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September 22, 2020

The End Of The 'Rules Based International Order'

The 'western' countries, i.e. the United States and its 'allies',  love to speak of a 'rules based international order' which they say everyone should follow. That 'rules based order' is a way more vague concept than the actual rule of law:

The G7 is united by its shared values and commitment to a rules based international order. That order is being challenged by authoritarianism, serious violations of human rights, exclusion and discrimination, humanitarian and security crises, and the defiance of international law and standards.

As members of the G7, we are convinced that our societies and the world have reaped remarkable benefits from a global order based on rules and underscore that this system must have at its heart the notions of inclusion, democracy and respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, diversity, and the rule of law.

That the 'rules based international order' is supposed to include vague concepts of 'democracy', 'human rights', 'fundamental freedoms', 'diversity' and more makes it easy to claim that this or that violation of the 'rules based international order' has occurred. Such violations can then be used to impose punishment in the form of sanctions or war.

That the above definition was given by a minority of a few rich nations makes it already clear that it can not be a global concept for a multilateral world. That would require a set of rules that everyone has agreed to. We already had and have such a system. It is called international law. But at the end of the cold war the 'west' began to ignore the actual  international law and to replace it with its own rules which others were then supposed to follow. That hubris has come back to bite the 'west'.

Anatol Lieven's recent piece, How the west lost, describes this moral defeat of the 'west' after its dubious 'victory' in the cold war:

Accompanying this overwhelmingly dominant political and economic ideology was an American geopolitical vision equally grandiose in ambition and equally blind to the lessons of history. This was summed up in the memorandum on “Defence Planning Guidance 1994-1999,” drawn up in April 1992 for the Bush Senior administration by Under-Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz and Lewis “Scooter” Libby, and subsequently leaked to the media. Its central message was:
While that 1992 Washington paper spoke of the “legitimate interests” of other states, it clearly implied that it would be Washington that would define what interests were legitimate, and how they could be pursued. And once again, though never formally adopted, this “doctrine” became in effect the standard operating procedure of subsequent administrations. In the early 2000s, when its influence reached its most dangerous height, military and security elites would couch it in the terms of “full spectrum dominance.” As the younger President Bush declared in his State of the Union address in January 2002, which put the US on the road to the invasion of Iraq: “By the grace of God, America won the Cold War… A world once divided into two armed camps now recognises one sole and pre-eminent power, the United States of America.”

But that power has since failed in the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, during the 2008 financial crisis and now again in the pandemic. It also created new competition to its role due to its own behavior:

On the one hand, American moves to extend Nato to the Baltics and then (abortively) on to Ukraine and Georgia, and to abolish Russian influence and destroy Russian allies in the Middle East, inevitably produced a fierce and largely successful Russian nationalist reaction. ... On the other hand, the benign and neglectful way in which Washington regarded the rise of China in the generation after the Cold War (for example, the blithe decision to allow China to join the World Trade Organisation) was also rooted in ideological arrogance. Western triumphalism meant that most of the US elites were convinced that as a result of economic growth, the Chinese Communist state would either democratise or be overthrown; and that China would eventually have to adopt the western version of economics or fail economically. This was coupled with the belief that good relations with China could be predicated on China accepting a so-called “rules-based” international order in which the US set the rules while also being free to break them whenever it wished; something that nobody with the slightest knowledge of Chinese history should have believed.

The retired Indian ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar touches on the same points in an excellent series about the new Chinese-Russian alliance:

Bhadrakumar describes how the 'west', through its own behavior, created a mighty block that now opposes its dictates. He concludes:

Quintessentially, Russia and China contest a set of neoliberal practices that have evolved in the post-World War 2 international order validating selective use of human rights as a universal value to legitimise western intervention in the domestic affairs of sovereign states. On the other hand, they also accept and continuously affirm their commitment to a number of fundamental precepts of the international order — in particular, the primacy of state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the importance of international law, and the centrality of the United Nations and the key role of the Security Council.

While the U.S. wants a vague 'rules based international order' China and Russia emphasize an international order that is based on the rule of law. Two recent comments by leaders from China and Russia underline this.

In a speech in honor of the UN's 75th anniversary China's President Xi Jinping emphasized law based multilateralism:

China firmly supports the United Nations' central role in global affairs and opposes any country acting like boss of the world, President Xi Jinping said on Monday.
"No country has the right to dominate global affairs, control the destiny of others or keep advantages in development all to itself," Xi said.

Noting that the UN must stand firm for justice, Xi said that mutual respect and equality among all countries, big or small, is the foremost principle of the UN Charter.

No country should be allowed to do whatever it likes and be the hegemon or bully, Xi said. "Unilateralism is a dead end," he said.
International laws should not be distorted or used as a pretext to undermine other countries' legitimate rights and interests or world peace and stability, he added.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov went even further by outright rejecting the 'western rules' that the 'rules based international order' implies:

Ideas that Russia and China will play by sets of Western rules under any circumstances are deeply flawed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with New York-based international Russian-language RTVI channel.

"I was reading our political scientists who are well known in the West. The following idea is becoming louder and more pronounced: it is time to stop applying Western metrics to our actions and stop trying to be liked by the West at any cost. These are very reputable people and a rather serious statement. It is clear to me that the West is wittingly or unwittingly pushing us towards this analysis. It is likely to be done unwittingly," Lavrov noted. "However, it is a big mistake to think that Russia will play by Western rules in any case, just like thinking this in terms of China."

As an alliance China and Russia have all the raw materials, energy, engineering and industrial capabilities, agriculture and populations needed to be completely independent from the 'west'. They have no need nor any desire to follow dubious rules dictated by other powers. There is no way to make them do so. As M.K. Bhadrakumar concludes:

The US cannot overwhelm that alliance unless it defeats both China and Russia together, simultaneously. The alliance, meanwhile, also happens to be on the right side of history. Time works in its favour, as the decline of the US in relative comprehensive national power and global influence keeps advancing and the world gets used to the “post-American century.”

On a lighter note: RT, Russia's state sponsored international TV station, has recently hired Donald Trump (vid). He will soon host his own reality show on RT. The working title is reportedly: "Putin's Apprentice". The apprenticeship might give him a chance to learn how a nation that has failed can be resurrected to its former glory.

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uncle tungsten @98--

Well, they've clearly been chosen; they're just not THE CHOSEN and IMO would never qualify.

By contrast, here's Maduro's UNGA statement, a man clearly superior in all respects to either Biden or Trump or any of their vassals.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 23 2020 22:48 utc | 101

Karlofi said

"Why pay taxes at all since the Fed can create all the credit required."

The fed, like a bank requires a signature for that money and that signature is the government's legal right to tax the people.

Posted by: arby | Sep 23 2020 23:35 utc | 102

It seems to me that a review is required, that we need to turn back the clock to an earlier analysis whose veracity has only been boosted by subsequent events. So here from 2011: "On November 3, 2011, Alan Minsky interviewed me on KPFK’s program, 'Building a Powerful Movement in the United States' in preparation for an Occupy L.A. teach-in." Here's a brief excerpt to remind people what this is all about:

"Once people realize that they’re being screwed, that’s a pre-revolutionary situation. It’s a situation where they can get a lot of sympathy and support, precisely by not doing what The New York Times and the other papers say they should do: come up with some neat solutions. They don’t have to propose a solution because right now there isn’t one – without changing the system with many, many changes. So many that it’s like a new Constitution. Politics as well as the economy need to be restructured. What’s developing now is how to think about the economic and political problems that are bothering people. It is not radical to realize that the economy isn’t working. That is the first stage to realizing that a real alternative is needed. We’ve been under a radical right-wing attack – and need to respond in kind. The next half-year probably will be spent trying to spell out what the best structure would be."

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 24 2020 0:31 utc | 103

It's good to see discussion here of the nefarious role of the American far-right neocon warmongers in the State Department, intelligence services and military leadership just before the turn of the new century. What I have never seen clearly explained, however, is the connection between these very dangerous forces and the equally cynical and reactionary Israeli politicians and the Mossad, as well as Saudi Arabian officials. Like many others, I have been slowly won over to the position that the attacks of 9-11, and especially the totally unprecedented collapses of the three WTC towers, could only have been caused by the precisely timed explosion of previously installed demolition materials containing nanothermite. But if one accepts that position the immediately subsequent question is "Who planned and carried out the attacks?" Many people have claimed it was the Mossad, others that it was the Mossad in concert with the US neocons etc., -- many of whom were Israeli/US dual citizens -- but even now, so many years after the horrific events, I can find no coherent account of how such conspirators, or any others for that matter, might actually have carried out WTC building demotions. Do any of you know of sources on the matter that have made good progress on connecting the dots and explaining what precisely happened -- the easier part -- and how exactly it was carried out, by whom, and how they have managed to get away with it for all this time?

Posted by: Billosky | Sep 24 2020 6:19 utc | 104

Passer by | Sep 22 2020 23:07 utc | 39

Do you have sources for the last two facts, about China overtaking the US as main trading partner to Europe and as retail market? Not doubting your points, just would like to read analyses about this.

Posted by: fx | Sep 24 2020 11:41 utc | 105

Lieven: If the US (and the UK, if as usual we tag along) approach the relationship with Beijing with anything like the combination of arrogance, ignorance, greed, criminality, bigotry, hypocrisy and incompetence with which western elites managed the period after the Cold War, then we risk losing the competition and endangering the world.[my emphasis]

Uncle Tungsten: Lieven simply does not see it. Has it ever occurred to Lieven that colonialism just might be rejected by both Russia and China and that there might be no competition? Does Lieven watch too much football?

What is it that endangers the world in Lieven's petite cortex?
It is clear to me that Tungsten does not understand Lieven because Lieven does not cross all t's and dot all i's. There can be two reasons for Lieven style: (1) a British style, leaving some conclusions to the reader, it is not elegant to belabor the obvious (2) Lieven works in a pro-Western feudal state and that particular piece appeared in a neo-liberal outfit where it is already a clear outlier toward (what I see as) common sense. Neo-liberals view themselves as liberals, "tolerating a wide spectrum of opinion", but with clear limits about the frequency and content for the outliers of their tolerance.

Back to "endangering the world", how "loosing competition to China" can result in huge mayhem? I guess that Tungsten is a little dense here. The sunset of Anglo-Saxon domination can seem like the end of the world for the "members" of that domination. But a longer historical perspective can offer a much darker vision of the future. First, there is a clash of two blocks, one with superior industrial production, domination of markets of assorted goods -- both as importer and exporter, etc, the other with still superior military technology and combative spirit.

Recall (or check) the situation in east Asia ca. 1240 AD. One of the major power was Song China, after a calamitous defeat roughly 300 years later, diminished Song China succeeded in developing all kinds of practical and beautiful goods and vibrant commerce while having quite inept military. The second major power was the Mongols. You can look up the rest.

USA stresses the military types of pressures, and seeing its position slipping too far, they may resort to a series of gigantic "provocations" -- from confiscation of property by fiat, like they did to Venezuela, to piracy on open seas, no cargoes can move without their approval and tribute, from there things can escalate toward nuclear war.

More generally, western decline leads to decrease of wealth affecting the lower classes first but gradually reaching higher, enmity toward competitors, then hatred, such processes can have dire consequences.

Importantly, these are speculations, so stopping short of spelling them out is reasonable. However, give some credit to Lieven for "the combination of arrogance, ignorance, greed, criminality, bigotry, hypocrisy and incompetence with which western elites managed the period after the Cold War".

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Sep 24 2020 14:04 utc | 106

further to my post @ 102

"Don’t look at us, the Fed officials said in so many words. The US economy needs more fiscal stimulus from Congress. But Congress is deadlocked over a new spending bill in the advent of the November elections."

sign here

Posted by: arby | Sep 24 2020 16:20 utc | 107

On the rule-based world order. Scattered thoughts.

The article by Lieven was good in one aspect: it at least mentioned the crazy economic template aka imho ‘religion’ that lead to a part of this mess. For the rest, hmm.

The ‘rules based international order’ was always pretty much a phoney scaffold, used for presentation to hide, cover up, legitimised many goings on (after WW2 I mean.)

Like a power-point extolling xyz product, with invented or ‘massaged’ charts and all., with tick boxes for what it positive or followed. (Fairness, Democracy, etc. etc. as ‘Natural’ ‘Organic’ etc. Total BS.)

In these kinds of discussions I am always reminded of the ‘rights of the child’ which in CH are taught in grade 3-5, with a boiled down text, logo type pix, etc. It is very tough on teachers, and they often only pretend to push the content. There are many immigrant children in CH and the natives know that the ‘rights’ are not respected and not just in ‘jungles’ (anarchist / animalistic hot spots) as they say. The kids go nuts - as they still more or less believe that they ‘have a voice’ as it called — the parents follow the kids, lotsa troubles. OK, these are aspirations - but ‘democracy’ (purposely used as a calling card following advice from a well-know ad agency..) is so as well. And presenting aspirations that can’t possibly be achieved in any way, when not a smiley joke about meeting God or flying to Mars, and is socially important, is not well received.

Anyway, since the invasion of Iraq (totally illegal according to any standards) leading to the biggest demos in the world ever, a loud indignant cry, which invasion the UN condoned, ppl (in my experience, in CH, F, It) no longer have a shred of belief in ‘international rules’. Which of course makes them more ‘nationalist’ in the sense of acting in the community, close at hand, as the Intl order is a shit-scene.

Posted by: Noirette | Sep 24 2020 16:24 utc | 108

Do you have sources for the last two facts, about China overtaking the US as main trading partner to Europe and as retail market?

Posted by: fx | Sep 24 2020 11:41 utc | 105

China becomes EU's top trading partner from Jan-July: Eurostat

China retail market expected to overtake US this year

Posted by: Passer by | Sep 24 2020 20:06 utc | 109

Posted by: Billosky | Sep 24 2020 6:19 utc | 104

Do any of you know of sources on the matter that have made good progress on connecting the dots and explaining what precisely happened -- the easier part -- and how exactly it was carried out, by whom, and how they have managed to get away with it for all this time?

Although MOA has done this topic before, and it belongs on an open thread, I'll wade a little bit into that swamp Billosky.

After spending some time over the last 19 years looking into this, my best guess is that the events that happened on Tuesday September 11, 2001 were long-planned by a US group who had borrowed (stolen) a huge amount of money to buy up Russian assets during the 1990s exploitation of the former USSR.

The note for the borrowed funds was coming due soon after the attacks and the WTC explosions took out the evidence, and I believe that huge sums of money was moved in the ensuing confusion to cover the debt. I'll look for a relevant document about that. Apparently GHW Bush seems to be closely linked. Here's an text file about the Black Eagle Trust Fund, there are better-formatted pdf files available too.

The pentagon attack took out evidence from an investigation into large amounts of missing funds in the pentagon budget, targeted directly at the wing of the building which housed the files of that investigation.

How: there is an interesting story about an Israeli-led art project in the WTC, where they were able to spend time within the buildings to do an installation where they removed a window of the building and built a platform outside the window. There are articles about this too, NY Times and a detailed report.

There are other discrepancies about security and after-hours access which show that it would have been possible for unauthorized people to mine the building with explosives.

There are myriad sources for facts, speculations and misdirection. If you take the time you can gain some insight into the actual story.

To my mind the most pertinent fact is that WTC 7, which was quite far from the towers, collapsed late in the afternoon. It's obvious that it was destroyed by explosives and not due to any planes that hit or might have hit the towers. This shows prior planning and preparation.

Posted by: jonku | Sep 24 2020 22:52 utc | 110

jonku @110--

Thanks for writing that! It was Mike Ruppert's hypothesis as well--a ghastly crime to cover up a crime of even greater magnitude. The ASAP whisking away of the physical evidence is part of the overall evidence too. Preparation was done during Clinton/Gore and the crime modeled on Operation Northwoods. At the time the takeover of the fly-by-wire systems in the jets was ridiculed vociferously, but then viola we suddenly have drones piloted the same way. And oh so much more, the Dancing Israelis being key. At the time, I thought the most likely explanation was implementation of Operation Northwoods, whose plans I'd read well prior to 911, primarily to implement that plan's goal--to start a war. One of the so-called progressive publications had even published an article since scrubbed from existence that what BushCo sought was a new enemy to reinflate the MIC--I wish I'd printed that article cause its scrubbing is yet another bit of evidence proving cui bono.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 24 2020 23:42 utc | 111

Billosky @ 104, Jonku @ 110: used to have an old article "SEC secret probe of stock dealings before 9/11" dated July 2007 at least that states in its first paragraph:

Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators, identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission as Israeli citizens, sold "short" a list of 38 stocks that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be in "the millions of dollars."

For those not familiar with "short" selling, this involves selling shares when their prices are very high and then buying back the shares when the price falls. If this activity comes just before a traumatic event that affects the companies whose shares have just been transacted in this way, this indicates foreknowledge of the traumatic event on the part of the shareholders. This is even more so when a few weeks after the traumatic event, the share prices of the affected companies (in the 9/11 context, companies that had their headquarters in the WTC buildings, United Airlines and American Airlines) start to rise, and rise quite quickly.

I did try searching for the article online but it either has been removed or been deleted. You can try searching through archives. However the article did not identify who the speculators were.

Here is a list of tenants in WTC1 (North Tower) - there seem to be just two companies on the floors hit by American Airlines Flight 11 and one of those companies occupies just those floors hit by the passenger jet and no other floors.

Here also is a list of tenants in WTC2 (South Tower) - note that United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the floors where Fuji Bank was domiciled.

Posted by: Jen | Sep 24 2020 23:51 utc | 112

Billosky @104, Jonku @110, Jen @112

- There were a number of high-profile investigations that got clobbered by 9-11 including Enron and Arthur Andersen.

- Some have pointed to an overhaul of the elevator system as a likely avenue for planting explosives.

- The strange fall of WTC7 is the most visible and stark evidence.

- IMO The rush to clean/cleanse the site is also suspicious. They even lied about air quality so that the cleanup work would not be interrupted.

- And of course, there's also the strangeness around the many warnings beforehand, the 9-11 commission report, etc.

<> <> <> <> <>

And now we have a pandemic that is conveniently timed to bailout Wall Street (Too-Big-To-Fail Banks holding tens of billions of dollars of bad loans to fracking and other companies as the economy loses steam after the longest and, I think, weakest expansion on record) and Boeing as well as turn the screws on China (which is blamed for the whole mess). And the Saudis also conveniently timed the ARAMACO IPO - just about 2 months before the virus was discovered by China.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 25 2020 0:19 utc | 113

Governments have declared war on their own people using an exaggerated health pandemic as a Trojan horse to impose tyranny.
When governments become totalitarian, dictatorial, fascist,
All politicians have to be branded ‘criminal’.
Human societies around the world this year, have been suffering tremendously, paralyzed by absolute terror and fear,
Because behavior psychologists working with fascist governments have created a very schizophrenic situation by changing citizens’ behavior through NLP behavior modification, dividing people by playing them against each other, forcibly destroying lives, creating utter confusion, panic and fear.
Governments and psychologists must be all held legally responsible for all the harm, the psychological damage, and the deaths that this highly unethical behavioral modification is causing to millions of people around the world, in what are supposed to be democratic, advanced and free nations!
There should be hundreds of cases against these governments, politicians and psychologists in all the courts of the world.
The U.N., E.U., W.E.F., W.H.O., I.M.F., World Bank, Reserve Banks, Corporations, Intelligence Agencies, Governments, Oligarchs, they should all be very worried and afraid of the legal consequences akin to the Nuremberg trials for “crimes against humanity” that they will be facing for creating and supporting this Marxist revolution and illegal coup against democracy and all the people of the world?
Politicians have finally failed! Why?
Revolutions in the past have always been of the head.
That’s why they have failed.
Can’t you see, all those revolutions have failed?
French or Russian or Chinese.
Now we have a Global Marxist failed revolution in process.
Why have all revolutions been a failure?
The reason, the deepest reason, is because there was no heart.
They were only from the head, they lived on logic.
And life is illogical.
Marx is logical, life is not logical.
Marx is bound to fail, the failure is intrinsic in the very choice.
A new vision of freedom, truth and respect is needed in the world, a new vision which will be as scientifically honest as possible and consciously intelligent.
The masses who are already fully hypnotized by society, by the government need to de-hypnotize themselves.
De-hypnotize from the governments constant programming from birth to death, from so-called education and state propaganda through controlled media and press.
Also to obtain complete freedom from all government intelligence agencies and their ongoing around the clock surveillance, illegally monitoring every word, reaction and move.
The government is constantly trying to keep you so propagandized, so totally hypnotized that you never become aware of the great slavery that you are living in.
They do not give you any time to see the truth.
They keep you confused, afraid and obedient, constantly engaged in one narrative or another.
Before one lie is discovered they create ten more.
They keep new lies ready so there is never a gap, never an interval left between overlapping narratives, because in that gap you will be able to see and recognize the full enslavement of your own life, and the utter madness of your governments sociopathic misrule.
But once you have seen through their lies and propaganda, you cannot remain part of it anymore.
You have seen that the house is on fire.
You will have to jump out of it!
Your eyes will no longer remain clouded, you will no longer remain a programmable slave.
You will be able to see that which is, because your mind is now free of all lies, propaganda and suggestion.
You can finally see the truth.
But there are always foolish people who are ready to become new victims of the politicians words, clever, fine words and all their bogus narratives.
All their systems made of words are nothing but houses made out of playing cards.
George Bernard Shaw used to say: Build a system that even a fool can use and only a fool will want to use it.
Fools are many and they can be exploited by these clever, criminal, cunning people.
Politicians are sociopathic, criminal, and very cunning people.
They are experts at using fine words with such skill that you cannot see their lies in the loopholes.
Because you can’t see the loopholes you start believing in their words.
Belief as such is a bondage!
Freedom, intelligence and truth are possible only if you are totally fearless.
Remember, if you are afraid you cannot be awake.
You will always be kept afraid by politicians who are fully exploiting this fear.
The fear of the government is nothing but the fear of violence, the government can kill more powerfully than anybody else.
The fear of the police because they can kill you, they can shoot you.
What is the fear of the magistrate and the law?
Because the magistrate has the power to send you to prison and they can even give you a life sentence.
The entire consciousness of the individual is surrounded by, and is made of fear.
It is always present on some surface of the mind.
This fear, whatever be the form of its manifestation, is basically the fear of death.
Death surrounds all through life.
It can come at any moment and from any direction.
From this death, which is possible at any time, fear is only natural.
Fear is the shadow of death, and unless you know that you are deathless you cannot be free of fear.
And unless you are free from fear you will not know what freedom is.
All these things are interconnected.
Meditation is the state of awareness, having your eyes fully open, only then you are capable of seeing.
You can simply see what is right and what is wrong.
And when you see what is right and what is wrong you can’t do the wrong, you can’t go against the right.
A meditator naturally follows that which is right.
When you live in your truth, when truth is your very breath, then goodness follows as a shadow.
Then arises a revolution, the real revolution which can fully transform through freedom, truth and love each individual on the planet.

Posted by: Transform Through Fr | Sep 25 2020 2:44 utc | 114

Thanks Jen, karlof1 and Jackrabbit for your comments.

It's hard to believe that we have lived through almost 2 decades since that defining moment when the wool was pulled away from our eyes. Does anyone remember Get Your War On by David Rees, which was a weekly chronicle of the absurdity and horror of the following years of the GWOT.

From the Amazon page:

Since October 9, 2001, when David Rees posted eight comic strips on his website and called it Get Your War On, tens of millions of people have been entertained and horrified by his clip-arty office workers and their vociferous and profane commentary on the so-called War on Terror. From the first few days of Operation Enduring Freedom to the overhyped pseudo-success of the “surge”—years of fear, bewilderment, violence, and death—Rees has succeeded in depicting a country of grieving, angry, and confused citizens, feeling hatred for—and hatred of—the world beyond our shores. Get Your War On is a kaleidoscopic cavalcade of emotions and moods, including (but not limited to) despair, enraged bewilderment, grief (with a touch of loathing), ecstatic contempt, disgust, and nihilistic exhilaration. This definitive edition of Get Your War On combines strips from the first two publications with sixty-five percent new material created in the last three years.

I think it was syndicated in the Village Voice and my local weekly the Georgia Straight.

No better view in my opinion.

Posted by: jonku | Sep 25 2020 3:52 utc | 115

Billosky #104

I remember it was common conspirational knwledge that George's brother,Marvin Bush was the head of the enterprise servicing the World Trade Center buildings.At that time I read also about trucks driving out with 5 billions worth of gold from the buildings.And WTC7 that collapsed after a fire housed an important CIA bureau.Just telling my memories,never dived into it.

Posted by: willie | Sep 25 2020 12:33 utc | 116

It truly is a sad state of affairs when so few have learned their history lessons and that we as humanity are once again getting played by the globalists (who, either way, remain 2 steps ahead in every possible way).

"USA bad, Sino-Russia good" is a narrative typical of an emotion-laden false dichotomy (good cop-bad cop Hegelian dialectic) which could clearly be identified in Coronaworld, since every state's government without exception have gotten on the fast track to "full spectrum societal dominance" a-la China, through adopting anti-Liberty regulations mimicking those that ChiCom imposed to its citizens after the Cultural Revolution.

The signs of a synchronised goosestepping into a technocratic World order are everywhere: forced lockdowns, chatter about implementing a digital currency, the rolling out of 5G which is so essential for achieving the "full spectrum" pervasion into individuals' private sphere through the s.c. Internet of Things etc.

Much has been said about China's role in the coming NWO, out of which I'd point out James Corbett's extensive reporting. Even Russia is in the front seat of the NWO bandwagon, which is made very clear by its cooperativeness with WHO on the Covid-1984 issue, from its efforts to develop a vaccine to the reports on the "deadly virus" (so deadly you need to be tested with totally inaproppriate and easily falsifiable methods to know if you "have" got it!) in its state-sponsored media.

Only a blind (or a highly indoctrinated/brainwashed) person is unable to see where all these traces are leading...

Posted by: LXV | Sep 25 2020 13:36 utc | 117

Thanks, karlof1, for your link to the 2011 Michael Hudson interview. I did read as far as his first suggestion for a solution to the US difficulties then, and I wrote a comment which seems to have disappeared. It was late and I think I might have only had it on preview, as I was quoting that first suggestion, which dealt with the president's ability to put judges on the Supreme Court that would be favorable to the elimination of the judgment that corporations are people. I am wondering if the apparent panic on the part of the Democrats now might be a sign that they are afraid of that happening? Somehow I don't think it would bother Trump as much, but I could be wrong. I still need to read the rest of the piece, just wanted to let you know I appreciate all your effort during these trying times.

Posted by: juliania | Sep 26 2020 1:35 utc | 118

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