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April 10, 2020

Assorted Virus News

ABCNews has a sensational report about an alleged epidemic warning report which circulated in November 2019. Some people claim that this proves that there were early cases of the covid-19 disease.  There was likely a report but the insinuation that it was connected to covid-19 comes only from ABCnews.

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources

As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting.

Concerns about what is now known to be the novel coronavirus pandemic were detailed in a November intelligence report by the military's National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), according to two officials familiar with the document’s contents.

The NCMI denies that such a report was made. But we can be sure that it would notice when news about a potential epidemic in China  circulates. That was indeed the case in mid November. The news was not about the novel corona virus but about a small outbreak of bubonic plague from Inner Mongolia:

Three patients have been diagnosed in Beijing with the most dangerous form of the plague – the medieval disease also known as the Black Death.
On Tuesday, Beijing authorities announced a municipal hospital had taken in a married couple from Inner Mongolia, a sparsely populated autonomous region in northwest China, seeking treatment for pneumonic plague. One patient is stable while the other is in critical condition but not deteriorating, according to Beijing's health commission.
On November 16, authorities diagnosed a third case of pneumonic plague. The man, age 55, is also from Inner Mongolia though authorities said his case was not related in any way to the couple medically evacuated to Beijing. Twenty-eight people who were in close contact with the man have been quarantined and none have exhibited symptoms of the plague.

Of the three versions of the disease, pneumonic plague is the only one that can be transmitted from one person to another by coughing, for example. The other variants are typically spread by infected fleas or animals.

Pneumonic plague has symptoms of respiratory failure similar to pneumonia. Left untreated, it is fatal.
Mongolia, which borders the autonomous region where the infected Chinese couple lives, reported two fatal cases of bubonic plague just this year, after the patients ate raw marmot, a species of wild rodent that often carry the offending bacterium. In Mongolia, eating marmot is thought to be good for health.

The covid-19 disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-19 virus, not by bacteria. The three cases in November were caused by a detectable bacteria. The first SARS-Cov-19 case currently known emerged in Wuhan in mid-late December.


Religious people continue to undermine epidemic control measures:


German researchers have used flow analysis experiments to test various household material that can be used to make masks. They conclude that high-quality vacuum cleaner bags are the best material usable for the purpose. On page 20 of their English language report (pdf)  they describe and show how to manufacture masks out of them.


Some people continue to argue that the death rate of covid-19 disease is as low as the death rate of the common flu. We actually do not know the death rate of covid-19 as we do not know how many have had it and how many died from it. Italy, Spain and France have seen more covid-19 death outside of the hospital system than inside. But only the inside numbers are counted in the official tally. There is also increasing concern of long term effects as the recovered patients seem to have a partially reduced lung function. The Case Fatality Rates though, which are the only reliable number we have, are quite high and our decision are based on them.


Remember this screed from March 12:

Coronavirus burial pits so vast they’re visible from space
Iranian authorities began digging a pair of trenches for victims just days after the government disclosed the initial outbreak.

This picture shows New York City's mass graves on Hart Island. The island has been used as anonymous graveyard for 150 years but will now see a surge of new arrivals.
Mass Burials On Hart Island Increase Fivefold As COVID-19 Death Toll Skyrockets:


PEPE ESCOBAR: Who Profits from the Pandemic? - Consortium News

Coronavirus now leading cause of death in US - The Hill

China Is Reopening Its Wet Markets. That's Good - Bloomberg
Inside a Real Chinese Wet Market - video

Mandatory vaccination against tuberculosis may help some people and countreis:
Correlation between universal BCG vaccination policy and reduced morbidity and mortality for COVID-19: an epidemiological study - medRxiv


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@ In re zerohedge... it's very useful to know the official propaganda. I have read that in the Third Reich (Klemperer) and also IN USSR, people of ordinary intellect had no difficulty "reading" truth prised from lie.

ZH is a brilliant example of quisling "cooperation"?

I am shocked! Shocked! I say!


Bemilderd > (pirates) Yes, I have had do deal with river pirates when I lived on the river. Officially there are no pirates on US rivers...but non-idiot boaters and fishermen are armed...Actually this is (was?) permitted in the penal code, if yer fishin'.

I think it's liable to create a dramatic excuse for open attack "in righteous reprisal"

Let's hope you're right.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 11 2020 19:55 utc | 201

@H. Schmatz #187
The deafening silence to your whining is your answer.
There are many people on MoA who disagree with me and/or vice versa, but we have all been long time contributors who understand each other's viewpoints from months and years of interaction.
Your "johnny come lately" demand for respect fails because you have yet to back up your wants with contributions to the community.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 11 2020 21:40 utc | 202

Just wanted to share with the barflies an interesting visualization of the epidemiological curve.
Covid-19 progress on several countries

This graph shows daily deaths against the number of deaths per 100k population (open this svg in a new tab and zoom in to inspect its detail). It is similar to other date on Y axis graphs in that it follows a bell shaped pattern, but has the advantage to naturally align the several countries to each other being less arbitrary for that purpose. It hides the speed with which the virus spreads but better reveals its impact on the overall population. Some observations:

- China (red):
complete bell curve, slow ascent and abrupt descent

- Spain (light magenta) and Italy (orange):
Followed very similar trajectories and appear to have peaked

- France (magenta), UK (grey):
Mostly following Spain and Italy in magnitude, but show no signs yet of having peaked

- Germany (yellow):
Remains on the same track as above, on a lower magnitude still, show no signs of peak yet

- Netherlands (ligh olive) and Belgium (brown):
Enjoyed a lower magnitude track but Belgium looks in bad shape while Netherlands appears to be stabilizing

- Switzerland (blue) and Portugal (lighter magenta):
Are on the same magnitude track and slowing down their ascent

- Sweden (lighter olive) and Ireland (blue):
Are on the same magnitude track but still in their ascent

- Norway (lighter magenta and Denmark (light green)):
Are looking in good shape

- US (dark yellow):
Very bad shape, highest magnitude track, a long way to go

- Brazil (grey):
In between worse European countries and the US, still developing

- Iran (green):
Has stabilized but does not begin descent

You can generate you own graph and filter for countries, here

Posted by: Vasco da Gama | Apr 11 2020 21:51 utc | 203

Concerning the report that US intelligence had learned of the virus by mid November. And confirmed the intelligence sufficiently well and through enough bureaucratic layers that this intel would be briefed to top level of executive branch. US has always had bad intelligence. Really bad. What would be their source for something like this? How would they know this before the Chinese knew this? There is an obvious surmise that answers those questions. There is no way anyone at this bar can come up with certain knowledge on this matter. But ask yourself the questions. They are good questions. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct answer.

Posted by: oldhippie | Apr 11 2020 21:53 utc | 204

Quit being an arrogant arsehole c1ue. Awhile back you called me ignorant because your numbers did not match reality. After a few days hard work you managed to achieve my level of ignorance and your numbers started to match reality.

H. Schmatz just ignore the ignorant arsehole.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Apr 11 2020 21:53 utc | 205

Wealthpower giants make advantage and take advantage in every situation all the time. Money is power; power to take advantage and make advantage. For the life of me I cannot figure out what keeps you people from working to help murder the completely diabolically stupid idea to allow unlimited personal fortunes on this planet thereby solving all your problems at once. People wake up every day and are surprised all over again by wealthpower giants taking advantage and making advantage. If it wasn't so tragic to watch everyone pulling leaves instead of tackling the bloody fucking obvious root cause of 99% of unnecessary human suffering it would be die laughing hilarious.

Geography got it wrong in my case: I am an egalitarian and was always supposed to be on a planet where the beings were smart enough to make equal pay for equal work the rule, smart enough to know justice is a virtue essential to happiness and survival and health and every good thing, smart enough not to let a bunch of "economists" divorce amount of contribution to the pool of wealth by working, from amount of reward allowed to be withdrawn, smart enough to put sane limits on wealthgetting - where everyone was smart enough to re-a-justice wealth when it started to concentrate even if they couldn't say for sure just how it had happened!

I do adore Aotearoa and wish I could have seen it again before I die. Land of the long white cloud indeed. The place where bliss was born and is still alive in some hidden corner of a forest on the south island. Teacher Nigel, I weep for the loss of you but am glad you aren't living through watching Humanity fail to do fairpay justice even when it has never been easier to see the crucial need to use the tool of justice to save our species.

You will never win a class war. The only way to win that game is not to play it. You have to get rid of the idea to have no-limits on wealth. Spread world wealth as evenly as world work is spread and save trillions on fighting, save trillions by stopping erecting wealthpower giants and suffering the millions of very negative consequences of that bonehead plan. Right now is the time. I am handing you a visionary's wisdom. Fail to murder the dumb idea to allow no-limits to fortunes and you fix nothing you just keep leading yourselves into hope-fatigue.

After every revolution in the past the inequality has immediately started to regrow. Why? Because the people never changed their idea. They never changed their idea from "the landlord oppresses the peasant, may I be a landlord" to "The landlord oppresses the peasant, may we put an end to the idea of having landlords and peasants"

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Apr 11 2020 21:56 utc | 206

CCD DSU for April 11, 2020
New York continues its trend upward for nCOV mortality per 10m population: 4438
Italy: 3202, Spain: 3553, Belgium: 2935, France: 2124, Netherlands: 1555 and UK at 1508.
UK numbers are really jumping.
Germany continues to greatly outperform: 344; USA overall: 620. USA w/o New York: 379

I've also added New Jersey, Lombardy and Emilia Romagni to California and New York: NJ: 2431, Lombardy: 10428, Em-Ro: 5563

This is interesting because comparing New York to Lombardy:
Confirmed nCOV cases: 180548 vs. 57592 (0.9283% NY pop vs. 0.5713% Lombardy pop).
nCOV Testing: 2.17 vs. 3.24 (NY vs. Lombardy, #tests divided by #confirmed cases). Yes, New York is testing visibly fewer per confirmed case than Lombardy.
I also added nCOV deaths as a ratio to confirmed: 4.78% vs. 18.25% (NY #nCOV mortality/confirmed cases vs. Lombardy). Note Italy overall is 12.79%; Spain is 10.18%; Belgium 11.94%; France: 14.75%; UK 12.5%; Netherlands 10.8%

How bad it will get? Lombardy is already 36% over its normal monthly overall mortality (10428 vs. 7641 overall normal mortality) - this confirms yet again that there is zero chance that nCOV mortality is just reclassifying all deaths as nCOV.
A comparable ratio for New York would be 8823 nCOV deaths per 10M population vs. 6500 normal overall mortality.

If we look at %population confirmed with nCOV vs. Lombardy - this would be 16,942 per 10M - likely way too high.

If we assume today is the peak day, then 8800 is already baked in (the curves for other areas have been extremely symmetrical), but of course, it is far from clear that New York has peaked - whatever is being said in the media.

But these 2 estimates give us a range: 8800 to 17000 nCOV mortality per 10M population for the entire state of New York.

At the lower end of this range, it means more than three times as many New York city residents will die from nCOV than died in 9/11 (11,000 New York city total out of 17,100 for the entire state).

Personally, I see the number going over 10,000 for sure, unfortunately, because:
1) The % of population confirmed infected in New York is more than twice that of Lombardy.
2) Lombardy has 3 times the tests/pop ratio as New York, so it seems unlikely that New York has pulled in more "asymptomatic".
New York hospitals supposedly have not been overwhelmed - so that's the only possible mitigating factor although the results so far don't seem to show this making much difference.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 11 2020 22:09 utc | 207

I am an egalitarian and was always supposed to be on a planet where the beings were [possessed of noble intent and upright spirit].

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Apr 11 2020 21:56 utc | 206

I think there are 2 reasons one ends up here in Earth (and more broadly, in the plane of smelly kaka). Primarily it seems to be we've found our level, with the silver lining that there is time to make progress. Second category then must be saints or bodhisattvas here to help the former group.

Sometimes, members of the former with upward spiritual mobility potential delude themselves into thinking they are saints. This is a test of sorts. As for the saints, they typically don't bitch about this world and assure us it is merely an illusion. with our true self, true reality, and true existence being transcendent to this deeply charming but ultimately cruel planet.

"After every revolution in the past the inequality has immediately started to regrow."

I've pondered this. I don't think it is a conceptual issue. IMHO the issue is that most revolutionaries are merely ambitious men and women who finally find contentment when they come into possession of Power.

Posted by: concerned | Apr 11 2020 22:12 utc | 208

c1ue @202

Your "johnny come lately..."

And from mar 29 "As a new person n[sic] this forum....."

Somebody has an overinflated sense of their own self importance.

The 'highly' respected c1ue.

Purely for our edification...
Just how long have you been coming here?

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 11 2020 22:40 utc | 209

Posted by: mapa | Apr 11 2020 14:08 utc | 168
who blathered " Go to your Palestinian friends and ask them who is the invader in Palestine: Some confused Arabs who conquered the land and did not even know if they are actually Jewish, Christian or something new, "

I see you are one of those superstitious nonces who imagines Palestine spent a time empty of all humans rather than the reality, that it was the ruling classes, jerusalem officials plus a few regional bosses who left Palestine, the bulk of the population remained kept their agrarian efforts going and have suffered the intrusions of xtian & jews with only occasional assistance from their neighbours to liberate them from crazed xtian torturers & oppressors.

The indigenous population of Palestine have suffered much over the centuries chiefly at the hands of the superstitious like yourself. Still they have shown great tolerance towards their former oppressor, allowing both xtian & jew to live among them & only jacking up when those to whom they were so hospitable, stole their land, raped & robbed in the name of some made up superstition devised by a tribal leader Moses, millennia before to better subjugate the other members of his tribe. Eventually other tribal leaders honed & shaped this 'religion' aka means of oppression, to better suit their own rule. And they grabbed part of Palestine as a site to exercise their rule. It is no surprise to anyone some of the post ww2 zionist leaders had been employed as 'trusties' in the concentration camps, like with any chiefs of a superstition, sociopathy is endemic.
These superstitions serve no purpose other than to keep the meek quiet, however, despite them not because of them, humanity endures.

Posted by: A User | Apr 11 2020 23:04 utc | 210

oldhippie | Apr 11 2020 21:53 utc | 204

...? How would they know this before the Chinese knew this?.....

A simple answer:

As 1st-responders of a sort, the Chinese would likely observe the obvious ...patients' lungs are unable to exchange oxygen so oxygen assist via feeding pure oxygen was used and, when that failed to be sufficient, went to intubation/ventilation to boost the exchange-rate using overpressure.

NOW, seems that red-blood cell uptake/release transfer mechanism is what is occurring, which would also cause the apparent oxygen-starvation, via a breakdown in hemoglobin-iron uptake/release mechanism.

I.e., had this SARS-Covid-virus been prepared and studied, those researchers would know in advance that the obvious pneumonia-like oxygen starvation would be remedied by standard methods...when the actual problem would be unsuspected...such as the hemoglobin-iron-oxygen transfer in the blood was being sabotaged.

Only those who created and studied SARA_Covid virus and did field- trials would know!...before the fact of an outbreak...and only them...a very small number of principals in a SpecialAccessProgram.

Posted by: chu teh | Apr 11 2020 23:08 utc | 211

@ mapa | Apr 11 2020 14:04 utc | 167

"If you want to argue against scripture, you have to show were the error is according to your reasoning."

Ever hear of the Resurrection Challenge? Look it up sometime.
Or here, I'll spell it out for you; read the accounts of the resurrection in each of the four gospels and in Acts 1:3-12, and I Cor. 15:14-15. Then write out a combined account, including every single detail from each of those six accounts, but showing no contradictions. I don't know if it's still on or not -- it may be that the person making the offer may be no longer with us -- but for many years there was a considerable reward on offer for anyone who could succeed at that task. Many have sworn to do so, and all have failed.

Or, see if you can resolve the two conflicting accounts of Jesus' genealogy, the one in Matthew and the one in Luke.

For a real tale-twister, try reading the last two verses in 2 Chronicles and explain what the final words -- "and let him go up" -- mean.

Give up? Try reading the first three verses of Ezra, and then explain what's going on there.

The bible of full of mistakes, impossibilities and contradictions, which christians simply ignore, as if they did not exist.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Apr 11 2020 23:13 utc | 212

re my Apr 11 2020 23:08 utc | 211

for George Webb and potential hemoglobin-iron failure see at 44:45 here...

Posted by: chu teh | Apr 11 2020 23:26 utc | 213

@Posted by: oglalla | Apr 11 2020 17:56 utc | 196

Thanks, but no worries, totally chillaxed here...If this c1ue, or any other CIA troll, thinks he can disturbe me with schoolyard type insults and theatrical deliriums of greatness presenting himself as MoA elite bestowing and removing respect at diestro y siniestro, well, he can sit to wait, otherwise he could get tired...

The fact is that his posts read completely uninteligible, he is most probably inventing all those cyphers, since he does not cite any source ever, everything is highly likely his own estimations, and so it is not strange he makes a mess of himself, as PeterAU so accutely notes...

He is a troll attacking and trying, in so ineffective way, to character assassinate here whomever he sees as more independent of thinking, while at the same time effective as activist. I am way too accustomed to this strategies which I am object of from time to time not only here but almost at every blog out there...And usually come to coincide in time with the suspension by Twitter of other activists´accounts which I use to quote in some my posts, currently two in the past two days, of which I am aware...

In case he could have made the illusion, the fact that I do not comment so often now, has less to do with his continuous ridiculous attacks and more with overwhelming workload due the Corona pandemic...

Posted by: H.Schmatz | Apr 11 2020 23:36 utc | 214

re my | Apr 11 2020 23:08 utc | 211 ,above:

the above data comes from unconfirmed report on the internet at George Webb website. Also there is NYC MD youtube indirectly pointing in that direction

Posted by: chu teh | Apr 11 2020 23:36 utc | 215

re Emily | Apr 11 2020 13:16 utc | 164who in a fit blathered "Your using of the maori name in preference to the actual name - yes - does show your bias and politics.
Neo lib all over it."

You're not even a kiwi! Most likely just a very confused granny eh.
The only doubt is whether relatives you 'visit' in Aotearoa are actual kiwis or in fact some of the jaapies & poms plus their offspring who the neolibs let in much to the chagrin of most. If they are, they mos def will be neolibs aka globalists, who think it perfectly OK to displace the indigenous population from houses & jobs(who incidentally arrived much more than two hundred years before whitefellas, but such deceits pushed out by white supremacists are common throughout the global south). I can remember some englander schoolteacher trying to tell me that there were no 'full blooded' Maori left in Aotearoa - that lie has been long put to bed, but others such as the 200 hundred year nonsense still endure.

Do your relations live on Auckland's North Shore, that blight on humanity full of wannabe bourgeois englanders & white south africans who couldn't make it in their own country so have abused kiwi hospitality?

If supporting our bi-cultural society ahead of the neolib multicultural tosh makes me a neolib, perhaps you, being an expert on Aotearoa and all, could tell us why it was indigenous kiwis turned their backs on the Labour Party, Aotearoa's ultimate neolib cesspit and formed the Mana Party & the Maori Party.
That one act that has meant that the neolibs can only govern through coalition with other whitefella bourgoisie supported political movements. The neolibs have lost the support of indigenous political movements.

If support of bi-culturalism is indeed a neolib stance rather than what it is, a resurgence by real kiwis to return control of the nation to its citizens bypassing the faux 'rights' of those with residence permits or dual citizenship, how does that support 'globalism'?

Posted by: A User | Apr 11 2020 23:38 utc | 216

oldhippie @204 and chu teh @211


I knew this was a "suspicious occurrence" back in January specifically because the Operation Mockingbird mass media was prepping the epidemic narrative far before they could have possibly known that this was anything more than a contaminated batch of chicken or something likewise uninteresting. The Operation Mockingbird mass media was spinning the epidemic narrative when all they had was 41 cases of pneumonia in a giant city half again bigger than New York and NO fatalities yet. How could they know? Because the scumbags who sprayed the bug around told them.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 11 2020 23:53 utc | 217

William Gruff | Apr 11 2020 23:53 utc | 217 ( a "suspicious occurrence")

Yes, indeed. The theater art of suspended disbelief call out for the misc en scene - the prequil - indeed, we're being taken for the proverbial ride, as Maud Lebowski said.


In Anderson Valley, State of Jefferson Western Federated States (formerly a rogue province of Mexico) there is there a fine newspaper.

This is to be seen. www dot theava dot com

This rural space is coping with the virus and all there rest...and the way they work it is a window on...revolution? I watch it and wonder.

This may seen nutty, and it is weird, but the Anderson Valley Advertiser is tre bitchen, and typically?

Well> Mendo’s Homeless Virus Plan

LAST TUESDAY’S BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING was abruptly cut short after about two hours when CEO Angelo announced that there was a “medical emergency” involving “key..."

and here's a fragment "McCarthyism, Marin, McNeil Island (Remembering Kayo, Part 3)"

"... government's third attempt to deport Harry Bridges as a Communist was tried by US District Judge George B. Harris, who had graduated from the law school at St. Ignatius (now USF) in 1925, five years after Vincent Hallinan. The trial began in April, 1950, and would go on for seven acrimonious months. Hallinan's repeated assertion that the US government was trying to frame Bridges was seen by Judge Harris as an affront to his court. The judge's animosity became increasingly evident and Bridges, the strong-willed leader of the dockworkers, urged a less confrontational defense. He wanted Hallinan to rely o..."

Posted by: Walter | Apr 12 2020 0:16 utc | 218

concerned 208 - I do not appreciate your putting words in my mouth I did not and would not say. I do not appreciate you bringing up talk of noble intentions and saints and upright spirits and whatall and making it appear I was talking about any such stuff. I do not appreciate your trying to erase the subject I am focused on by scrubbing justice as a cause of happiness, and rationality, and irrefutable good sense right out of the picture with distractions. if you are incapable to understand the down to earth vital importance of pay justice I'd appreciate you avoid me rather than intentionally misquote me and proceed to marginalize and misconstrue what I am saying.

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Apr 12 2020 0:22 utc | 219

A User @216

"....jaapies & poms plus their offspring...."
"....wannabe bourgeois englanders & white south africans ..."
plus more shit.

Talk about self loathing.
Who do you hate - your mum or your dad?

In your capacity as a 'full blooded' Maori what is your position on refugees from Africa & the Middle East?
Muslim immigration?
What about the Indians, Chinese & other South East Asian migrants?

Or is your hatred just confined to 'whitey'?

Must be hard reconciling mass migration to European countries (remember Victor Orban?) but wanting to restrict it to your own.
Do you want to preserve Maori culture? Or let it be continually diluted by mass immigration?

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 12 2020 0:25 utc | 220

Walter @218

Damn, I have to read your posts at least three times each.

It never feels like I've been cheated of the effort, though. Much appreciated.

Posted by: William Gruff | Apr 12 2020 0:36 utc | 221


Posted by: your worst nightmare | Apr 11 2020 5:57 utc | 124

If I could find you useless and dishonest ...

why that anger? You know better, but feel lost. Don't feel lost. Trust yourself. Rely on yourself. Do not search for confirmation in the outer world. It is inside you. That's all you need.


Posted by: David F | Apr 11 2020 6:52 utc | 126

I have read this blog for years because there was usually some very good discussion here, and I found it often to be stimulating. Most of the time someone else had already said what I would have so I didn't feel the need to add anything to it. This is turning into a shit show, I think I am going to take a break from this insanity.

that's a good idea. Be yourself. Remember. Trust your instinct.


Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 11 2020 8:20 utc | 136

thank you for the PDF.


Posted by: Stonebird | Apr 11 2020 18:12 utc | 197

someone who watches television told me

thank you, this is golden. We live in a world where there are people who watch TV and people who quit watching TV years or decades ago. This is a property that can be named, and used in an introduction.


We do not have to be afraid of anything. The thought of an external single cause of disease or even death is rather simplistic. This only applies to toxins that can kill in minutes. So-called infection is more complicated in biochemistry, but for us laywomen and laymen it is sufficient to know that there is no real danger from outside or other people. What we've been told in school and what we are still are told is not exactly how it goes. It is very complex in detail, but the workings of nature are rather easy to understand for the common sense. The world we live in is a very friendly place. When we fall and scratch our skin, it heals automatically without our doing. When the wound is deeper, and the skin protection is seriously ripped, the body may die. That is where medicine is life-saving, to prevent external microbes to enter the dying tissue. Because that's their job. To reduce and dissolve dead tissue. We humans have the knowledge to prevent such things to occur since long ago. Even animals lick their wounds to prevent further infections. Sputum is medicine. Microbes never attack sane tissue, otherwise we would be dead long ago, or better said, never had the slightest chance to even exist in a biological body. Birth would be impossible, all live would never have existed.

The first stool from a new born does not show virus-like particles (VLP). Although it is exposed to viruses in the womb already. Just a week later there are tons of VLP's in the baby stool. The baby adapts to the environment quickly. Children swallow things. Children swallow soil. They impregnate themselves with the environment. They feed from their mother's breast. Directly, not squeezed in bottles. Directly from the nipple. After these procedures, the baby is adapted to the environment. The infant is naturally vaccinated. The same is true for every mammal, reptile, bird, and insect.

Viruses are ill-named. They are in fact helpers. They are there when emergency is needed in case of intoxination. Intoxination takes place all the time. When you put a simple item in your houshold or environment under the microscope, you see that there are plenty of ugly looking things. But no worry, our organism is prepared for all intrusions and disturbances. Our lungs expel countless of micro dust particles every time we exhale, as well as carbon dioxide. Otherwise we would carbonise in no time and become black like a piece of coal.

These so-called viruses are around in a sane body, they have many other functions we don't know yet. According to a scientific paper released in 2012 there are 10 times bacteria in our bodies than body cells. And estimated 100 times of 'viruses' than body cells. Do you really think that nature put this vast amount of 'viruses' into our bodies for nothing? These very small particles that are not living beings, rather cell particles, sometimes not distinguishable from exosomes that are transmitted by our cells (not to be confused with enzymes), are vitally important to the very existence of our dear bodies.

It may be necessary to repeat that last sentence: viruses, as we call them today (we will rename them in future and make categories etc.) are vitally important to all biological life. Our bodies would not be here without these tiny small structures we falsely call viruses.

And when fate strikes, which is normal in our lives, and to which our bodies are not adapted to, when our bodies are confronted with toxins from wasps, bees, snakes, spiders, and from toxic products of metabolism from bacteria specialised in reducing dead tissue, our dear helpers appear out of nowhere to eat up the intruders that think we are their meal, but instead we are still alive. These tiny little helpers are there for our bodies to survive not only the first days, but even the first decades. And we call them viruses (latin for poison).

Let's not forget why we disgust feces. In our digestion apparatus our bacterial friends dissect animal corpses and dead plants: what we eat every day. This is dead material. Formerly living organic material, but after prepared, maybe cooked, then munched and swallowed, it is in principle dead organic material. That's where the huge army of bacteria in our digestive system comes into play. They dissect and process the meal. These processes too difficult to understand and describe, finally makes organic life as we know possible.

But back to the result of digestion, the feces. As adults we would never even dip a finger in it, and with a reason. Because bacteria that dissolve dead tissue produce toxic metabolites. That's why we have an inborn feeling of disgust against feces. However, infants do put their finger not only into the mud but also into feces. Which is a sort of self-immunisation, but that occurs only in early years. Soon later the child avoids the contact with its feces and dirt, and develops the disgust. It is a short early but very important phase of accumulation that will keep the organism sane (immune).

The virus and bacillus infection theory is a brilliantly stupid idea, but perfectly fitting the late 19th century concept of 'knowing it all' after a little bit of advancement in science and technology. Embarrassing in hindsight, but understandable at that point in time. Everybody was mesmerised by the daily new discoveries in many scientific fields. Microscopes, telescopes, photography, cinema, mathematics, chemistry, synthetic colours, the airplane, the submarine, and on and on. But in fact it only follows the old European concept of deadly body liquids.

We live now in the 21th century. Many of my old friends learned to use a smartphone, but haven't adjusted their mindset. Which is good in some ways of course, some things never change. Good tradition, well behavior, truthfullness, honour, selfishness. Good traditions. But especially in microbiology there has been a lot of advancements, for example in virology. It is interesting to note that the last 20 years has seen an exponential increase in scientific papers about viruses, while at the same time we have witnessed a similar curve in observed viral epidemics. Note the word 'observed'. Until recently we simply weren't able to observe viruses in detail because there were no scientific papers released then, and because our laboratories were not equipped accordingly. Now that these studies have been performed, we see an increasing rate of virus diseases. Is there a correlation?

Some time ago we thought our Earth was the center of the world. It is in some way, but let us put this aside for a moment. The common consensus of our ancestors was that the Earth was in the middle of everything. With the invention of optical elements, the craft of glass refinements, it became possible to produce an instrument that we today call the telescope. With the help of that instrument it became clear that we are surrounded by other galaxies just like ours. We simply didn't know of that fact before.

So, it seems, is it the same with the ill-named viruses. We first gave and still maintain to give them the wrong name, ignored and still ignore the purpose of these microbial helpers in nature, and then formulate a very simplistic and ill-intended theory about infectious diseases that will attack anyone without warning. Errare humanum est.

Viruses, as we call them, are the greatest population on earth. Even greater than bacteria, which themselves are about 10 high 9 in one gram of soil. Viruses, as we call them, are not living beings, while bacteria are indeed living beings by their own. Fungi are also living beings by their own, but that is another topic. The important thing to know is that the so-called viruses are

1. an integral part of biological life
2. have never been clearly determined
3. have only been studied when they appear when diseases occur
4. have not been studied for their real purpose
5. are according to a scientific paper from 2012 only known to 1 percent = not known
6. may very well be not only an integral part of biological life, but produced by body cells
6b. may be identical to exosomes
7. not living entities. No self-reproducion. No metabolism


Nobody knows anyone in perfect health who has fallen victim to any external microbe. There cannot be a killer virus. Or fungus. Or bacteria. This is a science fiction movie from the 70's. It is fiction. Not science.

Think about it. Think about the entire concept you have learned from early on. Of course there are many other factors in play, and at this place I don't even want to name them. Just remember that concepts are mind concepts. But that is just an afterglow of something you may have noticed but forgotten. Remember!


It is best to return to our common daily work and hobbies, as best as possible. Enjoy life. Respect the uncertainty, conditioning and fear of others. Understand that they didn't had the time and nerve nor interest to dive into the abyss of what is there around us. Adapt, accept, conform. Do not preach. Your calm presence does the work, and your calm mind has even more effect. No need for words. The love and knowledge that you have inside can be spread without words or rituals (greeting rituals, etc.).

It is all good. Although many people suffer because of the lockdown (and not because of 'corona'), I suffer with them. It is a disgrace, but this is a political topic. Workers have to wear diapers because they are not allowed to go to the toilet during work time. Workers are expelled from 'protection' other citicens are allowed and enforced to. This all makes no sense, it contradicts itself. People wearing an uniform don't have to follow the rule of 2m distance. This makes absolutely no sense. Either we are in a lockdown, or not. Every exception is meaningless and ridiculous.

Despite all these ugly occurrences, there are a lot of promising prospects. A reboot of economy. Dept forgiveness. These are topics that have been discussed and refused before, but now appear more and more necessary.

Posted by: Phil | Apr 12 2020 0:38 utc | 222

We know that government representatives are just subordinates of the superrich - rather minor subordinates - who vote for wars so the superrich can gain war profits - with the people paying for the wars in lives limbs labour pain and money

Ambrose Bierce: the poor man [and woman] pays for all

All the ‘reasons’ for higher than average pay per hour are nonlogical - and higher pay means lower pay for others - means higher pay for 1% and lower pay for 99% - and higher and lower pay means ever-increasing higher and lower pay and consequent ever-increasing violence (war, revolutions and crime)

Do people really want higher than average pay per hour if it means lower pay for 99% and ever-increasing violence and most other problems for everyone from richest to poorest?

The reasons for higher than average hourly pay - 1, natural gifts - but mother nature does the work to make natural gifts, not the person - it is as mad to pay for natural gifts as to pay people for receiving birthday gifts – to be paying for natural gifts is to penalize those who did not get the gifts 2, having learned - having learned is not work - justice is equal pay for equal work - people should be paid for studying/learning , for that is work (and society should pay for learning, not the parents, the students or scholarships, because it is society as a whole that profits from educated minds) - it is the poor man that has to pay for educated minds - 3, skill - but skill is either natural gift or having learned - 4, experience - but experience is gained in the course of paid work

it is ego that says pay me for my gifts, for my having learned, for my skills, for my experience - and ego is totally nonlogical, totally unjust - and injustice is the cause of violence and most problems - most problems and violence would disappear if we were just with incomes, so it is worthwhile learning to be just with incomes, although income justice is a strange land to the extremely dangerous costly nonlogical egotism of people - egotism is destroying 99% of your birthright happiness thru the problems and violence it causes thru the super-extreme injustice of incomes

D H Lawrence called the people the eternal dupe - over 98% of our genes are identical to that of chimpanzees

people see that low-gifted people are not going to create the computer or a satellite - it takes higher IQ to, say, discover vaccines or understand physics - and from there people leap to error – thinking the ones who got better paid in gifts in the birth lottery are giving us more so deserve higher pay - seems utterly natural to people that they deserve more because they are giving us more - they are not giving us more - that is where the error is - it is mother nature who is giving us more - thru them - but it is the egotism of people - of intelligent people - to appropriate this gift from mother nature – ascribe to themselves what they had no hand in, no control over - deficient appreciation of mother nature – big brains have long used the gift given them by nature to pay themselves more – to give others less and less per unit of work – shameful illogic – subrational – not intelligent

the sum total of human intelligence is going to prove to be as useful to us as stupidity would have been in its place - we are awash in the highest pitch of lovegift, throwing it away – ungrateful - money is a license to take workproducts out of the pool of wealth - and the only thing that by rights lets us take from the pooled workproducts is contributing an equal amount to the pool - the license concept is the key point, and foreign to the space between people's ears

another illogical ‘reason’ people give for higher than average pay per hour is being higher up in an organization - but the person isn’t working harder - just working as hard higher up - wage slaves! - if you allow higher than average pay per hour for people higher up in an organization it is you who will have to pay for it out of your income - and higher and lower pay will become super-extreme ever-increasing higher and lower pay - which is the cause of super-extreme violence (war revolution and crime) in which you will have to pay in not just money but in powerlessness poverty lives limbs labour tragedy and pain

to the people of the world: there are people you want to have a lot of high pay - maybe Paul McCartney, people who thru their gifts give you so much - maybe Steve Jobs, Bill Gates - it feels so right to you for them to have so much - Bob Hope, Bing Crosby with their half billion - Picasso with his 693 million - Elvis - and so on and so on - but it is mother nature who has given everyone those gifts that live in gifted people - and the price, you really have to understand, is too high – way, way, way too high - unlimited fortunes for people who have done limited work means unlimited poverty for 90% - unlimited slavery, powerlessness - it means 2 million people each year go blind for lack of 4c of vitamin a per year - it means children prostituting themselves for water in Haiti - it means a million girls each year sold into sexual slavery - it means a million other sufferings as great as these examples - it means world wars created by the superrich for war profits at enormous expense in suffering for millions or billions - it means your country's healthcare system is left dangerously undercapacity while the wealth is spent on wars - superwealth has a tail at the other end of it, in unlimited misery for all humans - it means the disgrace of 1% of humanity dying of starvation each year - quite unnecessarily - food production per person is increasing, there is no shortage of food - decide - and decide not to go with unlimited wealth, and so destroy unlimited poverty and powerlessness for everyone - for the 1% overpaid as well as for the 99% underpaid - destroy the enormous sadness, madness and badness that is the human experience today, after thousands of years of increasing overpay and underpay - pay from $10 a year to $10 billion a year for roughly equal work - see the super-extreme insanity of that - the superrich don’t work millions of times harder than the average person - no one can work more than twice as hard as the average - there aren’t enough hours in the day to work more than twice as hard as the average - Picasso, Paul McCartney etc. didn’t work more than twice as hard as the average - you have to commit justice - income injustice is killing the human race - it drives the arms race and the arms we have now can freeze the planet solid and dead and irradiate it for millions of years - we have to make this change now - we have no future at present - we are racing towards nuclear winter extinction and we are close - we have to suddenly become very mature and responsible and clearsighted and make this decision, make this change - it is not natural for humans to have to see the big picture - nature gave us natures to deal with local situations and to leave the big picture, the whole of society to the gods - but we have made a global society with our ships and planes and we have to grow the bigness to make the decisions that govern us all - the initiative has to come from the majority - limited income for limited work - limited overpay so that we have limited underpay - an approximation to income justice, because unjustice means violence - unlimited income injustice means unlimited suffering for all - even setting maximum income at $1,000,000 a year, which is over 5 times the maximum earnable income, will destroy 95% of human suffering - our sufferings are so great, so super-extreme now, after 1000s of years of ever-increasing overpay and underpay - we can probably not imagine how much happier we can be, how vast is the unnecessary suffering caused by super-extreme income injustice
both overpay and underpay are stimuli to violence and most other problems - and thank goodness we can destroy both, by setting a maximum income and wealth and spreading the excess above this limit around among everyone - if you had a community in which two or three got hold of 99% of the income of 90% of the community, you could restore that community to peace and happiness for all by setting a maximum income at twice the average income and spreading the excess around among everyone - it is as simple as that - you just have to focus on this, and see super-extreme overpay and underpay is extremely bad for everyone, from Caesar to everyone

hold in your mind the picture of how absurdly madly super-extreme the overpay and underpay is - if the average income of $100,000 is graphed at one metre high, overpay goes up 100 kilometres and 90% of people have incomes less than one centimetre high - if the graph were water in a pool with the average pay at one metre deep, most of the water is going up in a thin needle 100 kilometres high, the pool is practically empty - remember that although the needle of overpay is constant, the drops of water in that needle (the rich individuals) rush up and rush down and out - from rags to riches to rags in three generations, as the saying goes - wealth is not secure and safe, it comes under super-extreme attack from both rich and poor, who are both, for different reasons, extremely desperate

you ought to be embarrassed to be a citizen of such a super-extreme society

of such a madly mismanaged society

would you feed one child with a huge plate of food and your other children with a spoonful of peas? - it is as simple as that

We humans can be much, much happier, quite easily. There is a misunderstanding, one error, which destroys 99% of our natural birthright happiness. Unfortunately this error is so deeply entrenched in our minds that even to bring it in to question is very hard.

When everyone believed that the earth was flat, everyone was so certain of it being true, that to call it into question was very difficult. People felt: if this could be wrong, if this belief, which i am so certain about, could be wrong, then it throws all my knowledge into confusion and doubt. That is a lot to handle.

What I argue here is that, while money is very, very good - it satisfies millions of desires - unlimited wealth is very, very bad, it causes 99% of human suffering, of human tragedy, it causes all forms of violence (war, revolution and crime), it causes most problems that we have to struggle with, it is driving us to nuclear winter extinction in the near future. It hurts everyone, extremely, both the wealthy and the unwealthy.

The correction of this one error can shift us all into a perpetual golden age of peace and happiness. We haven't been able to grasp this error in 1000s of years. The argument: money is very very good, so more money is better, is so simple, so clear, it seems that it cannot be wrong. The argument: wealth is the opposite of poverty, so more wealth means less poverty, again, is so simple that it seems it cannot be wrong.

It is just because money is so very, very good, that unlimited wealth is so very, very bad. Water is so valuable, that the concentration of it in few hands is very, very bad. If a bear corners all the honey in a forest, that bear has a terrible, terrible lifestyle of perpetually trying to fight off all the hungry, angry bears - and failing, more often sooner than later. Just think of Caesar, assassinated *because* he was the richest, most powerful man in Rome. Money is power, but it is also weakness: All the other Romans, who weren't assassinated, were in one sense more powerful than Caesar. They stayed alive. Open any history book to any page, and you will find examples of the extreme tribulation of the wealthiest. They must fear not only would-be conquerors from other lands, they must fear their closest associates, their nearest family and friends. They must fear the poor, who may rise in revolution.

They are under attack from so many, that their defense costs are crippling, and they must garner more money to pay for this defense. This offends more people and increases his insecurity, creating a vicious circle of costs and danger. Every castle has been taken, every empire has fallen. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Everyone suffers. We, after 1000s of years of concentration of wealth in few hands, have super-extreme wealth and poverty. 1% have 96% of income and wealth, 90% have half a percent. Everyone suffers extremely. Therefore, we can be super-extremely happier.

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Apr 12 2020 0:40 utc | 223

SF Bay Area Covid updated April 10 and 11 unless noted
The last census lists a population of over 7 million people in nine counties and 101 cities.
Numbers by County

California Totals
California contains 39.5 million people
20615 total cases +2306
609 Deaths +117
2846 Hospitalized confirmed cases +787
1145 in ICU +60
2221 Suspected cases hospitalized -582
420 Suspected cases in ICU -110

Alameda county (not including Berkeley)
Positive Cases: 770 +89
Deaths: 20

Cases 36
Deaths 1

Contra Costa County
530 Cases + 46
Deaths 11 +3
Total tested 6938 +631
Hospitalized 37 +6

San Francisco County
Positive cases 857 +90
Deaths 13

San Mateo County
Positive cases 652 +14
Deaths 21
Hospitalized 72
Ventilators in use 55 +2
Venitlators available 162 +3
ICU beds in use covid 32
ICU beds not covid 39
ICU beds available 100
Surge beds in use 103 +5
Surge beds available 400
Total tested 6302 New data
Positive 622 New data
Negative 5517New data
Pending 123 New data

Santa Clara County
1566 Cases +82
Deaths 51 -4

Sonoma County
Total Cases 145 +3
Active Cases 85 -4
Hospitalized 20 +1
Recovered 58 +6
Deaths 2 +1
Tests 3389 +138

Solono county
Confirmed cases 121 +6
Deaths 2
Active cases 33 -6
Total hospitalizations 34 +2

Marin County
Confirmed cases 153 -1
Deaths 10
Persons tested at County site 2047 +91
Hospitalizations 28 -1

Santa Cruz County
Total cases 82 +13
Tests Negative 3099 +2305
Hospitalized 15 +6
Deaths 1

Napa County
Active case 32 +12
Deaths 2

Some Covid checks are arriving from the FED. Various local officials are instituting help in various forms. A few more months of lock down and the whole system will begin to go into a deep freeze IMHO.

Posted by: dltravers | Apr 12 2020 0:41 utc | 224

Walter | Apr 12 2020 0:16 utc | 218
A.Vzlley Adv...thanks, I'm on it.
Harry Bridges warms me heart.

Posted by: chu teh | Apr 12 2020 0:42 utc | 225

As a comment on the subject of 'assorted virus news' perhsps this from the Otago Daily Times is an appropriate assessment of Aotearoa's (New Zealand's) situation with respect to the corona virus:

I have never heard that the two names are not interchangeable, maori and pakeha being equal citizens since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. There is, in fact, a lovely version of the National Anthem that is sung along with the pakeha version at the opening of every cricket match. It ends with the single word syllabically spaced: "Ao-te-a-ro-o-a". Very beautiful.

I am mostly pakeha, but very proud of the smidgeon of maori blood I inherited through my grandmother.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 12 2020 1:18 utc | 226

@ Emily tautoko A User our country was Aotearoa long before it was New Zealand. My tupuna came from Ireland but we are all increasingly celebrating the fact that we have three official languages, Maori, English and sign.

Posted by: Fabian | Apr 12 2020 1:20 utc | 227

I should have said ' the opening of every international cricket match,' when the opposing nation team also presents its anthem.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 12 2020 1:26 utc | 228

@ Thanks, you fellas.

Some people say the while revolutions do bring some change, that it is the necessity of Change created by moral and perceptual defects in the ruling gang that make revolution a necessity, which compel revolution - that this is not a matter of will, but of life. So they say. I wish it were not so, but I can't find fault with the dictum.

Comrade Betold Brect hizzownself directed the final scene in Kuhle Wampe. Alas, in German, but it's easy to grok.


"Kuhle Wampe - in der S-Bahn:


This is significant as the prequil... it's the echo from the future..spooky action at a distance, past is prologue...or coincidence. People are weird.

Posted by: Walter | Apr 12 2020 1:50 utc | 229

@208 concerned

A nice slice of the Buddhist view, very pertinent, very concisely said, thank you:

Primarily it seems to be we've found our level, with the silver lining that there is time to make progress. Second category then must be saints or bodhisattvas here to help the former group.


@219 Phryne's frock

For what it's worth, I didn't take concerned's comment at #208 as attempting to misquote you, but simply being inspired by what you said to present a different thing. We all do this. I was surprised by your reaction. I always zero in on your comments if I see your name in the homepage list, and I would now do the same with concerned's. Hopefully there can be peace here.

As to your other line that concerned quoted, this is what I wanted to comment on principally:

"After every revolution in the past the inequality has immediately started to regrow."

My thought is that this is not a reflection on the nature of revolution but that this must mean there can be no "after" any revolution. The revolution is always necessary, and can never end - and this would be because the justice you argue for is not a one-time gain from which, once learned, we never fall back, but a continual advocacy that we must always remind ourselves of.

I think Mao saw this and with his second revolution, the Cultural Revolution, made the closest attempt ever undertaken in this world to achieve the justice you pleaded for at #223 - which I read and agree with completely, and for which many thanks.


@222 Phil

I greatly enjoyed that tour through an aspect of the universe that our scientific models fail to understand. The viruses are our friends. And we are made of this very universe we think we move through. Or so I take from your comment. It was a huge, and inspiring, comment - a lot of work to write, and thanks for it.

Harking back to the Buddhist view I started this comment with, there is a somewhat animistic view that pestilence is one of the great catastrophes wrought by the Mamos - elemental beings angered by our loss of sacred view. It's easy to fear them, and most practices involve appeasing them, but I have also been taught that we can befriend them and be grateful for their waking us into experiencing what is importantly happening to us in the present moment.

It's a view I suspect you would like.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 12 2020 2:18 utc | 230

Your "johnny come lately" demand for respect fails because you have yet to back up your wants with contributions to the community.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 11 2020 21:40 utc | 202

Wow. You are not the owner of this blog, nor AFAIK the arbiter of what goes in this "community."
Maybe just the self-appointed official hazer.
I have also experienced your hazing.
Ready for brickbats.

Posted by: Really?? | Apr 12 2020 3:09 utc | 231

.If this c1ue, or any other CIA troll, thinks he can disturb me with schoolyard type insults and theatrical deliriums of greatness presenting himself as MoA elite bestowing and removing respect at diestro y siniestro, well, he can sit to wait, otherwise he could get tired...

The fact is that his posts read completely unintelligible, he is most probably inventing all those cyphers, since he does not cite any source ever, everything is highly likely his own estimations, and so it is not strange he makes a mess of himself, as PeterAU so accutely notes...--H.Schmatz @ 214

LOL! It's about time someone finally called out this arrogant, self-inflated schoolyard bully who struts around these comment threads as though he owned the place, dumping on innocent commenters in a sadistic fashion.

Posted by: Really?? | Apr 12 2020 3:25 utc | 232

Bill Gates is the next Blade Runner movie's villain.

Posted by: Nick | Apr 12 2020 5:25 utc | 233

Grieved | Apr 12 2020 2:18 utc | 230

..."After every revolution in the past the inequality has immediately started to regrow."...

From M.Hudson's AndForgiveThemTheirSins...It seems a new reality n workable n useful, to see the cycle as :

Creditors v Debtors, Jubilee, C v D, J, C v D, J ...then no more J, n C v D began with no further limit [w/o any J re-balancing]

Seems that freedom to accumulate wealth/power without limits, aka the acquisitor dynamic, must somehow be put under control. Of course, following creation of private central banking, that accumulation monster made accumulation so rapid n easy we are.

Wgat is to be done?

Well, for starters, how about kill the Personal Income Tax for all income under $150,000 n increase it hockey-stick fashion above that level. Fire all excess IRS employees at appropriate pensions n the remainder to enforce the higher levels like hawks.

That will get any President 99% support.

Posted by: chu teh | Apr 12 2020 5:44 utc | 234

chu teh @ 213

Some background on MOA re hemoglobin discussion:




Posted by: pogohere | Apr 12 2020 7:05 utc | 235

Today's lesson on How to Manufacture Mass Hysteria is ... Burying the Details!

By now, everyone has seen the stories about the "refrigerated morgue trucks" and "ice rink morgues in Madrid." If you dig down into some of those stories, you will discover a rather mundane, but perfectly understandable explanation for these improvised morgues, namely ... bodies that would normally have been picked up by funeral parlors are not being picked up (because many funeral parlors are not operating normally due to the lockdown, or because it is difficult for grieving families to make arrangements given the current level of hysteria), and so these bodies are accumulating at hospitals.

Normally, when someone dies at the hospital, the body is taken to the hospital morgue, and it sits there until the family contacts the funeral parlor and makes arrangements to have it picked up. Typically, this happens fairly quickly, as anyone who has had to make such arrangements will confirm. Hospital morgues have been designed for this routine turnaround. Thus, their storage capacity is limited. When you're manufacturing mass hysteria, you'll want to bury these facts deep in your story, so that most readers will miss them.

For example, here are a couple of quotes, buried deep in the stories about the death trucks and ice rink morgues.

"The Madrid municipal funeral service, a major provider in the city, announced in a statement on Monday it would stop collecting the bodies of Covid-19 victims, because its workers don't have sufficient protective material. The service manages 14 cemeteries, two funeral parlors and two crematoriums in Madrid. The funeral service said that cremations, burials and other services for coronavirus victims would continue as normal, but only if the bodies are 'sent by other funeral services businesses in a closed coffin.'" -- CNN

"We started putting bodies in the morgue truck last week. And it’s been used a lot. A lot. I think there’s around 40 bodies in there now. The funeral homes are having trouble keeping up a bit. So it’s not like ten people died and people go off to the funeral home." -- NEW YORK MAGAZINE

And so ends today's lesson. Please remember (if you're an aspiring MSM journalist) to bury such details deep in your sensationalistic stories about ICE RINK MORGUES and DEATH TRUCKS! That way, you can claim to be adhering to journalistic standards, while knowing that most readers will miss these details, or won't even see them at all, because they will have rushed off to share your story about the MOUNTAINS OF BODIES PILING UP IN THE STREETS!

Posted by: Dream Weaver | Apr 12 2020 8:08 utc | 236

Dream weaver @ 236
At this stage of events I just wonder how you can be so blind, so deluded, I wonder are you a fool? are you part of this evil agenda or just plain easy led.
Please wake up this is real ! Perhaps volunteer as a front line care worker and then get back to us !
Have a good Easter and stay safe.

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 12 2020 9:07 utc | 237

The deathporn today is all about the figures in the US, above anywhere else in the world. No mention of the total population, of course. They have been comparing countries without making reference to the density of population or their total population for weeks now, so why bother?

Posted by: Mina | Apr 12 2020 10:00 utc | 238

Death toll Australia - 59 (12/04/2020)

The Common Denominator

Unpalatable (for some), but nevertheless.....

• 78-year-old Diamond Princess passenger James Kwan died in Perth
• a 95-year-old female resident of Sydney’s Dorothy Henderson Lodge died
• an 82-year-old male Dorothy Henderson Lodge resident died
• a 90-year-old female Dorothy Henderson Lodge resident died
• a 77-year-old woman died in a Sydney hospital after arriving from Queensland
• an 86-year-old man from Sydney died
• an 81-year-old woman died after having close contact with a confirmed case at Ryde Hospital
• a 77-year-old woman who had been rushed to hospital off the Ruby Princess died in Sydney
• 68-year-old Voyager of the Seas passenger Garry Kirstenfeldt died in Toowoomba
• three men in their 70s died at Victorian hospitals
• 73-year-old Celebrity Solstice passenger Ray Daniels died in Perth
• a 91-year-old female Dorothy Henderson Lodge resident died
• a 75-year-old Ruby Princess passenger died at Caboolture hospital north of Brisbane
• a man in his 80s died at a Melbourne hospital
• a Ruby Princess passenger in her 80s died at North-West Regional Hospital in Tasmania
• a woman in her 80s who acquired the disease overseas died at Canberra Hospital
• a Ruby Princess passenger in his 80s died at Royal Hobart Hospital
• a 95-year-old female Dorothy Henderson Lodge resident died
• 67-year-old Ruby Princess passenger Janet Lieben died at Orange Base Hospital
• a woman in her 60s died at a Victorian hospital
• a woman in her 70s died at a Victorian hospital
• an 85-year-old male Ruby Princess passenger died at Darling Downs Hospital in Toowoomba
• 82-year-old Mike, father-in-law of Labor MP Ged Kearney, died at Canberra Hospital
• a 91-year-old male Ruby Princess passenger died at Port Macquarie Base Hospital
• a 76-year-old male Ruby Princess passenger died at Westmead Hospital
• an 80-year-old male Ruby Princess passenger died at Westmead Hospital
• a 61-year-old man died at Hornsby Hospital
• a 78-year-old Ruby Princess passenger died at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane
• an 86-year-old male Opal Care Bankstown resident died at Liverpool Hospital
• an 85-year-old man who was a close contact of a confirmed case died at Liverpool Hospital
• a man in his 50s died at a Victorian hospital, the youngest death so far
• a Victorian woman in her 80s died at home
• an 84-year-old male Ruby Princess passenger died at Royal Perth Hospital
• a 90-year-old male Dorothy Henderson Lodge Resident died
• an 87-year-old female Ruby Princess passenger died in NSW
• a 90-year-old male Opal Care Bankstown resident died at Liverpool Hospital
• Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced an 11th person had died in the state
• 75-year-old Frank Ferraro died at Royal Adelaide Hospital after acquiring COVID-19 interstate
• a Ruby Princess passenger in his 80s died at North-West Regional Hospital in Tasmania
• an Artania passenger in his 70s died at Joondalup Health Campus in Perth
• a woman in her 70s who had travelled overseas died at Royal Perth Hospital
• a 62-year-old female Ruby Princess passenger died at Royal Adelaide Hospital
• a Victorian woman in her 80s died at hospital, the state’s 12th victim
• a 76-year-old man died at the Royal Adelaide Hospital
• a Victorian man in his 80s died at hospital
• a 69-year-old man died at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle
• an elderly man died at the Northwest Hospital in Tasmania
an 82-year-old man died in Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital after contracting the virus
an elderly woman in her 70s died at Northwest Regional Hospital in Tasmania, the state’s fifth death
a former Ruby Princess passenger, a 74-year-old man, died in Royal Adelaide Hospital

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 12 2020 10:21 utc | 239

Take away from referenced news article above:-

".....People in their 20s make up the biggest proportion of confirmed COVID-19 cases due to the high number of returning travellers, with significantly more women than men testing positive in that age group.

Those in their 60s make up the second-largest group, followed by those in their 50s, 30s and 40s. Among those in their 40s, significantly more men than women have tested positive.

People in their 70s make up a smaller but still concerning number of total cases, while far fewer people aged over 80 or under 20 have been diagnosed....."

Those 20 somethings don't seem to be dying. How many of these are asymptomatic? Mild?

Where is the data? Is the relevant data being withheld?

At the risk of being relentlessly vilified for the crime of dissent by the purveyors of 'true thought', I am going to suggest maybe a more targeted lock-down would be more appropriate.

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 12 2020 10:41 utc | 240

Ursula von der Leyen in today's Bild seems to have been charged with starting to prepare the 65+ to the fact they are going to be the target to protect.
Good luck with that, trying to convince the boomers, aka the Titanic generation, of anything.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 12 2020 11:53 utc | 241

They do not eat bats in China (but in some areas of Guǎngdōng province they eat rats that are caught in the fields -- far away from the villages. They taste better than rabbits and hares, to my taste -- more like cat meat.). The photos of Chinese-looking tourists enjoying bat soup al stem from the Southwest Pacific part of Polinesia.

Posted by: Oū Sī / 區司/ Usman | Apr 12 2020 11:53 utc | 242

tedo1 @ 240
That’s a fair question! Thanks
My problem with that is——
To use a metaphor. This virus is like a forest fire ! We need to deal with every spark and ember. Or it will just reignite!
To do as you suggest is to except that this will be with us for ever. I say no. For the sake of future generations ! Do we want to go down in history as the people That distroyed civilisation?
Thanks for your list of cases in Aus I found that very worthwhile and wish my area had information like that.
My suggestion to solve this —- identify the least infected areas town by town, county by county, regeon or country and operate a ‘cordon sanitare ‘ this was done with the plague. Do the same on city’s block by block.
This virus needs to jump host’s within about a month ! or the virus dies. That right there is the salution
Let’s put the forest fire out !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 12 2020 12:00 utc | 243

- One (reliable ???) source reported that prime minister Boris "take it on the chin" Johnson (a.k.a. "Bo-Jo" or "Blow-Job") was closer to dying than many people thought.

Posted by: Willy2 | Apr 12 2020 12:26 utc | 244

re ted01 | Apr 12 2020 0:25 utc | at #220 latest piece of sociopathic nonsense.

Orban is a classic example of the wannabe exploiter but too moronic to manage it, central european. The reason Hungary should be forced to accept refugees from Africa & the Mid East is because it is part of europe, which along with amerika which has made life impossible in the refugees homelands. When amerika asked, europe joined the gwot with alacrity, butchering a million Iraquis and displacing millions more.

The same greedy war for the right to steal other people's resources has been waged in africa for at least the last 70 years, the result of it being some of the wealthiest nations in the world's citizens all living below the poverty line.

More than 80% of the wealth generated by Africa every year ends up in europe. A policy of driving the people of africa off their lands with hired mercenaries has forced millions of people into pop-up cities. Investigation of the funding of these mercenaries frequently gets traced back to some shady euro-bank.

Shady enterprises such as Cambridge Analytica are hired by mining corps, transnational food corporations & the like to fix elections to favour some greedy puppet who sells his nation out to the euros or the amerikans for a cent on the dollar deposited in some dodgy tax shelter bank. Increasingly the puppet despot never lays his hands on his ill-gotten gains as another favourite euro-scam, the 'world court' at the Hague pinches him for the very things other euros paid him to do, so the funds get confiscated before being turned over to the next puppet.

Worst of all euro scum such as Orban try to allege that african & ME political systems are always corrupt, when it is euros who are continuously corrupting them.

As far as I know kiwis have never pulled these scams on poms or jaapies so there should be no expectation that Aotearoa should have to let them settle here.

Screw the arseholes who exploited the people of south africa for as long as they could, then fled the nation they had once claimed as their 'natural homeland' the moment the indigenous population won control. Cowardly bully is about the nicest thing one can say about the afrikaner & anglo south africans who took off like scalded cats.
I guess they thought they would cop pay-back for the horror show they had inflicted upon the indigenous population - wankers, they didn't understand that normal humans aren't driven by the fear & greed which motivated them.

ps your ad hominems lack imagination, they feature the same old tropes (eg the self loathing tosh) that those types who need a magnifying glass & a pair of tweezers to jerk off, have been vomiting onto MoA threads since the blog first kicked off - boring, must try harder.

Posted by: A User | Apr 12 2020 12:35 utc | 245

The European Commission presented 24 May 2019 a roadmap for the implementation of actions on strengthened cooperation against vaccine-preventable diseases. The goal was a common vaccination card/passport compatible with electronic immunization systems for EU citizens to 2022 (as well as countering vaccine hesitancy – the anti-vaccination movement).

Hands up who was aware of a roadmap presented by the EU commission in May 2019 which saw a digital identity for all EU citizens - incorporating a vaccine passport - as early as 2022?

Corona Crisis Control – Digital Identification Für Alle

Also read The Corona Crisis and the Technocratic Agenda on the same site!

There are frightening connections between the panic porn driving responses to Covid-19 - including even here on MoA - and the agenda of Bill Gates and his ilk for a technocratic World Government to replace the existing order. Do you want to be a digital slave of Bill Gates?

Posted by: BM | Apr 12 2020 13:06 utc | 246

Good luck with that, trying to convince the boomers, aka the Titanic generation, of anything.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 12 2020 11:53 utc | 241

Seems like anyone can take pot shots at "boomers" these day, regardless of how silly their pot shots sound.
Truly a scientific approach1
BTW, what does "the Titanic" generation mean?

Posted by: Really?? | Apr 12 2020 13:10 utc | 247

Let’s put the forest fire out !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Apr 12 2020 12:00 utc | 243

How about easing back on those exclamation marks, Mark.
It would make it easier to take your posts seriously.
Moon of Alabama isn't Cosmo magazine, and presumably you are not a teenager.

Posted by: Really?? | Apr 12 2020 13:14 utc | 248

Napa County
Active case 32 +12
Deaths 2

. . .
Posted by: dltravers | Apr 12 2020 0:41 utc | 224

In your tallies, what do the "plus" figures mean, e.g., "+12"?
I have looked but have not seen any explanation of these figures.
What am I missing here?

Posted by: Really?? | Apr 12 2020 13:18 utc | 249

Surgeon Dr Vongh's plain (English) language explanation @
virus induced death process and projections for USA

Posted by: Екатери́на | Apr 12 2020 13:46 utc | 250

A User @245

In your capacity as a 'full blooded' Maori what is your position on refugees from Africa & the Middle East?
Muslim immigration?
What about the Indians, Chinese & other South East Asian migrants?

"...As far as I know kiwis have never pulled these scams on poms or jaapies so there should be no expectation that Aotearoa should have to let them settle here."

This little bit of obfuscation doesn't count.

Do you want to preserve Maori culture? Or let it be continually diluted by mass immigration?

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 12 2020 13:57 utc | 251

BM @246

Now we know where the Monsanto - Bayer bailout money went.

Euro guinea pigs - EU has to fight for controlled longitudinal studies now! And budget for paralysis and collateral damage in advance!

Or the "prevention" will fast track austerity by killing off EU health system.

Watch the "research" start on the poorest and brownest people first like Gates record in India and Africa!

New RF take vaccine refugees? Those w strong immune systems may be better off with actual exposure than the vaxx coctail.

That for sharing that.

Posted by: Екатери́на | Apr 12 2020 14:02 utc | 252

"Titanic generation": a description of some boomer- and pre-boomers friends, the type that returned to smoke one week after an operation for a lung cancer.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 12 2020 14:04 utc | 253


("D H Lawrence called the people the eternal dupe - over 98% of our genes are identical to that of chimpanzees")

Cogent and expert (but not pc) scientific view it that this "98%" indicates the man is in reality a hybrid chimp resulting from the sub-summation of a number of now-extinct chimpanzee species.

Man, baldy, is "the "third chimpanzee". (see Jared Diamond)

Evidently "race" makes a big difference. Gasp!

About the dupe..."this way to the egress" (P.T Barnum)

Posted by: Walter | Apr 12 2020 14:06 utc | 254

Posted by: Walter | Apr 12 2020 14:06 utc | 255

I have long considered that one cannot understand politics as it really is without considering monkey-politics, particularly status competition, tribalism, and other built-in inter-personal and inter-group rivalries.

And similarly for most of our social lives, to understand them fully you have to understand the lives of the big apes as they evolved over the last few million years. Many times I have been sandbagged by my own emotional responses just when I thought I was being most enlightened and rational, and it is most amusing to see people arguing violently over who is the most rational and logical.

I like Jared Diamond a lot, he has his flaws, not the best writer, but offers lots of insight and sharp thinking too.

Posted by: Bemildred | Apr 12 2020 14:28 utc | 256

ted01 | Apr 12 2020 10:21 utc | 239

Now balance the list with those that were saved by medical intervention.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Apr 12 2020 14:33 utc | 257

In France, "medical intervention" is still equivalent to the Holy Ghost. The governmental message broadcasted on radios every hour says that until you start developing respiratory problems "stay at home, call your doctor, it usually disappears with taking some rest".
A number of people simply never reach their GP (a GP does not need to have a replacement in France), and since they are told it disappears by itself, they are not even supposed to try anything else (gargling, vitamins, lots of liquids..)
"If you have symptoms that may be due to COVID-19
Stay at home, avoid contact with others, call a doctor before you go to see them or call the area health assistance number., If the symptoms get worse, with breathing difficulties or signs of suffocation, dial 15 or call or send a text to 114 if you have a speech or hearing impairment."

Posted by: Mina | Apr 12 2020 14:52 utc | 258

Re Hemoglobin @ various posts

It appears that red cells are prevented from exchanging oxygen and co2 by Covid19.

The same thing happens when breathing CO. Once the CO adheres to the red cell, there will be no further exchange of gases at its level.

To treat this life-threatening condition, METHYLENE BLUE is administered intravenously
to dislodge the CO and rehabilitate the function of the cells/hemoglobin.

Additionally, blood transfusions now use concentrated red cells instead of the normal plasma containing the red cells. It is therefore very easy to supplement the altered cells.

I wonder if these approaches have been studied in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Posted by: CarlD |

Posted by: CarlD | Apr 12 2020 14:57 utc | 259

@Peter AU1 #205
My numbers have exactly matched reality - since I'm graphing the actual numbers. Unlike you, I am not just reading what other people post - I actually am doing the work to independently track the data. I've been tracking New York State and California from the very beginning because these 2 entities are far apart but are larger than many European countries.

Nor am I the one pushing a meme of a drug which has very serious side effects - particularly for people who are diabetic.
Unlike you, I prefer to show both the positive and negative aspects to any situation: HCH shows theoretical promise but has yet to be proven to be either effective at any given dosage or safe at said dosage.

So whinge all you want - when you actually start doing some work and publishing it, then we can talk.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 12 2020 15:12 utc | 260

Latest Nextstrain nCOV genetic map
The Nextstrain database is showing that nCOV has gone from China/Asia to Europe and the US, and from there to South America and Africa. Now its going back to China/Asia.
It is 100% clear from this that the nCOV response is not going to be short. Lockdowns are not going to substitute for China/South Korea/Singapore style identification of infected nCOV, tracking and quarantine of everyone on contact with same, and this has to go on likely until there is a vaccine.
Singapore in particular: they've just put in a lockdown after their initial successful containment of nCOV has since been compromised with a new flareup Singapore lockdown, 2299 cases including 400 from March
Singapore Department of Health reporting 191 new cases as of April 11

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 12 2020 15:20 utc | 261

Stonebird, yeah it depends on who you trust for sure. (re. masks, France.) I thought maybe the quantities were small, it could be. You surmise that the Gov. itself doesn’t know /where, when, what, how the masks are moving or stocked/ and I hadn’t thought of that. Very likely. France has performed *horribly* in the sense that one might expect according to tradition that F for ex would perform far better than the UK under a Tory Bloke who seemed to adopt the advice of a crank and zealot, Cummings, about ‘herd immunity’, etc., as F has less inequality, more ‘solidarity’ (say), more state planning / insurance, top docs, and much better stats. etc ppl, and a public health - sanitary system that seemed to be, or was said to be, quite ‘intact’ and not as overburdened as the NHS.

Of course the ‘start-up’ nation under Macron, with cronies, bootlickers, management and finance types are completely incapable.

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 12 2020 15:57 utc | 262

nCOV could have come straight from bats Matt Ridley on past bat studies

RaTG13 is the name, rank and serial number of an individual horseshoe bat of the species Rhinolophus affinis, or rather of a sample of its feces collected in 2013 in a cave in Yunnan, China. The sample was collected by hazmat-clad scientists from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan that year. Stored away and forgotten until January this year, the sample from the horseshoe bat contains the virus that causes Covid-19.

The scientists were mostly sampling a very similar species with slightly shorter wings, called Rhinolophus sinicus, in a successful search for the origin of the virus responsible for the SARS epidemic of 2002-03. That search had alarming implications, which were largely ignored.


In Shitou Cave, south of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, they found viruses in the bats’ droppings and anal swabs that were more similar to human SARS than anything found in palm civets, the small mammals that until then were presumed to be the source of human infection. Back in the laboratory, they found that one of the viruses from bat droppings, called WIV1, could thrive in monkey and human cells specially engineered to activate the gene for ACE2 receptors, the lock to which a coronavirus’s spike protein can fit as a key. This suggested that people could catch SARS directly from a bat dropping.

Then in 2016, Ralph Baric and colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that the same bat virus could infect live mice that had been engineered to express the human gene for the ACE2 receptor. The virus was “poised for human emergence,” as the title of Dr. Baric’s paper put it.

Article also notes that many of the known viruses came from bats originally, even if the actual vector was another animal: MERS, SARS, Ebola, rabies, Hendra, Nipah.

Last note: bat that was source of above virus: isn't eaten. Small and not tasty.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 12 2020 16:09 utc | 263

Grieved, if I gave offense my apologies. I wasn't trying to be rude I was trying to be HEARD. but every time I bring up the biggest-picture view of the survival need for humans to bestow pay justice on all humans it seems 99% don't even read my post as if i could not possibly be getting this thinking correct and 1 person always steps up to try to drag the message into some kind of 'morality' or 'spiritual' or 'pie in the sky philosophical' death hole.

When the truth is pay justice is tied right down to Earth like no other message and has every rational argument FOR it and NONE against it. Pay justice is good for 100% of humans, it requires NO altruism whatsoever, it is as good for the most selfish person in the world as is it for the least.

A morality is either rationally based or it is irrational. If it is irrationally based, or adopted without awareness of the rational basis under it, it is insane, and all the actions based on it are insane (self-destructive). We need the basic reminder: We need rationality (sense, sanity). Irrationality is not as good as rationality. The culture has turned asking why into rudeness. Pushed out rationality! Driven the culture insane, put it on an irrational basis. Don’t ask why: “just do it”. That is, be a robot, a cipher, a complete waste of life. Don’t exist, don’t be genuine, don’t require rationality in your life, don’t be a nuisance, don’t think, don’t get a rational foundation, just join others in irrational activity. Don’t critically examine what your society is doing, just throw yourself in with whatever it is doing willy-nilly. Cicero: To think is to live. Socrates: The unexamined life is not worth living. Bible: Seek, Test everything. The culture that needs to be reminded to think, to function with rationality, is far gone.

Somebody once said to me they were ‘all in favour of having some kind of ideology to proceed from’. That sounds like: Just grab an ideology off the shelf as you skateboard past – any one, it doesn’t matter which because none of them is rational. Teachers of moralities don’t bother with rationality. They don’t have the rationality at their fingertips and it is an effort to think, so don’t ask. And, over time, the rationality stopped being anywhere even close to people’s minds. Everyone is functioning without rationality, so, hey, get in the flow, join the crowd. People just hear of moralities, know that they are around, and file them away in the morality pigeonhole in the brain. Oh yeah, morality, yeah, I have one of those. Golden rule, yeah, I know, that sort of thing. What sort of thing? Well, it isn’t rational or anything, but we have it anyway. Why?

Guess what. The golden rule is not just some feel-good advice to be nice; the golden rule is your scientific guide to life. The Golden Rule - and justice - are rationally based. They are practical, realistic, very simple good sense: Don’t hit people, because they hit back. Don’t injure people, because they injure back. People get so much information, they lose their common sense. We never have enough time to get back from all the information dumped on us, back to common sense, the fundamentals, the very, very simple point. Be still and experience reality. We are never still enough to get to reality. Justice is non-injury. Look at the current case of Iraq and USA. The USA (and everyone else doing the same sort of thing) don’t realize that they are injuring *themselves* by firing rockets. If there was a rubber wall instead of Iraqis sending back rockets, the USA would grasp the fact they are injuring themselves. The effect is the same, rockets coming at the USA bases. The USA sees the ‘justice’ of sending back a rocket, whenever the Iraqis send a rocket. Take that, you Iraqis.

Forget the Iraqis for a moment, USA. Think just of yourself for a change. What is the effect of your actions on you? Injury. Suffering. Unsafety. Endless, expensive, escalating violence. Endlessly escalating misery. Endless expense. In money, time, labour and misery.

It would be far, far, far cheaper to give the Iraqis justice, non-injury. It would be practical, realistic, good sense. It would be self-interest. It would be rational pursuit of your own happiness. Charlie Chaplin hits the boxing machine, it hits back with equal force. Charlie Chaplin gets mad at the boxing machine for hitting him, and he hits it harder – and it hits back with equal force. How smart was Hitler, thinking that plundering Europe was a happiness strategy? Europe plundered right back. Hitler, bunker, bullet. Well, duh, big fat duh.

We have been taught to not be selfish. What is wrong with selfishness is not the self-interest, the pursuit of your own happiness, it is the ignorance of, or the forgetting of, the simple fact that people are too dangerous to annoy. People are totally unreliable as doormats. Give up the impractical, unrealistic dream of people being doormats. Accept that they never have been and never will be. (And there is no reason why they should be.) Old order or new, money is power - but every plutocracy has been brought down. Money is the second greatest power. The largest fortune is weaker than the rest of the world. Injustice doesn’t work. It is a vice, that is, it is an absolutely certain cause of unhappiness. Even if you die a natural death, like some wealthpower giants do, your life is completely ruined by the immense labour of self-defense, and by the isolation from the trust with, and belonging to, the human tribe, which is such a great part of happiness.

The issue we humans keep ignoring is the very one that cuts across all other issues. Pay injustice is the greatest injustice, because it is theft of money, which is the joker good, good for most things, including essentials for life, and social power. People are never going to take that theft lying down. Never.

The person who is totally selfish, in the right way, who is pursuing his self-interest, his maximal happiness, accepts, immediately, fully and freely, that people resent and retaliate injury, and much of his ‘selfish’, self-interest energies are happily engaged in avoiding injury to others. Kindness is the real Realpolitik - it is the hardest-nosed practicality. Other people are a near-perfect rubber wall. What you give is what you get back.

Decadent morality, which we have had for millennia, has made the virtues stink. All people think of the virtues are that they are a useless chore. Morality has been made odious to people, by ignorance or ignoring of the rationality in it, and by use of force or social pressure to enforce it. When force is used, you are implying that there is no other reason for doing it, you are teaching that morality is a useless chore. Morality long ago got into the hands of those who believe in injury, theft, overpay, and they have used morality as a stick and a prod. They couldn’t give the rationality, because their ‘reasons’ were irrational; they didn’t know the real reasons. For those who believe in God, surely you believe God is sane. If God is rational and loving, he has loving, rational reasons for his advice to obey the golden rule (which is ‘all the law and all the prophets’, which is the gist of morality).

The Golden Rule makes sense, and is good for you, it saves you from suffering. It is a kindly good true wise sensible sane loving rule. It increases your happiness.

Those who have been most vigorous in irrationality, in the wrong selfishness, in the Hitlerian, conqueror stupidity, in the cretinous underestimation of retaliation, have enforced the golden rule on others, without reasons, to facilitate their plundering. They took god hostage. They emasculated the message that was coming through wise people till it served their mistaken ideas of their self-interest. They made themselves miserable and all others miserable. For thousands of years. No one was teaching the sanity, the rational, realistic, practical foundation of the golden rule and justice: people are no good at being doormats. Spit in his eye, get your nose broken. Aristotle says it is the obvious which is hard to see. The simple truths have so few moving parts, they are hard to see.

By putting morality on a force, threat of punishment, authoritarian, obedience, state terrorist basis, those ignorant, self-destructive, irrational, conquering-minded people have undermined rationality and love. Giordano Bruno: Once love was used in the church, now force. But the truth is still there, half-hidden, in the words: love others as yourself. That is, love yourself perfectly and love others as much as you (rightly and properly) love yourself. What is more simple sense than that you are supposed to love yourself, that you are supposed to pursue your self-interest, your happiness? Every snail does it; every bird knows this loving right. That is your right and your duty, your responsibility. Every snail accepts this responsibility and loving right. Without that, you lack the basis for the rationality of not injuring others. The reason for not injuring others is because it will mean bad stuff for you. If the injury doesn’t come back directly to you, it will certainly ricochet around in your environment of other people and get back to you some time, some way. It will pollute your environment with violence, ill-feeling, hatred, resentment, bad stuff.

We have failed to learn the golden rule, because the basis for it, intelligent, observant, realistic self-interest, has been stolen from us. It is only the rationality of self-interest that drives the boat of the golden rule. If we don’t care about ourselves, if we have been made ashamed of the right and duty to pursue our happiness, what basis is there for caring about anyone else? The argument to authority (it is true because X said it is true) is false. It is false because the wisest get things wrong. And even if they never got things wrong, there is no way we can see the reasons just from someone’s word that it is true. Even the argument to the authority of god (it is true because (someone said) god said it) is false. The only true argument is a good reason that people can see. Don’t injure others because they will injure back. Simple as. But we have been cut off from this simple sense for thousands of years. When did you ever see the golden rule explained?

Government has been in the hands of the stupidest, the ones with least instinctive sense of the rationality and simple sense of the golden rule, and they have destroyed rationality, love, morality, golden rule, everything. They have thrown us into a mental and moral morass that now keeps us inert.

Have you heard of one dictator, one super-overpaid, who had a good old happy relaxed free easy time of it? They are swimming like superman to stay afloat, being pulled down by the whole world. Like a Las Vegas needle-shaped fountain, every bit that goes up comes down. Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Ceausescu, Marie Antoinette, Charles I, Richard III, an endless stream. Like the king of the grove that Frazer writes about, who gets the role by killing the last king, and who has to meet every challenger.

Hence it should be obvious – now and in the future (if we learn in time to have one) – that justice, non-injury is certainly a cause of happiness. And we have super-extreme pay injustice. So we can be super-extremely happier. And we will be, as soon as we get our thinking caps on, as soon as we get our house back on the foundation of rationality.

Posted by: Phryne's frock | Apr 12 2020 19:13 utc | 264

Here's a big data review on excess mortality in Northern Italy.
nCOV is not a hoax - there are clearly far more people dying (overall) than before: Medium article source

If we plot the total number of deaths recorded in the subset of towns in Lombardy we can see that there is a 144% increase in deaths in 2020 between 1–21 Mar 2020 with respect to 2019 (3520 deaths in 2019, 8587 deaths in 2020). So, 5067 more deaths.

But the official number of COVID-19 deaths between 1–21 Mar 2020 is 3072 in Lombardy.

This means that with a subset of 56.48% of the population, the figures show 5067 excess deaths (i.e. 891.8 deaths per 1M pop) which are greater than 3072 (305.4 deaths per 1M pop), the official COVID-19 deaths toll across the whole of Lombardy.

If we consider a year-on-year worst-case scenario fluctuation of up to 20%, the excess deaths are then 767.87 per 1M, we could infer that we might have 7725 excessive deaths between 1–21 Mar 2020 in Lombardy of which 40% is due to COVID-19 and 60% (4653) are unexplained deaths. A question then arises: how much statistical error is it?

This shows that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 could be two-and-a-half times bigger than the official deaths (i.e. 767.87/305.4=2.514). Therefore, 7725 deaths across Lombardy can represent a figure towards an upper bound, given that we do not know if the subset of the towns is a representative sample, but, potentially, we should not be too far away.

I would note that the larger towns are where the hospitals are - that's a significant potential source of skew, but it is unlikely that the main thesis is wrong: that overall mortality is much higher right now.

It is very possible that the other assertion is true: that overall nCOV deaths are actually being undercounted in Northern Italy.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 12 2020 20:42 utc | 265

Peter AU1 @257

That is why I wrote the following:

"...Where is the data? Is the relevant data being withheld?..."

Where is the data?

You get people like c1ue posting an endless jumble of numbers, percentage signs & decimal points which ultimately mean nothing - despite his desperate pleadings - because they are based on incomplete data.
He won't even say where he gets his 'numbers' from.

Unless mass testing is carried out we just don't know.

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 12 2020 20:57 utc | 266

A User @245

" your ad hominems lack imagination, they feature the same old tropes (eg the self loathing tosh) that those types who need a magnifying glass & a pair of tweezers to jerk off, have been vomiting onto MoA threads since the blog first kicked off - boring, must try harder..."

Please refer to your post at A User @216 & your ad hominen attack on Emily.
Implying that you are a self loathing white man is fairly mild in comparison - touched a raw nerve?

You seem to have successfully bullied Emily away - well done.

Posted by: ted01 | Apr 12 2020 21:12 utc | 267

@Phil #222
You have the germ of some truth in what you say, but overlain by a lot of nonsense.
Yes, it is true that real world immune systems work through practice. However, there is a huge difference between a child's tuning of its immune system via relatively innocuous means such as nematode tasting (dirt eating) vs. exposure to lethal viruses or bacteria.
Secondly, there is a world of difference between a person and their immediate environment - which contains pathogens which said person has already been exposed to - vs. a new pathogen coming in, which is genetically new, due to international travel and global supply chains.
"don't worry about it" is just plain wrong: nCOV is here and circulating. People who are over 55 are at risk; people who are under 55 still have demographically significant risk, but present a huge danger societally as they can both spread to those at risk and serve as a repository to keep nCOV circulating longer.
Let me put this another way:
nCOV kills around 0.1% to 0.2% of 20-55 year olds. The Vietnam war killed 0.028% of the entire US population.
9/11 killed 0.016% of New York's population. nCOV has killed 0.025% of New York's population so far, and will likely at least double that before it is done.
nCOV isn't just some regular flu or cold that "everyone" gets.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 13 2020 15:55 utc | 268

@ted01 #266
Just because you clearly lack any understanding of numbers, doesn't mean other people don't.
But thank you for confirming that you are one of the many people who only understand "1, 2, many".
And thank you for confirmed why your posts have little value - because they're written by someone who simply doesn't have the tools to comprehend what is going on.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 13 2020 15:59 utc | 269

BOM costs for many of the proposed nCOV treatments.
This is simplistic - creating medicines isn't just rearranging components on a circuit board - like "manufacturing" an iPhone, but does give an idea of just how astronomical profits can get for a pharma company - if they are able to pump up drug pricing.

Posted by: c1ue | Apr 13 2020 16:01 utc | 270

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 12 2020 2:18 utc | 230

Harking back to the Buddhist view I started this comment with, there is a somewhat animistic view that pestilence is one of the great catastrophes wrought by the Mamos - elemental beings angered by our loss of sacred view. It's easy to fear them, and most practices involve appeasing them, but I have also been taught that we can befriend them and be grateful for their waking us into experiencing what is importantly happening to us in the present moment.

It's a view I suspect you would like.

in some way yes, as I pursue some kind of animistic world view. However without the concept of 'bad spirits' and 'divine punishment'. Here I am purely scientific. When we treat our environment badly, we just reap what we sow. When we make mistakes, we lose the reward that we are given from nature or universe.

It is funny, it writes by itself, so the following is of course just some thoughts not directed to you personally, Grieved.

There are a couple of fairy tales that describe this truth. It follows simple logic. The one that is observant and willing to do the work that has to be done, will harvest gold. While the one that only focusses on personal gain without lifting a finger will harvest tar (bad luck). No need for superstition, although I understand that superstition had its place in earlier epochs. Today we can explain things that have been occult. The spiritual world interacts in a subtle way, it is of course the source of all we know in the material world, but it does not punish. The punishment we do all by ourselves with our lack of patience and lack of wisdom. We do not have to fear anything other than our own misconceptions and fears. These are our true enemies, because we are spirits in biological bodies and therefore subordinated to biological laws. With true science, intelligent observation, the fear vanishes like a bad dream after awakening.

The same applies by the way to the concept of hell. Of course there is no hell. When we die while still trapped in false concepts and fears, we may very well encounter hell. Hell is not more than our own fear and lack of knowledge. But it's easy: we only need to observe, do our work, stay regardful and faithful, help every living being we encounter, preserve and nourish life, and there will be no hell. Only bliss. We then can die any moment and be in peace. Not the slightest hint of fear. Then we have become man. This is what it means to become man.


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thanks for putting the 'bodies piling' story into perspective.


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thanks for the report.


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To use a metaphor. This virus is like a forest fire ! We need to deal with every spark and ember. Or it will just reignite!
To do as you suggest is to except that this will be with us for ever. I say no. For the sake of future generations ! Do we want to go down in history as the people That distroyed civilisation?
Thanks for your list of cases in Aus I found that very worthwhile and wish my area had information like that.
My suggestion to solve this —- identify the least infected areas town by town, county by county, regeon or country and operate a ‘cordon sanitare ‘ this was done with the plague. Do the same on city’s block by block.
This virus needs to jump host’s within about a month ! or the virus dies. That right there is the salution
Let’s put the forest fire out !!!

my metaphor is that viruses are the bark beetle in the forest. An untouched wild forest doesn't have bark beetles. Only cultivated forests without underwood have bark beetles.

And: viruses cannot die, because they are no living beings. Bacteria and fungi are living beings. But not viruses. They are particles without life. I'm not a virologist or doctor, but this is something I know for sure. It is well known in the scientific community as well (although this doesn't say much, but at least it is something to think about).

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thank you c1ue for the reminder.

Yes, it is true that real world immune systems work through practice. However, there is a huge difference between a child's tuning of its immune system via relatively innocuous means such as nematode tasting (dirt eating) vs. exposure to lethal viruses or bacteria.

good observation. Indeed the current environment is crucial. When we travel to another continent we have to get a vaccination, to get our body fit to the future environment. If the foreign environment is really lethal I don't know. It may be lethal in some cases. You may be right. But then I think about the Alexander the Great explorations. There is - to my knowledge - no tale of invectious diseases. Maybe you can help me with that. As well as other cases when the New America was discovered by Europeans. There are indeed known epidemics among the Inuit and the Native Americans after contact with Europeans. These events still nourish my investigative mind, but rather difficult to find a definite answer. Such events have multiple factors to count in.

nCOV isn't just some regular flu or cold that "everyone" gets.

I suspect that this is not the case. But, to be honest, I don't know for sure. There are many factors not properly determined: the tests, which are proven to be not reliable. The dead counts that have proven to be unreliable. We all do not know. Nobody knows for sure.

What I know is that a killer virus does not make sense. It cannot be sufficiently explained in the biological field. The scientific findings in the last 20 years is huge. We didn't know about exosomes 20 years ago. Before there were theories but not observable facts. This pandemic event is, despite all the negative effects, absolutely necessary. We can learn in a quick way. Put all this trash away that we believed in since only short time, since 120 years. It is the time for real science.

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Uri Geller, that old CIA asset creeps out of the woodwork to bend the truth:

"Geller posted on his Instagram account on Sunday night what he called “inside information” about coronavirus. He says that it was manufactured by China’s Ministry of State Security, which is responsible for counterintelligence, and that a person became infected accidentally while the virus was being delivered to Iran, which planned to use it for bacteriological warfare: “I wrote this to a group of scientists in the US,” he said, adding “...there is still controversy among American scientists whether the actual virus is derived from bats, snakes or created in a lab."

Posted by: Arch | Apr 13 2020 19:30 utc | 272

interesting that a man who has been given the gift of bending metal comes to such illusory conclusions. Incredible but true.

Which is, thanks to Uri Geller, another sign for not trusting any source. The only trust we can rely on is our own instinct. Thank you Uri to make this more clear.

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