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May 12, 2021

Open Thread 2021-036

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If you are done reading The Complete Idiot's Guides to past and present in the Middle East, you may be ready for the more advanced text from Chattam House Judging from the text, inhabited by the results of "gain of function" breeding, where generation after generation is allowed to have sex and breed only after producing the most stupid writing in the whole pack, but I may underestimate unlimited capacities of the human mind.

Anyway, most of you harbor myths and misconceptions about Russia and the Russian.

Myth number one: humans live in Russia. Despite superficial similarities, and rare humanoid specimens like Aleksey Navalny [read the link for details]

Myth number two: Russia is in Europe. Wrong! Mordor is not in Europe.

And there are about 15 other misconceptions that you can shed after reading the link. However, there may be instances of blood vessel bursting in the brain, so I am not sure if enlightenment is worth the risk.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 13 2021 20:23 utc | 201

James I agree with you. If someone must talk about covid than it should be reserved for open threads.

JR, I also agree with your statement--

"This apparent blindness is complemented by a strange stubborness: 'Covid fanatics' repeat the same arguments over and over. This has irritated many readers (not just james).

Posted by: arby | May 13 2021 20:24 utc | 202

@ DG | May 13 2021 19:59 utc | 204

Truth always matters. Always. If in doubt, try to tell the truth in difficult times and see what happens.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 13 2021 20:27 utc | 203

text from Chattam House Judging from the text, inhabited by the results of "gain of function" breeding --> [correction] --> text from Chattam House. This house, judging from this output, is inhabited by the results of "gain of function" breeding.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 13 2021 20:31 utc | 204

@arby | May 13 2021 20:24 utc | 206

"This apparent blindness is complemented by a strange stubborness: 'Covid fanatics' repeat the same arguments over and over. This has irritated many readers (not just james).

I had not planned to comment on this, but now it is repeated, saying that people are irritated that the same arguments are repeated... look in the mirror, please.

As for the balance of "arguments" on covid in general it is 1000 to 1 in favor of the hysteria, even on this blog. If you include MSM and everywhere else it is 1000 000 to 1. So if the argument against repetition is a valid one, I know who needs to scale it down.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 13 2021 20:34 utc | 205

It seems the psychological problems caused the the mere existence of the SARS2 (Covid) may turn out to be more harmful than the disease itself.

Posted by: blues | May 13 2021 20:38 utc | 206

Anyone believes this is not tyrannical coercion?

President Biden

United States government official
The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.

The choice is yours.
10:12 PM · May 13, 2021·The White House


You are not even allowed to decide over your own body.
That "man" has to go.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 13 2021 21:28 utc | 207

Meanwhile in Europe

Mental well-being has reached its lowest level across all age groups since the onset of the pandemic over a year ago. This is especially prominent among young people and those who have lost their job. 

Existing inequalities are widening because of the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on vulnerable groups. The findings show that difficulties in making ends meet increased significantly among those already in a precarious situation.

Citizens’ satisfaction with crisis support measures has declined dramatically, with only 12% now feeling support measures are fair, down from 22% in summer 2020.

Trust in institutions has plummeted, especially trust in national governments which fell from 4.6 in summer 2020 to 3.9 in spring 2021.

Over a quarter of people living in Europe indicate a hesitancy toward the COVID-19 vaccine

Posted by: DG | May 13 2021 21:45 utc | 208

Twenty-nine men have been charged with the sexual exploitation of a victim over a seven-year period in West Yorkshire.

Why now?

Cleaning house?

Some sort of warning?

Posted by: John Cleary | May 13 2021 21:57 utc | 209

@Grieved, 83

the English court was determined to be as vindictive as it could against Murray, both to hobble him tactically and also to demean him in every way. They'd have deported him to the colonies for life if they could have.

Craig Murray cannot be deported to a colony. He already lives in one. Scotland has a separate legal system from England, so it was a Scottish court which sentenced him. The Lord Advocate is the Head of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscals Service and he is also part of the Scottish Government . This structure which allows a member of the government to be in charge of the prosecution service was decided by Westminster. What you are seeing is a colonial justice system in operation.

Another example of the system in operation is the case of the Scottish journalist Mark Hirst, who, like Craig Murray, supports Scottish independence and Alex Salmond

Posted by: cirsium | May 13 2021 23:56 utc | 210


12345, blueberry pumpkin, alligator pie.

Easy peasy. That’t a 5/3 ?

Posted by: Featherles | May 14 2021 0:06 utc | 211

No, that’s 3 beats followed by 2 beats. Time signatures are not fractions.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 0:42 utc | 212

But yes, you correct, it is 5 something. The bottom number doesn’t matter that much. In fact, time signatures for children are often notated as a number, say 5, over instead of another number, an actual note. Like a quarter note.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 0:51 utc | 213

@212 DG

I would like to say that your comment could be appropriate to practically any thread. I hope none of us feels inhibited from presenting relevant and collateral facts and observations into any thread where it seems to fit the main subject matter.

And you know that, back up-thread here, I stood up for the coherence of threads, and championed caution regarding off-topic insertions.

The point is that I don't regard this comment as being especially about Covid, but simply about the state of play in the world we look at, live in and attempt to analyze here continually. It could very appropriately be cited in a discussion of the US economy, which in turn usually has an on-topic bearing on most geopolitical situations we look at.

So, for those who didn't comprehend in the comment #9 that james was attempting to describe other threads and not this open thread - and, appallingly, there were several - I can only say there was irritation over epidemiological factoids being introduced into other topics, and personally, I am always slightly alarmed when a discussion drifts away from the subject matter.

But also, the overwhelming sociopolitical FACT of the pandemic in the lives of 8 billion (?) people on the planet qualifies it as a matter that is applicable most anywhere. The squeeze against the people by the power is still ongoing, and the year 2020 is no doubt a milestone in history, a watershed when all corrupt forces saw an opportunity to further their corrupt agendas and seized the opportunity with both hands - and are still, every day, jumping all over us in that pursuit.

The pandemic jackboot is completely ongoing in its crushing action and shows no sign of lifting. It matters greatly to see it wherever it appears.


ps..thanks for the comment, DG. I found it informative, and would have welcomed it in practically any thread. Vaccine hesitancy (vastly different from general antipathy to vaccines) speaks of a huge portion of the populace that does not trust its mainstream sources of assurance. This would be an important statistic in almost any thread, I suggest.

It was I who spoke out about your interjection of the child vaccination in a different thread (I think it was you). I hope it becomes more clear what matters to a thread and what could be taken to an open thread. If not clear, I'm sorry to confuse, but happy to discuss further.

Posted by: Grieved | May 14 2021 0:55 utc | 214

Starmer, Blair, 1935 and all that

The most bizarre aspect of this narrative is not its absurd falsification of History, but the fact that they're publicly throwing Clement Attlee under the bus with in the process.

The Labour right-wing has degenerated so much that it is willing to destroy its most beloved past in order to merely stay in power. I don't think they can see the irony in all that (the jabs the European center-left took at the Communists of the Soviet Union during the 1970s and 1980s for being a bunch of power-clinging bureaucrats). The irony is even greater than it seems because Clement Attlee was a rabid anti-communist.

The Labour Party has now entered a stage where it is self-devouring. It is also a good illustration of the continued death of the remnants of the once vaunted, overpropagandized and overrated Western European social-democracy.

Posted by: vk | May 14 2021 0:55 utc | 215

I guess the point I’m trying make is that music is a powerful force and when we hear something beautiful and moving, we assume it must be difficult and complicated. Music doesn’t have to be complicated at all. I wish you well in your study.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 0:58 utc | 216

The Australian Defence Force are in a mess now. The Israeli supplied Elbit Systems battlefield management system has back doors to Tel Aviv snoops and must go. Millions of dollars were wasted on what is now worthless junk. Now the Australian part of joint exercises with US forces are in trouble. The Australian Financial Review points to the former defence materials minister, the prizzy and detestable Christopher Pyne:

"Heard the one about the former defence materials minister now representing a company whose product deficiencies are forcing the military back to pen and paper?
A “backdoor” security vulnerability reportedly uncovered by the Australian Signals Directorate has apparently led to the Department of Defence no longer using the battle management software supplied by Israeli defence contractor Elbit Systems (for which it has no replacement). As a result, ANU securities and intelligence studies professor John Blaxland explained to The Courier-Mail, the Australian Defence Force could be forced to scribble down battle plans in Australia’s largest biennial joint military exercise, which is taking place in Queensland in July.
Elbit Systems – whose Australian managing director Paul McLachlan has strongly rejected the "security rumours" – last made headlines earlier this year when it signed up none other than Christopher Pyne as a lobbyist. He still lists it as a client on the lobbying register."

I have never met anyone who actually liked Christopher Pyne. Some lobbyist. Birds of a feather stick together.

Posted by: Paul | May 14 2021 1:03 utc | 217

@214 cirsium

Thank you. I thought I probably had some facts wrong there, and your expansion on the matter was very welcome.

I suppose the eclipse of England last century, as its imperial ermine was passed to the shoulders of the USA, has let it off the hook in many ways when it comes to the correct view of what a shit thing it did to the world - and still does apparently - at every turn.

A full account of the bad thing that Imperial England has been, and still very much is, is overdue. And we begin to see these accounts, and they begin to appear in today's discussions. All very welcome.

Posted by: Grieved | May 14 2021 1:13 utc | 218

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 13 2021 19:05 utc | 197

Nothing for me to 'learn' from that list of five books. I am logical not theological.

Here are a few books for you to really learn something important from.

The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time, Moshe Menuhin

Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand Years, Prof Israel Shahak [see what the Jewish fundamentalists really think about christians]

Against our Better Judgement, Alison Weir

The Question of Palestine, Edward Said

Good luck, but you can't educate idiots.

Posted by: Paul | May 14 2021 1:22 utc | 219

i want to thank those who understood where i was coming from in my post @9... for those who joined in later, oblivious to what i had said, i take it from whence it comes.. i've learned something about some of the posters here i was unaware of before.. i learned a bit about myself too.. thanks for that too.. moving on..

@ 161 Absurdio.. interesting what you say about nothing being an odd time signature.. i think most musicians i know are just referring simply to the concept that odd numbers on the top of the time signature imply odd time signatures, different from common time and permutations... but i get your point @161 regardless - kids don't think this way... thanks also for sharing your educational background from university of calgary.. i have a good friend i am going fishing with tomorrow who retired to vancouver island from calgary and went thru the music prog as a classical pianist majoring in performance.. he's 79 age wise, so it might have been before your time when he went thru the program and the program might have changed quite a bit too... i am not formally trained.. my learning is from playing gigs f/t since 1980... i am essentially a p/t musician now and with covid - a lot of places to gig have shut down and may not come back..

Posted by: james | May 14 2021 2:19 utc | 220

I went to U of C 84-89. We all come to music from different paths and all of them are valuable and important. We know much more a bout music than we realize. When we drive and hear Pink Floyd or Rush or Led Zeppelin or the Beatles, or plenty of other bands on the radio, we are hearing lots of time signatures changes. It is inculcated in us.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 2:38 utc | 221

S Colonial Pipeline paid the ransom in crypto currency after all:

"Industry superannuation fund-owned Colonial Pipeline paid $6.5 million to ransomware group DarkSide hours after the major US oil pipeline was crippled by a cyber attack.
According to a Bloomberg report, Colonial paid the ransom, worth $US5 million, to the hacking group last Friday, despite the pipeline owner reportedly saying it had no intention of paying to restore the largest fuel pipeline in the country.
Colonial shut down all four of its major pipelines that service the eastern and south-eastern US as a precaution after it discovered it had been hacked a week ago.
IFM Investors, which is owned by 27 Australian union- and employer-backed industry superannuation funds, owns a 16 per cent stake in Colonial Pipeline, which the infrastructure manager bought in 2007 for $US651 million.
The asset is held in IFM’s $US25 billion Global Infrastructure Fund and IFM is represented on the board of Colonial Pipeline by Jim Wierstra, who is responsible for IFM’s investment operations in North America.
Colonial reportedly paid the ransom to DarkSide in cryptocurrency just hours after the cyber attack, and Bloomberg reported that US officials were told of the payment."

Posted by: Paul | May 14 2021 2:57 utc | 222

re: Absurdio | May 14 2021 2:38 utc | 225 and james etc.

Posted by: tucenz | May 14 2021 4:07 utc | 223

re: Absurdio | May 14 2021 2:38 utc | 225 and james etc.

Posted by: tucenz | May 14 2021 4:07 utc | 224

RE: Elbit, Backdoors

This goes back to PROMIS:

Highly recommended.

Posted by: Cherrycoke | May 14 2021 6:43 utc | 225

@Piotr Berman (205)
I wasn't sure if that and your two additional 'myths' were supposed to be sarcastic (I'm not good at parsing that sort of stuff, at least not until seeking out the context behind it), but I couldn't really take what Chattam House said seriously. I pretty much stopped reading after what it said about the notion of Crimea (not) being Russian. I'm suspecting bias - anyone else?

Posted by: joey_n | May 14 2021 7:53 utc | 226

@218 Grieved

Thanks for your comment. I understand now that my interjection in the previous post was out of line. I’m sorry about it. I was on Twitter that night and I saw a photograph of a child being vaccinated and the thread was about the covid vaccine. I got angry and I wanted to see how other ppl feel about it. So I asked the readers what their feelings were about it.

I must make clear that I’m not an anti vaccine person. Never before I questioned the efficacy of the vaccines. But the whole covid 19 situation and the speed with which the vaccines were introduced and were presented as the one and only solution and the mendacity of the authorities to enforce the vaccination of the whole population seemed odd to me to say the least.

I tried to read about and research the matter and the more I did the more I got upset. This was a Kafkaesque nightmare. At least that’s how it seems to me. As I said in a previous comment my niece, a 23 years old young girl is being forced to have the vaccine that is still in an experimental stage in order to complete her studies. So it feels somehow personal.

At the same time the lockdown measures that resulted in so much destruction of the small businesses and the erosion of our basic freedoms and rights looked, in Greece at least, to not have the desired effect and were contradictory and meaningless. For ex we were not allowed to go out after 21.00 but everyday the public transportation was packed with ppl. Or the general population was locked down but public figures were going around without any consequences. Even now from today on everything reopens at a moment that the data don’t support the reopening.

I knew that the MSM were pushing the narrative that we all must accept the measures and the situation in order to slow the virus but at the same time critical medical procedures were postponed, like for example the chemo therapies or serious operations. We will never know the full impact that those postponements had on the public health.

I tried to find information in alternative sites but there also I was subjected to a fear mongering campaign with cases and deaths etc. Every time someone had a different take on the situation he/she was scorned and canceled, their opinions mocked and their comments deleted.

So here we find ourselves in a very difficult situation that must be openly discussed but the subject is radioactive and the conversations get heated very quickly and it doesn’t help no one.

I know that you have probably heard these arguments before and I apologize for repeating them. But it seems to me that the loss of our fundamental rights is something that affects us all and we must fight it and oppose it.

I don’t know how. But there must be somewhere a line that should not be crossed.

For me this line is the vaccination of the children with the covid vaccines.

@211 Norwegian

The POTUS tweet is scary

Posted by: DG | May 14 2021 8:10 utc | 227

Tucenz: it’s pretty natural isn’t it? Nothing complicated when you hear it. I just wish more drivers would actually signal which way they’re going in the roundabout.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 9:49 utc | 228

I once went to the doctor. I had a bad cold and a fever. She sent me downstairs for an X-ray. When I came back, she showed me the X-ray. She brought in her student. She said to her student “I want to show you someone who is actually sick”. She asked me what I thought of the X-ray, I said it looks pretty good, I guess. She said “I don’t understand why you’re not dead”. She was dutch. She put me on Cipro for two weeks. Later she told me that I had the hla b27 gene that confers a natural immunity to aids, hepatitis and influenza. But turns your spine to dust. I went to the spine doctor. He said I was ok. So I don’t know what to do about the COVID vaccine.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 10:20 utc | 229

@Old Microbiologist, 108

It is my belief it was created in the US and escaped there.

University of North Carolina researched the infectivity of coronaviruses with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and staff from University of North Carolina worked at Fort Detrick
July 2019 - Fort Detrick is closed because of safety deficiencies
June-July 2019 - residents die of unusual pneumonia in a nursing home an hour's drive from Fort Detrick.

Posted by: cirsium | May 14 2021 10:45 utc | 230

remember the sci-fi films, about "Escape from New York" and "Escape from LA"? Now that truth has become stranger than fiction, people are fleeing from all the cities and states run by power-hungry Democratic mayors and governors. "Escape to Florida" has become much more than an ad campaign to get people to vacation there.

people here in the Red States have had it with this insanity, with dictates from an illegitimate Federal government that is entirely corrupt, that is hell bent on removing the remnants of Constitutional protections while debasing the dollar and forcing Woke doctrines upon all aspects of life. Saying this won't end well is like having a category 6 hurricane bearing down on you and remarking "it looks like rain"

Posted by: Perimetr | May 14 2021 13:12 utc | 231

@ Posted by: Perimetr | May 14 2021 13:12 utc | 235

Sir, with all due respect, I think the Republican-Conservatives lost their moral high ground against the Woke Left after a bridge literally fell apart in the Tennessee (a dyed-in-the-wool Red State).

The whole legitimization of Trumpism lies in the fact that it is the reincarnation of Eisenhowerism adapted to the 21st Century: bring manufacturing, bring the infrastructure back. That façade falls when you can't even maintain the infrastructure you already have.

From the outside world, this fracas between Left and Right in the USA looks like a ridiculous "pot calling the kettle black" catfight. You may fool yourselves there with this Manichean narrative, but you're definitely not fooling anybody in the rest of the world (except the far-right in Europe and Australia).

Posted by: vk | May 14 2021 14:12 utc | 232

Since this is after all an open thread, and since Norwegian, and possibly others have friends with the illness who have been told to go home and wait until they need an ambulance, I will give the following:

First, one MUST remember that the mRNA "vaccine" usage is dependent on the notion that there is no treatment. There are treatments.
Dr. McCullough talking to Texas legislature re available treatments and their efficacy.
Dr. Cole on the same subject.
A list of the numerous studies done on the above mentioned treatments.
Finally, a website containing an info booklet prepared by an association of american physicians.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 14 2021 14:16 utc | 233

As a separate post with a different view on the same subject - this is an interview with two MDs practising in Kenya. It includes an excellent explanation of how the immune system works, why the treatments listed in my prior post work well again covid19 in its first expression and in any mutations which occur, and why covid is NOT the pressing problem in Kenya; they are still struggling with malaria.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 14 2021 14:21 utc | 234

Sharing the Vaccine Is Just the First Step: Now we need to make sure poorer countries have the resources and technical capacity to ramp up production

"now"? Where were you, oh brave Western journalists, when the pandemic could still be contained and when vaccine distribution could actually work? It's easy to write a piece like that when you and your ilk are already vaccinated, working remotely in a comfortable New York flat.

It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. That's the American Left's motto.

(And they think they're still fooling anybody).


Interview: China's development achievements set example for developing countries -- Syrian communist party leader

Like I said before: you First Worlders may despise the inheritance from the October Revolution, but the Third World still has not forgotten of its importance.

Posted by: vk | May 14 2021 15:12 utc | 235

The malaria problem seems to have something to do with the Hla b27 gene. People who have the antigen seem to get malaria more easily, but not die from Covid. Or, they are using hydroxychloriquine prophalactily for malaria and that is protecting them from Covid.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 15:23 utc | 236

@ 225 absurdio... i would say that is much more true of a place like india where the rhythms in the music are a lot more developed then in the pop music of the west... @ 233... interesting situation and i understand your confusion about how to move forward..

@ 227 tucenz... cool tune.. i saw them live in the late 70's.. gentle giant opened for them.. i was mostly there to see gentle giant, but i enjoyed yes..

@ 231 dg... i relate to most of what you say, just in case you are under the misunderstanding i am of a different persuasion... i appreciate the challenge and difficulties associated with the topic of covid and vaccines that many people find themselves in..

Posted by: james | May 14 2021 15:45 utc | 237

Even the WHO says so...

Posted by: Mina | May 14 2021 16:05 utc | 238

@Miss Lacy | May 14 2021 14:16 utc | 237

Thank you, a rational contribution!

Posted by: Norwegian | May 14 2021 16:12 utc | 239

librul @ 196, one of the short sentences in my old classic Greek grammar was to the effect that 'all men desire the good'. What strikes me at present about the virus and its (I think) waning influence is that when it comes to living and dying, we have been at odds with one another for close now to two years on matters that directly affect everyone, with a swirl of actual dying being hard to dismiss as the usual course of events.

So, belief systems become hard, because we are wanting to help others in our opinions (for the most part), hard to keep to ourselves -- we could save a life here or there is the motivation of many posts on the subject.

Thanks to b for allowing us this space to, in effect, propagandize our own beliefs. He's pretty circumspect about his own, and that is what keeps us coming back. The good as he sees it is a good that most of us can subscribe to, or we wouldn't do that.

I hope my feeling -- that whatever vital issues we have with viral matters are fading because the virus is fading (notwithstanding inevitable tragic upsurges)-- means that our pandemonic fluctuations can at last begin to subside. (I'm reading 'The Idiot', but I have to monitor my seedlings and also to paint; there is much to do, so I will leave saving the earth to those above me, human or divine.) No one should regret the impulses evident in this thread; it's just what we need to do, and thanks to be for letting us do it.

All men desire the good.

Posted by: juliania | May 14 2021 17:16 utc | 240

Sorry, unintended 'be' -- that was, of course, thanks to b.

Posted by: juliania | May 14 2021 17:18 utc | 241

@241 James. Actually I find myself mesmerized by Romanian saxophone music. Because the Romanians hail partly from India, they seem to have imported lots of very interesting and complex rhythms . It’s like snake charmer music played on alto sax. Very long, spun out melodies with all manner of intricate melodies.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 17:19 utc | 242

there is growing evidence suggesting long term metabolic rerouting is likely when humans are infected with RNA? While the immediate term might look safe, the longer term, may have genetic based consequences to the infected individual and offspring?

The last people humanity should allow to make these life threatening and life changing decisions, even in times of emergency, is Oligarch owned nation state governments and their privately owned corporate overlords, especially this prohibition on decisions, should be true when the same overlords also control the propaganda content the MSM allows to reach the man in the street.

Have a look at covid-19-rna-based-vaccines-and-the-risk-of-prion-disease-1503.pdf
search prion disease 1503

then this
its looking like nearly all rna binding proteins activated by RNA binding protein sequences mediate pathways that lead to one or more things like, diabetes, cancer, prion and related neuro symptom type diseases [ AML, Alheimers, Intelligence Disorders, etc.] . AFAICT none of this was checked out, and congress made big pharma immune to liability..

Introduction of RNA anything without checking out the all the dimensions, takes on global in scope, war crime and crimes against humanity dimensions. The greater good is insufficient justification when the risk are not studied, not known or when the risks are known but ignored. Beyond negligence is intentional denial of these factors in decision making.

IMO, humanity must act to criminalize intentional and negligent governmental and regulatory action that lead to known or should have been discovered harms. The universal jurisdiction of the International court of human rights makes sense to me in these kinds of cases. No nation state law will ever criminalize such behaviors, nor enforce laws against such behaviors, because the Oligarchs own the nation state system.
Hopefully the courts of universal jurisdiction can find ways to isolate these unscrupulous persons from the general human herds when such persons commit a crime against humanity.

Posted by: snake | May 14 2021 17:28 utc | 243

@ 244 juliania... thanks for the update.. enjoy the planting and your book!

@ 246 absurdio... are you talking gypsy music? share a video off youtube if you have one to share.. what i find doing a search is basically django reinhart type sounds..

Posted by: james | May 14 2021 17:56 utc | 244

@snake | May 14 2021 17:28 utc | 247

IMO, humanity must act to criminalize intentional and negligent governmental and regulatory action that lead to known or should have been discovered harms. The universal jurisdiction of the International court of human rights makes sense to me in these kinds of cases.

This is exactly my position as well. Thank you.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 14 2021 18:04 utc | 245

I don’t actually know what I’m talking about with respect to this type of music. I watch the Romanian hour on the omni channel and they always have these guys dressed in ethnic garb playing alto sax. They’re always filmed in quaint villages or in the countryside surrounded by pretty girls in peasant dresses. I don’t understand a word of what they are saying, but I like the music. It may indeed be Gypsy music. I’ll see if I can find a video

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 18:19 utc | 246

Absurdio - I will look up that gene. Thanks. In fact, I believe in Kenya they are using ivermectin for covid and of course HQC for malaria. Dr. Cole seems to think that ivermectin has some utility against malaria, although it is not a complete cure.

Snake and Norwegian, re the legal issues, you may want to check this out. A German attorney (I believe he was the one who exposed and sued successfully Voxwagon for lying about their emission controls)
Dr McCullough interview (please let's leave politics out of it, as the Doctor does) concerning a physician's right and obligation to treat his patients as he sees fit. This addresses both the treatment issue and the legal issue.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 14 2021 18:25 utc | 247

PS regarding Kenya - of course it could work both ways in that HQC for malaria could be helping the covid cases and vice versa. I don't have stats on that. Just a thought.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | May 14 2021 18:27 utc | 248

@230 Miss Lacy

Thank you

@241 James

No hard feelings here. We are all in this together.

Posted by: DG | May 14 2021 19:28 utc | 250

Apparently the Africans don’t usually have the Hla b27 gene. It’s more of a Viking thing. Though, surprisingly, 25 percent of Inuit have it. There a huge range of Hla antigens and that is what is supposed to be the factor in who survives Covid.

Posted by: Absurdio | May 14 2021 20:54 utc | 251


About 40-50% of CDC, FDA employees are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine according to Fauci, Marks

Posted by: DG | May 14 2021 22:30 utc | 252

News Item, Fakebook could be F'ed:

The Irish have real values, not the 'values' fed to us by the MSM like a pre cooked meal.

Posted by: Paul | May 14 2021 22:47 utc | 253

@ DG | May 14 2021 22:30 utc | 256 who provide stats on US Federal employees refusing the vaccine

Thanks for that data point. I find it fascinating that this blatant health care financialization effort was attempted in the way it has been, let alone amazed at how successful it has been. I am surrounded by folks that are vaccinated and think nothing of it. They also think it is normal to force others to conform to their brainwashing.

It will be interesting to see where this goes from here....what a shit show we are living....part of me wants to see a Covid variant run rampant through the US showing these folks how useful their vaccine really is....then maybe we will see an Ivermectin therapy kit developed/distributed like Mexico City

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 14 2021 22:53 utc | 254

@ 250 absurdio... sounds like gypsy music, which i think is the main music of romania, but if you find something - i am curious.. thanks...

@ 254 dg... thanks! ditto on this end..

Posted by: james | May 15 2021 1:44 utc | 255

@258 psychohistorian

Do me a favor if you can please. I don't have information on the Mexico City ivermectin therapy kit - astonishingly since I have countless reports, videos and bookmarks, but somehow that one slipped by.

So, if you have info ready to hand - and only if it's easy and you do - I would appreciate a link or something. Otherwise, it'll come around again in the flow of updates, so no worries.

Posted by: Grieved | May 15 2021 2:41 utc | 256

@ Grieved in comment #260 about Mexico City and Ivermectin

Here is a link to a video about such from early March of this year

This is not what I was a story link but I can't remember where from....will keep trying...but at least this proves it is/was happening at some point

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 15 2021 3:29 utc | 257

All this Israel - Palestine dustoff pretty much blocked the news of China's Mars rover:

Not a china fan but I'm a space fan, good to know the space race is back.

Posted by: Smith | May 15 2021 4:23 utc | 258

Another gaffle by Hu Xijin

So India Times is saying China is selling overpriced oxygen generators, and some are of sub-standard quality. OK, could be true, could be not, but interestingly, Hu also says this:

"Such price fluctuation is a natural reaction of the market. China is not a planned economy and the Chinese government does not have the ability to control price increases at every point in the supply chain."

Yeah, I think he indeed needs to re-take a course on China economy in a state school.

Posted by: Smith | May 15 2021 5:26 utc | 259

@258 Psychohistorian

“ what a shit show we are living....”

Say that again my friend. This situation is having an impact on my interpersonal relations too. Many friends and colleagues had the vaccine and they don’t want to here nothing different. Some of them accused me of being a far right conspiracy theorists which is not the case at all. Politically I’m on the left in general but left’s reaction to this shit show has left me wondering wtf is going on.

I don’t wish bad to no one. I really hope that my friends that had the vaccine will be alright. But every day there is a new thing coming out and I don’t know what the hell is happening.

As I said before I’m deeply concerned about the vaccination of the children and the vaccine passports.

I think the first is scientifically borderline criminal and the second is fascism by any other name.

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 8:33 utc | 260

@DG | May 15 2021 8:33 utc | 263

You have all my sympathy, because what you are saying is true for me as well. My wife cannot see her family overseas, and my family at home is traumatized and fear everything so I have not seen them since more than 9 months ago. The last six months I have been barred from going to work (I can work from home, but it is hard). My friends and I have a tradition of meeting every year before our day of constitution (17. May), but this year I hear nothing from them. We are now alone, and all I get is threatening messages (that I cannot reply to) from 'local authorities' telling me to get inoculated.

This is state organised terrorism on a scale I have not even imagined.

I don’t wish bad to no one. I really hope that my friends that had the vaccine will be alright. But every day there is a new thing coming out and I don’t know what the hell is happening.

I share your feeling of horror and try to find an explanation. It seems to me a big war is planned and preparing for it requires atomizing personal relations so each individual can be controlled because all communication has to be digital.

I used to quote 1984 on current politics, but the reality is much worse than 1984. I am now almost incapable of sleeping at night.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 15 2021 9:06 utc | 261

@ Norwegian | May 15 2021 9:06 utc | 264 who wrote
I used to quote 1984 on current politics, but the reality is much worse than 1984. I am now almost incapable of sleeping at night.

As I recall, Norway was one of the recent UN countries to bring forward condemnation of Occupied Palestine so that should be encouraging for you. I am up in the middle of my night for pain management so feel blessed in some way.

I know you have been critical of my postulates in the past but I do believe that we are approaching an inflection point in world politics that hopefully will bring us back from the seeming edge we are on. Continue to remember that part of the elite plan is ongoing hammering of the fear buttons to insure compliance.

I am of the opinion that whatever comes forth now is better than the centuries old drip, drip, drip of fake Freedumb and Dumbocracy and monotheistic religions hiding the social contract jackboot of global private finance. I don't like the wait any more than others but, because of my new found mental health (16+ months), I am quite calm about what is going on.....I don't even do meditation anymore because I don't seem to need it.....GRIN!

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 15 2021 9:39 utc | 262

@psychohistorian | May 15 2021 9:39 utc | 265

Thank you for these kind words of encouragement. I appreciate it very much!

I know you have been critical of my postulates in the past but I do believe that we are approaching an inflection point in world politics that hopefully will bring us back from the seeming edge we are on.

I sincerely hope you are correct this time, the alternative is very dark. I have had similar thoughts regarding an inflection point, but fear it is wishful thinking. But it is the only positive angling I can find right now.

I don't give my government much credit, they are very good at hypocritical virtue signalling. At the same time they have allowed US submarines with nuclear weapons to threaten Russia from our shores. This is an existential issue and I have not even been asked to have an opinion about it, even though it goes directly against decades long policies!

Again, I appreciate your post. Any disagreement in the past was not personal. Ordinary people have to find a way to work together to stop the madness.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 15 2021 10:11 utc | 263


Thank you for your sympathy and for the fact that for the first time I don’t feel alone in my struggle against this madness.

As you very well said “ Ordinary people have to find a way to work together to stop the madness.”

For the first time since last November I’m allowed to leave my house without having to notify the authorities with an SMS. As a minister said yesterday “We can’t force the tourists to send an SMS every time they go out so we cancel this responsibility for the Greeks as well”

You understand why Greeks have no trust in the authorities anymore.

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 14:09 utc | 264

The European Commission suddenly wonders:

“ Vaccination is gaining speed across the EU!
But what about treating the patients?

Our new strategy will support the development and availability of #COVID19 therapeutics and ensure all patients get the treatment they need.”

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 14:33 utc | 265


“ Researchers in The Netherlands and Germany have warned that Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine induces complex reprogramming of innate immune responses that should be considered in the development and use of mRNA-based vaccines.

Jorge Domínguez-Andrés and colleagues say that while the vaccine has been shown to be up to 95% effective in preventing infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and subsequent COVID-19, little is known about the broad effects the vaccine may have on the innate and adaptive immune responses.”

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 14:58 utc | 266

DG | May 15 2021 14:09 utc | 267

For the first time since last November I’m allowed to leave my house without having to notify the authorities with an SMS. As a minister said yesterday “We can’t force the tourists to send an SMS every time they go out so we cancel this responsibility for the Greeks as well”
Oh my, that is pure sadism. So they do these things simply to terrorize, there is no scientific rationale. The only reason you get a small relief is because there are tourists that can't be brutalized in the same manner!

If anyone is still in doubt, the "covid" restrictions is a way to take away basic human rights and introduce tyranny. I leave it to people to consider what the next level will be.

You understand why Greeks have no trust in the authorities anymore.
Yes I do understand that from what you are telling us. I have to say that maybe you have an advantage because the Greeks at least have an understanding of the situation. I can't say that for my own country, and it is frightening.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 15 2021 15:37 utc | 267


“this is pure sadism”

It turns out that’s exactly what it is ...

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 16:20 utc | 268

“ Nearly one million cancer cases are being missed across Europe due to COVID-19, a new study has shown.

According to data published by the European Cancer Organisation (E.C.O) diagnoses are going unchecked because of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed.

ECO President Dr Matti Aapro said that the findings bring the impact of COVID-19 on cancer into sharp focus.

"We desperately need urgent measures at the highest level of European policy to address the cancer backlog, restore confidence in cancer services and tackle workforce/supply shortages," Aapro said.”

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 16:26 utc | 269

Very good video of Dr Campbell today on Youtube (called "Saturday Update"). Also on how the US and others are letting the Indian variant spread. More contagious, possibly not as lethal, but how the vaccinated ppl will react to it still unknown.
404 Experiment in process, pile on popcorn.

Posted by: Mina | May 15 2021 16:51 utc | 270


My mistake. The public figure making the comment on SMS in Greece is not a minister. He is a scientist, a professor of epidemiology and a member of the scientific committee advising the Greek gov on all things covid.

Posted by: DG | May 15 2021 16:52 utc | 271

I have some information about the casualties of the violance in protests in Myanmar. I am told a large proportion of those shot were shot by SNIPERS - shots to the head. Now, what country, I wonder, has an extensive history of arranging snipers to shoot both sides? Every regular MoA reader knows the answer, I don't need to spell it out. Universal operating proceedure for all colour revolutions. So did the Myanmar army also get shot by the same snipers? People's understanding of exactly what happened -even in Myanmar - seems to be be determined exclusively by presumption, which in turn is determined by the international mass media. That is very sad. On occasion the military is said to have shot directly into the crowd. Was that provoked or unprovoked? Nobody seems to know - instead everybody seems to jump automatically to the presumption of guilt but nobody knows whether the military was shot at by snipers first before shooting into the crowd.

From Maidan, Syria, Hong Kong, Thailand etc the precedents seem to be very clear - US-sponsored colour revolutions - of which this is unquestionably one - use covertly placed snipers to shoot at both sides. From Maidan we even had some of the snipers who came forward years later admitting what they had done, who recruited them and that their instructions were explicitly to shoot both sides. If you are a member of security personel facing a menacing crowd of aggressive demonstrators and suddenly find yourself under fire and colleagues are dropping dead around you what is your instinctive reaction? Immediately to shoot blindly at invisible enemies in the crowd? If so, that is precisely what the snipers are there to try to provoke. At Maidan they used snipers recruited from Georgia to minimise compunctions about killing Ukrainians. In Myanmar they may well have used CIA Rohingya assets already engaged in terrorism in Myanmar. Some of them may be Australian Rohingya CIA assets. Certainly Australian passport holding Rohingyas seem to be connected with the trafficking of both Uyghur and Rohingya terrorists across Myanmar borders, most likely under CIA direction. I am just spelling out what seems to me to be the most plausible interpretation.

Obviously, Since the US is organising and directing the protests, they know where the protests will appear before the army/police, therefore they have the opportunity to send snipers to hide there in advance.

There are at least 5 categories of deaths connected with the current protests in Myanmar:

1) Protestors [and also police/army, about which we have little information] shot by US-recruited snipers (false-flag);
2) Police, Army, and other officials shot by violant "protester" thugs, usually dressed in black, using home-made guns, home-made bombs, knives and other weapons;
3) Black dressed "protester" thugs shot by security forces in pure self-defence after the security forces have been violently attacked by those thugs;
4) Protesters (including peaceful protesters) shot in fear and panic by security forces after being attacked by unseen snipers;
5) Innocent civilians stabbed to death by thugs supporting the protesters because they are SUSPECTED to have given information to the authorities - there are MANY such cases;
6) Racial attacks against Chinese people and burning down of their factories and businesses by large groups of black-dressed thugs heavily armed with knives and swords - I am not sure if there have been any deaths in this category.

Are there any cases of the security forces shooting peaceful protesters OTHER THAN in panic when violently provoked as in case (4) above? Nobody knows. But personally I find it unlikely - they are mostly very restrained, and what motive could it possibly serve? the security forces are afraid, and desperately want to reduce tensions not increase them. I suspect they are being advised on mob control by the Russians, who will certainly put pressure on the Myanmar security forces to minimise violence as much as possible.

These mobs are clearly the US proxies not genuine protesters. They call themselves "Generation Z", are youngsters aged 18 to 24, and refuse to communicate at all with older generations. Like other US proxies they seem to use black as a uniform. For example one of the worst incidents was an attack on police in Bago by youngsters dressed in black and armed with home-made bombs and home-made guns; about 80 people were killed as far as I know in that one event. Also the mobs that burnt down Chinese factories early on in the conflict were also dressed in black, and terrorised residents and factory workers with knives and swords.

Posted by: BM | May 16 2021 4:16 utc | 272

The emerging baroque culture wars are internally racial and political in the 'west' and externally Christian versus Buddist, Tao and Confuscian. While the capitalist versus socialist also forms the economic. Common sense and reason are the irregular developing baroque elements.
Thatcher, Johnson, 2 Bidens, AOC, Kamala, B.Bardot, Candice Owens, MacEnany, Soros, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary, Bush, Madow, Pelosi, McConnel, Psaki and Mona Lisa all as characters in Rubens and other baroque paintings where somehow they do not look out of place. Those students of history who are interested in ‘culture wars’ might find the analogies interesting and just how well the characters fit in such irregular exaggerations.
Another similarity with this baroque period was the advent of the 'Black Death' plaque in both the 1600s and again mid 1700s.

Posted by: John Hagan | May 16 2021 4:22 utc | 273

@276 BM

Thank you for this report. I encourage you to re-post it in the next open thread that comes up. I'm not sure how many will see it here, and it deserves wide distribution - but maybe people are still monitoring this thread, I guess we'll see.

The fate of this color revolution and the patriotic forces fighting against it is very important in the world. We are all grateful for your reports on the situation.

Posted by: Grieved | May 16 2021 4:59 utc | 274

@ bm - ditto grieved's comment to you.. thank you and post it in the new thread today!

Posted by: james | May 16 2021 15:42 utc | 275

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