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May 23, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-039

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(Sorry for not posting the last two days. There was a private emergency which had to be taken care of. - b.)

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Death of the Intercept

Prosecution Futures:

You've been had.

> The budget will not include President Biden’s campaign pledge to enact a public option to create a government-run health insurance program, or his pledge to cut prescription drug costs, the people said.
Other ambitious Biden campaign pledges — from raising the estate tax to forgiving significant amounts of student debt — are also expected to be left out of the new budget plan, the people said. <

The hypocrites will condemn the first plane incident while forgetting about the second and third:

Nuking China:

Use as open thread ...

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When are "news reporters" joking?

Can't always tell.

Stumbled upon this today...long story how...hope you get a chuckle.

Perhaps you recall the "Heart of Texas" protest which was used a zillion times
to illustrate "how the Russians influenced the 2016 election". Ok, not a funny subject...just wait

A PBS program: US vs Them

Claimed this (verbatim) about the Heart of Texas protest
at the 24:00 thru 24:08 minute mark

"Thousands were duped into taking part in an angry confrontation between Americans
orchestrated by the Russians"

It was complete with hyper-suggetive, freeze-frame photos of the actual miniscule event.

"Thousands" PBS said, "thousands", yes, "thousands".

Caught PBS red handed in a big lie. But it is video, not the written word, so it is harder to nail them.

(Funny part coming, promise)

On the day of the actual event a reporter had written an article.

You can read the archived version at the Wayback Machine by stringing the above link after this following link to create one very long url:


May 2016

Dozens turn out to support Houston Muslims
Only 10 show up to demonstrate against Islamic center in library

A rally outside the downtown Houston Islamic Da'wah Center Saturday attracted about a dozen protesters, more than 50 counterprotesters and a local resident armed with a fully charged bubble machine.

A group calling themselves Heart of Texas called for the rally to protest what they consider "Islamization" of Texas - sparked in part by the recent opening of a privately funded library inside the downtown center. The group had also encouraged followers to bring legal firearms.


Got that? "10", "a dozen", "50" - total about 60.
"Thousands" according to PBS, yes, "thousands".
Caught you, PBS.

Here comes the funny part.

Two years later, after Mueller & Co had latched onto the "Heart of Texas" protest the same
reporter that had written the May 2016 piece
issued a follow up piece.

Tell me if you believe he is joking, people want to know.

You can read the archived version at the Wayback Machine by stringing the above link after this following link to create one very long url:


Feb 2018

A Houston protest, organized by Russian trolls

On a sunny Saturday in May 2016, I was assigned to cover a protest outside the Islamic Da'wah Center in downtown Houston. A group that called itself the "Heart of Texas" had organized it on social media — a protest, they said, against the "Islamization" of Texas.

On one side of Travis Street, I found about 10 protesters. On the other side, I found around 50 counterprotesters.


SEPARATED BY TRAVIS Street and the Houston police, the two groups shouted at each each other. The pro-Islamic Center counterprotesters had a loudspeaker, and so were able drown out the other side.

And then there was the "Bubble Man."

He stood on a balcony overlooking the scene, armed with a fully-charged bubble machine. It sent hundreds of shimmering soap bubbles onto the annoyed anti-Islamic protesters below. I wanted to interview him, but he waved me off.

Because his soapy attack was aimed at the protesters, in my article, I described him as part of the counterprotest. But now, with these indictments from the special prosecutor, I'm not so sure.

Were Russian trolls behind the bubbles too?

Posted by: librul | May 24 2021 21:39 utc | 201

The US jams its hand in the cookie jar and loses again, this time in Ethiopia and Eritrea:

"On Monday, Ethiopia’s foreign ministry said if the US restrictions continued, Addis Ababa “will be forced to reassess its relations with the United States, which might have implications beyond our bilateral relationship”.

Ethiopia provides peacekeepers for the African Union missions in the neighbouring nations of Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia. It has also been a key intelligence partner of Western nations monitoring armed rebels in the Horn of Africa."

From "Ethiopia accuses US of meddling after sanctions over Tigray" by Al Jazeera here (I don't usually pay any attention to Al Jazeera but have hung around a little due to Gaza, they peddle plenty of bs in general and some had snuck into this as well but even so some of it is informative).

Nice of the US to sabotage themselves :)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | May 24 2021 21:44 utc | 202

Rever@196 (sorry about the wrong punctuation) exposes Cheminade as a LaRouche thinker, which means to say, a right-wing cryptofascist. Like many commenters here, bafflegab, jargon, doubletalk, that vaguely conveys a left-gloss that covers a practical commitment to very reactionary politics can be a useful sales tactic, especially in organizations that specialize in shady political operations. National Socialists claimed to be socialist for the same reason. Following for this guff is a good sign of fundamental political disorientation. Thanks to Rever.

Posted by: steven t johnson | May 24 2021 22:18 utc | 203

"Asia" is a monolith that would take years of deconstructing to get your story straight. Arbitrary boundary-drawing over the millenia has done little to sort it all out.
He got the story straight. The definition of "Asia" is arbitrary as you say but that doesn't have much to do with the story.
The story was that some places (mostly everywhere east of Iran) did a lot better with covid than Europe and the western Hemisphere so what does that mean?

There are other peculiarities that seem hard to explain.
For instance, Iceland has had about an average number of cases per capita but it has only about 20% of the world average of deaths per capita

Posted by: jinn | May 24 2021 22:40 utc | 204

Librul said:

A PBS program: US vs Them

Claimed this (verbatim) about the Heart of Texas protest
at the 24:00 thru 24:08 minute mark

That's Hilarious

PBS wants us to believe that Russia-Russia-Russia-Russia-Russia invented the story of Texas succeeding from the Union and the story that the US helped create Al-Quaida and ISIS

I don't suppose PBS has any stations in Texas so they don't have to worry about their credibility with any Texans

Disclosure: I only listened to about a minute starting at about 24:00

Posted by: jinn | May 24 2021 22:55 utc | 205

librul #200

When are "news reporters" joking?

Can't always tell.

You can always tell they are joking when Blundercat (or Barfingcat as b calls it) publishes their work.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | May 24 2021 23:05 utc | 206

It would be good to see all the sanctioned countries start their own trading bloc.

Posted by: Donbass Lives Matter | May 24 2021 23:07 utc | 207

@Posted by: jinn | May 24 2021 22:55 utc | 205

Glad you got a kick out of @201 !

A side note: PBS said "thousands", yes, "thousands" of Americans,
while the article written by a reporter that witnessed it first hand
and wrote about it on day 1, before it had ever become a political football,
said "60 people". Not "thousands". can appreciate that most, or many,
of the 60 were just bystanders that chanced upon something happening
in the center of their city and decided to gawk or even pick a side and join in.
Bystanders - what number for the
"real" counterprotestors? - 50? 40? 30? 20?.

The "real" protest was between 10 people on one side of the street and
12?? "real" conterprotestors on the other side of the street?

There **were** thousands of bubbles, we can be sure.
That they were Russian bubbles - not so sure.

Posted by: librul | May 24 2021 23:12 utc | 208

@ Posted by: steven t johnson | May 24 2021 22:18 utc | 203

This is liberal apocalyptic idealization. There are no examples in History of far-right movements serving as anything other than as a tool to annihilate communism.

The concept that "the far-right and the far-left end up joining hands at the end of the spectrum" is a common theme and recurrent fetish of post-war centrism (either liberalism from the center-left or conservatism from the center-right). It doesn't hold water when you put this model to the empirical test.

Besides, wasn't Marine Le Pen who rose as the far-right in France? Where was Cheminade when that happened? Did she suddenly become the hard-right of France? This is typical centrist fundamentalism: everything that helps capitalism automatically goes to the center of the political spectrum. Goalpost movers is what they are.

Posted by: vk | May 24 2021 23:28 utc | 209

@Posted by: librul | May 24 2021 21:39 utc | 201

hmm...PBS got in on the about Congress?

I did a quicky search just now of Congressional records.
They found this protest by "60" or so Americans prime fodder
for their Committee jaw flapping:

Senator Harris. And then quickly, Ms. Rosenberger, you
recently published a report policy blueprint for countering
authoritarian interference in democracies. You described an
event on May 21 of 2016 where two groups were protesting in
Houston, Texas, and one was called the Heart of Texas that
opposed the purported Islamification of Texas. On the other
side, the United Muslims of America, who were rallying to
purportedly save Islamic knowledge, and these protests were

(no mention of soap bubbles)

Chairman Burr.
As an example, I'd like to highlight one specific case with
real-world implications involving two different Facebook
groups, both of which are associated with the Russian Internet
Research Agency.

(not many bubbles, nor Mr Bubble, mentioned here either)

Posted by: librul | May 24 2021 23:44 utc | 210

@Posted by: librul | May 24 2021 23:44 utc | 210

I looked up who Senator Harris was referring to, Ms Rosenberger, and her "recently published report".
Found both, here is the report.

The "Heart of Texas" protest that involved a grand total of 60 people including bystanders,
she decided was best introduced by a quote from Alexander Hamilton (facepalm emoji).

I bolded the part that lets us know that she wanted us to believe Trump was a creature of Russia.

She didn't say thousands of people took part in the protest like liar-PBS did
she instead avoided the embarrassing number of "60" with dramatic effect by saying,
"used social media platform to pit Americans in the United States’ fourth-largest city against one another"

“Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption.
These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one querter,
but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.
How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union?

–Alexander Hamilton, writing as “Publius,” Federalist 68, March 14, 1788

In May 2016, two groups of protestors faced each other in downtown Houston, Texas. One side was drawn there by a Facebook group called “Heart of Texas”
to oppose the purported “Islamification of Texas.” The other side was recruited by a Facebook group called “United Muslims of America” and was there to rally
for “saving Islamic knowledge.” The dueling protests in Houston led to confrontation and verbal attacks between the sides. What neither the protestors
nor the authorities understood at the time was that both Facebook groups that spurred the protests were established and operated not by Houstonians,
but by individuals posing as Americans from thousands of miles away. For relatively little cost, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), the now infamous
troll farm in St. Petersburg, Russia, manipulated the most widely used social media platform to pit Americans in the United States’ fourth-largest city against one another.
The goal may have been to incite violence between these opposing groups of protestors. That outcome was thankfully avoided due to the presence of local law enforcement and Mr. Bubbles.

Ok, I threw the last three words in there myself.

Posted by: librul | May 25 2021 0:09 utc | 211

Excess work hours kill 745,000 people per year:

Global, regional, and national burdens of ischemic heart disease and stroke attributable to exposure to long working hours for 194 countries, 2000–2016: A systematic analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury

- We present the first WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury.
- Globally in 2016, 488 million people were exposed to long working hours (≥55 hours/week).
- This exposure had 745,194 attributable deaths and 23.3 million DALYs from ischemic heart disease and stroke.
- These are 4.9% of all deaths and 6.9% of all DALYs from these causes.
- The Western Pacific, South-East Asia, men, and older people carried higher burdens.

This is what the Covidiots (i.e. petty bourgeois) call "natural deaths".

Posted by: vk | May 25 2021 0:11 utc | 212

vk@209 as usual doubles down on being wrong, starting off by misunderstanding the difference between far left, as in adventurist or abstentionist, versus fake-left, as in a left-gloss. vk apparently shares contempt for the sheeple, which justifies an abstention from US politics, leaving modestly comfortable cheerleading for China in lieu of serious political analysis. vk asserts the National Socialists were genuine socialists, as opposed to right-wingers pretending to be for the people, like real socialists are, which is very confused.

Individuals have certainly moved from part of the left to the right, with the most prominent example being Mussolini, who was a prominent member of the Italian Socialist Party (editor of Avanti, if I remember correctly.) In the US, the Jay Lovestone split, Bukharinites (thus with strong ideological affinities with Dengism, by the way,) moved into pro-imperialist politics, especially good at roping in "free" trade unions in the international labor movement. Another renegade who moved from left to right was Benjamin Gitlow (author of I, Confess). Gitlow was a leader of the Goose Caucus, which argued that the CPUSA needed to maintain an underground party, instead of selling out for a legal mass party. Very left, they thought. A German group that posed as really left but turned right might be the Fischer-Maslow split from the KPD. Fischer certainly ended up as a virulent anti-Communist (Staling and the German Communist Party, her book, argued for one thing that national parties that defied the Comintern were the true path. (Dengism rejects internationalism too, by the way.)

LaRouche himself began as the National Caucus of Labor Committees, starting violence against revisionist Communists. Soon enough LaRouche was meddling in military policy, his outfit being one of the sources for "Star Wars." One of the fronts was the Fusion Energy Foundation! His people did things like planted a stalking horse candidate in the Illinois Secretary of State race, forcing the real Democrats to run an independent campaign as the "Solidarity Party." LaRouche would do things like buy up thirty minute blocks of air time to make long speeches about Mars colonization as an economic driver to restore the US economy. Like the John Birch Society and its "Eisenhower is a Communist!" shtick, LaRouche devised the charge that the Queen of England was the center of the international drug trade. (This seems to have influenced some comments here by the way.) LaRouche also ranted about Henry Kissinger. An old book by Dennis King, The New American Fascism, is very informative on him.

Rever is right, vk is loopy. vk believes capitalism has a future, thus Bukharin/Deng can go on indefinitely and China is destined to triumph and anything that says socialist and sounds vaguely approving of China is great. Nonsense.

Posted by: steven t johnson | May 25 2021 0:37 utc | 213

‘We are the only people on Earth asked to guarantee to the security of our occupier.’..Hanan Ashrawi

Posted by: Paul | May 25 2021 0:41 utc | 214

@215 So glad that they managed to get the F word in there. It shows seriousness and dedication.

Posted by: dh | May 25 2021 2:18 utc | 216

It's not just Bitcoin collapsing:

Italian bank collapses on exposure to Greensill and GFG

London/Milan | An Italian bank has collapsed through exposure to Greensill Capital and GFG Alliance, as the shockwaves from the failure of the British finance company claimed another casualty.
Milan-based Aigis Banca, a specialist lender to small and medium-sized businesses, was ordered into liquidation by the Bank of Italy at the weekend, with larger peer Banca If is buying its assets and liabilities for the symbolic price of €1 ($1.60).

Posted by: Paul | May 25 2021 2:40 utc | 217

Ibn Riad has his Part 4 of the Palestinian victory now on Twitter:

Part 4: The Intelligence & Media Victory

In this thread he details how Israel failed to find or harm any member of the high command level of the Resistance. For an occupying power s with its boot on a subject population, the intelligence failure is massive - nothing the Israeli military could do could stop the continual barrage of rockets over 10 days.

Consider: during the heat of battle, Israel was tactically blind.

Israel could not find the right tunnels to bomb (as Alastair Crooke suggests, they bombed decoys long planted by Palestine). Israel could not find or harm the commanders of the battle. Israel could not find or harm the soldiers of the battle. Israel could only harm itself by targeting civilians, massively and in view of the whole world.

Which brings us to the media victory of Palestine. Ibn Riad makes clear that Palestine controlled the real narrative - it declared for example to the people of Tel Aviv, this command:

"By order of the chief-of-staff of the resistance, Mohammad Deif, the curfew imposed on "Tel Aviv" will be lifted for two hours, starting from 10pm - after which they will return to standing on a single leg [awaiting our wrath]"

As an aside, those commenters here obsessed with the kill ratios of Palestine's rockets penetrating the Iron Dome should realize that Palestine warned residents of buildings before it struck. This was not entirely humanistic, but more a seizing of the paradigm of control: Palestine was telling Israel, "we will mirror your actions, blow for blow, and no escalation is beyond us to match"

And Israel heard this. Now, not only is Mohammad Deif the leader of all Palestinians in unity, and the heroic voice of the people, but the people of Israel - as Ibn Riad shows - now believe the truth of the Resistance more than they believe their own government. Exactly as has happened after Lebanon with Hezbollah and Sayyed Nasarallah.

These achievements are earth-shattering, not in a linear fashion from body count to body count, but in ae vastly more important exponential way, because they have seized a host of existing paradigms and turned them all on their head.


I love the pictures coming from Gaza. The children have heroes now, they have their beloveds, the fighters of the Resistance, whom they will adore and follow into victory. See some here:

and this one above all I love - it is a normal society, victorious, the future of Palestine. And those eyes will win:

Posted by: Grieved | May 25 2021 2:41 utc | 218

Uyghur psyops as just reached James Bond level of incredulity.

Excerpt: Uyghur woman claims she is somehow able to escape prison (?), somehow able to make an international call in said prison (??), forced to sign a death warrant to allow the CCP to kill her (???) and somehow also discover CCP's top secret plan to conquer Europe. (????)

Posted by: J W | May 25 2021 3:12 utc | 219

Posted by Grieved @ 218

Thanks for posting this. What stood out for me was this video snippet:

The 10 Year old Jerusalem boy arrested by Zionist occupation police while his crying little sister pleads to let him go. They learn what Zionism is from an early age in Palestine. Note the armed policewoman in the background exercising the 'right to defend themselves.

Comment, Sara Abdallah: this is what $10 million a day in US taxpayers money pays for:

Posted by: Paul | May 25 2021 3:53 utc | 220

It is not just Russia that is backing Iran as the posting from Xinhuanet below shows

BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that China supports Iran's reasonable demands concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear issue, and stands ready to strengthen coordination with Iran and safeguard the common interests of both sides.

He made the remarks in a telephone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Xi noted that China and Iran, sticking together and helping each other, have joined hands to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve positive results in bilateral practical cooperation.

The two countries firmly support each other on issues involving their respective core interests and major concerns, and have greatly consolidated their strategic mutual trust and resolutely defended international equity and justice, Xi said.

Noting that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Iran, Xi stressed that bilateral relations now stand at an important historical juncture to build on past achievements and forge ahead into the future.

China attaches great importance to its relationship with Iran, and is willing to work with the Iranian side to take the 50th anniversary as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation in various fields, and continuously push for solid progress in the development of their comprehensive strategic partnership, he said.

China will continue to firmly support Iran in safeguarding national sovereignty and dignity, and is willing to provide as much assistance as possible for Iran's fight against the pandemic and help the Iranian people prevail over the virus, he said.

Xi said China will also continue to play a constructive role in pushing for an early and just settlement of the Palestinian issue, and is ready to work with Iran to strengthen communication and cooperation on regional and international affairs, and jointly promote regional security and stability.

For his part, Rouhani said that China has successfully controlled the pandemic and provided Iran and other countries with valuable support and help for their response, for which Iran is genuinely grateful.

Noting that the two countries have maintained friendly cooperation since the establishment of diplomatic ties 50 years ago, he said Iran firmly adheres to the one-China policy and staunchly supports China in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Iran is willing to work with China to strengthen strategic cooperation, expand mutually beneficial cooperation in such areas as economy, trade and energy, and promote Belt and Road cooperation, he said.

The comprehensive cooperation plan recently signed by the two countries has opened up broader prospects for their win-win cooperation in the future, Rouhani said.

Iran, he added, appreciates China's just positions on such regional issues as the JCPOA and the Palestine-Israel conflict, and hopes to continue close communication and coordination with China, in a bid to oppose unilateralism and hegemonism, safeguard their own legitimate interests and maintain regional peace and security.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 25 2021 4:05 utc | 221

Below is a Xinhuanet posting signaling the eventual death of bloatware for max profit OSs

SHENZHEN, May 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese telecom giant Huawei will officially launch its new operating system HarmonyOS for smartphones on June 2, the company said Tuesday.

HarmonyOS, or Hongmeng in Chinese, is an operating system designed for various devices and scenarios. It was first launched on Internet-of-Things devices.

Huawei expects the number of devices equipped with HarmonyOS to reach 300 million by the end of 2021, including more than 200 million for Huawei devices.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 25 2021 4:11 utc | 222

@222 psychohistorian - Huawei will officially launch its new operating system HarmonyOS for smartphones on June 2

Oh, we have been waiting, and waiting, for that anti-NSA deliverance. Not fully with us yet but damn sure on its way. The tide has been turning, as we know, but sometimes you can feel a bit of the undertow...


Q. "Would you rather be spied on by China?"

A. "Well, it's kind of like how the Israelis trust the word of Hezbollah (and now Palestine) more than they trust the word of their own government. So, yes, it seems that one's information rests more safely with the Chinese government, which cares only about statecraft, than it ever could with the US government, which cares only about exploitation."

Posted by: Grieved | May 25 2021 4:58 utc | 223

Thank you, psychohistorian for the report on an accord between China and Iran. It took me back to Iran's first coping with the virus family by family and that does seem so long ago, when we knew so little - certainly not how long and how determinedly the virus would evade solution in so many places. It does make me wonder if some of the many disruptions reported in this thread have the common basis of nation by nation failure to address this underlying destabilization. Rather like individuals faced with their own mortality for the first time, not knowing how to cope.

There are so few reporters these days - their attrition having been orchestrated even before we got where we are today. Let there be new truthtellers, and again thank you psychohistorian. We are in desperate need of good news.

Posted by: juliania | May 25 2021 5:05 utc | 224

Posted by: Paul | May 25 2021 3:53 utc | 220

The 10 Year old Jerusalem boy arrested by Zionist occupation police while his crying little sister pleads to let him go. They learn what Zionism is from an early age in Palestine.

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinians] never do return ... The old will die and the young will forget," -- David Ben Gurion

Posted by: Arch Bungle | May 25 2021 9:51 utc | 225

Follow-up to my "big lie" comment of May23 22:53 #79:

Temporary Technical Agreement On Monitoring At Iranian Nuclear Facilities Prolonged (by one month).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 25 2021 12:52 utc | 226

@ psychohistorian

Yeah I don't think the Huawei OS is gonna be a bloatware-free for the people's OS considering it's formulated by a chinese company who want to sell stuff for profit.

It's just gonna one that the american don't touch, and that's a silver lining.

Posted by: Smith | May 25 2021 13:48 utc | 227

@ Norwegian

Is that right or propaganda

BREAKING NEWS Iran presidential election 2021: Candidates announced, cleared to start campaigning

News / Palestine / More
Fighting occupation: Oslo Bishop urges Norway churches to join boycott of Israel
Tuesday, 25 May 2021 10:02 AM [ Last Update: Tuesday, 25 May 2021 11:04 AM ]
US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
Palestinian policemen walk on the rubble of Arafat City, Gaza's police headquarters in Gaza City on May 22, 2021, following a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in the besieged enclave. (Photo by AFP)
More voices are joining the chorus of international denunciation of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, particularly in the wake of the latest bloodshed committed by Israel forces against the besieged people of Gaza. One of the newest faces raising her voice against such hostilities is Oslo Bishop Kari Veiteberg.

Bishop Veiteberg believes a general boycott of Israel is the best means of non-violent resistance to the occupation of Palestine.

“We have both a moral and an obligation under international law not to support the occupation of Palestine financially. We urge the churches in Norway to support boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) as solutions for a lasting and just peace,” Veiteberg wrote on Facebook after the recent Israeli aggression on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

She also shared a picture originally published by the YMCA-YWCA (Young Men's Christian Organization and Young Women's Christian Organization), which advocates a broad economic boycott of Israel.

Posted by: Luke | May 25 2021 14:47 utc | 228

Thank you, Luke for your post @ 228, giving news from Norway. I was coming online this morning after some reflections on latest comments here concerning the JFK assassination and how that came about. It was an enormous tragedy for those of us young adults at the time, and it was then likened to the assassination of Lincoln, many parallels being drawn. However, I have begun to feel that the true parallel in US history, not being an assassination, so no conspiracy theories needed, but true parallel as a cataclysmic watershed moment, was the death of FDR.

I would like to retract the assessment I made on an earier post of the series on the Public Broadcasting Station in the US that was orriginally British called "Atlantic Crossing". I had criticized it for focussing solely on WW2 from a western aspect, not giving full credit to the USSR in the resistance to Germany. But that is beside the point. What it does focus on it does very well, even though the ending is soporific (hope I'm using that word correctly). The final episode is moving to say the least, simply in the startling effect Roosevelt's death would have on the nation, personified in this instance by the Crown Princess of Norway, but she doesn't only represent her own small country, she represents the world.

The final episode was on Sunday night, but there will be a rerun of it in the US tonight (Tuesday) and I do recommend watching it. Any reflections on what might have been triumphal for Roosevelt should give us pause; but his illness brought that prospect abruptly to an end, he being already ill when he went to Yalta. The series did well in featuring the character of his wife Eleanor. I would so love now a factual drama concerning the development of the UN. That is our legacy as a nation; we should cherish it. And a woman (as in Norway) was the one to carry on when FDR was gone, (and I am not thinking of Nancy Pelosi here, sorry no. Someone more like Rosalind Carter maybe - we haven't had an Eleanor since, nor a Martha either.)

Posted by: juliania | May 25 2021 15:13 utc | 229

@Luke | May 25 2021 14:47 utc | 228

To stay sane, I try to avoid Norwegian MSM these days. After a brief search I can't find anything local on the Bishop in Oslo, Kari Veiteberg except she is indeed the Bishop in Oslo since 2017. I see several international reports on her position wrt. boycotting Israel. I guess it is true and I support it 100% It is the only morally defendable position IMNHO.

It was fashionable to boycott the apartheid state in South Africa some years ago, and I see no reason for it to be less fashionable wrt. Occupied Palestine.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 15:17 utc | 230

@Grieved | May 25 2021 4:58 utc | 223

Q. "Would you rather be spied on by China?"

I bought a Chinese made home WIFI mesh system last year, and a friend asked me that question. My answer was that I feared the US big tech spying 100 times more, and even if the Chinese spied on me (I don't believe they do) they would be very far away. Not so with the "other side".

So I agree with your answer.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 15:27 utc | 231

Latest report of China's bat woman shows novel coronavirus closer to pangolins, ‘unlikely from Wuhan lab’

The research shows that none of the known viruses of the bat SARSr-CoV-2 lineage or its novel variant use the human ACE2 as efficiently as SARSr-CoV-2 from pangolins or some of the SARSr-CoV-1 lineage viruses.

"These results suggested the SARSr-CoVs discovered in bats now may be just the tip of the iceberg. These viruses may have experienced selection or recombination events in the animal hosts and rendered viral adaption to a new host and then spread to the new species before they jumped to humans," researchers said in the report.

Little highlighted fact that we knew since the beginning of the pandemic is that the SARS-CoV-2 didn't come directly from bats. The most distant ancestor of the virus comes from bats (RATG13), but it's at least 75 years of evolution distant (most likely ~90 years or more). It is a myth the SARS-CoV-2 came from bats, this is pure anti-China propaganda.

The article was published on BioRxiv.

Posted by: vk | May 25 2021 15:30 utc | 232

@juliania | May 25 2021 15:13 utc | 229

Crown Princess of Norway, but she doesn't only represent her own small country, she represents the world.

No she does not, and she is not Crown Princess. Her brother Haakon is crown prince. She is as crazy and stupid as can be. She believes in angels.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 15:33 utc | 233

@ Norwegian,
I just found in Iranian Press Tv

Fighting occupation: Oslo Bishop urges Norway churches to join boycott of Israel.
"We have both a moral and an obligation under international law not to support the occupation of Palestine financially. We urge the churches in Norway to support boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) as solutions for a lasting and just peace,” Veiteberg wrote on Facebook after the recent Israeli aggression on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.


Also last week, Norway's sovereign wealth fund excluded two Israeli companies for constructing and letting out buildings in settlements in the occupied West Bank.

And more...

Is this true or propaganda?
Thanks to check and balance [if true very impressive]

Posted by: Արարատ | May 25 2021 15:40 utc | 234

The Q is mostly about
Norway's sovereign wealth fund
Norway's central bank said in a statement that "The Council on Ethics has recommended Norges Bank to exclude the companies based on the companies’ activities associated with Israeli settlements on the West Bank."

Posted by: Արարատ | May 25 2021 15:46 utc | 235

@Արարատ | May 25 2021 15:40 utc | 234

Is this true or propaganda?
Thanks to check and balance [if true very impressive]

The story on Bishop Veiteberg is true

Oslo-biskop oppfordrer til boikott, deinvesteringer og sanksjoner mot Israel

"Oslo Bishop calls for boycotts, deinvestments and sanctions against Israel"

Do not assume the Norwegian church as such will take the same position... but it is an important step.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 16:16 utc | 236

The following is a nice companion to Grieved's comment @ 223 above - I've hoisted it from the Lukashenko post by b above:

"...the whole point of the political globalization western style is to transform sovereign countries into corporate exploitation zones.

Still, if you have some better alternative to the current mess created by neoliberal globalists/imperialists, feel free to share.

Posted by: Constantine | May 25 2021 11:31 utc | 101"

Posted by: juliania | May 25 2021 16:20 utc | 237

Norwegian @ 233, you have misunderstood me. I was talking about the Crown Princess of Norway as presented by the PBS series, who was a close companion to FDR according to that series. If the presentation is wrong, certainly I would appreciate your assessment. These were WW2 events as I think I made clear in my post.

I know very little about the history and current conditions of your country and did not mean to offend.

Posted by: juliania | May 25 2021 16:27 utc | 238

@Արարատ | May 25 2021 15:46 utc | 235

The Q is mostly about
Norway's sovereign wealth fund

Oljefondet kutter ut selskapet grunnet virksomhet på Vestbredden

Hovedstyret i Norges Bank har besluttet at Oljefondet skal ut av tre selskaper, ett knyttet til Myanmar og to knyttet til virksomhet på Vestbredden.

The main board of Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway) has decided that the oil fund (=sovereign wealth fund) shall exit three companies, one connected to Myanmar and two connected to activity on the West Bank

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 16:28 utc | 239

@juliania | May 25 2021 16:27 utc | 238

Oh I see, my mistake. You may be talking about Crown Princess Märtha (1901-1954)
She was the wife of former King Olav, who was very popular.

That's a different story.

I thought you were referring to the current Princess Märtha Louise
She is completely crazy

From 2007 to 2018 she led her own alternative therapy center, commonly known in Norway as the "angel school" (Norwegian: engleskolen), which provided training in clairvoyance and communication with angels and communication with the dead.[6] In May 2019 she publicly announced her romantic relationship and professional collaboration with Durek Verrett, a self-described shaman.[7]

Sorry for the confusion, all my fault.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 16:35 utc | 240

Thanks, Norwegian! I hadn't known at all about the first Märtha so her story and that of Prince Olaf is an interesting addition to a full understanding of the time period. It may be a small addition to the larger roles played by the USSR and Germany itself, but I felt with our consideration of the need for a more human side to politics the series did not do badly. (But as I said, the opening and closing music wasn't good, as if someone wanted to turn us off or leave a bad taste in our mouths. This was not 'The Wizard of Oz'!)

Posted by: juliania | May 25 2021 16:54 utc | 241

Norwegian | May 25 2021 16:35 utc | 240

Fascinating, she seems rather like another Meghan Markle, this time with wings. You have an interesting country there.

Posted by: Stonebird | May 25 2021 16:57 utc | 242

Norwegian | May 25 2021 16:28 utc | 239

The main board of Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway) has decided that the oil fund (=sovereign wealth fund) shall exit three companies, one connected to Myanmar and two connected to activity on the West Bank

Very interesting if invest in colonialism and/or dictatorship are equally considered at risk on the long run [I suppose SWFund is really long term]

I found the source in Financial Time

Shapir Engeenering on Bloomberg

Mivne Real estate on FT

I am not an expert... Seems like those companies are not impacted. But the sentence from Central Bank of Norway is impressive AND REPORTED EVERYWHERE.

Norway could mark a starting point

Posted by: Արարատ | May 25 2021 17:06 utc | 243

@Արարատ | May 25 2021 17:06 utc | 243

Norway could mark a starting point

If it does, it will be positive. I agree with that. But the history does not show very good results on Norwegian initiatives wrt. the middle east. The Nobel Peace price 1978 to Begin/Sadat is one example and the "Oslo Accords" 1993 is another.

I think the best results will come from the Palestinians themselves.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 17:20 utc | 244

Lawyer Alert

The word Holocaust, as any good Trademark lawyer can tell you, has an RUL (Remaining Useful Life).

Companies guard their trademarks to protect the income and influence of their trademarked products.

Overuse or improper use of trademarks can diminish their RUL.

"The Holocaust" generates much income for organizations such as the ADL and AIPAC
as well as being a big stick for political influencing.

The word anti-semitism would be deflated in impact if The Holocaust was overly used as a metaphor in common usage.

Support for Zioracist Zisrael would suffer if the impact of both anti-semitism and The Holocaust were lessened.
Even though Zionists themselves were co-perpetrators of The Holocaust and Zioracist Zisrael protected said

Thus it is no surprise when one reads that someone has stepped on the live-wire of Trademark-like protection
and used The Holocaust in an unsanctioned manner.

GOP leaders condemn Greene's Holocaust comments


Marjorie Taylor Greene compares House mask mandates to the Holocaust

"You know, we can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany," Greene said. "And this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about."

Jewish groups were quick to condemn Greene's remarks.

"You can never compare health-related restrictions with yellow stars gas chambers and other Nazi atrocities. Such comparisons demean the Holocaust and contaminate American political speech," the American Jewish Congress said in a tweet in response to Greene's comments.

ps. I am not a lawyer.

And also The Holocaust was indeed horrible
and it is indeed sad that the world learned the wrong lessons from it.

All life is sacred
Civilians are ever the main casualty during war time.
Thus, wars must be avoided at all cost.
Individual responsibility - to be mindful of the above
and act, as an individual, accordingly.

Ask if the above lessons were learned.


Some life is more sacred than others.
Victimhood is power.
All warring by victims is equated as defensive.
Victimhood is an asset for political influence, income and "defensive" warmongering.
Make clear for as long as you can that your Victimhood is supreme.

Posted by: librul | May 25 2021 17:20 utc | 245

Sayyed Nasrallah to Speak Tuesday on Resistance and Liberation Day

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is scheduled to deliver a televised speech on Tuesday, May 25, at 20:30 (Beirut Time) to mark the 21st anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day.

That would be right about now, I think. It will be very interesting to hear what he has to say after the recent events. Hoping for a transcript soon.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 25 2021 17:33 utc | 246

Piotr Berman #103

Thank you for that vignette, I guess Lithuania and Australia are likely sister states in their bleak future. Both show impeccable obedience to the UKUSAi overlord.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | May 25 2021 20:14 utc | 247

it is reported that David Barnea, the famous XXX, has been appointed head of the Mossad..
what information is available about this person and is the report correct?

Posted by: snake | May 26 2021 4:05 utc | 248

Ireland urges Israel to end 'de facto annexation' of Palestinian land

Ireland's government on Tuesday supported a parliamentary motion condemning the "de facto annexation" of Palestinian land by Israeli authorities in what it said was the first use of the phrase by a European Union government

"The scale, pace and strategic nature of Israel's actions on settlement expansion and the intent behind it have brought us to a point where we need to be honest about what is actually happening on the ground. ... It is de facto annexation," Coveney told parliament.

Posted by: Արարատ | May 26 2021 8:37 utc | 249

I noticed has come back, but one thing I noticed was that its articles on its front page are dated 2018. Can anyone guess why this is the case?

Posted by: Josep | May 26 2021 8:43 utc | 250

@ Norwegian

Sayyed Nasrallah: “Deal Of Century” had Fallen, Israel End Is Closer

“In the latest battle the whole world felt it was standing in front of a united Palestinian people that moved in one direction toward one goal. Al-Quds Sword revived the Palestinian cause around the world and imposed it on social media. It revived the culture and spirit of resistance as an only path to liberate the land,” [...]
“After this battle we can say that the “deal of the century” had fallen bringing out the unity of the Palestinian people inside the occupied territories and reminding the world of Israel’s ugly face being an apartheid which kills innocent people and commits massacres. It further re-pointed the conflict compass towards the real enemy,”

At the end of the journey, thank you Mr. 45th.

Posted by: Արարատ | May 26 2021 8:49 utc | 251

Secret weapons : lies and truth

There’s a story that US President Joe Biden has told many times over the years about his first trip to Israel.

As a freshman senator in 1973, Biden was granted a meeting with prime minister Golda Meir, who together with Yitzhak Rabin briefed Biden on the many threats Israel faced, showing him a series of maps.
“I guess she could see the sense of apprehension on my face,” Biden said in a 2010 retelling of the story. “She said, ‘Senator, don’t look so worried… We Israelis have a secret weapon.’
“We have nowhere else to go,”

But today not so sure when a majority of Jews Israëlis detained an alternative citizenship.
Last nail in the coffin of illusions, yesterday by Sayyed Nasrallah
“Israel is unlike any other stat, because it is an “established state” not a “normally existing one”, this is why security is basic for its existence… because when the Israeli people feel insecure in the entire Palestinian land, the simplest thing for them to do is pack and leave.”

Posted by: Արարատ | May 26 2021 9:09 utc | 252

At the end of the journey, thank you Mr. 45th.

Posted by: Արարատ | May 26 2021 8:49 utc | 251

Yes. He was wrecking ball, a disruptor of existing arrangements, and that always was his best feature.

Posted by: Bemildred | May 26 2021 12:59 utc | 253

@NemesisCalling #198
Russia extends across both Europe and Asia. There are many very obviously Asiatic tribes/ethnicities in Russia, but the population is clearly Caucasian.
Russia's results are also significantly different than Europe or Eastern Europe - but it is possible that this is due to classification. I have seen 1 report alleging that Russia's excess deaths over COVID are far higher than their official COVID death results - but then again - anything Russian coming out of Western media is immediately suspect.
What I do know for a fact - from people I personally know living in Russia - is that Russia has not been locked down anywhere near the extent of the blue states/US or Europe. Of the 30 or so people in my Russian circle of acquaintances and their friends who have contracted COVID - about 15% of which are 60+ - no one has died and no one even went to the hospital.
This is significantly anomalous as far as normal COVID goes, but not outrageously so.
In any case, Russians aren't even wearing masks anymore - outside of a few service people and in the hospitals.

Posted by: c1ue | May 26 2021 14:37 utc | 254

@Արարատ | May 26 2021 8:49 utc | 251

Thank you!

Posted by: Norwegian | May 26 2021 15:46 utc | 255

Johns Hopkins Prof: Half Of Americans Have Natural Immunity; Dismissing It Is "Biggest Failure Of Medical Leadership"

A professor with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has said that there is a general dismissal of the fact that more than half of all Americans have developed natural immunity to the coronavirus and that it constitutes “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership.”

Posted by: librul | May 26 2021 22:05 utc | 257


I figured someone would cite that Parenti piece. Parenti doesn't know what he's talking about in regards to Tibet. He relies on deeply flawed, outdated anthropology because it's most conducive to his narrative. Here's a useful counter to it:

I've read and listened to a lot of Parenti over the years, and this is pretty normal for him. He usually doesn't know much about what he's talking about. The guy once wrote a book about how Caesar was a genuine hero of the people, which is a ludicrously bad reading of the late Roman Republic. Yes, ancient studies is overrun with elitist Oxbridge/Ive League assholes (no one else has the time and luxury to learn Latin and ancient Greek), but the corrective to that isn't some dime-store Marxist operating way out of his depth because that's just the topic he picked to shit out a book on that year.

"You will understand that Chinese communism was the best thing that happened to 99% of the Tibetan population. The Dalia Lama was the head of a rotten, medieval exploitative religious oligarchy with the rest as their serfs."

Even if this were actually true, and it's mostly not, this is literally colonialist excuse making. Beijing is not in Tibet because it cares about the well being of Tibetans, anymore than it's in Xinjiang because it cares about Uyghurs. It's in these places because it deems that it has a strategic interest in controlling these areas. Any other claim is a post-facto excuse.

If we're going to go with your reasoning though, Zionists 'made the desert bloom', so I guess Palestinians need to just shut the fuck up.

And Xi can say whatever he wants. You can't possibly be so naive that you take politicians at their word, can you?

Posted by: Ben | May 26 2021 22:54 utc | 258

@ Ben | May 26 2021 22:54 utc | 258

Beijing is not in Tibet because it cares about the well being of Tibetans, anymore than it's in Xinjiang because it cares about Uyghurs. It's in these places because it deems that it has a strategic interest in controlling these areas. Any other claim is a post-facto excuse.

That's strange. I thought Beijing was in Tibet and Xinjiang because they regard both as integral parts of China. Every Chinese government since the Qing Dynasty has felt the same way. Hell, even the "Republic of China" -- i.e., Taiwan -- regarded both provinces as part of their territory until at least 1991.

Now as for whether communism is the best thing that happened to 99% of the Tibetans, well, that seems awfully optimistic to me, but "[t]he Dalia Lama was the head of a rotten, medieval exploitative religious oligarchy with the rest as their serfs" is pretty much on the mark.

Posted by: corvo | May 26 2021 23:15 utc | 259

Since my previous comment was published, begins requesting my login info. Anyone else noticed this as well?

Posted by: Josep | May 27 2021 0:22 utc | 260

Ben@258 And the US isn't in Massachusetts because it cares about the welfare of the Pequot or the Narragansett or the Wampanoag, either. But then, France isn't in Gascony because it cares about the welfare of the Basques or on the Riviera because it cares about the welfare of the Provencals or in Brittany because it cares about the welfare of the Bretons. There should come a time when you should ask yourself, "What point am I making?" As near as I can tell, it is that once someone has convinced you that a race/ethnicity has a property title, their property is forever, because you think property is sacred. So far as the Tibetans go, there was a time when their rulers conquered in areas generally conceded to be Chinese?

Or is the point that you think *languages* should have more rights than people? That your ultimate goal is to divvy up China into Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Min, Hakka/Houkien, etc. till the wars over the spoils satisfy you?

Or is the point simply that the US is the moral paragon of the world and must therefore sit in judgment on all pretenders to common humanity?

The current US may be regarded as having stolen the native's lands. But they stole them from each other. Their titles to hunting lands were just as much based on force. It may be you really do wish the people you regard as not having a valid racial claim to US territory should just die. But I am skeptical on this.

Also, what corvo@259 said.

Posted by: steven t johnson | May 27 2021 0:32 utc | 261

Posted by: Josep | May 27 2021 0:22 utc | 260

Since my previous comment was published, begins requesting my login info. Anyone else noticed this as well?

Yes, I have. In the past I have been told there (termporarily) that I do not have permission to access the URL, so I have hopes they are in recovery mode now.

Posted by: Bemildred | May 27 2021 1:39 utc | 262

Dear readers!
Our website, which has been the target of coordinated attacks staged by our opponents for a long time, fell victim to a massive hacker breach. This latest attack that resulted in the temporary inaccessibility of the site was launched from the US territory. Currently, its functionality has been fully restored. All information about the attack was handed over to local law enforcing agencies.

Statement of NEO Editorial Board

Posted by: Bemildred | May 27 2021 12:20 utc | 263

Has Washington Lured Erdogan into a Bear Trap? | New Eastern Outlook

"Similarly, in September 2020 during the outbreak of the “Armenian–Azerbaijani War,” Turkey supplied critical drones and military advisors to their Muslim ally Azerbaijan against Armenia, a member of Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union. It was another indirect Turkish strike against Russian strategic interests, this, very close to home.
Already in January 2020 Turkey and Ukraine signed major military trade deals including an agreement that Ukraine supply Turkey with $600 million of cruise missile engines. Ukraine also supplies the Turkish military with engines for its drones that evade US sanctions on Turkey over the S-400. More recently Turkey has been reselling its Bayraktar TB2 combat drones to Ukraine’s military which plans to use them against the Donbass fighters. In brief, Erdogan has been doing many things to back US actions against Russia in recent months. END QUOTE.

That really made pause to wonder how ready RU is for drone swarms. Beyond the rhetoric and plans. The Ukraine can only hope that a surprise attack using these new(ish) tactics will catch Donbass unprepared. That leads an intervention but the Ukraine gov't are a bit unhinged even when they don't have a gun to their heads. I think. Has that happened yet? I don't think it has yet.

Speculatively, any major player, including Pakistan or India, could switch production to billions if not millions of cheap drones. Where do that lead?

It's the same as one of them creating a real AI. It leads to nukes. To the real great reset.

Posted by: David G Horsman | May 27 2021 23:03 utc | 264

Never expected the MoA comments to be filled with gleeful imperialists, but here we are.

Posted by: Ben | Jun 4 2021 4:30 utc | 265

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