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March 05, 2021

Open Thread 2021-018

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Posted by b on March 5, 2021 at 14:47 UTC | Permalink

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Given that we no longer trust the intentions of most public and private institutions, i am looking for signs of a new phrenomenon, which i call “Fear of new developments in science or technology”. ...due to the belief that said developments will only be used against us, either by the state or oligarchy. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Posted by: James joseph | Mar 5 2021 14:55 utc | 1

Given that most movements get co-opted before they gain much momentum (Astro-Turfing) and that Science has been hijacked by the minions of the trillionaire class, it's understandable that anyone with critical thinking intact maintains a reasonable amount of suspicion of anything that comes down the pike.

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 15:15 utc | 2

Now comes the cover up...

AP: Biden did answer questions from House Democrats at virtual event

CLAIM: The White House cut President Joe Biden’s feed at a virtual event with top House Democrats because they did not have confidence in him answering questions.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Biden did take questions after his introductory remarks at the House Democratic Caucus Virtual Issues Conference on Wednesday but the event was closed to the press after the initial comments, so the video feed was cut.

THE FACTS: Posts online are suggesting that the video proves that the White House is limiting the president’s talking time.

Posted by: librul | Mar 5 2021 15:33 utc | 3

it's understandable that anyone with critical thinking intact maintains a reasonable amount of suspicion of anything that comes down the pike.
Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 15:15 utc | 2

So long as the PTB don't outlaw/prohibit Imagination I'll remain optimistic. The World owes a lot to Albert Einstein for his Thought Experiments and Einstein owes a lot to Isaac Newton's curiosity and imagination. Einstein found some minor wiggle room in Newton's theories on gravitational effects.

I'm optimistic that a post-Einstein thinker will find enough wiggle-room in IN & AE's theories to build an anti-gravity contraption. We had a little joke in the last Corporation I worked for..
Q: "How the Hell did he manage THAT!?"
A: "Someone forgot to tell him it's impossible."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 5 2021 15:53 utc | 4

Biden and the forever wars:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden was committed to working with Congress to “ensure that the authorizations for the use of military force currently on the books are replaced with a narrow and specific framework that will ensure we can protect Americans from terrorist threats while ending the forever wars.”

Biden Administration Refuses To Say Middle East Militias Are Iran-Backed

I have a sense that things are moving there now, we'll see how far they get. That picture at the second one is worth a look. You can just feel the frustration.

@1 James joseph

Iranian bookstores offer “The Golem” by Harry Collins, Trevor Pinch

An interesting take from Iran. I think it is more a matter of not trusting the "owners" of the new tech, rather than the tech itself. Although of course less informed people may not make that distinction.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 5 2021 16:02 utc | 5

"Kawsachun News

Under Lenin Moreno's leadership, his party's share of the vote fell by 97%."

Posted by: arby | Mar 5 2021 16:08 utc | 6

@1 James joseph | Mar 5 2021 14:55 utc

My totally non-scientific opinion is that it will be dependent upon the culture created by the millennials. Being a fan of EO Wilson, I view humans as a super organism with a spectrum of greed/altruistic individuals populating the planet. Given the exaltation of greed since the advocacy of neo liberalism, IMHO the western "civilization" is based upon that dysfunction. The Far East, at least on the surface appears to have evolved away from the greed culture, perhaps due to its much longer history. I take the sense of community, displayed by quicker apron to mask wearing, and lower Covid-19 infection rates as indicators.

Due to the prevalence of the dysfunctional assumption that "Greed is good", it will take the replacement of current elites to achieve any semi-permanent progress. Given the short term prospects of the planet, we do not have enough time for this replacement to evolve naturally. I suspect we're scr*wed.

Posted by: Michael | Mar 5 2021 16:12 utc | 7

"Biden Administration Refuses To Say Middle East Militias Are Iran-Backed"

You have to admit that's progress. We haven't had that for years.

Posted by: Laguerre | Mar 5 2021 16:14 utc | 8

Some good news. There seems to be an ongoing trend for countries around the globe to take greater control of their own natural resources.

A report published Thursday by risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft indicated that over the course of 2020, 34 countries had seen a “significant increase” in resource nationalism, with the pandemic exacerbating an existing trend toward government intervention.. Analysts indicated that “Issues around income distribution, poverty, access to education and healthcare — to name but a few — can trigger socio-political processes that demand more from the state”. Imagine that, countries like Bolivia using their natural resources to improve the lot of the average citizen.

This trend towards nationalizing resources, however, could spell danger for commodities and decrease profits of the resource extraction industry.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks,
if you ask me.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Mar 5 2021 16:33 utc | 9

Given that we no longer trust the intentions of most public and private institutions, i am looking for signs of a new phenomenon, which i call “Fear of new developments in science or technology”. ...due to the belief that said developments will only be used against us, either by the state or oligarchy. Anyone have thoughts on this?
Posted by: James joseph | Mar 5 2021 14:55 utc | 1

When I read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley I considered it an improbable fantasy. But it certainly does seem now that something of the kind is in our future, if the "best people" have their way. Another good treatment of the subject is the short story "Welcome to the Monkey House" by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Posted by: zeta | Mar 5 2021 16:34 utc | 10

Below is a quote from a ZH posting about the US Treasuries market that barflies might find interesting

And while had hoped that the Treasury announcement that $38BN in 10Ys would be auctioned off in next week's reopening would restore some normality to the repo market, that has failed to materialize as of Friday morning, when according to ICAP, the cost to borrow 10-year Treasuries in the repo market opened below the -3% penalty rate Friday, with the repo rate for 10-year Treasuries posted at -3.10%.

As we have repeatedly explained, and as Bloomberg comments this morning, when the interest rate on overnight cash loans backed by the newest 10-year note goes below -3%, it’s cheaper to pay the regulatory fine for failing to return the collateral on time than it is to renew the loan - a sign that short selling is intense.

This is hardly news considering the relentless move higher in yields which we now know has been facilitated by wave after wave of new shorts, to the point that the 10Y may now be the most actively shorted future of all major liquid instruments.

Regardless of the cause, unless the repo stabilizes in the coming days ahead of next week's 10Y auction - which may be the most important market event of the quarter if last week's catastrophic 7Y is any indication - then people will have a major problem on his hands, because after failing to admit that there is a major repo problem during yesterday's WSJ Q&A the Fed chair will lose even more credibility as he now is forced to scramble to restore order, something which he may only be able to do with an emergency announcement ahead of the March 17 FOMC.

Hey clue1, show us more of your ignorance. Between your projected ignorance and VK spewing ideological garbage here it makes the MoA bar look bad.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 5 2021 16:37 utc | 11

@7 Michael Correction!

That's not "apron", but "adoption"... Spell checkers need to be double checked with every word.

Posted by: Michael | Mar 5 2021 16:37 utc | 12

Adding to my comment at #11 folks need to understand that short selling at this time is one of the only ways to determine price/value of things because all fundamentals of the past have been thrown out the window.

What we are seeing here is finance eating its own and those that end up surviving at the end should be rounded up and made examples of the sickness of greed.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 5 2021 16:42 utc | 13

@James joseph | Mar 5 2021 14:55 utc | 1

Science is not used against the people, but pathological pseudo-science is. That's one way to flag probable pathological pseudo-science.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 5 2021 16:43 utc | 14

Why Europe keeps sending warships to South China Sea?

Corroborates with my previous analysis. Europe is essentially walking slowly in the dark of these uncertain times, speculating over what next strategy it should adopt. The only certainty they have is they don't want to be a periphery to the Chinese, i.e. they want to keep their superiority in life standards (welfare state) and "culture", which, of course, is essential for the EU's legitimacy.



Fed lures banks to buy unwanted US Treasuries: US deficit hasn’t been this big since World War II and China and Japan are demurring from buying more US debt

As I mentioned previously, 2020 is different from 2008 in the sense that the USD is now weakening (in opposition to 2008, when the USD actually got stronger).

The Fed is now literally having to print money in order to buy US Treasury bonds, and even then the USD continues to weaken.

The Dollar Standard is strong, but not indestructible.


The liberation of Hong Kong, from the British/capitalist point of view:

'Hong Kong is crumbling': seven days that crushed city's last resistance

I love some capitalist tears.

Posted by: vk | Mar 5 2021 16:48 utc | 15

Innovation requires simultaneous imagination and grounding in reality. Westerners have lots of the former but have abandoned the latter.

For too long most Chinese people's imaginations were stunted by desperate need, but they have always had their feet planted firmly on the ground. With that desperate need now a thing of the past and all of the academic and cultural scaffolding in place to support risk-taking, China's current generation of youth have everything in place to power an explosion of innovation.

The West will turn its back on true progress due to this "Fear of new developments in science or technology", but the Chinese will embrace and run with technology and change. They are already. Unfortunately, that change coming from the outside will only make westerners fear it even more. Sad to say that we are looking at a mini Dark Ages in the West, but probably a new Renaissance in China and the Global South.

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 5 2021 17:03 utc | 16

Thinking for oneself cannot but be a step forward. Scary at first, not being used to striking out on one's own, but as long as the restrictions on free thought are not draconian, it is far better to reason for oneself about the realities we face than to take on what someone else is trying to persuade one is the case. Far better for a population at large if it reserves judgment (and energy) while treating its wouldbe leadership with skepticism. Fear maybe enters in when one takes the first step, but believe me, that's what we were made for.

We are better off not trusting the media than we were when we did.

Posted by: juliania | Mar 5 2021 17:09 utc | 17

Russia and Iran Sign an Intelligence Pact

Netanyahu speaks to Harris, tells her he won’t allow Iran to obtain nukes

Mysterious New Warp Drive Patent Surfaces Online

Posted by: Dogon Priest | Mar 5 2021 17:17 utc | 18

75% Of All Jobs Added In February Were Waiters And Bartenders

The Cult of Cancel is After Us
Eliminating the speech before eliminating the speaker.

Biden Labor Board Blocks Construction Workers From Union Exodus ... Workers unanimously opted out of carpenters' union

Posted by: Dogon Priest | Mar 5 2021 17:22 utc | 19

@7 Michael
BS. the Chinese and South east Asians are just as greedy as Anglo-Saxons Caucasians, even more so on some aspects. Remember, the Chinese are called "the Jews of Asia" for a reason. They are merchant nation and all they want to do is business and make profit. Asians aren't Humanity's salvation, far from it.

Posted by: Hoyeru | Mar 5 2021 17:25 utc | 20

Just gimme the frikkin warp drive already! In GOLD!!

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 18:02 utc | 21

vk @15: "I love some capitalist tears."

More Americans, and in particular the "deplorable" ones, need to read that article. One can safely bet that they will not take away from it what the Grauniad intended. I cannot believe the authors of that article think they can win sympathy from the scores of millions of Americans opposed to the establishment crackdown, "cancelling", and labeling of them as "domestic terrorists".

The phones rang on Friday.... More than 50 [agents of American imperialism] across Hong Kong received a call from the authorities: they were to report to police on Sunday.

What? Masked stormtroopers didn't kick in their doors at 3:00AM and drag them naked out of bed as happens in America to "insurrectionists""? They just got a call to show up in court the next week? Let me play a sad song for them on the world's smallest violin!

Posted by: William Gruff | Mar 5 2021 18:06 utc | 22

if elon musk is any indication, i am not confident... everything i read about the guy screams creepy...

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2021 18:06 utc | 23

@ 22 william gruff, lolol... i can hear you playing violin too! trying to keep up with some of the wining on these pages!!

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2021 18:08 utc | 24

psychohistorian @11&13--

Thanks for posting that info as it backs what Max said on his show yesterday. The spinning Repo Plate has developed a very bad wobble signaling the "correction" will be coming soon. If I could, I'd buy Yuan and Ruble denominated bonds as getting physical gold is close to impossible. Check out the current melt value of the mostly copper penny versus the dime! It's very telling that the current dollar coin's melt value is now under 7 cents, meaning the mostly copper penny is closing in on half its value.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 5 2021 18:18 utc | 25

It's astounding how the western press wails and moans at the evil Chinese oppression of whomever and meanwhile does far worse. A double standard is a terrible thing to waste I suppose. Mean while a modern version of the Cheka is just now jabbing it's egg-tooth through the shell.....

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 18:19 utc | 26

News about Governor Cuomo and 10,000 nursing home deaths that never happened keeps dripping out. Three obvious questions.

Why is he not yet arrested and charged?

How could this happen in the media capital of the universe? Every investigative reporter, every media outlet is deaf dumb and blind?

Why would any of us believe one word reported to us by same media?

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 5 2021 18:32 utc | 27

"Biden Administration Refuses To Say Middle East Militias Are Iran-Backed"

You have to admit that's progress. We haven't had that for years.

Posted by: Laguerre | Mar 5 2021 16:14 utc | 8

More progress is expected. Some predict than in the fullness of time, this Administration will stop saying anything.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 5 2021 18:35 utc | 28

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 5 2021 18:32 utc | 27 [should someone be charged in connection to causing and hiding the deaths in the nursing homes in NY state in the early stage of COVID-19]


The general rule at common law was that in order for a government official to be protected by absolute immunity for common law torts, not only did the official have to be acting within the outer perimeter of his/her official duties, but the conduct at issue also had to be discretionary in nature.
It seems if the torturability of Gov. Cuomo (the potential of subjecting him to torts, i.e. letting him stand in the largest square of Albany, NY while citizens lob at him torts or other gooey pastries) depends on the determination if issuing correct instructions to hospitals, nursing home and similar facilities is a part of his regular duties, and the same about public reporting of the results of those instructions. If this was merely an optional activity, then he seems totally immune. This hinges on my belief that "discretionally in nature" is something that you can do or not.

For example, you may make a gesture prompting a policeman to kill you. Because this was done as an allowed but not necessary part if his duties, he is immune. Now, even if a vegetable could figure it out that killing you does not improve public order in any way, the policeman is not immune, being more intelligent than a vegetable is a regular, non-optional part of of his duties. But if an average hot-headed stupid human could think that killing you improves public order, then the immunity holds.

By analogy, if Cuomo revealed more intelligence and honesty than a rotting carrot on a compost heap, he seems to be safe from the law.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 5 2021 18:52 utc | 29

the Chinese and South east Asians are just as greedy as Anglo-Saxons Caucasians, even more so on some aspects. Remember, the Chinese are called "the Jews of Asia" for a reason.

Posted by: Hoyeru | Mar 5 2021 17:25 utc | 20

There is at least 100 ethnic groups in the Caucasus regions, but Anglo-Saxons are not there, except as travelers. Permanent dwellings of Anglo-Saxons were recorded in Pennines, Appalachians, Ozarks etc. Not in the Caucasus. On the other hands, Jewish settled in many places in Asia, with the largest numbers on the Western end of the continent. In conclusions, Anglo-Saxons can be called "Jews of Ozarks".

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 5 2021 19:00 utc | 30

No surprise, but a widely shared photograph of a Xinjiang "concentration camp" turns out to have been a deliberately misconstrued image. I'm sure the Canadian and Dutch parliaments will rescind their "genocide" declarations.

Similarly, it started with Teresa May alleging a "chemical weapons attack" on European soil (re: the Skripals) and now has morphed into an alleged active Russian Chemical Weapons/WMD program requiring sanctions and public outrage (re: Navalny).

The decline of the West can be measured by the level of constant BS.

Posted by: jayc | Mar 5 2021 19:03 utc | 31

A one minute video about the Capitol Hill barricades. The last person asked about his thoughts shows exactly how good the propaganda machine works.

Apparently this is not who we are.

How long will fencing remain up at the U.S. Capitol?

Posted by: arby | Mar 5 2021 19:11 utc | 32

@ oldhippie | Mar 5 2021 18:32 utc | 27

Why would any of us believe one word reported to us by same media?

Ask the covidiots here, they must have the answer.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 5 2021 19:34 utc | 33

@Norwegian: Easy answer is question and doubt everything except the covid narrative because that has to be 100% truthy facts?

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 19:53 utc | 34

#1 Using science against the people? Very easy, with the stats governments are getting now (thanks to online deliveries), they will be able to adjust the precise need of the sheeps and ascribe them exactly what they need in "universal income", which soon will be equivalent to "democracy" in their public speeches. The panopticon is triumphant, thanks to the so-called pandemy.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 5 2021 20:00 utc | 35

Say what you will about Miles, but here a guest writer uncovering some material on the very topic at hand.
And wouldnt ya know...a Bush is involved!

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 20:04 utc | 36

Mr. Michael

You be wrong about the Far Easterners. They have not evolved in the moral sense to which you allude.

They are in the age of Jahilyya - Age of Darkness - bereft of the Light of the Revelations.

In China, for centuries, there was a form of Humanism that exercised a mild form of restraint on the malfeasance of the governing strata - not any more, it died together with the Chinese Civilization.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 5 2021 21:19 utc | 37

Mr. Hoyeru

I agree.

Posted by: fyi | Mar 5 2021 21:21 utc | 38

Piotr Berman

Henry VI, part 2, Act 4, Scene 2

How many repeat performances with known end would be required and how many acts to conceal the crime, er, tort, before a lawyer stands up and says that pile of dead bodies was put there by a perp?

How many dead bodies before a journalist decides there is a story?

How many times will public be fooled before wising up? Well, that one I know the answer.

Posted by: oldhippie | Mar 5 2021 21:35 utc | 39

concerning fyi:

Where do these people come from and why to they come here?

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Mar 5 2021 21:50 utc | 40

@ 40 michael weddington... why do you ask??

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2021 22:25 utc | 42

Piotr Berman | 28

lol! That sounds like a line right out of "Yes, Minister" the TV show. Congrats, much appreciated!

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Mar 5 2021 22:37 utc | 43

@ 40 michael weddington... why do you ask??

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2021 22:25 utc | 42

Yeah, I agree, leave fyi alone, he's polite and not intrusive. Everybody might learn something from the interchange.


US readiness to return to original Iran nuclear deal pragmatic - Russia’s envoy


I get the feeling "Biden" is trying to get back into the Iran deal. I get the feeling not everybody is happy, so maybe Tungsten's concerns (provocations) are valid. Lots of things moving around in the bushes right now.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 5 2021 22:39 utc | 44

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2021 22:08 utc | 41

Re Wallstreet on Parade link, that was great, Bezos lost 15% since September. It is a new day!

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 5 2021 22:48 utc | 45

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2021 22:08 utc | 41

Re Wallstreet on Parade link, that was great, Bezos lost 15% since September. It is a new day!

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 5 2021 22:48 utc | 46

@Scotch Bingeington: Any relation to Buzz Killington?

Posted by: Chevrus | Mar 5 2021 22:59 utc | 47

I ask because his comment at 37 is one of the most racist things I have seen.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Mar 5 2021 23:25 utc | 48

I'm just waiting for the chinese to release their own GPU, which might solve the current GPU drought.

Posted by: Smith | Mar 5 2021 23:28 utc | 49

arby #32

A one minute video about the Capitol Hill barricades. The last person asked about his thoughts shows exactly how good the propaganda machine works.

Apparently this is not who we are.

How long will fencing remain up at the U.S. Capitol?

I guess as long as the Judaic backed occupier remains in the building. That's why USA troops are there isn't it? Proxy forces always blame the locals.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2021 23:34 utc | 50

I ask because his comment at 37 is one of the most racist things I have seen.

Posted by: Michael Weddington | Mar 5 2021 23:25 utc | 48

Yep, it is, I'll give you that, although it's nothing like the worst.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 5 2021 23:42 utc | 51

Michael Weddington #48

Sure he is but his closing sentence could equally apply to others in a more westerly direction. It equally applies to the global private finance elites of whatever nationality or 'race' who now dominate some aspects of our planet. Just ignore or engage in debate, its not too hard.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2021 23:55 utc | 52

@ Michael Weddington | Mar 5 2021 23:25 utc | 48...i dunno michael.. maybe i cut people too much slack by first off acknowledging that english isn't there first language and that they come from a completely different culture then mine.... so, i suppose i am not so quick judge or dismiss others viewpoints... this might make me appear like one of the duller blades in the drawer.. so be it... fyis comments @37 are steeped in mystery to me... i know nothing about the "age of Jahilyya" or islamists views on these matters... it arouses my curiousity more then anything else and i don't immediately dismiss it.. to each there own i guess..

Posted by: james | Mar 5 2021 23:59 utc | 53

As a south east asian myself, I do think the east asians really aren't the way forward, not until Korea is united, Vietnam and China rid themselves of "to be rich is to be glorious" Dengists, Japan free of LDP and American sock puppetry. I'm also VERY wary of chinese reactionaries who speak of Confucianism.

Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side, but I look favorably to the slavs and their culture, and of course the shining beacon that was the USSR and the 2nd world until 1991 fucks everything up.

Posted by: Smith | Mar 6 2021 0:02 utc | 54

unlike some on the moa board, i don't have this utopian, or idealistic view on present day china... maybe it has to do with experiencing an aspect of chinese culture far removed from china, but reaching the area i live for the past number of years that mostly appears as a materialistic, acquisitive culture steeped in a type of obsession over status and financial gain... i have often thought the reason the new arrivals from hong kong in the 90's prior to the 97 transition might taint my viewpoint... i grew up in vancouver and studied tai chi beginning at age 20 - over 40 years ago... i have high regard for certain aspects of chinese culture, taosim in particular.. i am not sure how far removed present day china is from my deep appreciation of lao tzus writings, not to mention other amazing aspects of chinese culture... i just don't view them in the same rosy manner that my friends here at moa - karlof1 and grieved, seem to view them... so maybe this feeds into my viewpoint on all this.. i am sure it has to be factored in.. thank god it is an open forum... i was worried i was ranting on the wrong channel, lol...

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2021 0:08 utc | 55

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2021 23:34 utc | 50

UT, my point was the guy saying , "That's not who we are, and "we build bridges not fences."

He says this while standing in front of a 10 foot tall fence with barb wire on it and the last president was building a huuuge fence on their border.

Are you gonna believe what I tell you or are you gonna believe what you see, comes to mind.

Posted by: arby | Mar 6 2021 0:09 utc | 56

"US announces sanctions on top Ukrainian oligarch & Zelensky ally Kolomoisky for 'undermining democratic processes' in country." [My Emphasis] Here.

Okay, so when will the Democratic National Committee and its Republican counterpart be sanctioned for doing the same within the USA?

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 6 2021 0:11 utc | 57

@ james

Taoism nowadays is basically superstitions. The historical taoist practiced by the ancient and medieval chinese political class is basically free market libertarianism "just let the market regulates itself bruh".

There's a reason that most of the greatest chinese emperors practice legalism (Qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang, Han Wudi), which is direct government intervention in all matters, especially in market and infrastructure, while the Taoist-leaned dynasty (i.e. the Song) resulted in mysticism and the take-over of China by the khitdan and then mongols.

In the West, "Taoism" and "Buddhism" are rebranded as some kind of new age exotic philosophies, but in Asia proper, Taoism is kookery and Buddhism is militarist/nationalist state religion, see Myanmar and Thailand.

Posted by: Smith | Mar 6 2021 0:18 utc | 58

Bemildred #44

I get the feeling "Biden" is trying to get back into the Iran deal. I get the feeling not everybody is happy, so maybe Tungsten's concerns (provocations) are valid. Lots of things moving around in the bushes right now.

Thank you for linking that statement by Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations, including the IAEA, in Vienna who is reported as follows:

According to the diplomat, it has become possible to focus on the diplomatic track. He estimated chances for negotiation as very high.

"We are witnessing a unique situation when there is unity of purpose, since both Iran and the United States want to come back to full implementation of the JCPoA," he said. "Now, the sequence of steps and their content should be negotiated. It is a solvable task with a common strategic goal," the diplomat added.

He is perfectly correct of course (in a diplomatic and practical sense) and in a sane world Russia could offer the mediation to bring the contending sides into private discussion. Unfortunately the USA has been idiot enough to have fallen into the trap of having no acceptable partner to broker as an intermediary.

The USA has been used and fooled into hating Russia, China, etc and then either distrusting the UN or being identified as a UN manipulator to the extent of now finding itself cast as 'not agreement capable'.

To start talks the situation requires, as Mikhail Ulyanov says, step by step moves on both sides to the point where a modicum of mutual confidence is restored. The Blinken Biden Harris team inspire zero confidence for that to manifest. They are captive to their macho self image, the manipulations of many other Iran haters in the region, and the predatory demands of Global private finance capitalism.

We see how ideologically rigid is the Dimratss mindset, they will short change their own people, deny them a $15 minimum wage when that is the ideal initial stimulus in these times, deny them medicare for all in the times of a deadly national pandemic tragedy, and pour trillions of dollars into a predatory bankster mafia.

These are not normal people in charge. They have lost their minds.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 0:20 utc | 59

@smith, @james:

I agree. China is not going to be all saintly generosity either. Let's not burden them with that sort of bullshit. The ones I have known were hard working, honest, and very oriented around social status. That can be good and it can be bad.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 6 2021 0:22 utc | 60

james @55--

I see you qualify your comment by specifying Hong Kong Chinese. They most certainly are not Mainlanders and have a culture polluted by British Imperialism that's closer to the Gangsterism of Chiang Kai-shek than Mao's Collectivism. You may recall the book and video Affluenza that does a good job of explaining how traditional conservative mores are assaulted and trampled by affluent modernity. Such outcomes aren't restricted to North America but are global thanks to human similarity. If one were to develop a moral equivalency chart evaluating all global cultures and major sub-cultures, you'd see a majestic hodge-podge with very little uniformity, which also relates to the very uneven state of human development in all its facets. The great task of humanity over the next several centuries is to peacefully level out those disparities. But as I wrote on the Shia thread, the remaining Imperialist nations are a very large impediment in attaining that goal and need to be removed so humanity can evolve.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 6 2021 0:27 utc | 61

arby #56

Are you gonna believe what I tell you or are you gonna believe what you see, comes to mind.

I believe what I see and I don't see the USA doing any bridge building, even in its own country where bridge infrastructure is in serious decay.

I repeat: These are not normal people in charge. They have lost their minds.

Maybe once a long time ago the USA diplomatic corp was supported by elected officials that set out to make allies based on mutual respect. But those days are long gone. The only bridges the USA builds is munition supply channels, be it by air or by sea. They destroy physical and metaphorical bridges in every nation they occupy.

The USA builds walls and barriers and obstruction: at home at the Mexican border, in the capital state, by economic sanctions illegally applied throughout the world, by destroying its home regulatory system to keep poisoned citizens from seeking judicial or regulatory redress for pollution and human suffering.

I see a mendacious, failed state surrounding its elected officials and financial institutions and even suburbs with walls and barriers. Then they attack people who criticise them in moderately peaceful ways. That is who they are, that is what I see.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 0:38 utc | 62

UT @41

Those are two very good links. Interesting that the senator Jon Ossoff seems to be quite intelligent asking questions that I would guess to be out of bounds.

Posted by: arby | Mar 6 2021 0:43 utc | 63

KarlofI 61

Short of obliterating the financial centers of America and the City in London, in simultaneous strikes,
I cannot foresee any change in the direction our financiers are taking the world.

Short of taking out the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Soroses of this world, nothing will change.

The German financiers can be taken out in a less dramatic fashion. Individually, collectively but they must be annihilated also.

The financial prison of Humanity must be blown up.

If not my sons and yours will revert to the serfdom of yore.

Posted by: CarlD | Mar 6 2021 0:57 utc | 64

@ 58 smith... that is interesting what you say.. thanks.. i mostly see the book of lao tzus as a type of enlightenment, but i can see how easily it could be pushed to the side and trampled upon by others to.. i am not sure about the rebranding of it... i am a byproduct of the hippie generation which was into a lot of alternative kinds of culture and this was my exposure.. i don't know that they were trying to rebrand anything... maybe some of that is happening now though.. i don't know...

@ 60 bemildred... yes, all this can swing a number of ways, but it is best to stay positive!

@ 61 karlof1... it is true i focused on the hong kong arrivals, but in the past 10-15 years, there have been many arrivals from mainland china too.. all of them with a lot of money... it is based on the requirements for entry and immigration to canada it seems.. they don't strike me any different then the previous folks from hong kong in fact... but i think my impression is skewed because we only see the moneyed people here trying to branch out into real estate and ownership in canada as an alternative or option given their wealth... i often think my viewpoint would be less skewed if we invited ordinary people from china here, instead of only the wealthy... and just to add to this - it is essentially the same deal with the many hard working people from india too... they may be spiritual and all that, but they are very materialistic and acquisitive too.. perhaps it comes from living in different cultures where there are no free rides and everyone has to work very hard for what they get... i don't know.. my comments can be treated as very subjective in nature as i am speaking from my first hand experience and it will be naturally skewed.. i try to imagine how it might be like outside of my bubble.. i have never been to china, but i have been to india.. it is very different their, but the dog eat dog vibe was very real too as i saw it...

but i appreciate your viewpoint and focus on rising above all of this to find a way where people on the planet can work together in peace and harmony.. i want to believe this is possible and work towards it in my day to day life as best i can.. i do agree with @ 64 carl d... something has to give in the financial pyramid thing that is presently going on in the world.. michael hudson gets at this some.. thank you and everyone else here again for the perspective and insights...

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2021 1:09 utc | 65

There is no reason to speculate. Chinese culture, history, stories, have the answers.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, for example, has:

3 brothers who are put forwards as "godly". There is a celebrated image of the three of them making the vow of brotherhood in an orchard. The leader, Liu Bei, is a prince of the declining dynasty. He basically constantly virtue signals, but basically mostly does as the rest, which is fight, kill, and grab other people's territories. His two other brothers include a psycho drunk and a supremely self satisfied other. They look good next to a character like Cao Cao;

the intelligentsia are basically bunch of self satisfied gurus of varying degrees of competence that compete with devising deception schemes against other kingdoms.

the military is hardcore, brutal. also stuck on formations, aesthetics, which can be a weakness.

the general population are docile cattle.

What the world hasn't seen for 2 centuries is the famous Chinese arrogance that was their reputation until they truly pooped the pooch of their country with the arrival of Jews and Europeans.

A certain fragrance of superstition and sentimentality also is always present, at various degrees.

Obsequious to superiors, inhuman to inferiors. This is what you can expect from a world order with Chinese characteristics.

Posted by: LurkingDragon | Mar 6 2021 1:17 utc | 66

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 0:20 utc | 59

Thank you for your comments. It is not all one-sided. There are conflicting narrratives being pumped because there are divergent audiences to be pacified. I thought the TASS article was very ineresting too, The Russians don't run their mouths in public that way for nothing. I see concessions being made here and there, on both sides, a little dance right now. Some Iranian money to be freed, not calling the Iraqi militias "Iran-backed" now, some other sematic fiddling, and no more fucking with them. There are other parties too, the Pope is not there just to visit, there is talk of the "Abrahamic Religion" uniting Christians, Muslims, and Jews, etc. And as Kooshy says they seem to be getting along really well.

That strike in the Iraq-Syria border seems to have been a big mistake.

I quite agree that they are grabbing at straws now.

No idea what is really going on yet, but it is interesting to watch.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 6 2021 1:22 utc | 67

Lurking Dragon 66
Obsequious to superiors, inhuman to inferiors. This is what you can expect from a world order with Chinese characteristics.

Well, this is what we are seeing from our western "partners" as was bestowed upon the globe by so many self righteous defenders of human rights, democracy and the "white man's burden"

See for an example Halliburton's mercenaries, ISIS and other creepy creatures invented and bestowed upon civilisation by people that believe that if you are not jewish, you are not human and, therefore, can be dispensed at will if of no use to the chosen ones.

Posted by: Carl Denis Stephan | Mar 6 2021 1:32 utc | 68

@ james

Yes, the western hippie generation is very fueled by drugs and new age philosophies. But note that these rebranded exotic religions do not resemble the native ones.

For example in Asia proper, you have actual deities to worship in Taoism, and it's not just a philosophy waxing about the Dao like in the west.

And Taoist priests are still an actual thing, and you can hire them to check Feng Shui and even exorcism.

Still, it's superstitions and money making schemes, and I wouldn't put much trust in them.

Posted by: Smith | Mar 6 2021 1:32 utc | 69

Obsequious to superiors, inhuman to inferiors. This is what you can expect from a world order with Chinese characteristics.

Posted by: LurkingDragon | Mar 6 2021 1:17 utc | 66

That sounds pretty much like every job I have had here in the USA all of my life. (Except the union jobs.) There is a reason they hate unions, especially ones that have not been domesticated yet.)

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 6 2021 1:36 utc | 70

james @ 55, it does really depend on who you know. My one personal contact is my son-in-law, whom I am proud to call my son as he is a lovely person who cares about people. His parents were engineers, both of them, and they put him into a Tibetan monastery to be raised as they went about their engineering. I met his mother once; she was a very fine, humble person.

My daughter met him and fell in love when she was studying in China, so they married there, then came to the US during the 'good' Clinton years. He adapted amazingly well, cheerfully and happily, and in that same happy spirit finally returned to China. I miss him, but I respect his decision.

From what I read and see of Xi, he is the same kind of thoughtful person.

You would like my son-in-law, james!

Posted by: juliania | Mar 6 2021 1:44 utc | 71

Damn, wish some of the folks commenting here were running my country now, maybe the amoral ditch we find ourselves in would disappear.

And the only thing one can do to change it, is to support the people and causes you believe in. Every day, in every way. One person at a time.

Posted by: vetinLA | Mar 6 2021 1:56 utc | 72

Never read western hippie generation in concert with taoist priest in a love this site... keeps me thinking

Posted by: Dogon Priest | Mar 6 2021 1:58 utc | 73

@ 69 smith.... well i know that from reading the tao teh ching, i see the beauty of it... however people have a funny way of taking the writings in a book and turning it into upside down with stuff called religious fundamentalism... take the bible or quran for examples.... so, whatever the chinese did after the fact - i don't mind myself with all that!!! as far as i know, lao tzu was not one person, but a collection of people... starting from that point, can pretty well lead anywhere.. i just know what a beautiful book it is - and.... i had to read a couple of translations too.. i have no idea what it looks like in the original language.. - i would skip that link you offered.. wikipropaganda is better in this link i think - wink, wink..

@ 71 juliania... well, that is true for sure! i can only speak with great regard for the chinese i have known personally.. the few teachers i had in vancouver and new york - very kind, honourable and admirable people! a few friends from growing up - same... a friend who i only know via the internet from the past 20 years - lives in cincinnati, went to wharton school of business and inherited a bunch of apt. buildings from his dad - beautiful person in every regard! so - you are right and yes - i would probably really like your son in law too! i wish all these people well.. i hope that was obvious, even if my words might have seemed skewed towards the moneyed set... remember, a part of me is a byproduct of the highland clearances and have an axe to grind towards those with money and power - generational trauma is what my wife calls it!

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2021 2:28 utc | 74

Bemildred #67

Agreed there is movement. It bring increased opportunity for peace and Judaic backed sabotage. Time will tell.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 2:59 utc | 75

The Grayzone is blowing up the D.C. fairy tales.

Syria: Aaron Mate gives a penetrating and documented account of U.S. war crimes by showing clips of Biden and his people admitting their support of Wahabi terrorists and criminal sanctions. Mate cites Tulsi Gabbard's courageous and consistent positions in support of the Syrian people against the crimes of Obama, Trump and now Biden/Harris.
Ecuador:Ben Norton was in Ecuador during and after the first election on Feb. 7. He exposed Yaku Perez as a "woke" fraud. A number of "woke" inteligencia in the U.S. wrote a letter denouncing Norton and this is Norton's response. It is one of the most coherent, well researched, rebuttals I have ever read. In the process he exposes the actions of his accusers and lists their self-serving actions as they cater to the power elites of the globe, particularly, Latin America. Norton also gives a lot of background into Yaku Perez's wife, a French/Brazilian dripping with cutting edge "woke" identity and a consistent supporter of corporate and right wing powers. Norton gives us a multi-faceted look at the face of our "liberal" enemy which peels off especially young idealists and turns them against the true people's movements such as in Bolivia and Ecuador. It's not working there but it's not over.
The third piece in this trifecta by Anya Parampil and Max Blumenthal is about "Jimmy" Story, fake U.S. ambassador to Venezuela, stationed in Bogota, Colombia, also a "must read". Gives plenty of Story's history through Obama, Trump and now Biden. Starts with an account of Story's pig barbecue party/meeting at his Bogota home with Colombian and Venezuelan coup plotters to talk more about how to....wait for it... overthrow Maduro.

The Grayzone has become the best site for investigative journalism by North Americans especially regarding U.S. imperial actions in Latin America. Aaron Mate is the top guy on Russiagate which also leads into many topics; Ukraine, Syria, Euro shenanigans.

Posted by: migueljose | Mar 6 2021 3:42 utc | 76

James @ 55:

Hong Kong culture is very different from the culture of Mainland China, thanks in no small part to HK having once been a link between China and the rest of the world for a long time and becoming very wealthy as a manufacturing and financial services centre as a result. HK people are very materialistic and status-conscious, and look down on other Chinese (to say nothing of what they think of other Asians and other non-white people) who do not speak HK Cantonese. The only people HK people respect are English-speaking white British and Americans.

My parents visited HK back in the 1990s and my mother tried speaking Taishanese (our native language: it is related to Cantonese and is spoken just west of the Pearl River delta not far from Macau, in Guangdong province) to shop assistants. They ignored her and it was only when she switched to English that their attitude changed dramatically and fell over one another to help.

Before the 1980s, huge numbers of Cantonese people living in English-speaking countries were actually Taishanese speakers. My parents visited San Francisco's Chinatown in 1988 and nearly everyone they came across spoke Taishanese. It was the dominant language there.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 6 2021 4:15 utc | 77

@ uncle tungsten | Mar 5 2021 22:08 utc | 41 with the links to hints of financial meltdown.

Yes, it is coming but, like today, the private money folk can borrow enough from the FED to make the market jump 572 points today while the precious metals I watch were monkey hammered to less than 0.1 % gains. And they can keep doing that as long as folks keep believing and following along.

Given the growth in public banking worldwide that I linked to a report about yesterday from Ellen Brown's posting, I think that the crash is happening as soon as they are ready because the longer they wait the less chance they have of success, IMO.

Look at how they are starting to normalize tulip bulbs (crypto) as money which will bring in more entitled rubes asking to be fragged. When it blows up will the rubes have recourse? LOL!!

The shit show continues until it doesn't. Am I prepared for any eventuality? Hell no, but I have a great attitude!

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 6 2021 4:21 utc | 78

Posted by: migueljose | Mar 6 2021 3:42 utc | 76

Thanks for the Norton article, which stems from an earlier piece that he wrote.

After Lenin Moreno, you would think that Ecuadorians would be on the lookout for another Washington-associated trojan horse. Hopefully progressives who voted for Perez will transfer their support to Correa protégé Andrés Arauz in the runoff election in April.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Mar 6 2021 4:26 utc | 79

My dad's second (and current) wife is Chinese. He met her online in the late 90's, and she moved with her young son to Wisconsin and married him around 2000.

I think my dad was looking for a docile women after his previous marriage and girlfriends, and on the surface, Xue Lin seemed reality she is not docile, but subtle, a characteristic I found true of her, her son and the Chinese people I have met thru them. Nobody ever got my dad to work as hard or be as frugal as she!

They came over with money and bailed my dad out of a tax mess. She still owns apartment buildings in China. Both are very hard working, smart and frugal, but not materialistic.

Jake (her son) and I ended up being pretty close. He received an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and worked in the natural gas business in Texas before moving back to China where I've had the pleasure of visiting him.

My impression of China and the Chinese is largely positive, the extreme work ethic can be a bother given I am a pothead hippy slacker. There is a lot of optimism and energy there, it makes the USA feel like a barbaric backwater country whose best days are past.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 6 2021 5:41 utc | 80

Sounds like projection. You have nicely described my experience in the USA! Aside from my union jobs, it has been kiss up and kick down...even self-employed.

"A certain fragrance of superstition and sentimentality also is always present, at various degrees." Growing up in a small, conservative religious town, this is a great description of my experience.

I will say, the general American population isn't docile, but are herded about like cattle none the less. I'd also say the Chinese aren't so much docile as they are subtle, which I believe is far more effective than rowdy but dumb.

Posted by: Jason | Mar 6 2021 5:52 utc | 81

Bemildred #67

There are other parties too, the Pope is not there just to visit, there is talk of the "Abrahamic Religion" uniting Christians, Muslims, and Jews, etc. And as Kooshy says they seem to be getting along really well.

That strike in the Iraq-Syria border seems to have been a big mistake.

Thank you, I am excited to hear of Abrahamic Religion having modernised to the extent that is now capable of uniting christians, muslims and jews and the etc cult.

Getting that message to Isis, al qaida, will be easy after unity breaks out. Perhaps as simple a task as getting the news from Ghent to Aix. Perhaps the finale will bring joy and not death.

Ah yes, that strike against the defenders of Iraq, the sworn enemy of isis and al qaida, that was a prime example of the extent to which the judaism backed occupiers follow the orders of some other mouth. To what extent is the USAi airforce itself a subsidiary of the judaic air force? Who gave that order, under what commander, coordinated by what awac?

The USAi has lost control of its occupying army. Xerxes had the same problems in his ancient chain of command.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 6:02 utc | 82

I know of a similar experience as Jason's at 86.. Chinese people are proving themselves to be a good lot.
Since the imposition of the national security law, the authorities have stoked pressure on the judiciary, media, schools and Universities and the civil society at large, including churches and NGOs, as Beijing-backed media increasingly lashed out on judges, professors, school teachers and church pastors seen as pro-democracy.

News tonight announced one state <=governing Americans in the USA, think it was Alabama passed a law, making statements about the possible risks, composition or adverse consequences of the so called vaccine (RNA script) which c\n be supported (like if you don't shut up, we will bankrupt you with an expensive trial) is to be made unlawful..

Could such a law be an infringement against the 1st amendment? "Congress shall make no law ..abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

What about applying the same logic to news outlets, that promote false flag ops, suppress real news, promote lies, favor for access to mass media, those that speak the untruth, and condone presenting testimony without support, as fact?

Resistance of the governed to nation state hegemony over mankind seems to be growing in every nation state in the world. A possible logic for the lock down (conspiracy theory) is that it was designed to keep the governed of the different nation states from talking with each other. <=debate please. Those who govern are becoming concerned: conditions have ripen for the bottom to change the balance of power at the top or even to reduce oligarchs and political leadership to equivalent or less than deplorable level.

No wonder CCP locks up those thinking non conformist in HK and the USA and its states are mandating laws and using government agencies to promote, the sale and use of private party biological products.

The beginning of the war between the non-conforming governed and those that wield the power of the nation states seems to be marked by the nation state system's globally coordinated declaration that the flu is a Pandemic; the propaganda allowed to be presented over the privately owned media and viewed as prime time content by the mass audience projects powerful media support for the nation state leaders and reals in billions of corporate tax deductible advertising $s to support the media effort to make what the politicians want to come true.

The response of the governed to support of private party products by the political leadership of the various nation states in the name of a questionable pandemic has shown that resistance by those who are the governed is not only possible but highly effective, much more effective than ever I thought possible. Judging from the flu is a pandemic scenario, I expect to see the bottom up resistance worldwide to continue to grow..and as yet unknown dark underground networks to grow. Interesting times seem to be ahead.

Posted by: snake | Mar 6 2021 6:03 utc | 83

@ james

In truth, I'm more interested in chinese folklore, deities and mythologies than actual text like Tao Te Ching.

Sign me up with Journey to the West or The Investiture of the Gods (封神演義) but miss me with Dao this and Dao that.

Posted by: Smith | Mar 6 2021 6:50 utc | 84

Look out, here comes the trojan mule.

"YEREVAN, March 6. /TASS/. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a phone call with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that Washington would continue its efforts to help resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Pashinyan’s office said on Friday.

"The prime minister’s office said in a statement that the sides touched upon the post-war situation and emphasized the necessity to restore the peace process within the OSCE Minsk Group format.

"The Armenian Premier called his interlocutor’s attention to the need for Azerbaijan to immediately return the prisoners of war, hostages and people held in captivity. In this context, the US side highlighted the Minsk Group Co-Chairs’ activities and voiced readiness to continue its role in resolving the conflict," the statement says."

The Armenian Army could help out too.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 6:58 utc | 85

Turkey and Azerbaijan are just seeking to house the homeless.

"DAMASCUS/STEPANAKERT – Sources close to the government of the Syrian Arab Republic have managed to obtain information that Turkey, in cooperation with Azerbaijan, provided documents for the legal settlement of the first group of no less than 4,000 Turkmens (who came to Azerbaijan as terrorists and mercenaries) who will soon settle in towns and villages in southern Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh).

"These towns and villages were formerly populated by Armenians, who were forced to leave the area after the Azeri attack on September 27. Since these “settlers” are mostly terrorists and extremists who fought in Jihadist organizations such as Jabhat al-Nusra and even the Islamic State, the formation of Wahhabi strongholds in the border area with Armenia, especially on its southeastern border, cannot be ruled out.

"Apart from being a potential danger for Armenian troops from Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), as well as the Russian peacekeepers along the LOC (line of contact), these terrorists are also likely to come in contact with regular Armenian troops in Armenia proper, as well as the Russian border guards helping Armenia to protects its borders from two extremely aggressive and expansionist Turkic neighbors."

NATO setting up a trap perhaps?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 7:45 utc | 86

The USAi has lost control of its occupying army. Xerxes had the same problems in his ancient chain of command.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 6:02 utc | 82

Yes. I think it has always been that way with a couple of historical exceptions. So it's what I look for, and why when things happen, I don't assume that "Biden" necessarily knew about it beforehand. All that stuff about civilian control is "exaggerated", that corporate trough is mighty tasty. It's common in a lot of places, almost a norm. The CIA is very fond of taking its own advice too.

If you want to read "Catch-22" by Joe Heller, he's not kidding about all that.

Regarding that particular incident I ran into a piece yesterday that framed it just like that, and attempt to get an unconsidered response by some officer with ideas. But they hit the wrong people.

The Russians and/or Syrians seem to be tearing it up in Norther Aleppo. The Russian military, on the other hand, seems to have its shit unusually well put together these days. I don't think there is anybody else I can say that about. They do much with little.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 6 2021 7:46 utc | 87

@uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 0:20 utc | 59

These are not normal people in charge. They have lost their minds.

I agree with that. It applies especially to the US, but you can include the rest of the western "leaders" with the same diagnosis. In fact there is a huge vacuum of sanity being filled with total insanity, there are no real leaders. They have all been assassinated like Olof Palme in Sweden or totally corrupted like Jens Stoltenberg and Boris Johnson. Now these corrupt idiots are getting scared and are doubling down with criminal and insane behavior. We need a Nuremberg style cleanup.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 6 2021 7:51 utc | 88

@snake | Mar 6 2021 6:03 utc | 83

Judging from the flu is a pandemic scenario, I expect to see the bottom up resistance worldwide to continue to grow..and as yet unknown dark underground networks to grow. Interesting times seem to be ahead.

Thank you for this optimistic perspective, I believe you are right. It must be so.

Posted by: Norwegian | Mar 6 2021 8:10 utc | 89

Bemildred #87

The Russians and/or Syrians seem to be tearing it up in Northern Aleppo.

That oil smuggling bombardment will perhaps awaken Erdoghan. Given the extreme mendacity of Erdoghan and his provocation in Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijan, I expect his entire Syrian playground to be drastically reduced in the next week and the SDF to have its wings clipped.

Thanks for the Catch 22 reference, read that accurate history lesson in my younger days. Accurate indeed.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 9:53 utc | 90

What fyi writes in 37 is just the common Muslim view. Polytheists live in the Age of Ignorance and are on the lowest level of morality. Monotheists ("People of the Book"), are somewhat less inferior. Muslims are morally on the top by definition.

Conflicts between different cultural, religious or ethnic groups happen all over the world, but Muslims habe a tendency to never go along well with others, be it Westerners, Russians (Chechens)), Chinese (Uighurs), Indians (Kashmir) or Africans (Nigeria etc.). That's the reason why.

The notion of Muslim superiority is also the reason for the backwardness of most Muslim societies since it discourages them from learning from other, more evolved, non-Muslim societies (in the past chiefly the West but now increasingly East Asia as well). Worldly science is often perceived as un-Islamic and morally corrupting.

Fyi is polite and has good manners, though.

Posted by: m | Mar 6 2021 10:06 utc | 91

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Mar 6 2021 7:45 utc | 86

Maybe, maybe just a little propaganda from a Turkophobe. That is common enough in the Orthodox world, however, you never know with Erdoğan, and NATO doesn't even have to be in the picture. I suppose, we will find out soon enough where the truth lies. Erdoğan runs his own ship and changes allies depending on the direction of the wind.

Posted by: Bluedotterel | Mar 6 2021 10:47 utc | 92

Posted by: Bluedotterel | Mar 6 2021 10:47 utc | 92

I agree, I don't think Erdogan is that stupid. He is a smart politician, and Putin does not want to alienate Turkey, so they play games. The NK situation look unstable, so ...

But I don't think Erdogan is dumb enough to try to plant jihadis there now. This Aliyev fellow looks like a shifty person though, crooked and ambitious. I see hints that both Russia & Iran are annoyed about what happened there.

Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 6 2021 13:56 utc | 93

@ Posted by: snake | Mar 6 2021 6:03 utc | 83

You theory doesn't make any sense because the HK protesters are fighting to keep things as they were before (i.e. the maintenance of the old Basic Law) and for the hegemony of liberalism (an already existing world order) - not for something new. They are thus a reactionary force.

Just to give you an example of the absurdity of the old HK Basic Law: it allowed 20% of the judiciary and 20% of the Legco to be made up of foreigners. This law will be abolished by the new reforms. Can you imagine an American committing a crime in his own soil only to be judged by a Russian or Chinese judge? Do you think that's acceptable?

Posted by: vk | Mar 6 2021 15:10 utc | 94

Mr. Smith

Interesting observations about the emperors and their spiritual orientation on state security.

I must disagree, however, on the influence of Legalistic ideas on the emperors you mentioned. I think the central tenant of Legalists, which, to my knowledge, was that even the emperor is not above the law, was never adopted widely and consistently across Chinese territory.

I think that Legalistic Thought was the last best hope of China for the creation and maintenance of a dispensation in which the Chinese people could feel secure in their Person, Family, and Property.

Three thousand years and still the battle ment endures.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 6 2021 15:22 utc | 95

Mr. Michael Weddington

Since you, by own statement, are ignorant of religious history, I offer a few observations.

The owner of this site holds an implicit moral position to which many of the commentators also subscribe, viz. The upholding of Justice - putting things in their proper place. The Theory of Justice that informs your mind as well as almost all of the Commentators on this site, is derived from the three-year long Ministry of one Christ Jesus.

Jesus, is himself part of a prophetic tradition of Western Asia that goes back to Sara this tea (Zoroaster) - 8600 years ago. The Owner of Yellow Camel was the first one that we know of who received Revelations from God; who comprehended the deep moral structure of the Universe.

There is nothing in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism that contradicts the message of Zoroastrian religin, each derivative religion may be viewed as further elaboration and developments of the initial authentic message of Zartosht.

This prophetic moral code and its elaboration a into a Theory of Justice underpins the core of four civilization: Western Christianity, East Christianity, Sunni Muslim Civilization, and the Persian ate Muslim Civilization. Even atheists in those areas have implicitly assumed the same moral outlook.

To come back to my original remarks, I observe here that from a religious point of view, Japan is a swamp - confirm it by asking any Japanese Christian.

Posted by: Fyi | Mar 6 2021 15:44 utc | 96

Just an observation (via Jiddu Krishnamurti); "You cannot just brush the surface of a culture, and pretend that you have found an answer. We must turn inward, to the deepest depths of our own roots to find the very best of who we are."
Further note: the preceding is also used to great effect as a sample by Thievery Corporation.

Posted by: robjira | Mar 6 2021 15:48 utc | 97

@ Posted by: LurkingDragon | Mar 6 2021 1:17 utc | 66

The truth is the polar opposite of what you say.

The reason Communism emerged victorious in China in 1949 was precisely because the old Chinese "culture" failed them completely. It condemned the Chinese people to eternal serfdom and ignorance, and, to add insult to injury, gave it on a silver plate to the Western imperialists. As Mao Zedong said during 1945-1949, they chose Marxism-Leninism not because it is cute, but because it is the only tool that can give the Chinese people what it needs.

Modern Chinese superstition exists because they are the ruins of the old Chinese philosophy and religion, not because the Chinese people has some kind of genetic propensity to mysticism. The stereotype of the mystic oriental is an invention of the Romans and is not and never was true.

The stereotype of the Chinese as the greedy merchant in SE Asia comes from the colonial era. Western colonization of China created a Chinese comprador elite who was allowed many commercial privileges within the Mainland (as middlemen) but also in the SE Asian region. As every Latin American well know, comprador elites are the worst of the worst. No wonder the peoples of Indonesia, Philippines etc. etc. see the Chinese as a negative force in their countries.

The same is true for the stereotype of the Chinese as a mafioso in Latin America: the Chinese who emigrated to Latin America are mainly triad and hyper-capitalists from Taiwan or pre-communist China (who may or may not have indirectly come from Taiwan in later decades).

The same is true for the stereotype of the Chinese as the arrogant, pro-laissez faire upper middle class individualist in Canada, USA, Australia and Western Europe in the modern times. They are most tourists and/or a selected bunch of upper middle class Chinese who are lured into real estate schemes in those countries (Australia, Vancouver etc.).

As we can see, peoples make up stereotypes of other peoples based on small and heavily skewed samples. That's why we have statistics, and they tell us the Chinese are one of the most if not the most down-to-Earth, non-religious, socialist and tolerant peoples of the world today.

Posted by: vk | Mar 6 2021 15:52 utc | 98

With regards to ANY religion; No one sect can have a lock on "receiving messages from God". Any one searching for spiritualty can claim that.

Inform yourself, shop around, then make up your own beliefs on religion. Why? Because they did....

To coin a phrase; "Religion is, as Religion does"

Posted by: vetinLA | Mar 6 2021 17:19 utc | 99

@ 77 jen... thanks for the personal story there... that was interesting! the situation in vancouver would be largely the same as san francisco up until the late 80's early 90's when the b.c and canuck gov't were telling the millionaires of hong kong they could come and live in canada with an investment of 250 grand or more.. it seemed like a lot at the time but it wasn't and sure isn't now! prior to this time, the chinese in vancouver were 3rd generation or more canadian... many of these hard working people built the canadian railway.. they were treated poorly, but they gave much more to canada then they would have received at the time... salt of the earth people basically... these people are very different then the newer arrivals from hong kong and the most recent arrivals from mainland china too... such is life!

@80/81 jason... thanks ... those were nice stories that support a positive impression of the chinese.. i am all for that..

@84 smith.... thanks for being more specific about all that..

Posted by: james | Mar 6 2021 17:38 utc | 100

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