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November 06, 2020

Progressive Initiatives Win While Dems Continue To Lose

I am getting a bit stuffed from all that popcorn.


But hey, they found another bag of 'mailed in' ballots.

Mark Niesse @markniesse - 9:20 UTC · 6 Nov 2020

Biden has taken the lead in Georgia for the first time. He is ahead of Trump by 917 votes after more results were reported in Clayton County.


This line in a Washington Post report, filed from Taipei, Taiwan, is the most condescending I have seen in a while. What evidence does the writer have to back up that claim?

As the United States tallied votes in a presidential election that appears headed for a court battle and fractious final phase, Chinese commentators and state mouthpieces this week lined up to portray the cross-Pacific superpower — viewed with awe and envy by generations of Chinese — as a politically crumbling edifice in 2020.

Scott Ritter is unfortunately right:

In the end, the future of the United States and, in many ways, the rest of the world, will be decided not by the American voter, but a much more nefarious form of life – the American lawyer.

Yves Smith diagnoses the Democrats' disease:

Democratic Party insiders are already deploying their blame cannons, and the progressive wing of the party is a big target. One of the big complaints of corporate Democrats who did or nearly lost their seats is that they were smeared as “socialists” in attack ads.
The Democrats need to quit running from socialism and start explaining that America already practices socialism for the rich (with examples) and maybe it’s time for socialism for ordinary people (with examples). But the problem is that the Dems are culpable of promoting socialism for the rich, as exemplified by the “no accountability” bank bailouts and the reluctance to address student debt and ever-rising health care costs.
At the same time, as readers know well, there are boatloads of “progressive” policies