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May 05, 2020

Open Thread 2020-36

Non-Covid-19 news & views ...

Posted by b on May 5, 2020 at 17:55 UTC | Permalink

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China finally openly recognizes the existence of a far-right doctrine, based on the principle of the "Clash of Civilizations" (Samuel P. Huntington), among a substantial number of members of the American elite:

Fundamentalist myopia drives US campaign against China

Props to Pepe Escobar, the journalist who called it first, before Trump even took office.

Posted by: vk | May 5 2020 18:24 utc | 1

the Chinese made 2 fundamental mistakes:
1. they were seduced by American's dollars and became greedy
2. they forgot their recent history(humiliated by United Kingdom) and trusted the white Anglo-Saxon man.
For those, they will pay dearly.
Russia and Putin should have warned them NOT to trust the West. Hopefully the NEXUS OF POWER(which stipulates that the next world power will be China because the nexus of power is always moving westward direction) theory will still hold true but now I doubt it.

Posted by: Hoyeru | May 5 2020 18:35 utc | 2

Another coincidence.

A 2003 episode of the TV show "Dead Zone" entitled "Plague" involved the cast battling a respiratory virus that originated from China.

"Coronavirus" is even mentioned in the show, along with Chloroquine being discovered to inhibit the virus and save everyone.

Interesting coincidence, huh?

So here we are

Posted by: Skeletor | May 5 2020 18:44 utc | 3

Productive problem in the US:

A Wendy’s With No Burgers as Meat Production Is Hit

Hundreds of Wendy’s restaurants aren’t serving hamburgers and grocery stores are limiting meat purchases, as shoppers begin to feel the impact of meatpacking plant shutdowns.

Posted by: vk | May 5 2020 18:46 utc | 4

Any take in this fine forum about the recent developments in Venezuela? The apparently failed infiltration by venezuelan desertors and american mercenaries linked to Guaidog ?


Elijah Magnier reports about this:

Pics of captured americans

Trump denies role in Venezuela incursion
Maduro says americans among mercenaries captured

Posted by: ColombiA | May 5 2020 19:05 utc | 5

Somehow I missed this essay and the series it's a part of when it came out, but it's still quite a good read and makes more sense now than earlier, "Bankocracies" which the Outlaw US Empire and EU certainly qualify as.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 19:14 utc | 6

This one has been trashed a few hours ago, or went to the inferno for some keyword reason. I ll sneak it in nevertheless. It seems there is really something wrong with Typepad...

Posted by: Mina | May 5 2020 19:35 utc | 8

Alleged contract between ex-Green Beret and Guiado:

Posted by: Yul | May 5 2020 19:38 utc | 9

@3 Skeletor,

Not as much a coincidence as you might think. The first SARS outbreak occurred in 2002, was also noted in china and is also cause by a type of coronavirus. And they used HCQ to treat it even back then.

Posted by: Lysander | May 5 2020 20:03 utc | 10

Deniability is usually built into a covert operation, which is what the mercenary action in Venezuela is. But the money trail will either lead to one of Abrams' schemes, or more likely from the seized CITGO accounts which are now Guaido slush funds. Arresting Guaido is apparently a red line which will prompt direct US action, but that position may have to be revised if this mercenary operation can be tied directly Guaido or his close associates.

What is different between this and the capture of Hasenfus in Nicaragua back in the 1980s, is hostility towards Venezuela has wide bipartisan congressional support, whereas the Contra program was illegal and in defiance of specific legislation.

Posted by: jayc | May 5 2020 20:08 utc | 11

Background on the capture of the Silvercorp terrorists and their contract with Guaidó.

Posted by: krollchem | May 5 2020 20:12 utc | 12

America's proxy war threats against Venezuela are heating up.

There has been a second assault on Venezuela by armed commandos.

The first attack involved a group including a "former" American Green Beret named Jordan Goudreau and the mercenary company Silvercorp. America tried to cover its ass and distance itself from this attack.

Now, after this second attack, can the USA still hide behind "plausible deniability"?

Second Mercenary Incursion Against Venezuela in 48 Hours Fails in Chuao

Amb. Moncada: “AP Want to Convince US That 300 Mercenaries Were Training in Colombia to Kill President Maduro Without US and Colombian Support”

Posted by: ak74 | May 5 2020 20:14 utc | 13

a rule for thee but not for me: Lovers leap!

RT cites The Daily Telegraph, UK

"Professor Neil Ferguson, author of apocalyptic coronavirus models, has resigned from his position as adviser to 10 Downing Street after revelations that he violated quarantine himself to meet with a married lover."

[.] known as ‘Professor Lockdown’ had allowed a married mother with whom he was having an affair to visit him at least twice during the quarantine.[.]

Posted by: Likklemore | May 5 2020 20:16 utc | 14

On house arrest...lockdown. Is it tyranny?

"My question for you is, where in the constitution did the people of Wisconsin confer authority on a single, unelected cabinet secretary to compel almost 6 million people to stay at home and close their businesses and face imprisonment if they don't comply, with no input from the Legislature, without the consent of the people?" Justice Rebecca Bradley said during oral arguments heard via video conference, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

"Isn't it the very definition of tyranny for one person to order people to be imprisoned for going to work, among other ordinarily lawful activities?" she added. [.]

Bradley offered the remark after Assistant Attorney General Colin Roth of Wisconsin said “people will die” if the order is repealed with nothing to replace it.[.]

Bradley, along with Kelly, who was defeated in last month's election, continued to hammer at Roth about the authority for creating the order, where the limits of authority exist for the DHS and its secretary-designee, Andrea Palm, and how the agency derives the power to punish those who violate the order. Roth appeared flustered at moments but said the power is in statutes created by the Legislature, which the Legislature could amend if it felt the need to do so.

"If you look at the statute, it's in there," Roth told Bradley.

The court will decide two issues: Whether Palm violated state law governing the issuance of emergency rules by ordering the extension of "safer at home" and whether the order exceeded the authority DHS has under state law by closing nonessential businesses, ordering state residents to stay at home and forbidding nonessential travel.

The Legislature is asking the court to suspend enforcement of the order past its original April 24 expiration, but suggesting that the court stay the enforcement of the suspension for six days to allow DHS enough time to create a new emergency rule with the participation of the Legislature.

But justices wondered why the court should suspend its ruling instead of simply invalidating the order, if it is an improperly created rule.[.]


Just the tip of litigations. Wait for the legal actions on suspension of medical care - cancer surgeries, et al.

Posted by: Likklemore | May 5 2020 20:38 utc | 15

Makes one wonder what that rather shady ice-hardened "cruise ship" - allegedly "receiving maintenance" either close to or in Venezuelan waters was really up to. RCGS Resolute.

(More on the incident)

Posted by: billb | May 5 2020 20:39 utc | 16

B how about a dicussion of Trump's failed attempt at a coup in Venazula?

Posted by: dp | May 5 2020 20:50 utc | 17

More on China's digital currency trial. The wife and I've been having a discussion dealing with the idea put forth that digital currencies are claimed to be "hard" which is difficult to swallow since things that are digital are virtual--imaginary or not real like a hologram--the image is real but it's also a chimera and will vanish. Think CGI--computer generated imagery--now used in cinema--is celluloid even used anymore? Now a digital camera can have an image it recorded printed so it becomes a 3-D object. Money's also moved digitally, but that doesn't render the money digital.

Most barflies know I tout the political-economic views of Max Keiser, but I don't second his pumping of Bitcoin, which he declares is "sovereign money" that bypasses all central banks and is thus a genuine People's Money. It's his opinion that digital currencies will replace paper currencies, but he has yet to explain how they differ from fiat. Admittedly, this area is my one knowledge black hole where I'm genuinely at sea. Wiki has this page on central bank digital currency I'm currently studying.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 21:05 utc | 18

OK let's see what we have on today's menu:

#1 "Non-Covid-19 news & views (with a side of Bat Soup, gone viral)"

#2 "2020 Presidential Election Thread 09 (with a side of Hope & Change, slightly beyond shelf life)"

These things really cheer me up! What about tomorrow's "War With China topped with Untelevised Economic Depression (over bad Bat Soup, and with a side of Proxy Venezuelan 'Revolution')"? Really warms my heart on a beautiful spring day!

Posted by: blues | May 5 2020 21:19 utc | 19

Likklemore @15--

An unusual case since both legislative parties agreed a pandemic exists. The stay at home and closure of non-essential businesses order is clearly to enhance public safety not to tyrannize the populace. What Tyranny and fraud exists at this time is to be primarily found in NYC and DC.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 21:25 utc | 20

Man, the Empire's last attempt in Venezuela is beyond ridiculous. The mercs had all their I.D's on them, even ones linking them to Silvercorp and a signed contract? This is a fail of epic proportion and makes one wonder how can that be..

Posted by: Lozion | May 5 2020 21:35 utc | 21

@ dp 17

After the screen shot of the Silvercorp USA contract with Guaido surfaced, Esper said we didn't know nuttin' And Guaido denies. These denials confirm a coup was attempted:

Ex-Green Beret claims he led foiled raid into Venezuela
The $212 million contract Link

Posted by: Likklemore | May 5 2020 21:36 utc | 22

Russia, Russia, Russia now....China, China, China It started with Oboma administration, and now Trump administration continue....

Sad isn't it? It make me wonder as the sound grow louder and louder each passing day. It's only a matter of time they (Americans) hunt down every commie they find in every States. I'm sure every Chinese or Chinese-look-alike is a Chinese and every Chinese is a commie.. Just like my neighbor thinks Chinese never invents anything, they steal, cheat and lied.

ZeroHedge published UC Davis severed ties with "China funded Yet Another University Shuts Down Chinese Communist Party-Funded Confucious (Confucius) Institute". First Kansas State University, then the University of Kansas and now the University of Missouri are dumping their Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes.

More University cutting ties with commies regime (Confucius Institute). "The University of Missouri is closing its Chinese government-funded Confucius Institute. Mandarin classes taught to Columbia public school children by teaching interns from China will stop at the end of the school year."

Read more here:

Posted by: JC | May 5 2020 21:39 utc | 23

Also this, "We know everything said Cabello, some of their meetings we had to pay for, that's how infiltrated they were":

Abrams, go back to sleep..

Posted by: Lozion | May 5 2020 21:49 utc | 24

@ karlof1 18
Keeping in mind Bitcoin’s ‘halving’ coming up in about a week or so, the one facet any crypto like bitcoin should have inbuilt is scarcity. Keizer really flogs Bitcoin hard, but there is real beauty in a coin that unable to be debased - even Nero’s precious metals could not escape horrific debasing. The halving (the dropping of the rate of available mined coins by age one half) will continue until the last bitcoin is produced around the year 2140. By that time there will have been 41 million coins mined, circumventing debt backed fiat and governments. There will be some great amount disappearing into the ether, though another of its strengths is its divisibility. A currency driven by the demand of the people, and in cases like the Cyprus Bail In, some measure on global instability. With that said, there has been a good bulk confiscated over the years by the feds re: The Silk Road etc so I’m sure they’ll have enough Bitcoin in stock to figure out a way to game it if they wish... or if they were so inclined, use it for good as they feed it back into the community.

Been thoroughly enjoying the discussion re: MMT in recent threads. Economist David McWilliams had Stephanie Kelton on his podcast today and by the sounds of it, MMT is in the pretty good place to have a seat at the big boys and girls table going forward, which should bring massive clarity to economic theory. You should have a listen to that one karlof1, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll fully enjoy it during these times.

Posted by: MadMax2 | May 5 2020 21:51 utc | 25

Lozion | May 5 2020 21:35 utc | 21 ID on them

Bat Guano in Strangelove to Lionel Mandrake at Burpelson AFB>

"You don't expect me to carry change in combat, do you?"


Seriously, when "they" tried to blow up WTC the first time it was easy to predict that they'd try again...since the first try failed. It's pretty basic, one effort goes wrong, learn and regroup and try again.

Similarly, "they" will keep on trying with the overthrow, as it's essential to grab the oil...

I remember when Comrade Che (I think it was Che) thanked the US for the Bay of Pigs, as it cinched the Revolution...

And now, Brother Madero may thank uncle Sam again, as it creates solidarity and energizes the militia.

Cuba and others may also be helping with elint and expertise, dud!

Posted by: Walter | May 5 2020 22:05 utc | 26

Posted by: JC | May 5 2020 21:39 utc | 23

Zerohedge has gone full blown anti-China, parroting daily the Mike Pompeo outburts. It is now Trump reelection media instead of anti-empire media and this will lead to its undoing.

This is why i said many times than Trump followers and libertarians are not anti-imperialists.

They are mostly white men and thus they are going crazy due to the "chinks", the "yellow peril", "chicoms" and "communists" overtaking the USA.

Libertarians are not to be trusted due to their connections with Trump. This has now trapped them into anti-China crusade and thus warmongering and empire mongering. You can see that happening to Colonel Pat Lang too.

Their connection to Trump, as well as dormant racism, now caused them to morph into anti-China craziness.

You now can see how the "libertarians" are morphing into imperialists and warmongers.

This is caused by their connection to Trump and white male syndrome (hidden racism, which causes violent outbursts when the "chinks" end up having a "bigger dick" than the superior and more advanced white man, something that wasn't supposed to happen).

Their anti-China, anti-Iran hatred now makes it very different to receive support from Russia, which is allied to those two, and isolates them into racist hatred against the whole world. Into fighting everyone.

The only way for them to be saved, their only way to redemption, is to reject Empire and agree to multipolarity, even though in that multipolarity the white man will no longer be dominant, but apparently this is too much for white male dominated organisations.

In this way, they chose the path of hatred against the whole world, and this is why they will be destroyed. They had a choice to make (i made that choice too) and they made the wrong choice.

Posted by: Passer by | May 5 2020 22:12 utc | 27

Their anti-China, anti-Iran hatred now makes it very different to receive support from Russia.

Read "very difficult".

Posted by: Passer by | May 5 2020 22:20 utc | 28

Haven't heard from Iranian FM Zarif in awhile. Here he is calling Pompeo illiterate or so it seems:

".@SecPompeo pretends UNSCR 2231 is independent from #JCPOA.

"He should READ 2231.

"JCPOA is PART of 2231. That's why it's 104 pages—& why he’s not read it.

"2231 for Dummies:

"-It would NOT EXIST w/o JCPOA

"-US violated it & prevented others from complying

"-US has NO standing."

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 22:22 utc | 29

MadMax2 @25--

Thanks for your reply! There's some of the explanation of Bitcoin I get, but it seems its value is based on its fiat and gold counterparts. And how does one conduct commerce with Bitcoin. My concern's also related to the promotion of a digital currency to replace the dollar in international commerce and whether it's going to be public or private along with a host of other concerns. Since the global public's been burned very badly by Fiat money--and felonious fraud now happens daily in NYC I an attempt to make the Dollar Ponzi Scheme last forever, which I see as a tyrannical abuse of power--I'm very wary that the Felonious Fraudster Banksters will get away with yet another massive crime for which the great mass of people will never attain Justice.

Thanks for the tip on McWilliams's podcast. I shall hunt it up!

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 22:38 utc | 30

Yes, curious developments in the US/Trump's Southern War on Drugs 2.0

FT on operation Gideon", and drug charges ironically against both Maduro and Alcalá (follow link at reference in article)

“They are dangerous lies because they may be used as a pretext to arrest or harm interim president Juan Guaidó,” a US state department official told the FT, adding that close advisers and relatives of Mr Guaidó had been targeted by greatly increased “violent repression” in past weeks.
Elliott Abrams, the US special representative for Venezuela, said claims that Mr Guaidó had contracted Mr Alcalá to dispose of Mr Maduro were clearly a lie, describing them as “despicable and quite dangerous”.
Mr Alcalá’s claim came just hours after the US Department of Justice (DoJ) charged him, Mr Maduro and a dozen other Venezuelans in connection with “narco-terrorism” and other crimes. The DoJ offered $15m for information leading to Mr Maduro’s arrest and $10m for Mr Alcalá.

Posted by: Vig | May 5 2020 23:04 utc | 31

karlof1 | May 5 2020 22:38 utc | 30 (bitcoin)

I heard from a highly credible source known personally to me for many years, face to face, that the creation of bc was a deliberate practical joke, a malicious practical joke, and presumably motivated by antipathy toward the dollar, and perhaps animus as well, animus of cultural nature. The implied "RFing of the buck was the goal.

I am not sure it's doing that, seems the ruling class is doing a fair job all by deyselves...

I believe he spoke the truth. He knew, and I knew he knew some special people, so I figured he was absolutely sincere.

So it's simply a story... but I don't lie...the story was uttered at least 6 years ago, and at the time the term bitcoin was not known to me.

I don't expect anybody to accept the story. It does bear recording, repeating, as I have done several times over the recent years.

I keep it in mind analyzing events, but my interest is no so much economics.

Posted by: Walter | May 5 2020 23:14 utc | 32

Skeletor | May 5 2020 18:44 utc | 3

SARS was in early 2003. Hydroxychloroquine was thought to be effective in SARS. Which is a coronavirus like the virus causing COVID-19

I’m guessing the Dead Zone episode was fall of 2003. If it preceded the SARS outbreak thats interesting

Posted by: Pft | May 5 2020 23:24 utc | 33

There's some nice Comic Relief at Martyanov's blog today along with some serious talk and a few mind blowing charts. I'll let barflies go to his site for an excellent joke and post the Jim Kunstler excerpt he provided:

"Real capital is grounded in the production of real things of real value, of course, and when it’s detached from all that, it’s no longer real capital. Money represents capital, and when the capital isn’t real, the money represents…nothing! And ceases to be real money. Just now, America is producing almost nothing except money, money in quantities that stupefy the imagination — trillions here, there, and everywhere. The trouble is that money is vanishing as fast as it’s being created. That’s because it’s based on promises to be paid back into existence that will never be kept, on top of prior promises to pay back money that were broken or are in the process of breaking. The net result is that money is actually disappearing faster than it can be created, even in vast quantities."

When you finish his last paragraph, you might recognize that within it is a theme that Asimov wrote about in Foundation and Empire, which of course you'll have read long ago when you were young. I'm sure Walter will know.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 23:32 utc | 34

Lozion @ 24

Welcome back. Good to see you surface.

Abrams did not read the memo.
March 28, 2020. Rosneft sells Venezuelan assets to Russia after U.S. sanctions ramp up Link

The change of ownership announced on Saturday means any future U.S. sanctions on Russian-controlled oil operations in Venezuela would target the Russian government directly.[.]

So in effect the clowns were punching at Putin. You know up against those little Green Men of Crimea fame, 2014. They ain't getting the oil. Putin protects his assets.


@ karlof1 20

Yes. I agree with your observation on tyranny vs public health. In the courtroom judges lean on statues- what is the governing authority; if it is not in statue, your arguments and submission will fail.

Posted by: Likklemore | May 5 2020 23:41 utc | 35

Some of you might be wondering whats going on with meat and the talk of digital currencies.

With meat Tyson and Cargill along with Bill Gates are big investors in Fake Meat. Gates of course is pushing the Green Economy and Sustainable Development. Tyson and Cargill are simply part of the Big Agribusiness Cartel. Meat shortages and expensive meat mean higher food prices overall, snd more profit

Remember Kissingers quote

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Going to be some hungry people in the days ahead like in 1974 when Kissinger implemented NSSM201. Might not stop at the 3rd world this time.

Now Digital Currencies being pushed to stop the spread of viruses is a head scratcher to some of you. Until you look at the patent taken out by Microsoft a week before Gates left MS. Gates is still one of MS largest shareholders.

The patent is:

“A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.”

Social credit here we come. You want to eat, be a good puppy.

Another famous dude once said those who control the money control the Empire. Right now thats the USD , but thats going to change. Don’t worry, the same folks (not government) who control the USD will still control the new currency ( they control governments).

China of course is the global elites testing ground for authoritarian tech controls. A partner despite the fake conflicts designed to to give appearances to the contrary. As Trump would say, Kayfabe baby .

Posted by: Pft | May 5 2020 23:56 utc | 36

Walter @32--

Thanks for your reply! Saw a report about some of the counties proximite to your Anoxia reopening against the governor's wishes. Cute! Of course, economics isn't just about money, coin, finance and all that. Read the link at 34, especially that last paragraph, and you'll see what I mean. Your rehabilitating capital equipment is an economic task most wouldn't recognize as such, but it is. Indeed, the term Homo economicus deals with cost but not with money. For example, to economize or to be thrifty relates to cost and effort, same with efficiency. Yes, eventually monetary terms are attached to them but they exist independent of money as do many things. Value is another term that's been bent all out-of-shape. I'm sure we both value things to which a money price couldn't be attached. Gonna watch some videos now. Hasta Manana!

Posted by: karlof1 | May 6 2020 0:01 utc | 37

Re: 27 Passer by.

Zerohedge started turning Anti-China / Anti-Venezuela about 2 years ago, I think they had some staff changes and hired some Steve Bannon types. Zerohedge was never "Pro-China" by any stretch before then, but they were more even-handed pointing out when the US did something threatening, insulting or provocative to China or Venezuela. Now they are quite blatantly pushing an Anti-China agenda, the self-professed reason of bringing jobs back to America, is in my opinion a smoke screen. When they say America, what they really mean is a modified version of the Monroe doctrine / Fortress Americas from the 1880s, with the US dominating the New World, driving out the competing interests of the Old World / Eurasia. It will be the end of the post Cold War order (which is good for the World in general), but it will mean more wars and coups in South & Central America as the US tightens the screws

Posted by: Kadath | May 6 2020 0:11 utc | 38


“Real capital is grounded in the production of real things of real value, of course, and when it’s detached from all that, it’s no longer real capital. Money represents capital, and when the capital isn’t real, the money represents…nothing! And ceases to be real money”

I disagree with the limited definition “production of real things of real value”

To me Real Capital includes land, resources, agricultural capacity, labor potential of the population, and intellectual property holdings. The US is rich beyond belief when measured in these terms.

Put it this way. What would you say would be the market value of the entire US (public and private). Whatever the number it is its pretty large, greatly exceeding the amount of debt owed to other countries which is in a currency a US entity controls.

Money is simply a medium of exchange. If you have a monopoly on the money, and have the means and will to protect the monopoly using military, debt, oil and food as weapons, there are no limits on how much you can create.

I do believe that the global elite who control the US are ready to plunder the US. For this they will want to move the means of money creation from a national to a globalized entity, outside the control of any nation, much like in much of the EU.

Austerity for all is coming, except the 0.1% global elite as it will be business as usual for them. Tech and Terror will allow them to control the disgruntled masses. AI and robotics will allow for a culling of the herd. Robots don't get sick and don't need freedom. When they break they get recycled.

Posted by: Pft | May 6 2020 0:21 utc | 39

I cant get into my head what the hell bad old UsofA really wants or dreams about with these B movie hollywoodesque 'invasions'.
Not even a third rate BAY of Pigs attempt movie would do worse.

Posted by: augusto | May 6 2020 0:21 utc | 40

I usually don't read The Atlantic, but I was shocked its staff writer George Packer wrote this: "We Are Living in a Failed State: The coronavirus didn’t break America. It revealed what was already broken." It's a special preview of the June issue, so I don't know how long it'll be at the link. Yes, the title foretells the content!

Posted by: karlof1 | May 6 2020 0:29 utc | 41

PIF GADGET comics magazine(a famous French comics anthology magazine for children produced by the French communist party) predicted the corona virus epidemic back in one of its January 1979 issues, not sure which, because they came out weekly. It was in Doctor Justice series, about a doctor named Benjamin Justice who travels around the world helping poor nations. It even had a drawing of a corona virus. Interesting.

Back in the 1970s, growing in a communist country, we were repeatedly warned that Americans want to wage bio war against the communists countries using viruses and bacteria. We were told they will try to spread the bio weapons around. And here we are, 2020. Seems the communists KNEW.

Posted by: Hoyeru | May 6 2020 0:31 utc | 42

augusto | May 6 2020 0:21 utc | 40 (silly amateur invasions)

Maybe they are as seems. and maybe somebody read Mao..."Hullabaloo in west, attack in east", Comrade Mao was a pal of Stillwell...who turned down operational control of the CPA ((!) Tuchman)..and Mao read Sun Tsu... But yeah, maybe a cigar is just a cigar.

Dr K, Yes I remember the Asimov...and agree.

It's astonishing how nearly universal the beliefs in mythic suspensions of disbelief exists. An old union sister of mine just today were discussing how intelligent brother believe utter nonsense...

Later brother.

Time for "pure grain alcohol and rain water...gotta conserve those precious bodily ....fluids...

Hell'sbells, maybe it is the fluoridation...I mean lookit these thuggish pigs! Is this normal?

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 0:39 utc | 43

see Tagspiegle de (tinyurl dot com/y7u647cu) "Eine Weltmacht höhlt sich selbst aus Die USA sind auf dem Weg zu einem „failed state“
Die politische Klasse korrupt, die Wirtschaft herzlos, die Öffentlichkeit gespalten: In den USA hat der Populismus gewonnen. Ein Kommentar. "

That the German Satrap would utter this bode a schism in obedience and weakness of imperial ability, it smack of rebellion.

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 0:44 utc | 44

This is from uncle tungsten's link to on the last open thread, second page #190 - which I much enjoyed with its colorful linkage of the three possibly reconfigured states of being. This is from the third possible post-crisis permutation:

"...In all cases where climate and topography permit, governments should distribute a wide range of seeds to citizens, and perhaps even small farm animals (chickens, goats), and mandate that everyone who is able should contribute something toward national food supply. Even public spaces should be planted, such as the land that stretches beside highways, or public parks..."

If you are minded to send me a goat, government, I'd like a miniature nanny, preferably pregnant - any species would do though I love one of the lop-eared ones. And not to eat, just for the milk and/or manure plus companionship of course. I don't have much space, and it'll be tricky turning my garage into a shed as the only access from my property out back is through the livingroom, but I'm sure that can be made to work.

Do go have a read if you missed it. Some of it cracked me up. Well done, Maximilian, and thanks, Uncle!

Posted by: juliania | May 6 2020 2:30 utc | 45

In the "Now Isn't That Curious" news for the week, the US Dept. of Justice is intervening in the patent infringement case of Apple against Correllium, a company which actually advertises that it provides an exact duplicate of Apple software (and some hardware), but with additional tweaks such as being able to freeze a process at any step. This is useful primarily for hackers (white hat or black hat, government associated or not) to more efficiently try out and perfect hacks.

Apparently the US government has intervened, first trying to indefinitely block the judge's orders that Correllium produce information requested by Apple as part of the normal discovery process, but now even more curiously seems to be demanding Apple provide the DOJ with photographs which Apple made as part of their internal forensic investigation. Apple is willing to provide them to the DOJ, but only with assurances they will remain confidential, and the DOJ refuses to agree.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. It's pretty easy to see how the DOJ doesn't want Apple to be able to discover potentially embarrassing information from Correllium, probably involving USG law enforcement and intelligence service backing, as well as US agency and likely other "friendly" (Israeli) and maybe not so friendly clients. But essentially attempting to classify and seize photographs on "national security concerns" raises far more questions. Do they reveal government sponsored espionage? A really odd little news item which is remaining surprisingly quiet considering the potential implications.

Posted by: J Swift | May 6 2020 3:12 utc | 46

>We Are Living in a Failed State

Not yet. Uncle Sam still has a near-monopoly on violence. But civilians with 400 million guns (really, more guns than people) might have something to say about that in the near future. Meanwhile, sheriffs in Arizona have announced that they will not arrest or fine people who violate the governor's virus diktats. Police always have discretion to charge or ignore any crime, but this is a direct challenge to the governor.

If an individual directly challenges the police, over anything at all, they will be abruptly dealt with. Failure to Obey is the second worst crime, right next to killing a cop. So what can a governor do, call out the National Guard against the sheriffs? That would be a big deal. But he can't let a direct challenge to his authority go unanswered. That is unthinkable in a rigid hierarchy.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | May 6 2020 3:25 utc | 47

Sneaking fucking American bastard, can't beat Huawei and ZTE 5G. Taxpayers funded with Americans and foreign companies to beat Huawei... again SCMP (look at the writer below). "Jodi Xu Klein" mainlander married a White based in NY and untouchable. Not many chinese speak and understands Shanghainese. I do speak and understands.

"Global firms push US to research 5G tech that would minimise Chinese influence and allow multiple vendors Companies including Google, Samsung, Cisco, AT&T and Vodafone urge US lawmakers to fund next-generation tech development"

"Firms urge research into radio access networks that would move 5G infrastructure away from expensive proprietary hardware dominated by China"

Jodi Xu Klein, New York, US Correspondent, Jodi Xu Klein is an award-winning business journalist with 20 years of experience. She joined the Post in 2017, after a decade based in the US reporting for The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. She was part of the Time Magazine team that won the Henry R. Luce Award, breaking the China SARS story.
Areas of Expertise: Business and finance, editing, social media, anguages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Shanghai dialect

Posted by: JC | May 6 2020 3:40 utc | 48

Posted by: Passer by | May 5 2020 22:12 utc | 27

Many thanks for your comments. China will not permit Trump or any American's presidents to bully her like a century of humiliation (Western powers, Russia and Japan between 1839 and 1949). Xin will back down if unprepared.

My main objective bring awareness/attention, South China Morning Post hidden agendas. Earlier posted "What the world can learn from China’s response to the coronavirus" TED Whitney Pennington Rodgers, Gary Liu CEO South China Morning Post and another "Artificial Intelligence at Heart of Alibaba Ecosystem together" Gary Liu and Alibaba Executive Vice Chairman Joe Tsai. repost again below:

Filter rich: Jeff Bezos owner Washington Post, Rupert Murdoch's news empire Wall Street Journey, Pierre Omidyar Intercept and SCMP Joe Tsai Alibaba.

"What the world can learn from China’s response to the coronavirus | Gary Liu"

"Artificial Intelligence at Heart of Alibaba Ecosystem"

Joe Tsai behind SCMP anti China and NOT Gary Liu (front man) using SCMP, corresponded/writers based in Beijing, Shenzhen in China for inside china's classification informations where no Westerners or intelligent able to obtain...SCMP also has corresponded/writers in Canada, UK etc.

Read every SCMP controversial article. Before reading find out: writers, where, China mainland, HK, NY, Canada... sometimes one or more writers sometime HK desk or News Agencies...

"Alibaba Executive Vice Chairman Joe Tsai discusses artificial intelligence and the future of mass media with SCMP CEO Gary Liu at the 2017 RISE Conference. (video courtesy of RISE) Learn more about Joe Tsai's insights at: Joseph Chung-Hsin Tsai, dual citizenships Canada and Hong Kong. The Tsai family escaped to Taiwan as part of the Kuomintang exodus after the Chinese Communist Party took over control of mainland China in 1949. Owner of Long Island Nets... "

Posted by: JC | May 6 2020 4:33 utc | 49

Sorrie wrong youtube

"What the world can learn from China’s response to the coronavirus | Gary Liu"

Posted by: JC | May 6 2020 4:38 utc | 50

Posted by: Kadath | May 6 2020 0:11 utc | 38

Well, why should we care about what those cowards think? If they are so fervently against China than they should personally do something about it, rather then keep crying like manbabies while hoping someone else is gullible and stupid enough to take up their slack.

Posted by: JW | May 6 2020 4:51 utc | 51

@18 karlof1

Just passing through and scanned the last few comments but read yours back to this one, and also noted MaxMax2's response @25.

By tomorrow you will have seen Escobar's latest, on the Game-Changing Digital Yuan - maybe already have (apologies, I have no time to study the threads lately). He reports that it will float from the beginning (even if it perhaps some day in some way becomes tied to gold - because gold of course floats, as does bitcoin for that matter; which is to say that market competition discovers its current price/value).

The point is that the digital Yuan will have scarcity, says Escobar - and this is the quality that MadMax2 cites as the key element of any viable currency. I agree with all this. There will be a fixed quantity of this currency, and that quantity will be known. Note that the new Blockchain Service Network launched by China (and available globally) will serve as the underlying technology.

Your qualms about digital currencies not having tangible existence are unfounded: all digital creations on a blockchain have not only tangible but indestructible existence - that's the purpose of the blockchain, to keep all histories auditably coherent, from past to present to future.


What follows is my view, for what it's worth

This digital Yuan will become fiat currency - which simply means it becomes legal tender by diktat of the state. Bitcoin could become fiat in any society that declares it legal tender. That's all that fiat means. The question of the value of a currency is not answered by whether it is forced to be tender, but by whether its quantity is known.

When the quantity of a medium of exchange is known, then it can be used as a measure of value, which means it actually works as a reliable medium of exchange, and also as a result it then becomes a reliable store of value. It's only when the quantity of money is not known by the market, or changes in ways not obvious to the people using it to buy and sell things, that its ability to measure value becomes arbitrary, and price discovery is lost. If the number of inch-markings on a yardstick changes, that yardstick is no longer reliable to measure inches with.

It is only a coincidence that fiat currencies not redeemable in some other commodity (such as gold) have the ability to be expanded in quantity - that expandability is NOT intrinsically a feature of its fiat nature, but of its lack of fixed quantity. Fiat currency can be tied to gold and still be fiat, but held to a very stable measurement of value by the very slow-moving change in the volume of gold in the world. If the currency's volume changes while gold's remains relatively stable, then the currency's value changes to match.

And finally, as Prof Werner shows, if you increase the volume of money but use it to create new wealth for that money to buy, the values of things are not upset, and there is no price inflation. It's as if you increased the number of inches on the yardstick but made the yardstick longer at the same time, and called it the new yard, and perhaps even end up making things bigger, perhaps even for the same old price.

Some very interesting displays of economic textbook basics are going to occur as China proceeds with its various instruments and platforms.


So the IMF's Special Drawing Right (SDR) will become the new world settlement currency, as the world has long known and expected, and has been no secret for many years now. The Yuan will be a member of the SDR currency, along with the USD and others. China doesn't want to be the world's reserve currency.

The USD will not "crash" but float against world events, and against the SDR, the Yuan (and eventually gold if the Yuan becomes redeemable in gold), and against everything else. But when the SDR takes over, all existing currencies will get priced against it - this is where Max Keiser is saying in the latest Renegade show that $100 Trillion of new liquidity will come into the global economy, and all existing debt will be absorbed into it. Jim Rickards said this a few years ago on a Keiser show, and it rings true.

As to what currencies and instruments gain in value through this reset, and what gets down-valued, this will all derive from, and reveal to us watching, the structures of power in the world.


The tendency of capitalism for power and capital to consolidate will continue unabated. The very richest will get richer, at the expense of all others including many who thought themselves rich. Nothing in the system will change, because nothing exists in the system capable of change. Change will cone from outside the system, in the form of geo-physical rebellion by planet Earth, and revolution by its earthlings against the power at the top. But the time scale for this seems quite long to me.

Posted by: Grieved | May 6 2020 4:55 utc | 52

OH how they hates China, China, China....

Global firms push US to research 5G tech that would minimise Chinese influence and allow multiple vendors

"Meanwhile, the US has been struggling to come up with its own alternative to replace the products provided by companies such as Huawei."

Posted by: JC | May 6 2020 5:37 utc | 53

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of the French society which may lead to Macron's early exit from the palace.

French Senate has totally rejected Macron's plan for lifting the confinement on May 11th. The day ironically also marks Lag B’Omer the end of the plague that attacked Rabbi Akiba’s students in the second century CE.

The Senate vote was 81 for lifting the confinement and 89 against, with an amazing 174 abstentions. If Macron tries to ignore the Senate vote the President of the Senate can remove the president of the republic and temporarily assume the role of president.

Posted by: Krollchm | May 6 2020 6:00 utc | 54

Posted by: JC | May 6 2020 5:37 utc | 54

Funny that their lame 5G narrative is now Huawei is too expensive, as well as embracing the usual Western always-fail approach of "solving own problems by outsourcing responsibility".

Posted by: JW | May 6 2020 6:02 utc | 55

Neil Ferguson is the chief hack with an unbroken record of failure in his epidemiological projections (and therefore always failing upward, as is typical of the system's most useful propagandists), whose prescriptions have been instrumental in pushing the lockdown ideology and program.

Now we learn that he himself doesn't believe in his own lies, as he has felt free to flout the same restrictions he has insisted must become the totalitarian "new normal".

That, along with the already long list of similar examples among the policy elites, proves it: The lockdown elites themselves know it's all a Big Lie.

For Ferguson's prior record:

"Professor Neil Ferguson, high priest of liberal hospital management and inventor of the generalized containment against Covid-19. Professor Ferguson is still the European reference for epidemic modelling.

- Yet it was he who, in 2001, convinced Prime Minister Tony Blair to have 6 million cattle slaughtered to stop the foot-and-mouth epidemic (a decision that cost 10 billion pounds and is now considered an aberration).

- In 2002, he calculated that mad cow disease would kill about 50,000 British people and another 150,000 when transmitted to sheep. There were actually 177.

- In 2005, he predicted that bird flu would kill 65,000 Britons. There were a total of 457."

His Corona terror-mongering will become known as his ultimate failure and lie.

Posted by: Russ | May 6 2020 6:04 utc | 56

Posted by: Krollchm | May 6 2020 6:00 utc | 55

The Senate vote was 81 for lifting the confinement and 89 against, with an amazing 174 abstentions. If Macron tries to ignore the Senate vote the President of the Senate can remove the president of the republic and temporarily assume the role of president.

I guess the 174 are so scared of the Yellow Vests that they fear even to vote to continue the totalitarian lockdown whose primary purpose is to destroy that movement.

Posted by: Russ | May 6 2020 6:07 utc | 57

Posted by: JW | May 6 2020 6:02 utc | 56

Thanks for yr comment, Huawei is NOT expensive, but Huawei hold more patents than either Ericsson and/or Nokia. The main reason to destroy Huawei and China. US taxpayer’s subsidiess’ AT&T, Samsung, Google, Cisco, Vodafone and more... this scheme will bar Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese phones makers not only in USA but worldwide.

Understands again. Huawei is miles ahead both Ericsson and Nokia in terms of technology and patents. I have a Huawei Honor View V20 model L29 Global version 8Gb RAM phone and it’s a damn good phone at a fraction of Apple or Samsung!

Please watch the two other videos posted earlier... it’s a cunning scheme plant SCMP reporter inside China for classified info. Both Joe Tsai and Brian Liu exposed themselves to in the videos... I pray China find out and arrest these spies (all Chinese mainlanders).

Posted by: JC | May 6 2020 7:03 utc | 58

The Yemen war is heating up as Turkish warships have been offloading Muslim brotherhood element on Socotra Island. Saudi forces have also been transported to the island to assist the Turkish forces in eliminating Southern Transitional Council forces (STC).

Perhaps the STC leader's call to take over all institution in Yemen’s southern city of Aden has triggered this Saudi/Turkish offensive.

The STC forces on the island are backed by UAE.

This unusual alliance is due to the fact that both Saudi Arabia and Turkey support the Islah (Yemeni Congregation for Reform) Party which linked to the Muslim brotherhood, but also supports Hadi.

Not to be left out, hundreds of US and UK troops have arrived in Aden with plans to deploy 3,000 troops in coordination with the UAE. The forces will include Patriot missile batteries as a defense against the Houthi missiles.

Meanwhile, the Houthi led Yemeni army and Popular Committees forces have launched an offensive on positions of Saudi-led mercenaries in Bayda (desert) province.

On March 1st the Houthi forces retook al-jawf province in Northern Yemen and shifted their offensive to the oil-rich province of Marib

Coincidentally, Saudi Arabia is deporting over 700 Yemenis and African residents of Saudi Arabia back into Yemen in hopes of spreading the COVID-19 pandemic into Yemen. There is a massive COVID-19 outbreak in Mecca among other cities.

The COVID-19 epidemic in conjunction with the collapse of the oil market is beginning to weaken the Saudi regime which should eventually allow the Houthi's to drive the Saudi forces out of its territories.

Somehow the western troops will try to stop Houthi advances while keeping the UAE, STC, Saudi and Turkish forces from killing each other while not dying of COVID-19.

Oman (the center of the third wing of Islam) has been trying to stay neutral in this multidimensional Yemen conflict but faces a potential Yemen refugee influx that would overwhelm the small country.

Posted by: Krollchem | May 6 2020 7:08 utc | 59

Escobar's article talked about a digital Yuan backed by gold; not fiat.
The above is a link to Escobar's article.

Posted by: V | May 6 2020 7:43 utc | 60

In le Monde et le Figaro they try to confound readers by omitting the arrest of Goudreau on drug charges in the US,and only presenting the venezuelan border guards second intervention as being some kind of maduro-hoax like all the attacks on his life.In comment section,I find it always astonishing that of any hundred comments over ninety are anti-Maduro and very disinforming about Venezuela.This points to heavy paid trolling on a subject that is not of great interest to France,so it is clearly american -and zionist,a lot of commentators being anti-hezbollah.

But I'm still wondering about the avalanche of details in the original AP reporting.

Anyways,it seems american intelligence blunders its way around the world,maybe counting too much on "tactical medicine" I suppose this is the part of teaching how to use captagon,amphetamines,heroin,ketamine and all their antidotes in a way to pursue colored revolution.(Try to find out if Goudreau was on the Bildzeitung 100-Jahrfest).If you remember well,the expression on the alleged rebels faces said it all,you know those over-excited democrats putting fire on trucks that instead of humanitary aid,transported barbed wire,roadblocks and heavy metal bars,on that february day in Cucuta,the Branson concert,the bridge between Colombia and Venezuela.Pity AP does not mention the hospitalization that day of a close to Guaido parliamentary aid,and a party member of his by name of Freddy Superlano,both of them poisoned by scopolamine,from common henbane,dangerous drug that makes one lose ego-conscience for some time -one of them died.I find it very reassuring to understand from this reporting that a lot of those mercenary havegun willtravel types can't even handle their own drug-abuse...even less than their sissie idiot masterminds..,you know the ones that may take coke everyday without being charged by police officers.

Posted by: willie | May 6 2020 7:52 utc | 61

"The meat of the matter is that a digital, sovereign yuan may be backed by gold. That’s not confirmed – yet. Gold could serve as a direct back up; to back bonds; or just lay there as collateral. What’s certain is that once Beijing announces a digital currency backed by gold, it will be like the U.S. dollar being struck by lightning."
Hopefully a basket of currencies would follow: Yuan, Ruble, Dollar, Pound, ??? creating truely free trade across the planet...

Posted by: V | May 6 2020 8:10 utc | 62

@karlof1 | May 5 2020 21:05 utc | 18

There was an amusing quote from somewhere, something like:

Bitcoin brings together
everything people don't understand about money with
everything people don't understand about technology.

Posted by: Deltaeus | May 6 2020 9:29 utc | 63

Posted by: augusto | May 6 2020 0:21 utc | 40, wrote:
I cant get into my head what the hell bad old UsofA really wants or dreams about with these B movie hollywoodesque 'invasions'.

Even the Dutch State Television, NOS, that never had any honest reporting on Venezuela (and other USA-targets), is commenting on the capture of the US-citizens.
It could really be a Hollywood-style movie , and a trap, a pretext for a free-our-citizens helicopter invasion.

The Dutch will probably join that, because their biggest helicopter-amphibian-support&attack warship 'The Karel Doorman' (co-funded by Germany) just arrived in Curacao, and is now the closest-by helicopter-deck in the region. Also the French and the UK army recently sent their helicopter-amphibian-support&attack warships to there.

More info on (Dutch + English translation)

Posted by: iano | May 6 2020 9:39 utc | 64

Posted by: iano | May 6 2020 9:39 utc | 66

I'll offer a simpler theory: This laughable operation was designed to siphon taxpayer money into the pockets of corrupt CIA personnel right from the very start.

Posted by: JW | May 6 2020 9:52 utc | 65

Dank je wel,iano,supposing you speak dutch.I'm dutch but was not aware there's a new "Karel Doorman",the previous one being an aircraft carrier sold to Brazil in the seventies or eighties.Interestingly the RGCS Resolute that sunk the venezuelian coastguard is docked at Curaçao as well.Maybe they just put the invaders in those helicopters.It's just a stone warp from Venezuela.

Posted by: willie | May 6 2020 11:30 utc | 66

PJB @ 68
The dystopian horror movie you mention has - as far as I know - yet to be made, but if it is, the maker could do worse than base it on the great Jack Vance trilogy "The Faceless Man" (originally published as "The Anome"). It is a about a world where all adults have to wear coded torcs, fitted at puberty, through which they are wirelessly monitored by the anonymous leader of that world, the Faceless Man, who can, as an ultimate sanction, activate an explosive in the torc, thus "taking the head" of the person who offended him/her. I highly recommend it. Vance is a wonderfully inventive writer, at his best among the very best science fantasy/fiction authors.

Posted by: Montreal | May 6 2020 11:48 utc | 67

@ Posted by: karlof1 | May 5 2020 23:32 utc | 34

Mr. Martyanov is wrong on this one. The definition of capital as everything that is humanly useful - being or not in use by humans - is the traditional neoclassical definition. This definition is problematic because it equates any form of material prosperity to capitalism, which is patently false: you don't need to have a capitalist system or think capitalistically in order to interact with nature in order to create humanly useful things.

Capital is the social process where interaction between humans and humans with nature occurs where human labor is reduced to an abstract substance (accountancy device) - value - whose goal is to produce even more value than before (value that self-valorizes). It is a subjective existence by definition.

There is no capital in the iron rich regions of Mars. There is no capital in the titanium rich regions of the Moon. There's no capital in a gold filled asteroid traveling through deep space. Capital is a historically specific social process, it only exists where humans exist, and even then only on very special (and temporary) circumstances.

So yes, the USA is still the country with the most capital in human history. The USA is capitalism's magnum opus. The USA is the most purely capitalist nation of history. That won't change.


@ Posted by: Pft | May 5 2020 23:56 utc | 36

No. There's a big difference between using digital currency in China and using it in a capitalist country.

For starters, China is a socialist country. That means the relation the Chinese people has with money is very different with the relation the peoples of the capitalist world have with money. The Chinese people is accustomed with the concept of money as a mere device of the State to control the distribution and flow of goods and services for the entire community. For them, a digital currency is not that weird.

The situation is completely different in a mature capitalist country, where money in the pocket is synonym with independence and freedom. And this perception is not wrong. But you have to have in mind that the Chinese State is completely different from a capitalist State.

Second, we have the geopolitical reality in the field, where capitalist aggression (led by, but not only by, the USA) is the norm. The USA controls the world's standard fiat currency (the USD), so it can embargo any nation it wants. Of course its main targets will be the socialist nations, as socialism is the mortal enemy of capitalism (and not those kid stuff like nazifascism or green environmentalism or anarchism). The socialist nations then have to have a defensive device on the financial front, too, and the advantage of a non-fiat digital currency (block-chain, crypto) is evident in this scenario. I don't remember anybody here complaining about Venezuela's Petro, and the same applies to China.

Extending the geopolitical advantage is the fact that a non-fiat digital currency can be backed by anything the central government wants it to be. You can even create a personalized basket of goods (gold, platinum, oil, palladium etc.) to back it.


@ Posted by: V | May 6 2020 8:10 utc | 63

This basket of currencies already exist: it's IMF's SDR. It doesn't change the fact that the USD is the world's currency, but it is a boon for the countries that issue the currencies in the basket (that's how Japan is able to have 300% of debt-to-GDP ratio).

But there can't be a multiple-currency system in the long term. Money - and it is theoretically proven - can only exist as one. Even bimetal systems were short-lived, with the stronger metal (gold) expelling the weaker metal (silver). That's because money is, by definition, the universal commodity, the commodity which can be exchanged by any other commodity.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 12:06 utc | 68

Interestingly, and sadly too, George Szamuely @ RT ( CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Unexceptional? , 06 May) opines and Lavelle agrees just at the end, that if Byeden the senile wins in November 'gainst the Clown, then "there will be armed uprising". They also discussed the mutinies going on in US - 100 guys with simis stopping a texas cop from arresting a gal who opened her bar...and I myself can say that I have recently seen what are essentially vigilance committees militia begin to form...and a nearby Sheriff recently announced he's not enforce any law he saw as unconstitutional...

If the State is not a failed State, it begins to look like a looted State, and I believe the classical view is that looting is the last phase of the failure process, followed by reorganization, which is often (they tell us) violent, and named according to sympathies either revolution or rebellion or civil war of foreign interference...and so on. Very disagreeable.

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 13:28 utc | 69

Is a Covid-murder a Covid- or non-Covid news?
Move on! Nothing here!

Posted by: Mina | May 6 2020 13:33 utc | 70


How long until the NATO allies supplying Ukraine pays off? When will she sign a trade deal, with EU, with independent UK, with Turkey, and what of those drones? Seems to me there is as much that many here turn a blind eye to as there is illuminated, Ukraine has a large population, well educated, a sense of history and place within the Western world, not to mention Russian diplomat's recent admission that they wouldn't mind if Ukraine joined EU, only NATO would bother them, so it appears that changes are well on their way, what say all you pro Russia barflies? Projections of strength will always contain another side.

Do pobachennya!

Posted by: I | May 6 2020 14:01 utc | 71

EU economy set to contract 7.5% this year in worst economic shock since Great Depression

Prediction (soft data) is from the European Comission itself (European Comissioner Paolo Gentiloni).

European Commission predicts a 5% drop in Russia's GDP in 2020 due to pandemic

This prediction is also from the European Comission.

'Woefully Educated': Troubled Legacy of George W. Bush Picked Apart in New Documentary

"F**k it, we’re going to war" - George W. Bush

This put to rest the myth that the process of imbecilization of America begun because of the fall of the old Northeastern aristocracy. Bush is a WASP from Connecticut, and his presidencey indicates the rot begun right into the head of the American elite.

How Nazis Sought to Profit Even From Dead Inmates at Notorious Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Another anecdotal evidence that puts to rest the myth that "Nazis were socialist". They were capitalist to the bones, and sought to profit even from concentration camps.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 14:09 utc | 72

good that you brought the Nazis; i was wondering recently why two of the most political books written about Nazism by direct witnesses were hardly translated and hardly known... I speak of "Les Jours de Notre Mort" by David Rousset and of "Vaterland" by Heinz Liepman/Liepmann.
I have been unable to find pdf-s, of course.

Posted by: Mina | May 6 2020 14:13 utc | 73

Posted by: JW | May 6 2020 6:02 utc | 56

Well if the US subsidies 5G developement standards then you know damn well there's going to be backdoor access in the source code, which of course will be black boxed.

Posted by: One Too Many | May 6 2020 14:22 utc | 74

Beijing reports no new COVID-19 cases for 20 days

South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong (!!), Taiwan (!!!), Singapore...

But why is nobody talking about Beijing? A city with almost half the total South Korean populatin (21 million inhabitants vs 50 million) at the gates of Wuhan, with no new cases for 20 days in a row now.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 14:23 utc | 75

When you have a lot of armed mitias regularly avoiding compliance with enforced laws, once the genie is out of the lamp it is very difficult to put him again inside without risking a bloody blowback; specially with a dem administration (if happens). The sense of power and invulnerability is an addictive drug.

After the chaotic end of the lockdown the deaths will surge, with a huge stress for the whole society, specially between those who want to flatten the curve, and the conspiranoids and hoaxers militias armed to the teeth, what could go wrong?

Posted by: DFC | May 6 2020 14:29 utc | 76

vk | May 6 2020 14:09 utc | 72 While I agree with and or bow to your expertise generally, Friend, I believe G W Bush was a Texas critter...born WASP yes, but heavily influences by the rogue Provence of Northern Mexico...Texas. I believe he himself professes a pseudo christian ideology of some sort of end-times mystical nonsense, so the "Protestant" qualification might be argued, rather tortuously I think, to qualify as "Protestant", but it's pretty far from the Episcopal Church or the Quakers, eh?

Since the nazis is mentioned in context, I would remark that Prescott Bush, the grandpappy was, I recall, liable to be prosecuted by the FDR administration as soon as the war was resolved - for trading with the enemy, and also perhaps for the coup plot of '33...withal some people might form the idea, the "insane" notion that the Bushie clan might be an ongoing criminal crypto-nazi family of sociopathic thugs...obviously that's a crazy idea...

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 14:42 utc | 77

@ Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 14:42 utc | 77

George W. Bush is a born and bred WASP. He was raised in Connecticut and graduated at Yale. This indicates a typical WASP cursus honorum, and there's no other reason - based on the documentation we have available today - not to believe he isn't anything else than a WASP.

His Texan behavior in his late adulthood may be easily explained by the fact that his family has business in Texas, and that he personifies the Texan man stereotype just for propaganda purposes/political survival.

Yes, the story about Prescott Bush is true, albeit the movement around the planned coup against FDR had (Italian) fascist - and not nazist - inspiration.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 15:02 utc | 78

as my city/state reopens it's interesting to see the political messaging deployed. before the pandemic we were dealing with sky rocketing housing costs and rampant gentrification facilitated by the use of public money (tax increment financing). none of this appears to have been impacted yet, and the pro-development cheerleading is trying to keep things on track. I wrote a post about it citing an article that opened with this:

As Missoula’s economy emerges from a months-long slumber and businesses establish a new normal, city leaders and those in the building industry are using optimism to define the future.

I just wanted to share this with all the enlightened commenters and alleged trolls here that you have a choice: you can either look to historical patterns of how centralized power exploits/creates crisis to further consolidate power, or you can USE OPTIMISM TO DEFINE YOUR FUTURE.

the choice is yours.

Posted by: lizard | May 6 2020 15:21 utc | 79

@vk #4
I suspect Wendy's problem is a supply chain disruption issue as opposed to a general lack.

As I posted earlier in a different thread, locally in SF - pork is almost disappeared. For fresh meat - there are some chops but no ribs or other cheaper cuts. Some stores don't have any non-processed pork at all.

But there's plenty of beef of all kinds: ground, steaks, roasts etc.

Posted by: c1ue | May 6 2020 15:26 utc | 80

Grieved @ 52, your post is very important, and forgive me for asking some very stupid questions. I am not an economist, and so far haven't read the Escobar piece. Are you saying that the IMF's Special Drawing Right will become the new yard stick, the new way of measuring all currencies? So that the term 'reserve currency' no longer has meaning? (Something similar to having an international court of justice, only for currencies?) You say that the capitalist system will continue with some very rich, etc. However in saying that 'all existing debt will be absorbed into it' and that the US dollar will be measured against this yardstick, doesn't that mean that the US dollar, having so much debt on its balance sheet, will indeed make some who are now very rich paupers?

This sounds different in many ways from Michael Hudson's debt forgiveness scenario. Is there a way in which the two scenarios can co-exist?

Or am I completely misunderstanding? I am sure others here can help interpret your post, and I thank you very much for your explanation so far.

Posted by: juliania | May 6 2020 15:31 utc | 81

@karlof1 #18
Digital currencies are different than cryptocurrencies as defined by Bitcoin, and in turn different than what China is doing.
A digital currency is simply money, digitized. Fed quantitative easing, gift cards, credit cards, wire transfers - these are all "digital" these days.
China is using cryptographically unique units for "money", but not the "consensus" control which Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies largely share.
China controls its digital currency and can create more anytime it wants so is not "hard".
Bitcoin etc - there's a theoretical hard limit, but in reality they're operationally fiat, just in a different way. Every bitcoin transaction must be processed by the bitcoin network, which in turn is manned by bitcoin mining rigs. These miners are incentivized to spend the huge amounts of power (individually as well as collectively) for bitcoin mining (i.e. the actual computational processing of bitcoin transactions) by being issued "free" bitcoin.

So bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are literally printing money - they're taking bitcoin from the unissued "pool" and giving it to miners to do the work of processing. In the short term, this is no different than the Fed dialing up $100 billion or a trillion to "jump start" the US economy.

And of course, bitcoin itself was created from nothing. The entire bitcoin market cap of $130B or so - created from air. Nobody is using bitcoin for anything except criminal activities and investment. Bitcoin has failed as an everyday currency - it is too slow, too expensive and cumbersome - it is become the "nerd art" that I've always considered it to be.

Posted by: c1ue | May 6 2020 15:41 utc | 82

@ Posted by: c1ue | May 6 2020 15:26 utc | 81

The article also mentions other fast food and supermarket chains. It mentions Kroger ("the largest supermarket chain in the United States"), Costco (don't know what that is), Wegmans and Hy-Vee ("grocery stores").

However, McDonald's declared it wasn't suffering from any shortage of ground meat (probably because it has its own, private and exclusive supply chain).

It also seems that Wendy's uses fresh beef and grind it at the place of consumption, probably for propaganda purposes (to sell the narrative its fast food is "always fresh").

The beef is affecting the Northeast more heavily than in the rest of the USA, probably because it is the epicenter of the pandemic in the USA. The article mentions only 500,000 cattle was slaughtered in the whole country, a record low, and that, even for the chains that aren't affected by supply, price is rising (Shake Shack's case).

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 15:44 utc | 83

Short YT: Mark Blythe opines on Regional economies' recovery after the CV pandemic crash with a car analogy:

-Euro economies like a Volvo w/ lots of steel and airbags safety nets; slow but safe recovery.

-US economy like high-powered but flimsy Mustang; serious wipe-out after crash.

-China somewhere in between but helped by diversified (manufaccturing/export plus consumer driven) base and command-control govmt powers.

Posted by: gm | May 6 2020 15:49 utc | 84

I'm sure this has been mentioned, but Angus Deaton talking about his "Deaths of Despair" work Boston review article

JC: In the book you focus on these deaths of despair: 158,000 in 2018, about 100,000 of which are above and beyond what we would normally expect, an excess that is almost entirely among white non-Hispanic men and women without a college degree. The category covers three different causes of death: alcohol, opioids, and suicide. Could you talk about why you group them together?

AD: Initially, “deaths of despair” was a label of convenience. It helped express the sense that these deaths were sort of caused by your own hand—unlike COVID-19, say.


these previous drug epidemics—in the United States after the Civil War, or in China when the empire was disintegrating—tended to arise during periods of social disintegration. The simplified story is that some bad Big Pharma manufacturers started pushing opioids on all of us. But in reality, Purdue Pharmaceuticals and other companies went to places where there was already lots of despair. They were looking for despair. They were looking for regions where you could harass doctors into prescribing these drugs.

Our claim in the book is that without this underlying despair—pain, morbidity, people not going to church, people’s lives coming apart—there wouldn’t have been this open field for opioids. On the other hand, if the FDA had not been so much in the hands of the industry, and if we were not operating a rent-seeking, capitalistic health care system, then we wouldn’t have got those efforts to capitalize on the despair. Other countries didn’t get them to anything like the same extent.


JC: One of the issues that you emphasize in the book is the generational aspect of deaths of despair: how it keeps getting worse for younger generations. The idea that this is a process that is worsening over time resonates strongly with Raj Chetty’s account of the fading American dream. I am thinking of the study by Chetty and colleagues about absolute mobility, guided by the question: Are you going to do better than your parents? When I was born in 1951, there was a 90 percent chance of doing better than your parents. If you were born in 1980, chances had fallen to 50 percent.


The Democrats largely decided to abandon the working class and build a coalition of educated elites and minorities (including working-class minorities), and the Republicans basically followed business and religious organizations.

And the health care crises make things worse. Health care costs were 5 percent of GDP back in 1970, and now they’re 18 percent of GDP. Everything is heaping up on these people.


The pillars that structured working-class life seem to have gone, or at least been eroded. And we see the fundamental force of that in the labor market. Decent wages and jobs help to bring respectability and meaning into life. We’re not against some of the explanations that focus more on social norms. I think the birth control pill was very important, changing the norms about when and whether you could have children, whether you’d live together without being married. We write about how the pill was very socially divisive. For women who could get educated, it enormously enhanced opportunities to have relationship fulfilment and children as well as really good jobs. But for many working-class women for whom college was not an option, it did the opposite.

But declining wages were an incredibly important part of the loss.


But there’s a much more negative scenario, too, which economic historian Robert Allen writes about. In the early nineteenth century in Britain, real wages stagnated for fifty years. Handloom weavers were being replaced by machines in factories in the Industrial Revolution, and wages could only rise when they were all gone, and the way of life and around handloom weaving had been destroyed.

[c1ue note: the putting out system was a major cause of the above]


A lot of evidence suggests that in recessions, mortality rates typically go down. The Great Depression was a very good time for life expectancy. But suicides do go up. It’s not a simple story. They say in New York that what would normally be filling hospital beds would normally be filling with traffic and construction accidents, and there aren’t any.

Posted by: c1ue | May 6 2020 15:54 utc | 85

I just read Pepe's piece, so one more question. Didn't India make an attempt to go completely digital (as Pepe claims much of China's population has done) with India's being a huge problem for the population? I certainly would not like to rely on the US internet with all its antiquated patchwork of security measures and trap doors that cannot ever be totally secure. It's bad enough feeling surveilled on every communication hereon.

Again, I could be totally at sea here, but it does seem to me and always has that digital transactions leave the public very much vulnerable to technical reconfigurations beyond our personal control. I'm aware banks use it; I'd just much rather not myself, except in the limited ways that are now available. A luddite, me.

Posted by: juliania | May 6 2020 16:02 utc | 86

@ Posted by: juliania | May 6 2020 16:02 utc | 87


The problem with India is that it is - compared to China - a very primitive country. 30% of its entire population still doesn't have access to electricity (therefore, don't have a bank account). This would throw a huge chunk of its population out of the monetary system.

Not to speak the fact India still is a capitalist nation, so all the tyranny implied in a full-digital monetary system are included.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 17:00 utc | 87

Weel,Walter,look up Otto Skorzeny's mémoires,special agent for Adolf.There seems to be proof that Georg Scherf,a nazi,later became the 41st president of your country.You'll find a photograph showing some high nazi's in a family scene,where Martin Borman is present,and also someone who could be Georg Herbert Walker Bush.Always found he's got a very german face...

Conspirationnism,I suppose.

Posted by: willie | May 6 2020 17:22 utc | 88

"The long-suppressed official report on US biowarfare in North Korea" tinyurl[dt]com/y9fwjwln The full report can be found at that locus. Full report 764 pages.
Posted by: Walter | May 4 2020 11:59 utc | 107

Thanks for that Walter, it was engrossing and timely.

Here by the way is the direct link to the report - this is the full report with all the appendices. I downloaded the report without appendices a few years ago (also linked from MoA), but it is the raw punch-in-the-face details in the appendices that give the more forceful impression of the real nature of US biological warfare during the Korean war. The report itself is written in very genteel and restrained academic English style, whereas the appendices describe the actual atrocities in raw plain English).

Also important and worthwhle is the accompanying article here.

I was in southern China for most of March, and commented here on my impressions after my return. On reading in the appendices of the actions of the Chinese (and North Korean) officials and even civilian villagers in meticulously collecting and preserving evidence; identifying, cordoning and neutralising infective materials and sites etc, it had a certain deja vu feeling with respect to my experiences in China in March.

Here were the North Korean and Chinese militaries and local village communities being subjected to terrifying biological warfare, yet calmly and methodically neutralising it with breathtaking steadfastness. According to CIA and Pentagon reports declassified in the 1990's, the US top brass were disappointed in the lack of massive and debilitating epidemics in North Korea and China, after releasing truly massive volumes of a wide variety of lethal infective agents spread over a huge area - including at least 45kg of bubonic plague infected flees (25 million fleas) - you would never guess from the report itself that the bioweapons attack was made on such a scale (and be sure to read the appendic of the Wu Zhi Li link)! They even sent spies to record the effects of the supposed epidemics, how quickly people died, how devastating the epidemics were (doesn't that remind you of November 2019 suggestions of huge epidemics in China???), and how the victims were treated; (5 out of the nine spies were captured and interrogated).

(The Chinese/Koreans were also mystefied why there were so few negative results, evidently underestimating the significance of their own countermeasures and overestimating the competence of the US war criminals).

No wonder the Chinese take Covid-19 so seriously, and no wonder they have developed and perfected and exhaustively deployed such rigorous and effective countermeasures to contain the virus.

But there are further twists and convolutions and repeats to the story. Very interesting to read the reports of Dr Chen Wen Kwei in appendices K and L (original pages 195 to 216, pdf pages 220 to 241). Dr Chen was centrally involved in investigating the biowarfare attacks made by the Japanese in 1941, and reported again for the ISC commission report. The links are astounding.

In 1940 some of the fleas dropped from the Japanese plane flying over the city of Ningpo city were found floating on the water of a resident's goldfish bowl.

After the raid, one
of the inhabitants found many fleas .on .the water-surface of the goldfish his courtyard. These fleas were sent to the Chekiang Provincial
Health Institute. Cultures were not made, as there was no bacteriologist
at that place.· Those specimens were then forwarded to the suDerior
office together with a due official covering note from the Public Health
Department of the provincial government. Later the Central Bureau
of Health of the Kuomintang government declared that only the covering
note was received without the specimens of fleas, which were said (?)
to have been lost on the way.
I suggested at the same time that .. the
health authorities should issue orders to put people on the alert, and
to watch closely for the dissemination of fleas from enemy planes. Not
only was this not accepted, but I received a severe warning as well as an
order that I should not reveal top military secrets.
At that time, neither the Kuomintang Government nor the majority
of the hygiene specialists took any responsibility to relieve such distress
among the people,

What Dr Chen concludes is that the US Americans were bribing the corrupt Kuomintang officials to suppress the evidence and the news of the Japanese using biological weapons to kill Chinese civilians and not caring about the danger to their citizens (ring any bells of Covid-19?). No doubt the flees "got lost on the way" because the US bribed the Kuomintang to give them to them instead, so that they too can gain these weapons.

Fast forward to 1952, the US make a rushed deployment of massive volumes of biological agents across hundreds of square kilometers of North Korea and China, expecting huge epidemics (yea, like those CIA predictions in November 2019 ...) and massively debilitating effects. It flopped. Partly because the weather was so cold, partly because the half-baked American scheming was unrealistic and ineffective ... and partly because Chinese and Koreans worked so effectively to contain and neutralise the infective agents. Fast forward again to 2019/2020 and the astounding success of the Chinese in containing the virus.

Thus, as I read the matter-of-fact descriptions in the appendices of the ISC report describing how villagers and military and government officials responded to each incident, the words echo in my ears with respect to my experiences in China in March - the same rigorously scientific approach to eliminating the source of danger, the same cooperation between villagers/government/military - based on a fundamental sharing of interest in the common welfare, the same genuine concern of the government for the welfare of the citizens. And what a contrast to the psychopathic attitudes of Western failed states to their citizens [enemies]!

Posted by: BM | May 6 2020 17:36 utc | 89

While the concrete pour solidifies outside the Flour Mill...

vk is of course correct Geedubya is Connecticut-born...I presume Episcopalian baptized... Still, I do think it's a strain to say of the man now "protestant" as his profession is to some insane pseudochristian ideology, one which I assume is curated by dark forces...and generally supported politically and by delusional nuts. Yet it can be hammered into the mould of "protestant", as they say all "religions" look equally insane from the outside. As discussed, many US persons are delusional and cling to insane "religions". Not uncommon.

I had assumed the German fascist influence on dear old Prescott dominated and had never heard of the Italian influence... This is interesting.

vk, will you suggest reading in this, please?

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 17:39 utc | 90

-Euro economies like a Volvo w/ lots of steel and airbags safety nets; slow but safe recovery.
-US economy like high-powered but flimsy Mustang; serious wipe-out after crash.
-China somewhere in between but helped by diversified (manufaccturing/export plus consumer driven) base and command-control govmt powers.
Posted by: gm | May 6 2020 15:49 utc | 85

The first two are right but the third is a total miss! China's economy has already started to bounce back to life and will no doubt benefit economically from Covid in the long term.

The rule of thumb is this - whatever the US tries to do to destroy China/Russia/Iran, the end result in each of those three cases is to their own considerable advantage and the US's own loss.

Posted by: BM | May 6 2020 17:48 utc | 91

BM | May 6 2020 17:36 utc | 90 (report) Yes, I have read the entire corpus with attached evidence and testimonials, same as you.

It took quite a while. Everybody ought to read it all.

There were trials in USSR of some of Japanese criminals too, but MacArthur "pardoned" the ones he had, and put them back to work in, sometimes, the same labs.

I mooted long ago "Agent Sam went to Wuhan"...anyway the affair is a con as well as probable attack and rhymes with episodes of '41 and ' is obvious.

I have just one question though. Since germwar on Chine was Policy (never mind operational matters) when, precisely, was the Policy superseded or ended?

Available public documentation of a host of US biowar labs and so forth, as well as the present business cv, strongly suggest that the Policy did not end, and that it is indeed engaged yet again in a "live exercise", as the phatboi spouted not long ago...

Everyone must read it. It illuminates with brilliance this moment as well as a sordid history.

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 17:54 utc | 92

@ Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 17:39 utc | 91

I only know about the history of the fascist coup attempt against FDR through a Brazilian historian (Moniz Bandeira).

The demonization of nazifascism is a postwar propaganda construct. At the time both ideologies were born, they were taken very seriously and were widely respected and admired by large swathes of the western population - specially among members of the elites.

The apex of the fascist movement in the USA was 1930-1934. The coup was scheduled to happen in 1934 and involved a substantial militia made of veterans, which would be commanded by some hired high officials of the US Army itself. The coup was aborted still in its planned stage when the official to command the militia refused the whistleblowed to a local newspaper. After that, the fascist movement in the USA begun to gradually get out of fashion, until it basically disappeared when the USA entered WWII against Japan.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 17:54 utc | 93

My Brother Smedley's book is on my shelf, brother vk...but everyone ought to know. Thanks for sketching the plan out for those who don't know it.

I did not know of Moniz Bandeira. Alas, my language skill is not adequate to read him. I see many books to his credit. Can you say which volume?

The difficult historian David Irving opines that he strongly suspects that FDR was murdered specifically by white Russian agents under the control of MI6. I think he's right.

The Truman switch in '44 made that project go ahead. The Texas boys too were terrified of Wallace. My opinion, but a reasoned one.

Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 18:04 utc | 94

Pft | May 6 2020 0:21 utc | @ 39

”To me Real Capital includes land, resources, agricultural capacity, labor potential of the population, and intellectual property holdings. The US is rich beyond belief when measured in these terms.”

There’s need to distinguish between “capital” and “assets” to step outside limited perspective of neoclassical economics for more encompassing, revealing vision of our dilemma.

Sources of capital:
extractions from nature
extractions from productive processes of labour
externalizations of % of cost of production and services onto society

Assets: private property holdings held by individuals, corporations, or state, within specific legal framework. Assets are not 100% fungible with capital as the social process of capital accumulation does not encompass/devour all aspects of life although capital system reproduction has that tendency, thus our dilemmas.

Capital invests in:
1) productive processes
2) extractions
3) dispossessions leading to further accumulation via 1 and 2
The goal of capital is more capital accumulation ===> this is a social process !!! and includes “creative” financialisation, or the creation of fictional capital (looting).

Power prefigures and shadows capital accumulations.
The state’s legitimized use of violence (and threats of violence) has been used to ensure market expansions, access to natural resources and labour markets, and to secure favorable (near monopoly) operating environments. When national and empire systems clash, war of some form results.

Posted by: suzan | May 6 2020 18:07 utc | 95

Re: juliania | May 6 2020 16:02 utc | 87

As Pepe says, China and Russia have been looking to replace the U.S. dollar as the principal currency for international transactions and by extension the world's principal reserve currency.

The two main alternatives are the IMF - Special Drawing Rights and gold. The problem with gold is that it is not easy to transact. However creating a digital token, backed by gold, will solve this problem.

With the Shanghai Futures Exchange dealing in both oil and gold, China has the tools needed to abandon the U.S. dollar.

I doubt that China would want the Yuan to replace the dollar as an international currency, as this would cause too many problems in trying to manage its economy. A digital currency for use inside China is, I think, a completely separate subject.

Posted by: dh-mtl | May 6 2020 18:33 utc | 96

@ Posted by: Walter | May 6 2020 18:04 utc | 95

Just checked the book again (it's in Portuguese), and yes, you're right: the Bushes were Nazi sympathizers. Prescott Bush donated money to Hitler's regime (among many other American industrialists - Ford being the most famous of them). About Prescott Bush's pivotal role in propping up Hitler's regime, you can read the George H. W. Bush biography written by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. Also, see New York Herald-Tribune's Fac-símile. (about one of Prescott Bush's business with Hitler)

The name of the American fascist organization involved in the coup was the American Legion.

The whistleblowers were major-general Smedley D. Butler (who was offered USD 100,000 - an astronomic quantity of money for the time), lt.-colonel James E. Van Zandt and captain Samuel Glazier. The militia would have 500,000 ex-soldiers.

The coup would be financed by a coterie of what we would call today "billionaires", Prescott Bush among them. The goal of the coup was to install a fascist dictatorship on the molds of Mussolini's Italy.

There was an investigative commission (McComarck-Dickstein Committee), which contains the whistleblowers' confessions. You can find it on the internet, but Moniz Bandeira warns us it omitted a lot of important names involved in the coup attempt in order to "preserve the image of the USA as a democracy".

I found one little inconsistency in Moniz Bandeira's text. In it, he gratuituously mentions that the end the New Deal was also one of the objectives of the coup (and gives us no sources for that information). The problem is that the New Deal was only born after the 1937 recession - well after the coup was planned and aborted. But this doesn't invalidate his research, as the mere ascension of nazifascism, the crisis of 1929, the socialist rise in the USA and FDR's heavily progressive political propaganda gave more than enough motivation for the coup.

If you want to check the sources for more information in English, you can still get Moniz Bandeira's book, which is called "A Desordem Mundial: o espectro da total dominação". The coup attempt is right in Chapter 1.

Posted by: vk | May 6 2020 18:44 utc | 97

It is in French,and retraces the Bush dynastie,like Samuel Bush who in 1918 becomes Director of the Installations for the War Industries Board.Gee ,this family is in the war business for almost a century.Before that they were in slavetrade...Most documents have disappeared from the national archives concerning Samuel.But in the article is a fotograph of Adolf and Prescott.

Posted by: willie | May 6 2020 19:13 utc | 98

>“deaths of despair” was a label of convenience. It helped express
>the sense that these deaths were sort of caused by your own hand

... while society cheers and jeers with shouts of "Useless Eater!" and withdraws all social and financial support. Once a year there are crocodile tears: "Why are people killing themselves? They must be lazy and stupid", then it is back to the business of the new eugenics, which I call "social apoptosis".

In other words, we are constantly getting messages both subtle and blunt, that society would be better off if Useless Eaters would just get it over with and kill themselves. This is the implied message every time people apply for any kind of social support. It has been the explicit message inflicted every day on people living on the street or locked in prisons. And now it is explicit in the policies inflicted on people in care homes.

Instead of trying to find all who qualify and need help, the role of official gatekeepers is to exclude as many as possible. That is why the process is known as "Delay, Deny, and Hope They Die". One example: when people apply for Social Security Disability, almost everyone is denied at the initial review. Only those with the strength to persist through the appeal process will win their claim, if they can stay alive that long.

This has been my personal experience, over and over, for the past 15 years. Somehow I have managed to hang on, being stubborn as a mule and twice as mad. One needs anger to survive, and plenty of it. As Alex Cockburn would've said, my hate is pure.

Posted by: Trailer Trash | May 6 2020 19:14 utc | 99

Montreal @67

You replied to my post @68.

But my post and some others seem to have disappeared.
I was polite and factual.
I presented the evidence anyone can find online that supports the theory that SARS-CoV-2 came from a lab and was genetically modified.
I had also highlighted the evidence of Dr Fauci’s involvement and Gates Foundation vaccine program problems in India and Kenya - both of which are well documented.
I also expressed concern about the patent for bio-monitoring and Bill Gates call for digital passports.
I recalled the late Aaron Russo interview where he spoke of his friendship with Nick Rockefeller who confided to him that a goal of certain super-wealthy was “to have humanity chipped”.

These are all things people can research for themselves and as far as I can see are facts plus Russo’s words have to be judged based on the interview.

As you can see your post is now @67 and you were referring to mine @68.

The censorship of my post needs to be justified.
It is extremely disappointing.

Posted by: PJB | May 6 2020 20:25 utc | 100

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