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August 31, 2020

Montenegro - Tiny Nation Vote Upsets Anti-Russian Front

by Debs is Dead
adapted from a comment

I dunno if the barcalounger lefties, who appear to be driven by whatever issue/subject/Thing, that all corporate media is currently venting about in unison, have noticed, but this weekend's (just past) poll in Montenegro has revealed that perhaps 'the Kremlin' is indulging in a little 'whatever you can do, I can do better', payback.

From today's BBC aka "tool of the neoliberal pipe dream":

"The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has been in power for 30 years.

Early results suggest the DPS - which has never lost an election - has won the largest share of the vote.

But the main opposition coalition, which leans towards Russia and Serbia, is close behind. Even if the DPS wins the most seats, it may struggle to form a governing coalition.

This could lead to Montenegro's first-ever transfer of power through the ballot box."


The heavily 'westernized' pro-euro whores are definitely in strife because just as there is no objectively measured way of determining what the correct vote in Belarus is, the Montenegro vote for a government which up until now has unfailingly supported EU/NATO tossage, chiefly by being a cypher for the political, social and economic problems that the EU/NATO consortium of naked self interest has visited upon the rest of Europe, Montenegro has become a mirror of the similar 'crisis' in Belarus.

The attempt to create a mess in Belarus may be a fail, but the response from the normal people in Montenegro seems to be a winner.

The result pointing to a claimed win for the pro-Ruskie official return of 32% of the votes in Montenegro versus the Montenegro fascist administration's alleged 'victory' return of 36% is far more credible than the claimed Belarus' opposition win when official numbers in Belarus are Lukashenko 80% and the fascists a portion of the rest.

Why? Because in spite of America's best efforts, Montenegro may now be a NATO member but most definitely is not a member of the EU. Consequently it is entirely possible that a state with full NATO access will align with the Russian economic coadunate.

Montenegro's soon to be realized position appears (at least to this observer), to be the premier configuration for any Euro state determined to obtain the best deal for its citizens outside of either group of assholes.

If Serbia does garner support from Montenegro that will alleviate Serbia from self serving destructive demands of either arsehole.

Yep I recognize we are meant to take sides, but as a dedicated fan of freedom from all outsiders, I wanna back whoever stands aside of either self indulgent play at attempting to show "how reasonable we all are nowadays". F**k em all, we humans never got ahead by listening to boss class lies.

Nevertheless the real interest from us who do not live in Montenegro must be: Does the American empire still have enough balls, ability, energy to deliver unwarranted violence upon the rest of us solely to claim victory?

I say no.

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Constantine@84 criticizes Stalin for being too left by adopting the Trotskyist program. I can only say that if Bukharin had won, the USSR would have been defeated by Hitler. This likelihood I think is the prime reason why Stalin is so bitterly hated even today. Obviously I can't prove it. But then, it is not even clear that Bukharin would have even cared to fight Hitler. Another reason for the posthumous favoritism for Bukharin, I suppose.

"Posthumous favoritism for Bukharin" may have to do with the fact that certain policies would not have alienated so many people with the Soviet version of socialism or socialism in general. The early program of "Socialism in One Country" was fully supported by Stalin who wanted Bukharin to act as its theoretical proponent as the latter was perceived internationally as the most prominent Marxist theoretician after Lenin in the early USSR.

As for the hypothesis that Hitler would have prevailed if Bukharin had "won", this is a baseless assertion. Again, Bukharin's view coincided with Stalin's until 1929. And a more balanced program with a mix of options in the agricultural sector would be very beneficial as various other cases have proved (communist Hungary is a good example). And none of that has anything to do with the will to fight tooth and nail against Nazi Germany.

I might further add, that the descent into wholesale purges in the 30s had to do precisely with Stalin's alienation from the last faction of Old Bolsheviks that supported him. It also led to the decimation of the officer corps of the Red Army, a development that both Zhukov and Vasilevsky decried as a major cause for the disasters in the early part of the war (they independently referred to the Red Army purges as "1937").

Once again, the perseverance and success of the socialist governments of countries like China, Vietnam, Laos, Nicaragua. have much to do with their adoption of a version of the model that the Soviets used in the 20s. Belarus has had also a splendid record, unlike any eastern European country precisely due to following the same model. Not sure what we're debating now, when even Cuba has started to depart from the late Soviet model. These are established, real world facts, not hypothetical suggestions.

Posted by: Constantine | Sep 1 2020 16:15 utc | 101

The manifestations of fascism have changed but not the reason behind it, global private finance. Fascism is one of the "religious" outgrowths of global private finance.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Sep 1 2020 16:12 utc | 99

Totally agreed.

Posted by: Constantine | Sep 1 2020 16:16 utc | 102

@ 78 william gruff and @ 91 psychohistorian.. thanks for the description of fascism... seems like we are there already with regard to the usa specifically.

Posted by: james | Sep 1 2020 16:16 utc | 103

Bulgaria protests against the pro-Western government of Boyko Borisov are on-going since more than 40 days !!!
Have You heard about it ??!!
Most likely not...

Street Protests Won't Take Bulgaria Away From the West

Protests against the pro-Western government of Boyko Borisov have not subsided in Bulgarian cities for more than forty days.

In Sofia, crowds threw eggs and tomatoes at the Interior Ministry building, blockaded the CEC, demanding to change the electoral code, makeshift tent camps located at the three main intersections of the city, preventing passage.

The protests were a continuation of the long-running conflict between Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and President Rumen Radev. The former policeman, who retired as a lieutenant-general and former owner of the elite security agency Borisov (leader of the pro-Western party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria - GERB) constantly compares his successes with the achievements of socialist Bulgaria: recently stated that he built more roads than Georgi Dimitrov during his reign; recently boasted that he received a discount on gas (from Gazprom, which to say "forgotten") and soon the homes of Bulgarians will receive blue fuel from Azerbaijan, the United States and other countries (about Russia again not a word).

In turn, the henchman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (successor to the BKP) military pilot Rumen Radev became the first Bulgarian to graduate with honors from the Air Force College in Maxwell (USA). He went to the elections with a patriotic program, among the points of which was the restoration of good relations with Russia, but, having come to power, denied his "pro-Russianness" and said: "I am a NATO general... and I will defend our Euro-Atlantic membership."

Borisov made a lot of efforts to present Radev as a "communist", after which photos appeared in the media from Borisov's bedroom, where he was captured sleeping near a gun and an open nightstand, under a bundle of billed bills. The head of the government hit back: two presidential advisers, Ilida Milushev, were arrested for violating state secrets and Plamen Uzunov for abuse of power. Then people took to the streets demanding the resignation of Borisov and his government.

The arrests of people in the presidential entourage were only a catalyst for protest, reaction to state lies, looting, arbitrariness, racketeering, "nbsp; - commented on the situation Radev. Against this background, in Bulgarian society, nostalgia for socialism, friendship with Russia, began to rear their heads, but in street protests it does not manifest itself. "The root of authoritarianism is the legacy of the totalitarian USSR," said one protester.

Recently, protesters desecrated one of the monuments of the Soviet army. Manol Glishev, a nationalist blogger who is involved in the protests and who heads a group of anti-communists demanding the demolition of all Soviet monuments in Bulgaria, claimed responsibility for the vandalism.

"Among the protesters in Bulgaria you can see a variety of political forces... Pavel Kandel, a leading researcher at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, comments on the situation. - Borisov is fed up with people, his policy is not good, corruption corrodes the country, scandal follows the scandal, causing general discontent right, left, whatever.

In the meantime, Boyko Borisov is holding on to power by all truths. The other day he proposed to amend the constitution, but the proposed amendments look cosmetic, unable to solve the acute problems of Bulgaria's semi-colonial situation. In addition, GERB does not have the necessary majority in the parliament - Borisov's faction has 116 seats, and 160 seats are needed to change the constitution. Other parties, even the nationalist faction United Patriots allied to Borisov, are in no hurry to support the constitutional initiative.

"The amendments to the constitution are dangerous for state," commented Korniya Ninova, a long-time gerb opponent and leader Party. However, an attempt was being made to change the constitution itself in order to ensure the political survival of the individual. This is unacceptable."

And street protests in Bulgarian cities continue...

Posted by: Ashino | Sep 1 2020 16:17 utc | 104

Finnian Cunningham writes about "Why the US is doomed":

"The basic problem is that the United States has devolved into a hyper militarized oligarchic state. The vast, growing social inequality in the nation, and its grotesque waste of economic resources on militarism are but two manifestations of this state. That is the outcome of decades of US corporate capitalism. All Western states tend to share similar deformities, but the American version of the disease is at its most virulent and moribund.

"The next problem is that there is no informed public debate, awareness or political leadership to diagnose the disease and how to cure it....

"The truth is both parties are but two faces of the same coin. That coin is the oligarchic system of American capitalism and its reliance on the monstrous military industrial complex.

"Sneakily, the Democratic leadership tries to misdirect public misgivings about the Trump presidency by making the forthcoming November election a referendum on personality. But the Democratic party establishment will never permit a more accurate critique of America’s problems because the party is after all an instrument of the system, just as the Republicans are. The notion of 'right' and 'left' or 'conservative' and 'liberal' is a misconception." [My Emphasis]

Cunningham saves the F word for his conclusion, with which I very much agree:

"What the US needs is a mobilization of the population against the corrupt oligarchy of which Trump and Biden and their party cronies are creations. Until that happens, the US is doomed to descend into even more failure with frightening potential for civil war and fascism. All because the political disease of American corporate capitalism is allowed to persist."

But as psychohistorian will point out, what's omitted from "American corporate capitalism" is the method by which it operates today as Financial Parasites intent on returning to the age of Feudal relations when all were servants of the Rentier Class.

Posted by: karlof1 | Sep 1 2020 17:41 utc | 105

Constantine@101 believes the arms industry Stalin's unbalanced program had nothing to do with the USSR winning WWII. This is nonsense, though it does reinforce the notion Stalin is hated for beating Hitler. Bukharin's program was premised on peaceful relations.

The notion the purge of the officer corps was the "cause" of the early defeats omits the German army as a cause. Given that an unpurged military still would have included Voroshilov and Budyonny as seniors to the likes of Zhukov and Vasilievsky. The notion that properly professional generals made all the difference is no doubt flattering to properly professional generals like Zhukov and Vasiievsky but no one else need assume this is true.

The model for "communist Hungary" upheld by Constantine as an ideal was culminated in today's Hungary, which is not a success. Cause, effect. This is very likely the same outcome Bukharinite balancing with capitalism/imperialism will lead to in the long run. And it is very likely to lead to the privatization of the Cuban economy and assaults on social wages in Cuba in the short run. The idea that Vietnam and Laos are making great strides comparable to Soviet development is puzzling. Nicaragua is not even socialist. But again, the desire to see China as proving capitalism has a future is apparently over-whelming for the anti-communists.

Posted by: steven t johnson | Sep 1 2020 17:59 utc | 106


your reference to Tom Lehrer is well noted - greatest American lyricist/songwriter ever!!!

"Who's next?"

Posted by: urblintz | Sep 1 2020 17:59 utc | 107

"Stung by election loss, Montenegro’s eternal ruler Milo Djukanovic may be planning a reverse ‘color revolution"

The gist of this article is that the new government wont rock the boat and will remain in NATO and committed to joining the EU, but the colour revolution types see an opportunity to meddle.

Montenegro is the youngest NATO member, joining the alliance in 2017 without so much as a pretense of democratic approval. Djukanovic simply didn’t put the issue up to a referendum, as all polls indicated he would lose. He accused Russia of fomenting a coup plot against him in 2016 – which may sound familiar to Americans – and used that as an excuse to do as he pleased.

With the West busy with its own troubles this time, the talk of ‘Russian meddling’ didn’t help Djukanovic, while the religious persecution of the Serbian Orthodox Church ended up driving much of the vote against the DPS. Amending and revising “discriminatory laws and regulations, including the Religious Freedom Law” was one of the four main points announced by the new coalition. It is not an accident many of its supporters gathered outside churches to celebrate.

Posted by: Tom | Sep 1 2020 18:23 utc | 108


that Hitler was right about the Treaty of the Versailles is not the same as him being worthy of serious consideration and certainly no measure of intelligence. That you admit to being a National Socialist ("a real fascist") is not the same as being worthy of intelligent debate, rather, a measure of your pure, malign ignorance.

Posted by: urblintz | Sep 1 2020 18:28 utc | 109

it's amusing(per non piangere) to listen to a bunch of mask-muzzled covid cultists decrying fascism. gives mucho credence to Alexander Dugin's post-liberal, post-ideological, military-medical hygienic dictatorship prognosis...

The "naked life” is the victim of the virus. It is not people, families, citizens, or private owners. Here there is neither one nor many. There is only the fact of infection, which can turn anyone - including oneself - into an other, and therefore into the enemy of "naked life.” And it is fighting this other, "naked life" that grants dictatorship the new status of the subject. Then, society itself, at the mercy of dictatorship, will be turned into “naked life” organized by the dictatorship in accordance with its own peculiar rationality. Out of fear of the coronavirus, people are ready to go for any of the steps of those who have taken upon themselves responsibility for the state of emergency


but i'm truly heartened by the push-back in Berlin, and elsewhere, that went down this last weekend.

Posted by: john | Sep 1 2020 20:33 utc | 110

steven t johnson

Entire posts full of lies and downright nonsense. Strawmen nonstop. "Stalin is hated for beating Hitler". "Bukharin would compromise". Piss off, you cretin, who the hell you think you're talking to? Enough with one lunatic describing those he cannot counter as Nazis or Trotskyists, now we have to deal with his cohort?

Not only it is you who believes a certain set of ideas, you decided that they are universally accepted. Apparently, those who fought the Great Patriotic War know less than you. And these people indirectly benefited fro the purges of their superiors, but somehow they are to be dismissed by modern ignoramuses.

On top of everything, you deny reality when you denigrate Vietnam, a country that is still a socialist republic and did NOT have to go through a collapse and then a neoliberal horror show as the USSR and its successor states did. Straight-faced denial of fundamental reality.

As for your smug attitude towards Nicaragua and China, while some people struggle to build something that evades the contemporary neoliberal paradigm, lame western pseudo-leftists are pissing on them from their safe basements. It goes without saying that gross ignorance of data and real world conditions (like the example of Hungary) are only to be expected from this miserable lot that has nothing to show, but never stops trashing others who have.

And I noticed that you conspicuously avoided dealing with Belarus, but then again, you would still come up with distortions, deliberate omissions and downright lies...

Posted by: Constantine | Sep 1 2020 21:19 utc | 111

Or is this vote just a case of the goon squad changing tactics on behest of their owners I agree the American - English deep state is missing some fangs and brain cells. Also with US in the midst of color flag revolution, perhaps the owners are wisely moving operation eternal war for eternal debt to somewhere else? Hence the potential need to change script of Russia bad. Russia still has potential of being up and coming for our rulers. The west ...not so much.

Posted by: Old and Grumpy | Sep 2 2020 13:36 utc | 112

"What the US needs is a mobilization of the population against the corrupt oligarchy of which Trump and Biden and their party cronies are creations. Until that happens, the US is doomed to descend into even more failure with frightening potential for civil war and fascism. All because the political disease of American corporate capitalism is allowed to persist."

But as psychohistorian will point out, what's omitted from "American corporate capitalism" is the method by which it operates today as Financial Parasites intent on returning to the age of Feudal relations when all were servants of the Rentier Class.

Posted by: karlof1 @ 105 IRT Cunningham <= media 92% owned by just 6 Oligarchs, makes using media to mobilize against the broad scope of who is the oligarchy nearly impossible. but it might be possible to use word of mouth and alt media to accomplish the exclusion of the Oligarchs from supra ruler status by getting the 3 vote each members of the local populations <=to refuse to vote for any candidate among the 527 candidates useless and until that candidate agrees as a condition of a favorable vote to remove, erase, and prevent from rule of law, all laws, rules, regulations or agencies that are associated with or connected to copyrights, patents, or other monopoly powers that can end up in private hands .. and to also agree to force the USA to nationalize the privately owned federal reserve back into ownership and control of the USA.

by focusing on just those two goals (no more monopoly powers and no more privately owned central bank)
America would soon be proud again of the USA.

Leave the oligarchs out, no one gets elected, no American votes to elect a candidate, unless and until the candidate pledges, in an enforceable way, to eliminate private ownership of and access to rule of law made or enabled monopoly power.

The elimination of monopoly power and banking services from the private domain, will fix most problems nearly overnight.

Posted by: snake | Sep 2 2020 14:24 utc | 113

I am still trying to understand Montenegro as a NATO member. Is it it's massive military? Or the political influence it has over Russia? Is it because in a war with Russia, Montenegro could provide the edge to win such a contest? What does it have that the Atlantic alliance does not?

Posted by: rgl | Sep 6 2020 15:28 utc | 114

psychohistorian@91 is comprehensive and accurate. However, here are two other brief definitions:

"As one fascist militant from the 1920s said: "The fist is the synthesis of our theory."

"That's why there is no fascist definition, because it is too lacking in substance to properly pin down. There's just a collection of instincts. Robert O.Paxton, in his brilliant Anatomy of Fascism, did his best to elaborate on them. They include an obsession with national decline, combined with a pronounced sense of victimhood, the blame for which is pinned on a designated minority, in which a party or group of activists demonstrate their purity and patriotism by rejecting standard democratic and liberal legal safeguards, in collaboration with a traditional elite."

"Mussolini, who should know, described Fascism as "more correctly Corporatism". In other words, a merging of Government with corporate interests. As such the USA has been a Fascist country for decades and increasingly so in recent years.

The author, as many people do, sees Fascism as a more NAZI style of dictatorship with all it's racist undertones but fails to address that these malevolent features are the product of corporate control of government, not any social racial or nationalist goals.

If you live in the USA today you live in a Fascist country but unless you are in the top 10% income bracket you are probably not a Fascist yourself."

Unfortunately I omitted to note the originators of these quotes.

Posted by: Jams O'Donnell | Sep 6 2020 20:09 utc | 115

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