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November 06, 2020

Progressive Initiatives Win While Dems Continue To Lose

I am getting a bit stuffed from all that popcorn.


But hey, they found another bag of 'mailed in' ballots.

Mark Niesse @markniesse - 9:20 UTC · 6 Nov 2020

Biden has taken the lead in Georgia for the first time. He is ahead of Trump by 917 votes after more results were reported in Clayton County.


This line in a Washington Post report, filed from Taipei, Taiwan, is the most condescending I have seen in a while. What evidence does the writer have to back up that claim?

As the United States tallied votes in a presidential election that appears headed for a court battle and fractious final phase, Chinese commentators and state mouthpieces this week lined up to portray the cross-Pacific superpower — viewed with awe and envy by generations of Chinese — as a politically crumbling edifice in 2020.

Scott Ritter is unfortunately right:

In the end, the future of the United States and, in many ways, the rest of the world, will be decided not by the American voter, but a much more nefarious form of life – the American lawyer.

Yves Smith diagnoses the Democrats' disease:

Democratic Party insiders are already deploying their blame cannons, and the progressive wing of the party is a big target. One of the big complaints of corporate Democrats who did or nearly lost their seats is that they were smeared as “socialists” in attack ads.
The Democrats need to quit running from socialism and start explaining that America already practices socialism for the rich (with examples) and maybe it’s time for socialism for ordinary people (with examples). But the problem is that the Dems are culpable of promoting socialism for the rich, as exemplified by the “no accountability” bank bailouts and the reluctance to address student debt and ever-rising health care costs.
At the same time, as readers know well, there are boatloads of “progressive” policies that are very popular with voters, like raising the minimum wage, strengthening Social Security, providing for more income support during lockdowns, getting rid of the ACA and replacing it with government-provided insurance, and cutting military spending. And if 2016 and 2020 demonstrated anything, it’s that the Democrats aren’t benefitting from being joined at the hip with big corporations and billionaires. Bloomberg spent $100 million on the party’s behalf, for instance, yet what difference did that make?

So the Democrats institutionally could break away from the grip of corporate big money, but too many pols and operatives are in their vise for that to happen. It will take at least another epic failure for them to be rooted out. And in the meantime, the scapegoating will continue.


The results in Florida seem to confirm that take:

@TravisMenard00 - 3:13 UTC · Nov 6, 2020

Bernie Sanders: "We need a federal minimum wage of at least $15/hr."

Joe Biden: "I beat the Socialist!"

Florida: *Votes for $15 statewide minimum wage, and *not* Joe Biden*

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Posted by: Smith | Nov 7 2020 9:39 utc | 295

"So you have rural big ol nothing states like WV that are supposed to be poor and uneducated but still finish counting or declared within the first day.

And you have much bigger urban states like Texas, CA and Florida, BUT they also get counting done or called within the first day."

Explain exactly what you mean there. Some states count faster? That there are CERTAIN states that based on election day in-person polling favored Trump? So what happened?

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 7 2020 9:51 utc | 301

Posted by: Down South | Nov 7 2020 9:15 utc | 288

Man you are having a totally different argument from reality now. I'll correct this when I'm rested.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 7 2020 9:55 utc | 302

KC @ 291

Let me clarify. When I talk about any actions here I'm talking about PRE election certification

She never did that because she never thought she would lose. Neither did the pollsters. Neither did the MSM. Neither did the Deep State.

By the time they realised she had lost it was too late to do anything about it. She even asked for recounts and they just increased Trump’s lead.

Then when she lost she claimed Trump only won because the Russians interfered in the election. By doing so she undermined the ENTIRE election process.

It is actually amusing watching mental gymnastics you are performing to explain away the obvious.

Posted by: Down South | Nov 7 2020 10:03 utc | 303

"For the purpose of comprehensiveness, let me expand upon the types of way the Democrats "cheated" Bernie"
correction the DNC did not 'cheat Bernie, but they did cheat Bernie supporters.

As we have seen from 'bernie's' subsequent kowtow to the crooks who control the dim party, bernie was fine with the rigged primary- no doubt he will collect a few mill for doing his job of negating the sillier genuine leftists who are foolish enough to believe that Bernie was a genuine supporter of medicare for all, free tuition or whatever lies Bernie propagated.

I have no doubt that paid not to think idiots such as circe will be back here in 2024 and 2028 trying to tell us that AOC, AKA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plus all the rest of the squad are also 'the best hope for the left' when they have already kowtowed to Pelosi's corporatism.

Amerikans have to get real accept that there is simply no way that the dim machine can be anything else than a kiss arse for the elites and devise a strategy to subvert these self obsessed greedy low-lifes.
If this nonsense was going on in my homeland, I wouldn't be pissing around trying to argue with these corporate captives, I would be advocating taking them out of the picture for good - if AOC and the rest of the sellouts get their way, thousands, maybe millions of decent humans inside & outside amerika will die for no reason other than that their continued breathing is 'inconvenient' for the lie AOC needs to purvey to the mugs.

Yeah the rethugs do it too, at least they don't lie about it.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 7 2020 10:03 utc | 304

Add Utah and California to slowly counting states. One aspect is that most counties have their "own system", so some are slower. Another aspect, discussed in Pennsylvania, is that disagreements between branches of the state government can create a slow system, even my smallish and not so poor county did not finish, leading to demonstrations supporting and opposing the continuing counting (each demo had a dozen of participants, election fever is palpable!)

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 7 2020 10:05 utc | 305

It will be interesting and refreshing to see if the new America will be agreement capable !
What is needed is a builder not demolition crew.

Russia, China, Iran ?
NATO, treaties and agreements thrown out or disrupted by trump.
And then there’s the sanctions ! Trump sanctioned so many country’s it ended up the disfunctional equilivant to self-harm.
It’s time to move on US geo-politics.
But right here on this blog as well.
I for one have had enough of these empty circular rows. It’s like listening to dogs barking ! We learn very little.
Award for best comments goes to RSH.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 7 2020 10:18 utc | 306

Both the Democraps and the Repugs always find ways to rig elections. Often, it comes down to which ones are the more efficient riggers.

My comments are usually full of links and solid references. However, I pay close attention to my intuition too. Trump has myriad downsides. But Biden and Harris totally creep me out. They seem to have something in common with George W. Bush. The September 11, 2001 coincidence occurred just about six months after he was elected. Beware.

Posted by: blues | Nov 7 2020 10:22 utc | 307

As a positive person I’d like to see the end of trump fascism not as swapping one despot for another, but as a new grass roots movement from the sane American public, the silent majority ! Trump and his thugs were always a minority.
America went right to the edge, and hopefully looked over, then stepped back.
Don’t look at this election as a irelevent battle, look at it as one win at the beginning of long campaign. The American buseness model has failed. Period!
The public should relearn. You can’t shrug off your public responsibility. Dumping it on to curupt politicians and the elite.
They work for you, you are not their slaves or servants.
This is not the end, but the beginning.
Glass half full.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 7 2020 10:49 utc | 308

Smith | Nov 7 2020 2:52 utc | 217

Richard Steven Hack seems almost zealous in his defense of the election results.

What gives?

Almost? He is bombing the thread in frantic support of the fraud. It is not a show of strength.

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 7 2020 11:13 utc | 309

Trump is doing what he was elected to do. F sh*t up. He was a vote for system shutdown, not a continuation of the same damn empire of lies and death. Go you magnificent H bomb.

Posted by: Jezabeel | Nov 7 2020 11:32 utc | 310

_K_C_ #258

Then why not take control of the senate back in 2018 when Trump wasn't up for re-election? Is the implied allegation that they chose to cheat and take over the House instead?

Also, why not cheat to make sure Hillary won? Yes, I know that the MSM, pollsters and Dems predicted a bloodbath, but why not make extra sure? Trump was already accusing them of it?

I guess in 2018 the demonazis had the hate Russia going full scream and the perpetual undermining of Trump and mutterings of impeach etc and that all may have resulted in their base either believing they had orange man cold or going weak at the knees and not turning out. That is a guess so feel free to dump a sh!tload of data to prove otherwise. Maybe the demonazi voters were actually happy to be rid of $hillary and yet had no foreseeable champion to anticipate and rally around. That is one of the great weaknesses in the USAi model in that there is no immediate spokesperson between elections when you don't have the presidency. The demonazis had Pelosi and Schiff as the biggest noises plus Schumer the loser at that time and they are detestable. So the centre is weak.

As for the $hillary campaign in 2016 and why no full tilt cheating then - first convince me there wasn't and secondly $hillary had blown a brain fuse in September at the 9/11 memorial day thingy and perhaps the permanent state considered (or knew) her to be useless and unpredictable. (Was Epstein still alive and in the slammer then? - that might represent something of a threat). Also cheating in elections has limited reach and can be thwarted if there are enough monitors and insiders. The dixiecrats and repugnants purges plus dramaticaly reducing polling stations succeeded in gutting the black vote to ultimately damage the demonazis themselves and hand key states to Trump PLUS $hillary failed to campaign in three states as I recall. She either threw it or lost it through idiocy/brain fusion at the very least. Hubris is a peculiar affliction with unpredictable behaviours.

Consider this about cheating - after all the evil tricks of purging and polling station closures and so on - the Demonazis are winning in Georgia. Because Postal Votes - combined with a motivation to evict an arsehole who does not give one iota for the people.

Mind you Pelosi is likely even worse and Biden - I would have to see it to believe it.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 11:35 utc | 311

@230 gm

Dumb tweet from paranoia disrupter since all ballots are signature verified at counting centres.

Josh Shapiro already stated ballots received after ELection Day poll closure were segregated.

Those ballots cannot be discarded as any ballot POSTMARKED on Election Day IS valid.

So go fly a kite off a cliff! And next time use the HTML TAGS for your Twitter link that runs off page. Luckily it didn't mess up page but that's no excuse! You can use them for all links cause usually untagged they screw up everything.

@229 Down South

The petty things that bother some people. I don’t care how long a link is. What interests me is the content. Substance over form.

Of course you don't care nitwit! You're one of the people who f**ked up the previous thread with your links making it impossible for others to read!

Quit the lazy posting. Use html tags for your links and PREVIEW before you post. When links show up off the page on the right then all other posts shrink and go off the page forcing others to scroll right-side on minuscule type.

Only selfish people DON'T CARE.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 7 2020 11:38 utc | 312

It is real plain who the bullies in this barroom are.

Trump was never anything but a small time retail bully. His usefulness is done and he is being flushed.

Biden is a corpse. Behind him stand a line of rather large bullies. See the link @ #260. Trump Accountability Project is the truncheons coming out. But hey they are our bully boys so stand up and cheer. We all love a bully in our corner.

So you like tribal politics? Here it comes.

First face behind the TAP is Ocasio-Cortez. You thought the young lady in the $20,000 Italian silk suit was a progressive? Then you will believe the anarchists and anti fascists in this bar.

Posted by: oldhippie | Nov 7 2020 11:42 utc | 313

Norwegian # 307

Responding to Smith #217 who suggests

"Richard Steven Hack seems almost zealous in his defense of the election results.

What gives?"

Almost? He is bombing the thread in frantic support of the fraud. It is not a show of strength.

Maybe RSH can see that a Harris/Biden presidency is so totally awfull and likely riddled with grifters and inhuman potential that he imagines there could be a special adviser to the President on transhuman affairs. Might give him some unforeseen opportunity. /sarc

Still I would rather RSH be in that role than someone like Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 11:48 utc | 314

I declare, Norwegian and Smith are really dense.

Hello! Smith. Deep red and deep blue large population states don't finish counting on Election day, unless they are low-population states. They know by trending counties with wide margins when to call it, and then just keep counting, Duh...🙄

Norwegian never met a conspiracy he couldn't resist. Tin Foil?

Posted by: Circe | Nov 7 2020 11:50 utc | 315

I declare, Norwegian and Smith are really dense.

Miss uppercase is now awarding prizes with credibility just below the Nobel Peace Prize :-)

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 7 2020 11:56 utc | 316

@uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 11:48 utc | 312

Maybe RSH can see that a Harris/Biden presidency is so totally awfull and likely riddled with grifters and inhuman potential that he imagines there could be a special adviser to the President on transhuman affairs. Might give him some unforeseen opportunity.

That actually makes some sense, so I didn't quote the /s :-)

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 7 2020 11:58 utc | 317

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 11:35 utc | 309

Yes, people came out in 2016 to stop Hillary.
Yes, people came out in 2020 to stop Trump.
This can go on until "they' give someone competent.
It can get a lot more violent too.
Neither of those people are up to the job.
That's the problem.

Neither Hillary nor Trump have anybody to blame but themselves.
Had either one done a slightly better job, or been slightly
less of an asshole, they would have won.

It has annoyed me for a long time that TPTB here were too
stupid to understand the gift they had after WWII, and have
thrown it all away in pursuit of stupid and infantile fantasies
of 'domination" and omnipotence, like all the male monkeys
when they get too much testosterone.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 7 2020 12:05 utc | 318

Posted by: Jezabeel | Nov 7 2020 11:32 utc | 308

Yes, that is the one good thing about Mr. Trump, he is like wrecking ball for the poltical system here, which does indeed need to be wrecked, and is well on its way there now, thanks to Trump.

However, it is evident at this point that that is not what Mr. Trump really set out to do. And at this point it seems clear Mr. Biden is going to be the one to finish the job. He does look capable of finishing it off.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 7 2020 12:32 utc | 319

The sabot is being removed from the machinery of empire. When the process is complete that machinery will be restarted... or a restart will be attempted. The machine was already breaking down when the "deplorables" threw a monkey wrench in the works. We'll see how that restart goes.

We knew that would happen eventually, but it is disappointing nonetheless. It would have been nice to see much more damage to the machine before its owners could get it cleared.

For the empire fanbois it is "Happy days are here again!" It is time to "Make Empire Great Again!" (MEGA is so much better of a slogan than MAGA, don't you think?). Abroad the delusion of American Exceptionality that underlies the empire's "soft power" will be restored so that recruiting head-choppers can resume and the empire's color revolution coups will have staying power. There will be no more doubting of the empire's rules for its "rules-based order". Those who embrace the delusion that the empire offers will be empowered and those who reject it will be weakened, demoralized, and isolated.

Domestically, the "identity politics" project will be fast-tracked. The four years of chaos in the imperial core is proof to the elites that the tools this offers for societal control management need to be in place sooner rather than later, and preferably before the next presidential election. "Identity sensitivity training" will be systematized and begin to be enshrined in law, giving the elites control over identity assignment. Sanctions will be applied to those who reject their assigned identity, such as blacklisting from employment. Of course, "machinist" or "IBEW member" or "working stiff", and other such identities that imply class will be proscribed and not on the list of acceptable identities.

Sounds far-fetched? It is already enforced by law in some parts of America. The BLM/antifa silliness has not been organized by the elites solely to give Trump a hard time but primarily to set the stage to mandate "identity sensitivity training" by federal law. The initial target for this is the public schools, with federal monies being contingent upon implementing the project. Teachers, get used to being told what your identity is and be careful not to question that assignment out loud or you will be out of a job.

Of course, the above is just the plans and dreams of those who thought setting the Great Orange Ogre opposed to their choice candidate would assure their candidate getting elected, and we saw how that worked out in 2016. These strategists for the elites are even more distant from reality today than they were in 2016 (that's what happens when you fly off on a tangent), so the chances that these plans will restore the empire are exactly 0%.

Why? Because its the economy, stupid. And it is steel mills and factories that are the economy, not the stock market. The Great Orange Ogre's plans for restoring economic vitality to the empire were actually better than the establishment elite's plans, even if they were still hopeless from the start because we are past the end of capitalism's development cycle. At least the GOO's plans focused upon tangible (as opposed to imaginary) economics.

So the establishment elites' plans, both domestically and internationally, will fail badly, but that doesn't mean they won't try real hard to force reality to conform to their delusions. After all, that's all the empire has left at this point. Well, that and atomic weapons.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 7 2020 12:40 utc | 320

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 11:48 utc | 315 Maybe RSH can see that a Harris/Biden presidency is so totally awfull and likely riddled with grifters and inhuman potential that he imagines there could be a special adviser to the President on transhuman affairs. Might give him some unforeseen opportunity. /sarc

I *can* see that Biden/Harris is totally awful - as was and is Trump. I mentioned to someone today that Karl Hess, the Goldwater speechwriter back in the day, was once asked what would be his first act as President if he ever got there, and he responded "I'd quit." So that's what I'd do if asked to "head a Bureau of Transhuman Affairs".

"Still I would rather RSH be in that role than someone like Debbie Wasserman Shultz."

Yes - because I'd use Transhuman technology to bury the lot of them. And if I ever get my hands on it, I will.

Of course, I'd bury most of the rest of the morons here as well like gm, Norwegian and Smith. LOL

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 12:49 utc | 321

@William Gruff | Nov 7 2020 12:40 utc | 321

So the establishment elites' plans, both domestically and internationally, will fail badly, but that doesn't mean they won't try real hard to force reality to conform to their delusions. After all, that's all the empire has left at this point. Well, that and atomic weapons.

Thank you, good post. You seem to be saying the establishment (I will not use the word 'elite') is suffering from cognitive dissonance, they feel increasing pain from their own subconscious understanding that the empire is in a terminal phase. To relieve the pain they must either review their imperial ambitions or deny reality. It is clear they have chosen to deny reality, or maybe the delusions are so strong that they have no capability to make a choice.

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 7 2020 13:29 utc | 322

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 7 2020 13:29 utc | 323

The problem the elites/PMC/deepstate faces is that to see the situation as some (me forexample) of do, a state of steep decline following a long string of usurpations and abuses, is to admit their own incompetence and loss of legitimacy to rule. And they are incompetent now, if not in the past, so fixing it is not really on the table, fixing it means replacing them with competent well-informed people. So yes, they prefer denial. They usually do.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 7 2020 13:37 utc | 323

Here is an interesting if strange bit concerning a planned Biden/Harris live streamed "victory rally" that was scheduled for 9pm prime time last night in Wilmington Delaware but fizzled for reasons unclear as yet.

The 3hr:12min long livestream YT of the event

shows a stage set in a darkened parking lot (or perhaps a rented out Chrysler dealership?) facing an "audience" of perhaps 2 dozen late model red, white or blue *empty* Jeeps with NO People in ANY of them (lending kind of a Stephen King "Christine" creepy movie vibe to the 'event').

For the next ~3:06:00 hr the yt shows nothing but stage crew and the occcasional cable news staff fidgeting about the set. Finally at almost 3:10:00 Biden (Harris at side) appear on the jumbotrons from a remote undisclosed location and Biden stumbles his way thru a ~2 min talk. Kamala said nothing. Then they left the remote podium and the jumbotron went dark. [At least none of empty "Christine" jeeps in the audience honked back their applause after Biden hobbled of camera, thankfully.]

What is even more strange is this had been billed a major Biden/Harris speech and all of the US MiniTruth media in attendance to report on the event "to the American people"

But none of the Fake media noted the empty cars or anything much more about this Biden victory speech fiasco.

Here is Gateway Pundit's take on the "dystopian" event.

Posted by: gm | Nov 7 2020 14:38 utc | 324

@gm | Nov 7 2020 14:38 utc | 325
Yes, it makes you wonder if he actually has any support at all.
Maybe they had to wait for his medication to work, and in the meantime the few attending had gone home.

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 7 2020 14:56 utc | 325

@ Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 7 2020 4:47 utc | 249

Thank you!

Posted by: suzan | Nov 7 2020 15:05 utc | 326

I did not screw up this thread, Circe. If you looked at my post you would have seen that I went to considerable effort to make it readable on a regular screen (formatting via carriage return > making the text run on normally.) I did not split or condense the links as that is more work and the right margin was busted somewhere right at the beginning of the thread (don’t know where) - ppl can click on the link if they want (not that I expected many would.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 7 2020 15:25 utc | 327

Richard Steven Hack I hate the insult "mamas boys", it implies that someone who is close to their mother is a bad person. I am going to dismiss any of your comments seriously that contains "mamas boys".

Posted by: Quiet Rebel | Nov 7 2020 18:09 utc | 328

Trump rhetoric is different, but his policies are the same. Long live the deep state.

Posted by: Les | Nov 7 2020 18:51 utc | 329

I just spent almost a whole hour attempting to bring my thoughts, very relevant thoughts I believe, on one of the many interesting topics being discussed here to proper compositional expression. When I went to submit my comment, however, I received a message that I had "timed out." Now that would hardly be big problem in itself. But the server simply froze up on me, and hence gave me no chance to copy what I written to resubmit it. Since it is not possible for me to rewrite such an intricate text again here and now, I suppose I will simply have to live with it being irrecoverable. But how hard could it really be to have the server not simply lock one out when the time limit has been exceeded, but instead merely tell you; "Your comment has timed out. If you still wish to post it, first save it and then resubmit it as a new post." And only after one has had a chance to do so, erase the original message? It reminds me of how Gmail used to simply dump your message if you checked another screen to get some needed information etc. The fixed the problem quickly so now everything is auto saved as a "draft." Why not do something like that here?

Posted by: Dr. William Fusfield | Nov 7 2020 18:52 utc | 330

@ juliania
@ james
@ suzan
@ psychohistorian

I said I would come back to check in and I'm glad I did because Bemildred and W Gruff are back around, which is always welcome.

So from what I've scanned, suzan you were helped by psychohistorian, which is great. It never was a PC-exclusive fix, and let me restate my suggestion for the record.

I was saying, what we have here in b's blog is text. Very simple. If the formatting doesn't suit you for whatever reason, simply copy the text into an editor in which you can format the text any way you want. If it copies too much of the style formatting into the editor, choose a simpler, less rich editor that strips out the formatting - as I believe psychohistorian advised you, suzan.

The essence of what I was suggesting is 3 steps: (1) highlight the text; (2) copy the text; (3) paste the text. You can use your mouse to do this or you can Google the keyboard commands for your computer system if you forget. You can Google almost any computer problem and find that you're not alone, and someone else sought and found the answer you seek.

james, I never said you were blaming anyone. I was talking self and other, not YOURself and other ;) Some people were blaming, but I didn't address them directly. I talk to you, because you make sense, and are most likely to carry a protocol or consensus through an entire thread, and successive threads.

psychohistorian, I'm aware you hadn't addressed juliania on this matter in this thread. I was referring to a memory of an earlier thread where I think you did once (and I may have been wrong).

juliania, everyone keeps giving you advice on how to format a link in order to post it, not realizing that your issue is not that but rather, how to read a page broken by a non-breaking link.

I count all four of you as among the sane and coherent commenters here, but this thread is too long and too noisy, and this is evidenced by the fact that people such as yourselves cannot keep track of what others are talking about, even those you want to keep track of or acknowledge. And if I've misunderstood something here, then count me in the group that can't keep track.


Since I'm on the record, I'll say that I like b's blog. Sorry, Dr. Fusfield @331, that you got burned by the server - we've all been burned. And we've all cursed ourselves for not copying our own long comment before we hit the button and somehow lost it. But it's b's blog. We are all guests commenting on b's articles. He's on the platform he's on, with very limited webmaster options. I would guess that he has no power to do what you ask.

Personally I like it here just the way it is. Less comments would be nice. Many less comments. Personal taste only.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 7 2020 19:35 utc | 331

@ Grieved | Nov 7 2020 19:35 utc | 332 with the discussion of MoA bar commenting "culture"

Yes, it can be work to be a considerate and successful reader/commenter at MoA. That said, I think there is part of that challenge that has kept the participation more limited in the past but we seem to now have acquired the ZH type of commenters....lots of text but little substance, IMO Maybe it will get better after the US (s)election process quiets down but I doubt it. I now scroll down to determine the contributor for each comment I read and would like to do that less or not at all.

Yes Grieved, juliania and I have had numerous challenging discussions here and I think we both agree on the separation of religion and state but otherwise agree to disagree on monotheistic faith versus Cosmology view of our species/universe.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 7 2020 19:55 utc | 332

@ Grieved | Nov 7 2020 19:35 utc | 332... thanks grieved... i appreciate your commentary and was a bit confused on that post i address... i appreciate your thoughtfulness and is one of the main reasons i continue to stick around moa... there are enough thoughtful posters to continue on..

i think this blip with many more comments is temporary... there is a higher level of churning going on and i would like to think it will calm down... happy trails!

Posted by: james | Nov 7 2020 21:05 utc | 333


I just want to say I like B's blog too, I think of it's clunkiness as a kind of filter that sorts out people who don't appreciate its virtues enough to put up with it.

And one of the advantages of keeping your posting concise here (most of the time anyway) is that you don't have to get too upset when you blow it. If it's something precious, I'll edit it offline.

But I like text interfaces better than graphical most of the time anyway, always have. Too left-brain or something.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 7 2020 21:36 utc | 334

William Gruff @ 29:

Votes will continue to be "found" until they have enough.

The establishment needs to get "back to normal". They don't have the strength for four more years of hysteria, so the election will be flipped regardless of the difficulty."

This, in light of what has transpired, is an excellent analysis of the US situation.

[ To Grieved: Thanks, but I did know how to highlight and copy and paste - so did that per your instructions. The next suggestion put me into google land - a territory I inhabit as little as possible but nevertheless I went. Floundered around there, nothing coming up as 'word editor', but trying to get a blank page I could paste to without success. Then things got very strange with my computer, and I am now typing in teeny script, on the first page comment blank. Suspect gremlins were overseeing my problem, can now read page, if only with a magnifying glass. Thank you, gremlins.]

Posted by: juliania | Nov 7 2020 21:54 utc | 335

Forgot to say: yes, I can now read the pages. Thank you, Grieved.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 7 2020 21:56 utc | 336

Thanks, karlof1 for the China Wave pdf - I have it downloaded and first page bookmarked for enjoyable reading. Sorry to be late coming here.

I did enjoy the read, as two of my grandsons are part Chinese and have family there. China is showing impressive progress; it's past time
to stop the ridiculous animosity. Trump didn't seem able to do that; I hope there will be real change on that now. Thank you!

Posted by: juliania | Nov 7 2020 22:06 utc | 337

Re: juliana Nov 7 2020 22:06 utc

There are so many brain dead dichotomies. Free trade with China or venomous hostility. What USA needs is some solution to reverse de-industrialization. That requires some selections, which industries have the potential of employing more Americans without huge protective tarifs, protect them, but otherwise avoid escalation of trade wars that inflict pain in both direction. Chinese are merkantilist themselves, they understand than in the long run USA needs to balance the trade etc. But this is not a direction that suite big business which is all about "intellectual property" that are the most efficient way to fill company coffers without any need for workers. In all trade negotiation corporate interests had priority over worker interests. Trump increased imports from Vietnam that replaced imports from China, and increased soy exports from Brazil and Argentina to China, so American farmers had to cut production.

In short, hostility may profit politically (but only to a point as we have seen), but one can defend jobs better by setting realistic priorities and negotiating productively.

Same with illegal immigration. One does not have to shoot at them at the border, round to detention camps etc. to defend jobs of Americans. There are already mechanisms to penalize employment of illegal workers, if needed, they can be improved. What will remain are marginal sectors like domestic help etc. But again, this requires some economic planning. Are there sectors that will need to increase wages or improve conditions in the absence of illegal workers? Will they survive? If not, do we need them here? E.g. we can employ illegals to help growing vegetables, or import vegetables from Central America where those workers would live in ancestral villages with their families. Or a sufficient number of worker permits can be issued. But is there anything to do with the farms that lost business?

In short, one can change the discourse from hostility versus "labor market anarchy" to gradually improving solution to problems like black sectors in the economy, uprooting people from their villages and towns and American loosing jobs (or suffering wage declines).

BLM is a similar false dichotomy. Treatment of regular people stinks when you have a "bad profile", e.g. you look like white trash (read about David Silva, police victim). Police training stinks, the laws and procedure to discipline police stink. Current dichotomy is to hate police or hate people with "bad profiles". One idea I had is that Russia has similar problems as USA. e.g. widespread guns, homicides, drug trafficking, but we do not hear about their police killing people as often as our police. Perhaps inviting them to train our police (rather than Israelis)? For that matter, we could invite Germans or Norwegians too, but I think that Russians have more similar problems and their solutions could be more realistic.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 8 2020 1:51 utc | 338

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