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May 11, 2021

More Hacks, More Baseless Accusations Against Russia

In January police in various countries took down the Emotet bot-network that was at that time the basic platform for some 25% of all cybercrimes.

Based on hearsay Wikipedia and other had falsely attributed Emotet to Russian actors. The real people behind it were actually Ukrainians:

The operating center of Emotet was found in the Ukraine. Today the Ukrainian national police took control of it during a raid (video). The police found dozens of computers, some hundred hard drives, about 50 kilogram of gold bars (current price ~$60,000/kg) and large amounts of money in multiple currencies.


Emotet had nothing to do with Russia.

Now the U.S. is accusing Russia of somehow having part in another cybercrime:

President Joe Biden said Monday that a Russia-based group was behind the ransomware attack that forced the shutdown of the largest oil pipeline in the eastern United States.

The FBI identified the group behind the hack of Colonial Pipeline as DarkSide, a shadowy operation that surfaced last year and attempts to lock up corporate computer systems and force companies to pay to unfreeze them.

"So far there is no evidence ... from our intelligence people that Russia is involved, although there is evidence that actors, ransomware is in Russia," Biden told reporters.

"They have some responsibility to deal with this," he said.

Three days after being forced to halt operations, Colonial said Monday it was moving toward a partial reopening of its 5,500 miles (8,850 kilometers) of pipeline — the largest fuel network between Texas and New York.

Biden however is badly informed. There is no evidence that DarkSide has anything to do with Russia. It is, like Emotet, a commercial 'ransomware-as-a-service' criminal entity that wants to make money and does not care about geopolitics. 

Yes, a version of the DarkNet software does exclude itself from running on system with specific language settings:

The DarkSide malware is even built to conduct language checks on targets and to shut down if it detects Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Turkmen, Romanian, and other languages ...

That is a quite long list of east European languages and Russian is only one of it. Why the authors of DarkNet do not want their software to run on machines with those language settings is unknown. But why would a Russian actor protect machines with Ukrainian or Romanian language settings? Both countries are hostile towards Russia. To claim that this somehow points to Russian actors is therefore baseless.

Russia strongly rejected Biden's accusation:

The Kremlin has once again pointed out the importance of cooperation between Moscow and Washington in tackling cyberthreats amid a cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline, a US company. "Russia has nothing to do with these hacker attacks, nor with the previous hacker attacks," Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Preskov assured reporters on Tuesday.

"We categorically reject any accusation against us, and we can only regret that the US is refusing to cooperate with us in any way to counter cyber-threats. We believe that such cooperation - both international and bilateral - could indeed contribute to the common struggle against this scourge [known as] cyber-crime," Peskov said.

The U.S. seems notoriously bad at attributing computer hacks. It claims that the recent SolarWinds attack which intruded several government branches was also done by Russia. But that attack required deep insider knowledge and access to SolarWinds' computers and processes:

The recently discovered deep intrusion into U.S. companies and government networks used a manipulated version of the SolarWinds Orion network management software. The Washington borg immediately attributed the hack to Russia. Then President Trump attributed it to China. But none of those claims were backed up by facts or known evidence.

The hack was extremely complex, well managed and resourced, and likely required insider knowledge. To this IT professional it 'felt' neither Russian nor Chinese. It is far more likely, as Whitney Webb finds, that Israel was behind it.

Indeed - the programmers of an Israeli company, recently bought up by SolarWinds, had all the necessary access for such a hack. However the U.S. sanctioned Russia over the SolarWinds hack without providing any evidence of its involvement.

If the U.S. continues to blame Russia without any evidence for each and every hack there may come a time when Russia stops caring and really starts to hack into or destroy important U.S. systems. The U.S. should fear that day.

Posted by b on May 11, 2021 at 17:31 UTC | Permalink


Thanks b. I don't think Russia is going to escalate destructive attacks any time soon. There's no upside.
They might even be reluctant to reveal their capabilities in the Ukraine.
For the moment, mockery is the best remedy while they up their game.

Posted by: David G Horsman | May 11 2021 17:48 utc | 1

@ b who ended with
If the U.S. continues to blame Russia without any evidence for each and every hack there may come a time when Russia stops caring and really starts to hack into or destroy important U.S. systems.

How can you write such assertions that vary from the approach that both Russia and China are taking?....strong defense but no offense.

Now if empire tried to hack into a Russian or Chinese system/network then appropriate takedowns of malicious systems/networks would seem logical....and I expect they know how...but will not do it on the basis of another avenue of empire lies and deceit.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 11 2021 17:56 utc | 2

You should have titled the post "Killing Two Birds With One Stone".
This pipeline is huge, running from Texas through the Southeast and all the way up to New England. It's condition is beyond awful with multiple leaks along the route some of which lose more than a million gallons per month and much more than can be determined since some of the gasoline / jet fuel went into the aquifers. These faults have been well known for decades and although some of the areas are heavily populated no remediation was done. The local outcry recently caught the attention of the press when kids reported a gasoline smell along the pipeline route to the police. The locals demanded the pipeline be closed for repairs and sought answers from state officials and Federal authorities as to why this situation was allowed. To blame the Russians for the closure of the pipeline which results in a surge in prices and limited availability of gas for the summer is an absolute stroke of genius.

Posted by: anon48 | May 11 2021 18:20 utc | 3

Great article. Russia must be getting so pissed off with the idiots in Washington.The uninformed and easily manipulated Western people surely get the governments they deserve.
Paul Craig Roberts highlights this with another bit of truth telling from Tucker Carlson

Posted by: Ike | May 11 2021 18:27 utc | 4


I need to ask this: What do you think about the vaccination of children?


Posted by: DG | May 11 2021 18:43 utc | 5

It is odd that certain elements of the us intelligence community, along with negative factions within the us political establishment, continue to absolutely refuse to enter into verifiable and mutually binding international agreements on cyber security with exactly the nation states that they accuse (without evidence) of malicious activity in the same sphere, while at the same time operating in this field in an openly declared hostile manner under the secrecy deemed necessary for 'national security'.

Posted by: Josh | May 11 2021 18:44 utc | 6

Perhaps the 'current administration' of the recently elected, and somewhat controversial, figure known as kermit the frog has a better excuse for such behavior than the last administration did.

Posted by: Josh | May 11 2021 18:46 utc | 7

If it does, we have not heard it yet.

Posted by: Josh | May 11 2021 18:46 utc | 8

" The U.S. should fear that day."

The question is, doesn't Russia fear it too? I'm sure the US could do plenty of damage to them too, if the gloves came off.

Posted by: Et Tu | May 11 2021 18:53 utc | 9

Emotet had nothing to do with the Russian Federation.

But Ukraine too is "Russia". When the US is protecting "freedom and democracy", Ukraine is a sovereign country. But when the US is attributing blame for cyber crimes, Ukraine suddenly becomes Russia.

In a way this is true. People in Kharkov speak Russian as their native language. It is likely that the programmers at the Israeli company that implemented the SolarWinds backdoor were also Russians. "Russian hackers" come from many different countries. What unites them is Runet, the Russian speaking Internet and the associated darknet, where Russian speaking hackers, crackers and cyber criminals share hacking tools and techniques. All Ukrainians, except for Galicians, become Russians when they go online.

I believe APT28 or "Fancy Bear" is nothing more that this collection of hacking tools. U.S. Department of Homeland Security claimed that Grizzly Steppe was "Russian malicious cyber activity". I identified (someone may say doxxed) the person who created the malware. He was a student at the Poltava National Technical University in Ukraine. The New York Times later confirmed the story.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | May 11 2021 18:54 utc | 10

Nice follow-up reporting.
Interesting coincidence: Today also the news broke of a espionage cyberattack on the design bureau in Russia that created e.g. the just launched new gen "Yasen" sub, among many others.
The Russians have openly attributed the attack on Chinese state attached APT groups, that also stole important information on other leading edge Russian weapons.
I wonder how that factors in the current talks of deeper cooperation on military technology development between Russia and China.

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr. | May 11 2021 18:54 utc | 11

Hey there, all y'all

With something like this, I simply ask " who benefits?"

It's a short list and Russia ain't on it.
What with the NSA having their little toolbox hacked (Sacre Bleu!)and let loose into the wilds of dark cyberspace, well, EVERYONE knows that attribution is problematic at best!

Come on, man! LoL!

Just my opinion
I could be wrong

Maybe a need a messenger RNA booster to get me thinking Right?

What with the Planet and all the sweet souls on it, like my cat-boy JoJo, being burnt up for a nickle for someone that ain't ever gonna need another one, I DO need a cheer up.

Bartender? Another round for all my Wonderful, erudite, cogent, questioning friends here!
Give "B" a double!
I think they are going to need it!

I'm either going to watch "Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb" or take a walk with the boy

Oh! It stopped raining so that's it then


Posted by: Lauren | May 11 2021 19:19 utc | 12

thanks b...

like the war on iraq which was based on false pretense and lies - in this situation the usa doesn't have to present any facts to state they are going to apply financial sanctions... win, win for the cia and intel community which wish to stereotype russia in a particular way constantly... and remember with a really stupid public, there is no need for anyone to ask any questions either - especially not a leader like biden who is happy to go along with intel lies... so, it really is business as usual here..

as for russia wishing to engage in dialogue and come to some agreement with the usa over cyber crime - remember, the usa is non negotiable and is incapable of making any type of agreements... this is just more of the same.. it is apparent to anyone paying attention the dynamic at work here...

@ 11 lauren question 'who benefits'? warmongers and those intent on destroying the concept of working together with others.... it is an attempt to keep the power centered in the same hands.. those hands have a lot of death, destruction and dirty deeds etched into them like the lines on a persons hands..

Posted by: james | May 11 2021 19:33 utc | 13

A constant tirade against Russia emanates from the Dollar Empire’s controlled media. Our populace has Stockholm syndrome. When it comes to China & Russia, our administrative lackeys have Tonya Harding syndrome. The anti-Russia syndrome of neocons reflects two things. Firstly, it is a sign of big power frustration with a permanent member of the UN Security Council that can veto U$A-led UN resolutions and which can also back up its policies with military firepower. Secondly, the chronic phase of the crisis persists for the Hegemon & its neoliberals, through De-Dollarization and Multilateralism. The Financial Empire prefers unipolarity, where everyone is using its currency US$ and it can run DEFICIT forever. Unsustainable.

The anti-Russian strategy has been a hallmark of British imperialism ever since the October revolution of 1917. Russia has been betrayed in 1917, 1945, 1991,... by the Financial Empire. Russia has completely embarrassed British and American geopolitical strategy in Georgia, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus, Nord Stream 2,.... Russia, China and Germany are leading De-Dollarization and this THREATENS nations with big trade deficits in hundreds of billions (U$A, UK). It has become imperative for the Empire to frame Russia in a negative way.

How is it possible to forge an alliance between an imperialist power that is committed to monetary imperialism and one that wants to be sovereign (China, Russia...)? Or between big trade powers and one whose interests lie in the promotion of the financial services?These are troubled times, with the shifting tectonic plates of power balances.

What percentage of Biden’s administration is from CFR, Bilderberg, Pilgrims... clubs? What changed? Who are key drivers of the Russian strategy?

CFR is Back.

Posted by: Max | May 11 2021 19:34 utc | 14

@ 13 max.. right on.. exactly... thanks..

Posted by: james | May 11 2021 19:38 utc | 15

@DG | May 11 2021 18:43 utc | 5

I need to ask this: What do you think about the vaccination of children?

A terrible crime...

Posted by: Norwegian | May 11 2021 19:41 utc | 16

Continental pipeline has already experienced hundreds of leaks.
Robbie Jaeger has been writing stories on Continental pipeline for some time now.
Jimmy Dore did his thing on pipeline couple weeks ago.

Posted by: Joe | May 11 2021 19:44 utc | 17

Posted by: anon48 | May 11 2021 18:20 utc | 3

There is a pattern that when some companies screw up, blame the Russians to cover up the screw up. Seems to be the case here. Various outlets began to notice that the Colonial pipeline leaks were huge. I think Colonial to get ahead of the revelations diverted to blaming Russia for stoppage. I would really like to hear from expert industrial control people how a ransomware software could lock up the pipelines when my guess is that most of the software is embedded in firmware or programmable memory.

There are so many examples now. Solarwinds got caught with their pants down on their horrid handling of security, and low and behold, blame Russians to divert how screwed their handling of security was. Matt Stoller wrote an article about how Solarwinds didn't give a crap about security concerns for the sake of profits.

Same thing with Wikileaks and DNC. The narrative was eventually pushed away from the contents of the leaks but that the Russians did it and therefore content illegitimate even if true. Hell, CNN's Freddo announced it was illegal for the wee-people to read the leaks.

Same thing happened with Sony leaks. Cyber people came in and blamed the North Koreans. The narrative shifted away from Sony executives to those no good North Koreans.

Posted by: Erelis | May 11 2021 19:46 utc | 18

While the MoA post is good and informative, its conclusion seems to have come from a fit of exasperation. As if the Russians really care now about all the baseless lies and accusations thrown at them by a failed empire itching for war. Moscow well knows that the US and Israel are setting traps and trying to get the Russians to stumble into them. The easiest thing to do is not to reciprocate.

It's far more likely that Ukrainians in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian diaspora in North America with access to US government and corporate cyber-security networks and systems are involved in DarkSide than Russians might be. Even the choice of name (DarkSide) points to someone having knowledge of popular Western culture and obsessions. Sleepy Uncle Joe should be looking closer to home and maybe even his own party for the culprits.

Posted by: Jen | May 11 2021 20:13 utc | 19

@ DG (5) RE: "I need to ask this: What do you think about the vaccination of children?"

Assuming that you are alluding to the Covid-19 'vaccines', my view is that it is completely indefensible to use them on younger people at no significant risk of serious symptoms. I will leave it at that because it is completely off topic.

Posted by: MarkU | May 11 2021 20:23 utc | 20

Imagine the 'woke' consternation if the evil ruskie ransomeware hackers were to target Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Shares Plunge Almost 7% After Company Reportedly Halts Plans To Expand In China

You can bet Western media will not point out that Russia gains nothing by such hacks.

<> <> <> <>

PSA: Eliminate this cynical comment from your brain space. You are not supposed to have such thoughts.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 11 2021 20:29 utc | 21

Another day, another baseless accusation against the Russians. Too bad we don't have a population capable of critical thinking. I'm intrigued by the suggestions that the pipeline(s) needed closing anyway but evidence is required before a false flag theory is supportable.

Posted by: MarkU | May 11 2021 20:34 utc | 22


I don't think that Colonial used the Russia card. That came from another source. As far as a cyberattack is concerned it lacks credibility for a couple of rather obvious reasons:

1) To have an effective cyberattack you need a complex automated system that can be entered and manipulated to do what you want as opposed to just shutting off the power. Colonial has said that they didn't know the severity of the leak and therefore didn't know how bad the leak was. That implies that the system is not highly automated and lacks even sensors to monitor a significant problem. Consider that the Russians knew exactly what the Ukrainians were stealing from the gas pipelines that transited to Europe. Simply waiting will give the answer anyway, if it's down for more than a few days it wasn't a cyberattack, it means they are plugging some of the leaks before they turn it back on.

2) The timing is simply too perfect. You have this pipeline that is an ecological disaster that absolutely has to be fixed. There is never a good time to shut this thing down, it simply carries too much fuel to not cause a major supply disruption.

By by blaming the Russians they keep the animosity focused not only on the Russians but just as important off of the operator of the pipeline, the EPA and a host of other state and federal institutions that have been tasked with monitoring something like this.

Posted by: anon48 | May 11 2021 20:34 utc | 23

That was a major mistake. Joe and Hunter Biden will be pissed. Heads going to roll

Posted by: goldhoarder | May 11 2021 20:38 utc | 24

The Russians know that there is a disconnect between whatever the reality is about international cybercrime and its agents on the one hand, and the US-Western MSM narrative on the other. And they know there are consequences for fools who swallow simple stories about bad Russkis and Officer USA policing the block. The main consequence is history itself, the product of historical agents acting on the assumption they have accurate information when they understand precisely nothing.

But there is another factor. It is no accident that Western states are looking for a casus belli to begin policing, regulating or even shutting down aspects of online activity. Anyone who has been following the recent surge in popularity of privacy coins (Monero, Pirate Chain, Wownero, etc) will understand that the real crypto advance on bitcoin-style currencies is an exponentially superior guarantee of privacy beyond the reach of state surveillance. Here in Australia it is almost impossible to set up an account with a crypto-exchange without handing over your entire identity, which puts on a government database instantly. In other words, the Australian government is worried more and more people are piling into the mini-tax havens that privacy coins offer. No Western government wants fiat challenged by this.

Their ace in the hole is a thermonuclear equivalent (shutting off the internet/power grids) and their WMD-pretext is Russian state-sponsored cyber-criminal boogeymen. There will be a pile-on in privacy coin and when it happens fiat institutions and reserve banks will beg states to turn the machines off.

Posted by: Patroklos | May 11 2021 20:56 utc | 25

Personally, I have no doubt that the US elites are well aware of what is happening, and that Russia has nothing to do with everything that is in large print in the headlines of American newspapers. However, publicly, the American elites are acting within the framework of a purposeful strategy - knowingly falsely accusing Russia for almost any reason:

cyberattacks around the world (mythical impersonal "Russian hackers"), use of "directed energy" against American intelligence agents, pseudo-poisoning of various people, explosions in warehouses, "monetary reward" to the Taliban for the murder of American soldiers, "violation" of treaties (open skies, INF Treaty, etc.), "aggressive" saber rattling (Russian exercises on Russian territory), dissemination of "disinformation" and "propaganda" (that is, in general, any information that the United States does not like), "vaccine diplomacy", the creation of anti-satellite weapons, the "aggressive behavior" of Russia in the Arctic, the "Russian trace" in the attack on the Capitol, "non-implementation" by Russia of the notorious Minsk agreements (where Russia is a guarantor, like France and Germany, not a party conflict), dissemination of "defamatory information" about Biden during the election campaign, epic "election interference", the destruction of the "last hospitals" in Syria, the "annexation of Crimea", the "espionage activities" of Russian diplomats, the harsh suppression of the rallies of "peaceful protesters" (unabashedly called "internal terrorists" in the United States), the "state-sponsored doping program", "violations" by Russia of the rules of naval maneuvers when meeting with American ships, Russia's "violation" of a certain "rules-based world order"...

I have listed only the tip of the iceberg.
This is not about the fact that the US authorities are mistaken, or do not understand/do not know something. This is a deliberate policy of slander and lies to denigrate and demonize the enemy. The policy of dehumanization. The policy of pumping up one's own population with hatred of the "existential enemy". Lies and slander should be injected into the information space almost on a daily basis. The more monstrous the lie, the easier it will be believed.

I can only repeat that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the level to which the United States has developed his doctrine of lies.

Not surprisingly, the United States has once again found the "culprit" in the cyberattack. It would be surprising if not Russia was named "guilty".

Posted by: alaff | May 11 2021 20:58 utc | 26

@ b
I am intrigued by the safety switch you speak of where the ransomware shuts itself down when it detects eastern european languages. would you happen to know what it is looking for? I would add a language pack or park a couple of dlls in a windows folder just to be on the safe side.

if this is true we should all patch immediately. might not stop the malware but at least the people putting it out would also be at risk so it could be like a bombmaker getting taken out by his own work.

Posted by: dan of steele | May 11 2021 20:59 utc | 27

Russia is the enemy of the United States. Russia and the United States are in a state of war. The United States has been at war with Russia since at least the Obama coup in Ukraine. Since then, including four years of Russia-gate, a state sponsored psychological warfare operation against the 'people' as well as a regime change operation against Trump, the messaging of the USA has been 100% "Russia is Enemy."

The USA is like the wicked stepmother who can't take her gaze away from the lying mirror. Its infrastructure is so mid-20th Century, as well as its patriotic jingoism. Its profit-based society is one of stratification, disease and disenfranchisement. The only question is how far will the United States fall before it is no longer a threat to human survival.

The United States policy is Mutual Assured Destruction. The 'greatest generation' passed it right along to the 'boomers' who will defend it to our deaths. We can't underestimate the capitalist extremists who run the USA.

Posted by: gottlieb | May 11 2021 21:00 utc | 28

"a version of the DarkNet software ... exclude[s] itself from running if it detects Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Turkmen, Romanian, and other languages"

Seriously? Wow. I think I know a way to protect computers and servers in the U.S.
(c)2021 Patents Pending

I am starting to think that there is a Cabal in the U.S. that wants to start a shooting war w/Russia in some place where they thing it can be contained (not saying they are smart). I just read an article on Politico where 'govt officials suspect that the directed energy attacks against U.S. personnel were done by the Russians' Again, wow.

1. Russia uses proxy criminal gang to take out a major U.S. pipeline.
2. Russia uses hidden directed energy weapon to disable U.S. govt employees.
3. Russia pays bounties to Taliban to kill U.S. troops (most Americans still believe this)
4. Russia is attacking our democracy in social media
5. ...

According to the Neocons, Russia is both evil and weak. They are too scared to takes us on directly so they have to sneak around like roaches in the middle of the night. This sounds like war conditioning to me.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | May 11 2021 21:03 utc | 29

Have to post the paranoid comment from Canada... all the barflies remember that Exercise Warfighter recently took place in Texas? You know the one involving British and French troops?

A sample from the article: 'Maj. Gen. Laurent Michon, 3rd French Division commander, highlighted the substantial amount of training his division conducted in preparation for the exercise, and the value the exercise has for his formation.

“We’ve had eight months of training before coming to Texas, especially at the divisional level. Such an exercise as the warfighter is wonderful to gain time and to learn much. It is hard training, so it is very good for high intensity conflicts,” said Michon.'

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | May 11 2021 21:04 utc | 30

Re: my paranoid comment @29

In Texas, there was also a massive hailstorm on April 28 --

And five tornados in one storm in early May, one of which crossed interstate 35, causing an accident, which blocked I35 completely --

Maybe coincidence.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | May 11 2021 21:44 utc | 31

@ 14 james... thanks.

Highly recommend this article that provides good insights into the overarching forces driving geopolitical warfare (information, trade, technology, currency, ...).

The key dimensions to focus are: trade balance, currency pricing, monetary (financial) system, power players (Global Financial SYNDICATE... ), ploys, capabilities,...

Global Financial Syndicate’s Monetary Imperialism

Nations aren’t investing in the U$ treasuries in big quantities and the majority buyers are U$A entities (Fed, U$A.banks, $$ Trust funds, pension funds,...). The U$A treasury bonds are being created at an exponential rate, TERMINAL phase. How will this Ponzi scheme continue?

There are two major geopolitical BLOCS:

– Non-$ (No$). China, Russia, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela ... These nations want to be sovereign and not vassals of the Financial Empire. They would rather trade in their respective national currencies.

– US$-centric (U$C). Five Eyes, Israel, EU, Japan, Saudi Arabia... These countries are captured vassals of the global financial oligarchy, SUZERAINTIES. Name a democracy that isn’t a suzerainty.

Posted by: Max | May 11 2021 21:46 utc | 32

Posted by: Ike | May 11 2021 18:27 utc | 4

We're off topic here, but since you provided the PCR link to Tucker Carlson (which then links to a Medium article by Nicholas Wade), I was wondering if anyone knows why the Trump administration, by way of the NIH, lifted the moratorium put in place by the Obama administration, on gain-of-function viral research?

Which further leads me to question why Fauci and the others would continue to outsource GoF research to China given that it was perfectly legal in the USA for the past 3.5 years.

Posted by: K_C_ | May 11 2021 21:47 utc | 33

Do newspeople hear themselves? the world's dumbest talking point being repeated on both FOX/CNN, 'a cyber gang could not possibly operate in Russia and attack the U.S. without Putin's blessing so we must still hold Russia accountable'
Uh ... okay, so then Mexico is directly responsible for every Drug Cartel as the operate w/their blessing.
The U.S. has 100% control of all criminal activity within its borders.
Even a dumb person has to be able to see that this is nonsense.

There is a certain elegance to the ransomware model. You do not have to actually take control of anything. You just encrypt the company's data to deprive them of it and you sell it back to them by giving them the de-encryption key and get paid in crypto currency. Colonial even said that their operations were not compromised. They said that they shut things down because they were worried that Darkside might have gotten access to info that could compromise their system and they were being cautious. So it is the threat of failure that is their leverage.

the flaw I would think that the model would be better if the criminals could guarantee that the data they returned to the customer was unsullied. Meaning they did not alter it or upload it. This makes the data more valuable. I wonder if there is a way for the thieves to do this. You could charge a premium for that.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | May 11 2021 22:04 utc | 34

Posted by: Jen | May 11 2021 20:13 utc | 18

Sleepy Uncle Joe should be looking closer to home and maybe even his own party for the culprits.

Well, why should sleepy Joe bother to look at all. America got screwed, why is it his business?

Posted by: Oriental Voice | May 11 2021 22:06 utc | 35

@ 32 max... thanks.. the link you provide takes one back to this thread... i am sure you meant to link to something else!

Posted by: james | May 11 2021 22:09 utc | 36

@ 14 james... thanks.

Global Financial Syndicate’s Monetary Imperialism

Posted by: Max | May 11 2021 22:18 utc | 37

the most obvious hole in the "russia did it" story for me is: if they wanted to sabotage US infrastructure why bother with ransomware? stuxnet is SCADA-centric malware that can be modified for different uses and is very discreet; that's how a nation state uses code. ransomware is obviously noticeable by its very nature and tends to be more of a "criminals good with linux" thing.

Posted by: the pair | May 11 2021 22:25 utc | 38

Thanks or the link to the Whitney Webb article b. Feels like I am living in the United States of Israel. Crickets from the MSM, as always.

Posted by: Michael Crockett | May 11 2021 22:42 utc | 39

For not or.

Posted by: Michael Crockett | May 11 2021 22:49 utc | 40

@30 & 38,

The scenario you shared is plausible, however its probability of occurring & success as you outlined is low. You’re underestimating the creativity of the No$ bloc and showing hubris of the Financial Empire. This Empire’s biggest FOLLY is that it thinks nobody can outsmart it. China and Russia will be happy for our U$A to invade Iran and will work to make it our Afghanistan (Soviet Union time). America will be stuck in a quagmire as they and other nations will just declare that they won’t trade in the US$ and trade in their respective national currencies!

However, Russia and China have repeatedly outperformed this Dollar Empire over the last decade. Russia has denied success to the Empire in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela & Belarus. Let’s see what happens with Nord Stream 2 and in Myanmar. Please share successes of the Dollar Empire since 2008.

Similarly, China has developed technological capabilities and is competing in many technological arenas and regions. Many arrogant individuals and entities thought China can never compete and will float its currency. These same arrogant club thought Russia is economically weak and won’t challenge us in Ukraine and Syria.

China and Russia have developed a BETTER innovative financial model for trade using currency swaps instead of the old reserve currency hegemonic model. China would rather grow its economy to be the largest economy and then win over Taiwan. Germany sold 5.4 million cars in China and only 1.4 million in the U$A in 2019. It sold one out three cars manufactured in China in 2020. Germany is leading the EU to challenge the U$A and work with China and Russia. Yes, Green Party is being promoted by the Empire. However, time and momentum are on China’s side.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
– Leo Tolstoy

If one looks at the situation before the WWI, there was similar connectivity between various Empires in Europe and vassals in the ME. Yet they had a war. However, many things are different this time. What are those? China and Russia will not settle for a vassal status. Our world has a better understanding of the monetary imperialism and enslavement.

What are other plausible scenarios? What are U$A’s OPTIONS? Will our nation (U$A) give up its hegemony peacefully? Remember, the U$A is a suzerainty of the Financial Empire.

One must never underestimate their opponents. Hubris will FAIL!

Posted by: Max | May 11 2021 23:01 utc | 41

@ 37 max... thanks... the article touches on many ideas expressed by others, in particular michael hudson.. i therefore recommend to moa readers to read the link max shared as i know others here would appreciate where it is coming from.... here is the link again...

From currency war to military war

Posted by: james | May 11 2021 23:42 utc | 42

K_C_ @May11 21:47 #33

OT but good question.

One of many wrt to pandemic origins and the inept Western response.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 11 2021 23:47 utc | 43

This pipeline is huge, running from Texas through the Southeast and all the way up to New England. It's condition is beyond awful with multiple leaks along the route some of which lose more than a million gallons per month and much more than can be determined since some of the gasoline / jet fuel went into the aquifers. These faults have been well known for decades and although some of the areas are heavily populated no remediation was done. The local outcry recently caught the attention of the press when kids reported a gasoline smell along the pipeline route to the police. The locals demanded the pipeline be closed for repairs and sought answers from state officials and Federal authorities as to why this situation was allowed. To blame the Russians for the closure of the pipeline which results in a surge in prices and limited availability of gas for the summer is an absolute stroke of genius. <=by: anon48 @ 3

Yes,continuing the Pandemic and at the same time redirecting big pharma lies to blame vs. Russia.
In my area it is impossible to find gas for the car..boat or plane

everyone is shut area.. just like a Pharma Pandemic.. I could not imagine a better scenario.. everyone stays isolated to prove vaccine works .. gives CDC breathing room to dream up a new way to create lock down and panic. Work stoppage, job loss, and small competitive business failures and depletion of personal assets of those who are the governed continues.. Everyone is wearing the Bankrupt Americans badge.

Paul Craig Roberts highlights this with another bit of truth telling from Tucker Carlson
another possible bit of truth
summary of post by: Ike 4 <=not sure this is proof .. maybe evidence?

why gain of function research out sourced to China?"

Has CDC gain of function research been restarted

-- = -

King Lear <=Follow the monopoly the hands of the private cabals to find war..
Each side will use the MSM to get his or her nation state to fight a war..against the other ..over private ownership of a nation state protected privately owned monopoly power.

I think Putin has been left out.. he is not suppose to sell anything, develop anything or continue in his present job. he protects the monopoly powers inside his nation state. the globalist just won't have it.

Posted by: snake | May 11 2021 23:51 utc | 44

question period with the usa state dept. press briefing today..

"QUESTION: Maybe I missed it. Does that mean that you dropped your opposition, your objection to the UN Security Council statement?"

Department Press Briefing – May 11, 2021

Posted by: james | May 11 2021 23:58 utc | 45

Max @May11 23:01 #44

Good response.

FYI the mad King's challenges are little more than lame attention-seeking for Empire-friendly blinders-on nonsense.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 12 2021 0:00 utc | 46

I was expecting Iran to get the blame. It would be an easy sell since it was an Iranian nuke facility that got "hacked" recently. Blaming China wouldn't work as it could lead to more sanctions from Beijing for the bullshit.

However, there is the possibility that the cause is all fake news. I wonder if Washington is preparing people for the reality of oil shortages similar to the Oil Crisis back in the 70s. It would be an easy way to blame others for the expected loss of the WRC status for the USD and the death of the Petrodollar.

DG | May 11 2021 18:43 utc | 5:

IF we're talking about the C19, then BAD idea. Sooner or later, someone will snap and we'll be reading about a mass shooting in a big pharma office.

Posted by: Ian2 | May 12 2021 0:09 utc | 47

james @May11 23:58 #48

Lots of important questions in that briefing but few real answers. Examples:

On engagement with Palestinian Authority

QUESTION: So – okay. Well, have any of those people spoken to anyone on the Palestinian – from the Palestinian Authority, or do you believe that they don’t have any influence or they’re not able to —

MR PRICE: No, I didn’t say that at all. I didn’t say that at all. In fact, I said that there has been engagement with the Palestinian Authority.

QUESTION: At what level? Not these levels?

MR PRICE: At the appropriate level.

QUESTION: Well, what does that mean?

MR PRICE: At the appropriate level. We —

QUESTION: Has the Secretary or the deputy secretary made any effort or – called or made any effort to call to Palestinian leaders?

MR PRICE: We have engaged our Palestinian counterparts both in the context of this but well before this too on a regular basis to discuss issues of mutual concern.

QUESTION: Okay. Well, who? If you’re happy to talk about the Israeli foreign minister and the Israeli deputy foreign minister and the Israeli national security advisor, who on the Palestinian side have these people been in touch with?

MR PRICE: We have engaged with various Palestinian officials —

QUESTION: Do you even know their names?

MR PRICE: — at different levels, but I will leave it at that.

QUESTION: All right. And then just the other thing —

QUESTION: And why don’t you want to tell us?

QUESTION: Just – I mean, that’s a good question that Francesco is – why?


QUESTION: Do they not have names? Do you think that they don’t have any influence and that’s why you —

MR PRICE: No, that’s not it at all, Matt. We have engaged with them.

QUESTION: But why is it a secret? If you’re happy to talk about going – calling up the Israelis and telling them in person, personally – voice to voice, if not face to face – to exercise restraint, who on the Palestinian side are you calling? You can’t talk to Hamas, so presumably you’ve got to talk to someone in the PA. Who is it you’re talking to?

MR PRICE: If we have any more details to read out of those calls, we’ll let you know, but we have engaged regularly in an effort to discuss these areas of mutual concern.

= = =

On the attack on an Afghan school

QUESTION: Are you any closer to assessing who’s to blame for the deadly explosion over the weekend? Yesterday, you said it bore resemblance to attacks by ISIS-K, but have you determined that they are in fact behind that attack?

MR PRICE: We haven’t yet determined attribution for the attack. What I said yesterday about the attack bearing some of the hallmarks of previous ISIS-K attacks, including the location of this attack, continues to be the case, but we don’t yet have conclusive attribution.

= = =

QUESTION: Do you think the U.S. should do more to help Colombia with the situation? I mean, it’s escalating. It’s been already two weeks. There are hundreds of deaths, missing people.

MR PRICE: We have continued to engage with our Colombian partners on this. We have done this from the State Department here, from our embassy in Bogota, and that won’t change. We’ll continue to be engaged.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 12 2021 0:30 utc | 48

I give zero credibility to accusations unaccompanied by proof. 'It was the Russians, trust us' doesn't make it.

Posted by: ian | May 12 2021 0:31 utc | 49

All the US hacks are false flag CIA ops or israeli ops in order to make some headlines and dislodge other worthwhile news.

No one but the CIA and Israeli IT company that have such extensive privilege in the US "grid".

Posted by: Smith | May 12 2021 0:50 utc | 50

James @ 48, Jackrabbit @ 51:

Matt Lee's life: taking down US State Department speakers at press briefings.

Unless Neil Price has had his amygdala completely extracted or siphoned out (as part of the requirements for his job), I should think he quakes in his boots at the thought of having to answer Matt Lee's questions every time he has to do these pressers.

Posted by: Jen | May 12 2021 0:57 utc | 51

In every Ukrainian there is still a Russian inside! So Putin did it!

Posted by: Wolle | May 12 2021 1:12 utc | 52

As soon as I heard of the hack of the Colonial (¿Colonial? Who names their business Colonial?) Pipeline I immediately asked my friend who told me about it whether Bidet had blamed Russia yet. Of course they'll blame Russia. In waiting for demands for compensation now, and sanctions in "retaliation".

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 12 2021 1:19 utc | 53

@jackrabbit 51

My budënnovka off to anyone who finds any meaning in any of that codswallop.

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 12 2021 1:24 utc | 54

"If the U.S. continues to blame Russia without any evidence for each and every hack there may come a time when Russia stops caring and really starts to hack into or destroy important U.S. systems. The U.S. should fear that day."

Any reason why it shouldn't do it right now? What does it have to lose?

Posted by: Biswapriya Purkayast | May 12 2021 1:45 utc | 55

@ jackrabbit, jen, and biswapriya... sorry.. that was meant for the thread on palestine, but regardless.. no getting around insanity when listening or reading the usa press briefings.. it is much like this thread where the effort to demonize russia is endless on the part of the usa.. no other word to describe it then insane.. btw - that is the meaning in itself biswpriya... insanity speaking is what it is... - jen - i doubt it... you have to be a consummate liar to get the gig as spokesperson... they try hard to find the best.. jackrabbit - it is not for getting answers, but for spreading on the propaganda thick and heavy... i think it always has been..

Posted by: james | May 12 2021 1:52 utc | 56

Fool me once, fool me twice... we seem to be on about the hundredth "fool me".

Posted by: Edward | May 12 2021 2:04 utc | 57

Larry Kudlow: Cyber hacking of the Colonial Pipeline and 'Hamas shooting war on Israel' are linked

As far as Hamas is concerned, Hamas, of course, a terrorist state of Iran. Iran, itself, is a terrorist country. Now, who’s Iran’s biggest backer? You guessed it – Russia.

Posted by: OneStepBeyond | May 12 2021 3:01 utc | 58

@ 45 James... thanks for recommending the article to moa readers. Michael Hudson, conceptually defines the monetary imperialism well along with its mechanics. It will be great if he were to zoom out to define the power players and not frame it as the American endeavor. This has been going on over the past few centuries. The U$A is one of the captured power players.

@ 49 Jackrabbit... thanks.

Russia has built a SIEGE economy, stagnant but unusually resistant to sanctions. Its goal is to first win its sovereignty and firmly establish a multipolar order by ending dollar’s hegemony.

Humanity’s challenge is to end monetary imperialism. Nations will become sovereign and money will serve humanity.

Posted by: Max | May 12 2021 3:24 utc | 59

@ 62, no ranting. The very fact you don’t answer the questions asked and go on some tangent, reveals you’re not interested in a constructive conversation and have lost. Please don’t waste time.

Capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, ... all have a central bank and are centrally planned economies. Any corporation is a public-private partnership and nations that balance this public-private relationship well succeed, like China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, U$A... No emerging nation over the last century could have succeeded without first working within the Financial Empire’s structure, including the United States. John F Kennedy tried to move away from the Empire, even though his dad did well by serving the Empire.

China and Russia did exist within the Financial Empire. However, they are going their own way to define their destiny. The Global Financial Syndicate wants to work with these nations as long as it controls their Oligarchy. Vladimir Putin knows Russia’s betrayals and China knows its humiliation. They won’t make the mistake of being this syndicate’s vassals, now that they’re strong. Neither we Americans need to trust this syndicate as it will be happy to crash and restructure the U$A with its lackeys in control, like it did to Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. The biggest loser from a world war will be this syndicate, as it will lose its efforts of many centuries.

The Dollar Empire analyzed the global situation and its findings were published by Emily Goldman (Deputy Director for Interagency Coordination in the Office of Communication at U.S. Central Command) which clearly identified Russia & China as a major challenge to its global HEGEMONY. She shines good light on the Dollar Empire’s plans and has been accurate since 2011. Why was Russia ready to seamlessly capture Crimea? Just take a look at the table of contents.

Power in Uncertain Times

Posted by: Max | May 12 2021 4:17 utc | 60

@ 63 max... thanks.. i agree with your last line and i agree with your opening comment too about hudson zooming out and defining the players..

ps - b is going to delete king lears posts... you are wasting your time responding to them.. you would know this if you hung around here for any time..

Posted by: james | May 12 2021 4:21 utc | 61

@ 65 James, I appreciate your feedback and help. Thanks.

King Lears is my secondary target in responses. My primary goal is to share what I have learned from many good Americans and people from all over the world.

Posted by: Max | May 12 2021 4:33 utc | 62

@63 Max - Russia has built a SIEGE economy, stagnant but unusually resistant to sanctions.

Yes, this is the art of war as it has been said long since. First, make your position unassailable. Next, look for the fatal weakness in the enemy. Invincibility depends on you, but the fatality of the enemy will be created by the enemy.

Therefore one needs only to be invulnerable and to possess patience for the enemy to be vanquished.

And that vanquishing, friend Max, as you say, rests in the ending of monetary imperialism. I haven't heard a better term yet to describe the enemy.


And I second james - I wanted to warn you that the troll you address is a nothingness less than dust, but your response was so profound in its own right that I couldn't distract from it.

Posted by: Grieved | May 12 2021 4:38 utc | 63

Max @ 44 and beyond:

King Lear keeps posting the same idiotic map showing the division of the Middle East and Asia along ethno-religious criteria. This map and the troll's posts have been demolished over and over by MoA commenters in the past. Shows you that you're dealing with a one-track mind.

Posted by: Jen | May 12 2021 5:21 utc | 64

@ Grieved and Jen, thanks for your insights and warning. I will ignore King going forward!

Posted by: Max | May 12 2021 5:27 utc | 65

Watch out, these "Russian hacks" have often been sophisticated false flags:


"Regarding the most prominent such case, the alleged “hacking” of the US Democratic Party (DNC) and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Blake shows how the emails and documents in question were in fact exfiltrated by the FBI and FBI cybersecurity contractor CrowdStrike, whose founder, Dmitri Alperovitch, is a Senior Fellow at the US-NATO think tank Atlantic Council. (1)

Blake shows how the mysterious persona of Guccifer 2.0, who claimed the hack, was played by none other than Alperovitch himself, while the technical infrastructure, including the notorious website, was provided by US and NATO intermediaries in NATO member Romania.

Later, former FBI director Robert Mueller would pretend to “investigate” the cyber operation, attributing it to alleged “Russian hacking groups” named “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear” based on information provided by FBI and DNC contractor CrowdStrike and its CTO Dmitri Alperovitch. (2)"

Posted by: NoWay | May 12 2021 5:43 utc | 66

To DG @ 5:

"I need to ask this: What do you think about the vaccination of children?"

The answer is simple: the gene-tampering injectables (which are not vaccines) are unnecessary, ineffectual and dangerous. Research them yourself, carefully, and this conclusion becomes unavoidable - for anyone not in the grip of Terror Derangement Syndrome.

Avoid them like the plague. This is true for everyone, but true in Spades, on stilts, on steroids for children. Absolutely crazy idea to bring the injectables anywhere near them. They don't need any help to shrug off the covid-flu, mostly without even noticing it, and they're put at serious risk by the injectables. Even I, at 79 last year, offed the covid pathogen in three days, with thirty grams (sic!) per day of vitamin C in water, taken in half-hourly sips right through each day, together with taking it easy, as I felt just slightly under the weather; nothing more than that. No doctor or hospital consulted.

Grab this information quickly, before b deletes it. Otherwise-savvy observer though he is, he seems to have gone completely overboard for the covid scam: swallowed the fearporn propaganda hook, line and sinker; a classic case of TDS. If this past fifteen month has shown us anything clearly, it's that the most unexpected people can have their common-sense completely anaesthetised by carefully-cultivated terror porn.

Posted by: Rhisiart Gwilym | May 12 2021 7:15 utc | 67

I don't know the first thing about hacking, but every one of those "protect" languages is used in the CIS.

Yes, Romanian is what people in Romania speak and use, but it's also what many people in the Republic of Moldova use as well, including a hell of a lot of bilingual Russian/Romanian folks.

Likewise, plenty of Russian speakers (who may or not be bilingual) in Ukraine.

Posted by: Sam | May 12 2021 7:38 utc | 68

To Rhisiart Gwilym @ 71

"I need to ask this: What do you think about the vaccination of children?"

It's a good day when these types of posts make it past b. I still find it difficult to accept that moa went down this track but......what can you do?
Thanks DG and Norwegian

Posted by: Subtropical | May 12 2021 11:57 utc | 69

What do you think of vaccinating chldreN?

Well that depends on the vaccine, the child, and the disease. In this case the right idea seems to be vaccinating people who are exposed by their jobs or other daily commitments, protecting and sequestering the old and vulnerable, and leaving children's young and vigorous immune systems alone. If this was about smallpox or polio, then we could talk about "protecting" children. As it is, we seem to mainly be protecting politicians.

Posted by: Bemildred | May 12 2021 12:17 utc | 70

Baseless accusations => China, Wuhan lab this is in regard to Rand Paul's yacking about 'gain of function' research being funded by us in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Does the Wuhan lab even do gain of function research?
I have not been able to verify that and I have learned never to trust a Neocon.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | May 12 2021 13:35 utc | 71

Russia doesn't have to do anything. They can just sit back and watch the empire devour itself. The US and European "elite" are Western civilization's greatest enemy. Or at least what is left of Western civilization.

Posted by: goldhoarder | May 12 2021 14:41 utc | 72

@4 IKE there is a lot more evidence out there. Nicholas Wade's summarizes the evidence in a article making waves. The interview with Dr. Daszak is very damning from December 19, 2019. He ran the coverup operation. Publishing the zootonic origin article in the lancet in February 2020 and as the lone representative from the USA on the WHO team that went to Wuhan to investigate the origins. Nicholas Wade links that interview. You can watch it on youtube as of today. It is pretty jaw dropping in that he is practically bragging out the manipulated coronavirus and how infectious they made it.

Posted by: goldhoarder | May 12 2021 16:08 utc | 73

In Texas, there was also a massive hailstorm on April 28 --

And five tornados in one storm in early May, one of which crossed interstate 35, causing an accident, which blocked I35 completely --

Maybe coincidence.

Posted by: Bruised Northerner | May 11 2021 21:44 utc | 31

Texas may have ongoing problems. A while ago, Texas had a severe draught and the governor asked "religious leaders" to pray for rain. Since then, all deities influencing the weather that were NOT propitiated are peeved.

For example, Tlaloc of Mexica

"Five months of the 18-month ritual year were dedicated to Tlaloc and to his fellow deities, the Tlaloque, who were believed to dwell on the mountaintops. Children were sacrificed to Tlaloc on the first month, Atlcaualo, and on the third, Tozoztontli." That could be hard... but at least they could try something else: "During the sixth month, Etzalqualiztli, the rain priests ceremonially bathed in the lake; they imitated the cries of waterfowls and used magic “fog rattles” (ayauhchicauaztli) in order to obtain rain. The 13th month, Tepeilhuitl, was dedicated to the mountain Tlaloque; small idols made of amaranth paste were ritually killed and eaten. A similar rite was held on the 16th month, Atemoztli."

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 12 2021 16:11 utc | 74

Posted by: King Lear | May 11 2021 22:18 utc | 38
Interesting thought experiment.
The capitulation of China and Russia does not result from successful invasions culminating in the capture of Moscow and Beijing (this would obviously trigger a Nuclear War that neither side desires). Instead, it results from the combined effects of three years of U$ Naval blockades (which prevent China from exporting its cheap garbage and Russia from exporting its Oil/Gas, thus torpedoing their already fragile economies rife with corruption)

Imo, a Naval & No Fly blockade of China and/or Russia will be interpreted as an Act Of War and Ru & Cn will sink the entire US Navy - world-wide.
It's only about 1,000 ships so 5,000 missiles would do the heavy lifting.
It would all be over in 24 hours...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 12 2021 16:19 utc | 75

Mr. Piotr Berman

A truly deranged civilization and culture; Paganism as its worst.

Posted by: fyi | May 12 2021 16:33 utc | 76

The US thinks of itself as a Naval Power but it's mostly a navel-gazing power.
Navies are so 19th Century.
Where's my mirror!!? I wanna watch myself go by, exercising and being exorcised!!

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 12 2021 16:38 utc | 77

a big thank you to every person that destroyed king lears imperial war fantasies and bullshit.

Posted by: Per/Norway | May 12 2021 20:27 utc | 78

There's an article from January about this, or is it anothwr identocal instance, or is full of shit...

Posted by: Zach Waddill | May 12 2021 22:31 utc | 79

@80 Horsewhisperer a naval blockade *is* warfare, there would be no need for Russia or China to "interpret" that as such.

The legality of naval blockades is governed by the "San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea"

Note that the title makes it axiomatic that the instigation of a naval blockade means that there is now an "armed conflict at sea", otherwise that blockade - by definition - would be illegal under international law.

"It's only about 1,000 ships"

Err, no, not even close. If you are counting warships then you are talking about just over 300 ships, tops.

If you slap a gun on every auxilliary ship the US Navy has - including the USS Constitution - then that number swells to 490.

But if that is the criteria then note that the Chinese have 10,000 (!!!) ocean-going fishing boats, so if it came to a battle of "armed fleet auxiliaries" then there would be only one winner.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | May 12 2021 23:23 utc | 80

Mr. Piotr Berman

A truly deranged civilization and culture; Paganism as its worst.

Posted by: fyi | May 12 2021 16:33 utc | 81

It may look that way, but Texas has bright sides too.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 13 2021 0:36 utc | 81

@39 King Lear "(which prevent China from exporting its cheap garbage and Russia from exporting its Oil/Gas, thus torpedoing their already fragile economies rife with corruption)"

Here's a little pop trivia question:
Question: How many private cars did the USA manufacture between December 1941 and August 1945?
Answer: None.

If there is a WWIII then China will move instantly to a "war economy" i.e. its manufacturing base won't be building anything "for export" but instead will focus on building things that kill people.

Here's another little pop trivia question:
Question: If Russia and China are allies in a WWIII then were will Russia send all of its oil and gas?
Answer: To its own war economy, and to China's war economy.

And one more:
Question: Can a US naval blockade stop Russian oil and gas from going to China, or Chinese weapons to Russia?
Answer: No.

Honestly, you need to think about this in a bit more detail and not merely extrapolate from the here-and-now.

National economies change immensely when they move to a "total war" footing, and in the case of a China/Russia alliance against the USA then China will get all the energy and raw materials it needs from Russia, and Russia will gratefully accept every item of weaponry that China's heavy industries can produce, and in both cases there will be nothing that the US Navy will be able to do about it.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | May 13 2021 1:48 utc | 82

The highly unlikely scenario behind the link I posted above of a Map of Asia in 2025, is the aftermath of a Conventional World War III that pitted China/Russia and its allies (ie. the DPRK, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the other CSTO countries, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.) against the U$ and its allies (ie. the other NATO countries, the GUAM countries, Israel, the GCC countries, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, the RIO pact countries, etc.). It starts with a U$ Invasion of Iran in 2022 in order to destroy its “Nuclear weapons” program, which sparks a massive regional conflict that draws Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, the PMF, Lebanon, Hamas, and the Houthis on Iran’s side, and Israel, The GCC countries, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, Fatah, and Iranian separatists (Arab, Kurdish, Balochi, and Azeri rebels) on the U$ side. Sensing the opportunity, China invaded Taiwan shortly afterwards, thinking the U$ won’t intervene due to its involvement in the Middle East War, but miscalculates and faces a massive U$ Navy Blockade and is forced to attack U$ bases in Japan, South Korea, and Guam with DF-21/26 MRBMs/IRBMs, and engage the U$ Navy, sparking a War with the U$. In response the DPRK invades South Korea, and Russia Invades the Ukraine and Baltic states bringing all of NATO into the War. Pakistan uses the opportunity to launch an Invasion of Kashmir, that spreads the War to South Asia. Ultimately, after 3 years of fighting and 100 million dead (mainly from starvation in China), the U$ bloc wins due to superior quantity and quality of military equipment and unrestricted access to Global sea lanes, with the result being the Regime change and Balkanization of China, the DPRK, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Russia (though not shown on this map, they lose the Muslim-majority North Caucasian republics), as shown in the Map.

An interesting scenario... lots of typical USA uberalles assumptions....

Some realism..... In the event of war NATO loses it's supply of Titanium, rare earths, tents, sleeping bags, back packs, uniforms, shoes, oil, most of it's gas, all of it's Iron ore, most of it's bauxite... hence aluminum...

Your scenario begins with war against Iran.... Good start.... but how about inculcating total destruction of Israel, all NATO bases in the middle east, all KSA/GCC oil/gas production, all Iraq oil production... due to bombardment by precision missiles fielded by the resistance.

Now to your Taiwan scenario. China chooses to invade... fine... after, totally destroying the USN, AusN, JapN, ROKN at the dock... followed by total destruction of USAF aircraft on their hardstands anywhere between Frisco and Shanghai.... USING CONVENTIONAL MISSILES...

Now to your Ukraine/Baltic States Scenario... Russia... in 20 minutes destroys every NATO air/naval base between the mid-atlatic ridge and Kiev... with mini-nukes. Russia then makes an example of the UK by turning London into Thames Lake... destroying the RN RAF before they can sortie... Then conducting a search for NATO SSBNs in the arctic using Chinese satellite tracking systems, with destruction via airborne homing torps with nuk warheads...

This followed or preceded by destruction of all pipeline pumping stations via cyber attack, and the Grid nodes ditto BEFORE giving them the Coup de gras via cruise missile, followed by total destruction of the USN USAF bases and their ships and planes, followed by total destructon of all US ports after their entry channels were closed by mines...

Followed by riots and mass starvation of the US populace...

Did I leave anything out???

Oh... yeah.... dismemberment of the US into 6 statelets...


Posted by: Dr. George W. Oprisk | May 13 2021 5:47 utc | 83

Piotr Berman @ 86:

Hilarious answer. Pity you don't get many opportunities here to show such sparkling wit.

Posted by: Jen | May 13 2021 6:22 utc | 84

Whitney Webb wrote a brilliant article exposing the Israeli linked company Samanage as the likely culprit

further to the overall issue NOTHING will be done to the perps, the EastMed pipeline (Israeli gas stolen from Palestine) has probably greased a lot of palms, this pipeline is in competion with the Russia backed Turkstream, hence the demonization of Russia

Posted by: abee | May 13 2021 11:21 utc | 85

Posted by: Yeah, Right | May 13 2021 1:48 utc | 87 (and others).
(King Lear's thought experiment)

Thanks for the corrections.
Imo, the more the merrier during a Thought Experiment.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | May 13 2021 12:39 utc | 86

@88 The assumptions are piled thick atop a very flimsy foundation, agreed.

I do like these two absolute howlers w.r.t. China
1) That the US Navy can instigate a blockade against the "World-Island" of an alliance between Russia and China that will bring both to their knees.

Mackinder understood that such an alliance places any sea power at the periphery of world events, not in the center. It can nibble away at the edges, but nothing more, precisely because the main game will be the trade going on in the "Heartland" of that "World-island".

He probably has no understanding of why Kissinger and his ilk are having kittens over the fact - and it is a fact - that US hostility has driven Russia and China together, whereas any sensible US foreign policy should have been directed towards driving them apart.

2) His quaint misunderstanding that the US Navy instigation of a naval blockade of China ISN'T a war, whereas any Chinese retaliation against that blockade IS a war.

No, sorry. That means he has no idea what a Naval Blockade is under international law.

Naval blockade is covered by the "San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea" which (as the title makes explicit) is part of the Laws Of War.

As in: a Naval Blockade *is* warfare, irrespective of whether (or not) those who are blockaded retaliate with force.
As in: The USA gets its war on the moment it imposes a blockade on China, irrespective of what China does in return.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | May 13 2021 13:27 utc | 87

My car had a flat today. Must have been those damn Russians.

Posted by: Noah | May 19 2021 13:16 utc | 88

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