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February 15, 2021

New Documents Reveal More British Efforts To Undermine Russia

In 2018 we wrote about:

The 'Integrity Initiative' - A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The "Russian Threat".

The reporting was based on the British Integrity Initiative's internal files which some 'anonymous' organization had acquired and published.

Data acquired from Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office by the same group revealed large British propaganda programs in support of Jihadis in Syria as well as British influence operations designed to undermine the security institutions of Lebanon and to secretly influence its population.

Now another large set of files has been published by the same source. These describe an extensive British government program designed to undermine Russia by organizing and financing 'independent' Russian language media, by 'training' Russian journalists and by secretly paying Russian influencers. It is certainly not the only British anti-Russia program but it probably has, secretly, the most public influence.

The anonymous author has laid out the complete Undermining Russia program in four extensive parts: One, two, three, four.

The information discussed is from government files which outlay various projects and from companies and -interestingly- from the media charities of Reuters and the BBC who made bids to run the FCO projects. All underlying files are available for download as one archive file (~80 MB).

The most interesting files are the bids the companies make for projects. They reveal previous projects, methods and people and thereby create the larger picture.

The budget for the various anti-Russian projects runs at dozens of millions pounds per year. The first programs were launched in 2016 and some continue through this year.

A 'Supplier Event' for one of the projects laid out the general idea:

Programme Strands
  • ENGAGE – working through the British Council to implement people-to-people activities between ethnic Russians and local communities to develop links along the lines of 21st century skills – includes English language skills and media literacy, social enterprises and cultural activities;
  • ENHANCE – supporting independent media in Russia’s near abroad to bring balance and plurality to Russian language media, in the Baltic States and Eastern Partnership countries;
  • EXPOSE – by debunking and exposing Russian disinformation in real time, which can be reported in mainstream media with the goal to expose malign state disinformation in countries that are targeted by it. If you expose disinformation, it is less likely to be impactful; therefore, the Russian State becomes less credible.
  • ENABLE – working with allied governments through the Government Communication Service to improve their strategic communications to their populations.

Note that 'Russian disinformation' is whatever Britain does not like about Russia. 'Exposing' such 'disinformation' is best done by spreading one's own. These are not defensive programs but attacks on Russia.

Projects to achieve the above were to be implemented in nearly every country that borders Russia and has a Russian speaking minority as well as in Russia itself.

The British government does not want you to know about such projects. The 'Supplier Event' sheet says:


No unauthorised disclosures of activity on this work. Contract will need to take a look at who we are working with. Basic IT security reasonable steps should cover our requirements but the FCO may request an explanation of wat steps have been taken to ensure security and Duty of Care.

It should be noted that for security reasons, some grantees will not wish to be linked to the FCO. It should be noted that the Programme Team would prefer the programme documents do not end up in the Russian media. We know that they are following us, and we are expecting an expose soon.

What is the overall purpose of such secret programs? The author of the Undermining Russia series explains that with regards to the 'poisoning' of Alexei Navalny:

Many years of painstaking work of HMG through its embassies and intelligence cutouts precede a chemical attack. They create Media, CSOs and pseudo humanitarian organisations that happen to be just at the correct place and in the correct time with their cameras ready when 'suddenly' a dreadful accident 'shocks every one into action'.

Do you believe HMG staged the 'Navalny accident' as part of some kind of a secret operation? Did HMG create Media outlets, nurture bloggers and stringers that it controlled? Did it engage Russia's youth and CSOs? Did it try to demonise Putin just like it had done with Assad by labeling them Evil Dictators who poisoned their people with forbidden chemical weapons? Do you know what all of this is needed for? They need it to delegitimise a leader of a country and convince people around the world that 'no holds should be barred to fight a mad dictator'. Can you grasp the gravity of what is going on? Well, you ought to. They are preparing us for war with the Russians and the Chinese. They are looking for casus belli, and only the truth can stop them, because 'if wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth'. (Julian Assange)

That view is not even exaggerated. The 'west' has the knives out against Russia. We previous mentioned a report from the Pentagon think tank RAND which evaluated how to best 'unbalance and overextend' Russia. In the end it was clearly aimed at regime change in Russia, or if not otherwise possible, war. On Friday Gabriel Felbermayr, the president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, was asked by a German radio station about new sanctions the EU might impose on Russia. He is skeptic that those might work because (my translation):

The aims we have towards Russia are very big. We do not want anything less but regime change in Russia, which is difficult to achieve by economic pressure.

The new documents also reveal some interesting new points on Navalny who seems to be on the British government payroll:

These self-exposing documents show that the FCO has established a network of popular YouTubers in Russia who investigate corruption in the government, and the YouTubers get assistance from some journalists from the Baltic States. Also, the FCO has experience of instigating protests in Russia.

By now you must have guessed the identity of one of the popular YouTubers investigating corruption. After obtaining EXPOSE Network files and examining the case studies two years ago, we didn't figure out which YouTuber the FCO supported through ZINC. We refrained from making any preliminary conclusions even when journalists discovered that Vladimir Ashurkov, a close ally of Alexei Navalny, was a part of the Integrity Initiative cluster.

But when we saw Mr. Navalny and Bellingcat together, things started to make sense. By digging deeper, we discovered another Navalny's supporter who lives in London - some shadowy Maria Pevchikh who is promoting a system of smart voting in Russia. The Labour used a similar voting system to take the votes of the Conservatives. So, basically it is highly likely that the UK recommended the system to Mr. Navalny.

It also turned out that Navalny began a smear campaign against the RT - one of the few media outlets in the West that allows those who disagree with the official position of western government to speak out. Note that Navalny's campaign was running in parallel with that of the Integrity Initiative. A reasonable question is - why Navalny who is mostly engaged in political battles inside Russia spends time fighting a TV network operating outside the country? Was RT really such a problem for him? No, it wasn't. It was a problem for the Western imperialists and apparently, they told Navalny to join in.

Anyway. Here are again links to the four parts of 'Undermining Russia': One, two, three, four.

They give extensive insight into the methods the 'west' is using to destroy foreign countries. Knowledge that one needs to really understand what is happening in this world.

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Sorry, got my initials tangled, but you know who I meant.

Posted by: juliania | Feb 16 2021 20:43 utc | 101

@ 82 charles michael.. i tend to see it much the same as you, although i appreciate karlof1's posts!

@ 89 hoarsewhisperer... that was fine commentary.. thanks!

Posted by: james | Feb 16 2021 20:47 utc | 102

Russian forces called in to help out Central African Republic did clear a very important highway to Cameroon that was constantly attacked by jihadists and road agents highway robbers.Crowds in Bangui came out and thanked and cheered the russians.

Macron gave signs for two weeks to diminish the 5100 french troops in the Mali,Niger,Burkina Fasso area,Of a sudden now he claims France must stay and reinforce its presence to "decapitate"al Qaida!

It seems that the people of Africa who cherished Khadafi's Libya for its support,are well aware of the importance of making a move from western domination to cooperation with Russia and China.

This as a footnote to Paco 87# and Karlof1'94# posting wrt to Togo.And thank you everyone for the other equally excellent posts in this thread.Were do you guys find the time to read and study all this!Donegroaning thank you for nutshelling!

Posted by: willie | Feb 16 2021 21:04 utc | 103

Posted by: juliania | Feb 16 2021 20:40 utc | 101

“The EU might become a severed link in a growing chain of multipolar national organizations.”

That is what the Brussels crowd argues about Russia’s intentions, they are allegedly intended to weaken the EU. Lavrov in some of his conferences talked about a true rapprochement to the point of almost achieving a no visa zone. Unfortunately it did not happen, the western part wanted Ukraine and Georgia ahead of Russia, figure that one out. But along came 2014, Maidan and cookies, and years of work for important neighbors to get along and flourish together went down the drain to satisfy the other shore of the Atlantic.

So close and so far, Moscow is only a four and a half hour flight, like NY to LA, but the wall is there with the paper work and cost of a visa, even though they’ve slowly learned, especially after the world cup, that tourism is good business and believe me, are there ever beautiful places in that huge chunk of land, slowly they are making it easier, but still a visa is needed for Europeans, for US and UKsians a lot more stringent.

By following the dictates from abroad the EU has weaken herself a lot more than by Moscow's actions.

Posted by: Paco | Feb 16 2021 21:09 utc | 104

willie @104--

Thanks for your "footnote;" it's important and informative. As for having the time, for me it's a matter of knowing where to find the info--it exists in a number of different websites discovered over the 20+ years I've been using the internet. Not all get daily exposure, but they do add to the overall contemporary context that's so important to be grounded upon and makes it possible to deal with the "Establishment Narrative." What you contributed was quite notable as it delves beyond the scope of my continuous enquires, and along with Paco's comment enlarges what we know! Small notes are important as it's easy for a Giant to trip on a pebble.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 16 2021 21:30 utc | 105

Jrabbit @ 73; Can't argue with that appraisal. Big $ buys much complicity.... Ayn Rand's philosophy was a lie, and still is..

Posted by: vetinLA | Feb 16 2021 22:07 utc | 106

Stonebird 74

The current, as have been those since the turn of last century when trusts were established to both hide wealth from an increasingly well informed minions and keep it out of the reach of the taxman. A trust being an entity in its own right that never dies so is not subject to Inheritance Tax IT here in the UK. Some of the 'landed gentry' were stung with the later after WW2 as they had not set up trusts early enough as the its the generation after the one who set it up that benefits.

The Duke will be a beneficiary of his Trust and will probably be a Trustee along with other family members, mother, sister, aunts etc and a squad of the best professionals, as befits a trust of this importance. The money he takes from the Trust will be a mix of gifts and loans (paid back on his death) not a lot of tax liability there, cute. Sometimes the beneficiaries of such trusts end up paying IT on money they have accumulated (too much to spend) over the years, a useful sop to the minions.

As DunGroanin said in his excellent post 69 above, these dynasties have been with us for effectively ever. Legal systems are set up and evolve for their benefit. Few outside them have any idea of their true wealth and they seldom flaunt it in the face of the minions (how often do you see a Rothschild/Warburg etc in the paper other than doing some good dead?)just sometimes amongst themselves deep in their estates.

I think the last time we the minions got a real glimpse was in the US at the start of the 20th century when peoples wealth was printed in papers when they died. One that has stuck in my mind was a DuPont leaving $1B in 1900 dollars, $100B in today's. That soon stopped when they realised their potential for guillotining and the trusts that exist today, with their Family Offices etc, were established.

Posted by: JohninMK | Feb 16 2021 23:05 utc | 107

OOps, that was meant to be "good Deed" not "good dead" Freudian slip there.

willie 104

Those ex French colonies were really, really routing for Gadaffi.

When France gave them their 'Independence', unlike the other colonial powers, they 'forgot' to release their Central Banks from the grip of the Bank de France. Allowing France to effectively retain control and extract significant rent. When Libya became rich Gadaffi decided to give something to his fellow ex colonies, their financial freedom, he was going to buy out France and free them from usury. That was why France plus financial buddies the UK, were so vehemently in favour of his overthrow.

That, plus moving away from selling their oil/gas in US$, were the two items on his death warrant, whilst Saddam only had the latter on his.

Russia and China are a welcome change.

Posted by: JohninMK | Feb 16 2021 23:24 utc | 108

The City of London

Someone in these threads cited "The Empire of the City" by E. C. Knuth as a good source on this. Free download here. I haven't read it yet but a quick glance suggests that the City is actually designated as the Crown(!) It has defied Parliament and is not subject to the Acts of Parliament.

Professor Richard Werner, who first demonstrated how money is created through debt issuance, pointed out in a (highly recommended) episode of Renegade Inc that the Queen must ask permission to enter the City. Call that a quirk of tradition if you want to but nowhere else is this tradition followed wherever the Queen walks in her domain.

So the City is not a subject of the Queen, and is not part of the United Kingdom (and thus not part of the EU), says Werner. And we have heard it said that Brexit happened because the EU reach of financial regulation was about to inconvenience the City.

Money makes its own domains, and the first thing that big money can buy is invisibility.

Posted by: Grieved | Feb 17 2021 0:24 utc | 109

Grieved @110--

Thanks for the hat-tips!!!!!

In line with Romanoff's most recent essay published by The Saker, "Bernays and Propaganda – The Marketing of War," here are the opening two paragraphs from The Empire of "The City": The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Government:

"At the end of World War I, the writer, then 27 years old, was released from the U. S. Army as a second lieutenant of the Coast Artillery Corps. Like many more servicemen, he was filled with resentment as the deluge of utterly obvious and brazen falsehood, by which participation in that war had been forced upon the American people, was exposed, and became more evident day by day after the war was won.

"That the reasons advanced to the American people for their entry into World War I were largely fraudulent became common and accepted knowledge, and over 25 years after the end of that war the eminent American historians, Charles A. and Mary R. Beard, stated in their "Basic History" (page 442) that "the gleaming mirage that pictured the World War as purely or even mainly a war for democracy and civilization dissolved beyond recognition. . . ;" and the well-known Internationalist publicist, Walter Lippmann, stated in his "U. S. Foreign Policy" (page 24) in effect that the real reasons for going to war in 1917 have never been admitted."

As Lippmann well knew having been a major player on the inside of the propaganda effort to get the USA to enter the war as Romanoff documents.

Thanks again as I've downloaded the PDF version. The Renegade Inc program has excellent if too few comments which I'll watch tomorrow.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 17 2021 1:16 utc | 110

@ Grieved | Feb 17 2021 0:24 utc | 110 with the links...thaks

Someday I will become a regular of Renegade but haven't for some reason....the link you provided and that session was amazing....the sovereign nation of the City of London that none talk of....that professor was amazingly clear in his description of finance and banking. I will have to watch it again and pass the link on to others.

And the City of London Corp. doesn't need a seat at the UN because they have the world by the money balls and own all the government leadership.

Damn, I wish more could understand the top/bottom reality we live in.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 17 2021 2:01 utc | 111

My mind is still racing for the Renegade session I watched that Grieved linked to above.

I am back because of the way the professor talked about banking in Germany. While I was familiar a little about the Landesbanken in Germany I was not aware of the 1500 or so small banks that loan to small business and have for 200 years as I recall. I will have to listen again to more of what he said about these banks but I am asking other barflies for what they know about these small banks in Germany.....thanks

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 17 2021 2:09 utc | 112

I was born in 1945. The generational divides in this country are entirely a product of the media. In the real world the lives of people born 1946-1956 or so were quite differnt because of the Vietnam War. Many of the first group fought in the war, or rebelled against it. The class system was prevalent then, just as now, and the grunts rebelled against the officers in the war. That was what really ended the war, the loss of discipline in the ranks. Too many dead lieutenants, and those were from the better off and whiter classes. That was the beginnings of our mercenary army.

Those who came after them, 1955-65, had a completely different experience. The full Disneyland & Team America World Police narrative, as constructed by the early days of the media circus we have today.

Of course, many of both groups were jerks, but also some of the best people I have known. You can never tell by the wrapping what is in the package.

I consider the whole business of Boomers and Gen X and Y and Millinials to be bullshit, there are real differences based on wildly different lives, change has been very fast here. But those diffences have little to do with the pop media narrative we are fed. An explosion of technology and media bullshit, no wonder people get confused.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 17 2021 2:55 utc | 113

@ belmidred.. thanks for saying all this - especially the last paragraph... i am on the tail end of that spectrum but became friends with draft dodgers who made it up to vancouver in the 70's... as a consequence my world view on usa foreign policy was shaped early and it wasn't a good one.. i thought the fact the usa was in vietnam was a pile of bullshit.. as a consequence i viewed a lot of what happened from then on from a different angle and with a different perspective.....

funny enough that conversation on baby boomers was on a different thread, but the poster who said how bad the baby boomers were hasn't come back yet..

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 4:16 utc | 114

"New Documents Reveal More British Efforts To Undermine Russia"

The British are not "undermining" Russia.

The British are selflessly and oh-so-generously bringing Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law to Russia. /sarcasm off

Posted by: ak74 | Feb 17 2021 5:39 utc | 115

John Cleary #31

You see? The Lord-Mayor of London is mentioned by name.

It is my belief that this underpins, at least in part, the powers and privileges of the CoL

It may underpin the habit of mentioning the Lord Mayor in passing when referring to things, but it might not be absolute confirmation of the Mayor or the City of London's powers. My (yes ancient) understanding is that the City is for all intents and purposes a corporation by definition and the City Council looks after its shit, garbage, water and roads and a few minor things of no interest to corporate accumulation. A servant of the owner class if you get my drift, that is strictly confined by legislation as to what it may do. I recall Thatcher specifically augmented the powers of the corporate accumulators and there was some discontent to her move.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 17 2021 6:47 utc | 116

Bemildred | Feb 17 2021 2:55 utc | 114
Thanks your valuable views. I'd like to add to them.

Vietnam was a cia "war" until JFKennedy turned it over to the Pentagon in 1963. IIRC Lyman Lemnitzer was head of Joint Chiefs. The CIA was i/c in Vietnam from E.Lansdale's arrival abt early 1954 [actually much earlier]. VICE-Pres Nixon visited in 1953 just after DDEisenhower became Pres. [Nixon had logistics background in Pacific WW2 and rumors are he was recruited as cia asset.] As V-P, Nixon reassured leaders in Saigon of US support during the wind-up to DienBienPhu showdown...just in case the French lost. [Nixons 1953 trip as V-p is hardly known.]

When the French surrendered, Lansdale/CIA et al already had established all logistical prep. and took charge to terminatedly unmock the brown-peoples reach for VN sovereignty.

One should ask ...What was the US/cia doing there, 10.000 miles from Wash,DC?

There are answers but all heuristically's above the level of written docs. They didn't and don't need any stinkin' docs! And it involves
fabulous dreams of power...come true...from magical wand of GoldenTriangle resources. The US OSS was simply morphed into the new cia...undoubtedly in planning before WW2 ended. US Gen. A.Wiedemeyer was not only C/O all USArmy China Theater, but in 1945 was simultaneously Chief Of Staff to Chiang KaiShek! And Mountbatten et al were there, too [Brits and French had especial joint, international plans in multi-way deals as colonial bedfellows.

Allow me to suggest to all MOA'ans...documentation is just one path to truth. Working-theory continually adjusted to fit all new facts and obvious-though-unproven deductions can also lead to truth...depending how carefully one defines "truth".

And you do not need docs to tell the difference between Chiang and Mao regarding the 99.9% and the 0.1%.

Your generation, to which i am an earlier member, got suckered into the VN debacle of millions of deaths-torture-cripples and mental scarring aka derangement, which was a follow-on to the HateRussiansCommies barrage. The follow-ons just keep coming.

There are many MOA'ans like you whose posts I scan daily. Keeps me awake and alive!.

Posted by: chu teh | Feb 17 2021 8:54 utc | 117

@Piotr Berman, #6

Russian authorities are more sophisticated that the British, not to mention Americans.

Imposing rules that make it hard to run demonstrations where you want and issuing pesky penalties for violations.

Dude, why can't you drive a car anywhere? Drive onto a lawn, a footpath, a park where people walk, a golf course, etc. Someone probably wants to park their car in the middle of an intersection and go to a cafe. Why can't you do this? Bad bad rules. And if you do, you will get "pesky penalties for violations". Something is terribly wrong)

All your other claims to Russia are no less ridiculous. I'm even too lazy to comment.

Posted by: alaff | Feb 17 2021 9:31 utc | 118

What needs investigating is where the UK gets its funds to run such operations. In my reaesrch on VAT carousel fraud I've come across strong evidence that the UK government/Establishment through its security forces has been setting up and running the frauds to covertly remove taxpayers' funds.

Posted by: Ruth | Feb 17 2021 10:42 utc | 119

'Sweet Scheme': Plan to Poison Prince George With Ice Cream Unveiled by Suspected UK Terrorist

Didn't know attacking a royal family member was considered an act of terrorism in the UK. Funny.

Posted by: vk | Feb 17 2021 12:37 utc | 120

There are many MOA'ans like you whose posts I scan daily. Keeps me awake and alive!.

Posted by: chu teh | Feb 17 2021 8:54 utc | 118

Thanks (you too james). If you consider how our "elites" reacted to the fall of the USSR, as evidenced by the following 30 years, then it is not too hard to infer what was going in their little minds back during Korea and Vietnam. I remember a bunch of loudmouths like Lemniztzer, they were all as crazy as shithouse rats. What you say sounds right to me. I could talk a lot about those men & women and that time, the good and the bad. But I prefer to look ahead. I've been waiting 40 years to watch this. This is another one of those times now, better pay attention.

@james: Scorpio rising is it? That explains a lot. I am very late Gemini.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 17 2021 13:21 utc | 121

chu teh | Feb 17 2021 8:54 utc | 118

After all these years and still thinking about it my conclusion is that the US war in Vietnam was meant to prop up, or rather artificially sustain US economic "success" that already by then was integrated as the "military industrial complex." I am very poor at all economic understanding but I do remember from that time inflation, deflation, stagflation, etc. Continued feeding of the war economy was a handy way to kick the can down the road. Remember that Eisenhower did not feel free to make his speech and name the MIC until he was out the door.

I was born in '53 and have a hard time describing the world I knew in my youth to my grandson. Would that I should be as clear-headed as bemildred 8 years from now, or even still on the grassy side.

When the USSR collapsed and the US lost its reason for being, the fattened pigs staged their final coup and plunged the US (and the rest of humanity) into at least a half-century of endless war. We are not yet halfway through that current epoch.

Posted by: vinnieoh | Feb 17 2021 19:01 utc | 122

@ 122 bemildred.... yes - scorpio rising with moon also in scorpio on the ascendant.. that explains a wee bit anyway! feel free to reveal more of yourself astrologically!

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 19:43 utc | 123

Posted by: vinnieoh | Feb 17 2021 19:01 utc | 123

Well, stick around as long as you can then. It's going to be quite a show, and we earned it. I think of all the people I knew who are gone now. I represent them.

@james: It's not really my thing, but I have had a number of friends and family who are, or were into Astrology.

I think of astrology as somewhat like the I Ching, which I consult occasionally. They are frameworks for thinking about your life and who you are. Not much for predicting things, but useful for thinking about it. In that way they can be helpful. Like Gemini fits me fairly well, Mercurial etc. My mother, father and current wife are all Capricorns. I get along with them, but we also clash, lots of energy. Keeps me here. Scorpios are similar in that, but we could never live together. Two such tempers will not do. But it is more after the fact, he's a such-and-such, oh that makes sense. My childred are all Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and we all like each other but not too much.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 17 2021 20:32 utc | 124

@ 125 bemildred.... it is about cycles really... some people look more closely at them and think they have relevance.. others, not so much...we live in an era where an interest in this is generally not happening.. i can see how someone might think of it as you describe.. i guess the only thing i could say on my own impression of it all after reading a few hundred books on the topic is that it is a lot more complex then most people know... it would be like the difference between pop music and classical music.. that is one analogy that fits as i see it.. in fact, i often use musical analogies when i am trying to explain a particular viewpoint connected to astrology... for one - i never try to convince one of its merits, as it would be like trying to convince one of the merits of a particular style of music.. what is the point?? people are either interested or not, and they look closer if they are and they don't if they aren't... nice to talk with you!

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 21:32 utc | 125

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 21:32 utc | 126

Well let's continue a little. Here's a book you might find interesting about cycles:

Cycles: The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events Paperback – January 1, 1971

IIRC, there is in that book some discussion of 60 year cycles, some of which are coming due. That's a big subject, cycles, but tends to be very empirical, and we live in an age of theory, Appollonian, not Dionysian. We have patterns, cycles, we don't have reasons. Not the sort of thing we like today. Things we don't understand are scary. The stock market is full of patterns, people market them to the naive.

In any case, if you are into cycles, it's an interesting read.

I like your attitude WRT Astrology, "Your Mileage May Vary". Take what you need and leave the rest.

The truth about the reality we live in is that is is much more complex than we know or can know. "Science" is the low-hanging fruit, the stuff we've been able to get a handle on (or think we do.)

In any case, I pay attention to cycles, to patterns, but without much theory, an heuristic approach. I trust what I see and look for more.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 17 2021 22:01 utc | 126

@113 psychohistorian

If you like Werner, you could watch or download these other two things by him:

Here's a talk in recent years that discusses banks and the creation of money more:
Prof. Richard Werner - Banking Industry Exposed & Solutions Presented - Dublin April 2016

Werner speaks in polite academic language but there's no doubt he understands what's going on with banks and their usurpation of the money-creation power.

See this award-winning film made from a book by Werner that also features him over a few years including when he was a visiting researcher at the Bank of Japan. It details how the Finance Ministry of Japan held to a prudent policy that viewed the real, industrial economy as its constituency, and how the Central Bank engaged in practices that crashed the economy and led to a transfer of authority from the Finance Ministry to the Bank.

Princes of the Yen (Documentary Film)

And so this is what they are and how it works. The central bank deliberately impoverished the people of Japan in order to wrest fiscal control away from a sovereign ministry and into its own hands - from which point of course, financialization ruled. The industrial economy transformed to a financial economy, by the deliberate machination of the central bank.

Posted by: Grieved | Feb 17 2021 22:25 utc | 127

bemildred... thanks... i think i have heard of edward dewey before... reading on him, i see his background off wikipedia.. there is a strong interest in the general idea of cycles in connection with the stock market and etc.. fibonacci numbers, wave cycles and etc. etc... some of the authors who gravitated towards astrology in the study of the stock market - william gann and bayer - can't remember his first name ( george?), both dabbled in astrology to some degree..

the fact is we live in a culture that views astrology as superstition and mumbo jumbo bullshit.. i understand this from the point of view of pop astrology... as i said before, it would be harder to think this way towards classical music or astrology if people actually knew much about history, but they generally don't! our world has evolved a particular way for whatever reason.. i suspect astrology will come back into vogue in another 100 or more years when we will collectively see the value in looking at this more closely... until then, we have been culturally programmed to view it as a pile of mumbo jumbo.. i am fine with this and don't fight it... it ain't worth fighting over.. if it is not some astronomer trying to negate astrology, it is someone else, lol... meanwhile all of the famous people of astronomy down thru the past - kepler, and beyond - viewed astronomy, mathematics and astrology all in the same wider context... i think it was j b morin who was involved in helping give us the longitude and lattitude concept we know today... they refer to him as a mathematician as this is what astronomers and astrologers were back then - a combo skill set, but which has to downplay the role of him being an astrologer and upgrade his role as mathematician! it is kind of funny to see how our society values, undervalues and feels like leaving in the trash can for disposal... i am beyond fighting with any of it..

people will discover what they are meant to discover when they are ready for it.. not before... apparently what we have today is what we are ready for... we aren't ready for everything! sorry if i got a bit distracted here... i also apologize for the ot nature of my comments at this point.. it happens on the tail ends of these threads sometimes... cheers james

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 22:32 utc | 128

that video grieved linked to - princes of the yen is available on youtube and is worth watching..

here is a direct link to it for others who haven't watched it...

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 22:36 utc | 129

Posted by: james | Feb 17 2021 22:32 utc | 129

No problem, it is a messy subject. I was interested to hear your views. I'm not a particular fan of Dewey, but he did introduce me to the subject of cycles, which I have found informative many times since. Later.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 17 2021 23:54 utc | 130

@ bemildred.. it is fine to talk here.. the thread has now basically gone dead! - i think dewey and a lot of people at the time were trying to figure out the aftermath of the stock market blowup of the late 20's and early 30's.... economic cycles is what they were hoping to figure out.. i could be mistaken... dewey as minister of commerce, or whatever his job description was - certainly would be trying to figure this out... i think a study of cycles has a lot of merit, which is again why i think astrology has a lot of merit!

take for example the triple conjunction of jupiter-saturn-pluto for 2020.... has 2020 been a significant year??? i think it definitely has been.. the fact andre barbault was predicting a possible pandemic and that it is captured in an english translation of his book planetary cycles which came out in 2015 or 2016 ought to arouse a bit of curiousity on the part of more... but no one knows or cares to follow this type of info!

Planetary Cycles by André Barbault

i am definitely game to talk bemildred! no problem on this end!

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2021 0:50 utc | 131

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2021 0:50 utc | 132

Well what can I say? I was never interested in what Dewey wanted, I mean I kept the book around for a while, re-read parts, but I could care less about the markets. I can't help much with Astrology because I have never studied it much, what I know is by absorbtion. My mother had an elaborate chart done, which I have seen, may even have it around somewhere. But she never talked to me about it. My 2nd wife liked it in the astrology charts in the newspapers sense. That's my main exposure.

But I don't dismiss it either. As I said it informs my thinking about relationships, and how I think about my own needs and objectives in life. Which if you think about it is not the sort of thing that we have nice scientific answers for anyway, although they do try.

People who point out that the early 'scientists' believed all sorts of things (and they still do) have a good point. We are mired in superstition still, we just don't know it. Those guys back in the 19th century we now criticize as bigots thought they were noble and generous masters of the universe, just like we do.

I could say more on that subject but I don't think I am up to the job right now.

But you seem to have studied it much more seriously, so I was interested in how it works for you. But again, I know it is hard to reduce to prose.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 18 2021 1:30 utc | 132

all good bemildred... thanks! james

Posted by: james | Feb 18 2021 1:59 utc | 133

I'm not an expert historian, but wasn't Lenin accommodated in London for many years, and then somehow in midst of war and confusion, get a train through Europe back to St Petersburg in time to 'take control'? History repeats/rhymes!

Posted by: Grant | Feb 18 2021 2:21 utc | 134

Thanks to Grieved and all for the Richard Werner links. I will watch the movie late tonight or tomorrow.

Its not like I need convincing that global private finance is the problem, says the much cruder public/private finance drum beater.

What piqued my curiosity was the information about the 1500 small banks in Germany that provide finance to the smaller business. He talked about them being at risk and what I think is quite valuable about them is the example they can provide to others about the mix of they focus on one area like agriculture, food processing/distribution or do they need a mix to balance ups and downs of industries and service areas.

I really like the idea of community banks and think that, in the US, the states should be a consolidation point for regional community banks, presumedly similar to the success balance of Germany. State level public banks would do infrastrructure and services and the next higher level.

I went to Richard Werner's web site and have read some stuff and may contact him if I can't find studies that has aggregated this sort of information about the small banks in Germany....and what is ratio of public/private? Also banks like this do different "risk management" around loans than the big banks and that would be interesting to learn more about.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 18 2021 2:56 utc | 135

Grant #135

Lenin, yes traveled back to Russia via Europe.

Book: To the Finland Station: A study in the Writing and Acting of History by Edmund Wilson
Doubleday 1953

The revolutionary tradition in Europe and the rise of Socialism

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 18 2021 6:34 utc | 136

New Documents Reveal More British Efforts To Undermine...

In 2018 we wrote about:

The 'Integrity Initiative' - A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The "Russian Threat".

Coincidentally, 2 weeks ago broadcast Episode 1 of a multi-part documentary series titled Queen Elizabeth's Secret Agents.
That's QE I not QE II.

It's crystal clear before the end of Episode 1 that the people left in charge of "Intelligence Agencies" quickly transform THEIR agency into a self-licking ice-cream. It's a gross distortion of reality to describe William Cecil's European spy network as "Elizabeth's." And it got worse under his son Robert Cecil's leadership.

In Episode 2 Lord Essex, charismatic head of a competing spy agency with access to QE I's ear, accuses the Queen's personal physician, a Sr Lopez, of plotting to kill her. Cecil turns the accusation into an excuse to curry favour with QE I. He takes Lopez to The Tower, shows him The Rack, and bullies him into signing a confession. And before the ink is dry Lopez is hanged then cut down and disemboweled whilst not quite dead - despite the fact that Cecil knew that Lopez was INNOCENT.

So Sleazy British Intel has a long and sordid history of reckless and self-serving Evil.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 19 2021 16:52 utc | 137

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Feb 18 2021 6:34 utc | 137

To The Finland Station: Yes, let me second that recommendation. Anything by Mr. Wilson is worth picking up.

Posted by: Bemildred | Feb 19 2021 17:09 utc | 138

hoarsewhisper@138. essex married walsingham's daughter,,,her dowry was walsingham's book of names, spies & secrets. walsingham invented the code mi6 abides by to this today. qe1's court was based on intelligence...essentially her only jewel. england hadn't the treasure of spain, nor the splendor of italy & france. her spectacle was theatre, smoke & mirrors to entice & bedazzle her foreign guests. qe1 was fluent in 5 languages, anyone @ court was obliged to keep up.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Feb 19 2021 17:32 utc | 139

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