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May 30, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-041

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Other issues:

Biden administration:

> For Washington’s China-is-a-threat crowd, the appointment of Lloyd Austin looms as a counterpoint to their foreign-policy agenda: one of larger defense budgets, less reliance on diplomacy, and a greater willingness to use force—all reasons why Biden appointed Austin in the first place. <

Gaza - I didn't write a sum-up of the recent war but mostly agree these pieces:



Use as open thread ...

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Grieved @ 186

I am in a somewhat different situation. Evanston, Illinois. The vax rate for over 65s is 99+%. For 12+ it is 83% and that would be with vax only available for the kids a couple weeks. A month from now it will be 98% across the board, if not 99%. This is a place where people read NYT and listen to NPR. They are convinced that they do own the world, they do rule the world, that little people who reject vaccines should be ignored. Or disciplined. Or removed from view.

In personal stuff most family has not been seen in over a year and they will not see us until we are vaxxed. My wife is in Alcoholics Anonymous and has been going to meetings on Zoom. In person meetings are returning very slowly, The ones that do happen they sit outdoors, masked, with ten feet of distance. And the unvaxxed are not welcome. The outcasts can continue meeting on Zoom. If the Zoom meetings do continue it will be populated by those who are too terrified to see a live human at all. All of this goes totally against all AA traditions, no one cares, fear rules.

We know a few who have literally not set foot outside their apartments in over a year. All food delivered. Telemedicine
or they just get sick. Long run they will die, they will not breathe fresh air. There are even arrangements for such people to be vaxxed at home, while opening the door a crack.

I would like to believe this fraud will die of hubris. Can’t see that from here.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 3 2021 14:28 utc | 201

Re chile confounds... I wouldn't be too optimistic if I were you. It's a long way to get a finished constitution. Meanwhile, the handful of billionaires, many created by Pincochet are thriving. (examples: Luksic - SQM - married Pinochet's daughter. Pinera the preznit. LAN (now latam) which was formerly publicly owned plus mastercard/visa. The much hated "pension" system was set up by the preznit's brother (currently residing in eeuu) has been marvelously profitable - for the banks. The annual fees run +/- 10%. No penalty for losses.
The payout period for retired people is 40 years...) Plus - for some reason chile has bought into the vaccine program big time. The country was one of the first to get Pfitzer. Wonder why.
They just received a shipment of the brit AZ, known to be Banned! in many countries, which they are giving to children. The digital "mobiltiy pass" is being rolled out and none other than Bill Gates himself was here yesterday promoting green things, especially GMO green things. He did not ask chilenos to eat bugs - so far. Back to the "vaccine" nearly 70% of the targeted arms have been injected, but the death count and the case load is higher than ever. So what the f....?
It is not clear how much power the new constitution will have. Example: will old treaties be honoured? At the very least the horrible pension system will be replaced. Meanwhile, the cynical side of me says that this covid lockdown (some 90% of the country is still in lockdown)suits the powers that be just fine.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Jun 3 2021 17:19 utc | 202

I don't know if anyone will check at the end of this long thread, but here is an update on chile.
1. Astra-Zeneca modi-thingee has been here for max 48 hours. Already there is one thrombosis in an otherwise healthy 31 year old man.
2. The number of "new cases" for today is over 8,000, which is higher than any day pre-"vaccine" Nevertheless, the health minister keeps on with the "vaccine vaccine vaccine" rant. They are currently trying to blame to surge in "cases" on unvaccinated young people and anti-social weirdos.
It's as if they have lost all power of thought. Naturally, the "public" needs a scape goat, so the refusenicks and youth are it.
3. They are not revealing the cycles # for the tests, nor, that I can discover, the actual cause of death for the new "covid" deaths.
4. They still maintain that there is no treatment, although peru is right next door. People are left to wait until they need the ICU and usually don't recover if they reach that point.
5. There is talk of completely distributing the pension fund which I think is great, but which has the megabucks peeps in an uproar. The pension fund is mostly invested in the tiny float (ie tiny % of the big billionaire companies, including the Pinochet plunder guys, which are not privately owned. Examples are such as Copec which is almost all privately owned. Thus, if this tiny float was sold to payout pension stake holders, prices would fall...hahaha.) To old hippie, grieved, et most best wishes to you. This is maddening as our friends and loved ones have been confined for so long - all while there are treatments.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Jun 3 2021 22:07 utc | 203

Grieved @186--

Thanks for all your input on this thread!! Lots of thoughts provoked!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 3 2021 23:10 utc | 204

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