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December 03, 2020

Open Thread 2020-95

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@ Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 4 2020 0:53 utc | 96

What I've heard is that China wants to build a lunar base, not a new international space station.

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 1:23 utc | 101

@100 karlof1

If you think the US policy is stupid - and of course it certainly is - have a laugh at Australia's, in this 91-second video clip that sums it up perfectly:

Australia's Defence Policy Explained - [Satire]

One commenter at YT says the clip is trending on Chinese social media currently.

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 4 2020 1:30 utc | 102

@101 The only excuse I can think of (other than that they are totally evil) is that they really believe increased pressure will lead to regime change. Pompeo keeps talking about Iran becoming a 'normal nation'. In other words Iranians are supposed see the error of their ways and become like Americans.

Posted by: dh | Dec 4 2020 1:31 utc | 103

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 1:23 utc | 103

"What I've heard is that China wants to build a lunar base, not a new international space station."

There ought to be all kinds of interesting stuff on or near the surface of the moon, it's been being bombarded with missles from all over the solar system (at least) and on the moon it just sits there. A big pile of natural resources and no need to worry about environmental issues. The downhill trip is a lot cheaper than the uphill one too. I imagine they are thinking of commercial exploitation.

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 1:32 utc | 104

DH @ 88, Karlof1 @ 92:

Our most important Australian value - hanging onto the coat-tails of the US and the UK - requires that we keep up with the cultural transitions of those we hang onto, limpet-like.

People cover up much more at the beach these days for many reasons: for one thing, we are always being warned not to sunbake too much (because of the melanoma risk) and second is, our population includes followers of various faiths that require them to dress conservatively even when they take their kids to the parks and the beaches.

Australia supposedly hosts more Thai restaurants per capita than the United States does. Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Korean cuisines are the most popular Asian cuisines in Australia on the basis of Google searches but you can get almost any Asian cuisine in most large Australian cities these days. There are Uyghur restaurants in Sydney's CBD district (Surry Hills and Haymarket in the Chinatown district) and even in my neck of the woods (I live 12 km north of Sydney's CBD) there are Thai, Japanese, Korean and Persian eateries.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 4 2020 1:35 utc | 105

@107 Thank you Jen. That is exactly what I mean by cultural transition. I was thinking of things like refugees, migration, trade, travel, communications, media,diplomacy etc. This is the modern world. Oz is very involved now in Asia. Perhaps more than conservative elements there would like to be.

I notice they are careful to echo the standard Western line...we have nothing against Chinese people but we hate the CCP.

Posted by: dh | Dec 4 2020 1:45 utc | 106

I still say the solution to the virus and the opportunity its has provided the political quacks, to insist on lock down
is found not in a vaccine but in a infection preventor.

Something that can be put in the HVAC system and keep it in circulation while people are in the conditioned space..
in a car, in the grocery store, in the school, and at home, such a substance seems to be in
Mudaro's ursolic acid derivative A95 at WHO.. has anyone followed up on that?

You se the derivative blocks 100% of the replication of the virus .. so even if an infection occurs, it cannot propagate through out the body or if in the air. from person to person, and lay lurching in dead air space like a locked up car, a locked up office building or
find its way in to the water water treatment system or the potable water treatment system and propagate there.

Posted by: snake | Dec 4 2020 1:52 utc | 107

If the Man Upstairs has 7 plagues in mind, I just want him to know that the 1st of 7 didn't work. People are as crazy, selfish and stupid as ever. Therefore can He please send the 2nd Plague already, and this time please not target anyone over 60, blacks or Latinos, Native Americans or first responders and front-line workers, or anyone who took this one seriously and followed all the guidelines because they value human life besides their own.

With plague no. 2, please start with the deniers of the first plague christened Covid-19, even if they're over 60, followed by everyone who had a super-spreader party and lived to brag about it and all Trump & co spawn and every Republican who kissed Trump's ass. Finally, please make sure Trump is patient zero in the State of Florida and there's no expensive cure just for him.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 1:54 utc | 108

This is the link I've passed through:

China is planning a moon research base that may reshape the space race

Looks like this "moon research base" is projected to be a natural evolution of the chang'e project. There will be at least chang'e 6 to 8, after which (or concomitantly?):

"An international lunar research base is also planned," he [Xu Hongliang, Secretary General at the China National Space Administration (CNSA)] added.

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 1:57 utc | 109

The chinese who are now fulfilling the wishes of space exploration for people all over the globe.

Animosity against them aside, this is the next step for mankind, I feel like we have been slumbering ever since the Space Race in the 50s-70s.

Posted by: Smith | Dec 4 2020 2:31 utc | 110

If you think anyone can follow those directions you are dreaming. Any who know what you just said already knows how it is done. I can’t even find what you are talking about on screen or on keyboard. You are using terms not known to me as having any English language meaning. Which ones? If you don’t know which terms you just used are indecipherable to ordinary non-technical speakers of English that is why you can’t teach.
Posted by: oldhippie | Dec 3 2020 23:12 utc | 82

T bear was referring to the 'Allowed HTML Tags' in the 'Post a Comment' box at the bottom of every comment page.

The last two lines consist of the formula and instructions for hiding a link behind a label you've chosen for the link.
The red text shows the result of using the formula.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 4 2020 3:55 utc | 111

With their series of Lunar missions, the Chinese are doing more to further space exploration and scientific development than NASA has done since the 1980s and the disastrous US decision to focus on the space shuttle fleet. I am curious how the Americans will respond to a successful Chinese manned mission to the moon. On one-hand I'm sure Fox News will cover it with a smirk and say something to the effect of "they finally caught up to what we did 50 years ago", but I suspect many people in the US will be shocked to realize that the US State has become so dysfunctional and corrupt that even with 50 years of extreme technological advancement the US can't repeat the achievements of 50 years ago.

Will this trigger a new space race to beat the Chinese to Mars or will it drive the Americans to try and destroy the Chinese economically out of spike. Neither option is really "good", but at least a space race would be sold to the American people as a hopeful and optimistic vision of the future, which would be a welcome change after 20 years of campaign fear. However, I think we all know the path the Americans will chose, a spiteful economic war (perhaps a full military war) on China to prevent them from seizing the title of most technological advanced nation on earth from the hallowed out and failed state the US has become.

Posted by: Kadath | Dec 4 2020 4:12 utc | 112

@104 grieved.
That made my morning. Thank you!

Posted by: m | Dec 4 2020 4:21 utc | 113

@ Kadath

The industrial capitalism that built the US is gone, gone.

The financial sector is happy fleecing the people, to drain what's left of them, but never to invest, to build ever again.

More money will be spent for meaningless military projects that are just "bonus" to all the corporate CEOs and the politicians.

Posted by: Smith | Dec 4 2020 4:25 utc | 114

The U.S. is already engaged in a “space race” for military dominance, which was the main purpose for the earlier one.

Posted by: norecovery | Dec 4 2020 4:32 utc | 115

A random collection of people and places explaining links.

I haven't read any of them but maybe they're all very bad at it since it takes no effort to find any of them?

There is also W3C technical specifications for those who want to go directly to the source. Wikipedia redirects the W3C abbreviation properly in case anyone doesn't know who and what they are.

[ Is it murder to tempt people to go read W3C technical specifications when they're not comfortable with writing links? ]

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 4 2020 4:40 utc | 116

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 3 2020 17:23 utc | 10

Contrary to the pedestrian Western accusations that it’s an Orwellian system, priorities include the fight against fraud and corruption at the national, regional and local levels, against violations of environmental rules, against disrespect of food security norms."

A topic that does need some clarification for sure.

Is it fine to believe one system is glorious and another benign?

The ameristani tech companies have there's hidden behind IP barriers, government agreements .... and the China system, possibly systems may or may not be benign, at the commercial, local, national or propriety levels.

Who polices the policemen?

As neither system's code have been published or peer reviewed, as far as my searches have found, one is still accepting both on trust. They may both be Orwellian, one or neither.

How does one gain access to whatever is behind the curtains?

Presumably the alleged open and inclusive western governments, we are constantly reminded to kneel before, are upfront with their systems and agreements?

Whereas the CCP state are red devils, so it's OK that we label, sanction and bully them.

Posted by: OhOh | Dec 4 2020 4:40 utc | 117

@ Grieved | Dec 4 2020 1:30 utc | 104... thanks grieved.. that was worth scanning the 117 comments for! cheers james..

this covid madness sure is divisive... i wish people would lay off the covid... it is like liquor or narcotics in the hands of some... they completely lose it...

Posted by: james | Dec 4 2020 4:41 utc | 118

Re Smith #116,

I agree the US has squander its' industrial infrastructure as the state has become totally captured by financial interests that can only generate profit by financializing productive industries and then deconstructing the assets for a quick buck that can then be further financialized to repeat the process, as opposed to reinvesting in productive industries to make them more productive and thus more profitable.

What I'm really curious about though, is how will people in the US (both elites and commoners) react when they witness a specular event that clearly shows that the Chinese are at the very least an equal peer to the US (or perhaps superior) in the eyes of the US people. Once the US landed on the moon, the Soviet Union practically gave up on the idea of a manned mission to the moon. The Chinese are planning to put a man on the moon in 2029 (and Mars by 2045), NASA and space X have similar plans but no one I've talked to believe these plans will even be attempted (they were just announced as a publicity stunt to drum up money and will quietly cancelled in a few years). If the Chinese land on the moon and then Mars, will it be the wakeup event that convinces the American people to force their corporations and the Government to rebuild their industries, will it break their spirit even more or will they just ignore it and keep driving into the ditch?

Posted by: Kadath | Dec 4 2020 4:48 utc | 119

While I'm here I'll do some proper trolling with slightly stale facts.


"Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is a major cargo hub.[28] As of 2015, it ranked as the fourth busiest airport in the world by cargo traffic, after Hong Kong, Memphis, and Shanghai–Pudong."


"The airport is home to Worldport, the worldwide hub of UPS. The Kentucky Air National Guard's 123d Airlift Wing operates C-130 transport aircraft from the co-located Louisville Air National Guard Base."


"It is home to the FedEx Express global hub, which processes many of the company's packages.[4] Non-stop FedEx destinations from Memphis include cities across the continental United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. From 1993 to 2009, Memphis had the largest cargo operations of any airport worldwide. MEM dropped to the second position in 2010, just behind Hong Kong; however, it remains the busiest cargo airport in the United States and in the Western Hemisphere."

Yes I can hear you think "But that didn't troll me? I don't feel the least bit trolled!" but did I say you were the target?

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 4 2020 5:15 utc | 120

Posted by: vk | Dec 3 2020 19:14 utc | 24

I never understand with capitalist and managerial class obsession with controlling over the worker. Their default assumption of worker is lazy, therefore you need to monitor them. Not to mention de-humanistic view of their contract with worker which they feel entitled to their labour, squeezing them hard as they see fit with various 'productivity bogus' and whatnot. This has reached absurd level where big tech companies developed tools to for manager to monitor worker remotely via conference apps.

This attitude found almost globally. Despite a few short months of 'work from home' seems to work for many white collar jobs, the capitalist class apparently can sleep at night knowing that they can't see their worker's face in the office. It's completely shatter the myth of anything economy related being driven by logic.

Perhaps the only small exception is South Korea. Their big chaebol quick to comply to their government request and after months of limited quarantine there's already shift in perception on their whole work and corporate culture. This is all the more appalling since Korea's work culture is modeled after Japan only ramped up to eleven: more hierarchical, more abusive, and more rigid.

The so called 'flexibility' of the Western culture is failing against that.

Posted by: Hangar | Dec 4 2020 5:30 utc | 121

Close to 3000 Americans are dying per day and what is Ziofascist Tramp doing besides trying to pull a pathetic coup and working with his Zionist cohorts to murder Iranians, already 2 per week: a top scientist and a Commander of the Revolutionary Guard? Yes, he told Pompeo to go wild on Iran that S.O.B., so expect more.

He's partying! Oh yeah, Tramp is hosting 12 parties at the WH this month, like he's expressing exactly what Melania wanted the whole world to know: I don't care; do you?

They're amassing karma like it's a gold rush. When that karma comes home to roost, I'll celebrate too: like the Shia Iraqi did at the sight of Saddam dangling from a noose.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 5:49 utc | 122

Below is a quote from a Reuters piece about some "damaged beyond repair" US/China relations......

An exchange of insults on Thursday between U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn and China Daily journalist Chen Weihua underscored persistent animosity.

Blackburn, a Republican and one of the more outspoken China critics, claimed without evidence on Twitter that China “has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing.”

In response, Chen accused Blackburn of being the most “racist and ignorant” U.S. senator he has seen and calling her a “lifetime bitch.”

Blackburn responded by calling Chen a “puppet” in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “dream for global domination” and vowed that the U.S. would not bow to “sexist communist thugs.”

Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of China’s Global Times newspaper, also criticised Blackburn on Twitter on Friday, saying it was a pity her “cognitive level is still as low as a monkey’s.”

Understand that this exchange was between China press representatives and a US Senator. I am happy to see China calling out late empire BS. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black....sheeesh. I can't believe that this aggression towards China will do anything but hasten the demise of the American face of global private finance empire. I want the crash to come to see how global private finance plays their hand if they don't have some nations MAD to back up their claims.

I do also believe that the coming crash will happen while the D's are in office to saddle them/women with blame for the nations failings where they can't use the Covid excuse.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 4 2020 6:55 utc | 123

I think most Iraqis would have preferred Saddam to the chaos and death they have had since their “liberation”. The same with the Libyans and Gaddafi.

Posted by: Roger | Dec 4 2020 6:57 utc | 124

Posted by: dh | Dec 4 2020 1:31 utc | 105
"In other words Iranians are supposed see the error of their ways and become like Americans."

I think the desired end result is for Iranians become like Hondurans, ruled over by a drug lord answerable only to Washington and Wall Street.

Posted by: Tom | Dec 4 2020 7:31 utc | 125

Posted by: juliania | Dec 4 2020 0:24 utc | 90

Of all the recent threads you find THIS one to be unreadable? LMAO. Come on. But I guess, then, that you are the person who said they left NZ or whatever country to live in the U.S.A. back in the 70s and felt most at home there. As if there is any "there" which could be understood or appreciated by even Americans. It's such a broad country. Regardless, if you think this thread is unreadable, well, I've got news for you. 'Tis gonna get worse.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Dec 4 2020 7:49 utc | 126

@Circe still thinks that "Zio fascist" Trump carries any meaning with Americans or those reading this blog abroad. We're past that, my man (or woman). Ziofascists run the US government and higher education. Time to accept it. You don't turn a sceptical eye on Israeli Palestinian "relations" in any serious circle of "adult" conversationalists.

So your over the top rhetoric only ruins your otherwise valid and legitimate points, as sad as it is to say that when the right gets away with the harshest rhetoric (false mostly) that they can. But it's true. Take a lesson from vk or William Gruff. You too easily cling to the DNC talking points when they are all that is "left" in a given situation.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Dec 4 2020 7:54 utc | 127

AntiSpin #94

"Would someone please explain the term "USAi"

The i stands for the illegal occupier of Palestine. The i stands for the manipulator of the USA political and financial class. The i stands for the illegal spy/blackmail racket run by Les Wexner, Ghislain Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, you know, the gang that has a video library sufficient to have crippled the decision making in the USAi. You can apply the same to UKi and more.

You have been colonised. by: uncle tungsten @ 98 <= Please explain the term in the following statement
{ sequestered by rule of law into a virtual digital environment<=where unconstitutional and corrupt use of the instruments of government can be illegally manipulated }. <==need an acronym for this phase..?

These Trojan-proxy global colonial outsiders are charged to manipulate local-member nation state franchisees (in this case the USA); these manipulations are designed to benefit a well-hidden<=>wealth-laden class of global and international manipulators. In 1776-1778 Americans declared their independence from British Colonial Corporate Rule. To accomplish independence, a democratic government

A new charter was invented, but the name USA was retained: articlesUSA. The purpose of the new Charter[the constitution of the USA] <= was to strip the democracy out of the charter and to replace that democracy with a Trojan-proxy global colonial outsider controlled government. So ratification was the weapon used to change the rules the USA lived by. No longer was the USA to be ruled by democratic means; instead, the Trojan-proxy global colonial outsiders would dictate. <=it says so right in the charter. Read it. its called the Constitution of the USA.

American democratic independence lasted only 11 years. Yet until now, false and misleading propaganda has fooled the Americans into believing they had a bottom up democratic government. The Trojan-proxy global colonial outsider used the constitution of the United States of America (constitution_>1788_USA) to strip from the Americans the very democracy they had established for themselves in the 1776-88 (articles <1788_USA). Legal trickery was used to establish ratification to be sufficient political power to deny Americans their democracy. The bottm-up American Democracy became a Trojan-proxy global colonial outsider controlled government. The name for that outside control was called Federalism. what happened was the Articles of Confederation was thrown out, and the constitution was installed. Democracy died and the republic took charge. Independence was over: the Trojan-proxy global colonial outsiders had manipulated their constitution into place, and were from then on in charge of, and in control of, all affairs allowed to Americans.

The well hidden international wealth-laden class of global manipulators (layer 1) are still not clearly visible. Between layer 1 and layer 5, exist four layers of control.

Layer five, is executed by a highly paid, well-cross purpose integrated anti-Americans <=consisting mostly of highly paid [professional financial exploiters, artificial intelligence scientist. talented digital engineers, as well as professional media content providers all getting paid as Trojan-proxy global colonial outsiders to deliver the spoils of the nation state to the well hidden international wealth-laden class of global manipulators (layer 1)

Of the nine layers of social and political control used by the only two are public.
The control stack (layers) describes how private wealth controls the use of public power.

private layer 1:global nation state franchisor sets rules; establishes local nation state goals
_______Here are bankers and their quasi governmental bureaucracies, NGOs, established
_______functioning national governments in interactive cooperation with the needs of the
_______global corporations listed the major market and exchanges.

Private Layer 2: oligarch <= national (wall street beneficiaries who use their wealth to conform
_______national outcome consistent with global powers). The nation (i. e. local banking
_______and monopoly powered corporations control access by the deplorable governed to
_______opportunity.. (opportunity is a privilege open only to a few) Officer vs enlisted.
_______pseudo elected presidents. Also the road and bridge building, trucks, ships, and
_______plane contractors and transport providers..they have the privilege of license,
_______access to money, and qualification to do business with government.

Private Layer 3: the copyright and patent monopoly powers (90% of the Assets of market traded
_______corporations are monopoly powers (as in intangible assets. relatively new, this layer
_______encompasses the legal privilege to privately own all technology and is
_______at the heart of the modern feudal system. 5g. driverless vehicles, space travel

Private Layer 4: the think tank and other private organizations the bureaucracies regulate, fund
_______and direct. Millions even $billions in private money flows and is matched by
_______government funding. Its is where the secret services, home land scammers and
_______university system bureaucracy resides.

public layer 5: the elected 527 person government that regulate the members of the public

Private Layer 6: Intergovernmental Bureaucracies limit and direct elected power to global goals.
_______this is the huge government bought and paid for bureaucracy.

public layer 7: the 340,000,000 members of the highly public.

Private layer 8: Stimulus restrain economic system control

Private layer 9: media addresses diversity via content provider diversity used to control of narrative, limit
_______ information visible to target groups and keep the highly disparate minds of the governed deplorables
_______ individually_pacified. (content providers have access to substantial funding, many proven techniques.
________ To science ; which enables CPs to coordinate psychology with propaganda; to maintain crowd, mind,
________ political and thought control (CMPT) control. Layer delivers massive financial support to the media,
________ in that every market visible corporation contributes $ trillions in yearly tax deductible advertising
________ to support CMPT content over media which is used to control the governed deplorable.

Every business, every politicians supports the media as its presents its endless productions of its content providers.
we should not talk about the MSM instead we should talk about the MCP (main content providers)

All layers but 5 and 7 are contained within an privately owned controlled envelop.

50 state elections, made to look national falsely suggesting presidents are elected by will of the people, but it works and helps to fund the privately owned media with political advertising.

Article II and amendment 12 of the Constitution clearly deny the American people any say in who is to be the P and VP of the USA.

Since 1947, standing orders from Layer 1<= demo the American excellence; destroy its superior economic power relative to the rest of the world enjoyed by Americans. .. The standing order, use rule of law to create the monopoly power that can homogenize the world.

Content providers are part of the great divide, the media is universal and everyone is forced to provide for its availability, but only a few actually have access to deliver any content that is not commercial advertising.

Posted by: snake | Dec 4 2020 8:00 utc | 128

Reposting the Barfly Tools Userscript again since there's been a pandemic of trolls and bad links. It adds a user blacklist to hide or mark users, a fix for long links and a tweak to move poster names to the top. (Some features are disabled by default, so you will need to swap true/false to enable or disable them.) To use it, you will need to install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey from your browser's addon site, then copy and paste the contents of the following into a new script.

Posted by: Drive-by Commenting | Dec 4 2020 9:24 utc | 129

bbc to fukus

Why are you siding with Oz , defending the indefensible ?

This is a family biz
We have to defend our family honor.

Whats the fucking big deal ?
We've done it before, so why all the shock?"

There you have it, babe !

Posted by: denk | Dec 4 2020 9:52 utc | 130

Sunny Runny Burger @ 118

So you didn’t look at any of them? I just went through the first page. Most of that mess is describing completely different issues. The rest is old and has so many accumulated ads it is impossible to read. And may or may not address the issue at hand. Impossible to tell.

Telling people to shape up and read a pile of s—t is not exactly helpful.

So how did you ever learn in first place? Serious question. You were not born knowing html. I used to hire tutors. Was always ready to pay. Always had one condition— do not touch the keyboard. Tell me what to do. I have no doubt you can do it. Do not demonstrate your superiority. That is not the task at hand. Tell me what to do. No one ever lasted five minutes. Most much less.

The fix for this is at b’s end. The world is not full of perfect people who use programs perfectly. b has demonstrated how much he cares. So we will live with it.

I like imperfect people.

I like people who make mistakes.

I like people who show us how imperfect everything around us is.

Does that make me a domestic terrorist? Shall I be thrown in a cell with Donald Trump? Or do we go directly to executions?

SRB, your rhetoric is milder than many here. So this is addressed to you. I don’t hate you because you posted a useless link. It happens.

The world is being divided along too many lines. One is computer people versus the rest of us. THE ALL CAPS LADY keeps telling us to use preview. Preview is a dead key on my system. There are four systems to choose from in this house and preview does exactly nothing in any of them. BUT EVERYONE KEEPS YELLING. And describing what they do themselves. No one knows how it works, they just know how they, personally, get through. And no one remembers how they learned, everyone elides ten steps that have become so automatic they have been forgotten. You will have to tell me those ten steps in some detail or I have no chance of following anyone’s personal method.

The only method I know is to have a ten year old nearby. The ten year old will not explain anything either, they do get the job done in two keystrokes before being told what the problem is. Fresh out of small children at the moment.

Posted by: oldhippie | Dec 4 2020 9:54 utc | 131

@104 Grieved The video is only funny because it misconstrues what Australian "defense" spending is actually for, because this money certainly isn't being spent to "protect Australia trade with China from..... China".

It is, instead, being spent to be ready to answer the call should the US attempt to blockade the South China Seas.

Not understanding that is the reason why that video plays out as absurdly as it does.

It is like all this nonsense from the USA about its "Freedom of Navigation" provocations in the South China Seas, whereas they are really warnings to the Chinese that in the event of a conflict the US Navy will attempt to strangle the Chinese.

A US Navy blockade that the Australians will be expected to take part in.

That is the real irony of the situation: the USA *talks* about Freedom of Navigation, but in a hot war it will be the PLA Navy that will be attempting to keep the sea lanes open, and it will be the US Navy that will be attempting to sink every merchant ship on sight.

Quite the reverse of what we are being told but, hey, that's what happens when propaganda replaces information.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Dec 4 2020 10:01 utc | 132

@EoinW 26

Honestly, I am fed up with that "CCP made up figures" babble. I have observed it since 1995 ca., when chinese economic data were questioned by western "economists", and "experts" like Andy Xie were predicting a China crash every year (Andy Xie gave up that business in 2008 and moved to Shanghai ;) still advocating neoliberal "opening" but less vocal in China doomsaying).

If one followed discussions inside China one could clearly see that every critique on Chinese statistics was taken serious and double checked. Most people have no idea about the challenges Zhongnanhai is facing in governance of a 1.4 trillion populace with living standards from western middle class to third world in the same nation. An old proverb said "China is large and the emperor is far away". To avoid centrifugal tendencies which have torn apart China so often in her long history correct statistics are playing a crucial role in governance. The policy of the 四个现代化 set up by Deng Xiaoping included learning all techniques of accurate monitoring economic and social developments. I consider chinese statisticians among the best in the world, and the country needs that.

Western racists and anticommunists like EoinW highly overestimate the importance of western opinions in a country as large as China. They simply have no need and no interest to brag with "good GDP figures" or Covid19 figures towards western anticommunists. Even the chinese public opinion in discussion in the chinese internet (Sina Weibo, WeChat and others) does not care that much about though they are aware of western debates (practically everybody using VPN to have a look into western publications as far as unavailable on chinese internet).

One may deny the veracity of chinese figures from 1976 on if one likes to. In fact, much has been guesswork, much distorted by inaccurate reporting from the periphery especially in the earlier stages of China's development. But everybody who has been to China over a longer period could observe the changes. Personally, I have been to China several times from 1985 on, so I can claim to have a say about. When Deng Xiaoping started the "four modernizations", China had a GDP about equal to that of Belgium. In 2018 already iirc, the mere growth of China's GDP was well twice than Belgium's whole GDP. And that is in current value not PPP. No babbling about 8% growth being overestimated can explain the difference between the Shanghai I saw in 1985 and that one I visited in 2009 and later. Reading and listening to Chinese who lived through all those times (including those who experienced life in China from the foundation of the PRC and earlier) is even more telling.

This is not to deny problems and shortcomings in China. But that "anti CCP" babble, be it from EoinW, Pompeo, or other fanatics, simply misses the point.

Posted by: aquadraht | Dec 4 2020 10:29 utc | 133

CIRCE @ 110




Posted by: oldhippie | Dec 4 2020 11:23 utc | 134

@karlof1 | 10
Posted by: OhOh | Dec 4 2020 4:40 utc | 119

My impression of the Chinese social rating system is that it fills the same niche that Yelp was supposed to fill here, but without selling out immediately to commercial interests. I think it is one heck of a good idea, an attempt to restore the integrity of societies internal discourse. But tricky to make work against determined efforts to undermine. It would be interesting to know how well it works in China, what problems they have with it.

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 11:26 utc | 135

Ah yes old fake hippie —-
Another right wing ‘troll’
Busy about his ‘trolling’
Trying to silence and intimidate the left.
But oh yes we must give a platform to the right.
It’s ‘free speech’

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 4 2020 11:45 utc | 136

I lost count of how many right wing trolls ther were on that last page could some one go back and add um all up. Bad for my blood pressure. The ‘dogs were let out’ for sure.

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 4 2020 11:52 utc | 137

I miss Hack. Just sayin'.

Posted by: teri | Dec 4 2020 12:07 utc | 138

What I've heard is that China wants to build a lunar base, not a new international space station.

vk | Dec 4 2020 1:23 utc | 103:

China is doing both.   Space station construction begins next year using their LM-5 rockets.   What's funny was that the US applied for a position to the Chinese space station but was turned down (forgot the reason).   The CNSA also added that they prefer to give developing countries a shot to work in Space.

IIRC, the Chinese will jointly build their Lunar research base with Russia sometime in the 2040s.

Posted by: Ian2 | Dec 4 2020 12:15 utc | 139

@ Posted by: OhOh | Dec 4 2020 4:40 utc | 119

That's why you never just analyze the system itself. You have to take into account the historical context, the mode of production, the relations of production and the stage of development of the productive forces.

On abstract, a system is never inherently good or bad.

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 12:16 utc | 140

The greatest amerikan to ever grace a television screen sorts out Covid 19.

In fact one wonders how this disease managed to knock off more than 260,000 sussed-out warmongers in the face of this incisive diagnosis of a disease, especially given this straightforward & simple, yet rational, treatment of the elements which led up to the current pandemic.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 4 2020 12:22 utc | 141

Debsisdead | Dec 4 2020 12:22 utc | 143

whatta guy!

I am always astonished how sincere they seem to be. George Burns said that sincerity is the secret of success and once you can fake it, you got it made.

guitar plays kicks major ass

Posted by: dan of steele | Dec 4 2020 12:55 utc | 142

Pfizer CEO ‘not certain’ their vaccine stops transmission of Covid-19 as company’s jab approved in UK and evaluated in US

Nice to tell that to the British government one day after they signed a multibillionaire contract to buy your dubious vaccine.


MOMENT massive Arecibo telescope collapsed caught in jaw-dropping footage [VIDEO]


Chinese scientists achieve quantum computational advantage with new quantum computer Jiuzhang

Of the seven technologies that are claimed to save capitalism, quantum computing is the only one with the slightest chance of ever becoming a reality in the foreseeable future.

But the Chinese (socialists) seems to have it, too.


Europe’s Deadly Second Wave: How Did It Happen Again?

The answer is simple: capitalism.

Europe has a substantial petite-bourgeoisie - maybe the largest in the world. They are concentrated in the services sector (small commerce, tourism, luxury items etc. etc.), which largely depend on keeping the masses spending on the streets.

The moment the safety net of this petite-bourgeoisie was depleted, the Western European governments had no other option than to force an opening up. The virus then attacked again.


Criminal cases against Sputnik journalists in Latvia are affront to ‘foundations of democratic society’ – Russian Foreign Ministry

The Baltics - the posterboys of EU neoliberalism. So much freedom...

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 13:13 utc | 143

Re dan of steele # 144:
yup things have gotten so much worse since the 1970's. After I moved to Oz (they never used to have such stuff on Aotearoa TV) I would to skin one up on a Sunday morning to watch Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin, the man who first told me Leonid Brezhnev was the devil, rock it out. Say what you like about his insane takes on the world, watching 1970's Jimmy Swaggart was the only way to see the best country gospel group ever - pity about the lyric, the music was great.

That was the stupidest move the blob ever made, taking down Swaggart of a couple over percentage points of the gross take. Let's face it Oral Roberts had no style or elan compared to Swaggart.

Still, the blob has never been known to put art ahead of greed.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 4 2020 13:24 utc | 144

@136 oldhippie

Where did I write anything like what you bellow there? Buddy, I only defend and want justice for the innocent, and I only write the about the truth even if it's brutal and it hurts. Too bad the glaring light offends you in the dark Trump amen corner.

When I used caps on the previous page it's because the type was minuscule and I was sick and tired of ignorants messing with the format of almost every thread in less than a week. It's clear you can't stand what I write and how I write it to attack not-so-honorable reasoning like yours.

Sounds to me from the unwarranted caps in your post and irrational screaming that you're the one with a serious problem.

I really don't give a damn if you can't handle the truth when it's served to you as cold as I served it, but don't you dare put words in my mouth to condemn me because your argument is so impotent and ignoble.

I'm not here to win a popularity contest, especially with your ilk.


Are you condemning the people who were tortured, gassed and oppressed and the hundreds of thousands of Iranians Saddam killed for rejoicing their moment of justice?

Would you condemn the French who suffered miserably while the nobility pranced around in their powdered wings having their cake and eating it too?

There comes a time when mere back and forth political discussion is complicit in its complacency. There is a burning injustice happening right now that screams out for at least sobriety from leadership, both with many Americans who are dying in droves or losing their livelihoods and waiting in bread lines, and with Iranians under attack while suffering a ruined economy for Ziofascist hubris, and all while dear leader of the free world is milking his last days of power, pomp and circumstance and venal revenge at the tax payer's expense bathing in depravity in the midst of all the suffering he caused.

So frankly, I don't give a damn who's sensitive nerve I offended or offend with my words.

Sometimes people are so apathetic, so distracted with their inconsequential pseudo-intellect and so delusional, you gotta twist the knife to find out if there's any kind of humanity left there worth salvaging.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 14:10 utc | 145

vk @145

A comment in the Twitter thread linked from the article about the collapse of the Arecibo radio telescope:

"Let’s make sure they can rebuild a new & better telescope!!"

It is so tragic that presumably intelligent people in America have no clue as to why the telescope collapsed in the first place. It collapsed because of neglect due to lack of funding which in itself is due to economic decline of the American empire and the resulting decline in prestige of STEM competence (or any competence, really). If America cannot afford to maintain what it has, then how can it afford to build something new and better? These people don't yet seem to realize that the decline is terminal.

But not to worry! China has a bigger and better one already built and operating!

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 14:12 utc | 146

"Post Trump Stress Disorder" is a tragic thing to witness as well.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 14:21 utc | 147

I know how it is to become "old".

I know how it is to become frail in various ways beyond imagination.

I know no one ever understands anything until they do, at any age or health or anything else.

So I do try to beat down most of my own exasperation about other people whether it is "something on the internet", "Karl Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mickey Mouse etc.", or "the local underage psychopaths smearing the grocery goods with thin layers of feces and taunting people about it".

I would say I manage to hide roughly 99,999% of all my exasperation which leaves an awful lot that does get through to the outside world.

. . .

The point with the link to the search results page is that "everybody" (many millions of people) have indeed had to learn a tiny bit of HTML at some point and a lot of people have thus gone through it and explained it.

So there isn't really any need to explain anything here.

The example provided by b alongside every comment field is as short and sweet as possible but I'll add some alternatives.

1. Mozilla developer page where you can scroll down to the example named "Linking to an absolute URL", it is the only part you have to understand. Please ignore the line breaks in the given example, they are only there in an attempt at clarity.

2. Similar w3schools page where you only need to understand the first example (it's the same only with a different target and a different link text).

Compare both to b's to-the-point example here. They all work.

3. If none of that helps then I guess there's little else to do than give links to the W3C source, and yes now you might have to understand "everything" (about <A>) to even make sense of the page you're reading. The W3C page is more extreme than the typical 1000-page "brick" (mine was published in 1990-something) named "HTML 4.0 Bible" or similar :P

. . .

I learnt about the <A> tag (also called the anchor tag, the "A" comes from "Anchor") from writing HTML for fun back before my brain became a "Pseudo-Random Number Generator". I can't be sure exactly where I first read about it, likely the internet itself —the aforementioned "brick" came later out of some discount bin.

. . .

The Preview button:

When I visit MoA and when I type a comment there are two "buttons" right below the white text field where I am typing.

One of them says "Post". The other says "Preview".

If it is not the same for someone else then I have no ability to help them. I currently use a Mozilla Firefox browser for reading and commenting on MoA. It is meant to be the same for all browsers.

If I press "Preview" then the whole page reloads and shows me what my comment will look like after it is published. This way I can proof-read and look for mistakes and I can also click on links I've made and open them in other windows (or tabs) to see if they go where I wanted them to go.

When I have pressed "Preview" the buttons change and now one stills says "Post" while the other says "Edit" and will take me back to the text field where I can make any corrections.

I can go back and forth as many times as I want to but at some point the page will time me out if I press "Post". At this point one should select all one has written (be inside the text field and press Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) it elsewhere (like into a "normal" plain text editor of the "notepad" kind like gedit or xed or nano or vi/vim or emacs on *nix systems and "Notepad"(?) on Windows systems) before refreshing the page and if necessary pasting (Ctrl+V) it back in. One can right-click (Shift+click on Apple/Mac(?)) to select the same commands from a pop-up menu if that's better or easier.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Dec 4 2020 14:22 utc | 148

This is how I learned to use the HREF thing.. Do not recall the poster who posted this.

1 Type .

2 Place your cursor between the two straight quotes and insert your link.

3 Place your cursor between the >< and insert the title for your link , or some word like link.

4 click preview. Should look fine.

5 Post.

Posted by: arby | Dec 4 2020 14:25 utc | 149

Sorry cannot get to type in the href thing

Posted by: arby | Dec 4 2020 14:32 utc | 150

@Mark2 "I lost count of how many right wing trolls ther were on that last page could some one go back and add um all up. Bad for my blood pressure. The ‘dogs were let out’ for sure."

That's more a function of your inability to process information that comes from outside your box.

Did I mention yer fucking delusional?

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Dec 4 2020 14:32 utc | 151

Daily Caller @DailyCaller

Joe Biden is asked about his disagreements with Kamala Harris on certain issues:

"Like I told Barack, if I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign."


Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 14:38 utc | 152

@143 Debsisdead

In fact one wonders how this disease managed to knock off more...

No mystery. Fake religious charlatan machismo vs common sense science.

270,000 human beings, mostly black and Latino, died because Trump sent out an army of bigotted zealot super-spreaders from all of his rallies where hearing the sound of his own voice was paramount to drowned out reality.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 14:40 utc | 153

Oh yeah:


Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is the objective of most governments. It is of utmost importance to understand how effective various public health measures are. We study the effectiveness of face masks. We employ public regional data about reported severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infections for Germany. As face masks became mandatory at different points in time across German regions, we can compare the rise in infections in regions with masks and regions without masks. Weighing various estimates, we conclude that 20 d after becoming mandatory face masks have reduced the number of new infections by around 45%. As economic costs are close to zero compared to other public health measures, masks seem to be a cost-effective means to combat COVID-19.

Face masks considerably reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 14:41 utc | 154

America’s Zombie Companies Have Racked Up $1.4 Trillion of Debt

They were once America’s corporate titans. Beloved household names. Case studies in success.

But now, they’re increasingly looking like something else -- zombies. And their numbers are swelling.

From Boeing Co., Carnival Corp. and Delta Air Lines Inc. to Exxon Mobil Corp. and Macy’s Inc., many of the nation’s most iconic companies aren’t earning enough to cover their interest expenses (a key criterion, as most market experts define it, for zombie status).

Almost 200 corporations have joined the ranks of so-called zombie firms since the onset of the pandemic, according to a Bloomberg analysis of financial data from 3,000 of the country’s largest publicly-traded companies. In fact, zombies now account for nearly 20% of those firms. Even more stark, they’ve added almost $1 trillion of debt to their balance sheets in the span, bringing total obligations to $1.36 trillion. That’s more than double the roughly $500 billion zombie companies owed at the peak of the financial crisis.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 14:57 utc | 155

Corporate America’s Cash Burn Problem Is Getting Worse

A growing number of junk-rated corporations including Delta Air Lines Inc. and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. are losing money even before they pay interest and other necessary expenses like taxes.

They’re covering those costs with cash they still have and with more borrowing in the bond and loan markets, where investors are willing to bet that companies will recover relatively fast after Covid-19 vaccines arrive.

In the latest quarter, the number of junk-rated corporations that borrow in U.S. dollars and lost money before paying interest and other required expenses, known as having negative Ebitda, reached an eye-popping 47, according to a Bloomberg Intelligence analysis. That’s nearly double the level in the second quarter, out of a universe of about 600 borrowers.

These companies are doing worse than many other zombies, or corporations that have losses after covering interest expenses. In this case, the businesses are losing money even before servicing their debt. If they don’t turn themselves around, some could be part of another wave of bankruptcies next year.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 15:00 utc | 156

Chinese Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Quantum Computing Race

Chinese scientists claim to have built a quantum computer that is able to perform certain computations nearly 100 trillion times faster than the world’s most advanced supercomputer, representing the first milestone in the country’s efforts to develop the technology.

The researchers have built a quantum computer prototype that is able to detect up to 76 photons through Gaussian boson sampling, a standard simulation algorithm, the state-run Xinhua news agency said, citing research published in Science magazine. That’s exponentially faster than existing supercomputers.

The breakthrough represents a quantum computational advantage, also known as quantum supremacy, in which no traditional computer can perform the same task in a reasonable amount of time and is unlikely to be overturned by algorithmic or hardware improvements, according to the research.

While still in its infancy, quantum computing is seen as the key to radically improving the processing speed and power of computers, enabling them to simulate large systems and drive advances in physics, chemistry and other fields. Chinese researchers are competing against major U.S. corporations from Alphabet Inc.’s Google to Inc. and Microsoft Corp. for a lead in the technology, which has become yet another front in the U.S.-China tech race.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 15:08 utc | 157

@Circe154 " hearing the sound of his own voice was paramount to drowned out reality."

Oh the Irony of how that description fits yourself to a T.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Dec 4 2020 15:22 utc | 158

India’s One-Day General Strike Largest in History

So... is India going to fall or does the concept only apply to China?

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 15:28 utc | 159

The Neocon Portal,, 'The China Challenge Can Help America Avert Decline' Why Competition Could Prove Declinists Wrong Again

I cannot believe that the authors come right out and say something that I would consider a confession. They say loud and proud, (paraphrasing) 'the United States needs a common enemy to hold us together' as if this is something to be proud of. I can hear the patriotic music in the background as they talk about American greatness. Normal, non-sociopaths don't think like this.

Is MoA a Russian asset? I don't care and it does not matter. All you have do do is read the writings of Neocons with a semi-critical eye and you will see them give the 'evil villain speech' themselves. No Russian disinfo is required.

I just can't stand these people. They are power mad and they are totally blind. God what the heck did I do that you torment me like this. I can only watch this train wreck unfold.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Dec 4 2020 15:37 utc | 160

kadath@113 " ... suspect many people in the US will be shocked to realize that the US State has become so dysfunctional and corrupt that even with 50 years of extreme technological advancement the US can't repeat the achievements of 50 years ago."

Hard to repeat what you never achieved in the first place. How can anyone believe that we have these extreme advances in technology and cannot repeat what we did before? That is absurd!

That would be the equivalent of saying with the technological advance of metal (hammer and nails) that we are not capable of building houses anymore, or catapults. Or the with invention of the internal combustion engine we are no longer able to make canoes.

Pretty absurd no?

ps I realize that is an incredibly simple analogy, but I think it gets the point across.

Posted by: visak | Dec 4 2020 15:37 utc | 161

@153 Mao

Our gaping differences aside for a moment...let me be honest as I can only be.

Why oh why did Biden have to choose a Veep with as little charisma and authenticity, and as much ambition as Hillary?!

Massive pressure from the Party and media. I think he preferred someone less ambitious and more amenable, but he got boxed in at one of the primary debates and then pressured all the way til the end of the primaries.

Kamala has been described by the Zionist press as being more AIPAC than J Street. Hell! She's probably more rabidly Zionist than her Jewish husband!

I really can't stand her and I hope that was one of Biden's typical gaffes.

I hope she never becomes President, not because she's half black, not because she's a woman, but because she's a rabid Zionist and that right there is a major disqualification.

The black community don't even identify with her. They're pushing Biden every day to put a black person in a prominent position. Say whaaat? Is there a more prominent position than VP? This is proof they don't really trust her, and she doesn't pass their test, with good reason, and she definitely doesn't pass mine!

God that was a huge Biden blunder!

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 15:38 utc | 162

Just discovered this website linked by Ben Norton at the Grayzone, named Brazilwire, has a revealing article about top judge and hitman Sergio Moro, got a new job with CIA, DIA, NSA guys, wait for it... rebuilding companies he destroyed in the phony Lavajato smear used to impeach and destroy Dilma Rouseff and put Lula in prison. Biden was also involved although the article doesn't include him: Biden was Obama's errand boy who went to Brazil to issue the personal threat to Dilma-- she refused, Biden returned to Washington, bingo-- Dilma was pushed out.
This website is Brazilian, in English. I'll read more and maybe comment next week. South and Latin America are worth following as they are a huge, very complex cross section of people who have lived through dimensions of the imperial "neoliberal" experiment than most of us and have some unique insights into where the empire is going and also how the resistance is reacting and growing.

Posted by: migueljose | Dec 4 2020 15:38 utc | 163

I think Anthony Bourdain heard about some of what's coming and decided to avoid it. I think he knew some people in the shadows.

Posted by: davenitup | Dec 4 2020 15:40 utc | 164

Mao @157

But the empire has an unlimited ability to just print more dollars, doesn't it? And the other nations of the world have an unlimited ability to buy up those dollars and sequester them in their cash reserves, taking them out of circulation so they don't cause serious inflation, don't they?

Oops... the US$ is falling versus almost all other currencies in the world right now.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 15:43 utc | 165

Mao @157

But the empire has an unlimited ability to just print more dollars, doesn't it? And the other nations of the world have an unlimited ability to buy up those dollars and sequester them in their cash reserves, taking them out of circulation so they don't cause serious inflation, don't they?

Oops... the US$ is falling versus almost all other currencies in the world right now.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 15:43 utc | 166

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 14:41 utc | 155

If this is the project you did for your daughter's 4th grade science assignment, she flunked.

Khan will explain it to you in words a third grader can understand:

The crucial parts are those that deal with Controlled experiment and with variables -- dependent and independent.

Nothing in the German so-called study tested for any variant, only for the presence or non-presence of masks.

PNAS should have been embarrassed to publish this drivel.

Meanwhile, lend an ear to the statement of Dr. Roger Hodkinson to a meeting of the Edmonton, Alberta council to decide whether to extend a temporary face covering bylaw:

Significant parts of Dr. Hodkinson's statement:

" I’m a medical specialist in pathology which includes virology; . . . " I’m currently the chairman of a biotechnology company in North Carolina selling the Covid 19 test. And [inaudible] you might say I know a little bit about all this. . . .

" there is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous! This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.

"There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus, other than protecting the older, more vulnerable people. It should be thought of as nothing more than a bad flu season. This is not ebola. It’s not SARS.

"It’s politics playing medicine. That’s a very dangerous game. . . .

"MASKS ARE UTTERLY USELESS! There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. . . .

"Social distancing is also useless, . . . because Covid is spread by aerosol which travels 30 meters or so before landing.

And closures have had such terrible unintended consequences. Everywhere should be open TOMORROW, as was stated in the Great Barrington Declaration that I circulated prior to this meeting.

And a word about testing: I do want to emphasize that I’m in the business of testing for Covid. I do want to emphasize that positive test results do NOT, underlined in Neon, mean a clinical infection: it’s simply driving public hysteria and all testing should STOP! Unless you’re presenting to hospital with some [inaudible] problem."

Posted by: ChasMark | Dec 4 2020 15:44 utc | 167

Drive-by Commenting | Dec 4 2020 9:24 utc | 130

I finally went thru the trouble of installing that extension in firefox. gotta say Greasemonkey did not work for me but TamperMonkey does. I was surprised that it did because when I pasted in the code there were many errors about variables not defined. all in all it is nice to have and I can easily avoid gobs of emoticons, atrocious misspellings, and all caps shouting.

as for the constant whining over formatting URLs, there is another way to get around this. If the instructions Bernard posted just above the box are too difficult then simply paste the web address into the URL: box and then tell others to click on your name to go to the website you want to link to. This will only work for one website per post but it is quick and easy. I am doing just that so if you click on my name you will go to the source for the code needed to run TamperMonkey

btw if you use Firefox for your browser you should not have so much trouble with busted margins.

Posted by: dan of steele | Dec 4 2020 15:47 utc | 168

Christian J. Chuba @161: "I can only watch this train wreck unfold."

Ha! I've been watching for decades. The forward-looking could see that the bridge was out all the way back in the 1980s. We've just this year gone over the edge and are in free fall. No more time for dread, this is the exciting part! Enjoy it!

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 15:49 utc | 169

@ Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 14:41 utc | 155

Synthethic control group? Another synthethic model.
And that is exactly why case numbers in Jena (Germany in general) are 'off the charts' right now?

Population 111,000 - total cases 862 - active cases 239 - serious cases 6 - total fatalaties 9
Jena Health Department

Also ,have a look at this. Article from John Hopkins Newsletter re mortalities (retracted)
Via waybackmachine, search term ->
search archived websites
or via google drive
A closer look at US deaths..

Posted by: Hmpf | Dec 4 2020 15:49 utc | 170

@ Yeah, Right 133
Yes, of course, the Australian military build-up is directed against China. But for what purpose? Strangulating China would for Australia only result in the strangulation of it's own No. 1 trade partner. Does that make any sense?

If you take away the ideology what remains of a "strategic interest" is indeed a trade route. That's the way the Chinese think and the logic behind the New Silk Road initiative.

For people who don't beliefe in the ideology the behavior of Australia (and the USA) looks self-defeating and plain stupid.

Posted by: m | Dec 4 2020 15:53 utc | 171

Send gunboats to China to shake up REPARATIONS for unleashing Covid-19 ‘weapon’ on the world, award-winning British journo says

Ok. Do it.

You have my blessing, what are you waiting for?


@ Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Dec 4 2020 15:37 utc | 161

Those guys from Foreign Affairs are economic illiterates.

Competition doesn't generate progress in capitalism. High profit rates do.

In fact, competition actually killed technological progress in proto-capitalist England of the 16th Century. Capitalism was only able to gain traction in England when the State (i.e. the Crown) was finally able to enforce peace and centralize the resources - including foreign trade. It was only after this alien, centralizing and rationalizing factor came to force that capital in England finally found the space to profit, expand and invest.

Posted by: vk | Dec 4 2020 15:59 utc | 172

Posted by: Hmpf | Dec 4 2020 15:49 utc | 170

I see that article annoyed you. Good.

Posted by: Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 16:02 utc | 173

@ Bemildred | Dec 4 2020 16:02 utc | 173

No, it didn't. I just read it, that's all.
Now, what about real life numbers and data? Anny thoughts on these?

Posted by: Hmpf | Dec 4 2020 16:05 utc | 174

@Trumpie with a C @ 163. Just wanna make sure I got this correct.

Pussy grabber(trump) with Zio tendencies= Grrr bad bad bad bad BUT Pussy petter (biden) w Zio tendencies + oh gosh what a blunder.

Not only are you fucking delusional yer a hypocrite.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Dec 4 2020 16:05 utc | 175

Sorry your hot dreams of Messiah Trump taking down the Empire were doused with an ice bucket of reality. Trump is a Ziofascist punk trying to overthrow and ruin Iran and neuter China for Zionist/Anglo evangelist Imperial expansion.

Trump was fast-track expansion via fascist thuggery, so it was urgent to get him out by the only available way not out of your delusional twilight zone!

Now Trump's like a pathetic loser stalker refusing to let go.

Biden is slo-mo, velvet glove expansion and I will be as critical of Biden whenever he deserves it; not dishonest like some of you, and he already deserves it for some of his cabinet picks. I have no illusions; unlike you bitter Trump bootlickers trying to twist my opinion.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 16:12 utc | 176

Tannenhouser @175

She likes it slow! Trump was too rough, but she came, thus the ALL CAPS.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 16:27 utc | 177

SRB @ 149

This is an iPad. Two Macs and an android phone. Preview is a dead key on all of them. Sometimes experimenting with the preview button shuts off power on the iPad. Hard to restart if that happens.

The most usual advice I get is buy a system identical to what I ( the speaker) have and you won’t have any problems. Tried that once. Needed a new device and a person telling me that had volunteered to help, was nearby. Of course they were no help.

I already looked at the W3C page. It is advertorial. Marketing speak. If I drill down to where they keep what are called tutorials have to think someone is having some fun with me.

Right now I have to pay my monthly phone bill in person. The carrier insists I don’t exist and my phone number does not exist. Except at the bricks and mortar location. Have twice had real difficulty getting paid for my work because the younger clients don’t use cash, do not have checks, I don’t have a card reader. What they want is to pay me digitally by tapping my phone with their phone. My little phone does not support that. One of those accounts is still unresolved. Party in question has never touched a $100 bill and worries it could be illegal.

It has become required to play these games in order to exist. Nothing for it but to die soon.

Posted by: oldhippie | Dec 4 2020 16:28 utc | 178

The story of how one of the U.S. Air Force’s prized F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack jets came to be shot down over Serbia during Operation Allied Force on March 27, 1999, is, by now, familiar. The loss of “Vega 31” and the subsequent recovery of pilot Lieutenant Colonel Dale Zelko is an episode that we have looked at in detail before at The War Zone. What’s less well known is that another F-117 was hit by a Serbian air defense system during that same campaign, but details of what happened have only recently become available.

In the latest edition of The Afterburn podcast, which you can listen to in full here, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Charlie “Tuna” Hainline, a former F-117 pilot, confirms what had, for many years, been a rumor: that a second stealth jet was hit by the Serbians, but managed to return to base. While noting that much about the incident in Allied Force remains classified, he still provides some fascinating details of what appears to be a previously unconfirmed event.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 16:29 utc | 179

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or someone that doesn’t identify with either major party, you should care deeply about the integrity of our elections. Because if we don’t have elections that are free and fair, our system of government simply will not work. If we come out of the 2020 elections with about half the country believing that the race for president was rigged, that is a major problem. Once faith in our elections is gone, it will be nearly impossible to restore, and that is why it is absolutely imperative that we try to figure out how this election went so haywire.

In recent days, I have seen so many people point out some of the numbers from the election that should be deeply bothering all of us. In this article, I am going to try to summarize some of the most important points.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 16:43 utc | 180

Exclusive Interview with General Mike Flynn

In this exclusive interview with General Mike Flynn we cover Barack Obama’s bizarre fascination with Gen. Flynn, Gen. Flynn’s battles to fix the intell community, the 2015 CIS dinner where Lokhova was present, and the real reason Jim Comey targeted Flynn.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 16:51 utc | 181

So how’s it all going folk ?
You know, with the allowing the right wing a platform !!
Are you all happy with the new look ‘right wing MOA ‘
Looks real bad to me.

Posted by: Mark2 | Dec 4 2020 16:51 utc | 182

Washington must finally accept the reality that the U.S. has done all it can in Afghanistan and that the costs of continued U.S. involvement in the conflict have exceeded the perceived benefits tenfold. If it doesn't, other commanders who are next in line to direct the longest war in U.S. history will run the high risk of expressing the same depressing assessments five, 10, or 20 years into the future.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 16:55 utc | 183

As it has for the past two decades, money performed well this election cycle, helping candidates from both sides of the aisle win. Across the board, 88 percent of congressional races were won by the candidate who spent the most.

Historically, this trend is stronger in the House than the Senate and 2020 was no exception. This year, the top-spending House candidate won 89.2 percent of the time. In the Senate, the top-spender won 71.9 percent of the time, a record low in recent years.

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 17:06 utc | 185

Okay I tried to spell out the symbols and forgot to preview and ended posting that mess above. Regardless. Will you please use the html symbols to frame your links! Please.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 4 2020 17:08 utc | 186


Yer fucking delusional.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Dec 4 2020 17:29 utc | 187

SRB. @ 149

The w3schools link looks like someone tried. Might even be good enough for someone else. I picked up a couple of clues to what in the world you are all talking about. Will read a couple more times at least.

Posted by: oldhippie | Dec 4 2020 17:29 utc | 188

China Daily Bureau Chief Calls Marsha Blackburn a ‘Lifetime B*tch’ For Insulting Chinese People

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 17:36 utc | 189

Posted by: oldhippie

Anyone having such a tremendously awful time learning how to properly not completely fuck up something as simple as an "a href" tag should really consider if they have the wit and wherewithal to add annything intelligent to the comment threads at MOA.

Serioulsy, if one is so incompetent that one is defeated by simple HTML tags, which is almost english, it is very unlikely you have the wit to conjure up, from such an brain, anything to say worth listening to on any of the subject matters usually covered at this blog.

Perhaps it is time to consider just ceasing posting comments here and just become a passive reader.

That way your complete incompetence with the simplest of html tags won't disrupt the flow here, and who knows you might actually learn something.

It would be far more of a net-positve contribution than fucking up the website. No matter how vital or interesting YOU think your contribitions are, they're most likely not at all if you can't even get you little head round html tags

I say this as one who has successfully taught html, basic php and linux scripting to pensioners

Posted by: Triden | Dec 4 2020 17:37 utc | 190

Mao @180

It is much easier to fix elections if you can control the messaging about the election.

They [big tech companies] will determine what “truth” is allowed to be told in the years ahead, and they will continue to push our culture down a dystopian path that only leads to complete oblivion.

It is very important to note that this ability to control discourse is not new for the capitalist elites. They have always had the ability to control communications above the level of casual chats over beers at the local bar. The rise of the Internet and social media began to take this power away from them, or at least remove the monopoly control capitalists had over narrative. The business elites are just trying to get back to the uncontested top-down control over the narrative du jour that they used to have. Then efforts to fix elections wouldn't be such embarrassments for them.

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 17:43 utc | 191

China's science and tech accomplishments are really shinning at the moment--moon landing, rock collection, successful lift off and rendezvous; quantum computing breakthrough as reported by vk & Mao; and now this report telling about the finished construction of an "artificial sun" for fusion energy research. Nice picture of the machine although the details are sparse, nor is this China's first machine of this sort. When I muse about these developments, I think about all those STEM grads pouring out of Chinese universities annually and what machines they'll construct that will be first of their type ever.

Escobar's latest, "No Escape From Our Techno-Feudal World" is out from behind the paywall, and the above Chinese accomplishments make me wonder if the Outlaw US Empire really has any sort of advantage anymore.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 4 2020 17:46 utc | 192

This is an iPad. Two Macs and an android phone. Preview is a dead key on all of them. Sometimes experimenting with the preview button shuts off power on the iPad



That's just fucking retarded.

Unless your system has beem hacked, and someone's having an enormous laugh at your expense, there's simply no way that pressing the preview button could shut off power to your ipad.

Most likely you're inadvertently touching the power button on the side of the ipad with the fingers of one hand, while repeatedly/moronically stabbing one of the fingers of your other hand, on the preview button.

You complete fucking spaz

Posted by: Triden | Dec 4 2020 17:47 utc | 193

Germany will consider Israel a European country and give it early access to the vaccine. Palestinians will not be part of the deal

Posted by: Mao | Dec 4 2020 17:53 utc | 194

@ debs... thanks for the video... that was quite good!!

@ yeah, right... i agree with the poster @ m on that.... i think m has it right....

@ all... old hippie is a lot more civilized then the lot of you criticising him... why not just move on if you have nothing positive to say??

Posted by: james | Dec 4 2020 17:53 utc | 195

Posted by: William Gruff | Dec 4 2020 17:43 utc | 191

It has morphed into an appliance. Just like radio or TV before. Great hopes, until the advertising came, the true and only new art that the history books will endow with the USA.

Posted by: Paco | Dec 4 2020 17:53 utc | 196


less than symbol, a href=""more than symbol,less than symbol/a>

Place cursor between straight quote marks and enter the link.

Place cursor between the more than and less than symbols and enter headline or whatever you like.

sorry about the way that looks but the format will not accept just using the symbols.

Posted by: arby | Dec 4 2020 17:57 utc | 197

A welcome development in China's financial regulatory framework you won't be reading about occurring in any Neoliberal nation: Ensuring nothing becomes too big to fail.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 4 2020 18:00 utc | 198

@ all... old hippie is a lot more civilized then the lot of you criticising him... why not just move on if you have nothing positive to say??

Posted by: james | Dec 4 2020 17:53 utc | 194


Well 4 or 5 people have spent time and effort trying to help him and so far all he has done whine incessantly throughout while blaming his hardware, the "complexity" of html (lol) and the uselessness of the W3C website.

Its time now for him to face the possibility that the problem lies not with the complexity of html, not with the W3C website, nor with his hardware .... But with him.

And before anyone says "go easy, he's old" its his Attitude not his age is the problem here

Posted by: Triden | Dec 4 2020 18:02 utc | 199

@James. I totally agree. I'm not moving on. I will continue to be abusive and rude to certain delusional individuals here who couldnt give 2 fucks about the rest of us. If its good for the goose and all that. I do apologise to the barflies who just come for a non partisan exchange of thoughts. I am just unwilling to ignore it any longer. By the By James do you have any thoughts on Matriarchal ascendancy due to a certain planatary conjunction in the heavens? Weird considering the large amount of female picks from the Pussy petter elect. No?

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Dec 4 2020 18:06 utc | 200

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