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November 27, 2020

Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist Assassinated As Israel Tries To Provoke War

Today the top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fahrizade was assassinated in a complex terror attack while driving on a highway in Absard, a small city just east of Tehran. An explosion stopped his car. Then shots were fired at him from two directions.


Between 2010 and 2012 four other nuclear scientist in Iran were assassinated in similar ways.

There is little doubt about who is responsible for this attack:

Fakhrizadeh was named by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2018 as the director of Iran’s nuclear weapons project.

When Netanyahu revealed then that Israel had removed from a warehouse in Tehran a vast archive of Iran’s own material detailing with its nuclear weapons program, he said: “Remember that name, Fakhrizadeh.”


According to the IAEA Iran did not and does not have a nuclear weapons program. More than 20 years back some Iranian scientists did an organizational study about what they would have to do to create a nuclear weapons program. But politics intervened and the program was never launched.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has since its establishment rejected all weapons of mass destruction out of religious reasons. Its leader Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa the prohibits any attempts to develop, produce or otherwise introduce such weapons.

While a terror attack against its top nuclear scientist can be seen as an act of war Iran is unlikely to openly take revenge for it. Doing such would only play into Netanyahoo's hands as he attempts to goad the U.S. into an attack on Iran.

The assassination of Mohsen Fahrizade does not aim at Iran's nuclear program. Its purpose is to assassinate the nuclear deal with Iran before president elect Joe Biden comes into office.

There are expectations, which I don't have, that Biden will rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran. The Trump administration had left the deal and had re-introduced severe sanctions against the country. President Trump retweeted news of today's assassination. If Biden really wants to revive the deal he should immediately condemn today's assassination. Obama did similar when the other scientist were killed.

There are still 55 days until Trump leaves the office. Netanyahoo will use that time to launch more provocation.

Posted by b on November 27, 2020 at 17:16 UTC | Permalink

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One day before a Mossad agent, the Australian More Gilbert was swapped against 3 Iranian businessman kept captured in Thailand. This is the point making this assassination twice bitter for Iranians. I agree Iran is not going to demonstrate a reflex reaction to this, however I couldn’t imagine that they not pay back hard for this one.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 17:24 utc | 1

How long before Biden cranks up the Bush/Obama regime change machine? Gina and her pals must green lighting projects left right and centre.

Posted by: Ramon Zarate | Nov 27 2020 17:25 utc | 2

Thanks for the posting b

This is certainly a cause for war if done in other contexts but I agree that Iran is too smart to take the war bait.

55 days until Trump is SUPPOSE to leave office but today Trump is challenging Biden to prove he got his votes without fraud.

One would think that this action by Occupied Palestine would signal that Trump was a more favored puppet than Biden.....hard to believe, but actions seem to be speaking very loud right now.

The Roaring 20's crazy all in one year this century, who would have thought.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 27 2020 17:29 utc | 3

At this moment, here is how Reuters describes "mastermind" Fakhrizadeh:

Main Headline:
Suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind Fakhrizadeh assassinated near Tehran

An Iranian scientist long suspected by the West of masterminding a secret nuclear bomb program was killed in an ambush near Tehran that could provoke confrontation between Iran and its foes in the last weeks of Donald Trump's presidency.

Posted by: librul | Nov 27 2020 17:42 utc | 4

What is going to be the response of the UN Security Council?

Likely more fodder for it being a toothless High Court of failing empire. When are the alternative nations going to go beyond the regional organizations and offer a comprehensive alternative to empire in our world? They are being forced into such but if they would become proactive it would speed the process along.

And yeah, maybe 2020 is just the beginning of a new phase in human greed crazy instead of an evolutionary step forward in human sharing.....too early to tell.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 27 2020 17:47 utc | 5

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces:

Once again, the inwardly blind terrorists affiliated with the global arrogance and the evil Zionist regime, in a brutal act, martyred one of the managers and servants of the country's scientific, research and defense fields.
Martyr Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh; The head of the Research and Innovation Organization of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics was one of the senior managers of the country's defense industry who had been the source of many services during his blessed life and was able to bring the country's defense capability to an acceptable level of deterrence. The assassination of this capable and worthy manager, although it was a bitter and heavy blow to the country's defense complex, but the inwardly blind enemies know that the path started by the Fakhrizadeh will never stop. The terrorist groups and the perpetrators of this blind act should also know that severe revenge awaits them.

While congratulating and condoling the martyrdom of this scientist in the defense industry to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, his colleagues and the family of the martyr; We assure you that we will not stop prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators of this assassination of Martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Fars News Agency – 27.11.20

When it comes from the chief of staff, IRGC general Mohammad Bagheri, no one should doubt that the promise will be kept. This is one of the generals known to be very calm and controlled but sharp and deadly. Are we going to witness another Service flight to crash down in Afghanistan (or maybe UAE)?

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 17:57 utc | 6

thanks b.... i wait with baited breath the idea that biden would condemn this assassination... you can't serve israel and do that at the same time...

israel as it presently stands, sure is a plague on the world today...

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2020 18:03 utc | 7

Trump has said that his red line is the killing of Americans.

IMO these provocation by Israel are just leading up to some terrorist incident with American deaths.

That's when Trump will act.

And I suspect that Trump will frame it as punishing Iran for bad behavior just as Iran punished USA after the assassination of Gen. Soleimani. I wrote about this scenario in a recent comment (@Nov26 14:14 #86). Iran will reject the limited strike that Trump proposes, but Trump will go ahead anyway. Then what happens?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 27 2020 18:28 utc | 8

@ jackrabbit - iran, barely punished usa for the assassination of soleimani.... i think the response to soleimanis death hasn't been enacted yet..

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2020 18:38 utc | 9

China and Russia should send their top nuclear scientists to Iran - if not to compensate for the loses of knowledge, just for a symbolic visit. That should send a strong message to those terrorist organizations that undertook the attack.

Posted by: d dan | Nov 27 2020 18:43 utc | 10

i don't think the israelis would have done this without telling the u.s. this is trump's last gambit to hang onto power. and of course the israelis are always happy to murder iranian scientists.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 27 2020 18:43 utc | 11

james @7 Occupied Palestine has been a plague since it began 1917 but with the real entry into their terroristic ethnic cleansing in 1948 - and most particularly a plague on the Palestinians, the indigenous peoples of that land; but also a plague on the Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians; i.e. any group (brown skinned, bien sur) who stand in the way of the Occupiers of Palestine and their machinations...

I still cannot wrap my mind round how the Occupiers of Palestine can enter, commit mayhem and leave Iran without problem...but Iranians can't, won't do the same...

Posted by: Anne | Nov 27 2020 18:45 utc | 12

@7 james @8 jackrabbit

I think you both don’t recognize that, just like US, there are two camps in Occupied Palestine, one in favour and one against JCPOA. This terror act could very well be utilized for a return of US to the JCPOA with Zionists secret support and opportunist game-play by Iranian Technocrats.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 18:56 utc | 13

israel either bribed trump (he's been begging for cash to pay campaign debts) or this is a spite move by trump on the way out to make it impossible for biden to reinstate the agreement with iran. biden is a warmonger, but iran is the one way he wouldn't want. biden campaigned as a warmed over obama 2.0, and a centerpiece of the obama foreign policy was the treaty with iran. surprise the hell out of me, but it was s smart move by obama for once.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 27 2020 18:56 utc | 14

Meanwhile by the spontaneous demo of Iranian students (those who are going to fill the ranks in Defence and Nuclear industries) marching from the Presidential Office to the Supreme Security Council:

... Revenge for the blood of our martyred scientist requires a will to expel the IAEA inspectors from the nuclear facilities. ... To restore the status of the Islamic Republic, we expect a response from all government and military officials to avenge this strategic blow by cutting off the hands of terrorists from nuclear facilities. ... - Fars News Agency - 27.11.20

You should read “cutting off the hands of terrorists from nuclear facilities” as “we demand the end of IAEA inspections”, hinting the point that Mossad and Western services get lots of their intelligence about who-is-who in Iranian nuclear industry from IAEA.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 19:27 utc | 15

There is no going back to the JCPOA, both Biden and Iran have made that clear. What is possible are indirect negotiations about a whole range of issues. The JCPOA has also set a precedent of how an US administration can sign a legally binding treaty in circumvention of US congress (and thus AIPAC).

Posted by: m | Nov 27 2020 19:28 utc | 16

It seems that Biden has deputed former CIA director John Brennan to send a message to Iran:

This was a criminal act & highly reckless. It risks lethal retaliation & a new round of regional conflict.
Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible American leadership on the global stage & to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits.

I do not know whether a foreign government authorized or carried out the the murder of Fakhrizadeh. Such an act of state-sponsored terrorism would be a flagrant violation of international law & encourage more governments to carry out lethal attacks against foreign officials.

These assassinations are far different than strikes against terrorist leaders & operatives of groups like al-Qaida & Islamic State, which are not sovereign states. As illegitimate combatants under international law, they can be targeted in order to stop deadly terrorist attacks.

Posted by: b | Nov 27 2020 19:29 utc | 17

Why do we assume that Iran will restrain itself in its reaction to the assassination of its scientist?

If the Iranian authorities do not react now, then they will not be able to exact punishment under Biden, isn't it?

Lay the blame at Trump's feet as the act of a psychopath willing to risk war for his own personal gains.

Netanyahu indicted himself since his 2018 declarations. So Israel too must be punished severely.

Usque tandem, Catilina, abutere patientia nostra?

There must be a red line and a very brutal reaction to this wanton aggression.

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 27 2020 19:37 utc | 18

If the Iranians don't respond to this, in some way and at some time of their choosing, they will be inviting further murder attacks. I imagine that they know this, so retribution in some form must follow.

Posted by: Jams O'Donnell | Nov 27 2020 19:38 utc | 19

When Iran has its atom bomb, all the Zionists cowards will run out of Occupied Palestine.

Posted by: Mario | Nov 27 2020 19:40 utc | 20

james @Nov27 18:38 #9

That's true from Iran's perspective. The Western public have been provided with a different view / different narrative.

<> <> <> <> <>

I'm very pessimistic.

I foresee Iran being blamed for any terrorist incident. MSM will say that Iran is "lashing out" at USA or the West (after draconian USA sanctions and Israel provocations). The killing of al Queda's #2, Hezebollah, and Trump's designation of IRGC as a terrorist organization, will all be heralded as proof of Iran's being behind any terrorist attack.

Trump's anti-Iran stance will be called prescient and his seeming reluctance to attack Iran in the past will be called "restraint" while his offer of a limited attack like Iran's attack on the US base in Iraq will be lauded as "responsible" etc.

I don't have a crystal ball but this seems very much how warmongers/war planners would like the lead-up to a war to play out. It positions USA/Western leaders as the peace-loving people facing up to tyranny and terrorism. Iran will be blamed for everything and if a major war breaks out the entire West will support the war effort. MSM will salute and promptly memory-hole all info that points to Israeli-inspired Western aggressiveness toward Iran over the previous two decades.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 27 2020 19:47 utc | 21

If we do find it likely that attacks such as this will not lead to war on a regional or global scale, I wonder to what extent citizens and even functionaries of Western states understand that the restraint of Iran, Russia and China in particular is largely owing to the fact they see time as on their side -- the West is so obviously in decline while their own countries' positions are strengthening.

If it were the other way round, and time were not on their side, we would like have already undergone a devastating regional, perhaps even global conflict.

Posted by: Paul Damascene | Nov 27 2020 19:49 utc | 22

@18 b

I'm sure Iranian technocrats (Rouhani government) are going to capitalize on such messages (shake-hands policy toward "moderate" Yankee Imperialists) … You see, it’s not that difficult to turn a catastrophic event into a “successful cooperation”, one just need to be a traitorous opportunist.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 19:52 utc | 23

Has everyone forgotten so quickly the Israeli assassination program of Iraqi scientists? In 2006 it was estimated at over 500 killed. And the program continued.

Posted by: Castellio | Nov 27 2020 19:58 utc | 24

Somebody (offical IRGC channels preferred) should tell Trump that he is an optional target once he leaves office. I would love to imagine this utter fool to be shit-scared & paranoid for the rest of his disgraceful life.

Posted by: v | Nov 27 2020 19:59 utc | 25


It will be interesting to understand what role Ayatollah Mike /Dark Prince Michael D'Andrea is playing in this. Where is his CIA's Iran Mission Center located ? Must be in the Gulf region because his wealthy wife won't stay at some US base in the area - unless she is residing in her country : Mauritius and he is somewhere in Oman or UAE.

Posted by: Yul | Nov 27 2020 20:10 utc | 26

Nuclear energy, whether for bombs or power stations, is pretty much an open book these days...and Iran has no need to depend on "rare & exotic genius" to further whatever program it wanted. Iran produces more scientific engineers than the USA, perhaps even more than Russia. China, of course, is numero uno.

But here's an apposite quote from the past (2012):

After Nuke Scientist's Murder, Iranian Students Switch Majors to Nuclear Sciences: Official

Posted by: Guy Thornton | Nov 27 2020 20:10 utc | 27

@26 Yul

Michael D'Andrea was invited to a grill party, it didn't end good for him. I don't think you are going to watch any live interview with him in major networks, now or in the future ...

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 20:25 utc | 28


Iran has always behaved very maturely in an area surrounded by cartoon countries. When Taliban beheaded their diplomats, they did not retaliate and instead used peaceful and local channels to convey their dismay with the Pashtuns. Same goes with Pakistan, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.

Iran risks mass addiction at home when it stops the flow of drugs to Europe. Iran rejected proposals by Afghan drug lords to stop supplying Iran if given free passage to Europe.

Had it been the other way around do you think Europe would have even thought for a second not to turn this into a leverage?

Iran is miles ahead in humanity

Iran is amazing.

Posted by: Cracker Jack | Nov 27 2020 20:26 utc | 29

Iran should have struck at Nothingyahoo house right after Suleimani was murdered. Instead, they lobbed a few missiles at an EMPTY BASE. Even worse, they gave the Americans ample warnings(via third parties) prior to the attack.

The Israeli leadership only understand the language of force and until they're faced with catastrophic consequences to their actions, these assassinations won't stop.

The current crop of Iranian leaders are so risk averse that they'll rather take it on the chin and move on than establish deterrence.

Posted by: Zico | Nov 27 2020 20:27 utc | 30

How could this happen?
I mean, how is it possible for Israeli agents or their collaborators to stage such a complex operation in Iran? And it's not the first time either. It seems that Iran has some 5th column, or an Achilles heel, that they just can't get rid of.
Why aren't they able to retaliate by assassinating some scientists in Israel? They are both pretty closed and controlled countries, so the 1 on 1 comparison seems legit to me. Something just isn't right here.
Also, while many are still waiting for revenge over the murder of Soleimani, Iran now has 2 murders to avenge. It seems to me that revenge is, actually, not on the cards, and just a propaganda point, which speaks volumes about what Iran is capable of doing, sadly.

Posted by: Tod | Nov 27 2020 20:39 utc | 31

Iran is up against a global intelligence military establishment than can predict any retaliatory action against Israelis in other countries. NUttyahoo mentioned in passing that Israel joined the 5 eyes network which is now the 6 eyes network last year.

All of their eyes are on Iran and they are in no position to do much of anything externally, with the exception of a few countries in their region, while the Israelis can act with impunity externally and internally.

They cannot confront Iran directly in a land invasion style war to remove the regime nor can Iran do the same to Israel. It is a stalemate with small ongoing brush fire conflicts and intelligence operations.

Posted by: circumspect | Nov 27 2020 20:49 utc | 32

From Brennan's tweet:

Such an act of state-sponsored terrorism would be a flagrant violation of international law.

And he called it murder, criminal and implied Israel as "perceived culprits" and maybe even Trump...interesting, since he knows for sure Israel did this in coordination with Trump! Brennan laid it down. This is the strongest statement against Israel's actions coming from no less than an ex-CIA Chief. I hope this means a radical departure in policy with regards to Israel. (I won't hold my breath; but fingers crossed.)

What it could mean is that Biden is really angry with Israel and Trump trying to sabotage his Presidency and legacy, but he can't take the rhetoric that far himself, or upstage the lame duck, so Brennan volunteered to be the bad cop with an unprecedented rebuke.

However, this is not over. Trump didn't send Pompeo to Israel just to plot the assassination of one scientist, albeit a top scientist, that was probably planned in advance. Trump wants blood and vengeance, and he wants to use Iran for that end. Pompeo did try to talk him down from a strike; but no one said they wouldn't green light Israel striking. Did Trump send the B-52s to cover Israel's ass? Damn him; he's up to something! This would be even more disastrous at this particular time.

And why did the B-52s fly over Israeli air space to get to Qatar when it's not the usual route? Was this a symbolic gesture?


If Trump sinks the U.S. into war in the midst of a full-blown pandemic, an economic crisis and an incoming, unprepared new Presidency for pure vengeance; it's treason. No ifs, ands or buts.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 20:52 utc | 33

@ Zico | Nov 27 2020 20:27 utc | 29 who wrote
The current crop of Iranian leaders are so risk averse that they'll rather take it on the chin and move on than establish deterrence.
@ Tod | Nov 27 2020 20:39 utc | 30 who wrote
It seems to me that revenge is, actually, not on the cards, and just a propaganda point, which speaks volumes about what Iran is capable of doing, sadly.

Most of us regulars at MoA except for Circe and a few others understand that there is a civilization war going on in our world and the losing side is flailing madly as its social narrative is shown to the world to be anti-humanistic. Given this understanding, which Iran holds as well, the forces of good are trying to let the forces of evil consume themselves and hopefully not all the rest of us in the process.

But you keep calling for an eye for an eye and other barbaric responses and the rest of us will try and continue forward building a just and sharing society.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 27 2020 20:56 utc | 34

Watch out for your links. Use the HTML Tags for your links. Don't screw up a 2nd thread on this subject!

Anti-war Trump my ass! I told you Trump wanted to do this in a 2nd Term, and by God he's gunning for war with Iran that motherf**cker!

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 21:05 utc | 35

We only know what they tell us.
I suspect that Iran does get even for these actions, why not, and that the target country doesn't publicize it.
Why would Israel report a successful counter-hit on one of their own scientists? And why would Iran report it?
That way Iran profits both ways, with favorable publicity and a proper revenge.
Perhaps we'll hear from my friend Kooshy regarding likely Persian behavior.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 27 2020 21:11 utc | 36

thanks for the comments directed at me....

a few things in response.. we had just talked of this the other day - war on trumps way out... some thought this possible, but i didn't.. i still don't, although this cheap shot from israel isn't surprising.. the problem with fanatics is they see themselves everywhere they look.. i tend to agree with @ 22 Paul Damascene's comment - time is on russia, china and irans side... either that or the posters here claiming iran is risk adverse and etc are onto something.. we had the ukrainian airline shot down in the immediate aftermath of irans initial response to soleimani's death.. and i am sure the MSM is broadcasting all sorts of lies and bullshit about iran as we speak, while saying jackshit about the ongoing ugly role israel is playing here... fine.. not everyone is buying into the MSM falsehoods and avoidance of what is happening here..

as far as i am concerned the JCPOA is over - never to return... whatever biden decides to do here, his options are much more limited then the last time he was sitting as VP.. meanwhile israels options continue to be more limited as well.. papa usa is not going to be in any great position to coddle israel endlessly as time moves forward..

@ 21 jackrabbit.. i agree with you for the most part.. except i am not convinced of a war any time soon.. in this instance i hope i am right, but you might be more correct..

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2020 21:21 utc | 37

@3 "This is certainly a cause for war if done in other contexts but I agree that Iran is too smart to take the war bait."

I hope so. But they're apparently not smart enough to properly protect their scientists. Or generals...

Posted by: Wind Hippo | Nov 27 2020 21:24 utc | 38

Knowing that Israel has zero pain tolerance, I think Iran should definitely respond with something that hurts, but use an oblique approach that gives it cover.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 21:28 utc | 39

And again it happend!
This is so humiliating for Iran. To be honest there is no excuse for iranian naivety on their constant failure to protect their most important persons.

"Israeli Military Told to Prepare for Possible US Strike on Iran Ahead of Trump Exit - Report"

Posted by: Zanon | Nov 27 2020 21:36 utc | 40

@ psychohistorian | Nov 27 2020 20:56 utc | 33 who wrote

"But you keep calling for an eye for an eye and other barbaric responses and the rest of us will try and continue forward building a just and sharing society."

Yeah, and pigs can fly - excuse my French. You do not establish deterrence by throwing flowers and singing Kumbaya. Unfortunately the world doesn't work like that. When survival is at stake, all those lofty ideals go out if the window.

Iran's living in a dangerous region and cannot afford to be perceived as weak.

What you're saying is similar to the school kid who thinks by playing nice to the bully, he'll be spared of his lunch money - the bully still takes his lunch money anyways. Appeasing the bully never works.

Posted by: Zico | Nov 27 2020 21:47 utc | 41

@psychohistorian | Nov 27 2020 20:56 utc | 33
I get what you are saying, but honestly that just sounds like the "just world" fallacy. I'm all for restraint and avoiding unnecessary bloodshed. But some lines must be drawn when important citizens (any citizen really) are killed on your own soil.
And I also see it as a crass failure of the Iranian secret services. If it was a drone or missile strike, I could understand, technological gap and all that, but Israeli agents doing basically whatever they want in an enemy country? It was just last week that the Israeli's paraded in front of the world another assassination inside Iran, that Iran denied. And now, the very same story that many, including me, considered hogwash, happens in real life. Major propaganda failure!
Back to my original point: What can you expect of your citizens if you, as a state, don't protect them? Important citizens mostly. If I was an Iranian scientist and some strange fellow contacted me, saying he's an Israeli secret agent, threatening my family and me, unless I do this or that, what would I do? Would I trust the Iranian state to protect me, or I would say "Fuck it, I have no choice, I will just do what they ask, and hope for the best!"
There are a few things that any functional state should try to do, or at least have a damn good excuse for not doing. Protecting the life of it's citizens is the first by far, followed closely by feeding it's citizens and allowing them to start a family. The basic blocks of life. There rest is optional.
So yeah, letting your enemy consume itself sounds very Sun Tzu and moral, but one must take care not to be consumed itself, before that happens.

Posted by: Tod | Nov 27 2020 21:51 utc | 42

Retaliating against an equivalent target inside Israel would be extremely difficult - not to mention unwise, tactically-speaking - but I wouldn't want to be an eminent Israeli professor holding a tenured position in a prestigious foreign University.

Not now, anyway....

Netanyahu wouldn't care, of course. But the Iranians might.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 27 2020 21:56 utc | 43

Swami @ 42
Those are the reasons you should stay.
The true left are BLM, Antifa and the peace loving American public. I hope you agree.
Will this asanation be a one off act by Trump and Israeli ?
I very much doubt it. If the second shoe drops Iran needs to react hard and fast. Agansit Israel and America
Bully’s don’t respect weakness. It encourages them.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 27 2020 21:59 utc | 44

Breaking News: The latest out of the Pentagon is that the USS Nimitz with dozens of fighter jets on board and its convoy of warships, destroyers and cruisers are heading back into the Persian Gulf.

So it's as I stated previously, Trump isn't really moving troops out of the ME, he's just repositioning and reshuffling thousands more.

Anti-war Trump, pffft, put that where the sun don't shine!

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 22:01 utc | 45

@41 Zanon

STFU with your crap on Iran and you are responsible for screwing up the thread with your long link after I specifically posted not to do that again on this 2nd Iran thread, dimwit!

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 22:07 utc | 46

Do such actions hasten the day when Russia & China station nuclear weapons in Iran under Iranian command simply to end the escalations serving to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear deterrent that Israel has? Make that deterrence a fait accompli, as w/ Pakistan, UK, NK, France...

Posted by: Paul Damascene | Nov 27 2020 22:15 utc | 47

In a previous comment I mentioned that a reflex reaction should not be expected by Iran. Iran need first to find answer to some questions. Was it just this assassination or a single action in a multiple-action operation? Is it part of a provocation or the ongoing agenda of eliminating key scientists? Is it really done by the usual suspect or other services? …, then consider a possible reaction from two angels, outside angle and inside angle. Even if they find out that this was a provocation to initiate something bigger, they can’t ignore the pressure from own population demanding a pay back.
It’s not that simple like picking a target out of a targets-bank and eliminate it, as some insist on here.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 22:19 utc | 48

I wonder if Iranians know of such items as an armored vehicle, be it SUV or sedan. Why isn't somebody as important as Mr. Fahkrizadeh issued a bulletproof car? What kind of security detail did he have?

In such critical times, not being on your guard illustrate Khalil Gibran's sentence:
"And this also, though the word lie heavy upon your hearts:
The murdered is not unaccountable for his own murder,
And the robbed is not blameless in being robbed."

Iranian inaction in previous cases, the mildness of retaliation over Soleimani's murder, the lack of protection for their important human assets invites these dreadful deeds.

Bomb Dimona, destroy Israel's electricity production, rain rockets on the Knesset, sink a US aircraft carrier, do something of merit that will make your enemies think twice and, if push comes to shove, by "opposing it, end it".

Taking it on the chin or offering the other cheek will not work.

Brennan's word are words from a civilian. Not a binding official mouthpiece, and, f**k, your asset is no more.

Somebody has to pay for this. And dearly.

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 27 2020 22:25 utc | 49

@44 Tod

The scientist had a security detail that were injured in the attack.

Here's the thing: it's very difficult to smoke out agents/operators in the ME and Iran. It's much easier to sneak them in when they look like everyone else and speak the same languages: Farsi and Arabic. Israeli agents would have a much harder time blending in in a Western country to pull something off.

Israelis have a ton of experience in this arena. They've gotten away with it in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Jordan, you name it! And to make matters worse, they have Iranian terrorists working with them!

So I think your argument is somewhat harsh and misinformed.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 22:28 utc | 50

Well, it's a perverse situation. You have a little guy (Israel) trying to bully a big guy (Iran), and the little guy's Uncle is standing by to jump in as soon as the guy being bullied hits back. We've all seen this in High School. So treating it like it's a fair fight is just horseshit, and saying that the right thing for Iran to do when being provoked to do something stupid, is to immediately take their enemy up on it, is, well, stupid too.

These attacks have been going for decades, and they have not been effective in preventing Iran's rise. The Israelis like them because it makes them look tough domestically, but it's a loser strategy, and one reason they pursue it so much is they haven't got much else they can get away with. Iran will take notes and wait for opportunities.

It is essentially the same thing as guerilla war or "terrorism" carried out by a state, the strategy of a weak player, trying to show (as mentioned here) that Iran cannot protect its people, etc.

Posted by: Bemildred | Nov 27 2020 22:31 utc | 51

b's post of the Brennan twit @ 18 is very helpful. The situation is similar to what Russia faced in confronting the Ukraine coup situation when it seemed the war frenzy was being ramped up by those who would profit from war, but Russia calmly resisted the temptation to act with belligerence. I would suppose restraint on Iran's part would be counselled in similar measure.

Assassinations are the deepest of war crimes, in essence cowardly and insane. They should not achieve their desired effect.

Condolences and respect to the people of Iran.

Posted by: juliania | Nov 27 2020 22:32 utc | 52

@47 Circe

Nimitz going inside Persian Gulf, means no chance of war. When these type of units are far away, in free waters, then it's dangerous.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 22:34 utc | 53

@Circe | Nov 27 2020 22:28 utc | 52
Actuality, if you get past the propaganda, the Israelis have a very significant number of amateurish botched operations. Having 20 something Jewish agents, badly disguised as Arabs, "infiltrating" a Palestinian hospital to arrest a wounded Palestinian was my favorite. Look it up, it's hopefully still on Youtube.
And you cannot equate Palestine, Lebanon, UAE or Jordan, which they control to some degree to Iran which they are a declared enemy of. As for the part where Israeli's are masters of Farsi and Arabic, but then can't manage enough English to infiltrate a Western country, I guess I didn't got the point of your argument, as this seems completely outlandish to me.
As for the Iranian terrorists, it's the job of the Iranian state to get rid of them. There's no excuse here, they've been "at war" since 1979, that's enough time to weed out any terrorists.

Posted by: Tod | Nov 27 2020 22:41 utc | 54

I keep reading that Iran is going to get even for
and the other things
and the other things
and the other things.

Iran must have quite the list piled up.
When do they expect to act on it?
Don't hold your breath.

Posted by: librul | Nov 27 2020 22:41 utc | 55


This assassination illustrates the fact that Iran is not a dictatorship.

Road Blocks, ID checks, vehicle searches, bodily searches, surveillance cams, UAV surveillance are ways , amongst others to secure the environment. No way an assassination like this would occur in a controlled environment like NK or any other dictatorship like Israel.

Live free and pay the price.

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 27 2020 22:42 utc | 56

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 27 2020 21:11 utc | 35

Don, if I am correct, ever since I remember Mr. Fakhrizadeh (b not Fahrizade) name was mentioned on IAEA reports, and was mentioned to be a target of US/Israeli assassination, as early as 2006, therefore I would think, in this last several years Iran wouldn’t him being majorly involved in her nuclear or missile research program. Therefore, assassinating him was a symbolic action to provoke and force Iran to take a rash action. IMO Iran has proven it would not take the bait in this way and retaliate in a rash hasty way that she doesn’t have full control on time, intensity and the theater. Specially she will not take any form of terroristic retaliation. For now, Iran would not want to lose the sense of victimhood, being a victim of the western supported terrorism, on her scholars. For outside of Iran, for time being Iran may take a symbolic announced action. But inside Iran they will find the culprits and deal with them.

For next few days there would be Iranians and non-Iranians who would act as if they are on the Iran’s side and are hurt and want retaliation, they would demand and try to mobilize others to force Iran for a severe revenge immediately, they would claim if Iran Is not retaliating in kind, is because the Iranian government and or military is incompetent, these group are either stupid and irrational, or they are part of the plan, tasked to provoke and mobilize regular Iranians to demand an immediate retaliation from Iran to achieve the original goal of this assassination, which indeed was for Iran to retaliate and kill a probable rapprochement and or a reinstatement of JCPOA. This only shows how insecure Israel and her supporters have become by Iran not tumbling after Max pressure and assassination of General Soleimani.

In real world to understand Iran’s conduct, mentality, rational, one needs to truly understand Shia Imam Hossain mentality, enough to say that for martyrs Shia don’t send/give condolences to victim family, instead, they send their congratulation, meaning, congratulating the family for strengthen the resistance/Islam. However, an eventual revenge will come but only after the main goal has been achieved. In my experience, is very difficult this Shia martyred mentality to be understood in the west even among Iranians who grew up here.

Posted by: kooshy | Nov 27 2020 22:43 utc | 57

Circe has been consitantly right through out the US election campaign.
I think it’s time the genuine people here gave an apology. We all make mistakes !

Apology? for what? I love Circe, I still do not know why she complains so much about links without tags but that’s not her main complaint, Trump’s existence is. Wishful thinking, Trump is the symptom not the malady.

Posted by: Paco | Nov 27 2020 22:45 utc | 58

Framarz @ 55
The flaw in your logic is ———
We’re not dealing with a sane president of America. Trump is backed into a corner. Expect madness.
Israeli well devious, manipulative. And lacking in foresight.
That fleet is sacrificial !

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 27 2020 22:53 utc | 59

Iran will do nothing, as it has done for the past year while taking huge losses in Syria.

Posted by: steve | Nov 27 2020 22:55 utc | 60

@ juliania #54:

"Assassinations are the deepest of war crimes, in essence cowardly and insane. They should not achieve their desired effect. Condolences and respect to the people of Iran."


Requiscat in Pace, Mohsen Fahrizade

Posted by: ChasMark | Nov 27 2020 22:56 utc | 61

@ Mark2
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out of the bar...grab fellow trolls Donkeytale and Circe while you are at it. You guys don't like the conversation here, so why stick around?

Posted by: ArthurDent | Nov 27 2020 22:56 utc | 62


Kooshy, having Ayatollah Khamenei paraded in front of some assassins as to promote his martyrhood
is certainly not the most comprehensible behaviour.

Then if one has been martyred by anybody, and this is a cause of jubilations and congratulations to the bereaved family, why take revenge?

Would you go as far as to say that Soleimani's martyrhood should be rewarded?

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 27 2020 22:58 utc | 63

The correct action for Iran to take now would be to ban any further inspections by the IAEA and pursue the issue of sanctions in the UNSC and other forums.

They now have what is ostensibly a moraly justifiable reason to claim lack of good faith or effectiveness on the part of the international participants of the JCPOA.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Nov 27 2020 23:13 utc | 64

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 27 2020 22:58 utc | 66

As I wrote with western (materialistic) mentality you wouldn't understand. They congratulate the family "for gifting the life of a loved one to strengthen the resolve for protector of islam in this case meaning Iran) this has nothing to do with a revenge on day, time and theater of their choosing. You know how symbolically in US they fold the flag of the cuffen and give it to family, that means your loved one was sacrificed for the country. same thing, but without use of a material symbol,

Posted by: kooshy | Nov 27 2020 23:16 utc | 65

Paco @ Thanks and respect.
Swarmi @ 63
Thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply. I agree with just about all.
Except I am not on this site to make friends, this blog is a world wide platform an opotunity to spread the truth and call out the lies, and mistaken beleaths.
I have don that all my life, mainly on the streets. Fighting fascists, that work will never be finished, I’m cool with that. But the fasicts will never ever win.
Arthur dent see above.
Every soul saved is a sucsses. I’m not here to make enemy’s.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 27 2020 23:21 utc | 66

interesting, trump has neither taken credit for the assassination nor condemned it, as far as i can find. perhaps b is right and it was primarily an israeli operation.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Nov 27 2020 23:30 utc | 67

@66 CarID

I have to give kooshy credit trying to transfer his knowledge about Shia’s influence on the Iranian mentality and what that exactly mean. (Actually not only Iranian mentality but all Shia people living in ME from Lebanon to Yemen, you want to understand Axis of Resistance, you need to understand Shia).
Unfortunately I’m at the end of a long day and out of energy to contribute myself. I hope kooshy do it right (without mixing in the subject of "Iranian national pride" as he did last time). I'm going to follow up this discussion again on sunday.

Posted by: Framarz | Nov 27 2020 23:32 utc | 68

one more proof the Iranians aren't very smart or intelligent. He should have been taken care of as if he was a soft boiled egg and not allowed to travel around Iran by a car. Israel/USA are openly trolling Iran; 2nd assassination this year; first Sulemani, now him. Israel/USA want to show they can do whatever against Iran and there is little Iran can do.
Notice how Putin/China are keeping quiet? While the West is working in tandem, step by step doing their script, attacking Lebanon and destroying Hibollah, killing Sulemani and now this guy, those 3 countries don't even got the brains to get together with North Korea and Venezuela and Cuba and form an alliance. What a farce. And Russia and China are supposedly Humanity's last hope against Imperialism? Fat chance!

Posted by: Hoyeru | Nov 27 2020 23:36 utc | 69

@65 ArthurDent

There are always extra trolls drafted in when military action is possible and especially when Israel is involved. Talking to it only increases its count of engagements - it's giving points to the enemy.


Iran is that rare dog that does not bark, and already gave its one warning growl. Israel's IDF is already panic-stricken out of its mind because Hezbollah has not yet responded to the one martyr in Syria - and Sayed Nasrallah has said that the anxiety and dread experienced by the IDF soldiers, although not part of Hezbollah's justice, is certainly allowed to continue as part of the punishment.

Given all this - imagine how Israel quakes in fear when Iran does not react as a slave to contrived events, and takes its actions in its own time, from its own spirit of motivation.

This fear, too, is part of the punishment.


And we here at MoA can afford to see the fear in the increased troll level and take satisfaction from its powerlessness. That powerlessness is part of the punishment.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 27 2020 23:36 utc | 70

kooshy @59--

Thanks for your comment! I agree the philosophy surrounding the Imam Hossain is difficult for many to understand, but it does have an internal logic that provides the spine for Iranian Shiism. I think it rather odd that one of the bigger Neoliberal Big Liars would compose that tweet he sent out; although since he hates Trump so much, it's easy to see his motivation. One thing I'm sure of, Nuttyahoo will not die a natural death, most likely succumbing to a Chavez cancer.

Paco @60--

Exactly! Trump is one of the products of the Neoliberal system, wherein there are many far worse than him. I expect December to be very hot politically within the Outlaw US Empire. The System is what's beyond rotten, but it gave Trump his position; so, it remains to be seen how much of that System Trump will try to upend in his quest to remain POTUS.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 27 2020 23:40 utc | 71

Posted by: Paul Damascene | Nov 27 2020 22:15 utc | 49

Russia will do squat for Iran as Putin has proven he is Zionist-compromised.

Posted by: ArthurDent | Nov 27 2020 22:56 utc | 65. 🖕🤡


Besides an oblique response that causes Israel searing pain, Iran must not give an inch on the new deal beyond the original deal, because there is a ton of proof of bad faith on the U.S. side.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2020 23:41 utc | 72

Kooshy @ 69
Valuable insight from you there. That is why b’s platform is so valuable !
I think this ‘crime’ should be delt with by the President elect.
I don’t see it as Iran’s responsibility to police America’s war crimes.
But Iran has a right of self defence !
Natural Justice.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 27 2020 23:42 utc | 73

He was driving his car himself, his wife with him traveling inside the same car, the car had no armor, it was very simple, he had two body guards in the same car!

Posted by: Arata | Nov 27 2020 23:53 utc | 74

@Kooshy 59&69
Thanks for the insight. Looking at Iran's actions through that lens, they make more sense. From an outsider's point of view, it appears Iran has a different perspective of time than here in the USA which leads to patience in the face of aggression.

Posted by: Haassaan | Nov 28 2020 0:09 utc | 75

King donkey rear .org is back. It is interesting that some outfit would pick up that troll's salary even though the election is supposedly over. That suggests to me that the elites are not so confident of their coup as the Mockingbird mass media gaslighting would suggest.

Or are they desperate to spin this assassination towards Trump? I wonder why the capitalist elites would waste money on that...?

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 28 2020 0:15 utc | 76

@Grieved 74

"Given all this - imagine how Israel quakes in fear when Iran does not react as a slave to contrived events, and takes its actions in its own time, from its own spirit of motivation.

This fear, too, is part of the punishment."

Good comment! When MoA gets swarmed by trolls it could be interpreted as a "tell" pointing out that the subject at hand is near and dear to those who want to see USA's hegemonic grip on the world maintained.

Posted by: Haassaan | Nov 28 2020 0:18 utc | 77

I have read somewhere that Macedonia, from the 1890 forward, was never successfully annoyed because they would kill all those foreign politicians that would legislate or intervene against Macedonia.

A new page from an old book ?

Iran should immediately chastise the presumed culprits. And assassinate all those they can that work against their well being as a peace loving people.

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 28 2020 0:19 utc | 78

Israel and the United States openly support the Mujahedeen e Khalq (MEK). In 2017, John Bolton addressed one of their annual conferences in Paris, declaring that the next year they would be Tehran. Bolton and so many others among the neo-liberal warmongers wish to see these people installed as the government of Iran.

The answer to the question of how the attack was made possible is easy if one considers their fifth column inside Iran -- their members are Iranians, indistinguishable from any others and free to move about within the country.

Iran's nuclear enrichment program has produced tons of nuclear waste, which the Iranians have transformed into bunker buster warheads. When uranium is ignited, it burns at more or less 6,000°C., incinerating everything in the vicinity. The uranium itself is transformed into microscopic ceramic-like particles, virtually indestructible, with a radioactive half-live of 4.5 billion years. The typical bunker buster has a warhead with roughly one ton of this stuff. After it has burned, there is, thus, roughly one ton of microscopic radioactive particles.

A few dozen of these dropped on Tel Aviv and western Jerusalem would render them contaminated forever.

Israel knows this, for Israel tested many of these in southern Lebanon in August 2006. The United Nations Environment Program's Post-conflict Assessment Unit found low enriched uranium in the craters from these bombs.

Briefed on this by one of the independent researchers who had accompanied the UNEP team, had taken his own samples and had had them analyzed at the Harwell laboratory in England using mass spectrometry, Robert Fisk undertook to explore the subject. He published his assessment on the front page of The Independent on 28 October 2006. The BBC, also briefed by the same researcher, refused to report the same results even after they were confirmed with further samples 3 weeks later.

There is also the likelihood of a hit on the Dimona reactor. On a day when the wind is blowing south to north, the resulting colossal radiation would contaminate most of Israel, like the area around Chernobyl. Indeed, the attacks on southern Lebanon were carried out when the wind was blowing in that direction, and they came to sudden halt when the wind shifted.

Did you say "deterrence"? I do believe that Iran has deterrence.

Posted by: RJPJR | Nov 28 2020 0:23 utc | 79

Or are they desperate to spin this assassination towards Trump? I wonder why the capitalist elites would waste money on that...?

There is nothing like the smell of delusions in the morning

Posted by: Danintheden | Nov 28 2020 0:25 utc | 80

I posted this on Zion/BidenHedge

The Tribals did the Last Round of Nuke Program Serial Murders.

These are continuing Acts of War.

IRN would be Better Off Monitoring and/or Expelling the Jewish, Saiyanim, Druze, Christians, and Pro-Western Factions.

"You can go anywhere you want to; but you can't stay Here."

The Tribals have their ISR, which are Dominated by the Khazar-Ashekenazi. The IRN-Resident Tribals don't like them; but Wars have ways of 5thColumning Minority Factions.

IRN can still maintain Dialogues with EU_Staff. EU_HQ, FIN, SWE, CHE, RUS, CHN are more than enough for IRN to Conduct Trade with.


So Bolton was observed at an AIPAC Conference stating that One Day "In the Very Near Future", they would be Celebrating in Tehran...

Regime Change with their Political Pundits, Rentier-Bankers, and Merchants In Charge...

So there you have it. The Tribals' Calls of Historical and Present-Day Anti-Semitism around the World... just Debunked Themselves with their True Intentions of Dominance and Self-Indulgence.

These explain the Expulsions and Conflicts Past.

Posted by: IronForge | Nov 28 2020 0:31 utc | 81

@80 Gruff
Unfortunately until the Dollar collapses, the capitalist elites are flush with money and will spend it willy-nilly. I don't know if they are desperate to spin the assassination towards Trump, but they are desperate to have the USA attack Iran while Trump is in office.

Posted by: Haassaan | Nov 28 2020 0:31 utc | 82

Danintheden @84: "There is nothing like the smell of delusions in the morning"

Indeed, it is overpowering at any time of the day in the US. The concern, though, is that the narrative spinners for the empire are trying to seed the notion that imperial aggression in the coming weeks will be the responsibility of the outgoing president so that the incoming administration remains untainted while the empire gets its long-overdue war in the seventh country of the "seven countries in five years" plan. This could be part of an operation to push Iran closer to its "tripwire" to retaliation as well.

That's all just speculation at this point, but what is not speculation is that a known troll-for-hire is back, which means someone hired it. Capitalists don't pay their labor out of charity, so speculating on the intentions of the troll's employers is clearly related to the thread subject.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 28 2020 0:45 utc | 83

IAEA was a spy opt back when saddam had the apparent wmds's.... i can't see anything changing in that regard... everyone knows this and everyone plays along...

i agree with don bacon @ 35 "We only know what they tell us." the msm - which we know are incapable of conveying much of any reality if it conflicts with the narrative they want to sell 24-7.... thus i appreciate @ 59 kooshy for the more nuanced viewpoint that is generally lost on westerners, myself included... there is more we don't understand then we understand... most people have a hard time accepting this, let alone living with it.. everyone wants certainty in a world of uncertainty... unrealistic expectations, but typical of most... the most confident sure assed comments typically come from the most uninformed, easily duped types..

Posted by: james | Nov 28 2020 0:48 utc | 84

Haassaan @87

Yes, the empire's window of opportunity closes in January. If they have any intention of war with Iran in the next decade then they have to get it started before then. They cannot start the war with their "savior of decency" in office.

Posted by: William Gruff | Nov 28 2020 0:49 utc | 85


"Trump is one of the products of the neoliberal system."

Swami Donkeynanda @Nov28 0:36 #88

Hitler was merely the product of a rotten liberal system?

IMO you're both wrong and you're both right.

Pointing to either "the system" or to one individual, even the President, misdirects away from those with true power who are most responsible: the Deep State Managers of the Empire. The President is merely their spokesperson as well as part of the team.

To some it sounds like a wacky conspiracy theory to say that there's a group of individuals that have out-sized power and work together to advance the interests of oligarchics and interest-groups but it's actually quite plausible and even very likely. Many well-informed people have come to the same conclusion.

Where you are each right is that: 1) the neoliberal system supports and rewards Deep State asshats, and 2) individuals (like Trump) CHOOSE to participate in the corrupt system and DESIRE the rewards of that system. My answer: because of the propaganda brainwashing (another thing that we should not stand for).

<> <> <> <> <>

We know how Presidents and Deep State asshats get rewarded after they leave office (and sometimes while IN OFFICE). Why do we (as a society) allow it to continue?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 28 2020 1:11 utc | 86

@80 William Gruff

Or are they desperate to spin this assassination towards Trump?

They don't have to dum-dum bootlicker, your asshole Trump is first in line, more than happy to take credit by retweeting the NYT report like he owns the hit.:

Trump baboon bragging about yet another hitjob on Iranians

Posted by: Circe | Nov 28 2020 1:13 utc | 87

How is it that this kind of thing just keeps happening to happen when peace looks like it just might break out?
All responsible adults must call for an immediate ceasefire, seperation of conflicting parties, and at least the beginning of equivocal negotiations for settlement.
Pretty Please.

Posted by: Josh | Nov 28 2020 1:18 utc | 88

Hitler was the product of a rotten liberal system, and if it wasn't Hitler, that rotten system would have produced a different Hitler. Corrupt systems are deterministic (as are good systems like China's). In the USA's corrupt system we get rotten Trump or rotten Biden or we get rotten somebody else.

Posted by: Haassaan | Nov 28 2020 1:23 utc | 89

Rabbit @92--

Have you once stopped to think that the "system" in the 1930s was a Neoliberal System--the financiers are what put Hitler into office. Too many are under the impression that Neoliberalism is something recent thanks to the "neo" prefix. It is not. It was only recognized recently, but it's been operating for @140 years, not that there were parades with marching bands announcing its arrival on the scene. Quite the contrary; it was meant to remain as stealthy as possible. Although he didn't name it, Hudson was one of the first to completely out it in 1972. People need to take a much more critical look at how we arrived at the world we have today.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 28 2020 1:31 utc | 90

@Kooshy 59&69
Thank you -- I knew you could straighten out my western mind and deepen my understanding of why Iran-Persia now rules in the Middle East.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 28 2020 1:54 utc | 91

Below is a short and interesting recent posting at Reuters

(Reuters) - Iran said there are “serious indications of Israeli responsibility” in the assassination of an Iranian scientist and it reserves the right to defend itself, the country wrote in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the U.N. Security Council on Friday.

“Warning against any adventuristic measures by the United States and Israel against my country, particularly during the remaining period of the current administration of the United States in office, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its rights to take all necessary measures to defend its people and secure its interests,” Iran’s U.N. envoy, Majid Takht Ravanchi, wrote in the letter, which was seen by Reuters.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 28 2020 2:05 utc | 92

I'm thinking about Kooshy's words about martyrdom, and how the US treats the US military "fallen" as kind of martyrs, they died for us, keeping us free, also a very Christian approach as in 1 John 1:7--"But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin" and "Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins." -- Hebrews 9:22 etc. -- the blood of the lamb cleanses.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 28 2020 2:07 utc | 93

The US position: "Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Period. It has held that dubious distinction for many years now and shows no sign of relinquishing the title.". .here
Of course no proof of this claim is ever presented, and recent events have indicated that US/Israel might be considered for this 'honor' of the world's best.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 28 2020 2:15 utc | 94

@ kooshy and others - regarding Martyrdom

Ramin Mazaheri, an Iranian journalist, wrote an article for the Saker explaining the meaning and value of martyrdom in the heart and soul of Iran. I personally found it greatly enlightening - I hope some may find it of benefit:

‘Martyrdom and Martyrdom’ & martyrdom: understanding Iran

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 28 2020 2:23 utc | 95

i don't think the israelis would have done this without telling the u.s. this is trump's last gambit to hang onto power. and of course the israelis are always happy to murder Iranian scientists. by: pretzelattack @ 11 <=there are a number of British, USA, French and Turkish oil and gas interest in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia that want Iran out of the way.

could be a private for profit oil and gas pipeline party is behind this assassination. ? Iran is holding the price of oil down.

both Erdogan and Netanyohu might want to exchange their nuclear scientist uniforms for something less conspicuous ? .

Posted by: snake | Nov 28 2020 2:25 utc | 96

Don just to add background to what I wrote earlier, here is why and how all this sense of Iranian resistance started .

Almost the entire history of Iran is a history of resistance. For its entire 25 centuries history Iran and Iranians had to resist and defend against foreign invasion and domination. It Sounds like nothing has changed.
Reading known history of Iran, there one reads of thousand and thousand of various wars small and big, that’s the real history of the land called Iran. Almost all of these wars are wars of resistance, defending the Iranian land, from foreign invaders from all directions. One will ask why so many interests to invade Iran, and why such a fierce nationalistic continued resistance for this land(ever since Safavid dynasty / 1500s shia Islam is a part and parcel of Iran culture, mentality and identity, is the glue that is holding the country together) this defense of sovereignty and independence At the beginnings was not about ideology? It was about economy(stupid).

As mentioned before Iran’ geography was an important multi direction trade crossroad with warm and cold climates in entire calendar ( from Tehran which is right next to a salt desert in two hours one can travel from a desert climate to a ski resort and then to a true humid tropical sea coast on Caspian Sea)
The taxes, and hospitality income from caravans traveling was a continued income for lords and kings this is the reason Iran not only was the crossroad of old trades but also also, the desired jewel of invaders.
Through out Iran there exist thousands of centuries old carvansara(Road motels) these are were caravans landed and bought Servicess made local trades and paid local taxes to the khans before moving on east west or north south. This continued need to resist to invader’s hegemony became a part and parcel of Iranian culture, mentality and way of life, some time with “strategic patience”, other times in an asymmetrical way and some time with big armies and forces. In this struggle Iranian were able to make many of their invaders completely Iranian, including Greeks, Arabs ,Mongolia and center also Asian Turks.
Culturally, this living life of resistance is the reason Imam Hossain resistance to the ruler Khalid was and is so dear and identifiable to Iranians and was almost easy to be adopted during the Safavid dynasty resisting ottoman Khalifeh, making Iran a shia nation.

Posted by: Kooshy | Nov 28 2020 2:30 utc | 97

@85 Haassaan

Thank you for putting into words something I have tried and not done well with:

Hitler was the product of a rotten liberal system, and if it wasn't Hitler, that rotten system would have produced a different Hitler. Corrupt systems are deterministic (as are good systems like China's). In the USA's corrupt system we get rotten Trump or rotten Biden or we get rotten somebody else.

"Systems are deterministic". There it is, the key to it all, in three words.

There are two schools of thought among commenters here at MoA: (1) the people create their system and are to blame for consequences and (2) the system creates its people and is to blame for consequences.

I incline to the second school, but more people here seem to incline to the first. I'm quite off-topic now in this thread, but I had to thank you for the words. Words are priceless. The right words are revolutionary.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 28 2020 2:41 utc | 98

@85 JoeG

I love this link, this should definitely be posted on every MoA thread to ward off nasty Circes. I'm usually a passive reader of this blog, but seeing the level of vulgarity of some posts by Circe, I would like to appeal to some sort of moderation, at least for my eyes' sake.

Posted by: Lemming | Nov 28 2020 3:05 utc | 99

IF ANY IRANIAN AYATOLLAH, PRESIDENT, OR SECURITY PERSONNEL READ THIS: Your country's forces have proven incompetent at protecting your irreplaceable general and your irreplaceable scientist from assassination.

Who is next?? JAVAD ZARIF. Also irreplaceable, one of the top diplomats in the world.


"But surely the US rogue state wouldn't assassinate a diplomat"

WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK IS GOING ON HERE, IRAN? And if the next kill on the list is indeed Zarif, what do you think the consequences towards the US would be? If the US nuked and killed every millions of Iranians tomorrow in a horrible genocide, what consequences do you think there'd be?

You need to protect your people and not be so fucking naive. You have NO ALLIES AT ALL. If the US nuked every Iranian tomorrow, the UN would DO NOTHING. Canada would DO NOTHING. Russia would DO NOTHING.

If you don't want a dozen more martyrs, including irreplaceable ones, START PROTECTING THEM. FUCK. Wake up to reality.

Posted by: Wind Hippo | Nov 28 2020 3:23 utc | 100

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