vietnam in 1979 (in support of the Khmer Rouge, no less!) But these are standard lies that at least have some sort of internal logic. The twin claims that the illusory success of Dengism in saving the world from the illusory retrogression of the Cultural Revolution somehow caused a crisis, lost their way, produced a haze, is nonsense on stilts. It was the failure of Dengism to produce the magic results promised that made the university students who wanted a bourgeois life so frustrated. And that is what made the lure of Western democracy so attractive. Dengism, despite its grandiose twaddle about a Great Leap Forward on IOUs to Western banks, had failed. This derangement is the derangement of Dengism. The suppression of the slow motion journee in 1989 was a partial return to the past, a reaffirmation of the Communist Party. Gorbachev's dismantling of the planning system in the Soviet Union, a process going into high gear after his final political victory in 1985, was already wrecking the Soviet economy. And national weakness was conclusively demonstrated by the abandonment of the socialist states in central Europe, including the reunification of imperialist Germany.

The only mystery, if there is any, is why "Deng" (other leaders still existed by the way) resisted the sinister action at Tian An Men. After all, a similar resort to violence at Tian An Men during the Qingming festival in 1976 functioned in the same way, to support Deng. But I think the question answers itself: It is precisely because Deng knew from personal experience that such low level insurrections were the road to the overthrow of governments that compelled him to re-affirm the party. (The military coup that overthrew the so-called Gang of Four rested on the supposed popularity of anti-Maoism, as demonstrated supposedly in the adulation of Zhou Enlai, always the mortal enemy of every successor to Mao.)

To repeat, there is no sane way to argue that Dengism was successful *and* that there was a mysterious threat of Westernization coming from nowhere.

It is also completely ignorant to portray it as simply a matter of resptect for Chinese traditions and culture. A mass industrial China is not traditional. Culture is a way of life, not a set of verbal ideals. When we don't live like our ancestors we don't live their culture. The past is always with us in the form of the materials we collectively have built our way of life from...but the idea that some sort of soul or essence survives with modern conveniences added on is idealist tripe.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jun 4 2021 17:59 utc | 85

US United Nations ambassador appeared at Turkey-Syria border today to announce a $240 million program of humanitarian aid for the jihadist enclave of Idlib. No word on sanctions relief for rest of the country.

Without apparently realizing what it was in fact referring to, the report concludes: "USAID said the United States was the world's largest donor to the Syria crisis, and has provided more than $13 billion since the start of the conflict." Note that it doesn't say "humanitarian donor". In effect, a representative of the country which spent $13 billion over a decade to absolutely ruin a sovereign country on the other side of the world takes credit for a medium-size relief effort directed to its own foot soldiers.

Posted by: jayc | Jun 4 2021 18:08 utc | 86

A Canadian father was jailed this month after he disobeyed a court order and refused to call his 14-year-old biological daughter – who identifies as male – his “son”.

The controversial case has drawn worldwide attention, mostly because it includes a father and mother who disagree over the child’s best interests. The couple is separated.

The father, Robert Hoogland, is under a court order not to discuss the case in public. The court also has ordered him to call the child his “son” and to use only the child’s preferred pronouns, “he” and “him.” Hoogland, though, has refused to obey the court. He even set up a fundraising website detailing information about the case in defiance of the court order.

Posted by: Mao | Jun 4 2021 18:08 utc | 87

Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action

Through May 8, 2021 they had recorded 10,570 deaths and 405,259 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots: COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE of MODERNA (CX-024414); COVID-19 mRNA VACCINE of PFIZER-BIONTECH; COVID-19 VACCINE of ASTRAZENECA (CHADOX1 NCOV-19); and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 VACCINE (AD26.COV2.S).

A detailed analysis of each vaccine gives the following: The Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA gene-edited vaccine resulted in the largest fatalities– 5,368 deaths and 170,528 injuries or nearly 50% of the total for all four. The Moderna mRNA vaccine was second with 2,865 deaths and 22,985 injuries. That is to say, the only two gene manipulated mRNA experimental vaccines, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, accounted for 8,233 deaths of the total registered deaths of 10,570. That’s 78% of all deaths from the four vaccines currently in use in the EU.

And among the serious side effects or injuries recorded by the EMA, for the two mRNA vaccines which we focus on in this article, for the Pfizer “experimental” vaccine, most reported injuries included blood and lymphatic system disorders including deaths; cardiac disorders including deaths; musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders; respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders, and vascular disorders. For the Moderna mRNA vaccine, most serious injuries or causes of death included blood and lymphatic system disorders; cardiac disorders; musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders; disorders of the central nervous system.

What's worse: many of those collateral effects may be due to the inferiority of the manufacturing process of those pharmaceuticals. That is, Western manufacturing is outright inferior in quality than the Chinese and Russian vaccines. The other speculations about the mRNA technology are complex, and will probably never be found out. But I read somewhere some time ago that the mRNA technology was developed in a USG-funded research in a laboratory in Pennsylvania, in the 1990s; the goal was initially to develop a vaccine against AIDS. After a decade or so of promising results, the research seems to have reached a dead end and stagnated for more than a decade. It's weird for a technology that was going nowhere for more than a decade to suddenly rise like a phoenix and be sold as the definitive solution not only to this pandemic, but all other main diseases (including AIDS - this narrative was unearthed again in the beginning of 2020).

Posted by: vk | Jun 4 2021 18:13 utc | 88

I hear that everyone wants to be like US!

you must realize that mirrors don't work in the US. what other explanation can there be for the delusion that anyone wants to be like the high-fructose GMO Cinnabons passing for humans here in the US? people like to make other fashion decisions when they wake up in the morning beside how much to let out their sweatpants before they suck down their 1st Big Gulp of Mountain Doo.

and thanks vk @ 88. that news just made my morning. people want to separate what technology might be able to do from the rest of how they live. shoving vaccines in people's arms is always preferable to any other kind of social disruption, like distancing, masking, putting new ventilation systems in schools, etc.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 4 2021 18:41 utc | 89

w gruff @ 73:
"These white middle class Americans are almost entirely non-STEM university products with participation trophy degrees noted more for being entertaining than informative and lacking in any real attention to mathematics. Mathematics is just the symbolic language of logic and reason, so if they fail at math then they fail at reason."

very well-stated, until this clunker. people making chemical and nuclear weapons know as much STEM as anyone. the entirety of the US medical industry exists to tell people things like plants growing from the ground (tobacco) are worse for them than their automobiles. all thoroughly STEM trained, scarecrows stuffed with Pythagorean straw.

people in the US don't know what food is. lots of Clark Griswold "he's a genius with food additives" types running around too, trained in marketing and using chemistry to dye and package products.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 4 2021 18:58 utc | 90

rjb1.5 @90

I am not trying to exonerate the American medical industry here, but I don't know of many doctors that would recommend their patients suck on their car's exhaust pipe. Recommending that people not inhale toxins on too regular of a basis is also is also fairly reasonable advice.

Creating weapons is not irrational either. Indeed, weapons were almost certainly the very first tools humans created in the process of culture building that elevated humans above the rest of the animal kingdom. The creation of a technology has in and of itself never been a problem. It is how that technology is applied, typically by those who don't understand it, that is the problem.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 4 2021 20:11 utc | 91

The progress of Nord Stream 2 was deliberately presented as if it wwas happening very slowly, bit in reality:

First stretch of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline completed on Friday morning Putin reveals, despite vehement US objections to scheme

Speaking at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Putin said “I am pleased to say that today, just two-and-a-half-hours ago, we have completed laying the pipes for the first section of Nord Stream 2, and works are advancing on the second segment.”

“The gas pipeline, including the segment under the sea, has already been completed,” the president added. “There are two sections, from the German side and the Russian side – they have to be welded – and then it will be finished.”

Nice work.. :-)

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 4 2021 20:19 utc | 92

@Paul #48

Yes, the ABC is completely beholden to the Coalition. Four Corners used to be serious about investigation. As for Morrison's shady connections, it's clear that he is a complete opportunist rather than an ideologue. He mixes welfare policies with long-term detention of immigrants, new-deal-style infrastructure projects with the destruction of Australian universities. The only constant is his control. He will embrace anything, do anything, be led by polls, nutcases, God, horoscopes: nothing is inconsistent unless it challenges the security of his power. The crew around him are carpet-baggers, fossil fuel lobbyists, alt-right borderline sociopaths, used car dealers and real estate speculators, all underwritten by Murdoch and Fairfax who between them have 90% of Australia's MSM. Australia, not to put too fine a point on it, is f***ed. By 2050 20% of the population (property-owners) will have indentured the remaining 80% into a quasi-feudal gig economy; and if they decide to keep the borders closed those gigs will be forced onto those who once benefitted from labour protections, unions, entitlements, leave, etc, but who will slowly be forced to choose between homelessness or high rents and precarious servitude. Oh, and Australians are craven in the face of authority so they'll take all that and blame themselves for not serving well enough. I used to be a proud Australian, but the whole place really depresses me now. Such a failure of vision: it could have been amazing after WW2 but it retreated into suspicious isolation. Gough briefly showed what we could be and look what happened to him. Now all we have is holes in the ground and asset speculation. Dumb Aussies.

Your early point about Gaza reporting is a scandal. But you know Aussies, they couldn't give a shit about a bunch of towelheads. The ABC is a complete joke.

Posted by: Patroklos | Jun 4 2021 21:33 utc | 93

William Gruff | Jun 4 2021 20:11 utc | 91

technology doesn't tell us how to use technology. all your math and science aren't going to tell you not to nuke yourself.

did we invent language also in order to make weapons? or did we invent language to understand our "natural" desires to kill each other? cuz understanding anything can be an obstacle to bashing your neighbor in the head to steal his shit. knowledge doesn't seem to provide any survival benefit at all. seems totally unnecessary.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 4 2021 22:03 utc | 94

how did the Predators and Klingons ever advance to space flight? perhaps they had an Elon Musk of their very own, who somehow conned them into space flight, like the Terran Musk cons people out of $billions?

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 4 2021 22:07 utc | 95

Paco @84--

Thanks for your reporting on the SPIEF's Plenary Session; I wasn't able to, although I've read the still incomplete transcript. I was going to write a few comments but will only mention Putin's framing of the Climate Change issue as one that will be weaponized for use in the current Hybrid War. Also, without too much crowing, Putin's Nord Stream announcement had an implied message to all present/watching--the Outlaw US Empire's bullying can be defeated by solidarity of action: We have the Legal High Ground. President Fernandez's speech was a critique of Neoliberalism, which was already in crisis prior to the pandemic's outset. And again, much of Putin's address dealt with Russia's people-first development priority as he outlined in his Davos speech to which he referred. Putin also launched a broadside at the Swiss and others for their political blacklisting of all of Russia's very effective vaccines.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 4 2021 22:28 utc | 96

rjb1.5 @94--

Humans most certainly didn't "invent" language. That was done by amino acids many millions of years before hominids emerged. As such, language doesn't need to be speech/spoken.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 4 2021 22:32 utc | 97

Many barflies are aware that China's Communist Party is about to observe its 100th anniversary. Global Times is publishing a series of special articles for this occasion. This is the first and this the second. I'm sure more will be published by other media, and I'll try to provide their links.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 4 2021 22:46 utc | 98

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 4 2021 22:28 utc | 96

That transcript is just the introductory part, then the same for Kurtz and Qahtani who were honor guests. There was a shorter address from Fernández and Bolsonaro also. But after the introduction there was a three band dialog where very interesting matters where touched in a more relaxed and informal setting. Kurtz had a hard time defending the indefensible position of the EU, all for North Stream II as an energy security project directly related to Austria, but insisted in calling Roman a blogger and avoided sharp questions like trading gas in Euros or the relations with Belarus.

The clip that most likely will be aired by all MSM is when Putin is asked, would you land a plane with a person claimed by Russia on board flying from Europe to Asia? Putin pauses shortly and answers: I won`t say.

The vaccination policies of the EU were at the center too, with Kurtz dodging, according to the moderator 90% of all vaccines administered in Europe are from one firm, that is monopoly. Gas was widely discussed since the completion of the first line was announced.

Do a machine translation of the interactive part, the link for the full transcript in Russian:

Posted by: Paco | Jun 4 2021 22:47 utc | 99

karlof1 | Jun 4 2021 22:32 utc | 97
a quibble. an infelicitous statement by me asserting human intentionality.

"Love is too young to know what ----science is,
For who knows not that ----science is born of Love?" the Bard

the transitional phase between apes bashing each other to apes in space in Kubrick's 2001 is implied.

Posted by: rjb1.5 | Jun 4 2021 23:04 utc | 100

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