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May 17, 2020

Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In His Home - A Timeline

Jerusalem Post, May 9 2020
US: Israel should re-think China's participation in desalination plant

The US government sent a warning to Israel regarding a Chinese company bidding to construct the world’s largest desalination plant, which will be in Kibbutz Palmachim and cost more than NIS 5 b., Channel 13 reported, citing Israeli officials. The Trump administration has looked into the company and the Finance Ministry is expected to announce its findings on May 24.

"The Americans have been delivering messages gently and politely but obviously they want us to re-examine the participation of the Chinese company in the tender,” an Israeli official told Channel 13.
Top Israeli officials told Channel 13 that US officials, including US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, contacted the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office to ask questions regarding the participation of the Israeli Hutchinson Company, an affiliate of the Chinese Hutchinson Company based in Hong Kong.


State Department, May 13
Travels With the Secretary of State - Travel to Israel

Briefing with Senior State Department Officials On Secretary Pompeo’s Travel to Jerusalem, Israel

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: — and how we can cooperate on the things we can do regionally together and further areas of cooperation. That was a topic of conversation. But it also sort of led to a conversation about China’s role.
QUESTION: So, I mean, I guess the question to both of you and just the uniformity of this message of – I know that the Huawei and 5G has been a huge thing, but now this – would you say that since COVID it has become more a part of the Secretary’s portfolio of saying hey, have your trade relationship with China, but when you get into sensitive stuff, or was even – did that precede it?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL TWO: I’ll speak from the perspective of having – until all this started, being lucky enough to travel over a year and around the world with him and being in not every but most of his meetings. He’s been talking about this almost – I can’t think of a specific meeting that I was in with him where he didn’t bring this up. It’s been something that he’s been building, saying, for a long time. I think that because of the – because the CCP made the decision during COVID to use their officials to be so overt with the disinformation, that we have – we have seen I think the world pay much more attention to the stuff that you guys were asking me about and the three of us were paying attention to – Huawei, 5G, Hikvision – remember, we were talking about that last year at the podium, and I think that all of that is – it’s just now the world is paying attention to what he’s been saying for almost two years as Secretary of State.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: Special attention for high-tech.


SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: Et cetera. They don’t – in addition to unfair trade practices, other types of exploitations, predatory loaning. You have just total disregard for intellectual property, right. So all of these go together and – but I think we really have to think about that. I mean, you should take a look, I did a whole interview on this with Globes, an Israeli publication, when I was in Israel last in, like, January or February. So we’ve been talking about it, but yeah, it’s separate.

QUESTION: Do you think you’re having success? Are you being persuasive with this?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: Well, I think we have a – we are – we’ve been allies with Israel for a long time. Our strategic relationship is getting closer every day, whether this is economically, whether this is in terms of military, intelligence sharing, across the board. It’s getting – and we have a relationship that’s mature enough to talk about difficult subjects, so I think the message is getting through.

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo With Gili Cohen of Kan 11 - Interview
QUESTION: Sorry. I mentioned that there were reports that the U.S. has great concerns with Chinese investment here in Israel. And I’m asking, though, wanted to know if you are demanding Israel to cease partnership with the Chinese firms.

SECRETARY POMPEO: So we do have concerns about Chinese investments all across the world. We’re not concerned when they show up to operate as a normal commercial entity, but when they arrive in a way that has a political dimension to it, when it is a state-owned enterprise, or it is an entity that has a nefarious mission, we want to make sure that our friendly partners all around the world understand that risk.

And so I spoke with the prime minister about these issues. I spoke with Speaker Gantz, too. Look, we want the Chinese people —

QUESTION: Are you satisfied with the answer?

SECRETARY POMPEO: We want the Chinese people to be successful. We do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communication systems, all of the things that put Israeli citizens at risk and in turn put the capacity for America to work alongside Israel on important projects at risk as well. We think these risks are very real, and we shared with them information about that so that they could make good decisions for themselves.

QUESTION: Do you believe in – are you satisfied with the answer that you received today from Netanyahu and Gantz regarding this issue?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Oh, yes. Look, it’s always a continuing conversation with issues like this. But yes, I think they understand it too.


Haaretz, May 15
China Says 'We Trust the Jewish Friends' After Pompeo Warns Israel About Investments, May 15 2020

Embassy in Israel responds to U.S. Secretary of State claim that China concealed information about the outbreak of coronavirus as 'absurd'

Times of Israel, May 17
Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead at Herzliya residence

Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced Sunday that the Chinese ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, 57, was found dead at his official residence in the coastal town of Herzliya.

The foreign ministry said police were on the scene.

According to the Ynet news site, aides tried to wake Du and found him in his bed, not breathing. The initial assessment was that he had suffered cardiac arrest during the night.

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Kind of mixes both the previous and this article.

Finian Cunningham article notes:
"American belligerence towards China has a sinister bipartisan front – as it always has.
So-called liberals and Democrats blame the Republican president for mismanaging the Covid-19 pandemic. They are correct in this. America’s shocking death toll from the disease is unprecedented. It exposes the immense failure of US society, its economy and government. But this isn’t entirely Trump’s fault. He is but the uncouth face of a failed system that has been cratering over many decades from its hyper consumer-capitalism dystopia. Rather than dealing with that reality, the Democrats and corporate media will join in Trump’s cynical campaign to scapegoat China for all of America’s deep-seated ills."

Which begs the question: Why are USAians even discussing who is going to win the next election, as if it really matters? Maybe it is time for a little Thoreauian Civil Disobedience.

Posted by: Blue Dotterel | May 17 2020 9:53 utc | 1

People die all the time. It's just a coincidence.

Just ask the Russians.

Posted by: Coincidence | May 17 2020 9:58 utc | 2

Interesting reading on the topic:

Die Welt on Uwe Barschel’s Murder and Possible Mossad Connection

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 10:32 utc | 3

This is the first article I have read on this site since you went off on the Corona trip.

Welcome back Moon.

Posted by: Tom Verso | May 17 2020 11:00 utc | 4

Is English a second language of the State Department "spoke-persons"?

Posted by: Tom Verso | May 17 2020 11:04 utc | 5

Yes, a 57 yo suffering a heart attack is so unusual.

Meanwhile the Senate is discussing a 38 billion-dollar aid package to Israel.

Posted by: Kay fabe | May 17 2020 11:32 utc | 6

Can someone point to any EVIDENCE of Chinese hacking and intellectual property theft?

The US and its imperial minions in academia and the press have been saying this for years and everyone just nods their heads in agreement. But I have never seen evidence beyond "administration officials said."
The Snowden leaks show that the NSA engages in intellectual property theft. But I've never seen similar evidence from China, though I'm sure it occurs too.

Posted by: Prof K | May 17 2020 11:52 utc | 7

Well..having taking place in occupied Palestine the truth will be a chimera..any word that will be said by zionists and MSM can't be trusted so all are just hypothesis...about zionist kindness in "foreign relations" I have no doubt that heartstroke means nothing and all. the sophisticated tools of those people has no boundaries.

Posted by: LuBa | May 17 2020 12:05 utc | 8

Well, I find it highly unlikely that any "fingerprints" will be found to establish cause of death one way or the other.

Because if there was, the Chinese could easily arrange for some equal ranking US individual to be "found dead in bed". Spies can do this sort of thing, but I believe in most of the Cold War it was generally frowned on as it would lead to "tit-for-tat" assassinations. The Russians were known for killing people in various imaginative ways in Third World countries, but they didn't often try to kill official CIA personnel.

Mossad, on the other hand... If anyone is responsible for this, it would be Mossad - which might not be in a hurry to agree to their own government's interest in inviting the Chinese in. Or they could have done a back-door deal with the CIA without their own government's knowledge.

But this is precisely the sort of thing Stoller was talking about in the Greenwald interview, the link to Which I posted in the previous thread. It seems clear the US is pushing that narrative - that China is engaged in making deals with everyone with the express purpose of eventually "changing the global order" to be more in line with its own repressive form of government, and that if the US doesn't defeat this, even the US will absorb China's repressive mechanisms, with the aid of US oligarchs who wish to make profits by cooperating with the Chinese.

Personally I find this narrative of Stoller's - and Pompeo's - seriously reaching and weak. I view it as an excuse for the US own deficiencies and intentions against China, and indeed the rest of the world. As I mentioned in the last thread, I don't doubt the Chinese government is like every other statist organization - interested in extending his rule universally. But I don't see that as a serious outcome given the rest of history. It's just more of "The Great Game" - which is mostly a waste of everyone's time except to the degree that the individuals involved gain personally - which is of course their real motivation far outside of whatever ideology they may profess.

In the end, everyone is out for themselves. It's human nature. The only question is to what degree are they hypocritical - or deluded - about it.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 12:10 utc | 9

China pays around $5bn pa in various royalties for tech willingly licensed to them by US companies.
A point no American is interested in hearing whenever the 'theft' is brought up.

Posted by: winston2 | May 17 2020 12:14 utc | 10

Israel to Annex the United States
Ambassador predicts a “deepening connection”

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 12:28 utc | 11

Israel to Annex the United States
Ambassador predicts a “deepening connection”

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 12:29 utc | 12

Posted by: Prof K | May 17 2020 11:52 utc | 9 Can someone point to any EVIDENCE of Chinese hacking and intellectual property theft?

It's not a question of whether they do it. Of course they do. Every nation does. The only question is whether they do it more than other nations, and whether that in the end has any real impact on global trade that would change if they didn't do it.

China does have a *lot* of hackers. Last estimate I saw some years back was over 300,000. It's also been said that a lot of them have government support - or support the government, either way - but I've seen relatively little evidence for that. There was one case where a US infosec company - Mandiant - allegedly managed to track a hacking operation back to a specific building and specific individuals within that building who were alleged to be Chinese government employees. Mandiant has a reputation for seeing Chinese under every bed - just like Crowdstrike sees Russians. *If* they were correct about this operation, it's the only clear-cut example of attribution that I've read for state-run hacking. Most of the time, "attribution" is just a guess, absent that level of detail, i.e., specific individuals.

I happen to not believe in the concept of "intellectual property." You have "secrets" - that's it. Something is either a "secret" or it's not. In almost every industry, companies expend a great deal of effort to penetrate the "secrets" of their competitors, by any means (presumably) short of criminal trespass or other violations of actual criminal law. So it is hypocritical for people to proclaim that they respect "intellectual property."

I read a book years ago about industrial espionage, which also covered counterfeiting of products. There was a Chinese company that was producing a low-cost copy of some well-known US clothing line. Instead of bitching about IP, the US company simply bought out the Chinese company and offered the same product as their "budget line."

There is no such thing as "intellectual property." If you can figure out how to produce the same product as someone else, at a lower cost because you live in a country with lower standards of living, you do it - and it's a win-win for you and for your customers - unless your product is shoddy and not worth what you're charging for it, of course. But even that is an issue only for discerning customers and it also happens with products at full price by "reputable" companies. Many customers can't afford to be discerning, which is why they buy low-cost shoddy products. There's a market for that, and the Chinese and other countries are very good at satisfying that market. That doesn't make them "evil" or "hostile" or "enemies of the US."

Now if you hack a company's servers to steal their manufacturing secrets, product formulas, or whatever, to take back to a company in China, which can then produce the same product without having to have spent the development money, then you're breaking the law in most countries (including China, if I'm not mistaken.) But in the end, the effect on the market for that product and the customer is exactly the same - the same product at a lower price.

Now the Chinese company might be fly-by-night. Maybe the original US company can't compete and goes out of business. Maybe the Chinese company does, too. Now the product is gone altogether, and the customer suffers. But that won't last long. Another company will see the market and develop the same product or a better one. And there's usually always more than one company in any market - at least once the first mover has demonstrated the market exists.

So in the end, none of this matters a whit in the grand scheme of the markets. This is how free market capitalism works and always has. It's only when the state gets involved and decides to "regulate" things in attempts to manipulate people to achieve some end which is unrelated to pure market dynamics - such as "protecting intellectual property" or "protecting jobs" - that things get out of whack.

It's not a government's job to "protect jobs" or "adjust balance of trade" or any of the other nonsensical notions that translate in the end to - "give us our cut or we won't let you do business." In the criminal world, this is called a "protection racket"...

So is the Chinese government a bigger "protection racket" than the US government? And even if it is, does it matter? What can be done about it - short of nuclear war?

Greenwald and Stoller suggested the US oligarchs could be persuaded or forced to repatriate manufacturing to the US or diversify them to countries in addition to China. Good luck with that... The oligarchs own the US government. Does anyone believe the US electorate has enough comprehension of this to be able to elect a Congress that can fix that? Seriously? Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, too? Or that the Chinese or the oligarchs can't figure out a way around whatever efforts the Congress tries to fix things?

We're back to this notion that "the people" can just "come together", "elect good leaders" who will "fix things." It's hallucinatory... It's never worked in human history and never will - at least not for any length of time. Habeus corpus in the US was violated within ten years of the ratification of the US Constitution...They were using grape shot from cannon against rioters in New York IIRC.

Get serious. There will be hacking, there will be product copying, there will be corporations in every country, and governments in every country operating according to their own interests - and not necessarily in your interest.

Deal. The alternative is war with a country with 300 nuclear weapons that can devastate every major US city.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 12:41 utc | 13

Well, that was one long post that got eaten by the site... LOL Oh, well.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 12:43 utc | 14

331 lawmakers take International Criminal Court to task over Israel investigation

US threatens ICC with ‘consequences’ if it acts on war crimes complaint against Israel filed by ‘fake’ Palestinian state

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 12:50 utc | 15

Amnesty condemns US support for Israel’s plans to annex West Bank

Jordan warns Israel of 'massive conflict' over annexation
King Abdullah II says Jordan is considering 'all options' over Israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 12:54 utc | 16

For those who missed it first time around, the CIA displayed one of their heart attack guns at the Church hearings, 1975.

Posted by: oldhippie | May 17 2020 13:23 utc | 17

"By keeping it light.. ever been to China? I save you the trip... here is a selection of cars they blatantly copied from European designers and manufacturers. Hit the subtitle button for ENG translation."

I saw on YouTube proof that Russia shot down MH17. Since it's on YouTube then it must be true.

Copyright infringement, in any country, must be brought to court.
Crowing about copying on YouTube don't win you anything.
It's 2020 and yet there are idiots still screaming China copies everything.
Which rock crawled from?

All of China's major auto makers have joint projects to make western brands for sale in China.
No, you don't need to live in China to know what life is like. You can do net search, and know how to spot fake info.

Posted by: LivingInChina | May 17 2020 13:23 utc | 18

Isn't it a bit early to be making insinuations just on the basis of an alleged timeline?

I am all for conspiracy theories when there are reasonable grounds for believing that there are problems to be explained and that the theory may explain them. Here that is entirely absent. Inciting conspiracy theories without the slightest concrete grounds is unhelpful.

Posted by: BM | May 17 2020 13:31 utc | 19

@Posted by: Et Tu | May 17 2020 11:10 utc | 7

Well, this people do not give stitch without thread, many people in their 50s suffer of high blood presure even when appearing fit and youth, and increased Cholesterol levels could be found in the fittest of people, fat whose body produces independent of any action to favour this production on the part of the person´s behavior. To this, add the continuous stress of working in main US foreign territory in full all out war.
Increased Cholesterol and Calcium blood levels have been observed in people after two months of quarantine...This is why two months seems to me enough for enclosure of people without possiiblity to exercise ( most of workingclass population living in overcrowded tiny apartaments...)

But, obviously, this can not be the case of an ambassador who, highly likely, enjoys a garden, and most probably due we are talking about dry hot ME, even a pool, big enough to exercise a bit every case he counts with the spare time in the middle of an all out war..of course....

With all, the fact that the man arrived just in the worst of the pandemic in Israel, that at the first times of the worst of the pandemic in Europe it was Israel one of those claiming they could come out soon with a vaccine, that they develop, and are ready to employ them in children, tracking IT micro-devices, points all the way at the possibility the man was onto something in Chinese investigation on Sars-Cov-2 origins...

At the same time, this could serve as a warning to any researcher, Chinese or not, who in the future woulod be thinking of puslishing anything which could lead to involvement by the US or puppet states in the creation of Sars-Cov-2....

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 13:45 utc | 20

@BM (20)

Meng Wanzhou was arrested by a US crony for no other reason than being Chinese and related to Huawei.
Yes, insinuations and timelines are very much justified.

Posted by: bjd | May 17 2020 13:50 utc | 21

Oficial: I’ll speak from the perspective of having – until all this started, being lucky enough to travel over a year and around the world with him and being in not every but most of his meetings. He’s been talking about this almost – I can’t think of a specific meeting that I was in with him where he didn’t bring this up. It’s been something that he’s been building, saying, for a long time. [blah blah...]

Tom Verso | May 17 2020 11:04 utc: Is English a second language of the State Department "spoke-persons"?

Me: Tom, try to listen to Pompeo verbiage "over a year" in a polite posture, no eye-rolls, sighs, wincing, and check your language skills and mental state afterwards. A similar experiment on animals would be outlawed, but cruel experiments on humans are OK -- as you can see.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 17 2020 13:59 utc | 22

@Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 12:10 utc | 12

Well, for over the last decade, I have witnessed increasing number of Chinese citizens arrriving here, and I have not observed any intention by them to rule anything.

They just come to work as lions, being main business shops where they sell all kind of Chinese made stuff at advantegous prices, and who worked for almost the whole day, including week ends, until the pandemic started. These are law abiding and polite citizens who only are interested in making business

I recall you from SST....where they most are of the Chicom faction of US Army who spends an irrepressible hatred towards anything sounding Chinese or communist...
Have you been sent here to spread your anti-Chinese propaganda?
Yours are the same points of Pompeo....buried amongst a lot of verbiage...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 14:01 utc | 23

Whether or not this was done by US, 1.4 billion Chinese and 5 billion of the rest of the planet are going to assume it was not fortuitous.

Any who would look at Du Wei and start talking about his inherent risk of succumbing to a heart attack, and a fatal heart attack, should quickly refer to photos of Trump or Pompeo.

Posted by: oldhippie | May 17 2020 14:03 utc | 24

Israel to Annex the United States
Ambassador predicts a “deepening connection”

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 12:29 utc | 14

Deepening connection does not imply "annexation". For example, a company may have a subsidiary in a continent different than headquarters, and the management of the subsidiary may become a virtual independent fiefdom. Then there can be a reorganization tightening the control -- but the ownership stays the same.

But what can you do if the headquarters can be taken over by a company you heartily dislike? Whine, complain, vilify..

Posted by: Piotr Berman | May 17 2020 14:07 utc | 25

When John Smith had the fatal heart attack that allowed Tony Blair to succeed to the leadership of the Labour Party, Smith was 56 years old.

Posted by: lysias | May 17 2020 14:15 utc | 26

@Posted by: oldhippie | May 17 2020 14:03 utc | 29

In fact, Pompeo in his increasing obesity, is the onky official in the world who has been travelling non stop through the pandemic, he traveled recently to the Ukraine for conversations on bringing in production by US corporations into Ukraine...

This when the borders and flights are closed for anybody else....and the rest of officials remain in quarantine in their countries trying ot manage the spreading of the virus....

One would think Pompeo has been already vaccinated.... or is immune by any cabriole of destiny...You just watch how proud and joyful he shows during this pandemic...worries do not seem to pinch would say he is having the best time of his life...Then recall that of the "live exercise" he slided with, or withou intention...( I bet it was willing, since he enjoys showing as scoundrel more that a child a candy....his is the expression of a psycho of the book...)

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 14:19 utc | 27

@ Tom Verso | May 17 2020 11:04 utc | 6

Is English a second language of the State Department "spoke-persons"?


If Yddish the first, English may well be the second.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | May 17 2020 14:33 utc | 28

what was the ambassador's family history? how long did the parents live, and what did they die of?

Posted by: pretzelattack | May 17 2020 14:34 utc | 29

The Chinese Ambassador looked very fit and younger than his actual age. I think Khaled Mashal, leader of Hamas, who Mossad tried to murder in 1997 and Mahmoud al-Mabhouh murdered by Mossad in Dubai if he could talk from the grave would both agree that the man didn't die of natural causes as with Zionists in the background there are no coincidences.

A deeper investigation is required to expose motive. Zionists have spies everywhere, but spying on them could prove, shall we say...fatal?

I wonder if the Chinese have an advanced version of Stuxnet? If they don't (and that would be surprising) they should get busy, cause another Trump Presidency doesn't augur well for China. I see a Cold War with economic and cyber warfare gaining significant relevance.

Posted by: Circe | May 17 2020 14:46 utc | 30

This post ends with an insinuation and I'm not too fond of insinuations. b should have spelled out that there is a reasonable speculation that the chinese ambassador got murdered , and the first candidate would be the americans.

Posted by: Tuyzentfloot | May 17 2020 14:49 utc | 31

We must recall that previous to the declaration of the pandemic by WHO, two WHO officials also died ....of strokes....both were in their 50s...if I do not recall bad...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 14:53 utc | 32

I don't see a clear motive in killing the ambassador - by anybody.

As for Israel/China, this is humorous. Who are these goyim to make such demands? If Israel has any strategic sense, they will do everything they can to befriend China to prepare for a day in which the USA is too feeble to protect them. They need to hurry on annexation and making Saudi allies. Then, they will be protected enough to shed the US and seek advantages with China.

The US has no particular leverage over Israel especially in an election year where politicians grovel before Jerusalem. Tough luck, Pompeo.

Posted by: Eighthman | May 17 2020 15:05 utc | 33

@ Posted by: LivingInChina | May 17 2020 13:23 utc | 19

It doesn't mean China doesn't innovate. In fact it is the world leader in new patents, since circa 2018.

China is vast and produces everything. Any random individual with USD 100,000.00 can hire a small production line in China and produce whatever he/she likes (with or without the logo...). It's a free country with endless opportunities, after all.

And, as China is vast, you can see lots of knock offs and still have more innovation than in all the West combined. It has enough space for both.

If much, your argument is self-defeating, as it demonstrates IP is, deep down, just imaginary capital, financial (fictitious) capital. It is merely a piece of paper that juridically states you "own" an idea (which may or may not be revolutionary).

If IP solved economic problems, the USA would already be paradise on Earth. Just ask the wizards on unicorns at Silicon Valley.

Posted by: vk | May 17 2020 15:14 utc | 34

Syrian Girl

"Israel was setting itself up to parasite China, as it sees the end of its US host. This is finally dawning on the US. China is being foolish.

US To Israel: No More Chinese Deals; Pompeo’s Flying Visit
Israeli officials said the message relayed during Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's hours-long visit included a very specific political warning – Israel must stop any action that strengthens the..."

kick China out

Posted by: arby | May 17 2020 15:28 utc | 35

Their support of an age old enemy after 2014/Crimea was an innovation.
Their use of dredges on reefs in the South China Sea - instead of aircraft carriers - was an innovation.
Their "flying under the radar" while becoming powerful (and often losing face) was a huge innovation.
Their entire BRI project is an innovation. So is building infrastructure across Africa - that colonial powers didn't bother with.
Their development of their own OS (not Windows) is an innovation.

I can go on.

Posted by: Eighthman | May 17 2020 15:32 utc | 36

@Richard Steven Hack

you appear to be confusing "human nature" with that of the sociopath. I don't think EVERYONE is out for themselves. I think a crony capitalist system that incentivizes sociopathic behavior to get ahead does lead to the impression that most people are self-interested narcissists, but propagating that perception does not make it objectively true.

I hope this polite comment doesn't illicit one of your storm-off tantrums. not every skeptic is a paid troll pushing some agenda.

Posted by: lizard | May 17 2020 15:35 utc | 37

thanks b... interesting line up of events... it is premature to say much on this, but i agree with @ 24 bjd's comment to @22 bm....

comment section on this is bizarre...

Posted by: james | May 17 2020 15:36 utc | 38

Condolences to China and the ambassador's family. I hope the project will continue.

Posted by: juliania | May 17 2020 15:37 utc | 39

It is "highly likely" that CIA has killed him. The west has made that kind of assessment the acceptable level of evidence necessary to prove a crime.

Posted by: Nathan Mulcahy | May 17 2020 15:48 utc | 40

Connect the dots....I was aware since the beginning by the astonishingly selective spread of the virus in the first moments...

Chinese investments are concentrated in the areas affected by the Coronavirus in Italy

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 16:02 utc | 41

To add to suspicions, with respect those who were affected later than others and who got the approach of "herd immunity"....Then whose tourists were strolling and drinking beers in Benidorm when lockdown had laready een decreed in Spain....
What sense you make of this? I suspect the UK in to the hilt involved all the way in the pandemic, especially related to Porton Down, the Skripals case, as all these three agencies, CIA/Mossad/MI6, act in team most of the times...

Renault Kadjar and Captur could leave Spain to be made in the United Kingdom

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 16:09 utc | 42

Some conspiracy theories are more acceptable than others, it depends on the ideology. This one is not implausible, but it is a conspiracy theory.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 17 2020 16:09 utc | 43

The grabbing of assets in the ME is being accelerated as we it is de-industrialization of the southern European PIGS to leave them ready for grabs...This is the plunder at scale not known before of the whole Mediterranean world...It started in Greece/Cyprus through the 2008 plundering....Lebanon will be next...For that you must not leave unwanted witnesses not belonging to the "family", like the Chinese....or the Iranians and allies....

Troops of the US and its allies the Kurdish "anarchist" nationalists take over the offices of the Syrian Commercial Bank in Al-Hasakah governorate and expel their employees. It is the largest state-owned Syrian bank

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 16:19 utc | 44

We all know for a fact that the US assassinates the diplomats of countries it is attempting to "full spectrum dominate". There is no debate about this as they have even done it openly and bragged about it. We all also know that the probability that the US just assassinated Ambassador Du is so close to 100% that it isn't really worth debating that tiny fragment of a percentage point possibility that the death was natural. Everyone here trying to assert otherwise also knows it was an assassination and is just doing their patriotic duty to the empire to help obfuscate the murder.

You, dear reader, know that. I know that. Those here trying to claim innocence for a violently psychotic nation that has murdered more over the last half century than all other nations combined also know that.

The only question is how should China respond?

We all know how China will respond which is by doing nothing. Unlike the psychotic and bloodthirsty barbarism of the Americans, the Chinese are civilized and cannot even consider responding to bestial violence in kind. The Chinese will view America's assassination of one of theirs as their own fault, as they didn't take precautions and allowed a known vicious animal to bite them. The problem with this is that, true to their primitive and bestial nature, Americans will view China's lack of response as weakness, and that perceived weakness will embolden the savage cretins to bite again and again.

What should China do? They should recognize that Americans respect "Shock & Awe™", but not much else. China's response, if they hope to curtail this behavior from the evil empire, should instead be grossly disproportional. That response should be shocking and awful. For example, glassing Guam and leaving America's aircraft carrier there a radioactive hulk might be enough of a bitch slap to wake Americans up to the fact that there are consequences for bad behavior. I'll not hold my breath, though, so we can expect more assassinations from the empire.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 17 2020 16:19 utc | 45

Posted by: William Gruff | May 17 2020 16:19 utc | 66

What should China do? They should recognize that Americans respect "Shock & Awe™", but not much else.

China can do two things... Xi Jinping bow on his knees and begging for mercy like the Japanese did to comply with Bill Clinton trade war with Japan. Freaking Trump would love, show his base and the world MAGA. It's not gonna happens dun underestimate the Chinese, they're no chicken at a certain point of time at their own choosing they will retaliate with force far greater than "Shock & Awe™",.

I doubt anytime soon Xi Jinping will wants to meet that Freaking Trump. It's most likely Xi Jinping will ever allows freaking Trump into China ever again. Remember freaking president Obama his last visits to China Hangzhou, Airforce one was not even welcome and left on the tarmac without service. Even a Chinese security officer said to Obama's staffers Susan E. Rice, and her deputy, Ben Rhodes ... "This is our Country and this is our airport"

"U.S. President Barack Obama's arrival in China for the G20 Summit got off to a bumpy start, as he didn't receive the red carpet treatment usually offered to world leaders. Our Oh Soo-young has more. Was it a carefully-calculated snub or a simple mishap on the behalf of the Chinese? As President Obama arrived in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou on Saturday, no rolling staircase had been prepared for his exit from Air Force One. Instead, he had to make his way out from a little-used exit. There were also altercations between U.S. and Chinese officials as Obama got off the plane and U.S. reporters were told to move. A Chinese official was heard shouting "This is our country This is our airport " President Obama later downplayed the situation."

Posted by: JC | May 17 2020 17:03 utc | 46

FYI - Elijah Magnier posted a tweet that his newspaper is not doing well and he might have to put a paywall even if can't raise funds otherwise. His web-site has payment information.

Posted by: Schmoe | May 17 2020 18:21 utc | 47

Does Chinese have an equivalent for "The die has been cast"? Time to see what they're made of. The only ones that had a good handle on this were the USSR, who'd whack a US and an Israeli ambassador in response; as a result, they didn't have to carry out such acts too often, since all concerned parties knew better than to fuck with them. Today, such seriousness is sorely lacking in the world when it comes to the issue of dealing with Uncle Sam.

Posted by: Ma Laoshi | May 17 2020 18:33 utc | 48

@William Gruff | May 17 2020 16:19 utc | 45

We all also know that the probability that the US just assassinated Ambassador Du is so close to 100%

If is is true, then raise some fundamental questions:
Why in Zionland?
Do Zion state accompany him in assassination?
if the message is: " see I ( Pompoe / Trump) am so dangerous "? I do not think so much narrow mindedness even from cheat-Shit-steal-lie.
Normally this type of crime is committed by a desperate gang as a last resort.
Then, What is at stake?
Why they are so desperate, helpless that try a single or few assassination and sporadic terror?
Who ever studied and graduated from a military academia, knows some sporadic terror will not change the war, but exposes weakness of an army.
what will be consequences for Zionstate?
What will be consequences for Trumpet re-elction ?

Posted by: arata | May 17 2020 18:40 utc | 49

One may remember that the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during it efforts to destroy Yugoslavia. A number of years later the CIA guy who gave out the "supposedly mistaken" coordinates for the Chinese embassy was jogging with his wife in Arlington ? or Springfield? VA. There was nobody else around when a van appeared. Some masked men jumped out and killed him - severely wounded his wife who barely survived. A professional hit. Draw your own conclusions for who was behind it.
It is fairly well established that there are ways to induce heart attacks from a distance. These have been used for decades by intelligence organizations and large corporations.

Posted by: gepay | May 17 2020 18:42 utc | 50

There is one thing China can do. Come up with a Digital Crypto system and offer it to sanctioned nations. If China can overcome dollar dominance (by whatever means), the US will be broken.

Posted by: Eighthman | May 17 2020 18:59 utc | 51

"Iran FM: Threatening Iranian tankers by US amounts to piracy, jeopardizes intl. peace "


Posted by: arby | May 17 2020 19:25 utc | 52

sorry, wrong thread

Posted by: arby | May 17 2020 19:30 utc | 53

A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the video. The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target. The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes. Sounds like the perfect James Bond weapon, doesn't it? Yet this is all verifiable in Congressional testimony. The astonishing information about this secret weapon of the CIA comes from U.S. Senate testimony in 1975 on rogue activities of the CIA.

Posted by: Robert Browning | May 17 2020 19:35 utc | 54

The Chinese FM has just declared that Ambassador Du Wei "died unexpectedly by natural health causes"....They will e sending an envoy to investigate the death...

Well, they want the issue to remain behind the scenes...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 20:01 utc | 55

Interesting data which explains US current wars everywhere....

Countries most dependent on China's credits for the New Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative)

In case you need some help with geography a helpful map...You can increase size by picking on sectiosn of the map...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 20:20 utc | 56

it's not 100% certain that the ambassador was assassinated. first, is there a history of heart disease in his family. i like a few facts before i reach a conclusion. second, it isn't 100% certain that the u.s. did it if it did happen. how about israel? this is not an exoneration of the u.s. empire. of course it would; but did it?
this extremely healthy guy died in his early 50's. was he 100% assassinated by the u.s. empire?
fixx had a healthy lifestyle, albeit after having an unhealthy lifestyle in his 30's.

we don't know enough about this to be 100% certain of anything. we can only be 100% certain that the u.s. would have no qualms about doing it; given the incompetence of many of its activities (see the recent clownshow in venezuela) i don't know if they have carried out something like this. seth rich didn't have a heart attack. dag hammarskjold didn't have a heart attack. castro lived to a ripe old age despite plans involving exploding cigars. epstein didn't have a heart attack. assange hasn't had a heart attack. osama bin ladin didn't have a heart attack. we now know what we 100% all figured out when we heard about it--he was whacked, crudely but effectively, and his body disposed of.

first, rule out natural causes, which is why i asked the question in the first place. you probably aren't going to be able to do that 100%; it is after all, the real world. but just look at the probabilities. second, look at who benefits and how. look at the method of assassination, and look for a pattern. just offhand, given that he was the chinese ambassador to israel and this happened in tel aviv, you might look at israel.

Posted by: pretzelattack | May 17 2020 20:57 utc | 57

Suitably dressed up, this could be the first few minutes of a Golden Age thriller.

"MacGuffin, (noun). In film, a plot device that has no specific meaning or purpose other than to advance the story; any situation that motivates the action of a film either artificially or substantively."

"Originally coined by Alfred Hitchcock, based on a film where this device was used ('The Lady Vanishes')".

Posted by: carl | May 17 2020 21:54 utc | 58

Posted by: Mao | May 17 2020 10:32 utc | 3

The case you mention is based on revelations by Victor Ostrovsky, a former katsa who published two books about Mossad assassinations he claimed to have been involved with in the 1990's.

As to Ostrovsky's credibility it should be noted that the Israeli government filed for permanent injunctions in the U.K. & the U.S., permanently banning the publication of Ostrovsky's first book "By Way of Deception".

Condensed book version: "He was unfortunately killed in a robbery gone wrong", or "She was tragically struck down by an accident no one could possibly have anticipated".

Posted by: carl | May 17 2020 22:08 utc | 59

Obviously there is a chance that he died of natural causes..but the problem is where it happened (an illegal occupying state outpost of an outlaw coalition)when it happened(just after fat mike made a visit)and the context(usa struggle to stop China business).A lot of things to die naturally...

Posted by: LuBa | May 17 2020 22:18 utc | 60

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 17 2020 14:01 utc | 23 @Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 12:10 utc | 12 Have you been sent here to spread your anti-Chinese propaganda?

Yes, they are the "same points as Pompeo" - because I was referencing those points. You completely missed the point of my post, which is to disagree with that portrayal of the Chinese government. I was arguing *against* Pompeo and Trump's view. Read it again - without the knee-jerk response to my name.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 22:37 utc | 61

H. Schmatz

Better yet, read my post at 9, which is more focused on the Pompeo nonsense.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 22:38 utc | 62

Posted by: lizard | May 17 2020 15:35 utc | 37 you appear to be confusing "human nature" with that of the sociopath. I don't think EVERYONE is out for themselves.

You're free to think so. I'm not the only one who has made the argument that even people who think of themselves as "altruistic" are primarily concerned with their view of themselves as the motivation for that behavior. I would suggest that their motivation is even more fear of being considered "not altruistic" since in tribal times, that would lead to ostracism which leads to death. The fear of death and the fear of contravening whatever "society" they reside in is the core behavioral motivation of all humans everywhere.

Human behavior has not changed in a couple hundred thousand years, except under the impact of new technology. Basic human drives remain the same as they were in tribal days. In fact, because the "tribes" have gotten too big for humans to cope with, and social rules have become too complex, humans now are psychopathic almost as soon as they exit childhood, if not before. We're not designed to deal with a planet-wide "civilization".

Again, I'm not the only one who has advanced this argument. Plenty of philosophers, social scientists, and others have done so.

"I hope this polite comment doesn't illicit one of your storm-off tantrums. not every skeptic is a paid troll pushing some agenda."

Well, it was polite up until the point you felt you had to be insulting. Passive-aggressive much?

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 22:48 utc | 63

My condolences to Du Wei's family in Israel and China.

At this stage the evidence that Du Wei had been murdered or been set up somehow looks circumstantial. An autopsy should be done though where and by whom could become a real issue. The Chinese government would need some reassurance that the coroner is working independently and is free from political influence of any kind, local or foreign.

The silver lining in the cloud of the US bullying of Israel is that when the new multi-polar world eventually triumphs, and perhaps the State of Israel is in the sewers of history along with what remains of the Anglocentric global empire, the Israeli elites and their buddies in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, wherever, who benefited from exploiting Israeli-US ties and networks won't have a foothold or a backdoor into the new world's networks and structures.

It really does look as Mike Pompeo is carrying out the fruitcake fundamentalist instructions in his head that all Jewish people must be corralled in Israel, never allowed to have anything to do with anyone else, and eventually forced to accept Jay-zus as their saviour to hurry up his Messiah into a Second Coming.

The Rapture can't come fast enough if only to leave Planet Earth with (hopefullY) enough space for those lucky enough to miss out on being hoovered up into a black hole.

Posted by: Jen | May 17 2020 23:33 utc | 64

>> Richard Steven Hack | May 17 2020 22:37 utc | 61

Just so you know, I appreciate your posts and think your writing is pretty clear. Please keep them coming.

>> I would suggest that their motivation is even more fear of being considered "not altruistic" since
>> in tribal times, that would lead to ostracism which leads to death. The fear of death and the fear of
>> contravening whatever "society" they reside in is the core behavioral motivation of all humans everywhere.

But, there are those who actually act in other people’s favor (because of those evolutionary forces), while some only claim to while sometimes doing the opposite (because those evolutionary forces made them smart enough to pretend to care even if they don’t feel the need). The words “psychopath” and “sociopath” mean nothing if we don’t use them to distinguish between two groups.

Posted by: oglalla | May 17 2020 23:44 utc | 65

@Richard Steven Hack,

I suggested Noirette check out this link, and I think you should to, or maybe you prefer remaining in a Malthusian state of mind, which is a bit too narrow for my liking.

I do think there needs to be some evolving with our species, but not toward the AI transhumanism the psycho/sociopaths think will transform themselves into gods.

you may think humans are just a bunch of angry, tribal monkeys, but the sociopaths who want to play god in the lab and across the planet don't see themselves that way.

they create reality, you merely react to it.

Posted by: lizard | May 18 2020 0:15 utc | 66

@ 64 jen.. good summary... i just read max blumenthals article from grey zone showing what a first class slob and gangster sheldon adelson is, not to mention the other psychopaths listed in the article... pompeo is one demented individual and apparently has to run it by sheldon for the idea of a run for a seat in the senate or whatever..
they are a swarm of ethical, moral lepers and i apologize for characterizing lepers in a negative light here, as they are far superios to adelson, pompeo, morales and etc listed in the link on the bottom of b's week in review thread..

Posted by: james | May 18 2020 1:50 utc | 67

Posted by: lizard | May 18 2020 0:15 utc | 66 a Malthusian state of mind, which is a bit too narrow for my liking.

As a radical Transhumanist myself, "Malthusian" is entirely the wrong description. But whatever...

"the sociopaths who want to play god in the lab and across the planet don't see themselves that way."

I'm one of those sociopaths.

"they create reality, you merely react to it."

No, I intend to take advantage of it. You will be the one merely reacting to it. Good luck opposing it.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 18 2020 2:14 utc | 68

Posted by: oglalla | May 17 2020 23:44 utc | 65 Just so you know, I appreciate your posts and think your writing is pretty clear. Please keep them coming.

Thank you.

"act in other people’s favor (because of those evolutionary forces)"

There actually is an argument that "morality" - or at least some altruistic behavior - is something that evolved because of evolutionary value. I myself feel that without sex and pair-bonding, the human species would have died out quickly, as a purely competitive species that does nothing but compete among themselves is likely to have severe evolutionary disadvantages. Even an individualist anarchist like Max Stirner acknowledges that there can be advantages to cooperation, or even being altruistic. For someone like Stirner, what matters is whether one's behavior is one's individual choice, not compelled by social rules or belief systems.

I read once that the difference between "right-wing" anarchists and "left-wing" anarchists is that the former believes people will compete more than cooperate, and the latter believe the reverse is true. But both are opposed to the state and the use of force to achieve an ordered society. What individualist anarchists believe is that an "ordered society" is the threat, especially when its needs are preferred over individual needs.

Ever read Frank Herbert's (the author of the "Dune" series) "The Dosadi Experiment"? It's about a planet where the inhabitants are almost totally competitive and only cooperate when mutual interests are involved. It's like an individualist anarchist's wet dream. LOL The planet was set up by the elites of the galaxy as an experiment to see what happens when such a society exists and also to take lessons away on how to exploit what is learned. The ""BuSab" organization - the Bureau of Sabotage, an official government agency tasked with restraining government and social excesses - sends an agent secretly in to find out what's going on. He learns how to become like a Dosadi inhabitant and when the Dosadi inhabitants are released into galactic society, he is the only one who can defeat their *second* most accomplished member - because he has become familiar with their attitudes and behavior and has been mentally linked to their *first* most accomplished member.

"The words “psychopath” and “sociopath” mean nothing if we don’t use them to distinguish between two groups."

Most psychology terms mean nothing - merely descriptions of behavioral patterns that may or may not be appropriate given the circumstances and one's philosophical viewpoint. For an individualist anarchist along Max Stirner's lines, what people call sociopathic is just rationality. Psychopathic, on the other hand, wouldn't apply because psychopaths are not in touch with reality to some degree - whereas an individual anarchist is probably *more* in touch with reality than most people - *if*, of course, one acknowledges the individualist anarchism concept as a rational argument. If one doesn't, then psychiatrists are likely to apply any of those terms to them.

An article I just read describes these terms thus:

The common features of a psychopath and sociopath lie in their shared diagnosis — antisocial personality disorder. The DSM-51 defines antisocial personality as someone have 3 or more of the following traits:

Regularly breaks or flouts the law
Constantly lies and deceives others
Is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead
Can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness
Has little regard for the safety of others
Irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations
Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt

For an individualist anarchist, lines 1, 2 (with a caveat on the word "constantly"), 4, 5, 7 might apply. 3 and 6 might or might not, depending on the individual. So clumping all that behavior into one definition creates a more general impression than is warranted. Also, some of those behavior might be innate and others learned.

The presumption is being "antisocial" is somehow an illness. The individualist anarchist argues that it is society - of the sort we have today - and the people who are influential in it - that is ill, and different behaviors are needed to cope with it on an individual level than are usually recommended by society.

Oh, well, enough on that. This is a philosophical rabbit hole one can go very deep into. But it should be understand that it colors my view of things.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 18 2020 2:49 utc | 69

@Richard Steven Hack,

if you really do consider yourself a rational, sociopathic, radical transhumanist then, yes, you will be opposed by many.

which dystopian DARPA toy gets your silicon appendage stiff? are you hoping Epstein is still alive and working on little Sophia.

transhumanism is an example of mankind's supreme arrogance. are you a fan of eugenics as well?

Posted by: lizard | May 18 2020 3:30 utc | 70

Eighthman @ May17 2020

I don't see a clear motive in killing the ambassador - by anybody.

I agree with this.

IMO there's a campaign to make the Ambassador's death seem suspicious. Simply to irritate the Chinese and prompt them to make inquiries.

Anticipated next headline: "Chinese accuse USA of killing their Ambassador (!)" - based on nothing more than inquiring if USA has any info about his death.

A transparent propaganda trick.


Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 18 2020 4:02 utc | 71

A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Frank Plummer

Looks like A career as Chinese microbiologist in US could be doubly hazardous to your health, .

Chinese scientist Liu BIng murdered after he achieved breakthru in CV research, the alleged killer was suicided
Shades of JFK,


Hello b

My thought exactly.
Ambassador Du,
Latest victim of FUKUS
Global Chinese Exclusion Act....
'All of this planet are belong to us,
Chinese get the fuck outta our territories'

Fact is, its hazardous to be a Chinese these days, anywhere in the world.

Especially when you plan to return to your motherland'r the cream of your chosen field.

Top physicist Zhang Shoucheng, sucided at the eve of his trip back to China.
Zhang was a pioneer in Quantum computing, earmarked for Nobel prize, he'd be a key maN in Made In China 2025 proj.

Chinese sources have assembled the following


April 2017: A director of Chinese tech giant Huawei personally escorted famed Shanghai-born physicist Zhang Shoucheng from the latter’s hotel in
Shenzhen. Jackson & Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University, Zhang was in town to attend an IT summit.
Sept. 2018: Prof. Zhang receives a European physics award, one of his many honors. His work in quantum physics is expected to revolutionize the global semiconductor industry. Yang Zhenning, the first Chinese scientist to receive the Nobel Physics Prize (1957), had predicted that Zhang would be the next one.
Dec. 1, 2018: Prof. Zhang and Meng Wanzhou are expected to attend a dinner in Argentina, where the G20 summit is being held.
Dec. 1, 2018: On her way there, Meng is arrested in transit by the Canadian government.
Dec. 1, 2018: Prof. Zhang falls to his death from a building in the US, allegedly a suicide. Said to be suffering from depression, he was 55.
Dec. 1, 2018: A nighttime fire breaks out at a factory of Holland’s ASML, the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology. EUV is crucial to the production of the next generation of semi-conductors, which US and Chinese tech firms as well as Korea’s Samsung are competing to be first to bring to market. Leading Chinese semiconductor producer SMIC is known to have ordered EUV technology worth US$120 million from ASML, for scheduled delivery early in 2019. After the fire, ASML announced that it expected delays in shipments of its products, notably early 2019.

Malaysian airliner mh370, 'disappeared' in thin air, with more than two hundred Chinese onboard,
including dozens of Chinese electronic experts, and top Huawei /ZTE exe

Air France airliner AF447 plunged into Atlantic Ocean after losing radar contact. eyewitness account described mid air explosion.
One VIP passenger stood out, Xiao Xiang, architect of China's nuclear aircraft carrier and nuclear sub program.
Xiao was returning to China after finishing a collaboration proj in Brazil, at the invitation of prez Lula, who was later ousted in a fukus engineered regime change.

Top Chinese mathematician Ren Wei suicided on the eve of his return to China.

Funny innit ?
They all chose to suicide themselves on the eve of returning to China, ready to participate in the grand scheme of Made in China 2025 ???

Tip of an iceberg,.

There'r tons of these in MOA archive,
I might dig out more given time,
but its very difficult to retrieve them these days, if you know
what I mean :-(

Posted by: denk | May 18 2020 6:29 utc | 72

Denk @ 72:

From a CIA assassination manual published in 1953 (apparently):

“The most efficient accident, in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface.”

Posted by: Jen | May 18 2020 6:58 utc | 73

Jen 73

Frank Olson comes to mind !

Posted by: denk | May 18 2020 7:21 utc | 74

The new eastern outlook site is acting funny
these days, here's a better link to the
attack in Mali...

Posted by: denk | May 18 2020 8:18 utc | 76

Posted by: denk | May 18 2020 6:29 utc | 72

You did a great job putting all this facts in your post..because I feel around the sensation of: "come on people stop always blaming the yanks"..We don't know what's happened but we can see there's a kind of war going on.unfortunately my ignorance doesn't help me finding the implications of this death.

Posted by: LuBa | May 18 2020 9:32 utc | 77

Luba 78

Make no mistake, FUKUS [[[CIA/MI6]]] are
the world's no 1 terrorists !

FUKUS Global Chinese Exclusion Act
'git outta mah Pakistan'

'An anti-American Islamic fanatic is arrested in Afghanistan, flown to Guantanamo Bay and then released back to Afghan authorities. He’s supposedly seething with anti-Americanism. But after crossing the border and returning to Pakistan, his first mission is to kidnap and kill a Chinese engineer.In doing so, Abdullah Mehsud also becomes the first Pakistani to kill a Chinese citizen on Pakistani soil in a high profile case, creating an unfortunate precedent in the sixty-year long history of close Sino-Pak ties.Mehsud was anti-American. Or was he? We haven’t seen him target any high or low profile American assets since the famous 2004 kidnappings. But he has single handedly done what others failed to do: he effectively scuttled Chinese help in a major Pakistani development project

All these in the MOA archive,
but the links in those posts have all gone kaput.

Posted by: denk | May 18 2020 10:30 utc | 78

comment not showing,

Posted by: denk | May 18 2020 10:32 utc | 79

William Gruff | May 17 2020 16:19 utc | 45 (Your "what should...?)

Of course Wally totally rejects even the thought, but nevertheless there is a historical similarity>

“Stalin: Stop sending people to kill me! We’ve already captured five of them, one with a bomb and another with a rifle … If you don't stop sending killers, I’ll send one to Moscow, and I won’t have to send another.” - Tito.

Simply change the names...

But seriously, the answer is probably found In B H Liddell Hart and Sun Tsu... Less probable to find the answer to your question at a bar...

Posted by: Walter | May 18 2020 10:48 utc | 80

“Stalin: Stop sending people to kill me! We’ve already captured five of them, one with a bomb and another with a rifle … If you don't stop sending killers, I’ll send one to Moscow, and I won’t have to send another.” - Tito.

Posted by: Walter | May 18 2020 10:49 utc | 81

i have suggestions if someone wants to make improvements to the meeting place. please keep it minimalist as this one, quickly opening coz no pics etc.

Posted by: Mina | May 18 2020 12:14 utc | 82

From a CIA assassination manual published in 1953 (apparently):
“The most efficient accident, in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface.”
Posted by: Jen | May 18 2020 6:58 utc | 73

One of the most preferred methods these days though is to use to use car "accidents". Obscured by the crowds, as it were, since vast numbers of people die in car crashes anyway.

Posted by: BM | May 18 2020 14:15 utc | 83

So what was the ambassador up to? I'm sure Chinese foreign policy doesn't depend on one ambassador in a country of only 10 mio people. Only if it did though could you change that policy by killing one person. If he really was murdered for political reasons, it would have been something very specific.

Speaking of suspicious deaths, I came across this:

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | May 18 2020 17:56 utc | 84

@Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | May 18 2020 2:49 utc | 69

Yeah...but, If I am not wrong, were not you one who live on state pension for whatever discapacity you have?

You know, when I was very young, I felt always very compasionate of people on drugs, but with time, and with exception of a bunch of people obviously extraordinarily sensitive and not prepared for to live in this world, many others are not but a pack of scoundrels living on the willing or unwilling back of their families, whose welfare really give them a f****** damn, and who manage to pass through life without sweating too much while embittering, and even reaching to ruin, life to whom ever has the disgrace to cope with them.

These people usually hate everybody on Earth, even their own supportive family, but also health and social workers, society, government, and the alleged laying cause is that they do not offer them ever enough, the extrarodinary life they feel deserve without even hitting water with a stick.

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 18 2020 18:38 utc | 85

@Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | May 18 2020 17:56 utc | 85

If killing an ambassador makes no sense, why then killing a Russian ambassador while opening a art exhibition in Istanbul?

Educate an ambassador takes time, get him familiarized with the complexities of life and even language of the country of destiny and certain complex national projects too, at least you achieve delaying or disrupting for a while the ambassador´s national project i nthe country of destiny..May be you can be succesful in getting a new one less experienced...less aware of shenanigans and of who is who in the country...

Then there is the "Shock and Awe" effect...which could be the only goal, so as get distracting a more concentrated and with a clear strategy opponent... at chess...or whatever... kinda breaking the board....

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 18 2020 18:49 utc | 86

Scotch Bingeington @85

Does assassination of diplomats make more sense when you consider that Trump's trade war against China is just the early stages of the Thucydides Trap war, and that the United States is losing that war?

America used to be good at making things, which is how it achieved global hegemony. The US is not so good at making things anymore, but it is good at indiscriminate killing, so that's what it does to try to hold onto hegemony.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 18 2020 19:15 utc | 87

BM @ 84:

The problem with using "car accidents" or "car crashes", as in the case of Michael Hastings' car crash that killed the reporter and incinerated his body, is that the method used has to vary each time it is used. Repeating the same method, especially for targeted people who happen to work in the same or similar fields such as investigative journalism, or who are celebrities perhaps, will always raise suspicions.

Also there must not be too much evidence left behind (that is to say, NO evidence must be left behind) that when post-crash investigations start, someone can always find enough evidence to smell a rat. In Hastings' case, incinerating his body shouldn't have been enough: the whole car should have been destroyed with each and every scrap accounted for, and witnesses should have been hunted down and told not to say anything on threat of severe punishment.

Repeated successes can eventually breed their own failures.

Posted by: Jen | May 18 2020 23:06 utc | 88

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