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May 10, 2020

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2020-37

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

> At least 26 people who contracted COVID-19 started showing symptoms in late December or January — and at least eight of them both had not traveled and did not have contact with another person infected by the virus. The trend continued into February.

“That’s community spread,” said Eric Toner of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “It’s invisible, it’s invisible, it’s invisible, until it’s suddenly obvious.” <

Unknown source:
"We won the war against Coronavirus the same way we won the war against Vietnam. It got to expensive so we pretended that it was over."

Other issues:

The Elliot Abrams clown show in Venezuela:

The Macutazo: Timeline of an Absurd Military Adventure - Caracas Chronicle
US policy on Venezuela lacks meaningful direction – American mercenaries’ involvement in failed coup against Maduro is more proof - ScottRitter/RT
Silvercorp co-founder speaks with The Grayzone: What did State Department know about failed Venezuela invasion? - Grayzone

Russigate falls apart:

Flynn and the Anatomy of a Political Narrative - National Review
Obama officials and FBI collaborated to invent the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative
RAY McGOVERN: New House Documents Sow Further Doubt That Russia Hacked the DNC - Consortium News

Aaron Maté
I want to stress what a pretty big revelation this is. Crowdstrike, the firm behind the accusation that Russia hacked & stole DNC emails, admitted to Congress that it has no direct evidence Russia actually stole/exfiltrated the emails. More from Crowdstrike president Shaun Henry:
Bruno Maçães
I am now taking a look at the released transcripts. This might be lost in the middle of Covid, but the whole thing is stunning. No one in the intelligence community believed there was any collusion.
The question is: when dozens of people are sticking to a certain story they don’t believe in, is this a kind of spontaneous coordination? Could be...

Two pillars of modern music recently died.

Little Richard, Founding Father of Rock Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87 - Rolling Stone

Michael Beschloss
Little Richard (1932-2020) consenting to pose with obscure opening act in Hamburg, 1962:


At 33:00 min Richard talks about meeting the Beatles: Little Richard - Southbank Show - March 1985 (vid)

Human After All: Remembering Kraftwerk's Florian Schenider - Billboard
How Florian Schneider And Kraftwerk Created Pop's Future - NPR

Use as open thread ...

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lizard @ 100

wouldn't it be great of a german blogger could illuminate what's going on in his own backyard

yeah, really.

i posted this a week ago or more, and asked why was she violently arrested and sent to a psychiatric ward, but, crickets...

Beate Bahner, in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, has a 25-year career and has won three cases before the Federal Constitutional Court (German Supreme Court) in the domain of unlawful infringements of the right to practise one's profession. She has written five books on medical law, most recently an analysis of the 2016 federal act to tackle corruption in the healthcare system

Posted by: john | May 11 2020 15:37 utc | 101

Peter AU1 @ May11 3:12
Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 11 2020 3:22 utc | 66
"Soviet Union never ... that Russia now has. Adding:
Soviet Union never had an alliance with an economic superpower (China) that Russia now has.!!"

China never was and will never admit she is or will be an economic superpower all she wanna be treated as an equal respected among nations. The White must learn to accept and not The Chinese never invented anything, they steal, cheat and lied...

Posted by: JC | May 11 2020 15:47 utc | 102

@ vintage red.... thanks for your post @ 41...

@ 58 adkc... that whitney webb article is a hell of a story.. others should read it.. it is different then the @ 79 lurk link, but well worth the read... if jerome hauer wasn't a cia operative, i'll be a horses ass.. it seems to me lobbyists pushing for gov't handouts is okay, but the little person is not going to get any corporate welfare as they ain't a corporation...

lizard and john... maybe you'd like b to just focus on germany and have only a german audience too?? maybe you'd like him to make his posts in german too?? how far do you want to go? curious... is it just me, or am i being cranky listening to the sniping from the peanut gallery??

Posted by: james | May 11 2020 15:56 utc | 103

@lizard 100

Agreed, that would make sense.

Posted by: Norwegian | May 11 2020 16:07 utc | 104

Lizard @ 100

I wonder how many regular commentaters to this blog would willingly take Bill Gates' vaccine?

Posted by: ted01 | May 11 2020 16:23 utc | 105

@ lizard #100 German blogger

Well, there is this: tinyurl[dot]/y89yg6ea

That's "Victor Grossman's Berlin Bulletin"

Comrade Victor is his own self an interesting man, and life...

But no, it's not quite what I imagine you seek, not quite, but also worthwhile. You can ask and get on his mailing list.

Victor is also on YT in old interviews.

Posted by: Walter | May 11 2020 16:33 utc | 106


yes, you are being cranky. I've been following b's work for over a decade and have absolutely appreciated his coverage of US imperialism as we went berserker across the globe after 9/11. I have expressed my gratitude to b multiple times over the years for helping me better understand the deceit inherent in US foreign policy.

that is why it is so disappointing to see the ramping up of censorship here, but for those reading b carefully, it shouldn't come as a surprise.

it was a minor thing, but I remember years ago b downplaying concerns myself and another commenter (who now has his comments removed) expressed over smart-grid technology. it seemed like a blindspot at the time that b would refuse to acknowledge how smart grid technology could be misused by authoritarians.

well, fast forward to 2020 and we will probably hear more and more about the need for our cities to become smart cities. the surveillance infrastructure is like a noose slowly closing around our throats, or that other analogy, the boiling of the frog. I think we are sufficiently boiled now. the gloves can come off now. good global citizens will either accept their new normal, or they will be excluded to the wilderness to forage and die and provide great gaia with the compost for the future.

Posted by: lizard | May 11 2020 16:37 utc | 107

There is an important essay just posted at the Saker site, "Putin's Call for a New System," by Matthew Ehret. It will run counter to some of posters' arguments here about long term US imperialistic proclivities, but it is what I believe and believed when I became a US citizen to be the better nature of this country. Mr. Ehret backs up his claim for FDR with significant quotes and I commented at the Saker site that this holds with my own experience of the JFK years as well.

Posted by: juliania | May 11 2020 16:40 utc | 108

JC | May 11 2020 15:36 utc | 101 wood

I believe the main spar in a Spitfire is wooden. Of course we're not speaking of the stuff they sell a the lumberyard.

I have heard it said that the Wright's wooden structures, wings and so forth, in Model B, are better than any other material, even now, except that they are liable to deteriorate faster than some other materials...better in the sense of strength, mass, shock acceptance, and so on.

There's wood, and then there's wood...more like a guitar or violin than a 2x4...

Posted by: Walter | May 11 2020 16:40 utc | 109

@ 106 ted01... well it won't be me! mind, you i don't own a cell phone either.. so what do i know? lets take a moa poll, lol... read the link @58 adkc linked to for more insight into this vaccine bullshit...

@ 108 lizard... i am a bit cranky given all the bullshit tossed b's way...if it isn't the troll brigade, it is regulars that are pissed off at the direction b and / or the world is taking... but to think b is hercules and is going to fix all the wrongs of the world is extremely naive... it is like the other day people freaking out over helena cobbans article because she had the nerve to quote some imf spokesperson... ask china and russia why they are a part of the imf?? oh, but people are supposed to get up on their high horse over this that and the other thing and regularly be pissed at b - when it isn't the troll brigade - over the fact he just isn't doing enough to save the fucking world for this that or the other disease....

i don't know if you have read any charles eisenstein.. i was reading this morning one of his articles.. i have read 3 or 4 of his books.. i find his commentary insightful... it is a long article and i believe it has been updated since he posted it in march... let me quote a small part of his article on covid here..
"The Conspiracy Narrative

Because Covid-19 seems to justify so many items on the totalitarian wish list, there are those who believe it to be a deliberate power play. It is not my purpose to advance that theory nor to debunk it, although I will offer some meta-level comments. First a brief overview.

The theories (there are many variants) talk about Event 201 (sponsored by the Gates Foundation, CIA, etc. last October), and a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation white paper detailing a scenario called “Lockstep,” both of which lay out the authoritarian response to a hypothetical pandemic. They observe that the infrastructure, technology, and legislative framework for martial law has been in preparation for many years. All that was needed, they say, was a way to make the public embrace it, and now that has come. Whether or not current controls are permanent, a precedent is being set for:

The tracking of people’s movements at all times (because coronavirus)
The suspension of freedom of assembly (because coronavirus)
The military policing of civilians (because coronavirus)
Extrajudicial, indefinite detention (quarantine, because coronavirus)
The banning of cash (because coronavirus)
Censorship of the Internet (to combat disinformation, because coronavirus)
Compulsory vaccination and other medical treatment, establishing the state’s sovereignty over our bodies (because coronavirus)
The classification of all activities and destinations into the expressly permitted and the expressly forbidden (you can leave your house for this, but not that), eliminating the un-policed, non-juridical gray zone. That totality is the very essence of totalitarianism. Necessary now though, because, well, coronavirus.
This is juicy material for conspiracy theories. For all I know, one of those theories could be true; however, the same progression of events could unfold from an unconscious systemic tilt toward ever-increasing control. Where does this tilt come from? It is woven into civilization’s DNA. For millennia, civilization (as opposed to small-scale traditional cultures) has understood progress as a matter of extending control onto the world: domesticating the wild, conquering the barbarians, mastering the forces of nature, and ordering society according to law and reason. The ascent of control accelerated with the Scientific Revolution, which launched “progress” to new heights: the ordering of reality into objective categories and quantities, and the mastering of materiality with technology. Finally, the social sciences promised to use the same means and methods to fulfill the ambition (which goes back to Plato and Confucius) to engineer a perfect society.

Those who administer civilization will therefore welcome any opportunity to strengthen their control, for after all, it is in service to a grand vision of human destiny: the perfectly ordered world, in which disease, crime, poverty, and perhaps suffering itself can be engineered out of existence. No nefarious motives are necessary. Of course they would like to keep track of everyone – all the better to ensure the common good. For them, Covid-19 shows how necessary that is. “Can we afford democratic freedoms in light of the coronavirus?” they ask. “Must we now, out of necessity, sacrifice those for our own safety?” It is a familiar refrain, for it has accompanied other crises in the past, like 9/11."

maybe we should be expressing what we think b should or shouldn't be writing about, or maybe we are independent minded enough to recognize b will do posts as he sees fit and posters will write poems as they see fit and we could just leave it at that.. maybe not! it appears not!!

Posted by: james | May 11 2020 17:14 utc | 110

btw - charles eisenstein is american... as for b deleting posts - if i was inundated with trolls i would do the same and might delete a few unintentionally as well.. it is his site after all... and he gets to choose the topics, just like anyone who runs their own website will tell you... you and i both have one... if someone came along and told me what to write, i would probably tell them to fuck off! maybe he will opt to just shut it down for a time?? anything is possible... as for him working for some intel agency or having fallen and hit his head on something - personally i don't buy it, but we all have different views...

Posted by: james | May 11 2020 17:19 utc | 111

Dialed up from China-bashing. War was just declared on China. Who knew he had the authority?

The US is currently “at war” with China, White House official Peter Navarro said, insisting it owes compensation for the “damage” caused by Covid-19 [.]


“We are at war, make no mistake about that. The Chinese unleashed a virus on the world,” the Trump adviser told Fox & Friends on Monday.

Navarro also said China will owe the US “some form of compensatory damage” following the pandemic. [.]

Emphasis added because this is beyond the silly season. Into the dumpster for the Phase 1 trade deal.
Navarro needs to be incarcerated, lips taped and confined to a padded room.

Posted by: Likklemore | May 11 2020 17:31 utc | 112

: james | May 11 2020 17:14 utc | 111

Coincidence Theory...

Coincidence Theory suggests that the "game" has more than one player and that no plan survives first contact.

Not that it's a pretty picture. But everybody gets a vote.... When everything is illegal nothing is forbidden...sorta. Then there are the inscrutable Mr Chine and Gospoden Ivan...their votes count for a whole lotta heavy.

Posted by: Walter | May 11 2020 17:33 utc | 113

Posted by: james | May 11 2020 17:19 utc | 112

Brother I'm with you..if "as for b deleting posts" it's within his right and "as for him working for some intel agency or having fallen and hit his head on something" Could be... no one knocked on my door yet as of today and I'm no angel as to critical of Trump MAGA presidency....

Posted by: JC | May 11 2020 17:33 utc | 114

: Likklemore | May 11 2020 17:31 utc | 113

I hate it when Wally's predictions turn out to be correct...

Posted by: Walter | May 11 2020 17:33 utc | 115

Does anyone else believe that Hillary threw the election? Does anyone believe that that is anywhere close to being the simplest explanation of the 2016 loss? bevin 39

No. Killary was a lousy candidate (wife-of amongst other things, which US citizens scorn if ‘foreign’ but seem to accept at home.) The mistakes made during the campaign are too many to list. Killary is of course not very bright, elitist (“deplorables”) and ‘entitled’. Imho she was gob-smacked and + incandescent with fury when she lost, which gave rise to scapegoating Russia and (held back somewhat) “deplorables” as well as some failures on the part of vote-riggers, local staff, minions who are supposed to ‘fix’ things, and the like. Bill C. must have seen this coming but did nothing. Imho Killary always loathed Obama - he usurped the Clinton’s and their mafia type circle’s place, and revenge was needed, that was the no. 1 priority. (I bet she was the one who originated the birther meme.)

More to the point: the Dem. Party anointed her as a candidate, eliminating Sanders etc. showing that what one is dealing with is not a political party in its accepted sense but a gang of cynical grifters who want to keep the status and cash coming in, with a ‘legacy’ structure of leaders or controllers (principally thru the apportioning of status, pay-outs..see the Clinton corruption..) which makes that actually winning via votes is not the primary aim, but a secondary one, to ‘look good.’

I read ‘all’ (say) of the Podesta e-mails and the few ppl who actually tackled campaign issues (outreach to Wisconsin / Hillary’s image not good with white women / etc.) were completely ignored or brushed off with platitudes! Killary was the most hated woman in the US .. and she is a candidate? One reason for the hate, never mentioned in analyses: Her husband was unfaithful multiple times, and she did not divorce him.

Jack I disagree sort of for once -!!- (not that Sanders was a ‘real’ candidate etc.)

Posted by: Noirette | May 11 2020 17:35 utc | 116

Posted by: Walter | May 11 2020 16:40 utc | 110

Hi brother Walter I know aircraft... (hints) FAA licensed, previous CAB UK today CAA GB - Licensed engineer. Worked on Tiger Moth vast experienced in Lycoming, Continental and De Havilland inline, horizontal oppose and radial engines including turboprop, GE gas turbines aircrafts and power generation gas turbines, BBC (Brown, Boveri & Cie) turbocharger, and many forgotten engines.. careers changes, aviation to marine, manufacturing and retired...

I believe the main spar in a Spitfire is wooden. Of course we're not speaking of the stuff they sell a the lumberyard. Nope wings is all aluminum. I am downsizing giving free or selling most of my stuff. I still has the original De Havilland's Spitfire information book, dunno where now...

I believe Wright's brothers plane hanging in Smithsonian Washington DC... visited way back in the 80's with my family..

Posted by: JC | May 11 2020 17:43 utc | 117

Walter @ 116

Navarro and Pompous have not been schooled in the concept of consequences.

Select well. Words can be deployed as swords. Words uttered do have consequences.
Navarro is unaware he has not only threatened but has declared war on China; and that China remains the U.S. Banker and Supplier of critical goods.

Allies and adversaries agree the U.S' bullying is disgusting. Watch the South China Sea -the spark for the fuse on a vessel gone rogue. We do need to bury the printed Trillions.

Posted by: Likklemore | May 11 2020 18:11 utc | 118

Unfortunately, Alastair Crooke's string of excellent essays ended today as he misreads the reality within the Outlaw US Empire by claiming the Ds & Rs are very opposite parties when the opposite happens to be true at the Federal level as both are completely enslaved by the Money Power. What a few state governors did was to have very different policies related to public health--they had proactive policies to do whatever was required to preserve as many lives as possible versus TrumpCo's Do Absolutely Nothing policy--a Treasonous Policy--that he was finally forced to change but still needs to be executed for politically. As was pointed out in an article over the weekend, a concerted effort's being made to turn the Pandemic into another theatre of the Machiavellian Culture Wars whose goals are to divide the citizenry.

His misreading however does fit into his characterization of the Outlaw US Empire as "fragile" and not at all "resilient" and allows him to swap the essay's focus to the escalating conflict with China TumpCo's promoting to try and get the citizenry to forget their initial Treasonous behavior/actions, although Crooke misses the boat IMO by not calling out TrumpCo's crimes. The editor at Global Times and his comrades think "China can withstand constant US tricks":

"The US has many tools to spread rumors. The US president, US secretary of state and US senators have become political forces, and media and NGOs social forces. The US also has many allies and supporters in the West. All these forces form a self-motivated group connected by political interests and value system.

"It will be China's long-term task to use hard facts, scientific evidence and morality to expose US tricks. We should also reduce the situation where other countries, in addition to the US, also 'welcome' the anti-China rumors. This is also important. Sometimes it is easy to see through a rumor, but it can still spread because there is a political and psychological environment that welcomes such a rumor.

"It is a long and comprehensive test for China to fight the US smearing. China has done a good job in terms of national development and the COVID-19 fight. The process of fighting back US attacks is the process of China's rise being more widely accepted by the world. China is bound to be the ultimate winner because China's development is unstoppable. We are sincerely committed to a win-win situation with the world, as that is the only choice for China and the world."

The Trade Deal will be the first casualty and the fragile Outlaw US Empire's economy will fail to rebound since that's been grossly mismanaged as myself and others have documented. What's relocating from China is headed to Vietnam and other ASEAN nations which will further strengthen that bloc, which is in China's favor.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 11 2020 18:26 utc | 119

RT has set up pages at social media sites to provide a platform--Victory Pages--for films and photos from WW2, colorized photos from the Battle for Berlin being the current feature. Links to the different sites are found at the bottom of the RT page.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 11 2020 18:43 utc | 120


are meta-narratives going to stop evictions?
will meta-narratives fill empty stomachs?
can a meta-narrative stop an intruder breaking in?
will you plunge Billy Boy's vaccine into your vein
when the time comes?

Posted by: lizard | May 11 2020 19:29 utc | 121

@ 114 walter.. i like coincidence theories more the conspiracy theories generally.. it is amazing how much they have in common though.. too many coincidences always strikes me as odd.. what do i know! not much probably!!

@ 117 noirette... i agree with you... jackrabbit has to modify that concept as a lot of us are not onside with that one..

@ 119 likklemore... thanks for your posts and comments.. i agree with your comments in this post regarding the usa leadership.. the concept of consequences seems foreign to these people... they think they can spout whatever shit they want and it'll be okay.. none of it passes and others have long memories..

@ 122 lizard.. i am very discouraged by the way the usa is willing to bail out banks and corporations but doesn't give a rats ass for the little people who make up all of their profit... survival of the fittest emphasizes how we haven't evolved much, or any... i would prefer to see more social justice in the usa... none of what is happening is a positive answer to your questions... i am disappointed in the focus on finding a vaccine for this... i realize the 1% are wanting to profit off this... it is hard to stomach for an idealist like me... people need to be looking out for others, not stepping on them to get ahead... i have never taken flu shots... i am not a big fan of vaccines, but i know in certain instances they help... i don't know lizard.. that is my answer for today.. how about you?

Posted by: james | May 11 2020 20:32 utc | 122

JC | May 11 2020 17:43 utc | 118 I am sure you're correct then about the Spit... My notion was based on the story told online about a guy in the US who built one himself...using an Allison, not a Merlin (he got a deal on several Allisons from some cat in Kansas) Any His main spar was, he said an especially beautiful wooden if he's not lying...there an almost-spit with wooden spar. Anyway since he said wood and also said he built a copy...the error is mine and his. You're the expert, not me.

The Wright Flyer in the Smithsonian is a facsimile, but close. Actual flying copy with correct engine of Wright Model B got built, and crashed. Not the most stable machine...

I might have gone A&P but the money was better in other loss. Gas Turbine on the ground were bread and butter for about 10 years on this end...GT with HRSG making steam, and the steam turbine. I am sorry I missed on the A&P...I did look into it, when I thought I was physically somewhat limited in my 40's...

My airplane hands-on is Cessna under rather informal tutelage and once a DC3 that a guy let me fly a little, and do a take-off and an approach...during which he cut the port engine and landed it. Nice guy, but a joker. Long time ago... I may yet get an ultalight or almost on bucket list, if the war and the fates permit such fun!

Posted by: Walter | May 11 2020 20:36 utc | 123

Message, and sketch, from Pavel Musatov, Donetsk Miner, to the WH:

Facts on loses during WWII

Posted by: H.Schmatz | May 11 2020 21:13 utc | 124

Most US persons have the insane and false idea that the US "defeated fascism and the nazis" when in facts the truth, which I heard as a child, was that the Red Army defeated, (incompletely) the German (never mind the other fascists) fascists. In 1946 every American knew who defeated the nazis...the Red Army and lend lease and, marginally, the US and UK ...

How the ideology has aligned with lies...this we now see.

Totally bs. USSR wond the war against the german and their allies nazis.

The US and UK landings at Normandy were to prevent the Red Army from reaching England... (I bet!)

Posted by: Waler | May 11 2020 21:45 utc | 125


Posted by: Waler | May 11 2020 21:48 utc | 126

james @ 123

that's the concern. They will lie and trip the world into a field of molten glass and nuclear winter. This time around a false flag will not be necessary and there will be no winners. Those who survive in their bunkers will envy the dead.


Today in Flint Michigan, a U.S. District Court judge ruled. the COVID-19 SBA's PPP program is an equal opportunity, and none shall be excluded--based on their speech.

A U.S. judge ruled on Monday that strip clubs cannot be blocked from obtaining emergency federal loans during the coronavirus pandemic, and declared invalid a rule barring a wide range of businesses from obtaining those loans.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman in Flint, Michigan, issued a preliminary injunction barring the U.S. Small Business Administration from enforcing a rule to exclude businesses that present live performances or sell products of a “prurient sexual nature” from loans under the Paycheck Protection Program.

The judge also said the SBA cannot exclude other businesses such as banks, political lobbying firms and restricted private clubs from the roughly $660 billion program, saying Congress intended to support all qualified small businesses, including those it might have been “disfavored” before the pandemic struck.

“Simply put, Congress did not pick winners and losers in the PPP,” Leitman wrote.[.]

The case had been brought by owners of the Little Darlings strip club in Flint, and a few dozen other clubs across the country that were forced to close as COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, began its spread.[.]

Posted by: Likklemore | May 11 2020 23:05 utc | 127

@ 128 likklemore... i find it disconcerting that the break they are getting is in being lent money! we know who the gangsters are who profit from that! - wall st and etc...meanwhile wall st and the corporations are given free money! it is one sick system where you penalize the small businesses and give a free ride to the big players... corporate welfare writ large...

regarding the flint case that triggered this - good for the judge... that is ridiculous what they are trying to do refusing the strip clubs.. it is one step removed from isis shutting down live music and etc. etc... come to think of it, i guess that is why isis is such an attractive trojan horse for the usa.. they think in similar puritanical fashion..

Posted by: james | May 12 2020 0:57 utc | 128

Short, 11 minute video of Hudson giving talk in China on 22-24 November 2019, at the International Seminar on Land, Finance, and De-dollarization held in Macau about De-Dollarization. Somewhat rough audio quality while Hudson comes across as unrehearsed as usual. It may seem odd that he must keep repeating his message since it's been around since he first published Super Imperialism in 1971. This article is an attempt to explain the situation to readers in the Outlaw US Empire and isn't completely honest. For example, what's wrong with the following statement:

"If China ever did call in its debt, it slowly would begin selling off its Treasury holdings. However, even at a slow pace, dollar demand would drop. That would hurt China's competitiveness by raising the yuan’s value relative to the dollar. At some price point, U.S. consumers would buy American products instead. China could start this process only after it further expanded its exports to other Asian countries and increased domestic demand."

Currently, China holds just a bit more than $1 Trillion in T-Bills, which it's been slowly reducing. I expect that amount to fall below one trillion sometime this year as Trump re-escalates his Trade War with China.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 12 2020 15:19 utc | 129

karlof1 @130

I've heard that China has been using T-bill holdings to pay out to countries in its Belt & Road Initiative projects for development concessions. Instead of using US$ cash or RMB, they have just been handing out T-bills as compensation for letting Chinese companies lead the development work and to lease facilities in other countries. I cannot find any links discussing that now, but is seems like a slick way to unload a hot potato before they get burned by it. I wonder if anyone else has heard that this is happening.

Posted by: William Gruff | May 12 2020 16:28 utc | 130

I'm glad to see the WHO speak up about and against the idea of "herd immunity" and what that would entail since there's no vaccine. In plain words those arguing against "lockdowns" and in favor of "herd immunity" are arguing in favor of premeditated deliberate murder on an unknown scale.

It's also a bit strange to see that no one is ridiculing the "herd" for their insistence on being treated as cows. Makes me assume the "herd" is mostly a fabrication and amplification of a tiny minority.

Otherwise an amazing amount of idiots still act as if they think "it's a flu" or even "it's a respiratory disease" when it has been clinically shown by autopsies both in Asia and Europe to be much more than that.

What is still among the many unknowns is how many have actually been infected without any particularly severe symptoms and what kind of damage and susceptibility any such weak infections might have introduced.

The reemergence of any number no matter how low of non-imported local cases in Wuhan is very worrying however China (bless them) is once again rising to the challenge and we will hopefully understand more in two weeks time when they've tested everyone in Wuhan.

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | May 12 2020 16:46 utc | 131

A story from North Anoxia in the AVA...

Guns for Goons.

Wally very highly recommends a read


"...s hard to describe the depth of the contempt I felt for those goons. They were representatives of dictatorships, vicious and venal, and I had recently left the service of the “South” Vietnamese dictatorship. The GI tagalongs weighted down with packages reminded me of my own dishonor."

Posted by: Walter | May 12 2020 21:30 utc | 132

William Gruff @130--

Over a year ago I suggested China loan or grant its T-Bills to BRI participants; and if loaned, reimbursed via Yuan or national currency. But to-date, I've yet to read of that occurring yet.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 12 2020 22:01 utc | 133

james @ 128

the fraying of an empire - fright and chaos when the Greatest Depression V.2 is officially declared; as per Shadowstats, real unemployment is at 39.6%.

Pelosi to the rescue with a new $3 Trillion package readied for small businesses which includes a very long list; Nursing Home 'strike teams' and aiding the marijuana industry

You read that right. I thought the cannabis businesses were sitting on mountains of cash. Are they under the non-essential category during the lockdown? Apparently.

" The coronavirus crisis “has only exacerbated the risk posed to cannabis businesses & their employees & they need relief just like any other legitimate business,” Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) tweeted.

Over several decades, how many $$$Trillions were spent to stop marijuana use?

Posted by: Likklemore | May 13 2020 2:18 utc | 134

@ Likklemore | May 13 2020 2:18 utc | 134 with comment about marijuana industry and non-essential status

In Oregon, the marijuana industry has essential status and there are lines at the stores frequently.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 13 2020 2:55 utc | 135

Where in the vast literature of American democracy is it written, even once, that a people who do not watch out for their freedom will soon have it?

thanks Walter. I very much appreciate your contributions and this one is nice.

too many people however have pointed out what is painfully obvious to those who can see it but apparently quite obscure to the majority of our fellow citizens and totally invisible to the entire corporate media.

Posted by: dan of steele | May 13 2020 5:14 utc | 136

Nathan Tankus has an important article up discussing how we can be less reliant on the predatory nature of the private banking system.

Banks as Payment Processors

These kinds of fights over how to allocate the costs of payment processing are recurrent. Today we’re having these fights again, especially as banks increasingly don’t serve larger and larger parts of the population as payment processors. They’ve saved on a lot of these costs by simply making it prohibitively expensive to access the payment system, despite all the public subsidy they receive. Fee income has become an important source of profit for the largest banks. Meanwhile non-bank payment processors have exploded over the last four decades. The banking system’s failure in this area has led to the growth of a host of predatory payment processors from payday lenders to “financial technology” companies. Not only is their business mostly payment processing (and thus there isn’t any loan-making business to cross-subsidize payment processing), their average costs are higher since they are left with a vulnerable and relatively poor customer base. 

Given the current state of payment processing and the possibility that the federal government can issue its own digital cash instrument, the question of whether the loan-making business of banking needs to be so tightly related to payment processing is reemerging. A combination of greatly expanded postal service payment processing (including checking accounts) with direct access to the Federal Reserve’s payment system and digital cash could be sufficient at displacing private payment processing. It is also desirable for returning our monetary system to par clearing and protecting those with limited or no payment processing access. Hyman Minsky (along with coauthors) once said that “A recognition by the government that it is the payer’s responsibility to pay its debts in a money form that the recipient can use implies that the government needs to absorb the charges levied on recipients of its checks for the exchange of checks for currency”. This principle can be easily extended to the public absorbing the costs of the payments system in order to ensure full access and depriving banks of the ability to collect fee income from their customers.

 Much later on in this series, I’ll describe this proposal in detail. For now, it's simply important to understand that given our current level of technological development, our current monetary institutions and the wider political context, the dream of separating payment processing from credit creation has been revived. Separating these functions could serve to greatly reduce the power of banks over our society and to highlight the inherently political and public nature of their debt monetization role.

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@ Dan. We simply get to watch the vast process. AVA is a good newspaper. Wally might occasionally send them a story...he's thinking on it.... Glad you liked it. For myself I am quite content to watch, as the idea that there might be anything else to do is anathema at my age. Watch, gossip, garden, and play in the trade-crafts that got me to quiet times with a walled-garden near the river.


Karlof1 (and all) I have been reading, re-reading "Waiting for the Barbarians" (Lewis Lapham, 1997 (which seems like yesterday to Wally)

I most seriously recommend the re-reading, as there one can have perspective... Among the essays (prior to the arrival of the "barbarians" in 01) one idea I myself appreciate is the idea that with the end of the USSR a Great experiment in humanity and morality ended, and the thus incipient immorality became unrestrained immorality - thus of course opening the Gates of the City to what we have seen.

Anyway, it's cheap enough to buy a copy in hardback, and nicely bound HB copy was 3.99 buckies...

Gotta go...

Posted by: Walter | May 13 2020 12:33 utc | 138

I myself recall this event with the cops dropped a bomb on Philadelphia - but many people do not...

Anyway, old Bobby D said it, the cops don't need you and man they expect the same...

Redfish has a little story...

Today marks 35 years since the Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a West Philly neighborhood, specifically on the house of a Black liberation group called MOVE, killing 11 members, including 5 children, destroying 61 homes and leaving 250 people homeless.

About the virus...Rolling Stone dot com has "four men responsible for CV 19 fubar...

Posted by: Walter | May 13 2020 13:09 utc | 139

The best cure I cld suggest for "our b" is to stop reading the grumpy col. Ppl like Pat Lang have a bad influence for the readers around his age!

Posted by: Mina | May 13 2020 13:16 utc | 140

By the way, no comment on the fact that Xi and Macron were expected in Moscow on May 10th for the parade. Their visit had to be cancelled. Ill luck probably.

Posted by: Mina | May 13 2020 13:28 utc | 141

These 6 Senators led by Linsey Graham have a wish: Isolate the U.S. and death of the dollar.

How does one sanction his banker, freeze his assets and dictate what he is allowed to do at home?

GOP senators introduce bill permitting Trump to sanction China over failure to cooperate on COVID-19

The COVID-19 Accountability Act, introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), would authorize Trump to implement sanctions against China if the country does not cooperate with investigations led by the U.S., its allies or United Nations affiliates. [.]

“The Chinese Communist Party’s continued suppression of the truth amid the coronavirus outbreak cannot go unchecked,” Wicker said in a statement. “This legislation would authorize the President to take appropriate actions against the Chinese government to ensure similar outbreaks do not happen in the future."

Under the bill, the president would have to provide certification to Congress within 60 days that the Chinese government provided a complete accounting to any investigation, closed all wet markets and released all pro-democracy advocates in Hong Kong, who were arrested after the pandemic began.

Without the certification, Trump is permitted to choose at least two sanctions from a list that includes an asset freeze on specific Chinese officials, travel ban and visa revocation for specific Chinese citizens and a ban on providing student visas to Chinese nationals.

Other sanctions on the list include a ban on U.S. financial institutions giving loans or underwriting Chinese controlled or directed entities unless it’s associated with limiting human suffering and to any loan from a international financial institution that would help a Chinese controlled or directed entity.

The legislation would also prevent entities with Chinese majority joint ownership or control from listing securities on a national securities exchange. [...]

Bring it on. Is this before or after The U.S. is wholly self-sufficient in critical supplies?

Can anyone imagine this proposed legislation reversed from Beijing?

Posted by: Likklemore | May 13 2020 13:56 utc | 142

the Night Witches of the Soviet Union. One thing that impressed me was that many of the planes the women flew were literally made of wood and sometimes even cardboard with string.
Posted by: Jen | May 11 2020 1:37 utc | 61

All the early ...
Posted by: BM | May 11 2020 12:05 utc | 82

I have to stand corrected though at least part. Whilst the biplanes were indeed generally made of wood with laquered paper or fabric coverings, I followed the wiki link someone posted to the Yak-1, which was in fact not a biplane at all, and was indeed made with plywood coverings on the airframe, as whoever it was originally claimed.

Posted by: BM | May 13 2020 14:08 utc | 143

Likklemore @142--

There's an old saying--Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. Those men are so full of themselves, the Chinese are already smirking at them if you've been keeping abreast of the editorials and English language pressers facets of the Media Boxing. IMO, Cloud Cuckoo Land is where they dwell.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 13 2020 20:03 utc | 144

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