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June 25, 2020

"A Mask Is Not A Political Statement. It's An IQ Test."

The epidemic trend in the United States is grim:

Source: 91-divoc - bigger

The graphic does not yet include yesterday's number of new cases. It was the highest ever.

U.S. hits highest single day of new coronavirus cases with more than 45,500, breaking April record - NBC News

Houston has a problem:

Texas Children's Hospital now admitting adult patients due to COVID-19 spike in Houston - Houston Chronicle
Texas Medical Center ICUs at 97 percent capacity due to COVID-19 - Houston Culturemap

Testing is still a mess:

Weijia Jiang @weijia - 13:34 UTC · Jun 23, 2020

Just now I asked the President if he was kidding when he said he told his people to slow down testing, which is how White House officials explained the comment.
He said, “I don’t kid.”
He also said again testing is a double-edged sword, and praised the job the U.S. has done.

Arizona ‘Overwhelmed’ With Demand for Tests as U.S. System Shows Strain - NY Times

People seeking drive-up coronavirus tests in Phoenix faced a three-mile-long car line last weekend. On Friday, Arizona’s largest laboratory received twice as many samples as it could process. The phone line for testing appointments at a large site on the state fairgrounds now opens at 7 a.m. with 800 callers already in the queue.

By 7:07 a.m., all 1,000 appointments for the day are typically taken.

Yesterday Arizona had some 380 new cases per million inhabitants per day. On April 9 the outbreak in New York peaked at around 500 new cases per million inhabitants per day. But New York had been under lockdown since March 20. That stopped the outbreak. Arizona is not under lockdown.

Source: 91-divoc - bigger

Trump and some governors did not read what we predicted:

Early Lockdown Lifting Will Prolong The Greater Depression - MoA

We argued that as long as people fear to get infected they will simply not go to restaurants etc. Real data now confirms that take:

Fear of infection hurt economy more than lockdown - Boston Herald
Why Reopening Isn't Enough To Save The Economy - NPR

Chetty and his team compare, for example, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota allowed reopening weeks before Wisconsin, but if you look at spending patterns in both states, Minnesota did not see any boost compared with Wisconsin after it reopened. "The fundamental reason that people seem to be spending less is not because of state-imposed restrictions," Chetty said. "It's because high-income folks are able to work remotely, are choosing to self-isolate and are being cautious given health concerns. And unless you fundamentally address that concern, I think there's limited capacity to restart the economy."
Chetty and his team conclude that the traditional tools of economic policy — tax cuts and spending increases to boost demand — won't save the army of the unemployed. Instead, they say we need public health efforts to restore safety and convince consumers that it's OK to start going out again. Until then, they argue, we need to extend unemployment benefits and provide assistance to help low-income workers who will continue to struggle in the pandemic economy.

There are currently some 20 million people registered as unemployed plus 11 million on pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA). There jobs will not come back unless people feel safe:

Source: Calculated Risk - bigger


John Aravosis @aravosis - 18:13 UTC · Jun 24, 2020
Floridians angrily claiming masks are the work of the devil because “they want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door.” --> video

The three ladies in the video confirm the following take:

John Lundin @johnlundin - 13:54 UTC · 24 Jun 2020

A mask is not a political statement. It's an IQ test.

Posted by b on June 25, 2020 at 17:18 UTC | Permalink

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"Basically, almost no one under 50 dies."

Yes but that changes around age 65 or so. The illness becomes a really miserable experience, and a significant fraction require medical services (i.e. risk having it spiral out of control without hospital).

Anecdotally I know of 5 people in that age range who got sick and thankfully all recovered (nyc area). 2 had "only" a prolonged fever (2 weeks and 4 weeks), the latter with drastic weight loss. They probably would have recovered even without help, but why do that to anyone? The rest: 2 had pneumonia, one for 3 weeks including ICU, the other 2 weeks, no ICU but also had severe weight loss. The 5th was somewhere in the middle, 2 weeks, cough, fatigue etc, and for a while hypoxia requiring basic oxygen.

The numbers don't seem so bad when there are enough medical resources, but there is only enough for something like 1% of the population in most places.

Posted by: ptb | Jun 26 2020 1:49 utc | 101

The CDC has changed their view on masks so often this year they can hardly produce fake science studies fast enough to keep up with todays OPINION.

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 1:51 utc | 102

James #95:

Are you kidding re the 20 year olds? All they've been told over the past three months has been how they are responsible and must not endanger the at risk population by living normal lives. Schools and universities have been cancelled, jobs ended, beaches and bars closed, etc. etc. and all this to protect not themselves but their grandparents. Pretty unprecedented in human history really.

So ... how long do we expect this population to put their lives on hold to protect grandpa, eh?

Posted by: Caliman | Jun 26 2020 1:53 utc | 103

@ 97 SwissArmyMan ... no, it isn't the same... these people may be asymptomatic and not know they have it as exampled in the link @2..... clearly you don't get it!!

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2020 1:57 utc | 104

Caliman.....So ... how long do we expect this population to put their lives on hold to protect grandpa, eh?

Exactly! Instead of quarantining us grandpas, a sensible thing to do by the numbers, they crashed the economy for political purpose not medical in my view.

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 1:58 utc | 105

@ 101 caliman... clearly you don't seem to see the seriousness of covid either... no one is telling another to put their life on hold, but to be responsible.. indeed there is a difference, but not for someone who refuses to consider all the alternatives here...

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2020 1:59 utc | 106

right... @ 103.. another conspiracy theory with a manufactured in the usa label on it..

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2020 2:00 utc | 107


No reason for a 'debate' on how to stop covid19 as there is nothing in that area to debate. Just a matter of taking a look at what the health authorities recommend in countries that have stopped the virus.

The only thing Americans may want to debate is whether or not they have the freedom to infect others.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jun 26 2020 2:01 utc | 108

The latest Department of Labor employment data confirm that when it comes to the economy, America is two nations: red and blue. As the post-coronavirus shutdown era begins, blue states are losing jobs at record paces and red states are starting to gain them.

Here is what the data is telling us: 10 states had unemployment rates in May above 15%. They are all states with Democratic governors, with the exception of deep-blue Massachusetts with its liberal Republican governor, Charlie Baker.

Ranked from highest to lowest they are Nevada (25.3%), Hawaii (22.6%), Michigan (21.2%), California (16.3%), Rhode Island (16.3%), Massachusetts (16.3%), Delaware (15.8%), Illinois (15.2%), New Jersey (15.2%), Washington (15.1%).

The five states with the lowest unemployment rates are all red states – most of which never shut down at all. These are Nebraska (5.2%), Utah (8.5 %), Wyoming (8.8%), Arizona (8.9%), and Idaho (8.9%).

This is exactly as Arthur Laffer and I predicted in a study we conducted back in March on the economic effects of lockdowns. States with very strict business shutdown and stay-at-home orders would be facing a much tougher recovery period than states that never shut down, like Utah and Wyoming, and states that rapidly reopened, such as Arizona. This would be a bifurcated red state, blue state recovery – and so it is, so far.
This is not a coronavirus recession. It is a blue state lockdown recession. Democrats say they have shut down their economies to maintain the safety of their citizens. But that is a stretch. Studies are now finding that the negative health effects from the lockdown (suicide, delayed treatments for cancer and heart problems, depression, spousal abuse, alcohol and drug overdoses, to name a few) could easily match the saving of lives from lockdowns.

But there is a much bigger problem with this argument. It is factually untrue that blue states did a better job than red states in keeping their citizens safe. They didn’t. The 10 states with the highest death rates from coronavirus (as a percentage of the state population) are all states with Democratic governors. A blue state resident was twice as likely to die from the virus as a red state resident even though the red states were not heavy-handed in locking down their economies. (Population density likely factored in as well.)

The tragedy for blue state America is that these states – especially in the Northeast and Midwest – were already seeing major outmigration of families, businesses, and capital before the pandemic. The blue state governors’ mishandling of the crisis has only put these states in deeper holes.

Of course, the Democrats are now saying that the caseloads are climbing in the red states. That’s true, but caseloads don’t tell us much of anything. If going outside and gathering in public while ignoring social distancing orders is the reason for the increase in cases (and in some cases hospitalization rates) then we would expect to see a surge in cases in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C. That is where the largest, and most prolonged, George Floyd protests took place.

So the blue states have not only failed to keep their citizens safe, they’ve ruined their economies as well.

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 2:21 utc | 109

@ 81 Jay and 56 Swiss Army Man

Another way to illustrate the function of moisture in the filtration process is to imagine playing with sand. Pour dry sand through a screen; the sand filters through to the ground. Moisten the sand, then put it on the screen; nothing filters through.

This is less an intelligence problem than a disinformation problem. For months the lead authority at US CDC said repeatedly that masks don’t prevent community spread. That was some mighty big lying by Fauci. Now, finally, recently, he said to Congress, “Please wear a mask in public.” Not a question of IQ with Fauci.

Posted by: suzan | Jun 26 2020 2:25 utc | 110

The virus was a hoax by the world elites to bail themselves out with our money. It worked so well expect a new deadlier covid_20 in the next bear market, it worked so well even b fell for it

Posted by: Bob | Jun 26 2020 2:35 utc | 111

The folks at fort derrick are working overtime on another one

Posted by: Bob | Jun 26 2020 2:36 utc | 112

I guess all the concerned folks with wet masks are something else I have failed to notice

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 2:47 utc | 113

the droplets are wet; they are droplets of liguid. the mask is not wet. fauci lied and we don't know how many people died as a result of lying about masks not working.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 26 2020 3:04 utc | 114

For those who think some countries have beat the virus by following correct protocols, while other lackadaisical countries such as the US have not, consider the emergence of a new strain (D614G) in China, where the virus had been completely contained in Wuhan. A great success and example to the world, and yet, and yet....Trump who professed great admiration for Norman Vincent Peale and has employed the power of positive thinking all the way to the top, has met his match in a persistent bug not at all impressed by his positivity, a bug that has pierced the hard carapace of his self-delusion and will kill him before he leaves. This is a bioweapon that is demonstrating its marvelous gain of function capability and it is not going away in time for the 4th or the second Tuesday in November. Let's not forget, we're in the Kali Yuga. This is normal.

Posted by: jadan | Jun 26 2020 3:20 utc | 115

No b, masks are not an IQ test. Masks are an indicator of a person’s relative susceptibility to influence operations. The wearing of a mask demonstrates that an individual adheres to a particularly desirable level of social conformity in response to a coordinated psychological operation. It is a useful measure of effectiveness for said operation, (it helps to quantify the overall effectiveness of the message, and it is especially useful because it is an easy to measure indicator.)

It is truly a shame to see how many people have been buffaloed by this thing.

Unfortunately, very little can be done. A good Psyop gets people emotionally invested in a particular narrative. You and your lot have been conditioned to feel an emotional response to contrary opinions. You no longer want dialog, you want people to shut up. You resort to ad hominem, calling people “Low IQ” or “ Cov-Idiots” if they disagree. You will not tolerate dissent. You favor censorship and enforced lockdown at the hands of government thugs to peaceful resolution.

We can certainly find ways to protect the at risk demographics without infringing on the lives of others you know. We can easily allow the immuno-compromised to remain isolated. We can provide food delivery services for them, we can provide assistance with rent and necessities, and we can even provide special health care services for them which will limit their exposure to this disease. We can do this as a society very easily.

At the same time we can encourage people to practice good hygiene and to take precautions against this disease, but we can do so on a voluntary basis. We can protect the vulnerable and our collective civil rights. Even more, by taking a more measured track we do not put ourselves at risk of a major economic crisis - which, as you yourself have detailed, brings a host of other bad problems along with it.

There is a third way, but it starts with respecting the rights and opinions of others. You have a right to live your life your way. If you are afraid of COVID, please do stay at home, wear a mask, get a vaccine, order all your food online, and take any other protective measures you feel are necessary to remain safe. If you are concerned about your parents health and wellbeing, please help them to stay at home, limit their exposure, have food brought to them. Please do whatever you feel is necessary to protect your health.

On the other hand, please don’t force others to change their lives because you have become paranoid. Imagine what kind of world this would be if we all had to live according to the worst fears of the most paranoid among us. Shall the hypochondriacs of the world dictate how the rest of the world lives? What kind of madness is this? Will we continue to allow the fear mongering media to socially engineer society by instilling untold anxieties in the masses? This is not healthy and it is not rational.

I wish we could find a middle ground b. Can it really be that we must divorce over this issue? Can we possibly allow some “mask free zones”, “mask free stores”, or “mask free communities”? Can we at least tolerate our differences of opinion here. What if those of us who believe COVID is a badly exaggerated threat and an attempt by governments to enact extreme authoritarian agendas were to follow the rules when we interacted in your zones, would that be good enough? Can we allow some kind of equitable split of society? Can we coexist? Will you allow us to live as we will, open our own shops and stores, and generally keep away from your part of town? Is that acceptable? I’m asking you seriously, because I think we need to have this discussion.

Tensions are rising. My people are feeling very threatened right now. It is becoming difficult for us to get food or to interact without feeling like criminals in society. It feels like we are being exiled from society. This is a scary feeling for us. Meanwhile, your people feel your lives are being endangered. Your people feel we are putting your very lives at risk. Both sides are feeling strong emotions right now, so more than ever we need to have calm peaceful dialog. We need to work to come to an understanding. My question is, How can we co-exist b?

Can we please come up with a framework whereby the two parties can co-exist? I hope we can.

I know I took a bit of a cheap shot in the opener b, I apologize for that. I’m sincerely requesting here that you consider my concern. Can we please have an open dialog on this matter?

I appreciate your consideration b. Thank you.

Eddison Flame

Posted by: Eddison Flame | Jun 26 2020 3:47 utc | 116

So I read all the comments so far, and I see lots of evangelism. Lots of "science" being touted by both the masked and unmasked. Apoplectic oldies incensed by a youth wanting to"risk" both his life, and others lives, just because he wants what 6 months ago would have been normal, and still is perfectly normal,apart from the new fear.

I don't think I have learned much here today, but I can tell you that people are defending their previously bought into positions fervently.

@pretzelattack 33

nope climatology is supported by peer reviewed science, building on science for the past 200 years roughly.

Just like all the peer-reviewed epidemiology science projections that have worked so well recently. Same kinds of people, using the same kinds of cobbled-together software, getting the same kinds of results. "Science advances one funeral at a time".

Posted by: C | Jun 26 2020 4:01 utc | 117

In old sick people the covid virus goes for the lungs. In young people (and old) it goes straight to the pancreas and kills off all of the 'beta' cells that produce and regulate insulin. Then, with the pancreatic beta cells all dead, the individual instantly acquires TYPE-1 diabetes which kills them either immediately or most often within five years. Lots of fun!

Posted by: blues | Jun 26 2020 4:02 utc | 118

@Doubter | Jun 26 2020 1:43 utc | 98

I think a debate between experts would be a good idea

Consider the definition of an 'expert' in this context. As you know, anyone who looks at the actual numbers and presents a logical conclusion based on the facts has supposedly failed an 'IQ-test'. How is a meaningful 'debate' supposed to take place?

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 26 2020 4:26 utc | 119

@109 Bob

What exactly is the hoax? How is the legalized looting, ongoing, related to the novel virus? Are people not sick, not dying? Why no UBI and universal health insurance to support the working population for the duration of the pandemic? It’s not a hoax, it’s theft and class war from above with life-threatening and long-term health consequences for regular people.

Crying “Hoax!” as a new highly infectious virus capable of attacking ACE2 receptors located in every organ of the body, a virus that tricks or deceives the immune system into not identifying it as a foreign invader — thus the high percentage of asymptomatic but still contagious people (and thus the need for public mask wearing to slow the pandemic) is an ill-informed deflection at best from pursuing understanding and stopping the theft occurring and the harm perpetrated on everyday people through mal-goverance. Further, there are long-term side effects resulting from this new weird virus still being understood — could this be why China attacked this thing as if it was the plague?

More complex thinking required please.

Posted by: suzan | Jun 26 2020 4:43 utc | 120

When I post here, I usually post some sort of links to back up my arguments, or at least as a reference to orient the discussion.

Ever notice that most of the morons here have no links? All they have is their "sacred opinion" - which is pulled out of their ass.

And the ones that *do* have links have a source that either obviously has a moronic agenda or is complete BS which a five-year-old could debunk - because it was a five-year-old in intelligence who posted the link.

Posted by: suzan | Jun 26 2020 4:43 utc | 118 More complex thinking required please.

To quote Percival Rose yet *again*: "That ain't gonna happen."

If I was b, I'd just stop posting virus threads - it's a waste of everyone's time wading through blatant stupidity to find a nugget or two of real information.

Yes, this is my "unsupported by links" opinion. You want proof? Read the rest of the thread. I can't be bothered.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 26 2020 4:51 utc | 121

@Eddison Flame | Jun 26 2020 3:47 utc | 114

Masks are an indicator of a person’s relative susceptibility to influence operations. The wearing of a mask demonstrates that an individual adheres to a particularly desirable level of social conformity in response to a coordinated psychological operation. It is a useful measure of effectiveness for said operation, (it helps to quantify the overall effectiveness of the message, and it is especially useful because it is an easy to measure indicator.)

Thank you for this and the rest of your post, in my opinion you have it exactly right.

When I was a recruit in the military we were trained to follow pointless orders. The idea was as everyone knows to train young souls to obey orders, not because we agreed with them, but because they were administered by authority. To hammer that 'obey' message in the order had to go against logic. What is going on with masks now is the same thing, you prove to the authorities and everyone around you that you conform to senseless orders issued by political authority, and they are now busy quantifying their level of success.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 26 2020 4:53 utc | 122

Same libertarian bullshit on every coronavirus thread. Are they bots? Are they paid by Big Pharma?

  • Old people are not the only ones that die.
  • That old people die more than young doesn't mean that people shouldn't try to avoid this new and deadly disease. We are still learning about this virus and viruses sometimes have nasty long-term effects. Human papillomavirus can cause cancer years later.
  • We have a population with many many people that are susceptible due to diabetes, hypertension, cancers, etc. We haven't proven that we are disciplined enough, or care enough, to protect susceptible people so its best to fight the virus, not "live with it".
  • Everyone that the virus infects threatens all of us because the virus could mutate.
  • SARS-COV-2 is not the flu.

Libertarians who appear to be so agitated about government restricting their freedom have nothing to say about the latest round of massive bank bailouts. It seems that it's OK with them if the government picks their pockets as long as they have the freedumb to go maskless?

Once Big Pharma concocts a vaccine I guess we'll see socialist bots replace the libertarian ones. They will implore us to do-the-right-thing and get the (mandatory?) vaccine. LOL.

<> <> <> <>

It seems we need a new Movement? Old Lives Matter. Take the red pill grams! Only when grumpy old people topple symbols of the youth establishment - playground slides? ice cream trucks? - will the old get the respect they deserve. Then they can finally nap in peace.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jun 26 2020 4:58 utc | 123

And don't forget that protesting for BLM is considered safe. If you think otherwise, you're racist.
Racism is a crime and stupidity too.

I wish I could understand the logic of that. I would then be able to understand the logic behind war. It could be very useful.

Posted by: DidierF | Jun 26 2020 5:38 utc | 124

Mainly directed at the spammer of the day, Swiss Army Man but also at "Skip" whose son is a well trained doctor /s -

1) Viruses do not fly through the air on their own during an infection event. Maybe 1 out of 1 billion? They adhere to moisture particles. Moisture = variations of H20. I suspect your son can consult one of his college textbooks to see how large those droplets/particles are.

2) If you aren't finding any N-95 masks, you're not going to the right places in Texas. My fucking corner store has them. Yeah, Lowe's and Home Depot are only selling "dust masks" but still.

3) That you were only provided with a "cheap dust mask" at your doctor visit (funny to me, since they are all doing telemedicine except when you need emergency care or imaging here), it's to PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE. See, if YOU are infected and at the doctor for something OTHER than showing COVID-19 symptoms, they can't really be worried about YOU catching it. It's so that YOU don't transmit it to other, more susceptible people, at their establishment.

Yes, indeed, wearing masks IS an IQ test.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Jun 26 2020 5:41 utc | 125

@ SAM #111

Yeah, but guess what, genius. In this case it's not the screen suzan mentioned or the mask that is "wet" - it's the moisture droplets on which the virus particles are conveyed through the air via human respiratory functions (breath, sneezes, coughs, etc.) so it's the wet DROPLETS that adhere to a dry MASK going both in AND out that are what the reasonably sane and intelligent people here are discussing. Do try to keep up.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Jun 26 2020 6:11 utc | 126

I highly encourage, nay, dare some of our mask doubters to *insist* that during their next elective or otherwise surgery, the attending surgeons/aides do not wear masks. They work in many (to some mysterious) ways!

Results of MANY studies

Posted by: _K_C_ | Jun 26 2020 6:14 utc | 127

no c, it isn't the same at all. physics is not medicine. a lot of medical research has been corrupted by big pharma. big pharma has all the money. guess who has all the money in the climate wars--the big fossil fuel companies, which are some of the richest companies on earth. why then did the fossil fuel companies not finance competing research? answer, when they did, the results that came back supported the consensus science. in fact, their own scientists warned them about this long ago, in the 70's and 80's. denying climate science as legitimate only really came to the fore after the corporations started their propaganda campaign using hill & knowlton, who also helped out the tobacco industry with a similar operation. before that, you rarely heard conservatives talk about climate change, and in britain, margaret thatcher had no problem with admitting the validity of the science.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 26 2020 6:18 utc | 128

Previous link was not the intended one, which was the one that b posted a few days ago re: the combined results of several studies. It's easily found in the archives. For a more recent one, I offer this.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Jun 26 2020 6:18 utc | 129

@didierf--your first premise is wrong, by and large protesting is not considered safe, and the effects of it are supposed to start showing up as numbers spike. safer would be a better word, because most of the protestors wear those much maligned instruments of oppression, masks.

Posted by: pretzelattack | Jun 26 2020 6:21 utc | 130

I've been skimming the numbers on Worldometer's Cases vs Deaths page for every country. The page is always dated and I go to the stats for Oz to see if Cases vs Deaths numbers match official numbers. They always do match. So I assume that the stats for other countries are similarly accurate. i.e. near enough...

The striking thing about the country by country stats is the colossal inconsistencies. Today I jotted down the stats for 16 countries on a page divided into 4 columns > Country > Cases > Deaths > Factor.
Factor is Cases/Deaths. In China the Factor is 18 which means 1 Case in 18 resulted in death = 5.55%. In the US the Factor is 19.7 = 5.07% or slightly better than China. Whilst the US continues to under-count its Cases this difference will probably persist.

The stats demonstrate that countries addicted to Christian Colonialism and World Domination, by violence and /or deprivation of basic needs, are winning the race to allow COVID-19 to "kill their own people" - which suggests that their contempt for Homeland lives is only lower than their contempt for foreign lives, but by no means absent.

Looking at Cases/Deaths stats for countries which are NOT run by Christian Colonial Cranks it's tempting to conclude that the non-CCC countries have found an effective treatment for COVID-19 but have decided, and agreed, to keep it a secret, and not share it with CCC countries, and countries with 'ties' to CCC countries.

Of course, it could be just a weird coincidence - unless you've actually lived in a CCC country run by greedy, merciless assholes.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 26 2020 6:44 utc | 131

Incidentally the under 60's in amerika who have been happily dismissing Covid as only deadly to old humans should probably take a gander at this article in Psychology Today which details a study done on the negative effects Covid has on an individuals brain, stroke, dementia and mind, psychosis:

"The study looked at 125 hospitalized patients with Covid-19 who also had some sort of neuropsychiatric complication. Fifty-seven had had an ischemic stroke, caused by a blood clot in the brain. The second most common issue, affecting 39 patients, was an altered mental state, researchers reported. That included encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain that can cause a number of symptoms, from confusion to mobility problems) and encephalopathy (a general term for a disease that alters brain function). Ten patients were newly diagnosed with psychosis, and six had cognitive issues akin to dementia, according to the study, published in the Lancet Psychiatry.

“What was particularly interesting was that this spanned the neurological spectrum,” said senior author Benedict Michael of the University of Liverpool, a neurologist specializing in infectious diseases.

The people in the study ranged from their 20s to their 90s (emphasis me), and the researchers noted that, because they focused on hospitalized patients, the complications detailed likely represent the most serious ones."

Posted by: A User | Jun 26 2020 6:57 utc | 132

Ok I get it, masks work, but does that warrant like a dozen posts about "why we should all wear masks"? The corona crisis is a huge event. There are so many angles, so many details to cover, but moa sounds like a broken record stuck at the same phrase.
When the blog post for whatever reason does not appeal to me, then at least I get to learn something from valuable comments posted on this otherwise great blog, but even that does not pan out anymore.
I wish b would limit the reporting on corona. How is Boeing doing these days? Any color revolutions going on somewhere? Anyone fomenting a war?

Posted by: Joost | Jun 26 2020 7:10 utc | 133

@Joost | Jun 26 2020 7:10 utc | 131

Ok I get it, masks work, but does that warrant like a dozen posts about "why we should all wear masks"?

It reflects the level of confidence in the message, compensated for by quantity.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 26 2020 7:46 utc | 134

Has anyone else included the vid of a superstitious loony telling the council of some florida city that masks are the devil's handiwork?

I came across it courtesy of Aotearoa's most unreasonable right wing fishwrap which is also the fishwrap with the biggest circulation - even they can no longer get behind the inherent craziness of amerikan superstition.

I, too dunno why b persists in this regular covid nonsense, nothing has changed in the points of view since late february, the loonies are still crazy and the logical types are still trying to use those useless 'fact' things to sell superstitious derps on the radical notion 1 + 1 = 2.

Maybe its just an attempt to increase page views thereby increasing the numbers seeing and responding to the bi-annual appeal. If that is the case, understandable as it is, I just cannot see the superstitious derps reaching for their wallets - not when there's family gouging & wrecking tithes to be paid.

Posted by: A User | Jun 26 2020 8:02 utc | 135

It is appaling that after several months of Corona craze people still don't understand the basics and see through this fallacy:

A positive RT-PCR Test does not necessarily mean you are infected. The test is so hypersensitive is reacts to a single molecule. Virus RNA fragments remain in your body even if you immune system responded normally and shrugged off the virus without you even noticing or ever being infectuous. Normally this would be called 'healthy'. The decision to call it a 'COVID-19 case' is purely political. Then the more you test by necessity the more positives you will get.
So, positive does not equal infected, infected does not equal ill, ill does not equal serious, and serious does not equal dead. Yet the media propaganda wants you to believe that when you have the tiniest trace of virus in your body you have a huge problem. Some of you might, yes, if you have a weak immune system. But the entire thing is inflated way out of proportion by applying the fucking test on asymptomatic persons.

For those who can read German, suggested read by Swiss immunologist Prof. Dr. Beda

Posted by: Matthias | Jun 26 2020 8:12 utc | 136

Hello! Just a quick note to 'Clincher', the first comment under the article. You are a fucking idiot dude: Sweden's health minister and leadership have publicly acknowledged that they made a big mistake not requiring masks in public. They have a much higher mortality rate than Norway, Finland and other neighboring countries.

Posted by: slam | Jun 26 2020 9:10 utc | 137

@slam | Jun 26 2020 9:10 utc | 137

Hello! Just a quick note to 'Clincher', the first comment under the article. You are a fucking idiot dude: Sweden's health minister and leadership have publicly acknowledged that they made a big mistake not requiring masks in public. They have a much higher mortality rate than Norway, Finland and other neighboring countries.

We are not wearing masks in public in Norway, if that's what you believe.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 26 2020 9:55 utc | 138

Posted by: A User | Jun 26 2020 8:02 utc | 135 the loonies are still crazy and the logical types are still trying to use those useless 'fact' things to sell superstitious derps on the radical notion 1 + 1 = 2.

Got that right. These anti-mask, "it's only the flu" types are pig fucking witless.

Posted by: _K_C_ | Jun 26 2020 6:18 utc | 129

Hate to do this to you, because you're right, masks work, but here's the reaction of a bunch of epidemiologists to that particular study. They don't deny that masks work, they just state that particular study is badly done - although some of the comments *do* support the conclusions of the study.

Expert reaction to a study looking at mandatory face masks and number of COVID-19 infections in New York, Wuhan and Italy

Not being an epidemiologist, I can't tell if any of these guys are right or wrong, but it would behoove us to take note of any criticisms of any study - except, as I said, when there's an obvious agenda involved and the criticisms are moronic.

In any event, there have been plenty of studies that masks work to prevent viral transmission, dating back long before this particular virus. They invented these masks for a reason, something the morons here can't seem to grasp. And no, it wasn't just for paint sprayers and asbestos workers.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 26 2020 10:24 utc | 139

Posted by: Matthias | Jun 26 2020 8:12 utc | 136 Some of you might, yes, if you have a weak immune system.

Well, maybe you Germans have massively developed immune systems - to go along with your fucking egos - but here in the US we have around 100 million people - that's one-third for you clowns who can't count - who *do* have compromised immune systems due to diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. I've listed the numbers before - look them up yourself. Google is not your friend, but you can find them using it.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Jun 26 2020 10:27 utc | 140

"How is Boeing doing these days?"

Interesting question. While the overall crisis that company is facing is largely self-inflicted by the massive incompetence of its leadership, the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be the coup de grâce for Boeing. Orders worldwide for its cash cow, the 737 MAX, are being canceled, reversed, or otherwise lost. This gives China's domestic alternative, the COMAC C919, breathing space to ramp up production and start taking market share. Likewise for Russia's Irkut MC-21.

Boeing's 737 MAX problems preceded the pandemic, and they are not forgotten. That said, any discussion of Boeing's current status is woefully incomplete without taking the coronavirus into consideration.

Though the freaks rant about reopening the economy and sacrificing the Boomer generation to do it, the fact is that Boeing sales will not return to pre-pandemic levels ever. Even if you could somehow wish everyone into forgetting about the disease risks involved in getting on an airplane, Boeing's problems are deeply rooted and long term.

What is even more devastating in the longer term for Boeing (and all high tech employers in general) is that US based companies will be facing greater difficulties recruiting cream of the crop engineering and scientific talent from around the world (mostly China) as a consequence of being perceived as a dangerous place. This perception that the US is unsafe is due to not only its horrendous mishandling of the pandemic, but also rioting, police murders, and rampant xenophobia; xenophobia that is even more deadly among some of America's racially disenfranchised. Considering that most STEM graduate students in US colleges are from other countries (over 55% before the pandemic), this could reduce by half America's tech talent pool. That pool is crucial for companies like Boeing.

So maybe some people don't want to hear about the coronavirus and want to pretend that it doesn't exist, but every other issue of note is impacted by it.

Posted by: William Gruff | Jun 26 2020 10:37 utc | 141

Watching Planet America Fireside Chat right now. Fauci has confessed to lying about the effectiveness of face masks BECAUSE he knew, back then, that there weren't enough for everyone and all available masks were required for Medical Workers. John & Chas are having a "furious agreement" debate about when blatant lying is OK and why a lipsticked version of the Truth isn't preferable?

'Trusted Expert' Fauci bears SOME responsibility for the necessity for this IQ Test thread.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 26 2020 10:44 utc | 142

Mask wearing, with massive fines for non compliance, Germany has seen it's infection rate (R rate) increase greatly..

Coronavirus latest: German reproduction rate spikes 60% in a day

Germany's virus reproduction rate has climbed significantly for a second day

Germany being one of the first EU nations to adopt mandatory face mask wearing with a huge fine for non compliance

The size of that fine virtually guarantees compliance. So what happened b?

Posted by: R Rose | Jun 26 2020 11:06 utc | 143

Could the anti mask camp here please tell me ——
What would have happened if other precautions had’nt been taken ?
Plane flights not stopped.
Lockdown not imposed.
Ppe in hospitals and care homes not given.

My point is it’s easy for you guys to criticise the present situation ! You can’t lose.
But if you guys had got your way with your denial from the start, where would we be now. I shudder to think.
The above logic exposes the lack of your IQ mentioned at the top heading.
So please answer this point. With out deflection or prevarication !
The people here that criticise b for having a ‘view’ then go on to give there view on his blog is shabby, but to comment and regularly use his blog without a small donation speaks louder than words.
I’v met your kind at party’s and I don’t like you. Cringe worthy.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jun 26 2020 11:07 utc | 144

C #30

I wish I could actually find out the truth, rather than vacillate between "It's serious" and "It's a scam plandemic", with shouty evangelical types on either side.

Thank you C, my thoughts too. I recognise it as a mighty infectious bug and I am happy to take high order personal precautions yet I strongly suspect we have been panicked into irrational behaviour. Time will tell.

The Swedish approach is instructive and the entire nation has remained calm it seems. I consider their reluctance or inability to support residents from Africa to be troubling if indeed the authorities were aware of the vitamin D deficiency issue. That vitamin D issue was news to me yet I assume it was well known to medical professionals for years from encounters with previous coronavirus outbreaks.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 26 2020 11:10 utc | 145

And while we all awaite an intelligent reply to my preveous question.

I blame you mask denilests ! The mess we’re in world wide is your fault. With your shortsighted, selfish callous disregard for anyone else, sacrificing everyone else for your hedonism and greedy profit margin !
From the bottom to the very top.
Anti mask commenters, plane company profiteers, Trump and the elite.
Without your mind set this pandemic would never have happened ! So don’t preach, or take the moral high ground here. We know better, we looked, you all had your head up ya arse.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jun 26 2020 11:47 utc | 146

Mark @ 146

The "lockdowns" have not come without great costs- and there is no evidence they impeded the spread of the virus.
Because there is virtually no way to verify those types claims- too many variables.And it's also more likely the virus was on it's way out before the "lockdowns" as has been demonstrated in the UK.

BUT there is clear evidence that the lockdown has created a myriad of problems
Opioid deaths are way up- lack of support systems and necessary medical intervention is exacerbating the issue
increased isolation, as is being documented, increasing mental health issues are already appearing
Financial distress from people being unable to earn their paycheques
Children demonstrating signs of PTSD
Long term- the lockdowns- will wreak havoc on society. For years to come.


"highly infectious"

Is it? Quantify that claim?

It's well known that Covid (multiple versions of it) were spreading in late 2019
And that it spread more slowly then has been claimed

"CGTN Europe spoke to Yves Cohen, who led the research into old samples that revealed Hammar's illness was the new coronavirus.

"Radio scanning is a very sensitive exam to detect COVID-19," said Cohen. "It's better than our tests, as their sensitivity is 98 percent, while ours is only around 70 to 75 percent."

He added: "So it's good it's so sensitive and if cases were really around in mid-November, it's extremely interesting and means the virus was spreading sooner than we thought."

This raises questions about the origins of the coronavirus and Cohen said his study tells us more about the spread.

"We know it didn't start in early January but earlier," he said. "What we can say is that the pandemic wave is slower than expected, the virus spreads slower."

Considering reality, it's clear the virus was in circulation long before it's been claimed and it's spread was much slower then has been claimed as well. Which begs many more questions about mask wearing.

Posted by: R Rose | Jun 26 2020 12:10 utc | 147


So you believe there has been a death rate spike here and there including San Francisco.

As of yesterday the death toll in SF was 48. Out of a population of 880,000. I am in Evanston, IL. Population here is 70,000 and so far 68 are reported dead. Our local death rate is 18 times the death rate in SF. In Chicago, 1.5 miles away from where I sit, the death rate is higher. No one locally is freaking out. Went past the public beach yesterday, full crowd in attendance. No social distancing. No masks. Just people enjoying the sun and socializing.

Can someone tell me why when our local death rate is 18 times that in SF we continue to get zero press coverage? By media standards what is happening here is absolute carnage. It should look like the apocalypse outside my door.

I will tell you why the locals here are so nonchalant. No one knows any of the dead. Or rather we know exactly one of the dead. Hecky Powell. Good guy, good restaurant, he is missed. I can name him for you right away and am not forgetting him. All the other 67 are complete ciphers. Yes, in the back of the nursing home there will be a few who just die and are not remembered, not missed. But 67? If 67 people died in car crashes around here at least 20 would get a couple paras in the local paper, a thumbnail photo, a word from the family, something. But apparently all of the 67 are utterly marginal nobodies, disconnected from society. None of them get any kind of memorial, just nothing. Strange virus that so adroitly selects the least amongst us.

Mark2 @ 144

You are inquiring what would happen if PPE were not given in hospitals and care homes? Why inquire, that is exactly what did happen. And continues to happen. What planet are you on you do not know this?

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 26 2020 12:22 utc | 148

Once again the psyop works perfectly and now everyone not only hates one another they also fear one another and refuse to interact face to face off line and are lured online where everything is recorded and monitored. No one is even concerned about the total failure of society to protect its own from a virus because they're too busy calling each other names over wearing masks and condoning hiding in their basements from each other.

No one knows the truth but are more than willing to verbally abuse anyone that refuses to believe the official narrative supplied by governments who show over and over again they only care for the elite and will gladly lie like a rug to further the creation of the permanent underclass and neofeudalism that is surely on its way in.

My favorite quote from my favorite war criminal sociopathic bootlicker sums this entire dialogue up perfectly :

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
-Karl Rove.

All you need is any old event and presto ! One more divide and conquer wedge to further fear monger and divide the peasants while the elite swim away with even more control and a larger out-sized share of the money, power, and prestige.

Lot's of claims are being made and frothy emotional BS that tries to pass for science in this post science world where all science is either funded by or threatened by the same tiny handful of self appointed God's on earth and their faithful band of merry boot lickers and head crackers.

Stay safe, be well, and most importantly, don't trust anything you read these days as truth, it's been outlawed.

Posted by: dave | Jun 26 2020 12:23 utc | 149

@ Eddison Flame | Jun 26 2020 3:47 utc | 116

No shirt
No shoes
No mask

Libertarian paranoids stay the fuck out of my space!

If this virus mutates into a really nasty bug, not the selective not-so-bad version , we see now and you keep talking the I-gotta-be-me trash you're talking right now, you are going to get shot dead, Mr. Eddison Flame.

Posted by: jadan | Jun 26 2020 12:33 utc | 150

In the Slate today:

White House Official: Americans Will “Just Have to Live With” Massive Coronavirus Surge

This impossibility, of making a full economic recovery without a full public health recovery, is a bind that almost every official in the U.S. except hard-line Trump loyalists saw coming. But if Kudlow’s press tour was any indication, the White House’s official position is that it would still prefer not to acknowledge reality.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jun 26 2020 12:35 utc | 151

@jadan | Jun 26 2020 12:33 utc | 150

What gives you the right to be so aggressive and threaten other people who simply state facts as they see them? I read such behaviour as cognitive dissonance on your part.

Posted by: Norwegian | Jun 26 2020 12:41 utc | 152

When you test a lot you will find a lot of cases which should not surprise anyone. According to the Swiss Research Report those who don’t survive are over 80 years old or have under lying conditions. Those under 60 years of age who die have undiagnosed under lying conditions and most importantly the Snowden Documents said this Plandemic was coming to increase surveillance and control.

Everything is in the Overview. Number 28 of the 30 conclusions is the reference to Snowden. The body of the Report is the Science behind the Overview.

Posted by: William H Warrick MD | Jun 26 2020 12:47 utc | 153

R Rose @ 147 & old hippie @ 148
I’l let readers here judge if you adequately answered my question or neatly avoided doing so.
Those symptoms of lock down are ‘your fault’ own it !
The anti mask camps credibility is in question, right here.
Failed !

Posted by: Mark2 | Jun 26 2020 13:01 utc | 154

I wonder if there is a tipping point number of deaths that could or would be reached where most everyone, including former ardent Trump supporters, demanded a unified national response to the pandemic similar to what China has done and is doing in managing the pandemic? Would it be a million deaths? Two million? Ten million? Fifty million? Or, would no tipping point of deaths suffice? At this point, as insane as it is, I say it's the latter. Remember, this is a country, clearly insane, with enough nukes to blow the world up one hundred times over. That fact alone should scare the shit out of all of you who aren't Americans. Any day now, the whole thing could go boom and you are not immune merely because you're not an American.

Posted by: | Jun 26 2020 13:04 utc | 155

"If this virus mutates into a really nasty bug, not the selective not-so-bad version , we see now and you keep talking the I-gotta-be-me trash you're talking right now, you are going to get shot dead, Mr. Eddison Flame."

Posted by: jadan | Jun 26 2020 12:33 utc

Really ? Nothing sociopathic about that post now is there. How about you find a therapist ASAP or get back on your meds ? Anyone this unstable should be hospitalized immediately.

This forum is just fomenting hate at this point.

Posted by: dave | Jun 26 2020 13:11 utc | 156

@155 "At this point, as insane as it is, I say it's the latter."

I agree. I think the way that the US powers-that-be will handle that is by simply suppressing all news about it.
There will come a time when there will be a million deaths in the USA and not a single American newspaper will mention it.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Jun 26 2020 13:21 utc | 157

Another interesting thing is that it may be the case that some asymptomatic cases may still get lung damage. More detail in the link.

Posted by: Doubter | Jun 26 2020 13:27 utc | 158

"The anti mask camps credibility is in question, right here."

That might be the way you see it. However..

Considering the virus was already in circulation months before official pandemic declaration,identified in multiple nation states as being present in 2019. Then it only makes sense that "lockdown" and "mask wearing" become questionable "necessities"

another report on that reality, which you don't seem to grasp?

"“Phylogenetic estimates support that the COVID-2 pandemic started sometime around Oct. 6, 2019 to Dec. 11, 2019, which corresponds to the time of the host jump into humans,” the research team, co-led by Francois Balloux, wrote in a study published in the journal Infection, Genetics and Evolution."

well before masks and lockdowns.

"Those symptoms of lock down are ‘your fault’ own it !

As for people suffering due to "lockdown" needing to own it. So people who died waiting for heart surgeries etc., need to "own it"?

Posted by: R Rose | Jun 26 2020 13:44 utc | 159

China CDC: Virus strain from Beijing cluster different from the one in Wuhan

[in another link, it is mentioned this new strain is much more virulent than the Wuhan one]

Many epidemiologists here in this comment session.

One question: do you still want to play Russian roulette with the virus?

Posted by: vk | Jun 26 2020 14:12 utc | 160

Reading through everyone's comments and I can see there is quite a divide amongst patrons at the bar regarding mask. I can also see that many folks can write, but can't/shouldn't be writing about 'science' because they seem quite ignorant about what 'science' is.

Science is never settled! Science is never an exactitude! Every time someone thinks they figured it out, well something comes along and poof, that previous belief becomes blase. Of course all those folks who invested their identity and themselves in the old belief are loath to give it up.

Reading the comments of the mask nazis makes me laugh. I can't believe how much faith they put into a lil face covering. I wonder if they have the same faith in condoms knowing how often they fail?

As for all the ignorant comments using the experiment of dry vs wet containment abilities and telling us how moisture droplets concentrate the virus and that's why mask are so important... obviously don't realize when people touch the mask they are touching their concentrated breath moisture they then spread everywhere they touch. Most people don't wear a mask properly, it's just a fashion statement to let everyone know how enlightened they are. And if you're not wearing it properly and changing it often, then you're actually creating more of a problem than not wearing it at all. As for surgeons and nurses in an operating theater wearing a face covering; yes it will help keep the medic from infecting the patient properly worn... this is in a sterile operating room with all the protocols being followed (and even in this environment people get infected!)

It is amazing to me how quickly everyone has become a medical expert since covid. How easily they dismiss the comments of those who actually work in medicine (if they don't agree with their view, and this goes both ways) I think folks become attached to a belief and when it is shown their belief is wrong, rather than change their belief, they get angry. As several famous folks have said in many different ways, "it's easier to fool a man than convince him he has been fooled."

At some point in history people will look back and laugh at all the crazy beliefs folks were putting forth about covid.

And just so you know; you're eventually gonna get it. Just like we all have gotten the other flu and colds that circle the planet.

Remember originally the lock down was just to slow the spread of the virus so the health care system wasn't overwhelmed. Well, it looks like we did that and now it's time to go back to our lives, get the bug, die or live. Isn't that what would have happened anyway?

All this emotional investment in how other people choose to live is silly.

Stay healthy!

Posted by: David Shinn | Jun 26 2020 14:15 utc | 161

What happened with the nicotine patch tests? I've been back smoking, following b's advice and would like to know if I should continue!

Posted by: Mina | Jun 26 2020 14:53 utc | 162

Smoking is a class issue currently.
Wear a mask.

Posted by: Duncan Idaho | Jun 26 2020 15:04 utc | 163

dave | Jun 26 2020 13:11 utc | 156
"Really ? Nothing sociopathic about that post now is there. How about you find a therapist ASAP or get back on your meds ? Anyone this unstable should be hospitalized immediately."

Think a little bit, Dave. There is a right of self defense. If this virus mutates into something much worse than it is now and you violate the protocols designed to protect yourself and others from infection, then you pose a danger to yourself and others. Some could argue that you are threatening their lives by not wearing a mask and keeping your distance. I do not own a gun personally, but most everyone I know does, and you would definitely get yourself shot with a stupid disregard for safety. A self-defense argument would play well in court, if there were a court. But under severe pandemic conditions, there would be no court, and your gunshot corpse would be just another corpse on the heap of corpses. Get it? This Covid19 is nothing compared to what humanity has faced in the past and what it definitely will face when this mild little Covid 19 becomes something much worse. So wear your mask show a little concern for others and shut the fuck up.

Posted by: jadan | Jun 26 2020 15:04 utc | 164

@161 David Shinn

Very true, David, re: "settled science."

I always chuckle when some breathless poster adds some new study about corona virus as if it has been a phenemonon troubling mankind for decades.

Scientists have been looking at this thing for only a few months. I take everything I read about it with a huge heaping tbsp of salt. Good for the heart!

I remember a decade or so ago when lab coat people had built the Higgs-Boson particle collider and TIME magazine and the like were smearing "The God Particle!" On all their covers. Again, the clickbait shit always makes me laugh. On websites, some of the text accompanying pictures begging you to click are so ingenious and yet absurd that they must have a pretty good understanding of psychology. In many ways, clickbait imagery-stuff at the bottom of the page is some of the most thoughtful content on the web.

But what made me laugh during the whole God Particle thing is the almost religious zeal of technoscience admiration from those who read TIME and the like and thinking that we were somehow going to elevate our understanding of the universe one iota with this stupid particle collider thing. It probably has weapons potential, but what physics laboratory does not?

If you were to smash the smallest particles known by known and break them open, you would find even smaller things to beguile man in its fruitless quest for knowledge.

The whole "God Particle" thing is just a clever reveal of our own inability to live within the framework of the way, which asks nothing from us and is never exhausted and yet strict obedience and study of it is never fruitless yet is never complete.

The "God Particle" is yet another one of the 10,000 things. And our retarded scientific arrogance claims that that one thing is God.

We are truly ego tripping at the gates of hell.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jun 26 2020 15:16 utc | 165

oldhippie, #148:

I didn't say San Francisco alone, I said said explicitly SF Bay area, which of course includes Oakland and smaller cities on the east side of the bay, and includes San Jose, not to mention the towns of "silicon valley". And in the SF Bay area there indeed has been a spike in deaths. No, nothing like that the New York metro area though.

I know nothing about the Chicago area death rate. But infection is higher than the rest of the state of Illinois, and I do know that you can't extrapolate from the death rate of one well of suburb of Chicago, Evanston, to calculate the whole Chicago metro area's death rate for the last 100 days.

And you admit that the death rate in Evanston and Chicago is higher than the rest of the state, but seem to suppose masks don't matter in public. It's not that people aren't using masks at beach so much, it's the lack of mask wearing when shopping in the supermarket or riding on public transit--trains and buses.

Just by way of example, it's very safe to assume that Riverdale (very well off section of the Bronx) has a much lower spike in deaths than the whole of the Bronx, which has the highest or second highest spike in deaths in NYC.

Posted by: Jay | Jun 26 2020 15:20 utc | 166

A Neil Clark piece:

"While families going to beaches in a heatwave are snobbishly derided as "lumpen", other large groupings of people during ‘lockdown’ have received much more favourable coverage. Compare and contrast two tweets by Toby Ellwood, Tory MP for Bournemouth East. On 1st June he tweeted "We need to fix this -ASAP" above a photo of a crowded section of a beach in the south-west.

Yet just 48 hours later, the same Tobias Ellwood MP tweeted a photograph of anti-racism protestors outside Westminster with the words "Moving to see this powerful and peaceful demonstration of solidarity outside Westminster right now. Scenes like this are happening across the world. Politicians must listen".

What kind of virus is it that can spread on west country beaches, but not in large public demos in London? What’s the ‘science’ that underpins it?"

I guess it is the hypocrisy and political expediency that has people confused and resistant

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Jun 26 2020 15:20 utc | 167

A hefty fine would solve this anti mask craziness 20% of annual earnings.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jun 26 2020 15:25 utc | 168

@ 133 joost.... it is b's blog.. he is the final arbitrator on what posts he makes!! he is making plenty of posts on other issues, but for some reason you are unhappy he is making posts like this one on masks-covid... why not just skip posts you aren't into and read the ones you are?? it can't be that hard... perhaps you like complaining.. in that you have a lot of company!! norwegian is right there with you 24-7!! another first rate complainer!

Posted by: james | Jun 26 2020 15:28 utc | 169

Posted by: Mark2 | Jun 26 2020 15:25 utc | 168

Turkey has just imposed a fine for anyone not wearing a mask in public of 900TL (130 US$). A bit extreme I think, but whatever.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Jun 26 2020 15:30 utc | 170

@162 Mina

Increase to two packs a day and move to menthol.

I suggest Newports Newpimps.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jun 26 2020 15:31 utc | 171

By hoax i mean panic. The virus is real it kills people but its not as bad as cdc / government / media says it is; the panic was created to by elites to once again loot the world economy plus bail themselves out. And for regular folks who lost jobs/ cant pay mortgage car note. To bad go live under a bridge, your shit will be sold off for pennies on the dollar

Posted by: Bob | Jun 26 2020 15:50 utc | 172

Nemesis Calling " ...corona virus as if it has been a phenemonon troubling mankind for decades."

Coronvirus has been troubling humans for decades. It is in fact almost entirely associated with the common cold.

"Although the first member of the coronavirus family was discovered in the 1930s [1]"

"Most of us will be infected with a coronavirus at least once in our life"

And some of us already have been infected with one or more of the preceding coronavirus

"The first coronavirus was discovered in chickens in the 1930s. It was a few decades until the first human coronaviruses were identified in the 1960s. To date, seven coronaviruses have the ability to cause disease in humans. Four are endemic (regularly found among particular people or in a certain area) and usually cause mild disease"

So, yes, humans have been dealing with coronavirus for decades.

Posted by: R Rose | Jun 26 2020 15:50 utc | 173

Also when the 1200 checks came out it created a nice spike upwards in the economy cuz people who needed the money went out and spend it on real things. 4 trillion care act the 1200 checks was only 1/8 of the 4 trillion. Can you imagine if we just gave away 1 trillion to people who make less than 100k a year. That alone will boast the economy cuz working people buy real shit not invest in wework wallstreet bullshit. But it wont happen cuz our leaders know it a good idea so they dont go for it

Posted by: Bob | Jun 26 2020 15:55 utc | 174


Here is the info you seek on Sweden, they are mid-range for Western Europe, a little worse than
Switzerland, but better than Spain, Italy, France and Britain. Scroll down to Z scores but make note of European excess mortality showing it is virtually over there.

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 15:59 utc | 175

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has just ordered all bars closed and all river rafting. Turtle hunting Pokemon Go have been banned as well. Florida has also ordered all bars closed. I can't wait for the Speakeasies to pop up. I have a great name for one. COVID. Or. Pandemic.

Posted by: | Jun 26 2020 16:02 utc | 176

@ R Rose

Ahhh, a "gotcha" comment.

I was, of course, referring to this particular strain and of course this particular pandemic we find ourselves in.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jun 26 2020 16:04 utc | 177

Picking on Bars is interesting, here in Texas if you are dining you can get a drink and throughout liquor stores have remained open as essential!

Posted by: SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 16:09 utc | 178

"This Covid19 is nothing compared to what humanity has faced in the past and what it definitely will face when this mild little Covid 19 becomes something much worse. So wear your mask show a little concern for others and shut the fuck up."
Posted by: jadan | Jun 26 2020 15:04 utc | 164


What complete utter nonsense bullshit.

Hey idiot- do wars require a vaccine to prevent them?

Have you not been paying attention to the MILLIONS of deaths caused by the scum US Regimes policies post WW2? Conventional weapons, Chemical weapons, Bio weapons, Depleted Uranium ring a fucking bell in your ignorant brain? How about Economic Policies from the West that have Murdered MILLIONS of people? Not even Govt sanctioned Torture gets your attention?

Funny- not a peep from you about how MILLIONS of deaths could have been prevented if concerned citizens had risen up against their vile murdering Govts and rejected their war and fiscal policies? I guess homeless people living in the streets don't count either?

If you are so concerned about the lives and welfare of your fellow humans, you may want to back up and take a deeper look at reality with regards to the WEST murdering with impunity these past decades.

What about herd immunity? If you have had the virus, why wear a mask?

Posted by: CitizenX | Jun 26 2020 16:10 utc | 179

Do masks reduce the amount of spit people let fly into the air?

Why shouldn't I hack and spit in public to reduce my internal viral load?

I am learning to ask questions like these from my vast selective internet education.

I am not learning to ask why the American virus response (or any other response)always seems to work out okay for the wealthy.

Oh yeah, the other thing I learned was how lucky the poors are for the virus spread. Free diagnosis of underlying conditions!

Posted by: Randy | Jun 26 2020 16:13 utc | 180

Jay @ 166

You are making a whole lot of suppositions. Like most who are getting emotional if I am not in total lockstep agreement with every part of your bill of particulars then you will consider me a troll and a bastard and an ignoramus.

Try doing order of magnitude math. If you can’t get within a factor of ten you don’t know what you are saying. Bay Area population is around 5 million. We can argue about what is included in Bay Area and it won’t change much. Bay Area covid deaths are about 500. Again we can argue about what is included and it won’t change much. Population of Cook County, which is Chicago and Evanston and a good part of the other suburbs is 5.2 million. The current death count as of yesterday is an even 4500. Chicago area deaths are an order of magnitude greater than SF area deaths.

And there is no panic here. The lockdown is easing. As of tonight I can go to a nightclub and sit there without a mask. Occupancy at that club is limited to 25% so probably I wouldn’t get in, I will assure you there is going to be a street party outside the club.

And yes, Evanston is a decent proxy. With 1/75 of the county population right here, 68 deaths is in line with the overall rate in the county. Do the arithmetic if you can. I am not so stupid as to mix up Chicago area with downstate. Prosperous areas have been hit because prosperous people travel. And we have Northwestern University here, where the entire STEM program was Chinese nationals as it is or was in most American universities.

You could have had all this information in a moment’s search. I had to search for California numbers. But some people apparently know all sorts of things they have never bothered to look up.

I am not opposed to masks. When this all started I wore my P100 mask. For about ten minutes. Scared children and made dogs bark. Searched all the places I normally do business and everybody was completely out and none were able to order stock. Was that hoarders or was it more organized? So me and the wife sat down and made masks in the kitchen. And wore them before it was mandatory. All these months later have stopped believing there is a purpose. That is not saying masks do not work. Don’t know if any here can follow the distinction I will make. The virus is contagious. It spreads. It has been spreading a long time. It is everywhere. It is ubiquitous. Other viruses historically spread over the whole planet in much less than six or eight months. Viruses spread fast back when air travel did not exist, when people lived and worked and died within a few miles of home. This was supposed to be the fastest propagating virus ever. And there is still an uncontaminated population to protect? The math says a virgin uncontaminated population cannot still exist.

30% of the swabs used in testing are pre-contaminated with the virus. That is not because someone has a fiendish plot to infect those being tested. It is not because the swabs have been badly handled or because the supply chain is messed up. It is because the virus is everywhere and cannot be escaped. We are going to live with it. Cowering in fear is not how your immune system maintains health.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 26 2020 16:23 utc | 181

A record high number of daily new cases in the US yesterday at 40,184. Enjoy the rocket ride.

The increasing number of tests being performed only partially explains the rocket rise in new cases, but we all knew that already didn't we.

Lots of younger people catching it now as the retirees don't go to work as much etc. So expect a delay in the older folks following along with new cases. Luckily they're expendable.

I decided to check and verify the marvel that Sweden is w.r.t. COVID-19, relative to other nearby countries by sampling some key numbers (as of yesterday, my attempts at posting yesterday wouldn't take). Oh they're doing great.

All numbers per Worldometer, including the above 40,184 new cases.

Sweden total cases / million = 6,327
Norway total cases / million = 1,621
Denmark total cases / million = 2,182
Finland total cases / million = 1,294
Germany total cases / million = 2,312

Sweden deaths / million = 518
Norway deaths / million = 46
Denmark deaths / million = 104
Finland deaths / million = 59
Germany deaths / million = 108

Posted by: snow_watcher | Jun 26 2020 16:26 utc | 182

the only knowable is the unknowable. the cacophony is the truth. no less true in the comments here. great big melting pot.

Dr. Rieux in Camus is right: it's not a question of what, it's a question of when. i'm not a public health expert. the probability that the USG or whoever would collapse the global economy over a fake is zero. the probability that the US state at all levels would lie and obfuscate as much as financially possible about any crisis is 100%. we do nothing else.

the impenetrability of the rubbish of US public discourse is the truth. the nightmare truth. good fucking luck dealing w/covid. do respirators help? do masks work? maybe the virus will be scared away by the roaring of engines? or adolescent chest puffing?

how much closer to midnight will the doomsday clock move if the NFL season doesn't start on time? that is much, much more important question in the US than why food is not included in the CPI. or inequality in women's pay. or the denial of habeas corpus to asylum seekers. oh no, fuck you. i'm not wearing a mask.

covid is just a little hammer of the gods to test this sculptured bullshit. what a nothing problem, relatively speaking, this virus is. a shot across the bow, as it were.

Posted by: jason | Jun 26 2020 16:48 utc | 183

Mask wearing declares the wearer is doing what can be done to help shut down the pandemic and as such is behaving responsibly towards everyone's health and wellbeing. Those not wearing a mask send the exact opposite message. That's the bottom line truth of the matter. Clearly, there're many irresponsible cretins who've commented here proudly declaring they care nothing for themselves or others for that's precisely what their behavior inscribes on their belief window. Yes, the Franklin Reality Model is an excellent analytical tool, and it just pegged everyone.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 26 2020 16:56 utc | 184

That roar you hear is a growing tidal wave of COVID infections coming to get you. That bleating you hear is the sound of weak leadership scrambling to control the now uncontrollable.

The grand experiment that many want, a quick path to "possible" herd immunity without an available vaccine in sight, is about to come true.

Enjoy the madness.

BREAKING: New #coronavirus numbers in #Florida: State reports another 8,942 new cases, the highest ever in a single day. While a record number of people were tested, more than 13% were positive.
— 10 Tampa Bay (@10TampaBay) June 26, 2020

Posted by: snow_watcher | Jun 26 2020 17:21 utc | 185

A reminder...

"Everybody knows that pestilences have a way of recurring in the world; yet somehow we find it hard to believe in ones that crash down on our heads from a blue sky. There have been as many plagues as wars in history; yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise.

When a war breaks out, people say 'It's too stupid; it can't last long.' But through a war may well be 'too stupid,' that doesn't prevent its lasting. Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves. In this respect our townsfolk were like everybody else, wrappped up in themselves; in other words they were human: they disbelieved in pestilences.

Albert Camus, "The Plague"

Posted by: donten | Jun 26 2020 18:06 utc | 186

Don’t even tell me this link is off topic.
This post is about positive solutions versus negative defeatism.

We are here, we didn’t disappear. We are politics on the street. You can keep your Trump/Clinton bs.
We are many, expect us !

This week makes this timely.

Posted by: Mark2 | Jun 26 2020 18:16 utc | 187

@ Charles #3

I am happy to see New York and 2 other states restrict access to travelers from the worst hit states. I think it is time for more independence from Washington...

For the record, you are aware, are you not, that when the shoe was on the other foot, back in the far past a couple months ago, when the outbreak in New York was far worse than anything in Texas, Texas imposed a similar 14 day quarantine on any traveler arriving from the greater New York City area? Seems sensible. Given how little is still understood about the virus, why import it on top of whatever is brewing locally? Nothing to do with Washington really.

@Alaric #25
@William Warrick #153
Thanks for the link to the review article at the Swiss Policy Research site. Full of links and data, related to covid, from many countries.

Also, I am grateful to learn of SPR and its general effort to identify and cut through propaganda distributed through many media outlets.
The anonymity of writers and underwriters on the internet, as at, is a characteristic that always leaves some uncertainty. But so many of us are anonymous. Ultimately, readers judge by the quality of submissions and analysis, over time, just as here at MoA.

Posted by: smoke | Jun 26 2020 18:32 utc | 188

Indeed. If you "believe" in masks, you failed the test. Many European countries have ended lockdowns without masks, and yet covid is fizzling out. -- Clincher at 1

"The virus molecules are so small, masks don't matter” -- Skip at 9, his son’s statement.

Let’s not politisise, as the Science made public is an abysmal mess.

Quote 1 is true of Switzerland. Mask wearing went from 1% (Asian tourists, my invented no.) in early March to maybe at most 20% in public *my obs* at peak. Lockdown (mid March with first stage opening June) was incredibly rigorous and well or obsessively followed, without policing / penalties, etc. COV19 is gone for all practical purposes (see worldometer etc.) CH Gvmt. never obliged / enforced masks, with a few exceptions: hairdressers, podiatrists, nail salons, dentists for the dentist but not the patient, opticians, doctors, etc. after re-opening those biz. - situations where very close contact is involved. Other bodies, e.g. public transport in GE canton, could only ‘advise’ mask wearing.

CH Federal advice was based on research on the efficiency of masks. Here is a meta-study that shows that they - in the title - ‘don’t work.’

This does not mean that strong correlations between mask-wearing and eliminating COV19, or reducing, lowering its spread, don’t exist.

article re. one of the better studies:

Wearing a mask does not guarantee blocking transmission as ‘masks don’t work’ - but may actually physically cut spread, by how much is unknown, and even a sorta partial protection is +++ in this situation, specially if easy and cheap.

Trying to think of a similar ex., —> wearing a seat-belt is the best I can do right now - does it eliminate road deaths? No, does it save lives, Yes, Could more be done, Yes, e.g. a 50km speed limit, or banning cars completely. Many other complex societal issues play a role (commuting kms., car culture, state of the roads, eye-tests, etc.) I didn’t want to get into condoms, would be a better ex.

One intruiging question here is the large difference between M / F cases in veil-wearing countries, e.g. KSA. Cases are far lower for women in these countries, about a third only, some claim they are not tested as ‘inferiors’, hmmm. Something to look at. — In much of the W, there are more F cases (not deaths) under 60, as they tend to have more low level ‘contact’ smily jobs, e.g. supermarket cashier, receptionist, nurse, cleaner..

Other factors play a role: mask-wearing may be associated with, in no order: awareness of the infection, hygiene care taken, such as hand-washing, disinfecting, cleaning up, taking off shoes, meeting outside, etc.; following social distancing; not going out much no partying (fear..); living in a culture that is ‘obedient’; and much more.

The mask-wearing issue is fulfilling divide to conquer strategies which one shouldn’t embrace.

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 26 2020 18:36 utc | 189

@ George | Jun 25 2020 23:51 utc | 77

Most of the masks advertised at Staples are not anti-virus masks.

All 3M N95 masks at Staples (the only ones I'd trust these days) are marked "Out of Stock." I would not trust any masks coming from China (KN95) right now -- there is a serious crowd of crooks advertising fake KN95s, or even taking orders -- and your cash -- and never delivering.

If you want to see what you're up against when looking for anti-virus masks to buy, read this --

China is working hard on getting the crooks out of the business, but it's not easy, and it will take a while.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Jun 26 2020 18:45 utc | 190

Karlof @ 184

Franklin Reality Model? You are the one that just got pegged. That is straight Mormonism.

For Germans and others who don’t know American culture. Mormons are a cult. A racist, reactionary, right wing authoritarian cult. Uses violence against members who stray and in places where they have numbers uses violence against neighbors. The stupid ones join the army - as cultists they are good at obeying orders - the slightly smarter ones staff the FBI and CIA. The Church is always a ready handmaiden to CIA and the mafia. That is where karlof gets his Franklin Reality Model.

No Mormon would even consider reading this blog if Church Elders did not specifically tell them to.

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 26 2020 18:52 utc | 191

CitizenX | Jun 26 2020 16:10 utc | 179

This is war, Citizen X. This is biological war, a creeping biological war. You may wanted to have yourself tested, since your thoughts appear to lack coherence. It would be helpful if you didn't spread this incoherence to others. Love your neighbor.

Posted by: jadan | Jun 26 2020 19:13 utc | 192

oldhippie @191--

The man who developed what's now known as the Franklin Reality Model had nothing to do with Mormonism. He's straight out of the schools of Behaviorism and Cognitive Psychology which have combined to produce Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which I've seen in action, personally experienced, and can attest to the veracity of its predictive power in the example I provided. These are the schools trying to get most psychotropic drugs removed from therapy programs as its becoming clearer daily that the drugs cause far more problems than they solve.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 26 2020 19:24 utc | 193

-*- visual-line -*-

@SwissArmyMan | Jun 25 2020 23:44 utc | 75

The risk from Covid-19 to a 20 yr old American male is much less than the Vietnam War was

Why limit the discussion to 20 year old males when these constituted only a quarter of all deaths in Vietnam?

A rough estimate is that the Vietnam War lasted about ten years, from 1963 to 1973 (that is when most of the US casualties happened). About 58,000 soldiers died; these soldiers were presumably of military age, not just 20 year olds. Thus about 5800 US soldiers per year died in the Vietnam War.

In contrast, according to the US CDC, about 13% of deaths from Covid-19 were males of military age, 18-62. (Actually, the cohorts available in the data are from 15-64, but that is close enough.) Roughly 110,000 people have died so far from the coronavirus. Thirteen percent of 110,000, over half a year, means Covid-19 is killing roughly 28,600 males of military age per year.

Thus for an American man of military age, the risk of dying from Covid-19 is almost five times the risk of dying in the Vietnam War.

Posted by: Cyril | Jun 26 2020 19:24 utc | 194

Cyril @194--

Millions died in what was called the Vietnam War by the Outlaw US Empire. As such, your comment's junk.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 26 2020 19:26 utc | 195

Karlof @ 195

Hyrum Smith. Don’t expect you to concede but any who cared could look it up.

You want me to believe you got gulled into a system created by a top Elder because the psychology was so clever?

Posted by: oldhippie | Jun 26 2020 19:33 utc | 196

@SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 1:51 utc | 102

The CDC has changed their view on masks so often this year they can hardly produce fake science studies fast enough to keep up with todays OPINION.

The CDC (and the WHO) can only say what the currently available data tells them. In a rapidly evolving situation like an epidemic, data will change. Wait a while for the science to settle down before you fling accusations of fake news at scientists. Plenty of fake news emanates from non-scientists.

Posted by: Cyril | Jun 26 2020 19:38 utc | 197

@karlof1 | Jun 26 2020 19:26 utc | 195

Millions died in what was called the Vietnam War by the Outlaw US Empire. As such, your comment's junk.

Please read what I actually wrote. There is a reason I focused on the deaths of US soldiers.

Posted by: Cyril | Jun 26 2020 19:40 utc | 198

People who take the deaths of what, half a million people now? Who take it as worldwide conspiracy of just the corniest, clownish type... it’s just embarrassing. At best. Deadly at worst.

Posted by: OHH | Jun 26 2020 19:52 utc | 199

@SwissArmyMan | Jun 26 2020 0:32 utc | 87

now my old memory says about 500,000 names are on that Vietnam wall

Your memory sucks. The US casualties in Vietnam were about 58,000.

Covid-19 has killed about twice that number -- so far. It's just a flu, right?

Posted by: Cyril | Jun 26 2020 19:56 utc | 200

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