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March 22, 2021

Syria - The War Is Resuming On Several Fronts

Ten years after it began, and after a short lull in fighting, the war on Syria seems now to resume on several fronts.


Last week Bloomberg published an op-ed by the Turkish President Erdogan in which he begged for 'western' help:

Now, as talk of democracy, freedom and human rights are in vogue anew, humanity’s actions in Syria will be the ultimate measure of our sincerity. I believe that restoring peace and stability in the region depends on genuine and strong Western support for Turkey.
Unfortunately, the moderate rebels, our local partners, have become the target of a coordinated smear campaign despite their hard work and sacrifice to defeat ISIS and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, another designated terrorist organization.

The safe zones, which Turkey created in cooperation with its local partners, are proof of our commitment to Syria’s future. These areas have become islands of peace and stability, as well as self-sustaining ecosystems.

Those 'islands of peace' in the Turkish occupied Idleb and along the Turkish border have seen lots infighting between the Al-Qaeda aligned Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) and 'moderate rebels' of various Islamists hue. HTS has mostly won out and is ruling the area in cooperation with Turkish occupation troops. But to control the area costs lots of money and Turkey is currently short of it. Erdogan's recent firing of its central bank head led to another fall of the Turkish economy:

The dollar rose by as much as 15% vs the Turkish lira, and the BIST-100 stock-market index traded 10% lower after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to replace Governor Naci Agbal with Sahap Kavcioglu — the third change at the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) in two years.

Thus Erdogan is asking for more money while threatening to push more refugees towards Europe:

The third and most sensible option [form the west] is to throw their weight behind Turkey and become part of the solution in Syria, at minimum cost and with maximum impact.

Our specific expectations are obvious. Primarily, we expect the West to adopt a clear position against YPG, the PKK’s Syrian branch, which attacks safe zones and plays into the hands of the regime. Instead, adequate support must go to the legitimate Syrian opposition as an investment in peace and stability.

Moreover, we call on the Western nations to live up to their responsibilities to end the humanitarian crisis, as failure to share Turkey’s burden may result in fresh waves of migration towards Europe.

Last but not least, we demand that the West invest in safe zones within Syria and unequivocally endorse this peace project. We must show the world that there is a democratic and prosperous alternative for Syria’s future.

On Friday Turkey opened a new military outpost in Syria near the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey. This is contrary to the Moscow agreement with Russia.

There have been several skirmishes between Turkish troops, the rebels they support and Kurdish SDF units which are ruling northeast Syria with support from the U.S. occupation.

Despite hostilities between them the U.S. supported Kurds do business with the Turkish supported Jihadis. The oil the Kurds pump from the Syrian wells is being sold to the 'rebels' in Idleb who export it to Turkey.

That oil export has recently become a target of the Russian forces. On March 7 a missile hit near al-Bab and destroyed 180 oil trucks. On March 14 another attack destroyed HTS controlled oil infrastructure in Idleb. In response the 'rebels' fired missiles into the government held Aleppo city after which another strike hit gas facilities near the Turkish border:

A gas facility was hit near Sarmada city in Idlib province and dozens of trailers carrying goods in a parking lot near the border crossing of Bab al Hawa were set aflame in the latest attack on fuel facilities that serve an economic lifeline for a region that is home to more than four million people.

Western intelligence sources say Russia was behind a ballistic missile strike earlier this month that set ablaze dozens of local oil refineries near the towns of al-Bab and Jarablus further east in a rebel-held area where Turkey holds sway and has a significant military presence.

In the north east the U.S. allied Kurdish SDF is still holding several thousand former ISIS fighters. Every few weeks some dozens get released. They are moved into the south eastern desert where the U.S. forces in al-Tanf at the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border triangle [green] are presumably train and equip them. They then go on to attack Syrian government forces. As the rough desert makes it difficult to fight on the ground Russia renewed an air campaign against those ISIS remnands:

There are several goals behind the Russian airstrikes. Chief among them is securing the roads in the Badia region (the Syrian desert), limiting IS operations and military capabilities and curbing the spread of the organization in the Badia, which extends over Raqqa, Hama, Homs, Deir Ez-Zor and Aleppo provinces.

The conflict between the Kurds and Turkey in the north east is also resuming:

[I]n the Raqqah countryside, SDF reported that its fighters had repelled two attacks by Turkish proxies. The first was on the village of Saida west of Ain Issa. The second attack targeted the town of Mu’alk to the east.

No specific casualty numbers were released.

The area around Ain Issa has been volatile for a while now, with Turkey and its proxies frequently attacking the town’s outskirts. An Ankara plan to push and capture the town has been expected for months.

Likely in response to this, two rockets were launched from Syria towards the southern Turkish city of Kilis. According to Syrian sources, the two rockets were launched from the vicinity of the town of Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside. The positions belong to the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers terrorist. The YPG is also the core of the SDF.

The Turkish army shelled a dozen of towns and villages in response to the attack. Heavy clashes were also reported between Kurdish fighters and militants of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army west of the Turkish-occupied town of al-Bab.

Meanwhile Syria's economy, hindered by sanctions, lack of oil revenues and the crash of the Lebanese banks, has further deteriorated. A war of hunger has replaced the war of guns.

With the tenth anniversary of the war many seem to have forgotten that it was the U.S. which started and fueled this catastrophe while it still has no plan how to end it:

The sad part of the joint statement by the US and its European allies is not only that it is rewriting history and spreading falsehood but conveys a sense of despair that there is no hope for light at the end of the tunnel in the Syrian conflict in a conceivable future.

The US policy in Syria is opaque. It has oscillated between aiming to prevent a resurgence of IS, confronting Iran, pushing back against Russia, providing humanitarian aid, and even protecting Israel, while the crux of the matter is that successive US administrations have failed to articulate a clear strategy and rationale for the US military presence in Syria.

This week U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will hold talks with the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

A statement by the Biden administration today was quite friendly:

Jen Psaki, also added, "Turkey is a long-standing and valued NATO ally. We've shared interest in countering terrorism and ending the conflict in Syria, deterring malign influence in the region."

It is quite possible that the Biden administration has plans to reset the current stalemate in Syria by allying with Turkey for new push against Damascus.

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Mr. fyi, do you read Chinese? If not, you are out of luck.

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Mar 23 2021 20:36 utc | 101

May be OT, but this ed is a good statement to make.:

Posted by: Oriental Voice | Mar 23 2021 20:36 utc | 102

Mr fyi is not completely out of luck. The least controversial account for people who have been brainwashed by western mass media and the easiest for them to digest would be the secret US State Department cables that were leaked to Wikileaks.

Obviously this is far from a complete account, but it is usually enough to get over the hump of facing that one has been fed pure lies about Tiananmen Square.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 23 2021 20:49 utc | 103

Mr. William Gruff:

Thank you.

And we read:


So, if I understand this correctly, only the location of the massacre is in dispute and not the fact of it.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 23 2021 21:00 utc | 104

J Swift #91

I see the USA as being on the defensive, not Russia outmanoeuvred. USA can see the high probability of the Kurdish illegal war in Syria north east being overwhelmed very soon. Therefore a major loss of face for both these criminal gangs.

Syria needs its oil and wheat back in its hands asap and the Kurd criminals have occupied Arab farmers lands and are stealing the harvest. Iraq is watching a major increase in Kurd power and is not impressed. They have told the USAi to leave before they throw them out. A Shia warrior with a manpad is the end game for the USAi.

So the criminal and its gang in Ukraine are about to try a distraction of the Russian. It might not turn out to be a wise ploy as you would expect.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 23 2021 21:19 utc | 105

Oil is not the reason for the war in Syria.

Meanwhile Syria's economy, hindered by sanctions, lack of oil revenues and the crash of the Lebanese banks, has further deteriorated. A war of hunger has replaced the war of guns

Yes b. but

In warfare, the best policy is generally to take the opposing state intact by capturing its army and keeping its possessions. Ruining or annihilating it would be an inferior policy and must be the effect only of necessity, the option of last resort.

Oil is a weapon of massive destruction of the Syrian unity.

None of the so-called "Friend of Syria" want a United Syria but a lot of "Alexandrette" and "Lebanon", two great achievement of french Colonial Party.

Before 2011 Syria produced 350,000 bl/d of oil worth approximately $13bn/year. Production has collapsed due to lack of maintenance and investment. It was down to 170, in 2012. Today the Syrian government controls no more than 25,000 bl/d.

The production controlled by the pro-Turkish or pro-American militias cannot be more than 150,000 bl/d, probably much less. In comparison, Iraq exported almost 3,000,000 bl/d in January 2021! So, it'peanuts

Illegal oil cannot be sold and refined legally, its black market value cannot exceed 20$/bl it was 10$/bl in 2020, that is about $1bd/year. And to transport all this oil, it takes no less than 1000 trucks a day! Not a stealth convoy.

This is a lot for traffickers and an opportunity for militias but it does not finance the war in Syria. NOT EVEN 10%.
For Turkey, which exports $180bd of various products per year, there is no effect on the country's economy, let alone on the exchange rate and key rates.

Today, Syrian oil has value only for its legal owner, today the Syrian people and government. For the production of electricity, for home heating and industrial needs, for fuel for civilian and... military purpose. But of course, if Syria is divided up like the former Yugoslavia... The Turks, like the Americans, like the French, are acting in this direction because the division projects are whetting appetites and many young crocodiles are already wriggling.

Posted by: Bernard F. | Mar 23 2021 21:37 utc | 106

Syria is coming out of this invasion (it was never a civil war) stronger. The Saudis, NATO, Israel, the Kurds, Turks and the Americans are becoming weaker. This is not wishful thinking. After 10 years, rivers of blood and $160 billion dollars ( according to the Qatari sheik) Assad is still laughing and helping out his people. Yes, Syria has lost lots of good people but it didn’t bend and its will hasn’t been broken. The IDF latest stunts with Delilah have failed die to heavy EW nterference. The White Helmets’ head is dead. The Jerusalem Post laments the missile barrage that took out the Western Command post in Idlib near the border with Turkey. Turkey laments no Western help while its Oil smuggling is torched from the air. Iran has set a drone air base near al Tanf but under the Russian S-400 umbrella. Syria and friends stood up to the Hegemon and won. The Hegemon is now smuggling Oil like a common thief to Iraq. Soon Iraqi Hezbollah may torch those tankers and then what? It is over. Saudi, Israel, NATO and America lost.

Posted by: Sun Tzu | Mar 23 2021 23:01 utc | 107

fyi @104

And yet you believed that thousands of people were killed in Tiananmen Square? Don't you see that you have already strongly believed a lie? Stop being a fool who grasps at straws to hold onto a little bit of the lie that is so important to you. Let the lie go.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 23 2021 23:16 utc | 108

Mr. William Gruff

You have not established your thesis.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 23 2021 23:45 utc | 109

Fyi @109

Your thesis is an outright lie. Instead of trying to salvage it, let it go.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 23 2021 23:48 utc | 110

@104 fyi

I looked in my bookmarks and here are some links regarding Tiananmen:

The irreproachable Qiao Collective has curated a short reading list on the subject for those who wish to verify the circumstances:
Tiananmen Protests Reading List

Godfree Roberts, one of my main sources for data points and footnoted facts on China has a review:
Tiananmen Square, 1989 -- Revisited

And finally, a character who calls himself Bill the Butchher (he's a dentist) wrote an article on the event. I assume I agreed with it since I bookmarked it, but I'm not going to review it before posting it here, so caveat emptor:
The Myth Of The Tiananmen Square "Massacre"


I am not a scholar, nor a historian. But, like Malcom X, "I am for Truth, no matter who tells it." And I have studied enough accounts of the Tiananmen Square event to see how claims correspond with each other in truthful ways, and how lies cling together in a tattered fabric.

It's clear to me that this was a color revolution play on a fairly audacious scale by the US.

Posted by: Grieved | Mar 23 2021 23:58 utc | 111

Mr. Grieved

Thank you for the links.

I found, within the second link, graphics of the same Wikileaks that Mr. Gruff had posted earlier.

I think it is clear that we are quibbling; there were massacres of protesters, that much no one seem to dispute. The quibble is over the location, of which I might be in error.

The 1989 Movement in China could have been more significant than the May 4th Movement to China. Its suppression by the Chinese state, however real the concerns of Chinese government might have been for social stability, was regrettable. The situation was not as bad as when the Red Guards were running wild all over China and the military had to intervene to suppress them.

Whether it was an attempt at so-called Colour Revolution or not, the dead did not deserve their fate.

This whole thread started with my observation about the ruthlessness of the Chinese goverment. I have not read anything so far to alter that assessment.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 24 2021 0:37 utc | 112

Mr. Sun Tzu

On one side are Judeo-Christians, Jews, and Sunni Jihadists and on the other corner are the Shia Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Druze, Alevis/Alawites, sane Sunnis, and Eastern Rites Catholic Christians.

That is why US cannot end her Forever Wars among Muslims.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 24 2021 0:42 utc | 113

Mr. William Gruff

Was there anyone killed by the Chinese Government Secuirty forces on the nights of June 3rd and June 4th 1989?

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 24 2021 0:44 utc | 114

Explosive affront to Turkey. Sub-plot: Further sign Biden wading into Nagorno-Karabakh where Putin single-handedly established peace.

Posted by: v | Mar 23 2021 9:53 utc | 61

Yes, that (rec. Armenian genocide) is not consistent with the idea of USA and Turkey making up. I think MbS and Netanyahu are likely to get the cold shoulder too. Biden or whomever is calling the shots for him seems to have a mean streak, I don't think they have missed a chance to be small minded and vindictive yet.

I don't know what Erdogan is going to do. He is a megalomaniac with the walls closing in on him. He seems to be a bit over-committed himself. Libya, Artsakh, Syria, Ukraine, and several other places, always looking for a fight. I think he wants to sell weapons too.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 24 2021 0:49 utc | 115

Mr. Bernard F

In Croatia, everything that could be sold has been sold. The war criminals running that principality, and the Croatians got what they wished: a servant country to the states of Western Europe. Yugoslavia was destroyed so that there be no state with strategic autonomy in Eastern Europe.

The late Marshall Tito and the Communist Party there tried to create a strong industrial state. Their major flaw was that they trusted NATO, they acted against USSR all throughout the cold war.

In Syria, the looting already took place in places where the opposition forces to the Syrian Arab Republic controlled; such as in Aleppo. The warehouses were looted first, then the equipment and machinery and then the machinary that was leftover was broken up and sold as scrap. All were sold in Turkey.

What has been happening for the last 6 years is that people across the Shia Crescent plus Russia have been learning and cooperating on the field of battle as well as politically and economically. As the war has lasted, it has left behind hardened men and women who are now entrenched in their outlooks and positions.

Muslim Brotherhood Turks, Jihadi Arabs, Judeo-Christian Americans, and Anarch-Syndicalist-Communist-Feudal Kurds are all working on the margins of their collective defeat. Would Judeo-Christians still be in Syrian desert 20 years from now? No.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 24 2021 0:59 utc | 116

FYI @ 97 and 112:

Godfree Roberts' article at Ron Unz's website, that Grieved @ 111 refers to, does not vindicate your argument.

The Chilean diplomat who saw casualties being brought into Tiananmen Square did not say if these casualties were student or other protester casualties.

These casualties could also have been soldiers or police beaten, stripped and killed by extremists among the student protesters. Such casualties could easily have been confused by the Chilean diplomat and his wife with supposed student casualties.

You are the only one quibbling over a small detail in the Wikileaks cable which you obviously glossed over very quickly to find that one detail that apparently supports your opinion but which actually says very little.

As Grieved says and as I have said earlier, the Tiananmen Square events over June 1989 were a Color Revolution attempt which has been repeated in several other countries - Syria in 2011, Ukraine in 2014, Hong Kong in 2015 and 2019 among others - in much the same pattern with mixed results. We only have to wonder why the US government and its agencies keep insisting on using the same old Gene Sharp DIY Revolution manual when the template has become too well-known not to be recognised when it occurs, and without 100%-guaranteed success.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 24 2021 1:01 utc | 117

Ms. Jen

My sense of Mr. Roberts' of long dissertation was one of fluff and innuendos. But, significantly, he did not dispute that people have been killed, and not policemen at the hands of protestors.

Again, whether that was a Colour Revolution or not, the protestors did not desrve their fates.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 24 2021 1:15 utc | 118

'Whether that was a Colour Revolution or not, the protestors did not [deserve] their fates.'

Kind hearted of you to say that, I suppose, but is it true? If the Tiannamen events were a Color Revolution (American spelling 'cause it was an American operation), then the people who participated in the protests were dupes & basically committing treason against their own country by assisting the designs of a foreign government.

Obviously, though, in 1989 these CIA / State Dept. 'Color Revolutions' were less familiar to people, so those who got involved were only inadvertently assisting a foreign power. Most of the blame should be placed on US shoulders, since they recklessly undertook the operation despite knowing that the government would resist its overthrow & people would get hurt.

Posted by: Jimma | Mar 24 2021 4:52 utc | 119

Jimma @119--

"Color Revolutions" are a UK/USA invention whose tactics have evolved since they were first employed in the modern era after WW2, most importantly in Iran over 1952-1954. They became a constant staple soon after afterwards in Central America.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 24 2021 5:12 utc | 120

@Fyi | Mar 24 2021 0:59 utc | 116 & more.

Yes, Syria has been attacked and territorially divided. It is still in part and in economically important areas.

But the Syrian Nation survived, as it did for 2000 years with Christians, very diverse Muslims (in 2010 there were even a few Jews still not inclined to Zionism). And lay people and non-believers....

The “Shiite crescent” is a weapon of mass destruction, developed like the rest by... guess who?

Have you ever been to Damascus or Aleppo in the 2000s? In Baghdad, Tikrit or Basra even in 2003?

Community division is an external construction, it can be resisted, but it can also overflow people’s consciences.

Bashar al-Assad and many people around him and most Syrians will not let themselves be overwhelmed.

Let us all pray that the interference is removed.

You should stop seeing and describing the world in monolithic religious community division. We are human beings. If you choose to continue to believe that, as Putin would say, “good health.”

But for mine, I should resolve not to answer you or even read you. At the whisky bar, we don’t have to talk to everyone. Another community division?

Posted by: Bernard F. | Mar 24 2021 9:04 utc | 121

Fyi @114: "Was there anyone killed by the Chinese Government Secuirty forces on the nights of June 3rd and June 4th 1989?"

Who knows? Certainly not you. What we do know with absolute certainty is that your claim "the Chinese Government sent tanks to go over the protestors" and "The tanks went over them - at the Gate of Heavenly Peace - several times and flattened them." is a flat-out lie. Your assertion that there was a massacre at Tiananmen Square is also a lie. Your effort to salvage the lie with "Well, maybe somewhere else.." just proves that you have nothing left and are just trying to turn that nothing into something.

Instead of trying to hold together the fragments of the lie perhaps you should step back and marvel at how you believed it in the first place. Someone who ostensibly distrusts the American narrative on other issues, yet on the issue of the Tiananmen Square Massacre fiction you believe the American narrative spinners without condition. Rather than trying to defend one of America's false color revolution narratives you should now be asking yourself "What else have they fooled me on?" Oh, I don't know, how about Serbs massacring innocent civilians in Yugoslavia perhaps? Rape rooms in Libya maybe? Venezuelans being starved by their government, for example? Police brutality in Hong Kong? Police snipers in Kiev? How many of the empire's lies do you still believe? Instead of defending those lies you should take this moment of realization to hunt down other lies and root them out of your consciousness.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 24 2021 9:40 utc | 122

Mr. Bernard F

There is no nation in Syria - none.

Likewise for most of the countries of the world.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 13:27 utc | 123

Ms. Jimma

Were the protestors tried in a court of law and found guilty of treason?


Was China in a state of war - like Iran has been for the last 4 years - that required everyone to exercise maximum discipline?


Posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 13:38 utc | 124

Mr. Bernard F.

The fact of the matter is that Judeo-Christians are fighting Muslims for the control of Palestine.

Like the Catholic Crusades before it, this war will end when Jude-Christians are expelled from the Middle East.

We did not start this war, Judeo-Christians declared it and proceeded to occupy Palestine.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 13:45 utc | 125

Yeah fyi, please cut down on your silly categories. The only argument that you are making with those is that of your own limited worldview.

For example, did you know that Switzerland's religion is not "judeo-christian", but "foie gras"?

Speaking about the reaction, Mr Aebischer said he expected the bill would pass easily except for that part. "​I think it will pass because everybody knows that there’s an exception for kosher and halal beef. Our problem in Switzerland is much more the foie gras because the French product in Switzerland is a religion. I think we’ll have to make an exception for it."

Posted by: Lurk | Mar 24 2021 13:50 utc | 126

Mr. Lurk:

What is your point?

By the way, that which is Kosher is also Halal, but that which is Halal is not Kosher.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 14:25 utc | 127

All this debate is very educational. A while back I found this article. It was quite illuminating.

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 24 2021 15:23 utc | 128

Mr. FYI,
Why didn't you respond to Mr. William Gruff @122? You chose to respond to others, but not to him? Pray tell why? He made some rather strong points with which I have no disagreements. In fact, I wholeheartedly support.
Also Mr. FYI, I think you must not see the humor of Mr. Lurk @ 126. Mr.FYI, I think you need to respond to Mr. William Gruff, or he will never respond to you again.

Thank you.
Mr. Lex Talionis

Posted by: lex talionis | Mar 24 2021 16:06 utc | 129

TeleSur reporting that US base in Syria hit by missile attack.

Posted by: spudski | Mar 24 2021 16:17 utc | 130

Mr. Lex Talionis

William Gruff admitted on the first line of that post that no one knows if anyone was killed or not.

He claimed earlier, that there was no massacre.

The objections to my assertions started from the position that I did not know anything.

So, who know anything?

Are we to invoke the late Desecrater's fundamental approach and start from: "I know, therefore I am"?

Or go even further back and model ourselves after the late Socrates: "I realized I do not know anything."?

Posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 17:49 utc | 131

fyi @131

I suspect that English is not your first language so I will not criticize your reading comprehension problems. I was pointing out that you don't know what happened on June 3 and 4 in Tiananmen Square, and that the number of deaths that you imagined to have occurred there is wrong, regardless of what you imagine that number to be.

The official government count of 241 fatalities throughout the entire city is almost certainly accurate. This was more than it should have been had the Chinese been prepared, but armed with the knowledge of imperial color revolutions that this provided, they were able to squelch America's color revolution attempts in Hong Kong without killing anyone.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 24 2021 18:45 utc | 132

@ posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 13:45 utc | 125

In response to your post of March 24, 2021.

I am forced to note your voluntary intellectual limitation. In French we say that
"vous avez choisi vos œillères" /you have chosen your blinkers.

Good luck and good health. But don't try to force us to reduce our own vision. We want to be human beans not draught horses.

Not all Palestinians are Muslims and even the Jews who were present before 1918 suffered from Zionism. Not all those who support the European colonization of Palestine are Judeo-Christian. Most of them are rather atheistic. But some are also Muslims!

By the way, this "Judeo-Christian category" does not exist, just a fig leaf, sometimes useful for non-semitic Zionists.

You should go and pray in Al-Quds/Jerusalem. You will have an incredible choice of mosques, churches and synagogues to suit you. And you will come across human beings of almost all your categories.

Some are angels, others demons.

The worst of them are not even really Zionists and certainly not even believers, just double or triple nationality dominants who come to relieve their arrogance and aggression on the dominated.

Those who manipulate our emotions and instinctive reactions to provoke more aggression and direct it towards targeted populations are among the most dangerous demons.

Professor Laborit has explained these behaviours very well in a film that I recommend to everyone. Really a film everyone MUST see.

As a gift, a little bit more about Alain Resnais

Posted by: Bernard F. | Mar 24 2021 20:34 utc | 133

Mr. Bernard F.

I suppose it is very very difficult for a Frenchman, indoctrinated in the ideas of Enlightenment and the European Rationalism, to accept the Reality of a religious war over the control of Palestine by the Judeo-Christians - in particular those in North America.

Your statement: "...them are not even really Zionists and certainly not even believers..." is flatly wrong, you do not know either Jews or Israelis.

Excepting a few individuals like the late Alfred Lilienthal and groups such as Neturei Karta, Jews are either soft-Zionists or hard Zionists.

And yes, I am aware that Palestinians are a mixture of Muslims and Christians.

But Judeo-Christians do not give a rat's ass to Christians who are Catholic or Orthodox - they cared not one whit in Palestine and not care either in Iraq or in Syria.

So let us not kid ourselves on these quibbles.

But here, on Palestine, among Jews, Muslims, and Judeo-Christians, we do not face Reason but Emotions.

O Ye Rationalists of the World - please do tell me why the Americans have not been able to end the war in Palestine?

Someday, likely in another 100 or so years, this war will end. But no amount of intellectual obfuscation can any longer hide the essentially religious - and therefore intractable - nature of what Euro-Americans are doing in the Lands of Islam.

And don't you worry none Sir, Middle Easterners are doing the dying and not your people.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 24 2021 21:02 utc | 134

@107 Sun Tzu: "Iran has set a drone air base near al Tanf but under the Russian S-400 umbrella."

There is to my knowledge no Russian S-400 batteries deployed outside of coastal Masyaf. If you infer there are SyAD S-300 in the Badia, then that is a new development worthy of study and hence, sources..

Posted by: Lozion | Mar 25 2021 1:54 utc | 135

Bernard F.

I have poured you a strong drink here at the Bar of Excommunicated Souls. You are free to join at any time with out any instructions. Fyi please leave your baggage at the door ;)

And thank you and Sun Tzu for upholding sanity re Syria, its oil and its self determination.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 25 2021 5:51 utc | 136

I must say the puerile attempts to reduce this discussion to religious bickering is frankly ridiculous. There is no value dragging the 'religious convictions' supposedly driving the holy wars of yester centuries into todays wars. The wars visited on the middle east have always been about free access to someone's resources or trade infrastructure. The wars in the middle east are based on motives of domination, theft, misappropriation of intellectual property/skill and strategic monopoly of trade and its infrastructure key points.

No difference today. Making trade for self and blocking trade for others and no books of holy words need guide the crime. Some scribblers here (not all) seem to use the religious card as a wedge and tool of absurd convoluted obfuscation or blaming and they cannot or will not grasp the concepts of mendacity that infuse the west and its stooge nations in the middle east to make more war.

If there were peace in Lebanon through to the Afghan border and north to the Russian border, there would be prosperous trade and energy for all. If there were a pathway though to Egypt without Israel blocking it, there could be prosperity in North Africa. But no, nations are pitted in conflict by mendacious saboteurs in the UK, EU and USA with its poodles at foot.

This has nothing to do with religion - it is about economic exploitation or degradation of the states in the region.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 25 2021 6:10 utc | 137

@ 137 uncle t.... the problem is there is one poster here who wants to boil everything down to religion.. ironically said poster is also unwilling or unable to name their person religion too.. it is all fascinating to me, to the point i ignore it all... now, if a change was to happen, i might be interested again..

on a somewhat related note, the fellow responsible for the boulder murders was born in syria and came to the usa in 2002 at the age of 3 approx... i am not sure this info is getting out, or if it is that relevant, but i found this out yesterday...

Posted by: james | Mar 25 2021 16:58 utc | 138

In the north east the U.S. allied Kurdish SDF is still holding several thousand former ISIS fighters. Every few weeks some dozens get released. They are moved into the south eastern desert where the U.S. forces in al-Tanf at the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border triangle [green] are presumably train and equip them.

I'd be absolutely unsurprised if the US began to recycle these prisoners, apply a fresh coat of paint, and then send them back into the fray to antagonize Russia as well as punish Syria for America's own incompetency in the region.

Posted by: brainiac3397 | Mar 25 2021 19:03 utc | 139

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