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November 26, 2020

Open Thread 2020-93

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Your question joey_n@ 96 "What would possess any non-American to move to the USA given all the failures mentioned in the article and elsewhere,.."

<= the answer there is a vast difference between the USA and America. America is a haven, a nice place to live.. generally safe, with good local police and strong local governments and people who get along. The people in America are just like the people in the rest of the world.. they socialize, work together, learn together, play together, live together and die together.. They raise families, go to school, worry about our relatives and friends.. and hope tomorrow they will have enough food on the table to feed all in their concern. When necessary Americans redirect their time from shopping to got to the Pharma controlled doctors and hospitals; but after each such diversionary visit they are generally broke for a while..

There is a layer on top of America, that allows the few Oligarchs to use the global monster, the USA, to write laws that control, use and abuse domestic Americans. .. The USA does not care much about America, even less about those Americans it governs, unless for some reason, sufficient numbers of Americans are angry enough, to interfere with the secret goings on that happen daily at the USA.

The USA is about creating, establishing and maintaining its power to make life comfortable for a few Oligarchs doing business in foreign lands. The major branches of the USA include its military, its federal reserve, its monopoly power equipped feudal lords who invest a large percentage of their incoming revenues in taxable deductible advertising expenses to support the privately owned public media so propaganda can be effectively used . <= the lawmaking powers of the USA have been used to create (copyright law, patent law, treaty law monopoly powers) and the USA has distributed these monopoly powers to a few wealthy feudal lords. Being a feudal lord is a prerequisite to gaining seller side access to the market place controlled by the stock and bond market makers. All small and competitive businesses able to challenge the big guys are suppose to give up and let the big guys on wall street have it all. Americans so the USA tells, should only invest in the stock market, let the licensed professionals manage the businesses. and Americans should get enough education so they can work for one of the Wall Street guys or the Government, all others can just somehow survive.

Many people, including domestic Americans, mistake America for the USA. or the USA for America. Americans are related to the USA only by military force, political power, propaganda, and divide and conquer programs which are routinely distributed by the privately owned public media. Americans survive by avoiding contact with the USA as much as possible.

Posted by: snake | Nov 27 2020 10:12 utc | 101

A European court declares the RT-PCR test worthless.

Posted by: Palinurus | Nov 27 2020 10:21 utc | 102

Under Trump, the Republican identity is defined not by a set of policy beliefs but by a paranoid mind-set. He and his media allies simply ignore the rules of the epistemic regime and have set up a rival trolling regime.

Epistemic Regime

New definition for office plancton types plus indebted for life students of triviality, epistemic regime. Amazed how little self criticism and/or analysis this cream of the crop guys have, and how easy it is to put all blame on the deplorables without any self analysis or acceptance of errors, WMD anybody?.

Reading that article and listening to Trump stating that since the USA has spent two and a half trillion dollars in the last three and a half years the conclusion should be that the more you spend in useless military equipment or useless education the better defended and better educated one is.

So if you are tired of enclosed spaces and fluorescent lighting here is a spot for you, cleaning the bridge cables after a very strong ice rain storm in Vladivostok. Makes me wonder if the USS McCain was sniffing the town and base under stressed circumstances, like no power on those radars.

Iced Bridge Job

Posted by: Paco | Nov 27 2020 10:31 utc | 103

@ ADKC | Nov 27 2020 3:16 utc | 79

I was giving thought to that issue as to why the focus on the issue of lockdowns as it seems a rather extreme step in the west. Somehow, control of the public and breaking down of taboos and percieved protections from government control have become urgent. Our imagined constitutional protections seem to be steadily erroded and or taken very lightly. The concept of public interest as detirmined by the technocrats has become predominant. Is there an objective or is this just the natural tendency of bureaucrats and academics? I suspect it is partly due to hysterics over the rise of China, to save democracy (i.e. the status quo) we have to destroy it. All the people in the know agree, surely you can see that. And the people cannot get enough they are so ground down under the neoliberal (capitalist I dont think so) system so they beg for domination and for someone to take responsibility for there lives. It is death throws of a formerly dominant system and scrable to gain control of whatever will be next. China envy.

Posted by: jared | Nov 27 2020 11:27 utc | 104

@ Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 27 2020 1:35 utc | 69

You didn't read the link I provided. I'll recap:

1) Western Big Pharma "forgot" how to develop new vaccines over these last decades because they're not profitable. That opened the gates for Gamaleya to occupy the sector, therefore dominating the main technology used today, human adenovirus; (see Dmitriev's "forbidden op-ed").
Proof of this is J&J's difficulty in developing a simple human adenovirus vaccine (by the time they finish theirs, we'll already have billions of Sputnik V and Sinovac doses produced). The reason we still don't have an effective cold vaccine is because we don't have enough investment, not because it is impossible;

2) Sputnik V and Sinovac (and other Chinese variants) use a known, tested and tried technology for their vaccines - human adenovirus -, while Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca use untested and untried technologies (mRNA and chimpanzee adenovirus). It is the difference between the known and the unknown, except that this time hundreds of millions of human lives are at the table. We suspect the Western pharmaceuticals are resorting to these exotic technologies because they want something they can patent and sell at monopolistic prices to national governments; (see Dmitriev's "forbidden op-ed" and his "questions")

3) mRNA technology is only effective theoretically. In the real world, it potentially has devastating effects on the human body. It is already known it can potentially cause infertility. It very likely has carcinogenic properties; (see Dmitriev's "questions")

4) chimpanzee adenovirus technology doesn't make any sense when you already have a viable human adenovirus option. Besides the fact that it can cause more adverse effects on a human (because the virus is strange to the human organism), the doctor I linked raised the question of contamination when extracting the adenovirus from the chimpanzees (contamination rate of 10%, or one in ten). It also cause sever spinal cord inflammation - contrary to the official version in much more than one patient. It also probably killed a healthy 28-year old subject in the Brazilian trials (the Brazilian MSM initially "leaked" he was on the placebo group; later even this version was put into doubt)

5) silver bullet vaccines are very rare (e.g. polio). Most likely scenario, these vaccines will just shield you from a severe case of COVID-19, thus relieving the pressure over the national healthcare systems. Deaths of COVID-19 only begin to pile up exponentially after the limit of the healthcare system is surpassed (Italy). That's the "line of death", after which COVID-19 really begins to ravage entire populations. In this scenario, it doesn't make any sense not to go with the tried and tested technology of human adenovirus, over which Gamaleya has primacy, or, second best, the Chinese vaccines, which will be produced the most because China has manufacture supremacy. In the Russian and Chinese options, you have the choice between the best and the most available - a common decision any working class family takes daily in the free market for the purchase of their goods;

6) AstraZeneca will still have privileges in the British market. Evidence of this is the British MSM being the first to publish the fake news that it had 90% efficacy, while the American MSM went with the 70% figure. Make no mistakes: the AstraZeneca will be the only option in the NHS for the British people, with or without transverse myelitis;

7) The "half dose" mistake simply doesn't happen in the Big Pharma. It is simply not believable. The story is clearly a pathetic attempt of the British to create a comparison with the story of the penicillin discovery (by a British scientist), which also happened by accident. There wasn't half dose and, even if that really happened (the doctors involved should be immediately fired), you would be giving credence to the homeopathy thesis, which states the lower the dose, the stronger the effect. Doesn't make any sense.

AstraZeneca, by the way, is already feeling the heat. It will have to redo its trials because nobody was born yesterday:

AstraZeneca considers extra global vaccine trial as questions mount

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 12:13 utc | 105

How the Soviet Union won the Space Race (or, the modern tale of The Tortoise and the Hare):

Russia Declassifies Soviet Documents About Moon Race With US

Experts, media hail China's new lunar mission as "revolutionary"

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 13:22 utc | 106

Post-2008 First World capitalism: the zombification and then definitive death of the petite-bourgeoisie:

Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal

The First World is leaving the "sweet spot" of its capitalist development stage, marked by a relatively inflated petit-bourgeois middle class, and is reentering a proletarianization phase. Call it the reproletarianization of the First World.

Looks like Marx was right all along.

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 13:27 utc | 107

@vk What do you mean by "Marx was right all along" in regards to 'proletarianization phase'? What's the cause of this really?

Posted by: Hangar | Nov 27 2020 13:34 utc | 108

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 12:13 utc | 105

What annoys me is the knee-jerk way they lie, playing with eveerybody else's lives so them and their buddies can make a "killing". Shitheads ought not be allowed to be CEOs or politicians. Shitheads ought not have any power at all.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 27 2020 13:40 utc | 109

@ Posted by: Hangar | Nov 27 2020 13:34 utc | 108

Most of the post-war critics of Marx in the West used the argument that his theory was only valid in an "industrial" capitalism, i.e. up to the Second Industrial Revolution. In the "post-industrial" capitalism, labor became "immaterial", therefore, his theory was not valid (anymore).

In the USA and in much of Europe and Japan, this "post-industrial" ideology was sustained by the formation of big middle classes, i.e. well-paid white collar workers and petit-bourgeois. In the case of the USA, some significant chunks of the middle classes even became stock owners in Wall Street.

Those huge, semi-capitalist middle classes became the buffer zone of the capitalists to deny Marx's theory of capitalism.

But 2008 happened.

After 2008, the private pension funds went bust. People lost their mortgages. Mass unemployment ensued for the middle class.

The petite-bourgeoisie either went bankrupt or became "zombies". We say a business became a "zombie" when its profit rate becomes zero. All their revenue is channeled to cover their debt and their expenses (salaries, maintenance, rent etc.).

With the pandemic, those zombie businesses (invariably, the petite-bourgeoisie) went bust. Now, big business is eating up their corpses, absorbing their remains. That's why Amazon is prospering right now, hiring more than ever.

But this process comes with a societal cost: the absorbed middle class becomes employees of Amazon; they become proletarians.

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 13:44 utc | 110

"Looks like Marx was right all along."

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 13:27 utc | 107

Yes, the richer you want to be, the more people you need to make beggars. And in a society where everybody is trying to be number one, it guaranteed that everybody else is going to wind up being "property". And humans are greedy like fruitcake has raisins.

Marx is not the first guy to figure that out, but he is the first guy to try to change it (or at least who wrote a book about it.) That's why they hate him, He squealed on them.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 27 2020 13:50 utc | 111

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 13:27 utc | 107

And what is really "funny" is most of those petit bourgeoisie (local gentry) have been voting for this right along, wanting to end the "welfare state", not realizing it was their welfare that was being protected.

And those are the people that are messing up the pandemic reaction BECAUSE it is going to kill them financially. Oh the self-own, and they will never even know.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 27 2020 13:57 utc | 112

@vk | Nov 27 2020 13:44 utc | 110

I am not sure I would resort to Marx.
I think partly Amazon is on a tear because somehow the (((pandemic))) is being used to destroy small business and because the high tech industry sees this taking us to a new non industrial revolution of isolating in our homes while being provided a livelihood by our many benefactors - so I will have that bar of soap mailed to me.

I think there was an Austrian guy who said that the success of capitalism would bring us to socialism - once you have everything who is there to steal from? So now the little people will work in the mines and they will provide for us.

Also traditional shopping season approaches.

Also word is the Amazon is a really crappy place to work - lots of word on the street.

Also while the small businesses are down its time to stomp them.

Small business that dont fail or those waiting on sidelines with money to invest may be in good position.

Posted by: jared | Nov 27 2020 14:19 utc | 113

@ Posted by: jared | Nov 27 2020 14:19 utc | 113

The thing is Marx's theory is the only that explains, scientifically, why the post-war miracle must necessarily be the exception, not the rule, of the capitalist system.

The Austrian guy you mention is copying Marx. The Austrians were the first bourgeois economics school to be created explicitly with the goal of countering Marx.

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 14:29 utc | 114

German CIA news outlet Der Spiegel is putting the anti-Assad meme on the front burner again,with three articles at once about 2013 Ghouta chemical attack..Many commenters make the connection with Biden's upcoming presidency and fear for german participation in helping the americans to spread death and destruction.The Bundes-operette Army,under carnival-minister Annegret Kramp Karrebauer,a lawyer with so little common sense that she wouldn't be able to run a fast-foodtruck,is looking for trouble abroad.

Posted by: willie | Nov 27 2020 14:58 utc | 115

Just some hours ago Dr. Fakhrizadeh a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in Damavand, Iran. This act of terror finding place just a day after the successful swap of Mossad agent More Gilbert against 3 Iranian businessman put pressure on Iranian intelligence to pay back and punish the initiators of today’s assassination. Dr. Fakhrizadeh was on the hit list of Mossad.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 17:06 utc | 116

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is the only Iranian nuclear scientist to be named directly by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a propaganda show two years ago, claiming he was working on a nuclear weapons program. Fars News Agency 27.11.20

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 17:12 utc | 117

Speaking of the Devil... from today (27/11)

Lookout for Karl Marx!

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 17:43 utc | 118

interesting.. i can no longer access farsnews... is this a new feature of the brave browser where i am being discouraged from reading the iranian pov??

looks like i can get it in a different format -

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated by Terrorists Near Tehran

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2020 17:54 utc | 119

A European court declares the RT-PCR test worthless.

Posted by: Palinurus | Nov 27 2020 10:21 utc | 102

The judges in Portugal drew their conclusion basing on the following technicalities:


The judges also said that only a doctor can “diagnose” someone with a disease, and were critical of the fact that they were apparently never assessed by one.

<--- It says nothing about PCR test "worthless".


In the eyes of this court, then, a positive test does not correspond to a Covid case. The two most important reasons for this, said the judges, are that, “the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used ’’ and that “the test’s reliability depends on the viral load present .’

<--- The judges simply argued on technicality: the higher the cycle threshold (Ct) of a PCR test is, the higher the chance of the test turning out positively.

According to the research paper linked in your RT article Correlation Between 3790 Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction–Positives Samples and Positive Cell Cultures, Including 1941 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Isolates,

Several recent publications, based on more than 100 studies, have attempted to propose a cutoff Ct value and duration of eviction, with a consensus at approximately Ct >30 and at least 10 days, respectively. However, in an article published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, Bullard et al reported that patients could not be contagious with Ct >25 as the virus is not detected in culture above this value.

The real argument is probably whether decision-makers (doctors, public health authority) should take the lower Ct for PCR tests or not, which affects their consequential decisions, for example, quarantine time of 10-day vs 14-day, the effectiveness control of Covid 19 contagion.

Posted by: lulu | Nov 27 2020 18:04 utc | 121

AstraZeneca considers extra global vaccine trial as questions mount

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 12:13 utc | 105
The scary thing is AstraZeneca is applying the approval from EU for its vaccine.

Posted by: lulu | Nov 27 2020 18:10 utc | 122

@ Posted by: Palinurus | Nov 27 2020 10:21 utc | 102

lulu @ 121 is correct: diagnosis ≠ track and tracing.

PCR is just for track and tracing, not for diagnosis. The diagnosis protocol is much longer and burdensome, and includes an MRI of the lungs if I'm not mistaken (and can only be made by a doctor). The Portuguese judges are, therefore, also correct.

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 18:26 utc | 123

The New Religion
Caitlin Johnstone's recent article, "Oligarchic Imperialism Is The New Dominant World Religion" kind of puts this all in perspective

"Adherents of the old dominant religion used to read the Bible; adherents of the new dominant religion read The New York Times. Adherents of the old dominant religion used to go to church on Sunday; adherents of the new dominant religion go to Hollywood movies. Adherents of the old dominant religion fought in the crusades; adherents of the new dominant religion kill families with drones and Tomahawk missiles overseas. Adherents of the old dominant religion used to burn heretics at the stake; adherents of the new dominant religion imprison journalists and deplatform “Assadists”, “Putin apologists” and “conspiracy theorists” so their ideas don’t infect the rest of the flock.

These labels exist because if mainstream platforms admitted that they refuse access to literally anyone who disagrees with status quo oligarchic imperialism, they would have to admit that they are not the objective arbiters of absolute reality they portray themselves as being, but are in fact propagandists for a very specific belief system. That they are not tasked with the responsibility of reporting the news, but with promoting the doctrine of the new dominant world religion. That they aren’t news reporters, but high priests.

Religion isn’t disappearing, it has just changed its form."

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Nov 27 2020 19:05 utc | 124

Sorry link to 124 above

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Nov 27 2020 19:05 utc | 125

Why B did not addressed any frauds allegations?
Why is this blog behaving like there's no contest to the election results?
Why does he looks to be waiting to Biden take over.
Why does he just talkk about what will Biden do?

Posted by: Zico the Musketeer | Nov 27 2020 19:18 utc | 126

@snake, palmiris, lulu, vk

There seems to be little if any awareness of what ‘cycles’ are. They are generations, or doublings, of replicating RNA.
Thirty cycles would be original sample amplified by two to the thirtieth power, or a factor of more than a billion. Forty cycles is amplification by more than a trillion.

This should be simple. Unfortunately ‘cycles’ is eyes-glazed-over gobbledygook to most. And while exponents are middle school math, very very few Americans have middle school math. Amongst the chattering classes basically no one has middle school math.

Fauci has stated that above 35 cycles the test is meaningless. Some test protocols will divulge how many cycles were required to get a positive and some protocols are silent. The widely reported case numbers mix everything together, some cases will be based on 45 cycles, some tests that do not accurately keep track of cycles might be going even above that.

Next factor is the short segments of RNA tested for and how unique they are to covid. The answer I like is they aren’t. Opinions on that one vary. There is expert opinion that the short segments are just too short and the test has less than zero significance.

No American court would hear the Portuguese case. Court of public opinion has made the definitive decision. That opinion will not be reversed for years, if ever. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “the science”.

Posted by: oldhippie | Nov 27 2020 19:23 utc | 127

Canada doing more and more of US dirty work-- Not just Venezuela and other Latin American countries plus China and Russia but Iran as well.


Posted by: arby | Nov 27 2020 19:28 utc | 128

@ Posted by: oldhippie | Nov 27 2020 19:23 utc | 127

There are two problems with your theory:

1) Fauci is not a reliable source;

2) China uses a 40-cycle PCR test, used it on Wuhan's entire population (almost 10 million) after a scare and found no positive results.

We already talked about the Portuguese case. The judges were probably amid a labor dispute and, in a pro-business decision, reiterated that PCR is not diagnosis.

Posted by: vk | Nov 27 2020 19:29 utc | 129

vk @ 129

Administer a test 10 million times and every result the same? And you believe this? Amplify a signal by a trillion and there is never a problem with noise? Oh, it is in Chinese wonderland, makes perfect sense.

Always apples and oranges with you. Same as it it would be talking to an illiterate. Or a wall.

Posted by: oldhippie | Nov 27 2020 19:46 utc | 130

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 26 2020 18:28 utc | 24

"... the Battle Cry of Valkyries performed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz."

Poor Christine Goerke. First they fat-shame her ("It ain't over 'til Christine sings"), then they really twist the knife by insinuating she looks like Wasserman Schultz. That's cruel, not to mention politically biased. Fortunately there's a version of the tune with full bi-partisan support:

Posted by: drj | Nov 27 2020 19:52 utc | 131

@ 128 arby... i agree with the comments in the link you share - this one in particular
"Khatibzadeh stressed it is a shame that Canada has brought together a bunch of governments with “notorious records in the domain of human rights”, including the American, Israeli and Bahraini regimes, to teach human rights to Iranian people." that nails it right there..

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2020 21:28 utc | 132

Zico the Musketeer #126

You say:

Why B did not addressed any frauds allegations?
Why is this blog behaving like there's no contest to the election results?
Why does he looks to be waiting to Biden take over.
Why does he just talkk about what will Biden do?

Might I add:
why is Trump, Guliani, Barr all talk and no action?
When are the above going to put or shut up?
When is Trump going to get Barr to undertake a full public audit of the voting machines?
Why is Biden silent on fixing the credibility gap by absolutely committing to the audit of the voting machines?

Are they all in on the heist?

USAi would do better with a coke snorting President but now they are about to get a dandruff snorter - what a delightful demise.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 27 2020 22:39 utc | 133

Paco #103

Iced Bridge Job

Thank you, that is a mighty good post. Not for the faint hearted: I can see the necessity for de-icing those cables but why not an electrically insulated resistance wire wound around the cable?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Nov 28 2020 0:35 utc | 134

Some barflies might have read Ecocide in the USSR, which was published shortly after its demise. It described a nationwide need for a Superfund clean up effort. A microcosm of that was discussed by Putin regarding Usolye-Sibirskoye:

"Due to the chemical waste accumulated there for decades, since the Soviet times, the situation was very dangerous and posed a great threat to nature, and, most importantly, to the people, to the health of tens of thousands of people living not only in the city but also in the adjacent territories and settlements. The scale of the problem required the involvement of federal government bodies.

"Following that meeting, we adopted a number of decisions – both urgent and system-wide, of a long-term nature. Priority was given to measures on decontaminating the dangerous facilities and protecting the people while ensuring the continuous operation of the municipal economy, preserving employment for the entrepreneurs working on this territory as well as workers, the people who live there.

"As we agreed, later it will be necessary to conduct serious well-coordinated work on eliminating the dangerous facilities, thoroughly clean and reclaim the polluted lands and water sources and, what is very important, to create conditions for the sustainable long-term socioeconomic development of Usolye-Sibirskoye."

Superfund site work within the Outlaw US Empire is completely undermined thanks to Neoliberalism's politics to defund projects that defend the health of citizens--gee, where have we seen that in action recently? Do take note that ROSATOM was awarded the major contract for clean up and rehabilitation, which will add a further dimension to ROSATOM's operations.

I see Putin's efforts as yet another example of the growing differences between Russian & Chinese priorities and those of Neoliberal nations--the former very invested in promoting their citizens wellbeing while the latter do the opposite.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 28 2020 1:09 utc | 135


intensifying competition between the U.S. and China is pressuring other nations to choose sides, and urged the superpowers to give governments “more room to move.”

Morrison, who has long tried to balance Australia’s close trading ties with China and enduring security alliance with the U.S., said the ongoing rivalry had created challenges for Indo-Pacific nations that could spread further west

Like other sovereign nations in the Indo-Pacific, our preference in Australia is not to be forced into any binary choices,” Morrison said in a speech to a U.K.-based think tank on Monday night. “Our present challenge in the Indo-Pacific though is a foretaste for so many others around the world, including the United Kingdom and Europe

gawd damned !

I cant stand these forked tongue [[[five liars]]]

China didnt say..
'Look son, If you dont help me fix those @!#$%@ , I can get very nasty, '

It was your father,
'YOu'r either with me or against me !'

Hence witness the deputy who's even nastier than the sheriff, with that infamous 14 points 'civilising program' on China. !

Hey scomo,
YOu wont get out of this self inflicted mess by standing up to China barking up the wrong tree. !

Posted by: denk | Nov 28 2020 1:40 utc | 136

Corona began in India.

Posted by: snake | Nov 28 2020 1:56 utc | 137

Posted by: snake | Nov 28 2020 1:56 utc | 137

"Corona came from India"

Yes, I saw that. I'm not surprised, I think it's been around for quite a while. It's only because the Chinese surveillance system picked it up we found it then. It doesn't stand out, it's sneaky.

I wouldn't necessarily hurry to blame India either (although no blame attaches really) we don't really know. We don't really know that much about this disease at all, although we are learning fast now.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 28 2020 2:11 utc | 138

One of the faces of the civilization war going on now is internal to the US. As part of the "pandemic" response, the US government earmarked $454 billion of CARES Act stimulus money to be distributed by the Treasury to the Federal Reserve to be used for emergency lending programs to save businesses and jobs during the pandemic and keep credit flowing to the U.S. economy.

Below is a Wall Street on Parade posting that shows that the money never went to the Fed from the Treasury.

75% of the $454 Billion CARES Act Money Never Went to the Fed; It Was Invested by a Mnuchin Slush Fund Called the ESF

Yes, there is a class war going on in the US and if you aren't part of the God of Mammon cult at the top then you are part of the "entitlement feeders"/snark at the bottom.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 28 2020 6:00 utc | 139

And as an additional snark to my comment #139 let me add that Mnuchin's actions couldn't be connected to Trump because Trump has not started any wars.......

The shit show continues....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 28 2020 6:03 utc | 140

I see Putin's efforts as yet another example of the growing differences between Russian & Chinese priorities and those of Neoliberal nations--the former very invested in promoting their citizens wellbeing while the latter do the opposite.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 28 2020 1:09 utc | 135

This is romanticizing Russia and China. For example, China cornered the production of rare earth metals in part because it is a genuinely dirty business, so attempts to build a competition in places like Kyrgystan, Malaysia and abandoned mines in USA get stiff local resistance -- which is not a problem in China. Only when the air in the Chinese capital started to give political problems, and perhaps even breathing problems for the ruling elite, they started to backpedal, a bit, on the enormous expansion of dirty coal fired power stations.

Nevertheless, both Russia and China showed larger capacity to learn from mistakes than USA.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 28 2020 8:19 utc | 141

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 28 2020 1:09 utc | 135 -- "I see Putin's efforts as yet another example of the growing differences between Russian & Chinese priorities and those of Neoliberal nations--the former very invested in promoting their citizens wellbeing while the latter do the opposite."

I second that, karlof1.

Calling a spade a spade, calling a shithole a shithole, calling a neoliberal a neoliberal is not romanticising Russia and China.

Good governance is good governance, no matter if it is black or white or red or brown.

For a negative example, just look at the mess that is the Exceptional Nation today, where they are governed with "Western values" under their "rules-based order", which they lecture the whole with.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Nov 28 2020 9:24 utc | 142

Well, this is interesting concerning PCR tests and their legal validity.

" Four German holidaymakers who were illegally quarantined in Portugal after one was judged to be positive for Covid-19 have won their case, in a verdict that condemns the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.
Earlier this month, Portuguese judges upheld a decision from a lower court that found the forced quarantine of four holidaymakers to be unlawful. The case centred on the reliability (or lack thereof) of Covid-19 PCR tests."

Apparently their is insufficient scientific evidence to validate the accuracy of PCR tests.

The conclusion of their 34-page ruling included the following: “In view of current scientific evidence, this test shows itself to be unable to determine beyond reasonable doubt that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

"In the eyes of this court, then, a positive test does not correspond to a Covid case. The two most important reasons for this, said the judges, are that, “the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used’’ and that “the test’s reliability depends on the viral load present.’’ In other words, there are simply too many unknowns surrounding PCR testing."

"Tested positive? There could be as little as a 3% chance it’s correct"

I suppose this means that any positive cases reported that rely solely on PCR tests must be considered invalid, especially if the cycle amplication is unknown or known to be higher than the thressold of about 25 cycles.

"Earlier this year, data from three US states – New York, Nevada and Massachusetts – showed that when the amount of the virus found in a person was taken into account, up to 90 percent of people who tested positive could actually have been negative, as they may have been carrying only tiny amounts of the virus."

This was discussed before on MoA, but I haven't had time to read everything, or even much, so I apologize if this is not very new.

Posted by: Bluedotterel | Nov 28 2020 9:32 utc | 143

From 2000 to 2012, CO2 emissions of China increased from 3.5 billion tons to 11, USA decreased from 6 to 5.3, EU decreased from 4 to 3.7. After 2012, Chinese increased at a lower pace, but they still do weird stuff like producing half of world aluminum using coal power, preventing development of hydropower that could produce it at a fraction of CO2 emissions. The pollution in terms of particulates, heavy metals etc. is not a shiny picture either. In recent years the authorities started to use more environmental rhetoric but any praise of their enlightened policy should be cautious.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 28 2020 10:30 utc | 144

Posted by: lulu | Nov 27 2020 18:04 utc | 121 --

Thanks for your comments here, especially about conditions and life in China from an insider's point of view.

I read your other remarks on other threads, but did not have the time to tell you then that I appreciate your input, and I am learning through you. I would really love to read more from you.

Thank you again.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Nov 28 2020 10:38 utc | 145

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 28 2020 10:30 utc | 144 -- "....any praise of their (Chinese) enlightened policy should be cautious."

I join you in urging the exact same caution
against assuming any imagined superiority of
Western environmental protection systems.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Nov 28 2020 10:45 utc | 146

“It is not possible to found a lasting power
upon injustice, perjury, and treachery.
These may, perhaps, succeed at first,
and limp along on hope for awhile
with a flourishing appearance.
But time betrays their weakness,
and they eventually fall into ruin
of their own designs.” — Demosthenes

And thus the exceptional nation limps along with floundering appearance. The perjurious beast slouches into self-made ruin who devours the fruit of their people’s labour, all the while whining, "But they hate us for our freedom!"

Posted by: kiwiklown | Nov 28 2020 10:54 utc | 147

William Gruff --

Just to say I saved for further study your amazing exposition the other day on feminism in Japan and China. Also, how power and responsibility as understood in the East is diametrically opposed to the Western understanding. Mono-cultural persons in the West do not yet see what you so clearly expounded.

And I would add that in the East, failing the trust given a person is punished proportionately -- the higher the responsibility, the more severe the punishment, even unto firing squad; and as well, the more public the crime, the more public will be the punishment. There is no name suppression in the East as is so common in the West. Heck, there is not even prosecution, let alone punishment in the West.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Nov 28 2020 11:21 utc | 148

France Covid deaths: 900 yesterday, against 400 one day before.
Do they start to unplug them?

Posted by: Mina | Nov 28 2020 12:33 utc | 149

@ Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 28 2020 8:19 utc | 141;

You're confusing two different things.

China's air pollution problem doesn't come from its rare earth extraction, but from coal used to heat houses. This problem is being solved - and will be solved - when China converts its entire heating system to gas - which it already has thanks to that mammoth contract with Gazprom in the wake of the Western sanctions against Russia.

Rare earth minerals are not rare. The problem with rare earth is that its extraction is so damaging to the environment that no nation outside China has the courage to do it in significant scale. China literally takes "one for the team" here.

Indeed, not only rare earth minerals are not "rare", but the largest known reserve is in the USA (Colorado). Nobody is stopping the Americans from extracting them, so do it.

@ Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 28 2020 8:19 utc | 144;

In absolute terms, yes.

But in per capita terms it's not even close: the USA is the largest polluter in the world.

Besides, China produces for the entire world, not just to itself (it is an "exporter" economy). The USA produces only for itself.

Posted by: vk | Nov 28 2020 15:28 utc | 150

Regarding the pollution of China it should be understood that the mechanism of Chinese governance is that of a meritocratic leadership and up-ladder. This ensures two things: (1) the brightest, most qualified people who have also shown the most successful tangible results in past efforts are the ones who rise to take on more responsibility; (2) the governance system is a learning system.

China has been busy with many things in the decades since 1949, but it has in recent years been able to turn its attention to environmental concerns. It is now a part of the formal Chinese national vision to live in a green and sustainable country. Its results have been impressive on the scale of Chinese application that we are coming to expect. It has already created the largest space of greened desert in the world, and has established numerous goals to improve environmental conditions and actually reverse environmental degradation.

I don't have links to hand or pith summaries of China's recent successes because I never thought it would be a point of debate, and I don't have time now to go looking, but it shouldn't be too hard to search for these things. That China is now embarked on environmental sustainability is - I had thought - undeniable.

My personal thought is that if any nation is going to solve climate change and show the way for all to help save the planet, it will be China. Ten years ago I had no hope that the world could save itself. Now, there is a future again. I don't think it is romanticizing China to see it quite pragmatically as a cause for hope.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 28 2020 16:28 utc | 151

@ Posted by: Grieved | Nov 28 2020 16:28 utc | 151

China is not "going to solve climate change". It is already doing it.

Great feats of History are not visible to the periphery of the system until it reaches a critical mass. People here were astonished with the concept of "Asian Century" in the "how not to sanction China" post here some days ago. Well, I then told you all that the world already was East Asian since 1990, with numbers to prove it. That means the West took 30 years to realize the fact.

The West - in relative decline - will only notice China is solving climate change when it becomes very clear it is doing so. But it is already doing it.

Posted by: vk | Nov 28 2020 16:45 utc | 152

Great article on unz from Eric Striker re: the zio-conservatives trying to rebrand right-populism by attempting to erase the better aspects of what a Trump presidency meant in 2016: antiglobalist, anti-interventionist, economic nationalist, and socially conservative.

For Jewish gatekeepers of the phony right like Ezra Levant, “The Great Reset” is much more palatable and less dangerous than the real issue of the Great Replacement. Former Never Trumper Mark Levin has worked with Sean Hannity to scrub 2020 Trumpism of its anti-establishment and anti-globalist soul to try and transform it into another Tea Party style Reaganite collection point for false consciousness held together by fumes of Trump’s personality cult.

The corporatists are trying to wash the economic nationalist aspects of Trump, which unified conservatives and independents in 2016, and paint him as a zionist, Big-business, hardright globalist.

That is the real duopoly at play. Controlled opposition at both sides, keeping the game afoot at the hard-center where nothing but corporate power and the deplorables' lacktherof, rule.

They want is to drift back to sleep.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 28 2020 18:02 utc | 153

Posted by: uncle tungsten

My question is, why is this blog not addressing the fraudulent election?
Is this not news of interest?
Why not talk about an State that sent 1.8mi votes by mail and receive back 2.5mi?
Why not talk about this?
They have been coght red handed.

And Trump changed the entire Pentagon top officials while sending troops to all states to, you know what, vaccination campaign.

Can we talk about possibilities? Is it possible to talk about it?

Posted by: Zico the Musketeer | Nov 28 2020 18:12 utc | 154

New US sanctions against Iran and intended to block its development of rail links to Armenia, Russia and Europe are the latest iteration of the Goble Plan that threatens both Iranian interests and those of Armenia in particular and Russia more generally, according to Russian commentator Aleksey Baliyev. - 6.june.2019

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 29 2020 0:31 utc | 155

@ Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 28 2020 18:02 utc | 153

I've noticed that the Americans have the very bad habit of picking up any domestic societal little problem they have and extrapolating it into an intergalactic struggle of the cosmos. Pardon the pun, this is fruit of messianic thought typical of the founding fathers/pilgrims.

Seriously, Americans: grow up. Or just shut up.

Posted by: vk | Nov 29 2020 1:13 utc | 156

@156 vk

You have proven your great ignorance when it comes to American domestic affairs.

The fact that us Americans can more readily pick up on these patterns in our media outlets is no slight against those analysts, like yourself, who reside overseas.

It just means that what I share re: our media outlets is often not for those ignorant of these patterns, such as yourself.

So, please, won't you shut up about domestic American issues?

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 29 2020 6:02 utc | 157

Election lawsuit update

Posted by: Featherless | Nov 29 2020 6:14 utc | 158

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