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October 02, 2020

U.S. President Trump Has Caught 'The Flu'

U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Both do not (yet) show symptoms.

The immediate index case is likely one of his top aides:

News of the Trumps' positive tests came just hours after it was reported that the president's top aide Hope Hicks had tested positive for the coronavirus. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has tested negative for the virus, a senior White House official told CBS News.

Trump and his aide have had lots of recent contacts:

There is no one closer to Mr. Trump than Ms. Hicks, who returned to the White House this year after leaving her position as communications director in 2018, and on Wednesday traveled with the president on Air Force One to Minnesota. She began feeling sick around the time of the campaign rally he held there, according to one person familiar with the events, and was quarantined on the return flight to Washington, where she disembarked from the back entrance of the plane.

Her positive diagnosis came on Thursday, according to the person familiar with her case, but the White House made no announcement about the situation, and Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, who had also been on the plane and exposed to Ms. Hicks, then held a briefing with reporters without mentioning it or wearing a mask.

Only after Bloomberg News reported Ms. Hicks’s condition did Mr. Trump confirm it during an appearance on Thursday night on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, where he said he was waiting for his own test results.

Despite knowing that his aide had tested positive and had probably already infected him Trump still held a fundraiser:

"After White House officials learned of Hicks’ symptoms, Trump & his entourage flew to New Jersey, where he attended a fundraiser & delivered a speech. Trump was in close contact with dozens of other people, including campaign supporters at a roundtable."

There will probably be a whole cluster of infected people around the president:

Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing - 7:48 UTC · Oct 2, 2020

BREAKING—we now know Hope Hicks’s testing timeline:
📌 Tuesday before debate: NEGATIVE
📌 Wednesday morning: NEGATIVE
📌 Wednesday mid day illness onset
📌 Wednesday mid day: POSITIVE
📌 Thursday evening Trump and FLOTUS: POSITIVE
Incubation period thread below. #COVID19

The White House has been using a relatively unreliable quick tests and additional RT-PCR testing when the quick test showed a probably positive case. The wording of the White House physician statement seems to say that Trump has had both tests:

This evening I received confirmation that both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Dr. Ding's thread includes some interesting graphics.


Depending on the point in time Trump was infected he might have infected candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday during their quite lively debate.


This shows the time periods during which the various tests will more or less react:


Trump and his wife may still have five days before symptoms might appear.

Trump is 74 years old and obese. He has a quite high risk of a bad outcome:

(Note: The percentages shown above are rough estimates and only approximate the real numbers.)

The White House and Trump personally have been extremely negligent with regards to infection protection. Just two week ago we noted that Israeli and Arab delegations, including the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo, met unprotected at the White House to sign an agreement. At the same time several White House staffers tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Trump's daughter said that it was "A historic moment":


There is already a lot of joking about Trump's earlier statements about how its 'just a flu' and how 'it will go away' :

Trump: I tested positive for Covid... actually I tested more positive than anyone. Doctors are amazed by how positive I tested, they can't believe it, they tell me, Donald, you are over 100 percent covid, it defies known science, which of course... science is fake news ...

I am sure the White House has lots of hydroxychloroquine for Trump to take."With zinc!" of course. But I guess that his doctors will tell him to avoid it because of the cardiac risk at his age.

I do not wish anyone, not even Trump, to get Covid-19. May this whole development be a lesson to him.

Posted by b on October 2, 2020 at 11:00 UTC | Permalink

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Our collective Narcissism is on full display. I'm seeing multiple stories about how our military is preparing to deal with the global evildoers who are drooling over the prospect of taking advantage over an America that is under distress.

Yes indeed. Iran, Russia, N.Korea, and now China are only constrained by the righteous vigilance of the last, best hope of mankind. The United States of America, the force of good in our world.

Gen. Jack Keane had to play this down when asked about this on FOX. When he ends up being a voice of sanity you know that we have lost our minds.

Bad week for the Trump campaign first a bad debate performance followed by Covid pandemic becoming front and center again rather than our booming, super 'V' economy. Well ... now that the $2T stimulus has been spent, our fake recovery has stalled but that was the story that Laura Trump Hannity Ingraham wanted to tell.

Love how Trump supporters are crying foul over politicizing Coronavirus after they gleefully started a self-serving Cold War w/China over it.

Posted by: Christian J. Chuba | Oct 2 2020 19:21 utc | 101

doc @91

"jackrabbit :: If biden dies kamala kameleon will be the next prez .."

It makes not one whit of difference who is the next president (or who has been since 911 if not before). The US is a racist (killing colored folks for fun and profit), fascist (Smedley Butler), war-mongering (Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran ...) state and the next president will wittingly or unwittingly do what remains to be done.

Pieces are being put into place. Takfiris are being moved to Iran's northern border. More will end up on the eastern border in Afghanistan. Israel is buying (via Uncle ATM) 'peace' in the ME, giving it overflight access (hypothesized at the moment). All the ducks are being lined up for an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear / weapons facilities, or worse a false flag against US assets taking in the US. Either way, the US will be in up to its neck.

Posted by: Ken Garoo | Oct 2 2020 19:22 utc | 102

I will believe in God if Biden is positive too!

Posted by: Malu Costa | Oct 2 2020 19:32 utc | 103

@ karlof1 @ 94:

I was just on the phone with my brother. I said to him that it seems to me that if Hicks tested positive on Wed, and Trump and wife both tested positive last night, that's a really quick turn-around time for a positive test after exposure, assuming that Hicks was the one who brought it in. It just seems to me that there are enough false positives and false negatives that can muddy the waters that it is perhaps more likely that the Trumps and Hicks were all exposed by the same person and the tests just happened to pick it up a day apart. I suggested that perhaps the Barrett nomination thing at the WH might be the event that exposed them all.

Barrett claims she had Covid earlier in the year and that she has consistently tested negative since then. But what if there is something (else) we don't know about Covid? What if someone can have it, get over it, have no further symptoms, and yet still carry it and infect others along the way?

My brother says that this has happened with other diseases, although nobody in the medical community has suggested this happens with Covid. (He reminded me that in our own family, we had a sibling who carried and spread strep to the rest of us repeatedly over a winter. He was never sick himself, but the rest of us kept having to take round after round of penicillin until the doctor thought to test the asymptomatic one. Bingo. Mike had it. Once he was treated, the rest of us quit getting sick.)

I know strep throat is bacterial and Covid is viral and obviously the two are completely unrelated; my point, however, is that there are lots of things we do not know about Covid yet. I wonder if doctors who treat Covid patients ask that they continue getting tested afterwards or do they assume the patients are now immune? And if they aren't tested after recovery, how do we know they aren't actually still spreading it? I mean, how would we know they are immune if we don't keep testing them? And why would Amy Barrett continue being "routinely tested" (her words) if it is true, as we are told, that you can't get it twice or carry it to others once you are recovered? Does her doctor know something the rest of the public doesn't? This all came up because Barrett was on the list of contacts who had to be notified about possible exposure, and she responded that she had already had it.

What if there is no such thing as herd immunity?

Of course, it's much more likely that even if the nomination event was the catalyst, Barrett is not a silent carrier, but someone else who was present that day was sick. Still, I keep wondering what else we are going to find out about Covid as time goes on.

Posted by: teri | Oct 2 2020 19:42 utc | 104

There's no reliable test for a "virus" that doesn't exist.

Posted by: fgn4 | Oct 2 2020 19:46 utc | 105

Boris Johnson didn't see a popularity/approval bump when he got COVID - given that, hard to say if Trump would.
On the other hand, Trump has been walking the walk - campaigning and what not.
What really matters is whether he will continue campaigning or not. The one thing which he really stands out at is his energy.
The night after the debate, Trump is at a public rally while Biden talks about visiting week.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 2 2020 19:57 utc | 106

Mark 99

The video of Daniel Shaver's murder was horrifying. It raises an important point. Studies have shown that the police kill white suspects at the same or slightly higher rate than they kill black suspects. Black police officers kill black suspects at the same rate that white police officers kill black suspects. The people the police are killing are almost exclusively poor people. The poverty rate of blacks is substantially higher than it is for white. That is why they are disproportionately the victims of police violence. I will probably get flamed for writing this but what we have in this country with respect to the cops killing black people isn't a race issue. We have a police problem. Too many cops are trigger happy or just too unstable to do the job. The man who killed Shaver should never have been allowed to be a cop. Shaver was doing everthing he could to comply. He was murdered. There is no other word for it.

I agree with you about George. Before anyone renders judgement, there has to be a trial. It is hard to make the case that it was the cops intention to kill him. They had already called for an ambulance. It isn't at all clear that he suffocated because of the knee on his neck. Pressure on the side of the neck does not obstruct breathing. He was compromised with Covid and he had a significant dose of fentanyl. Acquitals will set the country on fire.

Posted by: David J Valachovic | Oct 2 2020 20:08 utc | 107

@100 Michael Weddington

No, basic principles such as hyper-individuality, i.e. knowing no higher value than oneself, and therefrom a completely atomized society with no common good. In reverse.

(Or you can instead jump on an Ersatz-religion like Globull Warming, totalitarian Antifa, or DIE [Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity])

Posted by: Michael | Oct 2 2020 20:08 utc | 108

lory @95

The little detail that Donald and Melania both got infected at the same time is the giveaway that it is all a scripted fake and a setup.

Yeah that struck me the same way.

If Melania did not have Covid that would look bad...

Posted by: jinn | Oct 2 2020 20:10 utc | 109

oh people that live in the same household getting infected is suspicious. why?

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 2 2020 20:12 utc | 110

People have said that it's wrong to express glee about Trump getting corona virus. But this is a person whose administration has doggedly made life worse for _millions_ of Iranians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Yemenis & Palestinians. He's also used the US dollar's reserve currency status to bully states like China & Russia, negatively impacting millions more individuals. And his admin. has spear-headed the tormenting & torturing of truth-teller Julian Assange. So should we be polite now that he's facing illness? Or accept that we feel a sense of relief & satisfaction?

Posted by: Jimmy | Oct 2 2020 20:14 utc | 111

My goodness, these people are such liars. Hicks tested positive on Wed. after becoming sick, and the Trumps tested positive just a few hours later. They went on to their rally in Minnesota, however. They wanted to keep Hicks' test results a secret. Trump knew on Thursday evening when he spoke to Sean Hannity on the phone that his test was positive. Trump did not have anyone call the Biden campaign; Biden's people found out from seeing it on CNN this morning. Even now, no-one from the WH has spoken to Biden yet. Excerpt from article:

[…] It is not yet clear when and how Trump contracted the virus. The president and the first lady, Melania Trump, said they had both tested positive hours after one of his closest aides, Hope Hicks, had also tested positive. Hicks received the diagnosis after she began experiencing symptoms Wednesday while attending the president’s rally in Minnesota. Trump kept his appearance there to about 45 minutes, roughly half the length of one of his typical rally speeches.
Early Friday, it was still unclear how many other aides who had come into close contact with Trump had tested positive, but the White House said its medical unit was conducting contact tracing. Top advisers to the president described themselves as in a state of shock and said they expected a number of additional cases among people in Trump’s orbit. White House officials had hoped to keep the news about Hicks from becoming public, to no avail.
[…] On Wednesday evening, a small coterie of advisers spoke with one another about Hicks’ symptoms as they flew home aboard Air Force One. Hicks was quarantined in a separate cabin. She exited from the back of the plane, as opposed to the front.
By Thursday, it was clear that something unusual was happening at the White House, aides said. Several staff members who have avoided masks were suddenly wearing them.
On Thursday evening, before his own diagnosis was made public, Trump sounded raspy on a call with Iowa voters and in an interview later with Sean Hannity on Fox News. Some aides chalked it up to a busy week of campaigning.

Posted by: teri | Oct 2 2020 20:19 utc | 112

You guys don't seem to realize that Trump has a very very very small chance to die from this. I mean they'll change his blood each day with new blood if need be. He'll have tests done every minute if needed. He'll have medicine specially designed for him. Hell, doctors will probably pick each individual covid molecule with tweezers if needed.

Posted by: Tod | Oct 2 2020 20:21 utc | 113

Well, it appears that hydroxychloroquine did not work as a preventive. Time for a bleach infusion.

I consider myself a kind and decent person, yet I feel that the world would be a better place without the whole mob of Trump grifters, con artists, racists and warmongers. I felt the same way when Antonin Scalia died. Unfortunately, his position on the Supreme Court was given (stolen, actually) to someone equally bad.

Posted by: Rob | Oct 2 2020 20:28 utc | 114

Circe #34 and 36

You may have thanked Jesus incorrectly. I am told it was Abraham that you should be grateful to.

I shared your sense of celebration for a minute and then the bleak stark reality of the arseholes who could determine the sucessor became apparent. Those people are incapable of picking a decent human being.

No wonder Vic is tiched off-

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 2 2020 20:29 utc | 115

Another couple of nCoV+ persons who were at the Sat 9/26 (~5-6 days ago) Rose Garden scotus event: This time it is CNN press corp members:

Replying to
A followup memo, just a few minutes ago, says "another member of our press corps tested positive today." This person was last at the WH on Saturday (the day of the SCOTUS event) and traveled on Air Force One for the PA rally that night. The journalist showed symptoms yesterday.
1:47 PM · Oct 2, 2020·Twitter Web App"

Hmm...RGB's revenge?...Or a smidgeon of Covidchok in the scotus reception punchbowl?

Posted by: gm | Oct 2 2020 20:41 utc | 116

teri @104--

Thanks for your reply! The majority of the Microcosmos remains a mystery and there's much that's not understood. I've not closely followed the research side of COVID, although I know where I can find info if needed. Complicating the problem is all COVID doesn't act the same. The vaccination pathways offer some insight. What matters most, however, is how societies choose to deal with the virus; and it ought to be very clear that the path Trump chose was heinous and treasonous--and--that he started down that path as soon as he was ensconced in the Oval Office. 213,000 deaths later, the stats tell us to expect 213,000 more. Most alarming about US society is the obvious lack of will to completely shutdown then restart--the Chinese model--that such action deprives people of their freedom. Well, getting COVID and dying does that too--permanently. IMO, it appears much of the nation has chosen to try and adapt to this latest escalation in national dysfunction, and the election won't alter that latter fact.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 2 2020 20:44 utc | 117

I don't know what I find more amusing - The irony of Trump contracting the disease or the persecution complex among his supporters here at MoA who are imagining joy/glee in b's post or any comments other than those of circe (and maybe one other as I have not read page 2 of comments yet). The ladies doth protest just a little bit too much.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Oct 2 2020 20:48 utc | 118

The one statistic that it seems no-one can manipulate is excess mortality.

I cannot get around the fact that the number of deaths per month increased to double the normal rate for a couple of months and then went back to normal by June or so. It varies by country. Spain had double the normal death rate for a month or so, now back to normal. USA had one and half times normal for longer. Germany never exceeded 20% above average.

Some people track "covid deaths" but there are intrinsic difficulties with such statistics (co-morbidity) even if you are striving for objectivity, and every region has different definitions.

The media seems to be talking a lot about "cases" and not talking about "deaths" - is that because deaths are back to normal?

Looking at excess deaths, it looks like the Covid pandemic is basically over.

If anyone can provide some insight into why excess death statistics do not say what I think they are saying, I'd be delighted to learn more.

Posted by: Deltaeus | Oct 2 2020 20:50 utc | 119

@b Chloroquine was subscription free for ever until last winter. The claim of cardiac death risk up until last year would have been met with pity. Rightfully so. The hydroxy variety is even safer. You falling for it is quite cute.

Posted by: Stephane | Oct 2 2020 20:53 utc | 120

Trust Circe to go full-blown sociopath idiotic in gloating over one politician's health issues - no matter that he and his government, advisors and others associated with him are all war criminals - and to attack a commenter like Juliania who suggests @ 55 that the US Presidential election either be postponed or reorganised as a more transparent undertaking.

In a fair and just world, the entire Washington DC set, Republicans and Democrats alike, the advisors and lobby groups swarming around them, their donors, the intel agencies, the news media, the think-tanks and NGOs that support and fund each other should all answer for the violence and suffering they have inflicted and supported around the world and in their own country. Wall Street, Hollywood and the entire military-industrial-academic set should answer for their part in supporting this violence as well.

Attack me and others who agree with me all you like, Circe, but you only end up looking even more contemptible.

Posted by: Jen | Oct 2 2020 21:06 utc | 121

Kayfabe for sure. Have been seeing multiple MSM accounts of hurried conference and consults at White House. Because they need to make decisions on how to provide medical care to POTUS. Right. There was no plan. No doc in particular is in charge. Or the senior doc can’t make up his mind.
None of this is real. If the President gets sick everyone knows the drill. What is unfolding is just a lot of acting. There has never been a need to write a perfect script, the public buys anything. They bought magic bullets killing Kennedy, they bought 9-11, etc., etc. But when you see loose dangly script elements flopping around, not quite adding up, you can be sure it all staged.

Posted by: oldhippie | Oct 2 2020 21:12 utc | 122

A sampling of measured and not so measured comments can be read here. Naomi Klein had one closer to mine:

"'Trump getting Covid is the epidemiological equivalent of a mass shooting where the shooter opens fire on a crowd and then turns the gun on himself,' Klein wrote. 'Not a tragic accident—a crime scene.'"

I thought the following to be a fair assessment:

""Trump's diagnosis is the culmination of six months of recklessness and failure, the ultimate, inevitable end of his administration's disastrous response to a global pandemic,' The New Republic's Alex Shephard wrote Friday. 'Above all, his actions over the past six months reflect his extraordinary selfishness and cruelty. Other people get the virus. People in blue states get it. People of color get it. The elderly get it. Donald J. Trump doesn't get it—he can go about his life, however he pleases, ignoring the devastation around him.'

"'Trump has spent his entire life avoiding the consequences of his actions, from his business failures to his toxic politics. That changed on Thursday evening,' Shephard continued. 'No one would wish Covid-19 on anyone, not even Trump, but the president has spent the last six months desperately attempting to change the subject. Now, with less than a month before the election, he's paying the price.'"

I'll bet Iranians, Palestinians and Venezuelans are pleased, although they might feel uncomfortable feeling that way.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 2 2020 21:14 utc | 123

@118 _K_C_
You have difficulty finding the glee?
- "Despite knowing that his aide had tested positive and had probably already infected him Trump still held a fundraiser" Well that aide was tested daily, and the day before was negative. Tell me again b, what is the (assumed) incubation period?
- "Trump is 74 years old and obese." Technically correct, as he is said to have a BMI of 30.2 - so if he'd be at 29.9 all would be good? /sarc
- "I am sure the White House has lots of hydroxychloroquine for Trump [...] doctors will tell him to avoid it because of the cardiac risk at his age." Oh, so how did he survive taking it for 2 weeks before, in June it was I believe? Oh I know, he must've lied about it.
- "I do not wish anyone, not even Trump, to get Covid-19. May this whole development be a lesson to him."
Well we're past that point yet.
Did you see any get-well wishes that I missed?
You know the peculiar case of 'the dog that didn't bark'...

Posted by: Michael | Oct 2 2020 21:18 utc | 124

Fake news. Dramatically scripted political soap opera to gain sympathy votes from the sheeple.

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Oct 2 2020 21:19 utc | 125

Trump has fatigue and fever and got an experimental antibody cocktail therapy, Regeneron. Maybe host can elaborate on the benefits of Regeneron. No, he didn't get a cleaning with bleach injection; that's reserved for the riff-raff he pretends to care about.

He's being given an experimental treatment for mild symptoms? Really?

Trump has been a Super-spreader. He was selfish, deceptive, stupid and reckless. I could give a damn!

Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 21:26 utc | 126

gm #116

Great news, thank you as it made my day. If the gods are too tardy to strike down these pigs (including CNN) then allow us people to assist.

Not so much the kiss of death but certainly the kiss of revenge.

I personally don't care how many of these turds get Fort Detrick disease.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 2 2020 21:27 utc | 127


Indeed I find no glee in any of those excerpts *and I note that you carefully avoided quoting circe who in fact is the only person here expressing real glee. Sarcasm isn't glee, but then again, I can't find this particular quote anywhere in b's article or in comments:

- "Trump is 74 years old and obese." Technically correct, as he is said to have a BMI of 30.2 - so if he'd be at 29.9 all would be good? /sarc

Where did you source that from??? Because it sure as hell isn't to be found in b's story or this thread.

What I find more fascinating, again, is the imagined glee you and others are seeing in the very same snippets the rest of us are reading as mere observations of the irony that Trump would come down with this disease after treating it so flippantly. But again, you're actively making up at least one of those quotes, so I can't trust the veracity of the rest and don't really feel like doing word searches. Maybe this is a reflection point for you - Ask yourself why you are reading "glee" in those comments and what does that say about what you're projecting onto those people who are leaving them (again, presuming any of them are in fact sourced from this MoA article/thread)? Seems like a persecution complex as I said originally. Just because people aren't filling the thread with well wishes for President Trump (and frankly I can empathize since we often view things here from the perspectives of China, Iran and Venezuela - not to mention Russia - all of whom have been treated quite badly by Trump) doesn't imply glee or "the dog that didn't bark."

Posted by: _K_C_ | Oct 2 2020 21:27 utc | 128


I do see what you did now with that quote. Those were your words after the simple statement that "Trump is 74 years old and obese." (from the article above).

How is stating a fact expressing glee? Trump's own doctor is on record as saying Trump is "obese but healthy." (prior to his COVID-19 diagnosis) It's not a fact up for debate, nor is stating it thusly read as "glee" by anyone who isn't actively looking for glee or viewing a lack of heartfelt well-wishes and "get well soon" messages as somehow celebratory. We see things differently here - There would be no well wishes at MoA if Obama had come down with a similar disease during his presidency. I urge you to do some introspection and consider that perhaps TDS is real, but it really works the opposite way as his supporters often claim.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Oct 2 2020 21:37 utc | 129

GLEE - its a good sounding word.
Death - not so good.

The USUKi and its twisted minions and the mindless captive media of the USA and most other countries are responsible for the deaths of millions.

Remember Hillary Clinton cackle - glee
Madeline Albright - we think the price was worth it

And so many other callous, vicious USUKi leaders - all living crimes against humanity.

There is no shame expressing glee that the enabler of death has a life-threatening disease that he has visited upon his people through callous disregard and inaction.

GLEE - hand me a shovel and I will dig this pigs grave.

Celebration dinner tonight

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 2 2020 21:45 utc | 130

I just read that Trump has been admitted to Walter Reed with fever but only for an abundance of caution. In order to assuage some of Trump's ardent loyalists around here, I will say if God forbid (I don't believe in God capital G), the President doesn't make it, we should prepare ourselves for an onslaught of conspiracy theories such as those after Antonin Scalia passed, but on Qanon steroids and likely to result in further threats of violence and the postponement of the election.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Oct 2 2020 21:46 utc | 131

Trump has been a Super-spreader. He was selfish, deceptive, stupid and reckless. I could give a damn!

Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 21:26 utc | 126

Well, that must explain why the two CNN press corps members became nCov positive 5 days following the Rose Garden reception. Trump obviously despises CNN.

Posted by: gm | Oct 2 2020 21:51 utc | 132

@121 Jen

It's news to me that you CARE about

the violence and suffering they have inflicted and supported around the world and in their own country.

or ever cared when you still can't even spell out T R U M P's name in that context and he is guilty as hell!

You and Juliania must have shoe wax on your tongues from so much licking of Trump's boots for the past 3 and a half years. Don't preach to me, missy, I have never been with any side of the duopoly with the exception of Sanders, who sits as an Independent. And don't start on me with Sanders either, cos I give a damn what someone with such skewed judgment as to ever have supported Trump thinks!

It seems to me you're a little too fired up about my elation over long-awaited karma justice for Trump. Why is that? Never mind, I had your number from 2016.

The only thing I want is Trump out, and I really can't give a damn how it happens!

I'll deal with the replacement Biden tomorrow, but don't poop my party cos I'm gonna celebrate Trump motherf**ker going down whether you like it or not, buzzkill. Now go mess with someone born yesterday.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 21:52 utc | 133

As this issue is of minuscule importance to me and I have already exceeded my self-imposed limit of 3 comments per thread, this will be my last one tonight.

Uncle Tungsten - I completely get where you are coming from. I tried to allude to that type of glee in my previous post when I mentioned Obama and no well wishes for him either had he come down with a potentially serious illness or died during his presidency.

But I will say that - while I share your sentiments about ANY President of the United States and the deep state/intelligence community murderous minions (or puppet masters) that surround them - there isn't much good to be taken from celebrating the death of a mere figurehead, albeit one who happens to be a much more rude than normal version of an American President (which is all part of the act, of course - the media not so secretly loves his job as heel). The President will ALWAYS be a scumbag, murderer and sociopath - it's in the qualifications on the job posting. So I can't really muster much glee or happiness when one of them dies because the next one will always be as bad or worse to any of us who view the situation from outside the two party fake duopoly/choice. Being happy about Trump dying just isn't productive or telling of someone that actually "gets it" (which I think you do, and that you'd say the same things if it had been Obomber or Killary).

Now - Will I get some "glee" from being able to watch Trump's fanbois and girls writhing and lashing out supposing he does succumb to this disease? For a short time, probably given that I'm far removed from the Untied States here in Europe. But it will be a very short time indeed as political unrest will only increase in the USSA and there will be more violence in the streets and perhaps a wave of mass shootings or other uniquely post-capitalist Amerikkkan atrocities including but not limited to the launching of a few new wars abroad by the next guy whether he wears red or blue while he murders innocents all over the world.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Oct 2 2020 21:56 utc | 134

Seriously, this could save lives. If Trump becomes severely ill, it may convince his many selfish, reckless followers that they need to start masking up and avoiding unnecessary contact with others.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Oct 2 2020 21:57 utc | 135

_K_C_ @129--

IMO, most MoA barflies see no leader of the Outlaw US Empire deserving of any type of praise as they've all been War Criminals since and including Truman--D or R, it's made zero difference, which is what I wrote of Trump above. What most people residing within the Outlaw US Empire fail to understand is that for almost 4 generations they've been the victims of gross mis-governance that has brought about today's societal dysfunction--the USA has never been the vaunted democracy it's proclaimed itself to be, which is the biggest of all the very many BigLies. But that Narrative rolls onward and the dysfunction will continue to deepen until it finally blows up.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 2 2020 22:01 utc | 136

The mans a terrorist, running a rouge state.
The people here that are deflecting that, are clearly seen.
They worship ‘mite is right’ rationalised as moral indignation.
They are the very people who allowed Hitler to come to power. They sat on the fence when trump rose to power.
You don’t have the moral high ground.
If your not prepared to fight fascism just step aside. Don’t hinder the brave people that do.
Trump catching covid ? I’m in tears.
Tears of laughter. Bring on natures bunker scene. Some one should do a film script.
Did someone mention glee ?
Put my name down on that list.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 2 2020 22:03 utc | 137

i will base everything from reading a psychopaths words... circe - keep your words flowing.. you are so much like trump, i can see why you hate him! this special ability to dig a hole for yourself is not limited to either of you!

Posted by: james | Oct 2 2020 22:24 utc | 138

Have a tuxedo, Circe? Maybe you can pick up some moves from these guys...

Posted by: gm | Oct 2 2020 22:44 utc | 139

@ Mark2 | Oct 2 2020 22:03 utc | 137

Tears of laughter. Bring on natures bunker scene. Some one should do a film script.
What if it already is a film script?

Posted by: Lurk | Oct 2 2020 22:44 utc | 140


"circe - keep your words flowing.. you are so much like trump,"

1000% this!

Some of the most prolifically unhinged anti-trumpers posting here on MOA and elsewhere seem to so obviously suffer from the same arrogant, narcissistic, self aggrandizing 'bully' tactics and behavoirs as the le grand orange-a-tang himself. Must originate from their own psyche's reflexive spasms of self-recognition.

Posted by: time2wakeup | Oct 2 2020 22:47 utc | 141

-the USA has never been the vaunted democracy it's proclaimed itself to be, Karlof1 @ 136,
<= maybe not since 1789, but it was before the USA constitution was imposed 1788.. between 1776 and 1788 The individual states made the decisions, John Hancock was the first President of the United States of America and seven others before GW. The decisions, of the Articles government, were tightly controlled from the bottom by the towns and counties.. .. and the towns and the counties were tightly controlled by the people who lived in those towns and counties. Government responded to the people. much to the chagrin of the ex British Aristocrats, their bankers and corporate investments.

Article VI of the 1788 Constitution of the USA, should be named the British Aristocrat wealth saving, protection retaining and survival clause. Why, because it guaranteed British control over America even after the colonial war was lost. That clause gave America back to the British Aristocrats including the British Bankers and the British Trading Corporations. Paragraph 1 of Article VI reads all debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution (of 1787), shall be as valid against the United States (of America) as [it was against the United States of America] under the Confederation [<=note both governments were named the United states of America]. This unfortunate clause [Art. VI of the US constitution] explains the British response to American Democracy. The American colonies destroyed, the official British presence in America, but the British denied the Americans their democracy by this clause. Had the millions of acres of colonial real estates been confiscated from the ex British Aristocrats as the Articles government intended, and had those millions of acres been distributed to the survivors of the American Revolutionary war as the Articles Government intended; America would still be governed by a democracy. .

If the Aristocrats had not been able to destroy the articles of confederation government by ratification (Article VII) in 1788, the democratic Articles of Confederacy, might have survived to this day, and the million acre real estates, that made the Aristocrats so wealthy, would have changed the power structure from top wealth down to bottom poverty up, and there might have been, in USA governed America, to this day, a true democracy. The constitution was the document, and the USA authority to operate under it, stole from America, and the Americans they occupy it, America's democracy.

The Articles government was planning to take those estates (like all of Virginia and 1/2 of West Virginia that belonged to George and Martha Washington) from the ex British Aristocrats, divide them into 40 acre each homesteads, and give them to those soldiers who survived the war between the men of the British colonies in America and British who were using the Colonial government to extract benefit from the colony and to deny the Colonist access to the markets. British Corporations could carry duty free cargos, but American shipping had to pay large duties on both ends of their voyages. and nearly all profits in America were sent home to London in support of the Foreign based British Aristocracy.

Posted by: snake | Oct 2 2020 22:50 utc | 142

@138 james

**yawn**💤💤💤💤...Like I give a blank what the boring blog weather vane thinks.


The thing I can't stand about Trump coming down with Covid, is how justified criticism of his reckless sociopathic indifference to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of dead and their families is now replaced by minute-to-minute fussing over the criminal, bastard Trumpbaby.


Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 22:51 utc | 143

Lurk @ 140
Dam you got me there ! Fair play.
I concede you may well be right.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 2 2020 23:02 utc | 144

It's confirmed: Trump won't be treated with hydroxycloroquine:

Physician to the President: Health Update on President Donald J. Trump, Oct. 2, 2020

"Following PCR-confirmation of the President's diagnosis, as a precautionary measure he received a single 8 gram dose of Regeneron's polyclonal antibody cocktail. He completed the infusion without incident. In addition to the polyclonal antibodies, the President has been taking zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and a daily aspirin."

When the cookie crumbled, no hydroxycloroquine was taken - even in a case of of initial phase of the disease. It is below even a single aspirin in the COVID-19's treatment food chain (which is being ministered, among other supplements, just to keep Trump's body strong while the main drug takes effect, as is normal to old patients).

On the bright side, at least we know the name of the real deal: Regeneron.

Posted by: vk | Oct 2 2020 23:09 utc | 145

My wife tells me from the Tube that everyone in the clip of taking Trump to the Hospital is wearing a mask. EVERYONE.

Posted by: arby | Oct 2 2020 23:10 utc | 146

"**yawn**💤💤💤💤...Like I give a blank what the boring blog weather vane thinks."

Even in circe's arrogant dismissal of james is the go-to trumpian tactic of conjuring up a pedantic 'nickname' for their perceived adversaries.

Posted by: time2wakeup | Oct 2 2020 23:13 utc | 147

I can already see a future commission to study the "lone virus".

Posted by: red1chief | Oct 2 2020 23:24 utc | 148

October surprise?if trump dies,blame china,hot war election.state of emergency.take your shots.

Posted by: slippery | Oct 2 2020 23:24 utc | 149

Let me put it this way: If I would worry about Trump catching something... I would, only little more than Biden. A belly up dried up corpse of a cockroach triggers me more. And I am not joking by any stretch.

Posted by: Vasco da Gama | Oct 2 2020 23:24 utc | 150

@ time2wakeup | Oct 2 2020 23:13 utc | 147... thanks.. i don't think it is lost on most of the posters here at moa... sometimes saying the obvious is worth it, lol...

Posted by: james | Oct 2 2020 23:29 utc | 151

This can be construed as an indorsement of ——-
You go girl.
James it’s probably an age difference thing don’t knock it. She’s on the right side of the baracade.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 2 2020 23:34 utc | 152

@141 time2wakeup

Oh, you find my jubilation and harsh words for hypocritical Trump bootlickers offensive, do you?

213,000 dead Americans, Palestinians, Yemeni, Iranians, North Koreans, and Venezuelans hurt by Trump's policies would beg to differ.

Would your heart bleed for Pinochet's supporters too?

Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 23:36 utc | 153

Trump and Melanie both getting symptomatic at the same time is certainly strange given that the incubation period is an average of 7 days. Perhaps they caught at same time but with a range of 2-14 days getting symptoms at the same time is improbable

It does give him an excuse for his poor debate performance and distracts the herd who will no longer remember given their short memories

Also an antibody cocktail derived from Operation Warp Speed with Barda funding Regeneron to the tune of 450 M is being used to treat him despite it not being FDA authorized as its still in trials. Trump can now claim he saved himself. Good politics.

But you know, how do we even know its real?. Maybe just another psyops.

Many of us including me thought he was probably a shoe in given the Democrats seemingly insane choice to run Biden/Harris against him. However, I will admit that when he was first elected my feeling was he was a 1 term President simply brought in to break America. As a billionaire, despite 500 million in debt , he surely had better things to do in his last years. Even billionaires die.

And if he steps down for health reasons Pence can then pardon him for any and all crimes committed before and in office.

We should all know by now both parties and whomever is President are owned by the powers above. Stage I of Americas destruction is complete. Who is better for the Global Powers to handle Stage 2. Trumps did his job, America has never been so divided and much of it is broken

My premise is that Biden/Harris which will soon be Harris/X If elected would be best for them. One reason is their party base is already infected with Communitarian beliefs and have bought into the Pandemic and Climate Change Frauds. They can go all in on implementing the Technocratic 4th IR Agenda that will turn us into techno-slaves.

More important though is that America is not yet broken up enough for their tastes. The gun toting right has the most fight in them but have been content to stand on the sidelines so long as their Tyrant is in power. With Trump gone and Biden or Harris in charge, they will provide the needed violence for Martial Law and subsequent restructuring of America

The DHS under Trump is already calling the White Supremacists as the greatest terror threat. And the Jerusalem Post is floating the idea that White Supremacists might hook up with Iran and conduct a bioterror attack. Who better to crack down on far right White Supremacists (and anyone supporting the constitution on the center right) and start a war with Iran to curry favor with Israel than a Democrat Presidency, especially Harris with Sleepy Joe gone to lala land

So I can see Trump stepping down or the Powers choosing Biden/Harris. However, all we can do is watch and see how the play unfolds. One thing for sure, much more chaos and misery is coming, and its going to spread to areas previously unscathed by Stage I events.

Posted by: Kay Fabe | Oct 2 2020 23:38 utc | 154

When the cookie crumbles...

Get Well, Mr. President

... it's the Empire above everything else.

Posted by: vk | Oct 2 2020 23:38 utc | 155

that lying sack of shit thinks we were all born yesterday.

Posted by: LeoNemo | Oct 2 2020 23:39 utc | 156

@ snake | Oct 2 2020 22:50 utc | 142
"The decisions, of the Articles government, were tightly controlled from the bottom by the towns and counties.. .. and the towns and the counties were tightly controlled by the people who lived in those towns and counties. Government responded to the people . . ."

As it is today in both Venezuela and China (different systems but with the same ends), which is why the US Empire wants them destroyed.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Oct 2 2020 23:39 utc | 157

Of course I don't want Trump to kick the bucket; not before the election so Mike Pence can step in and cancel it.

Whatever happens to Trump AFTER the election...who cares!

Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 23:51 utc | 158

Deltaeus @ 119

This graph from the CDC through the Washington Post also shows that excess deaths have returned to predicted levels but clearly shows the 20,000 weekly excess deaths in the USA in the second quarter of 2020 verses 60,000 predicted:

The pandemic that swamped NY State Hospitals was real. The excess deaths are real. PCR and antigen testing from across the world indicates that a novel bat coronavirus descendent that was first identified in Wuhan China causes COVID-19. The elderly are especially vulnerable.

The infections at the White House and the hospitalization at Walter Reed pops the bubble and shows how strikingly incompetent that the US federal government is; unable to protect the President or aid its citizens. Congress has been completely stalemated since the Oligarchs got 4 trillion dollars to save the stock market.

Even though Madrid is locking down again, the pandemic could be waning; if only, Western nations had not failed to control the virus and instead had governments and public health systems that actually worked. Their economies could be on the road to recovery like China already has. But the virus is so endemic in the USA that with the school and restaurant re-openings plus the coming winter and the dysfunctional for-profit healthcare system, a third spike could be starting along with no end to the economic depression.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Oct 3 2020 0:11 utc | 159

Yup. It's a pandemic thread.

And yes, I hope Trump dies and pretty much everyone around him dies - except Ivanka and Melania. I don't like hot babes dying - but I wouldn't mind if they get seriously sick, too. However, given my luck, Trump will probably survive. However, perhaps we can hope that the virus will do such damage to him that he'll be unable to function for the rest of his term - not that Pence is going to be any better.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 2 2020 23:51 utc | 158 Mike Pence can step in and cancel it.
Good point.

Re: Vitamin D. The article I mentioned says the evidence is still out on its ability to aid in *covid*, not that it isn't obviously useful elsewhere. I take it myself. So don't blame me for the article.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 3 2020 0:49 utc | 160

For many , it's hard not to agree with Circe on this. I myself have made the case that Trump deliberately allowed the virus to spread in USA (with Deep State approval) so that he could declare a 'National Emergency' and provide a bail out of Wall Street and Boeing (which was the first thing they did). And the value of blaming China is incalculable as USA/Empire tries to smack-down their strategic rivals.

But Circe is wrong in blaming Trump for anything and everything. The Deep State is in control and the Empire is bi-partisan. Despite many reminders of this from moa readers, Circe's sole focus on Trump never changes. The rest of us can see the continuity of Empire imperatives over the last decades. It really doesn't matter who is President.

Lastly, loudly gloating about karma should not distract from the possibility of fakery. The cynicism of ptb, Simplicius, Lurk and Kay Fabe is completely deserved. Whether a ploy to gain sympathy or to move to a safe location for an "October surprise", we can't discount the possibility that we are being played. My own addition to the cynicism (@Oct2 15:45 #57) is the possibility that Biden becomes incapacitated from the virus and the Democratic Party enlists Hillary as their candidate to replace him.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 0:50 utc | 161

For those who are cynical, we have this false-flag set-up:

US Intelligence "Monitoring" Foreign Adversaries For Signs They'll Exploit President's Illness


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 0:58 utc | 162

AntiSpin #157 and snake #142

"The decisions, of the Articles government, were tightly controlled from the bottom by the towns and counties.. .. and the towns and the counties were tightly controlled by the people who lived in those towns and counties. Government responded to the people . . ."

As it is today in both Venezuela and China (different systems but with the same ends), which is why the US Empire wants them destroyed.

Right on.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 3 2020 0:58 utc | 163

Jakrabbit #163

Ok, you got me to link to zerohedge. My radar was off + I did not expect that of you. Tyler Durden is a turd and writes colourfully enough but that report was cheap BS at best.

All those 'adversaries of the USA' mentioned will be too busy partying to bother taking advantage.

Now would be a good time to fake a twitter post of an invading submarine in New York harbor flying a Rapanui flag. At least it would take only one nuke to sort that bunch of commie pussies out.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 3 2020 1:06 utc | 164

@Covergirl | Oct 2 2020 12:10 utc | 13

What strikes me is the glee that his detractors gloat in.

Trump has been lying for months about the virus. Now that he has the exact infection he's been trivializing, he deserves to be roasted.

You bemoan that people are "mean-spirited". That is not true. While some idiots are as you say, I think most people sense that Trump has earned some punishment, and they are dishing it out. It's called justice.

Posted by: Cyril | Oct 3 2020 1:44 utc | 165

I want to know where Hope Hicks is being treated? What are her evolving symptoms and what is she being treated with?

The story seems to be that Trump got the virus from Hicks and within two hours of her testing positive Trump was tested and was positive....Oh Yeah, they have initiated contact tracing at the White House....not the rest of America, mind you, the White House....we are top/bottom, remember

I posit that Trump got the virus from who knows where and gave it to Hicks, not the other way around. I understand that doesn't sound as Trump supportive but I suspect is closer to the truth.

And the worm it a set-up? With these folks, unfortunately, anything is possible.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 3 2020 2:07 utc | 166

May DJT suffer the same fate he has fostered upon others who did no harm to him or to America.

It is unfortunate that the next USA leaders will still want to subdue and exploit the non US World.

Nothing will change.

Unless an all out War takes us to a collective nuclear winter.

Maybe Papua/New Guinea will become the most advanced civilisation on Earth.

The closest to civilisation, the more probability of extinction.

Unfortunately, the desire to dominate, to subdue, has not yet been rejected by humanity.

We aim to dominate, to exploit, to enslave others for our selfish well being.

Are we the image of God?

Posted by: carlD | Oct 3 2020 2:11 utc | 167


I agree that Trump is not the only rat on the USS America, however, in four years alone Trump has done some irreversible damage; in regards to the judiciary and Supreme Court and vis a vis Israel/Palestine, in Venezuela and Iran but the buck stops with him because he is obsessed with full control and absolute loyalty therefore has managed to influence fascist progression. His Party is putty in his hands; not vice versa! He is a pathological liar, who has the power to make the less educated believe anything he wants them to believe. Therefore he is a master at mass mind control. This is a powerful weapon for advancing and securing fascism. In Germany, the Nazis advanced fascism with the notion of making Germany Great again, and out of the ruins of humiliation; they resurrected nationalist pride. He adopted that same strategy and works the same way. He claims that the world was taking advantage and laughing at the U.S., and stokes that same nationalistic fervor. He is a dangerous individual who given 4 more years will impose a police state and use martial law arbitrarily to stop dissent.

I am not overstating; I am understating the threat he poses if allowed 4 more years. It's true almost every President has advanced the Empire, but because demographics are changing (proof is that the Republicans are now consistently losing the popular vote in elections); the country was moving Left, with the potential to destroy the Empire, so Trump was brought in as an accelerant to make a hard right turn, and secure that turn for at least half a Century. He's succeeding in advancing fascism.

It's ironic you would be critical of me when you undermine your own credibility way too often with exaggerated, wacky conspiracy theories.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 2:32 utc | 168

@167 psychohistorian

You know, I too suspect Trump may not have gotten the virus from Hicks, because, I believe he already had it at the debate on Tuesday, so they may both have contracted it at the same time from someone else, probably, at the ceremony Trump held for Amy Coney Barrett. Other people got it there as well.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 2:48 utc | 169

Two more attendees of the scotus Rose Garden event last Saturday have tested positive for ncov-19:

Kellyanne Conway (former counselor to President Trump), and
North Carolina US Senator Tom Tillis (who was wearing a mask during the ceremony according to videos).

It is not been reported, but unlikely that either of these individuals attended any of the subsequent events ie. Tuesday debate, or Trump rallies later during this week.

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 2:50 utc | 170

I had to be tested for covid here where I live in NH today because I help provide care for an elderly person. I was tested at a free national guard monitored site. There was no line, it was free, took only a few minutes. I found the same to be true when I went there in August. The young man taking info said every thing was quiet and getting even more quiet. He said the site was closing in another 8 days.

The local paper reported that even with the extreme influx of visitors fleeing Massachusetts, and neighboring states, there has been no uptick in positive cases. I suppose then some parts of the country are different than others.

I did as Biden instructed at a gathering in Massachusetts to watch the “debate,” and I couldn’t count anybody in the room who had been affected by the pandemic in any way, coming as they did from NYC, and elsewhere. Not one.

Biden is a piece of work. All the focus on Trump and how bad he is is extremely problematic. When or if Biden is elected, I am not looking forward to the brand of horrors that will be unleashed upon us. I’m willing to let time tell, but yelling at Trump seems horribly naive. I have friends who do, and it is painful to observe this affliction in them. It’s a kind of sickness of the soul.

Posted by: Geoff | Oct 3 2020 3:05 utc | 171

In my last comment I noted that it was reported (Reuters) that the White House had started contact tracking.

Reading other commenters here it looks like another question to ask is when did they know Trump had the virus but hid it? At least long enough to set up Hicks as the fall person.

Are they going to back track for contact tracking to when Trump became contagious?

What the fuck is contact tracking worth if it isn't nation wide?

Given that we are now reading the Covid-19 may be mostly fecal transmitted it makes sense to call all we see now a shit show.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 3 2020 3:07 utc | 172

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 2:50 utc | 171

"Two more attendees of the scotus Rose Garden event last Saturday have tested positive for ncov-19"

This fits with the data as the average days from exposure to experiencing symptoms is 6 day, within a range of 2-14 days.

I read one report that the scotus nominee met with potus while her 7 children, some adopted, were in an adjacent room of the wh. Not sure of her kids' ages but children under 5 have up to 100% more viral loads when positive than people over 5 years old; and are asymptomatic. Did they test her kids? The nominee has been positive for the virus previously so perhaps this Rose Garden event last Saturday was a biological sharing event, spreading the love of incomprehensibility.

Posted by: suzan | Oct 3 2020 3:08 utc | 173

uncle tungsten @Oct3 1:06 #165

Maybe you misunderstood. I wasn't taking the supposed threat seriously.

I was suggesting that pointing fingers ("THEY might do something!!!!") could be cover for a false-flag.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 3:31 utc | 174

@Posted by: suzan | Oct 3 2020 3:08 utc | 174

I would expect that the White House Secret Service would have required that *ALL* guests (including children) to the Rose Garden scotus announcement event would have been required to take and pass the rapid ncov test on the same day prior to being admitted to the event.

And Sen Mike Lee seemed to say he had been tested (-) at the White House a few days before his interview meeting with Judge Barrett:

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 3:34 utc | 175

. . .on a lighter note, this caught my eye on the web --
"Donald Trump was just one of 43,000 other Americans who tested positive for COVID today. While nearly all of them paid more in taxes than he did, few will have his resources to fight the ravages of the disease and recover from its financial aftershocks . . . Trump should have hired someone to take the COVID test for him, like he did his SAT, then they’d have the COVID instead of him... .Trump, a mere 10 days ago: 'It affects virtually nobody'.". . .Jeffrey St. Clair

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 3 2020 3:45 utc | 176

I doubt if this will be a lesson to Trump. He thinks he won the debate. I shudder to think what he is going to say when and if he gets back out of quarantine.

The empire's bench is pretty deep and strong enough to survive Trump kicking the bucket. There will be dancing in the streets and some wild celebrations in public and private if he passes on. Such is the mood and fear of many.

Posted by: circumspect | Oct 3 2020 3:54 utc | 177

Heard this news today in the office.

Hope he's going well.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 3 2020 3:59 utc | 178

now there's a bunch more republicans that have tested positive. it's almost like it is a pandemic instead of a dastardly plot to make people wear masks.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Oct 3 2020 4:13 utc | 179

@13 Covergirl
Well put, I was looking for word to say the same, but you nailed it for me.

Posted by: Jason | Oct 3 2020 4:26 utc | 180

Hicks was a child model and she still has a figure of the type that Trump likes (slim with curves). Early 30-ties, single. Too affectionate to keep the mask on and/or 2 meters of distance when she is with the boss?

Will Hope, Melanie and Donald be together, locked in a quarantined apartment?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 3 2020 4:38 utc | 181

Hicks was a child model and she still has a figure of the type that Trump likes (slim with curves). Early 30-ties, single. Too affectionate to keep the mask on and/or 2 meters of distance when she is with the boss?

Will Hope, Melanie and Donald be together, locked in a quarantined apartment?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 3 2020 4:38 utc | 182

Jackrabbit #175

reply to myself - uncle tungsten #165

Maybe you misunderstood. I wasn't taking the supposed threat seriously.

I was suggesting that pointing fingers ("THEY might do something!!!!") could be cover for a false-flag.

Got it. Yes that is possible. Also possible that if its good enough for Boris then its good enough for Trump. Besides cant have a goyim getting one up on Trump. In my perverse moments I thrill at the thought that he got it from the scotus nominee or, even better, her children :))

On the zh report, I still think THEY will get so smashed at the party that no military commander would obey an attack order until 24 hours of sobriety was in place.

I trust that the godess of infinite wisdom is just having a little fun with her karma tabla. I do hope she will play requests as I have a list.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 3 2020 4:52 utc | 183

@119 Deltaeus "Looking at excess deaths, it looks like the Covid pandemic is basically over."

Not quite, there might well be one more excess death still to come.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Oct 3 2020 5:02 utc | 184

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 2:32 utc | 169

the country was moving Left,

Do you mean to say that BHO and HClinton were left? The US concept of left and right is as foreign to its original meaning as an inch is to a centimeter. If moving left is equivalent to We came, we saw, he died, do not count me in as left.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 3 2020 5:13 utc | 185


I don't think that is what circe meant at all. Now that it's a new day (here) and the thread is still the most recent, I would like to chime in to actually defend a circe point because my previous statements on "glee" and circe might lead others to believe that I necessarily disagree with him/her on everything. I don't. Hence, I think that when he/she said the country *WAS* moving left it was in reference to Bernie Sanders' popularity and effectiveness in drawing much larger crowds than either Hillary or Donald back in 2016 despite what the corporate media fed to us (I was still in America at the time) and despite Donald's co-optation of Bernie's genuine (at the time) populist campaigning. Of course he became a two-time sheepdog, but indeed circe is correct - the populace - the majority - of the United States is trending left where any opinion polling is conducted. Left of what is the main point of course - and nobody ever said (including circe) that Obama or Hillary were truly left in ANY real sense. However, at this juncture I would argue that on many issues both are and would have been to the left of Trump. Easily. Which isn't really saying much, but it's an accurate objective observation.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Oct 3 2020 5:47 utc | 186

Now it is being reported that 3 WH journalists have been found infected and they are pissed about not being told of the risk.

The shit show is going to get shittier.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 3 2020 5:48 utc | 187

It's as if American foreign policy didn't exist before the Trump presidency. Or it existed in a way that never really bothered Americans.
47 years of professional politicking for Biden. 4 years for Trump.
But all the accumulated evils of US foreign policy, the exportation of corruption and perversion and the suffering and death of hundreds and thousands, the hurting of the Americans, Palestinians, Yemenis, Iranians, NorthKoreans, Venezuelans, well, that is all to be attributed to POTUS Trump.
Please excuse me my cynicism for your concern.
Bootlicking? Some of us ladies will only only bend a knee to God, thank you very much. That will make you a radical in this thread.
Many of the blokes here mock "cognitive dissonance ". It's for morons, they say.
Instead, they preen themselves with "cognitive consonance". Entirely their tune, and they're sticking with it. Take the exemplar for example, Jackrabbit, who hops around in his hermetically sealed ideological erection. Such a comfort zone, and who am I to deny anyone his creature comforts?
But Circe is a piece of work-Circe psyops, as I have come to think of him. Imagine thinking that Bernie had a chance. I mean, he's Jewish. It just doesn't work that way (ditto Catholic). I think you're mad at your own naivety but externalise, unless this is a gig. Why Trump, why not your own twisted beyond redemption in its present form party?
Your weaponised comments always seem to verge towards the ultimate insult: anti-Semite! Hey Circe, maybe another 4 years of Trump and you could add that to your arsenal of abuse!
Trump like Circe? Hardly. Trump's a funny guy who has been very entertaining with his pithy assessments of the usual suspects, and I support what he hasn't done with those 4th generational wars that he disdains. Only the elites find excuses for his reluctance to continue the neocon wars. Sure he's swampy, but he's not an habitue of the Washington swamp where Biden has been percolating for 47 years. He's quite the master at dissimulation, and I think he would like you to notice that, which is subtly different from asking you to believe him. The brief UN speech can be read this way- a declaration of war (because that is an expected tactic for the incumbent) but not a bang/bang war (because the reality is that the US cannot win a hot war against Iran/Russia/China). In my opinion Trump envisages the MAD scenario, which will entail much defence spending for hypersonic weaponry.
Trump's the American zeitgeist. He's a supreme hustler who gives us his best impression of POTUS. His character is not a cartoon, but is more akin to the literary elaborations of Sinclair Lewis or Taylor Caldwell: an American man with American ambitions and American failures. A lot of faults, but courageous.
Get well soon Mr Trump.

Posted by: Australian lady | Oct 3 2020 6:11 utc | 188

Trump can always call on Daniel Korski for advice.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 3 2020 6:24 utc | 189

@ Australian Lady (189)

Brilliant comment ! I don't agree with every detail but witty, eloquent and correct in all important respects. We could do with more like you, there is far too much smug, sanctimonious group-think on this site and an occasional kicking, metaphorically speaking, would do them the world of good.

Posted by: markU | Oct 3 2020 6:38 utc | 190

Posted by: Australian lady | Oct 3 2020 6:11 utc | 189

As they say, "The buck stops here." Trump is President. He owns every bit of what's wrong with the US and its influence on the world - as does every President before him - and every other government type an/or supporter. He had four years to do...something...anything. He did *nothing* (and don't give me that BS about China, China, China.)

Trump as the prototypical American? Yeah - stupid, ignorant, malicious and fearful.

So fuck him and his family and all his associates - and everyone who has a good word for him and everyone who voted for him.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 3 2020 7:07 utc | 191

Scanning the thread...subject would make for 1 heckovan insurance policy.

Posted by: chu teh | Oct 3 2020 7:17 utc | 192

I wish mister Trump a quick recovery. He is a kind and warmhearted person. Let's all wish him to be well soon.

Posted by: Stephane | Oct 3 2020 7:18 utc | 193

re #193...
Wall Street might call it a Special Insurance Vehicle...or Structured Insurance Option.

And that HowdyDoody-On-Stilts is just sooooo smart. I'm soooo impressed.

Posted by: chu teh | Oct 3 2020 7:24 utc | 194

Speaking of smart, but really smart, I invite any takers to witness a real example. It's about 35 minutes, but if you focus and get thru the introduction, I assure you will be awed by a live example of intelligence:

Posted by: chu teh | Oct 3 2020 7:31 utc | 195

SORRY WRONG link in #196

Here is correct link [I hope. Same person.]

"A Miraculous Proof (Ptolemy's Theorem) - Numberphile"

Posted by: chu teh | Oct 3 2020 7:40 utc | 196

@ Richard Steven Hack (192)

Re: "So fuck him and his family and all his associates - and everyone who has a good word for him and everyone who voted for him."

Translation - Fuck anyone who is gracious enough to give credit where it is due to someone you obviously loath. And fuck anyone who might have considered Trump to be the lesser of two evils and voted tactically to keep out Hillary (We came, we saw, he died) Clinton.

You always seemed to me to be as one of the more reasonable of the MOA regulars, was I wrong or have you just made an uncharacteristically intemperate and ill considered comment?

Posted by: MarkU | Oct 3 2020 8:00 utc | 197

Posted by: MarkU | Oct 3 2020 8:00 utc | 198 have you just made an uncharacteristically intemperate and ill considered comment?

Nope. That is my thoroughly considered comment. And I am one of the more reasonable - or more precisely, rational - regulars - even if many of those regulars would disagree. Being "gracious" is not something one does when dealing with morons who support Trump in any way, shape or form. The man is an almost universal scumbag and a threat to almost everyone with his policies or, again, more precisely, lack of same.

As to "voting for the lesser of two evils", that may not make one "evil" - but it does make one dumb. So you didn't get Hillary - you got Trump. Happy now? Thought not. As we anarchists say, "If voting could change the system, it would be illegal" and "Don't vote - it only encourages them." If you want the system to improve, voting isn't going to cut it. And that's true no matter who's running for what office. It's the existence of the office itself that is the problem. Karl Hess was asked what would be the first thing he'd do if he became President; he replied, "I'd quit." That's the only thing Trump might have done to redeem himself even slightly.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 3 2020 8:23 utc | 198

@ Richard Steven Hack (199)

I am not American and I personally never vote for anyone I consider evil, not even tactically. I live in the UK and have no-one to vote for, I do what the late, great George Carlin suggested and stay at home (unless there is a non-evil alternative available) I do not believe you have to be dumb to vote tactically. If I were American and voting was compulsory I would have had to vote for Trump for two reasons:-

1) I consider Hillary Clinton to be one of the most toxic and corrupt individuals of our age.
2) Donald Trump has the questionable virtue of being a loose cannon. Occasionally he has been known to inadvertently blurt out something true, there is no serious danger of that with Hillary Clinton.

I deplore the extreme polarisation that has become a feature of modern political discourse and I question the wisdom of contributing further to the toxic atmosphere that has produced. I do not argue that most of what you are saying is not true.

Best wishes.

Posted by: MarkU | Oct 3 2020 8:51 utc | 199

The coronavirus serves to see how societies compare.
China subdued the coronavirus through enforcing social measures.
Russia developed a vaccine.
The United States and Europe failed.

Much more than comparing GDP or various indexes, this shows each society's strength and weakness.

Posted by: passerby | Oct 3 2020 8:56 utc | 200

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