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May 13, 2021

Escalation In Palestine - Hizbullah Is Ready To Join The Fight

The current war the occupiers of Palestine wage on the indigenous population has some unusual features.

While the conflict was, without doubt, started by the colonial occupiers the course of the recent escalation seems to be managed by the resistance side. It may well be part of a larger plan.

The Israeli army had for some time planned a large scale 30-days long maneuver to rehearse an attack on Hezbullah in Lebanon. Last week Hizbullah reacted to that:

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror organization has announced it is on high alert following the IDF’s launching of its largest-ever military exercise.

The IDF launched on Sunday its “Chariots of Fire” month-long exercise simulating war on several fronts, and primarily against Hezbollah in the north, including the massive firing of missiles and rockets from all arenas on the home front.

This is the largest and most comprehensive IDF maneuver in its history...

The maneuver had been announced for some time. Hizbullah has feared that the maneuver was a deception for a planned Israeli assault on Lebanon. It came at an interesting moment.

The International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) was inaugurated by Imam Khomeini in 1979, the year of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, to revive the Palestinian cause, and is celebrated on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

The last Friday of Ramadan was May 7. On May 5 the Secretary General of Hizbullah Hassan Nasrallah gave his yearly Al-Quds day speech:

[O]ur responsibility for Al-Quds Day is to provide all possible help to the Palestinian people, to the Palestinian Resistance; the Axis of Resistance must be even more united and attached to the cause, and it already is, it must increase its readiness (for the final war), it must strengthen itself further, because it is the Axis of Resistance that will shape the future of the Middle East.

If we follow the development of the current phase of the conflict in Palestine those words may getting a deeper meaning:

Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the three holiest sites in Islam, has long been an emblem of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.

Al-Haram al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary), the complex in Jerusalem’s Old City that houses the mosque - which includes the Dome of the Rock and other Islamic shrines - is arguably the most significant symbol of Palestinian sovereignty.

Jerusalem has been on edge for weeks over Israel's restrictions on Palestinian access to parts of the Old City during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and Israeli authorities' attempted eviction of several Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood to make way for Israeli settlers.

Al-Aqsa found itself at the centre of a long weekend of violence from Friday, that left hundreds of people injured and led to a series of deadly rocket exchanges between the Israel military and Hamas in Gaza.

By Tuesday night, Israeli security forces had raided the holy site four times in five days.

On Friday May 7, Al-Quds day, the first protests at Al-Aqsa against the stealing of the houses in Sheikh Jarrah happened. They were also against the year's 'Death to Arabs' Flag March by ultra-zionist settlers through east Jerusalem which had been planned for Sunday May 9.

The settler march was called off but the protests and the raids on Al-Aqsa continued. By Monday night Israel security forces had stormed Al-Aqsa three times. According to the Palestinian Red Cross 305 Palestinians were injured and 228 others hospitalized including four in a critical condition.

On Monday the Israel military called off its “Chariots of Fire” exercise in the north to concentrate on a possible escalation of violence in Jerusalem.

That was the point where the resistance in the Gaza strip joined the conflict by launching missiles on Israeli settlements.

The move was not necessary. Gaza voluntarily entered the conflict. Presumably the resistance leadership in Gaza believes that it has the capabilities and backing to sustain a new round of fighting. Since then some 2,000 missiles were fired against Israeli targets as far away from Gaza as Tel Aviv, some 230 kilometers north of Gaza. This is a much greater range than previous missiles fired from Gaza have had. Only some 10-20% of the missiles fired reach their target. Some are caught by Israel's missiles defense but many of the locally produced weapons are not precise enough or simply fail. Still - the psychological effect on the colonial population is severe.

Israel immediately began to wage an air war on Gaza. As in previous rounds of the conflict it targeted the media, the police and civil infrastructure. These strikes are war crimes. They were accompanied by an assassination campaign against presumed resistance leaders.

On Monday May 10 another front opened up as anti-Jewish protests happened in Lod. Shops were damaged and cars set on fire. The next two night anti-Arab pogroms and anti-Jewish rioting escalated:

Israel on Wednesday experienced its worst night of internal Jewish-Arab chaos for many years, amid the ongoing armed conflict with Gaza, as scenes of unrest, rioting, hate rallies and growing social chaos spread throughout numerous cities, some of which were once seen as symbols of coexistence.

Violent confrontations erupted in Lod, Acre, Jerusalem, Haifa, Bat Yam, Tiberias and many other locations, with people injured, some of them seriously, leading Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce he was looking at deploying the military inside towns to restore order.
Jewish mobs were seen roaming the streets of Tiberias and Haifa looking for Arabs to assault.

In Jerusalem, an Arab was stabbed by Jews and seriously injured at the Mahane Yehuda market.

“Death to Arabs” was heard in many locations of Jewish rallies.

Meanwhile, in Acre, a Jewish man was assaulted by Arab rioters and hit with rocks and iron bars, and was hospitalized in critical condition.

Arab rioting was reported in Jerusalem, Lod, Haifa, Tamra and elsewhere.

The Israeli military has called up reserves and moved forces down south to the boarder with Gaza. Today the Gaza resistance used for the first time suicide drones against Israeli missile defenses. Israeli troop concentrations around Gaza will have to fear that new weapon.

The Israeli government under still Prime Minister Netanyahoo is now threatening a ground invasion of Gaza. But ground assaults always cause casualties within the attacking forces,  something the Israelis are usually keen to avoid. It will take more missiles fired from Gaza to goad Netanyahoo into launching such an attack.

Despite the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the Gaza strip the resistance forces there seems to be well supplied. They may well have more capabilities than is currently assumed.

With unrest in Jerusalem, pogroms in Israeli cities, a potential third intifada in the occupied West Bank and a ground invasion of Gaza the Israeli army will be very busy. If it comes to that during the next few days the time could be right for Hizbullah, already on full alarm, to step in and to attack the occupation on the grounds that it is  holding.

Nasrallah's speech last week can be understood as an announcement of such a step:

My last message will be for the Israelis themselves. I tell them this: you know well, in your heart of hearts, whether it is based on your religious texts or doctrines, on your books or your prophecies, and also based on what some of your leaders and experts say, and also some of your religious authorities, you know (very well) that this entity (Israel) has no future, that it is on the verge of extinction and that it has little time left to live, very little time. Therefore, in this battle you are wasting your energy, and your young people are wasting their youth and their blood, in vain and to no avail.
We believe in this near future (where Israel won’t exist anymore), we believe in it very firmly, and this faith is not based only on religious and ideological bases, but is based (above all) on the data, on the events which occur, especially on those of the last decades, the last years and on what will happen (soon) in this region.

It is possible that Netanyahoo had planned the original escalation in Jerusalem to stay in office:

After four elections Israel still has no new government. Prime Minister Netanyahoo is on trial for corruption. A larger war that can be spun into a victory could help him to avoid a judgment and gain votes for the likely soon coming next election.

It that was his plan he has achieved a first step towards it:

Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett has taken “off the table” the option of forming a government without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, due to the ongoing military conflict with Gaza terrorists, a political source says.

Bennett has renewed his negotiations with Likud due to the emergency situation, and teams from both parties met today, the source says on condition of anonymity.

But it is not Netanyahoo who can decide when the missiles from Gaza will stop flying. It is not Netanyahoo who can control the Palestinian youth. The escalation dominance is not in his hands but in the hands of the resistance. It is the resistance that decides when the conflict ends.

Ali @allushiii_new - 18:19 UTC · May 13, 2021
3 rockets fired from Lebanon into Palestine

The Daily Star in Lebanon confirmed tonight's rocket strike. If Israel reacts to that provocation as it usually does a war in its north could soon become reality. It would not be a small one.

Ansar Allah, the Houthi led movement in Yemen, has offered to join a fight against the colonists. It is well know for its long range surprise capabilities and these may at one point be used in the fight.

While I am still not sure that all of this is part of a plan - from Hizbullah's speech, over unrest in Jerusalem, Gaza missiles, pogroms, to now missiles from Lebanon - it surely looks like a well rehearsed and coordinated (re-)action of the resistance front.

General Qasem Soleimani's plans are coming to fruition.

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From your laughable wiki source

"an event that led to the eruption of the Second Lebanon War."

A war Hezbollah won.

Posted by: Triden | May 15 2021 2:02 utc | 201

Couple of things to add to this discussion...

1) Iran has nuclear weapons and has had them since 2003-2005. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

2) It would be extremely dumb for Hezbollah to take the bait and attack Israel.

They are a defensive force whose purpose is to keep Israel from stealing a chunk of land that Israel wants very badly.

As a defensive force they are top rate, as an offensive force they'd lose badly.

Posted by: ArthurDent | May 15 2021 2:06 utc | 202

From behind the NYT paywall, now some Zionists, like Peter Beinart, finally think the Palestinians have the right to return.

Palestinian Refugees Deserve to Return Home. Jews Should Understand.

By Peter Beinart
May 12, 2021
Mr. Beinart, a contributing Opinion writer who focuses on politics and foreign policy, is an editor at large of Jewish Currents, where a version of this essay appeared.
Why has the impending eviction of six Palestinian families in East Jerusalem drawn Israelis and Palestinians into a conflict that appears to be spiraling toward yet another war? Because of a word that in the American Jewish community remains largely taboo: the Nakba.
The Nakba, or “catastrophe” in Arabic, need not refer only to the more than 700,000 Palestinians who were expelled or fled in terror during Israel’s founding. It can also evoke the many expulsions that have occurred since: the about 300,000 Palestinians whom Israel displaced when it conquered the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967; the roughly 250,000 Palestinians who could not return to the West Bank and Gaza after Israel revoked their residency rights between 1967 and 1994; the hundreds of Palestinians whose homes Israel demolished in 2020 alone. The East Jerusalem evictions are so combustible because they continue a pattern of expulsion that is as old as Israel itself.
Among Palestinians, Nakba is a household word. But for Jews — even many liberal Jews in Israel, America and around the world — the Nakba is hard to discuss because it is inextricably bound up with Israel’s creation. Without the mass expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, Zionist leaders would have had neither the land nor the large Jewish majority necessary to create a viable Jewish state. As I discuss at greater length in an essay for Jewish Currents from which this guest essay is adapted, acknowledging and beginning to remedy that expulsion — by allowing Palestinian refugees to return — requires imagining a different kind of country, where Palestinians are considered equal citizens, not a demographic threat.
To avoid this reckoning, the Israeli government and its American Jewish allies insist that Palestinian refugees abandon hope of returning to their homeland. This demand is drenched in irony, because no people in human history have clung as stubbornly to the dream of return as have Jews. Establishment Jewish leaders denounce the fact that Palestinians pass down their identity as refugees to their children and grandchildren. But Jews have passed down our identity as refugees for 2,000 years. In our holidays and liturgy we continually mourn our expulsion and express our yearning for return. “After being forcibly exiled from their land,” proclaims Israel’s Declaration of Independence, “the people kept faith with it throughout their Dispersion.” If keeping faith that exile can be overcome is sacred to Jews, how can we condemn Palestinians for doing the same thing?

In addition to telling Palestinians they cannot go home because they have been away too long, Jewish leaders argue that return is impractical. But this too is deeply ironic because, as a refugee rights advocate, Lubnah Shomali, has pointed out, “If any state is an expert in receiving masses and masses of people and settling them in a very small territory, it’s Israel.” At the height of the Soviet exodus in the early 1990s, Israel took in about 500,000 immigrants. If millions of diaspora Jews began moving to Israel tomorrow, Jewish leaders would not say taking them in was logistically impossible. They would help Israel to do what it has done before: build large amounts of housing fast.

When most Jews imagine Palestinian refugees’ return, they probably don’t envision it looking like Israel’s absorption of Soviet Jews. More likely, they predict Palestinians expelling Jews from their homes. But the tragic reality is that not many Jews live in former Palestinian homes, since it is believed that only a few thousand remain intact. Ms. Shomali estimates that more than 70 percent of Palestinian villages that were destroyed in 1948 remain vacant. And the Palestinian activists and scholars who envision return generally argue that large-scale eviction is neither necessary, nor desirable. Asked in 2000 about Jews living in formerly Palestinian homes, the famed Palestinian literary critic Edward Said declared that he was “averse to the notion of people leaving their homes” and that “some humane and moderate solution should be found where the claims of the present and the claims of the past are addressed.”
None of this means refugee return would be simple or uncontested. Efforts at historical justice rarely are. But there is a reason the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates ends his famous essay on reparations for segregation and slavery with the subprime mortgage crisis that forced many Black Americans into foreclosure in the first decade of the 21st century. The crimes of the past, when left unaddressed, do not remain in the past. That’s also the lesson of the evictions that have set Israel-Palestine aflame. More than seven decades ago, Palestinians were expelled to create a Jewish state. Now they are being expelled to make Jerusalem a Jewish city. By refusing to face the Nakba of 1948, the Israeli government and its American Jewish allies ensure that the Nakba continues.

Perhaps American Jewish leaders fear that facing the crimes committed at Israel’s birth will leave Jews vulnerable. Once the Nakba taboo is lifted, Palestinians will feel emboldened to seek revenge. But more often than not, honestly confronting the past has the opposite effect.
After George Bisharat, a Palestinian-American law professor, wrote about the house in Jerusalem that his grandfather had built and been robbed of, a former Israeli soldier who had lived in it contacted him unexpectedly. “I am sorry, I was blind. What we did was wrong, but I participated in it and I cannot deny it,” the former soldier said when they met, and then added, “I owe your family three months’ rent.” Mr. Bisharat later wrote that he was inspired to match the Israeli’s humanity.

“Just that response, writ large, is what awaits Israel if it could bring itself to apologize to the Palestinians,” he wrote. In that moment he saw “an untapped reservoir of Palestinian magnanimity and good will that could transform the relations between the two peoples.”
There is a Hebrew word for the behavior of that former soldier: “teshuvah.” It is generally translated as “repentance.” Ironically enough, however, its literal definition is “return.” In Jewish tradition, return need not be physical; it can also be ethical and spiritual. That means the return of Palestinian refugees — far from necessitating Jewish exile — could be a kind of return for us as well, a return to traditions of memory and justice that the Nakba has evicted from organized Jewish life.

“The occupier and myself — both of us suffer from exile,” the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish once declared. “He is an exile in me and I am the victim of his exile.” The longer Jews deny the Nakba, the deeper our moral exile becomes. By facing it squarely and beginning a process of repair, both Jews and Palestinians, in different ways, can start to come home.
Peter Beinart (@PeterBeinart) is professor of journalism and political science at the Newmark School of Journalism at the City University of New York. He writes The Beinart Notebook, a weekly newsletter, and is editor at large of Jewish Currents, where a version of this essay appeared.

Posted by: Paul | May 15 2021 2:42 utc | 203

@199 Arch Bungle

You have played a good game, and fought your corner well. Now, I hope it is indeed game over.

I remember him from before. Then, as now, he started off well in a thread, making a lot of sense and as I read through the thread I thought, hey, I like this guy. And then, inexplicably, he started insulting individuals and the entire host of commenters, and was soon merely ego-tripping all over the thread - shitting all over the chessboard. And then of course the game is called because the pieces are all knocked over.

Is this a playbook? Or is this simply what people do when they get a taste of being part of a collaborative experience, a discourse of fact and reason, a conversation between equals? Is this what ego does? Because it's terrible, if so. And it achieves less than nothing, the complete opposite of anything useful.


Anyway, friend Arch, we will continue in our discussions and eventually the noise will wear itself out.

The practice of attacking and attempting to demean other commenters is far beyond simply despicable, it actually rebounds against the attacker and makes one look like a piece of shit that nobody even wants to get on one's shoe.

So let's contest ideas fiercely, and strive for a consensus of some kind of truth, but let's not fall into the Idiot Trap of attacking others. It's a fool's game.

Posted by: Grieved | May 15 2021 3:08 utc | 204

Mr. Paul

While Mr.Peter Beinart essay exhibits moral courage, it does not go to the heart of matter; that Jews and their Judeo-Christian fellow travellers have been wrong in their religious enterprise for many decades.

Unfortunately, this is all too little and too late as I fear that the future that Mr. Nasrallah has sketched out will come to pass.

Posted by: Fyi | May 15 2021 3:17 utc | 205

So the IDF just comes out that the "IDF troops in Gaza" was a miscommunication in order to lure Hamas troops into tunnels to bomb them.

It's probably another face saving measure but this confirms that any piece of news can be weaponized, everyone best not be hasty.

Posted by: Smith | May 15 2021 4:13 utc | 206

The tumor is begging for medicine. Please, world, deliver.

Posted by: street worm | May 15 2021 4:34 utc | 207

@204 Paul

I just read the essay by Taxi that you linked a little while ago. My God, what an essay!

And I just read your comment here with the re-post of the NYT opinion piece, and I thought, what a meshing of views here, the overarching theme in the culture of the world now, that Palestine has the right to defend itself. When for so long, we all thought that this right was Israel's alone, and now the world begins to see it reversed - as it always was.

Anyway, I came back to talk about Taxi's article and had to scout back - I'm so pleased to find it was you who provided that link. Here it is again, and I recommend this article as perhaps the most profound view of the Levantine situation currently available to us:

Palestine Has the Right to Defend Itself

"From here on, the death of Israel is no longer a far-fetched fantasy. From here on, the Palestinian Resistance will take charge of Palestine’s destiny. And its destiny is total liberation.

Whether this liberation takes place in a day, in a week, in a month or a year, the gates of liberation are now open, and nobody on earth can close them."

This major commentary by Taxi, a much respected voice of the Levant, sets us down profoundly into the meaning of the facts on the ground. After decades of oppression, "Palestine Lives!" as Taxi recounts. Nothing in the people has been lost, the spirit to repel the invader and occupier is alive as ever, and Palestine is stronger than ever.


Yet, this is not the main thrust of Taxi's essay, which looks mostly to the USA and asks that empire, itself dying, to consider if it should any longer support the dying Israel, or if it should act from true realpolitik and abandon this lost cause, soon to be dead:

"The crux of the matter is that Empire now finds itself supporting a dying horse in the guise of Israel and there is no more medicine to be found for the horse. As any sound rancher would tell you: stop the hugging and start digging a grave for your four-legged pal. If Americans really believe that they are ‘the good guy’, then they should start acting like it and start making funeral arrangements for Israel before its dead belly bloats and festers in the sun."

And in between the first quote here and the second quote lies the body of Taxi's examination. Taxi says that the US had three main reasons for supporting Israel:

1. Unconditional support for Israel beginning with the Johnson administration and lasting to this day.
2. A showcase state for US weapon sales.
3. The "victim" status.

Taxi examines each of these three reasons and show them all to be expired by now - each now very defunct. As a pragmatic empire, Taxi suggests, the US should abandon this mule no longer able to work.

I don't know who Taxi is. I think I've heard that she's a woman, but I don't know - I am a latecomer to this voice. I do know respect when I encounter it, and respect for Taxi is universal throughout our circles. And one has only to read the words to understand this.

I'm not sure the quotes here do the essay justice - I encourage those interested to read it for themselves.


I believe that what Taxi suggests could happen and should happen is what will happen, in fact. The US will write Israel off as no longer productive, and the region, with its Resistance and with Palestine proudly in the lead as the standard bearer, will end the tenure of Israel as a state.

And all this, sooner than seems possible today.

I also think - bolstered by the opinion from the NYT cited by Paul above, that the Palestinian people will prove compassionate to their tormentors in a measure that seems impossible, and yet which comes readily to the living heart of true humans.

Posted by: Grieved | May 15 2021 4:35 utc | 208

Posted by: Fyi | May 15 2021 3:17 utc | 206

Fyi, I suspect you may be a little hard line, even for Sheik Nasrallah.

I have several friends from Lebanon and Palestine, Christian, Sunni and Shia.

Let me tell you, for example, one Lebanese Christian from the north speaks highly of Hisbollah, he said 'they are gentlemen, they know how to respect women' and 'they helped my daughter with her homework.' The whole family has degrees from universities around the world.

My late Palestinian friend married a Shia woman and they have a number of successful children, Now grown up. No religious squabble there. He told me how Sheik Nasrallah's man saved his Christian friend from under his blown up house in the mixed Christian and Muslim town of Canna,
[Where Jesus turned water into wine] during and after the Zionist invasion in 2006.

I never disagree on the ME situation with my Shia friend.

The late Robert Fisk said there would never be another Lebanese Civil War, because so many young Lebanese from all faiths were educated abroad, met each other and became friends.

Lets hope he was right.

It might happen elsewhere!

Posted by: Paul | May 15 2021 4:40 utc | 209

@ arch, paul, grieved.. bang on guys... thanks for your fine posts... thanks for the article from Peter Beinart ..

Posted by: james | May 15 2021 4:44 utc | 210

Below is a Xinhuanet posting about China pushing the US on the Occupied Palestine situation

BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday slammed the United States for compelling the UN Security Council to postpone a meeting on the Palestine-Israel issue that was originally scheduled to open Friday.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing that on Monday, the United States expressed opposition to the adoption of a Security Council presidential statement on the Palestine-Israel issue, and it also blocked the issuance of a statement from UN Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday expressing concern about the situation in Palestine.

"Like the international community, China is also gravely concerned about the current escalating situation between Israel and Palestine," said Hua.

She said that, as holder of the rotating UNSC presidency in May, China has been actively mediating and promoted the convening of two emergency consultations of the Security Council to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"The members of the Security Council have generally expressed their concerns and worries about the conflict situation and requested the Security Council to play its due role to promote the stability and cooling of the situation and prevent it from getting out of hand," she said.

Hua said that the United States has taken the opposite position against the international community, and she asked the country to explain why it is doing this.

"I wonder if the U.S. side can give a candid answer to this question. Why is it doing this?" she said.

She said that the United States keeps saying it cares about the human rights of Muslims. Now the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reoccurred, and a large number of Palestinian Muslims have been affected by the war and are suffering, but the United States shows indifference to their suffering and has been strongly obstructive on the issue.

Meanwhile, it joined with a few of its allies and attempted to organize meaningless meetings on Xinjiang-related issues based on lies and political prejudice, which was actually a political farce, she said.

"The United States should realize that the lives of Palestinian Muslims are equally precious," said the spokesperson.

Hua said that, in the face of the current serious situation, all sides must make every effort to cool the situation, protect the safety and rights and interests of ordinary people, and prevent the crisis from escalating and getting out of control.

"China will continue to push the Security Council to perform its duties in maintaining international peace and security, take action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at an early date, reiterate its commitment and firm support for a 'two-state solution,' and promote the restoration of peace and stability in the region as soon as possible," said Hua.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 15 2021 5:02 utc | 211

Posted by: Grieved | May 15 2021 4:35 utc | 209

Thanks, I'm glad you and some other barflies liked the synergy of those two articles.

However Taxi only lists three reasons why the US supports the bandit state: What about #4 'the israel lobby" ???

RT TV English has live coverage of the grotesque horror show.

Posted by: Paul | May 15 2021 5:07 utc | 212

@ Paul | May 15 2021 2:42 utc | 204

Thanks for the copy. Times are changing.
Since 1948 [United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194)

refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.

After years of propaganda [Rules Based Order vs International Laws], even from Palestine's "friends" , Peace Now, Two States freaks...

"Le fait que les Palestiniens continuent d’exiger la pleine application du droit au retour constitue l’élément le plus important qui donne à penser aux Israéliens qu’une paix avec les Palestiniens n’est pas possible. Aux yeux des Israéliens, il y a une contradiction absolue entre le soutien à “deux Etats pour deux peuples” et la revendication du droit au retour. Si un nombre important de Palestiniens devait exercer le droit au retour, cela signifierait qu’en une génération, l’Etat d’Israël deviendrait un Etat bi-national, alors que l’Etat de Palestine resterait un Etat palestinien."

The fact that the Palestinians continue to demand the full implementation of the right of return is the most important element that suggests to the Israelis that peace with the Palestinians is not possible. In the eyes of the Israelis, there is an absolute contradiction between support for "two states for two peoples" and the demand for the right of return. If a significant number of Palestinians were to exercise the right of return, it would mean that within a generation the State of Israel would become a bi-national state, while the State of Palestine would remain a Palestinian state.

and the last Trump's attempt to dissolve it [Abraham's agreement], the right to return of Palestinian escape from the oblivion.
In french MS "Le Monde" too

With "One State for all" , and demographics not in favor of European Zionist colonialism.

Posted by: Djazaïr | May 15 2021 5:29 utc | 213

@213 Paul - What about #4 'the israel lobby" ???

That's a really good question, possibly the most key of all. And I wonder about it also.

But then, we see how many allies the US has betrayed for trivial reasons. And we wonder if the AIPAC lobby really has any solid foundation except for pressure in the current moment. Is there really a lasting bond here?

Or is it a case of when your money's no good you can't buy anything here anymore? And Israel's credit is becoming increasingly thin.

Just how venal is the US Congress? More venal than the Zionists? Perhaps. We shall see.

And what a spectacle of irony it could turn out to be, if we should find the yankees even more shifty than the chosen.

Posted by: Grieved | May 15 2021 5:43 utc | 214

Posted by: Djazaïr | May 15 2021 5:29 utc | 214

I agree, there are only two possible 'solutions.'

One state or two 'statelets.'

I liked the UN resolution 194, Right to Return.

I believe customary international law, as expressed in the Hague Conventions, followed by the Geneva Conventions proceeds the creation of the UN or the bandit state and is superior law.

This asks the question: why were these two conventions NOT incorporated in the UN Charter?

Instead the UN arrogated to itself the right to go to war, change borders and 'give' land.

Posted by: Paul | May 15 2021 5:55 utc | 215

Posted by: Grieved | May 15 2021 5:43 utc | 215

thanks again Grieved, and other barflies, the times they indeed are a' changn'. Time to pull out the Dylan.

I like the notion that 'the Vietnam War was won, NOT in the jungles of Vietnam, but on the streets of America.'

Let's all hope the enemies of free speech don't prevail.

Posted by: Paul | May 15 2021 6:44 utc | 216

Although all the attention has been on the "filmable" rocket fire from both sides, the real problem is not there.

"Horrific footages of children with severe burns on their faces and body coming from Yafa, occupied Palestine tonight.
Israeli colonial settlers are burning Palestinian homes with Molotov Cocktails while people are sleeping.


The problems of unbridled brutality and unaccountability by "settlers" and "ethnic cleaners" (including lawfare and dispossession by the Israeli Governement), are not even being considered. The "subject" has become armed warfare as this helps the military-financial takeover of the planet. The breakdown of civic morals is being pushed out of view.

Even the reprehensible actions by Europeans; Macron, Merkel and Kurz, (Croatia also?) to play the "anti-semitism" card, ignore the real situation in favour of flag waving (Israel's). Cheap and nasty.

Note that this is a prelude to calling Hamas "terrorists" and not to be considered as part of any future agreement or Palestinian Government. Which is one more reason that Hamas decided to fire rockets. The cancellation of elections by Abbas excluding them, made it impossible in the future for a collective Government to be formed. (The PLA is also a "quisling" affair, and is arresting other Palestinians for Israel.)

No wonder there is now a general uprising, and it appears to transcend the borders of israel, into neighbouring countries. The several millions of displaced Palestinians, may sense an opportunity for a better future for themselves. They are an unknown in the present situation.

Posted by: Stonebird | May 15 2021 7:27 utc | 217

Theres obviously more than one idiot here, idiot james has now joined the fray.

You guys are using a notorious zionist haunt, wikipedia, as a reliable source on Hezbollah, and expect treated with respect?

The "moa circle jerk" hardly begins to describe it.

Posted by: Triden | May 15 2021 7:30 utc | 218

Posted by: Stonebird | May 15 2021 7:27 utc | 218

Look to the International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC] , Forth Geneva Convention for the answer.

Easy for the 'rules based' international community. Joke.

Meanwhile, I'm going to the pub.

Posted by: Paul | May 15 2021 7:38 utc | 219

Many thanks to the posters who have provided insight. I am truly horrified by the murdering that is going on. Gaza is an open air prison, and the Zionists are behaving as if they are shooting fish in a bowl. The fact that some 'leaders' in the west actively support this is such a mind blowing eye opener that I have no words to express it. I struggle to explain how this has happened.

With these horrific events as backdrop, I feel it is almost rude to ask a technical question, but here goes: Given the blockade of Gaza, how did Hamas manage to build guided missiles that can fly 200+ km?

Posted by: Norwegian | May 15 2021 8:22 utc | 220

Norwegian | May 15 2021 8:22 utc | 221

They are probably a copy of the Iranian Fatah 110. (The Iranians have several versions, some for "export") 400kg warhead which could be directable. They can also possibly fly under the radar. (Under the scope of the Iron dome.). Estimate of range put them at 230-250 or even 300 km. (One hit Eilat at 230 km-). Someone else calculated that with 20 metal working shops and working 3 shifts a total of 200-300 rockets (smaller versions, 250 kg explosive warheads) could be built per day.

Their use was a warning to Israel about escalation. How many do they have left ? Good question. One at least hit Ashkelon, so they may use them at the same time as larger attacks using smaller range rockets as cover.

The Israeli bombing of tunnels, (450 strikes together) must gave hurt Hamas, and my guess is that they loudly proclaimed an imminent land attack first, then just watched the trajectories of "smart phones" with google or similar. This would have given them the lines of the tunnels in real time. Followed by an immediate attack while the Hamas personnel were still in place, preparing for the ground assualt.


We will one day come back to the question of "why". I have my own idea, that it is starts with "education" mixed with indoctrination, from a very early age. (Earlier than in EU for example) and sequestration of infants (50 hrs per week possibly, and educators more qualified than in Europe. Uni etc).
But not today as I have to eat.

Posted by: Stonebird | May 15 2021 10:23 utc | 221

Yes, but...

What is the Palestinian path to victory now? What is the goal of these rocket responses? What is the way forward? I am trying to see how the Palestinians will be materially improved at the end of this, if it ends. If there is a coordination of efforts, I do not see it, yet. I do see that many folks have been pushed beyond their limits and many spleens are being vented; righteously so. But the cost in lives, babies, families, and buildings is borne by the many, while the action is decided by the few. Of course Netanyahu baited them as his pawns, but I would like to know how the average Palestinian family in the occupied territories will benefit from this thing, and how the actors expect to make that happen with this approach. What is the path to victory in Palestine now?

Posted by: UnionHorse | May 15 2021 11:10 utc | 222

Antoinette III @ 181

That information is on every Twitterfeed and has appeared at half a dozen blogs. With photographs. With videos. That it is blacked out by MSM means nothing. Ditch your MSM newsfeed.

There is a general conflagration in progress. Normalcy bias doesn’t work well.

Posted by: oldhippie | May 15 2021 11:15 utc | 223

@Stonebird | May 15 2021 10:23 utc | 222

Yes, I understand that they can copy Iranian designs and use local workshops. But they also need raw materials for explosives, fiberglass and maybe electronics, so I would think it would be difficult to source all of that from within the tiny area. Somehow they seem to be able to import such materials. I do hope they have not used the whole stock.

What you say about the bombing of the tunnels is psychopathic and horrific. Hamas and others must understand that mobile phones are a no-no under such conditions, they are tracking devices.

I will be reading your "why" with interest. In your own time.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 15 2021 11:40 utc | 224

The Palestinians have smuggled a few modern rockets into Gaza but the bulk of their missiles aren't anywhere that good. They are much smaller, hand-produced in Gaza from metal and nitrogen fertilizer and unguided (hense inacurate). The improviced explosives also mean that their destruction power is lower than what it's already rather low payload suggests.

Posted by: m | May 15 2021 12:09 utc | 225

Wikipedia has a fairly good overview.

Posted by: m | May 15 2021 12:14 utc | 226

Israel just smoked two building housing AP and Al Jazeera staff:

Posted by: Smith | May 15 2021 12:41 utc | 227


Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai

Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad prefer that #Hezbollah doesn’t get involved in the battle now and allows the world focus to remain on #Gaza. Any outside intervention- I was told - serves #Israel to play the victim and disperse the attention away from the main cause.
5:39 AM · May 15, 2021

Posted by: michaelj72 | May 15 2021 12:50 utc | 228

the idiot czechs - I had to pinch myself, thinking it was perhaps some outdoor Theater of the Absurd 'performance art'

(to think at one time, a long long time ago in a far away land, I actually admired the europeans and their outstanding intellectuals, philosophers, and artists - but hardly a single one of real note these days)
Lebanese News and Updates

Czech Republic Flies "israeli" Flag Over Prague Castle In Support of "Israel" after lowering the European flag.

Is Europe blind to what is happening in Gaza?

By: (Telegram)

Posted by: michaelj72 | May 15 2021 12:57 utc | 229

@ michaelj72

Any govt flying the Israel flag shows their true colors, traitors, grifters and lobbyists.

Posted by: Smith | May 15 2021 13:05 utc | 230

@michaelj72 | May 15 2021 12:57 utc | 230

Czech Republic Flies "israeli" Flag Over Prague Castle In Support of "Israel" after lowering the European flag.

What the hell is this? Do they take orders directly from Tel Aviv now? Even if they were psychopathic enough to silently support Israeli War Crimes, what do they think they benefit from flying the flag like that?

I don't understand what is happening here, but it is criminally insane.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 15 2021 13:16 utc | 231

There should be a list of country currently flying the Israel flag, so far I know:
- Austria
- Czechia

Posted by: Smith | May 15 2021 13:32 utc | 232

@ UnionHorse | May 15 2021 11:10 utc | 223

Your argument appears to be that fighting back just makes things worse. So what do you propose? that the Palestinians suffer in silence as they are brutalised and dispossessed? It has been shown time and again that the Israelis have no intention of letting up and that international law can be flouted with total impunity when it is Israel doing it.

"Just let them beat you up, knock out your teeth, break your nose. Let them steal your lunch money or anything else they take a fancy to. If you complain or fight back you will only make things worse for yourself"

Is that the advice you would give to your child if they were bullied at school?

Posted by: MarkU | May 15 2021 13:35 utc | 233

There is no such thing as an Israeli civilian.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 15 2021 14:24 utc | 234 is their land. their holocaust has been ongoing for 70yrs. israel wishes every palestine dead. they lynched a man yesterday & the woke press in the west did not headline it but rather mumbled about israel's right to defend itself. what the palestinians gain, while it may be difficult for some to comprehend, is an end. & here you have to appreciate the native residents have the advantage, for the settlers & illegal occupiers cannot comprehend facing the end & knowing it is better. this is why the poor children 'manning' the israeli uniforms are shitting their pants. they are afraid, they are no where near ready to face the end with open arms. this is what we are observing. the irony of the tragedy escapes most israelis entirely. but we must acknowledge the few trying to stop the madness.

Posted by: emersonreturn | May 15 2021 14:31 utc | 235

Mr. Grieved & Mr. Paul

In my opinion, the United States will continue to support Israel for as long as the Judeo-Christians set the US Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

In such places as the State of Texas, support for Israel among the Euro-Protestant Christians is solid with no cracks visible.

As to the future, a long-term cease fire with Israelis is Still a possibility but not peace.

Just like the Catholic Crusades, this Protestant Crusade has to run its course over the coming decades, and with the same outcome.

Posted by: Fyi | May 15 2021 14:44 utc | 236

Mr. ArthurDent

I do not credit your number one, had Iran possessed nuclear weapons, she would have retaliated for the murder of the late Dr. Fakhrizad.

Posted by: Fyi | May 15 2021 15:05 utc | 237

The Arab-Jewish conflict began long before Netanyahu’s birth and Gaza has been blockaded since the Hamas coup there 2 years before he came back to power, but he’s done everything in the last 12 years to entrench the siege mentality on both sides and inflame sectarian hatreds.

I’ve yet to see real evidence Netanyahu somehow engineered these dual crises in Gaza and between Jews and Arabs in Israel but it’s a direct result of his policies. He inherited in 2009 the previous government policy’s of blockading Gaza but in 12 years did nothing to change it.

A week ago Israel was about to have a new government supported by right-wing, left-wing, centrist and Arab parties which was to concentrate on a “civilian agenda” and “reconciliation.” 5 days of internecine violence shattered that illusion. It’s still Netanyahu’s Israel.

As Gaza is turned into rubble and whole families killed, keep reminding yourself - because the media sure won't – that this latest 'clash' began because Israel intensified the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians families from their homes in Jerusalem, against international law.

This has a long way to go yet. This is a catastrophe for Israel on so many fronts and will go down in history as Bibi’s Legacy.

Posted by: JohninMK | May 15 2021 15:33 utc | 238

@ psychohistorian | May 15 2021 5:02 utc | 212... that is quite a strong statement coming from china... i liked this quote in particular - ""Like the international community, China is also gravely concerned about the current escalating situation between Israel and Palestine," said Hua. and "Hua said that the United States has taken the opposite position against the international community, and she asked the country to explain why it is doing this."

they seem to be emphasizing international community and pointing out how usa is not playing as a part of it... too bad the chinese representatives views don't get heard in the western msm...

neither the usa or the ''israel'' leadership have changed direction in anything.. they are incapable of it..

@ Posted by: William Gruff | May 15 2021 14:24 utc | 235 quote "There is no such thing as an Israeli civilian." it is an interesting comment.. would you can to elaborate?? thanks..

Posted by: james | May 15 2021 15:52 utc | 239

@ Posted by: William Gruff | May 15 2021 14:24 utc | 235 quote "There is no such thing as an Israeli civilian." it is an interesting comment.. would you can to elaborate?? thanks..

Hi James. He may be referring to the fact of their compulsory military service. But I think he means in the larger view, none of these people have any right to be squatting on someone else's land, stealing and murdering, making them all invaders and occupiers and utterly fair game for ANY resistance. The pigs.

Posted by: mena | May 15 2021 18:33 utc | 240

Grieved @4:35 15, thanks for emphasizing Paul's Taxi link - I agree that is worth a careful read.

As I was reading, the sense of the issue became more clear, and its history reminded me of the first Greek tragedies we have, whose problems reach back into legend and historic family feuds intermingled. None better than the Oresteia which is a cycle of three plays dealing with the aftermath of the world war of that time, Greece's seige of Troy.

It doesn't matter that the circumstances for what is currently happening in Palestine/Israel are far different from the days of the fall of Troy. We are dealing with an aftermath in the same manner those Greeks had to deal with the aftermath.

I am troubled that the conflict is being described thusly by Taxi:

"Empire, in order to survive must make decisions that are steeped in cold pragmatism and based on security and prosperity interests, not on ethereal ideology or group superstition, especially minority group superstition."

The last part of the third play in the series needs close attention here. You do not win over reluctant parties to a conflict by speaking negatively of their closeheld beliefs and calling them superstition. What you do is speak positively (as Athena does in the play, and as the final solution makes clear) about what should and can be the result of the changes that are about to occur. This can be done better through dialogue and through assiduous diplomacy, but a way must be found for that ideology to be kept inviolate. What people believe, they have a right to believe; it is in their very souls. If you do not respect that, the same conflicts will simply continue in a reversed aspect, as they have done from Germany to Israel to Palestine. The chain then cannot be broken; the wars will continue.

Respect has to be offered to all, sinners and saints alike. I might call it a jubilee, because it is that. And the ancient Greek playwright spelled out how it is done.

What it could be at this point is the best aspirations of all concerned being honored and preserved. This state-building was a trial (like the vaccine) and we can now see it didn't work. It didn't work to have a singular faith, given the parameters of that faith, become a government. Okay. (Even that group is currently having difficulty forming a government; the time is ripe for change.)

So, start afresh, and start as all native groups do with those that ARE native - whatever their ideology. They are the true citizens of Palestine - those with heritage back before the country was divided. All others, who have participated in such a difficult experiment, fraught with danger, lived and died in the interim -- all these have heritage elsewhere. Elsewhere. That is their native land. And for the most part, those settlers came from countries now at peace with one another, and even having their own jewish communities.

Everyone is going to have to give a little, and welcome back these hardworking arch-citizens, give them the chance to enter or form communities where their ancestors are from. Take what they have learned and inspire the young people of their heritage, build strong. All nations must do this, all who lost native born back in the day.

It's better than dying. It is so much better than dying. Then their heritage will be to send their descendants on pilgrimage to the holy places which the new state of Palestine will keep watch over, since that will be an important part of its economy. And those former settlers will be able to advise new return citizens how to take care of the land, which is dear to them both.

And we all then can concentrate on restoring our mother, the earth. Empires don't need to survive; the earth does.

Posted by: juliania | May 15 2021 19:58 utc | 241

Posted by: MarkU | May 15 2021 13:35 utc | 234

Thanks. What I am really asking for is a good plan. I don't see a successful outcome without one.

Posted by: UnionHorse | May 15 2021 23:04 utc | 242

Rhisiart Gwilym | May 14 2021 9:54 utc | 88

While I agree with what you have written, you seem to be ignoring the history of repeated attempts over the history of the religion/ideology based cult of worming its way into positions of influence over the reigning power de jure and then engaging in fatal over-reach in its attempts to use its influence to accrue far more than its fair share of whatever rewards are on offer. Israel is just another itteration of that behaviour.

Every time this happens those getting shafted arc up and there is another round of what the cult would have us believe is "anti-semitic" violence. Pogoms, if you will.

All this is simply the logical result of being a cult of idiots educated beyond their natural ability to learn from their mistakes. The burning question is "why haven't they become extinct.

Posted by: eagle eye | May 16 2021 4:10 utc | 243

Old Hippie at #224

For some reason Twitter does not like my computer's browser; I can't get anything involving Twitter.

You mention half a dozen blogs, can you leave a link or two, or name them so I can check this out.


Antoinetta III

Posted by: Antoinetta III | May 16 2021 10:19 utc | 244

Sometimes it's best to let time pass to prove ones point.

I always say in any argument:

"Reality is the Final Arbiter".

Here is a report from Al Manar (Hezbollah's news agency) today, supporting my assertion that that missiles being launched from Lebanon are a message from Hezbollah, and if not directly from them then with their knowledge and permission.



The Israeli military radio station pointed out that the frequency of the missile fire from Lebanon will increase as long as the Israeli aggression on Gaza continues.

Nasrallah is sending a rocketry message to Netanyahu to underline that if the Zionist war on Gaza does not stop, a second front may be opened in face of ‘Israel’, it added.

For his part, the Israeli military analyst, Alon bin David, said that the missile fire from Lebanon pushes ‘Israel’ to approve the de-escalation in Gaza for fear of Hezbollah engagement in the confrontation.

Al Manar reports that "israeli circles" are making this claim about Hezbollah.

It makes no attempt to refute or present alternative viewpoints questioning the claim.

To me this is signalling an agreement, since in my experience Hezbollah tends to outright refute any assertions it doesn't feel represents it's position.

An Aljazeera reporter on the ground in the west bank, who I have followed for quite some time, was very clear on live stream that "nothing happens in south Lebanon without the knowledge or permission of Hezbollah" ... while this is hearsay, it's confirmation that my point is not very far from the opinion of someone more familiar with the "on the ground" situation than either Triden or myself.

The timing of these missiles from South Lebanon is also very clear:

- today's 6 missiles coincides with the encouragement from Biden that the israelis consider ceasefire or at least a drastic reduction in escalation.

- The initial 3 rockets came as an Egyptian delegation arrived in Tel Aviv for talks with Israeli officials as a part of efforts to negotiate a cease-fire

3 ... 6 ... interesting pattern. Will the next barrage be 9 or 12?

Both corresponding to highlights in the ceasefire proposal like punctuation in encouragement to israel to consider strongly.

Only someone with his head very far up his rectum would miss these patterns.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | May 19 2021 18:32 utc | 245

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