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January 08, 2021

By Wrongly Calling The Capitol Rabble 'Terrorists' Joe Biden Will Likely Create Some

The hyperventilating over Wednesday's MAGA cosplay in the Capitol Building continues:

In a blistering speech one day after pro-trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an unprecedented security breach, U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said the perpetrators should be considered 'domestic terrorists'.

"Don't dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It's that basic. It's that simple."

That the incoming president declares a number of activist from the opposing party to be 'terrorists' demonstrates how unqualified he is for that job.

Is this a terrorist?


Those rabbles were in no way terrorists. They were not even a mob. Most of them were out-of-town rednecks who felt that they had been wronged. They wanted to express that. They were surprised when they found how easy it was to enter the Capitol and they apparently took more time to take pictures than to rearrange the furniture.

This was not a coup attempt either. These folks had no weapons, no training and, most importantly, they had no plan of what to do except to maybe enter to then leave:

And yet, and yet…. This was no Vietnam-level rioting. This wasn’t even a serious occupation, which one would think was the point, to keep Congress from executing the final ratification of the Biden win. Could you image the spectacle of democracy chastened if the Trump mob had held the Capitol and forced Congress to scramble find a hotel ballroom in which to finish their official business?

Nope, Congress was back in business by 8:00 PM, roughly seven hours after the barbarians stormed the walls, albeit with pretty much everyone badly rattled and some Trump supporters rapidly backpedaling from their former positions.

Despite the gravity of the event, if you look not very hard at what happened, both sides in their different ways were shambolic.

Another such view:

[L]et’s be clear about what did not take place at the Capitol Building last night. This was not a fascist coup, as so many shrill, supposedly liberal commentators are claiming. Their flagrant use of the word ‘fascist’ to describe every political movement they disapprove of is an insult to reason and history. This wasn’t a coup full stop. The National Guard suppressed the morons, the barricades were put back up, and even their hero Donald Trump told them to go home. A coup is a conscious effort to illegally seize power from the government. These people couldn’t even believe they made it into the Capitol Building. They were like children finding a candy store unguarded.

A children's game. Indeed. 


There was also a curious lack of resistance from the relevant authority:

[Rep. Anna] Eshoo also blasted the Capitol Hill police, calling their lackluster response a “failure across the board” and describing the barricades outside the Capitol complex “like doggy doors … it was like, ‘Welcome, I’m taking you on a tour.’ ”

Lawmakers, she said, had gotten a detailed memo about street barricades and procedures, but when she arrived and looked across the Capitol Hill plaza, “I thought, where is everyone?”


These were not terrorists but tourists who came from all over the states to Washington for fun and to register their disagreement with the 'elites'. The Capitol Hill policeman correctly recognized that the protesters were not enemies of the state but rather normal Americans:

Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT - 4:16 UTC · Jan 8, 2021
Cops gave rioters directions to Schumer’s office but aimed a gun at a photographer and didn’t believe she was a journalist. Astonishing this is the level of security in the halls of a co-equal branch of government in the post-9/11 era.

Yet Biden and others are furious about the stunt because it lifted the veil off their vaunted U.S. 'democracy' and its empty rituals:

Nicholas J. Fuentes @NickJFuentes - 21:01 UTC · Jan 7, 2021
The US Capitol is hardly a “sacred temple of democracy,” it’s the sleaziest brothel in the world, totally bought and controlled by powerful interest groups and foreign governments. Who are they kidding?

Congressional processes are dirty fights about the distribution of the loot. There is nothing sacred about it. Just consider the massive bribes that were taken during the Georgia Senate races. Those hundreds of millions of 'donations' will have to be paid back in kind.

The real danger to the people does not come from those 'deplorables' who walked into the Capitol but from the 'elite' who will use the incident for their purposes:

The threat inflation, the wild claims about a fascist coup, are transparent efforts by the cosseted political and cultural elites to endow their project with moral importance; to give their restoration of managerial, technocratic power after the four-year populist experiment – which is fundamentally the project that Biden and his influential supporters are currently engaged in – the gloss of historical urgency. It is mission creation.

Worse, this narrative-building will allow the elites to circumscribe even more forms of political thought and speech than they already desire to do, on the basis that the latent fascism among the American rabble is likely to be stirred up by inflammatory ideas and commentary. Indeed, we’ve already been given a chilling glimpse of this post-incursion clampdown on ‘violent’ speech in Twitter’s extraordinary decision to ban, outright, three of Trump’s tweets last night and to lock him out of his account for 12 hours.

It strikes me that this unilateral use of corporate power by Silicon Valley to prevent the democratically elected president of the United States from engaging with millions of his voters and supporters, to physically forbid him from partaking in online discussion, is a grave assault on democracy, too. More grave, I would say, than the immoral and anti-democratic incursion of the Capitol Building. Already, right away, we are seeing that the threat-inflating response to last night’s events will likely have longer-lasting negative consequences for open debate and democratic norms than the thing itself.

It is even worse than that. The Democrats reaction to the slapstick action is likely to create more strife.

That Biden now falsely declares that the people who enter the capitol are terrorists, who thereby need to be handled as such, will deepen the rift within the U.S. society. It guarantees that some of the 'deplorables' who Biden designates as terrorists will become real ones. The U.S. military has ample experience with doing that in Iraq and elsewhere. During the early years of the occupation it designated legitimate resistance to the occupation as terrorism and thereby sowed the seeds for real terrorism.

An even worse strategy is to blame the whole incident on the 'terrorist leader' Donald Trump. During the rally that preceded the Capitol incident Trump did not tell the people to enter the building:

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” Trump told the crowd on Wednesday.

After the people had unexpectedly entered the Capitol building Trump asked them to leave:

He said: "I know your pain, I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election and everyone knows it especially the other side.

"But you have to go home now, we have to have peace, we have to have law and order, we have to respect our great people in law and order. We don't want anybody hurt."

Some 74 million people voted for Trump. What will they do if the Democrats now unfairly try to impeach him over an incident he did not cause?

Do not expect them to ignore it or to change their opinions. This analogy is apt.

Max Abrahms @MaxAbrahms - 14:21 UTC · 5 Jan 2021
Careful what you wish for.
My research shows leaders often restrain lower level members.
So taking out the leader tends to make the group more — not less — radical in its tactical choices.
I have loads of empirical & theoretical work on this finding if you’d like to discuss.

Even the Islamic State foresees that this will lead to more strife within the U.S.:

[T]he bitter feeling of defeat that the supporters of the 'Taghut' Trump have expressed during their recent protests- which followed the protests of their adversaries from the supporters of the 'Democratic Party' during the past year- will push them to exert more effort and offer more support for their Taghut during the next four years or whoso stands with him alongside the seat of the presidency, in order to achieve revenge for themselves and achieve victory over their adversaries again. This means that the conflict between the two parties and their supporters inside America will be very intense, and the focus of the policies of the two parties during this time will be greater on the internal issues to guarantee gaining more electoral votes.

By using the 'terrorist' moniker Biden, and the media, are taking this thing into the wrong direction. It creates more extremism and will likely have bloody consequences.

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@Posted by: William Gruff | Jan 9 2021 15:12 utc | 272

this was supposed to be in quotes (from William Gruff)

That means we are currently in a rare position to very easily identify many such astroturfers by noting which online personae are now chanting in unison with the establishment.

Posted by: librul | Jan 9 2021 18:25 utc | 301

Well this turned out to be quite the popular thread...

@ Mr B

Would be interested to hear what you have to say about the latest surge in bans of 'dissident' Twitter et al. accounts?

Alarmingly, both Left and Right wing, if that actually even means anything anymore... common denominator: counter MSM narrative promotion.

If certain other vaguely ideologically aligned writers are to be believed...

it would appear some form of purge is in progress, with much more to come?

Posted by: Et Tu | Jan 9 2021 18:26 utc | 302

Sometimes people forget who is who.

I am a Green Voter
and that I believe has afforded me
a position of relative objectivity.

Posted by: librul | Jan 9 2021 18:32 utc | 303

These days seem to me to have the feel of the days immediately following the Reichstag Fire. Not the mass arrests starting the very night of the fire, granted. At least not yet. But the same clamp down on the means of spreading news. And the same prospect of draconian legislation.

Posted by: lysias | Jan 9 2021 18:38 utc | 304

i see the caitlin johnstone article has been linked 3 different times... anyone want to try for a 4th? lol...

Posted by: james | Jan 9 2021 18:56 utc | 305

UNCONFIRMED: Claimed new image from Hunter's laptop

If this can be confirmed...the panic in DC can be explained.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 9 2021 18:58 utc | 306

I'm not too worried about the boot coming down, not yet. I'm interested in how far this wave of repression will proceed up the shoreline until it breaks. The tide of totalitarianism is rising for sure, but only in surges, and we're not all the way to the crest of the shore yet.

There is indeed a lot of ruin in a country, and we have much more to be destroyed yet by the oligarchs. And they will overreach in numerous ways. I'm interested to see if this time will be one of those - or more precisely, where the lines of overreach will be drawn in the various activities, and which things will become the new normal, for now.

For now. Not forever. This will cause its own downfall. But the "who what when where why how" remain to unfold.

And now I'm moving to b's new thread...

Posted by: Grieved | Jan 9 2021 19:04 utc | 307

The death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknik allegedly struck by a fire extinguisher didn't happen until Thursday night. There's a lot that's suspicious about the case. I wonder if the Powers That Be manufactured it to serve as a counter to Ashli Babbit's shooting death, which was soon known on Wednesday.

Posted by: lysias | Jan 9 2021 19:20 utc | 308

@ 279 NemesisCalling - thank you for that post. it was a beautiful and wonderful reminder that those of us here for reasons of growing our knowledge need to rise above the obvious steps that have been taken to divide and ultimately dominate us.

i am through with democracy. it is a lie. we in the united states have never had "democracy." we get to pick between the two flavors that our overlords give us.

there is a funny joke, or i guess "meme" that went around the former soviet union which i have been told by people who went through those crushing rock of Symplegades . there is a play on words that can be done in the Russian language. the word "democracy" is "демократия" in Russian. But with a slight tweaking of "демократия" - by adding a letter, the Latin "R" - "Р" in Cyrillic, the word democracy becomes "shit-ocracy."

"демократия" - democracy

"деpмократия" - shitocracy

I thought that was very interesting, and I though I would share. I realize that with the increase in this blog's recognition, due to our host, b's, hard work and extreme honesty and reflection, it has attracted a fair number of people who hold to some sort of a black and white, Manichaean mindset. and there are others who hold different agendas.

although i disagree with our host and those who comment here on certain issues, i respect their opinions. i value them immensely. the only add to my knowledge.

and @ xel - 249 - oops.

please, if i got any of my Cyrillic wrong, too. please correct me. I'm trying to learn.

Posted by: lex talionis | Jan 9 2021 19:34 utc | 309

Posted by: Triden | Jan 8 2021 22:43 utc | 92

Rubbish. A working class insurrection would be, almost by definition, a left-wing one. This one was carried out by right wing Neo-fascists, so by the 'lumpen' proletariat who are proletariat only in economic terms, not by consciousness or motivation.

Posted by: Jams O'Donnell | Jan 9 2021 19:41 utc | 310

@ Jams O'Donnell
"so by the 'lumpen' proletariat who are proletariat only in economic terms, not by consciousness or motivation."

Meh. 'Lumpenproletariat', in Marxism, are low-level criminals, junkies, homeless, ghetto dwellers. The poor who are not engaged in any productive work ever.

Which is why they don't have class consciousness. They can be easily bribed or fooled, and used by the upper class.

Needless to say, this segment of the population is firmly in D's column.

Posted by: Mao Cheng Ji | Jan 9 2021 19:56 utc | 311

Rubbish. A working class insurrection would be, almost by definition, a left-wing one.

Posted by: Jams O'Donnell | Jan 9 2021 19:41 utc | 310

It's clear you've not spent much, if any, time around the working class.

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 19:57 utc | 312

***in western countries

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 19:57 utc | 313

The bedwetters came out in their droves for this thread though.

Everywhere one looks in this thread there's a bedwetting hysteric frantically trying to construct a mini moral high ground from which to vomit out their prescripted performative faux moral outrage in order to demonstrate their own personal non-deplorable status and clear moral superiority.

Hilarious to watch

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 20:08 utc | 314

Prince Albert of Monaco was in disbelief over Wednesday's riots at the Capitol building: "President Trump has to be held accountable"

If any one knows about democratic accountability, it's got to Prince Albert of Monaco, right?

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 20:22 utc | 315

And on principal grounds I WILL donate to b JUST because of that pathetic commenter who calls himself laguerre.

I hope you useful idiots know what fate awaits you after the coup is complete, YOU FULLY deserve every single thing that happen to you.

If you are so retarded that you cannot see the difference ntween principles and supporting tRump i can not even feel pity for you and i will pray for your souls.

When you tear out the tongues of those who speak against you, you are not proving them liars.
Instead you are proclaiming, on the altar of oppression, that you are crippled by fear of what they might say.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight”
Isaiah 5:20-21

Posted by: Per/Norway | Jan 9 2021 20:37 utc | 316

Norwegian @82. Thank you!

Posted by: beq | Jan 9 2021 20:54 utc | 317

@Per/Norway #316:

I hope you useful idiots know what fate awaits you after the coup is complete, YOU FULLY deserve every single thing that happen to you.

Nothing bad will happen to them. They are obedient tools and will keep adjusting “their” positions to match the ongoing MSM programming.

Posted by: S | Jan 9 2021 21:07 utc | 318

I was surprised how many of the players that took over the Capitol demanded MedicareForAll NOW and a crash response to the pandemic. Many were also demanding unemployment insurance boosts, rent/mortgage moratoriums, small business coverage. They were sick and tired of bipartsan $740B war budgets.

They wouldn't leave until Trump or Biden and Congress fulfilled their demands.

Oh, wait - that's wasn't them and not many of our new "colleagues" in the bar, demonstrating the desperate powerlessness of the US left.

Posted by: daffyDuct | Jan 9 2021 21:09 utc | 319

Establishment appointed Biden Regime announces intentions to punish ..the governed deplorable. Regime thugs will be assigned to attach long-jail-term domestic-terrorist labels on those who engage in dissent, communications will be closely monitored. Summary of Gruff @ 255.

If long prison terms don't stop the resistance, do you think tanks, rockets, napbam and the death to all who resist will be next?

Clearly, the Biden regime will use the USA to support the global Oligarchic establishment.

I have talked to several network administrators who have discovered outside invading software has redirected their network IP addresses. Apparently permissions on files normally used for administration have had their ownership and permissions changed. Maybe these experiences should be posted as they occur?

Posted by: snake | Jan 9 2021 21:18 utc | 320

Working-class means someone who owns no property that gives them income and they have to work for people who use their work to make a profit. Their employers in general need to get as much work out of them as possible for the least possible money, either by stretching out the work day or by sweating their time working. Employers also need to make sure the workers are as restricted as much as possible from unionizing to bargain for wages and working conditions. Employers have a political interest in making sure there are always some unemployed workers to keep wages low, or to hire in the increasingly rare boom times. Employers also have a political interest in making sure workers are divided by tiered pay rates, unnecessary job qualifications, alleged supervisory roles, or in a broader sense by national, ethnic, racial, gender differences. In the US there was once an effort to support workers in at least owning homes, (at least white ones, the government deliberately made it difficult for black soldiers to get the same housing assistance from the GI Bill,) which fosters the illusion that there may be capital gains for the family, which would a kind of property from income. The overpricing of homes and the tidal wave of evictions is changing that, plus the mortgage interest deduction is being targeted by fiscal austerity fanatics. Working class means they are exploited for profit. A good rule of thumb is that if the "worker" can negotiate a personal contract with the employer, they are not a worker at all. They may still be cheated and abused, but they aren't working-class.

Political swindlers will tell you that working-class means not having a college education. There are striking differences in consumption and life style after more experience of college, which is this country's closest equivalent to the mind broadening experience of foreign travel. People who pick some arbitrary income level to denominate working class are also swindlers. BS about PMC, professional managerial classes, is another political swindle.

There are people who don't possess property but don't have the same power because their employer doesn't use their labor to make a profit. A huge example in this country is elementary and secondary school teachers. (Higher education "teachers" often don't teach and have the prospect of copy rights for textbooks etc.) This is why it is so hard for teachers to win a strike, they aren't costing an employer money when they go out. And it's also why so many teachers are rabid conservatives. Teachers at for profit schools are working class, which is why for profit schools tend to be inferior. ("Teachers" at elite private schools are more like servants, today's version of what was once a live-in governess or tutor in earlier centuries.)

And there is another large group of people who don't have property, by and large, but aren't working class. Those are the servants of the ruling class in the security services, rank and file soldiers and police and what are basically clerks in the security services. (The office caste in all these are ultimately servants too, but privileged ones, who really do count as part of the often imaginary "middle classes.") The retired colonel with the plastic cuffs was an officer and not working class. The woman who was shot was reported to be fourteen year veteran. By life experience she was not working class.

If all this sounds tedious, that's because cheap, dishonest rhetoric is the stock in trade of reactionary nutjobs and cryptofascist internet militants.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Jan 9 2021 21:21 utc | 321

It remains to be seen what caused the death of the police officer. It is currently under investigation. There have been many reports saying it was due to being struck on the head with a fire extinguisher. The attorney general announced that he died subsequent to receiving injuries as a result of engaging protesters. He announced that he was opening a murder investigation. Sometimes deaths do not occur immediately after an injury has been sustained. Of course, the attorney general could simply be lying as part of a conspiracy.

The police announced that more than fifty officers were injured. They cited the use of chemical irritants and pipes by protesters. They found two pipe bombs, an assault rifle, 5 hand guns, zip ties and 12 molotov cocktails which they described as "ready to use." Of course, like the statement made by the attorney general, these too could simply be fabrications by 'bedwetters" generating stories in order to claim moral superiority and distinguish themselves from the "deplorables."

Posted by: David | Jan 9 2021 21:29 utc | 322



Very rare, particularly on MoA comment threads, to see anyone developing and excersizing critical thinking skills in realtime.

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 21:37 utc | 323

@ Jen at 34

Yes, there is video evidence of the fire extinguisher attack. It was shown last night on the 7 PM Segodnya news program in Russia. It is available on YouTube here: . 3:27 to 3:31 approx.

Posted by: Alex in Oz | Jan 9 2021 6:23 utc | 194


This is evidence of "a" fire extinguisher attack but as yet one cannot claim it is "the" fire extinguisher attack in question.


It shows a group of police to the right of a low white wall scuffling with protesters. One policeman, only the one, was not wearing a helmet. He was pushed backwards towards the wall in the scuffle.


The cop in question clearly sports a moustache.

In all the photos of Officer Brian Sicknick i have seen so far he is completely cleanshaven.

So the cop in your video is unlikely to be Sicknick.


Meanwhile, to the left of the wall, a single male individual, dressed in black, wearing a rucksack, dark blue beanie and apparently with a white face mask, throws a small red fire extinguisher with his right hand. Its butt end strikes the bare-headed policeman square on the back of the head. So hard that it bounces backwards and up.


I downloaded the video in question onto my laptop. Using VLC I played back that section (3:27 to 3:31) at quarter speed.

I watched and rewatched it at least 5 times.

I can say with absolute certainty that the fire extinguisher NEVER made contact with the head of the moustached bareheaded cop (hereafter known as MBC)

The fire extinguisher instead bounced off the helmet of the cop in front of MBC, nearer the camera, and then glanced of the helmet of the cop behind MBC, further from the camera.

MBC's head is not visible while any of this occurs. But it is obviously below the level of the fire extinguisher.

MBC's barehead only comes visible again after the fire has hit the helmets of his two helmeted colleagues and moved off in another direction entirely


To me it looks like a professional, premeditated killing hit.


Based on what?

Your years of experience investigating fire extinguisher asassinations carried out by professional regime-change hitmen?

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 22:02 utc | 324

***only comes visible again after the fire *extinguisher* has hit

Posted by: Triden | Jan 9 2021 22:06 utc | 325

@Norwegian #259

Apparently you aren't familiar with analogy and deductive reasoning or humor.

Posted by: mozilla | Jan 10 2021 0:37 utc | 326

@S #263

It's hard to hear what she has to say with all of her racist baggage.

Posted by: mozilla | Jan 10 2021 0:42 utc | 327

"If the people who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, and eventually overtook the Capitol, quite easily by the way, with police literally opening gates for them, snapping some selfies, and participating in a few friendly shoving matches before ceding the building completely.

If those people stormed the Capitol because their government had abandoned them for nearly a year while an unprecedented pandemic ravaged the country.

If they stormed the Capitol because the government shut down their jobs and asked them to stay home but didn’t provide stimulus to replace their lost income, didn’t provide rent relief, mortgage relief, debt relief during an unprecedented pandemic.

If they stormed the Capitol because they were recently evicted or on the edge of eviction or their children were going hungry because the government abandoned them during an unprecedented pandemic.

If they stormed the Capitol because they couldn’t afford healthcare in the midst of a health crisis. Because they saw family, friends, coworkers die needlessly because the government abandoned them during an unprecedented pandemic. I would have supported them.

If the people who stormed the Capitol were black and indigenous and fed up with the state violence and oppression and systemic racism they endure every day.

If they stormed the Capitol demanding justice, equality, and reparations for how they and their families and their ancestors have been brutally treated since before this country was a country. I would have supported them.

If the people who stormed the Capitol were environmental activists demanding the government finally act on climate change. Something the government has known was a real crisis for decades and has done nothing to combat.

If they stormed the Capitol because the oceans are warming, the forests are on fire, the coral reefs are bleaching, insects are disappearing, birds are falling out of the sky, and much more disaster will follow if the government doesn’t act now. I would have supported them.

If the people who stormed the Capitol were part of the anti-war movement, disgusted that our military is still in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history, and still in Iraq, a war predicated on lies and misinformation that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and displaced over a million.

If they stormed the Capitol because our military is supporting with weapons and logistics the Saudi-led genocide in Yemen which has been deemed the World’s worst humanitarian crisis by the UN, where an estimated 24 million people – close to 80 percent of the population – need assistance and protection.

If they stormed the Capitol for any of those reasons, I would have supported them.

But the people who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday didn’t do it for any of those reasons. They didn’t do it for any valid reason at all. They stormed and overtook the Capitol because of a lie. A lie that Trump and his enablers and the sewers of the internet cooked up and have spoon fed to susceptible people (white people terrified of a shift in demographics that will result in a loss of privilege) for four years. The lie that if Trump loses an election then it is because of fraud. If he loses, it is fraudulent. If he wins, it’s still fraudulent because he should have won by more, but at least he is in office.

Posted by: daffyDuct | Jan 10 2021 0:48 utc | 328

@Zanon #267

You quoted the RT article. Why not quote the actual Mozilla blog?

1. "Reveal who is paying for advertisements, how much they are paying and who is being targeted."

I see no problem with this one. Transparency with regards to advertising.

2. "Commit to meaningful transparency of platform algorithms so we know how and what content is being amplified, to whom, and the associated impact."

Transparency with regards to the use of algorithms on social media platforms and the like might help the public see how YT and others are de-platforming dissenting voices.

3. "Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation."

This one is alarming. I don't need Silicon Valley telling me what to think.

4. "Work with independent researchers to facilitate in-depth studies of the platforms’ impact on people and our societies, and what we can do to improve things."

This one seems reasonable, assuming it's unbiased research.

As an aside, if I just found out that Henry Ford was a Nazi sympathizer, should I light my truck on fire? I don't know about anyone else but I use Mozilla software because of the software, not the political views of the foundation.

Posted by: chupa cabra | Jan 10 2021 2:13 utc | 329

@librul #266

I guess your mom didn't teach you to cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing.

Posted by: lurbil | Jan 10 2021 2:16 utc | 330

@Norwegian #270

"The mask thing is just a symbol of submission and end of free speech. Nothing else."

Your statement is just a symbol of your ignorance and the end of hygiene best practices. What a churlish way of looking at things.

Posted by: yo mama | Jan 10 2021 2:21 utc | 331

@William Gruff #274

"I see nothing sinister in the cops being all chummy with these particular protesters."

It's not sinister, it's to be expected. Kindred spirits and all.

Posted by: chupa cabra | Jan 10 2021 2:26 utc | 332

@c1ue #276

Whatever you say, pal. The proof is in the pudding, not what some say about these folks or how they might like to characterize themselves. Look at what they do, not what they say.

Posted by: Mildred | Jan 10 2021 2:29 utc | 333

@c1ue #277

"California has been under lockdown continuously since March 2020."

When your premise is false your conclusion will be as well.

Posted by: eman | Jan 10 2021 2:32 utc | 334

Item of Interest

Last night’s NBC Nightly News broadcast --

includes a photograph of Officer Sicknick with a well-trimmed mustache and goatee.

The ground upon which certain of Trump's groupies around here are standing to fling their lies about is shrinking, fast.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jan 10 2021 2:57 utc | 335

includes a photograph of Officer Sicknick with a well-trimmed mustache and goatee.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jan 10 2021 2:57 utc | 336

No it doesnt, stop bullshitting

The idiocy just piles higher ad higher with you bedwetter types don´t it?

the photo of Sicknick shows him merely not having shaved for several days, it is not a "a well-trimmed mustache and goatee" as anyone can see, he has a couple of days of beard growth all over his face, incl part of his neck.

it is anything BUT "well trimmed".

Add to that: he looks nothing like the bareheaded cop in the video

Sicknick´s hair is medium to light grey in the photos in your video, while the bareheaded cop in this video clearly has much much darker hair.

What Next? maybe you will try to claim that Sicknick dyed his hair for the occassion of the riot?

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 3:26 utc | 336

Wipe the rubber sheets on your own bed, Triden.

The photo shows a well-trimmed mustache and goatee, with a much lighter growth of hair underneath, something that you would understand very well, were you only old enough to have ever grown a beard.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jan 10 2021 3:38 utc | 337

"The photo shows a well-trimmed mustache and goatee, with a much lighter growth of hair underneath"

The imaginary tasche and goatee are "well trimmed" but somehow he neglected to do anything, with the hair on the rest of his face, like ya know "trim" it? Facial hair you actually acknowledge exists.

All other photos, all of them showing Sicknick in uniform, show him clean shaven. A less dishonest bedwetting individual would just admit the photo with beard growth shows Sicknick off duty and not having shaved for a couple of days

".....were you only old enough to have ever grown a beard."
Lol, ok boomer

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 3:54 utc | 338

@ Triden: fire extinguisher attack

Sadly for you, video evidence of the attack has emerged as I mentioned at 193 above. It is on YouTube here: . 3:27 to 3:31 approx. I have gone through it frame by frame and believe it shows the policeman was murdered in a coordinated hit involving three people.

The clip shows a group of police to the right of a low white wall scuffling with protesters. One policeman, only the one, was bare-headed, not wearing a helmet. A diversion was created by a male individual on the left of the wall who pushed a single policeman on this side over the wall. As he fell over onto his fellow policemen another male individual on the right side, dressed in light brown or khaki, moved into the pack and pushed the bare-headed policeman backwards towards the wall, bowing down as he did so as to lower his profile.

At precisely this moment, to the left of the wall, a couple of metres away, a single male individual, dressed in black, wearing a rucksack, dark blue beanie and apparently with a white face mask, throws a small red fire extinguisher with his right hand. Its butt end strikes the bare-headed policeman square on the back of the head. So hard that it bounces backwards and up. The khaki-clad one bolts away from the group as the struck policeman collapses. It would appear the policeman was deliberately set up as a target for a professional, premeditated killing hit. With a heavy hand-thrown object rather than a gun.

The question is who benefits from organising such a murderous stunt. Certainly not Trump or his supporters. Who then? Perhaps Obama's point man in the regime-change operation in Kiev in February 2014? Now President-elect.

Posted by: Alex in Oz | Jan 10 2021 10:06 utc | 339

Its butt end strikes the bare-headed policeman square on the back of the head

My original objection is to people using the phrase "crushed head". So even if you were correct(which you are not) it's clear to see no one had their head "crushed".

Furthermore it's clear you don't do logic very well so I'll keep this simple:

Dead officer: clean shaven and light grey hair

Barehead cop in your video? Moustasche and dark brown or black coloured hair.

Wrong hair colour
Wrong facial hair

Not the same person

As to the 3 person coordinated murder conspiracy you are ranting about?

Yeah, whatever

Arguing with obvious idiots gets tedious

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 11:48 utc | 340

@Mildred #334
Yes, the proof is in the pudding.
It is in what they say, how they act, who they support.
Your assertion is utterly false.

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 10 2021 11:54 utc | 341

@eman #335
Since I live in California, I've been under this lockdown.
So your attempt at sounding smart only underscores your idiocy.
I do find the timing of posts interesting as well - no opsec gold star for you.

Posted by: c1ue | Jan 10 2021 11:56 utc | 342

> These were not terrorists but tourists who came from all over the states to Washington for fun

Check out the video of these rourists!

Posted by: renorich | Jan 10 2021 14:30 utc | 343


Judging by that video the "tourists" were far less violent than the vast majority of AntiFa/BLM seen in palces like Kenosha, Minneapolis and especially Portland and Seattle.

Other than one idiot "tourist" (theres alway one idiot) using pepper spray, something we saw all summer long at Antifa/BLM protests, there was no evidence of any other offensive weapons being used by the "tourists"

One "tourist" even tried to help the cop caught in the doorway by lowering his visor for him

That would never have happened at any of the Antifa/BLM riots in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland or Seattle

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 14:59 utc | 344


Judging by that video the "tourists" were far less violent than the vast majority of AntiFa/BLM seen in palces like Kenosha, Minneapolis and especially Portland and Seattle.

Other than one idiot "tourist" (theres alway one idiot) using pepper spray, something we saw all summer long at Antifa/BLM protests, there was no evidence of any other offensive weapons being used by the "tourists"

One "tourist" even tried to help the cop caught in the doorway by lowering his visor for him

That would never have happened at any of the Antifa/BLM riots in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland or Seattle

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 14:59 utc | 345

Should be @344

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 15:00 utc | 346

The officer died as a result of a blow to the head by a fire extinguisher. My statement, the one you attacked me for making in a personal way, was accurate. You can argue that he head wasn't "crushed" all you want. Do you not feel any remorse about wrongly and personally attacking someone who made an accurate statement? It is fine to have a disagreement with someone. There would be no purpose for a forum such as this one if no one did. What isn't acceptable is to engaged in ad homenin attack. It's just wrong. Even if your claim had been factually accurate, it would not have been less wrong. That is something someone like you is never going to understand. You need to denigrate others to maintain your own sense of superiority. Your claim that the "bedwetters" were just trying to establish their moral superiority over the the "deplorables" is a projection. You are a sad case.

Posted by: David | Jan 10 2021 15:15 utc | 347

this is a terrible take, b. yes, the GovtCorp will try to use the actions of wednesday to do shitty things. they always will. the sun rose today too.

but, my god man, stop pretending right wing crazies, fascists, white power folks, 3%ers, oathkeepers, proud boys, groypers, patriot prayer guys, and that ilk are just one MOA article from being allies in the fight to hold our elites accountable, or whatever. They would crack your skull open and laugh.

there is a contingent of the non-estab commentariat that appeals to the left that have really shown themselves in a BAD light after this.

Posted by: growlpup | Jan 10 2021 15:39 utc | 348



    So even if you were correct(which you are not) it's clear to see no one had their head "crushed".

    Furthermore it's clear you don't do logic very well so I'll keep this simple:

    Dead officer: clean shaven and light grey hair

    Barehead cop in your video? Moustasche and dark brown or black coloured hair.

    Wrong hair colour
    Wrong facial hair

    Not the same person

    Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 11:48 utc | 341

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 15:47 utc | 349

@ David | Jan 10 2021 15:15 utc | 348

You are quite right -- Triden behaves an awful lot like Trump. Do you suppose he's hanging around here somewhere, incognito?


Apparently, if a policeman is wearing a helmet it is OK for Trump's rioters to throw fire extinguishers at him.

It is not clear whether that permission applies to attacks on bicycle riders, or construction workers.

I really do understand that for the deranged minds of Trump groupies (like Triden) such behavior is a whole lot of fun, but hey, c'mon now . . .

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jan 10 2021 16:53 utc | 350

One of you two Karens should send a chastisory note to b, informing him that the current allocation of comfort blankets for the safe-space is woefully inadequate

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 17:45 utc | 351

More into on some of the "tourists".

Posted by: renorich | Jan 10 2021 22:53 utc | 352

Another cool "tourist" image (while Congress was deliberating - OOPS - until their deliberations were interrupted by the tour group):

Posted by: renorich | Jan 10 2021 23:01 utc | 353

Zip ties!!!!


Damn good thing he didn't drop them.

They might have exploded and taken out half of DC in the process.

Posted by: Triden | Jan 10 2021 23:21 utc | 354

@c1ue #343

Where were you between August and December? What's your address in Cali?

Posted by: eman | Jan 11 2021 0:07 utc | 355

@c1ue #342


Posted by: Mildred | Jan 11 2021 0:10 utc | 356

If you want free speech, support BDS and call for the banning of Zionism as ugly hate speech. It will make Jews think twice.

You want free speech? Go after Zionism as the #1 hate speech as it’s an ideology based on erasure of Palestine, apartheid against Arabs, endless wars for Israel, and a policy of Yinonist Jewish supremacism that says Jews should dominate the Middle East by using the imperialist muscle of America.

It is when people call out on Zionism as ‘hate speech’ that the Jewish elites will get cold feet about pushing the agenda to suppress free speech. Jews push ‘hate speech’ laws because they get to define what is ‘hate’, which is usually goy speaking truth to Jewish Power. According to Jewish Supremacists, goyim exist to serve Jews. If you say NO and demand goy liberation from Jewish Supremacism, Jews label YOU a supremacist.

But if WE get to define what ‘hate’ is and call out on the supremacist and genocidal nature of Zionism, then Jews will think twice about suppressing free speech to combat ‘hate’.

Also, you must support the rights of BDS. Both Democrats and Republicans are suppressing BDS, a call for equal justice for Palestinians. So, as long as Trumpists and Republicans support such violation of the First Amendment, they lack credibility as Free Speech Warriors. Whether you agree with BDS or not, you need to support its rights of speech & activism IF you are indeed a defender of Free Speech for all.

Instead of shouting ‘America First’, how about BDS BDS BDS for a change?

Posted by: Andrea Ostrov Letani | Jan 11 2021 0:26 utc | 357

This mass-purge is a manna from heaven. One we’ve been hoping for. It finally forces the patriots of all stripes to build, join, and support their own infrastructures, platforms, and networks. When the purge was limited in the past, too many cons and patriots just stuck with the existing/established systems out of laziness, habit, and/or as the only real game in town.

But when so many are booted off the globo-platforms and infrastructures, these countless millions have no choice to build alternative counterparts that will be far more than ‘alternative’ because of the sheer numbers. If there are 95 people in A and 5 in B, then B is alternative. But if there are 50 in A and 50 in B, B is no longer alternative but the Big Other.

When the president himself and his top advisers are banned by Big Tech and when millions of accts are booted off Twitter, there is no recourse left to create, join, and support the Big Other.

The problem with cons and patriots thus far have been they were rent-seekers in industries and institutions owned and controlled by libbies and the glob. So, there was always the possibility that they could be evicted and hung out to dry. If you own your own home, you can’t be evicted. But if you a renter, you can always be kicked off the premises. It’s worse with Big Tech. At least landlords are bound by the lease that gives renters some protection. In contrast, Big Tech can just change their Terms of Service at any moment and kick people off on that basis.

Now, because Google, Twitter, and Facebook all started as neutral platforms that didn’t play favorites, cons and patriots didn’t much care about WHO owned or controlled them. They figure they were safe and secure as permanent renters with no danger of eviction. But when push came to shove in 2016 and Jewish Power demanded that Big Tech take action, Big Tech sure did. As Big Tech were ‘privately owned’ and linked with the globalist virtually-all-Democratic Deep State, it could change policy at the drop of a hat and kick out conservatives. This shows you, “Never rely on the goodwill of your enemy.” Because such assurance is based on a whim, not on real contractual agreement. The only rule-by-whim is they formulate the ‘terms of agreement’ and all you can do is ‘agree’ without assurance and negotiation. You must agree to whatever the TOS says, but they can change the TOS, the one you agreed to, at anytime. So, you are bound to what they say, but they are not bound by what they’d already said. It’s like American Indians dealing with whites. Indians agreed to one agreement, but white changed the rules and said Indians must leave because… uh.. the new rules.

In a way, it’s cyber-nakba. Jewish immigrant-invaders entered Palestine in a big way and gained the upper-hand. But they assured Palestinians that all would be well, and Palestinians could stay. But, as the Jews had the backing of US and USSR at the time, Palestine was effectively in their hands, and when it was decided to trigger a war and take most of the land, they did just that. Palestinians who relied on the good will of Jews were fools.

Now, with the massive purge, all those cons and patriots who’d stuck with Big Tech out of laziness or habit are forced to make the change. This can turn into a mass tide of Whites Going Their Own Way or WGTOW. And more people can be awakened that JEWS DID THIS, and so, there is no reason for Cons to mindlessly support Jews who treat whites like Israel treats Palestinians.

Now, on the question of Big Tech and Big Capital being owned by ‘leftists’ and ‘liberals’. This isn’t really true. It’s more accurate to say Jews and Prog elites control the gods, and therefore, the garks of Mammon, having no spiritual or moral content of their own, go with the prevailing Sacred Cow. It’s like McDonalds don’t sell beef hamburgers in India. Now, imagine that. Why would McDonalds, which made gazillions by selling beef patties, not sell beef burgers in India? Because of India’s sacred cow(in the literal sense). So, those who control the gods and morality control those with money. In the past, even rich Jews paid respect to Christianity. Some converted for careerist reasons as Christians then controlled the gods. And other Jews wrote Christmas Songs. And when the American South had much cultural clout through history, mythology, and story-telling(culminating in GONE WITH THE WIND), Jewish Hollywood dared not make movies that might offend the South. In South Vietnam, Chinese shop-owners hung portraits of Chiang Kai-Shek as a show of allegiance to anti-communism during the war, but when the North Vietnamese military entered the city, they put up pictures of Mao(as communist China was then allied to North Vietnam).

So, in a way, the Money People aren’t really bound to any ideology out of deep conviction. If indeed the US were heavily dominated by Christians, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos would have succumbed to Christian pressure and banned the ‘devil worshipers’. It’s like Apple has different policies in China and Saudi Arabia in accordance to who controls the gods over there. In the US, Jews control the gods, and that’s the real reason why Big Money acts the way it does.

This is why patriotic white folks must create and control their own gods. For too long, cons and patriots have not only relied on the platforms controlled by their enemies but have worshiped the gods controlled by Jews. “Democrats are the real racists”, “We love Israel more”, and “Gay marriage is a conservative value.” Reject the gods of the enemy. As long as cons and patriots idol-worship at the feet of the gods controlled by Jews, they will be soul-renters, not soul-owners with their own proud gods. If you’re a Greek, you should worship Athena, not Baal. If you’re a Persian, you should worship Mazda, not Shiva. If you’re white, you should revere your ancestors and your blood, not the Tri-Supremacism of Jewish Supremacists, Homo Narcissists, and Black Thugs.

Posted by: Andrea Ostrov Letani | Jan 11 2021 0:27 utc | 358

@Andrea Ostrov Letani #359

"If you’re white, you should revere your ancestors and your blood."

Sounds a bit like tribalism to me. Isn't that what the Zionists and the white nationalists are doing?

Posted by: huh? | Jan 11 2021 0:33 utc | 359

In the end, it doesn’t matter what the Domestic Tyrannists do. Their idiot tyranny can’t last long.

Yes, that’s what they are, Domestic TYRANNISTS(who call us ‘domestic terrorists’). And they are total hypocrites who encouraged and tolerated massive violence in the summer. US embassies even hung BLM symbols just when Antifa and BLM were attacking innocent Americans and burning down entire cities. Elite loyalty is to Jewish Globalism, not American Nationalism. The summer violence was approved because it was really aimed to discredit Trump’s America. It was a deep state insurgency against Trump.

Hypocrites + Democrats = Hypocrats, which is what they should be called.

When innocent Americans were attacked all across the US, the FBI did nothing. City mayors let Antifa back onto the streets without prosecution. BLM and black looters were left alone. And then, super capitalists donated billions to that hateful group.

So, they are now preaching to us about law and order? What chutzpah. What arrogance.

No matter how many arrests are made and censorship happens, the patriots have the trump card. Declare 1/6 as populist holiday and CELEBRATE IT EVERY YEAR IN DC and in State Capitals. Picnic and BBQ on Deep State Demolition Day. What are they gonna do when millions of patriots celebrate 1/6 every year as when the people gave the middle finger to the parliament of whores take certified a whacky election? Is the FBI gonna round up millions of revelers?

Also, violence is part of politics. After all, the deep state used violence in Ukraine coup and in spreading terror in Syria. And they used BLM and Antifa terror against the American People last summer. Jews and progs said Trump is Nazi and the police are part of ‘systemic racism’, and so politicians and judges should allow the people to riot and loot. Hardly anyone got arrested for vandalism, looting, mayhem, murder. These people have blood and tons of property damage on their hands.

Well, from our side, violence should be off the table IF there is rule of law and a functioning democracy where elections are fair. But when rule of law has been utterly corrupted, the deep state cheats, and we have fake elections, are people to remain peaceful and just take it? Are we free men or slaves?

People should embrace peace and order AS LONG AS there is real Rule of Law and democracy works by means fair than foul. But, when the Power says black thugs and Antifa scum can riot and loot but face no justice while those protesting a fake election must be mass-arrested and jailed for life, does it make sense to insist that we must remain peaceful no matter what? With such mentality, there would have been no American Revolution or Labor Movements.

Democracy is not premised on unconditional peace at all times. It’s premised on the understanding that politics, as a struggle for power, is inherently violent, and therefore, to curtail the violence, people should be provided with a civil means to debate and vote based on fair rules that apply to all. Once that contract breaks down(and the deep state broke it), it’s politics-as-usual, which is war.

In a way, democracy is war by other means, preferably peaceful means in accordance to laws. But under Jewish Supremacist control of the US, the Bill of Rights from 1 to 10 has essentially become “Is it good for the Jews?”, which means Jews get to play loose with rules to ensure they always get what they want by any means necessary. What proud people can peacefully accept such a sham democracy, a demoquackery?

Those who corrupt the Rule of Law as the basis for democracy have no right to bitch about violence, especially when they funded and supported violence of BLM and Antifa against peaceful Trump supporters.

Democracy is an agreement by all sides to use peace than violence on condition that all sides play by the rules. Jews and globalists clearly violated all these rules, and so, American patriots should reject the notion that they must ALWAYS choose violence.

And F*** the police. Even when Antifa and BLM were attacking them while patriots were supporting the Blue, the cops treated the anti-American scum with kid gloves while clamping down hard on the patriots. They are men who protect and serve the people. They are mercenaries of the corrupt elites. I say defund the blue and people should arm themselves and protect themselves.

Posted by: Andrea Ostrov Letani | Jan 11 2021 0:50 utc | 360

@Andrea Ostrov Letani #361

You must have a gold medal in mental gymnastics to come up with that drivel. Thanks for giving us your Fox News opinion here on MOA. We love it when fascist apologists spew their nonsense over three extremely large racist rants.

Posted by: Emma Goldman | Jan 11 2021 1:01 utc | 361

There's been talk of Trump crossing the Rubicon, but it seems like Enemy crossed their own rubicon, and it's great news. What a time to be alive!

When big tech banned figures like Alex Jones, it still held the mantle of mainstream America denying platform to 'extreme' voices. It was about the center, center-left and center-right, expelling the periphery.

But big-tech crossed the rubicon in banning Trump, effectively sending a shock wave to 75 million that voted for him. Big Tech is no longer the mainstream banning extremism but deep state oligarchy suppressing the voice of half the people. It can no longer pretend to be representative of the mainstream. Apparently, half the nation is now too 'extreme' to be part of the conversation.

They cannot cross back. Their rubicon drew the line in between the elites & their brainwashed minions and rest of America that dares to speak truth to power.

So, it's about time we stopped blaming 'communists' or 'socialists'. The whole notion of the Oligarchy as being part of the 'left' is only a boon to Jewish Supremacists and super-capitalists. Their modus operandi is tribal power and more money, but when conservatives and patriots call them 'leftists', it creates the impression that the oligarchs, deep state, and the elites are on side of the underdog and the less fortunate.

Indeed, it's better designate the Deep State and the Glob the Jewish as ULTRA-right because after all ADL and AIPAC are little more than ultra-tribalist Jewish Power organizations.

We need to combine the best of the sane right and sane left(as leftism has done its share of good for the West, esp in worker's rights and rule of law for every citizen). And our sane left-right fusion should wage war on the ultra-right Jewish Power and its fake 'left' nonsense that obsesses about homos and tranny 'women'. Populism is half-right, half-left. It's about nationalism and interests of the little guys.

As for the antifa being far-left, ROTFL. How come it never attacks Zionism or Wall Street? It is the goon squad of Jewish Wall Street and usually attacks white working class patriots. Its 'communist' conceit is all a sham. They are a Jewish-funded Janissary force of Wall Street and Zionism.

Posted by: Priss Factor | Jan 11 2021 1:32 utc | 362

@ huh? 360

"If you’re white, you should revere your ancestors and your blood."

--Sounds a bit like tribalism to me. Isn't that what the Zionists and the white nationalists are doing?--

No, if Zionism was merely about Jewish identity and need for own homeland, that's be fine. The problem is not with blood and soil per se but with violating the blood and soil of others. The problem with Zionism, as with Nazism, is it went from Jewish blood-and-soil to Jewish imperialism and supremacism. Jews have a Yinon Plan to dominate all the Arab world, just like Nazis sought hegemony over Europe. Similarly, had National Socialism remained nationalist and not turned imperialist(thereby trampling on the nationalism of other folks), it would have been fine.

So, white identity and politics based on blood isn't the problem AS LONG AS whites respect the same rights among other folks.

When Poles resisted the Nazis, it was for Polish blood and soil. When Vietnamese fought the French Imperialists, it was for Vietnamese blood and soil.

At one time, Zionism was a Jewish desire for a homeland. But as Jews became powerful, it turned into Judeo-Nazism, a vision of world hegemony.

Just like Vietnamese blood-and-soil fought the French empire and just like Asian-Indian blood and soil resisted the British empire, we need white blood ideology and white liberation from Jewish supremacism. It will save the world. It is when whites no longer serve the agenda of the Jews that whites will be free of Jews and the world will be free of Jewish power. After all, there aren't enough Jews to run the global empire. Jews need whites as tax payers, managers, soldiers, and etc. So, white liberation or whitexit from Jewish Supremacism is the most important issue of our day.

Posted by: Andrea Ostrov Letani | Jan 11 2021 1:44 utc | 363

@Priss Factor #363

Begone troll!

Posted by: Emma Goldman | Jan 11 2021 4:24 utc | 364

@Priss Factor #363

"As for the antifa being far-left, ROTFL. How come it never attacks Zionism or Wall Street?"

Because you don't what your talking about.

First, anti-facism is an activity, not a group/club. One engages in antifascist self-defense. One can be a trash collector or plumber and yet when fascists show up one engages in anti-fascist activity to protect the community.

Second, anti-fascism responds to the presence of fascists. It is an activity of community self-defense, not an organization that collects dues or takes donations.

Posted by: Emma Goldman | Jan 11 2021 4:36 utc | 365

Jen @ 34 and 218

"The Russia Segodnya report did not identify the police officer hit by the tossed fire extinguisher as Brian Sicknick."

Not so. The male narrator does name him in the clip. Reading in Russian of course, the name comes out as "Brian Skripnik". Near enough I think.

Commentator Triden meanwhile sprays his anal drippings about, thinking he's oh so clever with his personal attacks. Not really. More like making a royal ass of himself.

Posted by: Alex in Oz | Jan 15 2021 9:37 utc | 366

Ok Karen

Posted by: Triden | Jan 15 2021 11:03 utc | 367

Check this out! (For the historical record 5 years from now.)

Let the counterprogramming here begin!

Posted by: renorich | Jan 17 2021 0:55 utc | 368

Capitol Officer's Family Asks Media to Not Politicize His Death as Evidence Begins to Point to an Underlying Medical Condition

    To date, no official description of the attack on Sicknick has been given.

    A report in The New York Times that cites “two law enforcement officials” the Times did not name, said Sicknick was hit on the head with a fire extinguisher during Wednesday’s rioting at the U.S. Capitol.

    The website ProPublica offered a different explanation.

    It quoted Ken Sicknick, whom the site identified as the late officer’s brother, as saying that Brian Sicknick had communicated with his family and never mentioned a fire extinguisher attack.

    “He texted me last night and said, ‘I got pepper-sprayed twice,’ and he was in good shape,” said Ken Sicknick. “Apparently he collapsed in the Capitol and they resuscitated him using CPR.”

    The site said that on Thursday, family members were told that the officer had a blood clot and suffered a stroke and was on a ventilator.

    “We weren’t expecting it,” Ken Sicknick said.

    According to what ABC called “sources familiar with the matter,” authorities believe Brian Sicknick’s death was driven by a medical condition.

    ABC reported that video of the alleged fire exinguisher attack has not yet been found.

Posted by: Triden | Jan 17 2021 1:29 utc | 369

www (.) westernjournal (.) com (/) capitol-officers-family-asks-media-not-politicize-death-evidence-begins-point-underlying-medical-condition/

Posted by: Triden | Jan 17 2021 1:38 utc | 370

As pointed out repeatedly by me, Capitol Police and the media lied about the circumstances of death of Officer Brian Sicknick, who died after the riot on Jan 6th 2020.

Autopsy reveals no evidence to support the oft and loudly repeated claim that Sicknick suffered any injury at all, certainly not head injuries, after allegations that he was attacked with a fire extinguisher.

The Media simply lied about it. They just completely invented from thin air the "fire extinguisher" attack story

Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick

    Authorities have reviewed video and photographs that show Sicknick engaging with rioters amid the siege but have yet to identify a moment in which he suffered his fatal injuries, law enforcement officials familiar with the matter said.........

    To date, little information has been shared publicly about the circumstances of the death of the 13-year veteran of the police force, including any findings from an autopsy that was conducted by DC's medical examiner.

    In a statement the day after the insurrection, Capitol Police said that Sicknick had been "injured while physically engaging with protesters" and collapsed as a result of his injuries sometime after returning to his office. He died the next day in a local hospital........

    According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.

3 Capitol Hill police officers have now died since the riot.

2 are alleged, by the same lying media and police sources, to have "committed suicide".

2 "suicides" in quick succession of officers from a police force that most would admit operates in a very low-pressure environment, coupled with the blatant lies and coverup concerning the death of Sicknick, suggests something else is going on, and being covered up.

Posted by: Triden | Feb 4 2021 21:26 utc | 371

Re: those zip-tie weapons of mass distraction

The Capitol riot's 'zip-tie guy' appeared to take the plastic handcuffs from Capitol police, prosecutors say

    Eric Munchel, the "zip-tie guy," was photographed storming the Capitol while carrying plastic handcuffs.

    Prosecutors initially raised questions about whether rioters intended to take lawmakers hostage.

    But a new filing says Munchel and his mom took the restraints from police after entering the building.

Posted by: Triden | Feb 4 2021 21:41 utc | 372

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