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November 06, 2020

Progressive Initiatives Win While Dems Continue To Lose

I am getting a bit stuffed from all that popcorn.


But hey, they found another bag of 'mailed in' ballots.

Mark Niesse @markniesse - 9:20 UTC · 6 Nov 2020

Biden has taken the lead in Georgia for the first time. He is ahead of Trump by 917 votes after more results were reported in Clayton County.


This line in a Washington Post report, filed from Taipei, Taiwan, is the most condescending I have seen in a while. What evidence does the writer have to back up that claim?

As the United States tallied votes in a presidential election that appears headed for a court battle and fractious final phase, Chinese commentators and state mouthpieces this week lined up to portray the cross-Pacific superpower — viewed with awe and envy by generations of Chinese — as a politically crumbling edifice in 2020.

Scott Ritter is unfortunately right:

In the end, the future of the United States and, in many ways, the rest of the world, will be decided not by the American voter, but a much more nefarious form of life – the American lawyer.

Yves Smith diagnoses the Democrats' disease:

Democratic Party insiders are already deploying their blame cannons, and the progressive wing of the party is a big target. One of the big complaints of corporate Democrats who did or nearly lost their seats is that they were smeared as “socialists” in attack ads.
The Democrats need to quit running from socialism and start explaining that America already practices socialism for the rich (with examples) and maybe it’s time for socialism for ordinary people (with examples). But the problem is that the Dems are culpable of promoting socialism for the rich, as exemplified by the “no accountability” bank bailouts and the reluctance to address student debt and ever-rising health care costs.
At the same time, as readers know well, there are boatloads of “progressive” policies that are very popular with voters, like raising the minimum wage, strengthening Social Security, providing for more income support during lockdowns, getting rid of the ACA and replacing it with government-provided insurance, and cutting military spending. And if 2016 and 2020 demonstrated anything, it’s that the Democrats aren’t benefitting from being joined at the hip with big corporations and billionaires. Bloomberg spent $100 million on the party’s behalf, for instance, yet what difference did that make?

So the Democrats institutionally could break away from the grip of corporate big money, but too many pols and operatives are in their vise for that to happen. It will take at least another epic failure for them to be rooted out. And in the meantime, the scapegoating will continue.


The results in Florida seem to confirm that take:

@TravisMenard00 - 3:13 UTC · Nov 6, 2020

Bernie Sanders: "We need a federal minimum wage of at least $15/hr."

Joe Biden: "I beat the Socialist!"

Florida: *Votes for $15 statewide minimum wage, and *not* Joe Biden*

Posted by b on November 6, 2020 at 10:45 UTC | Permalink

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I can't suggest highly enough Pepe Escobar's latest which tells us about the "game" being played out in real time,

"Banana Follies: the mother of all color revolutions: In this gaming exercise the incumbent president, Buffoon, was painted red; the challenger, Corpse, blue," which will soon emerge from behind the paywall, likely at The Saker's site first. The intro at the link can be read and begins:

"A gaming exercise of the perfect, indigenous color revolution, code-named Blue, was leaked from a major think tank established in the imperial lands that first designed the color revolution concept."

So, Pepe mixes fiction with reality in what IMO is a masterful scenario that can be enjoyed by people on either side.

But as I noted yesterday, Barron's gave the game away in its Oct 30 issue, "Why Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Is the Winner, No Matter the Election Results", which is also behind a pay wall. I got the gist of its content from This Keiser Report episode I suggested yesterday that barflies watch the first half. And I'll again highly suggest watching the first half of the preceding Keiser Report for the info it contains.

I'll be kind and provide part of Pepe's conclusion:

"The heart of the matter is that this think tank gaming transcends both Red and Blue. It’s all about the Deep State’s end game.

"There’s nothing like a massive psy op embedded in a WWE-themed theater under the sign of Divide and Rule to pit mob versus mob, with half of the mob rebelling against what it perceives as an illegitimate government. The 0.00001% comfortably surveys the not-only-metaphorical carnage from above.

"Even as the Deep State, using its Blue minions, would never have allowed codename Buffoon to prevail, again, domestic Divide and Rule might be seen as the least disastrous outcome for the world at large."

And thanks to juliania for her kind comment up-thread. As I wrote somewhere recently, the concept of a meritocracy is similar to that of a sports team in that only the best players get to be starters and would be easy enough for most US citizens to understand.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 18:19 utc | 101

Caliman @ 94 - you have a good idea, but what if the country had not been divided?

Either unity vote would have been terrible! Vive la difference! We need to come to terms with diversity.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 6 2020 18:19 utc | 102

Ok c, I normally do not answer such comments, but I will do this one time.

Maybe my example with California was not the best. After all there is one strong factor there - people are leftists. The same as Wyoming is conservative.

But c how is the mail-in voting conservative or “progressive”? You challenged me on one bad part of my comment without coming anywhere near my request to identify any factor that makes mail-in voting so strongly skewed. Therefore, although I did make a bad example, and you attacked it successfully, how did you answer my original question.

Or is your argument - do not give me that monkey mathematics, give me proof! In translation, I do not understand your ground so come to my ground to wrestle with me.

In fact, some of my friends did try to give me some thoughtful answers;
1) the mail-in voters are busy professionals who tend to vote Democrat
2) the Democrat voters were influenced more by the Democrat COVID propaganda so they ended up more afraid to vote in person and do on.
I did check all of the above, but asked if all that could explain the extremism in numbers. One would expect them to be skewed towards one side by how many percent, 3-5-10% ? Again, what is this strong factor or factors that makes the mail-in voting so skewed to one side?
Reminder - this is not in one state, this is national,

Posted by: Kiza | Nov 6 2020 18:31 utc | 103

karlof1 @ 101

Posted by: Down South | Nov 6 2020 18:33 utc | 104

Thank you, karlof1, for recommending Professor Zhang's lecture. I did my homework last night and enjoyed it very much. I think this post by b reflects the positive aspects of what this election scenario presents -- the lecture emphasized how many different cultures are contained within China as a whole, and that is true for any large country. They are countries within countries, and the unifying principle must then be the people's (or the peoples') livelihood. The larger nation cannot be a unity if large segments are disadvantaged. And we see it writ large on the US election map - and in the voting. So neoliberalism is defunct - there's no other way to see it!

We should not see either China or Russia as threats. We should not see any segment of the US as a threat to other segments. It's the wrong way to look at our differences, as threats. That's the oligarch's happy thought, the only way oligarchs can rule. They need us seeing our differences as threats; they need us insulting one another. They need the war instinct on a personal level. They need us rioting!!!

We should be so proud that so many voted, even with the system so very very flawed. They voted; they did their best. Thank you, voters, all of you.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 6 2020 18:36 utc | 105

Sorry, I made another mistake in my argument, it is 5am here. Here is a better explanation of my point.
Why is it that in the states whose in-person voting distribution is so even, the mail-in voting is so skewed?
Please give me one or more dominant causes (variables) that can produce a 2/3++ skew inside one method of voting in a state where the voting is otherwise even.

Posted by: Kiza | Nov 6 2020 18:43 utc | 106

The United States is a deeply divided country now. Some of the mountain states went up to 70% for the president. My own California and some other states went 2/3 for Biden. This level of division is unhealthy and unsustainable.

"This level of division" is quite normal. What is unhealthy is increasing tribal-like allegiance to two political party with "us vs them", making it easier to manipulate the population. One could add a long list of unhealthy phenomena. But regional divisions, at least at the current level, not so much.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 6 2020 18:44 utc | 107

I quoted Caliman in the first sentence above.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 6 2020 18:45 utc | 108

@ Kiza | Nov 6 2020 17:15 utc | 85

hi kiza... no, i didn't miss your point in fact! and as c notes - california voted 2/3rd democrat as an example of a 2/3rd breakdown that might not make sense either if one didn't look below the surface.... and for the record fraud can happen for a number of reasons, but i don't think this points to it...

so here is my under the surface intuition which you can take or reject... i may be wrong, but it seemed to me that there was a vote on covid going on here basically broken down along partisan lines.. trump - covid is over-rated, and biden- covid needs to be taken seriously... for those who take interacting with others as a possible chance to catch covid - mail in ballots is a good choice... now, again - i could be wrong, but covid has played a strong role in why there are so many mail in ballots... maybe you don't see it this way, but i think this is why there has been such a strong mail in factor... to suggest that it has nothing to do with how people view covid seems naive.. now, maybe you aren't suggesting any of this and only i am... why is it we have seen very little of biden and when we do he is wearing a mask? on the other hand, trump is rarely seen wearing a mask... those who did mail in votes are more then likely concerned about covid - thus the mail in... and those voters seem to be more heavily democrat.... there is my long answer... cheers..

Posted by: james | Nov 6 2020 18:48 utc | 109

@ kiza... seeing your latest post @106 after i wrote and gave my response.... hopefully it passes your quality control viewpoint!

Posted by: james | Nov 6 2020 18:50 utc | 110

Why is it that in the states whose in-person voting distribution is so even, the mail-in voting is so skewed?
Please give me one or more dominant causes (variables) that can produce a 2/3++ skew inside one method of voting in a state where the voting is otherwise even.

Posted by: Kiza | Nov 6 2020 18:43 utc | 106

The explanation is quite simple. Enormous amount of money was spent on ads, since I have a very narrow interaction with traditional media, I could observe it on YouTube. Democratic ads encouraged early voting, postal vote, the use of drop boxes etc, but Republican ads did not. The attitude to social distancing etc. related to the pandemic also differ, again, it can be easily explain by different attitude in different "media spheres".

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 6 2020 18:50 utc | 111

Well now that the racist, zionist, xenophobic oligarch who inhabited the White House for the last 4 years has been disposed of, the USA can get back to the quiet business of killing brown people abroad, stealing their resources, and raping the domestic working class to enrich wall street, silicone valley and big pharma. Another 4 years of Trump would have been a domestic disaster, but anyone who thinks a Biden win is something to be happy about it deluded. A different flavor of perversity has been installed (literally and figuratively) and nothing more.

I too expect Ukraine and Syria to heat up in 2021, but the anti-hegemony forces were given 4 years to prepare and I expect they used this time well.

Posted by: sad canuck | Nov 6 2020 18:53 utc | 112

Wow! Today's Global Times editorial about the election and its outcome is very perceptive in its entirety making it very hard to determine an excerpt. I decided on the center 4 paragraphs as they're a coherent whole:

"Every society has internal divergences and contradictions. The design of the US system indulges and even encourages the fermentation of contradictions. Mechanisms help maintain the balance between interests and power. For a long time, this performed relatively well, but new challenges are changing the conditions of US mechanisms, and changing relations between the effectiveness of US mechanisms and the difficulties US society faces.

"The fundamental change is that the US has been consuming its accumulated advantages against the backdrop of globalization. Its pattern of interests has been fixated, and the overall competitiveness of the country has been sliding. The welfare it has made for the people cannot match people's demands and expectations. The mechanism that distributes interests solidifies and further erodes social ability of promoting unity.

"In the internet era, identity politics is rising. People can easily feel that their rights are deprived because they are from a certain social class. Maintaining social unity has become an increasingly arduous and sensitive task. Obviously, the US needs political reforms more than many other countries to enhance its ability to promote unity.

"But in the past four years, the Trump administration, incited by the US election system, has pushed the country into a risky path where it enhances division to boost the existing pattern of political interests. There are so many social woes in US society, be it between different races and classes, between new immigrants and old ones, and between different regions, let alone partisan. But now the objective of society has been cast on Trump's reelection. This objective has to a great extent squeezed the room of US society to pursue maximum common interests."

But I really insist reading the entire editorial.

In an op/ed by a professor at the Center for American Studies of Fudan University, we learn what some close observers from outside see as the primary contradictions within the Outlaw US Empire:

"There are two main contradictions in the US. First, contradictions between the whites and ethnic minorities. The advantageous position of the whites continues to decrease and they would lose their dominance over the country in the future. This makes their tolerance and confidence in ethnic minorities decrease as well. The ratio of the population of ethnic minorities is rising. This increases their demand for equality and rights.

"It is normal for ethnic minorities to demand for corresponding political, social, economic and cultural positions, but this will pose a severe challenge to the cultural, religious and racial nature of the US. As the US population continues to lose balance, related conflicts will break out or even become a periodic and escalating crisis.

"Second, contradictions between elites and ordinary people. Supporters of the Democratic Party are mainly demotic elites who benefit from globalization and liberalization of the global economy, and those who support the Republican Party are middle- and lower-class people, and religious conservatives. This is very clear in the county-based electoral maps. Trump-supporting counties that are vast, under populated and economically backward, surround cities and counties that support the Democratic Party, while Democrat-dominated counties and cities use their economic and population advantages to lead the political pattern in some states. The contradictions between elites and ordinary people will not end with the election."

Not stated clearly IMO is that these contradictions are Centrifugal in their affects on the overall society thus impeding attempts to reform the polity and gain control over the forces exerting actual control that are beyond government.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 18:58 utc | 113

Trump quoting Ken Starr on Pennsylvania:

Donald J. Trump
“This is what we know. We have to go back to the state level and how this morass came to be in the first instance. The Governor, Wolf, and the State Supreme Court, flagrantly violated the Constitution of the U.S. The power to set these rules and regulations is vested in the

Donald J. Trump

....Legislature. They just ignored that, ignored the Constitution. Now we bring it down to the counting houses, and outrageously, observers, who are the sentinels of integrity & transparency, were excluded. Pennsylvania has conducted itself in a horrible lawless way, and....

Donald J. Trump

....hopefully this will be corrected at the Supreme Court of the United States. Also, these late ballots past Election Day are illegal, exactly what the President has been saying. The Supreme Court, in extraordinary circumstances,...

Donald J. Trump

....has been able to render decisions in a matter of days.” Ken Starr, former Independent Counsel

Posted by: Down South | Nov 6 2020 19:05 utc | 114

juliania @105--

Thanks again for your reply. Yes, as Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." The decades of constant Divide and Rule assault on the body politic has generated just that result, which really just goes to show how perceptive the writer Theodor Seuss "Ted" Geisel was in all his writings but in particular with The Sneetches upon which my generation was raised.

And I have an early Winter Solstice gift for you and all barflies, the link where you can freely download Professor Zhang's book, The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State, which in this case appears to be complete.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 19:15 utc | 115

I swear reading comments here lately is looking like the comment section on zerohedge.The Maggots are certainly around.

Posted by: ronnie | Nov 6 2020 19:22 utc | 116

What is patently clear is how bitterly polarized and divisive US domestic politics have become. This is due to the historic failing of the two-party system which has, over decades, left whole swathes of the population, in particular the majority working class, alienated from the political class. There is irreparable distrust and distortion among the American populace. To the point where it would seem impossible for any nominal winner of the election to be able to command a mandate.

A tried and trusted mechanism for galvanizing is to “unite” the people by rallying them around the flag against some designated foreign enemy. Given the increasing unwieldy, fractious nature of American society, it is all the more imperative for the US ruling class to impose some level of coherence in order to restore the essential authority of governing power. With this paramount need to shore up a sense of authority, it can therefore be expected that American foreign policy will become more aggressive and militaristic in the next four years.

Posted by: Down South | Nov 6 2020 19:22 utc | 117

Americans preach family values and are publicly prudish while privately consuming porn en masse

Americans preach capitalism and free market values while privately approving of progressivism

Posted by: malchik ralph | Nov 6 2020 19:23 utc | 118

@ Posted by: sad canuck | Nov 6 2020 18:53 utc | 112

Nothing more will happen to Syria and Ukraine. The USA has already lost those wars.

Modifying the results in those two countries is beyond the POTUS' pay grade. It's irrelevant who the POTUS is.

Posted by: vk | Nov 6 2020 19:26 utc | 119

Last night, Pepe Escobar appeared on Consortium News post election coverage where he appears at the 1:20 mark of an almost 4 hour-long program. I haven't watched so I can't provide any info on specific commentary by him or anyone else. I'm curious to see how much of his current article gets discussed, but that won't happen for awhile for me.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 19:27 utc | 120

The US is essentially another colony to the multinationals who can set up domiciles in tax havens, bribe politicians to enact favorable laws, and lobby for spending to enrich themselves. That's the reality, not the liberals versus conservatives. They also have the benefit of an unelected body that can enrich them through printing money which gives them more power to stop other fiscal stimulus. It's evident in much of the world where this is going on in the West. It is a variation of the Economic Shock Therapy applied by the West, except that the oligarchs are spared from the economic shock.

Posted by: Les | Nov 6 2020 19:30 utc | 121

(CNN, October 9)The US Treasury Department on Thursday announced new sanctions against a Ukrainian lawmaker, accusing him of being an "active Russian agent" who is part of Moscow's interference in the 2020 campaign.

The controversial Ukrainian lawmaker, Andrii Derkach, has close ties to President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and was already singled out earlier this summer by the US intelligence community for helping Moscow's ongoing efforts to weaken Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
[inset: Democrats urge Trump administration to impose sanctions on Russians meddling in 2020 election]
Now, Derkach has been explicitly labeled a Russian agent by the US government and sanctioned for attempting to influence the upcoming election.
"Andrii Derkach and other Russian agents employ manipulation and deceit to attempt to influence elections in the United States and elsewhere around the world," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement Thursday, which was included in a Treasury announcement that said Derkach "has been an active Russian agent for over a decade" and maintained "close connections with the Russian intelligence services."
Since Andriy Derkach is a Ukrainian citizen, residents and member of the parliament, any legally sound proofs of his work for Russian intelligence should be passed to Ukrainian authorities which could easily sentence him to prison. He is a member of a small party, and the sole deputy of Verkhovna Rada from that party. Thus Trump Administration, with all probability, stretched the truth. Lifting those sanctions could be a shining example of fairness and open mindedness of the new Administration, with deep contrast to the predecessors. A new dawn, so to speak. [OK, I read to much junk of "Fantasy" genre]
Derkach showed tapes of Poroshenko talking with Biden (and on a separate occasion, with Putin), plus a lengthy roll of bank transfers from Burisma to Hunter Biden. He was not accused of falsification, just "interference".

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 6 2020 19:43 utc | 122

To Kiza - in support of Piotr's comment, it is apparent that the Dem party told its supporters to vote by mail and it is a well known fact the Trump made a large point of voting in person to his supporters in his rallies, supposedly to counter mail vote tampering.

Note that this is augmented by the fact that city voters are much more likely to vote D anyway and also much more likely to be worried about Covid. So heavy D mail votes should be expected from big cities.

Posted by: Caliman | Nov 6 2020 19:46 utc | 123

The timing for this meeting is very ironic, IMO: Putin meets with Central Election Commission Chairperson Ella Pamfilova for a very interesting discussion/report:

"Ella Pamfilova: We have analysed the social and demographic composition [of candidates for all offices], and the resulting picture is very interesting. If I may, I would like to update you on the figures....

"First of all, this example [of a 'cleaning woman' winning an election] shows that there are broad avenues not only for social mobility, but also for political mobility in our society and country. The range of representation is very broad: various types of office employees make up at least 37 percent, followed by teachers and university lecturers who take an active part in various elections (nearly 16 percent), and representatives of vocational trades such as drivers, machine operators and metalworkers come in third.

"By the way, I would like to tell you that a cleaning woman is not a sensation: we have 23 dairy women, 11 calf women, 34 stokers (they are probably following in the footsteps of Viktor Tsoi, only he chose music and they opted for politics), two blacksmiths, 24 game keepers and 11 sheep herders. All these are vocational trades."

And so it goes. The participation of ordinary citizens in Russia's political system from the local to the Kremlin is precisely what's grossly lacking within the Outlaw US Empire. What an amazing and uplifting read!

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 19:48 utc | 124

Down South @117--

Thanks for providing the link to Strategic Culture's Editorial. You chose an excellent excerpt! I'll just provide the short conclusion since it aligns with an opinion I voiced awhile ago:

"In a very real way, the rest of the world should stop paying so much attention to the American spectacle. It’s like watching a 'reality TV show' which has little consequence except sapping the viewer’s energy. Better to get off the proverbial couch and get on with building an alternative, real world."

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 19:57 utc | 125

I hope I'm right and that b isn't actually giving credence to the nonsense about the vote being literally stolen, but instead poking fun at ALL Americans including those who think it was. For example by linking to Mark Niesse's pretty straightforward Tweet about "finding new ballots" for Biden and using language typical of the Trump supporters he sees, it could be a subtle dig at those who keep saying the same thing every time more mail-in ballots are counted. There were tens of millions of them and in some cases only had to be postmarked the day before election day. Come on - of course they're going to take a long time to count with each one coming in its own individual envelope by way of the crippled USPS. Further, they were already suspected to be heavily in favor of Democrats.

So from the perspective of the outside looking in, I hope it's a jab at the USA in general because of how readily Americans question the validity of other countries' elections when the outcome isn't Washington's choice - and NOT a genuine accusation of vote fraud by way of mail-in ballot, for which, despite loads of rightwing hot garbage about it on the Interwebs, not a single legitimate case has been discovered of large scale ballot dumping that targets Trump voters nor of vote counters "filling out" blank ballots in Joe Biden's favor while being observed by large groups and idiots with smart phone cams (who make claims but never seem to zoom in...hmmmm).

Unfortunately, there are several new regulars and others who WILL interpret b's opening lines as an endorsement of the Trump camp's baseless claims that the election is being stolen and that there is proof.

I read William Gruff's comment earlier today and found it to also be somewhat disturbing and short sighted. Is the American electoral system corrupt? Yes, of course. It's also very corruptABLE. But not at the level where votes are cast and counted; not on any meaningful scale. Despite the unfounded protestations I've seen here over the past few days, the type of operation with designs to selectively throw away, not deliver, or otherwise void Trump ballots/votes would require a mind boggling degree of coordination and communication and at some point someone would get caught and investigated, thus leading back to the origins of the plot. That's how vote fraud is investigated in the US. Look at the document that I linked the other day which is a joint Trump White House and Heritage Foundation report on "a sampling of voter fraud" from across the country. They are all investigated, charged and often convicted. To think or say that the investigations would be intentionally hampered or not followed up on is conspiracy mongering an order of magnitude than what I'm willing to consider. Same thing goes for the allegations of vote counters completing blank ballots all in favor of Biden, or widespread or significant LATE but otherwise legitimately cast votes being counted in violation of statutes. I think I've seen like on legitimate complaint in that regard.

At the end of the day, I am pretty sure b is just sitting there eating his popcorn and pointing out the various ways that Americans and their government are massive hypocrites when it comes to elections and that it's more than borne out by how this one is being handled, especially by Trump and his supporters.

That said, another angle b might be coming from is one of neutral speculation and mordant laugher about it - i.e., whether it was or was NOT rigged makes no fucking difference. Because even if it wasn't (and it isn't), the Republicans and Trump are going to spend 4 years bitching that it was on false grounds just like the Democrats did after 2016. There may even be some fruitless investigations. Now that Trump seems to have lost Fox News, he'll have to seek out his own new megaphone(s) for these inevitable cries of foul, but mark my words - they are going to be with us for the entirety of Biden's term if he ends up winning.

I also call bullshit on Gruff's claim that none of this will ever be investigated or reported on even if it is happening because the MSM is completely Democrat controlled and they'll quash or attempt to excuse corruption when it is found. Nonsense. Perhaps Mr. Gruff should look up Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation. They have almost 300 local television stations across the USA ranging from ABC to CBS to NBC to Azteca and a bunch of other different affiliations. I can guarantee that each and every one of them has a "KX__ Investigates!" feature in which people are encouraged to call or email suggestions for stories about fraud, negligence and other allegations of things not being covered by the media at large. Now, one might say - "Well, NBC, CBS, ABC etc. will just send the word down that such stories are off the table" - BUT THEY WOULD BE WRONG.

Sinclair executive David Smith met with Trump during the 2016 election year, in which he told the future president, "We are here to deliver your message."[125] It was part of a pitch to have reporters embedded in the Trump campaign.

In 2004, Sinclair's political slant was scrutinized by critics when it was publicized that nearly all of Sinclair's recent campaign contributions were to the Republican Party. In particular, the Center for Public Integrity showed concern that the Republican slant of Sinclair's news programming, along with Mark Hyman's past history of government lobbying (such as for the FCC to loosen rules regarding concentration of media ownership—a factor that has assisted in the company's growth),[126] made its stations provide "anything but fair and balanced news programming." Hyman disputed these allegations by stating that its newscasts were "pretty balanced" and that "the reason why some on the left have characterized us as conservative is that we run stories that others in the media spike."[115][121]

At times, Sinclair has disciplined hosts who have stepped over the line regarding propriety; for example, its host Jamie Allman, from station KDNL in St. Louis, resigned and his show was canceled after he said of Parkland student-turned-activist David Hogg that he was "getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg's ass.

(from the Wikipedia article)

As well, there is a wide range of legitimate alternative media that is pro-Trump. They will certainly be running to ground any perceived fraud starting....yesterday.

On top of that much of the alleged fraud is happening in Republican governed states or in states with a sizeable Republican delegation to state government. If there are credible concerns about malfeasance in the counting of votes, don't you think they'd be getting involved? But to my knowledge they are just calmly observing the count finishing up while it's Trump and his rabid supporters and minions - or just easily led individuals who have gorged on a diet of anti-America/anti-Empire/anti-Democratic Party warmongering (but perceived by them as pro-Trump - many also perceive it as evidence for the Qanon horse shit, but won't often admit it) narratives that tend to crop up around the Internet, on right-wing tabloids (most of the British ones) and right-wing news media (Sky Australia for one).

I, for one, will continue to enjoy my own popcorn watching from abroad and knowing that whatever happens, the winner will be a terrible choice for Americans and the world, but that just like in 2016 despite years of cries and howls from the Democrats, this election will have been FAIRLY DECIDED without evidence of fraud, no matter how much the Trump Republican faction whines. There is no point in spending time on these "but what about THIS instance...." for things like the fact that some Senate and Presidential vote counts don't match up (before all were counted) or that Biden got a mystery 130,000 to 0 vote bounce overnight. I'd rather get back to sitreps, critical analysis of American imperial war mongering and sanctions, and investigations.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 20:05 utc | 126

Down South @ 83

“State legislature” is old time talk for “state law.” State courts’ interpretation of state law is sacred. In Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court decision was based upon the state constitution and the legislative intent of the law. Unless the US Supreme Court is going to invalidate all state court interpretations of state law and overturn all federal decisions stating that federal courts look to stare court decisions in deciding state law, the US Supreme Court will not overturn the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court decision giving the US Postal Service extra time to deliver ballots.

Moreover, even without Pennsylvania, Biden will have the electoral votes needed to become president.

Posted by: TimmyB | Nov 6 2020 20:06 utc | 127

Most of the minimum wage workers are elderly. If you go down to Florida, they are the ones working in retail or other service jobs.

Posted by: Les | Nov 6 2020 20:13 utc | 128

Just saw this on GG's twitter--

""Americans choose other countries' Presidents faster than they choose their own." "

Posted by: arby | Nov 6 2020 20:15 utc | 129

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 20:05 utc | 126*

But to my knowledge they are just calmly observing the count finishing up while it's Trump and his rabid supporters and minions - or just easily led individuals who have gorged on a diet of anti-America/anti-Empire/anti-Democratic Party warmongering (but perceived by them as pro-Trump - many also perceive it as evidence for the Qanon horse shit, but won't often admit it) narratives that tend to crop up around the Internet, on right-wing tabloids (most of the British ones) and right-wing news media (Sky Australia for one).

Got lost in my own long-winded parenthetical meandering there. Meant to say that it's not Republican politicians in the states where these allegations of fraud coming in from Trump and his supporters who are raising red flags and tripping alarms. It's Trump and his supporters, far right American aspiring politicians and they are joined by the Qanon and other online clickbait/influencer conspiracy mongers who probably couldn't care less for anything other than clicks. JUST LIKE THE RUSSIANS that b has written so much about! For example - some of you might have seen a viral video about dead voters in Michigan and how easy it is to register online as a dead person**. Well, in case you don't follow more than one YouTuber or other video platform content creator, you might not know that it's been reproduced by several other people and in different languages. I saw a Spanish version today. So these claims of vote fraud should probably be taken as clickbait from wannabe influencers trying to up their follower count. Get with the times, people. That's how Q got so big - NOT because a bunch of people read 4chan or 8chan - and that's how this vote fraud thing is getting around.

*-Regarding my suggestion that Gruff looks up Sinclair, I didn't necessarily provide the blurb about their support for Trump to prove my statement that the networks won't be "calling down" to the affiliates to quash any potential investigations into allegations of vote fraud. That isn't how network affiliations with privately owned stations usually work. Rather, I was just trying to demonstrate that Trump DOES have friendly relationships with SOME parts of the mass media.

**-Regarding that video, in each of them, a person gets online and finds an ALLEGEDLY deceased person and then goes about registering them to vote - OR - finds an ALLEGED deceased person and then digs up the absentee ballot records for the 2020 election and finds them having voted. The problem with this theory is three-fold: 1) Even if it was happening, it's far from common and no proof has been found that it is. It would also be difficult to do on a scale necessary to change outcomes, even in closely contested precincts (of which there aren't many) and 2) USA Today found a DIFFERENT guy with the same name registered at the same address where the guy in the video said a dead person had voted. Probably his grandson! and 3) They pick pretty generic names. If you don't think one of the names they are using is generic, I encourage you to google it. I have a pretty unique name. Or so I thought. Now that all these databases are connected and the search engines have access, I can find hundreds of different people with my name on facebook alone.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 20:25 utc | 130

The transcript of the Michael Hudson-Paul Jay podcast is now available here. Yes, it's a long read with much being a rehash of his many previous interviews. IMO, his newest most important point is the need for a revamped Constitution:

"Let’s get back to fascism because that’s very important. Around the time that Roosevelt made that comment [1938], Trotsky analyzed fascism in Germany and Italy, and he said that fascism is what occurred when the socialists don’t have a solution to the problems.

"I think we are indeed emerging in that kind of fascism today because you don’t have the left or the progressive interests really coming up with a solution to the problems. And that’s because the only kind of solution is so radical that it can’t be solved within the existing political framework and the existing legal framework. There has to be the equivalent of a revolution. [If] It’s not going to be an anti-fascist revolution; then it’ll be a fascist revolution. What we’re seeing is that kind of a slow revolution....

"Now and all throughout Europe, it was the upper house of government, the House of Lords, or the Senate that tried to block any kind of reform, not only leading to socialism, but that helped capitalism. There had to be a political revolution strengthening the House of Commons relative to the House of Lords. And that occurred in 1909-10 in England. Now, here you’re going to have a similar constitutional crisis in order to do the socialist policies that you mentioned. The crisis is not only because there’s federalism in the United States, states’ rights that are written in the Constitution, to have an economy that can rescue the American industry, and rescue the American working class, you need to rewrite the Constitution.

"But the efforts to make plans for a constitutional convention have all been done by the ultra-right, by the Federalist Society, and by the people that you and I have made fun of for many years. And I don’t see any movement on the left to say the situation is so serious that we need a radical rewrite of the Constitution in order to become really a parliamentary democracy that can provide the political context in order to introduce socialist policies."[My Emphasis]

He's correct. When you have a Bernie Sanders being equated with Leftism, then you have no Left.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 20:26 utc | 131

Which "Progressive Initiatives" ??

Posted by: Norwegian | Nov 6 2020 20:27 utc | 132

Here, in north-central Appalachia, a college town was plastered with Biden/Harris signage, and nearby villages, with Trump/Pence. Local newspaper had an article about two demonstrations, one "Count every vote", one "Stop cheating", each with about a dozen of participants. As the two gatherings were about 20 kilometers apart, there were no direct conflicts.

Now I look at the two pumpkin carving stencils to convert these vegetables into Trump heads (hair is included in a set), and next year they will be wasted. Carving Biden head is much less funny. :-( Perhaps Harris has a potential.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 6 2020 20:41 utc | 133

@William Gruff,16,29,82 and Kiza , 72, 85

thanks for the detailed comments on the anomalies. The disparity between the paper and mailed vote totals in some areas is too great to be natural.

Posted by: cirsium | Nov 6 2020 20:54 utc | 134

You know it only makes to talk about votes being "found" if someone else is trying to hide them, right? Republican suppression of mail-in votes has been anticipated for a couple of months now. We're seeing the results of this. Biden should've decisively won the election on the first night, even if he wasn't as charismatic and wielding a powerful Latino outreach like Sanders.

Posted by: David | Nov 6 2020 20:56 utc | 135

I heard about the cleaning woman elected I’m not sure if Mayor or Alderman in some small and remote municipality.

But it is interesting the quote of Victor Tsoy, probably the closest ideal rocker of the late Soviet Union, of mixed Corean and Russian heritage and from St.Petersburg, I’ve been listening to his music lately, plain post punk style with a touch of soviet naiveté. I highly recommend his music, he died young like a true rock and roll star, in a car accident, the remaining members of the group Kino were planning a fall tour of the main ex-soviet cities, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and the Baltics, the tour has been postponed untill the spring but they’ve posted a few clips in YouTube, of course the voice of Tsoy is recorded play back.

Why am I extending myself on this truly interesting character? Because his group is a clear example of that very brief period during the Perestroika that ended with the GHBush presidency, when a lot of goodwill encounters and projects between the USA and the USSR took place, some US musician by the name of Joanna Stingray provided the group in his frequent travels to the USSR with the equipment necessary, and probably technical couching, to record and perform in big venues like stadiums, to a bunch of guys from StPetersburg that used to play in very amateurish settings.

Unfortunately that was a very brief period, and the great opportunity was lost by mainly the US and the West as a whole, Russia was knocking at the door and all the west could do was to rape her, enormous riches were stolen, the biggest country on earth with all property belonging to the state under the auction gavel, pennies to the dollar.

No wonder Russians do not believe in the siren's choir anymore, no big difference team blue or red, it’s going to be business as usual.

The remnants of the group playing "Tramway to the East" from 0:35

Posted by: kino | Nov 6 2020 21:01 utc | 136

The current outcome of this election, a stalemate, is perhaps the best possible outcome for rest of the world, not only is showing the world how corrupt, outdated and illegitimate the US’ electoral college system is, but this near evenly divided election result will creates a space for the rest of the free and sovereign world to take a breath from continues US assault on them.
Elections results that are determined by courts and lawyering do not have legitimacy or mandate for at least half the voters in US and very doubtful to the rest of the world. This was the best outcome possible, for those In the world seeking to become free from American claws. The coming internal political instability uncertainty and infighting will weaken and keep the beast busy for coming years, which by itself should provide opportunity for the rest of world to participate in world affairs.


Posted by: Kooshy | Nov 6 2020 21:02 utc | 137

Maggot bitch Trump wants to steal the election that Biden already won with accountable paper trail ballots by taking his petty grievances and unfounded allegations to a vote by his lackeys at the Supreme Court. That's why he's been busy appointing Conservative stooges to every Court for this coup on the American people cause it's not enough that the depraved sack of shit's negligence caused hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Trump babyman is a sore loser who just can't stand the thought of someone else getting respect and attention. Right now, no one on the planet is more despised than him, except of course by the members of his KKKULT and Ziofascists like him and naturally Putin who's loving every minute of the orange shit disturber's antics defiling democracy in every way.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 6 2020 21:03 utc | 138

Posted by: kino | Nov 6 2020 21:01 utc | 136

Actually that was me Paco not Kino.

Here a song that has been used in various exsoviet republics, most recently in Belarus, Changes, and that's Victor Tsoy, back in the late 80's-

Posted by: Paco | Nov 6 2020 21:08 utc | 139

Trump supporters here whining and whimpering about vote rigging should remember the massive amount of poor people, black people ect trump made in- eligible to vote.
Trump supporters should remember trumps false flag / psyscop kkk cops created racial unrest. Designed to whip up support for him and hatred for the inocent victems.
Thankfully that appears now to have backfired !
Let’s all move on. The right’ have been taken for fools by trump, the right now suffer cognitive dissonance and ‘stockholm syndrome’
That’s a natural Symptom of the brainwashed and mind controlled !
We need to move on now and realise ——-
Black people are not your enemy. Russia, China, Iran, Syria ect ect are not your enemy, you don’t need to spend your considerable tax on defending against an imaginary enemy.
It’s just paranoid delusional.
Let love into your heart.
Oh and Mark2 is not your enemy.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 6 2020 21:20 utc | 140

Posted by: Circe | Nov 6 2020 21:03 utc | 138

That's why he's been busy appointing Conservative stooges to every Court

That statement begs the eternal question of who was first, the chicken or the egg. Maybe there were signs that not everything was fine in the state of Denmark, or in other words, Georgia was on a lot of people's mind....

It is going to be a long and winding road, see, I'm in a musical mood, and you too should listen to some Tsoy and relax.

Posted by: Paco | Nov 6 2020 21:22 utc | 141

The moment the Fascist Criminal steps foot outside the White House on January 20th, 2020, he should be summarily arrested, unless of course Trump has to be dragged out and then taken to the Slammer.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 6 2020 21:24 utc | 142

And that´s all...Understanding Trumpsters here and there who seem intelligent people...It´s the market and our privileges as a hegemon, mate...

"I believe in market solutions and common sense realities and the need to defend ourselves against a dangerous world, and that is all. The problem is that now I have to be homophobic, I have to count how many times people go to church, I have to deny facts and think that scientific research is a scam, I have to think that the poor live like kings, and I have to suffer so amazing inferiority complex that I have to fear for education and intellect in the 21st century, but most of all, really, the biggest new requirement is that I must hate the Democrats, and I must hate Chris Christie for not spitting on the president in get off Air Force One. Bipartisanship is crucial to the whole operation, those faces have raised opposition, and I am a Republican for the same reasons that you are a Democrat, so I hope your voice will be more audible in the next four years."

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 6 2020 21:35 utc | 143

_K_C_ @126: "I also call bullshit on Gruff's claim that none of this will ever be investigated or reported on even if it is happening because the MSM is completely Democrat controlled..."

Please point out where I made that claim.

I'll save you the effort. I never made that claim. It is strictly a product of your imagination. Also part of your imagination is the assumption that the Democrats and Republicans are adversarial to the extent that they would intentionally do something to damage the credibility of the game that gets them into office. It is kayfabe (a point that our resident bunny is entirely correct about), but the actors involved must never let on that is the case. Trump's failure to respect this taboo and his frequent "breaking the fourth wall" with his tweets directly to the audience is one of the major reasons that they (both Democrats and Republicans) want him out.

It is a truism that the Democrats would rather lose than allow real socialists on their ticket. Everyone here knows that, even Circe and the dembot king donkey rear .org. What is not discussed as much is that the Republicans also have their own similar red line, which is that they would rather lose than allow a populist candidate to win on their ticket. That is not as strong a proscription as the embargo on socialists, but it is one that the Republicans would have enforced more energetically if they thought there was any chance that Trump could win. Trump's candidacy was only allowed because it was inconceivable that it could succeed.

"What, the Republicans only allowed Trump to be their candidate because they knew he would lose? That doesn't make sense!"

It doesn't make sense to you because you keep forgetting that the rivalry between the parties is kayfabe. Maintaining the illusion of the kayfabe is far more important than winning, and defending the material interests of the elites from the masses is even more important than that. Trump was only allowed to take the kayfabe title belt in 2016 because the establishment was too stunned and paralyzed by the election results to do anything other than that. They were prepared this time, though obviously not prepared enough to not need to do some risky and difficult "curing" of the results after the fact.

I get that many people have a difficult time accepting that the reality we are facing is so very different from the illusion we are fed. I understand that. Things are bad here in American, but certainly not as bad as, for example, the 2012 elections in Mexico where the fraud and stealing of the election was painfully obvious, right? America is not some shithole like that, right? We're better than that, right? We're exceptional, right?

Wrong. Americans are just as easily fooled and cowed as people anywhere else. In fact, Americans' delusion of exceptionality makes Americans even easier to hoodwink. Americans will deny evidence from their own senses to safeguard that delusion of exceptionality.

Doubtless there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people involved in this fraud. Our wonderful poster Circe has already declared that if you do not support and believe lies about Trump then you are a Zionist, racist, homophobic, misogynist pussy-grabbing Nazi. Do you imagine she would suddenly find find her principles if she saw anyone rigging things against Trump? While that is an extreme example it should illustrate that there are plenty of people who would gladly compromise their own integrity to change the election outcome when Trump was ahead.

But that is just one more motivation for turning a blind eye, or in Circe's case if she were in a position to do so to actively perpetuate the fraud. There are people being paid off. There is back room horse trading happening. There are people denying what they see when they stumble across ballots are being altered. There are people thinking their silence is the lesser evil because they think "Trumpists" will explode into crazy violence if they find out what is going on. There are "Never Trump!" Republicans assisting because they think now at last everything will go back to normal for them. There are local election officials who will keep quiet because they don't want to lose their job, or they don't want their county turned into a laughingstock. There are countless reasons for going along with the lie. Americans are used to that anyway (Skripal poisoning? Douma gas attack? WMDs? Deification of George Floyd? WTC Building 7? Murder of Jeffrey Epstein? We could go on with this all day).

There is fraud taking place right now, and it will not be covered by the mass media.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 6 2020 21:36 utc | 144

The point is that we do not know what is going on and we do not know, nor do we have a way of knowing, in fact, really, who was elected. The mess is collosal and not pretty. It's a bigger mess then when Bush stole the election the first time. Then, it was obvious and clear. The absolutely awful Bush, who couldn't stich together a decent, logical sentence, won his second presidency after the hell he unleashed on Iraq and the world. How awful is that! A state in which elections are visibly and openly stolen, and the stolen election recognised as valid, is not a democracy. A state which has a two party system in which both parties represent the rich and the attached special interests is not a democracy. A state in which in order to run for public functions/service you need millions of dollars is not a democracy. And, of course, such a state is a killing machine - it kills people world wide and it kills its own citizens in a great variety of ways. This has been the most uninteresting and grotesque election ever. Nothing will change because the two stand for and offer the same, just with a different but uninteresting, blank face devoid of anything of substance. A pile of lies and deceit in a human body bag. Of course a revolution is needed. But people who vote for the incumbent are those who voted for Bush the second time, the same as people who vote for the despicable European leaders and other similar characters elsewhere, they are not revolutionaries. Right. Neither are those who are referred to as "the left", which does not exist in the US and Europe.Not in any meaningful sense. So we should first adjust our language, so that we can finally start discussing reality and how to change it for the better for everyone, everywhere.

Posted by: JB | Nov 6 2020 21:53 utc | 145

Here’s a nice peace of music to re-energise our spirit and soul ——-

The way forward ! The title says it all.

United we stand devided we fall. We are the many, they are the few. Corbyn quotes Shelly .

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 6 2020 22:01 utc | 146

Why all the people who from the blogs, columns, media ( mass or "alt"..) claimed that Trump will make America great again lied all the way with all their face:

"The US IS NOT de greatest country in the world"

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 6 2020 22:02 utc | 147

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 20:05 utc | 126

Despite the unfounded protestations I've seen here over the past few days, the type of operation with designs to selectively throw away, not deliver, or otherwise void Trump ballots/votes would require a mind boggling degree of coordination and communication and at some point someone would get caught and investigated

I think that is usually correct

This is not in any way an ordinary usual election. There are a lot of deranged people out there that are extremely agitated so it would not be surprising if somebody took it upon themselves to save the world from what ever they think they are saving the world from and they did something to alter the election. And if that did happen they will be caught because this will also be the most scrutinized election.

I'm still thinking trump will win in the end. We have seen this movie so many times before where the left wing media is telling everybody over and over and over that trump is toast and is going to be run out of town and it always turns into a nothing burger. Why would it be different this time?

Posted by: jinn | Nov 6 2020 22:05 utc | 148

William Gruff @144--

Yes, fraud consistently occurs 24/7/365 within the Outlaw US Empire committed by those very interests that own the mass media, which is why they're very seldom reported.

Norwegian @132--

We had our whole slate of what might be termed Progressive initiatives affirmed here in Oregon. Here's the results page from our Secretary of State's website. Do note the high rate of participation at the upper right of the page--81.59% as of @noon today. We have a vote-by-mail system that entered into all elections in 2000, but was in trial use in 1981 then made statewide in 1987 and has consistently delivered high turnout rates. Thanks to registration via our DMV, almost all Oregonians eligible to vote are registered to vote. For more about Oregon and to read an editorial view of voting from 1912, read this article; the editorial is highly instructive in showing the condensation present in those thinking themselves better placed to govern than others.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 22:16 utc | 149

Mark2 #10

So b supports trump that much is Cristal clear ! Why oh why ?
And here’s Trump with a freand ———
b thinks trump should be president of america !! again.

On your first point: I think you jump to conclusions when there is a chance the host is just being aggressively provocative. Regardless, I don't actually care who b is supporting as I come here for the dialogue with the bloggers and often more so than with b on some topics.

On Trumps friend: Many among the USAi elite have been maliciously trapped by the Wexner/Epstein/Maxwell foreign agent team. Les Wexner - not yet arrested for his role - was Epsteins mentor and is chairman of L Brands, which owns retailers including Victoria’s Secret. There are allegations circling of the use of Wexners air services company to import children from eastern europe.

Wexner purchased the New York mansion for $13M and appears to have gifted it to Epstein fully wired for sound and video. The New York mansion is currently valued at over $80M. The New York Times reports the property was formally transferred in 2011 from a trust controlled by Wexner & Epstein to a Virgin Islands-based entity controlled by Epstein.

These three people Wexner/Epstein/Maxwell worked as a team - that is clear from all the photographs and their associations let alone the testimonies and evidence.

The entrapment of the elite is either direct through child prostitution entrapment or by association as more and more images are revealed of the elite set joyfully seeking to be photographed alongside the Wexner/Epstein/Maxwell gliterati. Maxwell managed a stable of photographers and journalists to get their happy snaps in leading New York mags. Take a lesson in all of this from Whitney Webb at Unlimited hangout. So Trump and his over-hyped ego could not possible have resisted the joint photographs but they prove NOTHING other than pathetic gullibility. (If you can bear to analyse it go to Amazing Polly on utoob as she has mapped the journalists and the web of entrapment that Maxwell used to manage them. beware AP is a Qanon mouthpiece so you will suffer some.)

The same goes for a vast tranche of the USA elite -guilty by association! That has them all neatly neutered and controllable ;)

On your last point. I don't see how you arrived at that conclusion. I read b's general position as being that both Trump and Biden are grossly inadequate for the task.

As for later calls to have your post removed: I totally oppose that as your post is provocative and we are all entitled to wrangle with b and challenge his posts if we could be bothered. I come here for information AND mostly discussion among the barflies.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 6 2020 22:22 utc | 150

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Nov 6 2020 14:41 utc | 33 Lot's of new names on the list these last few days, people who are ignoring or don't know that Trump repeatedly urged his voters to vote in person, while many on the winning side used the mail. It's in all the media that the latter group generally will be the last to get counted.


I see a lot of Trump's mama's boys in here whining about the outcome and praying for Trump's Supreme Court to overturn the Biden win. Not going to happen. Even Rush Limbaugh has conceded.

From FiveThirtyEight:

Micah Cohen Nov. 6, 10:47 am
Our friends over at SCOTUSblog, with some firm thoughts on the chances that the Supreme Court would get involved in this election:

For those dreading, or hoping, that a conservative 6-3 Supreme Court with three appointees of Donald Trump will overturn the results of the election and deem him to be re-elected: there is absolutely no chance of that happening, whatsoever. None.
— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) November 6, 2020

Nathaniel Rakich Nov. 6, 12:12 pm
It will be weeks before we know the final popular vote, but one thing is certain: This will be the seventh time in the last eight presidential elections that Democrats have won the popular vote. George W. Bush in 2004 was the only Republican to do so during that span.

Nathaniel Rakich Nov. 6, 2:16 pm
What’s Left To Count

Since it looks like no projection is imminent in the presidential race, we’re going to take another quick break. To tide you over, here’s where things stand in the five crucial states we’re still watching:

Where we’re expecting more data tonight:

Pennsylvania: Biden has overtaken Trump in the state and now leads by 13,371 votes — and most of the remaining 100,000+ ballots should be very good for Democrats, given that they are either mail-in or provisional votes. Of particular note, a cache of about 29,000 mail-in ballots in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) that a court had ordered to be segregated and double-checked will be counted starting at 5 p.m. Eastern.
Nevada: After some updates this morning, Biden expanded his lead here to 20,137 votes. Although about 150,000 late-arriving mail ballots or provisional ballots have yet to be counted, these ballots are expected to lean Democratic. Clark County (home of Las Vegas), where most percent of the outstanding ballots are, will release its next update at 7 p.m. Eastern and should have the bulk of the counting done this weekend.
Arizona: Biden currently leads here by 43,779 votes, but there are somewhere around 220,000 left to count. Trump needs to win about 60 percent of those (or more) to pull into the lead, but he’s been falling short of that so far. We expect to get more results from Maricopa County (where most of the outstanding ballots are) at 9 p.m. Eastern. It’s unclear whether that will be enough to cause the networks to project the state. (Some outlets, such as Fox News, have already projected Arizona for Biden, but most media outlets have not, including our colleagues at ABC News.)

Heading to a recount:

Georgia: Biden currently leads here by a razor-thin margin (1,561 votes) with about 8,200 regular absentee ballots, up to 8,900 overseas ballots and at least 5,500 provisional ballots left to count (plus 2,000 rejected absentee ballots that could be “cured” by their voters). The secretary of state has already said that the race will go to a recount.

No updates until next week:

North Carolina: North Carolina has counted every ballot it had in its possession as of Tuesday, and Trump leads by 76,737 votes among them. However, the state has announced that about 117,000 mail-in ballots and 40,766 provisional ballots are potentially outstanding, although not all of them will count. Mail-in ballots have until Nov. 12 to arrive, and only at that point will more results be released.

RSH Take: It's over. Biden won. Suck it, Trump's mama's boys.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 6 2020 22:31 utc | 151

Most of this evil, the current state of affairs, was made by the media, "alt" and "mass", which sold themselves to the best postor and refused to constitute themselves into the real "Fourth Power" they should...

"There is nothing that´s more important in a democracy than a well-informed electorate"

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 6 2020 22:34 utc | 152

In the very poignant words of the Joker, what this country needs is an enema.

And for those who have taken Trump’s side, including b, there is a very inconvenient thing to their assertion which is called “the evidence”. When MOA and the rest of the supporters of Trump can come back with proof, then we can have a discussion. Otherwise, this particular thread is nothing but instigation and fanning the flames. Never thought MOA would fall into that. But ever since Covid reporting, It is slipping into another so called alt-media path like the Intercept.

And as far as rigging elections, both parties have wrote their own book on that subject and have exported it in many parts of the world. Bush Vs. Gore was prime example. I guess it is payback time.

What is so disappointing that people here and everywhere else in the US have stopped being Americans and have sold out to this farce called the democrats vs. the republicans. People, we are screwed regardless of who wins this election. Shouldn’t we be discussing how to win back this country from the jaws of political circus side show, instead of getting sucked into the theatre that is planned for us every 4 years?

If MOA wants to keep its legitimacy, that is subject it should concentrate on, not perpetuate this disaster called American elections.

Posted by: Alpi | Nov 6 2020 22:37 utc | 153

William Gruff @16

"The PNAC gang (Biden/Harris is their front) will now "shirtfront" Russia and "get in their face".

They will escalate until they succeed at their plans.

Trump's escalations were almost entirely symbolic and meaningless, but the PNACer's escalations will be kinetic.

When Iran is once again forced to retaliate against the empire and missile-strikes some US assets, the PNAC people will escalate and respond with ten times the violence"

The Middle East has changed dramatically with missile, antimissile, and drone tech advances in recent years.

In addition, Iran can now buy missile componentry directly from China (and perhaps indirectly from North Korea). Or missiles themselves. Russia is in a 'strategic alliance' with Iran. That must be borne in mind.

And Russia (in particular) has been relentless in insisting that genuine disputes must be solved diplomatically between the parties involved.

Conditions are right for gradual normalisation of the Gulf area, and restorations of normal trade and restoration of relations. (Russia has certainly greased this track.) Iran hinted that they must accept certain unpalatable realities, and then we saw Saudi etc formal re-establishment of relations.

If we accept that USA armed aggressions (they are not 'wars', as declared by Congress) are primarily economic, designed to sell weapon systems and create conditions for US business enterprise (and businesses of the piglet followers of the big sow)then illegal armed aggressions no longer make sense.

The risk far exceeds any immediate, yet alone long term benefit.

Immediate conditions multiply the unviability - Covid's economic effects, and US business being temporarily slowed down in China due to Mr. Trumps actions. The cost to US consumers of US tariffs paid by US importers of goods sourced from China doesn't help the US cost of living.

The US is printing money as never seen in history - as have many countries. Is this the 'social credit' system? Will it 'work'? The experiment is massive, and there is risk aplenty.

Risk compounded on risk? Is this what American people want from their government, whoever it is? The hell it is!

Forget linking 'kinetic' with Russia. Sure, bluff and posturing from USA, as they are stuck in a echo loop of their own making. And the only decent leader capable of pushing through the echo chamber was carefully excluded from Presidential contention.

Trump is also capable of the breakthrough, although through high risk strategies.

On the face of it, his day is done, he came close to 'getting on with it', but not close enough.

And most critically of all, the recent experience of the US Military - whose analyses I suspect are more sober than most realize - will surely demand advice of caution over rushes of blood to political heads.

Everything is changing.

Some things incrementally, slowly, others quickly.

The pressure, in general, is to peace and trade. But the pressure is built up due to the US policy change 'fault line' sticking. Eventually it will release, and there will be an abrupt move forward.

Posted by: powerandpeople | Nov 6 2020 22:38 utc | 154


Thanks for your reply and subsequent commentary. What's very important about the Russian election report is the confidence most Russians have in their system and the fact that they know they have a stake in that system which is reflected by all those attempting to participate in it. It's that sentiment that fueled the Prairie Populists during the last two decades of the 19th century and rekindled that spirit during the 1930s.

I was searching for some info to share about a Boogaloo song (Afro-Cuban Jazz) from the mid-1960s, “I’ll Never Go Back to Georgia” by Joe Cuba and came across this article from post-election 2016 about the state of asylum interviews:

"The average length of time for the individual merits hearing in Boston is 730 days, two years. The Board of Immigration Appeal (BIA) also has a backlog process. Depending upon the venue for an asylum case, the case could be in the judicial process for 4-6 years."

Such was the deterioration during Obama/Biden which became much worse under Trump. This illustrates just one very small component of federal government operations that was emasculated by Obama/Biden prior to Trump exacerbating the situation. The point being Biden cannot be counted upon whatsoever to ease the problems Trump supposedly caused because he wasn't the genuine cause of them. For the last 75 years, the hallmark of the USA's national government is Bad Governance that's snowballed as the refusal to practice Good Governance continues.

Oh, click here to listen to that tune.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 22:44 utc | 155

I do not believe for a moment there is more fraud in this election than in the previous one..The system is rigged since way more time before.

But, do not the Trumpsters keep that he did not think he was going to win, and then, all of a sudden, he won?
Why there could not be massive fraud then?

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 6 2020 22:47 utc | 156

Uncle tungsten @ 149
Thanks for that well considered comment, I respect all of those / your views, they are genuine.
I take your point regards b, you may be correct, but the dogs were certainly let out. We witnessed the distruction of the Labour Party, OffGardian, Gardian and many other platforms by letting the wrong people have a platform.
Don’t expect the violent haters to play fare.
They don’t so I don’t!
The right take fareness as a sign of weakness.

I feel ‘the right’ commenters on this blog have cynically exploited b’s evenhandedness.
Basicly a take over bid by the right.
The question is —— is it with b’s blessing ?
I speak as I find.
Respect to you as allways.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 6 2020 22:51 utc | 157

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 20:05 utc | 126 and your subsequent post

Correct. There is *zero* evidence that there has been *any* fraud in this election (so far.)

It was repeatedly predicted that the Democrats would vote by mail and the Republicans in person. And that has been proven overwhelmingly by vote counts in every state. All the "another bag of ballots has been found" is bullshit. The vote counters count differently in each state. Most count the in-person first, and the mail-ins second. Since the mail-ins were expected to be mostly Democratic, that's why we saw "red shifts" early and then "blue shifts" when the mail-in ballots began to be counted.

Biden took Pennsylvania - a mostly Democratic state - because of those facts. And despite the fact that there are a couple hundred thousand votes still be to be counted there, he will continue his lead because most of them come from heavily Democratic-leaning counties.

All this "stolen election" talk is at best premature - and most likely the whining of Trump's mama's boys who can't handle the fact that their Savior is despised by almost everyone except these morons.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 6 2020 23:01 utc | 158

"But hey, they found another bag of 'mailed in' ballots."

b should stop posting about US politics. I am an avid follower of this blog, but I can objectively say that he does not know much about US politics, and statements like above damage the credibility of this site.

Posted by: Schmoe | Nov 6 2020 23:04 utc | 159

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 6 2020 21:36 utc | 144

You're absolutely right. My bad, I apologize. I went back and re-read your comment again (as I mentioned in my first post I read it earlier in the day, not immediately before posting), and you absolutely did not say what I said you did. Again, my apologies.
This will be my last post on the matter unless something really insane and unexpected happens so I’m going to be a little long winded. Read at your own discretion and I regret the amount of thread space this will probably take.

I share your jaded outlook, whether it comes through in my comments or not. But I disagree that actual voter fraud is happening with the mail-in ballots, and I disagree that Trump and his supporters, a lot of which intersect, Venn diagram style, with the online influencers/content-producers/conspiracy baiters that are so popular now, won't be raising hell for 4 years, and that a significant number of down-ballot Republicans will be joining in with the newly accepted reality that he was cheated. Just like the Democrats did with Russiagate as an excuse for why Hillary lost. I said so in my comment, but I'll repeat it here: Trump may not have the same type of megaphone that the establishment corporate Democrats had to trumpet Russiagate non-stop for 3.5 years, but he DOES have a megaphone to do so. The interesting thing to observe will be whether and how much the social media platforms try to de-platform or censor him and his supporters who will inevitably be screaming foul for 4 years if Biden wins. The corporate MSM can't afford to lose the Trump derived revenue, so they won't be silent about the fraud claims, or at least not as silent as you're saying they will be.

In case it isn’t readily apparent, I’m not a supporter of Democrats, especially at the national level in the USA, and I know that the party is corrupted and captured from the inside out. The establishment arm of the Republican party is no different. I get that Trump was and is still an outsider to the establishment and that nobody thought he was going to actually win the first time. My commentary here when it comes to Trump and his followers derives from my personal experiences and interactions with Trump supporters and what I read online in places like this, but also many others.

While I agree that there are 10s of thousands of people on Circe's end of the spectrum with respect to Trump, I disagree that there are 10s of thousands or even hundreds of people at election commissions that would be willing to sacrifice their own integrity to manufacture a Biden victory. I mean, come on. It's a close election. Most sane people (sorry Jackrabbit) predicted that. VERY close just like it was in 2016. Most of us predicted Trump would lose the popular vote again because that's the reality on the ground – Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters in most presidential elections. If you have some actual evidence of votes being altered, dumped or otherwise tampered with, could you please provide it? Because nothing I've seen so far speaks to any of that nor does what I have seen stand up to close scrutiny without a full explanation of what is alleged and the other side of the story.

Nope. But if you want to argue that there's more systemic fraud going on - I agree with that. For the past 4 years the American public has been subjected to a campaign of vote rigging and electioneering by the mainstream media. Until COVID surfaced (and Trump legitimately handled it badly), 90% of the negative coverage he was given was based on fraudulent assertions and wild conspiratorial tales spun by the Intelligence Community and their acolytes in the captured news media. It was amplified by celebrities and social media stars - all designed to run him out of office. But until I see otherwise, the vote wasn't any more fraudulently counted than it ever is, and the mail-in ballots were always going to take much longer to process than normal. When elections are stolen in the USA it's done behind the scenes like Diebold did for Bush in 2004 or at the state and federal court levels like it was for Bush in 2000 (probably also voting machine fraud then too).
You're way out on a limb on this one and it's a logical fallacy to conclude that because many lies have indeed been told, sold and accepted, that everything ever stated regarding Donald Trump is also a flat lie. I think you're also lumping a bunch of things that are unrelated into your analysis.

For example, the 'deification of George Floyd' is a strange way to put it. The media certainly didn't deify him unless you think that showing video of his murder and covering the protests that (admittedly they helped along to some degree) constitutes deification. It wasn't any different than what has happened in dozens of similar cases, except for the scope and scale. Or do you say that because his name was used to much by protestors in so many different places? I just don't know why you'd lump that one in there with the other obvious LIES. Nobody ever said he was a saint, but saying that the cops shouldn't be judge, jury and executioner isn't deifying him nor is it a lie. When I see a guy get killed like that, I don't give a shit if he might have allegedly beat his wife in the past or sold some illegal cigarettes because the incident speaks for itself and happens to be just one example of many others that for a long time went unknown because not everybody had a portable HD video camera on them. That's another logical fallacy - excusing or minimizing a crime committed against a person because he himself has previously committed crimes. Perhaps your angle is that the media artificially amplified the George Floyd killing so as to induce unrest and riots in cities and that it would somehow affect Trump’s chances of re-election. If anything, I think it increased them.

I might be more inclined to accept your logic if your complaint was something along the lines of "the cops kill white people like that too, all the time and nobody "burns cities." But that has nothing to do with George Floyd the person. That's why I think you're allowing some sort of prejudice to make the whole forest evil because one tree wasn't innocent enough to warrant all the sympathy it got after something horrible was done to it. I'm way down a rabbit hole here and way off-topic, but maybe when you have time if you could tell me if you'd support mass protests and massive media attention for a person killed by the cops who happened to be white and had no criminal record.
I get that the corporate media is corrupt, completely infiltrated by high level Democrat operatives, neocons and "intelligence" community assets and that they largely decide what people in the USA believe, talk about or protest over.
I also agree with this 100%. I've long known that.

It is a truism that the Democrats would rather lose than allow real socialists on their ticket. Everyone here knows that, even Circe and the dembot king donkey rear .org. What is not discussed as much is that the Republicans also have their own similar red line, which is that they would rather lose than allow a populist candidate to win on their ticket. That is not as strong a proscription as the embargo on socialists, but it is one that the Republicans would have enforced more energetically if they thought there was any chance that Trump could win. Trump's candidacy was only allowed because it was inconceivable that it could succeed.

But I have issues with this:

It doesn't make sense to you because you keep forgetting that the rivalry between the parties is kayfabe. Maintaining the illusion of the kayfabe is far more important than winning, and defending the material interests of the elites from the masses is even more important than that. Trump was only allowed to take the kayfabe title belt in 2016 because the establishment was too stunned and paralyzed by the election results to do anything other than that. They were prepared this time, though obviously not prepared enough to not need to do some risky and difficult "curing" of the results after the fact.

Because, while of course the premise is true, you're using it to support an utterly insane conspiracy theory that somehow, without anyone's knowledge and no discussion of it here, all of the named parties successfully colluded to implement a plan that allows them to steal the vote from right under everyone's noses, including actions that if true (haven't seen any that are so far) would constitute blatant, in your face theft of votes or ballot box stuffing that all goes against Trump. On the one hand you give them way too much credit for competence, but on the other you say that the (so far untrue) blatant thievery in front of cameras and observers - including Trump supporters that AREN'T sounding the alarm - is pure incompetence that they didn't quite plan for or various election data firms mistakenly publishing real information only to be replaced by phony information after people started talking about it. Based on everything I've seen, and until credible proof otherwise comes out, that's not at all what appears to be happening. We all knew that ballots were going to take longer to count and that the USPS is in disarray. Period. We also all knew that Trump and his supporters were going to cry foul if the election started looking like it wasn’t turning out his way. I mean, really. 2016 was super close too and this time we had COVID, so it’s ridiculous to assume that the election was going to go smoothly or that accurate information was always going to be available in the immediate fashion that the 24/7 horse race coverage we’ve come to expect in elections would dictate. Also, social media – any real time mistake is pounced on and amplified before there is ever even the chance for an explanation to emerge. To put it bluntly, Trump and his supporters were always going to take any perceived anomalies in election coverage or social media posts (like the where some guy is up above votes being handled but never zooms in so we can see what’s really happening) and use them to claim fraud was happening. It was never in doubt. Ever. Come on, they as well as everyone else knew that there would be apparent anomalies, mistakes, and other easy to opportunize events that would be used to paint a picture of theft. How did they know? Because it happens EVERY ELECTION and this one was even more haphazard.

At the end of it all, I think you’re seeing the whole Trump phenomenon from your own sort of echo chamber or bubble and that you’ve accepted certain, sometimes dubious, premises as gospel. I don’t think you’re a Trump supporter and I know you’re under no illusions that the establishment Democrats are not very different from the establishment Republicans. But everything Trump did in office, aside from his policies on the wall and immigration enforcement and perhaps the trade war with China – was textbook Republican policy and Federalist Society wet dreams. Not even Republicans pretend to care about the deficit or sound fiscal policy anymore, and both parties are fully on board with a bloated military budget – Trump was too. He hired John Bolton (and fired him) and Elliot Abrams (enthusiastically keeps him around) and put Pimpeous in charge of the State dept. As far as I know warrantless (or extra-legal) FBI and NSA spying on Americans and CIA regime change operations continue apace.

But the one thing he did do that actually pissed me off over here in Europe enough to want to rub it in if he loses to my friends and family was charge and attempt to extradite Julian Assange. What kind of populist worries himself with that? And it’s not like he wasn’t fully in favor of it. Even if it was some deep state cabal that got William Barr’s DOJ to cook up the bullshit computer fraud charges to add to the espionage shit, why didn’t previous administration that actually WANTED to silence Wikileaks take those steps? I guess that’s not everything. I’m just sick of TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP all the time; so maybe the MSM succeeded in its aims to poison his presidency, even to people with no direct skin in the game like me. Or maybe Trump just knows how to maintain constant publicity coverage, good or bad, and plays them like a fiddle. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sick to death of the absurd conspiracy mongering that his supporters engage in, and which he encourages. You either believe that COVID is real or it isn’t. You either believe that there is a globe-spanning Democrat-only satanic child sex trafficking ring or you don’t.

I fully believe that if he ends up winning re-election, there will be a real shooting war, and perhaps invasion of the outlying areas in Iran. I don’t think a Biden presidency would do that, but of course they’d be fucking around with other countries and carrying out color revolutions.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 23:07 utc | 160

The whole deal, politics, is an exercise in futility. Asking for our acquiescence for putting people in charge of us is basically inhumane. I want no part of it.
Edward Abbey, the park ranger cum anarchist, had some thoughts on it:

>No man is wise enough to be another man's master. Each man's as good as the next -- if not a damn sight better.
>I know my own nation best. That's why I despise it the most. And I know and love my own people, too, the swine. I'm a patriot. A dangerous man.
>A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
>The tragedy of modern war is not so much that the young men die but that they die fighting each other--instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals.
>What's the difference between a whore and a congressman? A congressman makes more money.
>Democracy--rule by the people--sounds like a fine thing; we should try it sometime in America. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 6 2020 23:16 utc | 161

Trump, the Zionist favorite:

Israeli Gov't Minister Mulls Prospects of War With Iran If Biden Wins, Media Says

Trump as an Anti-Zionist is one of the greatest myths ever created by the alt-right. Netanyahu is literally in love with Trump.

Posted by: vk | Nov 6 2020 23:18 utc | 162

It didn't take long for the rightists within the D-Party to accuse its progressive faction of causing members of the former to lose on Tuesday. The empirical evidence backs the arguments forwarded by the Progressives. The longstanding false argument--We've gotta be more like Republicans to beat them--continues to be repeated by Pelosi and others because they're paid to promote that tripe. FOX News Voter Analysis of 4 major Progressive issues provide a strong case-in-point, particularly for a national healthcare plan with 72% in favor. The mid-term election is going to be eventful as even more Progressives will enter the field and run on issues their constituents deem important instead of the same old crap dealt out by R-Party people wearing D-Party pins.

Does continuing to challenge via electoral politics mean no pursuit of revolutionary change? Not in my opinion as the clear political divide must be mended; and as the healthcare issue shows, there's more convergence than many assume.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 6 2020 23:22 utc | 163

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 6 2020 22:47 utc | 155

I do not believe for a moment there is more fraud in this election than in the previous one..The system is rigged since way more time before.

The irony is that mail in ballots all have a paper trail while in many places in the US there is no paper trail and it all comes down to -> do you really trust those voting machines?

But there is room for some fraud in this new way of doing things.
For instance a postal carrier could "accidentally" lose any ballots sent to or from a mail box that has a yard sign that they don't like. This is made worse by the fact that mail delivery is now a low paying job. That and other things have made the reliability of the mail the worst it has ever been right when it was needed the most.

Posted by: jinn | Nov 6 2020 23:28 utc | 164

William Gruff,

Sorry I forgot to address something in your reply. Please elaborate on your fourth wall calculus. Yeah, Trump breaks the fourth wall to address his followers directly and I'm sure that is annoying to the establishment elite and the media. But other than Tweets of his innocence and declaring the Russiagate and Ukrainegate manufactured controversies to be witch hunts (and doing so correctly), what did Trump ever Tweet of any substantial importance of substance itself regarding actual ways in which he was exposing the swamp and/or doing anything to change the system that every Republican would do (again, save China)? What exactly was the MESSAGE coming through the broken fourth wall that you think was so distasteful or unacceptable to fixtures of the establishment and/or the corporatocracy and/or the MIC? Because, from here, his Tweeting was mostly meaningless drivel designed to either rile up his followers by taking digs at various soft targets and low hanging fruit - all of it completely tame and harmless to any of the entrenched forces that you think his populist caricature threatened so much.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 23:30 utc | 165

William Gruff,

Could you please elaborate on your fourth wall theory? Yes, Trump went direct to his followers saying things that the MSM would have censored or ignored, but other than his (correct) claims of innocence in the two witch hunts he was subjected to, did anything he ever Tweeted constitute a substantial and qualifiable threat to the establishment elite that you apparently think his populist caricature endangered?

Genuinely curious to hear more on that.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 23:32 utc | 166

I was about to post the following response to Bemildred’s comment [copied below] from the previous “…Just draw Straws” thread but decided to transfer it here as the topic remains the same.

Well I certainly agree the "Deep State" is happy to have Biden in. But I don't think that is why Biden won. Biden won because he was a lot less hated than Trump, who in turn, was less hated than Hillary. Obama was less hated than Bush, another high turnout. Lots of people were done with the Republicans after Iraq. In 2016 Trump had the advantage of not being well known. He is very well known now. Trump is polarizing, as they say, people love him or hate him. Trump drove them both, one side to keep him, one side to get rid of him. In ordinary elections here turnout tends to stink.

-Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 6 2020 12:10 utc | 268 [in response to Smith comment 264]

Re: “…But I don't think that is why Biden won. Biden won because he was a lot less hated than Trump,…”

I have been reading Bemildred’s comments on MoA for quite some time, and often nodded in agreement with them in the past. I also suppose this person is likely smarter, more perceptive, [and probably younger] than me.

But it is hard to imagine *how or why* Bemildred would seem ignore the obvious reality of what is going on now. The plain facts are this is a massively organized, bald-faced effort steal a presidential election while simultaneously attempting to gaslight, thru the media, the public from seeing what is happening right before their eyes. This effort is not fooling most Trump supporters, and I don’t believe it will succeed.

First of all, Biden has not “won”, and won’t, unless/until Trump concedes-- or gets JFK’d [or rather more likely, these days; ‘brain-cancered’ (ie poisoned/incapacitated by some ‘plausibly deniable’ means)].

The collective efforts of an array of interests (the well-entrenched, many-tentacled US deep state [writ large] power base, with its nearly total media saturation/message control thru the ‘Beyond Mockingbird’ silicone valley social media/traditional media monopolies, corrupt/compromised elected dems and repugs and their respective party infrastructures, and probably some extra-national players vested in the outcome), are being applied right now to attempt to drag across the finish line the ‘Dead Man Walking’ candidate Biden, pumped up with nootropics, and propped up by ever-present handlers during the campaign. Many agree Biden functions merely as a placeholding marionette, soon to be replaced, should their election theft coup succeed.

Furthermore, ‘…he [Biden] was *not* a lot less hated than Trump’. I believe most honest observers would acknowledge, at least privately, that the vast ‘MiniTruth’ electronic social/traditional media propaganda/censorship complex has been weaponized since 2016 to engage in a transparently biased and unrelenting effort to smear and demonize Trump, while it is simultaneously engaging during the recent period of the 2020 election in nearly total suppression, distortion and even outright banning of open honest reporting of news, negative facts or public free speech unfavorable to Biden or negative to his campaign.

I believe I replied to one of Bemildred’s previous post-Nov 3 comments, by pointing out that the deep state/DNC/never-Trumper coalition has been trying continuously, “six ways from Sunday”, to destroy Trump since the lead-up to 2016 election, but he’s been beating them down, and learning from the experience, on how to plan a defense for their likely actions in the 2020 race.

Trump saw the perennial election stealing tactics of the DNC in primaries, in Florida (remember Brenda Snipes/Broward Co. 2018?) Detroit 2018, Philly (forever), as well other dem-controlled states (WI, Mn etc) in play in 2020.

And he recognized the corrupt behavior pattern of Brian Kemp(R) Gov, and tangled with Kemp over Kemp’s appointment of who appointed Kelly ‘no-political-resume’ Loeffler (shiksa trophy wife of NY Stock Exchange chief Jeffrey Sprecher) to Isakson’s vacated senate seat, ingnoring over Trumps recommendation of the experienced and effective Rep Doug Collins (R-Ga) to fill it).

Kemp was also the previous shady SoS (head of elections) for Georgia. In short and Trump had his number as a self-serving RINO going into the 2020 prez voting.

I have little doubt Trump anticipated the massive dirty vote counting and fraud that are coming to pass now in these States and has taken measures in advance to nail them cold with hard evidence on election fraud.

I noticed how smooth, confident and direct he was during his ~17 min WH press room address yesterday (Nov 5).

I do not think it is only because he is a good poker bluffer. I suspect feels he is holding a strong hand to play and likes his odds of winning this fight.

Posted by: gm | Nov 6 2020 23:32 utc | 167

b: please delete urls that make your blog unreadable!!!!

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 6 2020 23:37 utc | 168

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 6 2020 22:22 utc | 149

You f**ked up this page with your stupid link!

Learn to use html tags!

Posted by: Circe | Nov 6 2020 23:38 utc | 169

i recommend people use the preview option when posting.. that way you can see if you have posted something to screw up the thread! however people that do this are usually in a hurry and don't use the preview feature... i have been trying to use the preview feature more regularly...

Posted by: james | Nov 6 2020 23:46 utc | 170

powerandpeople @153

I was not referring to what the logical and reasonable thing for America to do would be. I was talking about what deluded people whose understanding of geopolitics is borderline Hollywood intend to do.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 7 2020 0:05 utc | 171


"The pressure, in general, is to peace and trade. But the pressure is built up due to the US policy change 'fault line' sticking. Eventually it will release, and there will be an abrupt move forward."

That is the best optimistic plausible scenario I have seen.
Sure would be nice if you are correct.

Posted by: arby | Nov 7 2020 0:10 utc | 172

To all those who posted on this page, my apologies.
Uncle Tungsten has repeated the flawed link from the first page.
I join Circe in her frustration.

Best wishes to everyone.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 7 2020 0:10 utc | 173

The Republican MacAvoy dates thecspark of the current state of affairs in the surge of the Tea Party, when the platform consisting on " spread hate on Americans" came into life...

It was not Bannon who hijacked the Tea Party for his purposes?
As MacAvoy unveils, this was a neoliberal offensive which started then, disguised as Republican, to renew the rate of profit of the richest, by unleashing a war on the poor.

Why are Bannon, Alex Jones, and Trump Jr. calling for violence in the streets?
Because, otherwise, if sane people would take over the country, they, and their whole gang of donors and dons, could easily end in jail, where they really belong....

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 7 2020 0:12 utc | 174

_K_C_ @164L "Trump went direct to his followers saying things that the MSM would have censored or ignored, but other than his (correct) claims of innocence in the two witch hunts he was subjected to, did anything he ever Tweeted constitute a substantial and qualifiable threat to the establishment elite..."

LMAO! Your question contains the answer! Why would there need to be anything other than Trump undermining the witch hunts? Those were political thermonukes lobbed at the mass media. That will reverberate for a generation at least and the corporate mass media won't heal their wounds from that for decades. Every time Trump said "Fake news!" was a knife right in capitalism's heart, though I doubt Trump was ever bright enough to figure out that's the effect his words were having.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 7 2020 0:14 utc | 175

Circe @ 167
Sorry ! about messed up thread on last page.
Ps ——- I love it when you talk dirty.
Congratulations on your win by the way !!
James @ 168
My messing up the thread on the previous page was not intentional
First time I’v done it, as you say, in a hurry and lapsed, thought I’d be safe.
Have a good night.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 7 2020 0:15 utc | 176

"This is very clear in the county-based electoral maps. Trump-supporting counties that are vast, under populated and economically backward, surround cities and counties that support the Democratic Party, while Democrat-dominated counties and cities use their economic and population advantages to lead the political pattern in some states. The contradictions between elites and ordinary people will not end with the election." "

This is a very important point. It sprang out at me as soon as I looked at the the maps provided by I think AP, down to the county level. Even in blue states such as Mass., cities are surrounded by vast areas of pink and red. Check out new England. The states are officially "blue" but all consist of small urban areas surrounded by red. The same goes for all the "blue states," never mind the actually "red" states. Obviouls the blue urban areas cannot survive without the red areas that surround them. If only for water and clean(ish) air. Check out the map yourself---look at the county level of each state, esp. blue states:

Posted by: Jane | Nov 7 2020 0:21 utc | 177

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 6 2020 23:07 utc | 159

Agree with pretty much everything you've said.

The only part where I must quibble is your last sentence re Iran. Biden may have said he wants to rejoin the JCPOA, but I believe his intent is to "fake it" by demanding Iran agree to further conditions on their missile program and the like. Iran is going to tell him to go pound sand. Then we're back to where we were under Obama and Trump.

Remember, Joe once said "I'm a Zionist". Anyone who thinks he's going against Israel is delusional.

Read Biden's own take on Iran: Joe Biden: There's a smarter way to be tough on Iran

And on top of that, Biden's foreign policy crew is the same group of anti-Iran warmongers that have always caused problems. As this article states, "It is difficult to escape the impression that a Biden administration might constitute a restoration of neoconservatism in liberal hawk garb."

So I'm not so sure Biden is going to really do anything to resolve the Iran issue, except perhaps temporarily just to make him look like a "peace President" - sort of the way Obama made one speech reaching out to Iran early in his administration, only to then spend several years demonizing Iran until finally getting the JCPOA just for his legacy - knowing that the next President, whether Clinton or Trump, would tear it up.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 0:23 utc | 178

@ Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 6 2020 22:22 utc | 149

I interpreted the request for the removal of said post as being due to it having destroyed the readability of the page. I could be wrong with interpretation.
And now you re-post it, reiterating the frustration for readers. Very funny.

I often work/walk in circles, and work/walk backwards half as much as walking forward, speaking of groundskeeping, but experiencing it here ices the cake.

Posted by: suzan | Nov 7 2020 0:30 utc | 179

"since it now looks certain that the Democrats stole this election"
Posted by: Kadath | Nov 6 2020 12:40 utc | 12

Zero evidence, other than your demented propagandized brain fantasizing.
Interesting how pathetic GOP scum whine about fantasies of Amurican election being "stolen", while they endorse Juan Guido and the multiple elections the US Govt has stolen, color revolutioned, and blatantly overthrown legitimate leaders of democratically elected govts worldwide for decades.

b, didn't trumP endorse Juan Guido as the legitimate president? And you actually support trumP? WTF?

Eat shit Kadath. Your MAGA Kneepads are getting very worn.

Posted by: CitizenX | Nov 7 2020 0:38 utc | 180

Posted by: gm | Nov 6 2020 23:32 utc | 165 First of all, Biden has not “won”, and won’t, unless/until Trump concedes-- or gets JFK’d [or rather more likely, these days; ‘brain-cancered’ (ie poisoned/incapacitated by some ‘plausibly deniable’ means)].

This is just ignorant nonsense. The election is won by the Electoral College. Whether Trump "concedes" or not is utterly irrelevant.

"I noticed how smooth, confident and direct he was during his ~17 min WH press room address yesterday (Nov 5)."

Oh, please. Why not kiss Trump's ass some more, mama's boy?

I guess we here at MoA are going to be stuck listening to this crap for the next four years.

Repeat: There is ZERO evidence of election fraud so far in this election. ZERO. Read my lips. ZERO. Until you have actual county results - from multiple counties in the swing states - which demonstrate invalid ballots being counted, or valid ballots being improperly tossed out, or ballots from non-existent persons, or ballot from persons who did not vote the way they were expected to or have said they would - *and* that those fraudulent ballots are *greater* than the ballots posted properly for each candidate - you are full of shit to claim a "stolen election."

Period. End of story.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 0:44 utc | 181

karlof1 #162

It didn't take long for the rightists within the D-Party to accuse its progressive faction of causing members of the former to lose on Tuesday.

Thanks heaps for ALL your posts here. There is one thing that is ingrained and permanent in the USAi rightist mindset (and that definition includes the Demonazis and Repugnants) and that is: SMASH SOCIALISM and its advocates. They will never miss an opportunity and you can bet they have warehouses of hot desk cheap labor working non stop in social media and mainstream media to that end. The trollshops etc.

Joe Hill and the copper mines comes to mind.

The hatred, dread, fear and loathing of leftism by the elite is so extreme that I doubt Hunter S Thompson could have imagined the extreme of it all. He did well in describing it though as I recall.

I REALLY appreciate your research and will be taking some time to chores, read and assess and maybe scratch a word or two on the slate. So see you later:)

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 0:46 utc | 182

suzan #177

My repost blooper :{{

HUMBLE APOLOGIES all. I did not think it would repost as a link. My shout at the bar.
I am going back to the orchard and avoid more posts. Talk to my fruit trees and butterflies etc etc.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 0:49 utc | 183

From FiveThirtyEight:

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux Nov. 6, 6:04 pm
What’s Up With Pennsylvania Republicans’ Latest Supreme Court Move

When is a lawsuit just a very expensive press release? Republicans have spent the past few days questioning the legality of the presidential election — even though, as I’ve mentioned several times on this live blog, the Trump campaign hasn’t yet produced actual evidence of wrongdoing, or proof that “illegal” ballots are being included in the count.

The latest notable legal maneuver came this afternoon, when Pennsylvania Republicans asked the Supreme Court to order Pennsylvania counties to segregate ballots that arrive after Election Day and refrain from counting them until the legal questions surrounding the deadline have been resolved.

Upon reading that, those of you who have followed the election litigation closely might have a bit of déjà vu. Pennsylvania’s secretary of state has already directed county election officials to set aside the late-arriving ballots (which are still valid under a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling) to be counted later. (This batch of ballots does not appear to be very large.) In their emergency application to the Supreme Court, Pennsylvania Republicans expressed concern that some counties might not be following the secretary of state’s orders because they hadn’t confirmed that they were adhering to the procedure, but didn’t offer any evidence that the guidance was actually being flouted.

This is just the latest in a stream of legal actions from the Trump campaign and Republicans that allege election misconduct without providing concrete proof that something illegal has happened. In a statement earlier today, Trump declared that “illegal ballots should not be counted.” But there’s no evidence that’s actually happening. The legal arguments that have been made in that direction either haven’t been convincing to judges, or — like this one — seem highly unlikely to affect the election in ways that could change the outcome. And so far, the litigation hasn’t stopped or even meaningfully slowed the vote count in key states — much less called the totals into question.

Maya Sweedler Nov. 6, 7:27 pm
Nevada Update
A federal judge in Nevada has just denied an emergency request from state Republicans seeking to stop the use of signature-verification machines. The decision came in response to a lawsuit filed yesterday by GOP groups, who sought to prevent the use of such machines in the Clark County ballot-counting process. (If this lawsuit is ringing any bells, it’s because a similar lawsuit requesting a halt to the processing of mail-in ballots was filed — and rejected — in a state court earlier this week. A request for an emergency stay was also rejected by the state Supreme Court.) In today’s hearing, Clark County’s lawyer said the county— which includes Las Vegas — had about 63,000 mail-in ballots that still needed to be processed before they could be counted. Though Nevada is apparently done counting ballots today, there are still around 120,000 total ballots that remain unreported in the state, where Biden currently leads by 22,657 votes.

Nathaniel Rakich Nov. 6, 6:49 pm
Pennsylvania just released 2,292 more votes from Philadelphia County and 1,043 more from Northampton County. Biden did very well in each of them (he got 82 percent of the Philadelphia votes and 71 percent of the Northampton votes), extending his statewide lead even further, as he’s done all day. When we woke up this morning, Trump was leading in Pennsylvania. Now, Biden has a 17,012-vote lead.

Aaron Bycoffe Nov. 6, 6:51 pm
Biden’s lead in Nevada has doubled since this morning, and he now stands about 22,600 votes ahead of Trump, with an estimated 123,000 ballots remaining to be reported. Trump would need to win 59.2 percent of those remaining votes to win, an already high hurdle made more difficult by a recent batch of 8,700 votes from from Clark County (home of Las Vegas), which went nearly 2 to 1 to Biden. The counties that haven’t reported additional votes today are, in the aggregate, more favorable to Trump, so he could potentially make up some of that difference, but it’s getting harder to see how he closes the gap significantly.

RSH Take: It's OVER, Trump's mama's boys. I'm celebrating by breaking my diet and eating eight large Pepperidge Farm Montauk soft-baked chocolate chip cookies!

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 0:53 utc | 184

"The natural order of things"...and in the end featuring "The Great Reset"...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Nov 7 2020 0:56 utc | 185

@ Mark2 | Nov 7 2020 0:15 utc | 175.. it was just speaking generally.. all good... it must be late in the uk!

Posted by: james | Nov 7 2020 1:13 utc | 186

“If interest rates go up very rapidly, (Canada) will be cornered,” Chrétien cautioned.

Words of wisdom. ... ... Taken from this interview with former Canadian PM, Jean Chrétien. Notably, he mentions (casually) that Canada is predictable and stable, and if an average European citizen is asked where he/she/they might move to if he/she/they had to choose somewhere outside Europe, he/she/they frequently selects Canada. Imagine (the implications of) that.

He was PM during 9/11.

Posted by: Quasi retired anonym | Nov 7 2020 1:14 utc | 187

Re: CitzenX #178,

the evidence is growing and you can watch the recent Ron Paul Liberty report where Daniel McAdam (an actual elections observer)listed off a huge list of red flags. In case your too busy to watch I will provide a brief list
1. Every state that has had a delay has seen Biden has overtaken trump AFTER the delays were announced - Red flag
2. Florida counted 10.5M votes in less than 24 hours, Georgia couldn't count 4.8M in 48 hours, why? - Red Flag
3. In PA, the courts have barred all accredited observers from observing the vote - Red Flag
4. In Detroit, the ballot counting centers barred windows and expelled observers, why? - Red Flag
5. David Lim (Obama's former speech writer) sent a tweet out on Nov 4 (AFTER the election) asking for volunteers in Georgia to help people fix their mail in ballots so that they count, why? - Red Flag
6. Participation in one PA county reached 90% turn out, beating the prior record that had stood for more than 100 years and almost 30% higher than the last election in 2016. Other PA counties saw voter numbers exceed 100% of registered voters compared to the last election, even accounting for same day registration this is statistically improbable- Red Flag

If you put in the effort to investigate this issue with an open mind you will find more evidence of suspicious activity during this election.

On a unrelated note, I have been a commenter on this website for several years and I have never insulted a fellow commenter as you have done. this website supports the free exchange of views, information and dialogue, not crass and churlish name-calling. Vulgar and unprofessional conduct does a disservice to this website, your fellow commenters and yourself.

Posted by: Kadath | Nov 7 2020 1:18 utc | 188

I won't be celebrating as another face of the System "wins".

But this should make things easier, there's nothing more worth supporting in the US, the System is back.

Posted by: Smith | Nov 7 2020 1:24 utc | 189

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 0:53 utc | 182

IOW, they will continue to issue legal "publicity" and delay-inducing challenges until actual evidence of fraud can be found or forced recounts reverse the tables, which they almost never do. I still don't rule out one of the circuit courts or SCOTUS itself invalidating some votes or stopping recounts in states where Trump already was given a tight victory, but that would require Biden's camp to file similar suits and I haven't seen anything about them doing so....yet. I mean, if Trump ends up getting Wisconsin in a recount, wouldn't it make sense for Biden's team to be readying recount demands in some of the other states that were too close to call but went to Trump?

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 7 2020 1:27 utc | 190

Thank you uncle tungsten, for quoting Mark2’s quote that messed up page 1, messing up page 2.

Posted by: Featherless | Nov 7 2020 1:45 utc | 191

Stolen or not stolen, no evidence or evidence. No matter what happens, Trump lost.

This organization has been filing many clean the voter rolls lawsuits. This law passed with motor voter in 1992 as a compromise between the parties at war....

Armstrong economics has a few videos posted that imply some fraud...

Another one on the voting dead he posted...

I found this on Blacklisted news. It appears to be a new pop up website but you can download the list on pastebin and check it in the Secretary of states website...

Michigan did acknowledge this report here. They are saying the dead people voted but the system rejected the votes.

The MSM propaganda in on par with the weapons of mass destruction propaganda that led us into war. I have friends that received two ballots. The system is badly broken but that is self evident across the board.

I apologize for offending anyone. My views may have hardened a bit much over the years but I worked inside the system and was offered a job to campaign for Obama in the swing states for the 2008 election. It was a job I did not apply for but one I was offered based on past work. I turned it down becasue I wanted to stay close to my children.

I do have some experience in these affairs.

One last allegation...

Posted by: circumspect | Nov 7 2020 1:46 utc | 192

uncle tungsten @180--

Thanks for your reply! Marx saw Capitalism as dynamic because it would make owners out of the workers thus uniting all classes in a dictatorship of the proletariat--One Party/One Class consisting of ALL people--which he deemed Socialism. That's why Hudson still favors Industrial Capitalism as it can still make workers into owners. It's that Devil, Financial Capitalism, that's regressive as it's akin to Feudalism, where there are only asset holders and debt peons, and the latter can never ascend to become the former. All Regressives in government are asset holders, which is why they behave the way they do. What remains are a few handfuls of Progressives and asset holders with morals. The primary problem is about half the populous was indoctrinated to believing the crap forwarded by the Regressives while the other half still retains its moral compass. There are some other important distinctions too, like those in rural regions who make their living exploiting Nature and don't want their hands tied--as you can see, they also qualify as asset holders of a different sort.

There remain those who cannot bring themselves to identify with the great mass of humanity, who imagine themselves somehow better. Such belief is instilled from birth and not easily modified. Lenin was quite radical in his solution for that class. But if they refuse to alter their view, what are we to do with them? To use Lenin's method makes us just as immoral as them. IMO, they are terrified of equality because they well know how unjust they've behaved and expect to be disciplined in some manner. And their terror fuels their drive to remain in power. And they won't believe any assurances they're given because of all the lies they've uttered. Exile them like Napoleon? Render their progeny so they can't reproduce? Just trying to arrive at some moral solution instead of Lenin's is still more than enough to strike fear in them. Perhaps legislate them out of power for x number of generations until the first sentence's mindset disappears?

There's that question again: What is to be done?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 7 2020 1:49 utc | 193

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 0:23 utc | 176

Yeah, I'll buy that for a dollar. Biden will probably mostly just kick the can down the road on Iran. Probably loosen a few sanctions unilaterally, outside of any new agreement for publicity humanitarian reasons. I wonder what's going to happen if he revamps the US/NATO Syria campaign or whether that's even likely. If he did, Iran would once again be supplying training, small arms and fuel to Assad. Or is has the Syria ship mostly sailed? Trump has a cadre of illegal soldiers over there still "guarding oil" doesn't he? I honestly lose track of that situation because MOA is were I came when I wanted to read the truth about it and it's been ELECTION ELECTION ELECTION COVID COVID COVID around here for several months.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Nov 7 2020 1:52 utc | 194

As I have said before, I am totally disinterested in whichever crook wins the 2020 prez beauty contest, but I cannot go along with the swathe of nonsense pushed out by trumpist partisans which greets me every day when I look at moa comments.
Some self appointed 'demography expert' disingenuously asks why is that postal votes always favour the dims?

Well FMD c'mon the answer to that is as well known as why the sun rises in the east & sets in the west, you certainly don't hafta be a 'demography expert' to answer that one.
For decades now successive administrations both dim & rethug have been reducing the polling stations in areas where poor people live. The reason is obvious, in return for their vote, poor people want things which smarmy millionaire pols don't want to give them. Pols prefer to give the taxes which in the main have been paid by the poor to rich folks who will reward them with bribes donations.
Consequently if you live in a crowded metropolitan area in Texas or a spread out rural area in say Kentucky, not only will the polling station likely be far, far away from where you live, it is likely to have queues stretching miles and it may mean you have to wait in line up to 9 hours.
Plus as Bipartisan Policy Center points out there is a vast difference in average waiting times between white voters and unwhite voters. they say:

" polling lines in 2018, precincts with around 90% white voters experienced an average wait time of 5.1 minutes, whereas precincts with around 90% BIPOC voters experienced average wait times of around 32.4 minutes."

Remember in 2018 there was no pandemic so polling stations could have many more booths in each station.

The other biggie is something many here appear to have long forgotten, the meanest ugliest four letter word in the english lexicon WORK. Many working people especially those stuck in the gig economy, don't get the day off they have to work, consequently waiting in line is not an option so they have to vote with a postal vote.

As we all should know the dims have poorer people who do not have the time to be researching every lie pushed out on TV, fishwraps etc, believe that they the dims will take care of them better than the rethugs, when the unfortunate truth is neither of 'em give a flying f**k about Joe/Jo Blow.
So since the bulk of postal votes are made by the economically disadvantaged AKA poor, those postal votes favour dopey joe biden.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 7 2020 1:57 utc | 195

I find it humorous to read all about the supposed fraud in the US (s)election process

Given the corruption of Trump/Biden and the global private finance elite behind the curtain it would be surprising if the US (s)election process was above board. If it was anything close to above board Bernie Sanders would have been running against Trump.

What we are watching are scenes from delusional declining empire. The elite took a chance with Trump as the bully strategy against China/public banking but that hasn't been successful and the side effects have been fairly negative so its back to slimey Joe and his soon to take the blame for the coming Depression sidekick, Harris.

The shit show continues

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 7 2020 1:59 utc | 196

Posted by: Smith | Nov 7 2020 1:24 utc | 187

The problems with the System is obvious.

It's just that Americans choose to be blind to it because not putting the System on an infallible pedestal would be utterly unthinkable to them. A religion to the T.

Posted by: J W | Nov 7 2020 2:00 utc | 197

Thank you karlof1 for your post and link to the Global Times. I will limit my response to deal with the following paragraph and seek to tease out some implications/translations:-

“the Trump administration, incited by the US election system, has pushed the country into a risky path where it enhances division to boost the existing pattern of political interests. There are so many social woes in US society, be it between different races and classes, between new immigrants and old ones, and between different regions, let alone partisan. But now the objective of society has been cast on Trump's reelection. This objective has to a great extent squeezed the room of US society to pursue maximum common interests.”

That one paragraph is a succinct summation of the current state of the USA political discourse. The language of politics seeks to divide and fragment US society thus weakening its collective authority and power. It seeks to smash the consent of the governed upon which the governors power rests.

By salami slicing broad aspects of social difference into fragments and then defining those fragments as argumentative personal difference that need to be fought over, the governors have succeeded in deafening the publics ears with noise. White or black or gay or straight or russia or china - whatever - just noise. The governors and their prestitutes/uncritical media have “squeezed the room of US society to pursue maximum common interests.”

The consent of the governed and their commons has been stolen by means of the governors circling the villagers and blowing loud trumpets causing the people to run into a forest of fragmented confusion. Victory for the elite.

Looking at you MSM and social media.

Simultaneously in US society (and others) social woes are hyper aggravated by an absence of services or equally the application of militarised policing services backed up by a socialist funded gulag apparatus run by the private sector.

Looking right at you Kamala Harris.

Then the governors aggravate the governed by driving other people from afar into the commons to compete for resources and then permeate the air waves with a loud whispering campaign about how the emergent anxieties are the fault of the other 'newcomers'.

The commons has forever been raided, undermined, divided and now stolen by these tactics.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 7 2020 2:11 utc | 198

@181 uncle tungsten

It's noble of you to feel bad about the link, but I encourage you to feel less bad. Please ponder the ironies here. You're being shouted at to learn how to use html tags, when you obviously did exactly that with the blockquote tags you correctly used to indent and quote the comment.

If you currently don't see the page broken, then even if you used the Preview feature, you wouldn't have seen it broken. Lots of people don't see it broken. Those who do see it broken, have failed to improve the tools they use.

I don't see the page broken. I couldn't long tolerate using tools that would let that happen. I've posted several times about various ways to work around this situation, but it seems that people prefer to blame, and suffer a hard time. Lots of blaming going on. Hard to have a discussion in a storm of blaming.

Enjoy the reasonableness of the trees. Come again soon. Your comments are valuable.


As to those who want the page fixed for them instead of finding ways their end to remedy the problem, we could recall again the age-old story of the man who wanted to cover the land in leather so it would be comfortable to walk. But reason prevailed, and he covered the soles of his feet with leather instead.

Something about self-responsibility...

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 7 2020 2:15 utc | 199

Posted by: Kadath | Nov 7 2020 1:18 utc | 186

Let's go through these one by one and see which actually constitutes *evidence* - and "red flag" does *not*, by the way.

"1. Every state that has had a delay has seen Biden has overtaken trump AFTER the delays were announced - Red flag"

Meaningless. Every such state had counties that were heavily Democratic and it was mail-in ballots - that are known to be heavily Democratic - that were being counted.

"2. Florida counted 10.5M votes in less than 24 hours, Georgia couldn't count 4.8M in 48 hours, why? - Red Flag"

Why don't you go ask them? It's Georgia. This is not EVIDENCE.

"3. In PA, the courts have barred all accredited observers from observing the vote - Red Flag"

Ah, no. Pennsylvania judge permits campaign observers up-close view of ballot count after Trump complaint

The issue was how many observers in the room - *not* whether observers were allowed - and once the agreement was made, that lawsuit was over.

"4. In Detroit, the ballot counting centers barred windows and expelled observers, why? - Red Flag"

Group tries to disrupt ballot counting at Detroit convention center
One man was seen being escorted out by the police.

In other words, a bunch of Trump mama's boys came in and tried to disrupt the count. So naturally Detroit took steps to reduce the problem.

"5. David Lim (Obama's former speech writer) sent a tweet out on Nov 4 (AFTER the election) asking for volunteers in Georgia to help people fix their mail in ballots so that they count, why? - Red Flag"

Some mail-in ballots might be rejected on first reading. Apparently some states allow those people to fix the reasons as long as it's done by the time the polls officially close. Of course both parties are going to ask their supporters to help people fix those problems. Until you see actual *evidence* that someone's vote was actually changed by this process - and in significant numbers - then this is not evidence of anything.

"6. Participation in one PA county reached 90% turn out, beating the prior record that had stood for more than 100 years and almost 30% higher than the last election in 2016."

Not proof of anything. Everyone expected a higher turnout this time and that is what happened nationwide.

"Other PA counties saw voter numbers exceed 100% of registered voters compared to the last election, even accounting for same day registration this is statistically improbable- Red Flag"

Show me a link from a site other a Trump site that proves this. Meanwhile:

Fact check: Table shows outdated voter registration numbers for eight key states


The posts give Pennsylvania’s registered voters as 6,469,000 and projected votes as 7,041,672.

The total number of registered voters shown in the “Voter registration statistics by county” excel document on the Pennsylvania Department of State website shows a total of 9,091,371 as of Nov. 2, 2020 ( here ). This is significantly higher than the number in the claim.

Pennsylvania does not offer same day voter registration ( here ) .

Fail. Try again.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Nov 7 2020 2:15 utc | 200

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