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July 19, 2020

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2020-57

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  • July 17 - Signees Of Letter Against 'Cancel Culture' Exposed As Frauds
    Thomas Chatterton Williams on Useful Idiots, Interview Only (vid) - Matt Taibbi & Katie Halper/Useful Idiots
    ☀️👀 @zei_squirrel - 3:25 UTC · Jul 18, 2020
    HAHAHAHAHAHA here's thomas chatterton williams, the main drafter of the harper's letter, saying he didn't have glenn greenwald sign it because he was "outvoted on that". HAHAHAHA they "cancelled" glenn in the anti-"cancel culture" letter. LMAO you really can't make this shit up
    also LMAO they literally had a whole list of names they "cancelled" beforehand from being able to sign the letter. HAHAHAHA what a pathetic shitshow. here's your proof that these pathetic grifters used chomsky's name for clout and nothing more. what a sad bunch of losers
    I actually thought glenn was asked to sign it but didn't out of principle, but of course not. the guy jumps at every opportunity to boost these grifters, he would've definitely lent his name to it, but was blocked from being able to by them. godDAMN this is hilarious
    btw who else was on the "cancelled" list and why? which people were deemed too "heterodox" for the likes of chatterton williams, yascha mounk and the other hacks who drafted the letter? good luck trying to get them to reveal that. their grift relies on pretending to be principled
    I gotta be honest I liked jordan peterson a lot more than this boring trite shit. these people self-destructed and turned themselves into living memes within like a week of gaining a little bit of attention. jp rode that shit for like months before he hit the wall
    also we all know it was bari weiss who blocked glenn for having the gall to expose her long history of censoring people she doesn't like, so you can stop this pathetically transparent feigning ignorance act. god where are you jordan? I WANT YOU BACK THESE PEOPLE ARE SECOND-RATE
    Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald - 12:39 UTC · Jul 18, 2020
    1/ Regarding the apparent fact that the Letter’s organizer wanted to have me sign but the luminaries actually in control cancelled me (I was never asked), it’s been obvious from the start that the Letter was signed by frauds, eager to protect their own status, not the principles.
    2/ I’ve been defending these principles for decades, as a lawyer & journalist — **not** as a way of protecting honored elites from criticism, but by defending those with no power punished for their views: often by people like those who signed The Letter: Greatest Threat to Free Speech in the West: Criminalizing Activism Against Israeli Occupation
    3/ That large numbers of the Letter’s signatories don’t give the slightest shit about principles of free speech & discourse — many have been at the forefront of “cancelling” — but are only petulantly objecting because they now hear criticisms is obvious. Dozens of them are frauds
    4/ All that said, that many of the Letter’s signatories are frauds does not impugn the principles they’re cynically invoking for their petty, self-absorbed interests. I devoted our show yesterday to this: it’s the marginalized that need these protections: Elites are Distorting the "Cancel Culture" Crisis - System Update with Glenn Greenwald (vid)

Use as open thread ...

Posted by b on July 19, 2020 at 13:30 UTC | Permalink

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Well I live in Sweden, as a matter of fact I am also a Swedish citizen.
As most of you barflies are aware Sweden did not do much with the advent of the Covid-19 virus. The government appealed that people used distancing, self-quarantine and that was it. Now Swedes have a lot of trust in their government, so these measures were obeyed, unfortunately the response in nursing homes, elderly living places was not done properly or adequate, especially in the Stockholm region.
This has resulted in 77800 infected and 5619 deaths. Which in my opinion is far too many, some of these fatalities could have been avoided, which Swedish health officials also admit.
On the other hand, we do not wear masks and most public facilities are open including bars and theaters, cinemas etc; Plexiglas screens are now installed in 99% of all shops to protect the people working there. There is still a limit on gatherings, 50 I think. But people in general have been very good at distancing, especially since they found out that Covid-19 is no joke, but society rolled on as almost before the pandemic.
I can't say if this was the right course, because statistics on deaths are not available in detail. But we did not have any lockdowns, and we do not use masks, and infection/death rate has almost come to a standstill.
Just a situation report.

Posted by: Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 12:41 utc | 101

Posted by: John Brown | Jul 20 2020 12:23 utc | 104 Who do you suppose will do the actual productive work after this conflict, and what would the winners be able to offer in exchange for foreign trade goods?

I believe I just said that I don't expect such a conflict, except on a level which would render your questions moot.

Do try to read my posts before responding to them.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 20 2020 12:48 utc | 102

Google Translate is not your friend. I am looking at you especially JC, it is very difficult to discern what you mean.
This is absolutely not meant as an insult, my own English is not too good.

Posted by: Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 12:54 utc | 103

At # 55
The problem, as I with no knowledge of medicine, understand from what I have read, is that if you do contract Covid-19 it is a bummer.
Even if you get through it, it will leave a lasting mark on your health, probably costing you 1-2 years in lifetime, maybe more.

Posted by: Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 13:01 utc | 104

Den Lille Abe @ 107
Good to hear from you, your view is valued. Every infected person every death has a tragic story of family loss. much more than a statistic. Yet the people / murders responsible are still in charge of our country, and not in prison for corporate manslaughter. Normal life carry’s on, except it’s not normal just an illusion of normality.
A sick bankrupt (morally and financially) society !

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 20 2020 13:26 utc | 105

The Pendulum Swings Again: the Desecration of Hagia Sophia

Calm down, man. Hagia Sophia was a mosque for almost as long as it was a church, while it was only a museum for 86 years. Turkey is an Islamic country, and is exerting its right of conquest.

Erdogan has already stated the building and its interior will not be modified, and that the conversion will only transfer the minimum necessary for the execution of Islamic rituals. He will certainly not give up the tourism money, and the mosque will be kept open for tourists (as already is the case of the French gothic-style cathedrals, which are still functional both as churches and as touristic attractions). Indeed, with its conversion to a mosque, it is arguable tourism money will increase, as peregrination is a thing among the Islamic.

Shockingly, Patriarch Bartholomew has been hiding in his Fanar rabbit hole while controversy over what should be his main cathedral has been raging all around him.

Well, after the Russian government made clear they would not send Russian soldiers to die in Turkey because of a building, that's all he can do.

Posted by: vk | Jul 20 2020 13:43 utc | 106

China's ambassador to the US says America must make a 'fundamental choice'

Dude, the US has already made its choice. Now you have to decide how to deal with it. And I assume China has already made that decision as well.

All we have to do now is watch this whole business play out. Hopefully somehow we'll avoid San Francisco turning into a fireball (or I'm going to have to move.)

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 20 2020 14:02 utc | 107

More on the US-China confrontation...

Are China-US relations drifting closer towards war?
Shadow of Pearl Harbor looms over unfolding Cold War between the two superpowers as tensions mount on many fronts
Analysts warn there is a growing risk of an unplanned confrontation as relations unravel at unprecedented speed

“The remainder of 2020 could pose as severe a test for the US and China as the final five months of 1941 did for the United States and Japan,” said Graham Allison, professor of government at Harvard University.

Allison said Japan’s surprise air strike on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 – which dragged the US into World War II – had been beyond Washington’s imagination, that “a nation less than one-quarter the size of the US would launch a bolt from the blue against the most powerful nation in the world”.

“But we should remember that when we say something is inconceivable, this is not a claim about what is possible in the world, but rather about what our minds can conceive,” he said...

“From a historical point of view, China and the US are almost destined for conflicts,” Kissinger said two years ago.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 20 2020 14:08 utc | 108

Any article on the "volunteers" who test vaccines? Suicidal? Bankrupt?

Posted by: Mina | Jul 20 2020 14:08 utc | 109

Why is there an organized effort to spread SARS-COV-2? by: Jackrabbit @ 15

No matter what Richard Steven Hack believes. the answer to your very
good question may have an explanation in analogy? Defending a liable/guilty
party in a lawsuit or criminal case presents a defense who discovers
his client engaged in some really harmful past activity or lives with
a really harmful fact about client self <=The Oh Shit problem.
<=the question the defense must decide is how to handle that "OH SHIT":
<=does defense try to hide 'Oh shit" from the court, jury, etc or does
defense aggressively expose the OH SHIT?

If prosecutor never discovers the OH SHIT< no problem; but if the
defense tries to hide the OH SHIT, and the prosecutor later discovers
the "Oh Shit", the defense has created for the prosecutor an opportunity
to quash the creditability of the defendant. so reveal, but make light of,
the OH Shits by disclosing them up front. Revealed the "Oh Shit" avoids
crippling surprises at in-opportune times.

Suppose not the virus itself, but the capacity of the virus to infect
persons when in contact with the virus is somehow enhanced by a
hidden "Oh Shit Fact or activity": a growing global menace to mankind
much like the industrial waste problem that contaminated our lakes
and streams.. downed commercial aircraft and

Has something changed normally unremarkable corona virus infections
into a Pandemic? By way of example, consider a model that in times
before the global Pandemic began; on average it might have taken 100,000
virus particles attacking a group of say 20 humans, to find the one human
susceptible to infection from among those 20 and to infect him or her?

The virus is attacking, its everywhere, it or its ancestors have
been around for hundreds of years, but until now it only infected
1 out of every 20 humans and required infectious particles in large
numbers? Certain humans are naturally susceptible to infection
by certain virus types.

But, even under normal conditions, even for that one human prior
experience might suggest at least 100,000 virus particles are required
to be in contact with the infection susceptible human before one
viron is likely to gain infective access to a susceptible human.

Using our example model, we could for example sake, say that for every 20 humans exposed to at least 2,000,000 infectious virus particles, that we could expect one human to be infected? Infection rate would be 1 human infection for each 2,000,000 virus particles in contact. Infectivity might be calculated to be .00005% <= a very low probability. <=n condition. One way to look at it?


now since that "Oh Shit activity" changed the infectivity, according
to our model, only 5 virus particles are required to infect susceptible
humans. Is that a 2m/5= 400,000 increase in viral infectivity?
So now the infection rate is 1/5 =.20 or say 20% meaning when 5
infectious virus particles are present among a group of 20 persons,
the susceptible person will likely be infected.

What "OH SHIT" could cause this 400,000 fold increase in infectivity?

to answer your question, might look for that activity or fact that turned SARS-Cov-19 virus into a pandemic! Something so broad, so global that it could account for a massive, worldwide increase in population infectivity.

Here is why.. I think this idea of infectivity needs to be debated at length on this list.

If the "oh shit" result is a viral infection pandemic, then <=can the cause be tracked?
Are industry, military or political forces involved.
Are we dealing with a cover up, camouflage the "Oh Shit"? IF so, Why?
Maybe they thought a 400,000 x increase in infectivity would
be noticed by nearly everyone in future time? Disclosing and promoting the Oh Shit up
front and keeping possible cause discussion out of the narrative, might make the virus pandemic appear to be a natural event, independent of the "Oh Shit activity or fact" that could be the true cause or result? Then again it could be just that. a natural event, unless debated to a factual conclusion, no one will really know. Clearly virus is natural and humans are natural. but pandemics do not always have to be natural.

Reveal early the Oh Shit, and make its impact the norm, do not allow it to be identified to the true cause.

In true evasive defense, how would the Oh Shit ever be discovered if its causes and prior histories were not allowed to be investigated or discussed?

Is this pandemic due to an increase in viral infectivity of living human
cells or increase in numbers of virus susceptible persons?

Rolling out more and more energy distributed as RF by towers or satellite
to distributing cell disruptive energy may be a catalyst for infectivity.
(virus:cell combat=which is more efficient?) Energy in RF format (see the research).

Consider the massive numbers of lawsuits that might arise, if man made cause or
catalyst of pandemics is discovered. Even if a mistake?

To Perimetr | Jul 19 2020 17:09 utc | 10 How do infections happen.. viral contact, infectable persons.. and
Is there a new kid on the block, catalyzing pandemic by increasing viral infection rates<= note date on EUPA and prior pandemics? Is something causing the numbers of persons susceptible to infection
to increase, at a time, when the numbers of contacts with a virus are being reduced (mask and distancing, and so on)?

I do not believe one trying to answer those questions can rationally ignore
the Science Articles such as Remote activation of cellular signaling.
Electric Fields stimulate genetically modified pancreatic B cells
to ... 29 May, 2020 p. 937-39 Vol 36 Issue 6494 of Science or the article
same journal where electronic energy is used to program cellular behavior...

and more than that bit of evidence is the EU Patent application [EUPA] EP 0710718A1..
published 08.05.1996 Bulletin 1996/19 application number 95115195.0 filed 5.10.1988
the application number of the earlier application in accord with Art. 66 EPC:88909944.6
publised 8.05.1996 bulletin 1996/19 application number 95115195.0 date of filing 05.10.1988
which paragraph 54 "Method of and apparatus for cell poration (makes holes in cells) and cell
fusion using RF electrical pulses.. (my own experience in infecting cells using and RF).

Line 55 of the EUPA says this is a method for the poration and fusion of cells using RF electrical pulses
The alternating electric field induces cell congregation... the RF porates or fuses with ..
very high efficiency.. animal cells, human cells, plant cells, protoplasts, erythrocyte ghosts,
lipsomes, vesicles, bacteria and yeasts.

the method has the unique ability to porate or fuse cells in very small or very large (like
pandemic size) numbers.

During these prorations or fusions, ..a variety of chemical agents, including DNA, RNA, antibodies,
proteins, drugs, molecular probes, hormones, growth factors, enzymes, organic and inorganic chemicals
can be introduced into these cells.. and new biological species can be produced..

There is just so much literature on the subject and barely nothing in the bar about infection
except mask and gloves. When Viral Pandemic is the center narrative around the globe? Why ..?

Posted by: snake | Jul 20 2020 15:13 utc | 110

Posted by: snake | Jul 20 2020 15:13 utc | 114 Why ..?

Because what you're talking about is denied by every international agency charged with being concerned about such things.

As I've pointed out before here.

I asked you then for one single experiment conducted by any recognized scientist in which someone is exposed to any given virus and then subjected to 5G radiation in the equivalent energy as would be emitted by either a cell phone or a cell tower at the appropriate ranges with a demonstrable result that the subject is infected.

You have yet to produce a link to any such. I am unaware of any such experiments and I am unaware of anyone else who is aware of any such experiments. As far as I can tell, the 5G conspiracy theory is based strictly on *speculation* that the information such as you have provided in your post translates directly to
what you claim.

Despite I might add the fact that there is no wide-spread 5G in the US or in many other countries where the virus has spread.

Q.E.D. Your theory is bullshit.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 20 2020 15:25 utc | 111

Den lille abe - thanks for the covid update from sweden... much appreciated.... as for understanding JC - i speak english fluently and i have a hard time deciphering JC..

Posted by: james | Jul 20 2020 15:27 utc | 112

scary overview on covid from india - indian punchline M. K. BHADRAKUMAR

Pandemic puts India in ‘precarious position’

Posted by: james | Jul 20 2020 15:31 utc | 113

That twitter stream from Prof Francois Balloux is very misleading.

This virus is not the flu. Period.

Any comparison to the flu - whether seasonal or pandemic - is bound to be misleading. That's because we understand the flu and how to treat it. We didn't understand THIS new virus and we are still learning about it.

Replies to Prof Balloux's twits point out that the presentation, effects, and long-term damage of this new virus is very different than the flu.

Given his willingness to join the pandemic misinformation campaign, it's not surprising that Prof. Balloux also claims there's no effective treatment for SARS-COV-2 (ignoring HCQ+Zinc - evidence of the effectiveness of this treatment is growing) and that a vaccine should be 'easy'.

PS Anonymous @Jul20 1:50 #55 also took issue with Prof Balloux's comments.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 20 2020 15:32 utc | 114

Jackrabbit @Jul19 18:03 #15

I missed one:

7. Oligarchy

'Herd immunity' protects the wealthy and powerful much more than any 'at-risk' group. These people have the resources to isolate themselves (comfortably!) until the dumbass sheeple attain 'herd immunity'.

"Herd immunity" = you go first.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 20 2020 15:43 utc | 115

Lots of important articles dealing with the China vs Outlaw US Empire tussle over the weekend. This is from today and provides an update on the progress towards dedollarization. Here's one of the indicators provided:

"According to information disclosed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), in May, the share of US dollars in the international payment market was 40.88 percent, a drop from 44.1 percent in March."

This is from yesterday and deals with Esper's rant against the CPC in an attempt to raise the Anti-Communist Crusade from the grave; but apparently, his tongue got twisted:

"He said a rising China, by itself, would not concern the US leadership, but a rising China under the governance of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is a concern, according to the website of the US Department of Defense. He continued to say that China is a bigger problem than Russia as it has the population and economy to displace the US. Given Esper's remarks, the US is actually fearful of China itself rather than merely of the CPC."

"What is the CPC? US needs to be taught: Global Times editorial" in anticipation of Esper's rant, is from the 17th and concludes ominously:

"The current US administration openly antagonizes the CPC. It is sowing hatred between the two countries and the two peoples, trying to make the struggle between the two sides a fundamental confrontation rather than a fight for interests. What does such confrontation mean for the 21st Century and for people who want peace? China and the US are the two largest comprehensive powers worldwide. The two are both nuclear powers and have great strategic mobilization powers. By repeatedly creating tension, is the current US administration trying to force the two countries toward an all-out strategic confrontation? Is it going to bury global peace and tranquility?

"History is not blind. The US is poisoning the 21st Century and it is bound to face retribution."

Meanwhile, Trump's utter failure to control the COVID has allowed China to take the lead in real GDP, not the contrived figure provided by the Outlaw US Empire, thus the increase in the rhetorical shrillness coming from the mouths of Pompeo, Esper, Trump, and other administration Covidiots. And that trend will continue throughout the rest of the year. The only way to reestablish the USA in the economic realm is to emulate China's crackdown on internal travel and drastically escalate testing, tracing, and setting examples of good practice. But then as reported, Trump wants to completely gut all funding for contact tracing and other means to fight and control the virus. Trump's presidential failure goes beyond Carter's, LBJ's and Hoover's. His team's policies have had the opposite affect of Making America Great Again, a fact not being lost by his erstwhile backers.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 15:52 utc | 116

The pariah nation (US) continues to burn as the rich and powerful cheer and fan the flames.

A possible botched assassination attempt related to Deutsche Bank and Jeffery Epstein?

More recently, Salas has presided over an ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company made false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policies and failed to monitor “high-risk” customers, including the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Posted by: snow_watcher | Jul 20 2020 15:58 utc | 117

Saw this headline at Zerohedge, "What Potential Disaster Does Comet Neowise Foretell?",
and immediately thought of
MBS of Saudia Arabia infamy.

The comet and the fates tell us a vengeful coup is coming for you MaBuS.

You won't be missed.

Posted by: librul | Jul 20 2020 16:01 utc | 118

A brave disabled Navy Vet went to Portland:

"'I was enraged simply because I did not think they were taking their oath of office seriously or they were compromising their oath of office,' Christopher David, a 53-year-old disabled veteran who served in the Navy for eight years, told [link at original] The Independent in an interview. 'So I actually went down because I wanted to talk to them about it.'"

That's what I mean by the obligations of citizenship--holding power to account. The oath if you don't know says you swear to protect/defend the US Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. Everytime the police riot, they break their oath. The short video of him being assaulted has gone viral with over 10 million views and can be accessed via the above link. I salute the man as he provides an example of what must be done--Stand your ground and defend your rights.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 16:14 utc | 119

I can't say if this was the right course, because statistics on deaths are not available in detail. But we did not have any lockdowns, and we do not use masks, and infection/death rate has almost come to a standstill.
Just a situation report.
Posted by: Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 12:41 utc | 105


Sweden's Chief Epidemiologist persuaded to resist applying a general lockdown. So cafes, shops, and churches remained open and large gatherings were limited to 500. At the same time Swedes were advised to observe social distancing. The govt didn't tell Swedes that their approach was 'perfect' and when failures occurred (retirement villages, immigrant populations) these were acknowledged and acted upon (learning by doing/ putting out fires). There was very little testing/contact-tracing done but Sweden's hospital system wasn't overwhelmed.
Source: June 30, 2020.

There was wide support for this approach among pale Swedish citizens who, by and large, agreed that one can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
It is too early to make a final judgement on the Swedish Model because the pandemic is far from having reached its expiry date, worldwide. Swedes expect their economy to suffer less long-term damage than countries which applied a severe lockdown strategy.

Imo, it was worth a try. I'm in my late 70s with no underlying medical issues except family risk of diabetes. Had decided on the Swedish Model I would have cautiously and happily agreed.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 20 2020 16:16 utc | 120

Hoarsewhisperer @Jul20 16:16 #123

It is too early to make a final judgement on the Swedish Model ...

Not so. Most people paying attention see the Swedish example as a failure. The reality of the failure of "The Swedish Model" has been mentioned at moa many times. "The Swedish Model" has touted only by 'herd immunity' propagandists with a devious agenda.

To the extent that Sweden looks reasonably OK it's because their starting point was an excellent healthcare system and generally healthy population. Other countries don't have those advantages (like USA with high-rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.), making it silly to wish to confront the virus like Sweden.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 20 2020 16:34 utc | 121

Good comprehensive article on Portland where the Navy Vet provides more of his take:

"[Trump] is trying to see how far he can push it in Portland and create some kind of model for other cities so he can stir up enough chaos and discontent to try and win the election again. All of this is just doubling down on his strategy of division and chaos."

When the DHS was created thanks to 911, many said it was to become the Fed's Secret Police, and it appears that prognostication's now confirmed. IMO, the Clinton faction of the D-Party would behave similarly for it's just as reactionary as Trump. The Republic Franklin said we had if we could keep it was lost but can still be reclaimed. The first order of business is getting rid of Trump, while also realizing that Biden isn't anywhere near the answer--that's what Woke must understand.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 16:35 utc | 122

@113 Mina

AfAIK, most vaccine trials will never expose you to the natural virus, the unattenuated form. Not only is this highly unethical and immoral, but it is probably against the law, though in extreme situations, perhaps allowable under certain considerations. Although any physician worth their salt as far as the Hippocratic Oath is concerned, will call it what it is: unhinged science, which is barbarism.

How vaccine testers work is first finding a capable environment for yielding results. Hot spots are usually used where subjects are given the vaccine, allowed to live their life in the hot spot area, and they then communicate with the testers as to their ongoing condition, whether picking up the virus naturally or not.

The testers then take ths info and measure it against the placebo and parse the date to form an opinion on the result.

As you can see, it is absolutely fraught with variables and is at bottom a very weak testing design. You merely have to think for yourself as to all the various degrees of inaccuracies or extrapolations which deserve further testing in itself.


Now ask yourself if this kind of testing is so imcomplete and faulty, why is it that so many in the west have not spoken out about common vacvines in use today and how they are not even subjected to the double-blind placebo test, which is the gold standard for safety and efficacy?

My hope is that when they mandate the vaccine for all in my country, a conversation will begin which brings about questioning the use of vaccines in general and their mandate.

This could be a pandora's box for big-pharma and the vaccine industry. Is Merck developing a covid-19 vaccine? Are they lobbying to not make it a government mandate for fear of the repercussions that such a mandate would pose on its existing vaccines and their usage?

It could be a bridge too far.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jul 20 2020 16:41 utc | 123

125 Cont'd--

That article links to this Rolling Stone article from last week, "The Plot Against America: The GOP’s Plan to Suppress the Vote and Sabotage the Election. According to Michael Winship:

"In it, Kroll reports that in 2018 a 1982 consent decree was lifted that forbade the Republican Party from using various voter suppression ruses, including fake 'ballot security' groups of off-duty law enforcement officers stationed outside polling places to harass and intimidate voters of color.

"According to Kroll, Justin Clark, a Trump senior campaign lawyer, told a private meeting of Republicans last November 'that the end of the consent decree was "a huge, huge, huge, huge deal," freeing the RNC to directly coordinate with campaigns and political committees on so-called Election Day operations. The RNC is sending millions of dollars to state Republican parties to vastly expand these measures, which include recruiting 50,000 poll observers to deploy in key precincts.'"

I haven't read the entire article yet, but this paragraph that's meant to grab your attention did get mine:

"'My biggest risk is that we don’t win lawsuits,' Trump told [Link at original] the Politico reporter he’d invited. He was referring to the series of lawsuits filed by his campaign and the Republican National Committee that fight the expansion of mail-in voting and seek to limit access to the ballot box in November. 'We have many lawsuits going all over,' he said. 'And if we don’t win those lawsuits, I think — I think it puts the election at risk.'"

Trump admits he's trying to suppress voter participation, which certainly doesn't do anything to Make America Great Again, and at a time when his boys are lecturing the world about democracy--again.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 16:56 utc | 124

Should we trust anyone or what they said? JC at 25.

The MSM are no longer reporters. They are an arm of the PTB and powerful actors, who own them. Much of what they publish is complete rubbish. Some of it is pure fiction, made up on the spot, like in a comic-book. Other stuff is malicious gossip, as in a troubled US high-school gone poisonous to the Nth degree. Some it is deliberately engineered to instill attitudes and beliefs indirectly.

That said, about COV-19, in the US and the UK (and elsewhere ..) the authorities - Public Health, Minister of Health, Pols in general, Congress or Parliament, and the Gvmt. structure as a whole (drug accreditation, civil service info bodies..allocation of ressources to hospitals, etc.) do not do:

Governance for the Good of All, but Management for the Few.

Management, as the control arm of for profit private biz, is authoritarian rule oriented, in a pyramid scheme. It is ‘message’ bombarding, propaganda, publicity, touted innovation or whatever.

Check-lists - Taylorism reduced to ‘best practice in 5 points’ that are totally haphazard. Agreeing with, supporting, promoting, those who have ‘contacts’, who have power, who can flush in cash, participate in a venture, etc. Them’s who are ‘on top of the game’ .. might churn up more profit, advantages, contacts, branching out, etc. (Creating a monopoly is the no. 1 aim.)

In this case, the main actors are Big Pharma, NGOs (who get into everything hehe, but minor..), and a conjunction of State - Corp. institutions, e.g. Unis subject to private funding for research.

From a management pov, there is always money to be made, that holds for a pandemic as well. A pandemic should furnish profits. How crazy is that? How do masks fit into that mind set, as they are cheapo goods and not much profit can be made? Well they don’t, they are simply disregarded. So any nonsense about them can be touted.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 20 2020 17:07 utc | 125

Epstein speculation just got a boost. "Disguised gunman shoots husband and son of federal judge investigating Deutsche Bank-Jeffrey Epstein case" killing the son but never got a shot off at the judge. IMO, this was a professional hit that didn't come off as planned.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 17:09 utc | 126

One last comment on the Winship article where he concludes: "Be very afraid."

I completely disagree with cowering--being afraid. Instead, people must emulate the Navy Vet and fulfill their obligations as citizens to uphold and defend their rights--that's our job, not the government's.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 18:16 utc | 127

"Cuba: 20 Days Without Critically Ill Covid-19 Patients"
"Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel Sunday said his country went through an encouraging week in the fight against COVID-19 after the contagion toll dropped significantly.
"Diaz-Canel led a Temporary Working Group meeting, a task force established to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meeting, experts analyzed the results obtained so far.
“We have not reported any decease (death) over the last seven days. Also, there has not been any acutely ill patient in any of our hospitals,” Diaz-Canel said.

“They have got dismissed a couple of days after been admitted. This is an indicator of the effectiveness of the care protocols we are implementing, which allows us to detect and prevent cases.”

Meanwhile in India-see James link to Bhadrakumar- Brazil, the UK and US corrupt right wing governments tending towards fascism continue to fail in technicolor.

Jackrabbit@124 is right about Sweden. The statistics pretty well scream it out: a large proportion of the 5000 plus deaths involved elderly people and those caring for them. Most of these deaths were entirely preventable.
And this is not even to consider the appalling suffering-which will probably have long term consequences- of many of those recovering from the virus.
There is no doubt that this pandemic-a sign of more to come in an increasingly globalised society- is a warning to us all that much larger provision has to be made for public health in future.
The sense, pointed out again @124, among the rich, that they will be able to buy their way out of danger, is only partly true. In the long run epidemics uncontrolled and raging through society will, like the cholera epidemics of 1830 Industrial England, overflow into wealthy populations.
In the meantime there is an old song with the refrain:
"Oh dear me this world is ill divided,
Those that work the hardest are the least provided."

Posted by: bevin | Jul 20 2020 18:23 utc | 128

A Taliban official has dismissed as fake a recent report in the US media that accused Russia of paying the militant group to kill American troops in Afghanistan, saying the report was a byproduct of US political infighting and aimed at spoiling a Taliban-Washington peace deal.

In a report last month, the New York Times, citing an unnamed source, claimed that a top-secret unit within the Russian military intelligence, or the GRU, had allegedly offered monetary rewards to Taliban-linked militants to kill US troopers in the country last year.

Russia dismissed the report as a bunch of “lies.”

In an interview with Russia’s RT news channel released on Sunday, Taliban spokesperson and US-Taliban negotiator Suhail Shaheen said the story “has to do with internal politics” in the US.

“This Russian bounties, it is not true,” he said. “We are not fighting for anyone for money.”

Posted by: Mao | Jul 20 2020 18:30 utc | 129

Crooke gets Metaphysical and brings Seth, Isis, Osiris, and Horus back to life in an attempt to show why the Outlaw US Empire will fail:

"There are many in Washington who regard this as America ‘winning’ – and good election tactics, too. There is however, old wisdom about such pursuit of a dismembered world. It is the story of Osiris. The ‘world’ then, was Egypt. Osiris had inherited the fertile Nile Delta, and his younger brother, Seth, had received only a lesser, more arid portion."

Such wisdom is completely lost on TrumpCo.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 18:52 utc | 130

Karlofi @ 122 125 127
Thank you very much for those comments!
The perfect ‘prompt’ for me to add this link, just over 7mins,
Some times if you want to see the future you need to see the past.

Regarding Portland I’d just add— one thousand on the street is a protest, 100,000 And that’s not a protest that’s ‘the public’
So Karlofi is right at above comments.
Remember two things —-
All the rights you have now someone had to fight for, don’t lose them.
Don’t be fooled into believing they will just be violent to blacks, look again !

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 20 2020 19:02 utc | 131

The stupid continues. . .

" . . . on Friday Republican US Congressman Yoho announced he will propose legislation this week that would force the US to declare war on China should Beijing attempt to occupy Taiwan"

Posted by: naiverealist | Jul 20 2020 19:07 utc | 132

waiting for Chinese /Russian sanctions on US politicians for human rights abuses in Portland...

The senior military man who claimed the Pearl Harbour attack came by surprise and could not be foreseen is lying in the same way that lies were told about the surprise nature of 9/11. The Pearl Harbour attack was not only predicted, but had been to some degree knowingly provoked. FDR’s cabinet had decided that a policy of neutrality would eventually mean being overwhelmed by the fascists and the end of liberal democratic governance altogether. Tough call, always open to debate -arguably less appalling than the two nuclear attacks later on. The anti-fascist bloc in FDR’s cabinet was sidelined
in 1944, leading to the Cold War.

Posted by: jayc | Jul 20 2020 19:41 utc | 133

@136 I'm sure Russia and China appreciate the irony but I doubt if they will do any public gloating. Violent protests get shut down pretty quick there. The violent protesters in Portland have the upper hand right now and the police seem powerless to stop it. So I think the Russians and Chinese will just watch in bemusement to see what Trump does about it.

Posted by: dh | Jul 20 2020 20:58 utc | 134

Grieved @ 72, Thanks!

There is another aspect to our individual experiences, however, and that's best illustrated by Martin Buber in his "I and Thou. He divides our lifelong encounters as being either 'I-thou' or 'I-it' in that work. I-it is the bulk of what we experience and formulate about what we experience, but I-thou ( and this can be an encounter with objects as well as with persons) is a meeting, where there is an exchange, or a new 'knowing' that wouldn't have been possible without the other. I go back to his explanations again and again, always finding new aspects:

"...It is not as though scientific and aesthetic understanding were not necessary; but they are necessary to man that he may do his work with precision and plunge it in the truth of relation, which is above the understanding and gathers it up in itself."

I do get lost in it sometimes!

Posted by: juliania | Jul 20 2020 21:07 utc | 135

dh @137--

The violence in Portland is being committed by the police, not protesters.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 20 2020 21:09 utc | 136

I agree with the rabbit, concerted it is.

Hope laguerre will listen to that and explain me what france is doing better than the US

Posted by: Mina | Jul 20 2020 21:12 utc | 137

@139 "The violence in Portland is being committed by the police, not protesters."

Seems to me to be violence on both sides. But blame the police if you want. I've been in a few demos and they tend to follow a pattern.....start peacefully but that's never enough for some. In fact they rend to fizzle out quite fast if nobody throws a brick.

Posted by: dh | Jul 20 2020 21:30 utc | 138

Self-defence is not violence

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 20 2020 21:42 utc | 139

@142 The police use a similar argument.

Posted by: dh | Jul 20 2020 21:46 utc | 140

dh @ 143
The police lie, this whole thing was planned as trumps pre-election campagn and I know you know that !
If you try and take people here for fools. Then your the fool.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 20 2020 21:54 utc | 141

@144 It may be that Trump is manipulating the situation for his own advantage. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. It may also be that some people are driving him to overreact. Right now it's a question of who dominates the media.

Don't play innocent. You're talking to a veteran of Paris 68 and Grosvenor Square. I know how to provoke violent confrontation with the police and how to avoid it.

Posted by: dh | Jul 20 2020 22:08 utc | 142

Thank you for the responses to my post concerning Co-vid 19 in Sweden.
I should in my first post have pointed out that Sweden has go a first class and free health system. Going to a hospital, whether for a new heart or just a bladder stone operation will cost you nothing.
Likewise, calling on your doctor with lesser ailments is also free. Just went to my local Doc with a bad case of rosacea, which cost nothing. (I will have to pay for the medicine).
Healthcare is pretty much a fundamental in our world, and I am all to happy that my high taxes go to such ventures, rather than arms and foreign wars.
It is a great relief that your kids are taken care of, no matter your income. Goes for dental health too, untill 18 all is free, after 18 the highest you can be charged is $ 2000 no matter, even if you need a complete rebuild.
Sweden surely has got faults, but healthcare is not one of them.

Posted by: Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 22:17 utc | 143

Mistakenly posted in the Georgia thread.
Hope it works this time....

@Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 12:41 utc | 104

This has resulted in 77800 infected and 5619 deaths.

Note that more people have died from Covid-19 in Sweden (population: 10 million; deaths: 5900) than in China (population: 1400 million; deaths: 4600). I do not consider the Swedish action a successful response to the epidemic.

But we did not have any lockdowns, and we do not use masks, and infection/death rate has almost come to a standstill.

It's early yet. The first wave of Covid-19 hasn't been very deadly. The first wave of the 1918 flu was also relatively mild ("just another flu"). However, the second wave of the Spanish Flu was fatal -- as was the third wave.

More waves of Covid-19 may yet arrive. What is certain is that the more people who become infected by the first wave, the more likely it is that a truly killer second wave will come.

Posted by: Cyril | Jul 20 2020 22:19 utc | 144

And btw Den lille abe means the Little monkey

Posted by: Den lille abe | Jul 20 2020 22:22 utc | 145

@Cyril | Jul 20 2020 22:19 utc | 147

Forgot to mention that I got my information about the Spanish Flu from the CDC, here.

Posted by: Cyril | Jul 20 2020 22:24 utc | 146

Another ugly individual from the past shows his ass again; John Yoo is back. This time helping Trump learn how to rule by decree. I wondered why Trump had said that the Supreme Court ruling on DACA meant that he could write laws like health care via executive order - a claim he made during the Sunday interview with Chris Wallace. Trump said he had "lots of new things" he was going to implement in the next couple of weeks, all via EO. Not only healthcare, but also sending troops to Democratic-run cities, voting rights, etc. Turns out John Yoo is now a top consultant in the WH. Pelosi should have impeached Bush and that whole crew when she had the chance. Fucking retards in Congress refuse to impeach on actual malfeasance, so this is what we get.

The Trump administration has been consulting the former government lawyer who wrote the legal justification for waterboarding on how the president might try to rule by decree.

Posted by: teri | Jul 20 2020 22:28 utc | 147

trump probably wants legal advice on getting away with putting people on the rack.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jul 20 2020 23:33 utc | 148

@dh, so if you were in paris were you working for the cops? whatever your experience, those unidentified thugs in federal uniforms need to go to jail for assaulting yet another old man. to pretend that the government thugs and the protestors are somehow equally at fault for violence is a laughable lie.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jul 20 2020 23:38 utc | 149

@james | Jul 20 2020 15:31 utc | 116

scary overview on covid from india - indian punchline M. K. BHADRAKUMAR
Pandemic puts India in ‘precarious position’

That is indeed worrisome. If Covid-19 gets out of control in India and hundreds of millions of people get infected, that would make a deadly second wave far more likely.

Posted by: Cyril | Jul 20 2020 23:41 utc | 150

pretzelattack @151: "trump probably wants legal advice on getting away with putting people on the rack."

Obama is presumably a Constitutional lawyer and he had people tortured. I wonder if he would be willing to give Trump some pointers on how to do that while getting a Nobel Peace Prize in the process. Trump could sure use a Nobel Peace Prize right now, but he probably won't get one because he keeps acting like he thinks wars are bad.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 20 2020 23:52 utc | 151

@152 Working for the cops in Paris in 68? Are you kidding....those guys were brutal bastards....pieds noir mostly. No I was enrolled at the Sorbonne wasting my days and nights in cafes.

Re the thugs in Portland... I guess it was Trump's idea to send them in. He seems to be frustrated with the response from officials there. I think it's just a small minority of protesters who use violence and the police get pissed off. I have no idea how it will effect the election.

Posted by: dh | Jul 20 2020 23:59 utc | 152

i didn't say anything about obama. bush, obama, trump all warmongering scumbags. yoo was mostly famous for providing legal justifications for torture. bringing him in is not "acting like he thinks wars are bad", nor was appointing decades long warmongers like john bolton and elliot abrams, or trying to overthrow maduro or assassinating an iranian general on a peace mission. or maybe you meant "acting" in a theatrical sense, cause trumps actions are right in line with past warmongering scumbags in the oval office.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jul 21 2020 0:01 utc | 153

the federal thugs are arresting protestors that are not violent in any way. they gave an old guy a concussion, not because he was violent, but because he asked them "why are you violating your constitutional oath"? they know they aren't supposed to be there, and the sources of the reporter who broke the story about the unidentified feds are reportedly inside the dhs itself. trump's inner right winger has become more and more obvious as these two interlinked crises play out in the u.s. drain the swamp my ass.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jul 21 2020 0:12 utc | 154

pretzelattack @156: "...or maybe you meant "acting" in a theatrical sense..."

Does anyone know of an American President that has done anything beyond that in the last half century or more? On top of that, does anyone know of an American President that acted like America's involvement in any war was bad? As far as I can remember, Trump is the only one. That certainly doesn't make him many friends among the crowd that decides who gets Nobel Peace Prizes.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 21 2020 0:17 utc | 155

@157 I saw the news about Chris Davis the Navy vet in Portland. Very brave man. Apparently he wanted to have a discussion about the constitution with a bunch of thugs who probably can't even read.

Posted by: dh | Jul 21 2020 0:29 utc | 156

they all talk that bullshit about peace pre election. trump has had 3 1/2 years to make good on his many promises. last one i remember that had any reservations about war was carter. but as far as acting like war was bad we only need to go back to the "moderate" bush 1, who then slaughtered tens of thousands at least in the first iraq war which he baiting saddam into, then there was rhodes scholar clinton, then compassionate conservative bush, then oceans will part obama, now it's bring the troops home from afghanistan trump. it's all bullshit. obama could have brought the troops home, trump could bring the troops home. the only reason we are still in afghanistan almost 4 years into trump's term of office is because trump wants them there. the buck stops with him because he is the only one that can unilaterally bring them home tomorrow. he can give the executive order, he doesn't have to negotiate with the taliban to do that. just do it, they will be happy to see another foreign invade leave with their tails between their legs. i don't give a good goddamn what the warmonger shills who dole out peace prizes to the likes of kissinger and obama have to say about it. gore vidal was right, caitlin johnstone is right, everyone who recognizes that the us is run by one party is right.

what president drain the swamp did instead was bring in the worst retreads of the bush 2 administration as advisors, those that didn't work for the obama administration that is. the only good thing about trump is that he hasn't gotten us into a hot war with russia as clinton might have done, but he has done a lot to provoke them in syria, venezuela, iran and done sweet f all about reining in nato. he's joined at the hip with israel and fully supports the ongoing genocide against palestinians. pretending there is some meaningful difference between the democrats and trump on foreign policy is ridiculous; why do you think the democrats enthusiastically support his outsize military budgets? same reason they supported obama's and bush's--it's all one party, with internal squabbling over donor cash.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jul 21 2020 0:38 utc | 157


He said a rising China, by itself, would not concern the US leadership, but a rising China under the governance of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is a concern

"Hate the CCP, don't hate the Chinese", classic trope for racists to justify their racism without appearing to be outright racist.


A Taliban official has dismissed as fake a recent report in the US media that accused Russia of paying the militant group to kill American troops in Afghanistan

Even if it was real, so what?

"This is unfair! Enemies aren't supposed to fight back!", says the American bully pussies.

Posted by: J W | Jul 21 2020 0:48 utc | 158

pretzelattack @Jul21 0:38 #160

Good rant.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2020 1:03 utc | 159

The problem since the ratification of the 1787 Constitution has always been holding power to account, which ultimately is the job of the citizenry. That's the unpacked meaning within Franklin's "You have a Republic if you can keep it" message. Admittedly, the Royalist/Feudal faction has always had the upper hand since the Constitution was designed by them--but to get it accepted they had to agree to the Bill of Rights. A very large mistake was made after the Revolution and Constitution's ratification: the very successful Committees of Correspondence (CoC) were never reformed to hold the new power to account. Currently, there's only one national organization whose purpose is to do so--the ACLU--and it does what it can despite being maligned and underfunded. But that's not at all what's required: Each County ought to have its own CoC, each state its own CoC Congress, and a regional grouping to deal with national issues. Business formed its own national network long ago--Chambers of Commerce--and other such "civic" groups like Lions, Optimists and such. But they aren't charged with the mission to hold power to account.

Quite awhile ago in 1952, John Galbraith in American Capitalism put forth the idea that a countervailing power is required to hold big business accountable, which also implied big government. Unfortunately, his proposal was made at a very poor time to enunciate anything small d democratic given the authoritarianism then in play. Even more unfortunate is his idea needed to be born soon after 1787. Clearly, the Feds actively try to disempower any organization attempting to establish countervailing power, which is the #1 reason why it must be done. Yes, it's imperfect, but it appears BLM can provide a basis for such a force, which again is why the Feds are fighting it so hard at its outset. Crooke opines BLM is a "revolt of the elites;" so, what if it is. IMO, it can be made grassroots instead by a concerted effort to make it All Lives Matter.

The clock can't be turned back. It's 100% clear that Trump and the Republicans must suffer huge electoral losses this November. But it's also clear that Biden and the D-Party isn't the answer either. Thus the Movement must be grounded in an effort to regain our Republic from the Reactionary Duopoly and its Rentier Class masters and run by a highly motivated citizenry.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 21 2020 1:18 utc | 160

What the Latest Findings Say About Dexamethasone

More evidence that corticosteroids, as recommended by the FLCCC MATH+ Protocol, are the way to go in COVID-19 treatment.

I do find it strange that the drug had apparently no effect on those not on intubation or high-flow oxygen. The FLCCC recommends early application of the MATH+ Protocol, which presumably means before intubation or other high-flow oxygen treatment. So I find it weird that only intubated patients responded to the drug. OTOH, this study was of dexamethasone only, and did not include the other aspects of the MATH+ Protocol such as high intravenous doses of Vitamin C, and the use of heparin to treat blood clots. There might also be difference between this drug and the corticosteroid used by the MATH+ Protocol.

The editorial linked to in the article has this to say about treatment studies so far:

The current literature on the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is filled with anecdotal reports of therapeutic successes in clinical trials with small numbers of patients and observational cohort studies claiming efficacy with little regard to the effect of unrecognized confounders. For the field to move forward and for patients’ outcomes to improve, there will need to be fewer small or inconclusive studies and more studies such as the dexamethasone trial now reported by the RECOVERY Collaborative Group1 in the Journal.

Exactly what I've been saying with regard to HCQ and the MATH+ Protocol. There need to be larger and properly designed studies of promising treatments.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:13 utc | 161

karlof1 @Jul21 1:18 #163

IMO, it can be made grassroots instead by a concerted effort to make it All Lives Matter.

BLM is a plea and a demand for respect of black people by a callous Establishment. It is not a supremacist organization. BLM activists have never said that ONLY black lives matter.

Perhaps it helps if you add "Too" (silently) to the Movement's name and slogan:

Black Lives Matter (Too!)


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2020 2:13 utc | 162

@163 karlof1

Agreed on all counts. A new movement is the only answer. Hopefully this election cycle will see activity begin in this direction.

The lesson the powerless can learn from the powerful is that to get government to work for them they have to own the government. Since we the people don't have the money to buy it in the way that it has currently been bought, a movement is the only future.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 21 2020 2:16 utc | 163

Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine Shows Promise
Early results suggest the vaccine did not prompt any serious side effects and elicited an immune response

Investigators found that the Covid-19 vaccine spurred the immune system into producing neutralizing antibodies, which are believed to be protective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These antibodies were still detectable about two months after one dose of the vaccine. Antibody levels were even higher in the 10 participants who received a booster shot 28 days after the first one. It’s not known how long these antibodies will stick around in the blood or whether they can effectively block infection.

“There is still much work to be done before we can confirm if our vaccine will help manage the Covid-19 pandemic,” co-author Sarah Gilbert, PhD, a professor of virology at the University of Oxford, said in a statement. “We still do not know how strong an immune response we need to provoke to effectively protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Note that they intend to follow up on these patients for a year to insure there are no long-term side effects. So that might mean you won't see this vaccine for at least a year. Also, most of the patients were white and not elderly - so there's no proof the vaccine will work with blacks and Latinos or the elderly.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:18 utc | 164

SF Businesses Forced to Close Again Monday as County Hits State Watch List

“Revenue numbers are down to 30% to 40%, the little ones maybe 10% and you can’t pay your rent and live in San Francisco on that type of revenue,” the retailer said....

Many hope this is a wake-up call for people who aren’t serious about masks or social distancing.

Good luck with that last. Morons gotta moron.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:29 utc | 165

More on Governor Kemp...

From the Mayor of Atlanta on Twitter:

Keisha Lance Bottoms @KeishaBottoms· Jul 19
In addition to being sued over a mask mandate and voluntary advisory guidelines on COVID-19, @GovKemp has asked for an emergency injunction to “restrain” me from issuing press statements and speaking to the press. Far more have sacrificed too much more for me to be silent.

So not only is the Governor an asshat on masks, he wants to destroy the First Amendment.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:35 utc | 166

DHS Authorizes Domestic Surveillance to Protect Statues and Monuments

"You might not imagine that the U.S. intelligence community would have much stake in local protests over monuments and statues. You’d be wrong."

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:40 utc | 167

rsh Jul21 2:35 #169

Wow. How is it remotely legal to silence an elected official like that?


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2020 2:44 utc | 168

Mitre, the creepy company checking your fingerprints on Facebook for the US Government

Take a picture, post it on Instagram or Facebook - watch the government take your fingerprints off the picture...

Cops are simply insane. They are way more dangerous than your average mugger.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:45 utc | 169

ICE Questions an Admin of The-Eye Archive Site That Hosted ‘Blue Leaks’

“It's disturbing that the government is trying to intimidate people into not sharing BlueLeaks. First, they seized our public server, now they're going after people hosting mirrors and interrogating them not just about BlueLeaks, but about me,” Best told Motherboard in an online chat. “So far, the government has made no attempt to contact us—they simply went full-Gestapo right out of the gate and seem more interested in suppressing and retaliating than they are in investigating.”

Cops are really pissed off about BlueLeaks.

Fuck 'em.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 2:56 utc | 170

Heh, this is what you get when you work at Fox News - a Murdoch property...

Lawsuit accuses former Fox News anchor Ed Henry of rape and current top talent of sexual harassment
Salon can report Fox knew of the harassment allegations days before Tucker Carlson announced his vacation last week

Disclaimer: Lawsuits are not proof of anything. Only judge or jury decisions (sometimes) are. That said, none of this surprises me. Fox News already has a publicly known history of this.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 3:05 utc | 171

Glad I'm on the no-fly list (at least, I assume I am based on my Federal record)...

The Virus Will Make Everything You Hate About Flying Worse

There's simply no flight-map for this. Companies with net debts more than about four or five times the size of their Ebitda are conventionally considered at high risk of missing payments. That ratio will hit 16 for the global airline industry in 2021, according to the International Air Transport Association. Such levels are rarely seen for any businesses outside the financial and real estate sector, unless they’re on the brink of bankruptcy. For an entire industry, it’s unheard of.

Some carriers will be able to withstand the crisis better than others. Those with strong positions in large domestic markets that have been spared the worst of the virus, such as Australia, Japan and China, should do better, as will regional Asian carriers and budget airlines in the European Union.

So Trump burned his country's airline business as a result of his bungled pandemic response.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 3:12 utc | 172

My kind of woman! LOL

The story behind the surreal photos of Portland protester ‘Naked Athena’

Asshole cops fired pepper balls at her. As Abby Hoffman once said, "Cops must be gay because who would fuck a cop except another cop." (Back in his time there weren't a lot of female cops.)

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 3:16 utc | 173

Portland cops continuing the cop tradition of attacking the press...

U.S. Press Freedom Tracker @uspresstracker
We've received reports of multiple incidents from Portland over the weekend. These and any additional tweets will be added to this thread:

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 3:20 utc | 174

We're going into full-on secret police state tactics now... Trump intends to smash protests everywhere with Federal agents under various pretexts such as "protecting monuments and Federal buildings." In reality, he's crushing protests for the sake of his re-election and to demonize the Democrats.

Trump expected to send new federal force to Chicago this week to battle violence, but plan’s full scope is a question mark

President Trump says Baltimore will see influx of ‘federal law enforcement’ but doesn’t say what that means

Trump considers 'more federal law enforcement' for Detroit protests

Trump Says He Wants More Federal Law Enforcement In Baltimore, Other US Cities ‘Run By Liberal Democrats’

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 3:28 utc | 175

Comment from Twitter which gets it exactly right...

I remember when the prospect of unidentified federal agents in riot gear forcing protesters into unmarked vans was the stuff of conservative nightmares. All we're missing are the black helicopters, and I'm sure they'll be deployed soon enough.

Bring back the "X-Files" and "The Lone Gunmen" TV shows. We're in those, now. Anyone here remember how the Lone Gunmen pilot episode showed a "rogue faction" of the government remotely controlling a plane to crash into the World Trade Center? That aired six months before 9/11. And before Condaleeza Rice said that no one could have imagined hijacked planes crashing into buildings. Chris Carter did.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 3:35 utc | 176

rsh Jul21 2:35 #169

Georgia Gov Kemp isn't completely silencing Mayor Bottoms, he's asking the court to prevent her from claiming to have the authority to mandate mask use.

It's not clear to me why he's even asking the Court to prevent her from making such a claim because if the Court rules that the Governor has the authority to determine mask use for the whole state, then it makes no sense for her to claim otherwise.

The only think I can think of is that she currently claims to have authority that the Governor says she doesn't have.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2020 3:49 utc | 177

From a Twitter post:

Just the flu, bro. 1918 Edition.

Morons then, morons now. Morons gotta moron.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 4:07 utc | 178

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2020 3:49 utc | 180

Either way, he's seeking to restrain right of speech (if the report is accurate, of course.)

In California, state laws supercedes local laws. If the state does not ban something, the city of San Francisco can't ban it (although they've tried on occasion.) So if it's the same in Georgia, and Kemp says she can't require masks because he bans such laws, he's probably right that he can. If she doesn't have the authority to require masks under state law, then the Atlanta Attorney General or the state Attorney General will tell her so - and if she disagrees, then they can go to court.

But I don't see how he can restrain her from issuing press statements of any sort on any issue. That's just an attempt to restrict free speech.

Of course, IANAL.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 4:24 utc | 179

To paraphrase the immortal words of Governor William J. Le Petomane: "We watch your ass!"

A New Map Shows the Inescapable Creep of Surveillance
The Atlas of Surveillance shows which tech law enforcement agencies across the country have acquired. It's a sobering look at the present-day panopticon.

The map is unsettling enough in its current configuration. It’s almost impossible to imagine how crowded it would be if it included all of the 18,000 federal, state, county, and local agencies that comprise US law enforcement, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics' count.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 5:08 utc | 180

karlof1 and Grieved

A political party is what is required. Plus a movement behind it. he problem is, we are all at the stage now that any movement or party that is a threat to the establishment will have the full resources of five-eyes turned onto it. It is worth looking up Pauline Hanson and One Nation party in Australia to see how they were brought down. They survived total media war against them, continuing to get more votes, so then her electorate was split in half and a section of a solid duopoly electorate added to hers. Convicted in a civil kangaroo court of electoral fraud, the lawyers representing receiving government positions soon after. The party came apart under the pressure and turned to infighting. She was then convicted in a criminal kangaroo court for electoral fraud and received a jail term. Sent to jail they got an appeal hearing. The appeal never even got to be argued. The higher judges that read through all the evidence in preparation for the trial simply quashed the convictions as all party paperwork was in order and no laws had been broken. But by that time, the damage was done and the party destroyed.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jul 21 2020 5:14 utc | 181

He lives in an alternate reality on *every* issue, not just the pandemic. So do his supporters.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s alternate reality on COVID-19 threat

PETER NAVARRO, White House trade adviser: “When Fauci was telling the White House Coronavirus Task Force that there was only anecdotal evidence in support of hydroxychloroquine to fight the virus, I confronted him with scientific studies providing evidence of safety and efficacy. A recent Detroit hospital study showed a 50% reduction in the mortality rate when the medicine is used in early treatment.” — op-ed published Wednesday in USA Today.

THE FACTS: Navarro cherry-picks a study widely criticized as flawed and ignores multiple studies finding hydroxychloroquine doesn’t help.

Numerous rigorous tests of hydroxychloroquine, including a large one from Britain and one led by the National Institutes of Health, concluded that the anti-malaria drug was ineffective for treating hospitalized coronavirus patients. Fauci leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH.

The Food and Drug Administration also has warned the drug should only be used for the coronavirus in hospitals and research settings because of the risk of serious heart rhythm problems and other safety issues.

The Henry Ford Health System study that Navarro refers to was an observational look back at how various patients fared. It was not a rigorous test where similar patients are randomly assigned to get the drug or not and where each group is compared later on how they did.

In the study, some people with heart or certain other conditions were not given the drugs, which can cause heart rhythm problems, so those patients were fundamentally different from the group they were compared with. Researchers said they adjusted statistically for some differences, but the many variables make it tough to reach firm conclusions.

Some patients also received other treatments such as steroids and the antiviral drug remdesivir, further clouding any ability to tell whether hydroxychloroquine helped.

The White House said Navarro was not authorized to challenge Fauci with the op-ed and should not have done it. But his points largely reflect ones Trump and others in the White House have made themselves.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 5:16 utc | 182

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jul 21 2020 5:14 utc | 184

It's as I've been saying: Even if you can get a "movement" going - which is harder than getting a political party going - the political party is going to be marginalized because third parties in this country go nowhere because they can't get funding. You need a movement and that movement has to be big and it has to fund a party, and then the party has to get on the ballots, and then it has to get on the debates. And that's not even dealing with the human issues of internal factionalism (which will be influenced by those who want to see the party gone), as the Libertarian Party, Green Party, and others have dealt with.

And if it can do all that, then you don't need the party - the movement by then is so big, it can just elect who it wants to office instead of the incumbents.

Except how do you get a movement going in the first place? If it's organized, it will be small. If it's large, it will be disorganized. Then you have factions. And funding issues. Etc., etc..

It's a "Catch-22" situation - and it's designed that way for a reason.

The last party I've aware of that successfully overthrew the government in a First World country was the Nazis. And they had help from a military defeat, a hyperinflation, a weak government and weak opponents, and deals with those in government who made those deals to try to tamp down the street violence the Nazis were using to weaken the government and their opponents further.

Or you know, China that had to fight a civil war (and they weren't a First World country back then.)

Bottom line: Good luck with that.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 5:27 utc | 183

Acting Secretary Wolf Condemns The Rampant Long-Lasting Violence In Portland

Wow! Look at all the "violent"...graffiti...

And, and...busted fences...

And, and..."Portland Police were forced to deploy crowd control spray to disperse a crowd that was throwing animal seed at officers."

Wait, what? "Animal seed"?

The only thing this list proves is that "violent anarchists" can't actually do any serious damage to anyone. These clowns are not what *I* call "violent anarchists." "Violent anarchists" would be shooting your dumb asses and blowing up car bombs in front of that building. *That's* "violence:. *That's* *true* anarchism.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 5:41 utc | 184

Good work, Trump! Keep it up! You'll be overthrown by November...

Joshua Potash @JoshuaPotash
The size of the crowd in Portland is on another level tonight.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 5:50 utc | 185

Richard Steven Hack 186

I don't see any chance of internal change via the democracy illusion in the US or five-eyes. Only collapse or defeat in war will bring about change. And by defeat in war I mean US and five-eyes military forces eliminated (not just run home and declare victory) as a minimum.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jul 21 2020 6:01 utc | 186

Another good one from Tim Cushing over at TechDirt...

DHS Goes Full Gestapo In Response To Ongoing Protests In Oregon

A long list of supposed atrocities committed by protesters follows. Most of the list details graffiti, along with low-level vandalism targeting cameras and police barriers. Also listed are activities like trespassing, doxing federal officers, and deploying laser pointers. Secretary Chad Wolf universally describes the protesters as "violent anarchists," even though there's no evidence linking protesters to coordinated activities by anarchists groups. Setting off fireworks and clashing with riot police are normal behavior during protests, but Wolf's narrative portrays these as acts of war in a clash local law enforcement agencies are losing...

But the DHS claims officers have not been rolling up on people in unmarked vans and dragging them to unknown locations for questioning.

A senior DHS official said officers arrested people for assaulting federal officers and vandalizing federal property, but did not provide specific cases. The official, who requested anonymity to discuss the issue, rejected the idea anyone was arrested without good cause.

“Federal officials don’t go around arresting people for no reason,” the official said. “This isn’t communist China.”

No. It's not. But that's what's happening. And it's being done with the blessing of the "law and order" president who has spent more time bashing people engaged in First Amendment activity than condemning the actions of the law enforcement officers who triggered these ongoing demonstrations. You don't have to be a Communist to enact a police state. Fascists like police states, too.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 7:37 utc | 187

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jul 21 2020 6:01 utc | 186

Agree 100%. I've said the exact same thing myself several times here. Those are the only two things that *might* get a movement started - but then the movement would probably turn fascist anyway.

One of my favorite movies - and probably the most explicitly anarchist one ever - is "V For Vendetta". I haven't watched it lately, I should. "V" (the character) had the right idea. Kill the senior statists, propagandize the hell out of those actions, load up a train with explosives and blow up Parliament... Might work in Britain, which still has a fairly radical number of malcontents, not sure it would work in the US, though.

Best scene in that movie is when Natalie Portman's character, Evie, finally learns to drop her fear. That's the number one lesson everyone needs.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jul 21 2020 7:45 utc | 188

Hey, dh, I've actually been to the protests and seen them up close. You can kindly shut the fuck now, because you literally don't know what you're talking about.

Portland has seen two months of largely peaceful protests with a bunch of graffiti, a couple dumpsters set on fire, and some damaged fences. The ones provoking violence are the thugs Trump sent in. They assaulted a Navy veteran a couple nights ago. The whole incident, and plenty of others, is all on video. Take your Gestapo apologetics elsewhere, and don't tell me what's happening in my city.

Posted by: Benjamin | Jul 21 2020 9:12 utc | 189

US russia report released: feast your eyes on this document of genius.

Posted by: S.O. | Jul 21 2020 10:02 utc | 190

Dammit typo.

UK Russia report..

Posted by: S.O. | Jul 21 2020 10:23 utc | 191

pretzelattack @157

You mention a bunch of Presidents who I assume you are suggesting could do more than act, but I cannot remember any moment of genuineness from any of them.

Well, there was that odd day when Bush the Lesser was allowed to meet with Yasser Arafat with no handlers present. I don't know how that was allowed to happen in the first place, but that must have been some discussion. I'd love to have a real transcript of it. When the Bushlette showed up on the White House lawn immediately afterwards to talk to the presstitutes he looked like he had been punched in the solar plexus and was on the verge of tears. The subsequent announcement by the Baby Bush of solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposition to Israeli aggression in front of the totally stunned press corps was broadcast live before they knew what was happening, but was never shown again. All mention of it was aggressively expunged from news commentary and the Internet, and Cheney and Rumsfeld & Co went into damage control overdrive. The Shrub itself was trotted out later to recite a contradicting script in which the Palestinians were "terrorists", clearly after being chewed out by America's real authorities.

I actually stopped hating Bush after that and only felt sorry for him. It is no wonder he has regressed even further into infantilism these days and does nothing anymore other than hang out with his shake-and-piss foo-foo dog and make toddler-level finger paintings. The horrors Bush is considered responsible for are so far beyond what any human with a conscience can shoulder and stay sane. His handlers probably keep him medicated, and maybe with the same stuff they are forcing on Julian Assange.

But that incident did prove to me that Presidents really are powerless, and only seem powerful when they are perfectly aligned with what the establishment intends to do anyway.

Sure, all politicians talk peace, but have any Presidents ever said that any American military adventure was wrong? Not a "mistake" or a "misunderstanding", but flat out wrong? And not even some current conflict that is still going on, criticism of which is considered to border on treason, but any war? Such a claim is normally considered a political third rail, and to my knowledge Trump is the only one to grab it.

If Trump had any more political experience, or believed he could actually win, then he probably wouldn't have done that during the campaign. If the establishment mass media had thought there was any chance of Trump winning they probably would have jumped all over him with nonsense like "Are you saying our troops are bad people?!!?!"

(Aside: The corporate mass media didn't criticize Trump on this issue as they would a serious candidate that they wanted to lose because they needed to keep him in the race until the end in order for Clinton to be competitive)

Posted by: William Gruff | Jul 21 2020 10:38 utc | 192

@189 Hi Benjamin. Thanks for your reply (though I could have done without the insults).

It's true I'm not in Portland to see for myself. Protesting seems to be something of a local pastime there but I'm not sure how that came to be. I'm interested in the dynamics of protest. At what point does it turn violent? What triggers a violent response from the police? If as you say there was no real damage to public property then Trump is clearly overreacting. I suppose he is betting that most Americans want the protests to stop and he can't see any other way short of resigning. Seattle seems to have settled down without any major violence. What comes next in Portland do you think?

Posted by: dh | Jul 21 2020 13:43 utc | 193

@193 dh - "What triggers a violent response from the police?"

It's not a response. It's a deliberate escalation. The purpose is to raise the level of violence to the point that police action can suppress and disperse the crowd.

There is a wealth of study and evidence on this. We discuss it all the time in these threads. Your premise that the police action is provoked is utterly without foundation. The police action is planned in advance, provisioned for in advance, and initiated as a first cause.

How many videos and forensic examinations of undercover provocations does anyone need to see to understand this?

There is no honest argument that can be made to suggest the police are acting in response.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 21 2020 14:42 utc | 194

As to the rationale behind police provocation of political crowds - what they hate is the crowd. What they fear is the natural solidarity that comes from any crowd united around a cause. The purpose is to break up the crowd, to dissipate solidarity, and to further the idea that resistance is useless - and that no form of political movement can ever come together, because...helplessness.

If they try so hard to intimidate against political movements, it shows the strength of such things. It shows that such things are possible, which is why they try to nip it in the bud if they can, or co-opt it with the Democratic Party if they can't.

Any new political movement will have this understanding as part of its foundation, part of its intellectual property.

It will not fight to overthrow the old, it will instead work to create the new, and the old will decay into irrelevance on its own over time, and be supplanted. This will take some time.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 21 2020 14:47 utc | 195

@195 Yes I can see fear being a factor. I dislike crowds myself. Maybe I'm paranoid but I always get a feeling that things can spiral out of control. It doesn't take much for violence to erupt.

I appreciate your thoughts but I'm not convinced that the police are totally to blame. It's obviously an unpopular idea on MOA so I'll say no more.

Posted by: dh | Jul 21 2020 15:24 utc | 196

@ 196 dh... i don't know that the police not being to blame is an unpopular idea here at moa.... ultimately the politicians have some responsibility for why the police are there.. the police represent order and a continuation of the present status quo... in that sense the people protesting are seeking a change in the status quo... so these are essentially 2 opposing forces... it takes 2, to tango... both sides are ultimately responsible, but in a wider context it is a society suffering growing pains too, no matter who is at the protest... - ps - haven't followed any conversation here closely..

Posted by: james | Jul 21 2020 15:43 utc | 197

dh @Jul21 15:24 #196

... I'm not convinced that the police are totally to blame.

To some extent they are merely pawns on a chessboard. But that's no excuse for the violent acts of some officers.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 21 2020 15:43 utc | 198

@197 All of that is true james. Unfortunately there are some on both sides of the divide who like violence for its own sake.

Posted by: dh | Jul 21 2020 15:47 utc | 199

dh @196--

The police make an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution just like the military, naturalized citizens, judges, and most government officials at the state and federal levels. In most instances, they are ordered to break their oaths, although many do it all by themselves as many wrongful death lawsuits prove. Power knows it's acting unlawfully, that's why it acts as it does--it decides it's not going to share power at any time. That's why all Power must be held accountable lest it grow out-of-control as it has within the Outlaw US Empire and its vassals. Madison's theory assumed rival factions would keep each other at bay such that none could rise to become The Power. His assumption proved erroneous. The only force capable of remedying that mistake is the Citizenry acting in concert. Thus, either the police become part of the solution since they are also citizens, or they are part of the problem having broken their oaths and become pawns of Power.

You cops reading this, take note and think deeply about your moral health, that of your family, and the future you want for your children!

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 21 2020 15:56 utc | 200

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