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May 16, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-037

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

>  In a recent book, Luke Harding, an investigative reporter at The Guardian, described how Mr. Steele had dispatched his “collector” to surreptitiously approach a real estate broker, Sergei Millian, who was a peripheral figure in the Trump/Russia saga. “Millian spoke at length and privately to this person, believing him or her to be trustworthy — a kindred soul,” Mr. Harding wrote.

But the trouble for Mr. Harding, who is close to both Mr. Steele and Mr. Simpson, was that he wrote those lines before the release of the F.B.I. interview of Mr. Danchenko.

In the interview, the collector said that he and Mr. Millian might have spoken briefly over the phone, but that the two had never met.

Mr. Harding did not respond to requests for comment.  <

Other issues:

Another CDC Covid-19 Screw up:

Use as open thread ...

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John! Great link to Derek Trucks! I remember him as the child prodigy and he just keeps rolling. Amazing.
Stonebird - my cats enjoyed the laugh..they especially go for duck lips.
Yes. Brief antidotes to the insanity. I just read - Eric Clapton had a very bad reaction to the "vaccine" and feared he might never play again...and horrifyingly, the Izzynazis are using white phosphorus in Gaza. Nentanyahoo told Sleepy Biddey to buzz off. His response? Yazzuh Boss.
Norwegian thanks for link to Saqsaywaman. Have you been there? Hopefully peru will follow mexico's lead with treatment. I'm still looking for info on that.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 18 2021 17:47 utc | 201

The only plausible explanation for any interest shown us by some advanced alien culture was offered by Gore Vidal (in his play Visit to a Small Planet: It would have to be some depraved, dissolute, bored scion of the elite from such a culture.

Posted by: corvoq | May 18 2021 18:52 utc | 202


It’s getting scarier by the minute.

“But the time has come when the hard choices are looming closer. If we don’t want this Covid crisis to last forever, we need some new simple, guidelines: No jab, no job; no jab, no access to NHS healthcare; no jab, no state education for your kids. No jab, no access to pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, stadiums. No jab, no entry to the UK, and much else”

Posted by: DG | May 18 2021 18:57 utc | 203

Israel is not killing the people in Gaza

-says Christian Zionist Pastor John Hagee.

Posted by: arby | May 18 2021 19:40 utc | 204

One might speculate that aliens would send out probes across space before traveling themselves. These things might transcend the physical requirements we might postulate for inhabited craft.

Also - has anyone actually weighed any of these objects yet? Do we know they have mass? Do they have mass? Are there effects from their appearance similar to what William Gruff theorizes? I suspect we only know that they appear in the spectrum of light/radar (getting very out of my depth now) but not that they appear in the spectrum of weight/matter (forgive my physics simplicities).

And what makes us think that physical matter is required in order to explore our region of the universe? Why not send out probes that intrude just enough into our physics to be detected by us, but that operate on non-physical principles (about which we would know little)?

How do we know that these appearances are actually directed motions, with purpose and direction? Might they be operating like the small insects we see hovering in the summer air, darting this way and that, having a "loitering" ability, etc. and have a "purpose" about which we know nothing except that they are part of our environment?

Yes, it could all be a human scam. Or it could be the intelligent life that we hear quarantines our planet under probationary guard, and which has already (so the modern legends tell) prevented nuclear war on several occasions.

Or it could be a natural part of our life on Earth that rarely became apparent to us until we inhabited the atmosphere and space ourselves, with craft and detection systems to notice these flying things - perhaps?

What a refreshing thing, simply not to know, and to keep the mind wide open for the possibility of knowing.

Posted by: Grieved | May 18 2021 22:31 utc | 205

An interesting take on covid from a Canadian perspective :

Posted by: Paul | May 18 2021 22:49 utc | 206

Japan gets shafted, shrinks astonishing 5.1% annualized Q1 2021:

Japan GDP shrinks annualized 5.1% in Q1

This is the province the American Empire wanted to use as a spearhead in the so-called "Indo-Pacific"?

Posted by: vk | May 18 2021 23:14 utc | 207

How many here have been stumped by a magic trick and illusions? I sure have and it doesn't mean there isn't a trick (that would be mad to think!). This isn't an argument against anything intra- or extra-terrestrial but it is an argument in favor of "everything else" (and also a complaint against those that levitate off into the horizon while the rest of us obey gravity :P).

If I can convince you that the shining dot on the ceiling made by the laser pointer is actually a physical object then I will easily have you believe it breaks the laws of physics as we know them.

Like a cat chasing the laser :)

Of course it might be easier if I actually can "break" them (or know them better), but if we suppose I can't…

The old "Blue Fire" page (in newly-ish pseudo-archived form) named "Particle Beams and Saucer Dreams" is still around for anyone who might be interested in the physics and details.

It bears mentioning once in a while :)

Btw also note that some of the reported "speeds" can not credibly be discerned from/with radar tracking or any other kind; it is just "one blip here" and "another blip there" and the rest is supposition.

- - -

(There, now I've outed myself because I'm the only one who ever talks about this, have fun seeing how stupid I was and likely still am. I take no responsibility for past idiocy; I'm just human and plenty dumb).

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | May 19 2021 0:34 utc | 208

Btw I'm not the author of the page I linked to, just to avoid any confusion I want to make it clear that it wasn't what I meant when I said I've outed myself (to more than the usual number of people). The person that wrote that page and site is smarter than I'll ever be :)

Anyway XD

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | May 19 2021 0:40 utc | 209

@ Assurancetourix | May 18 2021 21:42 utc | 206... thanks... i like tango.. i am reading a book 'the jazz tradition' by martin williams.. in it he seems to suggest tango is the basis for a lot of the different latin type rhythms found in early jazz.. i am in no position to say anything about the truth of this, or not.. you see a lot of cuban influence in jazz from the time of dizzie gillespie forward - chano pozo and etc. etc. from the late 40's... the influence of argentina, astor piazzolla and people like that - not so much.. i associate tango with argentina, but i don't know the roots of tango.. probably its from spain, but it could be from a few other places too.. turns out Carlos Gardel is from argentina... i had to look that up in a search engine! here is piazzola doing a tribute to carlos gardel..

@ Sunny Runny Burger | May 19 2021 0:40 utc | 211.. i was talking with a friend on sunday about the idea of the planet being inhabited from space aliens a long time ago... it helps explain a few things... if you read madame blavatskys books - 2 volume set 'the secret doctrine' she essentially says the same.. basically we have come to earth to reach a fuller expression of spirit embodied in the flesh... before we were just spirits without the flesh... going into flesh was like being kicked out of heaven, or the garden of eden and sent into darkness for a long time.. the idea is that hopefully we will wake up and recognize our spiritual nature again... so the concept of flying saucers and ufo's is something i relate to... i don't think it is crazy to think that there are other solar systems with planets that have some type of human life on them... in fact i think it is odd that anyone who gave it any thought would think not! i have a hard time reading those type articles you linked, but it still triggered what i have said here today... thanks for your posts!

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 1:25 utc | 210

reading backward into the comments i see pyschohistorian, william gruff, arby and etc. have chimed in on this.. well now you know my philosophical position on aliens!

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 1:28 utc | 211

we live in a magical and unfathomable universe, but it not unusual for many people to not believe in magic or the unknown.. many only believe in what their 5 senses tell them and if they can touch, see, smell or hear it - it doesn't exist... dreams don't exist either when one wakes up, even though they existed while you were having them... there is so much mystery in our world, but many people seem predisposed to either ignoring or closing the door on these types of alternative worlds - perhaps to protect themselves and their fragile sense of sanity that can only be gotten thru their 5 senses...

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 1:34 utc | 212

@214 james

yes to all of your observations, and to further my own, let me add:

Why do we even suppose that these apparently moving appearances have come from somewhere? What if they are simply here? What if they've always been here? What if it is we who are at fault in not understanding them, and not they who are at fault in not explaining themselves to us?

What if we are the ignorant monkeys, well meaning but obsessed with fear and superstition and compelled into a half-hatred, half-adoration of the world we see around us?

What if the world that was here long before us is bigger than our rigid little egos?

What if there is wisdom to be gained from listening instead of pronouncing?

Posted by: Grieved | May 19 2021 1:58 utc | 213

Below is a link to some Fauci background under the Obama reign about Gain of Function

REVEALED: White House Visitor Logs Reveal Fauci/Klain Situation Room Meeting After Gain Of Function Moratorium.

I really hope folks keep going after the truth behind this Covid crap we are living through


This is totally separate from the immoral financialization of Western Health Care to create a $100 billion dollar income stream for Big Pharma instead of using Ivermectin as an alternative to a vaccine. This take advantage of the crisis mindset for profit is no different than the Boeing 737 Max, bleed the existing technology till it breaks, mindset but it scope is far greater...what a shit show

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 19 2021 2:08 utc | 214

@ 215 grieved... great questions which require an inquiring mind... these questions are worth contemplating, especially the last one! thanks..

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 3:01 utc | 215

This is supposed to be the clearest photo ever taken of an UFO. Dates from 50 years ago by Costa Ricans.

It was only seen one one frame.

Posted by: Stonebird | May 19 2021 12:30 utc | 216

Chinese Mars rover "Zhurong" returns first images

Posted by: Norwegian | May 19 2021 14:47 utc | 217

@ 218 stonebird.. it is a shame medium sees fit to include a day the article is released, but not the year it was released... is this standard practice from the medium?

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 15:19 utc | 218

James @ 212

Do just a little reading on Gardel. It is all easily accessible. I am light on details, read this a while back, Gardel is exactly at the moment the tango was created. Story involves a frontier, mining, railroad construction, imported French “laundresses” to keep the railroad crews company and fleece them, and men dancing with men in roadhouses and taverns. The dramatic moves of the tango to demonstrate they ain’t gay. Gardel himself is fascinating, always escaping across the Rio de Plata and evading certain death. We are very fortunate that so many original recordings survive, even recordings of surprising fidelity.

Posted by: oldhippie | May 19 2021 16:13 utc | 219

@ 221 oldhippie... thanks for the encouragement... i will do that... cheers james on a side note - i do know and sometimes play tango, but i don't know the history of this style of music.. i am quite curious though..

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 16:17 utc | 220

@vk and Stalin still think it's the placebo effect!

Read this!

Ivermectin crushes Delhi cases

Delhi cases drop after Ivermectin added

The Virus and the Parasite

Posted by: Hemiola | May 19 2021 16:31 utc | 221

@ Posted by: Hemiola | May 19 2021 16:31 utc | 223

Wait, wait, wait.

Is Ivermectin a cure or a vaccine?

Last time I heard, you were selling Ivermectin as a cure to COVID-19, not a prevention (i.e. a vaccine). If Ivermectin really was a cure, then the number of cases wouldn't change - it would be the number of dead that would lower (because people would give entry to the hospital with COVID-19, but would get out alive and cured). It's like antibiotics: they don't lower the number of people that get a cold or pneumonia, but lower the number of people that dies from cold and pneumonia.

What this doctor is selling is that Ivermectin alleged lowered the total number of cases in Delhi. How does he know that? He can't know that, because Ivermectin is not a vaccine.

The only way to know if Ivermectin kills the virus is to get people infected and cured by taking it. But that's already a case for the statistics.

Then you have the chimeric hypothesis that Ivermectin "prevents" you from getting the disease in the first case (the "drug commercial CGI force field theory" as I like to call it). The problem with this is that you cannot know that either. Ivermectin, I guess, stays for very little time in the human organism (because it alleged has very diminished collateral effects, therefore it must be easily metabolized and eliminated by the organism). So, unless you force entire populations to take mammoth doses of Ivermectin (or HCQ, for that matter), there's no way to scientifically know they prevent infections, and, even then, the economic case for the prescription of the drug would to down the drain, because those drugs were not designed to be taken daily for extended periods of time.

Posted by: vk | May 19 2021 16:55 utc | 222

Ahh james, you didn't read the article, just looked at the pictures (Like I do most of the time). No harm done.

on September 4, 1971 at 8:25 a.m., experienced pilot Omar Arias was flying a twin-engine Canadian Aero-Commander F680 at a height of 10,000 feet above Lake Cote (in Spanish, Cote de Lago). They were cruising in northern Costa Rica, three miles north of the Arenal area and 25 miles south of the Nicaraguan border.

Lots of details about the type of camera and film they were using as well.

Posted by: Stonebird | May 19 2021 17:18 utc | 223

@ stonebird.. true! however, the article itself is missing the time it was written which is what i was addresing.. i am not asking for the time of the event, but wondering why medium doesn't show when the article was published... i don't know if i read your comments on ufos and aliens on this thread... did you say something in the affirmative or negative? thanks..

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 19:03 utc | 224

@223 Hemiola

In case you didn't notice, I gave up talking to the fool. I doubt if anyone will blame you if you don't bother with the comment following yours. vk obviously isn't reading any of this, preferring to deduce the truth from first principles (and flawed logical principles at that).

But thanks for that latest report - which clearly states in the 2nd paragraph that Ivermectin has been given as a preemptive, and which we know has no particular overdose threshold ever recorded, and does appear to stay in the body.


All this is good news, for those who have the ears to hear, and whose minds are not broken by rigid egos that cannot ever be contradicted.

Posted by: Grieved | May 19 2021 20:34 utc | 225

223 & 227, my gp (i live in victoria bc) prescribed ivermectin to 3 patients, & the prescriptions were denied being filled by govt order. thank you 223 for the graph, i hope india is finally freed from this.

Posted by: emersonreturn | May 19 2021 20:43 utc | 226

james | May 19 2021 19:03 utc | 226

I haven't said much on the topic as I have been doing - income tax and other papers. Ouch

As an avid science fiction fan from way back (I still have an almost complete collection of "Astounding science fiction"), I am convinced that many observations are true, as even one of the first recorded sightings was mentioned in Ezekhiel (Bible OT). Those visitors were at about the same technological level as we are now. (or could be explained as such)

A lot of fuss has been made about the relative speeds seen.
OK, the usual equation; distance over time equals speed, or variants of that, all give time as a progressive, steady state. If time is a variable, then different speeds could be observed from different viewpoints. HOW they do that I have no idea. It wouldn't mean that time "travel" backwards is a likelihood either, just compression and expansion.

Quantum theory allows an "particle" to be either a wave OR a solid (but chooses according to the wish of the person observing), to pass through two places at once, and be separate and linked. Basically "scientists" don't really know, but spout theories about actions that are difficult to explain. (Follow the science is a hollowed out phrase ). There is also a possibility of a time "change", but again I do not know why, although I did read about a theoretical "proof" of a hypothesis sometime ago.

If we can imagine it then it could become possible.

I wonder if Aliens have to do tax returns as well? Maybe I could ask them to provide a bit more time for me to finish?

Posted by: Stonebird | May 19 2021 21:24 utc | 227

@ stonebird... thanks for that! i hope an alien can come down and finish off the income tax for you... i hate doing it myself, but got it done early april thankfully..

a friend on sunday was discussing this very idea you mentioned - "Quantum theory allows an "particle" to be either a wave OR a solid." he was also talking string theory, solar minimums and stuff like that... i haven't paid much attention to any of that and i confess i am the opposite of a science geek, although i did read a lot of sci fi in my 20's and even went to see isaac asimov speak at nyu in the 80's while i was living in new york... more recently i have been reading h.g. wells who is considered the grandfather of sci fi with his works time machine, war of the worlds and etc.. i haven't read time machine, but i would like to.. i think the idea of moving forward and back in time is likely, but the only basis for supporting this is my dad recollecting falling from a beam and seeing his life pass by him in the span of a second or two.. fortunately he didn't die, but he saw his life lived up to that point pass by him.. i hear this happens when people are close to death and don't die.. who knows what happens to them when they die, as they can't come back and tell us.. well - maybe some think they come back via dreams and etc... my mind is so open, a breeze can make all my ideas disappear in a flash, except for the ones i am most attached to! thanks for your comments here and elsewhere... good luck getting the taxes done soon..

Posted by: james | May 19 2021 22:12 utc | 228

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