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May 16, 2021

The MoA Week In Review - OT 2021-037

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>  In a recent book, Luke Harding, an investigative reporter at The Guardian, described how Mr. Steele had dispatched his “collector” to surreptitiously approach a real estate broker, Sergei Millian, who was a peripheral figure in the Trump/Russia saga. “Millian spoke at length and privately to this person, believing him or her to be trustworthy — a kindred soul,” Mr. Harding wrote.

But the trouble for Mr. Harding, who is close to both Mr. Steele and Mr. Simpson, was that he wrote those lines before the release of the F.B.I. interview of Mr. Danchenko.

In the interview, the collector said that he and Mr. Millian might have spoken briefly over the phone, but that the two had never met.

Mr. Harding did not respond to requests for comment.  <

Other issues:

Another CDC Covid-19 Screw up:

Use as open thread ...

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Here are Ten Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup.

1. Our political system is hopelessly corrupt.

Virtually all politicians are hopelessly corrupt. No political party can be trusted. They all can be, and have been, bought.

2. Democracy is a sham.

It has been a sham for a very long time. There will never be any real democracy when money and power amount to the same thing.

3. The system will stop at nothing to hold on to its power and, if possible, increase its levels of control and exploitation.

It has no scruples. No lie is too outrageous, no hypocrisy too nauseating, no human sacrifice too great.

4. So-called radical movements are usually nothing of the sort.

From whatever direction they claim to attack the system, they are just pretending to do so, and serve to channel discontent in directions which are harmless to the power clique and even useful to its agendas.

5. Any “dissident” voice you have ever heard of through corporate media is probably a fake.

The system does not hand out free publicity to its actual enemies.

6. Most people in our society are cowards.

They will jettison all the fine values and principles which they have been loudly boasting about all their lives merely to avoid the slightest chance of public criticism, inconvenience or even minor financial loss.

7. The mainstream media is nothing but a propaganda machine for the system...

...and those journalists who work for it have sold their sorry souls, placing their (often minimal) writing skills entirely at the disposition of Power.

8. Police are not servants of the public...

...but servants of a powerful and extremely wealthy minority which seeks to control and exploit the public for its own narrow and greedy interests.

9. Scientists cannot be trusted.

They will use the hypnotic power of their white coats and authoritative status for the benefit of whoever funds their work and lifestyle. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

10. Progress is a misleading illusion.

The “progress” of increasing automation and industrialisation does not go hand in hand with a progress in the quality of human life, but in fact will “progressively” reduce it to the point of complete extinction.

Posted by: librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1

@Posted by: librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1

The above @1
was copied and pasted from:

Posted by: librul | May 16 2021 13:26 utc | 2

@ Librul May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1

Mostly fair enough, I would take some issue with 9 though. Industry scientists certainly can't be trusted, I would prefer to use a different word ('technologists' maybe) to distinguish them from natural scientists who for the most part are still deserving of our trust.

Posted by: MarkU | May 16 2021 13:37 utc | 3

@MarkU | May 16 2021 13:37 utc | 3
Trust has nothing to do with science. You shall absolutely not "trust" any scientist, you shall test and try to falsify his claims.
"It doesn't matter what his name is"

@librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1
Those points are true! I have achieved a higher understanding of #6 recently.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 13:51 utc | 4

librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1
"Here are Ten Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup."

This sentence is n multiple ways factually incorrect. First, you 'knew' this wisdom before the pandemic. Second, no one 'learned' this from the pandemic. Thirdly, the pandemic is not a coup, but a reality that has already killed 3.3 million officially and probably twice as many in real terms. In addition, a far higher number have suffered long-term damage.

And yes, most governments have failed because they have reacted far too slowly and too weakly, provoking a yo-yo effect.

Posted by: pnyx | May 16 2021 13:54 utc | 5

Amerikkkan "libertarian": What's with all this unconstitutional facial recognition AI shit that is starting to make our country look like China???!!!

Same Amerikkkan "libertarian": I refuse to wear a half mask that makes AI facial recognition violations of my Constitutional rights harder for the awwwwwthorityes!!!

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 13:59 utc | 6

How long do you think before there is a terrorist attack - Berlin, Paris, any multicultural city - in revenge for the aerial raids on Gaza?

Posted by: jeffc | May 16 2021 14:10 utc | 7

@pnyx | May 16 2021 13:54 utc | 5

It is a coup allright. Statistics in this context is a form of lying. We all know that.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 14:23 utc | 8

when related to Palestine, terrorist attacks are usually not by those you would think of.
this is a major reason for the 'support' of some EU states at least.

Posted by: Mina | May 16 2021 14:24 utc | 9

@ jeffc | May 16 2021 14:10 utc | 7

That could be anytime. But who would be behind it? Not the Palestinians, because it would be totally counterproductive to their cause. Try their enemies.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 14:27 utc | 10

@ Norwegian May 16 2021 13:37 utc | 3

Scientific papers are open source, so anyone with the required skills can check the calculations and, at least in principle, replicate the studies. I was not suggesting that evidence free trust was appropriate but rather that evidence free distrust was inappropriate.

Posted by: MarkU | May 16 2021 14:33 utc | 11

Posted by: jeffc | May 16 2021 14:10 utc | 7

How long do you think before there is a terrorist attack - Berlin, Paris, any multicultural city - in revenge for the aerial raids on Gaza?

It has been decades since the PLO acted outside the borders of Palestine (Munich Games, Black September), it is unheard of in recent decades.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have never been known (for sure) to act outside of Palestine either.

So if you're wondering if any of the parties directly connected to the factions in Palestine will attack globally, it's not likely.

But if you're wondering if sympathizers and lone wolves could be stirred to act ... that could happen at any time.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | May 16 2021 14:59 utc | 12

Israel continues to act with impunity while the 'resistance' sputters. Palestinians continue to be slaughtered, while the 'resistance' cheers the necessary Palestinian martyrdom of women and children as good PR. As soon as the body count is big enough, and Israel has shown Hamas the proper lesson, the chess masters of the 'resistance say it's really a loss for Israel. Tell that to the dead.

Resistance is Surrender.

Posted by: gottlieb | May 16 2021 15:10 utc | 13

Corpses Disposed in India's Rivers, Causing Environmental Experts Grave Concern

Cannot fake that.

The pandemic is real.


The West has created an imaginary, evil China for its people to hate and fear – and it’s working

Irrelevant how much the Western peoples hate China. China is not Iran, Afghanistan, Russia or some other random Third World country, it is above the pay grade of Western public opinion.

However, it is true China is not up to the level achieved by the Soviet Union. It still has a military disproportionately weak compared to its economic might. That problem will still take some three or more decades to solve, but it is being worked on.


After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. Why Now?

This headline by the NYT (in the upper right corner of the Home Page) reflects the West's frustration with Israel. In the first part, they try to tell the reader that the Israeli are waging a war of equals, and not genociding, the Palestinians (and that the USA has nothing to do with it). In the second part, it laments the bad timing by the Israelis, who interrupted their propaganda warfare operation against China on the "Uighur genocide" campaign.

It urges Israel to clean the mess as quick as possible in order for the anti-China propaganda campaign to resume.


America Is Failing Its Moral Test on Vaccine [NYT Editorial Board]

Can't lose what you never happened to begin with.

In the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, the above statement is literal, as the USA has, so far, exported zero - I repeat, zero (not rounding down) - vaccines so far.

Meanwhile, China has already exported 250 million doses and counting (last time I checked, a week ago) - more than the entire Indian production (India had just exported some 60 million doses).


Unemployment Pay May Again Require a Job Search. Is It Too Soon?

The inner contradictions of capitalism in plain sight.

On the one side, you have to give people money so they can keep themselves quarantined. On the other side, capitalism requires people to keep working or to keep searching for work in order to pull down wages, thus increasing the rate of surplus value. That's why conservatives are usually in favor of the Christian charity, that gives only food and shelter, but not cash, to the unemployed, but not of wage raises and unemployment benefits - the fact that you're paid in cash and not in kind makes all the difference in the world in the capitalist system.

Unemployment benefits only help capitalism is it is low enough just to keep one physically alive and in constant search for jobs. That way, he/she incorporates the industrial reserve army, which brings wages down. The problem with the USA is that wages were already so low before the pandemic that those USD 600.00 checks made 35% (!!) of its recently unemployed recipients richer than when they were employed. Logically, those 35% don't want to go back to work, as their lives are objectively better now than they were before the pandemic, and that's why the Republican congressmen and senators are pressuring Biden (as they pressured Trump) to outright extinguish those checks.

P.S.: the top rated commentary in the article ("Great generations of Americans came here 100 years ago...") by the time I typed this is hilarious, shows the delusion of the average American towards their own system almost perfectly. The other comments are also very funny. The narrative that "there are a lot of jobs available, but no one is skilled enough/wants it" is used by the capitalists every time there's an economic crisis, just search your favorite newspaper for the years of 1980-1982, 1975 etc. etc. and you'll see the same bullshit being preached over and over again.


Israel has chosen a two-tiered society. Violence is the inevitable result.

Talks about apartheid as the only possible synthesis between a Jewish theocratic state and a liberal bourgeois state, which I mentioned in the past two threads about the subject.

As I said before, the system is unstable and is doomed to fail. Either Israel abandons its Zionist project and gives up the idea of being an 100% Jewish state and thus becomes a liberal bourgeois state or it will continue to wither and degenerate until it falls to a civil war.


China Becomes Second Nation to Land on Mars

It would've been the first if not for a providential last grasp effort by NASA, who used the resources it had and didn't have to pull that off, by a few months.

The tendency, however is clear. NASA will soon cease to exist as we know it and essentially become the State façade of SpaceX. The USA's space program will then be entirely dependent on the genius of Elon Musk.


Cuban vaccines (Abdala and Soberana 02) continue advancing on their trials:

Va Abdala, como marca de vida en los brazos de Cuba (+Video)

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 15:19 utc | 14

vk | May 16 2021 15:19 utc | 15

Corpses Disposed in India's Rivers, Causing Environmental Experts Grave Concern

Cannot fake that.

The pandemic is real.

"Environmental experts have stated that the disposal of corpses in rivers, especially the Ganges and its tributaries, is not new."

That's a quote from your link. So yes, it cannot be faked.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:24 utc | 15

@vk | May 16 2021 15:19 utc | 15

China Becomes Second Nation to Land on Mars

It would've been the first if not for a providential last grasp effort by NASA, who used the resources it had and didn't have to pull that off, by a few months.

No. For China to be first it would have had to land on Mars before July 20, 1976 when Viking 1 landed at Chryse Planitia. So you are off by about 45 years.

The fact that NASA today is not what it was is a different matter.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:32 utc | 16

@Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:32 utc | 17

To be precise, the first soft landing on Mars was the Soviet "Mars 3" that landed December 2, 1971, but it lasted only a couple of minutes after landing before it failed. So you could say the Chinese are the 3rd nation to land on Mars, almost 50 years after the first. But I guess Viking 1 in 1976 is usually counted as the first.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:40 utc | 17

@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:24 utc | 16

But not to the point where it causes "environmental concerns".


@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:32 utc | 17


Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 15:43 utc | 18

@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 15:40 utc | 18

The article I quoted mentioned the feat by solar-powered rovers. In that sense, yes, NASA was the first by a little bit more than two months.

China is also the first nation to soft land on Mars in its first ever attempt (as per MSN).

The EU has tried before but failed. The USSR achieved the feat with Mars 3, which implies it was their third (and last: the Russian Federation hasn't done it) attempt.

What makes soft landing on Mars so difficult is this:

The rover performed its landing with a similar “seven minutes of terror”, as had the NASA landers, when the autonomous landing worked itself out in its most crucial stage nearly 350 million km away, with an 18-minute delay in signal reception and no human intervention. The landing took place with the expected assistance of a heat shield and a parachute.

That means the crucial stage of the landing must be 100% automated.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 15:54 utc | 19

One need to understand the STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENT correctly, clearly, and comprehensively to live & light our world. What is your strategic construct of the national and international control system?

The Global Financial Syndicate will use all kind of distractions to mask the MONETARY power and divide the populace to continue its control & dominance through monetary imperialism. The world is a playground for “evil spirits.”

How does the Financial Empire increase its control & POWER over a region? It likes turning each region into its suzerainty and an Animal Farm (Top-Down Control Structure - Democracy/Republic/...) internally by controlling its money supply through the central-private banking system.

Global Financial Empire’s strategy:
– Capture LANDS
– Constitutionalize to control the suzerainty & LIVES
– Create LOANS through private creation of money by the private banking system (Credit/Debt) & give preferential access-terms to kleptocrats (Kleptocrats/Finance —> Business/Media —> Politicians/Bureaucrats —> people)
– Conserve control & power through Consumerism - lifestyles (Labor & Leisure)

Monetary Power = Lands x Lives x Loans

The key CONTROL elements of the Financial Empire within a suzerainty are:
– credit/debt - LOANS
– consumerism/desires - LIFESTYLE
– circuses/distractions. - LOST & trivial

When it comes to the international realm it seeks following freedoms:
– freedom of capital movement,
– freedom of trade,
– freedom to provide services, particularly financial
– freedom for warfare

The Global Financial Syndicate controls, finances and corrupts policies such as those in the U$A administration by its financing the substitution of national leaders with employees of the Financial Syndicate, such as Biden, Draghi, Yellen, Juncker, Macron,... Globalization is meant to establish the global financial syndicate’s rule everywhere, hierarchically from top to bottom, in contrast to the democratic right of citizens to self-determination and the responsibility of governments towards their citizens.

Who wants to make us all, whether we be nations or individuals, slaves to debt?

Monetary Imperialism – What Next?

Posted by: Max | May 16 2021 15:56 utc | 20

vk @ 15

That would be easy to fake. Try reading theEnglish language Indian press. They are still wholly hypnotized by their colonial masters. Propaganda laid on thicker than in Guardian or NYT. When there is no real reporting, then any fantasy can be reported as fact.

librul’s cite above covers this well enough. Anything read in mainstream should be considered a lie. When they say the sun came up this morning, look out the window and check.

Posted by: oldhippie | May 16 2021 16:14 utc | 21

@vk | May 16 2021 15:54 utc | 20

The article I quoted mentioned the feat by solar-powered rovers. In that sense, yes, NASA was the first by a little bit more than two months.

LOL, you insist of demonstrating again and again that you have absolutely no clue about this subject. It proves you claim stuff you have no knowledge of. This time you are off by 23 years, so I guess it is an improvement.

The first rover to land on Mars was Mars Pathfinder, landing July 4 1997. Yes it was solar powered

The second and third solar powered rovers landing on Mars was Spirit and Opportunity, both landing in 2003 and operating for several years.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 16:25 utc | 22

thanks b... much appreciated... the article from angry arab is especially good.. i recommend it to others here... also, a poster shared gilad aztmon's article and i am sharing it again for anyone who missed it...
The Yom Kippur Syndrome Revisited

on covid... lord help you if you have a different viewpoint as it will get framed as you're being a coward.... i was thinking of how the same thing happened to the contentious objectors to the wars - WW1 and 2.... it was such a polarizing dynamic and no one was allowed to question it on religious or any type of grounds.. same deal here is seems - from both sides... i call bullshit on that...

i'm only sleeping........

Posted by: james | May 16 2021 16:51 utc | 23

Meanwhile in India, the Modi regime is arresting people for putting up anti zio posters. It also arrested a Kashmir imam for making a speech in support of Palestine.

Also, the Modi regime is arresting people for putting up anti Modi posters. Not that it is stopping people from seeing the truth. There was a cartoon posted of Modi and his obese eminence grise Amitbhai Anilchandrabhai Shah hiding from farmer's protests. Shah: "Shall we withdraw the law?" Modi: "The Boss (literally Owner) won't allow it."

Modi regime tabloid the Times Of India has a long standing satire column called Jugular Eye by one Jug Suraiya. It is at least 35 years old. I read it regularly in the early 90s, and it was well established then.

Now Jug Suraiya did a satire piece in Modi and Amit Shah without naming them, calling them Supreme Leader and Supreme Sidekick. The Times of India refused to publish it.

The regime is desperately trying to silence all criticism, and the more it tries the more desperate it looks.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 16 2021 17:00 utc | 24

@ 25 biswapriya... thanks for this update.... appreciate it..

Posted by: james | May 16 2021 17:04 utc | 25

@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 16:25 utc | 23


I'm literally quoting an article I linked here. Here's the ipsis literis quote:

China on Saturday landed an unmanned spacecraft on the surface of Mars, becoming only the second nation to do so after the United States.

After orbiting the red planet for more than three months, the Tianwen-1 probe released a landing craft that touched down at 7:18 a.m. Beijing time, China’s space agency said.

The lander contains a solar-powered rover called Zhurong that will collect and analyze samples of Martian rocks.

The achievement comes after Nasa in February landed its own rover, named Perseverance, on the surface of the planet.

The headline literally states "China Becomes Second Nation to Land on Mars".

From the text, you can only imply that Perseverance was the first. Since I know all missions to Mars were not manned, I discarded the "unmanned" part of the equation. The only information left is "solar-powered", but it seems I was wrong with this assumption.

Either the Caixin journalist screwed up, or the Zhurong is the second rover of its kind to soft land on Mars, Perseverance being the first. You're right, I'm not a rocket scientist or a space engineer, so I don't know if it is true or, if it is, what's the scientific significance of this. I'm not the owner of this blog and I'm not writing for a peer reviewed publication, so I don't triple check every article I link here.

By the way: what do you think about the other articles I linked? Do you agree with my takes on them? Please, write here a complete review of all my comments.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 17:19 utc | 26

@ Posted by: oldhippie | May 16 2021 16:14 utc | 22

From what I understood, the Indian government tried to ignore/hide the fact until some dozen corpses started to be coughed up by the Ganges (i.e. there's an excess of corpses in the river). After that, it became an undeniable, very embarrassing fact for the Indians.

But there are also some reports of open spaces, such as parking lots etc., being converted into open air crematoriums in India, so it's not that the Indians already don't know. I think it was more like some PR move by the Indian government to the West to try to keep up the pretense they're somewhat on par with China.

The Western MSM is putting the blame on Modi in person, not the capitalist system that is obviously not projected to deal with those issues.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 17:25 utc | 27

To James from previous open thread: odd time signatures. I thought about it and you are right; there has to be a word for time signatures that are not the usual and odd is probably a good enough word. Odd just seems to denote something bad though. And I have seen time signatures described as weird and bizarre too. Feminine cadence means to cadence on a weak beat; there’s nothing feminine about it, and deceptive cadence means to resolve harmonic tension on a minor chord, but the listener is in no way deceived. So odd will have to do for time sigs

Posted by: Absurdio | May 16 2021 17:40 utc | 28

@ 24 James... thanks for sharing gilad aztmon's article... HUBRIS self-destructs in the long term.

The real beneficiary of the Palestine situation is China as it exposes the Western hypocrisy.

Western Hypocrisy Exposed

@ 25 biswapriya... India is a suzerainty. RBI was founded on April Fools Day in 1935 and was private then. Who were its owners then? They still control India. Who are the international bankers that the top ten richest families of India work with? How did India’s people get April FOOLED?

Posted by: Max | May 16 2021 17:42 utc | 29

@vk | May 16 2021 17:19 utc | 27

From the text, you can only imply that Perseverance was the first.

No you can not, it does not say that and it is factually wrong. You are just handwaving now. I have given you the required details on the Mars landings, if you dispute any of it say so. You should have checked it yourself. There is one more earlier lander/rover that has not been mentioned and another lander also but you can figure those out without my help.

You keep twisting and turning your arguments, but it doesn't get any better. Now you talk about "second rover of 'its kind'", and if that's a thing the best comparison is Pathfinder's Sojourner or alternatively Spirit/Opportunity, but their landing systems were very different (balloons) from this one. Perseverance is certainly NOT of "its kind", not by landing method, not by power system, not by size.

This whole nonsense of yours just overshadows that China managed an impressive achievement, landing on Mars is very, very difficult. But facts are facts and you got them all wrong when comparing to previous landers.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 17:54 utc | 30

Bad news for dancing Israelis causing a collapse. At least one dead and many wounded.


Anyone with a bit of engineering background would have predicted this. You simply do NOT overload such stands and then perform rhythmic dancing on top of that. There is a reason why it has always been a no-no for soldiers to march in-step on a bridge, and that is the same reason why this non-accident happened.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 18:15 utc | 31

"Based on the lack of a rational explanation for the actions of the WHO, Merck, FDA and Unitaid, we conclude that they result from an active disinformation campaign ... "

FLCCC Alliance statement on the irregular actions of Public Health Agencies and the widespread disinformation campaign against Ivermectin

Nice South African summary:

Don't mention Ivermectin; It'll Affect the Vaccine Rollout

The Virus and the Parasite

Posted by: Hemiola | May 16 2021 18:16 utc | 32

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 15:19 utc | 15

To all music lovers, from Argentina with love, Soberana la Cubana, "Como dijo Fidel al virus que asome la cabeza !duro con él!"

Posted by: Paco | May 16 2021 18:16 utc | 33

@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 17:54 utc | 31

Why would I check it myself when I have you?

I have my own personal reviewer/proof reader now. I feel honored. And a Norwegian one, nonetheless; people say Norwegian workforce is expensive but of the highest quality.

P.S.: this insignificant imbroglio over a fucked up Caixin article revealed another lame attempt of pro-American propaganda. From MSN:

China's Tianwen-1 mission nails historic rover landing on Mars

China follows the US in becoming just the second nation to have a rover travel across the Martian surface.


Zhurong landed in Utopia Planitia, one of Mars' largest impact craters. NASA's defunct Viking 2 spacecraft landed in the same crater in 1976.

So, what we have here is that MSN moved the goalposts of the Space Race and now claims the USA was the first nation to have a rover to "travel across" Mars. The USSR's Mars 3 only survived for 110 seconds, so it may be presumed it didn't "travel across", I guess?

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 18:17 utc | 34

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 18:15 utc | 32

Bad news for dancing Israelis causing a collapse. At least one dead and many wounded.

Somebody dropped a penny?


Posted by: Arch Bungle | May 16 2021 18:31 utc | 35

@vk | May 16 2021 18:17 utc | 35

So, what we have here is that MSN moved the goalposts of the Space Race and now claims the USA was the first nation to have a rover to "travel across" Mars. The USSR's Mars 3 only survived for 110 seconds, so it may be presumed it didn't "travel across", I guess?

You are just terribly confused. If anyone moves goalposts it is you. As already explained, it has been common knowledge for more than 20 years, the US was indeed the first to land and drive a rover on Mars (no it wasn't Viking 2 because that wasn't a rover). If you had read and understood the Mars 3 link I provided you would have learned that it wasn't a rover either. Which the first rover was has already been told. End of story.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 18:37 utc | 36

Thanks to fyi on the previous thread for your response to me here copied:

Ms. Juliana

Why don't you suggest to your fellow country men to give a little: say, return the major Tejanos areas of Texas to Mexico?

And while you are at giving a little bit, please expand the area of Four Corners by a few hundred miles in 4 directions?

When will you start practicing what you are preaching?

Posted by: Fyi | May 16 2021 0:31 utc

You've made me smile, because actually I do practise what I 'preach'. I live on pueblo land - that is to say I don't own the land I live on, but am here having been granted that privilege by the indigenous tribe which has settled in this place, quite possibly as a result of migrations undertaken when Chaco Canyon society ceased to exist. Not all native communities were exterminated by anglo invasions. There are quite a few of these pueblo groups in New Mexico, a poor but beautiful state.

As an individual, this is basically the most I can do, and I'll admit that it was more by circumstance than by ideological choice that I am here; nevertheless, I am, and I love it. It feels very right to me. I wouldn't mind if the other native groups had their ancestral homes restored, and even would like to see a native US president - that couldn't be worse than what we have, now could it? Sorry if that sounds preachy as well - I get carried away sometimes.

Posted by: juliania | May 16 2021 18:44 utc | 37

@ juliania... you are nowhere near as preachy as the person you are addressing who has a masters degree in preachology!

@ 29 absurdio... thanks.. yes.. it is the dilemma of language being imperfect in trying to describe something.. these male-female type descriptions are a poor substitute;, but they get used.. i think the thing about most western music is how so much of it is in 2 or 4 - or common time... anything outside of that perimeter is considered 'odd'.. it makes sense on that level..

@ 30 max... thanks! that article you link to is bang on.. thanks for sharing..

@ 34 paco.. i enjoyed that.. here is another one in the same vein , but doesn't have the humour built into it the same way.. the lead guitarist is very good, but not loud enough!

'Chan Chan' | Los Jubilados del Caribe | Santiago de Cuba

here is some of what the crazy kids do with the cuban music and odd time signatures.. - great drummer living in new york and doing innovative stuff on the drums with cuban influenced music... you can check out his videos more if you find the docu video in this link interesting..

Posted by: james | May 16 2021 18:56 utc | 38

IDF claims 3100 rockets have been fired from Gaza the last 7 days

So relevant questions are "How many were intercepted?" and "How many hit their target?"

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 18:58 utc | 39

Nobody 'owns' anything. If you are eating an egg sandwich in the woods, it's your sandwich, right? Wrong. Bigfoot can come along and just grab it out of your hands. It was never really 'yours'.

Nobody owes any debt to anybody. It's merely a sort of 'contract'. You promise to do something in the future. What happens if you just drop dead? There is no 'future'.

These are merely games we play, which we invent rules for. If people 'break' the fake 'rules', we try to make them suffer. We like to make them suffer, it is a force that gives us 'meaning'.

Posted by: blues | May 16 2021 19:01 utc | 40

@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 18:37 utc | 37

You're the one trying to create a storm in a tea cup out of opportunism:

1) the article from Caixin explicitly uses the term "landing". I quoted the article, which, admittedly, was wrong on this information;

2) using the Caixin article, you erroneously claimed the USA was the first to land on Mars, in the 1970s. You had to errata yourself in the very next comment in order to avoid a huge embarrassment;

3) I then tried to defend the Caixin article, in good will (maybe the Chinese rover is of some kind of new type second only to Perseverance? Maybe it is scientifically relevant to the field?); you then insisted on an ad hominem attack on me;

4) I then tried to be constructive and jumped to another clearly anti-Chinese propaganda piece from MSN, and highlighted how the American move the goalposts for propaganda reasons. You missed the point and defended the MSN article against me, essentially telling us the MSN is technically correct (even though, if you read the rest of the article, it is clearly out of context and made the reader think the USA did the whole thing in the 1970s). The MSN article is probably the source for the Caixin article, hence the mention to "China is the second nation..." on both articles (if you read other sources, you won't find that reference). Either way, it doesn't change the fact that MSN transformed a scientific subject into a political subject, which was my whole point; you then, in bad faith and pure opportunism, dragged it back to the purely scientific-technical field in order to - for whatever reason, I don't know - discredit me. In the West, I think they call this "whataboutism".

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 19:07 utc | 41

Back on the Block

Thanks for the release, b.

Posted by: Bernard F. | May 16 2021 19:10 utc | 42

@ librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1
@ pnyx | May 16 2021 13:54 utc | 5

I will not dispute the 10 points, although it is certainly possible to find 1% of individuals who can [partially] escape their constraints. Unfortunately, pnyx is right. The pandemic, for it is a pandemic, has taught US [HIM too?] nothing.
At least to the arrogant WESTERNERS, so much certain of their scientific superiority and their organizational and technical efficiency.

Since the 1970s, human behaviours of domination and submission have been well known [but carefully ignored].
"Deviants" and "conspirators" will be accused because exposing social and emotional automatism would endanger the power of those who manipulate them.

In a world where tobacco [legally traded and highly advertised] kills 8 million people a year, and causes tens of millions of serious and disabling diseases, Covid-19 management will remain an unanswered question.

For those who want answers [including to their own behavior], the beautifully written lessons of Professor Laborit keep their sharpness. [probably somewhere available in english in Canada, as he works for some Quebec public companies in the 70's - 80's ]
French but Google’s machine translation works.

Posted by: Bernard F. | May 16 2021 19:12 utc | 43

I posted this in a previous thread but I believe it’s worth repeating

“ Nearly one million cancer cases are being missed across Europe due to COVID-19, a new study has shown.

According to data published by the European Cancer Organisation (E.C.O) diagnoses are going unchecked because of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed.

ECO President Dr Matti Aapro said that the findings bring the impact of COVID-19 on cancer into sharp focus.

"We desperately need urgent measures at the highest level of European policy to address the cancer backlog, restore confidence in cancer services and tackle workforce/supply shortages," Aapro said.

According to the study, up to 1 in 2 people with potential cancer symptoms were not urgently referred for diagnosis, and 1 in every 5 cancer patients in Europe is currently still not receiving the surgical or chemotherapy treatment they need.”

Posted by: DG | May 16 2021 19:20 utc | 44

@vk 43 Stop digging.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 19:22 utc | 45

@ Paco | May 16 2021 18:16 utc | 34

Muchas gracias compañero

Posted by: Assurancetourix | May 16 2021 19:33 utc | 46

A good comment and link from Xymphora:

Something seriously wrong
Sadly, everybody in the West lives under a Khazarocracy, by far the worst, and most cruel, form of government: "WATCH police using water cannon to disperse pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris".

Posted by: Paul | May 16 2021 19:39 utc | 47

Posted by: blues | May 16 2021 19:01 utc | 42

Nobody 'owns' anything...
Nobody owes any debt to anybody. It's merely a sort of 'contract'. You promise to do something in the future. What happens if you just drop dead? There is no 'future'.

These are merely games we play, which we invent rules for. ...

Sounds like Buddhism.

Are you a Boodhist, man ?

Posted by: Arch Bungle | May 16 2021 19:40 utc | 48

Interesting. The US statement at today's UNSC meeting on Israel/Gaza is more balanced and less "unwavering" in support to Israel than any similar statement in decades:

"We urge all parties to avoid actions that undermine a peaceful future. This includes avoiding incitement, violent attacks, and terrorist acts, as well as evictions – including in East Jerusalem – demolitions, and settlement construction east of the 1967 lines. And critically, all parties need to uphold and respect the historic status quo at the holy sites."

Not sure this reflects an entire sea-change in policy, but Netanyahu seriously pissed off the Obama people during the second term and this may be the moment to be rid of him.

Posted by: jayc | May 16 2021 19:46 utc | 49

(In the following news, one can insert 'double facepalm' after each sentence)

Ukro nazi and Jews held an action in support of Israel... at the Russian(!) Embassy in Kiev.
They believe that Russia finances terrorism (i.e. the HAMAS group).

Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Borislav Bereza, who was present at the sabbath rally, said:

"We all understand that Russia's ears are sticking out there, in the Middle East. The same technology - to hide behind women and children, to tell a lie that there is a certain people of Palestine or the people of Donbass. The question is that Russia is accelerating tension in the world. And what is happening in Israel now is terror, the same terror that Ukraine has been experiencing since 2014".

Bereza also called on Israel to unite in the fight against Russia.

These cretins in all seriousness consider the people of Palestine fictional/non-existent.

Idiocy. Level - god.

Posted by: alaff | May 16 2021 19:50 utc | 50

End of CDC masking guidelines aimed at “normalizing” death

That's the essence of all this. HCQ, Ivermectin, the incoming Pfizer pill etc. etc. are all a silver bullet the petty bourgeoisie is lobbying for in order to send the workers to death so they can break even with their failed businesses.

Well all know the drill: stuff the working class with Ivermectin (some months ago, it would be HCQ) with the blessing of the State; send the workers to death in order to restore "business as usual"; if things go tits up (i.e. it becomes clear even to the idiot), the petty bourgeoisie can claim "it didn't know nothing", "it was legal at the time" and wash their hands from all that proverbial blood a la Pontius Pilatus.

The working classes should not fall for this petty bourgeois propaganda. The State should take care of them in these exceptional times; private business should either go bust, take their insurance money and try to keep itself afloat, go full home office, vaccinate its workers or swallow the full yearly losses.

About the petty bourgeoisie as the zombifying virus of contemporary capitalism:

Some notes on the world economy now (go to "Zombie companies and debt" topic)


@ Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 19:22 utc | 47

Actually, after re-reading my original post, I take back what I said: I was correct the whole time.

The point of my original clipping was to highlight the fact that, whatever happened decades ago, the USA considers the Space Race to have restarted right now. This is a completely new race to Mars, therefore, socially speaking, a new "counting". NASA made two ridiculous statements on the Zhurong already, clearly politicized, so we can only a infer the Perseverance (July 2020) was a reaction to the Chinese soft landing on the far side of the Moon (2019). So, in the social-historical sense, Perseverance is being propagandizing as an attempt by NASA to recover its prestige.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 19:53 utc | 51

"Malak al-Tanany, 3 years old. Remember their names. Martyred by Israel Z*onist"
The little girl is alive, is called Sofia, and lives in Moscow, Russia.

Posted by: passerby | May 16 2021 20:09 utc | 52


The China space station is the fastest assembly ever seen in space. And likely the most advanced in recent history ;-)

Posted by: uncle tungsten | May 16 2021 20:15 utc | 53

@uncle tungsten | May 16 2021 20:15 utc | 55
Maybe, only one module so far. IMHO, low earth orbit stuff is not very inspiring anymore, it does not seem to have much other purpose than being an excuse for sending invoices. But hopefully the Chinese have grander plans, I would love to see something impressive like Apollo was 50 years ago (manned mission to Mars would fit the bill today).

The Russians will withdraw from the ISS in 2025, so the US can take the whole bill after that, if they can afford it.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 20:35 utc | 54

Why private crypto will never substitute money:


Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 20:43 utc | 55

CDC director Walensky

"223 vaxxed people died from COVID. But actually they died from secondary conditions so the COVIDs not a big deal. And the death rates low."

But secondary conditions driving deaths and the rate being low regardless doesnt apply to regular COVID. Just VAXXED covid deaths.”

You can’t make these things up

The pandemic is real and it’s full of BS from the ppl handling it

Posted by: DG | May 16 2021 20:45 utc | 56

'Israel is Carrying out Mass murder, aided and abetted by the US', Hedges.

Thee Fourth Geneva Convention gives the occupied the 'right to resist' and 'the right to take the fight to the territory of the occupier.' This is not 'terrorism' as the world knows.

Posted by: Paul | May 16 2021 21:03 utc | 57

Israel's speaker at the UNSC meeting today could only spew the one bonehead spoiled-toddler response they can come up with ('I had to because...!'): "What would YOU do if ISIL attacked you --" and that "Hamas is terrorist" and ISIL/Hamas is "a fanatical religious ideology" etc etc. "WHAT WOULD YOU DO??"

well, let's see... when ISIL was actually trying to grab land in Syria, Israel was helping them by bombing Syrian targets. the US was keeping the arms flowing and busing them out when they had to retreat.

but the real absurdity of Israel's ISIL analogy is that Israel took most of Palestine, a multi-religious society, to establish a fanatical religious ideology government, not the other way around. Israel filled Gaza with refugees, locked them up, and tortures them. Israel continues to establish its fanatical ethnic cleansing across the West Bank - daily! - to plant more religious fanatics in their place. what would YOU do? here's what WE do in the USA: we give the fanatics the green light. we give them the money. we give them weapons.

I'd love to see one of those UN weenies stand up and say that, and then say "What can WE do?" We can stop funding it. We can stand up and say in a UNSC meeting that the US needs to stop funding it.

Posted by: k | May 16 2021 21:10 utc | 58

Interesting read by Engdahl

Despite strong resident protests, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Florida agencies have approved controversial release of millions of genetically-modified or “gene edited” killer mosquitoes into the Florida Keyes. At the same time the controversial Presidential Science Adviser nominee of Biden is involved in development of the CRISPR technology being used to genetically modify everything from the mosquitoes to the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus mRNA “vaccines” to gene-edited salmon. How Bill Gates, the Pentagon and the eugenics lobby come together now is alarming to put it mildly.

Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing GMO Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

Posted by: Down South | May 16 2021 21:20 utc | 59

@vk 20
In case anyone hasn't pointed it out, that ~7 minutes is mostly just the lag time from the round-trip of a light-speed signal to go to mars and back.

Posted by: ptb | May 16 2021 21:21 utc | 60

8. Police are not servants of the public...

...but servants of a powerful and extremely wealthy minority which seeks to control and exploit the public for its own narrow and greedy interests.

Posted by: librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1

LOL. Something any leftist, black person, Native American or labor organizer in the USA has known since the 1800s.

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:26 utc | 61

Posted by: Down South | May 16 2021 21:20 utc | 61

I'm with you on the 'don't mess with nature' thing. But it's interesting to me how little I've seen in these pages - or from my friends and relatives who are talking about sex reversal of frogs or modified mosquitoes - dating back almost 10 years on Monsanto and the genetic engineering that has been happening in our food supply or their near Israel lobby level of power over USSA government and attempts, sometimes successful, to bring their chimera crops to the rest of the world.

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:29 utc | 62

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 20:43 utc | 57

"Real money" as in what, fiat like the USD? LOL - "Real money" hasn't existed since the 1970s.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm long on crypto and precious metals and short on fiat, corporate stocks and US bonds.

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:33 utc | 63

Space Force commander sacked after claiming US military is under assault from ‘neo-Marxist’ critical race theory

At this point I think the term "Marxist" has become a generalist term to designate anybody in the left-wing in the USA. I don't think any American knows what Marxism is anymore, and, frankly, I don't think they want to know what it is either.

What is interesting, though, is that Lohmeier's book didn't need a security review, he being relieved only when he accused the present government of being "Marxist" in a podcast. That means the USG finds it ok when the term "Marxism" is abused in general, but not when used against itself.

My take on these identity movements (Feminism, Black activism, LGBT movement) is this: those movements were strong when they didn't use any theory and existed strictly as ad hoc political movements, with concrete and very specific (and very achievable) agendas that could be done by the strike of a pen of the POTUS, in a single four-year mandate. However, when they went well beyond their expiring date and started to be absorbed by the system, they tried to make the jump to academia, thus creating a plethora of sociological theories that are not, in general, of any scientific value and just collaborated to endlessly split the movements. Now, with the system itself collapsing (capitalism), they see themselves in a position where they have to occupy the vacuum left by the old Marxist movements of the working class (unions, parties etc.), they're trying to - in a very grotesque and vulgar manner - trying to absorb and in many cases outright plagiarize, in a dumbed down form, Marx's theory. But even those "Marxized" forms don't exist in the USA: they're more restricted to fringe groups in Latin America or other locations of the Third World.

So, the only conclusion I can take from this is that the alt-right fears the American people will essentially reverse engineer themselves into Marxism, in a convergent evolution historical movement. I don't think that will happen any time soon, if it ever happens, which leaves me with the much more simple hypothesis that there is a project by the far-right to create some eternal capitalist dystopia based on the nazifascist kernel.

A curiosity: this hypothesis by Lohmeier is identical to the Brazilian military's. The entire doctrine of the Brazilian military turns around the fact that a communist revolution will happen any time now in Brazil and that, when it comes, it must be crushed by whatever means necessary by the Armed Forces. We joke the Brazilian Armed Forces is the first 100% non-nationalist modern military force in the world. All of this may be related to the infamous School of the Americas. Does anybody here know if Lohmeier taught there?


‘Voter ID racist, but vaccine ID not a problem?’ Conservative activist Candace Owens asks, amid calls for vaccine passport system

Wait, what?

I don't think Candace Owens realized the contradiction he stuck herself in with that one.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this whole voter ID thing lies on the fact that the USA, in opposition to most of the rest of the world, doesn't have a unified (federal) ID system. Americans usually use their driver's license as their de facto ID (because everybody in the USA has a car and the driver's license has a photo), but it is not obligatory anywhere unless you're stopped by a police officer, try to buy adult things (tobacco, alcohol) or something like that. In other words, the American legal structure does not envision any universal, unified ID system and any Law that envisions one is a legal aberration.

That means, if you legalize vaccine IDs, you essentially solve the problem of the voter ID, because there is no authoritative universal/federal ID in the USA: any document with photo is an ID. The Democrats, not being stupid, would surely make the vaccine ID to have photos, so we're excluding the possibility of photoless vaccine IDs. Also, the same moral about freedom of vaccination can be used about freedom of voter identification (voting is the lifeblood of democracy, plus you would know, before the fact, that every individual without a voter ID voted on nobody, which would be a breach on the concept of secret vote).

So, Candace Owens, by being pro-voter ID, is essentially a pro-vaccine ID, since the vaccine ID would be the voter ID. I don't think she think that out straight when she spoke that flashy political phrase.

That is, unless she's explicitly against vaccine ID but pro voter ID - but that would be putting your real intention on the voter ID too much in the open. Everybody and their mothers know the GOP wants to pass those voter ID bills in order to keep the Deep South firmly in their hands.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 21:35 utc | 64

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:26 utc | 63

D'oh! The police are paid very well, with benefits up the arse.

They (almost) always do precisely what they are told to do by their Corporate Masters.

You have any other theories?

Posted by: blues | May 16 2021 21:37 utc | 65

@ Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:33 utc | 65

Crypto cannot be used as a unity of accountancy. At least not universally (as is necessary in the capitalist system). People can only know, e.g. the Bitcoin went up or down, and by how much, because it is denominated in USDs.

As such, it can be used as reserve of value, but only as any other financial asset, such as gold, copper, platinum, houses, mortgage etc. etc.

Some dark web commerce make transitions in Bitcoin, but that's obviously very restricted, and it is obvious those businesses regulate the "prices" in Bitcoins according to their value in USDs.


@ Posted by: ptb | May 16 2021 21:21 utc | 62

I think that technically counts as automation because the human input happens before the socially useful fact. There are no humans maneuvering the machine according to the specificity of the landing conditions real time. If I understood correctly, the engineers/scientists can determine the point of entrance ("window") and send the signal to the machine to execute it, but after that, human control is only re-established after (and if) it safely lands on Mars.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 21:48 utc | 66

Stand by EU...

By decision of President of the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 Miloš Zeman, the flag of the State of Israel 🇮🇱 has been raised on the cour d'honneur, on Prague Castle’s First Courtyard, as an expression of unequivocal support and solidarity.

As you can see on the 3rd picture , in order to rise Izi flag, they down and remove EU flag!

Posted by: Bernard F. | May 16 2021 21:51 utc | 67

Also @ Why private crypto will never substitute money:


Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 20:43 utc | 57

The only way advanced, 3rd generation cryptocurrencies will ever crash and lose all their value is in the event of a "great reset" (i.e. civilization destroying war or natural disaster), the governments of the world raiding every organization that develops it or hitting the "off" switch on all Internet activity, permanently.

For now, the markets are mostly (and stupidly) tied to Bitcoin and certain "market movers" like Elon Musk and his rash twittering on certain 'coins'. There is a massive market cap when you combine all the major cryptocurrencies and what will happen - as Musk just demonstrated earlier in the week and today by ending Tesla customers' ability to purchase their cars in BTC and selling off $1.5Bn of that currency - is that investors (who behaves like and are just as real as any stock market ca. 2021) will move their money from within the already huge market cap into currencies like Cardano ADA (or ETH if they ever manage to fully implement proof of stake). Musk realized that BTC was 1)extremely difficult to 'mine' and not environmentally friendly and 2) that some countries (like the evil China) are subsidizing the massive electricity costs to mine it.

The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of recently created millionaires - that's "money" in USD, EU and Yuan - who made their fortunes on crypto trading and speculation. Just as there are even more millionaires who did so speculating on stocks or participating in hedge funds. The difference is that the barrier to entry with crypto has, until recently, been high in terms of technical ability but low in terms of financial capacity. For many, it's turned the "it takes money to make money" mantra on its head which is something that will never be true of the other financial markets See: Gamestop which Robinhood unilaterally, on behalf of the "whales" of the market, decided could no longer be sold on their platform. that can never happen with cryptocurrency without massive, coordinated globe-spanning government sabotage.

The article you linked entitled "crypto crap" erroneously equates all cryptocurrencies with BTC. It also falsely implies that central banks and depositor insurance will save the average Joe in the event of a Great Depression like economic crash.

The truth is that cryptos are no riskier than Wall Street unless you're talking about huge institutional or commercial purchasers like Goldman Sachs or pension funds (which to my knowledge are still staying far away from it). In those cases, yep - any price plunge could wipe out tons of money for them with no recourse (i.e. taxpayer funded bailouts - but give them time).

I choose to take a sunnier view. Newer generation cryptos are already being put to beneficial use in developing countries wiped out by hundreds of years of colonial and post-colonial pillage.

What constitutes the wealth of the West? Is it the material prosperity we have? The high level of education we enjoy? Or is it the infrastructure that most countries have to offer? The truth is that all factors are interrelated — well, they depend on one thing: infrastructure. But what exactly do I mean by that? Infrastructure refers to all non-material institutions, facilities, and systems that are essential to society. If you want to start a business, you contact the tax office. If you want to get a recognized degree, you go to a university. To build a house, you legally acquire land. None of this is self-evident, but it is one of the foundations of our prosperity. Infrastructure is a main driver of economical development.

Let’s have a look at the situation in poorer countries.
In many third-world countries, you effectively have no property when you buy land; for example — there is a lack of the necessary bureaucracy, and often the authorities are corrupt. The modern banking system alone seems self-evident but excludes a large portion of the world’s population.

A whole 2.5 billion people do not have a bank account — they are excluded from the international economy¹.
The reason? The reality of life for the billions of poor people is not profitable for the big banks. Transactions are more complex than we think and involve high costs, so they are not even conceivable for many developing countries.
Blockchain could solve all these problems. While a few years ago, it was all about Bitcoin, that has changed. That’s the mistake the skeptics make. They think of cryptos only as Bitcoin, a digital coin with no intrinsic value or other features. That is no longer the reality.

Bitcoin is doomed to an eventual failure despite the billions in "real money" that have been placed into and taken out of the market. Most of those investors will never cash out their holdings into fiat currency, but instead find sustainable and useful cryptos to save and eventually use to improve their economic situation, not to mention be able to actually spend. It's a big mistake to equate the entirety of the crypto ecosystem to BTC. One mustn't have detailed mathematical or technical ability to understand every tiny detail of how a "blockchain" works to make an informed (meaning knowing that there are inherent risks as with anything) decision on whether or not to invest in or use a particular 'coin' or blockchain.

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:57 utc | 68

Don't hide amongst the Heard
Don't look the other way
and don't believe a single word
of what they have to say

You better speak out while you can
better formulate a plan
Cuz this may be your final chance
to stand against The Man

They are silencing our voice
they control our every move
So much fuckery is happening
but there's nothing we can prove

We can feel the velvet chains
grow shorter every day
and as of late they take less pains
to hide their power play

We must put antipathy aside
if we hope to change the course
we must cross the great divide
and join each other as one force

It's time to oppose
those upon the throne
and take away their power
because they wish to own
the souls of those who meekly stand
divided and alone

Won't you stand with me Brother
Won't you join me in the Fight
Shoulder to shoulder
It's time to set things right
Together we can do it
Together we are strong
Together we will shift the tide
The Battle has begun.

Posted by: Linda Jean Doucett | May 16 2021 22:00 utc | 69

@ vk | May 16 2021 21:35 utc | 66
You don't need Federal ID. Elections are State ruled. Correct me if I am wrong.

But filling up the ballot box "vote" without any ID control? With machine scanning and transfer via USB drive? 20% anonymous adjudication? Erased data bases?

Posted by: Assurancetourix | May 16 2021 22:01 utc | 70

On the world wide semi conductor chip shortage;

This Australian company [AXE] has made a real breakthrough on Quantum Chips.

Posted by: Paul | May 16 2021 22:07 utc | 71

It really should be obvious by now. Despite the over-the-top fake 'support' the REAL ZIONISTS display for the drought doomed 'Nation' of Israel, they could not care less if these losers live or die.

It's all about Power and Money.

You Jews get shot or poisoned, or die?

You were just another bit of cannon fodder. Too bad, too sad.

The ZIONISTS don't give a shit about the Jews.They simply want to rule the world. And enjoy the punishment of those who defy them.

Think Roman Coliseum.

Posted by: blues | May 16 2021 22:14 utc | 72

Two politicians wishing Muslims a happy Eid.

"I see Prime Minister Trudeau wished Muslims a happy Eid. "a time to gather for friends and family for large meals and to share snacks and sweets". Hard to do when your BFF have dropped over one hundred one ton bombs and have levelled apartment towers in Gaza. "My friends this crisis will soon be over". Which one, the covid crisis you have caused in Canada for over a year, or a real crisis in Palestine. "Lets find inspiration in Islam's teachings. We certainly wont find it in this saccharine dripping effort by the PM. Watching it will likely result in an unpleasant odor. Jeremy Corbyn, a real statesman issued a message on Eid, one that addressed current affairs, where PM Trudeau's message ignored the elephant in the room. The mob really has you scared Justin"

"Jeremy Corbyn sent a message of solidarity and peace to all those celebrating Eid Particularly those in Palestine who cannot mark this occasion in their homes or who are living under the threat of violence or oppression." Speaking truth to power. No wonder the powers behind the throne had him removed.

For all I dislike Brian Mulroney, at least he eventually got it right with Apartheid South Africa. Time for Canada to get on the right side of history, but not likely given the current political straight jacket worn by Canadian politicians. Brian Mulroney had the courage to see apartheid had to end in South Africa. The mob has worked quite hard since then and no one in the west has the courage to point out the Zionist regime is a Apartheid Regime, even after the HRW report on it. CBC would rather write an obituary for Obama's dog Bo than one for any of the over one hundred dead Palestinians, mostly woman and children.

Viewer warning saccharine overload will be experienced when reading/watching PM statement on Eid

Posted by: Tom | May 16 2021 22:19 utc | 73

@ Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 21:57 utc | 70

I was talking about private crypto. State-backed crypto (e.g. digital Renminbi) is a completely different beast.


@ Posted by: Assurancetourix | May 16 2021 22:01 utc | 72

Yes, I know - hence the nonexistence of a federal ID.

That's why I found Candace Owens rationale weird: she's all libertarian on vaccination but an unashamed totalitarian on voting.

We have to look at practicality: an ID specifically for voting would not only be excess bureaucracy and a very cumbersome system, but would also hurt the American inherently libertarian feelings, which are specially strong in the Southern States. The only feasible solution would be to accept any ID with photo: driver licenses are State-based, so there was never any problem with using those to vote, but, by the logic of anti-fraud, a vaccine ID would be as valid as a driver's license.

From what I've heard, what offends the most about vaccination IDs in the West is that it would block the middle and upper middle class members from traveling by airplane (poor people, evidently, don't travel by airplane except maybe sporadically). They think that repulsive because it would split the middle class in to tiers, one having more privileges than the other. That's why even many American leftists (liberals) are also against vaccine IDs and passports.

And that's what I think this all is about: they all want to keep the poor down, but they also want to keep the middle class up or at least "happy". No Republican is against keeping the poor from voting, but they also don't want the middle class restrained by what they see as one of their unique freedoms/badges of class distinction.


@ Posted by: Paul | May 16 2021 22:07 utc | 73

It's also starting to hurt the American economy:

More signs that the fast recovery in the US economy is not quite so fast.

Industrial production rose 0.7% in April over the previous month, less than expected, partly because manufacturing output growth slowed as auto companies struggled to get parts for new cars.
While industrial production was up 16.5 percent from its level in April 2020 (the trough of the pandemic), it was still 2.7 percent below its pre-pandemic (February 2020) level. Capacity utilization for the industrial sector rose to 74.9 percent, but some 4.7 percentage points below its long-run (1972–2020) average.
Retail sales also stalled in April and, excluding food and fuel, sales fell 1.5%.

Taiwan is now becoming an obstacle to the American Empire's own imperial agenda.

For now, the solution being found is to force Samsung (South Korea) to build a chip factory in the USA. But South Korea can only pay for others' sins up to a point. There will come a time the USA will have to choose which one to lose: the entire Korean Peninsula or Taiwan. My bet is they'll throw Taiwan under the bus long before South Korea even starts to crack.

Posted by: vk | May 16 2021 22:27 utc | 74

Interesting. The US statement at today's UNSC meeting on Israel/Gaza is more balanced and less "unwavering" in support to Israel than any similar statement in decades:

Posted by: jayc | May 16 2021 19:46 utc | 51

I think there is a pattern here. Whenever the west is in risk of losing a colony an attempt is made to retain control with overtures of peace. See Nicaragua at the time of the Sandinista's coming to power, the attempt to guide the Islamic Republic when the Sha was deposed. There will be an attempt to insert someone who is friendly". (Gaza and the apartheid state) Wont work.

Posted by: Tom | May 16 2021 22:30 utc | 75

To add to #77 what the US would like is for a quisling like Mahmoud Abbas to come to power in Gaza and anybody other than Netanyahu

Posted by: Tom | May 16 2021 22:34 utc | 76

Posted by: blues | May 16 2021 21:37 utc | 67

Nope, no other theories. You're spot on. Corporate masters where before it was land/plantation owning masters and mining/manufacturing barons. The cops are here to protect capital and those who own a sufficient amount of it to wield varying degrees of influence and power in their respective locations and points in history.

Only recently, relatively speaking, have I begun to do a deep dive into post-slavery USSA history, i.e. the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras. Previously I was pretty well versed on how police or police-equivalents (including federal troops) were used to crush organized labor and the indigenous population. I confess that I was mostly ignorant of how modern police, especially in "Western" countries like the USSA are directly descendant from the law enforcement operations used to keep blacks and other 'undesirables' in their place. Vagrancy laws, segregation, etc.

Just yesterday I stumbled on this bit (there is a link to a previous article which was written at a time that it was unknown there had been police infiltration) about local cops taking an all-too-keen interest in the activities of a group comprised of less than two dozen socialists/anti-imperialists in Colorado. Keep in mind this was long before the 2020 protests/"riots" and long after the Occupy movement had been infiltrated and crushed.

Posted by: K_C_ | May 16 2021 22:36 utc | 77

“Regrettably, the (UN) council has so far failed to reach an agreement, with the United States standing on the opposite side of international justice..."

After smacking down Blinking Blinken in Anchorage, China now names names, using new non-diplomatic language.

And this is happening just as Russia tells the EU to go pound sand.

Coordination much?

Posted by: kiwiklown | May 16 2021 22:49 utc | 78

Wang Yi "Anchoraged" a little bit more

Due to one country's obstruction, the Security Council has so far failed to make a unanimous voice. We call on the United States to shoulder its due responsibilities, adopt a fair stand, and support the Security Council in playing its due role in easing the tensions, rebuilding trust, and resolving the situation. >

Posted by: Bernard F. | May 16 2021 22:50 utc | 79


Indeed! Israel created Hamas.

Posted by: urblintz | May 17 2021 0:05 utc | 80

@vk no 76

Even India has hadan ID specifically for voting for many years, and, guess what, the heavens did not fall. There is absolutely no reason to not have an ID specifically for voting, or an ID that serves other purposes but also is explicitly required to vote, one which serves as proof of citizenship.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 17 2021 0:40 utc | 81

@vk no 66:

To Amerikastanis, "Marxism" = "anything we don't like and can't be bothered to strain our one brain cell to understand".

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 17 2021 0:42 utc | 82

Food for thought:

EU Has a New Crisis. A Frenchman Called Michel Barnier Who Has Held It to Hostage

Is France becoming the new Italy?

When it was founded, the EU had a grandiose plan of becoming a true United States of Europe in the far future. Its pattern of expansion clearly indicated it envisaged to become a world superpower capable of competing head-to-head with the American Empire. It was clearly inspired by the dream of emperor Augustus, who once wanted to expand until Germania Magna (i.e. until the gates of Russia according to the modern enthusiasts' interpretation, but, more realistically, until the Elbe).

Then, when it became clear it wouldn't become a superpower on par with the USA (after 2008), it certainly downgraded its ambitions to a more regional superpower, centered around a solidified Franco-German alliance inside the greater EU family. The EU family already was further segregated by the Euro Zone. This was further symbolized by the agreements France and Germany made after that, in the city of Aachen (the old Carolingian capital). It was downgraded from an Augustan project to a Carolingian project. Not as grandiose, but still respectable and, provided the USA collapsed soon enough, even feasible in an hypothetical multipolar world order.

But the American Empire didn't collapse. Not only it didn't, but it held on, became more aggressive towards its provinces (the EU included) and, to top it off, it was the EU - not the USA - that disintegrated, in the form of Brexit and the rise of "right-wing populism" across the Continent after Merkel's blunder in Syria (opening the gates of Europe to the Syrian refugees).

Now, in a post-Brexit EU, the economic stagnation continues, topped with the pandemic. The EU economy continues to deteriorate, and it wasn't able to escape recession this first trimester. It is in this context that Frances continues to be rocked from the inside, with endless workers' protests and revolts, multi-ethnic conflicts etc. etc.

My guess is, if France really italianizes, the EU will have to go through another downgrade: from a Carolingian project a Prussian project. The EU could well be reduced to Germany and the eastern members of the EU.


@ Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 17 2021 0:40 utc | 83

Many countries have voter IDs. That's not the problem.

The problem is that the USA wasn't built to have a voter ID system. It has no tradition of any unified ID system. By design, it can't have a federal ID system (because it is a federation, literally a union of different States).

As such, it is weird to be for voted ID but against vaccine ID (passport) - which also exist in other countries.

Posted by: vk | May 17 2021 1:04 utc | 83

I cannot believe what is happening in Palestine, why isn't anyone stopping this

I am so disgusted with the us gov, the mask is off now for both israel and the us - they cannot lie their way out of this one

our nation has been destroyed from within by traitors, profiteers and criminals

Posted by: abee | May 17 2021 1:08 utc | 84

Zerohedge is a trash site populated by pseudo-intellectuals wearing diapers made of stocks and bonds. The signal-to-noise ratio there is fractional.

Just a heads up for everyone here: Taipei, Taiwan is in high lockdown, these days, with hundreds (thousands?) of people in enforced quarantine. Police have been authorized to issue US$120 fines for anyone not wearing a mask in public. Government is tracking everyone who heads out to supermarkets or other merchants via celphone and QR codes. Restaurants are restricted from serving customers indoors--only takeout allowed. All nightspots have been shuttered.

The second wave is officially here. I doubt the so-called "vaccines" will have much, if any, efficacy against the new mutations. Taiwan was one of the earliest responders to the last wave, and--like China--had mostly wiped it out within weeks. It will be interesting to see how things go this time around.

People in Taipei are very, very afraid.

Posted by: Pacifica Advocate | May 17 2021 1:09 utc | 85

@ urblintz #82

what a troll - I hope your comment is removed for slander and promoting israeli propaganda

Posted by: abee | May 17 2021 1:11 utc | 86

Posted by: Bernard F. | May 16 2021 22:50 utc | 81

Good catch. But then, US leaders claim to be the most normal nation there is.

Watch for more truth speaking, anchorage style, from China.

Australian 'leaders' are getting smacked down even as we speak.

EU weasels are next, soon as they work up the collective 'strength' to cancel the China trade deal they have been begging for over the last 10 years.

Posted by: kiwiklown | May 17 2021 1:37 utc | 87

Hey all, I stumbled here and have been lurking for the past week. Sorry for the newbie questions, but Is there any particular reason why bibi didn't include the U.K among his 'friend list'? Boris & the tax payer seem to be under the impression that they are. Also, could someone link me to a good in depth resource on Ukraine? I'm out of the loop. ty

Posted by: tommy the cat | May 17 2021 1:54 utc | 88


In what way is the intercept article supportive of Israel? Perhaps I am naive and you can set me straight, but my reading is that Hamas was created by Israel to negate the Palestinian left and it backfired. I have no sympathy for any Israeli "regrets" and if the situation weren't so dire for the Palestinians I'd probably feel something close to schadenfreude. Did I miss something?

Posted by: urblintz | May 17 2021 2:03 utc | 89

@ tommy the cat | May 17 2021 1:54 utc | 90 with the two questions

I don't read or speak flag so I haven't seen a definitive list of bibi's friends and you pose a good question about the membership and what level of support it represents.

For information on the Ukraine I suggest you poke around the MoA archives....b has covered it extensively and then there are all the comments and links....

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 17 2021 2:09 utc | 90

@90; Start here;

Posted by: vetinLA | May 17 2021 2:12 utc | 91

For Tommy the Cat at #90

Another good site regarding Ukraine, among other things is the Vineyard of the Saker at:

Posted by: Antoinetta III | May 17 2021 2:58 utc | 92

@33 Hemiola

Thank you for the latest release from FLCCC. When you find the time to comment, you always supply powerful material - I am extraordinarily grateful for this.

I just spent the time to read the release, and I was absorbed from beginning to end. Of course, there's some unavoidable scientific terminology, but very little, and most of the document stands as a revolutionary manifesto, a call to action, a call to resist the misinformation and the disinformation permeating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The document illustrates in a verifiable and succinct charge how the WHO has loaded the dice against the use of ivermectin as both a prophylactic and a treatment for COVID-19, in order to argue against its adoption - and this, in a world that is increasingly adopting its use because it quite simply works.

It works, and the results from all over the world are recorded by doctors, showing that it works up to a 90% effectiveness in the main and close to 100% in some cases, and it does this with negligible collateral harm demonstrated across billions of doses and many decades - and the WHO, despite that in 2018 it formally lauded its safety, now says that it doesn't work and that it may be dangerous.


So what is the Why of the WHO?

This release from FLCCC explains why and describes the underlying, systemic rottenness in the western medical system, how it has been tainted for decades by corporations and large funding sources - and how the common doctors, fighting to do no harm and to save lives, are up against a wall of opposition during this pandemic that is breathtakingly huge.

The FLCCC press release goes beyond the medical science and explains also the corporate tactics that have demolished scientific method. It presents a call to action, and sketches the only tools we have to resist. It says much that we already know - but these are doctors and awarded researchers telling us all the things that are so obviously fishy in the institutional responses to the pandemic.

Big Pharma, Big Science, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Government, Big Foundations - all in collusion, all following the trail originally blazed by Big Tobacco.

See, we know how it works because we've watched it for decades. The FLCCC release does us the service of reminding us and enumerating the instances when corporate venality (my word, not theirs) has destroyed the truth simply to make money.

I recommend it:
FLCCC Alliance Statement on the Irregular Actions of Public Health Agencies and the Widespread Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin

Posted by: Grieved | May 17 2021 3:06 utc | 93

at least the courageous and righteous dock workers, etc in Italy have enough humanity not to load ships full of armaments bound for the apartheid regime

everything that we have seen and read about the last week that has taken place in Gaza is a war crime against humanity. israel will someday (soon) pay

Mohammad Alsaafin @malsaafin

So among the people killed in yesterday's airstrikes on Gaza:

Gaza's top neurologist (Dr Mouin Al-Aloul)

The head of Coronavirus response at Gaza's biggest hospital (Dr Ayman Abu Al-Ouf)

Psychologist and social worker Rajaa Abu Al-Ouf (as well as her children)

This time it’s different

As I write, the building I live in here in Gaza is shaking continuously. Above us, Israeli F-16 warplanes pummel us with a seemingly endless barrage of bombs.....

The current escalation is distinguished by the fact that the Palestinian people demanded a response to the practices of the Israeli occupation. Hamas, in responding, is being considered heroic....
This round of fighting is also significant because it came as a response to continuous violations in Jerusalem.....

Hala Jaber @HalaJaber

Translated: All roads leading to #Al_Shifaa, #Gaza’s largest & most important hospital, have now been bombed by #Israel.
This means ambulances cannot drive in or out of the hospital, which means those injured will die (before being rescued.)
This is a new #Israeli war crime.

Palestinian protests in Israel showcase ‘unprecedented’ unity

During the past week, Israeli incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and raids on the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood Sheikh Jarrah continued, while a brutal Israeli military offensive on the blockaded Gaza Strip has left many Palestinians dead.

But an extraordinary phenomenon has also taken root inside Israel, where thousands of Palestinian citizens in towns, villages and so-called “mixed” cities have taken to the streets to assert their identity while living in a self-defined Jewish state.....


Max B.

@PressTV seems to be the only English language int'l network giving heavy attention to global protests & actions against Israel's assault on Gaza, from NYC to Rome to Islamabad, and giving protesters extended time to express themselves.


speaking of karma and pay backs:

Elijah Magnier

#Israel attacked #Syria 1000 time in 10 years and in one week, #Iran replied with its (made in Iran) missiles, rockets and drones fired by #Gaza, and paid back the bill with a significant bonus.

The bill has been settled generously.


Posted by: michaelj72 | May 17 2021 3:17 utc | 94

Posted by: abee | May 17 2021 1:08 utc | 86

I cannot believe what is happening in Palestine, why isn't anyone stopping this

Very simple. Even a 5 year old can understand:

There's a shitty little runt on the playground beating up all the little kids with a big stick.
None of the other kids make a serious attempt to hit back and mostly take the blows.
There's these two huge adult bouncers letting all the kids know that if they touch the shitty little runt, they're going beat the bejeezus out of them.
There's one particular kid that gets beat up on the daily basis, he's the shitty runt's favourite victim (call him "ishmael")
Every now and again "ishmael" forgets about the two bouncers and throws a punch at the shitty runt, making him squeal in outrage.
The bouncers step in and hand the shitty runt a set of tasers, which he uses to spark the hell out of ishmael.
Despite that, ishmael usually keeps hitting back until the bouncers step in and tell him to "quit beating up our shitty runt".

Throughout all these festivities, the other kids on the playground, being small, weak and stick-less, tend to do nothing but watch, with one eye on the two big bouncers standing behind the shitty runt.
Sometimes one or two lets out a cry of anger at the injustice, following which one of the bouncers comes over and smacks him in the mouth, silencing any expression of support.
Some of the little kids want to help ishmael, but some time ago when they tried, the bouncers put one of them in hospital and warned everyone never to help again.

So now they just watch quietly. Though, sometimes, some of the little kids join in beating up ishmael, more or less for the fun of it and they know he can't hit back.

There are a few other big guys on the playground who could teach the shitty runt a good lesson and don't fear the bouncers but they're too busy playing ball and couldn't be bothered, since ishmael's no relation to them.

(If you think this sounds a little contrived, it's not. This plays out in schoolyards all over the world all the time. As in the playground, so in geopolitics)

Posted by: Arch Bungle | May 17 2021 3:25 utc | 95

@33 Hemiola - again

And now I've read the other article you linked, and this one was a breeze - a journalistic explanation of the WHO finding against ivermectin, coupled with the the findings from the rest of the world in its favor. This one is obviously the companion piece to the FLCCC release, but I didn't realize this until I read it.

The two pieces fit perfectly together. People might read the BizNews article first. Then, if there's anything one wants to sound the depths of, read the FLCCC piece.

That journalistic piece again:
Don’t mention Ivermectin; it’ll upset the vaccine rollout


Yes, this is the event we're living in, the vaccine rollout. We see the pressure everywhere, and those who resist the experimental vaccine in the west will become 2nd-tier citizens.

But ivermectin taken as a prophylactic shows a stable 85% proven track record of denying COVID-19 any purchase in the body.

So, with practically zero unknowns or safety concerns, ivermectin does almost as well as the dubious results of the current vaccines in preventing COVID-19 - and vastly better if you take the unknown risk of the experimental vaccines into account.

We could be walking around with a solid protection against the disease in our bodies, with no ill effects, and at a cost of almost nothing.

This would not make profits for Big Pharma, but it would open up our entire world. We could be human again, and safe against this god-cursed virus, at little cost, for little effort, and in complete safety.

But this ease of living, which the universe gives us freely in the natural bounty of the Earth, would not make the fear-saturated, practically extorted profits for Pfizer.


I had been debating getting some ivermectin, to have on hand in case someone in the circle fell sick - but knowing now its harmlessness and its preventive power, the decision becomes clear.

Many thanks to Hemiola for the information, and for these professional people who, against the kind of pressure I can only imagine, continue to publish the true facts of the situation.

Posted by: Grieved | May 17 2021 3:47 utc | 96

If you had read and understood the Mars 3 link I provided you would have learned that it wasn't a rover either. Which the first rover was has already been told. End of story.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 16 2021 18:37 utc | 37

Yes, but no. Mars 3 actually had a rover on board, PROP-M. To quote Wikipedia:

"The Mars 3 lander, a so called Passability Estimating Vehicle for Mars, was designed and manufactured in Mobile Vehicle Engineering Institute by a team of approximately 150 engineers, led by Alexander Kemurdzhian. The vehicle had a small 'Mars rover' on board, which was planned to move across the surface on skis while connected to the lander with a 15-meter umbilical cable. Two small metal rods were used for autonomous obstacle avoidance, as radio signals from Earth would take too long to drive the rovers using remote control. The rover carried a dynamic penetrometer and a gamma ray densitometer."

... although it seems it never was deployed because of the communication failure, so it cannot count as the first rover to function on Mars.

Posted by: Lemming | May 17 2021 4:03 utc | 97

Tommy the cat at #90

Very good question. I was wondering the same. UK seems to be doing everything in their power to help the Zionist regime. They removed Corbyn from the leadership of the Labour Party and had him expelled. Perhaps it was the 150,000 strong march in solidarity with Palestine. Maybe it was the not total devotion to the shown in the UNSC security vote. But then France also abstained. I'm not sure if the UK government banned marches in solidarity with Palestine. Mind you, the education authorities in Manchester made up for it by expelling a student for shouting out Free Palestine, calling it racist abuse. And Jesus wept.

Posted by: Tom | May 17 2021 4:05 utc | 98

Posted by: librul | May 16 2021 13:24 utc | 1

Thank you for the list and your thoughts on these points librul. Also agree with Norweigan about number 6: "most people are cowards". My take--- All humans have a tendancy toward cowardly behavior. We are "braver" around friends and more likely to project strength and, if we are emotionally stunted we pick on others when we are sure we have back-up. I have done this. I'm not proud about it. But I'm aware I did it. that's step 1. Doing something about it is step 2.
Strong, conscious tribes and families address this human tendency and teach courage and humility to their children. I got some "learning" from my elders in the 1950s. The Empire has lost much of that over the years. Most families are hollowed out.

Posted by: migueljose | May 17 2021 4:18 utc | 99

@ migueljose | May 17 2021 4:18 utc | 101 who has provided good South America information...thanks

I have a request now. I mentioned in one of my comments having seen a story about Mexico City giving out Ivermectin therapy kits to folks but now cannot find a link to the story and another MoA barfly has requested a link. Could you find out and report back what Mexico City is doing with regard to Ivermectin and Covid, please and thanks

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 17 2021 5:15 utc | 100

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