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October 02, 2020

U.S. President Trump Has Caught 'The Flu'

U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Both do not (yet) show symptoms.

The immediate index case is likely one of his top aides:

News of the Trumps' positive tests came just hours after it was reported that the president's top aide Hope Hicks had tested positive for the coronavirus. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has tested negative for the virus, a senior White House official told CBS News.

Trump and his aide have had lots of recent contacts:

There is no one closer to Mr. Trump than Ms. Hicks, who returned to the White House this year after leaving her position as communications director in 2018, and on Wednesday traveled with the president on Air Force One to Minnesota. She began feeling sick around the time of the campaign rally he held there, according to one person familiar with the events, and was quarantined on the return flight to Washington, where she disembarked from the back entrance of the plane.

Her positive diagnosis came on Thursday, according to the person familiar with her case, but the White House made no announcement about the situation, and Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, who had also been on the plane and exposed to Ms. Hicks, then held a briefing with reporters without mentioning it or wearing a mask.

Only after Bloomberg News reported Ms. Hicks’s condition did Mr. Trump confirm it during an appearance on Thursday night on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, where he said he was waiting for his own test results.

Despite knowing that his aide had tested positive and had probably already infected him Trump still held a fundraiser:

"After White House officials learned of Hicks’ symptoms, Trump & his entourage flew to New Jersey, where he attended a fundraiser & delivered a speech. Trump was in close contact with dozens of other people, including campaign supporters at a roundtable."

There will probably be a whole cluster of infected people around the president:

Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing - 7:48 UTC · Oct 2, 2020

BREAKING—we now know Hope Hicks’s testing timeline:
📌 Tuesday before debate: NEGATIVE
📌 Wednesday morning: NEGATIVE
📌 Wednesday mid day illness onset
📌 Wednesday mid day: POSITIVE
📌 Thursday evening Trump and FLOTUS: POSITIVE
Incubation period thread below. #COVID19

The White House has been using a relatively unreliable quick tests and additional RT-PCR testing when the quick test showed a probably positive case. The wording of the White House physician statement seems to say that Trump has had both tests:

This evening I received confirmation that both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Dr. Ding's thread includes some interesting graphics.


Depending on the point in time Trump was infected he might have infected candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday during their quite lively debate.


This shows the time periods during which the various tests will more or less react:


Trump and his wife may still have five days before symptoms might appear.

Trump is 74 years old and obese. He has a quite high risk of a bad outcome:

(Note: The percentages shown above are rough estimates and only approximate the real numbers.)

The White House and Trump personally have been extremely negligent with regards to infection protection. Just two week ago we noted that Israeli and Arab delegations, including the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo, met unprotected at the White House to sign an agreement. At the same time several White House staffers tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Trump's daughter said that it was "A historic moment":


There is already a lot of joking about Trump's earlier statements about how its 'just a flu' and how 'it will go away' :

Trump: I tested positive for Covid... actually I tested more positive than anyone. Doctors are amazed by how positive I tested, they can't believe it, they tell me, Donald, you are over 100 percent covid, it defies known science, which of course... science is fake news ...

I am sure the White House has lots of hydroxychloroquine for Trump to take."With zinc!" of course. But I guess that his doctors will tell him to avoid it because of the cardiac risk at his age.

I do not wish anyone, not even Trump, to get Covid-19. May this whole development be a lesson to him.

Posted by b on October 2, 2020 at 11:00 UTC | Permalink

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Well if the Donald is unfit for purpose there is always the Continuity of Government provisions that ensure the Department of Homeland Security takes the helm.

Here is a report that might cause some concern at that situation

Read this 25 minute report and you will arrive at an unpleasant conclusion - the author is Whitney Webb.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 3 2020 9:08 utc | 201

RSH @ 199
Richard tells it like it is, thanks for that. A straight forward summary of the present and past situation !
For to long the ‘right’ have had it all there own way.
They have been very busy trying to surpress all opposition, media, free speech political party’s, ect.
What do the right want? a one party state ?
All we get from them is lies and character assignation.
They have no insight into how carosive that it is to freedom and democracy. Home and abroad.
Trying to reinforce their own mistaken past poiliclal mistakes.
The more you suppress us on the left, the stronger we will become, the harder we will ‘push back’,
Open your eyes. We’re not the enemy we’re the democratic opposition.
We won’t be bullied or silenced,you better hear that. Or do we have to shout louder.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 9:10 utc | 202

@128 @129 _K_C_
Glad that you were finally able to understand what "quotation marks" are for.
Why would I quote a commenter if I'm talking about b, who -up to now- claims to write as an (as good as he can) neutral observer, balanced blog?
OK, my association 'dog that didn't bark' was maybe off as I didn't want to imply Russia or China fall in the same category simply by saying nothing at all.

But I prefer neutral observer stance and that's why I'm reading this blog, and b did say/write a lot in this post, and by exaggerating while leaving out certain info, all curiously in the same direction making Trump look bad/worse, he has left the neutral observer standpoint on that one a looong time ago, see my examples @124. But he couldn't get over himself to wish Trump some, any kind of recovery.
How long does one have to beat around the bush, so you call it glee/Schadenfreude?

Posted by: Michael | Oct 3 2020 9:26 utc | 203

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 3 2020 10:00 utc | 204

text won't post ... test... tried removing links etc. but NO.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 3 2020 10:09 utc | 205

The media seems to be talking a lot about "cases" and not talking about "deaths" - is that because deaths are back to normal? Deltaeus 109 (link from the post.)

Yes. Deaths are back to normal, or are below what is expected (as compared to past few years, ten years is best, or via Z scores, etc.) in the ‘western developed’ countries. (Russia, Mexico, India, etc. not included.)

“Below what is expected” is quite clear in for ex. Switz.

This is so for the older population (65 and over) - many in this group died, lots of excess deaths, March-June, and not from lack of health care for other diagnoses such as cancer etc. Hospitals / docs / med services were not overwhelmed.

Some of those who died would have died later (July-Oct) if there had been no covid. In fact if you look at the curve and imagine flattening the peak out, distributing those deaths forward to today and/or partly to the very near future, to 30 December for ex., the curve would have been as usual.

For ages 0-65 deaths were ‘normal’ or ‘less.’ Most dangerous activites (driving, dangerous hiking, drunken fights, etc.) stopped or were severly curtailed, ppl protected themselves...etc. etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 3 2020 10:22 utc | 206

So the media is ‘hyping’… There is another reason though, in that many countries have set up a management by check box (NOT recommended for a pandemic but suitable for quality control of widgets!) - and they include ‘number of cases’ and/or some crappy measure like RO which is basically meaningless. When these rise above a completely arbitrary threshold, bells ring and the authorities ‘take measures.’

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 3 2020 10:24 utc | 207

The covid hoopla is running out of steam. There needs to be another major 'event' to keep viewers interested.

Posted by: populus | Oct 3 2020 10:49 utc | 208

Isn't everyone supposed to get this virus sooner or later?

Posted by: jiri | Oct 3 2020 11:04 utc | 209

Posted by: MarkU | Oct 3 2020 8:51 utc | 200 1) I consider Hillary Clinton to be one of the most toxic and corrupt individuals of our age.

Totally agree with you there.

"2) Donald Trump has the questionable virtue of being a loose cannon."

Perhaps. There's been considerable argument here over whether Trump is what he says he is or what various people think he is. Certainly he runs his mouth a lot - but says nothing of importance and nothing that can be believed. In that, he is the same as most Presidents. As I've said here before, he ran for two reasons: 1) his narcissistic ego, and 2) he expects to have billions of dollars of deals waiting for him when he steps down with people who will want the cachet of dealing with a former President. He has no other interests or any real philosophy other than himself. The problem is that he's nothing but a figurehead, again like most Presidents. It's the people behind them that matter. And they are untouchable by the electorate.

The polarization you decry is a means of keeping the scam running. Everyone who buys in to it is part of the problem, not the solution. When I say I hope he dies from the virus, it's not a matter of contributing to the polarization, even if other people think it is. It's just stating the fact of my opinion of him. I'm past politics of any kind. This election is meaningless to me, whatever happens and whoever wins. The only correct approach to it is simply to try to be prepared for whatever falls out of the result.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 3 2020 11:18 utc | 210

Appropriate tweet I just saw...

Micah Lee Retweeted
Future Hashtag @absurdistwords
Don't let anybody ever tell you that you have to show sympathy for people who are actively trying to kill you.
Free your minds.


President Trump begins Remdesivir treatments at Walter Reed hospital following COVID-19 diagnosis
The president and first lady confirmed in the early hours of Friday morning that they both have tested positive for COVID-19. President Trump will stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland for a few days, according to a White House spokesperson. In a statement on Friday night, Trump’s physician confirmed the president is receiving treatments of the antiviral drug Remdesivir.

The Hill reported: "Hospitalized patients with advanced COVID-19 who received the drug recovered in 11 days, instead of 15 days for patients on a placebo." So the best result Trump can hope for on that score is that he recovers slightly more quickly than if he didn't take the drug. Says nothing about whether his risk factors will be offset by that drug.

So much for hydroxychloroquine. LOL

His doctor said he is not currently receiving any enhanced oxygen treatment. That means nothing, as usually a patient that goes bad does so around day 10. By end of next week, we'll see how well Trump is doing. If he gets moved to an ICU - and they admit it - things will definitely turn for the worse for him. If they put him on a ventilator, his odds will drop to maybe 15-20% - unless things have changed since spring. There are fewer deaths these days, but I haven't seen anything that says how well people with high risk factors are doing as compared to April or May.

And the stupidity continues:

AP Politics @AP_Politics 16h
Official says masks will still not be mandatory at the White House, even after president tested positive for the virus. The official described facial coverings as “a personal choice,” despite overwhelming evidence that they help stop spread of virus.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 3 2020 11:35 utc | 211

Reasons of the differences between Spain and Germany on Coronavirus pandemic measures...Spoiler, Germany refuses to test massively....

REMEMBER: Differences in the measures against the Coronavirus between Spain and Germany: - Germany differentiates between deaths WITH Coronavirus and BY Coronavirus - Germany has refused to do large-scale tests - There was no panic in Germany

The German health minister refuses to carry out massive PCR tests for coronavirus: "Now we have to be careful not to have too many false positives due to too many tests".

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 3 2020 11:52 utc | 212

Could result Trump´s alleged infection with Covid-19 benefficial for his re-election?
I mean, if he got like a bully in the debate, his polls show 13 points less than Biden, would it not grant him additional sympathies being sick with Covid-19?
Would that not help making forget the crumbling economy, ongoing evictions and mass queues for food, and low polls for a while, for time enough to get to November 3, and just save the furniture to asure the re-election?

How do we know this is true, due the ongoing fierce fight amongst factions of the US elites and their abuse of fake news and "alternative reality"?

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 3 2020 11:59 utc | 213

The "flu" ( yo uare more willing to be condescending with a sick person...), and a new "migrant caravan" menacing the US borders...remember "alternative reality".... to incline the undecided, whcih is what is left at these heights, to Trump´s side...

A new caravan of migrants has left Honduras for the United States. This is the first major migration since the start of the pandemic. Despite the order to close the borders of the president of Guatemala, today they opened the police siege.

The Guatemalan president has declared the 'State of prevention' in the departments where the caravan will pass. He assures that they will not allow the entry of more migrants and denounces that they would be using "human shields and unaccompanied minors".

At least 2,000 people would be moving through Honduras to Mexico to enter the US, but it is likely that more people will join as the caravan advances. The main reason for migration is precariousness and lack of security.

Mexican President López Obrador has assured that "it seems very strange that this caravan leaves on the eve of the elections in the United States". It should be remembered that the threat of tariffs made by the US made Mexico militarize its border in the previous migrant caravan.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 3 2020 12:15 utc | 214

More on "Regeneron"
The actual name of the treatment seems to be REGN-COV2 according to some details at statnews in the second half. The name of the company is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

Giving anyone a lot of different stuff together including a new treatment looks like unethical irresponsible practice since there is almost no way of understanding what happened if something goes wrong (that can be and sometimes is a problem with nothing but a single new potential treatment on its own —sadly I know this from personal experience and nope I didn't gain any super-powers :P).

So like others I do wonder if any of it is true, and if it is true why they (the doctors and health staff) are acting as if in a total blind panic —or alternatively— as if they have a level of certainty that is not publicly documented.

No matter what happens this is going to be bait for current/future conspiracy theories.

The name "Regeneron" itself sounds as if made up to sound as shady as possible by a Hollywood script-writer. Satirists/comedians should love it.

- - -

Easy enough to understand and sympathize with the whole range of opinions etc. in whatever direction no matter how contradictory. Nothing else to add except perhaps that any of it and any disagreement on it should not be seen as important or meaningful.

- - -

This is for anyone who needs a break or make their day a little better with the help of some crazy people :D

It's off topic but since Geoff (Oct 3 2020 3:05 utc | 172) mentioned "Massachutes" (YouTube, 4:34 long) …well maybe it will help someone brighten their day. It's only slightly gay or not at all depending on who you ask, and has a (very) few blue words or "explicit" lyrics (not really but "Confused!").

Pingryville is said to be a real place.

For what it's worth I believe they only mean to tease and have fun in a kind, loving, friendly, absurd, and very melodic manner :)

(There's an explanatory comment somewhere in the comment field made by a Jodi Purdy-Quinlan who says she was the casting director for the video).

They've made plenty more like "Someone Like Me" or "The Language of Love", "Stonehenge", "The Cabin", "A Capella", "Mr. Toot", "Trucker's Hitch", etc.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Oct 3 2020 12:43 utc | 215

@Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Oct 3 2020 12:43 utc | 216

Re: REGN-COV2 antibody cocktail

Trump is reported to have been given an eight gram (protein basis) dose of the experimental antibody cocktail under the "compassionate use" FDA provision.

That is a *lot* of (human and mouse) protein to get mainlined into a person in a day or so, especially on top of all the the other remdesivir and "Warp Speed" crap that they are giving him.

I would be conserned about allergic reaction to these quantities of meds...

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 13:09 utc | 216

His character is not a cartoon
Posted by: Australian lady | Oct 3 2020 6:11 utc | 189

Sorry to disagree. It’s been covered already. He, so very much, IS.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Oct 3 2020 13:23 utc | 217


Democrats promise to do anything and everything to block the supreme court nomination and, voila, Trump's nominating event becomes a super-spreader event.

Then they blame the victim.

Straight out of the CIA playbook?

Posted by: dh-mtl | Oct 3 2020 13:34 utc | 218

MarkU and Australian Lady and let me include juliania and Jen

You do it so well, the Trump propaganda, you would be perfect for the propaganda ministry of Trump's new fascist regime, but thank goodness he blew it so bad with his gigantic ego and his insatiable lust for power you won't be boring us in future with your pretentious, but laughable infatuation and interpretation of Trump. I just have to look at his well heeled wife and daughter, Don jr. Nutcase, and stiff upper lip son-in-law to know that all that interests these people is holding on to power so they don't lose their prestige cause their make-believe success is about to crumble under a mountain of debt. There's a reason Trump had to rescue it with foreign lenders; cause no one in their right mind will invest with him!

So your stomach churning propaganda on behalf of their haughty, materialistc class who need gold-leaf toilets to shet in, but who pretend to be on the side of regular folks with their fake populism will expire in 3, 2, 1....thank the lord, cause I can stomach your bullshet no longer.

Paco, uh why bother with a simpleton's sarcastic interpretation of my accurate perception when _K_C_ was kind enough to spell it out so well for you. Be thankful for that! I wouldn't have bothered with your cynical condescension.


So many Latinos and young people found a voice in Sanders because they are a rapidly growing anti- (war industry), anti-Empire Left; always excluded and marginalized by the duopoly, but who are a rising obstacle for the upper crust that Trump services, and their potential mobilization and gradual empowerment is becoming a serious threat. If anything, Sanders managed to bring them out and unleash their power. AOC and a few other young progressives have also tapped into their energy. It only takes an extremely charismatic leader to arise and represent them and to pull the majority of African Americans into their sphere. Yes, for now many on the Left have no choice but to gravitate to the part of the duopoly that won't completely annihilate their vision, but a huge part don't vote and are waiting for leadership that represents them honestly and stands a chance of defeating the system. Until then, given the way the system is set up right now, the only path to get there is to take over the Democratic Party, and that's already starting to happen. Democrats know they are toast if they completely deny the vision of the Left.

So, I stand by my comment that Trump was installed to make a hard right towards fascism to crush the growing Left that threatens the Ziofascist capitalist Empire and anyone who supports him on this site specifically, and especially eloquently is a propaganda TOOL of that goal.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 13:48 utc | 219

To gm:
Yes it sounds completely insane, all of it. It is very difficult to understand why and how they believe doing any of it is anywhere close to being ethical or not criminal or why they didn't refuse simply on account of the legal position they put themselves in.

How did they get Trump to "agree" with it (if he did)? Can one even claim that anyone (including MDs) would be able to give informed consent to something like this?

Words fail me when it comes to describing how wrong this looks even if one assumes it's not premeditated or deliberately malicious.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Oct 3 2020 13:50 utc | 220

Mark2, you are delusional if you think the right is doing the suppression. From the media to the social media platforms to the school systems, the left is running roughshod over the right.

Posted by: morongobill | Oct 3 2020 14:02 utc | 221

Two more Trump allies become Coronavirus (+):

-Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI); was *not* at 9/26 Rose Garden event. He thinks he picked up bug ~9/29.

-Trump campaign chairman Bill Stepien. He reportedly was at the White House on Monday and traveled to Tuesday’s presidential debate on Air Force One.

USA Today story

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 14:06 utc | 222

Not sure that this has been posted yet, but perhaps some may find it useful. I looked for a transcript of the debate last night as there were points I wanted to check. It was so hard to distinguish what was being said at certain points as the three were talking over one another. Most of it is separated out in this copy, though an important segment I was looking for is contained in one of the unseparated parts - that was Trump's disagreement with the Green New Deal for its 'plan' to remodel 400 dwellings to be more energy-wise. This came in a segment where Biden was inconsistent, first for the GND and then not. And was the second time Trump said 'You've lost the left.' I will say also that Biden's first statement that Trump would be president only until 'the election' makes sense of the Democrats position on mail-in ballots,much of which was happening before even the first debate. So things went off kilter right at the getgo.

Anyway, here's the transcript (I had to screen quite a few versions before I got one that would not gum me up - this is it):

Posted by: juliania | Oct 3 2020 14:13 utc | 223

From interacting with the Putinbot and Zionist wing of Trump supporters on this site I learned that they don't fear the Democratic Party as much as the rising Left in America. The anti-neoliberal Left, in other words, the true left is against regime change, but Putin fears more this vision of the American Left spreading to Russia. Ideological affinity is a much more powerful mobilizer than regime change because it is unforced, therefore trustworthy, especially when that American Left achieves long-suffered, uncompromised gains within a rock and a hard place political system. There's a reason why Trump and Putin are so ideologically compatible. They both have the goal if extinguishing that kind of fire.

Zionism IS fascism and cannot exist otherwise so there's no mystery in the threat that the Left poses for Zionism.

Naturally Trump is in service of Zionists and Putin has elevated their status in Russia. With Trump it's obvious Zionists brought him to power, especially the ones on Wall Street and the Zionist Christian right. In the case of Putin, he's vulnerable to Left-leaning opposition and civil unrest from other opposition, therefore by aligning himself with Zionists and the Zionist oligarchy he can secure power longer, because let's face it, Putin's hold on power is of the absolute variety. He crushes anyone from any political spectrum who threatens it, and while he has a soft spot for the Left that might remind him of his uncorrupted youth; they are a thorn in his side like Zionists but Zionists let Putin be Putin as long he let's Zionism flourish. In other words, the Left is more of a threat and more ideologically hostile to Putin's power than Zionism. Ergo, the dirty alliance Trump-Zionism-Putin.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 14:14 utc | 224

Possibly the best thing about Trump getting Covid19, is knowing he will have to choke on his own words before choking on a ventilator.

Even a mind as dull as his must realise the ultimate irony of succumbing to Coronavirus, 8 months after incessantly downplaying its seriousness, flaunting basic science and expert advice with utter contempt, and stating it would just 'magically disappear'.

Posted by: Et Tu | Oct 3 2020 14:16 utc | 225

Correction: They both have the goal of extinguishing that kind of fire.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 14:17 utc | 226

Morongobill @ 222
I think you lost the plot not me.
Right wing govenment.
Right wing police force.
Who owns the media (all of it) ?
Right wing Israel lobby groups.
Banking interest in oppressing the masses to protect their elite wealth.
I could go on.
But then you may be on a different planet.
Thanks though for a very good example of how the right neither know the truth or care about the truth.
So if Trump dies before the election my guess is his supporters would still vote for him.
In fact it could be said —— ‘both he and they died years ago’

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 14:26 utc | 227

@ Circe | Oct 3 2020 14:14 utc | 225

Circe: You need more practice with your dance moves:

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 14:26 utc | 228

@ Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 13:09 utc | 217

Most likely this Regeneron is expensive as fuck to mass produce and they're reserving it for the elite/very rich of the Western society. It is an antibody cocktail, after all.

It's more or less the same story with plasma treatment. It's been touted as the miracle treatment of the future for some diseases... since at least the 1990s. But the reality is that it is extremely expensive to minister in mass quantities (you have to milk human beings to mass produce it).

Trump is 74-year-old and obese. He's a high-risk group. COVID-19 is not "just a flu". The probability of him dying of this is real. There's no conspiracy here: in order to be reelected, Trump has to be alive, it's that simple.

Posted by: vk | Oct 3 2020 14:27 utc | 229

I meant to say above that Trump's argument on the refitting of buildings in the Green New Deal plan was that the plan was way too costly. I don't think that comes out clearly in the transcript I posted.

I should also point out that for those who are gleeful about karma, though it is not a concept I put stock in, it is my understanding that such glee is rather a red flag. I'm a queer bod I know, but anyone's death diminishes me, and I suspect it takes something from each of us . These are hard times in that respect, and I wish the many who suffer from this virus,including Mr. Trump, better health, and that soon.

Posted by: juliania | Oct 3 2020 14:31 utc | 230

@ Posted by: juliania | Oct 3 2020 14:31 utc | 231

The SARS-CoV-2 doesn't do karma. It simply exists and infects according to specific physical conditions.

It is what it is: Trump didn't follow the protocols, therefore he exposed himself to a higher risk, statistically speaking, of being infected.

Posted by: vk | Oct 3 2020 14:37 utc | 231

Paco-186: The head of the supposedly revolutionary socialist SWP in Britain, Alex Callinicos, gloated about Gaddafi's death about the same time as H. Clinton did. So the concept of left and right is just as confused there too.

Posted by: Waldorf | Oct 3 2020 14:37 utc | 232

Et Tu @226 14:16

The thought of Trump unable to talk for a week or more is ... "compelling".

Perhaps he will magically disappear too. Imagine all the lawsuits, all the political chicanery and media degradation to follow that. My.

In any case it adds to the spectacle which is our 21st Century. Who knows what exciting plot-twists lie ahead?

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 3 2020 14:39 utc | 233

Juliana @ 231
An honest question for you —-
Do you as a relegous person beleave in hell and if so wouldn’t Trump be a better candidate their rather than in America. ?

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 14:44 utc | 234

According to a Chinese virologist Trump's treatment is similar to one they used with success.

Trump's antibody therapy 'safe, effective' theoretically;

Posted by: arby | Oct 3 2020 14:45 utc | 235

@224 juliania

You and your Trumpgod underestimate the Left as really stupid. Trump is an opportunist who will latch on to what he wants to portray as Dem inconsistencies to recruit Left protest votes like lambs to the slaughter.

The Left are clearly aware of who Ziofascist Trump is after 4 years of this criminal arming the future fascist regime to the gills; and they're fully aware that Biden has not embraced the GND in its totality or Universal healthcare but a modified version of the ACA.

FYI the Left have no illusions with Biden except that he will be a one-term President, and therefore is a calculated risk to throw Trump out once and for all!

So spare us your faux Trump-inspired concern for the Left. You undermine their intelligence.

Ever hear of concern trolling?

And quit trying to push the mail-in conspiracy garbage or calling for a postponement! My gawd, Trumpbot desperation is off the charts.

How pa...thetic!

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 14:52 utc | 236

Posted by: suzan | Oct 3 2020 3:08 utc | 174

Correction: should read "children under 5 have up to 100 times more viral load when positive than people over 5 years old" (not "100% more")

Posted by: suzan | Oct 3 2020 14:53 utc | 237

Re: vk | Oct 3 2020 14:27 utc | 230

For those interested in the pharma technico-political mud-wrestling from two months ago over the experimental Regeneron cocktail given to Trump yesterday, see here:

Regeneron’s Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 14:57 utc | 238

Waldorf @ 233
The SWP in the U.K. is a fake left party.
Just as Hitler claimed to be a socialist !
Yes l know it’s complecated.
The evil of the world curupt anything, good anything that try’s to prevent their evil.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 14:57 utc | 239


Given your misgivings about all the "Putin-bots" and "boot-lickers" on this site, I don't suppose you would consider sharing your insights about world politics (you know, ones like how Putin is aligned with the Zionists - as revealed by his sinister - but legal - intervention in Syria to end the West's regime-change gambit there) and US politics (such as how Trump was "brought to power" by Zionists (a message somehow lost on all the prominent Zionist neo-conservatives in the "never-Trump" camp)) on another site, and leaving this one.

I admit, if you go elsewhere, who would there be to remind us that Trump is responsible for a lot of bad stuff, e.g. the murder of General Soleimani, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem? Without you, none of us would have remembered any of that, I'm quite sure.

But it kind of feels like at this point, you should realize that you aren't having the impact you might of hoped for. I'm also frankly concerned that if Trump doesn't die, you're going to have a terrible mental let-down, and I would rather not be a witness to whatever comes of that.

So please, for your own well-being, and for that of us Putin-bots, please consider going to more friendly surroundings, such as sites run by MSNBC or CNN.

Oh, sorry, got to go. There's some Russian dude at my door, wants his boots licked.

Posted by: expat | Oct 3 2020 14:59 utc | 240

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 3:34 utc | 176

How accurate are those tests? How frequently must they be taken for say, 98% accuracy? It is amusing that science deniers rely on science tests as though they are infallible. Definitely a shit show.

Posted by: suzan | Oct 3 2020 14:59 utc | 241

@219 dh-mtl

Oh riiight, and poo-pooing masks and maskless machismo sponsoring the event had nothing to do with Trump ending up with Covid. 2+2=4; go peddle your 2+2=5 conspiracy theory with idiots who still don't get why the sun still rises when its cloudy outside.

Sunny Runny and gm

Boy, it didn't take long for this conspiracy theory to rear its tin-foiled head.

Too bad your world's greatest genius, Trump, is a loudmouth proponent of bleach injection.

Trump took Hydroxychloroquine with a KFC diet and now WILLINGLY took an experimental drug and you wanna make a conspiracy stink out of his own stupid decisions? Try again. This one's a total dud.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 15:24 utc | 242

Mark 2, thanks for your honest question. I can't say that I 'believe' in hell, not trying to avoid your question -- just, specific beliefs are those in the Nicene Creed, and it's not there. Plenty of suggestions in Scripture however lead me to infer that there is definitely such a place, and there is much speculation on what it might be like. I would say that belief in religious terms is better given to the positive aspects of faith. In the creed, it merely says " ...And he was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered and was buried. And on the third day he rose again... " So, that's belief. As to who deserves hell,it is Christian to think we all do, but we do seek mercy from a merciful God who lovest mankind and wants all to be saved. So, yes, there is hell, but more importantly there is mercy. And there are teachings in my tradition that all may eventually be give that mercy, an opinion I much like. Dostoievski has an elder in his last novel speculate that hell is where souls, having rejected the unique opportunity on earth to love, find themselves on the outskirts of heaven, having squandered that opportunity. Yet after many eons of that suffering perhaps eventually They too are granted it. And our church service on Sunday begins and ends reminding us that God loves mankind and wants all to be saved.

Posted by: juliania | Oct 3 2020 15:28 utc | 243

@ Circe (220)

Re: "You do it so well, the Trump propaganda, you would be perfect for the propaganda ministry of Trump's new fascist regime" and "your pretentious, but laughable infatuation and interpretation of Trump" and "your stomach churning propaganda on behalf of their haughty, materialistc class who need gold-leaf toilets to shet in" (sic)

Let us examine the evidence for your accusations. The only comment that I have made on this thread regarding Trump and my attitude towards voting for him was....

[I am not American and I personally never vote for anyone I consider evil, not even tactically. I live in the UK and have no-one to vote for, I do what the late, great George Carlin suggested and stay at home (unless there is a non-evil alternative available) I do not believe you have to be dumb to vote tactically. If I were American and voting was compulsory I would have had to vote for Trump for two reasons:-

1) I consider Hillary Clinton to be one of the most toxic and corrupt individuals of our age.
2) Donald Trump has the questionable virtue of being a loose cannon. Occasionally he has been known to inadvertently blurt out something true, there is no serious danger of that with Hillary Clinton.]

So if your English comprehension is up to the job and your intellect is sufficiently well developed to understand the concept of reading between the lines. What I have said amounts to "Trump is evil and if I were American the only way I would ever vote for him is if the opposition were even more evil and voting was compulsory" High praise indeed, I obviously hold him in very high regard. You suggest that I do it very well, what then would be my campaign slogan "Vote Trump, he may be evil but he is a loose cannon who occasionally will inadvertently blurt out the truth"

I note that you are also buying into the evidence free "Russiagate" nonsense.

Posted by: MarkU | Oct 3 2020 15:29 utc | 244

@ Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 14:57 utc | 239

Trump was ministered the polyclonal, not the monoclonal, version of the cocktail.

Posted by: vk | Oct 3 2020 15:30 utc | 245

Message to all Trumpbot conspiracy theorists: KARMA is real and stupid actions can have serious consequences.

So stop trying to absolve your genius Trumpgod of responsibility for his self-created predicament!

Dum-dum is too kind.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 15:30 utc | 246

Australian lady @Oct3 6:11 #189:

Well written but ...

  1. It's as if American foreign policy didn't exist before the Trump presidency. Or it existed in a way that never really bothered Americans.

    Most Americans don't pay much attention to foreign affairs. They're encouraged to think that government works for them and that USA is the center of the world. And our "volunteer" military means that anyone without a loved one in the military doesn't much care about what happens overseas.

  2. ... preen themselves with "cognitive consonance".

    This is either making a negative of trying to make sense of things or decrying group think. I sense it is the former.

    Have you heard of the phrase: it would irresponsible NOT to speculate?

  3. Jackrabbit, who hops around in his hermetically sealed ideological erection. Such a comfort zone ...

    A legendary put-down that fails because it's based on the flawed proposition that we shouldn't try to understand what 'our betters' are up to and shouldn't become cynical based on the history of their governance.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 15:30 utc | 247

@suzan | Oct 3 2020 14:59 utc | 242

Honestly I am unsure what is the precise type/basis of "rapid test" the White House uses right now. Last summer Trump was touting a rapid rt-PCR (picks up RNA & DNA iirc) based Machine put out by Abbott, but I recall hearing from somewhere this system was less reliable/accurate than a slower rt-PCR based unit developed by Roche.

Abbott has very recently gotten the OK from western regulatory agencies for a rapid antigen ( protein immunoassay, detects viral surface (?) protein fragments) based system. Michael Mina has been an advocate of such "antigen tests". I don't know what the sensitive/specificity of this new Abbott system is, or if White House has switched over to this type of fast test.


Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 15:34 utc | 248

Democratic Party continues their efforts to re-elect Trump

Biden/Democratic Party is pulling adds critical of Trump because he's got coronavirus.

This 'respectful' measure seems like unilateral disarmament to me. Why can't we criticize Trump's handling of the virus while he sick with it?

And for how long will they pull these punches? Some people are sick/affected with the virus for 6 weeks or more. That would mean no criticism or reduced criticism until after the election!


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 15:38 utc | 249

Mark2, you are delusional if you think the right is doing the suppression. From the media to the social media platforms to the school systems, the left is running roughshod over the right.

Posted by: morongobill | Oct 3 2020 14:02 utc | 222

It reminds me an adage I heard years ago at "Wall Street Week". "Contrary to popular opinion, there are no bulls and bears on Wall Street, but sheep and wolves. Money are not made by the baah baah crowd." Contrary to popular belief, actors on the political scene are not left and right but [feel the blanks].

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 3 2020 15:54 utc | 250

feel the blanks --> fill in the blanks. I reject any insinuation that I advocated the pawing of white females, after all, you can catch Covid.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 3 2020 15:57 utc | 251

SRB@ 216

“No matter what happens this is going to be bait for current/future conspiracy theories.”

Yes. And that is a feature not a bug. If the news were presented as simple straightforward stories that made sense then we could all start thinking straight. Instead we ponder puzzling evidence and waste time amassing lists of factoids. And argue nonsense amongst ourselves. They don’t even need to hire good scriptwriters, it works even better when the script is weak and full of non sequitirs.

Trump is basically an actor. He is quite good as a comedian. Or professional wrestler. He got into all this in first place because his friends Bill and Hillary asked him to be a candidate. It was a good role. Actors take good roles, good opportunity. He played a familiar wrestling role, The Heel. Hillary ordered the media to cover him and pretend he was a serious candidate. He was boffo. All spring and summer of 2016 he completely dominated the airwaves. All publicity is good publicity. He still dominates the airwaves.

When Hillary started to fall apart, fall down, lose consciousness with the camera on, Trump got the understudy role. All actors dream about that. Of course he took the part. He is a member of The Club, no reason he could not take a turn on the stage. Votes? When has that ever mattered.

Conspiracy theories are going to blossom from this. Let a thousand theories bloom. Reality is always a lot simpler. And for those of us not in The Club we never know for sure.

Posted by: oldhippie | Oct 3 2020 16:01 utc | 252

And for how long will they pull these punches? Some people are sick/affected with the virus for 6 weeks or more. That would mean no criticism or reduced criticism until after the election!


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 15:38 utc | 250

Have you heard about proxies? You need a day or two to prepare new ads, haste makes waste. Even so, on You Tube channels I follow, Trump was attacked for his awful Covid response, the advertisers may continue or stick in the fork and wait.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 3 2020 16:02 utc | 253

@ vk | Oct 3 2020 15:30 utc | 246

I believe that paragraph 2, sentence 1 of Derek Lowe's post cites the cocktail of 2 seperate monoclonal Abs that Trump was given, with a link to the scientific paper:

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 16:03 utc | 254

I doubt that the ads are going to pulled throughout Trump's illness. It is probably a good approach in the short term. It would be seen as graceless to show negative ads while a sick old man is recovering from a potentially fatal illness. For the voters they are trying to reach, it might well be counterproductive. Before too much longer I would feature ads that consisted of nothing but video clips of Trump speaking derisively about people wearing masks, explaining that "It is under control. There are only 15 people left with the illness and soon there will be none" That it is "all going to go away when "shorts weather arrives" and that "It affects nobody." Can anyone listening to the man's own words believe he deserves to remain in the presidency?

Posted by: David | Oct 3 2020 16:06 utc | 255

Trump was an irresponsible Super-Spreader and Karma slapped him with Covid, just like the other idiots in his class, Bolsanaro and bozo Bojo. It's called LOGIC not the CIA.

There's only so often you can tempt fate, or be promiscuous without protection before you give yourself "some" virus, aka Trump's Vietnam minefield. Stormy Daniels can attest to Trump's macho recklessness. That one cost him $130,000 for starters.

Trump is an immoral, cruel, irresponsible bastard and opportunist who thought he invented the wheel and is a great genius, better than everyone else, now with egg on his face.

In 2017, I wrote that Trump would be the author of his own undoing. That's how it's playing out and that's how it should be so there is no room for even a scintilla of doubt!

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 16:17 utc | 256

Re: interrupting of campaigns. I just tested one You Tube channel, no democratic ads, no republican ads. I guess there has to be 2-3 day pause.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 3 2020 16:18 utc | 257

@ Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 16:03 utc | 255

Maybe "polyclonal" is just another name for at least two monoclonal doses. Either way, that's the term the WH doctor used.

Posted by: vk | Oct 3 2020 16:19 utc | 258

Chris Christie has tested positive for the coronavirus. Seven days since he also attended Rose Garden Barrett introduction event.

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 16:28 utc | 259

Biden/Democrats unilaterally pulled campaign ads despite Trump continuing to work as usual. Only his campaigning has been curtailed: Trump wanted to make a Friday rally into a virtual event and then canceled it altogether.

<> <> <> <> <>

When asked the direction question: Has President Trump been admitted to Walter Reed Hospital? the President's doctor dodged the question, saying that: The President is a patient at Walter Reed Hospital.

I take that as meaning that the President has NOT been admitted. He's only there for observation as a precautionary measure.

The most dangerous point in the disease won't come for days. But the press is pretending that Trump is in grave danger NOW.

Why pull ads when the President hasn't even been admitted to the hospital? And how long will the Democrats pull those punches? The election is only about 4 weeks away.

The Democrat Party establishment shoots itself in the foot. Every. Damn. Time.

  • Pushing the Russiagate nonsense;
  • A foolish, botched impeachment;
  • Legislative support for Trump's domestic agenda and verbal support for his foreign agenda;
  • Nomination of Joe Biden;
  • And now: unnecessarily pulling ads;

(Not meant to be a complete list.)


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 16:54 utc | 262

Remdesivir is not effective. Just 2 ex.

Both studies ‘randomized’ patients in *R* vs. other treatment groups.

No benefits of *R* and stopped early in trial because of ‘adverse events’ - patients and researchers, China.

US study. “Patients in the remdesivir group had a shorter time to recovery than patients in the placebo group (median, 11 days, as compared with 15 days; rate ratio for recovery, 1.32 … ) …”

Patients in more than *60* sites, mostly USA. (! Not good.) Many complications and suspicious obfuscatory seeming stuff. In any case ‘randomization’ is not possible at so many different sites (e.g. ONE patient in Singapore, why was he/she included?) Typical of cherry-picking.

This is the same study as quoted by RSH 212 (didn’t see his post before writing this.)

The Top Docs in the US are giving junk meds to their President — to further the grip of US Big Pharma.

Vitamin D is another story, and I know nothing about the cocktail concocted by Regeneron.

their site:

Posted by: Noirette | Oct 3 2020 17:00 utc | 263

@ Australian lady | Oct 3 2020 6:11 utc | 189... a thoughtful post... i don't agree with all of it, but i appreciate it! what i find interesting, but not applicable to all americans, is this inability to get outside of themselves, or to consider how others outside the usa might see them... its like they don't care...a certain self centeredness drives many of them.. a number of posters here seem incapable of recognizing some of us don't live in the usa and aren't american! in that regard i see similarities with the leadership and some of it's people... the world outside of the usa is much bigger then they appear able to grasp and it includes many people with interesting and worthwhile views that would be beneficial for them to contemplate, but it is unlikely they will...

Posted by: james | Oct 3 2020 17:07 utc | 264

Gee, this is like a perfect storm, will the entire elected elite of the US government come down with Corona in October, the month before the big 2020 election for all the marbles? Infected by the President himself and his minions? The President who said Corona was nothing? Right in the beginning of the biggest economic crisis in recent history. It's priceless. Calling it Karma is not enough, this is more than Karma. This is justice. This is retribution. This is what goes around coming back around. The gibbering fools in Washington swamp are worried sick that some "enemy" will take advantage of our situation, while our "enemies" would not even think for a second of interfering.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 3 2020 17:15 utc | 265

@suzan | Oct 2 2020 14:55 utc | 47

Thanks for the tip on the John Campbell Vitamin D video!

Posted by: daffyDuct | Oct 3 2020 17:18 utc | 266

@Bemildred | Oct 3 2020 17:15 utc | 266 who wrote
The gibbering fools in Washington swamp are worried sick that some "enemy" will take advantage of our situation, while our "enemies" would not even think for a second of interfering.


One can only hope that the momentum of the crash will take both sides of the Un-American Uni-party(D/R) down with it.

This is the sort of potential event I have been waiting for all my life. I turned 72 last week and have known for 50 years about who owned the Fed, BIS and global private finance. I have also watched China evolve and have been waiting for the existential difference between the totally secular social contract/organization of China to conflict with the global private finance religious social contract/organization of the West.

And as myself and others have written here many times, the West needs to go down because of internal lack of social cohesion rather than be conquered from outside.

Are we about to see that seminal event take place?...stay tuned...

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 3 2020 17:39 utc | 267

@ Bemildred | Oct 3 2020 17:15 utc | 262 & 266

Trump? Poroshenko? Christie? Mike Lee? Maybe someone should start a Chubby elite/politician covid betting pool along the lines of the old celebrity death pools, for odds on who will/won't get it next.

My money is betting that *neither* Pompeo nor Barr will catch it...

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 17:40 utc | 268

Trump hasn't said much about this conflict yet. He probably has his eye on Armenian/American voters.

Posted by: dh | Oct 3 2020 18:01 utc | 269

psychohistorian @ 268, there is an essay at today's on the effects of major pandemics in history - your post reminds me of that. There is definitely going to be a shift in the perceptions of the voting or not voting public, as well as what you describe. I'm usually way too optimistic, but "a seminal moment" --- yes, indeed!

Posted by: juliania | Oct 3 2020 18:05 utc | 270

@270 That was meant for the Armenia/Azerbaijan thread (obviously)

Posted by: dh | Oct 3 2020 18:07 utc | 271

Of course he was not treated with hydoxychloroquine. It works only to prevent micro-coagulation of blood cells, a deadly risk common to Covid19 and some other viral respiratory diseases. Alas, this happens in a short period of time when (and if) the virus managed to colonize the lung aveols and transits into the blood stream. Only then - not before nor later - Chloroquine makes sense and helps.

Posted by: Kassandra | Oct 3 2020 18:29 utc | 272

As the saying goes, karma’s a bitch, though knowledgeable Hindus would point out that Trump’s getting Covid is not an example of karma. Still, I wonder how FOX and other Trump boosters are going to spin this episode. Surely, blame will be placed on the usual list of enemies, e.g. Democrats, Biden, Dr. Fauci, the media etc. As far as sympathy is concerned, I will save mine for those who have been victimized by the greatest of all perpetrators. Trump will have to get by on the thoughts and prayers of others.

Posted by: Rob | Oct 3 2020 18:41 utc | 273

@241 expat

Okay, you do condescension well. I'll give you that so you can have something to gloat about.

You're so disingenuous...

Trump is owned by Zionists and has done more for Zionists than any other President besides Truman being the first President to recognize the effing state of Israel!

You knowww, Putin does what he thinks is strategically good for Russia; he could care squat about Syrians and Iran. The fact that it kind of messed with Zionists' master plan, oh well; he didn't spend treasure for that; he knows they have plan B and they still got something out of the whole fiasco, unlike the Syrians who still have to figure out how to wrestle the Golan Heights away from Israel and the oil facilities Trump usurped. Then, when Netanyahu came calling on Putin, he threw Iran unders the bus. So it's like I wrote, Putin gives in a little too easily to Zionists. Besides, Putin made quite a mess of Syria chasing his own interests and Zionists are not averse to their adversaries being distracted with destruction and chaos while they reboot their plans. Um, no, Iran and Syria were definitely not benefactors of Putin's intervention. Zionists are way too smug about what happened in Syria for that to be true. Putin is stingy when it comes to Iran, given Iran put skin in Putin's game.

As for the rest of your spiel. I like a challenge so you're not so lucky and hell yeah you need to be reminded of how Trump is fulfilling Zionists' wildest dreams!

@245 MarkU

Whatevah 💤're still a Trumpbot enabler and God only knows why!? You don't like polarization? Oh that's rich, since Trump is THE most polarizing figure to ever disgrace the political stage. You can't serve two masters: a good conscience and some kind of misguided impartiality for whatever agenda or reason, Neville Chamberlain, errr, MarkU. Maybe not in 2016, but today, you're definitely with the dark side.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 18:44 utc | 274

@kassandra (273) Regarding micro-coagulation, there are much more effective anticoagulants than hydroxychloroquine, and they are routinely used in all hospitalized cases of Covid-19, either in low dose or high dose regimens as the situations warrant.

Posted by: Rob | Oct 3 2020 19:04 utc | 275

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 15:34 utc | 249

Thanks for all your links regarding this and the rest.

Concerning the FDA fast-tracked Abbott rapid test, it looks like the government has tasked, that is, trusts Abbott to self monitor their own tests and report if there are problems. This for-profit shit show overseeing the public interest seems never ending.

I think you are correct re the cocktail of monoclonal antibodies given to the president Thursday night. It's a mixture of several monoclonal antibodies. 8 grams! "Humanized mice" as the factory -- whew. Drumpf's condition must be more serious than they let on. Too bad those over 210,000 people now dead from contracting the virus in their assorted states of vulnerableness didn't have access to the level of medical care the president receives.

Posted by: suzan | Oct 3 2020 19:46 utc | 276

5D-Chess-Playing Trump FINALLY figured out how to drain the swamp!

Posted by: Seer | Oct 3 2020 20:09 utc | 277


Imagine that! Putin does what he thinks is in Russia's strategic interest. Horrors!

He should of course be recklessly forging ahead and picking a WWIII fight with NATO, Israel, et al., I suppose.

Too bad we don't have more strategic, principled thinkers like you, who can take on imperialism head on while safeguarding the day to day interests of their people, all while avoiding world war.

Please, go, and take your insults and over the top hysterics with you.

Posted by: expat | Oct 3 2020 20:44 utc | 278

It looks to me like ——-
The wrath of god has smite Trump down, as a punishment for his evil ways !
Too long a list to be mentioned here.
Is ther a commandment that he did’nt break ?
Let this be a lessen to all you right wing supporters.
Love your fellow bredrin.
Cast the money lenders out.
And remember———
It is easyer for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that for them rich fat dudes like Trump to go to heaven.
Peace out ✊
Allways Antifa Mark2

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 20:44 utc | 279

@ Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 20:44 utc | 280... both mainstream parties in the usa have moved so far to the right, it is hard to tell them apart... and both of them serve wall st, zionism and all the rest of the corporations too - military industrial complex and etc. etc.. the usa at this point is a gong show... no matter who gets elected, the signs of decay and dying empire are clear for all to see... picking a side in this madness is a short term response to a long term problem that still isn't being addressed politically.. in fact, it is a huge distraction and the msm is happy to continue in this direction in support of holding up an every 4 year distraction... i honestly think there is no hope for the usa at this point.. that is a pessimistic viewpoint, but one that it is hard to shake...

Posted by: james | Oct 3 2020 21:08 utc | 280

@ Posted by: Kassandra | Oct 3 2020 18:29 utc | 273

First time I've ever read this "microcoagulation" theory by the pro-cloroquine squad (feel free to search for all the comments here, since March). Must be the new pseudo-scientific theory they scrambled with after they discovered Trump wasn't treated with it.

So that you know: aspirin is an anticoagulant. So yes, Trump was ministered with an "anti-microcoagulant".

Posted by: vk | Oct 3 2020 21:20 utc | 281

James @ 281
James as allways your steady reasoned sense shines through.
I agree with every word !
That’s about where we are. This battle we see is not static, it is evolving on a weekly basis.
We are only helpless individuals in the large scale of things.
Here comes the optimism——-
We are the majority, they control the media and use it to persuade the public they are to powerfull to stop.
That’s fake. The truth is their desperate (and it shows)
Love will overcome hate.
Respect to you, we here are the ones that care enough to actually find out what is going on in the world. Something the general public has turned their back on.
We will win . Keep strong my friend.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 21:27 utc | 282

thanks mark... i appreciate and welcome your positive attitude my friend! we might have to go thru hell to get their, but i do believe you are right in the long run...

Posted by: james | Oct 3 2020 21:40 utc | 283

Chris Christie who is morbidly obese just checked into the hospital with Covid. He prepped that numbskull Trump for the debate. Should Trump make it, and if I were in Christie's family, I would sue Trump for millions.

Posted by: Circe | Oct 3 2020 21:55 utc | 284

James I liked your ——-
Both main stream party’s have moved so far to the right.
That is bang on.
Most on the left focus on the far right, and yet it is the middle ground public / politians that should shoulder some of the blame. Your statement works as a metaphor— consider passengers in a boat (for that’s exactly what we are) if everyone moves to the right ! What happens.
We need that middle ground silent majority to wake up before it’s to late. And just take one small step to the left.
Let’s call it a balenced democracy. Sounds good to me.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 21:58 utc | 285

Washington swamp are worried sick that some "enemy" will take advantage of our situation, while our "enemies" would not even think for a second of interfering.

Yeah definitely. Any true enemy would know better as they would not benefit.

That does not mean it won't happen. When the US needs a gulf of Tonkin incident the enemy always seems to oblige.

Posted by: jinn | Oct 3 2020 22:25 utc | 286

Caitlin Johnstone chimes in with a good one

His ‘Opposition’ Always Saw Him As Part Of The Club

Posted by: arby | Oct 3 2020 22:47 utc | 287

@ Jackrabbit | Oct 3 2020 15:38 utc | 250

"This 'respectful' measure seems like unilateral disarmament to me. Why can't we criticize Trump's handling of the virus while he sick with it?"

I was a left-wing political organizer and campaign manager for many years, even worked on some presidential campaigns (not as manager). If I were advising Biden's campaign, I would suggest a two-pronged attack, as follows:

1. Attack not Trump personally as long as he's sick, but the Trump faction indirectly, like this -- "There's a faction of the electorate who --" or "there's a faction of the electorate who say . . ." or "there's a faction of the electorate who do . . ."


2. Concentrate mostly on laying out positive plans for improving the health and economic well-being of the people.

He's only got four more weeks in which to enlarge his lead enough to assure a solid win. He should leave Trump alone to wallow in his misery, and give out encouraging messages to a people desperate to hear them.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Oct 3 2020 22:52 utc | 288

@ 281 & 286 I meet all kinds of people from homeless to bank managers and my impression is that people 'in the middle' are fed up with the whining and complaining from the left. They are fed up with sermonizing from the media and tired of being called fascists and racists. Ordinary decent people I'm talking about. Too polite to post on MOA.....and they wouldn't want the hassle.

Posted by: dh | Oct 3 2020 23:06 utc | 289

For what its worth (Daily Mail source):

"Donald Trump 'kept asking aides if he will DIE of COVID like friend Stan Chera' as his chief of staff [Mark Meadows] says his vitals are VERY CONCERNING, the next 48 hours are CRITICAL and it emerges he was on oxygen at the White House"

Circe: Keep polishing your dance moves---and your good pair of comfortable shoes...

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 23:18 utc | 290

dh @ 290
I beleave what you say.
The bad news is it describes exactly the state of mind the public had in Germany be for and during the rise of Hitler.
So where do you see this all ending ?
We need insight right now. Based on for-knowledge.
I see the boat going over ! None of us will like that.
Fascism is a monster, it will get out of control. And distroy you.
Wheather you or any one else gets tired of hearing it, is irelevent.
But thanks for ya input.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 23:25 utc | 291

Sen. Chris Murphy:

"If President Trump can't be out there on the campaign trail for the next two weeks, then he's going to rely on his surrogates and unfortunately one of his surrogates is Vladimir Putin."


Posted by: Mao | Oct 3 2020 23:30 utc | 292

@292 Depends who you hang out with I guess. Yes I think people in the middle ground mostly want quiet lives. They want to enjoy a drink with friends in the garden (no more pubs) go for a drive or watch their grandkids play soccer. They don’t want fighting in the streets. I suppose that makes them complicit in your book. They certainly don’t want to get into arguments with left wing activists on blogs. Neither do I.

Posted by: dh | Oct 3 2020 23:31 utc | 293

AFP news agency @AFP

Timeline of selected social and political developments -- including US President Trump testing positive -- in the Covid-19 outbreak

Posted by: Mao | Oct 3 2020 23:33 utc | 294

Dh that’s exactly what we on the left want, and no more. Do you see the irony.
If we don’t get justice you don’t get peace, there is your solution staring you in the face.
‘’If we don’t get it you can’t have it’’

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 3 2020 23:49 utc | 295

And then there is this from Zerohedge:

"Trump Addresses Health Rumors In Latest Video Message: "I'm Feeling Better""

Feeling Better?

Posted by: gm | Oct 3 2020 23:53 utc | 296

Here's some help clearing up what "left" and "right" are in the US:

The "right" will support imperial murder and cheer about the body count.

The "left" will support imperial murder and refer to the empire's victims with their preferred pronouns.

That is really all that crazy drug witch Circe and her crowd really stand for. They don't care about the mass murder, they just want to look "humane" while doing it.

Posted by: William Gruff | Oct 3 2020 23:57 utc | 297

Posted by: arby | Oct 3 2020 22:47 utc | 288

Yes, Ms Johnstone makes a good point there. The reaction to Trump's misfortune gives a good reading on the depth of the Kayfabe/Kabuki going on.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 4 2020 0:04 utc | 298

@294 Just can't stop can you. "No justice no peace!" A very catchy slogan. I'm old enough to remember 'Power to the People!" It sounds great until you get into details. It all gets a bit tedious. So dh is a hiss.

Posted by: dh | Oct 4 2020 0:21 utc | 299

I watched the 4 min video of Trump's speech from the hospital. He is scared and grateful. This is no act. I would more lean towards the possibility of someone infecting the bathrooms I have seen more and more evidence that s vector for the disease is human waste.

Posted by: Linda Amick | Oct 4 2020 0:32 utc | 300

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