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April 07, 2021

Open Thread 2021-026

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Posted by b on April 7, 2021 at 16:27 UTC | Permalink

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This headline - Why Keir Starmer is Doomed - cheered me up.

The author of this tale is Matthew Goodwin is professor of politics at the University of Kent. He is the co-author of National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy. And he has this perverted analysis of Starmer's 'rise to power':

Starmer, in his defence, inherited a sinking ship from Jeremy Corbyn. He was handed the lowest number of seats since 1935, a bitterly divided party and a Labour brand that even today remains thoroughly discredited among a large swathe of the country. Corbyn did not cause all of these problems but he certainly entrenched them.

Now I have a good memory and I distinctly recall that Starmer and his disgusting right wing zionist faction set out to destroy Corbyn and drive out from Labour all those hundreds of thousands of new members that came to the aid of the party under the Corbyn leadership.

And, no, Corbyn did not entrench these problems - Starmer did. See the video 'The Lobby' at al Jazeera if you need reminding. Read the headlines of the englander bigot press that never let up.

However this professor of scribblers at the University of Kent weaves a passing intelligible tale as to why Starmer is doomed. I guess he is an unlikeable POS and seen as a saboteur.

The good professor strings these words together: "Starmer made a good start, or at least appeared to. Over the past year, Labour picked off low-hanging fruit, winning back voters who were repelled by Corbyn. In the polls, Labour’s average support jumped from below 29% to 35%. At the last election, Labour trailed the Conservatives by 12 points; today, they trail by 8."

Odd isn't how a party popularity can rise when its saboteurs turn off the tap of incessant negative press?

I cannot imagine what student at University of Kent can possibly learn from this Professor other than the craft of spin and integrity free zone that has infected englander politics. They likely have to read material like this:

"How much of this improvement is due to Starmer remains unclear. While his supporters point to his strong leadership ratings relative to Corbyn, the fact remains that even today Starmer’s “net satisfaction” score still lags behind Boris Johnson — while 33% of voters are satisfied with him, 42% are not. Leaders only ever have a short period to make an impression. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Starmer, a year after becoming leader, has now blown his."

Now Boris is the biggest killer of the grey set in living memory. His callous disregard for the precautionary principle in health matters led to thousands of Covid deaths in care homes. His cavalier treatment of englanders with his idiot police arresting people for a sit in the sunshine at a beach or solitary cross country walk is beyond belief. But the good Professor cannot imagine that Starmer might be a complete loser in whatever criticism he might have made of the buffoon in chief. He can't even criticise Starmer openly on this ground.

But then the good Professor tries to redeem his linked spray of words with this: 'There is a broader point to be had, too. At the heart of recent political commentary has rested a fundamentally flawed assumption: that once Brexit was over and done with life would return to the traditional “Left versus Right” fault line that governed politics during the twentieth century. We would get back to debating the economic issues that play to Labour’s strengths and that would clear the path for the party to repair its relationship with workers and return to power." So after Starmer destroys the workers vanguard in Labour then infects the entire machinery with a faux anti-semitic witch hunt he seems to be unable to be fully appreciated by the people at a time when even a sheepherders dog could lead Labour to victory.

Perhaps it is the policies and the practices and foul legacy of Starmers assassination of Corbyn and the British Labour Party plus Starmers savage class war that has led Labour to disgrace., the publisher should remain unheard.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 11 2021 5:43 utc | 201

@201 uncle tungsten

Thanks for this review, and also your link in the previous comment - a shame to think that Robert Kennedy, Jr was taken in by the grifter, but perhaps that's not exactly how that happened.

England seems like a nightmare right now, with the vicious cruelty of the upper class on full display.

And I have people in England, and would love to have gone to see them eventually, but I don't expect to be setting foot in that country any time soon. Really, without exaggeration, England reminds me increasingly of Ukraine lately, with its over-the-top propaganda and the jack boot looming ever closer.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 11 2021 15:51 utc | 202

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