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January 09, 2021

Democrats Use Capitol Incident To Suppress Political Dissent

When watching this Jimmy Dore Show about the Capitol incident one can clearly see that some of the police were reluctant to intervene against the surprise visitors. Some even took selfies with them. The police may have been overwhelmed and decided that more fighting would have been counterproductive. Or, maybe, they let it happen on purpose?

The LIHOP theory is often applied to the 9/11 incident in 2001. The FBI and others knew that terrorist from the Middle East were about to use air planes to attack within the U.S. but it was decided to let that happen and to use the event for political gain. That political gain came in form of the Patriot Act which gave the government more power to spy on its citizens, and in form of the war of terror on the Middle East.

Even weeks before Wednesday's event there had been lots of open source chatter about a big protest in Washington and plans to take on the Capitol. Like in in 455, when the Vandals sacked Rome, there was little done by the local authorities to prevent that. The actors in both incidents have by the way remarkable similarities.


If we consider that 'Vandals' storming the Capitol was known to be upcoming and that the vandals actually managed to do it, we have to look for potential aims of those who might have allowed it to happen.

Two are sticking out. The 'Domestic terrorism' issues and the mass destruction of communication channels used by Trump and the political right.

Joe Biden gave a hint when he (falsely) called the Capitol incident an act of 'domestic terrorism':

President-elect Joe Biden characterized the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as domestic terrorists, referring to the violence as “one of the darkest days in the history of our nation.”
Mr. Biden has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, and he has been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them.

Federal law defines domestic terrorism as dangerous and illegal acts intended to coerce a population or influence the government. While it can be charged in some states, no generic federal crime exists. Domestic terrorism spans extremist ideologies, but it has been predominantly a far-right phenomenon in recent decades, according to researchers.

In 2019 Adam Schiff, the unhinged Russia basher who has falsely claimed that he had evidence of a Trump collusion with Russia, introduced a 'domestic terrorism' bill that will now likely be taken up.

The Hill reported at that time:

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, introduced legislation Friday that would make domestic terrorism a federal crime.

The Confronting the Threat of Domestic Terrorism Act would create a federal criminal statute that would cover domestic acts of terror committed by those without links to foreign organizations.
“The attack in El Paso by a white supremacist is only the most recent in a disturbing and growing trend of domestic terrorism, fueled by racism and hatred. The Confronting the Threat of Domestic Terrorism Act would for the first time create a domestic terrorism crime, and thus provide prosecutors with new tools to combat these devastating crimes,” Schiff said in a statement.

The actual bill Schiff introduce is quite generic and covers a wide range of actions as well as attempts to take such actions or conspiring to do them:

Whoever, in a circumstance described in subsection (b), and with the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping—
(A) knowingly kills, kidnaps, maims, commits an assault resulting in serious bodily injury, or assaults with a dangerous weapon any person within the United States; or
(B) creates a substantial risk of serious bodily injury to any other person by knowingly destroying or damaging any structure, conveyance, or other real or personal property within the United States or by attempting or conspiring to destroy or damage any structure, conveyance, or other real or personal property within the United States,
in violation of the laws of any State, or the United States, shall be punished under section 2332b(c).

Any prosecutor will be able to use the wording of the law to indict someone who has been talking about bashing a road sign for 'domestic terrorism'.

Such a law will of course not only be used against the 'white supremacists' who Schiff claims to dislike but, as ACLU pointed out, primarily against the left and minorities:

People of color and other marginalized communities have long been targeted under domestic terrorism authorities for unfair and discriminatory surveillance, investigations, and prosecutions. Law enforcement agencies’ use of these authorities undermines and has violated equal protection, due process, and First Amendment rights. Law enforcement agencies already have all the authorities they need to address white supremacist violence effectively. We therefore urge you instead to require agencies to provide meaningful public data on their use of resources and failure to prioritize white supremacist violence.

The ACLU strongly urges you to oppose H.R. 4192, Confronting the Threat of Domestic Terrorism Act because it is unnecessary and would serve to target the very communities that Congress is seeking to protect.

The Capitol attack does not justify such new laws or more spying.

As a second consequence of the Capitol incident the tech monopoly companies, which are largely aligned with the corporate Democrats, took coordinated action to disrupt the communication between Trump and his political followers as well as within the general political right.

The company Trump used for mass emailing to his followers has stopped its service for Trump. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Shopify have all banned Trump. Apple and Google took steps against the Parlor app which is mostly used by people on the right. It wasn't only Trump who was banned:

Ben Collins @oneunderscore__ - 21:19 UTC · Jan 8, 2021
BREAKING: Twitter is taking dramatic action on remaining QAnon accounts for breaking their "Coordinated Harmful Activity" rules, some of whom heavily promoted Wednesday's storming of the Capitol.
Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, 8kun's Ron Watkins banned.
Twitter's statement below:

Thousands of Twitter accounts, mostly not prominent ones, were culled over night.

The banning of Trump has nothing to do with the actual content of Trump's or others' communications:

Byron York @ByronYork - 23:53 UTC · Jan 8, 2021
Twitter has permanently banned President Trump, and they did it on the basis of two unobjectionable tweets. Example: Twitter says Trump's 'I won't go to inauguration' tweet will 'inspire' violence.

The was an organized and likely long planned campaign initiated by the incoming Biden administration. Trump's tweets and followers were probably the biggest traffic generators Twitter and Facebook ever had. They would not have killed off that profitable source of revenues if the incoming administration had not threatened them with new regulations.

Michael Tracey condemned this campaign in a series of tweets:

Twitter's stated rationale for banning Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn, and others -- "behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm" -- is extraordinarily creepy and could be used against virtually anyone if the powers-that-be decided it was politically necessary
Purging the sitting President from his primary communications platform is absolute authoritarian lunacy
It was obvious within about 10 minutes on Wednesday that this “crisis” would be exploited to drastically ramp up censorship and suppress political speech
None of this is about “safety,” it’s about purposely inflating a threat in order to assert political and cultural dominance
If we’re accepting this new “incitement” doctrine there are thousands of activists who could be purged/criminalized for “inciting” an enormous wave of violent riots over the summer. But thankfully there’s a thing called “protected speech,” although it’s quickly being shredded
The most extreme, coordinated corporate censorship offensive in modern history and liberals/leftists are in a mindless celebratory stupor. Pathetic shills
Corporate liberals and leftists have been absolutely obsessed with purging the internet of political undesirables since 2016, and this "crisis" is the perfect opportunity to finally fulfill their deepest authoritarian wish
The new corporate authoritarian liberal-left monoculture is going to be absolutely ruthless -- and in 12 days it is merging with the state. This only the beginning
Must just be a total coincidence that YouTube also happened to terminate Steve Bannon. Definitely not a coordinated political revenge campaign by the tech oligarchs as they wait for a Democratic administration to come in
Notice that the threat of "violence" Twitter says justifies their political purge never applies to traditional forms of state violence -- Trump's tweets announcing bombings or assassinations were never seen as necessitating some disciplinary intervention in the name of "safety"

Make no mistake. Both actions that follow from the ludicrous Capitol 'sacking', Biden's 'domestic terrorism' act and the systematic eradication of communication channels for people with certain opinions, will primarily be used against the left.

When President Biden starts his first war all significant protest against it will be declared to be 'domestic terrorism'. All communication against it will be 'inciting' and therefore banned. We know this because it has always been like this.

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From the Leaving In Style thread, this resonated with me...


Yep, I think we are there now.

Well, I guess lying your ass off all the time has its limitations as a form of governance.
Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 7 2021 12:31 utc | 55

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 10 2021 2:40 utc | 101

james @Jan10 2:09 #95

i doubt it...

I do too james.

I didn't post that comments @Jan9 23:56 #71 and @Jan10 1:58 #89 as a call upon Trump as savior, I posted them as a conundrum for those that think that Trump might be a savior.

I've been arguing that Trump is NOT a "populist outsider" for years.

b says: "they let it happen". I suspect that Trump played along.

Obama, Sanders, Trump: all these "populist outsiders" have led their sheep to a dead end.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

Meanwhile: Washington "One-China" Policy Dead As Pompeo Lifts Restrictions On US-Taiwan Relations

We are "free" to hate China. IMO TPTB hopes to use hatred of China as a means to unite the country (and the West).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2021 2:46 utc | 102

james @Jan10 2:09 #95

i doubt it...

I do too james.

I didn't post that comments @Jan9 23:56 #71 and @Jan10 1:58 #89 as a call upon Trump as savior, I posted them as a conundrum for those that think that Trump might be a savior.

I've been arguing that Trump is NOT a "populist outsider" for years.

b says: "they let it happen". I suspect that Trump played along.

Obama, Sanders, Trump: all these "populist outsiders" have led their sheep to a dead end.

<> <> <> <> <> <>

Meanwhile: Washington "One-China" Policy Dead As Pompeo Lifts Restrictions On US-Taiwan Relations

We are "free" to hate China. IMO TPTB hopes to use hatred of China as a means to unite the country (and the West).


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2021 2:46 utc | 103

Can you believe this fraud?

I will believe Bernie when I see it actually happen.

More ego posturing and BS. He has to deal with Neera Tanden and she will drive him out. That is why Biden appointed her.

Bernie now wants checks for all (forgets M4A). Why? Because checks for all doesn't threaten big pharma, big insurance, big landlords(banks). THIS IS BS.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2021 2:47 utc | 104

Posted by: Mistress Pliddy | Jan 10 2021 0:47 utc | 80

For the uninitiated: now is probably a good time to read "Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet" by Yasha Levine

"In Surveillance Valley, Yasha Levine traces the history of the internet back to its beginnings as a Vietnam-era tool for spying on guerrilla fighters and antiwar protesters–a military computer networking project that ultimately envisioned the creation of a global system of surveillance and prediction.

Levine shows how the same military objectives that drove the development of early internet technology are still at the heart of Silicon Valley today.

Spies, counterinsurgency campaigns, hippie entrepreneurs, privacy apps funded by the CIA. From the 1960s to the 2010s — this revelatory and sweeping story will make you reconsider what you know about the most powerful, ubiquitous tool ever created."

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 3:04 utc | 105

@dh-mtl | Jan 9 2021 19:08 utc | 11

"What are their Dems (rather their Deep State and 'Globalist' bosses) afraid of?"

A wall of reality that is now their problem -- 100% with all three houses. I read elsewhere that 20% of all #usd printed into existence occurred during 2020.And the Great Depression 2.0 has hardly even got to 10:00am coffee break yet.

Trump's wall with Mexico might just be finished off by Mexico by the time this mess wokes itself out. Btw, how far did he get with it?

With Hunter Biden as the new ambassador (and bag man) to China there is a new crime family running the US Plantation. Trump Towers in Goland Heights may not go ahead but there is 100% certainty that the US embassy will not shift back to Tel Aviv. And Mrs Biden must already be working out which kid's bed Netanyahu can sleep-over in.

And one can assume that SA's MbS 'chainsaw man' will drop his Semitic cousin Jared Kushner faster than a dumped Trump twitter account. Rooster one day; feather duster the next.

Iran may get its deal back (just to spite Trump et al) but wail buckets of tears for the poor Yemen and Palestinian victims of USA/UK arms export business.

Posted by: imo | Jan 10 2021 3:15 utc | 106

You left out a third consequence, perhaps the most important: to stop cold several Republican legislators who'd announced their intention of objecting elector slates from the six disputed states. Once the session resumed following Mike Pence's sanctimonious condemnation, most of those congressmen, and especially the senators, "changed their mind" about the objections, four of which, in fact, were dismissed on purely procedural grounds, as there were no senators to second them. Thus it can be said that the staged Capitol irruption was an integral part of the vote fraud itself.

Posted by: Gatopardo | Jan 10 2021 3:27 utc | 107

Google paradox of tolerance.

These people seek to overthrow any and all freedoms for whomever they dont like. Allowing them to organize and do that under the principle of tolerance or free speech is just contradictory.

In no developed country you can openly incite violence against anyone, leave aside any group or social segment or ethnicity, leave aside actually organize at large for that and god forbid implement it. The law will persecute you much faster than you can say 'violence'. Inciting and then committing violence is NOT a freedom. Leave aside overthrowing a (more) legitimate government than what one's own lot represents and wants. Otherwise we would have to tolerate absolutist monarchists trying to bring back monarchy, fascists who want to implement fascism.

US law doesnt allow the state to persecute such actions. So private companies who WERE tolerating such sociopathy, who should NOT have been tolerating such sociopathy, are kicking them off their platforms. They can find some other place.

Note that none of these platforms have any obligation to host the views of the people who are openly hostile to them - the tech people who create and maintain these services, their world view, the services themselves - in their own platform and have them organize to harm themselves.Doing otherwise would be contradictory and idiotic.

"Dont tread on me" -> the right winger hypocrisy in which they cancel those who 'wrong' them, but they want the very people whom they target to allow them to target themselves on their own platform.

Posted by: unity100 | Jan 10 2021 3:33 utc | 108

Who said "Americans don't need the USA, the USA needs Americans. ? "

What is to stop Americans from choosing a government of their choice.. ?

Like I have before stated, the nation state system is the problem if there were
no nation state to make laws, there would be no copyright, patent or deeds and the major corporations whose balance sheets are 90%(just 10% are physical assets) of one or more of the intangibles suggest if the nation state fails so too do the copyright, deeds and patents and if they fail so too will the mega monopoly powered corporations and that will put everyone competing against everyone else and that condition is called democracy.

Posted by: snake | Jan 10 2021 3:33 utc | 109

Joe @ 20
"Trump is still president for a few days. It's about time he does something useful and goes straight against Twitter and Facebook, with all available means. "

I agree. But the hugely frustrating thing about Trump is that he NEVER does the smart thing that would gain him some credibility and would also really drive his enemies nuts! He could also pardon Assange and Snowden. That would really freak out the Deep State and Obama forces that has been torturing him since November 2016. Instead he pardons the stinking Blackwater thugs. Which should have appeased some of his enemies. But no way!! Just like his sucking up to Israel hasn't won him any leeway. Has Betsy DeVos done anything for Trump lately? I bet not.

So why doesn't he just double now and start writing pardons of the enemies of his enemies? Assange, Snowden, and Peltier. That would be a nice trifecta for starters.

If only Trump were able to figure out such simple moves.

I feel badly for Trump, but he simply seems to lack any imagination.

Posted by: Jane | Jan 10 2021 3:40 utc | 110

The witch hunt is on in true USA style.

But don't you go demanding Medicare for all, or bring the troops home, or peaceful USAi relations.

Just make a riot and fill the front pages with week after week of BS. Just as Hillary and her coterie did in 2016.

This time its 'the americans are coming' instead of 'the russians are coming'.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2021 3:41 utc | 111

Grieved @ 25

"First they gave it all away free to get a lot of people using their platform, then they monetized it with ads or subscriptions. "

I think FB's main business plan is data mining, selling the data to advertisers, but also selling it to many other types of users, such as insurance and other financial companies, the govt, many other uses. It has been proposed that this is actually data theft, and that social media users should be paid for their data. But IMO that will never happen.

Many users of FB use it as a main point of access to the Internet. They do not realize that use of FB gives FB access to *all* of their data; all of their apps; all of their financials; not just their FB "likes," etc.

Posted by: Jane | Jan 10 2021 3:46 utc | 112

@ Digital Spartacus | Jan 9 2021 19:08 utc | 13

-// Protonmail //-

I don't think so. I've heard from the IT community that although Protonmail was originally started ty the CERN (particle accelerator science outfit), its operations have been transferred to an Israeli company. Try PolarisMail or Fastmail. I have both. I NEVER had Gmail.

Posted by: blues | Jan 10 2021 3:47 utc | 113

The evils of empire coming home to roost.

Posted by: Al Smith | Jan 10 2021 4:11 utc | 114

[some wishful thinking about browsing purged servers with an api .. ]

Posted by: S | Jan 10 2021 1:14 utc | 85

Next stop: ISPs and net neutrality.

Posted by: anon | Jan 10 2021 4:14 utc | 115

I would say the comparable incident would be Hitler and the Reichstag fire. It is a last desperate attempt on the part of Trump and his PACs to seize power. The use of strongarm outfits on the internet and on the streets is also similar. They were used to try to drown out any reasonable discourse and intimidate any opposition. It's the same as we're seeing here.

Posted by: Les | Jan 10 2021 4:42 utc | 116

SyrianGirlpartisan generally has something intelligent to say.

Most interesting comments on assassination of 14-year military veteran (Ashli Babbitt) -- see footage c. 9:30 to 9:39 (the shot) and then police behind her around 11:43 mark.

Her conclusion sounds reasonable: Pence's secret service shot her from the front. Not the police meddling with the crowd from behind. This runs deeper than first appearances.

Bottom-line: Pence and his Christian Right have sniffed the breeze and dumped Trump (to fight again another day). Was this another 'JFK' by way of proxy -- i.e. publicly taking out a core Trump supporter with military background? Pence is up to his eyeballs in it, imo.

Posted by: Silicon Silence | Jan 10 2021 5:49 utc | 117

this is the real news, the real coup d'etat over the last 48 hours - by the Tech Oligarchs

And I am sure that it has been long planned. In other words, conspiracy and racketeering

You cannot create an "alternative" to Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter at this point, they are collectively more powerful than most if not all nation states


looking to the future of US Imperialism, as it tries futilely to maintain control over the rest of the world, especially over its current Official Enemies: Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Bolivia, Hezbollah/Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, etc etc

I can’t wait for politicians who “incite violence” by promoting the bombing of countries, or cause “offline harm” by demanding punitive sanctions on civilians, to be banned from social media because of the “threat” they pose. Oh wait that will never happen

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jan 10 2021 6:41 utc | 118

@michaelj72 | Jan 10 2021 6:41 utc | 116

You can, and they have (Yandex, Tic Toc, etc ...) -- just not for 'safe use' within the Anglo/American empire. That's what is behind all the deep state hysteria regarding China's Huawei and 5G. Control (or denial) of all communication protocol and transport layers. USA don't own the 5G IP, nor set the tech standards most likely. And probably not the technology to unpack encryption in real time etc.

It does need a conspiracy theory to point at China; just the denial of the capacity to snoop is enough to cause alarm in certain alphabet soups.

Posted by: imo | Jan 10 2021 6:59 utc | 119

@S | Jan 10 2021 1:14 utc | 85

Yes, a mobile web app that uses the Service Worker API for offline mode is what Parler will probably develop going forward. It will be more power-hungry and slower than a native app and, more importantly, won’t deliver notifications on iPhones until mobile Safari implements the Notifications API (users will have to remember to open the app to check for new mentions and direct messages), but it’s doable.

If you have an iPhone, stop using Safari and install Brave instead. I have unfortunately an iPhone that my employer wants me to use, but I use it as little as possible and have installed the Brave browser on it, it works great. I never use Safari. I also use only Brave under Linux Ubuntu and Windows. This is no sacrifice, because Brave is the best browser I have used so far, and I have used quite a few. Ad blocking is built in and it makes it really fast.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2021 7:14 utc | 120

Apologies for the raving tech digression, although the latter parts are somewhat relevant to the wider discussion:

Gibiru is a two-bit scam like DuckDuckGo, only more obtuse - the GoDaddy hosted site has a search page that brazenly embeds Google Custom Search Engine which takes advantage of the fact one can "monetize the search by connecting your engine to your Google AdSense account."(via Google). Open up Dev Tools > Network or watch the Connecting to... on your browser status bar and see it connect to

Gone are the days where we had a handful of competing search engines that employ their own web crawlers (and given the amount of data on the web, it would require a massive amount of resources). All we have left now is Google, a relatively younger Bing, and lesser regional players which index a smaller part of the web (Yandex, Baidu). The rest are "affiliates" that get paid referrals for redirecting your search queries to the bigger players.

In short: Beware of privacy peddlers - honeypots and charlatans, all of them, from VPNs (especially those based in 5-eyes countries) to the lowly "private search" sites (run by opportunists).

Tech as a whole has been swept up by and consolidated by the large US state-corporations. Even the Open Source movements that were anti-corporatist in nature are now helmed and manned by the very ideals they set out to oppose, and turned into a feeding ground where unpaid work by naive contributors are used to fuel corporate profits and irreparably maim existing software by introducing (bullshit) "industry standard" protocols and software implementations that serve only their benefactors.

What you can do as a user: Avoid centralized (as opposed to federated) web services and corporate branded software where your data is at the mercy of the provider. Use any e-mail client with GPG (PGP) encryption. XMPP for chat and messaging, Jitsi for video conferencing - if competent, you can set up a federated server to share with family and friends and still communicate with others using the same protocol on other servers ("just like e-mail").

Posted by: Drive-by Commenting | Jan 10 2021 7:38 utc | 121

@ Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2021 2:46 utc | 102

IMO TPTB hopes to use hatred of China as a means to unite the country (and the West).

I have the exact opposite view. The elite is very successfully pushing the sectarian divide of the nation and has managed to recruit an overwhelming majority of the population to support its various overseas projects.

As some posts on this very board attest, blind hatred for a perceived political foe will throw people into battles they wouldn't even consider in other circumstances. And just as I have regularly come across angry rantings of 'your Trump ! and your Putin!' in a shrill, indiscriminate, yelling-at-clouds manner, I expect the same with the new bogeyman in chief. "Oh yeah? Well if your Joe Xiden weren't such a China firster, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess."

I'm fairly confident that two years from now, B will be able to publish a mirror image of his january 6 headline : "How Biden 'Appeased' China".

Posted by: robin | Jan 10 2021 7:44 utc | 122

Vice President Mike Pence has assumed control of Mr Trump’s cabinet and is ‘acting as if he is no longer President’, one former aide said.

The source added: 'Allies and foes alike have united to ensure the President doesn’t go completely rogue during his final days in office. He has effectively been shut down'.

Posted by: Nick | Jan 10 2021 8:06 utc | 123

@Les | Jan 10 2021 4:42 utc | 114

I would say the comparable incident would be Hitler and the Reichstag fire.
Yes, but not for the reasons you offer, they invalidate your claim. The Reichstag fire was a false flag event designed to increase the power of the regime. The Capitol event serves the same purpose, whether pre-planned or not. The current censorship-mania indicates that the follow-up was indeed pre-planned with the intent to increase the power of the illegitimate regime, consisting of big tech and political hacks. It is also a clear sign the regime is conceding that they are totally illegitimate.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2021 8:09 utc | 124

As predicted Parler is downed by Amazon. Possibly will be back up next week.

Posted by: Curmudgeon | Jan 10 2021 8:52 utc | 125

Nick | Jan 10 2021 8:06 utc | 123

Sounds about right. Trump has had is "staff" lying to him, the military walking back his orders, etc. So this should come as no surprise. Note that Pompeo has taken over "foreign" Policy as well.

Note that the next episode will have a notable Corporate Exec as Vice-Presidential "aide". (Sorry, I didn't read it myself as I consider that their cookies are too invasive. Just the headline should be enough.)

Posted by: Stonebird | Jan 10 2021 9:14 utc | 126

Re the photomontage at the top of the page:

The artist who noticed the strange resemblance of scenes of that painting to the storming of the Capitol even forgot to circle one more item: the spear the vandal is holding is almost at the same angle as the pole of the flag held by the guy next to the painted horned "Shaman".

The three coincidences allow only one of two conclusions:

(a) someone has seen that painting and staged an event with photo shoots to match. That however does not strike me as very likely given that particular protester crowd, who don't strike me as too keen on centuries' old museum paintings. Unless there were someone(s) behind it all, who did know of where to look for what painting.

(b) The matrix is bored - it's making a play out of "history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as a farce" (guess who said this...).

I see no other possibilities. the similarity of the poses and certain elements is too uncanny IMO. Especially once you add the spear/flag pole.

Posted by: Merlin2 | Jan 10 2021 9:28 utc | 127

Tech as a whole has been swept up by and consolidated by the large US state-corporations. Even the Open Source movements that were anti-corporatist in nature are now helmed and manned by the very ideals they set out to oppose, and turned into a feeding ground where unpaid work by naive contributors are used to fuel corporate profits and irreparably maim existing software by introducing (bullshit) "industry standard" protocols and software implementations that serve only their benefactors. <=Posted by: Drive-by Commenting @ 121

you failed to explain the big picture..? explain why there is truth in your statement "Tech as a whole has been swept up by and consolidated by the large US state-corporations." <- explain what made such a situation possible..? How can US state corporations steal or take what was in the public domain, and make those goods produced by others into their proprietary big moneymaker corporate products?

Remind your-self of the old RFP days, when someone invented a new thought, and posted that new thought, to the global open source community:: at that juncture, at least 600 derivative new thoughts were usually generated. (not one of the thoughts, original or derivative, were copyrighted or patented <=and made into a privately owned monopoly). everyone's brain,knowledge and language (from around the globe) came to deal with the same question at the same time in the same context.

Each participant, beginner to expert, <=offered questions and provided answers.
The process was so instructive it taught everyone at once. The solutions offered were not produced, but were interactively extracted into an array of workable thought fragments from which came a patched together RFP solution, most of those solutions are still around..

According to Drive-By Community =>What you can do as a user: Avoid centralized (as opposed to federated) web services and corporate branded software where your data is at the mercy of the provider. Use any e-mail client with GPG (PGP) encryption. XMPP for chat and messaging, Jitsi for video conferencing - if competent, you can set up a federated server to share with family and friends and still communicate with others using the same protocol on other servers ("just like e-mail") But Drive by, they have this under control. what the open source needs now to do is to create our own CPUs, our own hardware that will not run main stream anything, and create our own OS from scratch using the old time RFPs.

I tried the other day to download and install Jitsi but the binary download did not install well on 16.04 Ubuntu..and not at all on 18 and up; it worked like a champ on 14.04 ubuntu. Centos 7, and several other flavors. What is happening is everything that used to work is being ruined by changing the code from perl where every module is open source to code in python where much of the code is to be found only in copyrighted and patented modules.

Posted by: snake | Jan 10 2021 9:33 utc | 128

Rigging three buildings with explosives in the WTC, and also at the Pentagon, can't be done with LIHOP. You have to *make* it happen. Such complex, highly-skilled rigging, requiring *extended, privileged* access to the buildings by teams of skilled technicians, doesn't just happen by accident. The whole 11/9 attack was a MIHOP, done by a criminal fascist clique drawn from US and zionistani 'elites': People in positions of power who could make sure that everything was organised with care beforehand. A classic REAL conspiracy. That basic fact is now well established - for anyone who can face it without cringing.

Posted by: Rhisiart Gwilym | Jan 10 2021 9:46 utc | 129

Looking for pending laws on domestic terrorism I found this statement by congressman Albio Sires(no idea who that is) . He mentions four bills:

Yesterday, I also signed on to a letter led by Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) to Democratic leadership asking them to reconvene the House immediately to address the events on January 6th. The letter calls for the House to consider pending measures including the establishment of a Select Committee on Violent Domestic Extremism, which would address the broader implications of the threats domestic extremism has on our democratic system. We could also again pass anti-terrorism legislation focused on white nationalism that languished in the Senate after the House passed it in the 116th Congress, for example, H.R. 3106, the Domestic and International Terrorism DATA Act; H.R. 4192, the Confronting the Threat of Domestic Terrorism Act; H.R. 5602, the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act; and H.R. 3545 the National Opposition to Hate, Assault, and Threats to Equality (NO HATE) Act. With an upcoming Democratic Senate majority, this meaningful legislation has a chance to become law under the Biden administration.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Jan 10 2021 9:47 utc | 130

re: Rhisiart Gwilym | Jan 10 2021 9:46 utc | 129

A live broadcast of an enhanced interrogation of "Lucky" Larry A. Silverstein would be revealing.

Posted by: tucenz | Jan 10 2021 9:56 utc | 131

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jan 10 2021 2:03 utc | 91

I agree with your disapproval of Paul Jay's rather naive understanding of American politics 101 when it comes to the M4A debate, however, I did find his opening remarks regarding the events of Jan. 6th very interesting. Here the entire introductory quote:

The disarray in the American political system, whose name is Trump, is coming to an end, he was Wall Street’s cash cow and now it’s time to dispose of him as he descends into full-on madness. The billionaires, the financial elites, and their political minions fed Trump’s starving giant ego for four years, got what they wanted in tax cuts and deregulation. And now it’s time to move on. This is all accomplished by Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence who have tired of eating Trump’s excrement and set a trap that The Donald walked into blinded by his adoring fans and delusions of grandeur.

While everyone knew for weeks the protest on January six was planned and would likely be raucous, the Capitol Hill police who answer to Congress, which means McConnell, were not put on high alert, pushing past overmatched and outnumbered Capitol Hill police.

Additional police resources were not put in place, even though the mayor of D.C. pleaded for it. And, of course, the protesters marched into Congress almost unimpeded.

McDonald, Graham, and Pence knew it was time to dump Trump, especially after the loss in Georgia, and had already made it clear they would approve the certification of Biden, they needed to find a way to sink Trump to keep their financial and corporate clients happy.

It was a piece of theater that pulled off the real coup that almost everyone wanted, and that’s the end of Trump.

Perhaps even Chuck Schumer was in on it. Credit him with the most exaggerated and ridiculous rhetoric, calling Jan six a day that will live in infamy on the scale of Pearl Harbor,

In fact, the crowds were smaller than expected, and once the order was given to the police to disperse the crowd, it didn’t take all that long to accomplish it.

I’m only going on what I saw on TV, but most of the crowd seemed to be wandering around the halls of Congress like tourists, gaping at the statues. The more militant group seems small, and most of that was pushing and shoving and a few broken windows, although it was reported that a policeman died the next day from injuries suffered in the scuffle. No doubt it seemed terrifying for police officers, staff, and members of Congress, but words like sedition, insurgency, and such are just an attempt to intimidate the members of Congress that were still hitching their wagons to Trump’s grotesque megalomania. Insurrections require guns, sections of the military, not just a crowd of angry people.

It was clear that after four years of groveling and feeding the call McConnell plan today not to praise Caesar, but to bury him and the mission seems to have been accomplished. Now the leaders of the GOP can continue to build their far-right criminal party with a less insane and perhaps more dangerous leader. And in all likelihood, the Democrats will do very little to make people’s lives significantly better as the main leadership of the party answers to their own set of Wall Street and corporate lords.

And in that way will facilitate the rising from these sort of ashes by the Republican Party. There should be an investigation of the leaders of Congress who allowed this to take place.

Perhaps then the word sedition would be applicable. Even on the grounds of stopping a Covid super spreader event there should have been more security.

Posted by: vato | Jan 10 2021 10:04 utc | 132

@Rhisiart Gwilym | Jan 10 2021 9:46 utc | 129

The whole 11/9 attack was a MIHOP, done by a criminal fascist clique drawn from US and zionistani 'elites': People in positions of power who could make sure that everything was organised with care beforehand. A classic REAL conspiracy. That basic fact is now well established - for anyone who can face it without cringing.

Indeed, I was considering to comment the same thing, everyone who have a minimum of engineering knowledge has known this for almost 20 years. But cognitive dissonance gets in the way, so reality is being refused. That is where these psychopaths really excel, they are able create nonsense realities in the minds of millions of people simply by lying outrageously over and over and over again. It is much easier to convince someone with a lie than convince someone they are being lied to.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2021 10:09 utc | 133

This blog has no particular problem censoring, deleting comments, and blocking or monstering individual commentators and neither do most commentators.

Masks, lockdowns and vaccinations (UK Health Minster envisages vaccinations every 6 months) is part of what is coming. Not too many objections on this blog, though!

The war on "internal" terror is coming and so is the "biosecurity state".

#NCSWIC - the Delphic Q-oracle was right, you may have misunderstood!

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 10 2021 10:22 utc | 134

Posted by: snake | Jan 10 2021 9:33 utc | 128

Tech as a whole has been swept up by and consolidated by the large US state-corporations. Even the Open Source movements that were anti-corporatist in nature are now helmed and manned by the very ideals they set out to oppose, and turned into a feeding ground where unpaid work by naive contributors are used to fuel corporate profits and irreparably maim existing software by introducing (bullshit) "industry standard" protocols and software implementations that serve only their benefactors. <=Posted by: Drive-by Commenting @ 121

I realised this when Leonart Poettering finaly managed to trojan every significant distro with systemd and it's friends and when RedHat Linux became the only permitted distro for almost every "enterprise" application.

Further, with TPM and similar things, it won't be long before the Hardware will insist you use non-free software only ...

FreeBSD. Live Free or Die.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Jan 10 2021 10:24 utc | 135

With LIHOP theories I have two practices
- broaden the spectrum of options: letting it happen can include a wide range of commitment and knowledge. For instance not wanting to know what is going on also counts, but so does an attitude of general organizational disinterest.
- focus on opportunistic use of the event: whatever the runup of the crisis, focus on how people are taking advantage of the opportunity to push through things. It is easier to get consensus on that. On the other hand the motivation of denying the reality of the event(as a setup to some extent) also counts: much easier to oppose the Patriot Act if you deny the reality of the threats and you don't have that if you focus on resisting the opportunism.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Jan 10 2021 10:59 utc | 136

Biden use nazi references against the republicans, if Trump did this it would be condemned, but extreme left have all power now, they can do and say whatever they want and get away with it.

Biden Cites Goebbels and Nazi Propaganda Techniques When Asked About Hawley and Cruz

Meanwhile the purge by extreme left Big tech, keeps on going, Amazon a couple of hours ago kicked right-wing social media Parler out of their servers.

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 10 2021 11:43 utc | 137

A few reminders on tech:
1) Despite what some posters have noted, there are differences between apps. Signal has consistently executed towards transparency and privacy - others have not. Nor has Signal tried to make bank - like Telegram. Tor is not an app - it was created by US Naval Intelligence. Drug users and dissidents using it is great cover for ONI spy traffic.
2) However, anything on a cell phone is inherently insecure. The cell service provider has 100% control over your phone and any data sent through it. Convenience has a price...
3) Using alternate search engines doesn't protect you from your ISP (internet service provider). They know who you are and have full access to your traffic.
4) Encryption is lovely for authorities. 0.5% of emails, for example, are PGP encrypted meaning the users have highlighted themselves as a subgroup of interest. "Encrypted" internet traffic using https is not actually encrypted against any authority server it passes through or anyone with an appropriate certificate.
5) If you want to really try to be private, the way to do it is via noise. Do random things - visit random web sites and search for random stuff. Take a page from the anti-vaxxer book: create euphemisms for keywords and switch them frequently. Big Data sounds great in theory until the data is corrupted or inconsistent...

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 10 2021 11:48 utc | 138

Posted by: Drive-by Commenting | Jan 10 2021 7:38 utc | 121

RE: Tech. corruption and crapification

Let me second that, and observe that pretty much all of what is taught as "Computer Science" these days is proprietary crap too, unlikely to be of much value beyond the next couple of generations of tech. and most of the software running things has become unreadable to existing software engineers. In particular you should be very paranoid about any promises from anybody claiming to be looking out for your privacy and interests on the web, since the entire business plan of just about everybody with more of a business plan that B has for this blog is advertising dollars and propaganda for profit.

Linux has indeed been crapified too, not that it was ever that great in that regard. You cannot simultaneously maximize both quality and profit.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 10 2021 11:59 utc | 139

Go figure why Big tech silence Trump, supporters:

Google, Microsoft, & Qualcomm: Tech Giants Among Top Donors to Joe Biden's Inaugural Committee

Posted by: Zanon | Jan 10 2021 12:12 utc | 140

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 10 2021 13:00 utc | 141

Thanks B for mentioning this LIHOP hypothesis. Let It Happen On Purpose was quite clear here at this "Capitol Coup", just the perps were too non violent to be taken serious, and the police was all velvet gloves.

For 9/11 LIHOP makes a lot of sense - in twisted CIA / FBI brains. Who needs foreign enemies with power freaks like these?

Posted by: Antonym | Jan 10 2021 13:18 utc | 142

@Zanon | Jan 10 2021 11:43 utc | 137

Biden use nazi references against the republicans

So according to Godwin's Law, Biden has lost the argument.

when a Hitler comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever made the comparison loses whatever debate is in progress.[8] This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin's law.[9]

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2021 13:19 utc | 143

Rhisiart Gwilym @Jan10 9:46 #129

One can make a good case that the Capitol Hill occupation was MIHOP (Make It Happen On Purpose) also.

The failure of Capitol Hill police to adequately prepare is glaring.

They knew that the Capital would be the focus of protests. They knew of previous incidents like the armed Michigan State House and the threat to kidnap the Michigan governor. And yet they failed to prepare and rejected help offered by DOJ and others.

Capitol Police Rejected Offers of Federal Help to Quell Mob

Three days before supporters of President Donald Trump rioted at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And as the mob descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times, according to senior defense officials and two people familiar with the matter.

Despite plenty of warnings of a possible insurrection and ample resources and time to prepare, the Capitol Police planned only for a free speech demonstration.

Capitol Hill Police Offer First Account Of Failure To Protect Congress

The main thrust of Sund’s remarks was that the police had been prepared for “maintaining public safety in an open environment,” but not for an overwhelming “violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

It raises the question of why the police weren’t prepared, given that many of the rioters had publicly proclaimed their intention to do just that in the days and weeks before Jan. 6.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2021 13:56 utc | 144

Re: Wednesday's events and LIHOP

One question: Cui bono? Certainly not Trump!

Re: Posted by: Zanon | Jan 10 2021 12:12 utc | 140 'Go figure why Big tech silence Trump, supporters:'

If you look behind who provided early stage financing, and indeed the technology, of the Tech Unicorns and even Bitcoin you might just find the CIA.

Posted by: dh-mtl | Jan 10 2021 14:02 utc | 145

@c1ue | Jan 10 2021 11:48 utc | 138

And if you are running a virus security software (e.g. Norton etc) don't you think they have records of everything you visit/run etc? You want to use the roads; then follow the traffic codes. Want to use the internet; then follow the security codes. Anyone who thinks they are safely hidden (other than perhaps Julian Assange was in his Wikileaks transacting...) simply does not understand the basics. The purpose of open democracy is to communicate openly to/with the 'upper' levels. The art of doing so safely is to also write between the lines.


"The nature of the trap is a function of the nature of the trapped. To describe either is to imply the other... we the trapped tend to take our state of mind for granted — which is partly why we are trapped.

With the shape of the trap in our minds, we shall be better able to see the relevance of our limitations and to question those assumptions about ourselves which are most inept to the activity and experience of being human now. …

A trap is a trap only for creatures that cannot solve the problems that it sets. Mantraps are dangerous only in relation to the limitations on what men can see and value and do."

(Sir Geoffrey Vickers. "Freedom in a rocking boat". 1970)

Posted by: imo | Jan 10 2021 14:04 utc | 146

dh-mtl @Jan10 14:02 #145

Cui bono? Certainly not Trump!

This is naive.

Trump is not the "populist outsider" that his fans have been led to believe he is.

Trump has done everything that the establishment would want of him (tax cuts, military buildup, belligerent foreign policy, etc). Just like Obama, who was another faux populist. Trump is the Republican Obama.

Will Trump pardon Snowden or the Capitol Hill trespassers? Very doubtful.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2021 14:17 utc | 147

this is the real news, the real coup d'etat over the last 48 hours - by the Tech Oligarchs

Posted by: michaelj72 | Jan 10 2021 6:41 utc | 118

This entirely nonsensical idea is being pushed by useful idiots (who are angry) and useful idiots (who are happy).

Thought exercise:

US is at war. The President is using social media to rally the nation, exhorting it to "fight to win", etc.

Then, the big tech oligarch, being pacifists, decide in unison to deplatform any and all US officials or citizens that are pro-war. "By denying our platform to pro-war party, we as pacifists are forcing them to accept ceasefire and adopt negotiations". Useful butthurt idiots will cry "tech oligarchs", while all caps happy sock puppet useful idiots blabber "they are a private company. and no gay cake for you, haha!".

Meanwhile, anyone with an IQ north of 100 will note that The Pentagon and Intelligence Serivces OWN these platforms. And as above scenario forces you to think more clearly about limits of "private company" and "national security", and extralegal silencing of a still sitting POTUS (regardless of how revolting the actor is).

Whatever is happening now (Google, Apple, Amazon) is minimally GREENLIGHTED by the Pentagon and CIA and most importantly, the Real Power that controls those institutions. If you buy the phoney "insurrection"-cum-coup, then this is the counter-coup.

Nothing should make it more clear that all these companies are assets of MIC.

(Jack Dorsey well remembers his "oligarch" business partner being hung upside down in some hotel in Saudi Arabia.)

Posted by: trythinking | Jan 10 2021 14:20 utc | 148

Linux has indeed been crapified too, not that it was ever that great in that regard. You cannot simultaneously maximize both quality and profit.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 10 2021 11:59 utc | 139


The Campaign to Oust Linus Torvalds and Other Microsoft Critics at the ‘Linux’ Foundation

    Curiously enough Slashdot decided to cover ‘news’ from one week ago. Hours ago it published “Tech Press Rushes To Cover New Linus Torvalds Mailing List Outburst” (that’s exactly what Slashdot does here as well, it’s “by EditorDavid”).

    Torvalds publicly complained that his interviews are being nitpicked by the likes of Slashdot for something insulting or ‘scandalous’ that he said (because such headlines ‘sell’).

    Is this part of the effort to remove Torvalds? Look who wrote the two cited articles (the only ones we saw); they’re Microsoft boosters.

    Are they trying to sanitise the Linux Foundation for corporations like Microsoft, getting rid of charismatic people who simply, after provocation, say that unwanted code (for technical reasons) is like cow’s feces?

    If that’s the intention, this isn’t a new strategy; but now with the CoC there’s more ammo with which to shame and even scare Torvalds. They try to lower his impact

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 15:12 utc | 149

Linux Has a Code of Conduct and Not Everyone is Happy With it

"The Contributor Covenant was created by Coraline Ada Ehmke, a software developer, open source advocate, and LGBT activist. She has been instrumental in promoting diversity in the open-source world.

Coraline has also been vocal about her stance against meritocracy. The Latin word meritocracy originally refers to a “system under which advancement within the system turns on ‘merits’, like intelligence, credentials, and education.”

Activists like Coraline believe that meritocracy is a negative system where the worth of an individual is measured not by their humanity, but solely by their intellectual output."

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 15:32 utc | 150

bevin@78 is notable as coming from one of the fake lefts who try to pose as reasonable. The assertion that it was the Democratic Party that broke up the Republican Party rather than Trump's actions proves how absurd it is to take the pose for reality. When bevin uses telepathy or divine insights from God to peer into Trump's isolationist soul, we get an inadvertent concession that to bevin, "reality" is a triumph of the will to lie.

bevin's tacit premise that the original post was competent is essential to the folly. The idea that social media are actually public speech is the fundamental absurdity. The cacophony prevents real communication. Paying attention to Twitter just leaves you twitterpated. It was never a benefit. Wailing over its supposed loss is hysteria, a genuine case of bedwetting, as the latest cryptofascist propaganda insult of the day. The "theory" that the riot was LIHOP is deeply stupid or incompetent, because it doesn't address who "they" are who LIHOPed the riot. The Senate always takes first place, which means "they" includes Mitch McConnell! Incidentally, the pictures are a marvelous proof that the most amazing coincidence can be found in a world full of millions of things to seemingly coincide. People who don't believe coincidences happen are mentally incompetent. That's why you actually need evidence and that's why unsupported assertions do not need refutation.

Lastly, cui bono? is always a relevant question. Unfortunately, if you don't answer honestly, it still doesn't help. Cui bono? must include what benefits were hoped for, not just what turned out to be the case. Cui bono? is hostages were taken and the Insurrection Act invoked and the army called in to take over the Capitol? Donald Trump.

Again, Trumpery is lies, lies, lies.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 10 2021 16:01 utc | 151

uncle tungsten@98 has misplaced the Medicis into Venice. They ruled Florence when they ruled. This is possibly the most innocent wrong thing uncle tungsten has ever written, a personal best, morally speaking.

lysias@99 "Trespass to land is in most U.S. jurisdictions a misdemeanor, a minor crime, which most prosecutors ignore." Most trespass cases which get ignored do not involve open defiance of the owner and rarely ever include cases where trespass was accompanied by vandalism. Also, legally, trespassers can't be shot in most jurisdictions. Trumpers rarely can even pretend to relevance.

kooshy@100 tells a story proving Twitter is of dubious value, precisely because hysteria is its default mode. Somehow Clinton, who won the vote in 2016, being hypocritical on the issue is supposed to make Twitter reliable? No it does not, though saying so does show kooshy to be a disreputable loser.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 10 2021 16:13 utc | 152

"The "theory" that the riot was LIHOP is deeply stupid or incompetent, because it doesn't address who "they" are who LIHOPed the riot."

Meh. If indeed it was a LIHOP (of course I have no way of knowing), then "they" could be any "resistance" cabal inside any spook agency.

Don't forget, Peter Strzok was the number two official in the counterintelligence division at the FBI. Not to mention all those "multiple sources within the intelligence community" supplying the establishment media with many a shocking revelation in the last 4 years.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 10 2021 16:56 utc | 153

That these latest events are part of the show seems to be a given. Judging from the comments at MoA I think its not a controversial statement i.e. nothing about it looks like 'a coincidence'.

I think that if Trump were not part of the borg (and I think he is, and playing his part) then the scale of the election fraud, and his seeming desire to win, would be a no-brainer casus belli to sort things out. POTUS has many ways to skin a cat e.g. martial law, purges, iron pokers into sphincters a la Edward II and Gaddafi, drones and the 'unitary executive' idea of 'if the president does it then its legal'.

So what has changed now? Coz with Trump, its the opposite.

Anyway Trump still has time to do something, to disprove the idea he is part of the problem and not the solution. Time seems to have run out.

I think the only way to turn things around is for the yanks to get their shit together and fix it. But that looks like a pipe dream...

Whichever way I look at it, its not pretty...

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 10 2021 17:20 utc | 154

@ Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 15:32 utc | 150

What separates Linux from the other kernels (e.g. Microsoft, Apple iOS) is the fact that it is open source.

Being open source means that you can verify it from the source code, which means you can verify which modifications were made and which weren't made. In other words, you can potentially verify any backdoors etc.

Posted by: vk | Jan 10 2021 17:38 utc | 155

@vk | Jan 10 2021 17:38 utc | 155

Agreed, this is a very important point. Even if you don't verify the source code yourself, there are numerous independent people that do. Also there are hundreds of linux distributions, this in itself is safer than a corporate controlled closed source monoculture like Windows.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 10 2021 17:46 utc | 156

@ Drive-by Commenting | Jan 10 2021 7:38 utc | 121... thanks for your comment!

@ robin | Jan 10 2021 7:44 utc | 122.. i think both scenarios are happening... yours and jackrabbits.... keeping everything in a state of insecurity is intentional...

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2021 17:46 utc | 157

@vk | Jan 10 2021 17:38 utc | 155

Agreed that its a necessary precondition of software, but it is not a sufficient guarantee.

As long as you do not control/own all of the stack, from hardware to your OS and appa then you do not control it.

Even then its still not enough if you consider that companies like RSA et al are compromised by spooky agancies.

There is no such thing as private comms, not that I know of.

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 10 2021 17:56 utc | 158

McLuhan has set up the incident..


For McLuhan, media are technologies that extend human sense perceptions. In proposing that ‘the medium is the message’, McLuhan argues that the cultural significance of media lies not in their content, but in the way they alter our perception of the world. The impact of any technology is in ‘the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs’ (1974: 16). The particular impact of media technologies is in the way they alter the ‘patterns of perception steadily and without any resistance’ (p. 27)

Posted by: Nick | Jan 10 2021 18:24 utc | 159

Anybody who thinks anything on the Internet is truly private probably has somebody laughing at them in some little unknown cubicle. Oh well...

After rather extensive investigation I have concluded that something called 'PCLinuxOS' is the safest PRACTICAL operating system at the moment (no systemd, etc.). The whole 'systemd' Linux MegaTrojan was created by the Red Hat Corporation, which has always been a stealth stepchild of... IBM!

Check out:

Installing PCLinuxOS

An interesting thing is in the works:

Announcing HyperbolaBSD Roadmap

Posted by: blues | Jan 10 2021 19:26 utc | 160

@160 blues

I agree. Plenty love to pontificate....but your statement pretty much sums up the online experience.

Posted by: Digital Spartacus | Jan 10 2021 19:34 utc | 161

this is why i find all the talk about "breaking up monopolies" laughable; if there's one thing the tech overlords and the whore politicians both love (and there are sadly many of those things) it's protectionism and monopolizing. the people who run the show whether it's private or public HATE competition. of any kind. "free markets" - whether of ideas or finance or commodities - are a goddamn myth.

the US gained its current status when it destroyed competition in WWI and WWII. then when the soviets went tits up. now the last "threat" has been flipped to the point where beltway retards are cheering for AQAP and ISIS offshoots in relatively secular countries. now the competition is free speech itself and a peacefully ascending china.

"democracy" has always been a front and brute force is literally all these assholes have ever had (as it's been for most of human history). they used "manufactured consent" but then the internet broke their MSM monopoly on the "news". if this new ideological and informational fascism (in its most literal sense) can be avoided through alternate means of communication it will have the "streisand effect" as well as pushing it all deeper. then that will be used to demand 24/7 surveillance of all communication and you'll need a government permit to have a website and so on and so on until something very big breaks very badly.

good times. 2021 is so great, amirite?

Posted by: the pair | Jan 10 2021 19:42 utc | 162

It's Trump's Last Chance to Declassify These Russia Non-Collusion Mysteries

Trump could have declassified the Russiagate documents months ago. It is one of a limited number of things that Trump still has time to do. If he doesn't then why the hell not? (Possibly, Trump is too busy with the 10,000 indictments!)

Posted by: ADKC | Jan 10 2021 19:49 utc | 163

"Trump could have declassified the Russiagate documents months ago."

Perhaps there's no booking available at the Ecuadorian embassy for the next 6 years.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 10 2021 19:53 utc | 164

@ 162 the pair

Whomever controls the grid, controls the flow of information. Whenever anything of importance to the controllers is threatened and they can't steer that usefully for their gain I think we'll see the flow stop through means of an infrastructure take down or interruption. It may or may not appear online again until such time as things have been massaged back to being in the house's favor.

Posted by: Digital Spartacus | Jan 10 2021 19:54 utc | 165

Besides censorship or restricting access to populist social media, what can they do to punish you?

Why even attempt to hide your traffic and keystrokes?

Is it because people desire to hold onto the feeling of sovereignty, that at any moment, we can literally take out leaders who exhibit a totalitarian-streak? Without the "Precog" police being able to nip the problem in the bud and arrest us before even the "crime" has taken place?

Which leads further: the pearl-clutchers calling what happened this week an insurrection, a violent reactionary, racist riot, would they imagine that the U.S. is done with civil war, with violence and bloodshed amongst ourselves, that we have evolved beyond it? Many middle-brow the U.S. over made a remark that, "This isn't who we are!" Really? On the contrary, violence is emphatically an American trait. At its worst, it is when we are bombing browns abroad, and, at its best, it is when we are hanging traitors.

So, yes, we are very violent, us Americans.

What the board is demonstrating with their leaning towards privacy is an appeal to liberty.

From this, we can go further: digital currency can not be implemented lest the gov't have the ability to shut off your purchasing power. Full stop. I expect those worried about their internet privacy would also be worried about this next phase in centralized control.


In the meantime, what can they do to punish you if your keystrokes belie a surging desire to inflict violence?

They could certainly plant data on your device which implicates you in a nefarious, criminal ring. Nobody likes a paedophile.

Make sure to not upset any workplace technology-use rules and talk, like with your mouth, to your significant other and family about youe political views and intentions.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 10 2021 20:07 utc | 166

Far-Right Activists on Social Media Telegraphed Violence Weeks in Advance of the Attack on the US Capitol
by Alex Newhouse | January 10, 2021

An actual account by someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

"Just tourists," indeed.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jan 10 2021 20:29 utc | 167

Sucks given that the American conservative position is that private companies shouldn’t have to serve gays and similar. Why does Twitter have to allow Trump to have an account? Now if the government treated internet communication like a utility there might be an argument. But the same conservative Americans would cry socialism. It’s always astounding to me how badly American conservatives misunderstand the 1st amendment by thinking it applies to anything but government action.

And like I said yesterday. All these jackasses really accomplished was making the security state bigger and worse.

Posted by: Lex | Jan 10 2021 21:56 utc | 168

Schiff's domestic terrorism act is spine chilling, but I strongly disagree with the ACLU's claim that it will be used mostly against minorities and leftists. If this past summer is any indication, blacks and left extremists will get a pass because they are the useful idiots of the Democratic Party. Instead, this upcoming law will be aimed straight at conservatives and far right groups. The Democrats are trying to stifle all opposition, and this will be their opening volley.

Posted by: Gio Con | Jan 10 2021 21:56 utc | 169

@168 Lex

I am not complaining that POTUS was censored.

I am not worried in the least. It will backfire on them spectacularly, so what does it matter?

As I said in a prior post, there is a temptation on the part of the plebs right now to want government to swoop in and save the day. POTUS did not bite, he did not fall for this. The term "fake news," as simple as two syllables, was able to inflict far more damage on them than any executive order.

You do not want government to come in and say we know best. What can and can't be said. Regulating monopolies, OTOH, is a completely different ball of wax and it is where this service of the government provides the ability of competitors to arise and offer competing choices. Two completely different things but nuance is needed to see the difference.

Right now, conservatives are done with instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. The problem is that a new conservative competitor can not arise when the hosting services are monopolized by globalist oligarchs.

So, me? Not worried. POTUS did us right by not sicking the Federal Gov't into an unholy alliance with Twitter, Facebook, etc. But believe me, the uniparty is going to try this maneuver during a Harris admin.

I see that antifa is out in the streets again. To what purpose? They are needed, along with the threat of *gasp* white nationalist deplorables, as a casus belli for the public to get behind such legislation as this unholy alliance of Big Tech and the Fed. Having done their job, antifa will slip away, actual patriots in the deplorables will be severely hindered, and the middlebrow dumbass-consenter all over the U.S. will think that the end justified the means because our streets are quiet.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 10 2021 22:15 utc | 170

@Passer by #21:

There are many defacto one party party countries and the US will become one too, without 2 branches this time, but with only one - the Dem party.

I had the exact same thought yesterday. In fact, I think what you’re describing has already happened. I no longer think that the U.S. is a one-party state with two branches. Now I think that the only real party is the Democratic Party, which unites all cognitive commanding heights of the U.S. society—intelligence agencies, Big Tech, media & academia—while the Republican Party is a mere subsidiary of the Democratic Party that plays the role of the “heel” in the political kayfabe. As the Democratic Party maintains a public image of “a force of good”, whenever it gains upper hand in the elections, it must immediately start working behind the scenes to manipulate upcoming elections to lose them to the Republican Party, so it can then claim that it can’t fulfill its promises because of the Republicans’ “obstruction”.

Posted by: S | Jan 10 2021 22:58 utc | 171

"Make no mistake. Both actions that follow from the ludicrous Capitol 'sacking', Biden's 'domestic terrorism' act and the systematic eradication of communication channels for people with certain opinions, will primarily be used against the left."


What makes you think the professional wokesters are interested in truth? To coin a phrase, "What is Truth?". Truth is what they say it is.

Private Enterprise and Capital actively colluding with a corrupt and repressive crypto-fascist regime, all for the sake of increasing profits. They said it couldn't happen here, but this has been 50 years coming. We are now truly a banana republic.

The chickens always come home to roost.

Posted by: groucho | Jan 10 2021 23:52 utc | 172

@171 s

Seeing that the deplorables will no longer play a part in this duopoly sham, that means that no republican candidate can take the torch in the two-party tyranny you rightfully identify going forward. They could not muster enough support. DJT was the last Republican Prez.

The game is at the end of its rope. It therefore means that the pols must openly and nakedly dictated to, eroding finally any semblance of Republic within our borders.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 10 2021 23:59 utc | 173

@anon #115:

some wishful thinking . . .

Wishful thinking? I merely explained that it is possible to use the latest web technologies to implement almost all of Parler’s functionality as a “home screen web app”. Coincidentally, Pavel Durov, the founder of VK and a co-founder and the CEO of Telegram, has announced today (, in Russian) that Telegram is working on such a web app:

“The Apple–Google duopoly poses a much bigger problem to freedom than Twitter.

Apple is the more dangerous of the two, because it can completely restrict the apps you use, while on Android you can install programs as APKs from other sources. This is why I urge users to switch from iOS to Android—the least they can do to keep information flowing freely.

On the iOS side, we are working on a rich web app that will run almost as smoothly in Safari as a native app. The difference between the two still exists, but it can work if the need arises.”

Of course, the U.S. mobile network operators and internet service providers may try to block Parler’s IP addresses, but it will require changing U.S. laws to allow them to do that, will be a giant embarassment for the U.S. “freedom” ideology, and ultimately won’t work because people will start using VPNs to bypass the restrictions.

Posted by: S | Jan 11 2021 0:25 utc | 174

Mao Cheng Ji@143 invents hypothetical "resistance" cells in any security agency, without considering the people who actually have a role, like Mitch McConnell. But even then the obvious beneficiary of a successful insurrection, Trump, is magically disappeared despite his newly appointed flunkies in Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Army holding back the National Guard to help out.

When someone who likely knew better made posts hypothesizing a "color revolution" pretending not to notice it was Trump laying the groundwork for his color revolution, the agreed upon "facts" were created.

Or to put it another way, the false flags were the Trump flag and the Confederate battle flag and the Israeli flag. (I think I glimpsed a Taiwan flag at one point.) But they are false in that they are truly are treasonous to the American people, not working class.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 11 2021 1:00 utc | 175

@Norwegian #120:

If you have an iPhone, stop using Safari and install Brave instead.

I hate to break it to you, but on iOS all browsers (including Brave) are required by Apple to use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine, which is the engine that powers Safari. So you’re still using Safari in terms of supported web technologies, bugs, performance, etc., albeit with a different user interface and some added features.

Posted by: S | Jan 11 2021 1:18 utc | 176

@Drive-by Commenting #121:

Gibiru is a two-bit scam like DuckDuckGo . . .

DuckDuckGo is still useful as it hides your IP and browser fingerprinting information from Google. Allegedly, of course—we have no way of verifying this.

Beware of privacy peddlers - honeypots and charlatans, all of them . . .

That’s taking it too far. I’d say most are, but not all. For example, PGP is not a scam, it works.

I agree with the rest of your comment.

Posted by: S | Jan 11 2021 1:33 utc | 177

I believe the events inside the Senators offices were staged, and probably involved patsies and intelligence agency operatives. So we see a random hillbilly sitting at Pelosi’s desk, stealing her mail and looking at her computer as he is photographed by a long-standing CIA photographer. He is allowed to leave the building without being debriefed and isn’t arrested till days later in another state. How did they know that this wasn’t an agent of a hostile state? We’re always told that Russia is such a dangerous enemy, how did they know this wasn’t a Russian agent? His mugshot looks like he could be Russian. How did they know he didn’t swipe sensitive info and already transmit it to a hostile power or leave the country? Why would all of these people be photographed taking their time taking selfies and vaping and goofing off than allowed to leave? Why would some random woman be vaping looking at a Senators computer while she is photographed by a professional photographer, it’s as if she’s oblivious that she’s committing a serious federal crime that she will do major jail time for. We’re expected to believe that all the Capitol has for security is some small town style cops who just let people ransack Senator’s offices and then leave with unknown items because they’re all white supremacists? Everyone knows the federal government cares about security above all else, they knew there was going to be a Trump march to Capitol and they know there are many armed militias in the US made up of white people who have threatened to bring down the federal government. What if some of these men were armed and took hostages and caused a standoff inside the Capitol?
If this was real wouldn’t we see all of the people in charge of security brought in for questioning, charged with dereliction of duty, or endangering national security, and completely failing to guard the Capitol and fired if not put in prison?
Further, wouldn’t the 5 or so guys that were famously photographed just be whomever happened to be at the front of the mob, how come they happen to all be is cos-play outfits? The man with the long white hair who just so happened to be wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt is on video leading the break in by breaking a window earlier. This man has previously been seen in Portland showing up with racist shirts to Patriot Prayer gatherings, where the Patriot Prayer leaders repeatedly said they didn’t know him and asked him not to come anymore. All of the people photographed in the famous pictures including the raccoon hat guy with the horns appear to have taken considerable time working on their larping/ cos-play outfits and seem to pose rather well at all times for the cameras. A friend of mine said that he thinks this is intentional to stick in the minds of millennials who love this kind of costume stuff. Why is “Camp Auschwitz” guy such a big fan of Trump who’s biggest donors are Sheldon Adelson and who’s daughter is married to Kushner and who has bent over backwards to do everything Israel has demanded, nearly taking us to war with Iran at the behest of Netanyahu. Why did Aaron Mostofsky, a Jewish guy from Brooklyn dress up in the same cave-man outfit as these supposed white supremacists and walk next to Mr Auschwitz before taking rest on bench where he is photographed?
I suggest watching the video of the supposed shooting of the woman as well and the cops actions at that time. We see a video from the protestor’s side of the guard on the other side of the window while 2 men attempt to break the window and door, the guard then turns to shoot a woman next to them who is off camera so we don’t see the moment she is hit. Just before that 4 cops walk up the stairs guns out and see people trying to smash down the doors, instead of ordering people to the ground they don’t say anything and retreat down the stairs though nobody appears to be armed in the small mob. After the woman is shot they surround her and kind of block her from view while she appears to smash a blood packet into her chest and red liquid comes out, though there is none on the floor. One cop sort of fiddles with a small bandage but never does anything with it, no cops try and remove her clothing, administer first aid or help her in anyway. Cops surround her and ask the crowd sort of nicely to “get back we can still save her life.” At no point does the cops order everyone to the floor even though there has just been a shooting. The man with the backwards hat who was right next to the woman is later interviewed outside and curiously says he saw her get shot and then she said to him “it’s ok, I’m alright.” Yet in the video she appears to be mortal wounded by the shot and quickly dies, why would say such a thing when she just got shot and died a few seconds later, in the video she doesn’t appear to say a single word.
I could go on and on, but I will mention that I’ve read this blog for a longtime and I’m surprised B nor any commenters are asking these questions because most of my skeptic friends called this fake right away. Not the whole march but the people inside the Capitol and offices. Also I’m shocked to hear that B buys the official story of 9/11, I supposed he’s never done much research on it or wants to not “go there” for various reasons, still shocking to say the least, especially for a military researcher. Doesn’t B know the US has a 9 minute fighter response, and that no airplane has ever gone off course and turned off the transponder with out being intercepted within 15 minutes? Doesn’t B know that the Pentagon has air defense missile systems and that nobody would expect to be able to hit the Pentagon 1 hour after two buildings had been hit by planes because they would of course be intercepted or shot down by air defenses? Or that there were 80 cameras that would have caught whatever hit the Pentagon that we’ve never been able to see? Doesn’t B know that passenger airplanes can’t go 500mph and do nearly 360 turns and fly at ground level at these speeds? Etc. etc.

Posted by: Jason C | Jan 11 2021 6:39 utc | 178

@Jason C | Jan 11 2021 6:39 utc | 178

Thank you. Spot on wrt. 911, and also the Capitol event. The objective was to stop the objections to the elector certifications an prevent any public documentation of the election fraud.

It worked.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 11 2021 7:14 utc | 179

@Jason C | Jan 11 2021 6:39 utc | 178

Thank you for the insights.

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 11 2021 7:53 utc | 180

The events of the 6th look to have been a very successful operation and the next stages are well underway.

What seems to be happening is far more strategic than a bit of public deplatforming here and there. It is all about eliminating meaningful opposition.

Wars and their battles, be they political or physical, are only won with the interchange of information, logistics and communications leading to organisation and co-ordinated plans followed by actions.

Those controlling the future of the US seem to be well down the path of eliminating this as a risk to their plans. As in, how in the situation that seems to be unfolding, will this be possible any more?

In particular, how can you organise and set up supplies for an event, or even perhaps a meeting, when almost the only way of securely communicating will be by word of mouth, hand passed letters or maybe CB radio? In effect nothing out of your local community.

The situation unfolding is that the IC and the three letter agencies will be in the 21st Century, the Patriots will barely be in the 17th. It looks unstoppable.

Posted by: JohninMK | Jan 11 2021 11:15 utc | 181

@JohninMK | Jan 11 2021 11:15 utc | 181

Interesting: It looks unstoppable.

The only reason, I think, it looks unstoppable is because the controlling hand wants you to believe that. Perhaps if 'the resistance' looks to how others, at the receiving end of US empire, have dealt with the problem then more ideas for stopping 'the unstoppable' will occur.

P2P (peer-to-peer) organization may still use technology (e.g. good encryption) as a tool, but because of the tech-sector being part of the problem, I agree that other solutions would need to be used.

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 11 2021 11:26 utc | 182

The domestic terrorism bill is — by definition — civil war. It is an attempt by the new regime to delegitimize and criminalize Trump and any populist opposition.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jan 11 2021 14:16 utc | 183

@imo #146
The way antivirus software operates is by hashes. Every file in your system is run through a hash calculation - the resulting value is then put in a list and compared with the list of known virus hashes.
The AV software also has the capability to download files - intended for new virus analysis but could be used for any file.
The thing is: it is non-trivial to download all of the activity in a computer because it requires downloading a large part of the info on the hard drive. The bandwidth consumption from the download would be very noticeable as would the performance hit on the computer (it takes many many hours).
Even if this were done successfully once and only delta updates uploaded - it still would be extremely noticeable.

Short answer: highly unlikely the AV software fully monitors users. Browser activity is stored in SQL databases and you cannot access them incrementally.

But if you're really worried, just don't run AV.
The reality is that a careful person doesn't need it, nor is there strong correlation between AV software use and net digital safety. All AV does is ensure the older and/or dumber viruses and malware won't work. There's also both a significant time lag between when a new virus/malware appears and its signature gets distributed to any particular AV software's customer base. The more severe, the shorter but it generally requires a significant number of affected people (10000? 100000? 1M? nobody will say) or something public and really nasty like Wannacry.
The cost to develop a new, non-AV visible virus or malware is under $5000 - so I personally think AV is only of benefit if it is really cheap or free as a kind of "why not" safety measure.

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 11 2021 15:53 utc | 184

It was my understanding that Pence was appointed a long time ago to keep Trump in line. At the time so long ago, he’d come out of the relative blue as a vice president. When the vice president might have been a far more radical choice, and acceptable to the population.

Except for the few really annoying posters here who accept the delusional reality of Biden, still it’s unnerving the level of control of information to the population on the tv or the corporate mouth pieces. People do believe what they are being informed, and accept the absurd narrative. This will require years as was stated in the thread of education and truthful information. So Pence is effectively playing the part he was assigned.

To collectively punish anyone who lives outside the narrative as some kind of criminal or unintelligent or plain stupid, as some annoying posters also do here in line with Clinton, and by the incoming administration, seems like a risky move.

Seems like they’ve game played this out in their pitiful think tanks though and are sure they have a winning hand, and can resume business in an orderly fashion. What a profound waste of timre. Wait and see?

Posted by: Geoff | Jan 11 2021 15:53 utc | 185

What will the Capitol police do when the AK toting fellers show up?
I expect it in the next go around.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Jan 11 2021 17:28 utc | 186

Noah can't wait to go after communists next.

Posted by: Hidari | Jan 11 2021 17:45 utc | 187

A reasonably sober and realistic analysis of the beginning of the end of empire:

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 11 2021 18:03 utc | 188

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