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December 31, 2020

The Year Of Masks Ends - The Year Of Vaccines Arises

This year was weird and somewhat depressing. But there are signs that the next year will be better. The virus will be defeated (vid).


The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic created some interesting phenomenons. Historically it moved the world's power center towards the east. China and other eastern countries proved to be much better in controlling the outbreak and were rewarded with economic success. The U.S. has lost its leading role in the world but has yet to accept the new multi-polarity. That increases the chance of new conflicts.

Below are links to some of the stories, written throughout the last year, that document and reflect on those trends.

Writing about the virus was a challenge. Not from a scientific point but due to the reaction of some commentators who were unable to accept the facts. I never before had to delete and block so much nonsense. That, astonishingly, did not diminish the blog's readership. With some 11 million page views the blog even attracted a bit more public interest in 2020 than in 2019. A great comments on this blog have a lot to do with this success.

Thanks to all of you who come read and/or comment here.

A happy New Year to all of you.














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Thank you b ...

... for providing a platform for discussing the most important developments of the day.

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Happy New Year to all moa readers/commenters.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 31 2020 17:12 utc | 1

I second Jackrabbits comment

Posted by: jo6pac | Dec 31 2020 17:17 utc | 2

After the donning of the sacred masks we proceed around the sacred circle for a full solar cycle.

Thereafter we drink the sacred blood of the flesh of our enemy and go around the circle once more.

"The mechanics of change, change through mechanism, a rhythm to sync to, merge and flow with, a magnetic draw drawing one down the path toward transmutation.

Rituals are vehicles driving home those ideas — information, data, symbols — which, upon transmission and transformation, create the language by which new society members communicate after they are initiated.

This new language imparts a new understanding through definitions the ritual generates; meaning pegged to signposts of its own self-referential process, even if the original purpose is lost in the repetition of action. A ritual initiation introduces and inducts one into “the way” … a new way of life or worldview, a program to guide beliefs and actions enabling the initiate to become a full and true member of the new society.

Note that ritual is not always a conscious action; not everyone partaking in a ritual is made explicitly aware that they are participants… and yet still, new patterns of thought, of significance, are drummed in (conscious or not)."

An initiation ritual typically involves three stages ...

First, isolation from the old world ...

Second, the transition from the old self through the void into the new normal ...

Third, Integration into a new a new reality. A new "normal.

("The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual" - Truthstream media)

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Dec 31 2020 17:23 utc | 3

Happy New Year folks!

I think 2021 is going to be a year of great change.

Thanks to MOA and all the commentators for making this a must read blog.

Posted by: Down South | Dec 31 2020 17:32 utc | 4

Happy New Year. Just wanted to pass on to you the attribution to Moon of Alabama, by As'ad AbuKhalil:
British intrigue in the Middle East was also the subject of a recent leak of documents related to the British embassy in Beirut, (they were leaked by “Anonymous” and were posted on the site of Moon of Alabama). The documents came on the heels of another release three months ago about British propaganda work on behalf of Syrian rebels.

Posted by: Maracatu | Dec 31 2020 17:36 utc | 5

thanks b! happy new year to you and all the other moa posters here.. ditto the above comments.... moa is a great site!

here is a song from the who.... ''i hear 21 is going to be a good year'' -

i agree with you about the usa not acknowledging or accepting a multi-polar world at this moment... that is going to take some time...

Posted by: james | Dec 31 2020 17:45 utc | 6

Thank you b, and the great commentators at the bar.

Posted by: Trisha | Dec 31 2020 17:45 utc | 7

Thanks B for your blog, and for supporting the comments section. One of the worst aspects of the internet, imo, is the absolute crap that gets posted in general all over the web in the guise of comments, much of it apparently paid-for-trolling by various powers-that-be, I guess. The savvy crew of moa barflies, and b of course, seem intent at weeding out these morons who like to shill for the insanity that constitutes world politics today, and which keeps this site readable and entertaining for the most part. Thank you all.

2021 will not only be the year of the covid vax, but l’m predicting also the year of the covid vax reaction, with the mRNA ones possibly being recalled later in the year due to the toxic side affects of such a new and mostly-untested technology, of which examples of are already starting to come out in various sites (non MSM obviously). Of course, Pfizer/AstraZeneca et al have complete indemnity so they may not get recalled at all and the masses of vax injury/death just gets buried, as per usual. (Looking forward to seeing dr Wakefield’s new documentary “1986” on that topic, he very succinctly sums up the mRNA tech in interviews on the forthcoming film.)

I ain’t goin anywhere near the mRNA ones unless by force, like kicking and screaming, biting and scratching, handcuffed and lobotomized! Might consider the Sputnik and sinopharm tho, in that order, if travel is necessary and vaxes are mandated for it, which is prob. likely. Nice effin world we now live in, eh?

Next year I hope to contribute to b’s blog as I will prob. be a Bitcoin millionaire by then, haha 😆! Hey b, how about a story on BTC, would be interesting to see your take on it, and the subsequent comments.

Happy New Year’s all!

Posted by: Bluesguy | Dec 31 2020 18:06 utc | 8

b says: "With some 11 million page views the blog even attracted a bit more public interest in 2020 than in 2019. A great comments on this blog have a lot to do with this success."

b is being modest. The success and popularity of this blog is MAINLY due to the great efforts and perseverance of him. Let us have a toast to him - may the new year bring you health, happiness and even more successes.

Sincere thanks from a grateful reader who didn't contribute much.

Posted by: d dan | Dec 31 2020 18:44 utc | 9

Also I should mention there are many great commenters that I learn a lot and enjoy reading - some are obvious to most of us, but other are less frequent. I won't list them individually because I sure will forget and miss some (my apology).

May the new year bring all of you health, happiness and successes too.

Posted by: d dan | Dec 31 2020 18:50 utc | 10

Nice segue of the years b but I think reality won't be as agreeable....we won't go out of 2021 as the year of the vaccine....maybe more will know we are in a civilization war by the end of 2021.

Happy New Year to all!

@ Bluesguy about Bitcoin....I suggest you read about the tulip mania of the 1600's and then think about where you will be in line when the Great Wurlitzer music stops. Bitcoin is another fiat currency that is only worth what someone will give you for it. At least with supposed national currencies the country stands behind their money. What entity of any value is going to stand behind Bitcoin or any of those pricey tulip bulbs of the day when the music stops.....and it will.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 31 2020 18:54 utc | 11

Psychohistorian - I don't agree. All currencies today are fiat and are based on nothing at all except faith. (I think the Swiss Franc might still be on gold but not too sure about it). You can have just as much faith in Bitcoin as the US dollar and perhaps even more given the dollar is indebted to nearly $30 trillion which will never be repaid and cannot be repaid so it is a guaranteed collapse no matter what we do. Hence all the wars initiated against any state that stopped trading in dollars. The lure of Bitcoins are the supposed inability of state governments to manipulate them. Personally, I see a lot of manipulation already which is why I haven't gone all-in with Bitcoins although I do have 2 of them I mined 6 years ago. I keep them for a rainy day :)

Posted by: Old Microbiologist | Dec 31 2020 19:20 utc | 12

Masks prevent spreading Covid to others

This article tracks airline passengers arriving in Hong Kong from the UAE who were immediately tested for Covid upon arrival and then again 14 day's later. When wearing masks the number of infections only increased by two (and they might have been newly infected before the flight). Before airlines had mandatory mask requirements, they had super=spreader events.

why post this? because know-it-alls like Laura Ingraham love to post studies and interview her small circle of doctors who smirk while claiming that masks don't work. Everything they cite track how well masks protect the wearer but not others.
So tonight, on today's ANGLE ...
being focused on oneself is the sign of a narcissistic, know-it-all = DING !

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Dec 31 2020 19:21 utc | 13

Happy New Year b to you and yours! And may God Bless us everyone.

Posted by: bob sykes | Dec 31 2020 19:23 utc | 14

I don't need a crystal ball or paranormal powers of foresight to forecast that Syria will be a prominent topic here at MoA in 2021. Presidential elections are scheduled this year and Bashar al Assad is eligible to run for a second 7-year term under the 2012 Constitution. Cue for the US and its lackeys to insist that the elections must not go ahead unless Assad steps down or to attempt something underhanded against him if he wins a second term.

Some time during 2021 the Syrians and their allies will try to expel all terrorists from their Idlib enclave.

Maybe 2021 will be the year the Kurdish communities in Syria finally realise their best chances for survival, peace and security lie in working with Damascus.

Other likely news will be China finally arresting and imprisoning all HK Umbrella colour-regime leaders and compelling more of its billionaires to cease using HK as a tax haven or face the break-up of their companies, similar to the break-up of Jack Ma's Alibaba empire and under the same or similar anti-monopoly laws.

A safe and peaceful New Year to all. Thanks B for your posts and to all MoA barflies for great discussions and links to informative blogs and websites.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 31 2020 19:38 utc | 15

Old Microbiologist
" You can have just as much faith in Bitcoin as the US dollar.."
I think that was pretty much psychohistorian's point. As to Bluesguy: you can buy ten ounces of gold and seven hundred odd ounces of silver for one of those Bitcoins.
re the Covid vacination the latest news from the UK where the clowns rule is

Posted by: bevin | Dec 31 2020 19:40 utc | 16

Hello Bernhard and commentators,
I want to thank you all sincerely for keeping MoA one of the most worthwhile sites to follow on the net. Not just b for all the work and time his reporting takes, but most of the commentators too for discussion and linking to further info. MoA has for me been a mandatory, at-least-once-a-day visit for the past years and (fully honest! no ass-kissing intended) not even once has firing up this site turned out to be a waste of time. A happy (and hopefully better than 2020) new year to you and long live the bar!

Posted by: A silent MoA reader | Dec 31 2020 19:43 utc | 17

Thanks everybody, best wishes for the new year.

James, good sound track, from 21 to Acid Queen, hopefully The Who was right, it's going to be a good year.

Posted by: Paco | Dec 31 2020 19:49 utc | 18

The U.S. has lost its leading role in the world but has yet to accept the new multi-polarity.

Yup. China and Europe just signed a mega trade BIT deal. This comes after RCEP.

Posted by: Passer by | Dec 31 2020 19:59 utc | 19

Good site have a good new year!

Posted by: michael lacey | Dec 31 2020 20:10 utc | 20

Copied from d dan | Dec 31 2020 18:44 utc | 9 -- because it bears repeating:
"b says: "With some 11 million page views the blog even attracted a bit more public interest in 2020 than in 2019. A great comments on this blog have a lot to do with this success."

b is being modest. The success and popularity of this blog is MAINLY due to the great efforts and perseverance of him. Let us have a toast to him - may the new year bring you health, happiness and even more successes.

Sincere thanks from a grateful reader who didn't contribute much."

My sentiments, exactly.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Dec 31 2020 20:43 utc | 21

Thank you b. Keep up the good work!

I cannot help but emphasize what you wrote:

Not from a scientific point but due to the reaction of some commentators who were unable to accept the facts.

The problem I see is that icreasingly it is hard to get at the facts (by design). As much as I value your work and this site, you do not have (all) the facts. Specifically, my impression is that wrt the virus this site has excluded some avenues of exploration/discussion because of 'facts'.

I do not hold this against you, or anyone else, as it is still valuable information, and one have to 'start somewhere.

Happy New Year to All!

Posted by: Idiocrates | Dec 31 2020 20:55 utc | 22

Here's a toast to Bernhard and the barflies we have had, do have and will have.

Dan of Steele, okiebyaccident, annie, my dear giap, DeAnander, Malooga and you current crop have brought tears, and tears of laughter to us all. What a crazy bunch!

All I can say is that with so many contrasting views, the truth has already been posted somewhere in these pages.

To the truth!

Posted by: jonku | Dec 31 2020 20:59 utc | 23

Overall I think b has done a tremendous job and is one of the best news sources I can think of over all the Internet.

I respect b's coverage of the coronavirus and his interpretation of it, even though I disagree slightly. The most important thing for me would be to keep a healthy discourse and to allow for differing viewpoints, provided they are well-argumented. We are not gullible children and should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Personally, I'm more and more puzzled by the whole saga, a year later I still can't understand why we have to completely upend our lives for a virus with a case fatality rate of 0,2%, of which almost all are above 60 or having comorbidities. I'm looking at people and the media reporting breathlessly about vaccines, and just think like dude, wtf... It's like people have suddenly discovered that virus and death exist, and that they can't tolerate it anymore. We have become unable to think rationally.

Posted by: Micron | Dec 31 2020 21:13 utc | 24

the MOON rocks big time!

Posted by: c | Dec 31 2020 21:30 utc | 25

Thank you for your great work, Bernhard! Happy New Year!

Posted by: S | Dec 31 2020 22:51 utc | 26

Prost, b! Thank you, as always. So grateful for you.

Posted by: beq | Dec 31 2020 22:52 utc | 27

Just speculating. Given the raptious nature of the American companies who developed mRNA based vaccines, many countries will turn to the Russian and Chinese vaccines. Given that the pandemic exposed incompetence of public and private medical systems in the US, it will be a LONG time before the population gets the vaccine to beat the virus.

In the mean time, countries using the much more inexpensive vaccines from China and Russia will effectively protect them as they simply can vaccinate their entire populations.

As a result maybe the global economy shifts in this century toward struggling countries who opted
for the Russian/Chinese vaccine as they will in effect have healthy productive populations.

The West may simply kill off its dominance in this century to ensure pharma profits.

Posted by: Erelis | Dec 31 2020 22:56 utc | 28

Guten Rutsch und Gesundes Neues, for all of you barflies. Thanks for every word. I am not always agree but appreciate the time we spend together very much.

Posted by: rico rose | Dec 31 2020 22:57 utc | 29

looking back on 2020
it's sad to realize
that folks are even dumber
than anyone surmized

From Trump to Joe O'Biden
it's safe to say the USA
is sinking like Poseidon

they didn't flinch when tents arose
to house the working poor
when their livlihoods were stolen
by countless force majeure

The Evil Ones have got them
so besotted with division
they are forced to pick a side
by talking heads on television

I for one am glad to see
the behemoth exposed
may it retract its tentacles
from every facet of the globe

I hope that they go quietly,
no spiteful armageddon
no genocide or war
my hopes are low as we have seen them operate before

Posted by: ld | Dec 31 2020 23:07 utc | 30

b -- appreciate the optimism, but if we keep "mitigating" this virus at a slow boil, it may be in the process of mutating into something we really can't handle, rather than just pretending to try.

Vaccine roll out a politicized sh*t show, like the earlier chapters; transmissibility increases may actually result in more deaths than increase in virulence; and it may mutate outside the range of vaccine efficacy; even if we can invent vaccines fast enough can we roll them out fast enough?

Posted by: Paul Damascene | Dec 31 2020 23:07 utc | 31

@Micron | Dec 31 2020 21:13 utc | 24

I honestly believe we ain't seen nothing yet.

I can't shake off the feeling that most of what we are fed is bs meant to distract. Not sure from what exactly, but my money is on something far more important to us all in the long run.

I mean why would 'facts' about the virus be exceptional (ie 'true') in the sense that most everything else is horseshit.

Like the man says: Falsus in Uno, falsus in omnibus.

Posted by: Idiocrates | Dec 31 2020 23:37 utc | 32

Happy New Year b! Thank you for everything always. super congrats on your health/weight success. Mostly, thank you for being there, keeping us not just informed, but informed consciously and conscientiously.

Happy New year to all the barflies. it's been like what? 17 years or something. MoA, the best blog in the universe.


Posted by: annie | Dec 31 2020 23:37 utc | 33

"Which banner have you decided to follow?

"The ‘COVID19 s the most terrible infection ever, and we must do everything in our power to stop it, whatever the cost’ banner.

"Or the ‘What on earth are we doing? This is no worse than a bad flu, and we are destroying the world economy, stripping away basic human rights and killing more people than we are saving’ banner."

What is left to say? (Dr Malcolm Kendrick)

Posted by: ADKC | Dec 31 2020 23:45 utc | 34

Toast to b and all barflies!

Posted by: annie | Jan 1 2021 0:01 utc | 35

sure is nice to see all the old names appear. I remember with great fondness watching fireworks in front of a certain house in Altona all those years ago. My thanks go to Bernhard for his tireless work bringing a bit of sanity to this very weird world we live in.

take good care, perhaps our paths will cross again.

Frohes neues Jahr 2021


Posted by: dan of steele | Jan 1 2021 0:10 utc | 36

Happy New Year, Bernard.

Better than Vaxx, RUS will be Rolling Out Etiotropic Meds to take out SARS2-CoV.

Posted by: IronForge | Jan 1 2021 0:22 utc | 37

We are legion!

Hi to Blackie/Noirette ...

Don't miss the video in the original post, it's a 4-minute segment with a miniature model world showing the year in review, featuring the end of Covid (I hope that like me, you'll enjoy the climax).

The virus will be defeated

Also, featuring a construction crane (thanks b!)

Posted by: jonku | Jan 1 2021 0:28 utc | 38

Happy New Year to all, and thanks to b for all his hard work here!!

Posted by: juliania | Jan 1 2021 1:13 utc | 39

Many thanks Bernhard! I like it that you don't "play favorites," look at important issues and events world wide from an independent POV, do your research, and most of all, admit when you're wrong. All of these traits together spell reliability and trust -- and it's why your site, with its findings and opinions (even if they are at times a bit crusty), is on my daily "go to" list to check whatszzup on the freakin' globe! Happy New Year to you and yours and keep on keepin on!

Posted by: Richard A Gabrio | Jan 1 2021 1:34 utc | 40

Interesting to follow this rather 'sensational' piece of news:

" Russia's Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) has announced the development of a drug to fight against Covid-19, which would become the world's first direct-acting antiviral antidote if clinical trials are successful.

According to Veronika Skvortsova, the head of FMBA, studies thus far have shown it is more than 99% effective.

“This is the first etiotropic drug that directly affects the virus. In fact, this is an antidote for coronavirus infection,” she informed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Wednesday, noting that preclinical studies have been completed, which have shown the remedy to be “completely safe” and “highly efficient.”"

The devil, of course, will be in the detail. Particularly, at what stage of infection it is effective.

But then, there is this, from the same article:

"The FMBA is also working on a separate drug for the treatment of the most complex coronavirus cases, which suppresses and prevents a physiological reaction called ‘hypercytokinemia’. Also known as a ‘cytokine storm’, it is an immune response that leads to body tissue damage, and is thought by some to be causing Covid-19 deaths."

Posted by: powerandpeople | Jan 1 2021 1:35 utc | 41

My appreciation and gratitude goes out to you, B, and to you, the posters who help me maintain and sharpen my point of view on the world, a big plus as I continue to find my way among neighbors and sentient beings out here in the woods in Illinois. My predictions: Latin America will keep emerging amid lots of struggle and setbacks triggered by or exacerbated by the U.S. Ecuador's Feb. election will be big. Meanwhile, collapse in the U.S. will be steady and un-stop-able. The Democrats will be exposed more and the left will find it more difficult to support the new rock star saviors.
Resolutions for me: talk to neighbors more, organize forums locally to talk about health care while I grow and forage mushrooms and appreciate this beautiful world and the spirits that surround and sustain me!

Posted by: migueljose | Jan 1 2021 1:35 utc | 42

Many thanks, Bernhard and Happy New Year to you! Love it that you do your research, cover the important issues and events of the day globally, and most of all love it that you admit when you're wrong. This for me means honesty and trust. Looking forward to checking your take on whatszzup on a daily basis as we head into 2021 -- Keep on keepin' on!

Posted by: Richard A Gabrio | Jan 1 2021 2:01 utc | 43

Long time lurker and commenter, dear barflies. Hot air balloons have been launched tonight with your good wishes aboard.

The very best 2021 to you all.

Posted by: gnonio | Jan 1 2021 2:22 utc | 44

Happy Happy New Year to you and your family b!!

You have so added to the quality of my information intake. We disagree about the corona virus "plandemic" as well as the scientific "facts", but it's all good - you gave me the benefit of an analysis from a person I deeply respect. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Posted by: Damani | Jan 1 2021 3:13 utc | 45

Happy New Year to Bernhard and the barflies. Here's hoping 2021 will be better than the year that is passing.

Posted by: Copeland | Jan 1 2021 4:03 utc | 46

@Christian J. Chuba | Dec 31 2020 19:21 utc | 13

The NPR artcle you linked is interesting, but from a scientific aspect it fails in one crucial regard: they only have numbers from one side of the experiment - the mask-wearing side. In order to be able to compare whether there was any significant difference between wearing masks in planes or not, they need to collect the numbers of infections from flights that operated under the same conditions (post-flight testing and quarantine, etc.) where masks were NOT used by anyone. One anecdote about one Vietnamese businesswoman a compelling dataset does not make.

So far as I know, the only scientific study that did a fully randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the Danish mask study. That study showed that there was no statistically significant difference in infection rates between mask wearers and non-wearers. If someone believes that masks do in fact work then they need to come up with a suitable explanation as to why their positive effect did not appear in the Danish mask study data.

Posted by: Steve | Jan 1 2021 6:16 utc | 47

So this song sums up how I intend to spend 2021.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jan 1 2021 6:56 utc | 48

Thanks b and happy New Year
thanks all barflies ... hmm almost All.

constant reader of this MOA outpost, but providing not many comments

Posted by: Charles Michael | Jan 1 2021 7:00 utc | 49

Thanks b for such a great site with consistently good and well managed commenters. MOA is a consistent refuge of sanity, for me, in a media environment that is not dependably believable. May your New Year be Great and your donations bounteous.

Posted by: John Sang | Jan 1 2021 8:26 utc | 50

Writing about the virus was a challenge. Not from a scientific point but due to the reaction of some commentators who were unable to accept the facts. I never before had to delete and block so much nonsense.

So you claim monopoly on what the facts are. The truth is that the facts are heavily disputed and there is clear evidence that there is a lot of manipulation going on, and extreme authoritarian measures are being taken by governments to suppress citizen fact finding (you can be arrested when showing the alleged overfull hospitals in the UK are in fact empty).

So in the tradition of this blog, I would encourage discussion of facts and reasoned arguments from all sides of this dispute. That would be showing strength. Deleting and blocking facts and reasoned arguments is only necessary when your position is weak.

Otherwise, Happy New Year b, and thanks for the blog where propaganda is being challenged as it should.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 1 2021 9:25 utc | 51

Just to put the facts straight ! Regarding Norwegian’s misinformation.
The presant situation in U.K. hospital covid wards——-
Many hospitals are at the moment full to overflowing. Patients having to wait in ambalences for hours on occasion. Being treated in ambalences.
Major staff shortages due to fatigue, covid infection or having to wait for test results.
Lack of virus medical equpment.
A thousand people a day dying covid related, expected to rise dramatically,
50,000 new cases a day and rising.
Really what planet is Norwegian on. Must be either a flat earth crazy or a ‘agender 21’ depopulation zionest.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 1 2021 10:30 utc | 52

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 1 2021 10:30 utc | 52

No offense, it could be a lot of things going on there, but who cares? Why waste your time? Theres a bunch of those guys around, certain places are full of them, they are suffering cognitive disconnect and blaming everybody else, they're all the same, ha ha it's very funny, why listen? Who isn't nuts these days is a better question. I had an uncle just like that. I get like that myself sometimes. So why listen? Let them talk and move on. It's the web, not real life, it's mostly bullshit anyway.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 1 2021 11:00 utc | 53

"China and other eastern countries proved to be much better in controlling the outbreak and were rewarded with economic success. " Not true. A few islands had an advantage, but even Japan and South Korea are now losing control.

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:00 utc | 54

Happy New Year to all!
We now officially have 20/20 hindisight!

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | Jan 1 2021 11:02 utc | 55

2020 was the year I lost trust in MoA. Not a word about the most horrendous civil rights violations in decades. Even now, MoA is cheering the Chinese regime (which ironically would immediately jail him).

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:03 utc | 56

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:00 utc | 54

Eventually, when enough people have died and enough economic and political damage has been done people will realize that "Gee, maybe we should treat infectious diseases as the serious and huge threat that they are." We've gotten fat, dumb, and happy about disease.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 1 2021 11:04 utc | 57

"I never before had to delete and block so much nonsense." It was MoA who promoted nonsense like masks and lockdowns and what not. After one year, it is now plainly obvious to everyone that none of this worked. Will MoA apologize? Of course not.

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:06 utc | 58

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 1 2021 11:04 utc | 57

"Gee, maybe we should treat infectious diseases as the serious and huge threat that they are."

COVID never was a "huge threat". Average age of deaths is about 84 years. 50% of deaths in care homes.

You fell for the pandemic PR, and you can't admit it.

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:09 utc | 59

This is how China "has COVID under control" (NOT!):

China's authoritarian reaction to COVID is what Rockefeller favored in his "lockstep scenario" in 2010. And now we have MoA promoting this. Unbelievable.

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:14 utc | 60

This is how South Korea and Japan, hailed by MoA, are losing control right now:

It is really hard to understand why MoA, who is questioning everything the mainstream media claims, has never questioned their COVID narrative. Not a single time. Who can explain this??

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:18 utc | 61

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:09 utc | 59

No you are right, I can admit it, I've totally fallen for it, I think infectious diseases are a huge threat to us all and we ought to take it seriously. Eventually we will again like we used to. I still remember when we used to know that, I grew up with sick people with snotty noses around me all the time. We're going back there now because out public health care system has been totally privatized, and sick people are a profit center now.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 1 2021 11:22 utc | 62

I remember when MoA posted a study that claimed a German city stopped the virus with masks. The study turned out to be fake and this city totally lost control: Did MoA ever acknowledge he posted fake studies? Of course not.

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:24 utc | 63

This is all I had to say. MoA will probably delete all of my comments again because he cannot stand the truth, cannot admit he was so wrong, cannot admit he ignored the most severe human and civil rights violations, because he bought into the fear.

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:29 utc | 64

Well it aint that clear cut at all. Much to my initial horror I discovered I had been in very close contact with people who had contracted the virus. Some died, some got very sick, but here I am,

Posted by: Den lille Abe | Jan 1 2021 11:32 utc | 65

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:29 utc | 64

Why not go post at Zero Hedge? I'm sure you would get a better reception there. They know the truth over there. We're just hopeless here. Totally brainwashed.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 1 2021 11:47 utc | 66

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:29 utc | 64

What, the violation of the "human right" to being an arrogant, selfish, disease-spreading sociopath?

I wonder why the West now is in such a shitter with such an all-encompassing sense of entitled personal irresponsibility.

Posted by: J W | Jan 1 2021 11:51 utc | 67

Liam @60: "This is how China "has COVID under control" (NOT!):"

The poster then links to an article that does indeed show that China has the coronavirus pandemic under control. It is because of quick and decisive responses like this that China had only 25 new cases yesterday and no deaths at all while the USA had almost 230,000 new cases and almost 3500 dead, and Britain had over 55,000 new cases and almost a thousand dead. It is because of quick and decisive responses like this that China's economy is booming once again and not only are shops and restaurants open for business but the population feels confident to visit them.

The reason the economy crumbled in the West is not just because we have boneheaded incompetent leadership but because too much of the population prefers cartoon fantasy delusion to facing up to cold hard reality. Of course, those two conditions are deeply interrelated. Delusional fools follow even louder delusional fools who happen to share their preferred delusion.

Finally, anyone who thinks our host has been singing in the corporate mass media chorus concerning the coronavirus pandemic has not been paying attention. The coronavirus is real. The people it is killing are really dead. Only a delusional fool would complain of our host's analysis being in agreement with mass media narrative on those kinds of points. One must find an analysis site run by someone with a softer head if one wants an echo chamber in which the virus is considered a hoax.

Now, if one is interested in slightly more realistic discussions about the pandemic, like "How in the hell is the new British version of the virus already community-spreading in the US among people with no travel history?", then our host will tolerate some relatively wild speculation, but outright denial that the disease exists at all is too far out there in the wilderness of madness.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jan 1 2021 12:27 utc | 68

*66 Bemildred
Sure imbeciles are everywhere, its like the Dead Walking, they will eventually get you, they will not kill you outright, but slowly stupor you brain so suddenly you conform.
A slow but inevitable death!

Posted by: Den lille Abe | Jan 1 2021 12:31 utc | 69

Bemilderd @ 53
Agree with all your sentiments there, we need to call out the lies and talk the truth though.
Gruffy @ 68
I agree with your comments @ 68
A pleasant and welcome surprise. Happy new year.
Here is a very worth while twitter site for a bit of truth and sanity, to date. I really recomend the comments.
Also brilliant links contained. These people are the way forward. A portal back to sanity !

A must read.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 1 2021 12:43 utc | 70

Posted by: Den lille Abe | Jan 1 2021 12:31 utc | 69

Well yeah, but where else were you expecting to go? We belong here. This place makes people just like it makes pears. And here we stay. That's what I want. To stay here with my people when the time comes.

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 1 2021 12:54 utc | 71

Here’s a good link taken from the above twitter account I mention above !
Quality truth and reality.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 1 2021 12:56 utc | 72

I remember that night with great fondness too Dan.

Posted by: annie | Jan 1 2021 13:28 utc | 73

@Liam 59
Yes, it’s true. All one really needs to do is look at the statistics that cannot be fudged - all cause mortality. All cause mortality reveals all. It is here, when presenting these facts that you encounter the most cognitive dissonance related anger. Alas, critical thought seems weak, and virtue signalling appears super strong at this juncture.

Hopefully, in 2021, censorship subsides on all platforms and true discussion might resume. After all, was freedom of speech not one of the pillars that help build our civilisations into something so robust that the best path forward for all was most often found.

We should not be afraid of such discussion.

@51 Norwegian
I appreciate your contrarian commentary my friend... although, it is very sad that identifying something so obviously unfit for purpose as the Drosten Covid PCR test that has helped create our current conditions should be considered contrary.

The best to all barflies... we are all not meant to agree 100% all of the time, this is life... but we should all be in agreement that despite the differences, we all must be allowed the freedom to disagree. For the alternatives are dire...

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 1 2021 13:50 utc | 74

Happy New Year, B and fine people here around :)

2020, the year misanthropy turns out to be the only sane option, the year not only China took over the West, but the year individual freedoms turned out to be first of all a shield for sociopathic assholes to have their ways and harm the others and the common good. Hopefully, people will learn from that in 2021: what are the ultimate goals we should seek and what are just means, which aren't inherently good but are only good as long as they help us towards these goals, and which should be discarded when they turn out to be hindrances?

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jan 1 2021 14:11 utc | 75

@Bemildred 66: "We're just hopeless here. Totally brainwashed." Indeed.

@William Gruff 68: "It is because of quick and decisive responses like this that China...": Another cheerleader of authoritarianism. Why don't you go to China then? Oh, you will end up in jail, right... and they still have panic at every other airport and can't let travelers in.

@ JW 67: "What, the violation of the "human right" to being an arrogant, selfish, disease-spreading sociopath?" Congratulations, you're regurgitating CNN talking points really well. Repeat again: "human rights are only for arrogant, selfish, disease-spreading sociopaths". Very good.

You guys have been a huge disappointment. So please, at least, MASK THE FCK UP!!

Posted by: Liam | Jan 1 2021 15:31 utc | 76

Anyone else find numbers cool?

In 2021 the Chinese New Year falls on Abraham Lincoln's birthday.
Lincoln would be 212 years old on 2/12/2021

An auspicious day (hopefully), goodbye Year of the Rat, hello Year of the Ox.

On the day of the Chinese New Year 2020 the Covid-19 count in the US per the CDC stood at 2.

Posted by: librul | Jan 1 2021 15:52 utc | 77

Micron @Dec31 21:13 #24

We've been fighting misinformation like that contained in your comment for months.

I still can't understand why we have to completely upend our lives for a virus with a case fatality rate of 0,2% ...

Case fatality rate is about 2% not 0,2%. That is much greater than seasonal flu and SARS-COV-2 spreads faster than seasonal flu as well.

... of which almost all are above 60 or having comorbidities.

A large part of the population under 60 have comorbidities. Should we disregard the death and suffering of anyone that is old or sickly? And where do you draw the line?

Libertarians ideologues refuse to see that fighting the pandemic effectively requires a strong government response. Instead, libertarians choose to throw the old and sick under the Covid bus.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 1 2021 16:10 utc | 78

Jen @Dec31 19:38 @15

I don't need a crystal ball or paranormal powers of foresight to forecast that Syria will be a prominent topic here at MoA in 2021.

ISIS Kills 28 Syrian Troops Near Palmyra In Most Devastating Ambush In Years

<> <> <> <> <>

We are told that: USA destroyed Raqqa! USA killed al Bagdadi! (multiple times) USA demanded that the Saudis stop financing terror! (they buy USA arms instead) And Trump declared that the "100 percent" of the ISIS Caliphate was defeated!

If everyone hates ISIS so much, why are they still around?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 1 2021 16:34 utc | 79

2020 was the year of the Biggest Deception that I saw in my adult life.
First the „Lockdown. The Chinese did this in Wuhan in the sense that language uses to describe: no one in, no one out, for ca.14 days. Works effective with CoV-2.
In the West there was no Lockdown. Most econonmy continued, some sectors were stopped, daily movements in trains, busses etc. continued. Low-income workers from SE-Europe could enter Germany without trouble. Masks, that failed in practice and in most of scientifical trials, were no game changer. But the whole thing was and is called „Lockdown.
We have excellent and affordable medication for CoV-2:
But no word in the mass media about it. Instead of using it an extreme risky unverified vaccination technology is applied, by open and hidden force, against a virus-based flu kind of illness with the strength of a middle winter flu if one views at the globus.
Yes, I lost trust on the coverage of the issue in MoA. I accept that sometimes it is necessary to delete comments. But only those who apparently refuse to argue their case. Whether the other one are true, or wrong, or even deceptive each reader has to find out with this own capabilities. We do not live in a Kindergarten.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Jan 1 2021 18:19 utc | 80

John Hopkins presentation on US deaths (hour) lot of charts

Posted by: Joe | Jan 1 2021 20:52 utc | 81

@Liam | Jan 1 2021 15:31 utc | 76

"It is because of quick and decisive responses like this that China...": Another cheerleader of authoritarianism. Why don't you go to China then? Oh, you will end up in jail, right... and they still have panic at every other airport and can't let travelers in.

In an earlier comment (Liam | Jan 1 2021 11:14 utc | 60), you claimed that China "has COVID under control" (NOT!).

William Gruff | Jan 1 2021 12:27 utc | 68 totally refutes you by saying "[Liam] then links to an article that does indeed show that China has the coronavirus pandemic under control. It is because of quick and decisive responses like this that China had only 25 new cases yesterday and no deaths at all while the USA had almost 230,000 new cases and almost 3500 dead, and Britain had over 55,000 new cases and almost a thousand dead."

So you attempt to cover your embarassment by counterattacking in a different direction, claiming that Gruff is "another cheerleader of authoritarianism". Clearly, the US is not authoritarian by your definition, as you ignore the murders by the state: in 2019, according to Forbes, police killed over 1000 American civilians; in the same year, Chinese cops killed two (2) people. If we count the number of people killed by cops, the US is over 500 times more authoritarian than China.

Incidentally, for those trying to minimize the impact of Covid-19, more Americans have now died from COVID-19 than the number of US soldiers killed in battle during World War II. This fact's not authoritarian either, is it?

Posted by: Cyril | Jan 1 2021 21:53 utc | 82

A Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year to all barflies! And a particular vote of thanks to b for his work on this site. It really is a very valuable contribution to knowledge. I don't know what he censored, of course, but the discussion on this site is far more valuable than almost any other.
I came across this article which I think is really very interesting and germane to this discussion on The Unz Review: It looks as though something very curious/sinister is going on.

About the Dr's take on the pandemic; the graphs which are of not numbers, but SDs flatten any curve very greatly, don't they? (I am no mathematician so I ask, I am not stating that as a fact.)

Posted by: foolisholdman | Jan 1 2021 22:33 utc | 83

@Liam | Jan 1 2021 15:31 utc | 76

Why don't you go to China then? Oh, you will end up in jail, right... and they still have panic at every other airport and can't let travelers in.

Which would you prefer; to be dead or forced to quarantine/jail? Doesn't seem a very difficult choice to me! There can be no doubt that even granting that some Chinese figure may well be fudged, many fewer Chinese have died as a result of Covid-19 than the Oh-so-free US and UK citizens.

Covid-19 only kills about 2%. Yes. Given a revolver with a rotor holding 50 cartridges and you know there is one live round in it, how willing would you be to play Russian Roulette with it - to avoid quarantine?

Posted by: foolisholdman | Jan 1 2021 22:49 utc | 84

Those who wish to be informed read many sources, they do not necessarily have to agree with everything that is written.

I disagree with your view on the so called pandemic but that does not mean that I disagree with your view on all topics. That is why I no longer visit this blog as often due to your censorship of others' views that opposes your own. The world has seen a huge rise in censorship, clearly that has affected independent outlets also. Freedom is speech is why you are here, it would be wise if you were to remember this.

Posted by: Mac_408 | Jan 2 2021 0:00 utc | 85

Happy new years to all the MoA crew,
at least now we all can say with certainty that hindsight is 2020.
God help us all.
С новым годом! - Russian Village Boys "Happy New Year"
To our host, the payment for my bill is on its way. Thank you so much for what you do. And big up to Jen, Debsisdead, Karlof1, psychohistorian.

Posted by: lex.talionis | Jan 2 2021 0:44 utc | 86

Posted by: Cyril | Jan 1 2021 21:53 utc | 82

More examples of American shiny "non-authoritarianism":

-Defacto dictatorship by capitalist oligarchs sold as "democracy".
-Hefty taxes forced on populace to fund war crimes and advancing corporate interests.
-Utter failure of government at providing decent cost-effective public services.
-First in prisoners per capita in the world, for-profit prison systems, prisoner slavery.

Yeah, me thinks cretins parroting seemingly scary Orwellian loaded words from CIA psyop outlets certainly aren't exactly qualified to lecture the rest of us about their freedumbs.

Posted by: J W | Jan 2 2021 1:49 utc | 87

The New Year is going to be less happy than the Old Year in the US, even if you're secure in the top 20%. Elites learned some important lessons at the end of the 18th Century in 1776 & 1789, the most important being that representative government is the only means to guarantee domestic tranquility and keep the guillotines in museums. US elites have learned the lesson of history poorly, however, and they are equally bad students of the lesson of this pandemic, which is that mass societies cannot survive in peace and prosperity without some form of social democracy. The Chinese communists understand very well that the government must deliver for the people to avert chaos, something US politicians do not understand. Libertarian capitalism prevent the prevailing leadership from seeing reality. Our society is beginning to come apart and this domestic dis-ease will not go away in 2021.

The pandemic is a mass protest. Social distress becomes disease when there is no agency. If people cannot use their government to fix their problems, alleviate income inequality and create more opportunity for individuals to act for their own benefit, they will suffer from this lack of agency. Weird factions develop, white supremacy,religious fanaticism, racism, Qanon, you name it, it's out there banging its own drum, and there is talk of civil war. The government does not serve the people. Power has no transparency. Only the elite prospers at the expense of the people. The people despair in their lack of agency, their passivity. They wander off into cult-like factions or they get sick.

The virus is a bioweapon, but this knowledge does not by itself does help cure the disease. When there is bioweapons research, it is always depicted as "defensive" if it is acknowledged at all. Secret programs, like the one in Wuhan, look for cures, for vaccines to counter any possible biological attack from enemies. One has to create the bioweapon to find the means to defeat it.

Operation Warp Speed supposedly produced a vaccine in record time. They didn't start from scratch. That vaccine was already the subject of research as part of the bioweapons experimentation with coronavirus, which was ongoing in the US and other advanced nations. Distrust of government is a result of secret weapons research, and government secrecy overall, which is the basis for corruption. 2021 will not be the year when government becomes transparent and regains the trust of the American people.

Better plan to get more masks. This coronavirus is a bioweapon. It was designed to defeat efforts to neutralize it. It has exceptional "gain of function" capability and does not behave like natural born viruses. The people who created this monster do not know what it can do. There is no comforting prognosis. We see at this moment that it is becoming more virulent, not less.

2021 will not be a happy new year. Mitch McConnell and his crew are here to make sure necessary change will not happen. More people will lose their equity stake in America, more people will suffer, the for profit medical system will collapse, more people will die.....but on the bright side, the rich motherfuckers at the top will get richer!

Posted by: jadan | Jan 2 2021 1:59 utc | 88

Well this has been a lively 'discussion' Many thanks to Jackrabbit, Cyril William Gruff James... for dealing with the Zhedgers I wish I had posted my poem on this thread ... it would have been more fitting. The incessant angry ingnorant comments suck up all the oxygen and ruins the board. Thank you to all and to B
Happy New Year to All

Posted by: ld | Jan 2 2021 4:59 utc | 89

@MadMax2 | Jan 1 2021 13:50 utc | 74
Thank you for your kind words!

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 2 2021 6:12 utc | 90

@foolisholdman | Jan 1 2021 22:49 utc | 84

Covid-19 only kills about 2%.

Presumably, according to the covid proponents, the US is the worst hit area. As we know, there are about 330 million people in the us. 2% of that would be 6.6 million dead in the US alone.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jan 2 2021 6:24 utc | 91

@ lex.talionis | Jan 2 2021 0:44 utc | 86 with the appreciation of my contribution at MoA...thanks

I try to add value from my perspective.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 2 2021 7:36 utc | 92

Thank you Bernhard for sharing your invaluable insights and analysis! They're greatly appreciated. Congrats on the growing readership, and way to go on your personal health accomplishment! Happy New Year to you and everyone!

Posted by: Canadian Cents | Jan 2 2021 7:47 utc | 93

Thank you, b. This blog puts the arrogant and corrupt corporate media to shame. Happy new year all round.

Posted by: Steve | Jan 2 2021 9:41 utc | 94

MoA is interesting blog and good to have but not to the point.

Many times talk is about D/R nonsense, when it is really a single War party (Caitlin Johnstone puts it simply right). Probably because it's more appealing to discuss endlessly about US internals than look into horrendous events in Palestine, Jemen or destroying lives with sanctions in Iran, Venezuela, North Korea..
MoA avoids mentioning Zionism and thus misses the cause of many events and reasons, including endless wars. MintPressNews is a good source on that, or UnlimitedHangout.

MoA missed the point of plandemics, from lab created virus after the decade of Gain of Function preparations to avoiding the possible cures like Ivermectin to non properly tested mRNA vaccines which maybe cause infertility to enormous breakdown of small business economy and furter and faster enrichment of the most rich. And avoided mentioning Gates, who is WHO now and behind all moves. Luckily we had Corbett Report on that.

So finally, if you would like to have a peek on world events, MoA is fine, but if you need to see more, not really to the center.

Posted by: Saraj | Jan 2 2021 9:57 utc | 95

Here’s is just an informed witness account from the covid frontline. And all the more truthful and relivant for that !
Right now I can say ——-
The covid deniers here and out in the street are certifiably insane and should be locked up for there own good and the good of society.
It’s serious !
Failing that I hope you die of covid.


Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 2 2021 10:22 utc | 96

Saraj @ 95
Thanks for your timely comments a very good aprasel on the present situation.
Sadly people are suffering compassion fatigue, understandable but not excusable.
Mint press is indeed very good.

We must not weaken.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jan 2 2021 10:58 utc | 97

A large study (of 10 million people) has clarified the facts surrounding the asymptomatic COVID infection issue i.e. it does not happen. It is reported here:

with the original 'Nature' paper is here:

Now, what are the chances that these new facts will puncture the unreality peddled so heavily? I think low, for these are unwelcome facts.

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 2 2021 11:24 utc | 98

Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 2 2021 11:24 utc | 98

Study: sounds like a big win to me, should make contact tracing a lot easier, if true. (Not saying I think it's not true, but I do think you need to keep an eye on the possibility for a while. It's one study, and the virus mutates.)

Posted by: Bemildred | Jan 2 2021 11:33 utc | 99

I did a little experiment, as I still have some free time before having to get back to the grind.

I typed 'COVID is a hoax' as a search phrase into google and, unsurprisingly, most (cannot be bothered to collect stats) of the results returned actually argue that 'COVID is not a hoax'.

Then, just for kicks, I typed 'Moon is made of cheese' and, surprisingly, most (cannot be bothered to collect stats) of the results actually took the statement seriously enough.


Posted by: Idiocrates | Jan 2 2021 11:33 utc | 100

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