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January 07, 2021

Leaving In Style

Trump's supporters are taking care that their president can leave in style.


U.S. foreign policy has come home to bite. Does anyone still remember when the Twitter blue ticks lauded this 'peaceful' 'pro-democracy' action?


Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi once said of the protests in Hong Kong: "It is a beautiful sight to behold."

teleSUR English @telesurenglish - 22:20 UTC · Jan 6, 2021
See any similarities? Images from Juan Guaidó's attempt to storm Venezuela's National Assembly and today's pro-Trump mobs occupying the U.S. Capitol building, just one year apart.

This ITV footage of average Americans storming their Capitol is truly extraordinary. These people are true believers who strongly feel that they have been wronged.

Ruslan Moldovanov @Revolov - 00:50 UTC · Jan 7, 2021
Washington, D.C., today resembles an Eastern European capital where a color revolution is unfolding.
The same very vibes

Some Capitol guests were violent but those may well have been saboteurs:

DR JANE’S DC 2.0 - @DrJaneRuby - 4:11 UTC · Jan 7, 2021
Trump supporters physically stopped Antifa rioter from trying to break window at Capitol building.
They were trying to call them out

Who by the way knew that members of Congress have gas masks under their seats?

Tear gas was deployed in the Capitol rotunda, so the order came down for lawmakers to ready gas masks that are stored under their seats. Allred helped some his colleagues take out their masks as Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego, a Marine Corps veteran, provided instruction.

“When you put your mask on, breathe slowly or you’ll hyperventilate,” Gallego said, according to Allred.

There surely is a lot of hyperventilating right now. Trump is accused of inciting violence.

It doesn't read like that. In fact Trump spoke out against violence and called on the people to leave peacefully only to get censored by the blue tick monopoly:

Protesters, who were seen fighting with officers both inside the building and outside, were described as "special people" by President Donald Trump, who responded to calls to condemn the violence.

In a video address shared on Twitter, he urged his supporters to "go home" but repeated an unsubstantiated claim that the election was "stolen".

He said: "I know your pain, I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election and everyone knows it especially the other side.

"But you have to go home now, we have to have peace, we have to have law and order, we have to respect our great people in law and order. We don't want anybody hurt."

He described it as a "tough period of time", and repeated false claims that the November's election was "fraudulent".

He ended the video message by calling the protesters "very special", adding: "We can’t play into the hands of these people.

"We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special."

Twitter disabled the video from being liked or retweeted "due to a risk of violence". It was later deleted.

Explain to me how the above quotes are risking violence or a breach of 'civic integrity'? What, please, is that?

Twitter Safety @TwitterSafety - 0:02 UTC · Jan 7, 2021
Replying to @TwitterSafety
Future violations of the Twitter Rules, including our Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies, will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account.

During the brawl a Capitol Police officer shot an unarmed woman. She was a pro-Trump veteran. Trump and his supporters will unreasonably be blamed for that.

Alastair Crooke has called this America's epiphany moment:

The blanketing canopy pressing down across the globe of TINA (there is no alternative) is rupturing. The fabric is tearing at the seams. Now, with the U.S. courts having abdicated their role in adjudicating suits in connection with the 3rd November election, it seems that President Trump will make a last effort to change the course of events between 6–20 January (inauguration day). At point of writing, some 140 Republican Representatives say they will challenge the outcome of certain elections on 6 January. Whether this challenge will succeed (in all its dimensions) is moot.

What then? Well, Red America – whether rightly or wrongly – sees that 20 January may prove to be ‘the end of the line’ for them. Eight out of ten Republicans believe the election stolen; that the crucial Georgia Senatorial race likely will be ‘stolen’ too; that the destruction of small and mid-sized businesses through lockdown was a premeditated strategy to further consolidate Big Business Oligarchs; and that ultimately Red Americans will face ‘cancellation’ by an incoming woke ‘soft-totalitarianism’, orchestrated by Big Tech. This is their perspective – their Epiphany revelation. It is, to say the least, bleak.
Yes, many American (and western) myths about American identity and politics lie shattered on the ground. Many still are in a state of shock. They had imagined their elections as somehow sacrosanct. They had imagined the courts as arbitrators. And they never imagined to see a U.S. President ridiculed and humiliated so, by the MSM. Reality has arrived as a slap in the face.

And yes – TINA is over; a market for alternatives is now open for business.
But much more than this, the tear to that oppressive TINA canopy allows other civilisational-states assertively to reject criticisms, or policies, which have been weaponised against their value-systems. If Red America can utterly reject woke values, and vice versa, then why should other civilisations not reject western Enlightenment values?

This has been coming for a while.

It will only intensify.

Posted by b on January 7, 2021 at 5:33 UTC | Permalink

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pnyx #198
>Since when do fascists have anything against violence?

Does that also apply to the fascists from the left, such as Antifa and BLM?

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 20:56 utc | 201

Offtrail #199
>This was a terrible violation of something almost all Americans hold dear.

What would that something be?
Democracy? Well, we're actually said to be a Republic. But how about...
Fair Elections?
Freedom of Speech??

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 21:01 utc | 202

Interesting premise and viewpoint on the current state of affairs.
Indi Samarajiva

Posted by: Digital Spartacus | Jan 7 2021 21:05 utc | 203

@ steven t johnson

"There were Republicans counting votes in all the states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all states with a significant Republican presence."

And what of it? What does it even mean "Republican": registered to vote, 10 years ago, as "Republican"? And does, in your mind, "Republican" mean "pro-Trump"? And anyway, what does this "presence" guarantee? Meh. In fact, this sort of 'refutation' would work for any election in any country.

"The notion the presidential ballot was fixed in, say, Georgia, is implausible because the people who would have fixed the ballot would have made Warnock and Ossoff the new senators back in November, not Tuesday this week."

They wanted to get Trump (is this a controversial statement?). What does it have to do with Ossoff? But yes, Perdue slipping just under 50% at the end also seems fishy. And in the other race, there were so many candidates (no primary) that giving one over 50% was simply impossible.

"The problem with the suits is, the plaintiffs, people like Mao Cheng Ji and foolisholdman and Trumpers everyone of them, *didn't have any evidence to put into record.*"

And you know this - how? Because NYT told you? In fact, the attempt made by the state of Texas was rejected by the SCOTUS on a pretense that Texas has no standing. That is: it's not Texas' business how other states run their elections.

And again: Democrats-Republicans? This is all about the establishment destroying Trump. The establishment is comprised of Democrats and Republicans.

Personally, I find the allegation quite credible. 4 years of non-stop anti-Trump hysteria of an incredible, unimaginable magnitude (well, I wasn't alive in the 1950s, didn't witness mccarthyism) is my main reason, but the statistical anomalies (benford, a few D-run cities being the outliers, etc.) is the close second. Plus some specific allegations that I read on zerohedge.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 7 2021 21:06 utc | 204

Thank you, Paco @ 192 ...I attempted to watch the film some time ago, early days of my computering, but could only find it in Russian, which sadly I don't know. So a subtitled version would be very good! I will try again. The cave imagery is what is found in Nativity iconography, caves having been used to house domestic animals. And the icon also has the feature that in it, because of persecutions immediately after, only the animals, the ox and ass, being of the natural world, are smiling.

Posted by: juliania | Jan 7 2021 21:12 utc | 205

One can only imagine the crackdown on dissent that Biden, big-tech, media will start now,
They will do things that if Trump proposed it, it would be an outrage.

Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted “Coup”

Still, there are many people who in positions of power who would like you to believe that a real-life “insurrection” is genuinely underway, and to develop a kind of exaggerated mythical understanding of what occurred at the Capitol. Because it will enable them to seize additional powers — not through a “coup,” but through the vast inflation of an alleged threat, which is always how they do it.

And no, Trump didnt call for any "coup" or breaching the door to the building, pure psyop campaign going on now.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 7 2021 21:12 utc | 206

Jackrabbit #185
>>dh-mtl: Trump now faces the same fate as Assange.

>The absurdity of this comment helps to reveal the farce.
>Trump has done everything that "the elites" would've wanted him to.

Oh, that's the reason the MSM attacked him for 4 years!
Thanks for clearing that up.

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 20:12 utc | 191

Pretending that there's no similar MSM that backed Trump such as Fox.
Question for reality check.
Did the MSM criticize Trump for launching missiles to Syria ?
Did they criticize Trump for the murder of Soleimani ?
Did MSM criticize Trump for electing his comical Guayido as VZ make believe president ?
Did MSM rebukes Trump for alleging that COVID19 comes from Wuhan biolabs ?
Did MSM criticize Trump for his blatant Israel butt kissing ?

You're too deep in this left right paradigm. Trump is no saviour boy. All his personal profile that you can find before his 2016 can tell you that he's part of the plutocrats through and through without even a hint of contact to the working or poorer class.

Posted by: Lucci | Jan 7 2021 21:15 utc | 207

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 7 2021 7:18 utc | 17

If you click the "bigger" version of the first image of this post, and then look at the person in the sofa with a fox on his head. What about his chest saying "police" and holding a police shield?

This stinks.

So what is his disguise, the fur or the vest?
Also look: even the army supported the protesters!

Posted by: Georg | Jan 7 2021 21:20 utc | 208

The U.S. gets a taste of its own medicine from causing unrest in other countries.

Also some of the Trumpists posting here are dumb as rocks.

Posted by: Picard | Jan 7 2021 21:20 utc | 209

...the QAnon fella with horns looks extremely cool, by the way.

If I was a few decades younger, I'd wanna be like him.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 7 2021 21:22 utc | 210

While the entitlement is present on both sides of the (crude) political spectrum, the Victimhood role is obviously overwhelmingly a left-wing thingy.
Therefore, vk is clueless and Norwegian is correct.

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 20:20 utc | 194

Both the victimhood and the entitlement happen on both sides. For the left it's the white supremacist. For the right it's the anti white lgbt progressives.

Karen is a term coined to refer a self entitled woman who'd insists that rules and common sense are bent for them to make way for things they want.
There's a left or right to karens ? Lol only in Americans minds perhaps.

Posted by: Lucci | Jan 7 2021 21:23 utc | 211

Another take on yesterday and its aftermath:

High-profile Trump supporters, including the president’s eldest son and GOP lawmakers who were forced to shelter-in-place inside while police drew guns and unleashed tear gas in an attempt to clear protesters from the Capitol Building, pleaded with the demonstrators to peacefully disperse and respect law enforcement officials on the scene.

Yet Trump remained largely silent.

At the White House, top aides with Trump inside the executive complex urged the president to release a statement of his own, according to a person familiar with the matter. The group of aides was smaller than usual, however, in part because of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent departure of several senior staffers for other jobs. Meanwhile, Trump’s most important adviser, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, was on his way back from the Middle East and his chief of staff Mark Meadows didn’t respond to questions about Trump’s day.

The result, as one former senior administration official put it, was the improbability of an appropriately forceful response from Trump.

It took approximately two-and-a-half hours from the time protesters first stormed the Capitol complex for Trump to release a video message — hastily taped outside the Oval Office — encouraging his supporters to “go home in peace.” But even then, he continued to feed the false and conspiratorial claims motivating those who had trekked to Washington in the first place.

Posted by: renorich | Jan 7 2021 21:27 utc | 212

@112 cemi

Here is another dem operative.

Blm would have defaced the Lincoln Memorial to no end.

And we can't have the "good guys" looking like a bunch of thugs when we can get a handful of deplorables the next day in the capitol building on their best behavior, not destroying or defacing, merely busting a couple windows and randsacking Pelosi's office.

You keep your attack dog on a tight leash but let the deplorables run amok in a very conservative way. And look at what they have for ammunition today: "INSURRECTION"! Smart play.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 7 2021 21:28 utc | 213

Drat! The reference link for post 212 was stripped. Not sure why.

Posted by: renorich | Jan 7 2021 21:29 utc | 214

Offtrail @199, no the complaints are not bogus. There is much that is faulty in Donald Trump's character, but given the persecutions he has suffered from the beginning of his presidency a case can be made that he might well have been a better president had not those flaws been deepened by the treatment he received from the opposing party and also from his own party.

A few days ago I watched a play PBS offered about a woman suffering from Alzheimers who knew a friend was in trouble but could not communicate that fact to family, friends, or the authorities. I'm not saying Trump has that condition, but in the play it is evident the woman's condition worsens as she is unable to communicate even with those who mean her well. How much more had to be the aggravation these nearly four years that Trump has undergone. I take his 'obsession' with the corrupted voting practices that we all have seen in particular since 2000's electoral charade to be similar to the woman's concern for her friend - an important truth buried in a sea of absurdities and wrongheadedness.

I watched his speech, and b is correct. It wasn't an incendiary speech; it was a plea for the righting of a great wrong that has been perpetrated on the American people. Nor is it inconsistent that now he promises an orderly transition. It should not be the mangled protest that is his legacy; it should be the truths contained in that speech.

Posted by: juliania | Jan 7 2021 21:33 utc | 215

I find that "Karen" is interchangeable depending on which side of the political spectrum you are on.

It denotes an entitled, belligerent woman, usually by herself, complaining about mandatory masks, or, conversely, complaining about those who do not adhere to these covid mandates. It can be used for other reasons, besides covid related, however.

Ain't nothing more hilariously ineffectual than a woman screaming with wide-eyes at snickering children filming the outburst.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 7 2021 21:34 utc | 216

@ William Gruff | Jan 7 2021 12:40 utc | 57.. thanks william.. it is a well formulated comment... regarding any future developments, i continue to believe this is one more sign of the wheels coming off the empire... of course it can move forward any number of ways.. i believe the next week or so will continue to be intense and i believe this year we will continue to see a real strong polarization, not that we don't have that already - which will not sit well for 2021... but i also believe the empire will not implode as quickly as some of us wish... thanks again for your commentary... and thanks b for your post and the forum here..

Posted by: james | Jan 7 2021 21:35 utc | 217

Rats flee the sinking ship.

Senator Mitch McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, the secretary of transportation, resigned.

Posted by: arata | Jan 7 2021 21:41 utc | 218

Posted by: juliania | Jan 7 2021 21:12 utc | 205

In Catholic tradition the birth place is a barn, not a cave, the ass and oxen are present.

This is the link to the film which lasts over three hours, the introductory scene in a way, and in spite of the deep spirituality of the movie, reflects IMO a critic to luddite views on science and technical advancement, it is filmed on a white stone church in the city of Vladimir with aereal scenes of Suzdal. If you have a few minutes watch the beauty of the building and environment, plus near the end of that segment the scene of the horse, you'll be delighted, from aprox 3:00 to 7:30

Posted by: Paco | Jan 7 2021 21:44 utc | 219

Lucci #211
>Both the victimhood and the entitlement happen on both sides. For the left it's the white supremacist. For the right it's the anti white lgbt progressives.

The right plays the victim card on lgbt issues?
LOL how is that even possible, I mean which large group would commiserate them on that?

Thanks for displaying so clearly your cluelessness about US peoples' attitudes.

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 21:45 utc | 220

I believe it's spelled "pwogwessives".

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 7 2021 21:55 utc | 221

Lucci #207
You're too deep into bullshittery.

Presenting about the only 5 things the MSM didn't criticize Trump for over the past 4 years, while ignoring all the times they did,
counts as proof for you?

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 21:55 utc | 222

OT except for Paco, juliania and those folowing their discourse.

Unusual that the Kremlin would only publish a snippet of Putin's Christmas message:

"This wonderful holiday illuminates the world with a light of love and kindness, gives joy and hope to millions of people and guides them towards timeless spiritual values.

"It is crucial that the Russian Orthodox Church as well as other Christian denominations constantly focus on the issues of the moral health of society, on strengthening the institution of the family and raising the younger generation, and that they sincerely care about maintaining inter-ethnic and inter-faith dialogue.” [My Emphasis]

That would also make an excellent message to the world; it is unity expressed in an alternative manner.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 7 2021 21:57 utc | 223

biden wants to call these people ''domestic terrorists''... funny, i don't remember him saying this over the blm and antifa events of the past year.... that is so very presidential of him!

Posted by: james | Jan 7 2021 21:58 utc | 224

Article 25 putting Pence in charge for a couple weeks would be the perfect way to get the war with Iran that is greatly desired by the NeoCons. Looks like this whole affair is being spun up for that exact purpose.

The secondary function is to spin up more aggression towards Russia. Judging from my Facebook feed and the reactions from friends I once thought were smart, this has been successful.

Posted by: Haassaan | Jan 7 2021 22:14 utc | 225

"INSURRECTION"! Smart play.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 7 2021 21:28 utc | 213

You got it. I don't buy it for a second that the security was not able nor prepared to stop that bunch of morons on display in the social media.

Posted by: Cemi | Jan 7 2021 22:21 utc | 226

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 7 2021 21:57 utc | 223

That is why I posted two presidents in one post, to contrast the situation east and west. The unthinkable, the Capitol trespassed, Macron calls it the temple of democracy in a pathetic and hypocritical panegyric, while VVP arrives to that remarkable church gliding over the ice of lake Ilmen, which has a special connotation since that is where the “División Azul”, the Spanish contribution to the NATO of '41, was deployed.

There is a nostalgic air to that city, a beautiful place, unfortunately I did not visit that particular church since there is no road, it is either by boat during summer or over the frozen lake in winter, but there are quite a number or remarkable monuments in Veliky Novgorod.

Posted by: Paco | Jan 7 2021 22:22 utc | 227

Trump did not tell his followers to go home, he told them "we're going to fight like hell .... walk down Penn. ave .... etc " Listen starting at 3:44
I'm surprised to see Trump apologia on this site. Guess I haven't been paying close enough attention.

Posted by: Saggy | Jan 7 2021 22:22 utc | 228

After reading a wide spectrum of op/eds about yesterday's event one thing stands out beyond all else--the huge level of ignorance shared by all pundit-pots calling the kettle black. The one voice of sanity I read commenting on the aftermath was Edward Snowden's:

"'Facebook officially silences the President of the United States,' Snowden tweeted on Thursday in reaction to the news. The whistleblower said the decision 'will be remembered as a turning point in the battle for control over digital speech.'"

What Facebook has done greatly helps the demand to classify all social media and the internet as public utilities so both government and private abuse can be eliminated.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 7 2021 22:32 utc | 229

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 7 2021 22:32 utc | 229

Do a machine translation of Rozhin forecasting the closure of FaceBook in Russia and the way the regulatory agency should anounce it. A smile at least, for sure.

But that is the light side of a real serious issue, digital platforms telling the president of the USA to shut up. What a precedent.

Posted by: Paco | Jan 7 2021 22:43 utc | 230

Yet another:

"I watched the reruns of President Trump’s confused and quite mental rallying call to his followers earlier in the day – where he gave them the green light to march on Capitol Hill. I watched talking head after talking head compare the policing of the Trump supporters protest to that of the Black Lives Matter protests a few months ago – and only a fool would argue there was no difference.

"At the BLM protest there were thousands of armed security ready and willing to crack heads and use weapons against protesters. Yet at the Trump rally – as far as I could see – there were a few blokes with radios in their hands running about. It’s not as if this showdown had not been written about and warnings given that Trump supporters would try to kick off on January 6 – it was all over the media for days beforehand. [My Emphasis]

"So I reckon the FBI, the Washington police, the Capitol Hill police, the national guard, etc. must have known of the potential for trouble, right? My granny would have heard about it and could have done a better job sorting the security. Yet the nation’s finest was hoodwinked by a bloke in a Chewbacca bikini who was now standing in the debating chamber, alongside a bloke in a Camp Auschwitz hoodie and others waving Confederate flags?"

Any BigLie Media outfit publish the bolded truth above? IMO, the protesters were allowed in to escalate the existing polarization thus rendering the outcome a Deep State False Flag.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 7 2021 22:51 utc | 231

Cemi #112

Nailed it. Thank you.

Jimmy Dore is asking similar questions.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 7 2021 22:55 utc | 232

@ 230 paco...your last line- when you think of it as a corporatocracy, it makes sense.... corporations dictate to politicians... not the other way around...

Posted by: james | Jan 7 2021 22:57 utc | 233

@189 & 204

A note about vote counting. Votes are not counted by states. Votes are counted by counties. In Democratic counties Democrats get to play games. In Republican counties Republicans get to play games.

States may set standards for voting machines, set any sort of statewide rules they wish. Does not change the overwhelming power of the county clerk, the county board of elections, the county party chairmen. Sure in a Republican state like Georgia the legislature might refuse to accept electors and base that on shenanigans in counties ruled by the opposing party. This would only put them in line of fire in the next election. And as “gentlemen” they all agree to let their peers play whatever they wish on their own turf so long as they get theirs at home.

American elections happen in 3140 counties. The role of the fifty states is secondary. This system continues because it is so good at supporting corruption.

Anyone who thinks America has ever had an honest election, ever, is in a dream world. Whether 2020 was worse than average is moot.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jan 7 2021 23:01 utc | 234

The law inforcement had been infiltrated by white supremists, beyound doubt we all new that since George Floyd some of us knew years before.
The right wing here have selective agenda led amnesia.
Here it is ——-

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 7 2021 23:11 utc | 235

Mao Cheng Ji@204 "Personally, I find the allegation quite credible. 4 years of non-stop anti-Trump hysteria of an incredible, unimaginable magnitude (well, I wasn't alive in the 1950s, didn't witness mccarthyism) is my main reason, but the statistical anomalies (benford, a few D-run cities being the outliers, etc.) is the close second. Plus some specific allegations that I read on zerohedge."

Specific allegations online? Internet things aren't things. Any Trumper could have presented the actual evidence to a court in any of the many suits. They didn't.

Statistical anomalies? You're not competent to judge statistical anomalies.

Parts of the mainstream media were hostile to Trump, sure, just like parts of the mainstream media were hostile to Obama and Clinton and the Bushes. Pretending Fox News isn't mainstream media is a damned lie. Trump has always had massive support from broad segments of the mainstream media. Talk radio is mainstream media, with a very wide audience. At this point, one has to think that most people whining about mainstream media really mean, Jewish media. Mainstream media means a big audience or it means nothing, nothing decent at any rate.

The sudden discovery that the Republican Party is part of the establishment determined to destroy Trump falsifies the obedience of practically every Republican until Trump lost. It is grotesquely dishonest to pretend the Republican establishment that wanted to destroy Trump so badly that they falsified the presidential election. They would have destroyed Trump in the 2016 primaries. They would have treated Trump the way the Democrats treated Sanders.

Trumpery is lies, lies, lies. The stolen election is a fraud on a level with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 7 2021 23:14 utc | 236

@NemesisCalling | Jan 7 2021 21:34 utc | 216

The quintessential KAREN defined, courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson:

Posted by: gm | Jan 7 2021 23:17 utc | 237

Thanks, karlof1 @ 223, uplifting message!

Posted by: juliania | Jan 7 2021 23:21 utc | 238

@uncle tungsten | Jan 7 2021 22:55 utc | 232

that Jimmy Dore is soo Yesterday.

Here is Jimmy Dore today:

No More Excuses For Democrats -- AOC Pivots Messaging (16:45 min)

Posted by: gm | Jan 7 2021 23:28 utc | 239

james #224

biden wants to call these people ''domestic terrorists''... funny, i don't remember him saying this over the blm and antifa events of the past year.... that is so very presidential of him!

I like that, thank you.

Xerxes Biden is actually not so much presidential but rather a bleak fate in search of an ignominious ending.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 7 2021 23:30 utc | 240

Summed up in Pictures borrowed from Colonel Cassad. You might have to use Translator with this as it is in Russian

Posted by: KamNam | Jan 7 2021 23:39 utc | 241

"Not Happening": VP Pence Refuses Democrats' Demands To Invoke 25th Amendment"

Pence said it thru a spokesman, not directly.

Stay tuned...We will likely soon find out how good the kompromat the "Six ways from Sunday" deepstate may have on PENCE is...

Nancy Pelosi has joined Chuck Schumer in calling for 25th Amendment to remove Trump who "incited an armed insurrection against America."

Speaking at the same time as Joe Biden, who was revealing more members of his cabinet, and revealilng just how much respect she has for the president elect, Pelosi said that "If the vice president and the cabinet do not act the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment," she says during a press conference.

"Yesterday the president of the United States incited an armed insurrection against America," she said adding that "in calling for this seditious act, the president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation."

Posted by: gm | Jan 8 2021 0:00 utc | 242

Your brain is broken. How can you say that the protesters in Hong Kong are the same as the ones who stormed the Capitol yesterday? The former wants more Democracy and the latter want less. Is that to fucking hard for your brain to understand? And why? What's wrong with you?

Posted by: Anon | Jan 8 2021 0:00 utc | 243

Presenting about the only 5 things the MSM didn't criticize Trump for over the past 4 years, while ignoring all the times they did,
counts as proof for you?

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 21:55 utc | 222

Incidentally also things that current rightist movement should have rebukes and criticize Trump with and where he's all inline with the Democrats.

The right plays the victim card on lgbt issues?
LOL how is that even possible, I mean which large group would commiserate them on that?

Thanks for displaying so clearly your cluelessness about US peoples' attitudes.

Posted by: michael | Jan 7 2021 21:45 utc | 220

"It's okay to be white."
"We're Christian nation !"
"Save the republic from Communist !"
I feel sorry for you if you became too attached to character like Trump as your leading public figure. Divide and rule does it's things very good for many peoples like you that you would rush and worship the only less bad choices you think you have instead of coming to realization how deeply flawed the entire Democratic process in the US is.

Posted by: Lucci | Jan 8 2021 0:01 utc | 244

gm #238

Thank you and I did watch that earlier ;) and Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald and especially Marianne Williamson are right on message here.

The year ahead for the USAi will be interesting but I really am desiring to focus on the creative stuff happening in the rest of our planet.

The 'invasion' of the capitol was just a performance IMO to reinforce partisan division. The gaming and data for styling the 'invasion' looks so Mercer to me. See here too.

The police guard just let them in with some minor theatrics of resistance. Simple as that. Perhaps they thought this daft performance was needed to make the daft incoming president look good.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 8 2021 0:02 utc | 245

Summed up in Pictures that speak volumes.Someone else has posted Orlov's latest post, so I wil leave it to the Pictures to make the point

Posted by: KamNam | Jan 8 2021 0:05 utc | 246

And there is this also from ZH:

Why Was Founder Of Far-Left BLM splinter Group Filming Inside Capitol As Police Shot Protester?

Posted by: gm | Jan 8 2021 0:08 utc | 247

The media will ignore the utter failure of the DC Metro Police, Capitol Police and White House Intelligence Office; whoever allowed a MAGA rally with the President extorting his grievances in front of the Capitol on the day for Electoral Ballot Counting without a impervious concrete blast barrier like the miles they put up to separate the Shiites and Sunnis in Baghdad. Almost as big a failure as the debacle of the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The USA is a failed state. The Western Empire has fallen. The hyenas that feed on chaos are circling. Donald Trump is not the cause but the symptom of the top down incompetence and corruption. The exploitation by the rich of everyone else. Either government by and for the people is restored and inequality erased or the Heartland will secede.

Without a course change, the fate of the USA is now the same as the USSR. With nuclear weapons there will be no direct attacks like on Syria, Ukraine or Libya but as happened in Russia from 1990 to 2001 a million or more of middle aged Americans are going to die in the turmoil. The 370,000 dead in the pandemic are the first of many more to come.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Jan 8 2021 0:28 utc | 248

US Congress was subordinated for years by the Awan family whom they had let run their servers: not a peep about that in the MSM except:
Pay them off to keep them silent.

Foreigners having leverage/ compromat over Congress members does the trick.

Posted by: Antonym | Jan 8 2021 1:11 utc | 249

@232 Uncle

One trick pony Uncle strikes again. Jimmy Dore is using the analysis on how police handled or didn't handle the situation yesterday to get attention for himself and his cause to divide and destroy the Dems and their supporters; exactly like you here.

2 tools of a kind. His and your fake/pretend cause; the plight of the vulnerable, is a shell for your real cause.

He could care squat about his intro on Capitol policing as you care squat about the topic here always reverting to your sick crusade.

FYI, black people, including BLM, are the group that would most benefit from M4A and are the largest demographic that gave Biden his historic 81 Million win, and they did this fully aware of Biden's platform on healthcare. So they don't give a shit that Pelosi didn't put M4A to a vote at this time or that AOC did not support Force the Vote.

So this stupid excuse for a crusade is a DUD. No one caaaares! They see right through the gimmick!

Posted by: Circe | Jan 8 2021 1:12 utc | 250

Trump has become completely unhinged. At this point, he lives inside a paranoid delusion, as do his followers. As to those who claim that the election was obviously stolen, I can only ask them to present hard evidence to support that claim. Well, they can’t, and neither could Trump’s lawyers in the dozens of law suits that they brought before a number of different judges, some of them Republicans. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Put up, or shut up. Crying like a baby who had his toy taken away is not an argument. It’s just showing everyone how a grownup baby acts.

Posted by: Rob | Jan 8 2021 1:13 utc | 251

The US is a one party state. That party is the Looter Party. There are two rival wings of the Looter Party, which call themselves the Democrats or the Republicans.

The Looter Party is controlled by US business interests. However, to keep the appearance of being a democracy alive, the two wings compete for voter approval in show elections every few years.

The Looter Party has been very successful. Labor Unions, the only real organized opposition to Looters, were destroyed. The once vibrant working class has slowly been made impoverished as manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas so the Looters could enrich themselves. Business losses, starting with Wall Street banks, but expanding to all business sectors, are now bailed out by the government. Foreign governments that didn’t allow their countries natural resources, mainly oil, to be exploited by the Looter Party’s members, were targeted as enemies and sometimes destroyed. Members of the Looting Party have been made above the law in this country.

However, the success of the Looter Party has come at the expense of average Americans. Because the Looter Party cannot provide any economic benefits to voters without Party members sacrificing the gains they have made, the lot of voters will not be improved. As a result, the wings of the Looter Party, to a win the votes of people they have screwed over for generations, are left with telling lies to delegitimize the opposing wing and energize their voters,

Thus, the Democratic wing created a hoax about the current president being in bed with the enemy Russian government. The GOP wing created the hoax that the previous president was a foreigner who was also a member of the enemy Muslim religion. The hoax used against the next Democratic president is that he was elected only because of widespread voter fraud.

These various hoaxes, created by each wing of the Looter Party and used against the other, have been successful in the short term in energizing each wing’s supports and harming the other wing’s popularity. In the long term though, these hoaxes and the delegitimization of each wing by the other, combined with the massive looting that has been going on decades, is creating serious cracks in the country.

As a result, the continued survival of the Looting Party is in doubt. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Posted by: TimmyB | Jan 8 2021 1:16 utc | 252

Only a fool can see the events unfolded on Jan. 6 as seen through the speeches of Trump. Did you expect him to go on to national television and say "we are going to storm the senate and the house, I am going to come with you, we will take senate and house members as hostages and will not release them until they discard the electorate college and certify me as the next president".

Too far-fetched? Just imagine what could happen if the members of the senate and the house were not evacuated before the mob descended on them. What were they going to do, take a touristic tour of Capitol Hill and have selfies with senate/house members?

It was a brazen coup, with complicit elements in DoD and police. Hence the repeatedly denied national guard requests and installation of Trump loyalists after the election. While the mob was busy in the building with their flex cuffs looking for any member they can put their hand on, outside the mob was making nooses with the camera equipment of media outlets of AP and alike. Why this need to exonerate Trump and his actions? When in the history of mankind the right-wing populism produced a desirable outcome for their citizens, let alone for the world?

Posted by: Innocent Civilian | Jan 8 2021 1:53 utc | 253

Posted by: Cemi | Jan 7 2021 15:43 utc | 112

Your picture portraying the US Imperial Sturmtruppen protecting the Capitol reminded me that I have never, in more than 30 years of observing protests (some bordering on violent) and attempts to breach the W.H perimeter, seen even bigger crowds succeed in breaching the whitehouse security.

It's clear to me that what we're seeing is to a large degree or fully staged.

These crisis actors were allowed to enter the Capitol and act out a narrative.

If they were not intended to be there, they would not be there. This is certain.

And all the attempts to analyse, rationalise, theorize and dramatise what we're seeing on the basis that it is a true representation of reality are simply an exercise in weaving delusions from illusions ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 8 2021 1:57 utc | 254

This is what costed Trump influence over the US Senate: stupid Republicans.
Dec 24th: "House GOP rejects Democrat effort for $2,000 stimulus checks"

Posted by: Antonym | Jan 8 2021 2:08 utc | 255

I don't see what all the fuss is about. This sort of shit happens all the time around the globe, much of it incited by the U.S. and allied thugs. It's just chicken shits come home to roost. Proof also that by no means is America "exceptional."

Posted by: Trisha | Jan 8 2021 2:12 utc | 256

Posted by: Antonym | Jan 8 2021 1:11 utc | 248

Foreigners having leverage/ compromat over Congress members does the trick.

You magnify the ant but ignore the elephant. The Awans are nobodies. Unlike the globally corrupt Gupta family.

AIPAC is the single most significant foreign controlling body with leverage over US Congress members.

9. AIPAC lobbies for billions of US taxdollars to go to Israel instead of rebuilding America. With communities across the nation slashing budgets for teachers, firefighters and police, AIPAC pushes for over $3 billion a year to Israel. This money goes to the Israeli military to maintain, in high-tech fashion, the apartheid system of oppressing Palestinians.

10. Money to Israel takes funds from world’s poor. Israel has the 24th largest economy in the world, but thanks to AIPAC, it gets more US taxdollars than any other country. At a time when the foreign aid budget is being slashed, keeping the lion’s share of foreign assistance for Israel meaning taking funds from critical programs to feed, provide shelter and offer emergency assistance to the world’s poorest people.

The bottom line is that AIPAC, which is a de facto agent for a foreign government, has influence on US policy out of all proportion to the number of Americans who support its policies.

How about a few words from you on that instead of a weak attempt at anti-Pakistani propaganda, you rabid Hindu nationalist.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 8 2021 2:19 utc | 257

From the WSJ:

Whoa! The rats are jumping ship!

Posted by: renorich | Jan 8 2021 2:34 utc | 258

Another brainless group of Kool-Aid drinkers is rode hard and put away wet.

Obama / Sanders / Trump: America gets the leader populist failures it deserves.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 8 2021 2:43 utc | 259

I find the funniest part out of all this, is the crappy wire fence surrounding the Capitol where even a paraplegic would get past easily.

I have seen much better perimeter static defenses for elementary schools in the 90s, and those places don't have trillions in their security budget.

Posted by: J W | Jan 8 2021 2:59 utc | 260

Lock him up!

> A handful of Republicans joined calls for Trump’s removal.
> The Wall Street Journal editorial page, seen as a leading voice of the Republican establishment,
> called on Trump to resign on Thursday evening.

> Trump faces potential state legal actions when he leaves office, including a criminal probe in New York,
> that would not be covered by a federal pardon.

Posted by: renorich | Jan 8 2021 3:13 utc | 261

Rob #250

Trump has become completely unhinged. At this point, he lives inside a paranoid delusion, as do his followers. As to those who claim that the election was obviously stolen, I can only ask them to present hard evidence to support that claim. Well, they can’t, and neither could Trump’s lawyers in the dozens of law suits that they brought before a number of different judges, some of them Republicans. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Put up, or shut up. Crying like a baby who had his toy taken away is not an argument. It’s just showing everyone how a grownup baby acts.

To put this in context:

The Dimratss in 2016 became completely unhinged over Russia, Russia, Russia. At this point in 2020, they continue to live inside a paranoid delusion, as do their followers. As to those Dimratss who claim that the 2016 election was obviously stolen, I can only ask them to produce hard evidence to support that claim. Well, they couldn't. Neither could Trump’s lawyers in 2020 in the dozens of law suits that they brought before a number of different judges, some of them Republicans. Extraordinary claims that the #FraudSquad sold out Americans are evidenced in a simple proof: the house vote for speaker Pelosi without one concession. Put up, or shut up #FraudSquad: you are either with the people or agin them. Next congressional session crying like a baby who had the progressive legislation toy taken away is not an argument. It’s just showing everyone how a grownup baby acts.

Now I am sure the Dimratss will arrange for their most Republican oriented member in the Senate to go vote with the Republicans and then there will be the frenetic chest beating about consensus - healing murica after the dreadful division and pain of all those people that invaded the capitol building etc, etc etc.

And the #FraudSquad will capitulate and The Young Turks will will give them apologetic craven cover and the Dimratss scribblers here will bleat about this and that and Trump Deranged sniveling will be heard again, and again, and again.

And the vacuous smiling Xerxes Biden and his shoulder parrot Karma will repeat bipartisan, bipartisan, bipartisan proving yet again that Parrot feathers are of highest value when worn as ornaments.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 8 2021 3:32 utc | 262

TLDR, there is no possibility of a coup, there never was, and the threat is being overblown to serve the interests of the ruling class

Posted by: Peltast | Jan 7 2021 14:39 utc | 102

Meaning:Trump was elected to do what he did and,A GOOD JOB HE DID.

Posted by: BINGO | Jan 8 2021 3:32 utc | 263

BINGO #262

Meaning:Trump was elected to do what he did and,A GOOD JOB HE DID.

Yes but Trumps main problem was obvious.

But the #FraudSquad of course has more problems than Trump did.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 8 2021 3:43 utc | 264

Interesting times indeed, b. This may be OT, but it looks like a few in the bar are wondering what all this portends for Iran; brother Thierry has a very interesting take on recent developments in Iran. In short, if there is truth in what Meyssan reports, then it is unlikely there will be an attack on Iran (recent naval deployments by both the US and the zionist entity notwithstanding). It should be remembered that imperialism, regardless of the specific "polarity," is still imperialism.
Thanks b, and keep it classy USA ;)

Posted by: robjira | Jan 8 2021 4:11 utc | 265

From Politico:

One current Metro D.C. police officer said in a public Facebook post that off-duty police officers and members of the military, who were among the rioters, flashed their badges and I.D. cards as they attempted to overrun the building. “If these people can storm the Capitol building with no regard to punishment, you have to wonder how much they abuse their powers when they put on their uniforms,” the officer wrote.


Why am I not surprised? This is reminiscent of the KKK. They concealed their faces and bodies to commit their racist crimes, and during the day, they were regular citizens; shop owners, bankers and even police officers.

In this case, off-duty police officers and military are Trump's rioting supporters. Surprise-surprise!

No wonder they got a pass to storm the Capitol! This is what Trump bragged about. He bragged that tough guys like bikers and police officers supported him.

So in fact, it really was an attempted coup with police officers and military in on it. You know what needs to happen? Trump supporters must be purged from the police ranks, since those in law enforcement who express loyalty towards a seditious, fascist leader should be stripped of their badge and lose their jobs and the authority that goes with the job. Their as bad as dirty cops.

I'll bet these are the same type of thugs who shoved a woman and an old man and other BLM protesters backwards to the concrete causing them severe bodily harm.

The police officers and military who were rioting for Trump should pay the biggest price of all. Biden's DOJ should investigate this.

Posted by: Circe | Jan 8 2021 4:19 utc | 266

On the day (1202021, a palindrome, I see)
the Deep State is inaugurated President once more, will the masks come off?

A curious reversal of V - Vendetta
where the mask went *on*.

1/20/2021 a palindrome - how fitting for a Day of Infamy.

Posted by: librul | Jan 8 2021 4:29 utc | 267

They storm the Capitol and this is the garbage you came up with to discuss. Your love Trump was hidden but this year you could not help it. Shame you don’t just put up conflict zone maps or talk about Boeing any more. This is my last visit here.

Posted by: Mehdi | Jan 8 2021 4:51 utc | 268

@264 robjira
Thanks, that is interesting, not sure how much weight to put into Meyssan's analysis, but it does make some sense.

After the Obama Regime brutalized Libya and Syria, I found it curious they cut a deal with Iran. My hypothesis was the deal was a stalling maneuver needed because the Assad Government somehow managed to hang on. But, Meyssan brings to light another possibility that makes sense.

Off topic? I don't think so. When looking into why events are spun in the ways they are spun, I think one needs to look at how the events relate to Russia, Iran and filtered through the lens of Israel's interests along with the interests of the global oligarchy.


Posted by: Jason | Jan 8 2021 5:12 utc | 269

I like proofs of stolen elections like those cited by gm, who cited certain Belafonte who cited someone with self-professed ability to calculate. The pile of false assumptions was easy to spot. Strange? Not really.

Today NYT had this tidbit: British Mint (a private company, I guess) issued coins commemorating novels of Orson Welles. On one coins, tripods are depicted with four legs each. I guess on a coin about the first bicycle tour, participants had vehicles with one wheel i.e. MONOcycles! Or three wheels, TRICYCLES. Sometimes it is legit, like a monotone performance of a song with two voices. Back to the topic: the deplorables broke into British Mint and took over. Capitol was saved, however, even though no geese were present.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 8 2021 5:22 utc | 270

Funny story:
A guy in Brazil built a house to (only somewhat) mimic the White House.
After pics of today’s events hit Brazil media, people were calling for his arrest because he was obviously having a huge and illegal party in his house. Because that can’t be the real White House, right?

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 8 2021 5:26 utc | 271

As an antidote to the myriad bedwetting hysterics frantically constructing Potemkin moral-highgrounds for themselves from which to tediously vomit up seemingly endless volleys of sanctimonious tripe concerning (imaginary)"threats to democracy" and "coups", Journalist Michael Tracey has some far less ridiculously hysterical points to make:

Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted “Coup”

    "We are being told that a “coup attempt” no longer needs to be understood as constituting an “attempt” to seize control of the government — as had generally been the common understanding of the term before the events of yesterday, which have caused the entire political and media establishment to go completely haywire.

    Is it unusual for a mob to breach the Capitol Building — ransacking offices, taking goofy selfies, and disrupting the proceedings of Congress for a few hours? Yes, that’s unusual. But the idea that this was a real attempt at a “coup” — meaning an attempt to seize by force the reins of the most powerful state in world history — is so preposterous that you really have to be a special kind of deluded in order to believe it. Or if not deluded, you have to believe that using such terminology serves some other political purpose.

    Such as, perhaps, imposing even more stringent censorship on social media, where the “coup” is reported to have been organized. Or inflicting punishment on the man who is accused of “inciting” the coup, which you’ve spent four years desperately craving to do anyway. He’s already been effectively banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — a rubicon-crossing event in the suppression of political speech which, of course, is being cheered by all the usual suspects who otherwise claim to be stalwart defenders of enlightened liberal values.

    At no point yesterday was the American government at risk of being “overthrown,” as members of Congress have laughably suggested. Per usual, our guardians of consensus can’t bring themselves to describe what unfolded with any degree of dispassion or calm.

    Instead we’re told by the incoming Senate Majority Leader, for example, that January 6, 2021 will now “live in infamy” right alongside December 7, 1941. Elected officials issued emotional notices that they were “okay,” like they had just narrowly avoided being crushed in an earthquake, or escaped the World Trade Center on 9/11.

    This is made all the more odd because the only person upon whom lethal force was committed appears to have been a Trump-supporting woman who was shot point-blank in the throat by a Capitol Hill police officer. She’s now dead. Congress was temporarily inconvenienced.

    Journalists and pundits, glorying in their natural state — which is to peddle as much free-flowing hysteria as possible — eagerly invoke all the same rhetoric that they’d abhor in other circumstances on civil libertarian grounds. “Domestic terrorism,” “insurrection,” and other such terms now being promoted by the corporate media will nicely advance the upcoming project of “making sure something like this never happens again.” Use your imagination as to what kind of remedial measures that will entail."

Posted by: Triden | Jan 8 2021 5:35 utc | 272

How could I make so much hey with so little effort? I have a septic tank. Look I'm so blind I can barely type. And the pain is excruciating. But maybe that can actually be a bonus. Working on it.

Posted by: Curmudgeon | Jan 8 2021 5:56 utc | 273

So the Democrats have nominated Merrick Garland a 'centrist' judge who Republicans denied a seat on the Supreme Court five years ago for US attorney general. Wikipedia gives a synopsis here.

Garland's grandparents come from the Pale of Settlement, a territory in the west of czarist Russia where Jews were allowed to reside permanently.

Given his considerable experience in the Justice Department it is likely he will be quick off the mark getting what he considers 'significant cases for investigation' underway. The first two months will be revealing. From what I have read so far, my money is on him being light years more effective that the deadshit Sessions and Barr.

While having some corporate legal background, he appears to be more of the government judicial type and has lead some mighty complex and significant cases: Oklahoma bombing for one. He held high office in the Clinton DOJ and as a judge had demonstrated some eco-friendly judgements.

I gather he is a fairly strict legalist. But it might be too optimistic to think he would go after significant national security issues such as the Awan family congressional spy and blackmail gang, the Hillary Clinton breach of national security in keeping all her Secretary of State emails on an unsecured private server in her broom closet, the criminal abuse of investigative procedures routinely conducted by the FBI. Perhaps he might prosecute some of the low hanging fruit that were permitted to enter the Capitol Building.

The real test for a progressive legal reform in the USA is the reform of the voting system so that everyone is automatically registered, tally systems made far more transparent and voting access made much easier and prompt. The instigation of mandatory age limit for all courts should be 70 or 75 but I doubt that the Congress in its current form (if ever) has the wisdom to consider that. Yes that requires legislative change but the Attorney General reports and offers advice to the government of the day so the ball is in his court as much as in the legislators.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 8 2021 6:03 utc | 274

Triden #271

But the idea that this was a real attempt at a “coup” — meaning an attempt to seize by force the reins of the most powerful state in world history — is so preposterous that you really have to be a special kind of deluded in order to believe it. Or if not deluded, you have to believe that using such terminology serves some other political purpose.

For the hysterics we encounter here on a daily basis it is all too familiar. Yes:- you really have to be a special kind of deluded in order to believe it - here is one example and here, another. Sometimes there are extreme examples as well.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 8 2021 6:20 utc | 275

I Know it's The New York Times but...

It seems to moi, a cynic from way back, that the Capitol security bosses must have each collected a fat wedge for their vital backstage roles in yesterday's kayfabe.

The three chiefs of Capitol security have resigned.

Yep Michael C. Stenger, the Senate sergeant-at-arms, Paul D. Irving, the House sergeant-at arms and Steven Sund, the Capitol Police chief, have all resigned from their gigs because of yesterday's theatrics.

These types are professional arse-licking, career ladder-climbing bureaucrats there is no way they would all just pull the pin on their gigs unless they had decided the hassle of an investigation which could uncover big wedge-trousering by them, paid to ensure the rightist tools of the elite gain entry to the capitol, wasn't worth the risk. Otherwise they would be fighting this and have every chance of winning - unless of course witnesses will be talking about these three's instructions not to resist the dingbats.

You gotta laugh at the brazen trough guzzling though. Steven Sund, the Capitol Police chief has announced that he will use up all his paid sick leave, about 55 days, before his resignation comes into effect.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 8 2021 6:23 utc | 276

Below is the beginning of a Reuters posting about another related death....

(Reuters) - U.S. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick has died of injuries suffered during a riot led by supporters of President Donald Trump, the force said in a statement late on Thursday.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 8 2021 6:28 utc | 277

@NemesisCalling | Jan 7 2021 21:34 utc | 216

It denotes an entitled, belligerent woman, usually by herself, complaining about mandatory masks, or, conversely, complaining about those who do not adhere to these covid mandates. It can be used for other reasons, besides covid related, however.

I have never heard of Karens complaining about mandatory masks, that would be rational. I have however heard about the opposite, like in this example:

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 8 2021 6:39 utc | 278

The evidence mounts to show that the Trump supporters were allowed to walk into the Capitol building when the police were instructed to permit them by Antifa operatives. The whole thing was a planned and staged show to justify the delay of the vote to the early morning hours when there would be no republicans attending. The rouse was unnecessary due to Pence refusing to do his part and giving the rigged election results to Biden.
The selection ansd appointment of turncoats into key positions has ensured no that there could be no justice. God damn.

Posted by: Carter Woodbine | Jan 8 2021 6:47 utc | 279

Too little, too late, sounds more like CYA, and an apology is no good without the "but". At minimum, Trump was pushing the envelope of sedition and treason, in directly interfering with the certification of his successor, which the Constitution rightly mandates to be a Congressional decision to start on a specific date. He should well have been aware that violent and dangerous actions would result which would momentarily--if not far longer--interfere with Congress doing its Constitutionally mandated job--including deciding which objections to consider and how long. If somehow this escaped Trump, he still needed to respond by ordering a suitable authority to stop the violence once it had started, not merely hoping a tweet would have the required effect. Even if somehow citizens had the right to but right into Congressional operations without any authority or invitation, they would best not in any way have been under the influence of the US President, who is sworn to defend the constitution.

Posted by: Charles Peterson | Jan 8 2021 6:56 utc | 280

Carter Woodbine #278

And what's more the entire rent-a-mob was bussed in by Urban Moving Systems. The logo was probably on the busses ;)

Viking Man is so much like those dancing guys who performed at the 9/11 gig. Just shave and clean that face and I bet he would be the spitting image of Yaron Shimuel.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 8 2021 7:46 utc | 281

Triden can change the underwear now, a Capitol Police member hit in the head with a fire extinguisher has died.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 8 2021 7:46 utc | 282

Paul Craig Roberts:

America’s Color Revolution
Pandering to the Establishment Now Ubiquitous

The Establishment has imposed a color revolution on the American people. Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who reognized that a color revolution has occurred in America under the guise of a presidential election.–turn-us-political-landscape-into-one-party-system/

The Establishment used the Democrats for their purpose, because Trump was in office under the Republican banner. Trump, of course, is a populist, but there is no party that represents the people, so Trump ran as a Republican.

The leftwing, or the fraud that passes for one, thinks it is now in the money. This is a naive expectation. The Establishment is in charge, and there will be no leftist agendas unless they serve the Establishment. If Antifa and BLM cut up, their funding will be cut off, and the presstitutes will be sicced on them.

Biden and Kamala are mere figureheads put in office by a stolen election. Any agenda they think that they have is irrelevant. Here is the Establishment’s agenda:

First: Prevent any political organization of the “Trump Deplorables.” Any who attempt to form a real opposition party will be made an example of. In America it is child’s play to frame up anyone. We saw the show in Russiagate, and Trump will now be exhausted with endless frameups as the Establishment pursues him into oblivion. If the President of the United States can be so easily framed up, an unknown political organizer in the red states can be disposed of at will.

Posted by: gm | Jan 8 2021 7:47 utc | 283

One 'alleged' antifa member seen filming(& that is kinda hard for a group that doesn't have members) doesn't prove anything. If there was a set-up the tactician would have to be at a much higher level. That is especially true if the sergeants-at-arms for both houses plus the capitol police chief had been co-opted.

I realise that the rabid right prefers to blame other joe citizens rather than blame the corporate elites that too many of 'em still hero worship, but the fact remains there is far more evidence of white supremacist shitkickers turning BLM protests into riots (eg Hells Angel filmed as he broke windows on auto parts mart prior to BLM march) than vice versa.

What makes more sense is for everyone to comprehend that they are being gamed and for them all to decide to work together.
This continual spouting of evidence free conspiracy theories advantages Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and their hangers on, no one else.

Now that the union busting and gestapo style policing of the poorer citizens has done its job, all the pols are concentrating on using their stormtroopers, policies,and destructive rhetoric for crushing the next level up.

The next level up is the mugs who were led to believe they were middle class because they were self-employed contractors. Those types have discovered that just as 'workers' lost their gigs in the nineties & noughties, in the teens & twenties, it is the contractors, small & medium business owners who are the next cabs off the rank to be crushed into submission by the elites.
The Covid pandemic has been appropriated by an elite who knew covid or no, the economy was moving into a bust cycle, so the pandemic could be retooled to rip money & power off those they had lulled to sleep by calling them 'middle class' so in that fashion, solving the question of the best method to 'de-capitalise' the bourgeoisie.
This was essential if the elites were to maintain portfolio growth.
Everytime amerika has a recession some discrete group of citizens is 'decapitalised'. The easiest example being the 1929 crash which was used by the banker mob to separate small farmers & landholders (until then the backbone of the economy) from their assets for pennies in the dollar. The politicians stood back & did nothing.

If the bourgeois do allow themselves to get played by attacking those even worse off than they are, the only thing that will happen is that the elites will get richer & become more powerful.

If on the other hand they resist the faux-elitism & racist indoctrination which has been inculcated into 'em since they first drew breath, instead work to form an alliance with those at the bottom of the heap, 99% of the citizens will win & the elites will be arseholed.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 8 2021 8:23 utc | 284

Apologies for the off topic post but I thought those who remember Neil Sheehan may be saddened to know that he passed away today:

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Neil Sheehan, a reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who broke the story of the Pentagon Papers for The New York Times and who chronicled the deception at the heart of the Vietnam War in his epic book about the conflict, died Thursday. He was 84."

His book "A Bright Shining Lie" was a detailed illumination of the media and propaganda aspects of the Vietnam war from the perspective of journalists on the ground.

With the last remaining witnesses of the defining conflicts of the 20th century dying off its only a matter of time before no direct oral history remains of them ...

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 8 2021 8:32 utc | 285


Good post, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Those soon to be no longer middle-class mugs the next level up have been brain-washed to believe communists, socialists, unions, the left, etc...are to blame for their woes, when in fact there aren't any communists or socialists in the USA, and anything resembling actual leftism has been crushed and is impotent to affect governmental policy.

Posted by: Haassaan | Jan 8 2021 8:53 utc | 286

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 8 2021 1:57 utc | 253

"fully staged" ...

I agree, I think some witch hunts and patriotic theater are in store for us now. It is much too soon to decide even which side the players are really on, but scapegoats must be driven into the bush and a few witches burned, so America can be united again, ...

or something like that. When your politics is a circus, expect clowns.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 8 2021 8:54 utc | 287

@ steven t johnson

"Any Trumper could have presented the actual evidence to a court in any of the many suits. They didn't."

How do you know that? I'm not competent to judge statistical anomalies (I have master's in applied math, y'know), but you're competent enough to judge court filings? And again: what about all the rejections based on the pretense of "no standing" or "this court has been unable to find any case in which a plaintiff has sought such a drastic remedy"?

"just like parts of the mainstream media were hostile to Obama and Clinton and the Bushes"

You have got to be kidding.

"Pretending Fox News isn't mainstream media"

I'm not pretending anything. Indeed the Fox News - and only Fox News - had some pro-Trump elements, but the Fox News also had some rabid anti-Trump elements. So what? Your claim that this was just like Obama, Clinton, and the Bushes seems patently absurd to me.

"At this point, one has to think that most people whining about mainstream media really mean, Jewish media."

Jeez, why am I even talking to you? Incidentally, I am not whining about the "mainstream media". I'm whining about the establishment media.

"The sudden discovery that the Republican Party is part of the establishment determined to destroy Trump falsifies the obedience of practically every Republican until Trump lost"

Oh dear. No, it's not a sudden discovery. Where have you lived in the last 4 years? Ever heard of McCain, the Never-Trumpers, the Lincoln Project?

Apart from the small dying-out breed of paleo-conservatives, the only group of Rs not openly hating Trump were those needed votes, those who needed to win elections.

"Trumpery is lies, lies, lies."

I know, I know: Orange Man Bad.

The more often you repeat the mantra, the godlier you become. Good luck.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 8 2021 8:57 utc | 288

@Triden #271

Thanks. Michael Tracey is a rare voice of reason.

Just a few hours of ordinary U.S. people occupying a government building in protest—a completely normal event for a healthy democracy, as we were assured many times by the advocates of democracy—have struck unimaginable fear into the hearts of the U.S. normies, who range from idiots believing 100% of MSM propaganda to “sophisticated progressive critical thinkers” believing 90% of MSM propaganda. These fascists who like to call themselves “anti-fascists” thought that they would always be safe in the Fortress U.S.A. enjoying their unearned economic privileges while the Empire goes around the world destroying countries and murdering people, while these “anti-fascists” would tear up and lecture everybody on Twitter about whatever contrived issue of the day they’d pull out of their asses to convince themselves how “good” they are. Once they felt—if only for a brief moment—they too may suffer the same fate as the funny little people in other countries, all their “progressivism”, “democratism” and “liberalism” have instantly evaporated. That’s why protesters occupying a government building are now called “terrorists”, the occupation that lasted a few hours is now called a “coup”, why it’s apparently “rotten and naive” to describe the murdered unarmed protester as an unarmed protester, and why MoA commenters who refuse to call ordinary protesters “terrorists” are told to be “careful what they wish for” and that the protesters are coming to “rape their daughters”. Every decent human being is happy about what happened on January 6 because it broke the illusion of the Empire’s invincibility and made the Washington politicians scared—again, if only for a moment. People who think they are outing b are actually outing themselves.

Posted by: S | Jan 8 2021 9:07 utc | 289

@ steven t johnson

" They would have destroyed Trump in the 2016 primaries. They would have treated Trump the way the Democrats treated Sanders. "

Indeed, it was a miracle, a freak accident: anti-establishment candidate winning the primaries and then the presidential election. I hear the DNC helped: they wanted to run against Trump.

But now it's all back to normal.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 8 2021 9:15 utc | 290

Sputnik has update with pictures and so on:

National Security ‘At Risk’ as Laptop with ‘Sensitive’ Info Reportedly Missing After Capitol Riots

It does not appear that Putin wants to minimize what happened from what I read there.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 8 2021 9:20 utc | 291

Does this man sound like a terrorist? (Irrespective of whether you agree with him or not.)

EXCLUSIVE: Man who entered Capitol building tells his story to LifeSiteNews (vid, 7 min)

Posted by: S | Jan 8 2021 9:41 utc | 292

@Mao Cheng Ji

The election lawsuit filed by Trump and the various other GOP members were rejected for a number of reasons. Sure some were because a lack of standing, such as when Texas and other states sued in federal court over supposed violations of Pennsylvania law. But many others were heard and dismissed because suits alleging fraud are required to supply facts showing fraud and the complaints had no such facts.

Many of the cases also allege that the changes made to allow mail in ballots and other measures allowing people to vote without having to go to the polls during a pandemic were illegal under the subject states’ laws. In these cases, large numbers of people voted in what the Trump campaign claims is an illegal manner.

Let’s dissect this claim. It is NOT a claim of voter fraud. Instead, it is a claim that large numbers of properly registered voters voted in the manner they were instructed to by their state and local governments, but the methods they were instructed to vote by were not allowed. Let’s assume these allegations are true. No court is going to disenfranchise tens or even hundreds of thousands of voters who, in reliance of what they were told by the responsible government officials, voted in the manner they were instructed to. The punishment, taking away the right to vote from innocent voters, doesn’t fit the crime of voting as instructed, even if the manner of voting didn’t comply with the letter of the law. Thus, it is a drastic remedy.

Moreover, courts did not look favorably on law suits claiming that the manner that hundreds of thousand of voters is illegal and those votes should be discarded when the plaintiff waits until he is declared the loser after the election had taken place. This is what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled. The court held that the manner claimed to be illegal had been used in the primary election earlier that year and the GOP knew of the changes and did nothing until Trump lost the state’s general election. There the court ruled that because the GOP knew of the changes to the law prior to the primary and did nothing to challenge the manner of voting until after Trump lost the election, it would not agree to the drastic remedy of disenfranchising the hundreds of thousands of voters who voted in the manner they were instructed to. Waiting until after the results of the general election gave Trump and the GOP unclean hands and acted as an estoppel. For these and other reasons, it ruled against Trump and the GOP.

Trump and the GOP needed to file suit as soon as the supposedly illegal changes were made, not sit on the sidelines and wait until they were declared the election losers.

In sum, all cases filed by a Trump and the GOP were heard by the courts they were filed in. Each court looked at the complaint and found the lawsuits were lacking. These lower court decisions were then heard by appeals courts which upheld those rulings. And some cases made their way to the US and individual states’ supreme courts and the results were all the same. The cases were each determined to be merit less.

Posted by: TimmyB | Jan 8 2021 9:42 utc | 293

To me the event does look, I would not say staged, but desired. The question of whether crisis actors or antifa were part of the crowd is a bit moot and misses the larger picture. Watching the event unfolding, I could not but notice the extreme similarity with our yellow vest movement in France.

To recall : the first demonstration caught our regime off-guard - it is now a fact that a helicopter was even positioned near the Elysée to evacuate Macron as there was a real chance the yellow vests could invade the palace.

Our regime recognized the danger and set a clear strategy : delegitimize the movement by fanning violence and allowing "casseurs" free rein. And at the next demo a very mysterious event happened : security on the Champs-Elysées and around the Arc de Triomphe was almost completely removed. What happened next : violent demonstrators took over the Arc de Triomphe, looted and defaced it. This was a profound shock for most of France ; the Arc is a symbol, of Napoleonic times but also of the first world war was we have the tomb of the unknown soldier there. This was a turning point which deflated the support of the yellow vests among the population, and which gave the regime the go to start applying massive violence (rubber balls, tear gas, and so on...)

The Capitol invasion looks the same to me. The Deep state needed to change the narrative, and they achieved it. They knew full well what could happen, they just canalized the demonstrators,reduced security, and gave orders to let them invade, and voilà ! You have your psychological victory, with plenty of shock pictures to boot.

This was a master stroke. Trump has been crushed, talks about fraud are now irrelevant, and this provides justification to start really cracking down on alt-right, Trumpist, and whites everywhere. I feel sorry for them, but hey, America is quickly becoming a leftist theocracy, heretics better hunker down.

Posted by: Micron | Jan 8 2021 9:42 utc | 294


I haven’t seen any credible evidence of counting irregularities large enough to affect the outcome of the election. However, fair elections require not only fair counting, but also fair media coverage. And the complete mainstream and “progressive” media blackout and even social media censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story is just one example of how the media coverage was completely skewed. So one can argue that the Trump voters were cheated, they’re just attributing it to the wrong cause. (To be clear, the Trump voters would be cheated even if Trump won—in that case, by Trump himself.)

Posted by: S | Jan 8 2021 10:20 utc | 295

@ TimmyB

"But many others were heard and dismissed because suits alleging fraud are required to supply facts showing fraud and the complaints had no such facts."

And how do you know all this? Did CNN tell you? In that case, is Donald Trump a secret agent of Russian G.R.U.?

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 8 2021 10:26 utc | 296

It cannot be a coup unless the radio (and now TV) stations are captured FIRST. Political leadership have their collective knickers in a twisted bunch. Their reaction is exactly that of kindergarteners pretend-playing adults, their reaction is what would be expected of sufferers of obsessive-compulsive disorder e.g. Russia, Russia, Russia, and other TDS memes heard repeated continuously the last half decade. Infantilism of the space between Mexico and Canada is complete, set in stone. Abandon hope all who should enter (or live) there.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jan 8 2021 10:29 utc | 297

Posted by: gm | Jan 8 2021 7:47 utc | 282

Hey, you forgot to insert the rest of Paul Craig Roberts' whiny shit take:

Second: Increase the demonization of white people and the destruction of their confidence. White Americans are still a majority and, therefore, a potential political force. Their demonization is already institutionalized in the educational system, in the New York Times’ propagandistic “1619 Project,” and in the “racial sensitivity” training that all white employes of US corporations, governments, and US military have to take. Trump ordered a halt to the anti-white indoctrination sessions in the Federal government and US military, but the new regime will quickly reinstate the required indoctrinated as a sop to deluded blacks, feminists, and leftwingers.

Third: The Second Amendment will be overturned or bypassed. Trump supporters will be disarmed in order to more easily terrorize them and prevent them from protecting their property and persons if the Establishment believes it is efficacious to unleash armed anti-white militias on them in order to bring them into line. White self-defense will be more or less criminalized.

Fourth: The Establishment will increase its fomenting of racial and gender conflict in order to keep Americans too divided to resist its increasingly odious control measures, whether they be the use of Covid to suppress freedom of movement and association, charges of being a foreign agent in order to suppress free speech as in the Assange case, or round up and internment of Trump Americans trying to organize a political party that represents the people instead of the Establishment.

Fifth: Citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens and open borders in order to reduce the white population to an isolated minority.

These measures will suffice for the Establishment to complete the transformation of the United States from a democracy accountable to the people to an oligarchy of entrenched vested interests.

By the time insouciant white people wake up to their fate, violent revolution will be impossible. Modern weapons in the hands of the state are devastating. Mass spying and control techniques that exist today go beyond those in dystopian novels such as Orwell’s 1984. Free speech is a thing of the past. Free speech no longer even exists in universities. As I write Twitter, Facebook and the presstitutes are suppressing the free speech of the President of the United States, and the President of the United States is powerless to do anything about it.

So, all this theatre is an attack on American Whiteness?

Summa Summarum: Paul Crag Roberts is a fucking moron

Posted by: vato | Jan 8 2021 10:40 utc | 298 the way, how would you characterize the decision -- just about a week before the election -- of the supreme court of PA, that mail-in ballots can't be rejected over mismatched signatures?

Is there a reasonable non-voter-fraud justification for it?

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 8 2021 10:48 utc | 299


Yes, yes, we know. nobody on the left is anti-white, we are all dreaming, Biden, Harris, and the antifa crowd only want to sing kumbaya and overcome divisiveness, and all those tweets and statements which go as far as to advocate extermination of all white men exist just in our minds.

Seriously, do you guys manage sometimes to convince yourselves of this disingenuous shit ? If yes, that would be an impressive feat, but I have always found that Americans of all stripes have an unparalleled ability to ingest their own bullshit.

Posted by: Micron | Jan 8 2021 10:49 utc | 300

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