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August 12, 2020

'Western' Media Falsely Claim That Russia's Covid-19 Vaccine Is Ready To Go

After President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia's Covid-19 vaccine candidate had gained an approval from its regulator, 'western' media went into a anti-Russian frenzy to sow fear and doubt about it.

All the above, just as this one, are based on a willful misinterpretation of the Russian announcement:

Russia has become the first country in the world to approve a vaccine for the coronavirus, President Vladimir V. Putin announced on Tuesday, though global health authorities say the vaccine has yet to complete critical, late-stage clinical trials to determine its safety and effectiveness.

Mr. Putin, who told a cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning that the vaccine “works effectively enough,” said that his own daughter had taken it. And in a congratulatory note to the nation, he thanked the scientists who developed the vaccine for “this first, very important step for our country, and generally for the whole world.”
By skipping large-scale clinical trials, the Russian dash for a vaccine has raised widespread concern that it is circumventing vital steps — and potentially endangering people — in order to score global propaganda points.

Russia has not approved a vaccine against Covid-19 and it is not skipping large-scale clinical trials.

The Russia regulator gave a preliminary approval for a vaccine candidate to start the large-scale clinical trial. This is similar to an emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Science Magazine is one of the few media who got it right:

In a startling and confusing move, Russia claimed today it had approved the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, as the nation’s Ministry of Health issued what’s called a registration certificate for a vaccine candidate that has been tested in just 76 people. The certificate allows the vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow, to be given to “a small number of citizens from vulnerable groups,” including medical staff and the elderly, a Ministry of Health spokesperson tells ScienceInsider. But the certificate stipulates that the vaccine cannot be used widely until 1 January 2021, presumably after larger clinical trials have been completed.
A website for Sputnik V says a phase III efficacy trial involving more than 2000 people will begin on 12 August in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Mexico. Mass production of the vaccine is slated to begin in September.
The Russian vaccine candidate is based on two variants of the human adenovirus which can cause the common cold. These virus have also been used in other reliable vaccines. Their DNA has been modified to include the building plan for the spike protein that allows SARS-CoV-2 to enter human cells. When the modified adenovirus is applied it induces human cells to create the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. That then sets off the immune system which will develop specific anti-bodies (IdG) and memory cells (T-cells) against the spike protein. Should the immunized person later get infected with SARS-CoV-2 its immune system will be ready to defeat the virus.


The Russian vaccine candidate is administered in two shots. The primary one is based on a modified adenovirus-26. A secondary shot, three weeks later, is based on a modified adenovirus-5. Two different types of the virus are used because some people are already immune against some of its variants. The second shot is supposed to boost the immune response.

Science Magazine notes that there is some concern about the efficiency of the second shot:

Some vaccine experts have raised concerns about COVID-19 vaccines that use adenovirus 5 in this way. In 2007, researchers stopped an HIV vaccine trial that used adenovirus 5 to shuttle in the gene for the surface protein of that virus after they found that it increased the likelihood of its transmission.

Several of the other vaccines candidates that are currently undergoing testing also rely on a modified adenovirus. The vaccine candidate developed by the British Jenner Institute in Oxford together with AstraZeneca uses one that usually infects chimpanzees.

The Russian vaccine candidate will, like all others, have to go through the now announced third trial phase before it will get any general approval.

There is no excuse for the media to wrongly claim that Russia has approved a ready to go vaccine. The Sputnik Vaccine website explains in seven languages that the third trial phase of the clinical trials is still to come.

Posted by b on August 12, 2020 at 9:16 UTC | Permalink


If I had to take a vaccine, I would choose Putin's over Fauci's.

Putin has shown that his words mean what they say; he delivers on his words; he comes across as an honourable man, a man of honour.

Fauci has shown himself untrustworthy; not agreement capable, as Russians would say; a man without honour; a gaslighter; one who lies with malice aforethought.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Aug 12 2020 9:47 utc | 1

"There is no excuse for the media to wrongly claim that Russia has approved a ready to go vaccine"
I'm pretty sure the only excuse is the ancient carrot and stick method of behavioral modification more commonly known as blackmail and bribery. It takes a lot of spin to cover up war crimes and fraud at this magnitude.
Lord Gates will not be happy if his vaccine isn't the global solution.

Posted by: dave | Aug 12 2020 9:54 utc | 2

There is the winning deal.

Posted by: Noel Grannell | Aug 12 2020 10:19 utc | 3

thank you, b. the media is catapulting this anti russia horsecrap for all they're worth. i guess the failure of the bounty propaganda convinced them to try something else.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 12 2020 10:50 utc | 4

Funny enough, at least German RT is pushing the line that the vaccine is ready now for general use, with no disclaimer like the Science report you quote.
And naming it Sputnik.. Saying that Russia is not miling it for all its propaganda worth is pretty naive.

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr | Aug 12 2020 11:11 utc | 5

Sorry sweetie that your imperial media, in its confusion over two conflicting propaganda lines, got the lies mixed up a bit.

Continue your audition, maybe you'll get taken up.

Posted by: Russ | Aug 12 2020 11:14 utc | 6

I say let all things be called a "vaccine" and let fly the dogs of war. No tests, no trials, no time. Anyone here who has a brain and a shred of integrity knows that always was the goal, so let's try it out, RIGHT NOW.

Surely any of the mask-faces, given their extraordinary flat-earth superstition and automatic obedience, ought to be willing to be shot up pronto!

Posted by: Russ | Aug 12 2020 11:21 utc | 7

They know they are lying.

The WaPo article uses as its only source for Russia's alleged "propaganda" a guy from an American foreign policy think tank. Well, why don't quote a specialist?

They also mention that the WHO website doesn't mention the vaccine as approved. This is normal, as the WHO website is slow on its updates (even the number of dead is delayed). That's why the Hopkins site was so popular for tracking the number of dead.

Also, Putin never stated the vaccine was "approved"; he clearly used the word "registered". The Health Minister's speech also included the information that the 3rd phase was starting the moment he's speaking.

The WaPo also quotes some doctors stating they "don't know nothing about this Russian vaccine". Well, no wonder, as the research will only be published next month (as was also stated with the registration announcement). The American doctors also probably didn't even bother to search for the Russian findings. And this also explains why the WHO still doesn't approve the Russian vaccine for use, as the research still isn't published.

The fact that the vaccine was "rushed" should also not be surprising for the West. Not long ago, they were propagandizing the fact that we would have a vaccine by January precisely because of the fact that, among other things, the WHO had given its tacit blessing to accelerate the protocol - among other things, by cutting corners in the trial phases. I remember the Western MSM being very enthusiastic about it, and, some days ago, Bloomberg even published an article about an Indian billionaire already building the line of production to mass produce the still not ready Oxford vaccine. The billionaire himself called it "a bet". All of a sudden, this enthusiasm is gone. Why is that?

Besides the obvious geopolitical reasons (Russophobia, etc.), there may be economic ones. In his famous "forbidden op-ed", Kirill Dmitriev stated that:

The use of two vectors is the unique technology, developed by the Gamaleya Center scientists, which differentiates the Russian vaccine from other adenoviral vector-based vaccines under development around the world. Vaccines based on adenoviral vectors also have clear advantages over other technologies such as mRNA vaccines.

Prospective mRNA vaccines, undergoing clinical trials in the United States and other countries, do not use vectors for delivery and represent an RNA molecule with coronavirus protein code wrapped in a lipid membrane. This technology is promising but its side effects, especially an impact on fertility, have not yet been studied in depth. No mRNA vaccine has yet received regulatory approval in the world. We believe that in the global vaccine race to fight coronavirus adenoviral vector-based vaccines will be the winners but even in this category the Gamaleya vaccine has the edge.

The probable case is that the USA is pouring billions of USD in companies that are going all-in in unproven (and very dangerous) technologies because they want a vaccine that can be patented and thus charge its weight in gold to other countries. My bet is the USA sees the prospect of a new vaccine as an opportunity to mitigate its huge trade deficit with the rest of the world. This came at the cost of losing a lot of time (and money).

The companies which are working with an adenoviral vaccine - Oxford, J&J and CanSino - simply have inferior know-how:

Other countries follow in our footsteps developing adenoviral vector-based vaccines. Oxford University is using an adenovirus from a monkey, which has neither been used in an approved vaccine before unlike human adenoviruses. U.S. company Johnson & Johnson is using adenovirus Ad26 and China’s CanSino - adenovirus Ad5, the same vectors the Gamaleya Center is using, but they are yet to master the two-vector approach. Both companies already received large orders for vaccines from their governments.

Note that, even though they are inferior to Gamaleya, they are still bound to receive billions of USD in vaccines by their respective governments. The point is that we're in a desperate situation: we only need a vaccine that works, not a miraculous silver bullet that will eradicate the virus once and for all.

One can explain why CanSino has inferior know-how, but why are Oxford and J&J - two big companies (and yes, I consider Oxford a company nowadays) - inferior to Gamaleya? Dmitriev answers that himself:

The Gamaleya Center used adenoviral vectors to develop vaccines against influenza and against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Both vaccines are currently in advanced stages of clinical trials. These achievements show that Russian labs did not waste their time in the last few decades while the international pharmaceutical industry often underestimated the importance of new vaccines research in the absence of global health threats prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is: Big Pharma wasted decades in vaccine research (and thus lost know-how) simply because it was not profitable. Diseases that can be eradicated with one or two shots (and only affect poor people) doesn't concern Big Pharma. This is not surprising, as capitalism is a system that exclusively operates for profit, not for human needs.

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2020 12:05 utc | 8

The one that is trending on Twitter is this one from Moderna. Nothing less than transforming the human body into a genetically modified body (GMO).

Posted by: Jean | Aug 12 2020 12:20 utc | 9

Can anyone explain why Oxford University researchers are using a chimpanzee adenovirus as the vector for the COVID-19 vaccine while the Russian vaccine being developed by the Gamaleya Center uses two human adenoviruses? Is the use of other primates' adenoviruses as vectors for vaccines intended for humans nothing more than over 60 years of custom or was there ever real value in using other animals' viral material to create vaccines?

One is reminded of old stories about the use of rhesus monkey kidney cells to create cultures to cultivate polio vaccines. Some of these cultures were contaminated with simian virus 40 which is known to cause brain tumours in some animals species though no humans so far have ever come down with simian virus 40 or cancers caused by that virus.

Posted by: Hor, Jennifer | Aug 12 2020 12:25 utc | 10

@ Posted by: Hor, Jennifer | Aug 12 2020 12:25 utc | 10

Simple: straight up inferior technology.

Oxford is not all that. It's just the British who still put it on a pedestal.

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2020 12:34 utc | 11

The whole Russian vaccine "news" is being spread to when big pharma (western) comes out with their untested unproven, liability free vaccine it can be touted as safe. It's just part and parcel of of a hard sell pitch. It's marketing.

Posted by: R Rose | Aug 12 2020 12:38 utc | 12

The 2 stage nature of this vaccine also puts the lie to claims that those 'evil commies' are hacking US research, a different approach.

For myself, I will not trust the winner of the vaccine race unless it is China or Cuba and if otherwise would probably, if able, reserve judgement for several months to see how it goes. Concerning Russia, on one hand one must respect the legacy of Soviet science, though I am unclear on how much that still applies. On the other hand Russia is not only capitalist but at a stage of capitalist development in some ways similar to the 'Robber-baron' era in the US, reckless and ruthless(as compared to 'more developed' capitalists who are a little more careful of appearances and ruthless...). If a US vaccine pops outta the blue in the next 90 days I want the prez to try it first.

Posted by: blindpig | Aug 12 2020 12:52 utc | 13

@ vk "Diseases that can be eradicated with one or two shots (and only affect poor people) doesn't concern Big Pharma. This is not surprising, as capitalism is a system that exclusively operates for profit, not for human needs."

i think big pharma would suppress a cheap effective cancer treatment if they could get away with it, and countries like the united states would let them. of course they don't run the world, as you say, so they couldn't get away with it long.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Aug 12 2020 12:58 utc | 14

"The Lion does not care about the opinions of sheep"

Posted by: ld | Aug 12 2020 13:21 utc | 15

Hor, Jennifer @Aug12 12:25 #10

Can anyone explain why Oxford University researchers are using a chimpanzee adenovirus

Almost no human is immune to the chimpanzee adenovirus so it can work its magic before the body reacts.

The Russian vaccine requires two shots because (quoting b):

Two different types of the virus are used because some people are already immune against some of its variants.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2020 13:39 utc | 16

An informative interview with one of the Russian development team:

Recommended reading.

Posted by: the pessimist | Aug 12 2020 13:41 utc | 17

Looks like capitalist competition is the main drive for the politicization of the Russian vaccine by the Western MSM (which, by the way, depends on announcers - usually, from big business - to survive, as subscription money is negligible):

Foreign Criticism of Russian COVID Vaccine is Baseless, Caused by Competition, Health Minister Says


@ Posted by: ld | Aug 12 2020 13:21 utc | 15

Indeed, my friend, indeed:

Russia receives orders from 20 countries for ONE BILLION doses of world’s first Covid-19 vaccine

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2020 13:41 utc | 18

Typical shoot-first / read-the-primary-source later journalism.
The detail on the vaccine is interesting too, thanks everyone. From a quick search:

On the Ad5 and Ad26 vectors for delivering genetic material... Ad5 is the classic and Ad26 was explored for the Ebola vaccine [paper on Ad26 and some others, technical].

The advantage of Ad26 is for the significant percent of people who have strong pre-existing immune response to Ad5. This can result in side effects if the immune response is too strong, but also can defeat the vaccine if the immune system too quickly neutralizes the "shell" of the vaccine vector, rather than learning the SARS2 proteins that are added to it for the intended vaccination effect. Ad26 did not trigger pre-existing immune response to people immune to Ad5.

So good idea to combine the two, from the point of view of vaccine effectiveness. But for side effects, they must prove that. Seems it would, at a minimum be the same as the combination of any other Ad5 or Ad26 vaccine, plus you are giving a second exposure to the SARS2 spike protein - so again, good for generating a response, bad for risk of over-reaction in some people.

I do think that deploying a vaccine so quickly is a risk that should not be accepted so easily. This is true for all the vaccines being planned around the world. Hard for me to believe that any 3 or even 6 month study can find enough of the 1% type risks, if they exist (which is unknown when you start). Esp. for important special cases, like pregnant women, people with immune disorders...

Posted by: ptb | Aug 12 2020 15:11 utc | 19

@17...the english translate pops into a long run of news...could you post a link to the english translation, please.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Aug 12 2020 15:17 utc | 20

Posted by: kiwiklown | Aug 12 2020 9:47 utc | 1

Who told you, you gotta listen to Fauci? You obviously don't need to!!! You gotta listen to the master of the universe and take hydroxychloroquine. Don't tell me you didn't yet.

Posted by: blum | Aug 12 2020 15:23 utc | 21

@ Posted by: ptb | Aug 12 2020 15:11 utc | 19

The NYT article also accused Putin of false advertisement of Gamaleya's ebola vaccine, by using a quote of Putin saying it was the most effective vaccine in the world. It then states that the Gamaleya ebola vaccine is not effective at all after his quote, giving the reader the idea Putin was a "snake oil salesman".

But Putin told the truth: Gamaleya's ebola vaccine is the world's most effective. It is not a cure, it will not give you full immunity, but it has an effect beyond placebo and, in the universe of ebola vaccines, it is indeed the most effective. As Dmitriev himself stated in his "forbidden op-ed", Gamaleya's ebola vaccine already is patented and is used.

About the risks of the vaccines: the problem isn't that the Gamaleya COVID-19 vaccine doesn't carry its risks, but that the WHO already has stated it will tolerated an accelerated trial process (i.e. a suboptimal trial process) to "fast track" COVID-19 vaccines approval given the extraordinary circumstances (pandemic). And this news was received with great enthusiasm by the Western MSM (see the Moderna and the Oxford euphoria). Now, all of a sudden, we shouldn't fast track the development of the vaccines anymore?

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2020 15:40 utc | 22

@20 - hope our host doesn't get annoyed. From Yandex translate:

Denis Logunov, the Creator of the Russian coronavirus vaccine, gave the first big interview to Medusa. He told whether to wait for vaccinations by September 2020

Denis Logunov-Deputy Director for research at the Gamalei Center-at the age of 43 managed to become a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, lead a group of developers of the first Russian coronavirus vaccine and inject it into himself. Logunov refuses to talk about the feelings of this experiment — because he "does not like HYIP" and gives an interview for the first time in his life. His vaccine has already been administered to 76 volunteers: each of them kept a "volunteer diary", which noted side effects — fever, rash, redness at the injection site. Fortunately, nothing more serious. Authorities hope that the vaccine will be ready by September. In an interview with Medusa scientific editor Alexander Yershov and special correspondent Svetlana Reuter, Logunov said that in September, the vaccine can only get temporary registration, and its mass production will not begin until the end of 2020. The researchers are talking about the details of the vaccine development for the first time — the results of their work have not yet been published in the scientific literature.

All Medusa materials about coronavirus are open for distribution under a Creative Commons CC by license. You can reprint them! The license does not apply to photos.

First — a summary of the interview

Volunteers were easy to find. The vaccine we made is a vector — based one, which means that we use a carrier virus that delivers the genetic information of a new coronavirus to the human body and triggers an immune response to it. The method is based on our work to create this kind of vaccine against the Ebola virus, and before the pandemic happened, we had already been developing a vaccine for the middle East respiratory syndrome MERS for three years — and we had no doubts about what to do. Work began in February, and the creation of the vaccine itself took two weeks.

Before starting human trials, it was studied in detail in several animal species, including two species of monkeys. We tracked everything: the production of antibodies, and the reaction of cells in the immune system. Now the tests on two groups of volunteers, 76 people in total, are coming to an end. This is less than stated in the same UK, but believe me, a thousand people there will not be vaccinated for a long time. We are not the press, we cannot be responsible for what is published about us, and we are not the Ministry of health — we cannot influence the decision to register. There will be a broad study on thousands of people, we do not shy away from this. But right now, registration under limited conditions is needed so that people at risk can participate in the study — we are not going to protect healthy volunteers with this vaccine. By the end of 2020, our Institute should have millions of vaccines per year. My goal was not to be the first in the world, but to protect my loved ones.

"People are tired of being afraid"

— Is it easy to find volunteers for clinical research?

— Oh, Yes, there was no problem with that.

— Even the head of the Russian direct investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriev, your investor, in all interviews, proudly tells how he was given the vaccine.

— We are a Federal institution of the Ministry of health of Russia. Our investor is the state.

— Why do you think people were so willing to accept the introduction of an unknown drug? Fear of getting sick? Tired of being afraid?

— First of all, I think we are really tired of being afraid. Secondly, over time, people begin to come to terms with the coronavirus, realizing that it will not go away. You know, there are controlled infections, and there are unmanaged infections. And at first, the infection was out of control. Now-give or take — there are at least means to reduce the viral load and it is clear that we need to live with this virus somehow.

— Meanwhile, one drug or another is being declared a panacea in the world, and there is very little or no convincing evidence of its effectiveness.

— The problem is that always when everything is done with wheels, the evidence suffers.

— How did you feel about the coronavirus?" Afraid?

"Yes, of course. For me, the initial figures were quite convincing. I remember the numbers of mathematical modeling for the flu — and people often get confused in the numbers, they believe that after the flu in intensive care, too, many die. In such cases, I explain that you need to look at the overall mortality rate, and not at the statistics of deaths in intensive care. And the overall mortality rate is much higher than for the flu: for the flu — 0.04%, maximum-0.1%, COVID-19-several times more.
There are questions about the voluntary nature of the research

In Russia, drugs for coronavirus are regularly tested, violating ethical norms — and possibly the law. Here are the four main problems

— The volunteers you vaccinated were carefully screened for any signs of coronavirus and kept out of contact with the outside world. Now imagine this: your vaccine is given to a person who is already infected but has no symptoms yet. It's impossible to check everyone before vaccination and protect them from contact, right? And what happens in this case? Will the injection trigger an immune response that will lead to dangerous consequences?

— It's not just our vaccine, or not our vaccine. Such complications are called ADE-effect (antibody-dependent enhancement), it is, for example, characteristic of the Dengue virus.

There are hundreds of articles written about ADE, there is no point in retelling them — it is also found in Ebola. To avoid this effect, a person should not be given an inactivated vaccine — it only causes an antibody immune response, and then, when it weakens, the ADE effect. It will not cause the formation of cellular immunity that we need. Therefore, when creating the COVID-19 vaccine, we made a vector vaccine instead of an inactivated one.

— Let's say you're talking to a curious child. What is an inactivated vaccine?

— You took the virus, grew it, inactivated it, and killed it. They made a vaccine with it. Entered. A vaccine made on this principle can only cause antibody protection.

Vector vaccines, and our coronavirus vaccine is based on this principle, also cause a cytotoxic immune response — immune cells appear that target cells infected with the virus. It is not entirely correct to transfer talk about the ADE effect to a vector vaccine-studies have shown that there is no ADE effect for vector vaccines. No one is saying that this effect should not be investigated further and should not be looked at, but the Oxford and Chinese [vector] vaccines [against SARS-CoV-2] studied on primates do not show any ADE effect. We also tested our own vaccine for this effect on primates. And, although we can not fully say whether humans will have the same picture as primates, now we should be wary of the possibility of the ADE effect, but no more.

— What does 'vector' mean?"

— You take a virus [vector] — non-dangerous, not embedded in the genome, which all mankind faces during life-adenovirus. Then you make it even safer by cutting off a chunk of its genome, or rather two. With such modifications, it is not able to reproduce in normal human cells, but it can get there and bring what you tell it to carry, what you "embed" in its genome — in our case, a gene that is foreign to the adenovirus, but important for the coronavirus, encoding the S-protein (the"spike"protein). The adenovirus can deliver it effectively, and after two or three weeks, there will be no traces of the vector in the body. Time history: delivered-worked out a foreign protein in human cells — got the result.

— Marshrutka.

— Yes. We took the gene encoding the S-protein and translated it from RNA to DNA. We inserted this gene into the genome of the adenovirus and got a vector.

"Half an hour's work, and the vaccine is ready.

— Almost. Two weeks.
"There were no creative torments. Copywriter in the literal sense"

- Tell us how you made this vaccine.

— We created it in the standard way for all vector vaccines. Such vaccines did not appear out of the blue, they have been actively used since the 1990s. According to this principle, we made a vaccine against the Ebola virus, which was registered in our country.

— You chose a vector-based vaccine based on adenovirus. Why? Because you've worked with her before?

— When we made the decision about the vaccine, it was clear that it should be a vaccine that induces a cytotoxic immune response. A fairly simple solution — anyone would have followed my path. When choosing between DNA, RNA, and viral vectors for delivering vaccines — and we work with all types-we chose viral vectors because they are more effective. We conducted a lot of experiments with different carriers and compared them with vector ones, and already at the start it was clear that this is the sky and the earth.

— When you have decided that everything is ready, we enter the race, we make a vaccine and it will be exactly like this?

— I have to explain one thing here: we have been making a vaccine against [middle East respiratory syndrome virus] MERS for three years.

— And you got it ready?"

- Yes. We made a vaccine against MERS and tried different options. This was a lot of work, and we have reached the second phase of clinical research. Therefore, when another coronavirus appeared, the closest relative of the beta-coronavirus group, we had no doubt what to do and how to do it. There were no creative torments. Copywriter in the literal sense.

— When did you start working?" In April? In March?

— in February. The idea that we turn on and do something came up just then. In January, no one really understood what we were dealing with. I attended a who conference in February and it became clear that we were dealing with a serious problem.

— Did the who understand what happened?

— In the 20th of February-Yes. I will not criticize who, there are other people for this. They are probably right about something, but it is also difficult for who — it often does not receive objective information, it is not a state body that makes decisions for everyone. Its employees are doing everything they can-they have put together model committees, clinical and preclinical research committees, all of which are used openly around the world. The who is probably running late in terms of speed — we are closing the borders, we are not closing them-but this is a political decision that cannot be made quickly.

— You copied your vector vaccine for MERS. Why didn't you use a vector that can multiply in cells — it could potentially make the immune system last longer?

— Let's just say that a vector that needs to multiply will cause more pronounced side effects. If it does not multiply, then you will have standard adverse events after vaccination — temperature, pain at the injection site. If you make a vaccine on a vector that multiplies, then you let the Genie out of the bottle. What are we doing? We inject the vaccine in two stages - first one vector, then the other. This scheme is known in the world — I think it is not used now for some economic reasons. But in our situation, we understand that a two-time introduction is better than a single one. We tested this with mers and Ebola vaccines.

— Recent research by British and German scientists shows that the number of antibodies to the coronavirus in the blood decreases much faster than expected. Does this interfere with vaccination in any way?

— These works prove the obvious thing-immunity decreases over time. It is important that no one knows what will happen next. First, why do we think that the decrease in antibodies in the blood is a marker that the immune system has disappeared? Antibodies in the blood are always reduced — we can not reach the peak of the immune response for one infection and then for the second, third, fourth — in this case, all the forces of the body will be spent. About two months after the rise in the level of antibodies to the infection, you have a strong drop in it.

And here the main question arises: will such a sick person be protected? There are vaccines that form an effective immune system, but then it falls, the pathogen changes, enters the body again, and the person gets sick again — but it is easier to carry the disease, does not die. Such a situation, for example, with the flu. And it happens, as with yellow fever-the immune system rises, then falls to quite low values, but its protective effectiveness remains up to 20 years. And now if there is a person who says that the reduction of antibodies to COVID-19 means that the immune system will not work, it will be a bold, but unsubstantiated and absurd statement.

— In the development of the vaccine, you decided from the very beginning to follow one path and not turn away? And why, let's say, there are not 13 variants of different vaccines? After all, it happens - you invest entirely in one option, and in the end, suddenly something breaks.

— We were not afraid, we went through this story many times. Again, we have already made a two-vector mers vaccine and administered it to volunteers.

— But there are different options in the world, and now everything is so shared that what kind of science the country has — this is what it will have a vaccine. Your vaccine has analogues-the Oxford vaccine and the Chinese one.

— Moreover, Johnson&Johnson also make an adenovirus vaccine, just a little behind. That is, the three closest analogs.

— Can you name the main differences between your vaccine and the study design?

— The design of the study is about the same everywhere — first a limited group is studied, then full-scale research, which will definitely be done.

— But you have two vectors, and they don't.

— I will tell you why we have a two-vector vaccine. If you prick one vector and it doesn't reproduce, you need to prick it a second time. The same vector you can not prick — you have an immune response to it is in the acute phase. And the person did not respond to the first injection, this happens, for example, with elderly people. You do not work with white mice with intact immunity, which react to everything the same way as twins. You have different situations in your population. And very often in this case, you can get a good immune response, but to do this, you need to boost it [strengthen] and give a second injection.

We have tested this story well — both on mice and primates. We had a clinical trial of two-factor administration of the same vector in humans. We know that re-introducing the same vector is not a good story. After the first injection, a response was observed in all volunteers, but when re-administered, significant amplification was achieved only in those who were injected with the second component based on a different vector, and the introduction of the same vector gave extremely weak amplification. That is, if someone introduces the same vector, they risk creating a weak immune system, which can critically decrease within three to six months.

— This is your main difference from the Oxford vaccine?

— You're looking for a difference, and I'm looking for a similarity. We [all] don't act on the principle that we want to prick something once, and then suddenly something will work. We need to be sure that different people will respond to the vaccine.
"Both in America and in Russia, it is now possible to cut corners"

— Did the volunteers have unpredictable reactions?

"No, thankfully. Everything is predictable-temperature, pain at the injection site. The rash is small. Everything is standard.

— What is already ready for working with the vaccine, and what is planned?

- Preclinical studies have been conducted on mice, monkeys and hamsters. Safety is additionally tested on rats, rabbits, and two types of monkeys — rhesus macaques and marmosets.

— Is everything all right?"

— Yes, otherwise we would not have been allowed to go to clinical trials with volunteers.

— There are antibodies and no side effects?

— You know, this is not the most problematic part — to get antibodies from rhesus and marmosets.

— And the T-cells?"

— Too. With them, everything is simple, the animals respond quite well.

— And they protect against the virus itself, have you checked it once?

— Yes, there was a study on hamsters and rhesus macaques.

— You haven't published it yet?"

"Not yet.

- Respectively, then-research on 38 people?

- Twice 38.

— Some are given the usual vaccine, others "dried"?

"It is.

— Is this phase over?

- Ends. Everything has already been entered and tracked.

— And what day is it after the introduction?

- 28th.

— What are the results?"

— We will see the final results, while we have looked at the preliminary ones-safety, immune response. We will announce the full data later.

— You're testing antibodies, neutralizing antibodies, T-cells, and I guess there's nothing else you can test?"

— May. We test different antibodies on different test systems-IgG, ELISA for a full-size S-protein and for a fragment of S-protein (RBD domain), the titer of virus-neutralizing antibodies, T — cell immune response in two variants - lymphoproliferation [population increase] of CD4 and CD8 cells and their production of gamma interferon. When there are not many patients, they should be examined from all sides — we do this, first of all, for ourselves — we need to know as much as possible about our vaccine.

— Will this vaccine be mandatory?

— That's not a question for me. I can say my opinion: obliging people is not quite right, they are able to make a decision themselves. The Ministry of health is likely to identify some risk groups that may be recommended for vaccination due to the large number of contacts. Doctors, teachers. Recommendations are likely to be adopted for these specialties.

— Understand, this is an objective study — we do not decide whether the vaccine will be registered or not, we do not influence this decision. From a regulatory point of view, it is arranged as follows: the developer, who is also the sponsor, gives the vaccine to the clinical base [where the study is conducted] and then it will do everything. We won't be asked anything. The clinical database will prepare documents: observations, diaries of volunteers, etc. All this will be collected in a data package — for analyses, for immunogenicity. All this will be submitted to the center of expertise of the Ministry of health, and it will make a decision — based on a package of data from preclinical and clinical studies — whether this vaccine is suitable, whether it is effective enough, how good the ratio of safety and effectiveness parameters is, and whether it is possible to release such a vaccine on limited terms in circulation.

What do you mean "limited circumstances"? This means that if we don't repeat [the results] on a large sample, registration will end. Therefore, there will definitely be an expanded study (the third phase, as is customary in the international classification) and all observations of volunteers (both these 76 and those who will only participate) will not be conducted for 42 days-they will be conducted for six months. And only when this happens, when it is proven effective and safe, will we get a permanent registration certificate, if the expert body decides that this is enough. And now [what we are talking about] is only registration on "limited terms", which will allow you to get, for example, to vaccinate at-risk groups. And all.
"I have no desire to be the first in the world. The first task is to protect your inner circle"

— Are you saying that the tests on these two groups of 38 people are enough to get registered? But this is very little!

— They are enough to get registered under "limited conditions" — for example, it does not allow you to vaccinate children and the elderly, but it will allow you to do research on a larger sample. You will have risk groups, they will receive a drug that will pass the quality examination in Roszdravnadzor. Then you will still need to vaccinate a thousand people in order to pass the third phase. In this sense, almost nothing will change-except that it will be possible to use it in a slightly wider range of people, not only in healthy volunteers, but also in people from risk groups. We don't want to protect volunteers with a vaccine, do we?

— Do you think it is right to issue a vaccine under this registration scheme?

— America has now come to exactly the same thing — their vaccines have gone according to a simplified scheme. If we are talking about precedents, then more or less everyone has followed the same path. And the British, including-now after the first phase, they will still go to the simplified registration, you will see.

— But they have 1000 people in the study, not 78, and they will come out after a thousand volunteers?

— They won't be exploring a thousand for long anyway. There will be no full investigation in America or anywhere else.

— Can I give you this very rough arithmetic: if the mortality rate of the disease is about 1%, then in order to prove that the vaccine is safe enough, that it really gives a win when used, you need to observe at least 100 people to be able to see some serious, but rare side effect-I don't know, the ADE reaction or something else. Just to claim that the risks of vaccination are lower than the risks of the disease itself. Isn't that right?

— Of course, we're going to do. The Protocol for the large third phase of the study involving two thousand volunteers has already been developed, but has not yet been approved, so nothing has been published about it. But there is one. We are not just not shying away from this big study, we are doing everything to make it happen right now, in the very near future — in August.

— And if you imagine such a fantastic situation: you put the drug on the market, and then, God forbid, something very bad happens, just like in the movies. What happens then — everything is called back?

— For any medicine — it doesn't matter whether it is our medicine or any other-there is a special procedure for this: the trial begins, all the steps are prescribed. In General, we must submit a report to the Ministry of health about all things that happen to volunteers. We actually have a fairly strict regulatory system.

— In connection with media reports about hackers who were going to steal the secrets of vaccine production, I would like to ask — and what part of the information in the development of a vaccine is super secret? What should be protected especially well? Such a "Kashcheev's death" that you will never willingly give to anyone?

— When you live in a certain technology, whether you want it or not, you have a lot of your own developments, which you often do not even take out in the patent. But they are very difficult to steal — you need to live 15-20 years to really master this technology and reproduce it in any conditions. How can this be stolen? Only together with the development team itself. And when the vaccine goes on the market, in any case, everyone will be able to see what is in its composition, there will be no secret.

— Do you want to be the first in the world?

- Me? No. Probably should be, but no. I have always set a different goal for myself: the first task is to protect my inner circle. Because it was all quite scary, actually-and the desire to protect and save loved ones, it is quite strong. And then, you know, winning the Americans, winning the Europeans - these are financial goals to win the market, and I'm not winning markets, I'm developing drugs. And I need my medication to be good and to work. And who and how it will move, this is important, but secondary.

"By the end of this year, we should reach millions of vaccines a year"

— You only look at indirect signs of a protective effect in your research: antibodies and T-cells. But you don't collect the statistics that vaccinated people get sick less often than unvaccinated people. Is it possible that the vaccine will be ineffective in real life, even when laboratory tests say that everything should work?

— Of course, all this will be observed and we will all see it. Animals after vaccination are protected [from infection] - both ferrets, hamsters, and primates. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the vaccine will not work. The only concern in this regard — if you ask my personal opinion-is the duration of immunity. Whether it will last a year, two, or three, we do not know. What will a repeat infection look like in a year? Neither we nor anyone else knows this yet, because the disease is only six months old.

— How many doses of vaccines are you going to produce?

— In order to release this, production must be scaled up. And here the Ministry of health is taking all efforts to make the vaccines that will, most broadcast would be on [production] platforms so that these platforms quickly joined the game, quickly went to the market to have the quality that it could be quickly scaled. This is, of course, one of the priority tasks that will also be addressed in parallel.

— Let's say that today you have a permit and you are told: "All right, go ahead, we need 146 million doses of the vaccine."

— I can answer [only] what will happen at the Gamalei Institute, what capacity we will reach. We need to ask them what capacity our colleagues will reach — and they will really be our colleagues and assistants, not our enemies — and how quickly they will come out.

"And you?"

— By the end of this year, we should reach millions of vaccines a year. Three to five million doses a year. Our production will be expanded in three stages — equipment and consumables have already been ordered.

— Even with a culture medium for growing cells, there can be problems — everyone needs the same environment. These environments, they are not made here, they are imported. Will there be any problems with this?

— So far, there is no such thing that Russia is cut off and something is not sold to it just because it is Russia. In theory, perhaps, this can happen, but so far I have not encountered it. On the contrary, manufacturers are asked to specify that the environment will be used to create funds against COVID-19 in order to speed up the order.

— Are you not afraid of some kind of unrest if it turns out that officials, for example, will get the opportunity to get vaccinated as a priority?

— Why should I worry about that?" No, I'm not afraid. That's not my question. My question is to make a good product, and this is the end of my field of activity. State priorities that need to be set — this should be handled by the government and the Ministry of health. If the government sends appropriate orders to our Institute, we will act according to them, and nothing more. There are no other options, we are a subordinate institution. Who to give, which cohorts to protect in the first place-this will be considered and is already considered. I am sure that there will be no such thing — these we will protect, and these we will not.

— What other sites will produce your vaccine?

— "R-Pharm", "Generium", "Binnopharm" — the main sites. Companies came out to us and wanted to participate.

- Financially profitable?

"Probably. But for many people, I think it's also an opportunity to participate in something big.

— This is a strong ambition.

— Of course. Participation in a large case, and not in some kind of nonsense.

— Maybe this is a stupid question, but still: do you feel any special responsibility to the population of Russia for what you are doing?

— Of course. You can't sit in a trench and watch everything that's going on. This is a really big challenge for us to meet. It just so happens that this is my specialty, you can't be a microbiologist, virologist and not participate — this is a challenge and we have to work it out.

— Pardon my ignorance, but you are the closest people were infected with coronavirus?

— Ill my relatives. Those who are older, even went to the hospital.

Original here:

Meduza interview

Posted by: the pessimist | Aug 12 2020 15:41 utc | 23

@20 - I tried to post full text but apparently it's not allowed to do so - as should be expected.

Use Yandex translate. I had to copy the Russian text between the photographs and paste into Yandex to get it to work.

Posted by: the pessimist | Aug 12 2020 15:44 utc | 24

What’s wrong with wanting everyone in the empire dumb and stupid? The more the empire lies to itself, the more the demise accelerate. We are certainly in a post-truth moment, when up is down, day is night, and black is white.
We have pompous ethos: We cheat, lie, and steal, all with impunity. Stop us if you can. We also now have social media joining the fray.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Aug 12 2020 15:57 utc | 25

Total flip-flop by "western" media, otherwise known as BigLie Media, on the very nature and need for a COVID vaccine--yesterday one song was being sung in unison, now the opposite song's being sung in unison. And Russia's announcement comes on the heels of China's announcement of its final construction of a production facility having an annual production run capacity of 200 Million doses, with other facilities in the works. The Russia-China Strategic Partnership is working vey well.

I highly suggest reading this transcript of Putin's video conference, "Meeting on sanitary and epidemiological situation and readiness of healthcare system for autumn and winter," from July 29, where he had this to say about the vaccine:

"The next point is the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus. This is a very important goal. As we see, our research institutions have made great progress in this field. This was not mentioned here but I am aware that a lot more has been done than meets the eye and we read in the media. Let me recall that the key requirements to a vaccine are its proved effectiveness and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to act with the utmost care, observing all the requirements and rules in this complicated area. We must have absolute confidence in the vaccine. We will proceed from this principle in making the decisions on coronavirus vaccinations." [My Emphasis]

Again, the conference was about much more than the vaccine and should be compared with Trump's non-effort in fighting COVID. It ought to be crystal clear by now to those paying attention that the goal of Western governments is to expand the wealth of its .1% at the expense of the overall populous, a situation very apparent within the Outlaw US Empire. The pandemic has been the best "test case" for that hypothesis which IMO is now proven 100%.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 16:03 utc | 26

Pretzel 14
“i think big pharma would suppress a cheap effective cancer treatment if they could get away with it, and countries like the united states would let them. of course they don't run the world, as you say, so they couldn't get away with it long.“
They don’t need to. As in the case of treatment of myeloma with thalidomide., a cheap drug easily available, big pharma took the drug over and got exclusive rights to it by patenting, not the drug, but a ‘risk assessment pregnancy prevention’ protocol attached as a condition to release the drug. They then increased the price several fold. Not content with this they also made an analogue of thalidomide called lenalidomide, at several times the cost even if the overinflated cost of the thalidomide.

Posted by: Orage | Aug 12 2020 16:05 utc | 27

They know they are lying. vk at 8.

Yes, the media and ‘authorities’ know that perfectly well. An Nth case of the pot calling the kettle black. The aim is to paint Russia as being an ‘upstart’ and ‘competing’ while making short shrift or even scandalously ignoring the required protocols (clinical trials etc.), thus acting illegitimately, to falsely claim the position of ‘top of the heap.’

The unstated, or only lightly hinted at, appeal to conspiracy theorists (I’m one myself and love them) and of course anti-vaxxers to shift the rumors of vaccines being ‘unproven’, ‘dodgy’ or even ‘dangerous’ - an attempt to reduce the population etc. - onto Russia as a prime actor is quite blatant. Then, when the ‘Russian’ vaccine (it would be better to call it by its type but I haven’t looked into that yet) is not available / on sale in 2020 or even in 2021, Russia lied, didn’t know what it was doing, tried to market a deathly product, stupidly stole some tech it didn’t understand, etc. etc.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 12 2020 16:12 utc | 28

There is no excuse for the media to wrongly claim that Russia has approved a ready to go vaccine.

Well, then why do they do it?

My speculation:

  • makes Russia look reckless
  • makes Western vaccines look safer than they are.

It's a two-fer! Bash Russia and prop-up Big Pharma.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2020 16:15 utc | 29

@23, thank you & wish me luck.

Posted by: emersonreturn | Aug 12 2020 16:40 utc | 30

Funny enough, at least German RT is pushing the line that the vaccine is ready now for general use, with no disclaimer like the Science report you quote.
And naming it Sputnik.. Saying that Russia is not miling it for all its propaganda worth is pretty naive.
Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr | Aug 12 2020 11:11 utc | 5

You aren't alluding to Florian Warweg's fact check article? Are you?

Hmm? Ok see. Some of the usual suspects around on the topic earlier:

Posted by: blum | Aug 12 2020 16:42 utc | 31

@vk 22
Thanks for the reply. Yes of course there is a tradeoff for the risk of vaccine vs risk of no vaccine. I have nothing against WHO but I am skeptical of the willingness to compress the clinical trials into what is looking like a 3-4 month period, then declare a winner and encourage everyone to just take it.

I am doubly skeptical in countries where the health system is set up to produce profit first, and public health as a bonus side effect -- obviously referring to the US. But Russia also has an out of control epidemic, so there is also pressure to go as fast as possible and accept extra risks.

There are plenty of places in the world where that isn't the situation -- where the epidemic is relatively contained, so it would be better to wait, in my opinion.

Posted by: ptb | Aug 12 2020 16:43 utc | 32

This op/ed in yesterday's RT anticipated the exact BigLie Media behavior b documented, "As Russia announces coronavirus vaccine, mainstream media suddenly discovers the meaning of skepticism." The writer's timing was brilliant; but then, the attack was totally predictable.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 16:46 utc | 33

ptb @31--

Russia does not have "an out of control epidemic." Please read the transcript I linked @25 to get informed. Thanks.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 16:49 utc | 34

@ Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 12 2020 16:15 utc | 28

They said they registered it. The vaccine will be ready for mass distribution at January 1st, 2021. Putin only stated that he's very confident the vaccine will pass the due process and be effective - call it a "spoiler" if you want.

Indeed, the science behind the vaccine looks solid. Gamaleya already dominated the adenovirus technology, so they simply built upon their already existing expertise. The other companies are either investing on unproven technology (mRNA) or are having to relearn how to do it. Looks like Gamaleya simply was at the right place, the right time.

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2020 16:52 utc | 35

@27 They can make it unavailable or illegal in the West but I don't see how they can stop people going to Russia or China to get a shot.

Posted by: dh | Aug 12 2020 16:52 utc | 36

Posted by: the pessimist | Aug 12 2020 13:41 utc | 17

Good link, even though I do not read Meduza often, they are foreign agent. Reading it I came to this and stopped:

Моя цель была не стать первым в мире, а защитить близких.

My goal was not to become the first in the world, but to protect my loved ones.

Yeah, Russia is capitalist, maybe robber baron style, but if it is a marketing ploy at least it sounds human, not the robot of western greed. In any case is good to know poor countries will have alternatives, what the big ones were dreaming about is their usual wet dream "monopoly", like the table game which I think comes from.... the USA?

Posted by: Paco | Aug 12 2020 17:08 utc | 37

@karlof1 33

Well its not growing, but it's not on track to the kind of low per-capita level found in the better contained parts of EU or East Asia, which is what I would consider being 'under control'.

Still 5000 new cases per day [graph], and a steady but very gradual decrease. At this rate there would be another million infections. "The situation remains complicated" is a polite way of saying it's not good enough.

Posted by: ptb | Aug 12 2020 17:14 utc | 38

@karlof1 33
Well it's not growing, but also not anywhere close to the low level found in the more successful parts of EU or East Asia, which is what I would consider "under control".

5000 cases each day with a very gradual decrease, would extrapolate to nearly 1 million more infections, if the current trend continues. "The situation remains complicated" per the transcript you linked.

Posted by: ptb | Aug 12 2020 17:20 utc | 39

What I'd like to know is, if this vaccine proves to be as gold as it looks currently, how do we in the US get it? Is it feasible for the US government to outright ban its import into the US?

I hear of people going to Mexico and Canada all the time to get sane prices on pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. Will it be that simple? Will an "underground railroad" in reverse bring the Russian goods into the US, and we be able to buy it here?

I have no experience with such things, so any thoughts from the savvy would be welcome - the same questions can apply to Chinese or Cuban products, I suppose, if they should prove to be the preferred gold.

Posted by: Grieved | Aug 12 2020 17:22 utc | 40

When Jonas Salk created the polio vaccine, he gave it away the formula for free. Today, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare are only interested in making Big Profits. They are only interested in your bank account, and keeping you alive only so you can keep filling their coffers.

Posted by: Roy G | Aug 12 2020 17:43 utc | 41

SB @24

Is there a web problem at CN today (8/12/20)? A regular site for me, but today the comments strings on current articles does not show/appear. My f#$%&#g MS W10 machine updated last night, wondering if that might have something to do with it, or do you know if CN is having a problem?


Posted by: vinnieoh | Aug 12 2020 17:46 utc | 42

Here's the transcript from Putin's meeting with government members yesterday which has a long segment about the vaccine. As Putin announces:

"Today we have a very important topic on the agenda: getting educational institutions in Russia ready for the new school year. We will hear reports by Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov, Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov, and Ms Popova will report on the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the context of reopening schools.

"Before we proceed with the main topic on the agenda, we will discuss current issues, just as we have been doing for some time now.

"Perhaps, it would be inaccurate to describe some of them as current issues, considering their importance for the country and the entire world. I have been told that the world’s first coronavirus vaccine was approved this morning. I am asking Healthcare Minister Mikhail Murashko to share some details on this subject, even though I know that it is quite effective, helps develop immunity and has gone through all the necessary trials."

After Murasko's review, Putin asks:

"Vladimir Putin: Thank you. You said this is one of the first registered vaccines. Are there similar vaccines registered anywhere around the world?

"Mikhail Murashko: There is our Chinese colleagues’ research that is undergoing the registration process now. There are similar developments in other countries as well, but clinical tests are still underway. In fact, Russia has the first full registration certificate." [My Emphasis]

Putin does go on to talk about his daughter's experience with the vaccine and provides other related information. Unfortunately, much of the meeting is omitted from the transcript. I would have liked to read about the strategy for reopening schools since that's such a hot topic within the Outlaw US Empire. The topic about dividend taxation at the end is important as one of Putin's goals is to reduce currency flight to a bare minimum.

Here's the most recent TASS COVID report. The next two links provide a statistical comparison between the Outlaw US Empire and Russia: Outlaw US Empire and Russia. Do note the second chart in the series detailing the number of active cases within each nation. Russia reached its peak in the middle of June, while the Empire still shows an upward trajectory, although the small downward bump as of today may be a very welcome sign that time will verify. Overall, the stats clearly show Russia's done a much better job of protecting its citizens as there's been no partisan divide over what to do or it having a president determined to do nothing.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 18:11 utc | 43

From @pretzelattack at Post # 14:

i think big pharma would suppress a cheap effective cancer treatment if they could get away with it, and countries like the united states would let them. of course they don't run the world, as you say, so they couldn't get away with it long.

Are you kidding? Big Pharma has been suppressing cheap & effective cancer cures for at least the last century. No-one should be dying of cancer anywhere, at all. Every cancer fatality is profit for Big Pharma and their myriad "health care" subsidiaries, with the full support & enforcement of the FDA & American Cancer Society & any branch of the US government and any other government that counts.

Just a short list, without even trying:

- Johanna Budwig's cottage cheese protocol.
- Nurse Caisse's ESSIAC protocol.
- Dr. Max Gerson's juicing protocol.
- Linus Pauling's Vitamin C protocol.
- Father Romano Zago's Aloe Arborescens protocol.
- Laetrile / Amygdalin / Vitamin B17
- Artemisinin / Sweet Annie / Artemisia Annua
- Graviola / Soursop / Annona Muricata
- Pawpaw / Papaya / Carica Papaya

These and a mountain more of cheap, simple, effective, and thoroughly proven cancer cures have been comprehensively demonized, rubbished and literally outlawed by Big Pharma and their subsidiary agencies (including all Western governments and mainstream media) for the past 100 years.

The fact that anyone today would muse "i think big pharma would suppress a cheap effective cancer treatment if they could get away with it" is a screaming attestation to just how effective Big Pharma has been in suppressing cheap effective cancer treatments & GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

Here's just ONE SMALL EXAMPLE of the totalitarian hold Big Pharma has held over the Cancer Industry for the last century:

Take the example of herbalist John Caton, who was in the business of making and selling safe and effective herbal cancer cures in the USA from a warehouse in Florida. To protect Big Pharma from this clear threat to their business model, the FDA literally sent in shotgun-toting, flak-jacketed storm troopers to trash Caton's warehouse, destroy all his products and herbal stocks, and dragged Caton away and threw him into prison.

Caton eventually got out of prison, and moved to Ecuador to restart his herbal business, focused on providing cheap and effective herbal cancer cures to people around the world. His new operation has a website [ ] which anyone can inspect to see the sort of products he offered.

You might think that a simple herbalist offering safe and effective herbal products from out of Ecuador would be safe from the reaches of Big Pharma and it's psychotic American stooges, but you'd be wrong. The FDA got John Caton put onto Interpol's MOST WANTED LIST (that's right, right alongside international terrorists and mass murderers) and then sent in a bunch of FBI goons to COMPLETELY ILLEGALLY KIDNAP John Caton (yes, they turned up at John Caton's residence in Ecuador out of the blue, without the knowledge of Ecuadorian authorities, and physically kidnapped John Caton) to drag him back to the USA to be subjected to further processes of Big Pharma "justice".

And that's just one tiny example of the power wielded by Big Pharma to stomp out any chance of any cancer cure threatening their multi-trillion dollar cancer business. A very lucrative business model, which is guaranteed endless repeat business as long as the livestock keeps getting sick and dying.

Posted by: Ultrafart the Brave | Aug 12 2020 18:31 utc | 44

vinnieoh @41

CN article has 4 comments, none showing. So, yes, problems.

Posted by: Sakineh Bagoom | Aug 12 2020 18:49 utc | 45

@43 I probably shouldn't do this but I did some research.

Are you sure you don't mean Greg Caton? Currently back in Ecuador.

Posted by: dh | Aug 12 2020 19:11 utc | 46

Maybe this exercise in propaganda is an attempt for 'competing' big pharma to cut the corners we are being led to believe those awful Ruskies have cut! We have to beat those damned Ruskies! It sounds like a good way to kill a lot of people, or cripple a bunch, like the polio vaccine did to a number of people. Cheers to the Russian people and their will to survive above all, instead of making a profit, and if that happens for them, cheers to that also, because the Russians have been through enough!

Posted by: Chuck Rogers | Aug 12 2020 19:14 utc | 47

@45 Yes thanks I was writing entirely from memory - Greg used to operate under a pseudo name for email purposes, which is where I think I got the "John".

Posted by: Ultrafart the Brave | Aug 12 2020 19:22 utc | 48

vinnieoh @41--

Just made a comment to this Consortium News article that had zero comments. No message saying my comment went to moderation was made, which was once the case, although I haven't commented there in several months.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 19:24 utc | 49

The U.S. deficit ballooned to $2.8 trillion in July, but the monthly gap fell.

Do you think a nation with such deficit is willing to give a COVID-19 vaccine for free, or to import said vaccine from another country (thus ballooning even more its deficit)?

I don't think so.

Posted by: vk | Aug 12 2020 19:50 utc | 50

vk @49--

IMO, the Outlaw US Empire won't do either, although it could do both. Trump made his choice to do nothing long ago, and that won't change now. If Biden wins and the chemistry of Congress changes, then both might happen sometime next year.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 19:58 utc | 51

Roy G | 40

"When Jonas Salk created the polio vaccine, he gave it away the formula for free. Today, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare are only interested in making Big Profits. They are only interested in your bank account, and keeping you alive only so you can keep filling their coffers."

Thanks for bringing that up. The polio vaccine and how it was created is a very interesting story. I knew nothing about it before this whole corona business. He developed it in what, a year, two years? One scientist, one team, one lab. Done.

These days, German state media tell you with utter, utter conviction that it takes at least 10 years to develop a vaccine. It's a law of nature, you see, just like a decade lasts 10 years.

Well, you can certainly make a fine career out of stretching your work over 10 years and more, the money keeps coming. The problem with finishing a project? Well, it's done, no more project to work on and get paid for. So why finish something with a real result when you can keep it going instead?

Being a layman, I don't quite understand just how this Russian vaccine is meant to work, though. Please "interrupt" me at any point... The vector virus doesn't replicate. So whatever mass of virions is in that one vaccine shot will have to do the trick. Even so, the vector virus will infect as many of your cells as possible. Given that it has the covid spike protein, it will need ACE2 receptors to do that, just like the original corona virus would. And then what? Since the vaccine virus doesn't replicate, the infected cells will not produce more copies of the vector virus, right? So how is the immune system supposed to kick into gear then and home in on covid viruses? The limited number of cells infected by the vector will certainly disintegrate, even if they don't produce any new specimens of the virus. But do they release the crucial spike protein, or the corresponding gene? And what's the point of using the vector in this whole operation, instead of the real target virus, SARS-CoV-2?

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Aug 12 2020 20:31 utc | 52

The following comment most certainly won't be published by Western media:

"Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) which funded the vaccine research, went a step further, saying that a 'politicized approach to the Russian vaccine on the part of a number of Western countries endangers the lives of their citizens.'"

But are citizens of those nations savvy enough to know that's what their so-called leaders have in store for them?

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 20:34 utc | 53

Russia’s Success in Developing COVID-19 Vaccine is Rooted in History

Posted by: Virgile | Aug 12 2020 20:38 utc | 54

Scotch Bingeington @51--

I don't know if this short explanation by Putin during his meeting with government members will help your understanding, but here goes:

"I know this vaccine, as you have said, is based on adenoviral vectors, but I think its advantage is that it is based on human adenoviral vectors. It works more precisely and forms stable antibody and cellular immunity. I know this very well, too, because one of my daughters has got this vaccination." [My Emphasis]

The Vaccine's website might provide more info under the About dropdown menu, but I haven't investigated it yet.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 20:49 utc | 55

Virgile @53--

Thanks for providing that link! By the boss, Kirill Dmitriev:

"This opinion piece, which tells the story behind the creation of the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 and emphasizes the willingness of Russia to cooperate with the international community, has been rejected by all leading Western media."

It also seems to provide an answer to Scotch's question @51. It's an excellent read!

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 20:55 utc | 56

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 12 2020 20:34 utc | 52
thanks for the reference so I could read it. Great news...headline is:

UPRISING: Immunity for Police Under Attack by Federal Judge

[dateline August 12, 2020 ] at , see link at Karlof1 post

Posted by: chu teh | Aug 12 2020 21:02 utc | 57

Posted by: the pessimist | Aug 12 2020 15:41 utc | 23

thanks yr presentation of Medusa interview [Russian to English].

I as able to grasp most of it even tho machine-translation.

See link above at: the pessimist | Aug 12 2020 15:41 utc | 23

and Karlof1 thanks yr link at...Aug 12 2020 20:34 utc | 52 about Kirill Dmitriev' views which I will read later.

Posted by: chu teh | Aug 12 2020 21:25 utc | 58

So Putin gives his daughter an experimental vaccine for a disease that does not make people in her age group very ill? That tells it all folks. If you still cant see it I cant help you, thinking is hard.

Posted by: Kay Fabe | Aug 12 2020 22:32 utc | 59


It shows the comment count as 1 now but no comment displayed.

They use Akismet which claim to be the most powerful anti-spam service for the web. Akismet works by checking all your comments against our constantly-growing global spam database to remove irrelevant, malicious content before it gets published and damages your site's credibility.

I suppose they have flagged your comment or name as spam, or maybe you been banned. The same thing happens elsewhere, you post and comment just disappears. No notice, nothing. Shadow banning.

Censorship is the real virus we should be concerned with

Posted by: Kay Fabe | Aug 12 2020 22:43 utc | 60

Faktencheck zur Medienberichterstattung: Hat Russland tatsächlich Corona-Impfstoff "zugelassen"?

Fact check on media coverage: Has Russia actually "approved" corona vaccine?
CNN did get it right for once
'Im Gegensatz zu ihren deutschen Pendants gelang den meisten englischsprachigen Leitmedien eine korrekte Wiedergabe der Aussage des russischen Präsidenten und den Darlegungen der russischen Forscher: Selbst bei CNN heißt es korrekt: '
In contrast to their German counterparts, most of the leading English-language media managed to correctly reproduce the statement of the Russian President and the statements of the Russian researchers: Even on CNN it is correctly stated:

Posted by: brian | Aug 12 2020 23:02 utc | 61

@Grieved #39

Mexico will be one of the first countries to get the Russian vaccine, so I imagine USians will be able to travel south and get it.

Posted by: S | Aug 12 2020 23:58 utc | 62

Interesting take on the pandemic in SF...

San Francisco Was Uniquely Prepared for Covid-19

As the US federal government humiliated itself with a pandemic response that ranks among the world's worst, and hundreds of health care workers nationwide lost their lives, San Francisco flattened its early infection curve at a blessedly low level. Local hospitals never had more than 100 patients hospitalized with Covid-19. That number dipped into the low 30s in June and, even during a midsummer bump, never became unmanageable.

Caveats are in order, of course. Low-income communities suffered more than their share of infection, and roughly 20 percent of the city's working-age people filed for unemployment in a matter of weeks. The city also has an abundance of affluence, which turns out to be protective against Covid-19, because spacious living quarters and bank accounts insulate people from one another.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Aug 13 2020 0:31 utc | 63
thank you for the link to .. ptb @ 19

clearly the article shows a vaccine is for sick people, but avoiding be sick
is what we need just as I said a few days ago.. your paper adds the protease name. it says

Viral entry also depends on TMPRSS2 that is the function of the TMPRSS2 (<=it is a protease) and it turns out cathepsin B/L may be able to substitute for TMPRSS2.

ACE2 and TMPRSS2 have been detected in both nasal and bronchial epithelium

TMPRSS2 was highly expressed with a broader distribution (Fig. 1a; second column), suggesting that ACE2, rather than TMPRSS2, may be a limiting factor for viral entry at the initial infection stage..

its the infection stage i think everyone should be concentrating on.. how the hell do we stop that infection,, not what do we do after the victim person becomes a patient. The difference between virus free human and patient is infection..

Lets stop infection. <==Still no one has given data on the impact of RF on infection. cell towers, radios, TV, Satellites, etc.) on infection rate.

So what is the science. Articles 1) Remote activation of cellular signaling 2) Electric Fields stimulate genetically modified pancreatic B cells 3. electronic energy is used to program cellular behavior(like open a channel in a membrane) see... 29 May, 2020 p. 937-39 Vol 36 Issue 6494 of Science.

Beyond recent literature a EU Patent application [EUPA] EP 0710718A1.. published 08.05.1996 Bulletin 1996/19 application number 95115195.0 filed 5.10.1988 the application number of the earlier application in accord with Art. 66 EPC:88909944.6 published 8.05.1996 bulletin 1996/19 application number 95115195.0 date of filing 05.10.1988 which paragraph 54 claims it owns a patent on a "Method of, and apparatus for, cell poration (makes holes in cells) and cell fusion using RF generated electrical pulses.." (my lab experience confirms transporting items through membranes by electral or optical means is standard practice).

Line 55 of the EUPA says the patent applied for<= is a method for the poration (make holes in cell membrane) and fusion of cells using RF electrical pulses The alternating electric field induces cell congregation... the RF porates or fuses with .. very high efficiency.. animal cells, human cells, plant cells, protoplasts, erythrocyte ghosts, lipsomes, vesicles, bacteria and yeasts.

the EUPA says: the method has the unique ability to porate or fuse cells in very small or very large (like pandemic size) numbers.
Further "During these prorations or fusions, ..a variety of chemical agents, including DNA, RNA, antibodies, proteins, drugs, molecular probes, hormones, growth factors, enzymes, organic and inorganic chemicals can be introduced into these cells.. and new biological species can be produced.. "

There is bunches of literature that suggest RF is a catalyst to membrane disruption, yet, all I hear, is wear a mask and gloves. Information blackouts invite conspiracy theories because the propaganda that promotes virus in pandemic quantities is a natural risk to human survival is highly suspect in todays modern environment. Especially suspect is that at a time when Viral Pandemic is the center narrative around the globe little about infectivity is discussed? Why ..? Thank you for the video.

Posted by: snake | Aug 13 2020 1:14 utc | 64

I have just been scrolling through Saker's request to viewers to comment on international press responses to Putin's announcement of the vaccine under examination in Russia and now in other countries for the final trials. I wish them every success, knowing it will be as difficult for that to be acknowledged in the US as it was for this country to take advantage of China's quick response and information dissemination.

It was of interest to me that there were many references to b's analysis and links to it on the thread, which is available at the far end of his second set of articles iconned at the top of his site.

Richard Steven Hack, I will add to your commendations with regard to San Francisco's covid response the excellent series of discussions given by video from the UCSF medical team, which b linked to a while back, and in particular the San Quentin episode, which was triggered by the influx of prisoners who were infected from another California prison. The prison population across the country needs our prayers.

Posted by: juliania | Aug 13 2020 1:18 utc | 65

It is a 2011 paper about ebola. I linked it because it talks about Ad26 adenovirus vaccine vector vs Ad5.

Nothing whatsoever to do with RF induced poration. Give it a rest

Posted by: ptb | Aug 13 2020 1:24 utc | 66

Who here understands that a "vaccine" containing viral vectors has the sole purpose of introducing foreign genes into the human genome?

Does no one here question why it is necessary to permanently change the genome of a person? Vaccines are supposed to stimulate an antibody response against a specific pathogen, not change a person's genome. Why on earth would one want to permanently change a person's genome to fight a virus that is only prevalent in one given year?

Posted by: JasonT | Aug 13 2020 1:45 utc | 67

Anybody reading US MSM and believing it must be 10 or younger...
"We lie, cheat and steal" a profound statement of former sec of state Mike Pompeo.
Well whadayou know! It ain't nothing new to the informed.
The US corona infected in the US going down? Look a squirrel!!!

Posted by: Den lille abe | Aug 13 2020 1:48 utc | 68

kiwiklown @#1 makes a good point. Under Trump US credibility has hit a new low, but he is wrong to make comparison between Putin & Fauci. Putin is a credible politician, Fauci is a credible medical scientist. All they have in common is their height. They are both 5'7", relatively small men that punch way above their weight class. Fauci is cautious because he knows what he's talking about. Putin has thrown caution to the wind because he doesn't. Putin is risking his credibility, like Trump, acting impulsively from political motives. Russia was first in space. They have named their vaccine Sputnick. Making a vaccine that works is not as easy as putting Yuri Gagarin in near earth orbit. Like Putin, I'm not driving in my lane either, but trust me, my gut says this is true and there really is no vaccine for this virus, just as there is none for the common cold.

Posted by: jadan | Aug 13 2020 1:49 utc | 69

""Caveats are in order, of course. Low-income communities suffered more than their share of infection, and roughly 20 percent of the city's working-age people filed for unemployment in a matter of weeks. The city also has an abundance of affluence, which turns out to be protective against Covid-19, because spacious living quarters and bank accounts insulate people from one another.""

Well I am none of either,I am just a sour, dour old man living by myself and as such have stayed healthy. Avoid other people, they are mostly either sick in body or in mind.
Keep your bodily fluids safe :)

Posted by: Den lille abe | Aug 13 2020 1:55 utc | 70

@58 Kay Fabe: Did you check how old Putin's daughter is? In best case he may have asked, proposed, or advised her to take the vaccine, he could not "give" it to her as he is no doctor. So if you can see that, I cannot help you either.

Posted by: aquadraht | Aug 13 2020 4:52 utc | 71

It will soon be available in Mexico and Cuba and Venezuela. There will be a tourism surge in those places.

Imagine the fear and loathing if it even came with a nanochip - every one is hackable they scream.

Can't wait for the fun to start.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 13 2020 4:57 utc | 72

jadan #68

Putin could have called it Fort Detrick Defender.

That would be the scientifically correct name at least.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 13 2020 5:02 utc | 73

I'll say a few things about how vaccines work. I will try to make it clear if I am able.

First, most vaccines involve more than one shot. This is because the initial immune response is weak. When your immune system first sees a pathogen, you may still succumb. When your immune system sees it a second time, you may be immune. The immune response the second time can be huge. Thie third time, your immune system can whack the infection immediately.

So you may have two shots.

The person who says Ad5 and Ad26 are used in case you are immune to one and not the other, I think was almost correct. I think the Russian vaccine works best if you are initially immune to neither. They use Ad5 for the first shot, and Ad26 for the second. The point is, after the first shot you become immune to Ad5, so you can't use it again, for the second shot.

The answer to the chimp virus (ChAdOx) was correct - there is little or no pre-existing immunity to chimp viruses, in humans. However, they can still enter human cells. How they would do two shots with ChAdOx, I don't know.

Now to the question of why use a recombinant vaccine at all. Early vaccines were based on weakened or killed viruses. Weakened is better than killed, because the expression of the virus's genetic material is the only way to stimulate a cytotoxic T-cell response (you have two main immune responses to viruses: antibodies and cytotoxic T cells - the latter is the only way to kill an infected cell, the former is the way to neutralize the virus itself if it is floating around outside your cells). So weakened pathogen as a vacine is better than killed as a vaccine but there is a finite risk the former will revert to virulence. This is a risk factor. In fact it is exactly why polio cannot be eradicated right now. If you remove the spike protein gene from COVID and put it in some completely harmless virus, the idea is it is safer - its both "alive" and also "safe". The point is, then, that the harmless virus expresses the COVID gene after entering the cell, so it stimulates a Cytotoxic T cell response. As well as an antibody response. But its only one gene from COVID so you don't get COVID disease. So the idea is that a recombinant vaccine combines safety (no live harmful virus) wth efficacy (cytotoxic response as well as antibody response).

I think that is all the science questions I saw browsing through the comments.

Go well all, and thanks B for the daily benefit of your first class research on such a broad range of topics. Like Shakespeare, its hard to believe you are just one person :-)


If the genetic material in the

Posted by: Shyaku | Aug 13 2020 6:11 utc | 74

Posted by: snake | Aug 13 2020 1:14 utc | 64

Flogging that patent application yet every pandemic thread...

"Still no one has given data on the impact of RF on infection. cell towers, radios, TV, Satellites, etc.) on infection rate."

Most especially including you. Not one single experiment cited by you or anyone else. Because the *real* experts in bon0ionizing radiation have determined there is no such valid science. But no, *you* and your related *QAnon* nutcases have decided *you* are the experts...


Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Aug 13 2020 6:35 utc | 75

Thank you guys for linking to the Science article.

Needless to say, this is a hot topic and new agencies seem to rely more on what they glean from Social Media than from reliable, objective sources.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Aug 13 2020 7:17 utc | 76

I note that the Rhodes Scholars are working hard on global Covid-19 research.

I see there are a few gaps even after more than a century of operations.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Aug 13 2020 9:11 utc | 77

Aside from the Sputnik V vaccine developed by Gamaleya National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology, there’s also the EpiVakKorona vaccine developed by Vektor State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology, currently undergoing Phase I trials: The second Russian COVID vaccine has been successfully tested on volunteers (Interfax; machine translation).

Posted by: S | Aug 13 2020 9:44 utc | 78

@ Posted by: jadan | Aug 13 2020 1:49 utc | 69

You would be correct only in a world where Big Pharma didn't exist. But it does exist, so you're wrong.

Fauci has already demonstrated he's a Big Pharma sold out. He correctly dismissed HCQ - only to enthusiastically support its USD 3,000.00 version (Remdesivir, by an American giant).

In this context, it is not farfetched to think he's lobbying for an American Big Pharma developing another vaccine.

It's delusional to think the USA will accept a foreign vaccine. They'll probably wait for a domestic option (even if it's inferior and/or more expensive) in order to keep their capitalist reproduction going.

Posted by: vk | Aug 13 2020 11:45 utc | 79

China likely to take lead along Russia in accelerated global vaccine race: experts

Chinese researchers reached by the Global Times on Wednesday admitted that it is hard to judge the safety and efficacy while there is no data available, but they noted that as the technology of developing and producing adenovirus vector is mature, it is very likely Russia will succeed, which, if taking place, will be huge encouragement for the world.

This corroborates with Dmitriev's version of the story (see his "forbidden op-ed"). The reason there's still no data available was also explained by the Russian Health Minister: it will be available in one month or two (well before it is released to the public), so this is not an issue.

As I speculated in my first comment here, the reason the Anglo-Saxons are late in developing the vaccine is they are betting on untested technologies that they can patent, thus extract rent from technological monopoly. That, and the fact that they spent decades without investing in any new vaccines (as they usually refer to diseases that only affect the Third World). The Russians developed over a technology that was already proven and which they already dominated, therefore they came out first with a vaccine. The Chinese will likely be able to catch up (even if with an inferior version) by sheer power of investment and qualified workforce available.

Posted by: vk | Aug 13 2020 12:08 utc | 80

A good vaccine for Covid-19 will come only much later.

Faster solution: cheap, daily rapid home testing to reduce un-necessary quarantines and open schools and workplaces without visitors. Isolates virus shedding individuals to the dot.
Antigen strip on the spot in < 15 minutes, not expensive RT-PRC with remote expensive machine days later.

Hurdles: stiff Hahn of FDA, ignored by NIAID Fauci & CDC Redfield.

Posted by: Antonym | Aug 13 2020 12:10 utc | 81

Normally, the sensors’ data are available to the public via the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) website, which aggregates information from global seismographic research institutions. [Location: Washington DC]

However, shortly after 6 PM on August 5 – that is, less than 24 hours after the Beirut disaster – access to all the data collected prior to the event was blocked, and visitors to the site are notified that no information is available.

Of course, nothing can really be taken away once it was posted online, and so some geophysicists managed to obtain the deleted data and found that this seismograph data matched other regional sensitive sensor data regarding the Beirut event. It appears that no one else has noticed the facts revealed by the investigation of the retrieved seismographic data:

[Source: Jewish Press]

Posted by: Oui | Aug 13 2020 12:18 utc | 82

blum @ | 21 -- Who told you, you gotta listen to Fauci?.... You gotta.... take hydroxychloroquine."
Fixed my first sentence for you: If I had to choose between the 2 men, I would choose Putins vaccine over Fauci's vaccine. I hope you do read my disgust, revulsion, derision, contempt for Fauci enough to know that I do not "listen" to a liar such as him. I despise Fauci as much as I despise Pomp-Ass. And yes, I would choose the quinine treatment over anybody's vaccine, Putin included.

jadan @ 69 -- "Putin is a credible politician, Fauci is a credible medical scientist."
While we are agreed that Putin is credible, I rate him even higher: he is a man of honour. A man of honour will ensure his words are credibly accurate even when he drives outside his lane. I disagree that Fauci is a credible scientist. I rate him a dishonourable liar speaking from both sides of his mouth when he drives outside his lane to achieve personal goals, not the goal of meeting societal needs using his science training.

jadan @ 69 -- "I'm not driving in my lane either, but trust me, my gut says this is true...."
I am driving outside my lane too, dear friend, in terms of science or politics, but I have been around the block a couple times, and in terms of judging men of honour versus despicable deplorables, my gut tells me I know a bastard when I see one. If you read my lines again, I was comparing a man of honour against a man of no honour.

Posted by: kiwiklown | Aug 13 2020 12:18 utc | 83

vk @ 80 -- "The Chinese will likely be able to catch up (even if with an inferior version) by sheer power of investment and qualified workforce available."

Yes, and they already announced ahead of time that their vaccine will be available to all the world when finally ready.

Wdn't it be nice to have a couple of vaccines to choose from -- Russian, Chinese, Cuban, et al? and not be locked into that horrendous three thousand dollar monstrosity from "Doctor" Fauci-Gates?

Posted by: kiwiklown | Aug 13 2020 12:27 utc | 85

Original article on Israel Defense website ...

Amazing findings change the story of the Beirut blast

An Israel Defense exclusive: The tremendous explosion in Beirut was preceded by six smaller explosions that took place with equal time intervals. Unequivocal seismological statistics indicate the unusual events can be explained as acts of sabotage or as a malfunction of weapons that were being stored nearby.

The amazing findings, which are being revealed here for the first time, were discovered and analyzed by geophysics experts in cooperation with Israel's Tamar engineering group, and also brought to the attention of the high echelons of the country's political and defense leadership.

Posted by: Oui | Aug 13 2020 13:06 utc | 86

@Russ | Aug 12 2020 11:21 utc | 7

Surely any of the mask-faces, given their extraordinary flat-earth superstition and automatic obedience, ought to be willing to be shot up pronto!

Right you are! There is nothing to debate about this question. I expect these guys to race to get the injection booth, no questions asked.

The race should be mush like this (warning, humor): 2020 Coronavirus Cup

Posted by: Norwegian | Aug 13 2020 13:17 utc | 87

@Shyaku 74
Thanks for the correction and additional detail!

Posted by: ptb | Aug 13 2020 13:43 utc | 88

Oui | Aug 13 2020 12:19 utc | 84 & Oui | Aug 13 2020 13:06 utc | 86 Apart from changing the topic being discussed you haven't brought anything new to the other conversation. Such amazing findings being revealed first in an Israeli publication, HA are responsible, quelle surprise!

Posted by: boon | Aug 13 2020 14:25 utc | 89

@ Oui | Aug 13 2020 13:06 utc | 86

Considering that Hizbullah did not control Beirut Port, it was the fiefdom of its adversary factions, it is extremely unlikely that Hizbullah transited or stored weapons there.

If the seismic data is genuine and accurate, I would rather say that it points to sabotage. If so we still do not know the identity of the perpetrator. As I said, Hizbullah is unlikely, both for lack of means and motive. But the "owners" of the AN wanting to dispose of it before the new government could scrutinize any missing inventories is one possibility. Israel is always another likely suspect. This does not exclude other actors, or even ad-hoc associations thereof.

Posted by: Lurk | Aug 13 2020 15:12 utc | 90

kayfabe at 58. Mariya Vorontsova, Putin’s daughter, is 35 (as she is a med. researcher I presume she is the daughter -he has two- who participated in the trial.) Here is a rather sparse wiki on her. She has degrees in biology and medecine.

She was probably the one who informed Putin… just speculating.


Fauci is the liaison guy between Gvmt. and Big Pharma. He represents Big Pharma. Not the Gvmt. Not the ppl. /Imho, natch./

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 13 2020 16:18 utc | 91

now we know who control the Western medical world, its research centers, the Big Pharma. Covid19 has shown the complete seizure of the Health Organizations(Academia, research centers, private & public, Health ministries, International Health Organisations, all the evaluation bodies, the medical publications, etc.).

Posted by: nietzsche1510 | Aug 13 2020 20:45 utc | 92

If one looks at Western European countries (and NY/NJ and other hard hit NorthEast states) they all appear to have "herd immunity" like Sweden, 100-fold decreases in new cases and new deaths. Their new cases have dropped to just those who are finally coming out of a decent (usually geographical) lockdown and finally becoming exposed to the virus, and deaths unfortunately continue mostly in rest homes (94% of covid-19 deaths in Europe are in people over age 60). The mechanism of herd immunity is not antibodies (only ~6% of people tested have detectable titers) but appear to be, at least partially, due to memory T cells (two publications so far). This immunity appears much longer-lasting than antibodies (the Singapore publication in Nature detected resistant memory T cells from the 2004 SARS epidemic). Maybe we won't even need vaccines? Antibody production does not seem a normal coronavirus response, the body may know more than virologists (although antibodies will surely be produced)?

Posted by: michael888 | Aug 14 2020 13:43 utc | 93

China hop-skips Russia and goes straight to patenting a covid-19 vaccine:

USA gonna be *pissed*

Posted by: Arch Bungle | Aug 16 2020 14:27 utc | 94

The Vaccine Industry is a HUGE FRAUD! There has NEVER been a single vaccine that has been scientifically PROVEN to be either safe or effective, NEVER! To the contrary, there are numerous in-depth scientific studies that have PROVEN the numerous dangers of ALL vaccines, as well as the 150+ diseases they create! All of which the very same the criminal Big Pharma cartel sell med's to treat! These CRIMINAL corporations have been found GUILTY of FRAUD, CORRUPTION, PAY OFFS AND COVER-UPS, YET NOT A SINGLE EXECUTIVE WENT TO PRISON! The ILLEGAL vaccine court has paid out $4 BILLION to vaccine damaged Americans and, yet, the threshold to have a case heard is so stringent that only 1% of the claims are heard! This coupled with the fact that only a very small (1-5%) of vaccine-related illnesses & deaths are even reported! The CDC is a PRIVATE corporation, a vaccine patent owner, and the owner/seller of numerous vaccines, and the CDC receives most of its funding from Big Pharma yet, we're to believe there's no conflict of interests? Vaccines and the allopathic model of chronic healthcare are built on far more superstition and junk-science than on real science, PERIOD! ANYONE that believes ANYTHING that government, Big Pharma, Big Agri, and/or any multinational corporation tells them, IS A VERY SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!

Posted by: Jack Hamilton | Aug 16 2020 17:45 utc | 95

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