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October 15, 2020

Open Thread 2020-82

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I left out the problem in America is not government but media and unconscionable oligarch power.. of 100..

Posted by: snake | Oct 16 2020 16:42 utc | 101

The Russo-Sino-(at the moment not Irano)phobia continues ad nauseam and dangerously.

On the VOA's American twin, NPR together with the UK's equivalent, the BBC World Service, early this morning we listeners were subjected to yet more Cold War hatred rhetoric, propaganda.

First, some half hour thingy about the dastardly Russian govt "persecuting" the Jevhovah's Witnesses (JWs) in Russia. A "heart-rending" story (not, so far as I recall mentioning his Danish nationality) about this bloke who has been in prison in Russia since the country made JW an extremist "christian" organization. While the JWs refusal to allow even their children to receive blood transfusions, that it is an American and American introduced religion into Russia, and their pacifism was raised, in passing, there was NO mention of JW recruitment methods, NOR what the Watchtower makes abundantly clear about JW belief: All but the JWs will be killed by their g-d, the buildings raining down on them as they die. Only JWs will and deserve to survive....

And then there is (yesterday) the HRW accusation that Russia along with Syria deliberately targeted civilians for bombing in Idlib: "a human rights" crime....Hmmm

Ongoing in the "background" - MH17, Navalny, Kyrgzistan (?), Armenia-Azerbaijan....(on top of Skripals, Crimea, the Donbass)

China - On top of the exceedingly dubious (and anyway one can see why given the reality of Uygher killings in Xin Jiang some time ago, plus the fact that many of the young men went and joined up with ISIS etc.) accusations (and so called evidence) about the "internment" of the Uyghers in labor/re-ed camps... (and totally ignoring what the US does to its in country prisoners, not to even consider what the CIA et al have done and do in such places as Gitmo and black sites)...

Now the BBC WS raises (in the Economist, therefore [ho ho] a reliable source) the fact (this a.m.) that China is "imprisoning" in re-ed camps/internment camps many 100s of thousands of Urygher children...

On top of all the pressures being exerted by the US, NATO and other egregious western govts, and their intentions (corporate-capitalist), it does strike one as conveniently timely that these so called "human rights abuses" (with zero genuine evidence provided) follow immediately upon Russia, China and Cuba (But NOT Saudia) being elected onto the UN's Human Rights' body......

Posted by: Anne | Oct 16 2020 16:48 utc | 102

The seroprevelance studies are producing different results. Watch the reactions. The guy has declared an enemy.

Posted by: Curmudgeon | Oct 16 2020 16:49 utc | 103

juliania @89--

Thanks for your reply! The transcript is finally complete and contains even more revelations such as the following that the troll "m" can try and explain:

Lavrov: "We are talking about this war going on over history, about the gross attacks on the World War II results, which Russia and other countries that fought against the Hitlerite coalition paid for with blood. Russia annually submits to the UN General Assembly a resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism. It is always supported by the overwhelming majority of countries, except the United States and Ukraine that vote against it. The European Union abstains, which I think is a shameful position for the EU. This year, at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, we submitted a draft resolution on the end of World War II. It introduces a new term, or rather a new proposal – for all UN members to recognise the Victory in World War II as common heritage of mankind. Because the United Nations is common heritage, and the Victory was crucial for its creation. That draft resolution is opposed by the United States, the entire European Union, Canada, Ukraine and Georgia."

I'll bet nobody here and very few people globally knew about Russia's proposal or the extent to which it's opposed. What sort of message is being sent by the dissenters? My WW2 Navy Lt. Commander step-grandfather who fought all over the Pacific would be beyond appalled as would the VFW and American Legion if they ever found out. Most of what remains is a discussion of nuclear disarmament talks and the duplicity involved where we finally get to the point that Paco pointed out:

"Question: Who is better for us? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? And can one of them be better at all?

"Sergey Lavrov: I think Semyon Slepakov, who wrote a text with the words “America doesn’t like us,” has a serious understanding of this issue.

"Question: I’d like to note this historical moment of Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov quoting Semyon Slepakov in his interview with three large Russian radio stations."

Recently, Kazakhstan's been mentioned as the next target after Belarus. Here's what Lavrov says in part about that:

"As for others that also maintain relations with Kazakhstan, I cannot believe wholeheartedly in the purity of their motives. We are seeing (once again this is borne out by how the Americans work in the post-Soviet space, including Central Asia) that they are trying to sow discord not just on yet another territory that is located near Russia but a country that is very close to us in the historical, political, and military-political terms, a country that is our ally. Indeed, they are making these kinds of attempts. At any rate, US-funded NGOs are trying to encourage nationalist attitudes in a titular nation, thereby maintaining the potential for conflict."

Then Lavrov on the rise of China:

"China also has a programme of its own in Central Asia. It is primarily interested in promoting its economic interests. I have already commented on the question that was raised with regard to Mr Shakhnazarov’s article. China has accumulated economic might, doing this under the rules introduced by the West, primarily the Americans in the context of globalisation. Now there is a fuss largely because of this. The Americans don’t like the rise of China which followed the rules and played the music they composed. This is why the US wants to quit the WTO now and discard other agreements that limit its freedom of action in one way or another. Projecting its economic power, China is pursuing its absolutely natural interests. We are trying to take part in this and harmonise the interests of Central Asia and other post-Soviet states, including Russia, through the opportunities that are offered by China."

In no way did I cover all the topics discussed in the interview and I urge it be read by all. Lavrov is a very well seasoned diplomat who knows what he faces despite the "polite" façade, and he's every bit as patriotic as Putin. If he were to be asked if he's a soldier, I believe he wouldn't hesitate to say Da!

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 16:50 utc | 104

EoinW @ 83

There are two variables that may contribute to revolution, everywhere:

1. even snowflakes need to eat, and moral compass loses it's north very fast when economy is ruined. lot of people from eastern europe learned it hard way.

2. small, well organized and heavily armed group can have tremendous reach in right time (eg. neo-nazis in ukraine), when people are dissatisfied and wanting a change.

real, organic revolutions always come as a surprise.

Posted by: Abe | Oct 16 2020 17:07 utc | 105

Posted by: m | Oct 16 2020 15:33 utc | 93

>>It is just a few decades ago that Russia extended to the Elbe

And the US, unlike Russia, extended to the whole of Europe. Military bases and political/cultural/language control everywhere. I don't see the US going away from Europe, unlike Russia. Therefore your master and its puppets like yourself can not be trusted.

>>Fact is, that Russia recognised the independence of Ukraine

Fact is, euro-puppets recognised the borders of Serbia until they didn't. When you change borders, expect others to start too. You have yourself to blame for starting such things in Europe.

The Ukraine problem in particular, is the result of the expansion of the EU and its master - the US, as part of your "drang nah osten" - "pressure to the east" policies.

No one would change the borders of the country if it was a neutral country or a buffer zone.

But you got too greedy, decided to take over all of Eastern Europe up to the Russian border, including to put it in NATO, and to further work to install a puppet government in Russia with the long term aim of dismemberment of Russia. Well guess what - no one is going to allow you to put NATO or various bases and weapons on the russian borders anymore.

When you try to get another country into NATO, Russia will simply create issues in that country so that it can not enter NATO due to territorial problems.

You were told very clearly that Russia wants to have normal relations with the EU, under the condition that there will be a buffer zone comprised of neutral states.

You did not agree to that due to hatred and greed, trying to take over all of Eastern Europe and then to proceed to dismember Russia too.

Well, guess what - no one is going to tolerate unlimited expansionism by the EU and its CEO - the US.

Posted by: Passer by | Oct 16 2020 17:15 utc | 106

Yet another proposal related to New START was made today by Putin to the Outlaw US Empire. It was based on this session of Russia's Security Council:

Putin to Lavrov: "Where are we in the talks with the Americans?"

Lavrov's full reply: "In keeping with your instructions, we remain quite proactive in our contacts with our American colleagues on strategic stability matters in all their aspects, including by emphasising our initiative to take a decision without delay to extend the New START, set to expire in February 2021, for a new five-year term without any preconditions. This initiative remains on the table.

"In the meantime, we confirm that we will be ready to continue working on new agreements, and that we have submitted, with your consent, clear proposals in furtherance of the comprehensive approach to strategic stability, which have been forwarded to the US side. In reply, the United States has sent us its proposals, which have been presented as conditions, or rather preconditions for the extension of the New START. Moreover, these preconditions are rather numerous and have been formulated both outside the Treaty itself and outside our frame of reference.

"To a certain extent, a critical situation has taken shape, because in February, as I said, in early February, the Treaty will expire. If there is no consent from both sides, in keeping with the Treaty’s procedures on its extension, it will cease to exist. This means, in effect, that to all intents and purposes the work on the Treaty extension proper, without the conditions that it does not contain, has not yet started." [My Emphasis]

Putin's decision: "It would be extremely sad, if this Treaty ceased to exist and was not replaced by another fundamental document of this kind. During all the previous years, the New START worked and worked properly, performing its fundamental role as a constraint curtailing the arms race and a tool of arms control. It is clear that we have new weapons systems that the American side lacks, at least for the time being. But we are not refusing to discuss this aspect of the matter as well.

"In this regard, I have a proposal, namely, to extend the Treaty now in effect unconditionally for at least a year in order to have a chance to hold substantive talks on all the parameters of problems that are regulated by treaties of this kind, lest we leave our countries and all nations of the world with a vested interest in maintaining strategic stability without such a fundamental document as the Strategic Offensive Arms Limitation Treaty.

"Please, formulate our position to the US partners and try to obtain at least some comprehensible reply from them as soon as possible." [My Emphasis]

The exasperation is very evident, and it's clear that Putin wants the inability to move forward on the treaty to be squarely pinned on the Outlaws. Based on Lavrov's interview and Putin's demeanor, IMO neither expect to see anything new from the Outlaws and are already resigned to the treaty's demise. I'm certain there've been several discussions about that likelihood within the Russian Security Council where the only logical choice is to redouble Russian and Chinese efforts to defend themselves from the Outlaws, both militarily and from hybrid-war tactics.

IMO, the vast bulk of humanity want to see the reign of the Outlaw US Empire end and thus allow for their development without having to worry about Nuclear War being waged by the Outlaws and their Parasites. There'll come a point where the Russians will cease being "polite people" and make the Outlaws finally pay for their lawbreaking.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 17:24 utc | 107

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 16:50 utc | 104

I am glad you read the whole interview, the home atmosphere is evident and that is why Lavrov allows himself to descend to a level that he does not use with foreign dignitaries or journalists.

He plays to the home audience, even though RT is global and the world is watching, not only because he is the foreign minister of an important nation, but because he has things to say and the intelectual means to deliver.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 16 2020 17:34 utc | 108

@93 Passer
You can deliver racist insulsts as much as you want but that doesn`t change the fact that it is Russia that has been having a "drive to the west" for centuries (and to the east, and to the south and, as much as geography permits, to the north). Nobody in eastern Europe fears a German invasion. It`s the expansionism of Russia that they are all afraid of.

Your major problem as a nation is not the USA or the EU or "the West", but your inability to face your own imperialist and colonialist past.

Posted by: m | Oct 16 2020 18:12 utc | 110

Paco @108--

Thanks for your reply! I wasn't quite 5 during October 1962. IMO, there's a greater level of peril now than then. The attitude expressed by the EU about WW2 was a great surprise. It's as if they're greatly offended that they were liberated from the Nazis instead of remaining as slaves. Biden has said he favors keeping New STRAT and would extend it; but if he wins, he'll only have from January 20th to February 5th to make that happen--that is of course if he's telling the truth.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 18:15 utc | 111

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 18:15 utc | 111

Thank you for that information. If Biden is not blowing smoke, I would expect that extending the current treaty "as is" would still be possible, the provision is there IIRC. Likewise, we would also be allowed to rejoin various other treaties (JCPOA, Open Skys,etc.) assuming we might want to. I've been of the opinion for some time now that the main reason we're in as good a shape as we are is that nobody really wants us to crash and burn, pleasant though that might be for them to watch.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 16 2020 18:24 utc | 112

@Mark2 #11
You are a moron.
I have been posting on MoA long, long before you showed up.
Nor has what you posted, been anything of interest either intellectually or even as entertainment.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 16 2020 18:29 utc | 113

some good news:
US is so upset

US Deeply Disappointed After Russia, China Elected to UN Human Rights Council, State Department Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US government has expressed deep disappointment over the election of Russia, China and Cuba to the governing board of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) after President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the body, Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus in a statement.

Russia, China, Cuba, and 12 other states, were elected to serve as members of the UNHRC after obtaining the required majority of 97 votes.

"The United States is deeply disappointed by the election of China, Russia and Cuba to seats on the UN Human Rights Council", Ortagus said via Twitter on Tuesday. "The election of some of the world's worst human rights offenders to these positions makes a farce of the Council's mission".

Earlier on Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement that Trump withdrew the United States from the UNHRC in 2018 due to bias against Israel and urged UN member states to take immediate action to reform the Human Rights Council.

"Unfortunately, those calls went unheeded, and today the UN General Assembly once again elected countries with abhorrent human rights records, including China, Russia, and Cuba. Venezuela was elected in 2019. These elections only further validate the US decision to withdraw", Pompeo said.

The US government has acted to punish alleged human rights abusers in Xinjiang, Myanmar, Iran, and elsewhere, Pompeo added.

Posted by: Hoyeru | Oct 16 2020 18:31 utc | 114

Bemildred @109--

This Strategic Culture editorial pulls down the curtains and tells what's at stake regrading New START:

"However, there is no need for dramatics seen this week from the U.S. side. The New START accord allows for a five-year extension if both sides simply agree to it. The Trump administration seems to be creating an illusion of “breakthrough” in deal-making when all that is required is for both sides to calmly agree to an extension. Russia has consistently advocated for an extension of the New START without preconditions as a bridge towards a longer-term, more comprehensive regime of arms control taking into account new concerns about strategic stability, such as weaponization of space and missile defense systems.

"It is the Trump administration which is using the issue of extension as leverage for demanding conditions. It is withholding extension to extract concessions from Russia, such as including China into negotiations (but not American NATO allies) and latterly demanding a freeze on short-range nuclear weapons. It should be noted that there was already a treaty on limiting short-range, or tactical, nuclear warheads – the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) accord, which the Trump administration resiled [sic] from last year."

And the bottom line truth:

"[G]lobal security is being jeopardized because of American bad faith....

"[T]he grubby duplicity and irresponsible conduct of the Trump administration regarding its obligations on nuclear-arms control and global security is a particularly lamentable demonstration of American disgrace."

Within the Outlaw US Empire, few voters are likely aware of this issue and its great importance. As for trying to induce Russia into another arms race, Russia's already won that and will easily remain ahead; so, it has nothing to fear on that front. What it does fear is NATO and Outlaw US Empire idiocy and incompetence that could easily begin a nuclear conflagration that neither Trump or Pompeo seem to give a damn about.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 18:32 utc | 115

some pretty bad news:

Japan expected to dump over 1 MILLION TONS of radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, fishermen fear ‘catastrophic impact’

The Japanese government is planning to release more than one million tons of contaminated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, angering fishermen, local media have reported.

Japan has debated what to do with the rapidly increasing store of radioactive wastewater for years, and now the decision to release it into the ocean could be confirmed by the end of the month.

Currently, Japan houses the water in more than 1,000 tanks, but with 170 additional tons of the radioactive by-product being produced every day, storage space is quickly running out.

It is estimated that all tanks will have reached maximum capacity by the summer of 2022 and Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said on Friday that the decision was one they could “not keep delaying,” Kyodo News reported.

The water is used to cool the Fukushima nuclear reactor core, which went into meltdown after the catastrophic 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck the plant.
Read more
Stricken Fukushima plant’s dangerous atomic fuel being pulled from site after 8 years Stricken Fukushima plant’s dangerous atomic fuel being pulled from site after 8 years

The government previously considered building more tanks to house the additional water, or attempting to evaporate the water into the atmosphere, but an advisory panel recommended releasing it into the ocean as the most efficient solution. However, the release process is not expected to begin until 2022 and is likely to take 30 years to complete.

The prospect of an ocean release has reignited concerns among local fishermen who fear it could destroy their industry.

“We are terrified that if even one fish is found to have exceeded the [radiation] safety standards after the treated water is released, people’s trust in us will plummet,” Kyodo News quoted a local fisherman as saying.

Hiroshi Kishi, who heads a confederation of Japanese fishing cooperatives told officials last week that the release could have a “catastrophic impact” on the industry.

READ MORE: Japan reopens city abandoned after 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown

Fishing was completely halted following the 2011 disaster, and despite a recent recovery, fishermen in the region continue to face international trade restrictions. South Korea, which still bans all fish imports from the region, has described the proposal as a “grave threat.”

The initial meltdown in 2011 forced the evacuation of 150,000 people from within 20km of the plant as well as from outside areas that experienced high levels of fallout. The clean-up process is expected to take many more years to complete.

Posted by: Hoyeru | Oct 16 2020 18:32 utc | 116

@ Circe | Oct 16 2020 10:26 utc | 71... thanks circe... i appreciate your response... we will have to wait and see how it unfolds...

thanks for the many informative posts and links from everyone...

@ m... i have to say your viewpoint is not shared by many if any here... it's a type of comedy to read your response to others... you might have successfully fooled yourself but that is about as far as it can go..

Posted by: james | Oct 16 2020 18:38 utc | 117

@ Hoyeru | Oct 16 2020 18:32 utc | 116... vk posted that @95 and juliania responded to it as well.. it appears you don't read others comments...

Posted by: james | Oct 16 2020 18:40 utc | 118

karlof1@115. i'm experiencing computing problems so i cannot post the link but as you are reading SC today, please, read the article on biden. i expect you have followed his history, i unfortunately knew little other than ukraine. while i disagree with the author's view regarding trump, the piece is a tour de force regarding biden, & in my humble opinion ranks alongside charles ortel's study of the clinton foundation. as always, thank you for your many links, much appreciated.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 16 2020 18:42 utc | 119

Bemildred @112--

Thanks for your reply! Yesterday I wrote I was ready to vote for the Progressive Party candidate, but this arms control issue IMO is extremely important and might cause me to change my mind. It will surely be given deep thought and discussed with the Missus. In 2016, Trump was the Lesser Evil. For 2020, it appears that Biden's the Lesser Evil.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 18:43 utc | 120

Posted by: m | Oct 16 2020 18:12 utc | 110

No "racist" insults at all, people from any group could be US puppets, but is sounds that you have racist thinking youself.

Being called a puppet is not an insult either, it is simply a reality.

Claiming "Russia can not be trusted" assumes some kind of universal agreement on this, (while in reality most of the world has good relations with Russia), and i have often found euro-puppets to be claiming to speak from the name of the whole world, to be calling themselves "the international community", "the world", and so on.

Only a racist can assume that there is universal agreement with his western political opinion, or that the EU is somehow "the world" or the "international community".

>>It`s the expansionism of Russia that they are all afraid of.

Last time i checked there were pretty good relations between Russia and Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. Actually recent surveys have shown a higher rating of Russia in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe.

And honestly i don't see much of russian expansionism, rather a defensive reaction to EU expansionism.

>>Russia that has been having a "drive to the west" for centuries

I don't think anyone can compete with europeans as far as imperialism is concerned. Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, basically all 6 habitable continents on the planet.

And anyway, from what i have seen no one was trying to expand to the West in the last 30 years, rather an agreement was proposed to stop mutual expansionism, which the EU rejected out of hatred and greed.

>>Your major problem as a nation

Too bad, i'm european born from the EU. But i happen to have low opinion of the EU, or its master - the US. So yeah, you will see me often defending victims of western imperialism.

Posted by: Passer by | Oct 16 2020 18:46 utc | 121

@Prof K #45
Since you are so knowledgeable - how about posting some details on what you see happening?
Because the lockdowns have not worked *anywhere*: Not in China, not in Europe, not in the US blue states.
If China cannot eradicate COVID-19 despite literal lockdowns and massive social surveillance, it is 100% not credible to pretend that lockdowns woulda/shoulda worked if only the government were Nazis - whom are liberals, by the way.
Nor have I seen any credible response as to what the economic plan is. Just print money and pay for everyone to eat for another year?
Sorry, that's stupid both medically and economically.
If we examine the impact of the creation of the Lyndon Johnson "Great Society" welfare state in the late 1960s - the outcome was: fewer 2 parent households, more poverty, more crime, etc etc.
Since I am 99.9% sure you have no idea what happened fiscally with the "Guns and Butter" (guns was Vietnam): Federal transfer payments went from $34.2B in 1963 to $65.5B in 1969. The entire federal budget outside war spending was $182 billion in 1968 of which 61% was Vietnam plus defense plus veteran spending ($111 billion).
So Federal transfer payments were well over half of all non-military spending - and the outcome was as I noted above: increases in crime, decreases in 2 parent households, etc etc such that no one remembers the 1970s positively except as the era of disco.
Furthermore: note that I am not against masks, nor even was I against the lockdowns in the March timeframe when we really didn't know much about COVID-19.
However, now we know: COVID-19 mortality rate is worse than flu but absolutely not 1918. We also know we can't stop it - anywhere by any means until there's a vaccine. And we know a vaccine isn't going to be created, tested, approved, manufactured, distributed and administered for at least another year and possibly as long as 4: the fastest vaccine approval on record is 4 years while the largest vaccine maker in the world has said there isn't enough capacity to make enough vaccine until 2024.
So what's your plan?
Lockdown until 2024? Federal transfer payments until 2024?

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 16 2020 18:46 utc | 122

@m #110
You said:

that doesn`t change the fact that it is Russia that has been having a "drive to the west" for centuries (and to the east, and to the south and, as much as geography permits, to the north).

Sorry, but your history is very suspect.
Yes, Russia expanded from the 1500s to the late 1800s. But who expanded more - the United States or Russia - in this period?
That expansion period included the sale of Alaska to the US and the loss of Sakhalin to Japan.

As for the Soviet Union: Pretty much all of the Eastern Europe/Baltic states that exist today, are formed from what was Imperial Russia in 1900. The Poland that exists today was formed after the Bolshevik revolution although, of course, it existed in the past (and was dominating Russia for some part of it).
The reality is that Russia has shrunk in the 20th century even as the United States seized Puerto Rico, Guam and a bunch of ocean real estate in the same period.
Russia grew slightly larger in the 21st century - Crimea.

So overall, your comment is simply wrong - particularly in applying one-sided criteria which the United States is far more egregiously in violation of.

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 16 2020 18:59 utc | 123

emersonreturn @119--

Thanks for your kind words! I don't see any specific article about Biden at Strategic Culture, although there are several that reflect on him in some capacity. Could you provide the title or author since you can't provide the link? Thanks!

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 18:59 utc | 124

karlof1@124, excuse me...i ought to have, i expected you'd;ve already read it.

featured story: james george jutras "before the bidens did ukraine, there was iraq & serbia".

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 16 2020 19:17 utc | 125

Snake @ 100 & Abe @ 105

I must confess complete ignorance when it comes to Panty Raids. Personally, I never use the things.

I'm in agreement that starvation is a great motivator. Or as Gerald Celente likes to say: "when people lose everything, they lose it."

In a welfare state, like Canada, people haven't even reached the point where they can't afford their smart phones. They are a long way from starvation. I dare say that many in America have begun to slip through the cracks. If it comes to revolution, doubtless America will lead the West, as it usually does. It would take great incompetence for our rulers to allow things to get so bad a revolution was unavoidable. It could certainly come to that, however we will all have lost by that time. It's too bad we couldn't see a preemptive revolution before people lose everything. I guess my point is that we won't see revolution until so much harm has been done that it won't be fixable.

Plus you must give them credit. "Divide and Conquer" has worked like magic. Covid 1984 has even magnified the hatred between the Left and Right. You see that in any comment section. The only good thing about Americans having guns is that the Looney Left will finally get its comeuppance. But that's civil war, not revolution. Frankly I don't think the Pinochet Solution will make America a better place to live in.

Also credit to the internet. I've often wondered why we are still allowed some free speech online. Of course it's great for people to express their anger over what they don't like. Expending a great deal of energy that would otherwise be directed towards violent revolution.

Posted by: EoinW | Oct 16 2020 19:19 utc | 126

here is the link emersonreturn refers to Before the Bidens ‘Did’ Ukraine, There Was Iraq – and Serbia

Posted by: james | Oct 16 2020 19:28 utc | 127

emersonreturn @125--

Thanks for your reply! That article wasn't present when I first visited SC this morning; the editorial was in its place at the top of the page. I shall now commence reading it.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 19:30 utc | 128

c1ue @ 122

Well written! My question to those who support lockdowns is: what's the end game? They seem to have this idea that they'll do temporary lockdowns then return to normal. Eight months is temporary?...with the entire winter still to come! BTW how do you get back to normal after dismantling all the civil liberties your society was based on? They are totally out of touch with reality. Plus, after 8 months, they are no longer capable of backtracking and admitting they were wrong. Thus support for government actions evolves into a cultlike obedience. Time for another round of that Jonestown Kool Aid!

As for Colonel McGillicuddy's Magic Elixir of Life: Yes indeed, one shot will cure all. With annual booster shots to keep you in the pink.

I don't need to tell you what you can do with your vaccine panacea. It's purpose is to enrich Big Pharma(and all the government politicians, doctors and scientists allied with Big Pharma). It's purpose is not to save the human race or get us back to normal. We'll never see normal again unless we stop the government power tripping now.

Posted by: EoinW | Oct 16 2020 19:32 utc | 129

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 18:15 utc | 111

No doubt we are at an extreme breaking point, dangerous, Arms Control the most serious issue, I think the one year extension proposal is a last minute attempt to put some breaks on this crazy chain of events.

The war in the Caucasus is raging, Kirghizia is out of control, Kazakhstan is a big morsel with all the elements for another explosive cocktail since once a territory of nomads all the northern part was developed and settled by ethnic Russians as well as from other republics of the Union. It is a great loss the recent passing of Edvard Limonov, I followed his LiveJournal blog and that guy had a sharp eye for all the post Soviet space, besides being an excellent writer. He was imprisoned in Russia for setting a training camp in the Altay region with the purpose of liberating the northern Kazakh lands. His insight I greatly miss.

And the worst part of it all, no end in sight since either the present imperial team or its alternative do not have the power or intention to change course.

O yeah, I forgot Ukraine, Pridnestrovye, Belarus,... the list is long.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 16 2020 19:34 utc | 130

snake #101
"I left out the problem in America is not government but media and unconscionable oligarch power.. of 100.."

Well that was a major omission but a strong drink and a good read may absolve you. Try this from The Saker

Unlike the previous 1911 Pujo Commission, which also exposed Wall Street’s abuses of power, the Pecora Commission was supported by a President who actually cared about the Constitution and amplified Pecora’s powers even further. When FDR was told that supporting Pecora’s exposures of financial crimes would hurt the economy, the President famously responded with “they should have thought of that when they did the things that are being exposed now.” FDR followed up that warning by encouraging the attorney to take on John Pierpont Morgan Jr.

Rather than controlling an American institution as many believed 70 years ago and today, J.P. Morgan Jr. was actually running an operation that had earlier been created in the mid-19th century as part of a British infiltration of America. As historian John Hoefle pointed out in a 2009 EIR study:

“The House of Morgan was, in truth, a British operation from its inception. It began life as George Peabody & Co., a bank founded in London in 1851 by American George Peabody. A few years later, another American, Junius S. Morgan, joined the firm, and upon Peabody’s death the firm became J.S. Morgan & Co. Junius Morgan brought in his son, J. Pierpont Morgan, to head the New York office of J.S. Morgan, and the New York office became J.P. Morgan & Co. From its original role in helping the British gain control of American railroads, the Morgan bank became a leading force in the oligarchy’s war against the American System, using the deep pockets of its imperial masters to become a powerhouse in not only finance but steel, automobiles, railroads, electricity generation, and other industries.”

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 16 2020 20:20 utc | 131

emersonreturn @125--

Very interesting piece of work by Jatras and quite an indictment of Biden. But Jatras is being selective in his historical recap and omits much that paints a very incomplete picture of the current complicated pickle confronting the voting public within the Outlaw US Empire, much of which have been exposed here at MoA. Somehow Jatras seems blind to what TrumpCo's doing internationally--it's continuing the #1 policy goal of attaining Full Spectrum Dominance. And TrumpCo's continuing the impoverishment of the USA by following the same policy initiated by Reagan/Volker/Greenspan/GHW Bush/Obama--complete financialization of the economy for the benefit of the 1% and continuation of offshoring jobs: 200,000 during Trump's term. In other words, TrumpCo has continued to forward all the Duopoly's goals internationally and domestically. Is what Jatras implies is in the cards big enough to put a spanner into the works of the Outlaw US Empire such that it will need to curtail its activities, or is it cover for some other action? On further reflection, it almost seems like the Brown Shirts versus the Black Shirts.

Another question to consider: Is Jatras a Patriot or a Partisan? IMO, he's the latter since the former would attack both Biden and Trump--Both are agents of the Duopoly and thus traitors to the USA. What's lacking from most political discourse is debate over my last point of fact and how we can escape from the pickle that fact presents.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 20:33 utc | 132

Paco @130--

Yeah! Too many problems; too much chaos. I rather doubt the election here will change anything for the better.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 20:44 utc | 133

Commentator at Escobar's FB posted this excellent slide provided by Snowden, which b could probably craft an article around.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 20:53 utc | 134

Too much for a ceasefire...

Crimes of war commited by Azerbaijani troops against Armenian POWs...there have been at least one beheaded by Turkish "operatives" too ...

Why is this so after the Russians achieved that both parts sat at the table and agree for a short ceasefire during which at least interchange POWs and corpses?

This has all the aspect of a growing terror war destined to be cronifed like a cancer by this kind of unnecessary, totally unjustified at this moment, inhuman violence commited by extremists, so as to make grow grudges which not only will exacerbate conflict and directly terminate the ceasefire intent, but will remain forever, encyst, like it was the case in Syria..

These are extremists the kind of the Grey Wolves which are dedicated to terrorize people in Syria and opposition inside Turkey as well, which curiously do not produce any unitary aplication of sanctions of any kind by the EU as a whole nor by the US, the usual promoter of sanctions on the basis disrespect for human rights, for that matter...

Also this comes to undermine Russian recenlty diplomatic effort and usual success in this field...

Due all this, I fear, who ends owning the Nagorno Karabakh territory is what least matter here, there are clearly other objectives, as the timing so clearly pointed out, like setting Russian close surroundings on fire so as to embitter Russian success in Syria by ruinning its primary objectives there, that were, fight extremists far away of Russian soil before they end in Russia or its surrounding.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 16 2020 20:55 utc | 135

uncle tungsten @131--

Thanks for providing that link!! I'd neglected reading that Ehret essay. Lots of info being made available! Must be our October Surprise.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 20:57 utc | 136

For uncle tungsten @131

Good read, thanks for the link. Couldn't talk about it without mentioning Smedley Butler and the attempted coup.
"Ferdinand Pecora’s Commission shaped the dynamics of America so intensely by its simple power of speaking the truth, that efforts to run a fascist coup against FDR using a general named Smedley Butler also came undone before it could succeed. Butler played along with Wall Street’s plans for some months before deciding to publicly blow the whistle in congress. Butler exposed the intension to use him as a “puppet dictator” leading thousands of American legionnaires in a storming of the White House displacing FDR."

Posted by: Curmudgeon | Oct 16 2020 20:59 utc | 137

Important move: UK retires its ambassador to Belarus due growing "political instability"

This...after Tikhanovskaya´s ultimatum to end this weekend...

Have the Britons any knowledge of any October Surprise?

Of course, we do not expect any danger coming from Tikhanosvskaya herself, who seem more dedicated to building her new model career...the housewife, you see....But after Franak ViaÇorca from Atlantic Council has become her personal advisor.... They will do of this simpleton woman another Navalny whom to poison in the future with another dose of Novichok unde go whatever purpose...invading Russian next time, may the things go...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 16 2020 21:11 utc | 138

Some good least...

Tripoli: Abd al Rahman al Milad, alias "Bija", a major human trafficker operating in North Africa, arrested. Wanted by Interpol, the insecurity situation in the country and the presence of militias had made his location and detention very difficult.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 16 2020 21:15 utc | 139

@ 122 Passer
I don't believe that Russia can't be trusted. But in 2015 it DID break international law and scared a lot of people. As a result Russia achieved in many respects what it tries to prevent.

(I agree with you that the USA is in many ways no better and in some ways much worse.)

Posted by: m | Oct 16 2020 21:22 utc | 140

Precedents of current carnage in Nagorno Karabakh....Seems the same case as "US exemplary troops" pardoned by Trump one time fater another...

After being sentenced in Hungary, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev pardoned Safarov, who received an apartment and was promoted.

Videos and photos of Armenian prisoners of war being executed / beheaded by Azerbaijani troops are beginning to circulate.

In the 2016 conflict, Azerbaijani soldiers beheaded 3 Armenian soldiers and mutilated the bodies of 15 others by cutting off their ears.

No idea on the authenticity of the videos circulating, but taking into account that Bellingcat has chimmed in authentificating, fact checking and geolocating the videos, currently disabled by Twitter, points at the possibility of a provocation orchestrated by NATO intelligence operatives...

Recall recently Bellingcat has been offered as reliable source at SST by new Russophobic poster "J."...Why all of a sudden this poster making a case against Russia at least weekly, or more often, there, and why now....?

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 16 2020 21:28 utc | 141

Excellent article-written by Marcello Ferrada de Noli a professor emeritus of epidemiology- at Consortium News.

Addressing countries considering how to react to Covid he concludes:
"...Don’t follow the herd immunity model. To decimate SARS-cov-2 what we do need is a vaccine. What countries in disarray need is to start with available vaccination programs.

"By adopting a Swedish public-health model you may be serving a political establishment whose remits are greed, corporate economic power and adherence to its own interpretation of what democracy should mean.

"For what is democracy in the context of this debate? Who shall ultimately decide the domestic strategy of a problem threatening the life of every single citizen of a country?

"Democratic decisions are built on the participation of all, and in the interests of all, ensuring all voices are heard. In my experience, this is not the case in Sweden.

"The findings of this work were refused publication by Swedish mainstream newspapers. They prefer, instead, to control discourse, permitting only mild criticism, which serves the authorities in the current Covid-19 debate.

"This new Ikea-wrapped neoliberal concept of democracy, should not be unpacked by countries in Latin-America, Africa and other latitudes. There, a dignified formula for democracy should preclude the Swedish praxis of how – without the participation of the demos (Greek for “people”), those in power exercise the kratos (“rule”) to politically benefit themselves."

Posted by: bevin | Oct 16 2020 21:32 utc | 142

Here's the link:

Posted by: bevin | Oct 16 2020 21:32 utc | 143

Azerbaijan gas troubles Russia?

It is the gas issue that drives the war game.

Read John Helmer for an analysis

Perfidious Turk perhaps.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 16 2020 21:40 utc | 144

Russia is getting increasingly isolated, cut off from both western Europe, eastern Europe by Germany, Poland & Ukraine, the caucasus and the ME by Turkey, its onmy field left is Asia with China.

Now if Biden gets elected and "cool" relationship with China and continue the transfer of power to China, that's it for Russia.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 16 2020 21:43 utc | 145

m #140

Thank you m. Could you elaborate a little. Perhaps a mere link?

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 16 2020 21:44 utc | 146

Posted by: m | Oct 16 2020 21:22 utc | 140

First of all, technically, in 2014 (not 2015) what happened in Crimea is fully legal under international law, which backs the right of self-determination from state government.

That is, any territory in the world, in any country, has the right under international law to declare independence and to fight for it. It is another question if it will win it or not.

Since most of the population in Crimea is of russian ethnicity, it is pretty clear that they would support independence from Ukraine and then joining Russia.

Actually there were several referendums in the past that showed the views of the crimean people, for example in 1994 they voted for receiving autonomy from Ukraine and for receiving dual russian/ukrainian citizenship.

So the will of the people there has been pretty clear.

As for scaring of people, well, this is what you get when you try to back someone into a corner. The other person will start doing lots of things then, including supporting separatists in other countries and other stuff too.

All problems should be viewed in context, and the consensus for a peaceful Europe after 1990 was broken by the EU and the US on two occasions, leading to the current events.

First, the EU and the US declared the right to unilaterally change borders within Europe, even without UN recognition - in the case of Serbia (1998). You do understand that others will take notice of that, and will make their conclusions about what is allowed and what is not.

And second, in 2008, EU members and the US declared that Ukraine and Geogia will become part of NATO.

Now, why would one want to push for NATO (a nuclear armed military block) right on the russian borders, in an attempt to encircle the country from various dorections? Only someone who is hostile in the first place.

Not to mention that there are many russian people in Ukraine and the prospect of these people being part of a NATO army, tageting Russia, does not look very acceptable. Why did Russia fought wars with the Ottoman Empire and Nazi Germany over Crimea? Only to have the US navy has a base there? Russian people (ordinary people, not government) do not find this acceptable at all.

So after the western decision to get Ukraine and Georgia into a military block, which by the way has been qute hostile to Russia, a decision (i suspect in secret) was made in Russia too.

The never ending drang nah osten will be stopped. It is very clearly a step by step process to surround the country, area by area, piece by piece, and then attempt to strangle Russia like an Anaconda.

So a decision was made to block the never ending NATO expansion towards Russia. How do you do that? According to NATO rules, a country can not join it as long as that country has territorial problems.

Russia has reacted accordingly. First it supported separatists in Georgia, and then in Ukraine. The NATO accession process was blocked.

There was another way too. The West was told to stop its expansion towards the russian borders, and to have a buffer zone of several neutral states between the two. The West did not agree (too much greed). The rest is history.

Posted by: Passer by | Oct 16 2020 22:04 utc | 147

In his article at The Saker, link provided @131 by uncle tungsten, Ehret asks the following question:

"Many readers might immediately scoff at my words, and assert that such a reform [reinstituting Glass-Steagall] were impossible at this late stage of rot and corruption in western society but I would retort with the question: If this were so impossible, then how was it done already at a similar time of crisis only 87 years ago under similar circumstances of economic breakdown, fascism and world war?"

The answer is quite simple my dear Ehret: The composition of Congress today is the polar opposite of 87 years ago since its been captured by the progeny of the financial parasites of that day and is 100% under their control. It's not the "stage of rot and corruption in western society" that's the problem; rather, it's exactly those issues existing within government, while society remains divided as planned and can't perform the needed surgery on the political system to repair the damage. Oh, and do note that troll m avoids all such issues and the questions I've presented to it. Indeed, the only real question for m is if it wears a black or brown shirt.

I don't want to appear to belittle the history Ehret recaps, much of it never taught. Indeed, we're actually on the same team except he resides in Canada and doesn't face the same consequences as those of us living within the Outlaw US Empire. We both point our fingers at the UK for being the seed ground for Neoliberalism and the war waged against truth in political-economics, although he hasn't explicitly said or written those same words. The LaRouche thesis is that the UK controls the sovereignty of the Outlaw US Empire via its financial architecture, whereas there's no need to involve the UK at all as the criminals are all US citizens. IMO, Ehret would be better served if he were to follow/discover the philosophy that grounds Neoliberalism as that's what was exported/imported that grossly altered the American System as Hudson has shown. There's simply no need to construct a conspiracy when it's not needed for the explanation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 22:10 utc | 148

More evidence of Trump Treason over COVID-19 severity and his Do Nothing Policy:

"As the Covid-19 death toll in the U.S. surpasses 218,000, the New York Times revealed this week that while President Donald Trump in February lied to Americans about the coronavirus outbreak being 'very much under control,' his economic advisers at the same time warned wealthy Republican donors and members of a right-wing think tank behind closed doors that a public health crisis of the magnitude expected would severely affect the U.S. and world economy." [My Emphasis]

Lying is a longstanding form of Corruption, and Corruption aimed at undermining the wellbeing of the entire citizenry is clearly Treasonous. I wonder if it's dawned on the owners of the NY Times that by not defending Assange they risk having truth telling articles like this one becoming criminalized. I rather doubt that's the case as the owners probably wear shirts that are both brown and black.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 16 2020 22:44 utc | 149

karlof1@132. concur absolutely. no question. simply it's good to know both creatures. my hope remains after the election the dnc will as hudson has suggested be revamped. thank you for summary. much appreciated.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 16 2020 22:47 utc | 150

Posted by: c1ue | Oct 16 2020 18:46 utc | 122 Lockdown until 2024? Federal transfer payments until 2024?

The US needs to do what it should have done back in February:
1) Ramp up testing to the max. Everyone in the US should have tests available and results back in less than one day.
2) Stand up a contact and trace capability. This will require at least 100-150,000 tracers and a decent cellphone app.
3) Lockdown until positive cases drop to 3% of tests. The lockdown will probably not last longer than 8 weeks, but it must be China strict.
4) Ramp up production of masks, hand sanitizer using the government act that repurposes factories in an emergency.
5) Drop all the requirements for SNAP and simply give everyone $200 a month for food.
6) Issue a stimulus check per month for the duration of the emergency which matches the average cost of housing in the US.
7) Standardize treatment of existing cases according to the best available treatment options learned over the past eight months (which is probably SMART+).

5) and 6) are only necessary because of the government's inaction since February.

How to deal with the pandemic has been known since China in February. Stop dodging the fact that the US botched it and continues to botch it. There will be no resolution of the pandemic until the government does the above. And since we know they will *not* do the above, regardless of who gets into office, it's pointless to argue about it any further.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 16 2020 22:50 utc | 151

karlof1 & uncle tungsten, my computer is failing so i cannot send links but the saker matthew ehert is taken from this:Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins.

mullins' mentor was ezra pound. the book is free online. a remarkable read.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 16 2020 22:55 utc | 152

It is too bad that the vast majority in the west never get to read or hear Statesmen Like Lavrov, and Putin speak. That would open quite a few eyes imo.

Posted by: arby | Oct 16 2020 22:59 utc | 153

Fact checking by Bellingcat of execution of Armenian POWS in NK war by Azrbaijani troops/turkish operatives...Link to their "job" in this Twitt by Will Pulido

I have not the knowledge to test whether the info provided is right or could be faked.
The location of executions seems to have been Hadrut.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 16 2020 23:49 utc | 154

arby @153--

That's why I go through the effort so people can read, hear and watch them. Getting around BigLie Media is difficult but not impossible.

And akin to that subject is this podcast starring Michael Hudson on "Bloomberg Markets Odd Lots" program, to which you'll have to listen since there's no transcript currently available. Hudson is able to hit his main points and describes COVID as a massive disruption of society caused by what's known in many insurance policies as an Act of God. The most important part IMO begins at the 25 min mark when he gets into banking, or at least the emergency credit provided to society, as a public utility that's owned to itself and can thus be 100% written down once the crisis has ended. Emerging from that two minute lecture is the observation that one of two outcomes can be arrived at politically: The financial sector can be saved OR the economy as a whole can be saved--but not both. Hudson's prognosis isn't at all pretty as he's very aware of the political situation and the leverage the Financial Parasites hold over the federal government, in particular the Fed--we're in a slow motion Great Depression and will likely end up looking like Greece. Hudson's appearance ends at the 48 minute mark. Yes, even if you've read and listened to him before, I suggest spending the time to listen yet again, particularly to his description of how China's financial system's structured, which will tell you why the Outlaw US Empire wants to overthrown the CPC so badly--China beyond doubt IS the threat of a superior example.

One last note about the Jatras article as it relates to what Hudson anticipates. Because there's been no effort to solve the social/financial crisis brought about by COVID despite Trump using the mechanisms that would alleviate much suffering, there's going to be rioting because the inequities have gone on for two+ generations and they're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore regardless which of the Duopoly's candidates wins. Yes, it's being framed as a Color Revolution instigated by outside forces, but that's plain bullshit. Every Color Revolution is grounded on already existing social problems stemming from longstanding inequities as is the case within the Outlaw US Empire, which makes this quite different from what occurred in the 1930s. The way to tell if the revolt's legitimate is to see what institutions are being attacked: the Fed's branches, Big Banks, Wall Street firms, and BigLie Media--all of which are essentially privately held entities. If public institutions are attacked aside from fascistic federal agencies, you'll know those groups are not on society's side.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 17 2020 0:22 utc | 155

@ karlof1

Which big banks, big wall streets, big lie media institutions have been attacked by the rioters lately?

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 0:29 utc | 156

To give you an idea of what's happening with the real cost of living, Shadowstats reports:

"A Realistic 2021 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Would Have Been 9.0%, Not the Just-Announced 1.3%."

That was from its October 13 recap. Meanwhile, its October 16 recap envisions a "hardening 'L' shaped recovery" for the overall economy; although when broken into real economy and the financial sector, the actual shape of the recovery is a K--upwards for the Financial Parasites, downwards for everyone else. Unemployment seems primed to rise after falling to 27% given declines in payroll employment, leisure and hospitality being hit very hard and falling 21.7%.

It's clear Trump's people don't give a damn about their electorate or the vast majority of the citizenry. But not much is heard from Biden about providing that same group some sort of hope that their lot will improve if they vote for him. IMO, the election ought to resemble 1932 because of the economic problems but that's not readily apparent. However, that may indeed become the prime driving force as record numbers of citizens are already turning out to vote.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 17 2020 1:07 utc | 157

Thanks to karlof1 @104 for the extension of Lavrov's press interview and for other links, as well as to others for important essays. Looks like the rat trying to set up house keeping in my garden will have freedom to invade at least until Sunday.

Anne @ 104, in my younger days I was feisty enough to invite inside my own dwelling the Jehovah's Witness folk when they came knocking. We would 'dialogue' and they were mostly very polite - unlike the Witness pamphlet they would leave which was downright scathingly scurrilous! After the first time I armed myself with Faure's 'Agnus Dei' from his Requiem, and next time played that for them and inquired how it could be that such beautiful music had been written by such as their pamphlet described? My recollection is that they didn't come again. Maybe, Faure reached them?

Posted by: juliania | Oct 17 2020 1:22 utc | 158

Re the Twitter ban on the Biden emails...

Twitter Fixes Its Bad Policy On Blocking 'Hacked' Documents

And more proof that *nothing* Trump says can be believed or even considered:

DOJ Says Trump's Tweets Declassifying All Russia Investigation Docs Doesn't Mean Anything; Judge Says They Better Go Ask Him

Of course, it now seems likely that the White House lawyers and the DOJ will very carefully explain to the President why they want him to say he didn't mean what he clearly said, potentially allowing him to walk back his fairly unequivocal statements. At the very least, though, that should enable reporters to question the President further on why he falsely claimed to have declassified stuff. At the end of the day, either all of the documents have been declassified or the President will need to admit that he lied about declassifying them.

When I see actual unredacted documents on my monitor, I'll believe it. Until then, Trump is BSing yet again.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 17 2020 1:24 utc | 159

And just like that, karlof1 fails to provide any examples.

Wall Street, Well Fargo HQ, Apple HQ, Facebook HQ, Twitter HQ remain relatively peaceful during the "peaceful riots".

It's actually the local businesses that suffer the most, and of course the (state) police precincts and the roads and highways.

The primary cry of the protests are to DEFUND DA POLICE! and REMOVE TRUMP!, surely intended to fight against The (Orange) Man(tm).

And how do they intend to remove Trump you ask? To vote for Biden in.

Call me an idiot, but it doesn't take a genius to see that the protests/riots in the US are purely for political destabilization by democrats against Trump, and not actually providing any solution.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 1:32 utc | 160

karlof1 @ 155
thank you for the link, i'd glanced it on his site & stupidly presumed it would be repetitive, nothing could be further from the truth/point...MH is always interesting, this podcast most especially. if you do locate (when i am able to post it i shall) the eustace mullins' i believe you will find it not entirely out of MH's preview. thank you again for the link. i have MH on my goto & it was pure foolishness on my part not to have immediately clicked on continue reading. :-/

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 17 2020 1:35 utc | 161

gotta love the fbi and etc... FBI probing if Russia involved in Hunter Biden email story funny how they didn't probe whether china was involved... i guess they are still pissed off how russiagate fizzled....navalny isn't dead from the novichok... and etc. etc.. etc... rough few months for the fbi, lol...

Posted by: james | Oct 17 2020 1:41 utc | 162

emersonreturn #152

Thank you for that connection. I will follow it up. May your silicon beastie survive another year.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 17 2020 1:56 utc | 163


CIA to Tibetan contra recruits
You wanna kill some Chinese ?


From the 18C Chinese exclusion act
to the 21C Global Chinese exclusion act.

A tentative attempt,
hardly exhaustive.

BUrning of YUAN MING YUAN [1]

CEA, 18C ,
Chinese miners, rail way workers, massacred in fukus and Oz, cuz anglos couldnt compete with the 996 coolies, sounds familiar ?

West comment on the indo/sino war...

whats wrong with getting the Indians, Chinese at each others throats ?

[Ivan, why are iNdians still doing the whitemen bidding ?]

CIA recruited Tibetans to train as contras,
First question the mofo asked....
'Do you wanna kill some Chinese' ?

Afghan , chinese workers massacred...

Chinese workers become the victims of economic rivalry among various companies as many foreign firms including Turkish and US ones try to monopolize rebuilding projects in Afghanistan," said an analyst on condition of anonymity.

"Chinese laborers are cheap and their work is best known for their high standard. That is why rival companies want to get them out of biding for rebuilding projects in post-war Afghanistan

Indon 1959
cia paid local commanders to kill Chinese.
Army-inspired anti-Chinese programs that took place in West Java in 1959 were financed by U.S. contributions to the local army commander"; apparently CIA funds were used by the commander (Colonel Kosasih) to pay local thugs in what Mozingo calls "the army's (and probably the Americans') campaign to rupture relations with China.

Co veterans still reminicense fondly about the CIA'S GREATEST HIT...the greatest genocide of 20 C
Three millions defenceless peasants, including almost the entire Chinese community, massacred by CIA sponsored death squads.

'The Indonesian covert action of 1965, reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation. He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party - the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese. And the CIA's report put the number of dead at 800,000 killed. And that was one covert action. We're talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things.

Clinton's 'our kind of guy' Suharto was over his used by date, his massive corruption and misrule had rendered the regime untenable.
If there's to be change, it had bloody well be our chosen man in charge, says uncle sham.
The king maker was, ironically, none other than Suharto's own son in law....Washington's no 1 poster boy in Indon, alumni of the notorious School of America.
Once again, the Chinese were scapegoated.
IN the following weeks, thousands of drug crazed streets thugs, commanded by crew cut mean looking men, ferried by army trucks, ran amok thru ethnic Chinese residence areas.
Three weeks of arsons, murder and mass rapes left the Chinese communitiy once again in tatters, agony and utter desperation......not a peep from the human rights crusaders Usual Suspects.
To cut a long story short, Suharto was eventually forced to step down by you know who, in the midst of the ensuing nation wide choas and unrest.

Here's that infamous scene showing Suharto signing his letter of resignation whilte the IMF boss sent in by Washington to take over Indon assets hovering like a school master disciplining a wayward school boy.
But I digress.

Thousands killed so far since the 1959 riots.
Exhibit A
Han and Tibetan girls trapped in their shop, burned alive by CIA death squads.

Thousands killed so far in terrorist attack by CIA sponsored death squads.

Exhibit A
Some victims of UIghur head choppers.
Tip of an iceberg.

Those were Hans, not your beloved defenceless moslems, gringo.

Around three hundred killed.

First race specific bio weapon targetting Chinese.
Thousands died worldwide, majority in China.
From where I squat, there's still this instruction on 7 steps to wash your hand pasted on my office wash basin, a legacy of SARS1.
nOW we've to suffer more nonsense on safe distance, masks, hand washing crap traps ...courtesy of the mofoking satanists master of universe, resident in USA.

hundreds of Chinese workers killed by CIA death squads , during the Gwadar port proj,

Russian, Chinese top railroad executives slaughtered by CIA death squads.

CIA fomented riots killed dozens of Chinese

almost two hundred Chinese killed, including many Huawei, ZTE top exe , dozens of electronic experts,bumped off.

Victor Hugo's letter on the burning of Yuan MIng Yuen,

'One day two bandits entered the Summer Palace.

Almost forget the Opium war which killed thousands and by force feeding Opium on Chinese, rendered China the sick man of East Asia.

Posted by: denk | Oct 17 2020 2:55 utc | 164

bevin | Oct 16 2020 21:32 utc | 142

-> z-scores

m | Oct 16 2020 21:22 utc | 140

2015? Any details?

Posted by: Hmpf | Oct 17 2020 3:15 utc | 165

thank you, UT, i'm hoping .

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 17 2020 3:16 utc | 166

Dear Karlof1,
I'm more than alittle surprised at your response to the James George Jatras article in Strategic Culture, and am beginning to wonder whether your nationality has predisposed your argument. I try to avoid this reductionist kind of thinking, but as MOA mostly concerns US political behaviour, followed by a vox populi thread of mostly American opinions, the keen reader can process the stimulus and the responses and perhaps gain a deeper understanding of the issues.
Dear Karlof1 and fellow Americans it is always about your country, even obliquely.
The "Duopoly" and "Outlaw Empire" you wholly own, and I think you have made erred by exceptionalising these otherwise excellent concepts. All too readily you discount any kind of foreign interference. It muddies the waters, but we are talking big swamp here- a vast network of swamps. The key word is network. And that network of foreign "usual suspects" institutions- all elements of the western power structure, want that status quo maintained. The deep state is a global affair. Duopoly, outlaw empire- whatever, they want it to continue, and Trump represents unpredictability. Simply put, he doesn't think that way. He's inexperienced (meaning his corruptability is not yet established within the political context) and he's a populist, a political style that is forbidden in US political culture.
Let me make an assumption that you will vote blue, if only for sentimental reasons. You have read the Jatras article (I recommend reading each link as well), and you see brown shirts versus blackshirts, an Alistair Crooke kind-of hypothesis. But Jatras is on a different discourse and it's often overlooked by Americans because it is about morality.
More precisely, absence of morality.
Just look at the activities of individuals in the Democratic Party of the USA, let's say since Clinton's war on Yugoslavia. The corruption is mindnumbing. It's the US's biggest export. The immorality- nay, amorality (for the mindnumbed), is simply incomprehensible for many Americans. Their imaginations do not go there. Imagine this reality: Clinton's mate Thaci (he who put up the statue of Bill Clinton in Pristina) had individual Serb prisoners shot, on order, to sell their organs to wealthy Israelis. At least Trump has made it official that he is no chum of Thaci's. And there is so much more- so much anecdotal documentation to break you heart. Seek it out, and ponder.
And now Biden (who has always been along on the ride) is feeling the inevitable heat of moral opprobrium, but hey.... it's a "nothingburger"! Oh, hang on, did I say "heat"? Just cool it lady! Facebook, Twitter: "nothing to see here". So: nothing! Back to the big, bad Duopoly. (But didn't Alistair Crooke warn of the agenda of big Tech? Why aren't Marxists applying Gramscian Marxist theory to big Tech?).
The Dems are a moral blackhole. Biden's entrenched corruption, his practice of amoral decision making, his proud allegiance to party over principles, his disgraceful way of publically exploiting his children, this is the dementia and moral degradation of the Democratic Party.
Whilst I agree with the economic assessments of Karlof1, unless US corruption and immorality are addressed, as in "talked about", (and certainly not rewarded), there is not much evidence for us non-Americans to inspire hope about America's future.

Posted by: Australian lady | Oct 17 2020 4:10 utc | 167

@ Australian lady | Oct 17 2020 4:10 utc | 167. interesting comments and supposition on your part regarding karlof1... you might be correct.. i am curious... i also read the strategic culture article from jatras and didn't read it just as karlof1 described it.. i am curious how karlof1 responds to your post... thanks for saying all that...

Posted by: james | Oct 17 2020 4:24 utc | 168

Nancy Pelosi Is Talking to the White House About a Coronavirus Deal, but Won’t Tell Anybody What’s in It

I'm not holding my breath for another $1,200 from these asshats... But Pelosi does have a point: Trump wants that check with his name on it to go before the election to revive his campaign which is faltering. OTOH, Trump is right that Pelosi doesn't want that. But Trump says he wants that $1,200 to go out. So Pelosi is now screwed no matter what she does. If she caves in, Trump wins; if she doesn't, Trump blames the Dems for no relief - and Trump wins. If she'd had the brains to just push for the $1,200 back in August or whenever, she might be ahead now. The rest of the relief funds can be argued over later.

Failing to act before the November election poses a much bigger risk. Though Joe Biden’s chances of winning the presidency next month have never been better, there is no guarantee Democrats take back the Senate. If McConnell retains control, it’s possible there won’t be a relief bill for many months to come.

But a major barrier for many would-be supporters of a bill is that they haven’t seen the text — and they don’t trust Republicans, who seem wholly uninterested in providing any relief for working people. The president has been more erratic than ever, repeatedly contradicting himself on whether he supports a large-scale stimulus deal or not. Trump suddenly blew up stimulus talks that had been going on for months only to later call for a series of smaller bills and then finally come back to the table. McConnell has indicated that the GOP opposes another large stimulus package altogether, and says passing any major pandemic aid legislation is “unlikely in the next three weeks.” Still, Democrats have little to lose in accepting the offer and leaving the bill’s fate up to McConnell.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 17 2020 5:39 utc | 169

Australian lady @167--

Thanks for your reply and inquisitiveness. Gee, I've written about the gross immorality of the Outlaw US Empire hundreds of times here at MoA to the point where I just don't do it much anymore since it's a given part of the descriptor I've applied to the USA--an Outlaw is immoral as it breaks laws, which for the most part are morally based.

One component of my historical inquiries is to try and discern when and why human culture became dysfunctional and no longer capable of regulating mores and norms for societies--although I've also noted that wasn't 100% universal. Political corruption in North America began before formal colonization with lobbying over the fishing grounds, which was later continued by the merchants and traders 150 years before the American Revolution. The history of the almost every large city is rife with tales of corruption. So yes, the Ds and the Rs are dirty to the hilt! Although occasionally there's an exception to that rule. So, they might wear different shirts but remain the same animal. Long ago I began my studies with the USA's Gilded Age, @1876-1900, because that's when it seemed to me the underlying culture became even more dysfunctional than just 15 years before at the start of the US Civil War. That Age also gave rise to the People's Party--the one major political push put forth by the farmers to take control prior to governments capture by Big Business.

No other nation forced or enticed the USA to become an Outlaw. Homegrown fascists did it all by themselves. The economic doctrine of Neoliberalism seems to be an English export then tailored to fit the USA. It's first time out of the gate caused the Great Depression. The last time I voted for a D for POTUS was in 1986. I intend to vote for the Progressive candidate on the ballot in my state. He won't win, but I'll have voted for someone who shares my values. You may have come across what I wrote about the world being divided into two differing blocs, one moral, the other immoral. I also made it my business to inform people of an important interview with one of the moral bloc's leaders I hope you'll find the time to read. I hope the Outlaw US Empire loses so humanity can win. The landscape here's incredible, but the political-economy is about as immoral as it can get. It's not easy to live here, but I try.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 17 2020 6:23 utc | 170

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 17 2020 6:23 utc | 170

I also made it my business to inform people of an important interview with one of the moral bloc's leaders I hope you'll find the time to read.

That interview could be compared to this article by one of the presstitutes stars, the UK Guardian, a master class on subjunctive mood. And talking about subjunctive, the expression “highly likely” now forms part of daily street language in Russia, thanks to Theresa May and the Skripal’s disappearance. Kudos for Theresa, expanding and enforcing the use of the English language forms part of the imperial project, they had to held their noses and name the Beatles Members of the Order of the British Empire, but all for a good cause. English language and the mighty Dollar with its “In God We Trust”, as an old TV add back in the 80’s that I have searched for and never found, a bearded guy with the looks of Castro holds a Gillete razor in his hand and says: “Buena Herramienta Capitalista”.

Posted by: Paco | Oct 17 2020 7:17 utc | 171

re Passer by #147 and others
In some ways what I'm gonna say probably belongs in the brexit thread, but in other ways it is more apposite here.

Studying brexit many people just consider england in the state it is in now, not what it will eventually become after at least a decade of poverty following brexit.

Many here deny it because they are only witness to the twilight of the EU rather than it's launch, but the original impetus behind the european common market was a staunch belief that a shared economic policy would be the sole method of preventing yet another european conflict - remember these blues didn't begin with world war one, they had been kicking off every couple of decades since the fall of the roman empire, and as per usual the primary motive was same as it ever was, economic. Joining the bulk of the euro warring parties into one economic blob was a smart way to avoid war. Allowing it to slip into neoliberalism was not.

Now that england has bolted, it will discover that whatever deal it gets with amerika will pretty soon become much worse than the one the EU negotiates; the eu is worth so much more to amerika than england thinking otherwise is dreaming, slowly, inexorably, but inevitably after a few changes of government, amerika will stink as much as europe currently does for englanders.

One nation that won't stink nearly as much as it does at the moment, because caught between a rapacious amerika and a disdainful europe, Russia will increasingly become an ally of england. Oh, couldn't happen? I reckon it could, in the 1890's generations of russiaphopia which culminated with the englanders building forts all over their empire, solely to protect the colonies from Russia it changed. By the time 1914 rolled around Russia and england had become firm friends in an alliance against germany.
When both Russia & England are having hassles with europe hooking up makes sense now, just as it has in the past.

The same thing will happen again because it is both economically & geo-politically smart.

We must hope that this time there isn't a conflict, but there is no doubt that along with the racist englanders who make up a part of brexit, there are germans talking nazi shit and talking down Russia - as has been a constant in Germany since the year dot - why?
Because like the Ukraine, many of the other 'eastern european states' are comprised of splits between people of germanic & people of Rus descent. Of course that shouldn't matter a jot in 2020 but lets face it amerika has been cranking up the nasty fascists (who're largely from the citizens of germanic blood), in Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland & Estonia.

Rus & Germans have been jostling each other for centuries in eastern europe.

Most of us may not live to see it, but I'm certain that Russia and england will become mates again - nothing else works in a europe where france & germany are united.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Oct 17 2020 7:35 utc | 172

64# Norwegian

That must be an awkward atmosphere on your workplace,keep your spirit!

Here,in my french department that is in the zone less "contaminated" from today gatherings of more than six are prohibited.But Paris and eight major cities are on curfew.A people's groupwalk through the fields is forbidden;the annual agricultural gathering which is very big ,is forbidden.
The official statistics bureau has no overmortality registered since the month of may.We are the sheeple.Now Merkel and her nazi-government ,the fascists from the european union can go and attack russia with their islamic thugs,because european youth isnot able to fight a war.So they rely on thugs and technology.

The other day,a french schoolteacher was beheaded in front of his school by an chechen islamist born in Moscou,because he taught the children of his banlieu-neighbourhood about freedom of expression,showing a CharlieHebdo caricature of the prophet Muhammad.Actually the teacher was following ministry of Education guidelines in doing so.

I said it before,the french are real stupid.After the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015,the government gave funds to republish the caricature-edition of CharlieHebdo in an 7 million copies publication,sold all over the world.
They just cannot understand that that only raised the number of islamists wanting to attack France.Even after the renewed attack on Charlie Hebdo
people find it important to show we have no fear for islamists,so we republish.At the same time ,somebody who attacks islam on television gets an 10000 euro fine after being accused by so-called anti-racism clubs.

The chechens in France are given political asylum when they say they are homosexuals being prosecuted by Kadyrov and Putin.When they are given asylum,they let come over their numerous wives,children .
Republic is the religion in this country but it is nearing the end.

Posted by: willie | Oct 17 2020 8:44 utc | 173

@ willie

Muslims killing liberals, much cause of celebration.

The only bad thing is that this will just give more pretext for more police state stuff and of course more nonsense "woke" islamification.

Nowadays I do find the muslim (even jihadis) more sympathetic because at least they are honest and fight for what they believe in, if you insult their prophet, you get beheaded. That's simple enough.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 9:05 utc | 174

U.K. Covid latest ——-
Virus deniers should hang your head in shame right now.
Any one care to predict the next four months spread or maybe a year ?
No ! I thought not.

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 17 2020 9:23 utc | 175

@markmark #175:

Any one care to predict the next four months spread or maybe a year ?

I predict the UK ban on unmarried sex will lead to a 15% uptick in babies born out of wedlock in the next 9-18 months.

Posted by: Dr Wellington Yueh | Oct 17 2020 9:47 utc | 176

@ Dr Wellington Yueh

A good thing, is it not?

I don't think it will happen though.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 10:00 utc | 177

Dr Wellington Yueh @ 176
What kind of fascist scum are you. wishing that easily preventable suffering on young inocent children.
Your sick mate !
Have you got children ? How you going to feel as you watch them die.
You need psychiatric help for your own protection and protection of the general public.
Just another brain dead ‘Typhoid Mary’

Posted by: Mark2 | Oct 17 2020 10:48 utc | 178

@ Mark2 | Oct 17 2020 9:23 utc | 178

Please, stop being hysterical. ->, if convenient.

Posted by: Hmpf | Oct 17 2020 11:40 utc | 179

174# Smith

What is for sure now in France,that is that the liberal left pro-immigration will start to change their mind about islamists.Muslims were seen by leftist thinktanks as Terra Nova to be replacement for the workingclass vote ,andshould not be criticized.Still there has never been one journalist asking about those questions to Macron,because asking such question is prohibited also in France.Like since 2011 not one journalist asking Sarkozy about his crimes in Libya.It is just "not-done" in French media to ask pertinent questions.

By the way ,don't troll,it is too obvious what you are trying here.The only reason that I give you a response is that in my opinion french and european problems are not treated in the way they should,because they are very important in the instauration of the new worldorder,much more than those petty quack discussions about Trump or Biden.
In Western-Europe fascists did breed a new kind of politician that will lead our peninsulalike not-even a continent to its total destruction ,and there is not even discussion about the subject of nuclear bombers trying to provoke the russian bear.I am afraid for my children's and grandchuildrens future.

Posted by: willie | Oct 17 2020 11:48 utc | 180

Nowadays I do find the muslim (even jihadis) more sympathetic because at least they are honest and fight for what they believe in, if you insult their prophet, you get beheaded. That's simple enough.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 9:05 utc | 174

You should go over to the Caucasus there and explain your high-minded approval of their straightforward attitude. That would be very "liberal" of you. I'm sure they would be happy to hear about it.

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 17 2020 12:08 utc | 181

@ willie

I'm not actually "trolling". Macaroni can say all things he likes, but he will push for more woke liberal policies, which will end up more nationalists and islamics/jihadists killing each other, which means more pretext for police state.

The key thing is the french nationalists have a dialogue with the islamics, or just stop supporting liberal crude stuff like Charlie Hebdo.

@ Bemildred

Sure, always want to visit Georgia.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 12:31 utc | 182

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 12:31 utc | 182

The Chechens hang out in Pankisi Gorge there in Georgia, great scenery I hear. I look forward to your report on what you find there. Some of the old ruined fortresses in the Caucasus are quite impressive too, a crossroads and battlefield for millenia, and an ethnic/religious mixture as messy as anyplace on the planet. Multiculturalism indeed.

I'm not kidding about the ruins:

The land of towers in the Caucasus: 14 spectacular villages where every house was a fortress

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 17 2020 13:18 utc | 183

@ Posted by: willie | Oct 17 2020 11:48 utc | 180

From the recent Sarkozy-Libya imbroglio, we can infer that the "pro-immigration left" in Europe are more like useful idiots than an ideological mob.

It seems France is neck-deep involved in terrorist funding and sponsoring in the Middle East. Many deals with said terrorists may involve a Green Card to France: this is an old ancient Roman tactic (i.e. to offer Roman citizenship to the tribal elites in exchange of control over foreign policy of the region), used successfully during the late republican era to conquer the entire Gaul.

Since Islams have a sense of brotherhood based on religion and not on nationality, it is not hard to recruit an Islamic elsewhere (e.g. Chechen) to fight in a third Muslim country in the Middle East.

The teacher decapitator in France was allegedly from Chechen, and he received legal permission to live in France. He was not a refugee. From this we can infer these kind of deals are not only reserved to Eastern European and Hongkonger/Taiwanese color revolutionaries, but also to outright terrorists. Canada is allegedly receiving a significant influx of neo-nazi Ukrainian "refugees". The difference here is that, as right-wingers, they are not protested by the alt-right, their status as refugees being considered perfectly legitimate by this faction.

It is already a known fact that the USA has a scheme of using Florida as a political asylum for Latin-American drug dealers, corrupt businessmen and other wannabe right-wing dictators/ideological nuts as a sweetener to raise their morale and serve as a stimulant for the birth of the next generation of regime changers in the subcontinent. It is also already known that many "ex-terrorists" from the Middle East to get a guarantee of political asylum in US territory. The same must happen in France - a country that still considers itself as holding imperial powers over many countries/ex-colonies in the Middle East and Africa.

Posted by: vk | Oct 17 2020 13:47 utc | 184

@ Bemildred

Sure beats the USA.

Posted by: Smith | Oct 17 2020 13:57 utc | 185

Posted by: vk | Oct 15 2020 23:14 utc | 27

Is the NYT not feeling well today?

Not to worry, simple case of pouting - taking their ball and going home.
But they'll be back at it shortly, it's the only game they have.

Here also was a weak moment:

Posted by: jared | Oct 17 2020 14:08 utc | 186

Hoyeru @54

As a Brit, at age 13 (age at which the BCG vaccine was given) had the so-called "Rabbit Test" and being negative was vaccinated. (This was all done at school, as were early dental inspections back in the 1950s and early 1960s.)

I too had make sure that the doctor "supervising" my acceptance knew (and understood to be true) that yes, I would react to the Rabbit test BECAUSE I'd had the BCG at 13. He had to look my explanation up...

Why wasn't the BCG given over here? Well - look at the $$$$ to be made from the anti-biotics necessary to curbing TB. Vaccines rarely provide sufficient profit.

Posted by: Anne | Oct 17 2020 14:21 utc | 187

On the current tendence by the US on meancing or directly hijacking foreign election observers, or directly nnt sending in anyone as happened in Belarus, to then claim their minority supported won the elections when they really lost by far

Amongst every poll throwing prospects on a new electoral win by the MAS in Bolivia ( as further investigations revelad it was the case before the fascist coup orchestrated by the Us Embassy with the unestimable help of fake testimony by the head of OAE )the current usurper authorities had not enough with forbiddinh Morales to run for president of Bolivia on the grounds he lived abroad, where they pushed him under life threatening menaces, but they are actively sequestering anf beating foreign observers arriving in Bolivia...

Democracy and International Law is alive and well...

With an election just hours away, Bolivia’s unelected govt is systematically targeting international electoral observers, aggressively detaining Argentinian congress members, doxxing Spanish observers & threatening us with “consequences”

Recall here, for all those tearing their clothes out with the late information coming out on corruption by Biden family in Ukraine, that the fascist coup in Bolivia happened under the Trump administration, along with several uneffective invasion and sabotage intends in Venezuela, and coups in Belarus, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and so on...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 17 2020 14:33 utc | 188

So national french radio station France Inter ,some call it Rance Sphincter,waited eight hours before even reporting the beheading of the teacher.The New york times heads "Police in France kills man after fatal knife attack".For what was clearly a beheading by islamist crying allahakbar.What do you know....

Posted by: willie | Oct 17 2020 15:02 utc | 189

Surrealist as it may appear, it seems that the whereabouts of this idle Russian citizen of unknown occupation already in his fities, Navalny ( so irrelevant as the new dearest of the NATO think tanks in charge of preparing coups around the world, Tikhanovskaya ) has occupied some time for discussion at the general Debate at UN...instead of more acute issues as the galloping cyphers of poverty spreading throughout the wordl, but especially allegedly privileged first world Western Europe and the US:

Response, including summary of known facts on the issue, by First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, D.Poliansky:

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Oct 17 2020 15:02 utc | 190


I quite agree with you there,.I could complete by saying that most of the terrorists that took part in the 33 successful attacks on french citizens since 2017 were known by police,and on a surveyance list,and probably recruited by secret service during their prison time,for "minor" aggressions,thefts and drug crimes.I specifically hail your mentioning the Roman Empire and its politics.Some week ago,I posted a comment that noone responded to (and I do not blame them because my writing is confuse) trying to explain the rise of the catholic church,by using tribal leaders like Clovis as their working tool to power.Those leaders are now referenced to in history books as kings an dukes,but they are just another al-Qaida,because the reason for their violence were hairsplitting differences between arianism,and catholicism,gnosticism and other aberrations of the human mind.

Now we are right in the middle of the Roman Empire's last avatar breathing its last gasps ,and I'm very happy with that.Still I fear for civil war in France.

Posted by: willie | Oct 17 2020 15:16 utc | 191

the world is not as it was, or @ least as the west perceived've neglected to mention china, & russia, tied by treaty & practical good sense. neither have forgotten their years of humiliation. both know the beast they are dealing with, probably much better than we do. china & russia are rich in thinking clear headed leaders whilst britain & america are controlled by the same minds that still imagine they hold china & russia beneath their boot.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Oct 17 2020 15:26 utc | 192

Just reading around today:

Apparently Ms Ardern is quite popular in NZ:

Beloved Kiwi PM Ardern wins second term in landslide, secures single-party majority in parliament:


Actually, I don't think we are anywhere near recovery yet, we are still on the way down, but nobody really knows:

China will be the only major economy to see growth this year as world braces for long recovery from Covid-19 crisis – IMF


I see we are hitting 400k new cases and 6k dead/day globally now, and accelerating:

Coronavirus Live Updates: Germany Registers Another Daily Record With 7,830 New COVID-19 Cases


So that's 2.8 million cases/week and 25k dead, and going up, is that enough to take seriously yet?

UK Gov Advisor Calls on BoJo to Implement 2nd Lockdown Amid ‘Eye-Watering’ Number of Covid-19 Cases


India seems to be trying to take the case lead from USA, but we're fighting back./sarc

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 17 2020 15:40 utc | 193

@ Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 17 2020 15:40 utc | 193

Also, note the double standards in the Western MSM. Nobody is accusing New Zealand of being a communist dictatorship like Belarus or Venezuela. Ardern is also not being called a "communist", "Trotskyist", "comrade Ardern", "Karl Marx sympathizer" like Jeremy Corbyn was when he was leader of the British Labour Party.

Posted by: vk | Oct 17 2020 15:57 utc | 194

Why wasn't the BCG given over here? Well - look at the $$$$ to be made from the anti-biotics necessary to curbing TB. Vaccines rarely provide sufficient profit.

Posted by: Anne | Oct 17 2020 14:21 utc | 187

Depends on the effectiveness of said vaccines and it's targeted disease. Flu shot seems like a good cash cow scheme.

Posted by: Lucci | Oct 17 2020 16:12 utc | 195

This is totally meaningless and unimportant but:

Kandy Korn

Posted by: Bemildred | Oct 17 2020 16:47 utc | 196

I stumbled upon this piece of news:

Robert O'Brien referred to seizures by US of hair products made with human hair from Xinjiang

The U.S. national security adviser said on Friday that China was perpetrating "something close to" a genocide with its treatment of Muslims in its Xinjiang region.

"If not a genocide, something close to it going on in Xinjiang," Robert O'Brien told an online event hosted by the Aspen Institute, while highlighting other Chinese crackdowns including one on Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement.

The United States has denounced China's treatment of Uighur and other minority Muslims in Xinjiang and imposed sanctions on officials it blames for abuses. It has not, though, so far termed Beijing's actions genocide, a designation that would have significant legal implications and require stronger action against China.

The United Nations estimates that more than a million Muslims have been detained in Xinjiang and activists say crimes against humanity and genocide are taking place there. China has denied any abuses and says its camps in the region provide vocational training and help fight extremism.

O'Brien referred to seizures by U.S. customs of "massive numbers" of hair products made with human hair from Xinjiang.

"The Chinese are literally shaving the heads of Uighur women and making hair products and sending them to the United States," he said.

Hm. I recall that Anglo-sphere was affected by a plague of creepy clown few years ago, but recently there were no new sightings. Yet, these people did not simply vanish...

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 17 2020 16:48 utc | 197

Paris Suburb Decapitation: Suspect Was Born in Moscow, But Officially Lived in France for 12 Years

"The neutralised person ... Abdulak Abuezidovich A. was born on 12 March 2002 in Moscow", said Jean-Francois Ricard.

Born in 2002, which means he's 18 year old. French since 2008, when he was six year old. Half-sister ISIS member.

So, probably not a mercenary, but definitely a blowback from the mercenary system France has been sponsoring since the beginning of the 21st Century.

Posted by: vk | Oct 17 2020 16:54 utc | 198

Is it possible that Europe is deceiving the US about Russia? That recent events are merely a smokescreen?
EU leaders must realize that US influence is dying and that the rise of China is inevitable - with Russia as resource rich. Are we to think that they accept vassal-hood and defeat - when an alternative is available? Maybe this Atlanticist enthusiasm is fake.

Posted by: Eighthman | Oct 17 2020 17:25 utc | 199

willie @ 191

I saw that post and almost responded. Sometimes life gets in way. Go over to Trump and Hillary both claim direct descent from Charlemagne. It is the same crew always. Even if the genealogies are fake or too far in mists of time to be plausible someone would have you believe it

You also asked for news about Kenosha.There are now a good number of vids posted of Jacob Blake from his hospital room. The ones where he can be seen kicking his legs (with severed spine) have been deleted, still the young man you see was just not shot 4 times with a S&W .40 at point blank, with severed spine and loss of most of his intestines. Completely fake. Would automatically assume the decapitation was fake. At this blog Skripal and Navalny and Novichok are all fake and MH-17 is at least a false narrative. Presumably no one believes the official 9/11 story or magic bullets killing Kennedy or weapons of mass destruction. Fakery and Hollywood is all they have.

Posted by: oldhippie | Oct 17 2020 17:45 utc | 200

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