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April 27, 2021

'ALLEGED That The United States Had Persuaded Brazil To Deny The Vaccine Approval'

alleged - adjective

Definition of alleged

  1. accused but not proven or convicted
    - an alleged burglar
  2. asserted to be true or to exist
    - an alleged miracle
    - an alleged conspiracy
  3. questionably true or of a specified kind: supposed, so-called
    - bought an alleged antique vase

NYT, Apr 27 - Brazil’s health authority rejected importing Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine.

The official Sputnik V Twitter account pushed back on Monday in a series of tweets, in Portuguese, saying that the vaccine’s developers had shared “all the necessary information and documentation” with Anvisa. In another tweet, it said Anvisa’s decision “was of a political nature” and had “nothing to do with access to information or science,” and alleged that the United States had persuaded Brazil to deny approval.

'Alleged' seems to be the wrong word for this:

WaPo, Mar 16 - U.S. officials pushed Brazil to reject Russia’s coronavirus vaccine, according to HHS report

Buried deep in the dry, 72-page annual report of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services lay a startling admission: U.S. health officials under President Donald Trump worked to convince Brazil to reject Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.
Brazil, which has the second-highest coronavirus death toll worldwide, has struggled to obtain adequate vaccine supplies. But the Health Attaché office within HHS’s Office of Global Affairs pushed the country to turn down offers of help from the Russians last year, according to the report.

Source: Department of Health & Human Services - 2020 Annual Report (pg 48) - bigger

Meanwhile the European Medical Agency, the drug regulator for the European Union, is intentionally slow walking its approval of Sputnik V by probing the 'ethical standards of the Sputnik vaccine trials'. No other vaccine trial has been questions in this regard.

This while the slow vaccine roll out and continuing lockdowns are costing EU countries billions of Euros per day.

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Oz's Defense Minister, Christopher Pyne, retired from politics before the ink was dry on his contract to purchase a fleet of high-maintenance F-35 flying pianos.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 28 2021 2:44 utc | 101

Thank you very much, Fabio Marinho, for your important post here. I myself have been comparing the only other pandemic I have experienced, which was the polio epidemic, and the relative lateness of the discovery of a safe vaccine in that case. The haste and conflicting assessments of vaccines as they have rolled out while the pandemic is underway (and I except some countries, including Russia and China from this indictment) has made us forget that any of the current models are in fact trials and those taking the vaccine cannot be aware of final assessments as to their efficacy because it is far too soon to know.

I remember that Russia in particular (I'm not cognizant of China's methods) wanted to make this a careful examination of its own product expanding it into other countries and allowing the trial to be an international one. That didn't happen, and maybe that is due to the virus' virulence, to the inability of some countries to manage the strict protocols needed, or whatever else. Lots of blame being shunted around by news entities that I think should be more careful whom they blame for what.

I just wish we could have been more patient, and kept the trials as scientific as possible, since it does seem that lives have been lost unnecessarily as the vaccine rollout has continued fast pace. In my area there have been traffic notification signs employed urging everyone to be vaccinated. People, these are trials at best!

It ought not to be a political issue. It is hard enough for folk to decide whether or not to be part of a trial. There is risk involved. One of my own family members was involved in a drug trial that turned out to be very damaging to many with his affliction. He fortunately opted out early on, when symptoms that accompanied the drug very much disagreed with him. And still it took him a long time to shake off the effects of the very powerful drug he had been given; (fortunately in time he did.)

Maybe one of these vaccines is better than the rest. But that ought to have taken time to resolve dispassionately and not have become a race to acquire profits for this or that company, this or that nation. And meanwhile, those measures which assist healthful living and a stronger immune system defense ought to be the ones which are strongly promoted by our health centers and news organizations, wherever we live.

Otherwise, it really is the entire population that is under seige.

Fabio, that is good news that your scientific bodies are assessing independently how to coordinate with the offers it receives, with the health of the general population in mind. It sounds as though Brazil as well as India both are experiencing as countries the emergency state which some Italian cities experienced early on - I can remember that China then sent supplies and technicians to Italy to help them cope.Our prayers should be with both your country and India as they struggle in this frightening time.

Again my thanks. Word from the ground is the best way we have to find out what is happening. I wish your beautiful country better times!

Posted by: juliania | Apr 28 2021 2:55 utc | 102

@ 103 vk... thanks vk for your perspective from brazil... that is something that is hard for a person outside brazil to know or appreciate..

perhaps the poster Fabio Marinho could comment on your comment as well?

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 3:46 utc | 103

@ Posted by: juliania | Apr 28 2021 2:55 utc | 105

Your rationale is absurd: in a situation of a pandemic, there is simply no time for the gold-standard, textbook scientific trial process (which may take decades). The excellent is the enemy of the good in this case.

Yes, you could argue Gamaleya has commercial interests. But so do the others. What matters is that Gamaleya has the best vaccine; the best product should always win the competition.

Anvisa approved, without the due process, the AstraZeneca vaccine. That was before the blood clots issue. Didn't Anvisa foresee that? We was the vaunted Anvisa due diligence back then? The only reason there aren't any Brazilians dying from blood cloths is because AstraZeneca simply doesn't have the doses to export to a Third World like Brazil.

Yes, Anvisa also blocked the Pfizer vaccine. However, that's merely a formality, because Brazil doesn't have the infrastructure to transport and storage an mRNA vaccine. It cost the USA nothing to have Pfizer blocked in Brazil.

Sputnik V, on the other side, is already being used in more than 60 countries and a Brazilian producer already has ingredients for its mass production, just waiting for Anvisa's approval.

Last but not least, there's the official document where the USA explicitly admits it pressured the Brazilian government to block the import of the Sputnik V. Well, if the vaccine wasn't good, there wouldn't be any need for the USG to intervene to stop its import: bad products block themselves, they don't need foreign intervention.

Posted by: vk | Apr 28 2021 3:47 utc | 104

on motivation, alleged violence and malign influence

Their motivation is not little piles of money. They have all of that. Not all they want, they have all of it.

Posted by: oldhippie | Apr 27 2021 22:47 utc | 85

Pr. Laborit (a French surgeon, neurobiologist, writer and philosopher) answered the question.
1984, UNESCO (English, French and Spanish versions)
All of us must have read.
Impressive and disturbing.

For french readers, well summarized

While writing in the dawning of a new day, my playlist just turn to:
Alabama Song

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 3:48 utc | 105

Yesterday there was a Reuters report quoting RDIF that the first consignment of Sputnik V would arrive in India on May 1. Thank you, keep safe.

Posted by: R | Apr 28 2021 3:58 utc | 106

to be Sputnik Pfizer or not to be

@ Skuppers | Apr 28 2021 1:32 utc | 97

Unfortunately, malign influence of foreign policy on health issues is at work.

To get a shot of the Sputnik V, don't make you free. For example in EU
Only an approved "alleged vaccine" will allow you to travel (and work in the future).
NOT anymore a health issue.

Elle est Pfizer

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 4:12 utc | 107

@65 Kartoschka
The interest of many countries in Sputnik V did immediately spike with the Lancet publications. The reasom is that this was the first independent source (that is: independent from the Russian government) that did confirm the Russian claims.

Posted by: m | Apr 28 2021 4:30 utc | 108

The power of millennial memory

Can you think on millennial scales? I sure can’t. I know a gentleman who can recite his lineage as far as the Sung Dynasty. He is honored when he visits China. Yes, it affects his perspective.

Your message reminds me of my visit to the ancestral lands of an old friend (more than a friend). At the end of the 1990s, on the borders of Senegal and Mali.
In France, an emigrant and illiterate, he worked in a restaurant. As soon as he arrived "homeland", 300 people were waiting for him. He knew all the names, of all the children, of all the families, all the phone numbers... by memory.

That was before the invention of the "smart" phone. He used to tell me that we, "Whites", don't are reliable because we had no memory and that without my little notebook where I had to WRITE everything, I would be lost.

In the evening, a griot arrived and sang. The history of the family and its fiefdom, over several hundred generations, transmitted orally.

The power of griots [highly respected and feared] rests exclusively on their mastery of memory [and narrative]

+++ To understand and feel
With English subtitles

And a good vulgarization in Wikipedia

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 4:47 utc | 109

@ oldhippie | Apr 27 2021 22:47 utc | 85

My # Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 4:47 utc | 112
was for you.

But open to any open minded barflies in love with la Vérité

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 5:32 utc | 110

Given the strategic position of the Brazil gangs and their recent role in enforcing covid lockdown PLUS their absolute dependence of the people of the favelas, I guess they will likely organise the distribution and sale of the Sputnik V from across a border or two.

Prohibition maketh the market.

Is Ziverdo freely available in Bazil?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2021 5:43 utc | 111

On the other hand, all countries where the infection has been kept to a minimum did that by implementing effective restrictions on human movement and interactions. Half-assed measures, such as keeping big box stores open with "reduced" capacities, may only prolong the agony. Voluntary measures are no solution, either - recall how this approach was heralded not too long ago in Sweden, a country where by now nearly one person out of every ten has been infected.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Apr 28 2021 0:56 utc | 95

Effective restriction can work when local minded [healthcare efficiency / availability, confidence in leadership...].
Restrictions imposed by "the malign influence of foreign policy on health issues, not the severity or danger of Covid-19" in order to force people to "alleged vaccine" must be questioned.

That's not denial.
And precisely the topic, b.
With respect and Tendresse

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 5:49 utc | 112

Ursula Wonder-lying, an step beyond on Peter's and Dilbert's principle

To say that Missy Uschi seems always to have ridden on others' coat-tails and to have been a dilettante all her life, and being kicked upstairs to Brussels when she couldn't hack being German Minister of Defence seems to be an understatement.

Posted by: Jen | Apr 28 2021 0:31 utc | 93

Once upon a time, to be promoted to Brussels was just "promotion canapé" .

Unfortunately, OTAN's malign influence on foreign policy find in this way a full bunch of lazzy, weak crooked "alleged politician" to take control of the political establishment in EU [they don't resist to much].

We will know next September if Germany slide full Atlantic or not.

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 6:28 utc | 113

@Posted by: b | Apr 27 2021 7:34 utc | 1

The topic is the malign influence of foreign policy on health issues, not the severity or danger of Covid-19 and vaccines.

So let me get this right: all the lies which feed into the policy on health issues have to be taken out of context on this website. How do you ever get to the truth if you do not examine all aspects of the problem? A malign foreign policy, as always, is built on lies. Are you suggesting that some lies are ok (to discuss here) and others are not? :-)

The fact that governments do not use reality and facts to drive policy is now a forgone conclusion...what is the point of discussing how some lies impact health issues and not others?

Good luck with that...

Posted by: Idiocrates | Apr 28 2021 7:14 utc | 114

circium #84

THANK YOU. I found an hour to research ZIVERDO and the triple therapy combo in Australia, the land of Dr Borody. He explains that there is a way to request a prescription from a GP and now to pose the request to my doctor to see if they will go with me. Failing that I will just purchase from another country and get it posted.

Kudos circium :))

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2021 8:28 utc | 115

@ Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 5:49 utc | 115

Well said, much better than my ranting :-)

...with respect but no tenderness.

Posted by: Idiocrates | Apr 28 2021 8:30 utc | 116

Lavrov is back in the spotlight with a long interview, the "alleged" interference in Brazil is touched, machine translation of that excerpt:

When the former US Secretary of State M.Pompeo traveled in Africa, he loudly, publicly at a press conference called on his colleagues not to trade with Russia and China, because these countries "pursue selfish goals" while the US trades with African states exclusively "for the benefit of their peoples."

If we talk about vaccines, in Brazil now there has been a protest against such a decision. If the Americans admitted openly that they stand behind such an outcome, it means that they are true to their logic, they are allowed to do anything, and they are no longer shy to publicly dictate their will.

Not so long ago, the President of France E. Macron said that a new war is on, within which Russia and China use vaccines as a weapon and advocacy instrument. Now all this statements go to the background. In Germany, including Chancellor, Germany A. Merkel, already seriously suggest that the Russian vaccine can be used. We will not push anyone to do anything. I think life itself will put everything in its place. V. Vysotsky said: "I am always looking for the good in people. The bad, they will show it themselves."

And since Lavrov allowed himself to quote the great Visotsky here a song about hitting first if the fight is unavoidable.

Posted by: Paco | Apr 28 2021 8:43 utc | 117

quoting vk @103: "Those CDCs around the world are mere façade for Big Pharma."

Unfortunately this seems to be the case here in Malaysia. The Russian Sputnik V was well on track to be deployed for the national vaccination programme given the frequent headlines with talks and agreements signed since late-2020. The Chinese and Russian vacs were set to make up the majority with other brands to complement the bulk.

Come March 2021 and the national vaccination programme crawled off the starting line with Pfizer in the lead, the locally-bottled Sinovac, and now a small shipment of Astra-Zeneca; of which was "safe for use" before it was received, downgraded to "for over 60s" yesterday, and cut down to a special "walk-in, no-queues" clearance sale this morning.

Pfizer is now the vaccine of choice for a hot, sunny tropical country with 32 million shots (100% of population) ordered, and 12 million each of Sinovac and AZ. Sputnik has yet to be approved.

Posted by: Tongkat Ali | Apr 28 2021 8:58 utc | 118

Bernard F. #115

With respect and Tendresse

Thank you for that music.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 28 2021 9:21 utc | 119

Correction to my post at @119: 32 million shots would cover 50% of the population not 100%, since the vaccine requires two doses per person.

Posted by: Tongkat Ali | Apr 28 2021 9:26 utc | 120

Posted By Gottlieb @26

You make a very good point. I have been thinking about it yesterday and again today:

"The goal of Capitalism, as demonstrated time and again by the attempt to unwind monopolistic practices, is to destroy competition. This precisely reflects the foreign policy of the United States. Capitalism, like Empire, is at the end of its history. The last throes. And in its vain attempt to survive, mass murder is simply a bi-product of desperation. Evil is as evil does, and in the USA there is no 'alleged' about it."

It reminded me of the predatory hacking conducted by Rupert Murdochs empire that ruined a number of his pay TV competitors. Neil Chenoweth from the Australian Financial Review exposed exactly how Murdoch did just that in a series of articles and his book 'Murdoch's Pirates.'

Barflies may remember the 'cloned cards' circulating some years ago.

This man should be in prison and is unfit to own any media in any country.

Murdoch and his faithful army have been trying to destroy Australia's public broadcaster ABC for decades.

Here is a synopsis of Murdoch's Pirates:

The inside story of the skullduggery at the heart of one the Murdoch empire's subsidiaries, NDS.

What happens when one of the biggest media groups in the world sets up its own private security force? What happens when part of this operation goes rogue?

News of the World is not the first Murdoch company to be accused of skullduggery. Murdoch's Pirates is about the dark deeds of a secret division of News Corp, based in Jerusalem, operating in a combustible world of ambitious ex Scotland Yard men and former French and Israeli secret service agents, who have one thing in common - they have all left their previous employment under controversial circumstances.

Reading like a thriller, Murdoch's Pirates is set in the arcane world of hackers and pirates. There are mysterious deaths, break-ins and wild chases. Some of the individuals involved may well be amongst the brightest minds on the planet, but sometimes their rivalry can get out of hand and their impulsive behaviour can defy logic.

Neil Chenoweth recounts this clandestine war with his customary lucidity, drollery and brio.

About the Author

For the last decade, Neil Chenoweth has been one of Australia's leading investigative business writers. He is currently a journalist at The Australian Financial Review.

In 2004, Chenoweth won the Gold Walkley for helping uncover a money trail from a payout on the Offset Alpine Printing fire to secret Swiss bank accounts held by Rene Rivkin, Trevor Kennedy and Graham Richardson. He won a second Walkley in 2006 for his book Packer's Lunch and a third in 2008 for his reporting on the Opes Prime scandal.

Posted by: Paul | Apr 28 2021 10:37 utc | 121

By the way, the NYT has freely called it a "competition".

WASHINGTON — Russian hackers are attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research, the American, British and Canadian governments said Thursday, accusing the Kremlin of opening a new front in its spy battles with the West amid the worldwide competition to contain the pandemic.

Or, in the worldwide competition, was it the West that was opening a new front with it's predictable accusations.
Pretty obvious, don't you think?
More than obvious - a given.

Posted by: librul | Apr 28 2021 11:52 utc | 122

Idiocrates, well said.
I wonder what happened to Peter AU and Laguerre.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 28 2021 12:21 utc | 123

off topic excuse please I am told no longer reachable from USA governed America. ?
any info on this control by exclusion. >

Posted by: snake | Apr 28 2021 12:31 utc | 124

@Bemildred #100
I don't necessarily disagree that the Vietnam war and the Great Society are intertwined.
Certainly LBJ's capability to fund/prosecute the Vietnam war required cooperation from the political establishment - it would not surprise me that the pork barrel aspects of both said war and the Great Society were part of the price for said cooperation, with the agitprop memes of fighting Communism abroad and fighting poverty at home as the rallying cries.
It is less clear to me that the dismantling was a direct function of the termination of the Vietnam war, however, as opposed to the rise of Reagan.
Did Nixon, Ford and Carter start the dismantling? Or was it Reagan and his "small government", followed by Clinton and his "steal the other party's best lines" political strategies which kicked off the bipartisan destruction of the American social safety net, such as it is?

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 28 2021 12:44 utc | 125

Friend VK, your comment about my publication has hits and misses, yes Bolsonaro is Americanophile and wants western vaccines to be used in Brazil, every day it becomes clearer that he has a plan to make a eugenics with the Brazilian people, however, he does not own Brazil and as much as it may not seem like it, we are not a republic banana, the regulatory agency of vaccines in Brazil is a technical body, highly qualified and that is free from the interference of the genocidal president, the rigor that ANVISA is using against Sputnik V is the same rigor used against Coronavac, Astazeneca and Pifzer. It was not Bolsonaro who denied the use of the Russian vaccine in the country, but regulatory agency, due to the non-submission of necessary documentation, not by the Gamelaya Institute, but by its representative in Brazil, the Brazilian company União Química.
He also said that the military that are in Anvisa is doing an exemplary job and contradicting even who indicated them, the genocidal president, did not say that the Brazilian Armed Forces in general are doing a good job in fighting the pandemic, and as in general, our armed forces are divided between Americanophiles, nationalists and progressives, predominantly nationalists.
Finally, the UOL portal is not a tabloid, if it doesn't do the best investigative journalism, it does an honest journalism, and is not extreme right-wing, the scientists it interviewed are honest, correct, of high level, and know what they are talking about.
I am sending you a new link, I hope I have contributed with clarifications. Cordially.

Posted by: Fábio Marinho | Apr 28 2021 15:27 utc | 126

Fábio Marinho @127

I hate to be so blunt about this but Brazil absolutely is a banana republic. You jailed Lula da Silva on orders from the US. How could that happen if you were not a banana republic?

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 28 2021 15:52 utc | 127

@ Fábio Marinho... thanks for coming back and replying to vk! i tend to see it much like @ 128 william gruff here.... for a reference, take a look at @ 119 Tongkat Ali's post... thanks for that tongkat ali.... it helps put it in perspective for us on what is happening in malaysia... the quote from vk appears to stand up for me as well - ""Those CDCs around the world are mere façade for Big Pharma."

@ Idiocrates | Apr 28 2021 7:14 utc | 115.. i think what is missing in your, minas and bernard f's viewpoint or perspective is that we have been talking covid over a good year here at moa and often time the conversation rolls into the same shit no matter what your perspective is on this... b was implicit in wanting to discuss the foreign policy angle on this... if you are determined to talk about the 'lies around covid' you can do it on the open thread... go see for yourself.. that is exactly what posters here at moa are doing... not every thread has to turn into a generalized rant on covid which is what b is asking here... unfortunately some folks don't see to get this either and want to throw every thread into an endless conversation on covid.. it is extremely tiring.. there are many aspects to it.. how about going along with the host?

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 16:21 utc | 128

c1ue@126 asks "Did Nixon, Ford and Carter start the dismantling? Or was it Reagan and his "small government", followed by Clinton and his "steal the other party's best lines" political strategies which kicked off the bipartisan destruction of the US social safety net, such as it is?" A major part of the social safety net was unions. Good pay and benefits were supposed to be why social-democratic programs weren't needed. The dismantling of the unions went into high gear Taft-Hartley. All advances of the New Deal have been targeted ever since they began and the conservative Democrats have always followed in the attacks on the most popular programs, including even Social Security, which every administration has whittled away at. Another aspect to reducing the US social safety net is tight money, to protect creditors and increase unemployment. Nixon of course scuttled the Great Society without putting a Republican program into place. Going of the gold standard and wage/price controls were not conducted in such a way to help the mass of the people. But in particular, revenue sharing was intended as a way of disavowing national responsibility for welfare programs, to limit them. Carter was the one who put in Volcker at the Fed to induce a recession to break wages and who planned the breaking of the PATCO strike (as I understand it,) though it was Reagan who put the plan into action.

So, yes, attacks on the overall welfare of the majority of the citizens did indeed start under Nixon, Ford and Carter. The supposed gotcha question refutes the asker.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Apr 28 2021 17:04 utc | 129

Must see
at 17' they discuss the 3,000 dollars a dose Remdesivir and its complete inefficiency.
For the record, Raoult, the French virologist, says that R is also a cause of severe mutations.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 28 2021 17:14 utc | 130

By the way, in relation to the topic of the thread, it is entirely covered here in the last 10 minutes

But of course, this is unrelated.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 28 2021 17:45 utc | 131

@ mina... concerning peter au and laguerre.... peter au showed up a month ago, but said he is tied up with personal matters... laguerre - i haven't seen him posting at craig murrays either... and what about noirette?? she hasn't been heard from in a long time too..

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 18:55 utc | 132

Dear mina

Some people disappeared. Lockdowned?

You are still there!

Some "Galanterie" probably...

Posted by: Assurancetourix | Apr 28 2021 19:24 utc | 133

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 28 2021 12:44 utc | 127

Nixon at best, definitely under Carter, but the other guy is right, it started with Taft-Hartly, they had to get the unions first. One of the reasons for the moving of industry overseas, see? International Woodworkers of America, I still have my card. It was in the 70s when they started shipping all the good saw logs to Asia. They worked HARD to get us here. Now we are all nicely uncollectivized. We got Medicare and the Voting Rights laws from that war, FOIA is another, to pacify the unions and the rebellions against treatment of women and no-whites that was going on. We really did scare the piss out of them.

Posted by: Bemildred | Apr 28 2021 19:33 utc | 134

unknown friend, sorry but when it comes to coups, our elites are very competent, they don't need orders or guidance from the US, they have enough know-how to teach the other elites in the rest of the world how to get their political enemies out of the way, besides, coups don't happen only in banana republics, they happen even in the center of the empire, just look at what they did with Trump. The removal of president Dilma Roussef and the imprisonment of former president Lula is a very complex case, involving many variables, to simplify, until the last minute part of the country's economic elites did not want the impeachment of president Dilma, history will still be written, and it will be clear that things did not boil down to a simple "US orders". Brazil is not for amateurs, my friend.

Posted by: Fábio Marinho | Apr 28 2021 19:38 utc | 135

@ 136 bernard.. thanks... i appreciate and respect where you are coming from and i have enjoyed the links to music you have given in particular.. i acknowledge b has censored some posts on covid in all the threads.... it seems he thinks some of the content is straight out bullshit... he might be wrong on that, but ultimately it is his blog and with the exception of covid, he has not done this... and in regard to covid it is a fanatical topic that attracts a lot of fanatics - on both ends of the spectrum... staying on topic can be tricky.. usually when the thread is bypassed for newer threads, like this one is now - it is almost like people start talking about anything and it is generally fine.. short of b coming and making another clear announcement, like he did here @ 1, i think it is pretty clear where b stands.. it is a kind of take it or leave it approach as i see it too... i will share his post again... cheers james


The topic is the malign influence of foreign policy on health issues, not the severity or danger of Covid-19 and vaccines. If you want to discuss that (again and again) go elsewhere.

I will continue to censor comments (and ban commentators) accordingly.

Posted by: b | Apr 27 2021 7:34 utc | 1"

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 19:43 utc | 136

@ Fábio Marinho | Apr 28 2021 19:38 utc | 138.. thanks fabio... good commentary!

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 19:46 utc | 137

@ Posted by: Fábio Marinho | Apr 28 2021 15:27 utc | 128

Everything the expert in the article you linked is technically true. Except for the fact that Anvisa has already approved - for emergence use - the AstraZeneca, which shares the same theoretical risks of Sputnik V (with the more concerning fact that it really killed a lot of people with blood cloths):

Anvisa aprova registro da vacina da Fiocruz/AstraZeneca e de medicamento contra o coronavírus

AstraZeneca is also adenovirus. Funnily enough, the note states the AstraZeneca vaccine will arrive in Brazil with another name: "Vacina Covid19 Recombinante", in a blatant PR move.

The note also states the approval of Rendesivir (Remdesivir) as treatment. Remdesivir is that very expensive drug produced by an American pharmaceutical which studies show is nothing more nothing less than a placebo against COVID-19.

It's a myth Brazil "isn't for amateurs". The problem is there are very scarce data and documentation about Brazil, so analysts and historians have to make do with very precarious and scarce evidence. Brazil is not "not for amateurs": it's simply a very poor and insignificant country.


Honestly, it's a big waste of time to discuss about Brazil in this forum.

I'll just leave here one blueprint about Brazil, which you can use for any period of the history of the country since the Cold War:

1) there's no true nationalism in Brazil. No Brazilian is proud of being Brazilian;

2) the pillars of the Brazilian right-wing are: Americanophilia and Anti-Communism. If the USA collapses, the Brazilian right-wing automatically collapses;

3) given the artificiality of Brazil as a nation, political polarization takes an immediate form of pro-capitalism/anti-communism and anti-capitalism/communism/socialism. There is no cultural/nationalist veil in Brazil, and the few center-right/center-left intellectuals are usually some middle class petty bourgeois who are Europeinized or Americanized (studied abroad etc. etc.).

Posted by: vk | Apr 28 2021 20:06 utc | 138

Even when "restrictions have been lifted, then Governments continue with repression. A link from the UK Who has just announced that Lockdowns and the "rules" will stop in 8 weeks, AND then puts out ads to find "Covid Marshals" to employ up until 2023 at least. (Probably 2025) (Budget £3 million.)

Another; Vaccine passports in the UK
Grant Shapps now confirms the NHS Track and trace app will become the Vaccine Passport.


This from Gal Gur. (Twitter). I cut it down for lisibility.
Hello, my name is Gal,
I am an Israeli citizen, and I want to convey this urgent message to the world: Contrary to what you are told, Israel has not "returned to normal" in any way.....
....Since the beginning of the "vaccination project" there has been only more intimidation and.....much more coercion.
We live under increasing coercion, discrimination, marking and division into two civil societies-according to the "green mark (pass)".
Basic activities such as work, education, health and recreation - have become a luxury for only vaccinated people. And even then - temporary
Only some places allow the presentation of a negative test to COVID- every 72 hours (!)-the approval output sometimes puts out an output of all the medical tests you have done, recently it was announced that citizens who chosen to do so will have to pay for the tests.
Yesterday, at the same time as the false publication that "all restrictions have been removed from the education systems" - the Minister of Education announced that parents would be allowed to enter their children's school or kindergarten area, only by presenting a "GP”
A green pass will be required as well for attending graduation parties or trips and more.

THe UK and Israel are being used as testing grounds for imposing restrictions on populations.
There is no "let-up" envisaged until 2025, when the reduction of humanity into either "elite" or "serfs" (those who survive of course) is completed.
It is becoming increasingly clear that "Covid" and "War" will be used to gain acceptance for a culture "against nature".
Arguing about "Covid" can be seen being used as a diversion from the constant erosion of rights, in spite of whatever the original virus may have been responsible for or the extent of it's impact.

Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 28 2021 20:26 utc | 139

@ 142 stonebird true :
"Arguing about "Covid" can be seen being used as a diversion from the constant erosion of rights, in spite of whatever the original virus may have been responsible for or the extent of it's impact."

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 20:36 utc | 140

Even b knows his alphabet down to p and r.

As northern Europe and Switzerland reopen shops and terraces, France extends curfew for 5 weeks.

Investing in anxyolitics seems just as profitable as vaccines.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 28 2021 20:45 utc | 141

jayc | Apr 27 2021 21:06 utc | 73
NY Times today endorsed Navalny as Russia's "true leader". So that makes two Guaido's - can't wait for the trifecta.

The Times has descended into cuckoo-town with this utter nonsense. Navalny, a relatively small-time criminal who hoped that getting into politics might help keep him out of jail, but whose attempts at becoming a political figure never got him more than 2 percent in any poll, is but a pimple on the ass of reality. The idea that he's some kind of "leader" is ludicrous.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Apr 28 2021 21:42 utc | 142

@ james

I have come here to lose the smog
And I feel just like a cog
In something turning

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 28 2021 22:39 utc | 143

One last update on the Anvisa-Sputnik V imbroglio:

Sputnik V rebate Anvisa e diz que não há adenovírus replicante na vacina

Anvisa caught lying again.

Posted by: vk | Apr 28 2021 22:51 utc | 144

thanks bernard! great song that brings back memories... did joni mitchell write that song?? i think she did... this version is very good and creative! i like it..

Posted by: james | Apr 28 2021 23:07 utc | 145

This link may be of interest to people here - the reasons given by the AmeriPharmas and the the current Corporate "president" for NOT sup[plying their vaccines to other countries:

Long read but the convoluted logic about "indemnifying" the drug companies is interesting on its own.

Posted by: Merlin2 | Apr 29 2021 4:30 utc | 146

@ james

Yes. She misses the festival.
Stuck in "NYC mud"
And wrote : © October 22, 1969; Siquomb Publishing Corp

Joni introduced the song this way on Dec 12, 1969 at a concert in Worcester, MA:
“Everybody knows about Woodstock. (applause) I started off to go there. I was playing in Chicago.[...]
It was really something, that people could be so good to each other. Even if it was only for three days. All those people being good to each other for three whole days. Fantastic. (Laughter)

So I wrote a song for that group to sing. Actually I wrote it for myself to sing. And, uh, here I’m gonna sing it anyway. I hope everybody’s….(inaudible).

Great interview on CBS

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 29 2021 4:44 utc | 147



Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 29 2021 4:50 utc | 148

For a potentially big market like Brazil, I doubt if the Russian makers were suddenly lazy about giving the Brazilian authorities the needed documentation. Posted by: Erelis | Apr 28 2021 2:05 utc | 98

Actually, while I do not think that "Russian makers were suddenly lazy", the monetary value of "big Brazilian market" is small. It is not simple to increase the production of a vaccine to a billion dose scale, and Russia alone has large needs. Even so, the capacity to produce is growing and just this week Turkey decided to contract 60 million doses to be delivered over six months -- their total need in 170 million, eventually. But what Russian want most are agreements for local production, which probably means that they would get something like 10% if the revenue. I would guess that Brazil is as capable in that respect as Argentina but ideologies in the respective governments are different.

Note that the "commercial side" of Sputnik V is run by Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund, which is money manager of the surpluses that the Russian Federation can accumulate in times of higher oil prices, it is not exactly a for-profit venture. Russia gains tens of billions of dollars if the pandemic ends sooner, some of those billions to be duly deposited in RSWF. One could wish that North American and European states had organizations with a productive global perspective.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 29 2021 5:03 utc | 149

Bernard F. | Apr 29 2021 4:44 utc | 150

Joni Mitchell Interview



In advance of the Joni Mitchell Luminato Tribute Concert the legendary singer and artist sat down with Q host Jian Ghomeshi at her house in Los Angeles.

Posted by: pogohere | Apr 29 2021 5:37 utc | 150

Thanks for the full version @pogohere

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 29 2021 5:47 utc | 151

Piotr Berman | Apr 29 2021 5:03 utc | 152

But what Russian want most are agreements for local production

Yes, and with Germany [Bayern] too.

A foreign policy, but not a malign one.

Posted by: Bernard F. | Apr 29 2021 5:52 utc | 152


For sure the USA tried to pressure Brazil to not use Sputnik.

However, ANVISA is an independent technical agency and all the samples of the ad5 vector of the vaccine had way too much viruses that could reproduce (more than 300 times what is accepted by UE regulators), and that is not how the vaccine was supposed to be.

The problem is so easy to understand, check and even a know issue in these types of vaccines that everybody in our scientific community agrees with ANVISA`s decision.

So, documentation aside, the simple fact is that the mass production of the vaccine is screwed up. The vaccine that they sent to Brazil is NOT the same vaccine which went through 3 phases of tests and had its result published in a good medical journal.

Also, these production screw ups show that inspections of the facilities is a good practice.

Back to the political side of things, our politicians DO want the vaccine and have been pressuring ANVISA to approve it through the Executive branch, Congress and even our Judiciary. The local manufacturer is well connected to key politicians. There is even a law that was made to easy the use of Sputnik and an indian vaccine that still is in phase 3 tests, so enough with the excuses to deflect the real production problems found in Sputnik.

Posted by: Alves | Apr 29 2021 5:57 utc | 153

Shorter Fábio Marinho | Apr 28 2021 19:38 utc | 138:
"Although Brasil & the US have the same owners, they are managed with slight differences!"

Posted by: nudge | Apr 29 2021 7:09 utc | 154

Arundhati Roy alleges a compassion deficit that results in death. Here from the grauniad.

Excellent writing as you might expect from this extraordinary person.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 29 2021 8:31 utc | 155

Came across this in Jacobin, an article by Hadas Thier which points out how the bulk of the 'vaccines' otherwise known as antibody enhancers have gone to the wealthiest humans, despite the fact it is they who have access to the best health services.

I don't reckon that what pharma has delivered so far can really be described as vaccines in the original sense of the word, that is they are no-where close to being a 100% prophylactic, however that said, all of 'em have demonstrated that if you have had one of 'em administered you are much less likely to have a lethal dose of Covid 19 than if you hadn't had a covid jab. For that reason alone the current 'vaccine' roll out will be considered a crime against humanity by future generations.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Apr 29 2021 8:49 utc | 156

Debs @ 159

Your link goes nowhere, sadly (forgot to paste ? :-)).
I think you mean this article: Hadas Thier – Release the Vaccines.

Posted by: phiw13 | Apr 29 2021 11:38 utc | 157

@Alves #155

Sputnik V refutes Anvisa and says there is no replicating adenovirus in the vaccine (Brasil 247, April 28, 2021 — machine translated from Brazilian Portuguese)

The team responsible for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine released a note that counters the decision of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) not to recommend its application in Brazil.

In the note, Sputnik classified the decision as “political” and pointed out that, contrary to what was stated by the Brazilian regulatory agency, the Russian vaccine against Covid-19 does not have any replicating adenovirus in its formulation.

“The Gamaleya Center, which carries out strict quality control of all Sputnik V production sites, has confirmed that no replication-competent adenoviruses (RCA) were ever found in any of the Sputnik V vaccine batches that have been produced. Existing quality controls ensure that no RCA can exist in Sputnik V vaccine. Prior to the inspection the Anvisa team received an official letter from the Gamaleya Center dated March 26, 2021 which clearly says: ‘In addition we would like to inform you that during the release of the vaccine product at the Center site and at the contract site of JBC Generium, not a single batch containing RCA was recorded,’ ” says the note.

Sputnik V @sputnikvaccine - 17:17 UTC · Apr 28, 2021

In response to fake news being circulated stemming from inaccurate Anvisa report, please refer to an official statement from Gamaleya Institute that confirms that in Sputnik V E1 is deleted and no RCA present. We also informed Anvisa on that matter.


Posted by: S | Apr 29 2021 15:09 utc | 158

Bernard F. | Apr 29 2021 4:44 utc | 149 / pogohere.... thanks.... too much to take in!

re debs link - thanks phiw13 ... it seems to me this really highlights the disconnect between those who have and those who don't... it is quite disturbing actually.. are we really just about money and profit and that is it?? where is the compassion and empathy for others? i am not seeing it..

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2021 15:55 utc | 159

Hello, I made a comment here these days trying to prove to MOA readers that the Brazilian vaccine regulatory agency (ANVISA) is a technical body, that makes its decisions on strict scientific criteria and that its decision to deny the use of the Sputinik V vaccine in Brazil was free from the influence of President Bolsonaro. Many people, including a few Brazilian did not like my comment and tried to refute it based only on the Gamelaya Institute's twiters. I want to make a few things clear here: 1) as far as we know ANVISA is outside the influence of the genocidal president, if this were not true, it would have prevented the use in Brazil of Coronavac, the Chinese vaccine that Bolsonaro fought until the last minute not to be used in the country and that today is our No. 1 vaccine for fighting the pandemic, if Anvisa acted politically in the case of Sputinik V it is a new fact and a point out of the curve. 2) Some of the best Brazilian scientists, with political positions against Bolsonaro, defended ANVISA's decision saying that it was correct and based on technical criteria. 3) I do not pretend to be the owner of the truth, I just wanted to bring some information to enrich the debate and the knowledge of MOA readers, if I am wrong, it will be for the new fact exposed above. On one side we have a respected Russian research institute stating that ANVISA lied, on the other side we have a regulatory agency saying that the Brazilian representative of the IG failed to bring important documentation regarding the Russian vaccine, who is telling the truth? Brazil exports vaccines to over 70 countries, has recognized expertise in this matter, this would not be possible without a serious and competent regulatory agency. I hope that the readers of MOA leave passions aside, stop seeing the IG as a sacred cow and follow the unfolding of the facts. Cordially Fabio Marinho.

Posted by: Fábio Marinho | Apr 29 2021 16:22 utc | 160

@ Fabio Marinho... thanks fabio.. i appreciate your posts and input here... keep us updated if possible on what you find...

Posted by: james | Apr 29 2021 16:28 utc | 161

@161 james - "where is the compassion and empathy for others?"

It's abundantly found among the poor.

Money is a strange thing. Humans are so fragile in their equilibrium that when worldly factors such as family reinforcement and an excess of assets enter the personal inventory of self, one gets carefree - literally with no cares, because there are practically no conceivable misfortunes the world can throw at you that can't be obviated with money and position.

So the rich believe that they are happy. And as Jim Carrey learned after he made some money, and explained once on a Letterman show, the rich laugh differently. While we laugh appreciatively, the rich laugh ebulliently, theatrically, proprietorially. Think of all these madly grinning oligarchs we see.

The rich believe that they are happy because they are free of worldly cares. But try to take their money. (They think of it as "their" money.) Try to make them share. That's when it becomes clear that they have closed down their hearts. They would easily kill us by the billions and not feel it.

They are so happy, they believe. But in fact what they are is closed in their hearts. So they have no problems. And this they call happiness. It's the first thing that money does, close the heart in self-assurance, to the exclusion of compassion. It's a strange thing.

And that's what rules the world, apart from where a worker's revolution has set the heart back aright.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 29 2021 22:15 utc | 162

@Fábio Marinho #162:

I hope that the readers of MOA leave passions aside, stop seeing the IG as a sacred cow and follow the unfolding of the facts.

Maybe you should lead by example and stop seeing Anvisa as a sacred cow?

Brazil exports vaccines to over 70 countries, has recognized expertise in this matter, this would not be possible without a serious and competent regulatory agency.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has recognized expertise in chemical weapons and employs many serious and competent specialists. That didn’t prevent its corrupt management from doctoring its report on the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

Posted by: S | Apr 29 2021 22:16 utc | 163

Sputnik V Statеment on Brazilian Health Regulator Anvisa’s Decision to Postpone Sputnik V Authorization in Brazil (April 28, 2021)

The decision by Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to delay the approval of Sputnik V is, unfortunately, of a political nature and has nothing to do with the regulator’s access to information or science.

The regulator’s decision also contradicts an earlier decision by Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) which recognized the Sputnik V vaccine as safe and permitted its production in Brazil.

The Sputnik V team has addressed the technical issues raised by Anvisa board members during the meeting on April 26 to demonstrate that these allegations have no scientific grounds and cannot be treated seriously in the scientific community and among international regulators.

1. The Gamaleya Center, which carries out strict quality control of all Sputnik V production sites, has confirmed that no replication-competent adenoviruses (RCA) were ever found in any of the Sputnik V vaccine batches that have been produced. Existing quality controls ensure that no RCA can exist in Sputnik V vaccine. Prior to the inspection the Anvisa team received an official letter from the Gamaleya Center dated March 26, 2021 which clearly says: “In addition we would like to inform you that during the release of the vaccine product at the Center site and at the contract site of JBC Generium, not a single batch containing RCA was recorded.”

2. The quality and safety of Sputnik V are, among other things, assured by the fact that, unlike other vaccines, it uses a 4-stage purification technology that includes two stages of chromatography and two stages of tangential flow filtration. This purification technology helps to obtain a highly purified product that goes through mandatory quality control, including control for RCA or any additives presence. Control for RCA is carried out not only for the finished product but also at all stages of production, including the viral seed. Sputnik V team believes that its purification technology is the best among all vaccines and is one of the pillars for vaccine safety.

3. Only E1 and E3 type non-replicating adenoviral vectors, which are harmless for the human body, are used in the Sputnik V vaccine production.

4. Anvisa team in Moscow had full access to all the relevant documents as well as to research and production sites. All the relevant scientific documents and data as well as direct access to the Gamaleya Center scientists in charge of the vaccine development were made available to the Anvisa team.

5. In response to queries about the sterilization processes validation the manufacturing sites that were being inspected provided risk assessment protocols and also the official commitment letter that clearly said that validation of sterilizing filtration will be performed and results will be provided to Anvisa.

6. The inspection scope included only the two production sites from which the deliveries to Brazil are planned.

The safety and efficacy of the Sputnik V has been confirmed by 61 regulators in countries where the vaccine has been authorized with the total population of over 3 billion people. The real-world study in Russia after vaccination of 3.8 million people demonstrated the Sputnik V efficacy at 97.6%.

Unlike with other vaccines there were no cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) during the use of the Sputnik V.

Several independent real-world studies in countries where the vaccine is being used in mass vaccination programs show strong evidence confirming Sputnik V’s efficacy and safety. These publicly available studies are listed below:

1. Hungary’s government published the official data comparing 5 vaccines used in Hungary. This data shows that Sputnik V is the most efficient and safe vaccine.

Sputnik V demonstrates the best safety profile among other jabs in Hungary

Based on official data from the Government of Hungary after the 2nd shot between December 26th, 2020 and April 20th, 2021

Vaccine          # of infections  # of deaths   # of infections and deaths
                 per 100,000      per 100,000   per 100,000 vaccinations
                 vaccinations     vaccinations  of OTHER JABS compared
                                                to SPUTNIK V (x times)
infections deaths
Sputnik V 95 1 - - AstraZeneca 700 7 7x 7x SinoPharm 356 16 4x 16x Moderna 177 20 2x 20x Pfizer/BioNTech 555 32 6x 32x

2. The Mexican official government vaccination study confirms that Sputnik V is the safest vaccine with 7 times fewer adverse effects per doses administered than mRNA vaccines.

Sputnik V shows best safety profile among vaccines in Mexico

Mexico Ministry of Health real world data on COVID-19 vaccines safety from vaccination campaign in Mexico

April 25, 2021   Serious Adverse Events      Events Supposedly Attributed to
                                             Vaccination and Immunization
# of cases¹ # per 100,000 # of cases¹ # per 100,000 doses² doses²
Pfizer-BioNTech 120 1.85 13,958 2.16 AstraZeneca 60 1.67 1,368 0.38 Cansino 18 1.24 203 0.14 Sinovac 47 1.18 669 0.17 Sputnik V 8 0.89 263 0.29
¹ Mexico Ministry of Health «Informe epidémico diario» presentation as of April 25, 2021

² Calculated as of April 25, 2021 as per publicly available Mexican Government data on vaccine doses arrived and applied (assuming that vaccines arrived first were applied first)

3. The real-world data from Argentina’s Ministry of Health showed that COVID-19 infection rate after the 1st dose vaccination is 2 times lower for Sputnik V compared with other vaccines. No cases of deaths were registered in Argentina after full-doze Sputnik V vaccination.

A new real data from Ministry of Health confirms #SputnikV is the most efficient among jabs used in #Argentina

The number of #COVID19 infected people 14 days after the 1st shot:
Sputnik V 0.27% Covishield (AstraZeneca) 0.46% Sinopharm 0.49%

The Supreme Court of Brazil will review Anvisa’s decision already this week when it hears a motion by 17 Brazilian states whose governments are striving to save people lives and speed up their vaccination programs bringing more safe and efficient vaccines to the country. The Sputnik V team will continue to work with the government of Brazil, the individual states, our Brazilian partner União Química, which is ready to launch large scale production of the vaccine, as well as with all other parties in Brazil in order to save lives. Sputnik V team believes constructive cooperation between countries without politics getting involved will help the world to defeat the pandemic.

Posted by: S | Apr 29 2021 22:47 utc | 164

S @166

Thanks for this compilation. I have been looking for comparisons from countries in addition to Hungary, so now we have mexico and Argentina effectively confirming what the Hungarian health ministry released as well.

Still missing: Serbia - another country where residents had choices between 4 vaccines, I believe. I wonder whether they released anything yet.

Posted by: Merlin2 | Apr 30 2021 2:42 utc | 165

The topic is the malign influence of foreign policy on health issues ... b

Indirectly related to OP

Mexico’s recent decision to transition away from gmo corn and glyphosate farming practices is being met with pressure from USG. Mexico wants to protect the health of its people and their ecosystem but USG foreign policy uses pressure to protect the health of big agricultural multinationals.

Excerpt from recent US petition calling for the USG to cease interfering in Mexico’s internal policies:

We urge you to respect the measures taken by the Mexican government to protect its people’s health and its environment, and draw your attention to this response from 335 civil society organizations and concerned individuals in Mexico (translated from the original Spanish by
We reiterate our support for the [Mexican government] policy implemented to ban the planting of transgenic corn and glyphosate gradually by 2024, as well as for the NOM-051 that allows the implementation of a frontal warning labeling on packaged food and beverages. We consider these measures to be a necessary and fundamental step in the transition to a healthy and sustainable agri-food model.

[We] emphasize that the health crisis caused by COVID-19 is a call to leave behind the ... model that devastates the environment and health and instead construct comprehensive public policies ... which guarantee Mexico’s production of healthy, nutritious, fair and competitive food in order to achieve food self-sufficiency and food sovereignty.

We agree and support President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the decision to move forward and make the right to food self-sufficiency and food sovereignty a reality.”

Mexico’s forward-looking policies have been lauded by experts in UN agencies as well. As Christian Skoog, UNICEF representative in Mexico, explains, "The labeling approved by Mexico contemplates the best international experiences and the most updated and relevant scientific evidence, so it could even become an example for other countries” (emphasis added).

Posted by: suzan | May 1 2021 3:08 utc | 166

@168 suzan

An excellent parallel with b's post.

The world is a plantation and the US government is United Fruit Company and the voices that speak up are the most decorated soldiers for imperialism who come to see the exploitation of their patriotism, such as Smedley Butler. But the banana company prevails, while the voices are consigned to oblivion.

There are many such voices today speaking against the United Vaccine Company and they include a host of formerly acclaimed doctors and scientists. But the world is a plantation and the crop must be harvested, and dissent will be silenced.

The parallel is uncanny.


And with regard to the virus and the actions of institutions to deal with it, or to exploit it, what used to take a radical theory of sinister intent is now nothing more than a prudent skepticism, and increasingly resonates with the daily report of how things are.

Thus has the situation revealed itself. And thus has society changed as the forces of society have played their hands, and we who can only watch have adjusted our views.

The situation reveals itself more starkly every day, and the old plantation pattern falls like a well fitting, faithful old coat onto its shoulders, with no effort required. And as this virus situation reveals itself more clearly, it looks increasingly like a banana war.

And if we define "foreign policy" as that of the rich toward the poor, or the plantation owners toward the slaves, then all such "foreign" policy is a malign influence on the health of the workers.

Slice it how one will, it comes down to class war or nothing. And the owners are proving it more and more each day.

Posted by: Grieved | May 1 2021 5:32 utc | 167

Thank you Suzan. It reminds me that Noirette was saying that the symptoms recalled him about some of the pneumonia epidemies the latest years (he mentioned legionellose but I see that organized pneumonia is a bronchiolites.. interestingly, there has been winter epidemies of that in France, killing young children in the latest years). The stats say that 30% of children under 2 catch it and that 2% of all babies under 1 are hospitalized for bronchiolite).
Is there a corelation between the countries that eat more GMO and death rates from covid? What are the places where people have more of them? USA + South America?

Posted by: Mina | May 1 2021 10:22 utc | 168

@Bemildred #136
I just read the transcript of an interview by Paul Jay of Mark Blyth.
Blyth is always entertaining.
One thing Blyth mentioned is the transfer of wealth from the bottom 90% to the top 10%: $34 trillion from 1979 to 2020.
A second thing Blyth mentioned is the use of technology and surveillance to extract ever more profit from workers a la Amazon as the apex predator.
Yes, the destruction of unions is a major factor in this wealth transfer.
However, at least part of the problem is that unions aren't the answer.

American unions are not like European or Asian unions - they only care about their members and not their class or society. This is a problem because 1) the union leadership got corrupt really fast and 2) the lack of solidarity with other unions/class fellows meant any particular union strike just wasn't impactful economically or politically enough.

Thus I disagree with Blyth here - as a foreigner, he just doesn't get that Americans are so fragmented that they can't get their act together even when it means real harms are avoided and real benefits gained. Unions aren't a magic wand - American unions are just clubs for the benefits of its members and leadership, not an expression of actual class solidarity.

Posted by: c1ue | May 1 2021 13:17 utc | 169

Posted by: c1ue | May 1 2021 13:17 utc | 171

You are correct about (most) US unions, they had/have a tendency to be captured by management, and the members to not care as long as their own situation is safe. When I was working union in the 70s the members were mostly aware of this but not inclined to do much about it when elections came around. The union rep was fairly cartoonish as I remember. Capitalists hate competition and uncertainty of any sort, so they try to control everything. And that we need to re-develop our social cohesion too. It is the governments role to referee the argument, but of course ours has always preferred to be bribed when it was not just run by the bosses. This was not a problem when it was the same everywhere else, but in the modern world we are going to have to change.

Posted by: Bemildred | May 1 2021 14:06 utc | 170

re VK @ 64

so when do I get a browser plugin that presents me with your analysis side by side when I visit the page of the original article?

Posted by: gludonen | May 4 2021 13:06 utc | 171

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