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August 27, 2020

'Mostly Peaceful' Rioting And Looting Is Helping Trump's Campaign

The Civil War of 2020 continues apace.



After three months of continuous clashes in Portland between Antifa rioters, who hide behind peaceful protests, and the police, the mayor is finally concerned about the damage:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Wednesday he hasn’t done enough to focus on damages caused by some city protests over the last three months and the fallout from coronavirus. He called on the community to help him come up with better solutions to city issues.

During the last months the Magnificent Mile in Chicago was looted - twice. Yesterday new riots and looting occurred in Minneapolis after a rumor of another police killing incited some people:

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo tried to dispel rumors that spread on social media about the death of the unidentified Black man, who was suspected in a Wednesday afternoon homicide and fatally shot himself on the Nicollet Mall as officers approached several hours later. His death, which was captured on city surveillance video and released by police within 90 minutes, nonetheless sparked protests and unrest in the heart of downtown.

The video confirmed the police account of what happened and showed the man glancing over his shoulder before pulling out the gun and firing, then collapsing to the ground as a half-dozen witnesses ran away with their hands in the air. The officers, one of whom had his gun drawn, shooed a remaining witness away and kicked the suspect’s gun away before performing chest compressions.

Last Sunday police in Kenosha, Wisconsin proved to be too incompetent to arrest a man they had already had under control. They shot him 7 times into the back when he was trying to get into his car. Nights of rioting followed. Buildings were burned down and businesses were looted.

Yesterday a white teen with a semi-automatic weapon had the stupid idea to join others in 'protecting the businesses' in Kenosha from further looting. He ended up killing two people and wounding more after he was attacked by some of the rioters. The teen was arrested and he is facing charges but I doubt that he is guilty of more than sheer stupidity and manslaughter in self defense.

The cycle of violence will likely continue. There are too many racist in the police and the level of U.S. police training seems to be abysmal. There is also too much tolerance for violence within the general community.

Politically this plays into Trump's law and order campaign. The Democrats have lauded Black Live Matters and the protests but have hardly spoken out against the rioting and looting that comes with them.

This CNN chyron from yesterday evening is an expression of their position:


'Mostly peaceful protests' are like the 'moderate rebels' in Syria - propaganda constructs that do not exist in the real world. The people who owned the burning cars and whose businesses were destroyed will not be relieved by such phrasing.

Joe Biden's attempt to swing Republican voters to his side has failed. At the same time he has rejected many of the issues progressives favored. This will hurt the election turn out the Democrats will need. Add to that the unrest which plays into Trump's hands. The Democrats who fear that are right:

“There’s no doubt it’s playing into Trump’s hands,” said Paul Soglin, who served as mayor of Madison, on and off, for more than two decades. “There’s a significant number of undecided voters who are not ideological, and they can move very easily from Republican to the Democratic column and back again. They are, in effect, the people who decide elections. And they are very distraught about both the horrendous carnage created by police officers in murdering African Americans, and ... for the safety of their communities.”

Trump, of course, is positioning himself as the antidote to urban unrest. "So let me be clear: The violence must stop, whether in Minneapolis, Portland or Kenosha," Vice President Mike Pence declared in his Republican convention speech Wednesday night, with Trump looking on. "We will have law and order on the streets of this country for every American of every race and creed and color."

Republicans had chided Joe Biden and other Democrats for not calling out the violence in the aftermath of the Blake shooting. Biden immediately addressed the shooting, but didn’t condemn the ensuing violence until Wednesday in a video posted on social media.

Despite Trump's failure to bring the pandemic under control his job approval rating continues to be high while Biden's lead in the polls is shrinking. The United States seem to have a higher tolerance for avoidable death by guns or viruses than other societies have. It is not the only point that makes it exceptional.

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@ 584 / 586 c-c.... i can't believe we are on page 6 or 7 in the comments here!

thanks for sharing your perspective c-c... the guardian is a pretty dishonest paper... i have felt that for a number of years... the manchester paper used to be quite good until it got taken over by a completely different group... but to your idea and ideas in general.... what it seems to me you are saying is that usa police brutality is not a problem, or if it is, it is not racial in nature... i see it differently and do believe it is a problem... one of the reasons i think it is has to do with the easy availability of guns and what as an outsider ( canuck here ) appears as a complete adoration of guns and gun culture.. it might have made sense back when the constitution was written, but it has made a lot less sense to me the past 50 years anyway.. but leaving that aside, i also believe that blacks came to the usa primarily as slaves and this historical past has never been completely thrown off... add to this the concept of inheritance where those in power - whites from the beginning of the founding of usa - have increased their wealth, while the slaves emancipated from slavery have had a different path that hasn't been as rosy.. i realize i am generalizing here, but the longer and wider picture is not lost on me..

now, maybe the elite or whoever want to create more chaos and division in the usa and they are using race and racism for ulterior motives... that could be.. i still see a huge conflict that is brewing and now clearly on the horizon... i continue to believe the usa is an empire in fast decline.. i don't believe anything we say here is going to change any of this... and i have heard that their has been a real increase in the numbers of guns and ammo being sold the past 1/2 year.. that doesn't surprise me as i think many ordinary people in the usa can see this isn't going to end well and want a form of physical security in the form of a gun to help in an increasingly insecure time... perhaps i am wrong and things will work out... i can't see it, but i hope i am wrong... cheers..

Posted by: james | Sep 2 2020 16:23 utc | 601

more demented rambling according to C-C

Posted by: arby | Sep 2 2020 17:18 utc | 602


"what it seems to me you are saying is that usa police brutality is not a problem, or if it is, it is not racial in nature"


You make a lot of unnessecary assumptions james.

I have said almost nothing about "police brutality", and if you go back and read what i have written you'll find that I only talked about "police lethality" and not brutality.

I find it somewhat curious that you have completly avoiding addresing the actual point I made, regarding "police lethality".

I don't know why, but if I had to make an assumption, and I guess I do, because you've had the opportunity to address what I said on police lethality but for some reason chosen to avoid doing so in favour of addressing something I said nothing about, I'd have to assume it's because my point about police lethality spoils the narrative.

The current narrative is that Black lives are more at risk of death by cop than White lives, when stopped by Police. This is after all why the Black Lives Matter movement is known as Black Lives Matter and not some other name such as: Black Wounds Matter, for example.

So I think its fair to say that death, and not wounding, at the hands of the Police, is central to the narrative

The problem with that narrative is that what data is available appears to show otherwise. That in fact White lives are just as at risk when interacting with Police. In fact the data appears to show that White lives are actually slightly more at risk than Black lives, when interacting with police. I don't know if the difference is statistically significant, however.

In switching the goalposts, from lethality to brutality, like you do, It just looks like you are trying to avoid having to acknowledge the differences between the BLM narrative and what the data appears to show.

After all, if you avoid having to acknowledge that difference even exists, there's no real need then for you to address why that might by and who might be benefiting from that.


"I realize i am generalizing here, but the longer and wider picture is not lost on me.."


Yes you are, massively so, in fact

Posted by: Contra-Conspiraloon | Sep 3 2020 8:37 utc | 603

C-C you said per 100,000 stops.
I said that DWB is a crime. Percentage wise I would hazard a guess that Blacks are stopped proportionately way more than whites.
Stop and Frisk for example.
You are deliberately using numbers that work for your BS and calling down anyone who does not swallow your trash talk.

Posted by: arby | Sep 3 2020 11:27 utc | 604

The fact that, where the race/skin-colour of a known murderer is recorded, Black-Americans/African-Americans, committed nearly 55% of all such murders in the US in 2018, might have some major significance to the issue of "Black Lives Matter"(ing) and any debate on Police Lethality, seems lost on you entirely, arby.

I guess that's what happens when you choose to have your political opinions handed to you on a plate, by vacuous and partisan media "celebrities" like Trevor Noah, instead of bothering to think for yourself.

Posted by: Contra-Conspiraloon | Sep 3 2020 13:29 utc | 605

it's impossible to bring any clarity at all to the issue unless one is prepared to openly discuss differences in crime and levels of violence, broken down by race.

By demonstrating that the BLM/"AntiFa"/Media/Corporate narrative is most likely false, that White's and Black's are at the very least equally at danger of death by cop, the conversation could move forward to the wider issue of how cops in the US behave toward the US citizens in general, particularly toward the poorer ones of all races.

But neither you, arby, nor the vacuous media "celebrites" to whom you like to delegate your thinking, seem to have any interest in that.

By keeping the focus on "race", you and the vacuous media "celebrites" to whom you like to delegate your thinking, are helping the corporate and ultra-elite rich keep people divided.

Trevor Noah is at least smart enough to get paid by those same corporations for his help, but I can't see what benefit you get out of helping the corporations and Ultra-Elite in keeping people divided.

Posted by: Contra-Conspiraloon | Sep 3 2020 13:42 utc | 606

Joseph D Rosenblum, the child-rapist shot, in self-defense, by Kyle Rittenhouse has been defended by several commenters in this very thread as being a victim of over-zealous prosecution. The defence of the child-rapist Rosenblum has included claims such as

  • "he's not really a "rape" rapist, he was only eighteen, she was almost 15, there was only a 3 year difference between them"
  • as well as Dan of Steele's unforgettable "I was a young man once and would probably have done whatever sex thing Rosenblum got sentenced for"

The truth of Rosenbaum's sex-crimes however, appear to be somewhat less "romeo and juliet"-like than so many people here would like us all to believe.

    Per documents from the Superior Court of Arizona in Pima County, the crimes for which Kyle Rittenhouse's 1st attacker, Joseph Don Rosenbaum, was imprisoned and made to register as a sex offender involved the molestation and rape of five separate boys between the ages of 9 and 11.

Posted by: Contra-Conspiraloon | Sep 4 2020 8:14 utc | 607

*Rosenbaum not Rosenblum. Damn autocorrect.

Posted by: Contra-Conspiraloon | Sep 4 2020 8:44 utc | 608

b should also push back on the meme of a Mostly Peaceful Trump and the associated narratives that 1) Trump hasn't started any wars; 2) Trump is undermining the Empire and hastening it's demise.

This is simply not true:

  • Trump has been very belligerent and has approved several acts of war and destabilizing actions:
    - attacked Syria with missiles TWICE based on chemical WMD attacks that were not known to be conducted by the Syrian government and were later found to have been conducted by ISIS.

    - occupy Syrian oil fields despite claiming that ISIS is defeated;

    - recognized Golan Heights as Israeli territory despite UN Resolutions that demand that Israel return the Golan Heights to Syria;

    - assassinated an Iranian General;

    - seized Venezuelan State assets and promoted a coup;

    - reneged on a peace agreement with North Korea;

    - withdrew from numerous international agreements that promote peace such as JCPOA, INF, Open Skies, etc.;

    - militarizing space.

  • Trump carries out he wishes of the Deep State, which is collectively much smarter and much more farseeing than Trump.

    I'm quite sure that US Deep State are not working to destroy the Empire.

  • Meeting the challenge from the Russia - China alliance was bound to cause friction and hardship. Trump is a lightening rod for discontent is actions are distracting.

    A more appropriate question: is USA Deep State's navigating to 'smack-down China' working out better or worse than might be expected.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Sep 9 2020 15:34 utc | 609

Its very easy to criticise the police, and a lot of that is probably justified. But you would get that style of policing in any country where there are 400 million privately owned firearms and where there is a horrific drug and crime problem that is completely out of control. Every officer who goes on patrol knows that if he wants to stay alive, he needs to be ready to shoot first and ask questions later. That's the reality of it. Race is at most a minor factor.

Those screaming for defunding the police should be very afraid. They may get what they wish for. And they may find the Hobbesian world they seem to long for is a very politically incorrect place. With a totally emasculated and ineffectual police force, they may find themselves living in a very frightening world.

Most police officers just want a quiet life. They will draw back from actively enforcing the law, particularly where blacks are involved. The result will be a general lawlessness and anarchy that has so far been confined to Democrat run cities. Anyone who wants to defend themselves and their families needs to get a gun now - and plenty of ammunition. Theyre going to need it.

Posted by: paul | Sep 17 2020 1:25 utc | 610

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